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MACDONALD, ANGUS                       NY-28-27-368
MACHANN, ALBERT F.                     NY-28-66-386
MACHELEIDT, SOPHIA                     NY-28-20-209
MACK, JACOB                            NY-28-20-13
MACK, MARY C.                          NY-28-64-418
MACKAY, ALICE E.                       NY-28-36-325
MACY, WILLIAM                          NY-28-8-560
MADDEN, CATHARINE                      NY-28-17-3
MADDEN, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-7-338
MADDEN, MARY J.                        NY-28-36-91
MAECHERLAIN, JACOB                     NY-28-48-71
MAENSNEST, LEONARD                     NY-28-38-106
MAGIN, FRANK                           NY-28-47-221
MAGNER, DAVID                          NY-28-10-328
MAGUIRE, CHARLES W.                    NY-28-6-159
MAGUIRE, WILLIAM                       NY-28-47-311
MAHAN, JOHN                            NY-28-57-367
MAHAR, THOMAS                          NY-28-45-494
MAHENAY, PATRICK                       NY-28-59-70
MAHER, EDWARD                          NY-28-42-136
MAHER, THOMAS F.                       NY-28-23-229
MAHLE, LUDWIG                          NY-28-41-334
MAHON, PATRICK                         NY-28-29-165
MAHONY, JOHN                           NY-28-12-552
MAICKLE, MARGARET                      NY-28-56-394
MAID, GEORGE L.                        NY-28-55-217
MAIER, JOHN U.                         NY-28-24-417
MAIERHOFER, GEORGE                     NY-28-43-22
MAIN, WILLIAM S.                       NY-28-18-103
MAIR, WILLIAM                          NY-28-47-44
MAITLAND, JAMES C.                     NY-28-42-247
MAITLAND, JOHN                         NY-28-48-272
MAITLAND, ORLENA L.                    NY-28-29-409
MAKELEY, WILLIAM                       NY-28-1-578
MALCHOW, CHARLES J. H.                 NY-28-39-76
MALCOLMSON, RICHARD                    NY-28-50-391
MALE, CHARLES S.                       NY-28-29-333
MALLONY, ABNER                         NY-28-13-544
MALLORY, MAITLAND L.                   NY-28-52-487
MALONE PATRICK                         NY-28-63-167
MALOY, BRIDGET                         NY-28-66-293
MALOY, JAMES                           NY-28-66-296
MALOY, MARTIN                          NY-28-48-62
MALTBY, MAYNARD                        NY-28-2-367
MALTBY, WILLIAM                        NY-28-37-247
MANAGIN, MARGARET                      NY-28-4-76
MANCHESTER, MARGARET S.                NY-28-48-146
MANCHESTER, ONA                        NY-28-8-67
MANDESVILLE, EDWARD                    NY-28-5-474
MANDEVILLE, AMELIA                     NY-28-60-418
MANDEVILLE, AUSTIN                     NY-28-41-439
MANDEVILLE, GEORGE                     NY-28-12-135
MANDEVILLE, JOHN                       NY-28-19-137
MANDEVILLE, JOHN                       NY-28-12-243
MANDEVILLE, JOHN W.                    NY-28-61-184
MANDEVILLE, MARIA                      NY-28-43-91
MANDEVILLE, MARIA D.                   NY-28-60-154
MANDEVILLE, SARAH JANE                 NY-28-66-131
MANDEVILLE, WESLEY                     NY-28-53-262
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM                    NY-28-4-494
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM W.                 NY-28-55-409
MANEELEY, ROWAN                        NY-28-46-419
MANFIELD, BARNET                       NY-28-12-253
MANIGAN, PATRICK                       NY-28-4-499
MANLY, CHANDLER                        NY-28-26-429
MANLY, HOWARD                          NY-28-5-231
MANN, CHARLES                          NY-28-64-520
MANN, CHARLOTTE                        NY-28-13-152
MANN, DAVID                            NY-28-11-21
MANN, DONALD                           NY-28-13-609
MANN, FRANCES HOYT                     NY-28-61-419
MANN, JOSEPH                           NY-28-21-109
MANNING, FREDERICK A.                  NY-28-59-83
MANSINK, MARY                          NY-28-47-86
