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SAAL, CATHARINE                        NY-28-53-463
SAALWACHTER, JACOB                     NY-28-47-365
SABEN, MOWRY                           NY-28-40-118
SABEY, JAMES                           NY-28-34-85
SABEY, SARAH                           NY-28-59-175
SABINS, EDWIN                          NY-28-53-226
SACKNER, PETER                         NY-28-52-403
SAGE, ALLEN                            NY-28-3-1
SAGE, ELLA C.                          NY-28-34-121
SAGE, JOSEPHINE T.                     NY-28-63-353
SAGE, MARILDA A.                       NY-28-19-373
SAGE, MARTIN                           NY-28-7-172
SAGE, MARY                             NY-28-31-197
SAGE, MARY JANE                        NY-28-6-338
SAGE, NELSON                           NY-28-38-126
SAGE, OREN                             NY-28-12-219
SAGE, WARREN                           NY-28-6-359
SAGE, WILLIAMN.                        NY-28-45-452
SALE, NANCY                            NY-28-55-439
SALISBURY, ELIZABETH T.                NY-28-52-325
SALISBURY, ROYAL S.                    NY-28-13-624
SALISBURY, WILLIAM L.                  NY-28-1-362
SALSBURY, HANNAH E.                    NY-28-17-482
SALTER, ORPHELIA ISABELLA              NY-28-63-150
SALTER, ROBERT DR.                     NY-28-60-376
SAMMONS, MARIETTE PRINDLE              NY-28-41-394
SAMOS, BALTHASAR                       NY-28-13-722
SAMPSON, ASHLEY                        NY-28-7-206
SAMPSON, HENRY                         NY-28-14-563
SAMPSON, HIRAM M.                      NY-28-15-367
SANDEEG, CHARLOTTE                     NY-28-15-148
SANDERL, MARY                          NY-28-36-256
SANDERL, VITUS                         NY-28-42-271
SANDERS, JOHN                          NY-28-32-276
SANDS, GEORGE SR.                      NY-28-48-233
SANDUSKY, JOSEPH                       NY-28-37-244
SANGER, EZRA                           NY-28-2-344
SANGER, JACOB R.                       NY-28-49-41
SANGER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-60-352
SANSAM, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-18-217
SARGENT, ADALINE F.                    NY-28-51-113
SARGENT, HENRY                         NY-28-28-249
SARGENT, JOHN                          NY-28-4-452
SARGENT, TIRZAH                        NY-28-15-774
SARGISON, JOHN N.                      NY-28-33-457
SASS, CARL                             NY-28-61-1
SASS, MARIA                            NY-28-53-139
SATTER, MARIA A.                       NY-28-17-166
SATTER, MARY E.                        NY-28-52-139
SATTER, SEBASTIAN                      NY-28-20-217
SAUER, APPOLONIA                       NY-28-28-225
SAUER, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-32-44
SAUER, FRANK                           NY-28-19-421
SAUER, JACOB                           NY-28-17-314
SAUER, JOHN CONRAD                     NY-28-31-417
SAUER, MATILDA                         NY-28-49-122
SAULSBURY, GILBERT                     NY-28-25-93
SAUNDERS, CAROLINE                     NY-28-61-137
SAUNDERS, ROWLAND                      NY-28-9-164
SAUNDERS, SARAH                        NY-28-60-331
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM                      NY-28-24-457
SAVAGE, ELEAZER                        NY-28-38-86
SAVAGE, MARGARET                       NY-28-27-1
SAVAGE, NORMAN                         NY-28-23-365
SAVAGE, NORMAN                         NY-28-18-307
SAVARD, JOSEPH                         NY-28-65-121
SAVELS, EMMA                           NY-28-61-379
