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FAAS, MARIA CORNELIA                   NY-28-44-356
FABLING, SAMUEL F.                     NY-28-28-217
FABRIG, JOHN                           NY-28-36-169
FACH, FREDERICK                        NY-28-16-259
FAGAN, JOHN                            NY-28-54-143
FAHY, JAMES W.                         NY-28-62-44
FAHY, MARGARET                         NY-28-45-482
FAHY, MARTIN                           NY-28-22-227
FAIRCHILD, ADONIJAH H.                 NY-28-16-7
FAIRCHILD, ALONZO B.                   NY-28-14-490
FAIRCHILD, EDWIN W.                    NY-28-30-11
FAIRCHILD, HENRY A.                    NY-28-29-117
FAIRWAY, MARY (STRAUCHEN)              NY-28-51-569
FAIST, ANNA W.                         NY-28-64-373
FAIST, JOSEPH                          NY-28-41-229
FAKE, WARREN                           NY-28-54-149
FALCK, GEORG                           NY-28-37-202
FALLS, ANN ELIZABETH                   NY-28-44-261
FALLS, JUDITH                          NY-28-22-1
FALLS, WILLIAM S.                      NY-28-34-457
FANNING, ASA W.                        NY-28-14-740
FANNING, JOHN                          NY-28-40-298
FARBER, JOHN M.                        NY-28-64-410
FARGO, JACOB A.                        NY-28-14-628
FARGO, JOHN F.                         NY-28-5-579
FARLEY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-6-286
FARNAN, CORNELIUS                      NY-28-4-349
FARNAN, MARY                           NY-28-43-172
FARQUHAR, MARGARET                     NY-28-52-91
FARRAR, LYSANDER                       NY-28-22-339
FARWELL, GEORGE S.                     NY-28-57-187
FARWELL, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-57-238
FARWICK, BARBARA                       NY-28-51-771
FASSETT, ESTHER M.                     NY-28-65-196
FATE, MARVIN E.                        NY-28-12-191
FAULKNER, ASHLEY                       NY-28-54-461
FAULKNER, LEWIS K.                     NY-28-34-157
FAULKNER, THOMAS                       NY-28-33-217
FAY, DIANTHA T.                        NY-28-53-493
FECKER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-16-592
FEEHERG, HIRAM                         NY-28-15-584
FEEVIL, JANE                           NY-28-13-450
FEGAN, PETER                           NY-28-33-379
FEHLMANN, JACOB                        NY-28-33-451
FELL, GEORGE B.                        NY-28-54-71
FELLMAN, CATHERINE                     NY-28-62-230
FELLMAN, EZRA                          NY-28-55-442
FELLMAN, HENRY                         NY-28-45-221
FELLOWS, CHARLES                       NY-28-44-246
FELLOWS, DAVID                         NY-28-5-316
FELLOWS, ELIZA LOUISA                  NY-28-23-309
FELLOWS, HENRY                         NY-28-39-229
FELLOWS, HENRY                         NY-28-7-301
FELLOWS, JANE B.                       NY-28-42-463
FELLOWS, JOHN                          NY-28-36-391
FELLOWS, ROBERT J.                     NY-28-40-262
FELLOWS, SAMUEL                        NY-28-3-43
FELLOWS, SHUBAEL                       NY-28-3-172
FELLOWS, WILLIAM                       NY-28-41-364
FELLOWS, WILLIAM                       NY-28-39-19
FELT, JEHIEL                           NY-28-3-228
FELT, JEHIEL R.                        NY-28-66-10
FELTS, FRANK                           NY-28-48-17
FENN, HARVEY C.                        NY-28-40-64
FENN, HENRIETTA FRANCES                NY-28-25-233
FENN, WILLIAM W.                       NY-28-60-415
FENNER, MARGARET                       NY-28-5-491
FENNEY, REUBEN                         NY-28-5-305
FERGUSON, ARCHIBALD                    NY-28-7-20
FERGUSON, EDWARD                       NY-28-12-188
FERGUSON, MARY                         NY-28-44-406
FERGUSON, MARY FRANCES                 NY-28-57-407
FERGUSON, NELSON                       NY-28-31-353
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                      NY-28-2-463
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                      NY-28-22-239
FERNBERGER, MARGARETHA                 NY-28-34-334
FERNNER, SARAH                         NY-28-13-583
FERREIRA, MARGARET                     NY-28-36-406
FERRIER, ROBERT                        NY-28-47-5
FERRIS, SHERMAN                        NY-28-30-372
FERTIG, JOHN                           NY-28-47-509
FETTER, JOHN                           NY-28-57-397
FETTER, PETER                          NY-28-62-14
FETZNER, JOHN                          NY-28-9-405
FIELD, CHESTER                         NY-28-45-182
FIELD, JAMES                           NY-28-36-253
FIELD, JOSEPH                          NY-28-18-433
FIELD, LEONARD B.                      NY-28-44-191
FIELD, LUTHER                          NY-28-8-372
FIELD, PATRICK                         NY-28-53-406
FIELD, PHEBE ANN                       NY-28-43-202
FIELD, SARAH W.                        NY-28-16-656
FIELDING, JEROME D.                    NY-28-14-648
FIELDING, WILLIAM                      NY-28-37-493
FIEN, ALEXANDER                        NY-28-47-482
FIEN, BERNHARDT                        NY-28-29-437
FIEN, MARGARET L.                      NY-28-53-466
FIFE, SILAS                            NY-28-8-237
FILON, MARY E.                         NY-28-59-99
FILON, MICHAEL                         NY-28-51-1
