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SMEDLEY, ANN D.              NY-28-48-185
SMEED, RICHARD               NY-28-19-13
SMITH, ABBA                  NY-28-23-197
SMITH, ALANSON               NY-28-1-24
SMITH, ALLEN                 NY-28-56-133
SMITH, ALLETTA               NY-28-18-445
SMITH, AMOS                  NY-28-10-110
SMITH, ANDREW J.             NY-28-13-418
SMITH, ANNA                  NY-28-57-1
SMITH, ANNA ELIZABETH        NY-28-32-348
SMITH, ANTONY                NY-28-13-606
SMITH, ASA U.                NY-28-35-130
SMITH, BARBARA               NY-28-21-429
SMITH, BENJAMIN              NY-28-24-185
SMITH, BERNARD               NY-28-30-151
SMITH, BETSEY                NY-28-60-199
SMITH, BRIDGET               NY-28-48-239
SMITH, CELINDA B.            NY-28-17-700
SMITH, CHARLES               NY-28-2-371
SMITH, CHARLES               NY-28-43-31
SMITH, CHARLES               NY-28-66-32
SMITH, CHARLES C.            NY-28-59-274
SMITH, CHARLES F.            NY-28-41-301
SMITH, CHARLES H.            NY-28-42-55
SMITH, CHARLES J.            NY-28-32-428
SMITH, CHARLES R.            NY-28-44-256
SMITH, CHRISTOHER            NY-28-65-578
SMITH, CLARISSA M.           NY-28-56-151
SMITH, CORNELIA WARD         NY-28-58-176
SMITH, DANA M.               NY-28-56-61
SMITH, DANIEL                NY-28-15-179
SMITH, DAVID                 NY-28-23-373
SMITH, DAVID                 NY-28-1-530
SMITH, DAVID DWIGHT          NY-28-66-485
SMITH, DAVID W.              NY-28-51-663
SMITH, DEBORAH               NY-28-35-190
SMITH, DELIA MCK.            NY-28-21-397
SMITH, EBENEZER              NY-28-10-117
SMITH, EDAWRD MEIGS          NY-28-34-466
SMITH, EDWARD S.             NY-28-43-397
SMITH, ELIAS                 NY-28-2-202
SMITH, ELIJAH F.             NY-28-28-397
SMITH, ELIZA                 NY-28-25-405
SMITH, ELIZA                 NY-28-47-227
SMITH, ELIZA A.              NY-28-52-58
SMITH, ELIZA A.              NY-28-66-283
SMITH, ELIZABETH             NY-28-9-456
SMITH, ELIZABETH             NY-28-15-451
SMITH, ELIZABETH             NY-28-28-273
SMITH, ELIZABETH             NY-28-21-185
SMITH, ELIZABETH             NY-28-35-46
SMITH, ELIZABETH             NY-28-62-526
SMITH, EMILY C.              NY-28-41-70
SMITH, EMILY P.              NY-28-56-463
SMITH, EPHRIAM               NY-28-12-203
SMITH, ERASMUS D.            NY-28-6-113
SMITH, ERASMUS DARWIN        NY-28-34-139
SMITH, ERASTUS T.            NY-28-9-369
SMITH, ESTHER F. W.          NY-28-6-33
SMITH, FELIX                 NY-28-54-32
SMITH, FRANCIS W.            NY-28-40-417
SMITH, FREEDOM               NY-28-41-319
SMITH, GEORGE                NY-28-49-494
SMITH, GEORGE H.             NY-28-64-307
SMITH, GEORGE L.             NY-28-12-503
SMITH, GEORGE W.             NY-28-46-308
SMITH, GEORGE W.             NY-28-17-330
SMITH, GERRITT               NY-28-5-33
SMITH, GERTRUDE N.           NY-28-61-167
SMITH, GRIFFEN               NY-28-13-628
SMITH, HARRIET               NY-28-52-154
SMITH, HART                  NY-28-58-277
SMITH, HARVEY DEAN           NY-28-49-65
SMITH, HELEN E.              NY-28-66-338
SMITH, HELEN S.              NY-28-63-699