SAWTELLE, EDWIN H.                     NY-28-36-7
SAWTELLE, MARY E.                      NY-28-39-67
SAWYER, ADELIA P.                      NY-28-44-1
SAWYER, ALPHEUS                        NY-28-56-127
SAWYER, MARGARET                       NY-28-14-118
SAYER, JOSEPH                          NY-28-53-16
SAYLES, HIRAM                          NY-28-12-477
SCANLIN, WILLIAM                       NY-28-31-369
SCHAAF, JOHN                           NY-28-42-238
SCHACHTEL, JACOB                       NY-28-39-151
SCHAD, CONRAD                          NY-28-22-451
SCHADD, MARIA BURHAM                   NY-28-33-43
SCHAEFER, DOROTHEA                     NY-28-16-24
SCHAEFER, FRANZ JOSEPH                 NY-28-40-184
SCHAEFER, FREIDERICK                   NY-28-13-487
SCHAEFER, JACOB                        NY-28-14-264
SCHAEFFER, CHRISTIAN J.                NY-28-50-498
SCHAEFFER, JOHN                        NY-28-66-65
SCHAEFFER, JOHN F.                     NY-28-34-199
SCHAEFFER, JOHN NICHOLAS               NY-28-58-288
SCHAELL, FRANCIS JOSEPH                NY-28-31-105
SCHAFER, GEBHARD                       NY-28-43-4
SCHAFER, MARY                          NY-28-64-530
SCHAFER, ROSA                          NY-28-66-227
SCHAFFER, ADAM                         NY-28-25-153
SCHAFFER, ADAM                         NY-28-32-28
SCHAFFER, AMELIA C.                    NY-28-63-459
SCHAFFER, CHRISTINA                    NY-28-36-268
SCHAFFER, HERMANN M.                   NY-28-58-144
SCHAFFER, MARGARETHA                   NY-28-22-287
SCHAFFNER, BARBARA                     NY-28-47-425
SCHANCK, HENDRICK V. B.                NY-28-23-505
SCHANTZ, ELIAS                         NY-28-66-43
SCHANTZ, JOHN                          NY-28-33-343
SCHARZ, MORITZ                         NY-28-52-445
SCHAUDE, NICHOLAS                      NY-28-25-181
SCHAUER, JOHN                          NY-28-39-360
SCHAUER, LENA                          NY-28-39-40
SCHAUMAN, FREDERICK                    NY-28-34-208
SCHAUPP, JOHN                          NY-28-16-57
SCHEG, MAXIMILIAM                      NY-28-53-451
SCHEHL, VALENTINE                      NY-28-37-199
SCHEIDNAGEL, AUGUSTINE                 NY-28-29-341
SCHEIDWAGEL, JOHN GEORGE               NY-28-21-69
SCHEIER, MARY                          NY-28-39-422
SCHELL, JOSEPH                         NY-28-49-206
SCHELL, RUDOLPH                        NY-28-19-553
SCHELTER, GEORGE                       NY-28-35-511
SCHENCK, HENRY                         NY-28-61-50
SCHENK, HELENA                         NY-28-65-389
SCHEREBEL, ANNA M.                     NY-28-64-35
SCHERER, FRANK A.                      NY-28-61-128
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAHAM M.               NY-28-6-250
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN                     NY-28-21-449
SCHERMERHORN, PHEBE                    NY-28-61-401
SCHEUER, ADAM                          NY-28-45-113
SCHEUER, EVA M.                        NY-28-56-319
SCHEUERMAN, ANDREW                     NY-28-41-64
SCHICK, ALVIRA                         NY-28-58-1
SCHICK, HENRY KARL                     NY-28-64-407
SCHIESS, AUGUST                        NY-28-52-175
SCHIEVEN, MARTHA                       NY-28-65-127
SCHILLEMAN, ADRIAN                     NY-28-62-448
SCHILLINGER, FREDERICK                 NY-28-55-472
SCHIPPER, JOHN                         NY-28-12-600
SCHLAFER, G. HENRY                     NY-28-25-437
SCHLEBER, HENRY                        NY-28-7-286
SCHLEDTRIMEN, ELIZABETH                NY-28-64-17