FINDING, FREDERICK F.                  NY-28-39-315
FINEGAN, PATRICK                       NY-28-45-17
FINEOUT, DORMAN                        NY-28-1-400
FINLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-56-370
FINLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-28-56-346
FINN, BRIDGET                          NY-28-42-211
FINNCAN, DANIEL                        NY-28-46-467
FINNICAN, ELLEN                        NY-28-53-67
FINZER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-33-82
FINZER, MARY MAGDALENA                 NY-28-29-425
FIRES, ISAAC B.                        NY-28-11-16
FISCHER, GEORGE                        NY-28-47-494
FISCHER, GEORGE                        NY-28-23-69
FISCHER, SAMUEL                        NY-28-28-261
FISH, ALBERT C.                        NY-28-14-394
FISH, BENJAMIN                         NY-28-33-25
FISH, DANIEL W.                        NY-28-63-226
FISH, ELIAH                            NY-28-38-361
FISH, HANNAH L.                        NY-28-16-239
FISH, HENRY L. SR.                     NY-28-56-7
FISH, SUSAN                            NY-28-5-188
FISHBAUGH, JACOB A.                    NY-28-23-141
FISHELL, HENRY                         NY-28-5-151
FISHELL, MARY                          NY-28-63-259
FISHER, ARMENIA                        NY-28-61-152
FISHER, CHRISTINA                      NY-28-48-218
FISHER, ELIZA M.                       NY-28-47-503
FISHER, FRANCES EUGENIE                NY-28-47-263
FISHER, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-54-389
FISHER, HEZEKIAH KING                  NY-28-64-247
FISHER, JACOB DE                       NY-28-20-333
FISHER, JAMES H.                       NY-28-66-319
FISHER, JOHN                           NY-28-65-365
FISHER, MARGARET N.                    NY-28-22-231
FISHER, PETER                          NY-28-19-461
FISHER, TIMOTHY                        NY-28-1-106
FISK, A. JUDSON                        NY-28-20-509
FISK, ELIZABETH N.                     NY-28-38-281
FISK, NATHAN                           NY-28-61-226
FITCH, AHIRA G.                        NY-28-11-191
FITCH, ALFRED                          NY-28-17-781
FITCH, ELIJAH                          NY-28-1-80
FITCH, MARY                            NY-28-44-6
FITZENBERGER, JOSEPH                   NY-28-45-389
FITZGERALD, CATHARINE                  NY-28-7-482
FITZGERALD, CATHARINE L.               NY-28-55-469
FITZGERALD, JAMES                      NY-28-48-236
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       NY-28-39-58
FITZGERALD, MARTIN                     NY-28-30-103
FITZGERALD, RICHARD                    NY-28-34-322
FITZGERALD, TIMOTHY                    NY-28-14-666
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    NY-28-7-520
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    NY-28-37-10
FITZPATRICK, ANN                       NY-28-60-424
FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL                   NY-28-15-97
FITZSIMONS, ALICE                      NY-28-33-91
FITZSIMONS, CHARLES                    NY-28-38-326
FITZSIMONS, CHRISTOPHER                NY-28-10-343
FLACK, WILLIAM                         NY-28-64-169
FLAD, CHARLES A.                       NY-28-31-333
FLAD, ELIAS                            NY-28-46-272
FLAD, GEORGE E.                        NY-28-61-173
FLAD, JOHN N.                          NY-28-57-46
FLADD, GOTTFRIED                       NY-28-53-439
FLAGG, EUNICE K.                       NY-28-46-452
FLAGG, HENRY                           NY-28-39-357
FLAGG, THOMAS C.                       NY-28-52-388
FLAGLER, BARNET B.                     NY-28-64-181
FLAGLER, PHILIP S.                     NY-28-16-545
FLAGLER, WILLIAM                       NY-28-34-352
FLAKE, HENRY                           NY-28-37-109
FLAMM, JACOB                           NY-28-40-426
FLANNERY, EDWARD                       NY-28-43-52
FLANNIGAN, ANN                         NY-28-24-393
FLANNIGAN, BRIDGET HIGGINS             NY-28-35-100
FLANNIGAN, DANIEL                      NY-28-48-257
FLANNIGIN, MARY K.                     NY-28-65-503
FLECKENSTEIN, JOSEPH                   NY-28-65-425
FLECKENSTEIN, MARGARET                 NY-28-31-69
FLECKENSTEIN, OTTO                     NY-28-29-53
FLEISCHER, ANNA MARGARETHA             NY-28-59-412
FLEISCHER, HENRY J.                    NY-28-54-311
FLEMING, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-64-226
FLEMING, JOSEPH                        NY-28-63-75
FLEMING, RICHARD T.                    NY-28-17-53
FLETCHER, SARAH                        NY-28-23-149
FLICK, JOHN W.                         NY-28-61-406
FLINT, SARAH                           NY-28-5-307
FLOOD, JAMES                           NY-28-8-479
FLOOD, MARGARET                        NY-28-14-125
FLOOD, PATRICK                         NY-28-24-293
FLORACK, JOSEPH                        NY-28-46-53
FLORY, ANTHONY                         NY-28-14-108
FLORY, THERESIA                        NY-28-14-108
FLOWERS, THOMAS                        NY-28-43-322
FLOX, B. DU                            NY-28-25-113
FLUCK, GEORGE                          NY-28-5-113
FLUGEL, APPOLONIA                      NY-28-55-460
FLYNN, ELLEN                           NY-28-62-505
FLYNN, ELLENOR                         NY-28-15-299
FLYNN, HANNAH                          NY-28-26-337
