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BABBAGE, RICHARD D.                    NY-28-39-139
BABCOCK, ALEXANDER                     NY-28-9-23
BABCOCK, BETSEY                        NY-28-44-136
BABCOCK, HENRY                         NY-28-21-149
BABCOCK, HENRY H.                      NY-28-52-100
BABCOCK, ISAAC                         NY-28-5-417
BABCOCK, JOHN P.                       NY-28-28-5
BABCOCK, JULIA A. BLACKMAN             NY-28-32-212
BABCOCK, LINDA B.                      NY-28-47-440
BABCOCK, LORENZO                       NY-28-46-266
BABCOCK, SALLY                         NY-28-20-249
BABCOCK, WILLIAM J.                    NY-28-41-370
BACH, CONRAD                           NY-28-20-437
BACH, WILLIAM S.                       NY-28-24-409
BACHMANN, HELENA                       NY-28-51-528
BACHMANN, MARY                         NY-28-32-284
BACKUS, ALBERT                         NY-28-53-124
BACKUS, JEANNIE L.                     NY-28-49-191
BACKUS, MARY ANN                       NY-28-15-113
BACON, JULIA A.                        NY-28-9-243
BACON, LUCY                            NY-28-30-307
BACON, RUFUS                           NY-28-7-359
BACON, THEODORE                        NY-28-65-275
BAECKER, HENRY                         NY-28-14-620
BAESEL, MICHAEL                        NY-28-42-223
BAETZEL, J. GEORGE                     NY-28-49-326
BAETZEL, JACOB                         NY-28-49-209
BAETZEL, LENA                          NY-28-56-445
BAEURLE, JACOB                         NY-28-61-577
BAGLEY, JOEL                           NY-28-6-64
BAGLEY, LYDIA                          NY-28-15-567
BAGLEY, SARGENT                        NY-28-13-788
BAIERL, BARBARA                        NY-28-60-37
BAILEY, DAN G.                         NY-28-46-218
BAILEY, FREDERICK                      NY-28-31-25
BAILEY, HANNAH                         NY-28-42-19
BAILEY, HORACE                         NY-28-46-500
BAILEY, JONATHAN R. MEIGS              NY-28-9-423
BAILEY, SARAH                          NY-28-30-407
BAILEY, SARAH                          NY-28-15-476
BAILEY, WILLIAM C.                     NY-28-45-325
BAIRD, ALMEDA                          NY-28-49-296
BAIRD, BEDENT                          NY-28-14-134
BAIRD, BRIDGET                         NY-28-34-169
BAIRD, DAVID                           NY-28-13-147
BAIRD, JOHN                            NY-28-12-581
BAIRD, JOHN                            NY-28-36-97
BAIRD, LORENZO                         NY-28-54-392
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         NY-28-62-79
BAIRD, ZACHARIAH                       NY-28-39-318
BAIST, GEORGE J.                       NY-28-50-469
BAKER, ASA SHELTON                     NY-28-59-127
BAKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-16-405
BAKER, BENJAMIN M.                     NY-28-48-461
BAKER, CAROLINE S.                     NY-28-55-370
BAKER, CATHARINE E.                    NY-28-44-396
BAKER, CHARLES                         NY-28-56-169
BAKER, CLARK                           NY-28-3-315
BAKER, DAVID                           NY-28-8-164
BAKER, DAVID 2D                        NY-28-13-571
BAKER, EDWARD J.                       NY-28-59-579
BAKER, ELIAS                           NY-28-1-124
BAKER, ELIAS                           NY-28-1-156
BAKER, HENRY                           NY-28-60-187
BAKER, ISAAC C.                        NY-28-36-142
BAKER, ISAAC N.                        NY-28-30-107
BAKER, JAMES                           NY-28-57-298
BAKER, JAMES F.                        NY-28-21-373
BAKER, JASON                           NY-28-11-527
BAKER, JEREMIAH S.                     NY-28-33-184
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-28-54-434
BAKER, JOHN B.                         NY-28-15-396