SCHLEGEL, FRIEDRICK                    NY-28-48-56
SCHLEGEL, MARGARET                     NY-28-47-455
SCHLEICH, EMILIE                       NY-28-55-151
SCHLEICH, EVA                          NY-28-60-127
SCHLEIFE, HANNAH DOROTHEA              NY-28-19-533
SCHLEISS, CHARLES H.                   NY-28-40-16
SCHLENK, GEORGE                        NY-28-41-184
SCHLEYER, JOSEPH                       NY-28-35-508
SCHLITZER, JULIANA                     NY-28-62-163
SCHLITZER, LEO                         NY-28-30-139
SCHLITZER, ROMAN                       NY-28-15-63
SCHLOEGEL, MATHIAS                     NY-28-34-433
SCHLOETZER, EDWARD G.                  NY-28-15-263
SCHLOTTMANN, CAROLINE                  NY-28-45-515
SCHMEER, ELISABETH                     NY-28-6-298
SCHMID, PHILLIPPENA                    NY-28-61-314
SCHMIDT, AUGUSTA MINNIE                NY-28-17-218
SCHMIDT, CHRISTINA                     NY-28-54-110
SCHMIDT, ELIZABTH BAUM                 NY-28-64-431
SCHMIDT, ERNEST WILLIAM                NY-28-61-190
SCHMIDT, JOHN                          NY-28-50-321
SCHMIDT, JOHN C.                       NY-28-12-364
SCHMIDT, JOHN G.                       NY-28-42-160
SCHMIDT, JOHN PETER                    NY-28-66-215
SCHMIDT, LOUISA                        NY-28-61-202
SCHMIDT, VALENTINE                     NY-28-31-393
SCHMIEDT, CAROLINA                     NY-28-41-223
SCHMIT, LEOPOLD                        NY-28-60-367
SCHMITT, ANTON                         NY-28-53-307
SCHMITT, AUGUSTA MINNIE                NY-28-17-299
SCHMITT, JULIUS                        NY-28-52-418
SCHMITT, LAWRENCE                      NY-28-31-301
SCHMITT, MICHAEL                       NY-28-34-112
SCHNEEBERGER, RUDOLPH                  NY-28-17-100
SCHNEIDER, ANTHONY                     NY-28-32-64
SCHNEIDER, CHARLES                     NY-28-52-218
SCHNEIDER, FRANK                       NY-28-49-80
SCHNEIDER, HENRY                       NY-28-26-245
SCHNEIDER, LOUIS                       NY-28-64-389
SCHNEIDER, MAGDALENA                   NY-28-66-103
SCHNEIDER, MARGARETHA                  NY-28-56-451
SCHNEIDER, MATHILDE                    NY-28-63-342
SCHNEIDER, NICHOLAUS                   NY-28-32-76
SCHNEIDER, PETER                       NY-28-60-253
SCHNEIDER, SALOMEA                     NY-28-65-373
SCHNEIDER, VALENTINE                   NY-28-62-53
SCHNELL, JOSEPH                        NY-28-10-115
SCHNELL, MARY                          NY-28-43-490
SCHNORR, JACOB                         NY-28-49-263
SCHOEN, JOHN M.                        NY-28-53-172
SCHOEN, MARY J.                        NY-28-49-125
SCHOENFELDT, WILLIAM                   NY-28-46-23
SCHOLAND, JOHN                         NY-28-56-298
SCHOLEY, ELIZABETH G. ELWOOD           NY-28-14-593
SCHOLL PHILIP                          NY-28-49-350
SCHOMER, MATTHIAS                      NY-28-59-527
SCHOOLER, RICHARD H.                   NY-28-53-373
SCHOOLEY, CATHERINE                    NY-28-58-36
SCHOTH, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-19-157
SCHOUPP, MARIA                         NY-28-36-469
SCHOUTON, ORLO                         NY-28-43-367
SCHRADER, JOHN                         NY-28-5-270
SCHRADER, JOHN B.                      NY-28-37-289
SCHREIER, ELISABETH                    NY-28-52-256
SCHREIER, GEORGE                       NY-28-48-212
SCHREIER, GEORGE J.                    NY-28-58-451
SCHRODER, NICHOLAS                     NY-28-26-317
SCHROEDER, ANDREAS                     NY-28-32-72
SCHROEDER, JOHN                        NY-28-24-405
SCHROLL, JOSEPH                        NY-28-55-34