FLYNN, JOHN                            NY-28-39-25
FLYNN, MATTHEW                         NY-28-62-313
FLYNN, MICHAEL                         NY-28-54-296
FOEHNER, MARY                          NY-28-61-491
FOLEY, EDWARD                          NY-28-42-385
FOLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-60-229
FOLKERT, HENRY                         NY-28-32-128
FOOS, JOSEPH                           NY-28-5-298
FOOS, WILLIAM                          NY-28-35-133
FOOT, FRANCIS G.                       NY-28-43-349
FOOT, MARIA                            NY-28-2-350
FOOTE, AVERY                           NY-28-13-382
FOOTE, ISRAEL                          NY-28-62-209
FORBES, DELEVERANCE A.                 NY-28-34-373
FORBES, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-47-218
FORBES, JOHN                           NY-28-24-353
FORBES, LAVINA M.                      NY-28-51-745
FORCE, SAMUEL                          NY-28-49-359
FORD, ANN MARIA                        NY-28-43-442
FORD, JOHN STEPHEN                     NY-28-60-145
FORD, THOMAS                           NY-28-48-374
FORKINTON, SARAH R.                    NY-28-44-456
FORS, CASPER                           NY-28-24-33
FORSTER, PHILIP                        NY-28-53-355
FORSTER, WALBURGA                      NY-28-60-34
FORSYTH, JOSEPH                        NY-28-20-453
FORSYTH, LUCRETIA E.                   NY-28-27-374
FORSYTH, THOMAS B.                     NY-28-6-67
FOSBENDER, MARGARET                    NY-28-62-161
FOSBENDER, WILLIAM HENRY               NY-28-64-412
FOSER, ELIZABETH D.                    NY-28-42-127
FOSMIRE, HENRY                         NY-28-39-443
FOSMIRE, SYLVESTER                     NY-28-49-20
FOSTER, CHARLES                        NY-28-6-71
FOSTER, DEXTER                         NY-28-10-174
FOSTER, JONATHAN                       NY-28-15-254
FOSTER, LUCY                           NY-28-33-331
FOSTER, TIMOTHY N.                     NY-28-33-469
FOULDS, ELLEN                          NY-28-58-111
FOUNTAIN, CAHRLES                      NY-28-8-548
FOUNTAIN, MARTIN                       NY-28-39-348
FOUQUET, MARGARET                      NY-28-30-315
FOURSETT, MARY                         NY-28-10-171
FOWLER, ABEL                           NY-28-9-204
FOWLER, GEORGE                         NY-28-61-247
FOWLER, JAMES                          NY-28-33-22
FOWLER, JOHN                           NY-28-9-305
FOWLER, JOHN                           NY-28-7-489
FOWLER, SILAS T.                       NY-28-45-191
FOWLER, SOPHRONIA                      NY-28-23-65
FOWLER, WILLIAM S.                     NY-28-10-481
FOWLES, ADDIE M.                       NY-28-33-229
FOX, ANDREW                            NY-28-53-145
FOX, FREDERICK                         NY-28-15-219
FOX, FREDERICKA                        NY-28-45-137
FOX, HENRY                             NY-28-13-240
FOX, HENRY                             NY-28-51-763
FOX, JAMES C.                          NY-28-56-361
FOX, JOEL                              NY-28-2-265
FOX, JOHN                              NY-28-12-561
FOX, JOSEPH                            NY-28-8-506
FOX, MARSDEN                           NY-28-46-143
FOX, MARTIN                            NY-28-11-135
FOX, SARAH JOSEPHINE                   NY-28-53-211
FRAKS, LOUISA                          NY-28-56-226
FRAME, ROBERT                          NY-28-36-346
FRANCES, PRISCILLA                     NY-28-35-31
FRANCIS, GEORGE                        NY-28-35-28
FRANK, BARBARA                         NY-28-46-110
FRANK, BARBARA (SWERLINE)              NY-28-53-220
FRANK, CHARLES                         NY-28-25-185
FRANK, CHARLOTTE                       NY-28-62-280
FRANK, FRANZ M.                        NY-28-66-340
FRANK, GREGOR                          NY-28-35-376
FRANK, JACOB                           NY-28-36-388
FRANK, JOHANNA                         NY-28-48-152
FRANK, LEONARD J.                      NY-28-64-335
FRANK, PETER                           NY-28-46-110
FRANK, PHILIP                          NY-28-24-421
FRANKLIN, ROBERT                       NY-28-42-406
FRANKLIN, SOLOMAN                      NY-28-43-307
FRARY, AUGUSTA WARD                    NY-28-55-418
FRARY, MARY                            NY-28-37-40
FRASER, ANN                            NY-28-61-347
FRASER, JAMES                          NY-28-9-221
FRASER, MARY                           NY-28-61-349
FRASER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-3-268
FRASIER, PHILIP                        NY-28-65-430
FRAUENBERGER, GEORGE                   NY-28-64-37
FRAZER, JOHN D.                        NY-28-14-764
FREADMAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-46-374
FREASON, JACOB                         NY-28-59-479
FREDERICH, HELENA                      NY-28-39-345
FREDERICK, ANNA MARY                   NY-28-13-229
FREELAND, RICHARD                      NY-28-9-477
FREELAND, WILLIAM                      NY-28-9-466
FREELOVE, JULIA HARRIETT               NY-28-54-314
FREEMAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-5-563
FREEMAN, CHAUNCEY                      NY-28-7-94
FREEMAN, GEORGE                        NY-28-14-80
FREEMAN, SOPHIA A.                     NY-28-52-481
FREEMAN, ZENAS                         NY-28-7-417