SMITH, HELENA L.             NY-28-46-524
SMITH, HENRY                 NY-28-1-437
SMITH, HENRY                 NY-28-37-523
SMITH, HENRY                 NY-28-63-391
SMITH, HENRY H.              NY-28-54-473
SMITH, HIRAM                 NY-28-33-256
SMITH, HUDSON A.             NY-28-55-55
SMITH, ISAAC                 NY-28-22-271
SMITH, JAMES                 NY-28-24-261
SMITH, JAMES                 NY-28-2-26
SMITH, JAMES S.              NY-28-12-139
SMITH, JAMES***              NY-28-11-37
SMITH, JANE ANN              NY-28-34-151
SMITH, JANE C.               NY-28-5-227
SMITH, JEREMIAH              NY-28-13-470
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-11-154
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-17-286
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-14-597
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-1-13
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-19-113
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-5-545
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-34-421
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-7-217
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-39-363
SMITH, JOHN                  NY-28-65-541
SMITH, JOHN D.               NY-28-16-295
SMITH, JOHN N.               NY-28-52-13
SMITH, JOHN T.               NY-28-3-432
SMITH, JOHNT .               NY-28-33-109
SMITH, JOSEPH                NY-28-5-67
SMITH, JOSEPH                NY-28-65-181
SMITH, JULIA A.              NY-28-10-41
SMITH, JULIA ANN             NY-28-54-92
SMITH, JULIETIE              NY-28-18-97
SMITH, JULIUS W.             NY-28-38-251
SMITH, L. BOARDMAN           NY-28-62-125
SMITH, LAURA P.              NY-28-40-85
SMITH, LEANDER               NY-28-30-171
SMITH, LEONARD K.            NY-28-13-290
SMITH, LEVI                  NY-28-5-602
SMITH, LEWIS                 NY-28-13-618
SMITH, LOVEY                 NY-28-26-217
SMITH, MARGARET              NY-28-57-448
SMITH, MARGARET A.           NY-28-48-137
SMITH, MARGARET C.           NY-28-42-16
SMITH, MARTHA C.             NY-28-27-362
SMITH, MARTIN                NY-28-20-145
SMITH, MARY                  NY-28-45-458
SMITH, MARY                  NY-28-59-190
SMITH, MARY B.               NY-28-33-16
SMITH, MARY E.               NY-28-53-397
SMITH, MATILDA C.            NY-28-57-488
SMITH, MAURICE               NY-28-20-281
SMITH, MERCELON              NY-28-42-157
SMITH, MILTON H.             NY-28-66-457
SMITH, MOSES                 NY-28-18-151
SMITH, MOSES M.              NY-28-15-507
SMITH, NANCY                 NY-28-36-190
SMITH, NANCY                 NY-28-15-135
SMITH, NELSON A.             NY-28-48-356
SMITH, NICHOLAS              NY-28-23-109
SMITH, ORRIN                 NY-28-6-104
SMITH, PEACE                 NY-28-19-217
SMITH, PERRY                 NY-28-14-674
SMITH, PHINEAS A.            NY-28-51-417
SMITH, POLLY                 NY-28-5-572
SMITH, PRESTON               NY-28-15-316
SMITH, RALPH                 NY-28-50-496
SMITH, RAWSON                NY-28-56-307
SMITH, RICHARD               NY-28-50-236
SMITH, ROBERT                NY-28-20-269
SMITH, ROSA C.               NY-28-66-119