MAPES, CALEB                           NY-28-4-108
MARBLE, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-30-427
MARBURGER, GEORGE                      NY-28-6-326
MARBURGER, JACOB                       NY-28-48-362
MARBURGER, MARGARETHA                  NY-28-30-351
MARCH, ADAM                            NY-28-25-305
MARCHANT, JOHN                         NY-28-10-516
MARCILLE, EUZEB                        NY-28-53-1
MARCY, JAMES H.                        NY-28-56-52
MARDEN, JAMES                          NY-28-47-35
MARELEY, AVANNAH                       NY-28-10-427
MAREY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-12-77
MARITN, CALEB S.                       NY-28-13-77
MARITN, HIRAM                          NY-28-7-169
MARKEE, JULIA                          NY-28-65-385
MARKERT, JOHN ADAM                     NY-28-37-487
MARKHAM, ;PHEBE                        NY-28-5-180
MARKHAM, ANNA                          NY-28-34-79
MARKHAM, WAYNE                         NY-28-16-298
MARKIN, JACOB                          NY-28-52-223
MARLETT, ELISHA                        NY-28-10-412
MARLETT, PETER                         NY-28-1-246
MARLETT, REUBEN                        NY-28-3-24
MARLETTE, RICHARD                      NY-28-23-137
MARSH, GEORGE                          NY-28-10-472
MARSH, JAMES C.                        NY-28-7-454
MARSH, WILLIAM W.                      NY-28-37-469
MARSHALL, ALLEN                        NY-28-28-465
MARSHALL, ANN                          NY-28-22-55
MARSHALL, DAVID                        NY-28-33-286
MARSHALL, PAULINE G.                   NY-28-36-85
MARTIN, ABRAHAM                        NY-28-11-593
MARTIN, ANTHONY H.                     NY-28-42-337
MARTIN, ARTHUR                         NY-28-19-201
MARTIN, ARTHUR                         NY-28-15-531
MARTIN, CATHARINE                      NY-28-26-409
MARTIN, CHARLES E.                     NY-28-52-253
MARTIN, ELIZA                          NY-28-15-228
MARTIN, ELIZA TROTTER                  NY-28-46-233
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-52-412
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-42-94
MARTIN, GEORGE                         NY-28-15-689
MARTIN, GEORGE M.                      NY-28-27-79
MARTIN, HARRIET M.                     NY-28-57-505
MARTIN, HENRY                          NY-28-5-351
MARTIN, HIRAM W.                       NY-28-41-448
MARTIN, JACOB                          NY-28-7-528
MARTIN, JAMES                          NY-28-58-446
MARTIN, JAMES                          NY-28-15-668
MARTIN, JAMES K.                       NY-28-15-105
MARTIN, JOHN                           NY-28-20-237
MARTIN, JOHN                           NY-28-14-214
MARTIN, JOHN                           NY-28-8-25
MARTIN, JOHN B.                        NY-28-12-49
MARTIN, KILLION                        NY-28-26-301
MARTIN, LEONHARD                       NY-28-20-473
MARTIN, LORENZO                        NY-28-37-463
MARTIN, MARGARET                       NY-28-43-244
MARTIN, MARY                           NY-28-12-591
MARTIN, MARY JONES                     NY-28-52-457
MARTIN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-47-347
MARTIN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-45-35
MARTIN, N. CRANDALL                    NY-28-34-241
MARTIN, PRESTON E.                     NY-28-29-293
MARTIN, ROBERT                         NY-28-42-283
MARTIN, ROBERT A.                      NY-28-22-411
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-32-376
MARTIN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-57-269
MARTINDALE, EMELINE M.                 NY-28-56-295
MARTINDALE, JOHN H.                    NY-28-31-9
MARVIN, CLARINDA JANE                  NY-28-43-58
MARVIN, ELECTA                         NY-28-14-436
MARVIN, SILAS                          NY-28-40-480
MASON, ANNE JANE                       NY-28-56-58
