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NAAS, JACOB                            NY-28-65-563
NABER, ANTHONY                         NY-28-23-57
NADIG, HIERONYMUS                      NY-28-15-641
NAEGELI, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-43-124
NAGEL, ANDREW                          NY-28-51-273
NAGEL, DORATHEA                        NY-28-46-158
NAGEL, GEORGE H.                       NY-28-57-484
NAGEL, JOHN                            NY-28-51-259
NAGEL, NICHLAS                         NY-28-45-56
NAGLE, ROSA A.                         NY-28-66-346
NASH, FEAR                             NY-28-8-213
NASH, JOHN                             NY-28-7-148
NASH, JOHN C.                          NY-28-12-46
NASH, LOUIS K.                         NY-28-65-332
NAU, CHRISTIAN                         NY-28-64-508
NAYLOR, JAMES                          NY-28-57-331
NEAL, JOANNA M.                        NY-28-58-689
NEEDHAM, JOHN                          NY-28-60-43
NEELY, ABRAHAM H.                      NY-28-7-468
NEELY, DANIEL                          NY-28-34-304
NEELY, DAVID                           NY-28-38-67
NEENER, FREDRECA                       NY-28-61-424
NELL, CATHERINE                        NY-28-62-469
NELLES, SANFORD P.                     NY-28-9-247
NELLIS, PETER A.                       NY-28-9-142
NELSON, CHARLES W.                     NY-28-38-71
NELSON, CHARLOTTE E.                   NY-28-55-67
NELSON, FREDERICK                      NY-28-62-425
NELSON, JAMES                          NY-28-15-380
NELSON, MINA                           NY-28-45-329
NELSON, PATRICK                        NY-28-16-589
NELSON, WILLIAM                        NY-28-47-356
NESBIT, ADAM                           NY-28-56-418
NETTLETON, DARIUS                      NY-28-12-59
NEUCH, TERESA                          NY-28-31-305
NEUER, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-40-370
NEUER, PHILIP                          NY-28-39-1
NEUFFER, GOTTLOB                       NY-28-22-267
NEUHART, MICHAEL                       NY-28-57-244
NEULENDYKE, ABRAM                      NY-28-57-271
NEUN, ANNA                             NY-28-46-89
NEVILLE, FANNY                         NY-28-14-714
NEW, THOMAS                            NY-28-33-445
NEWCOMB, BETSEY                        NY-28-54-395
NEWCOMB, JEROME B.                     NY-28-40-244
NEWCOMB, PHILOCHA                      NY-28-16-360
NEWCOMBE, ROBERT E.                    NY-28-26-205
NEWHARDT, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-48-200
NEWLAND, HENRY                         NY-28-45-173
NEWMAN, CHARLES                        NY-28-34-397
NEWMAN, JAMES                          NY-28-53-76
NEWMAN, JENNIE M.                      NY-28-59-113
NEWMAN, JOHN J.                        NY-28-53-436
NEWMAN, JOSIAH                         NY-28-66-40
NEWTON, ALBERT R.                      NY-28-37-433
NEWTON, ARTHUR G.                      NY-28-39-393
NEWTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-51-102
NEWTON, HEROD                          NY-28-44-426
NEWTON, JULIA                          NY-28-28-341
NEWTON, MARTIN S.                      NY-28-14-103
NEWTON, NANCY A.                       NY-28-40-196
NEWTON, TRUMAN A.                      NY-28-62-167
NICHOLAS, JOSEH                        NY-28-15-4
NICHOLAS, MARY                         NY-28-32-164
NICHOLS, ABRAM                         NY-28-5-51
NICHOLS, BARNABAS A.                   NY-28-10-484
NICHOLS, EDWIN                         NY-28-58-772
NICHOLS, JAMES                         NY-28-10-202
NICHOLS, JOHN                          NY-28-16-70
NICHOLS, JOHN                          NY-28-7-161
NICHOLS, JOHN A.                       NY-28-66-79
NICHOLS, LEWIS                         NY-28-2-102
NICHOLS, LEWIS A.                      NY-28-48-134
NICHOLS, LUCINDA                       NY-28-6-177
NICHOLS, SARAH J.                      NY-28-44-331
NICHOLS, SARAH JANE                    NY-28-17-150
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       NY-28-4-345
NICHOLSON, ROBERT                      NY-28-46-470
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM                     NY-28-23-101
NICOL, JONATHAN                        NY-28-37-418
NIEDERMEIER, MATILDA                   NY-28-62-196
NIESER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-39-467
NIESER, JOHN                           NY-28-22-487
NIESS BERNHARD                         NY-28-28-245
NIESZ, EVA                             NY-28-43-73
NIESZ, GEORGE                          NY-28-30-63
NIGHTINGALE, HENRY                     NY-28-4-497
NILES, JOSEPH                          NY-28-20-21
NIRDLINGER, ALBERT HENRY               NY-28-35-394
NISSEL, PETER                          NY-28-51-459
NISSEN, DOROTHEA                       NY-28-16-275