SMITH, ROSWELL               NY-28-14-27
SMITH, RUFUS                 NY-28-3-225
SMITH, SALLY                 NY-28-34-91
SMITH, SAMUEL                NY-28-8-334
SMITH, SAMUEL                NY-28-16-554
SMITH, SARAH                 NY-28-56-121
SMITH, SARAH A.              NY-28-25-481
SMITH, SARAH C.              NY-28-53-301
SMITH, SARAH E.              NY-28-52-121
SMITH, SARAH G.              NY-28-42-364
SMITH, SHELDON               NY-28-50-371
SMITH, SIBA HAND             NY-28-35-7
SMITH, SILAS O.              NY-28-9-449
SMITH, SOCRATES              NY-28-15-15
SMITH, SOPHIA                NY-28-66-17
SMITH, THOMAS                NY-28-4-377
SMITH, THOMAS                NY-28-7-277
SMITH, THOMAS                NY-28-38-216
SMITH, THOMAS                NY-28-45-290
SMITH, TRUMAN                NY-28-35-490
SMITH, TRUMAN J.             NY-28-46-134
SMITH, VINCENT M.            NY-28-37-370
SMITH, WILLIAM A.            NY-28-26-221
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            NY-28-45-488
SMITHETT, NORA               NY-28-63-220
SMYLES, JOHN                 NY-28-31-313
SNAPP, GEORGE                NY-28-23-129
SNELL, EMMA E.               NY-28-61-71
SNELL, JOHN                  NY-28-13-216
SNELL, WILLIAM A.            NY-28-52-187
SNOOK, THOMAS                NY-28-12-169
SNOW, JOHN                   NY-28-17-718
SNOW, SAMUEL                 NY-28-24-413
SNYDER, FRANK J.             NY-28-39-297
SNYDER, HENRY J.             NY-28-62-271
SNYDER, LOUISE C.            NY-28-66-359
SNYDER, MARY                 NY-28-23-125
SNYDER, MYRON T.             NY-28-64-95
SNYDER, NANCY                NY-28-18-55
SNYDER, PAUL                 NY-28-15-8
SNYDER, SALLIE               NY-28-29-45
SOEDER, JOHN                 NY-28-40-211
SOLES, JULIA ANN             NY-28-32-68
SOLLA, BENEDICTUS            NY-28-8-288
SONES, WILLIAM               NY-28-35-19
SOPER, DAVID                 NY-28-8-359
SOPER, SARAH                 NY-28-13-477
SOPER, WILLIAM HENRY         NY-28-33-19
SOTTER, FRANCIS              NY-28-10-136
SOULE, FANNY P.              NY-28-54-428
SOULE, WILSON                NY-28-53-190
SOURE, MARY JANE             NY-28-17-67
SOURS, DENNIS                NY-28-10-36
SOUTHWICK, JOHNSON M.        NY-28-45-149
SOUTHWICK, LUCIUS            NY-28-22-167
SOUTHWICK, SARAH A.          NY-28-26-161
SOUTHWORTH, BERIAH           NY-28-9-360
SOUTHWORTH, ELLEN T.         NY-28-45-131
SOUTHWORTH, JOHN             NY-28-1-339
SOUTHWORTH, JOHN B.          NY-28-44-156
SOUTHWORTH, JOHN W.          NY-28-42-511
SOUTHWORTH, MARY             NY-28-1-260
SOWLE, JOHN                  NY-28-4-181
SPACHER, GERTRUDE            NY-28-29-265
SPAHN, DOROTHEA              NY-28-57-145
SPAHN, HENRY                 NY-28-55-103
SPAHR, ANNA BARBARA          NY-28-55-295
SPAHR, CASPAR                NY-28-64-199
SPALDING, ANDREW             NY-28-51-521
SPALL, CASPER                NY-28-53-223
SPARKS, HENRY                NY-28-3-220
SPARKS, ORPHA                NY-28-8-514
SPARLIN, CYNTHIA             NY-28-48-116
SPARR, FREDERICA             NY-28-49-491
SPARR, JOHN                  NY-28-27-392
SPARTH, BARBARA              NY-28-23-33