MASON, BETSEY                          NY-28-55-478
MASON, BETSEY                          NY-28-11-185
MASON, BROOKS                          NY-28-3-418
MASON, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-28-58-216
MASON, EZRA                            NY-28-8-329
MASON, JOHN                            NY-28-24-401
MASON, JOHN                            NY-28-26-193
MASON, JOHNC .                         NY-28-33-223
MASON, JONATHAN                        NY-28-2-155
MASON, KATIE E.                        NY-28-43-232
MASON, MELANCTHON W.                   NY-28-20-361
MASON, RUSSEL                          NY-28-13-621
MASSETH, FRANK H.                      NY-28-32-96
MASSETH, MARY ANN                      NY-28-30-287
MASSEY, MARY GREGORY                   NY-28-58-339
MASSEY, MATTHEW                        NY-28-55-334
MASTEN, CAROLINE B.                    NY-28-46-242
MATER, MELANIE                         NY-28-13-756
MATHEIS, PETER                         NY-28-31-129
MATHER, LORENZO D.                     NY-28-37-367
MATHER, NELLIE S.                      NY-28-45-416
MATHER, REUBEN                         NY-28-7-322
MATHER, SARAH                          NY-28-51-75
MATHEWS, CATHARINE E.                  NY-28-43-310
MATHEWS, CATHERINE                     NY-28-39-419
MATHEWS, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-16-409
MATHEWS, JAMES M.                      NY-28-61-22
MATHEWS, MARY P.                       NY-28-30-131
MATHEWS, NANCY                         NY-28-14-143
MATHEWS, SELAH                         NY-28-8-477
MATHEWS, VINCENT                       NY-28-3-441
MATHEWSON, JANE ELIZA                  NY-28-65-362
MATHIES, JAMES                         NY-28-1-232
MATHIES, JOHN S. D.                    NY-28-1-450
MATTHEWS, ELIAS                        NY-28-5-69
MATTHEWS, JAMES                        NY-28-62-187
MATTLE, MARIA ROSALIA                  NY-28-42-496
MATTLE, MARY A.                        NY-28-55-61
MAUERHOEFER, SAMUEL                    NY-28-15-338
MAUGHAN, JOHN                          NY-28-26-233
MAURER, EDWARD W.                      NY-28-63-365
MAURER, ELI                            NY-28-40-94
MAURER, GEORGE C.                      NY-28-49-269
MAXFIELD, ANDREW                       NY-28-40-187
MAXFIELD, HARRIET                      NY-28-62-391
MAXON, ARMINDA                         NY-28-37-121
MAXTED, MARY                           NY-28-44-46
MAY, LOUISA                            NY-28-16-62
MAY, LUCIUS S.                         NY-28-56-4
MAYER, BALTHASER                       NY-28-25-1
MAYER, ERNST                           NY-28-41-130
MAYER, JOHN                            NY-28-31-453
MAYNARD, FRANKLIN H.                   NY-28-41-217
MAYNARD, LORENZO D.                    NY-28-60-256
MAYNARD, RANSOM                        NY-28-21-353
MCALLASTER, GEORGE                     NY-28-63-399
MCALPINE, BYRON D.                     NY-28-51-314
MCALPINE, CATHARINE L.                 NY-28-30-399
MCANALLY, CATHERINE                    NY-28-43-316
MCANALLY, OWEN                         NY-28-30-367
MCANARNEY, THOMAS                      NY-28-53-115
MCANELLY, PATRICK                      NY-28-3-110
MCARTHUR, CATHARINE                    NY-28-16-231
MCBAIN, ALEXANDER D.                   NY-28-48-11
MCBAIN, JANE                           NY-28-54-206
MCBETH, WILLIAM JAMES                  NY-28-36-376
MCBIRNEY, NANCY                        NY-28-9-257
MCBRIDE, EDWARD                        NY-28-7-471
MCBRIDE, PATRICK                       NY-28-41-415
MCBRIEN, ANN                           NY-28-35-256
MCCABE, OWEN E.                        NY-28-61-466
MCCABE, PATRICK                        NY-28-53-49
MCCAFFREY, PHILLIP                     NY-28-19-209
MCCALL, IRA N.                         NY-28-49-431
MCCALL, JERUSHA                        NY-28-56-406
MCCALL, JOHN                           NY-28-21-337