FREIDEL, CONRAD JOSEPH                 NY-28-60-478
FREIDEL, PEER                          NY-28-43-214
FREITAG, MAGDALENA                     NY-28-25-257
FREN, LOUIS                            NY-28-66-59
FRENCH, ALVIN S.                       NY-28-7-240
FRENCH, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-17-154
FRENCH, FRANCIS H.                     NY-28-48-26
FRENCH, HELEN                          NY-28-61-431
FRENCH, REBECCA                        NY-28-28-241
FRENCH, WILLIS                         NY-28-15-241
FRENCH, ZENAS C.                       NY-28-39-282
FRENDENVOLL, HENRY                     NY-28-20-493
FREUND, SEBASTIAN                      NY-28-32-448
FREY, MARY                             NY-28-21-201
FREYTAG, JACOB                         NY-28-36-400
FRIEDLE, MARIA                         NY-28-31-433
FRIEDLER, JOHN H.                      NY-28-55-331
FRIEDMAN, ANDREW SR.                   NY-28-26-125
FRIEDMAN, MARGARET                     NY-28-30-127
FRIEDMAN, PAUL                         NY-28-16-358
FRISBEE, JAMES G.                      NY-28-53-85
FRISCH, GEORGE A.                      NY-28-64-361
FRISCH, JOHN                           NY-28-14-276
FRISCH, MATHIAS F.                     NY-28-28-185
FRISON, CASPAR                         NY-28-40-274
FRITCHIE, CATHARINE                    NY-28-62-266
FRITZ, CATHARINE ELIZABETH             NY-28-40-420
FRITZ, JOHN                            NY-28-33-475
FRITZ, KATRINA                         NY-28-34-370
FRITZ, MARTIN                          NY-28-57-274
FROMM, ANTHONY                         NY-28-56-379
FROST, ALONZO                          NY-28-16-573
FROST, BERTHA                          NY-28-53-370
FROST, CHARLES                         NY-28-4-68
FROST, EDWARD A.                       NY-28-63-318
FROST, GEORGE T.                       NY-28-56-46
FROST, MARY T.                         NY-28-40-127
FROST, MARY W.                         NY-28-12-542
FROST, MILLICENT E.                    NY-28-56-241
FROST, MINERVA A.                      NY-28-23-5
FROST, NELSON A.                       NY-28-8-343
FRY, GEORGE                            NY-28-5-452
FRY, JAMES WELLS                       NY-28-46-248
FRY, JOHN                              NY-28-36-475
FRY, MARTIN                            NY-28-13-128
FRYE, ALVIN F.                         NY-28-12-146
FRYE, TIMOTHY A.                       NY-28-61-451
FRYERS, RICHARD                        NY-28-24-449
FUCHS, CHARLES F.                      NY-28-42-469
FUCHS, DOROTHEA                        NY-28-65-316
FUCHS, LOUISA                          NY-28-51-319
FUCHS, MARY                            NY-28-32-132
FULLER, CATHERINE                      NY-28-44-311
FULLER, DANIEL                         NY-28-21-205
FULLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-21-333
FULLER, FRANCES E.                     NY-28-9-315
FULLER, GILES                          NY-28-42-508
FULLER, HARVEY                         NY-28-26-277
FULLER, HOLLOWAY H.                    NY-28-29-385
FULLER, JEREMIAH                       NY-28-11-167
FULLER, JEROME                         NY-28-28-297
FULLER, JOHN                           NY-28-4-215
FULLER, JOHN F.                        NY-28-51-355
FULLER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-6-225
FULLER, LUCY P.                        NY-28-41-13
FULLER, WALES                          NY-28-66-202
FULLER, WALTER C.                      NY-28-12-514
GABEL, JACOB                           NY-28-51-213
GADNER, GEORGE S.                      NY-28-54-38
GADNER, HARRIET M.                     NY-28-62-403
GAESER, PETER                          NY-28-49-389
GAFFIN, CATHARINE                      NY-28-37-220
GAFFNEY, JAMES                         NY-28-13-428
GAFFNEY, MICHAEL                       NY-28-5-449
GAFFNEY, OWEN                          NY-28-50-456
GAFNEY, BRIGETT                        NY-28-43-463
GAGE, ADELIA C.                        NY-28-57-181
GAGE, EBENEZER L.                      NY-28-9-435
GAGE, JOHN                             NY-28-22-51
GAGE, LYMAN W.                         NY-28-42-76
GAGER, JONATHAN P.                     NY-28-2-389
GAGNON, FRANK D.                       NY-28-42-67
GAIB, JOHN CONRAD                      NY-28-43-148
GAIGE, DAVID                           NY-28-2-400
GALBRECHT, AUGUSTA MARIA               NY-28-45-203
GALBRICHT, HENRY                       NY-28-34-22
GALE, JONATHAN S.                      NY-28-14-582
GALE, JUSTUS W.                        NY-28-11-28
GALE, MARIA                            NY-28-64-268
GALEN, MARIA THRESA                    NY-28-59-238
GALENTINE, ADALINE                     NY-28-57-142
GALENTINE, ALBERT                      NY-28-59-537
GALENTINE, HENRY                       NY-28-36-439
GALLAGHER, BRIDGET                     NY-28-66-526
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       NY-28-17-115
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       NY-28-24-77
GALLAGHER, MARY                        NY-28-62-511
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM D.                  NY-28-29-381
GALLENTINE, JOHN                       NY-28-15-340
GALLERY, ELIZA                         NY-28-53-112
GALLERY, FRANCIS                       NY-28-17-778