SPAULDING, DELIA             NY-28-37-61
SPAULDING, SIDNEY            NY-28-39-387
SPAWN, HENRY W.              NY-28-5-489
SPEAR, HIRAM                 NY-28-49-95
SPEAR, LEMUEL H.             NY-28-29-229
SPEAR, MATILDA H.            NY-28-50-156
SPEARE, MERRILL R.           NY-28-26-197
SPEISSBERGER, JOHN           NY-28-16-651
SPELLASY, ANDREW             NY-28-60-100
SPELLMAN, PATRICK J.         NY-28-14-716
SPENCER, AMELIA R.           NY-28-44-281
SPENCER, AMOS BIRD           NY-28-7-546
SPENCER, AUSTIN              NY-28-13-447
SPENCER, BENJAMIN            NY-28-15-453
SPENCER, FREDERICK W.        NY-28-35-373
SPENCER, HENRY T.            NY-28-33-418
SPENCER, PHILIP              NY-28-65-109
SPENCER, POLLY               NY-28-10-169
SPENCER, ROBERT              NY-28-10-113
SPERBECK, ANNA               NY-28-25-173
SPERBECK, JOHN               NY-28-12-518
SPERBECK, MARTIN             NY-28-3-73
SPERBECK, MARY C.            NY-28-34-10
SPERRY, CALVIN               NY-28-31-113
SPERRY, HENRY H.             NY-28-59-58
SPERRY, MOSES                NY-28-16-135
SPICKERMAN, JEREMIAH         NY-28-6-157
SPICKERMAN, PHILIP           NY-28-42-280
SPIEGEL, BARBARA             NY-28-64-484
SPIEGEL, JOHN ADAM           NY-28-19-185
SPIES, HENRY                 NY-28-34-376
SPIESS, ANNNA EVA            NY-28-47-467
SPINDLER, HENRY              NY-28-17-250
SPINDLER, MARY U.            NY-28-50-466
SPINDLER, PHILIP H.          NY-28-37-262
SPITZ, CATHERINE             NY-28-64-221
SPITZ, LOUIS                 NY-28-33-142
SPOERER, ANDREAS             NY-28-54-302
SPOHR, AMALIE                NY-28-41-220
SPOHR, LOUISA                NY-28-19-97
SPOOR, FREDERICK             NY-28-13-781
SPRAGUE, ASA                 NY-28-13-693
SPRAGUE, BENONI              NY-28-7-28
SPRAGUE, HIRAM               NY-28-8-258
SPRAGUE, ICHABOD             NY-28-4-474
SPRAGUE, JAMES P.            NY-28-30-439
SPRAGUE, MYRON W.            NY-28-61-274
SPRATT, ROBERT               NY-28-41-46
SPRING, EDGAR A.             NY-28-64-295
SPRING, FRANCIS              NY-28-22-111
SPRING, SELINA E.            NY-28-60-232
SPRINGER, JOHN               NY-28-52-73
SPRINGSTEAD, GEORGE G.       NY-28-57-301
SPRINGSTED, ISABELLA         NY-28-21-193
SPROAT, JAMES                NY-28-37-259
SPROUL, ELEXANDER            NY-28-15-247
SPRUCE, JAMES                NY-28-49-59
SQUIRES, DAVID R.            NY-28-54-425
SQUIRES, JANE R.             NY-28-10-265
SQUIRES, LUCY T.             NY-28-22-39
ST.JOHN, CHARLES M.          NY-28-43-271
STACEY, CONTENT              NY-28-10-477
STACY, MARY E.               NY-28-42-430
STAFFORD, JOHN A.            NY-28-11-177
STAHL, CONR                  NY-28-33-409
STAHL, FRANK J.              NY-28-52-331
STAHL, MAGDALENA             NY-28-28-73
STAHL, MATHIAS               NY-28-34-424
STAHLEKER, DOROTHEA          NY-28-64-545
STAINES, CHARLES A.          NY-28-28-301
STALLKNIGHT, ADAM            NY-28-62-569
STALLMAN, FREDERICK          NY-28-14-542
STALLMAN, JACOB              NY-28-17-5
STANARD, WALTER              NY-28-6-414
STAND, CHARLES G. SR.        NY-28-45-446
STAND, GEORGE                NY-28-21-113