MCCALL, PATRICK                        NY-28-49-317
MCCALLUM, PETER                        NY-28-9-129
MCCANN, HENRY                          NY-28-40-456
MCCARTEY, CHARLES                      NY-28-15-431
MCCARTHY, EDWARD                       NY-28-15-702
MCCARTHY, ELLEN                        NY-28-47-473
MCCARTHY, JAMES J. S.                  NY-28-44-101
MCCARTHY, JANE                         NY-28-4-118
MCCARTHY, MARY E.                      NY-28-9-16
MCCARTNEY, BRIDGET                     NY-28-8-225
MCCARTY, JOHANNA                       NY-28-65-485
MCCARTY, MICHAEL                       NY-28-56-160
MCCLARY, GEORGE H.                     NY-28-40-379
MCCLASKEY, FRANCES                     NY-28-8-511
MCCLURE, NANCY E.                      NY-28-14-161
MCCLUSKY, THOMAS                       NY-28-39-476
MCCOLL, ALEXANDER                      NY-28-16-453
MCCOMBS, ANNA MARIA                    NY-28-40-106
MCCONVILLE, EDWARD                     NY-28-9-340
MCCORMACK, DANIEL                      NY-28-16-89
MCCORMICK, MARY                        NY-28-43-517
MCCORMICK, MARY A.                     NY-28-25-489
MCCORMICK, NORA                        NY-28-58-521
MCCORMICK, THOMAS                      NY-28-55-355
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                     NY-28-20-73
MCCORT, CHARLES                        NY-28-61-311
MCCORT, HUGH                           NY-28-37-310
MCCRAKEN, WILLIAM                      NY-28-18-67
MCCUE, HENRY                           NY-28-29-33
MCCULLOCH, SARAH                       NY-28-31-221
MCDEAN, JOHN A.                        NY-28-13-235
MCDERMOTT, ANNA MARIA                  NY-28-19-273
MCDERMOTT, LUKE                        NY-28-16-450
MCDERMOTT, MICHAEL                     NY-28-12-131
MCDILL, JAMES                          NY-28-8-1
MCDONALD, PATRICK                      NY-28-3-69
MCDONNELL, JOHN                        NY-28-55-58
MCDONOUGH, ANTHONY                     NY-28-20-181
MCDOWELL, BENJAMIN                     NY-28-35-466
MCDOWELL, HUGH                         NY-28-54-419
MCDOWELL, JAMES                        NY-28-27-338
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         NY-28-23-361
MCDOWELL, PHILIP J.                    NY-28-45-476
MCDOWNELL, MARION RAMSAY               NY-28-49-35
MCELLIGOTT, JULIA                      NY-28-42-208
MCELRONE, JOHN                         NY-28-21-97
MCENTEE, EUGENE                        NY-28-47-287
MCENTEE, JOHN                          NY-28-9-267
MCENTIRE, MARTIN                       NY-28-38-11
MCENTRE, PATRICK                       NY-28-60-157
MCEVOY, WILLIAM                        NY-28-33-7
MCFADDIN, THOMAS                       NY-28-6-411
MCFARLAN, WILLIAM                      NY-28-1-109
MCFARLIN, BENJAMIN                     NY-28-37-160
MCFARLIN, CHARLES                      NY-28-9-75
MCFARLIN, JANE                         NY-28-45-215
MCGEE, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-28-24-41
MCGEE, JAMES                           NY-28-34-256
MCGEE, MARY                            NY-28-44-106
MCGEOCH, LYDIA                         NY-28-45-431
MCGILL, JOHN                           NY-28-47-149
MCGINNES, DENNIS                       NY-28-11-202
MCGINNIS, JOHN                         NY-28-14-614
MCGONEGAL, HENRY B.                    NY-28-41-433
MCGONEGAL, MARY E.                     NY-28-53-274
MCGONEGALL, GEORGE W.                  NY-28-5-146
MCGORRAY, JOHN A.                      NY-28-40-19
MCGORRAY, MARY                         NY-28-17-240
MCGOWEN, SAMUEL                        NY-28-12-68
MCGRAEL, PATRICK                       NY-28-36-217
MCGRATH, JAMES                         NY-28-66-154
MCGRAW, AGNES                          NY-28-15-442
MCGRAW, JAMES                          NY-28-41-373
MCGUINESS, PATRICK                     NY-28-45-44
MCGUIRE, FELIX                         NY-28-6-261