BAKER, JOHN E.                         NY-28-52-424
BAKER, LAWRENCE                        NY-28-39-413
BAKER, LYDIA E.                        NY-28-58-482
BAKER, MARY                            NY-28-28-113
BAKER, MARY H.                         NY-28-63-514
BAKER, NELLIE                          NY-28-62-373
BAKER, OLIVE M.                        NY-28-16-176
BAKER, SAMUEL                          NY-28-24-297
BAKER, SARAH A.                        NY-28-50-11
BAKER, SARAH JENNETTE                  NY-28-63-48
BAKER, STEPHEN                         NY-28-4-412
BAKER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-28-58-115
BALDIWN, JOHN G.                       NY-28-6-291
BALDWIN, ADDISON R.                    NY-28-57-290
BALDWIN, ASHBEL                        NY-28-3-403
BALDWIN, CAROLINE                      NY-28-60-274
BALDWIN, CYRUS W.                      NY-28-50-396
BALDWIN, DAVID E.                      NY-28-5-487
BALDWIN, ENOS                          NY-28-51-89
BALDWIN, JOEL                          NY-28-2-81
BALDWIN, LAURA                         NY-28-24-433
BALDWIN, LAURA                         NY-28-25-141
BALDWIN, RALPH                         NY-28-38-421
BALDWIN, SAMUEL                        NY-28-3-275
BALDWIN, SAMUEL CUTLER                 NY-28-6-381
BALDWIN, SUSAN                         NY-28-57-52
BALL, GEORGE F.                        NY-28-30-435
BALL, ISAAC                            NY-28-4-486
BALL, JAMES                            NY-28-5-521
BALLARD, THEODORA E.                   NY-28-53-157
BALLING, ANNA MARIA                    NY-28-49-146
BALZER, ADELHEIT                       NY-28-35-349
BAMBER, CATHARINE E.                   NY-28-40-160
BANCKER, JOHN                          NY-28-39-193
BANCROFT, CATHERINE A.                 NY-28-58-7
BANCROFT, THOMAS F.                    NY-28-52-358
BANDHOLTZ, HENRY                       NY-28-31-217
BANFIELD, ELLEN WARREN                 NY-28-65-299
BANGS, DAVID                           NY-28-16-226
BANGS, DAVID                           NY-28-29-69
BANGS, JOSEPH                          NY-28-15-265
BANGS, JOSHUA                          NY-28-2-288
BANGS, LOREN D.                        NY-28-56-565
BANGS, NATHANIEL                       NY-28-2-9
BANKER, CHARLES H.                     NY-28-66-476
BANKER, EUNICE                         NY-28-64-215
BANKER, JOSINA                         NY-28-63-406
BANKER, STEPHEN                        NY-28-11-171
BANNARD, ELIZA                         NY-28-23-377
BARBEAU, HARRIET                       NY-28-41-409
BARBER, ASAHEL                         NY-28-4-446
BARBER, ASAHEL                         NY-28-2-111
BARDO, CHRISTIAN                       NY-28-56-496
BARG, CHRISTIAN                        NY-28-48-113
BARG, JOHN                             NY-28-55-364
BARHYDT, ELIZA MARIA                   NY-28-22-31
BARHYDT, JEROME                        NY-28-33-376
BARHYDT, RACHEL MARGARET               NY-28-50-116
BARHYDT, SARAH                         NY-28-11-86
BARHYDT, TUNIS                         NY-28-5-529
BARHYDTT, JACOB                        NY-28-18-37
BARKER, ANTHONY                        NY-28-9-195
BARKER, CORNELIA J.                    NY-28-52-361
BARKER, DAVID                          NY-28-25-421
BARKER, JOHN                           NY-28-65-499
BARKER, LYMAN M.                       NY-28-21-341
BARKER, MOSES S.                       NY-28-28-333
BARKER, PECKHAM                        NY-28-5-460
BARKER, SAMUEL                         NY-28-7-202
BARKER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-9-326
BARLOW, ROYAL                          NY-28-15-170
BARNARD, ANNIE LOUISE                  NY-28-19-549
BARNARD, EMILY E.                      NY-28-9-410