SCHROPP, JOHN                          NY-28-60-388
SCHUBERT, CHRISTINA                    NY-28-16-307
SCHUEBERT, EVA MARGARETHA              NY-28-45-434
SCHUESTER, MATHIAS                     NY-28-17-61
SCHUETT, CHARLES                       NY-28-33-226
SCHULER, CATHARINE                     NY-28-53-175
SCHULIK, CORNELIUS                     NY-28-42-106
SCHULTHEISS, NICHOLAS                  NY-28-30-403
SCHULTS, ORLANDO                       NY-28-20-101
SCHULTZ, FREDERICKA                    NY-28-46-455
SCHULZ, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-64-451
SCHUMMERS, FRANC C.                    NY-28-65-137
SCHUTT, CONROOD                        NY-28-12-83
SCHUTTE, JOSEPH                        NY-28-29-221
SCHUTTE, VICTORIA                      NY-28-56-103
SCHUYLER, MARY JANE                    NY-28-37-196
SCHUYLER, SARAH A.                     NY-28-53-94
SCHVENWEITZ, ANTHONY                   NY-28-10-325
SCHWAB, JOSEPH                         NY-28-33-4
SCHWAB, JOSEPH F.                      NY-28-55-250
SCHWAB, ROSA                           NY-28-60-268
SCHWADER, FRED I.                      NY-28-35-448
SCHWALB, ANNA MARIA                    NY-28-63-42
SCHWALB, NICHOLAS                      NY-28-41-352
SCHWALBACH, CASPAR                     NY-28-60-469
SCHWARTZ, MARY A.                      NY-28-43-376
SCHWARZ, FELICITAS                     NY-28-45-362
SCHWARZMILLER, JOSEPH                  NY-28-39-148
SCHWEITZER, CATHARINE                  NY-28-34-295
SCHWENDLER, CHRISTIAN                  NY-28-16-165
SCHWENZER, THERESIA                    NY-28-47-335
SCHWIND, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-46-68
SCHWING, MARIA                         NY-28-60-487
SCHWING, MARY                          NY-28-65-329
SCHWING, WILLIAM                       NY-28-39-279
SCHWINGLER, JOHN                       NY-28-66-184
SCIDMORE, CINTHY                       NY-28-14-229
SCOFIELD, MICHAEL                      NY-28-42-307
SCOFIELD, ORRIN                        NY-28-8-322
SCOFIELD, RUFUS                        NY-28-10-506
SCOTT, ABIGAIL                         NY-28-46-353
SCOTT, BRIDGET                         NY-28-40-193
SCOTT, CAROLINE                        NY-28-52-97
SCOTT, CATHARINE                       NY-28-44-336
SCOTT, DAVID                           NY-28-15-302
SCOTT, ELIZA                           NY-28-15-726
SCOTT, ELIZA ANN                       NY-28-66-449
SCOTT, JOHN                            NY-28-47-302
SCOTT, MARY J.                         NY-28-42-313
SCOTT, SALLY                           NY-28-15-335
SCOTT, SAMUEL W.                       NY-28-24-485
SCOVILL, HARRY                         NY-28-30-187
SCRAMLING, JOHN                        NY-28-1-128
SCRANTOM, FRANCIS E.                   NY-28-45-38
SCRANTON, MARY ANN                     NY-28-15-83
SCRIBNER, ALFRED                       NY-28-49-395
SCRIBNER, EBENEZER                     NY-28-24-253
SCRIBNER, ELECTA                       NY-28-56-55
SCRIBNER, JOHN                         NY-28-10-44
SCRIBNER, JOHNATHAN                    NY-28-12-555
SCRIBNER, PHILO                        NY-28-26-181
SCRIBNER, SALLIE A.                    NY-28-61-469
SCRIBNER, SELINDA                      NY-28-33-328
SCRIVENS, WILLIAM                      NY-28-14-410
SCULLY, JOHN                           NY-28-13-425
SEABURY, ELIZA                         NY-28-10-218
SEAMAN, ALFRED P.                      NY-28-18-157
SEARCH, ELIZABETH MARIA                NY-28-53-142
SEARCH, LEWIS                          NY-28-62-539