GALLERY, FRANK B.                      NY-28-36-280
GALLERY, JAMES                         NY-28-12-210
GALLIGAN, MARGARET                     NY-28-57-229
GALLIGDORFER, JOHN                     NY-28-16-14
GALLIGER, GEORGE W.                    NY-28-20-545
GALLITZDORFER, CONRAD                  NY-28-37-427
GALLUP, JAMES                          NY-28-4-5
GALLY, DAVID K.                        NY-28-3-366
GALROCK, ANDREW                        NY-28-52-136
GALUSHA, GRACE C.                      NY-28-36-301
GALUSHA, NORMAN H.                     NY-28-51-324
GALVIN, JOHN                           NY-28-47-329
GALVIN, MARY                           NY-28-23-1
GAMACHE, LOUIS                         NY-28-36-49
GAMEL, NICHOLAS                        NY-28-30-47
GANGLOFF, FRANK X.                     NY-28-42-244
GANNON, MARY                           NY-28-45-347
GANNON, MICHAEL                        NY-28-22-23
GANYARD, ERASTUS C.                    NY-28-12-564
GANZLER, EGRITIUS                      NY-28-13-773
GANZLER, JOHN                          NY-28-43-224
GANZLER, MARIA MAGDALENA               NY-28-61-548
GARAGHTY, JOHN                         NY-28-61-34
GARBUTT, ELIZABETH D.                  NY-28-35-235
GARBUTT, JOHN                          NY-28-6-193
GARBUTT, VOLNEY J.                     NY-28-36-454
GARBUTT, WILLIAM                       NY-28-13-210
GARBUTT, WILLIAM F.                    NY-28-18-19
GARDINER, ADDISON                      NY-28-27-320
GARDINER, CHARLES A.                   NY-28-35-187
GARDNER, CAROLINE                      NY-28-50-216
GARDNER, DUTY                          NY-28-5-451
GARDNER, ELIZA A.                      NY-28-30-211
GARDNER, EMELINE                       NY-28-43-355
GARDNER, JOHN                          NY-28-28-165
GARIN, MARY                            NY-28-23-445
GARLAND, JOHN                          NY-28-64-235
GARLAND, WILLIAM                       NY-28-57-349
GARLOCK, NICHOLAS                      NY-28-2-300
GARLOCK, WESLEY                        NY-28-66-281
GARNSEY, JAMES B.                      NY-28-38-411
GARNSEY, MARIA L.                      NY-28-49-398
GARRETSEE, JOHN R.                     NY-28-37-16
GARRISON, MINARD H.                    NY-28-62-592
GARRITT, MATTATHIAS                    NY-28-8-196
GARRITY, LAWRENCE                      NY-28-16-400
GARSON, LEOPOLD                        NY-28-48-455
GARTNER, JOSEPH                        NY-28-30-395
GASCOIGN, WILLIAM                      NY-28-8-467
GASKIN, EDWARD                         NY-28-25-193
GASKIN, ELISABETH J.                   NY-28-37-439
GASTON, JOSEPH                         NY-28-25-265
GATES, CAROLINE M.                     NY-28-46-95
GATES, CARRIE H.                       NY-28-53-490
GATES, CYRUS                           NY-28-29-449
GATES, HENRY                           NY-28-23-341
GATES, SIMON                           NY-28-50-214
GATES, THOMAS B.                       NY-28-45-239
GATTER, URSULA (MAYER)                 NY-28-49-221
GAUL, PAULINE                          NY-28-53-196
GAVEY, BRIDGET                         NY-28-61-341
GAVIGAN, JAMES                         NY-28-57-253
GAWNE, THOMAS                          NY-28-33-277
GAY, GEORGE R.                         NY-28-64-217
GAY, SABRINA H.                        NY-28-52-307
GAYLORD, MARY ANN                      NY-28-56-397
GEARE, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-28-15-398
GEARY, MARY NORTHATE                   NY-28-15-636
GEBHARDT, CARL CHRISTOPH               NY-28-58-655
GEBHARDT, ERNST                        NY-28-15-440
GEDDES, MARGARET                       NY-28-47-179
GEDDES, WILLIAM B.                     NY-28-54-2
GEIBIG, JACOB                          NY-28-28-361
GEIDER, MAHITTABLE P.                  NY-28-53-289
GEIMER, ANDREW                         NY-28-32-148
GEIMER, JACOB                          NY-28-23-337
GELBARDT, KARL F.                      NY-28-48-251
GEMRAD, JOSEPHINA                      NY-28-40-310
GEORGE, ANDREW                         NY-28-62-185
GEORGER, MARTIN                        NY-28-30-83
GERAGHTY, THOMAS                       NY-28-37-226
GERBER, MARZELL                        NY-28-21-365
GERLACH, GEORGE                        NY-28-35-1
GERNDT, LOUISA HENRIETTA               NY-28-65-98
GERTH, JOHN                            NY-28-34-115
GESELL, ANDREW                         NY-28-48-434
GIBBONS, DWIGHT                        NY-28-19-181
GIBBONS, FREDERICK STARR               NY-28-25-229
GIBBONS, MINNIE E.                     NY-28-57-103
GIBBS, MARY A.                         NY-28-52-322
GIBBS, SOPHIA                          NY-28-60-385
GIBBS, WARREN S.                       NY-28-64-133
GIBBS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-48-467
GIBSON, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-9-77
GIBSON, LORTON H.                      NY-28-57-511
GIBSON, MARTHA                         NY-28-65-253
GIBSON, SARAH L.                       NY-28-12-511
GIEBEL, VALENTINE                      NY-28-26-497
GIFFORD, ABEL                          NY-28-5-376
GIFFORD, JESSE W.                      NY-28-43-391
GIFFORD, JOHN                          NY-28-5-212
GIFFORD, JOHN M.                       NY-28-6-77
GIFFORD, MARIA                         NY-28-27-254