BARNARD, HARRIET                       NY-28-4-21
BARNARD, TIMOTHY                       NY-28-4-7
BARNES, CHARLOTTA                      NY-28-29-305
BARNES, DANIEL                         NY-28-25-89
BARNES, DANIEL W.                      NY-28-11-543
BARNES, DOLLY                          NY-28-15-275
BARNES, EDWIN M.                       NY-28-10-262
BARNES, ELI                            NY-28-20-85
BARNES, ELVEY                          NY-28-62-65
BARNES, EUNICE S.                      NY-28-66-263
BARNES, ISIAC                          NY-28-10-97
BARNES, JACOB                          NY-28-11-570
BARNES, LYDIA G.                       NY-28-29-301
BARNES, MARY                           NY-28-47-314
BARNES, PARLEY K.                      NY-28-17-118
BARNHART, AMANDA                       NY-28-51-236
BARNHEART, OREN                        NY-28-44-461
BARNUM, D. CLINTON                     NY-28-47-305
BARNUM, ELI                            NY-28-8-482
BARON, ROBERT                          NY-28-23-241
BARONS, DORCAS                         NY-28-30-383
BARONS, GEORGE                         NY-28-18-259
BARONS, THOMAS                         NY-28-14-332
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-1-197
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-1-166
BARRETT, JAMES                         NY-28-14-519
BARRETT, JOHN                          NY-28-14-514
BARRETT, JULIET                        NY-28-55-307
BARRETT, LOIS                          NY-28-14-725
BARRETT, SARAH                         NY-28-3-123
BARRY, DENNIS                          NY-28-36-292
BARRY, HATTIE                          NY-28-46-458
BARRY, JAMES C.                        NY-28-61-193
BARRY, JOHN                            NY-28-42-397
BARRY, PATRICK                         NY-28-45-398
BARRY, THOMAS                          NY-28-34-244
BARSON, PHENICE                        NY-28-28-433
BARTHELEMANN, BARBARA                  NY-28-53-409
BARTHELEMES, BARTHOLOMEUS              NY-28-51-676
BARTHELME, IGNATZ                      NY-28-55-94
BARTHOLF, HANNAH                       NY-28-29-493
BARTHOLF, STEPHEN                      NY-28-25-357
BARTLE, PHILIP                         NY-28-30-183
BARTLETT, ELMIRA W.                    NY-28-5-609
BARTLETT, JANE                         NY-28-34-127
BARTLETT, NEON                         NY-28-49-305
BARTLETT, WILLIAM S.                   NY-28-35-502
BARTOLD, NICHOLAS                      NY-28-40-55
BARTON, DAVID R.                       NY-28-20-221
BARTON, JAMES                          NY-28-31-357
BARTON, WRIGHT                         NY-28-31-413
BARWER, GEORGE                         NY-28-54-23
BARY, FREDERICK C.                     NY-28-41-466
BASBEUROST, AUGUST                     NY-28-14-506
BASOLD, ADAM                           NY-28-48-314
BASS, ASA                              NY-28-16-266
BASSETT, PETER                         NY-28-66-125
BASSETT, WILLIAM                       NY-28-66-433
BATES, BELINDA                         NY-28-4-38
BATES, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-7-369
BATES, CHARLES                         NY-28-13-668
BATES, MARIAH                          NY-28-39-243
BATES, ROXANA                          NY-28-57-478
BATES, RUSSELL C.                      NY-28-48-179
BATES, TALCOT                          NY-28-13-567
BATES, THOMAS C.                       NY-28-41-115
BATES, WILLIAM                         NY-28-48-281
BATSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-17-746
BATTAM, JOHN                           NY-28-14-101
BATTAMS, JOHN                          NY-28-14-75
BATTERSHALL, ANNA D.                   NY-28-23-433
BATZ, GEORGE                           NY-28-55-220
BAUER, GOTTFRIED                       NY-28-34-412