MCGUIRE, JAMES                         NY-28-66-487
MCGUIRE, MICHAEL                       NY-28-16-19
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                        NY-28-62-217
MCGURKIN, BRIDGET                      NY-28-8-225
MCHASTELTINE, JAMES H.                 NY-28-17-104
MCHUGH, JOHN                           NY-28-41-337
MCHUGH, PATTRICK                       NY-28-15-67
MCINTOSH, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-5-472
MCINTYRE, PATRICK                      NY-28-30-323
MCINTYRE, ROBERT                       NY-28-43-67
MCKALE, CATHARINE JANE                 NY-28-36-202
MCKANE, DEBORAH ANN                    NY-28-37-385
MCKAY, ALVIRA                          NY-28-16-509
MCKAY, HUGH                            NY-28-56-97
MCKAY, LUCINDA J.                      NY-28-30-431
MCKEARNEY, PATRICK                     NY-28-39-461
MCKEE, DAVID H.                        NY-28-4-65
MCKEE, JOSIAH                          NY-28-37-307
MCKELVEY, AMELIA L.                    NY-28-46-251
MCKELVEY, JOHN                         NY-28-64-566
MCKENNA, JOSEPH                        NY-28-22-307
MCKENNA, ROSE                          NY-28-49-203
MCKERNAN, EDWARD                       NY-28-54-305
MCKIBBIN, CAROLINE                     NY-28-44-226
MCKILLIP, WILLIAM                      NY-28-4-369
MCKINDLEY, JAMES W.                    NY-28-30-243
MCKINNA, NICHOLAS                      NY-28-22-211
MCKINNEY, ESTHER A.                    NY-28-53-46
MCKINSTRY, PORTER                      NY-28-48-395
MCLANE, CATHARINE                      NY-28-5-371
MCLAREN, JOHN                          NY-28-39-142
MCLAREN, JOHN                          NY-28-1-301, 396
MCLAUGHLIN, ELLEN                      NY-28-50-36
MCLAUGHLIN, JULIA A.                   NY-28-64-359
MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET                   NY-28-36-361
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    NY-28-16-288
MCLEAN, ALEXANDER                      NY-28-57-223
MCLEAN, LOUISA                         NY-28-28-141
MCLEAN, MARY                           NY-28-32-328
MCLEAN, MARY                           NY-28-51-412
MCLEAN, WEALTHY                        NY-28-35-208
MCMAHON, EDWARD DUDLEY                 NY-28-65-191
MCMAHON, GEORGE C.                     NY-28-65-206
MCMAHON, LYDIA NORTHAM                 NY-28-43-334
MCMAHON, MARY                          NY-28-63-293
MCMAHON, MARY ANN                      NY-28-31-345
MCMAHON, PHILIP                        NY-28-28-221
MCMANERS, THOMAS                       NY-28-10-246
MCMANN, ALONZO                         NY-28-12-91
MCMANN, ELLEN J.                       NY-28-62-169
MCMANN, JOHN                           NY-28-32-460
MCMANNIS, ANN                          NY-28-41-430
MCMANNIS, BARNARD                      NY-28-16-577
MCMANNIS, CAHTARINE                    NY-28-25-237
MCMANNIS, ELLEN                        NY-28-65-151
MCMANNIS, JAMES                        NY-28-50-46
MCMANNIS, JOHN                         NY-28-47-452
MCMANNIS, PETER                        NY-28-15-236
MCMANNIS, THOMAS                       NY-28-23-421
MCMANNUS, EDWARD                       NY-28-63-731
MCMANNUS, NANCY                        NY-28-45-392
MCMASTER, ALONZO D. SR.                NY-28-40-61
MCMASTER, LUCY B.                      NY-28-57-430
MCMASTER, MARY                         NY-28-37-436
MCMATH, ROBERT                         NY-28-15-504
MCMENOMY, PATRICK                      NY-28-8-290
MCMILLAN, JOHN A.                      NY-28-33-274
MCMULLEN, ANN                          NY-28-12-74
MCMULLEN, BARNERD                      NY-28-8-41
MCNAB, MARY A.                         NY-28-55-352
MCNAB, WILLIAM J.                      NY-28-62-154
MCNALL, IRA                            NY-28-37-82
MCNALL, JACOB                          NY-28-60-433
MCNALL, JAMES                          NY-28-35-415