STAND, JOSEPH A.             NY-28-57-434
STANDER, FLORIAN             NY-28-13-248
STANDISH, ANDREW C.          NY-28-43-337
STANGORR, ALVINA             NY-28-63-623
STANLEY, DAVID               NY-28-7-556
STANLEY, ERASTUS             NY-28-8-8
STANLEY, GEORGE              NY-28-52-355
STANLEY, HENRY E.            NY-28-23-277
STANLEY, SETH                NY-28-2-410
STANLEY, THOMAS              NY-28-37-175
STANLEY, WILLIAM             NY-28-63-585
STANTON, CHARLES H.          NY-28-64-31
STANTON, HENRY               NY-28-21-85
STANTON, MARY HORTON         NY-28-38-476
STAPLES, DANIEL T.           NY-28-15-460
STAPLES, ROBERT              NY-28-15-458
STARBIRD, HANNAH             NY-28-10-281
STARING, CATHARINE           NY-28-7-347
STARING, ROBERT              NY-28-21-141
STARK, CONRAD                NY-28-62-586
STARK, PHILLIPINA            NY-28-62-586
STARKS, ABRAM                NY-28-3-126
STARKS, CYNTHIA J.           NY-28-42-484
STARKS, MILO L.              NY-28-10-259
STARR, EMILY E.              NY-28-19-509
STARR, SARAH                 NY-28-49-32
STATT, ADAM JOSEPH           NY-28-47-398
STATT, JOHN A.               NY-28-50-281
STAUB, CLEMENS               NY-28-61-55
STAUDINGER, VICTOR           NY-28-47-236
STAUDT, CATHERINE            NY-28-61-253
STAYMAN, ISAAC               NY-28-65-163
STEAFEL, ELIAS               NY-28-25-269
STEARNES, ELM                NY-28-13-116
STEARNS, MARTHA A.           NY-28-57-454
STEBBINS, LOUISA J.          NY-28-65-11
STEBBINS, LYMAN S.           NY-28-64-79
STEBBINS, MARY E.            NY-28-24-85
STEBBINS, MARY G.            NY-28-26-465
STEBBINS, SAMUEL D.          NY-28-46-137
STEDE, GEORGE A.             NY-28-14-574
STEED, WILLIAM               NY-28-6-500
STEEHL, MAGDALENA            NY-28-28-73
STEEL, JOSEPH                NY-28-26-369
STEELE, ELIZABETH            NY-28-32-88
STEELE, HIRAM K.             NY-28-15-420
STEELE, JOHN                 NY-28-39-85
STEELE, SAMUEL C.            NY-28-62-431
STEELE, SARAH                NY-28-28-461
STEENBURG, LENA              NY-28-51-781
STEFFEN, JOHN                NY-28-28-205
STEFIL, JOSEPH               NY-28-14-617
STEGER, JOHN BAPTIST         NY-28-40-397
STEGER, JOHN KUGLER          NY-28-45-341
STEGER, WOLFGANG             NY-28-22-367
STEHLE, CATHARINE            NY-28-63-297
STEHLER, HENRY               NY-28-58-527
STEIMES, BARBARA             NY-28-61-31
STEIMES, NICHOLAS            NY-28-52-484
STEIN, PHILIP                NY-28-16-204
STEIN, SOPHIA                NY-28-54-347
STEINER, JOHN                NY-28-12-508
STEINHAUER, GEORGE J.        NY-28-31-73
STEINHAUER, HENRY            NY-28-29-173
STEINHAUSER, JACOB           NY-28-52-193
STEINKAMP, WILLIAM           NY-28-48-326
STEINKOLL, THERESIA          NY-28-48-479
STEINMETZ, NICHOLAS          NY-28-52-484
STELRING, SARAH              NY-28-8-184
STENNER, EVA                 NY-28-62-199
STENNER, JACOB               NY-28-57-344
STENZEL, GUSTAVE             NY-28-64-253
STEPHAN, ANNA MARIA          NY-28-32-192
STEPHAN, JACOB               NY-28-25-385
STEPHANY, ROSINA             NY-28-63-509
STER, LOUISA                 NY-28-43-358