GIFFORD, PHILIP C.                     NY-28-8-219
GIFFORD, ZINA                          NY-28-44-11
GILBERT, ALMYRA                        NY-28-12-111
GILBERT, CHARLES F.                    NY-28-48-251
GILBERT, FRANCIS W.                    NY-28-36-262
GILBERT, LORINDA                       NY-28-19-85
GILBERT, MARY J.                       NY-28-65-263
GILBERT, MORRIS R.                     NY-28-10-213
GILBO, JOHN                            NY-28-48-383
GILES, SAMUEL                          NY-28-1-238
GILES, SARAH                           NY-28-14-522
GILKESON, BENJAMIN F.                  NY-28-33-133
GILKESON, ELIAS                        NY-28-6-8
GILLAM, HANNAH                         NY-28-38-136
GILLESPIE, LEAH                        NY-28-8-392
GILLESPIE, ROBERT                      NY-28-7-496
GILLET, JOSHUA                         NY-28-43-247
GILLETT, DANIEL                        NY-28-9-67
GILLETT, RALPH A.                      NY-28-3-349
GILLETTE, ABBIE M.                     NY-28-48-335
GILLIARD, VALENTINE                    NY-28-47-506
GILLING, OLIVE W.                      NY-28-60-106
GILLIS, CHARLOTTE                      NY-28-8-179
GILLIS, JAMES                          NY-28-3-164
GILLIS, JAMES W.                       NY-28-63-501
GILLMAN, EMELIA                        NY-28-40-76
GILMAN, CALVIN                         NY-28-34-7
GILMAN, HENRY                          NY-28-13-702
GILMAN, JAMES H.                       NY-28-56-460
GILMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-28-16-606
GILMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-9-272
GILMORE, JOHN                          NY-28-30-271
GILMORE, JOHN                          NY-28-3-203
GILMORE, LOUISA                        NY-28-52-274
GILMORE, WILLIAM                       NY-28-60-481
GINGIL, GEOGE                          NY-28-5-54
GINN, CATHERINE                        NY-28-49-152
GIRVAN, SARAH J.                       NY-28-6-277
GLASS, EUNICE H.                       NY-28-29-37
GLASSER, CATHARINE                     NY-28-36-175
GLASSER, SUSAN                         NY-28-42-286
GLAVIN, EDWARD                         NY-28-37-334
GLAVIN, PATRICK                        NY-28-26-85
GLAVIN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-23-169
GLEASON, ANNA B.                       NY-28-43-415
GLEASON, DANIEL                        NY-28-45-525
GLEASON, ELIZABETH W.                  NY-28-47-239
GLEASON, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-52-43
GLEASON, JAMES                         NY-28-32-24
GLEASON, SARAH                         NY-28-32-124
GLEASON, SHEPARD                       NY-28-9-460
GLEDHILL, THOMAS                       NY-28-48-197
GLEICHAUF, FRANZ XAVER                 NY-28-43-421
GLEN, EUGENE                           NY-28-43-346
GLEN, JOHN G.                          NY-28-65-172
GLEN, MORTIMER J.                      NY-28-49-239
GLIDDON, THOMAS                        NY-28-45-428
GLIENKE, WILHELMINA                    NY-28-47-377
GLOVER, ALEXANDER                      NY-28-13-642
GLOVER, MARIA                          NY-28-15-141
GLYNN, PATRICK                         NY-28-57-500
GODFREY, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-41-271
GODFREY, JANE B.                       NY-28-54-41
GODRICH, JUDITH                        NY-28-22-195
GOEBEL, GEORGE                         NY-28-37-103
GOEBEL, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-43-199
GOELTZ, CONRAD                         NY-28-47-209
GOERKE, HENRY                          NY-28-47-134
GOETZ, FRANZISKA                       NY-28-35-358
GOETZ, JOSEPHINE                       NY-28-48-182
GOETZ, LOUIS                           NY-28-46-398
GOETZ, MARIA ANNA                      NY-28-55-100
GOETZMAN, GEORGE J.                    NY-28-60-313
GOETZMANN, FREDERICK                   NY-28-64-355
GOFF, CHARLES                          NY-28-1-322
GOFF, GUERNSEY                         NY-28-2-38
GOFF, GUERNSEY                         NY-28-36-43
GOFF, SQUIRE                           NY-28-24-193
GOFF, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-28-14-728
GOFFE, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-35-241
GOGGIN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-22-391
GOLDBACH, ERNEST                       NY-28-13-158
GOLDEN, MARY                           NY-28-48-107
GOLDEN, PATRICK                        NY-28-39-261
GOLDEN, SAMUEL P.                      NY-28-37-49
GOLDSMITH, HANNAH E.                   NY-28-19-193
GOLDSMITH, MARTHA                      NY-28-19-117
GOLDSMITH, MINNIE S.                   NY-28-61-356
GOODEL, WILLIAM                        NY-28-13-125
GOODELL, ABNER                         NY-28-3-353
GOODELL, ELIJAH                        NY-28-60-319
GOODELL, JABEZ                         NY-28-8-432
GOODELL, PARCEFOR                      NY-28-66-596
GOODENOUGH, MASON                      NY-28-66-323
GOODENOUGH, WILLIAM                    NY-28-34-313
GOODGER, ANN                           NY-28-62-349
GOODGER, JAMES                         NY-28-30-163
GOODHUE, JOHN M.                       NY-28-16-492
GOODING, EBENEZER                      NY-28-6-471
GOODING, GEORGE A.                     NY-28-7-10
GOODING, STEPHEN                       NY-28-4-488