NIVEN, DAVID                           NY-28-42-436
NIVEN, DAVID                           NY-28-45-68
NIVEN, ELIZABETH MCP.                  NY-28-36-304
NIVEN, MARY                            NY-28-62-358
NIVEN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-28-63-521
NIXON, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-56-1
NIXON, SAMUEL                          NY-28-3-309
NOAKES, MARY                           NY-28-61-367
NOBLE, BURKART                         NY-28-55-232
NOBLE, DAVID                           NY-28-24-129
NOBLE, LEWIS H.                        NY-28-15-42
NOBLE, OLIVER                          NY-28-3-33
NOBLE, THOMAS                          NY-28-47-320
NOBLES, ELLEN S.                       NY-28-66-161
NOCH, TERESA                           NY-28-31-305
NOLAN, MARGARET                        NY-28-64-455
NOLAN, TIMOTHY                         NY-28-30-15
NOLL, ADA                              NY-28-13-729
NOLL, ADAM                             NY-28-45-386
NOLL, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-28-16-579
NOLL, MARGARET                         NY-28-43-94
NOONAN, THOMAS                         NY-28-42-256
NORMAN, CASSANDANA                     NY-28-45-200
NORMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-44-346
NORMINGTON, MARK                       NY-28-22-15
NORRIS, CLARISSA                       NY-28-13-183
NORRIS, HARRIET S.                     NY-28-36-430
NORRIS, JABEZ B.                       NY-28-58-701
NORRIS, JOHN F.                        NY-28-34-355
NORRIS, MARY JANE                      NY-28-43-433
NORTHROP, ABEL G.                      NY-28-25-401
NORTHROP, CONTENT ANN                  NY-28-51-440
NORTHROP, ELIZABETH C.                 NY-28-30-335
NORTHROP, FRANCES A.                   NY-28-17-342
NORTHROP, FRANCIS B.                   NY-28-19-477
NORTHROP, JAMES                        NY-28-19-545
NORTHROP, NEHEMIAH B.                  NY-28-18-349
NORTHROP, ORPHA                        NY-28-15-205
NORTHROP, SALLY                        NY-28-15-335
NORTHRUP, BURR S.                      NY-28-49-230
NORTHRUP, HARRY                        NY-28-26-5
NORTHRUP, JAMES                        NY-28-46-227
NORTHUP, HARRY                         NY-28-26-5
NORTON, ALBERT G.                      NY-28-12-108
NORTON, HENRY P.                       NY-28-48-176
NORTON, MARTHA                         NY-28-1-418
NOTT, THOMAS                           NY-28-4-266
NOWACK, CHARLES A.                     NY-28-61-343
NOYES, HENRY                           NY-28-12-385
NUGENT, BRIDGET                        NY-28-39-231
NUGENT, JOHN                           NY-28-64-197
NUNDY, JOHN                            NY-28-38-31
NUNNOLD, CATHARINE                     NY-28-37-163
NUNNOLD, CATHARINE                     NY-28-38-36
NUNNOLD, HELENA                        NY-28-55-346
NUNNOLD, HENRY                         NY-28-57-250
NUNNOLD, JACOB                         NY-28-41-310
NUNNOLD, PETER                         NY-28-21-25
NURSE, JONATHAN                        NY-28-19-69
NURSE, LYDIA B.                        NY-28-34-148
NURSE, SYLVESTER N.                    NY-28-39-203
NUSBICKEL, BARBARA                     NY-28-48-188
NYE, LORIN                             NY-28-35-517
NYE, MARTHA                            NY-28-15-699
NYENHUIS, GERRIT J.                    NY-28-65-106
O'BRIEN, ELIZA                         NY-28-44-56
O'BRIEN, MARY A.                       NY-28-43-220
OAKLEY, MARY                           NY-28-54-338
OAKLEY, SILVANUS H.                    NY-28-33-400
OATLEY, WILLIAM R.                     NY-28-39-106
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                        NY-28-60-220
OBRIEN, CATHARINE                      NY-28-55-163
OBRIEN, ELIZA                          NY-28-34-55
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-47-122
OBRIEN, ELLEN                          NY-28-22-263
OBRIEN, JOHN J.                        NY-28-65-427
OBRIEN, MARY                           NY-28-53-310
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-52-472
OBRIEN, THOMAS                         NY-28-5-483
OBRIEN, THOMAS J.                      NY-28-55-37
OBRION, MICHAEL                        NY-28-35-232
OBRYNE, JOHN                           NY-28-6-86
OCALLAGHAN, JOHN                       NY-28-62-101
OCH, JOHN                              NY-28-63-271
OCKENDEN, THOMAS                       NY-28-2-170
OCONNELL, PATRICK                      NY-28-31-1
OCONNOR, MARTIN                        NY-28-33-460
OCONNOR, WILLIAM                       NY-28-26-269
OCUMPAUGH, EDMUND                      NY-28-53-277
ODELL, AMY                             NY-28-17-175
ODELL, DIANA                           NY-28-7-143
ODELL, RODNEY P.                       NY-28-39-354