STERN, ABRAHAM               NY-28-37-76
STERN, ABRAHAM               NY-28-56-466
STERN, NATHAN                NY-28-21-209
STERN, SOPHIA                NY-28-53-52
STERRIT, ROBERT              NY-28-63-238
STERRITT, WILLIAM F.         NY-28-19-405
STETTHEIMER, JEDA            NY-28-33-397
STETZENMEYER, HENRY          NY-28-65-539
STEUERWALD, ADAM             NY-28-59-137
STEVENS, ANN T.              NY-28-35-64
STEVENS, ELIADA B.           NY-28-19-449
STEVENS, HORACE E.           NY-28-33-466
STEVENS, MARY HOLMES         NY-28-17-24
STEVENS, THOMSON H.          NY-28-41-52
STEVENS, WILLIAM F.          NY-28-63-706
STEVENSON, EDWARD            NY-28-65-488
STEVENSON, ESTHER            NY-28-61-179
STEVENSON, HENRY             NY-28-14-296
STEVENSON, JAMES             NY-28-41-460
STEVES, ISAAC BISHOP         NY-28-3-374
STEWART, ANN C.              NY-28-63-777
STEWART, DANIEL A.           NY-28-12-474
STEWART, DUNCAN L.           NY-28-27-85
STEWART, ELIZABETH M.        NY-28-26-305
STEWART, ELMINA              NY-28-63-125
STEWART, HELEN               NY-28-17-268
STEWART, ISABELLA            NY-28-40-346
STEWART, JAMES W.            NY-28-36-289
STEWART, JANE ANN            NY-28-30-239
STEWART, JEREMIAH S.         NY-28-12-16
STEWART, JOHN                NY-28-35-334
STEWART, JOHN                NY-28-66-355
STEWART, JOHN P.             NY-28-61-161
STEWART, VAN R.              NY-28-49-524
STEWART, WILLIAM             NY-28-6-436
STEWART, WILLIAM G.          NY-28-33-301
STICKEL, FREDERICK           NY-28-39-255
STICKEL, JULIANA             NY-28-40-447
STICKLAND, ARVADA C.         NY-28-61-545
STICKLE, CHRISTOPHER         NY-28-56-124
STICKLE, MARY A.             NY-28-34-73
STICKNEY, AMOS               NY-28-16-221
STICKNEY, DARWIN             NY-28-20-525
STICKNEY, JAMES              NY-28-30-23
STIERLI, ANNA                NY-28-49-200
STIERLY, SAMUEL              NY-28-42-412
STILES, AUGUSTA P.           NY-28-16-504
STILES, JAMES W.             NY-28-40-289
STILES, LOTAW                NY-28-4-237
STILES, SIDNEY               NY-28-29-241
STILES, THOMAS J.            NY-28-49-233
STILES, WILLIAM J.           NY-28-28-57
STILL, HANNAH                NY-28-35-301
STILLMAKER, LOUISE K.        NY-28-55-202
STILLSON, GEORGE D.          NY-28-29-217
STILLSON, GEORGE T.          NY-28-43-13
STILLWELL, IDA               NY-28-48-473
STILWELL, CARRIE H.          NY-28-40-319
STILWELL, ELIZA E.           NY-28-66-251
STILWELL, HAMLIN             NY-28-14-743
STJOHN, HELEN A.             NY-28-23-249
STJOHN, NORTHROP             NY-28-5-369
STJOHN, SYLVIA               NY-28-23-41
STJOHN, WILLIAM K.           NY-28-8-239
STOCKBRIDGE, HELEN E.        NY-28-19-525
STOCKER, GEORGE              NY-28-49-87
STOCKING, DANIEL             NY-28-13-538
STOCKWELL, ELIZA J.          NY-28-28-449
STOCUM, ANGELINE             NY-28-49-377
STODDARD, CATHERINE A.       NY-28-14-430
STODDARD, FRANCES M.         NY-28-42-115
STOECKLEIN, CHARLES          NY-28-16-418
STOECKLEIN, REGINA           NY-28-43-388
STOEPEL, ANDREW              NY-28-16-277
STOEPEL, JULIA               NY-28-22-123
STOERTZ, ANDREW              NY-28-57-403