GOODLINE, GEORGE                       NY-28-5-148
GOODMAN, ABRAHAM H.                    NY-28-63-679
GOODMAN, DANIEL                        NY-28-57-43
GOODMAN, EXPERIENCE K.                 NY-28-46-92
GOODMAN, GEORGE M.                     NY-28-12-480
GOODMAN, JEANNETTE                     NY-28-63-679
GOODMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-28-15-480
GOODNOW, DARWIN E.                     NY-28-33-28
GOODRICH, FREDERICK                    NY-28-18-187
GOODRICH, JULIA A.                     NY-28-62-583
GOODRICH, RALPH                        NY-28-4-337
GOODRICH, RUSSELL W.                   NY-28-13-142
GOODRICH, WILLARD K.                   NY-28-26-405
GOODRIDGE, FRANCES W.                  NY-28-62-121
GOODWIN, ETHERLINDA                    NY-28-14-363
GOODWIN, HANNAH                        NY-28-3-319
GOODWIN, JAMES                         NY-28-10-561
GOOLD, LYDIA                           NY-28-17-169
GORDON, CHARLES                        NY-28-43-331
GORDON, ELY                            NY-28-22-479
GORDON, GEORGE C.                      NY-28-62-235
GORDON, HARVEY D.                      NY-28-57-241
GORDON, JAMES FRASER                   NY-28-37-376
GORDON, JOHN                           NY-28-7-272
GORDON, JOHN HENRY                     NY-28-54-446
GORE, MICHAEL                          NY-28-35-238
GORHAM, JAMES H.                       NY-28-13-645
GORHAM, MIRANDA                        NY-28-54-17
GORS, JOHN                             NY-28-4-45
GORS, WILLIAM W.                       NY-28-9-432
GORSLINE, CHARLES                      NY-28-52-145
GORSLINE, JAMES                        NY-28-66-547
GORSLINE, RICHARD                      NY-28-14-495
GORSLINE, SALMON                       NY-28-56-247
GORSLINE, SARAH JANE                   NY-28-54-137
GORTON, FRANCIS                        NY-28-27-248
GOSWELL, JOHN                          NY-28-44-421
GOTT, ALMA C.                          NY-28-66-73
GOTT, ANN                              NY-28-16-392
GOTT, JOHN                             NY-28-16-381
GOTT, JOHN S.                          NY-28-49-5
GOTT, SAMUEL                           NY-28-37-457
GOTTSCHALK, CHARLES F.                 NY-28-55-265
GOULD, CARLOS                          NY-28-21-189
GOULD, DANIEL                          NY-28-41-163
GOULD, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-28-24-338
GOULD, JACOB                           NY-28-13-191
GOULD, JANE E.                         NY-28-44-176
GOULD, RACHEL A.                       NY-28-64-103
GOULD, ROSCIUS K.                      NY-28-23-225
GOULD, SYLVIA                          NY-28-47-401
GOURLAY, SARAH JANE                    NY-28-62-142
GOVE, WILLIS F.                        NY-28-48-515
GRAB, ANNA CATHERINE                   NY-28-47-23
GRABB, MICHAEL                         NY-28-22-119
GRACE, JOHN                            NY-28-50-376
GRADL, ANDREW                          NY-28-25-105
GRAEBE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-26-225
GRAF, JOHN                             NY-28-9-238
GRAF, MARGARETHA                       NY-28-38-266
GRAFRATH, HENRY                        NY-28-39-127
GRAHAM, DIANTHA                        NY-28-60-322
GRAHAM, JOHN R.                        NY-28-18-475
GRAHAM, KATE T.                        NY-28-43-76
GRAHAM, ORACY S.                       NY-28-44-276
GRAHAM, ORSON                          NY-28-17-86
GRAHAM, ROSANNA                        NY-28-38-336
GRALEY, CATHERINE M.                   NY-28-46-449
GRANGER, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-15-249
GRANGER, LYMAN                         NY-28-11-181
GRANT, ARCHIBALD                       NY-28-46-182
GRANT, CATHERINE MARY                  NY-28-33-241
GRANT, FRANCESE E.                     NY-28-59-313
GRANT, JAMES                           NY-28-57-383
GRANT, SIDNEY B.                       NY-28-30-7
GRANT, WILLIAM                         NY-28-51-653
GRATTAN, ROSE                          NY-28-43-208
GRAUEL, JOHN GEORGE                    NY-28-4-479
GRAULE, BARBARA                        NY-28-64-397
GRAVES, ALANSON G.                     NY-28-36-283
GRAVES, CHARLES                        NY-28-14-722
GRAVES, DENSMORE W.                    NY-28-33-448
GRAVES, ELIAS                          NY-28-6-141
GRAVES, JOHN W.                        NY-28-54-404
GRAVES, SALLY ANN                      NY-28-19-305
GRAVIES, MABEL                         NY-28-12-234
GRAY, JAMES C.                         NY-28-41-82
GRAY, MARY L.                          NY-28-35-217
GREEK, ELIDA                           NY-28-56-88
GREEN, AMANDA K.                       NY-28-43-139
GREEN, DAVID                           NY-28-32-264
GREEN, ELBRIDGE G.                     NY-28-35-370
GREEN, GEORGE W.                       NY-28-13-250
GREEN, GERTRUDE                        NY-28-47-143
GREEN, JAMES                           NY-28-2-456
GREEN, JAMES                           NY-28-4-347
GREEN, JAMES S.                        NY-28-59-259
GREEN, MARVIN G.                       NY-28-14-737
GREEN, MARY                            NY-28-28-149
GREEN, MARY KIP                        NY-28-45-92
GREEN, MERCY                           NY-28-51-248
GREEN, NATHANIEL                       NY-28-7-115
GREEN, PHILIP                          NY-28-10-331