SEARLE, DANIEL                         NY-28-20-93
SEAVER, JOSIAH W.                      NY-28-4-95
SEDGWICK, HARRIET T.                   NY-28-38-171
SEDGWICK, WILLIAM                      NY-28-47-407
SEEGER, DILLMAN                        NY-28-65-179
SEEHAN, JOHN                           NY-28-53-7
SEEL, ADAM                             NY-28-22-79
SEEL, CHRISTIAN                        NY-28-56-34
SEEL, EMMA J.                          NY-28-65-404
SEELEY, BENNETT                        NY-28-4-48
SEELEY, JOSEPH A.                      NY-28-6-375
SEELEY, NANCY                          NY-28-12-142
SEELMAN, JOHN PAUL                     NY-28-15-394
SEELMANN, AGNES                        NY-28-39-333
SEELY, ISAAC                           NY-28-7-280
SEELY, JAMES MADISON                   NY-28-63-423
SEGER, DILLMAN                         NY-28-42-130
SEGER, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-42-130
SEIDEWAND, DAVID                       NY-28-53-390
SEILER, JACOB                          NY-28-60-214
SEILER, JOHNC HRISTIAN                 NY-28-37-409
SEILER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-36-226
SEITZ, FRIEDERICH                      NY-28-42-178
SEITZ, MAGDELENA                       NY-28-59-531
SELDEN, HENRY R.                       NY-28-36-373
SELDEN, SAMUEL L.                      NY-28-40-465
SELLEN, JANE M.                        NY-28-56-145
SELLINGER, GEORGE MARTIN               NY-28-31-125
SELLMAYER, JOHN                        NY-28-39-464
SEMPLE, ANDREW M.                      NY-28-37-7
SEMPLE, CHRISTINA                      NY-28-59-334
SENGER, JOHN                           NY-28-9-413
SENN, FREDERIC                         NY-28-54-172
SENTER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-66-380
SEPPEL, ADAM                           NY-28-26-421
SERAFIELD, ROBERT                      NY-28-6-27
SERCU, JOHN                            NY-28-66-247
SEROIS, JOHNSON                        NY-28-7-111
SERPELL, ANN                           NY-28-7-356
SEVERANCE, MARY A.                     NY-28-37-28
SEVILLE, CHADWICK                      NY-28-45-443
SEWARD, JASON W.                       NY-28-52-238
SEWARD, VICTOR M.                      NY-28-62-398
SEYERLE, CATHERINE                     NY-28-59-489
SEYMOUR, HARDY                         NY-28-13-393
SEYMOUR, LYDIA                         NY-28-23-449
SEYMOUR, NATHAN                        NY-28-9-191
SEYMOUR, OTIS C.                       NY-28-58-61
SHADBOLT, DARIUS                       NY-28-3-16
SHADBOLT, THOMAS                       NY-28-22-443
SHADDERS, AMELIA B.                    NY-28-15-270
SHAFER, JONAS                          NY-28-44-166
SHAFFER, ELSIE A.                      NY-28-24-21
SHAFFER, JOHN M.                       NY-28-24-9
SHALE, FREDERICK A.                    NY-28-54-263
SHALE, GEORGE                          NY-28-6-136
SHALE, JOSEPH G.                       NY-28-54-146
SHANK, JOHN                            NY-28-9-299
SHANNON, MARK                          NY-28-33-49
SHANNON, ROSE                          NY-28-53-55
SHARDLOW, FRANCIS                      NY-28-16-389
SHARP, DANIEL                          NY-28-32-332
SHARP, JAMES                           NY-28-19-205
SHARP, MERIT                           NY-28-24-201
SHATZ, JOSEPH                          NY-28-45-209
SHAUER, JOHN                           NY-28-39-360
SHAUER, LENA                           NY-28-39-40
SHAW, AARON                            NY-28-9-198
SHAW, AGNES ANN                        NY-28-16-4