BAUER, JOHN GEORGE                     NY-28-41-178
BAUER, LOUIS ***                       NY-28-58-383
BAUER, M. ELIZABETH                    NY-28-56-340
BAUER, MICHAEL                         NY-28-25-29
BAUER, SOPHIA                          NY-28-64-562
BAUER, THEODORE                        NY-28-47-59
BAUERLE, BARBARA                       NY-28-50-331
BAUERS, MICHEL F.                      NY-28-49-149
BAUERSCHMIDT, MARY                     NY-28-49-101
BAUM, AGATHA                           NY-28-47-50
BAUMAN, ANTHONY                        NY-28-30-255
BAUMAN, JOHN                           NY-28-26-9
BAUMAN, MARGARET                       NY-28-55-154
BAUMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-61-229
BAUMAN, SABINA                         NY-28-27-7
BAUMAN, WILLIAM J.                     NY-28-51-96
BAUMER, GEORGE                         NY-28-56-283
BAUML, ANNA                            NY-28-41-202
BAXTER, ANN                            NY-28-14-146
BAXTER, JACOB                          NY-28-10-80
BAXTER, SAMUEL                         NY-28-35-34
BAXTER, STEPHEN                        NY-28-48-74
BAYER, ANNA M.                         NY-28-66-310
BAYER, HENRY J.                        NY-28-54-50
BAYLEY, HENRY                          NY-28-15-100
BAYLISS, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-8-501
BEACH, EBENEZER S.                     NY-28-4-402
BEACH, LABAN                           NY-28-6-407
BEACH, MARY A.                         NY-28-61-215
BEACH, RAPHAEL                         NY-28-5-250
BEACH, SARAH A.                        NY-28-56-220
BEAHAN, CATHARINE                      NY-28-64-469
BEAHAN, JOHN                           NY-28-5-178
BEAHAN, THOMAS D.                      NY-28-48-512
BEAL, LYDIA                            NY-28-12-497
BEAMAN, ELIZA                          NY-28-37-274
BEAMISH, ABBIE                         NY-28-54-26
BEAN, HUMPHRY                          NY-28-4-251
BEARDSLEY, ANSON LYDON                 NY-28-57-346
BEARDSLEY, JUSTUS                      NY-28-13-497
BEARDSLEY, JUSTUS                      NY-28-26-169
BEARDSLEY, MARGARET                    NY-28-53-424
BEARDSLEY, MERIBAH                     NY-28-65-88
BEARY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-53-10
BEATTIE, MARY                          NY-28-52-34
BEATTY, JAMES                          NY-28-6-294
BEATY, FRANCIS J.                      NY-28-65-433
BEATY, JAMES M.                        NY-28-50-101
BEATY, JAMES R.                        NY-28-55-280
BEATY, MARY                            NY-28-34-229
BEATY, ROBERT                          NY-28-4-503
BEATY, THOMAS                          NY-28-58-29
BEAUMONT, NETTIE                       NY-28-66-593
BEAUMONT, RICHARD                      NY-28-37-58
BECK, JOHN PHILIP                      NY-28-14-302
BECK, LOUIS P.                         NY-28-10-396
BECK, MARGARETHA                       NY-28-22-363
BECK, SAMUEL                           NY-28-16-397
BECKER, JOHN                           NY-28-47-158
BECKET, ANN SULLIVAN                   NY-28-52-469
BECKWITH, ALONZO S.                    NY-28-9-392
BECKWITH, GEORGE L.                    NY-28-35-157
BECKWITH, HANNAH                       NY-28-49-401
BECKWITH, HENRY                        NY-28-47-176
BECKWITH, JOHN H.                      NY-28-55-145
BECKWITH, SALLY                        NY-28-36-313
BEDWIN, ANN                            NY-28-39-285
BEDWIN, THOMAS                         NY-28-19-379
BEEBE, ALMIRA                          NY-28-23-425
BEEBE, HENRY                           NY-28-19-129
BEEBE, LYDIA ANN                       NY-28-6-335
BEEBEE, ASHMAN                         NY-28-29-257
BEEBEE, FERDINAND D.                   NY-28-17-275