MCNALLEY, MARY A.                      NY-28-48-293
MCNALLY, MICHAEL                       NY-28-41-487
MCNALLY, OWEN                          NY-28-25-145
MCNAMARA, BRIDGET                      NY-28-60-1
MCNAMARA, MICHAEL (REV.)               NY-28-1-314
MCNAMARA, MULBERRY                     NY-28-11-551
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                      NY-28-61-200
MCNAUGHTON, DANIEL C.                  NY-28-27-61
MCNAUGHTON, DONALD                     NY-28-15-85
MCNAUGHTON, DUNCAN                     NY-28-14-64
MCNAUGHTON, JANE                       NY-28-42-451
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN                       NY-28-5-195
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN D.                    NY-28-57-139
MCNEIL, LETITIA MARTHA                 NY-28-16-280
MCNICHOLS, BETSEY                      NY-28-16-59
MCNULTY, JOSEPHINE                     NY-28-54-80
MCPHAIL, MARY                          NY-28-29-25
MCPHERSON, CATHARINE                   NY-28-9-185
MCPHERSON, CATHARINE                   NY-28-43-16
MCPHERSON, DONALD                      NY-28-3-430
MCPHERSON, DUNCAN W.                   NY-28-13-480
MCPHERSON, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-42-124
MCPHERSON, JANE                        NY-28-5-37
MCPHERSON, JOHN                        NY-28-2-414
MCPHERSON, JOHN                        NY-28-3-436
MCPHERSON, JOHN F.                     NY-28-49-53
MCPHERSON, MARGARET                    NY-28-56-70
MCPHERSON, PETER                       NY-28-29-441
MCPHERSON, THOMAS                      NY-28-56-355
MCQUAIN, ELIZABETH B.                  NY-28-53-244
MCQUAIN, MARY B.                       NY-28-35-277
MCQUATHERS, MARGARET                   NY-28-39-458
MCQUEEN, DOUGOLD                       NY-28-20-345
MCQUINLEN, SARAH                       NY-28-34-193
MCRODEN, MICHAEL                       NY-28-47-212
MCSHANE, WILLIAM                       NY-28-29-77
MCSWEENEY, ELIZA                       NY-28-22-319
MCTAGGART, DANIEL                      NY-28-28-77
MCTAGGART, JOHN                        NY-28-45-128
MCTOMANY, MARY                         NY-28-36-463
MCVEAN, ALEXANDER                      NY-28-29-393
MCVEAN, CAMERON                        NY-28-38-221
MCVEAN, CHRISTY                        NY-28-44-21
MCVEAN, DAVID                          NY-28-21-401
MCVEAN, DUNCAN                         NY-28-8-74
MCVEAN, H. FRANCES                     NY-28-65-505
MCVEAN, HANNAH M.                      NY-28-38-301
MCVEAN, HUGH                           NY-28-17-131
MCVEAN, HUGH                           NY-28-42-46
MCVEAN, JULIAN                         NY-28-54-488
MCVEAU, PETER                          NY-28-15-771
MCVINNEY, BERNARD                      NY-28-40-115
MCWILLIAMS, CICILY                     NY-28-9-62
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN                       NY-28-6-155
MEAD, AMELIA                           NY-28-25-133
MEAD, CATHARINE                        NY-28-10-248
MEAD, HANNAH                           NY-28-25-245
MEAD, MATTHEW                          NY-28-13-437
MEAD, STEPHEN S.                       NY-28-54-227
MEADE, GEORGE W.                       NY-28-27-127
MEDBERY, ANN H.                        NY-28-36-409
MEDBURY, JOSEPH                        NY-28-27-284
MEECH, DANIEL B.                       NY-28-8-370
MEEKER, WILLIAMD .                     NY-28-34-136
MEERDINK, WILLIAM                      NY-28-47-215
MEGERLE, GEORGE                        NY-28-31-421
MEHLE, NICHOLAS                        NY-28-39-205
MEIER, GEORGE                          NY-28-19-249
MEIER, MAGDALENA                       NY-28-32-368
MEINKE, SOPHIA                         NY-28-16-167
MEISCH, PIERRE                         NY-28-59-28
MEISER, JOHN                           NY-28-40-385
MEISER, JUSTINA                        NY-28-47-434
MEISLOHN, ANNA C.                      NY-28-53-127