SHAW, CELIA A.                         NY-28-44-186
SHAW, EDWARD H.                        NY-28-27-163
SHAW, JAMES                            NY-28-14-244
SHAW, JAMES B.                         NY-28-45-335
SHAW, JANE                             NY-28-30-327
SHAW, JOHN W.                          NY-28-16-559
SHAW, JOSEPH                           NY-28-10-277
SHAW, ORGAN                            NY-28-45-71
SHAW, PETER                            NY-28-38-371
SHAW, S. LIZZIE                        NY-28-43-88
SHAW, SARAH                            NY-28-17-564
SHAW, WILLIS ORGAN                     NY-28-65-482
SHAWASEY, MARGARET                     NY-28-54-290
SHAY, JOHN                             NY-28-49-353
SHAY, MARY                             NY-28-60-226
SHEA, ANNA                             NY-28-48-194
SHEA, BRIDGET                          NY-28-62-541
SHEARAR, CARRIE M.                     NY-28-31-229
SHEARER, MARGARET                      NY-28-14-705
SHEARER, MARY                          NY-28-8-204
SHEARING, LEONARD                      NY-28-35-88
SHEARMAN, ABNER                        NY-28-24-81
SHEARMAN, ADAM                         NY-28-14-413
SHEARMAN, HIRAM                        NY-28-24-177
SHEARMAN, MARGARETTE                   NY-28-14-423
SHEARMAN, ROBERT                       NY-28-17-507
SHEARMAN, THOMAS                       NY-28-39-449
SHEAVER, ROBERT                        NY-28-4-303
SHEDGWICK, AVELYN                      NY-28-13-594
SHEEL, CARL                            NY-28-50-291
SHEFFER, ALMIRA                        NY-28-40-256
SHEFFER, MARY M.                       NY-28-46-8
SHEFFER, PETER                         NY-28-5-79
SHEFFER, PETER                         NY-28-34-349
SHEIL, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-28-53-412
SHEIN, MICHAEL                         NY-28-17-32
SHELDEN, NATHANIEL B.                  NY-28-40-358
SHELDON, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-4-168
SHELDON, CELIA A.                      NY-28-3-339
SHELDON, JONATHAN                      NY-28-52-463
SHELDON, LOOMIS                        NY-28-24-145
SHELDON, LUTHER                        NY-28-12-516
SHELDON, MILTON DWIGHT                 NY-28-10-432
SHELLY, JAME                           NY-28-10-454
SHELMIRE, ELIAS D.                     NY-28-7-553
SHELTERS, DAVID                        NY-28-46-257
SHELTERS, DAVID                        NY-28-15-347
SHELTERS, JOSEPHINE E.                 NY-28-49-248
SHELTON, MARY ANN                      NY-28-60-133
SHELTURS, HENRY                        NY-28-5-365
SHEPARD, BENJAMIN F                    NY-28-7-425
SHEPARD, CAHRLOTTE C.                  NY-28-47-41
SHEPARD, HENRY A.                      NY-28-10-104
SHEPARD, JANE                          NY-28-45-155
SHEPARD, SAMUEL                        NY-28-3-135
SHEPARD, SYLVESTER                     NY-28-9-169
SHEPARD, WILLIAM N.                    NY-28-36-334
SHEPHARD, MATILDA B.                   NY-28-17-18
SHEPHERD, JESSE                        NY-28-24-109
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                      NY-28-21-385
SHEPPARD, HANNAH                       NY-28-4-456
SHERAR, GEORGIE M.                     NY-28-34-16
SHERBURN, SAMUEL                       NY-28-2-183
SHERER, JULIA ELIZABETH                NY-28-62-335
SHERIDAN, MICHAEL                      NY-28-4-506
SHERIDAN, PETER E.                     NY-28-21-477
SHERLOCK, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-46-371
SHERLOCK, ROBERT E.                    NY-28-28-49