BEEBEE, LUCIA E.                       NY-28-56-94
BEEBEE, ORLOW                          NY-28-18-181
BEEDLE, JOHN                           NY-28-15-722
BEEDLE, MOSES                          NY-28-42-352
BEERNES, MARY                          NY-28-66-169
BEHN, MARGARETTE                       NY-28-64-251
BEIER, CONRAD                          NY-28-57-28
BEIKIRCH, JOHN                         NY-28-55-73
BEIR, JOSEPH                           NY-28-58-668
BEISHEIM, ANNA ELIZABETH               NY-28-57-73
BEISHEIM, JACOB                        NY-28-34-469
BEISHEIM, MARGARET                     NY-28-48-491
BELCHER, JULIA                         NY-28-34-388
BELDEN, DANIEL                         NY-28-13-748
BELDEN, PLATT                          NY-28-25-293
BELDEN, SARAH                          NY-28-20-141
BELDING, ALLEN                         NY-28-14-685
BELKNAP, ABEL                          NY-28-2-315
BELKNAP, JOHN                          NY-28-1-150
BELL, ALFRED                           NY-28-44-416
BELL, DAVID                            NY-28-31-101
BELL, FREDERIC                         NY-28-1-331
BELL, JACOB DUNN                       NY-28-37-97
BELL, PATRICK                          NY-28-61-223
BELL, ROBERT                           NY-28-27-344
BELLINGER, ANN                         NY-28-40-217
BELLINGER, ELIZA M.                    NY-28-52-151
BELLOWS, MARY C.                       NY-28-16-224
BEMAN, URIAL E.                        NY-28-44-366
BEMBLE, ROSINA                         NY-28-61-82
BEMENT, SUSAN E.                       NY-28-16-637
BEMISH, EDWARD                         NY-28-8-124
BEMISH, MARION E.                      NY-28-31-465
BEMISH, MARY                           NY-28-61-157
BEMISH, RICHARD                        NY-28-8-406
BENCE, JEROME                          NY-28-42-61
BEND, SARAH                            NY-28-62-553
BENDER, GEORGE J.                      NY-28-60-301
BENDER, PHILIP                         NY-28-64-293
BENDLE, RICHARD                        NY-28-30-19
BENDTSCHNIEDER, WILLIAM                NY-28-53-28
BENEDICT, ALLAN                        NY-28-52-169
BENEDICT, ANDREW                       NY-28-14-572
BENEDICT, CALPHURNIA                   NY-28-59-89
BENEDICT, FREDERICK                    NY-28-37-358
BENEDICT, GILBERT                      NY-28-15-329
BENEDICT, JACOB                        NY-28-6-180
BENEDICT, JOHN                         NY-28-8-519
BENEDICT, JULIA ANN                    NY-28-7-261
BENEDICT, LOVINIA J.                   NY-28-63-247
BENEDICT, NEHEMIAH W.                  NY-28-56-262
BENEDICT, OLIVER MILLS                 NY-28-15-645
BENEDICT, SAMUEL                       NY-28-14-235
BENEDICT, SAMUEL                       NY-28-13-403
BENHAM, BENJAMIN H.                    NY-28-61-5
BENHAM, BETSEY                         NY-28-44-376
BENJAMIN, DANIEL                       NY-28-43-43
BENJAMIN, JONETTE                      NY-28-26-461
BENJAMIN, MARY C.                      NY-28-57-64
BENJAMIN, SUSAN                        NY-28-46-281
BENJAMIN, SYLVIA A.                    NY-28-12-225
BENNER, HENRY                          NY-28-34-253
BENNER, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-59-377
BENNETT, ASAHEL M.                     NY-28-36-418
BENNETT, ELIZA J.                      NY-28-57-451
BENNETT, FREDERICK                     NY-28-19-465
BENNETT, HILEM                         NY-28-14-217
BENNETT, HILEM F.                      NY-28-36-259
BENNETT, JENNETT S.                    NY-28-41-376
BENNETT, JOSEPH L.                     NY-28-31-425
BENNETT, MARY J.                       NY-28-34-379
BENNETT, MINERVA D.                    NY-28-49-368
BENNETT, REUBEN R.                     NY-28-59-483