ODENDENBACH, PETER                     NY-28-36-181
ODOHERTY, JANE                         NY-28-31-389
ODONOUGHUE, BRIDGET                    NY-28-55-124
ODONOUGHUE, JAMES ***                  NY-28-51-375
OGRADY, ELIZA                          NY-28-39-264
OHARA, ELLEN                           NY-28-65-377
OHARA, FELIX                           NY-28-36-484
OHARA, THOMAS                          NY-28-14-453
OHARA, THOMAS                          NY-28-13-232
OHARE, JAMES F.                        NY-28-60-55
OHARE, MICHAEL                         NY-28-53-487
OHLMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-28-23-205
OHMEN, FREDERICK                       NY-28-47-415
OKANE, BERNARD                         NY-28-62-365
OKANE, ELIZA                           NY-28-42-481
OKEEFE, GREGORY                        NY-28-22-399
OLCOTT, ISABELLA H.                    NY-28-60-205
OLCOTT, MILTON                         NY-28-39-37
OLDFIELD, BRIDGET                      NY-28-29-429
OLEARY, MARGARET                       NY-28-37-347
OLIVER, HARRIET M.                     NY-28-46-71
OLIVER, MYRON M.                       NY-28-56-436
OLIVER, ROBERT                         NY-28-46-332
OLIVER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-53-421
OLIVER, WILLIAM S.                     NY-28-43-259
OLMSTEAD, CLARA F.                     NY-28-65-239
OLMSTEAD, CLARISSA                     NY-28-41-343
OLMSTED, EDWARD P.                     NY-28-56-79
OLMSTED, GEORGE FRANKLIN               NY-28-56-265
OLMSTED, HARRIET M.                    NY-28-36-442
OLMSTED, HENRY                         NY-28-10-46
OLMSTED, ISAAC                         NY-28-2-396
OLMSTED, WILLIAM HOWARD                NY-28-40-474
OLNEY, DANIEL                          NY-28-3-378
OLNEY, DANIEL                          NY-28-29-9
OLNEY, FRANKLIN                        NY-28-56-136
OLNEY, HANNAH                          NY-28-11-575
OLNEY, JAMES B.                        NY-28-34-178
OLNEY, JONATHAN F.                     NY-28-46-335
OLNEY, JOSEPH                          NY-28-14-153
OLNEY, LOTTIE A.                       NY-28-53-58
OLNEY, LURANCEY                        NY-28-36-19
OLNEY, SOPHIA                          NY-28-32-84
OLOUGHLIN, ELLEN M.                    NY-28-53-97
OLOUGHLIN, JOHN                        NY-28-65-4
OLP, HELEN M.                          NY-28-53-292
OMEARA, ANN                            NY-28-23-473
ONDERKIRK, ISAAC J.                    NY-28-28-237
ONEIL, ANN                             NY-28-48-95
ONEIL, ARTHUR                          NY-28-31-145
ONEIL, CHARLES                         NY-28-16-152
ONEIL, HUGH                            NY-28-61-116
ONEIL, MARY A.                         NY-28-18-409
ONEILL, ALICE E.                       NY-28-56-481
ONEILL, BERNARD                        NY-28-6-101
ONEILL, MARGARET                       NY-28-41-325
ONEILL, WILLIAM                        NY-28-17-712
ONIEL, CHARLES                         NY-28-65-472
OPPENHEIMER, MYER                      NY-28-28-469
ORAGAN, BRIDGET                        NY-28-37-31
OREGAN, MARY ANN                       NY-28-46-290
OREILLY, BERNARD                       NY-28-53-418
OREILLY, JAMES                         NY-28-32-152
OREILLY, MICHAEL                       NY-28-30-87
ORORKE, MARY                           NY-28-42-175
ORORKE, THOMAS                         NY-28-45-353
ORR, ROSANNA                           NY-28-22-131
ORTELEE, MARCUS                        NY-28-43-184
ORTH, GEORGE                           NY-28-15-291
ORTH, MARGARET                         NY-28-62-503
OSBORN, ABNER P.                       NY-28-40-441
OSBORN, CHARLES                        NY-28-30-51
OSBORN, JOHN D.                        NY-28-41-286
OSBORN, MARY K.                        NY-28-52-127
OSBORN, ORSON                          NY-28-2-86
OSBURN, NEHAMIAH                       NY-28-44-266
OSGOOD, CAROLINE TOWNSEND              NY-28-58-643
OSGOOD, DIANTHA M.                     NY-28-48-260
OSGOOD, ELIZA L.                       NY-28-24-181
OSGOOD, ELIZA L.                       NY-28-18-385
OSGOOD, RUFUS F.                       NY-28-59-363
OSGOOD, WAINWRIGHT E.                  NY-28-43-97
OSHAUGHNESSY, MARGARET                 NY-28-54-290
OSMUN, JONATHAN                        NY-28-61-265
OSMUN, MALINDA                         NY-28-56-64
OSMUN, WILLIAMM.                       NY-28-48-498
OSSIN, HULDAH W.                       NY-28-14-651
OSSMAN, JOHN                           NY-28-41-367
OSTER, JACOB                           NY-28-57-295
OSTER, JOHN JR.                        NY-28-47-248
OSTERHELT, HENRY                       NY-28-15-319
OSTRANDER, CHARLES M.                  NY-28-64-187
OSTRANDER, MARY MELISSA                NY-28-66-391
OSTRANDER, RICHARD                     NY-28-48-275
OSULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                     NY-28-46-404
OTIS, CATHARINE                        NY-28-50-346
OTIS, IRA L.                           NY-28-62-205
OTIS, JAMES                            NY-28-28-101
OTIS, MARIA MIRIAM                     NY-28-51-516
OTIS, MARY A. C.                       NY-28-20-313
OTIS, WILLIAM                          NY-28-27-133
OTTMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-28-23-321
OTTO, FREDERICK                        NY-28-41-268
OVIATT, ROSILLA D.                     NY-28-34-331
OVIATT, WILSON D.                      NY-28-19-505
OWEN, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-28-10-232
OWEN, CALVIN W.                        NY-28-33-205
OWEN, THOMAS                           NY-28-27-139
OWENS, BERNARD                         NY-28-19-417
PACK, MARTHA                           NY-28-50-206
PACKARD, SYLVESTER H.                  NY-28-8-38
PACKHAM, MARIA                         NY-28-8-534
PADDOCK, THOMAS                        NY-28-10-141
PADLEY, JAMES                          NY-28-48-302
PAFF, CHARLES                          NY-28-43-154
PAGE, ALEXANDER                        NY-28-43-136
PAGE, GEORGE B.                        NY-28-55-10
PAGE, HENRY W.                         NY-28-49-308
PAGE, WILLIAM YEOMANS                  NY-28-48-371
PAINE, JULIA M.                        NY-28-26-65
PAINE, LEMUEL C.                       NY-28-58-678
PAINE, REUBEN                          NY-28-14-545
PAINE, REUBEN                          NY-28-66-553
PALLAND, FRANK                         NY-28-49-170
PALLAND, ROSENA                        NY-28-53-433
PALLAS, CARL                           NY-28-60-337
PALMER, AARON                          NY-28-35-151
PALMER, BENADAM                        NY-28-8-424
PALMER, BENJAMIN R.                    NY-28-66-529
PALMER, CHARLES J.                     NY-28-66-545
PALMER, ELIZA                          NY-28-45-11
PALMER, ELIZA B.                       NY-28-64-298
PALMER, FANNY M.                       NY-28-60-310
PALMER, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-65-476
PALMER, HARVEY                         NY-28-24-97
PALMER, ISAAC                          NY-28-8-47
PALMER, JOEL                           NY-28-23-17
PALMER, JOHN                           NY-28-16-475
PALMER, LEVI                           NY-28-8-427
PALMER, LOUISA M.                      NY-28-34-31
PALMER, MARGARET L.                    NY-28-27-25
PALMER, MYRON                          NY-28-34-223
PALMER, ORRIN E.                       NY-28-20-229
PALMER, PETER                          NY-28-56-19
PALMER, RHODA M.                       NY-28-44-341
PALMER, RUFUS M.                       NY-28-32-160
PALMER, SAMUEL                         NY-28-5-281
PALMER, SHEPARD W.                     NY-28-3-88
PALMER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-58-102
PALMER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-3-397
PAMMENTER, WILLIAM                     NY-28-57-151
PANCAST, EDWIN                         NY-28-12-531
PANCOST, JULIA M.                      NY-28-34-166
PANKCHEN, JOHN                         NY-28-6-14
PANKIN, MARGARET L.                    NY-28-52-352
PANNELL, JOHN                          NY-28-34-187
PANNELL, LEVI                          NY-28-3-233
PANTLEON, DAVID                        NY-28-46-509
PARCE, JUSTUS                          NY-28-16-184
PARDEE, CYNTHIA A.                     NY-28-49-284
PARDEE, HIRAM                          NY-28-33-313
PARIS, MARY                            NY-28-56-358
PARISH, JOHNATHAN JR.                  NY-28-2-403
PARISH, LELAND                         NY-28-28-193
PARK, CALVIN                           NY-28-10-77
PARK, EDWIN F.                         NY-28-57-310
PARK, FREDERICK WILLIAM                NY-28-29-445
PARK, JOHN                             NY-28-8-384
PARK, PHEBE                            NY-28-17-58
PARK, REED                             NY-28-48-476
PARK, SARAH J.                         NY-28-18-13
PARKER, ABIGAIL                        NY-28-43-40
PARKER, ELIZA                          NY-28-10-208
PARKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-59-493
PARKER, FREDERICK W.                   NY-28-40-459
PARKER, GEORGE                         NY-28-8-23
PARKER, GEORGE T.                      NY-28-56-112
PARKER, HANNAH                         NY-28-27-205
PARKER, JOHN                           NY-28-24-161
PARKER, JOSIAH                         NY-28-31-445
PARKER, LUCIUS                         NY-28-26-157
PARKER, MARY                           NY-28-36-64
PARKER, MICHAEL                        NY-28-9-415
PARKER, PERSIS E.                      NY-28-46-359
PARKER, RICHARD                        NY-28-16-570
PARKER, SAMUEL W.                      NY-28-65-355