STOFFEL, JOHN                NY-28-43-49
STOKES, CATHARINE C.         NY-28-13-535
STOKOE, THOMAS               NY-28-7-460
STOLL, FRANK                 NY-28-30-311
STOLL, GEORGE PETER          NY-28-55-322
STOLL, JOHANN GEORGE         NY-28-57-196
STOLTZ, MICHAEL              NY-28-41-247
STOLZ, GEORGE A.             NY-28-12-355
STOLZ, JOHN MICHAEL          NY-28-66-439
STONE, CLARA A.              NY-28-65-175
STONE, CLARISSA              NY-28-28-213
STONE, ELIHU                 NY-28-57-361
STONE, ENOS                  NY-28-5-85
STONE, GEORGE                NY-28-50-319
STONE, GEORGE ANTHONY        NY-28-31-401
STONE, GEORGE S.             NY-28-6-118
STONE, HANNAH H.             NY-28-47-11
STONE, HEMAN                 NY-28-46-320
STONE, HOWARD P.             NY-28-58-573
STONE, JAMES S.              NY-28-48-437
STONE, LAURA                 NY-28-8-210
STONE, LYMAN                 NY-28-19-537
STONE, LYMAN L.              NY-28-46-302
STONE, MARY ANN              NY-28-40-214
STONE, MARY F.               NY-28-45-314
STONE, MARY L.               NY-28-42-43
STONE, NATHAN P.             NY-28-15-304
STONE, NEWELL A.             NY-28-38-151
STONE, ORRIN                 NY-28-21-125
STONE, OWENGH                NY-28-2-331
STONE, PHILANDER D.          NY-28-45-212
STONE, SAMUEL                NY-28-21-293
STONE, SAMUEL                NY-28-2-117
STONE, TIMOTHY               NY-28-5-118
STONE, WARD                  NY-28-1-9
STONEY, WILLIAM              NY-28-4-188
STOOTHOFF, JULIA G.          NY-28-48-353
STORCH, ERASMUS              NY-28-58-442
STORER, ALLEN                NY-28-24-17
STORER, JOHN H.              NY-28-51-362
STORK, ALEXANDER             NY-28-19-482
STORK, MICHAEL               NY-28-60-4
STORK, OTTO                  NY-28-60-82
STORMONT, CHARLES            NY-28-7-214
STORMS, WILLIAM S.           NY-28-51-535
STORR, FREDERICK             NY-28-14-457
STOTTLE, GITTE               NY-28-3-206
STOTTLE, KINZY               NY-28-35-265
STOWELL, JEANNIE H.          NY-28-66-256
STOWELL, THOMAS P.           NY-28-57-88
STOWELL, YOUNG E.            NY-28-60-436
STRADER, ELIZABETH           NY-28-9-201
STRADER, JOHN                NY-28-5-373
STRAIGHT, SEMANTHA           NY-28-36-205
STRAIGHT, WILLIAM H.         NY-28-32-320
STRANAHAN, JOHN              NY-28-4-176
STRASSNER, FRANK             NY-28-47-230
STRASSNER, JACOB             NY-28-35-172
STRASSNER, JACOB             NY-28-61-415
STRATTON, EMMALISSA          NY-28-65-269
STRATTON, HARRIET            NY-28-62-304
STRATTON, JAMES              NY-28-5-143
STRATTON, WILLIAM            NY-28-9-59
STRATTON, WILLIAM H.         NY-28-34-100
STRAUB, BERNARD              NY-28-40-486
STRAUB, JOHN                 NY-28-51-79
STRAUBB, LOUISE              NY-28-35-214
STRAUCHEN, FERDINAND         NY-28-49-404
STRAUCHEN, JOHN              NY-28-38-466
STRAUS, SOLOMON              NY-28-66-95
STRAUSE, ELIAS               NY-28-38-6
STREB, AFRA                  NY-28-57-184
STREB, BARBARA               NY-28-41-91
STREB, CATHARINE             NY-28-49-410
STREB, FRANK                 NY-28-61-175
STREB, JACOB                 NY-28-55-373
STREET, CHARLES H.           NY-28-57-127