BENNETTS, JOHN                         NY-28-3-115
BENSON, ALIDA M.                       NY-28-14-383
BENSON, GEORGE                         NY-28-48-170
BENSON, JAMES H.                       NY-28-66-565
BENTLEY, ALMOND                        NY-28-48-359
BENTLEY, CHARLES                       NY-28-15-231
BENTLEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-4-371
BENTLEY, GEORGE                        NY-28-60-394
BENTLEY, GEORGE R.                     NY-28-16-45
BENTLY, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-24-137
BENTLY, SALMON                         NY-28-8-492
BENTON, HENRY                          NY-28-23-21
BENZ, ELIZABETHA                       NY-28-64-43
BERDEL, HENRY                          NY-28-40-340
BERGAN, KEARN                          NY-28-58-429
BERGER, FREDERIC                       NY-28-16-192
BERGER, PHILIPP                        NY-28-47-308
BERGH, FREDERICK                       NY-28-35-223
BERGMAN, CHARLES FREDRICK              NY-28-13-287
BERGSTRESSER, GEORGE P.                NY-28-49-212
BERNA, JOHN                            NY-28-33-298
BERRIDGE, SAMUEL                       NY-28-36-148
BERRIDGE, WILLIAM                      NY-28-27-260
BERTHOLD, CHARITAS                     NY-28-19-361
BERTOLD, NICHOLAS                      NY-28-40-55
BERTRAM, GEORGE                        NY-28-42-118
BETRIDGE, JOHN                         NY-28-14-10
BETTERIDGE, EDWIN                      NY-28-12-322
BETTS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-53-358
BETTYS, WILLIAM                        NY-28-4-480
BEVIER, HENRY H.                       NY-28-16-115
BEVIER, SAMUEL                         NY-28-6-130
BEYE, MARINUS                          NY-28-64-223
BEYER, MARTIN                          NY-28-19-517
BEYER, PETER M.                        NY-28-57-256
BICKEL, JOHN                           NY-28-47-185
BICKFORD, CATHARINE A.                 NY-28-49-56
BICKFORD, JOTHAM                       NY-28-26-313
BICKNALL, LUCY                         NY-28-8-437
BICKNELL, ABIGAIL P.                   NY-28-33-382
BICKNELL, CALEB H.                     NY-28-14-399
BIDEN, JOHN                            NY-28-15-36
BIDWELL, CHARLES H.                    NY-28-46-83
BIECK, ANTHONY                         NY-28-42-505
BIEGLER, ANNA                          NY-28-62-521
BIENER, WENDELIN                       NY-28-36-61
BIERBRAWER, JOSEPH                     NY-28-53-241
BIERSON, JOSEPH                        NY-28-41-28
BIETRY, JOSEPH                         NY-28-65-421
BIETRY, PETER                          NY-28-8-110
BIGELOW, CLARISSA                      NY-28-59-154
BIGELOW, ELECTA P.                     NY-28-44-216
BIGELOW, HARVEY                        NY-28-64-499
BIGELOW, MARTHA L.                     NY-28-54-89
BIGELOW, PAINE                         NY-28-13-326
BIGGINS, MICHAEL                       NY-28-20-433
BILLINGHURST, HANNAH S.                NY-28-66-121
BILLINGHURST, HENRY                    NY-28-31-469
BILLINGHURST, MARY                     NY-28-28-21
BILLINGHURST, WILLIAM                  NY-28-2-261
BILLINGHURST, WILLIAM                  NY-28-26-425
BILLINGS, AMOS H.                      NY-28-36-448
BILLINGS, BENAJAH                      NY-28-1-180
BILLINGS, HIRAM H.                     NY-28-32-220
BILLINGS, JONAS G.                     NY-28-64-176
BILLINGS, LORENZO D.                   NY-28-8-254
BILLINGS, MARY ANN                     NY-28-7-485
BILLINGTON, LINUS W.                   NY-28-49-281
BILLS, CARRIE M.                       NY-28-60-295
BILLS, JAMES E.                        NY-28-61-88
BINDERNAGLE, VALENTINE                 NY-28-42-487
BINGEMER, BARBARA                      NY-28-62-95
BINGHAM, THOMAS                        NY-28-5-203