MEISMER, ELISABETH                     NY-28-50-411
MEISMER, GEORGE                        NY-28-36-433
MEISTER, PAULINA                       NY-28-53-37
MEITZLER, CHARLES                      NY-28-58-706
MEIXNER, ANNA MARIA                    NY-28-47-437
MELDOLA, THEODORE                      NY-28-42-214
MELLING, MARY                          NY-28-25-449
MELLOWS, THOMAS                        NY-28-15-406
MELODY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-34-436
MELVIN, ALEXANDER G.                   NY-28-21-393
MENDER, JACOB                          NY-28-36-25
MENG, CHARLES                          NY-28-43-196
MENG, JAMES C.                         NY-28-18-374
MENG, JOHN D.                          NY-28-23-157
MENG, JOHN J.                          NY-28-49-257
MENGERINK, WILLIAM                     NY-28-34-124
MENSING, JOHN D. A.                    NY-28-39-246
MENSING, MARY                          NY-28-47-86
MENTER, CAHTARINE A.                   NY-28-38-156
MENTER, LANDEN                         NY-28-6-518
MENZIE, JOHN                           NY-28-28-413
MENZIE, ROBERT                         NY-28-4-208
MERICK, BENAJAH GRIFFIN                NY-28-43-217
MERKEL, BARNEY                         NY-28-55-112
MERKEL, FREDOLIN                       NY-28-55-16
MERKEL, WILHELM                        NY-28-28-317
MERKLINGER, FRANCES                    NY-28-21-29
MERKLINGER, LOUISA                     NY-28-66-403
MERLAN, FREDERICK H.                   NY-28-65-251
MERLAN, JOHN                           NY-28-7-284
MERRIAM, SYMS A.                       NY-28-48-53
MERRIFIELD, ARTIMON                    NY-28-60-382
MERRILL, ELIZA ANN                     NY-28-6-153
MERRIOTT, BRIDGET                      NY-28-42-187
MERRIT, STEPHEN                        NY-28-7-64
MERRITT, CALVIN C.                     NY-28-19-357
MERRITT, CHARLES                       NY-28-9-269
MERRITT, GILBERT                       NY-28-19-501
MERRITT, ISAAC                         NY-28-9-150
MERRITT, JOHN STACEY                   NY-28-15-103
MERRITT, MARY C.                       NY-28-44-41
MERRITT, STACEY                        NY-28-11-529
MERRITT, TABITHA                       NY-28-26-489
MERTENS, ADOLPHUS                      NY-28-25-57
MERZ, JOHN F.                          NY-28-37-400
MESER, JACOB                           NY-28-15-389
MESERVE, CHARLES HANSEN                NY-28-30-300
MESERVE, EUNICE                        NY-28-28-177
MESERVE, NATHAN                        NY-28-61-286
MESERVE, SAMUEL                        NY-28-16-208
MESSENGER, RUFUS                       NY-28-1-477
MESSNER, ELIAS                         NY-28-45-512
METCALF, LYMAN W.                      NY-28-5-445
METZGER, JACOB                         NY-28-62-37
METZGER, JOHN                          NY-28-41-397
METZINGER, MARY                        NY-28-46-230
MEULENDYK, JACOB                       NY-28-58-718
MEVICK, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-28-47-137
MEYER, AFRA                            NY-28-17-158
MEYER, FRANCIS ANTON                   NY-28-29-201
MEYER, FREDERICK                       NY-28-9-351
MEYER, GALLUS                          NY-28-20-53
MEYER, GEORGE J.                       NY-28-34-343
MEYER, JACOB                           NY-28-20-477
MEYER, JOHN                            NY-28-55-241
MEYER, JOHN                            NY-28-47-53
MEYER, MARTIN                          NY-28-41-421
MEYER, PHILIP J.                       NY-28-38-481
MEYER, PHILIPINA                       NY-28-41-298
MEYER, SIMON                           NY-28-60-40
MEYERING, REINHARD W.                  NY-28-55-40
MEYERS, CHARLES                        NY-28-16-524
MEYERS, JACOB                          NY-28-32-136
MEYERS, JOHN                           NY-28-24-45
MEYERS, SOPHIA                         NY-28-49-17