SHERMAN, ALMOND J.                     NY-28-23-381
SHERMAN, ALONZO R.                     NY-28-44-131
SHERMAN, DAVID                         NY-28-2-65
SHERMAN, DAVID                         NY-28-2-77
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH V.                  NY-28-7-411
SHERMAN, EMMA                          NY-28-14-378
SHERMAN, HENRY                         NY-28-9-274
SHERMAN, HIRAM                         NY-28-36-115
SHERMAN, JANE F.                       NY-28-46-407
SHERMAN, JARVIS                        NY-28-16-446
SHERMAN, NATHAN                        NY-28-6-275
SHERMAN, PETER                         NY-28-55-91
SHERRY, CATHERINE                      NY-28-34-283
SHERWOOD, AMOS                         NY-28-4-161
SHERWOOD, LOVINA B.                    NY-28-34-28
SHERWOOD, SOMERS                       NY-28-11-589
SHIEK, EMELINE M.                      NY-28-48-320
SHIEK, JACOB                           NY-28-23-489
SHIELS, AMBROSE                        NY-28-35-115
SHIPMAN, DANIEL M.                     NY-28-33-13
SHIPMAN, PARSON G. (M.D.)              NY-28-15-272
SHIPMAN, SOPHIA                        NY-28-66-152
SHIRTS, WILLIAM                        NY-28-5-72
SHIRTS, WILLIAM A.                     NY-28-61-245
SHLOETZER, BABETTA                     NY-28-27-488
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                        NY-28-47-350
SHOEMAKER, MICHAEL                     NY-28-49-92
SHOFF, NICHOLAS                        NY-28-55-319
SHOLTZ, HENRY                          NY-28-57-235
SHORT, ANDREW                          NY-28-56-484
SHORT, JOSIAH                          NY-28-7-123
SHORTALL, JAMES                        NY-28-14-609
SHORY, SYLVINA                         NY-28-33-361
SHUARK, JOHN R.                        NY-28-48-317
SHUART, ABRAHAM                        NY-28-5-160
SHUART, H. GARRISON                    NY-28-35-433
SHUART, W. DEAN                        NY-28-65-215
SHULTEIS, DAVID                        NY-28-4-282
SHULTERS, CABOT                        NY-28-41-196
SHULTERS, JACOB                        NY-28-9-347
SHUMWAY, JOHN                          NY-28-51-332
SHUMWAY, SOLOMON                       NY-28-6-269
SHUMWAY, SOLOMON M.                    NY-28-25-325
SHURBIN, JOHN B.                       NY-28-46-323
SIBLEY, ANNIS M.                       NY-28-62-500
SIBLEY, ELISHA                         NY-28-32-456
SIBLEY, EZRA                           NY-28-16-635
SIBLEY, HIRAM                          NY-28-17-446
SIBLEY, T. ROMEYN                      NY-28-56-37
SIBLEY, WARREN                         NY-28-13-777
SIBLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-28-16-529
SICHEL, ABRAHAM                        NY-28-56-163
SICHEL, MATILDA                        NY-28-51-590
SICKELS, NATHAN                        NY-28-64-107
SIDDONS, JOHN                          NY-28-45-500
SIDDONS, RUTH ELIZA                    NY-28-59-245
SIDEY, ANN                             NY-28-15-753
SIEBENPFEIFFER, CHARLES                NY-28-54-155
SIEBENPFEIFFER, MARIE                  NY-28-55-70
SIEBERT, CHARLES                       NY-28-60-445
SIEBERT, ERNESTINA                     NY-28-49-179
SIEFERT, CATHERINE                     NY-28-32-268
SIENER, JOHN ADAM                      NY-28-33-367
SIGEL, ANNA                            NY-28-60-76
SIGL, JOSEPH                           NY-28-36-109
SIGLER, JAMES D.                       NY-28-58-72
SIKE, WILLIAM                          NY-28-57-316
SILENCE, GEORGIANA                     NY-28-66-560