PARKER, THOMAS                         NY-28-11-597
PARKES, EDWARD                         NY-28-6-454
PARKHURST, AHIRA                       NY-28-58-490
PARKHURST, DAVID                       NY-28-14-72
PARKHURST, MILES                       NY-28-8-571
PARKHURST, SIMEON                      NY-28-64-575
PARKHURST, SUSANNAH                    NY-28-14-35
PARKS, HENRY                           NY-28-62-89
PARKS, SAMUEL H.                       NY-28-48-209
PARKS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-36-460
PARMELE, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-43-187
PARMELE, JAMES                         NY-28-7-332
PARMELEE, JOHN B.                      NY-28-36-121
PARMELEE, JOSEPH H.                    NY-28-34-142
PARMELY, DANIEL                        NY-28-21-117
PARRISH, ANSON C.                      NY-28-1-375
PARRISH, CHARLES                       NY-28-19-353
PARRISH, LEVI H.                       NY-28-26-353
PARRISH, ROSWELL                       NY-28-14-39
PARRY, THOMAS EDWARD                   NY-28-32-228
PARSELLS, MARTHA P.                    NY-28-16-217
PARSELLS, NELLIE E.                    NY-28-57-277
PARSHALL, LOUISA                       NY-28-54-284
PARSHALL, MARY J.                      NY-28-38-16
PARSONS, CORNELIUS R.                  NY-28-66-179
PARSONS, ELIZA D.                      NY-28-28-65
PARSONS, EZRA M.                       NY-28-29-289
PARSONS, GEORGE                        NY-28-63-102
PARSONS, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-20-65
PARSONS, HENRY H.                      NY-28-16-195
PARSONS, JULIA ANN                     NY-28-30-27
PARSONS, LAMEN                         NY-28-10-461
PARSONS, LOUISA                        NY-28-57-427
PARTRIDGE, JEMIMA                      NY-28-52-391
PARTRIDGE, JOHN                        NY-28-6-534
PASCH, IDA (TARASCH)                   NY-28-56-253
PASCH, JOHN                            NY-28-56-388
PATERSON, GEORGE W.                    NY-28-33-10
PATON, ANN                             NY-28-35-418
PATTEN, EDWARD                         NY-28-16-374
PATTERSON, ELIZA                       NY-28-54-101
PATTERSON, HARLEY M.                   NY-28-9-279
PATTERSON, HARVEY J.                   NY-28-32-280
PATTERSON, JANE                        NY-28-39-336
PATTERSON, JONATHAN G.                 NY-28-25-309
PATTERSON, L. DOW                      NY-28-62-415
PATTERSON, MATHEW A.                   NY-28-40-483
PATTERSON, THOMAS J.                   NY-28-35-445
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     NY-28-4-315
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     NY-28-5-127
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     NY-28-35-280
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     NY-28-6-323
PATTERSON, WILLIAM H.                  NY-28-32-48
PATTON, GEORGE                         NY-28-61-143
PAUL, MARY                             NY-28-62-565
PAUL, ZEBULON                          NY-28-14-14
PAULMAN, CHARLES                       NY-28-6-401
PEACHEY, FRANCES                       NY-28-45-509
PEACHEY, JACOB                         NY-28-17-80
PEACHY, JOHN                           NY-28-52-70
PEACOCK, CORNELIA E.                   NY-28-48-299
PEAK, FRANKLIN S.                      NY-28-4-426
PEAKE, HIRAM                           NY-28-9-480
PEAKE, SARAH A.                        NY-28-42-148
PEAR, BETSEY                           NY-28-42-64
PEART, JAMES                           NY-28-54-53
PEART, RICHARD                         NY-28-18-391
PEART, THOMAS                          NY-28-61-439
PEASE, ANNA MARIA                      NY-28-6-199
PEASE, DANIEL                          NY-28-59-227
PEASE, JANE                            NY-28-20-69
PEASE, JONATHAN S.                     NY-28-56-22
PECK, ALICE BACON                      NY-28-30-443
PECK, EVERARD                          NY-28-5-533
PECK, HANNAH M.                        NY-28-66-349
PECK, HARRIET                          NY-28-54-77
PECK, JOHN                             NY-28-13-114
PECK, MARGARET                         NY-28-26-373
PECK, MARY W.                          NY-28-39-220
PECK, MERRITT                          NY-28-55-181
PECK, MYRON G.                         NY-28-52-211
PECK, SOLOMON                          NY-28-18-361
PECKHAM, JOHN W.                       NY-28-10-603
PECKHAM, MARY A.                       NY-28-38-212
PEER, CATHARINE                        NY-28-6-543
PEER, JEREMIAH                         NY-28-30-155
PEERSON, BEEDE                         NY-28-8-166
PEET, NELSON                           NY-28-6-207
PEET, NORMAN C.                        NY-28-61-262
PEET, SILAS C.                         NY-28-47-128
PEET, SOPHRONIA L.                     NY-28-55-286
PEIRCE, GILES                          NY-28-1-328