BIRDSALL, BENJAMIN                     NY-28-44-111
BIRDSALL, SILAS                        NY-28-4-151
BIRDSELL, BENJAMIN                     NY-28-7-474
BIRGE, WARREN                          NY-28-4-442
BIRMINGHAM, MARGARET                   NY-28-57-412
BISGOOD, JOHN                          NY-28-51-423
BISHOP, CORNELIUS M.                   NY-28-15-197
BISHOP, ELBERT                         NY-28-64-20
BISSELL, HENRIETTA                     NY-28-10-365
BISSELL, JOSIAH JR.                    NY-28-1-85
BISSELL, KATE E.                       NY-28-56-148
BITTNER, FREDERICK                     NY-28-65-509
BITTNER, LENA                          NY-28-47-257
BLACK, JANE                            NY-28-46-128
BLACK, LYDIA A.                        NY-28-66-401
BLACK, MATTHEW                         NY-28-40-373
BLACKBURN, LOWRY                       NY-28-6-267
BLACKFORD, JOSEPH                      NY-28-57-133
BLACKKINK, WILLIAM                     NY-28-61-362
BLACKMAN, ALMEDA                       NY-28-32-396
BLACKMAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-16-384
BLACKMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-28-10-308
BLACKMER, JIRAH                        NY-28-13-73
BLACKMORE, WILLIAM H.                  NY-28-27-446
BLACKSTOCK, HENRY                      NY-28-66-329
BLAKE, PHEBE                           NY-28-22-235
BLAKENEY, ISAAC W.                     NY-28-36-244
BLAKER, PATROCLES                      NY-28-40-31
BLAKESLEE, NETTIE E.                   NY-28-58-310
BLANCHARD, CAROLINE                    NY-28-31-37
BLANCHARD, HIRAM                       NY-28-15-486
BLANCHARD, LAVINA A.                   NY-28-17-731
BLAUVELT, ANNA                         NY-28-5-500
BLELOCK, JOHN                          NY-28-7-522
BLESS, JOHN H.                         NY-28-63-794
BLIM, EVA                              NY-28-24-361
BLIM, JOHN                             NY-28-13-316
BLISH, DANIEL                          NY-28-2-277
BLISS, ANNA ELIZABETH                  NY-28-24-309
BLISS, JOHN                            NY-28-21-317
BLISS, PATTY                           NY-28-4-186
BLODGETT, CHARLES W.                   NY-28-51-296
BLODGETT, EDWARD L.                    NY-28-62-202
BLODGETT, HEMAN                        NY-28-52-427
BLODGETT, LESTER                       NY-28-21-325
BLODGETT, LUCY JANE                    NY-28-32-140
BLOOD, CLARISSA                        NY-28-31-429
BLOOD, ROSEL L.                        NY-28-24-389
BLOOM, SOPHIA L.                       NY-28-59-520
BLOOMER, JOHN H.                       NY-28-45-87
BLOSS, JOSEPH                          NY-28-2-357
BLOSS, MARY GLEN                       NY-28-45-518
BLOSSOM, BENJAMIN B.                   NY-28-12-351
BLOSSOM, ELISHA S.                     NY-28-49-110
BLOSSOM, ENOS                          NY-28-1-54
BLOSSOM, JAMES                         NY-28-43-286
BLOSSOM, THOMAS                        NY-28-3-327
BLOXSOM, JOSIAH H.                     NY-28-37-139
BLUE, JOHN M.                          NY-28-8-284
BLUM, ANNA MARIA                       NY-28-41-385
BLUM, ANTHONY                          NY-28-31-65
BLUM, DIETRICK                         NY-28-14-211
BLUM, MARY K.                          NY-28-66-107
BLUME, JOSEPH                          NY-28-35-424
BLUMENTSTOCK, GEORGE                   NY-28-64-539
BLY, ALLIE                             NY-28-16-430
BLY, DANIEL                            NY-28-13-254
BLY, DOUGLAS                           NY-28-18-133
BLY, JOHN E.                           NY-28-63-155
BLY, PHEBE A.                          NY-28-23-357
BLY, WILLIAM B.                        NY-28-65-443
BLYTH, ELIJAH K.                       NY-28-25-469

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