GREEN, REBECCA                         NY-28-14-697
GREEN, RUFUS                           NY-28-9-362
GREEN, RUSSELL                         NY-28-8-441
GREEN, SARAH L.                        NY-28-34-277
GREEN, SETH                            NY-28-41-484
GREEN, THOMAS                          NY-28-43-379
GREEN, WILHELMINA                      NY-28-65-409
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-4-198
GREENE, DANIEL                         NY-28-52-334
GREENE, EDNAH                          NY-28-48-23
GREENE, WEALTHY                        NY-28-64-437
GREENMAN, FIDELIA H.                   NY-28-8-409
GREENO, ELEANOR A.                     NY-28-10-465
GREENOUGH, LUCY C.                     NY-28-50-26
GREENTREE, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-51-619
GREENTREE, MYER                        NY-28-46-26
GREENWELL, JOHNATHAN                   NY-28-52-376
GREENWOOD, RICHAD                      NY-28-5-285
GREGG, MARTHA D.                       NY-28-63-429
GREGOR, ALMIRA                         NY-28-43-280
GREGORY, ALICE                         NY-28-63-603
GREGORY, CHARLOTTE U.                  NY-28-30-347
GREGORY, EMILY                         NY-28-57-22
GREHAN, PATRICK                        NY-28-13-416
GRENAN, OWEN                           NY-28-25-213
GRETTON, GEORGE                        NY-28-15-732
GRIDLEY, GILES F.                      NY-28-39-372
GRIDLEY, JUDAH                         NY-28-4-41
GRIDLEY, STEPHEN                       NY-28-8-453
GRIDLEY, THOMAS H.                     NY-28-7-89
GRIEBEL, FERDINAND                     NY-28-65-449
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM G.                    NY-28-13-435
GRIFFIN, ALETTA                        NY-28-62-395
GRIFFIN, EBENEZER                      NY-28-8-339
GRIFFIN, GEORGE                        NY-28-51-607
GRIFFIN, GERSHOM                       NY-28-5-570
GRIFFIN,  MARY                         NY-28-11-70
GRIFFIS, EUGENIA A.                    NY-28-35-463
GRIFFITH, EZRA HOLLIS                  NY-28-57-118
GRIFFITH, MARY                         NY-28-33-163
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                       NY-28-14-372
GRIFFITHS, JAMES                       NY-28-16-613
GRIM, JOHN                             NY-28-15-465
GRIMARD, PETER                         NY-28-8-390
GRIMES, LAWRENCE                       NY-28-64-461
GRINNAN, OWEN                          NY-28-25-213
GRINNELL, ABNER                        NY-28-28-53
GRISWOLD, EDGAR D.                     NY-28-20-421
GRIVET, EUGENE                         NY-28-39-55
GRIVET, MARY                           NY-28-34-184
GROAT, MARANDA O.                      NY-28-52-421
GROH, JOSEPH                           NY-28-34-118
GROH, LOUISA                           NY-28-39-375
GROH, NICHOLAS                         NY-28-57-124
GROSVENOR, MARTHA                      NY-28-31-449
GROTERS, HENDRIK J.                    NY-28-43-475
GROVER, E. MARIA                       NY-28-13-422
GROVER, FRANK                          NY-28-47-404
GROVER, MARY                           NY-28-66-377
GROVES, PLINY                          NY-28-15-589
GROVES, THOMAS B.                      NY-28-43-289
GROVES, WILLIAM                        NY-28-62-337
GROWNEY, THOAMS                        NY-28-5-295
GRUBE, LOVELL M.                       NY-28-61-526
GRUDER, FRANK                          NY-28-47-404
GRUMBY, THOMAS                         NY-28-8-51
GRUNENDIKE, ABRAHAM                    NY-28-21-89
GRUNENDIKE, JOHN                       NY-28-8-470
GRUNENDIKE, MARGARET                   NY-28-41-496
GRUNENDIKE, MARTHA M.                  NY-28-44-466
GRUNNER, ANNA MARY                     NY-28-22-75
GRUNWELL, WILLIAM                      NY-28-37-232
GUCKER, MARTIN                         NY-28-57-496
GUENTHER, CONRAD                       NY-28-56-277
GUENTHER, HELEN                        NY-28-59-388
GUERINOT, PETER SR.                    NY-28-28-189
GUERNSEY, CLARA F.                     NY-28-52-49
GUERNSEY, ELECTA                       NY-28-24-437
GUERNSEY, JAMES K.                     NY-28-3-30
GUERNSEY, LUCY ELLEN                   NY-28-64-547
GUGEL, JOHN                            NY-28-13-769
GUHMAN, JACOB                          NY-28-39-366
GUIGEL, BARBARA                        NY-28-60-463
GUILE, DAVID                           NY-28-24-65
GUILE, HARRIET                         NY-28-55-400
GUINAN, BERNARD                        NY-28-35-367
GUINAN, CATHERINE                      NY-28-55-229
GULLEN, THOMAS                         NY-28-57-353
GUNDELSHEIMER, CAROLINE                NY-28-47-515
GUNN, AMOS B.                          NY-28-10-314
GURVEY, ISADORE S.                     NY-28-22-331
GUSTIN, MARGARET                       NY-28-33-304
GUTBERLET, ANDREW                      NY-28-43-190
GUTH, ANDREAS                          NY-28-20-33
GUTH, ANNA MARIA                       NY-28-33-403
GUTH, JOHN B.                          NY-28-14-630
GUTKNECHT, LOUISA                      NY-28-60-112
GUTMANN, MAX L.                        NY-28-56-469
GUYATT, MARY                           NY-28-55-361
GUYOTT, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-49-461

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