PELLS, ABRAM V.                        NY-28-26-413
PENDEGAST, JOHN                        NY-28-19-109
PENDEGAST, JULIA                       NY-28-19-141
PENDERS, PATRICK                       NY-28-32-156
PENDIGIST, JOHN                        NY-28-16-542
PENFIELD, DANIEL                       NY-28-3-4
PENNEY, JOSEPH                         NY-28-8-147
PENNEY, JOSEPH                         NY-28-8-172
PENNINGTON, ALICE C.                   NY-28-49-236
PENNY, DANIEL                          NY-28-54-125
PENTECOST, JENNIE TAYLOR               NY-28-25-389
PEOPLES, JAMES S.                      NY-28-36-499
PEPPER, JOHN                           NY-28-31-257
PEPPER, MARIA                          NY-28-17-156
PERIN, GLOVER                          NY-28-1-69
PERKINS, ABNER                         NY-28-5-431
PERKINS, ESTHER W.                     NY-28-51-758
PERKINS, GILMAN H.                     NY-28-58-623
PERKINS, HENRY H.                      NY-28-52-382
PERKINS, HILINDA V.                    NY-28-40-175
PERKINS, JOHN A.                       NY-28-29-345
PERKINS, JOSEPH H.                     NY-28-32-472
PERKINS, LUCINDA F.                    NY-28-32-340
PERKINS, MARY M.                       NY-28-8-352
PERKINS, THOMAS W.                     NY-28-51-754
PERO, MARY                             NY-28-55-64
PERRIN, ANDREW N.                      NY-28-46-104
PERRIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-42-85
PERRIN, HELENC .                       NY-28-35-382
PERRIN, JOHN                           NY-28-31-33
PERRIN, RANSFORD                       NY-28-44-286
PERRIN, SALLIE E.                      NY-28-66-353
PERRINE, ROBERT                        NY-28-35-484
PERRY, AARON                           NY-28-17-12
PERRY, DAVID                           NY-28-37-406
PERRY, FREDERICK A.                    NY-28-54-194
PERRY, ISAAC                           NY-28-19-149
PERRY, JOHN                            NY-28-37-112
PERRY, JOHN W.                         NY-28-17-91
PERRY, LUCY A.                         NY-28-17-70
PERRY, MARIETTA                        NY-28-49-419
PERRY, SUSAN S.                        NY-28-61-358
PERRY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-4-114
PERSKE, CHARLES                        NY-28-47-203
PERSKE, CHRISTIAN                      NY-28-53-385
PETER, CATHERINE                       NY-28-14-441
PETERS, ANN                            NY-28-34-394
PETERS, HORATIO                        NY-28-52-46
PETERS, REECE                          NY-28-24-29
PETERSON, CAROLINE                     NY-28-17-10
PETERSON, JOHN                         NY-28-12-547
PETERSON, MARIA                        NY-28-42-346
PETTENGILL, JAMES O.                   NY-28-38-61
PETTINGER, MORRIS                      NY-28-56-202
PETTIT, SYBBEL M.                      NY-28-50-151
PEUSS, FREDERICK                       NY-28-63-419
PFAFF, EMILIE F.                       NY-28-54-47
PFAFF, FREDERICK W.                    NY-28-23-405
PFAUDLER, BARBARA                      NY-28-33-178
PFEIFER, BERTHA                        NY-28-64-577
PFEIFFER, JOHN                         NY-28-24-197
PFEIFFER, JOHN                         NY-28-29-321
PFEIFFER, MAX                          NY-28-15-297
PFROMMER, JOHN                         NY-28-25-45
PHELPS, ALFRED                         NY-28-6-220
PHELPS, EMILY E.                       NY-28-39-410
PHELPS, HARRISON                       NY-28-3-305
PHELPS, JOHN P.                        NY-28-13-765
PHELPS, NEWMAN B.                      NY-28-43-274
PHELPS, POLLY                          NY-28-6-316
PHELPS, RHODA E.                       NY-28-17-616
PHELPS, ROSWELL                        NY-28-51-143
PHELPS, SIMEON                         NY-28-35-319
PHILIPS, DANIEL                        NY-28-2-269
PHILIPS, SEMANTHA                      NY-28-17-97
PHILLIPS, ADELINE                      NY-28-52-220
PHILLIPS, ALMIRA                       NY-28-49-26
PHILLIPS, CYRUS                        NY-28-19-333
PHILLIPS, ELIZA T.                     NY-28-29-61
PHILLIPS, ELVIRA M.                    NY-28-50-111
PHILLIPS, EMILY L.                     NY-28-46-485
PHILLIPS, EUNICE                       NY-28-28-285
PHILLIPS, GEORGE                       NY-28-46-395
PHILLIPS, ISRAEL                       NY-28-6-404
PHILLIPS, JOHN W.                      NY-28-33-121
PHILLIPS, LEVI H.                      NY-28-56-457
PHILLIPS, MARY J.                      NY-28-24-241
PHILLIPS, ZEBULON                      NY-28-27-296
PHINNEY, SMITH H.                      NY-28-64-518
PHIPPEN, JAMES                         NY-28-5-600
PHIPPIN, ANN                           NY-28-16-109
PICKETT, JOHN                          NY-28-37-106
PIDRICK, JANE                          NY-28-33-238
PIDRICK, WILLIAM                       NY-28-38-81