STREETER, LYDIA C.           NY-28-61-571
STREIFF, JOHN D.             NY-28-47-449
STRIKER, BYRON               NY-28-11-554
STRIKER, LUCY JANE           NY-28-5-186
STRONG, ALVAH                NY-28-38-1
STRONG, ELIZA B.             NY-28-51-134
STRONG, ELIZABETH            NY-28-65-451
STRONG, ENOCH                NY-28-6-201
STRONG, HARVEY               NY-28-4-165
STRONG, MALTBY               NY-28-18-379
STRONG, MARY A.              NY-28-29-137
STRONG, RUAMA                NY-28-28-81
STUART, JAMES                NY-28-51-731
STUART, JANE A.              NY-28-25-149
STUDLEY, LUCY ANN            NY-28-61-10
STUDSON, MOSES J.            NY-28-2-249
STUERMER, CATHARINE          NY-28-59-346
STULL, ABIGAIL               NY-28-43-55
STULL, MATTHEW               NY-28-15-573
STULL, ROBERTSA              NY-28-23-201
STULL, SUSAN                 NY-28-39-309
STUMP, ANNA                  NY-28-60-160
STUMP, CHESTER H.            NY-28-34-391
STUPP, MARY ANN              NY-28-56-115
STUTSON, JOSEPH              NY-28-12-237
SUGRU, MARY                  NY-28-17-128
SULLIVAN, ANDREW             NY-28-64-101
SULLIVAN, ANNIE MYLES        NY-28-50-266
SULLIVAN, JAMES              NY-28-15-526
SULLIVAN, JOANNA             NY-28-52-106
SULLIVAN, MARY               NY-28-34-301
SULLIVAN, PATRICK            NY-28-10-224
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY            NY-28-21-421
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY            NY-28-46-404
SUMMERS, ELIJAH              NY-28-20-161
SUMMERS, MARIA               NY-28-53-382
SUMNER, MARY J.              NY-28-29-41
SUNFIELD, JAMES              NY-28-13-105
SUNNEY, ANN                  NY-28-62-251
SUNNEY, PATRICK              NY-28-28-97
SURPELL, JOHN JR.            NY-28-6-247
SUTHERLAND, ANDREW           NY-28-46-425
SUTHERLAND, LUCY A.          NY-28-42-328
SUTPHEN, JOSEPH              NY-28-34-43
SUTTER, FREDERICK            NY-28-61-580
SUTTON, WILLIAM M.           NY-28-34-292
SWAN, LANSING B.             NY-28-8-568
SWANTON, MARY                NY-28-48-35
SWARTZ, HANNAH               NY-28-44-81
SWATTS, JOSEPH H.            NY-28-52-310
SWATTUNKOT, JOHN             NY-28-45-176
SWEAT, ENOCH                 NY-28-25-253
SWEAT, SALLY M.              NY-28-33-175
SWEATMAN, MARY A.            NY-28-64-323
SWEENEY, ABIGAIL             NY-28-52-400
SWEENEY, EDWARD              NY-28-47-2
SWEENEY, EDWARD              NY-28-8-217
SWEENEY, MARGARET            NY-28-23-237
SWEET, MILTON R.             NY-28-61-19
SWEETING, BERNARD            NY-28-66-241
SWEETING, CORNELIUS A.       NY-28-41-97
SWEETING, JOHN B.            NY-28-51-724
SWENTMAN, ELIZABETH          NY-28-6-133
SWERGER, SEBASTIAN           NY-28-14-254
SWICK, ANDREW                NY-28-9-3
SWIFT, FAWNIA                NY-28-26-361
SWIFT, GEORGE W.             NY-28-1-368
SWIFT, GEORGE W.             NY-28-22-299
SWINBURN, GEORGE (DR.)       NY-28-30-167
SYKES, ANN AMELIA            NY-28-50-196
SYKES, JAMES                 NY-28-48-245
SYLVESTER, REBECCA           NY-28-63-88
SYME, ISABELLA               NY-28-15-51

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