SILLIMAN, PETER                        NY-28-7-233
SILVER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-29-5
SILVER, THOMAS                         NY-28-8-242
SIMILINK, JOHN HENRY                   NY-28-52-85
SIMMONS, ALMIRA                        NY-28-63-347
SIMMONS, ALMIRA                        NY-28-65-85
SIMMONS, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-3-39
SIMMONS, BURDEN                        NY-28-4-301
SIMMONS, DANIEL C.                     NY-28-29-109
SIMMONS, DAVID DERICKSON               NY-28-62-577
SIMMONS, EDWARD                        NY-28-29-153
SIMMONS, ELIZA T.                      NY-28-24-101
SIMMONS, ELIZABETH G.                  NY-28-15-482
SIMMONS, HARAMNIS                      NY-28-8-545
SIMMONS, HENRIETTA MARIA               NY-28-5-440
SIMMONS, ISAAC K.                      NY-28-25-21
SIMMONS, JENNET                        NY-28-6-301
SIMMONS, JOHN                          NY-28-2-298
SIMMONS, JOHN A.                       NY-28-28-29
SIMMONS, JOSEPHINE                     NY-28-19-521
SIMMONS, ORISSA                        NY-28-61-514
SIMMONS, PATIENCE                      NY-28-10-74
SIMMONS, PETER J.                      NY-28-7-457
SIMMONS, PHILIP                        NY-28-6-421
SIMMONS, SARAH                         NY-28-20-469
SIMON, GODFREY                         NY-28-9-34
SIMONDSON, GARRET A.                   NY-28-13-99
SIMPSON, JOSEPH M.                     NY-28-34-448
SIMPSON, MARY JANE                     NY-28-34-196
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-28-16-118
SIMSONSON, SARAH                       NY-28-34-316
SINES, PETER                           NY-28-8-366
SINGER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-37-460
SINGER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-34-286
SIPPEL, ADAM                           NY-28-26-421
SIZER, ALFRED                          NY-28-23-9
SIZER, MARY                            NY-28-37-88
SKELLON, BARNEY                        NY-28-16-582
SKELTON, PHILLIP                       NY-28-7-46
SKILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-28-37-238
SKINNER, ADONIJAH                      NY-28-1-391
SKINNER, ADONIJAH                      NY-28-2-206
SKINNER, HARRIET CAMILLA               NY-28-19-265
SKINNER, LUCINDA                       NY-28-15-540
SKINNER, WILLIAM H.                    NY-28-14-540
SKIRRITT, SAMUEL                       NY-28-3-210
SKUSE, FRANCIS N.                      NY-28-17-690
SKUTT, ABRAHAM M.                      NY-28-4-33
SKUTT, ELIZA J.                        NY-28-59-352
SKUTT, LORENZO                         NY-28-22-71
SLACK, ISABELLA                        NY-28-62-29
SLADE, GEORGE                          NY-28-50-436
SLARKS, WILLIAM                        NY-28-46-50
SLATER, ANN                            NY-28-22-175
SLATER, CHARLES                        NY-28-65-445
SLATTERY, MARGARET                     NY-28-48-14
SLATTERY, THOMAS                       NY-28-43-70
SLEAMAN, HENRY                         NY-28-55-358
SLEEPER, IRA                           NY-28-37-46
SLOAN, HANNAH C.                       NY-28-61-316
SLOCOMB, SIBA H. B.                    NY-28-38-446
SLOCUM, ALMEDA                         NY-28-62-559
SLOCUM, JOHN                           NY-28-45-14
SLOCUM, PHILIP                         NY-28-56-391
SLOCUM, SMITH                          NY-28-1-457
SLOMAN, MARK                           NY-28-40-58
SLOTTLE, JOSEPH                        NY-28-51-11

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