PIER, MATTHIAS                         NY-28-7-377
PIERCE, DANIEL                         NY-28-11-522
PIERCE, EBENEZER                       NY-28-4-399
PIERCE, FRANCIS EDWIN                  NY-28-48-131
PIERCE, HELEN C.                       NY-28-66-53
PIERCE, LOVINA                         NY-28-52-166
PIERCE, LUCINDA C.                     NY-28-54-254
PIERCE, MARTHA E.                      NY-28-4-357
PIERCE, SARAH A.                       NY-28-65-227
PIERCE, THOMAS                         NY-28-7-97
PIERSON, EDWARD D.                     NY-28-52-37
PIERSON, ERASMUS D.                    NY-28-48-8
PIERSON, LINUS                         NY-28-10-187
PIGGOTT, MARY                          NY-28-55-7
PIKE, ALMIRA                           NY-28-56-82
PIKE, SAMUEL                           NY-28-39-49
PIKE, SYLVESTER M.                     NY-28-10-305
PIKE, WILLIAM S.                       NY-28-66-245
PILLOW, EDWARD B.                      NY-28-11-519
PIMM, CATHARINE                        NY-28-26-365
PINCHBECK, MARY                        NY-28-35-97
PINCUS, ABRAHAM                        NY-28-43-283
PINNEY, JULIET M.                      NY-28-49-83
PIOCH, MARIA                           NY-28-60-484
PITCHER, ALFRED                        NY-28-2-303
PITKIN, JAMES M.                       NY-28-63-37
PITKIN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-14-248
PITMAN, FREEMAN S.                     NY-28-12-318
PIXLEY, CHARLES H.                     NY-28-60-391
PIXLEY, ROXEY G.                       NY-28-50-131
PLASS, CAROLINE                        NY-28-57-109
PLASS, PHILIP                          NY-28-10-390
PLOEN, FREDERICK                       NY-28-34-76
PLUMB, MARY E.                         NY-28-64-115
PLUMB, WALKER                          NY-28-10-490
PLUMMER, HENRY                         NY-28-23-37
POLLARD, HENRY                         NY-28-45-62
POLLOCK, JAMES B.                      NY-28-26-285
POLLOCK, MARY JANE                     NY-28-32-8
POLOCK, WILLIAM                        NY-28-25-77
POMEROY, CAROLINE S.                   NY-28-46-338
POMEROY, EMMA P.                       NY-28-64-143
POND, ANSON W.                         NY-28-40-337
POND, ELIAS                            NY-28-19-561
POND, JOSEPH D.                        NY-28-41-76
POND, LEVI                             NY-28-8-435
POOL, JOSEPH H.                        NY-28-45-152
POOLE, ROBERT                          NY-28-40-301
POPE, SAMUEL                           NY-28-8-108
POPE, SAMUEL                           NY-28-8-95
POPP, JOHN GEORG                       NY-28-60-400
POPP, JOHN WOLFGANG                    NY-28-45-281
POPP, LEONHARD                         NY-28-35-499
POPP, MICHAEL                          NY-28-55-289
POPPY, HEPHZIBAH                       NY-28-41-148
PORT, CHARLES                          NY-28-36-199
PORTER, AMANDA M.                      NY-28-9-335
PORTER, CHAUNCEY                       NY-28-2-92
PORTER, ELIZABETH D.                   NY-28-42-112
PORTER, LORENZO                        NY-28-37-190
PORTER, MARIA                          NY-28-15-261
PORTER, MARIA G.                       NY-28-59-39
PORTER, MYRA L.                        NY-28-20-533
PORTER, POLLY                          NY-28-5-392
PORTER, SAMUEL                         NY-28-29-225
PORTER, SAMUEL D.                      NY-28-29-245
PORTER, SARAH B.                       NY-28-64-265
PORTER, STEPHEN                        NY-28-4-213
PORTER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-65-169
PORTER, WILLIAM S.                     NY-28-66-149
POST, ALDIS A.                         NY-28-36-46
POST, AMY                              NY-28-42-361
POST, ISAAC                            NY-28-16-53
POST, SARAH                            NY-28-14-599
POTTER, ALFRED B.                      NY-28-57-337
POTTER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-28-16-126
POTTER, CLARA E.                       NY-28-32-112
POTTER, ELI                            NY-28-10-166
POTTER, HANNAH H.                      NY-28-57-10
POTTER, HENRY S.                       NY-28-17-200
POTTER, HENRY S.                       NY-28-27-464
POTTER, JOB L.                         NY-28-41-451
POTTER, JOHN R.                        NY-28-62-256
POTTER, JULIA                          NY-28-45-77
POTTER, LYMAN                          NY-28-8-445
POTTER, SOPHIA                         NY-28-61-421
POTTLE, EDWARD L.                      NY-28-62-317
POTTLE, SARAH D.                       NY-28-40-453
POULTON, HELEN L.                      NY-28-34-1
POUND, ELIJAH                          NY-28-2-354
POUND, JACOB                           NY-28-9-110
POWELL, HENRY N.                       NY-28-5-95
POWELL, NELSON                         NY-28-49-320
POWELL, WILLIAM                        NY-28-24-93
POWERS, CHARLES                        NY-28-8-57
POWERS, DANIEL W.                      NY-28-61-277
POWERS, HIRAM                          NY-28-20-397
POWERS, LAWRENCE H.                    NY-28-58-272
POWERS, MARY J.                        NY-28-64-512
POWIS, HENRY                           NY-28-27-380
POWIS, LETITIA CAROLINE                NY-28-15-39
PRATT, ALVAH                           NY-28-16-649
PRATT, ANN                             NY-28-54-191
PRATT, BETSEY                          NY-28-16-435
PRATT, CHARLOTTE D.                    NY-28-63-359
PRATT, GEORGE W.                       NY-28-26-109
PRATT, IRA                             NY-28-33-265
PRATT, JAMES S.                        NY-28-10-361
PRATT, LUTHER A.                       NY-28-63-436
PRATT, MARY B.                         NY-28-51-148
PRAY, EDWARD W.                        NY-28-41-109
PREDMORE, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-21-437
PRENTICE, CHRISTINA                    NY-28-44-221
PRESTON, ALBERT W.                     NY-28-34-172
PRESTON, ELIJAH                        NY-28-16-79
PRESTON, GEORGE                        NY-28-10-558
PRESTON, JAMES                         NY-28-37-292
PRESTON, JOSEPH                        NY-28-4-135
PRESTON, LYDIA                         NY-28-51-574
PRESTON, PATRICK                       NY-28-16-584
PRESTON, ROSE                          NY-28-22-383
PRESTON, SARAH                         NY-28-5-309
PRESTON, WILLIAM P.                    NY-28-43-109
PRETTYJOHN, ALICE                      NY-28-21-221
PRIBUS, CAROLINE                       NY-28-65-586
PRICE, ANN                             NY-28-5-123
PRICE, CATHARINE J.                    NY-28-60-109
PRICE, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-7-402
PRICE, HENRY                           NY-28-3-438
PRICHARD, JAMES                        NY-28-4-280
PRIDE, ASA                             NY-28-39-181
PRIDMOR, JANE                          NY-28-37-172
PRIEST, THOMAS                         NY-28-31-109
PRINDLE, HARVEY                        NY-28-7-503
PRINDLE, MARY A.                       NY-28-23-417
PRINGLE, WILLIAM B.                    NY-28-22-3
PRITCHARD, ALFRED R.                   NY-28-18-121
PRITCHARD, LUCIUS                      NY-28-1-250
PRITCHARD, LUCIUS                      NY-28-2-48
PRITCHARD, MARY                        NY-28-31-341
PROCTOR, HELEN I.                      NY-28-42-40
PROCTOR, IRENE F.                      NY-28-40-462
PROCTOR, MARY CLARK                    NY-28-18-451
PROCTOR, MARY E.                       NY-28-31-49
PROCTOR, TRUMAN A.                     NY-28-40-205
PRONG, WILLIAM                         NY-28-45-83
PROSER, POLLY                          NY-28-10-337
PROSSER, CICERO J.                     NY-28-38-271
PUGSLEY, CHARLES                       NY-28-37-142
PUGSLEY, GEORGE J.                     NY-28-19-349
PUGSLEY, JOSIAH                        NY-28-7-219
PUGSLEY, LEWIS                         NY-28-55-430
PULESTON, HARRIET                      NY-28-65-28
PULESTON, ROBERT                       NY-28-55-85
PULLIS, JOHN                           NY-28-66-374
PULLIS, TEUNIS VAN PELT                NY-28-13-408
PUNCH, ELLEN                           NY-28-53-154
PUNCH, WILLIAM                         NY-28-46-380
PUNNETT, REUBEN                        NY-28-39-94
PURDY, MARY UNICE                      NY-28-54-11
PURDY, SILAS                           NY-28-14-655
PURDY, SYLVESTER                       NY-28-58-501
PURODIE, ADELINE                       NY-28-12-122
PURVES, CELIA M.                       NY-28-57-121
PUTNAM, MARY J.                        NY-28-45-320
PYNE, MARGARET                         NY-28-48-365
QUA, HARRIETT L.                       NY-28-51-7
QUACKENBOSS, DAVID H.                  NY-28-3-286
QUELL, HEINRICH                        NY-28-41-445
QUICK, AARON                           NY-28-12-10
QUICK, BERTHA                          NY-28-22-387
QUICK, GEORGE                          NY-28-24-225
QUICK, SARAH                           NY-28-11-97
QUIGLEY, MARY                          NY-28-48-398
QUIMBY, DANIEL                         NY-28-7-407
QUIMBY, DAVID                          NY-28-14-360
QUINBY, HENRY                          NY-28-53-166
QUINLAN, ANN                           NY-28-47-182
QUINLAN, JOHN                          NY-28-36-1
QUINLIVAN, ANN                         NY-28-47-182
QUINN, BRIDGET                         NY-28-66-91
QUINN, HUGH                            NY-28-50-6
QUINN, PATRICK                         NY-28-27-470
QUINN, THOMAS                          NY-28-39-208
QUIVEY, GEORGE                         NY-28-16-130
QUIVEY, REUBEN                         NY-28-66-5
QUIVVY, BARNABEYS                      NY-28-7-509

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