MEYERS, WILLIAM                        NY-28-64-515
MICHAELS, HENRY                        NY-28-51-454
MICHAELS, HENRY                        NY-28-52-319
MICHAELS, MARCUS                       NY-28-63-580
MICHEL, BARBARA (ECKEL)                NY-28-37-511
MICHEL, MICHAEL                        NY-28-55-187
MICHELIS, GUSTAV                       NY-28-39-270
MICKLEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-42-202
MIDDLETON, CATHRINE                    NY-28-15-512
MILBIER, ANNIE E.                      NY-28-52-205
MILES, ANN A.                          NY-28-38-111
MILES, JOHN                            NY-28-14-3
MILES, LEWIS                           NY-28-36-370
MILES, MARY                            NY-28-25-137
MILES, SARAH L.                        NY-28-60-430
MILES, WILLIAM E.                      NY-28-64-281
MILLARD, ALICE B.                      NY-28-57-460
MILLARD, SYLVANUS S.                   NY-28-22-83
MILLENER, JOEL P.                      NY-28-37-337
MILLER, AARON                          NY-28-57-202
MILLER, ADAM                           NY-28-44-31
MILLER, ADAMS                          NY-28-32-476
MILLER, ANDREW                         NY-28-9-459
MILLER, ANDREW                         NY-28-9-429
MILLER, ANNA BARBARA                   NY-28-44-306
MILLER, AUGUSTIN                       NY-28-65-550
MILLER, BETSEY                         NY-28-46-221
MILLER, CALVIN                         NY-28-10-386
MILLER, CATHERINE                      NY-28-32-364
MILLER, CHARLES                        NY-28-20-337
MILLER, CHARLES                        NY-28-36-445
MILLER, CHARLES C. H.                  NY-28-33-139
MILLER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-28-54-200
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-28-59-97
MILLER, CLARA                          NY-28-66-367
MILLER, CLARINDA                       NY-28-61-37
MILLER, CORNELIUS A.                   NY-28-18-163
MILLER, DANIEL H.                      NY-28-37-520
MILLER, ELEANOR E.                     NY-28-36-76
MILLER, ELISHA                         NY-28-13-341
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-52-301
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-61-208
MILLER, ENOCH                          NY-28-24-249
MILLER, FRANK J.                       NY-28-42-322
MILLER, FREDERICK P.                   NY-28-1-215
MILLER, GEORGE                         NY-28-46-5
MILLER, HAPPELONIA                     NY-28-36-73
MILLER, HELENA                         NY-28-66-97
MILLER, HENRY                          NY-28-21-181
MILLER, HERMAN H.                      NY-28-16-624
MILLER, JACOB                          NY-28-55-313
MILLER, JAMES                          NY-28-1-228
MILLER, JANE                           NY-28-50-421
MILLER, JOHN                           NY-28-6-417
MILLER, JOHN                           NY-28-42-163
MILLER, JOHN M.                        NY-28-26-417
MILLER, JOHN MICHAEL                   NY-28-2-286
MILLER, JOSIAH C.                      NY-28-57-307
MILLER, JULIA K.                       NY-28-45-170
MILLER, JUSTUS                         NY-28-35-364
MILLER, LEONARD W.                     NY-28-16-331
MILLER, LOUISA                         NY-28-48-407
MILLER, LYDIA M.                       NY-28-46-86
MILLER, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-25-361
MILLER, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-42-427
MILLER, MARIA                          NY-28-34-415
MILLER, MARY                           NY-28-17-50
MILLER, MARY ANNA                      NY-28-14-186
MILLER, MARY S.                        NY-28-50-451
MILLER, MERIAH                         NY-28-31-54
MILLER, MICHAEL                        NY-28-16-48
MILLER, MINERVA E.                     NY-28-23-409
MILLER, MYRON                          NY-28-45-242
MILLER, SAMUEL                         NY-28-38-366
MILLER, SARAH                          NY-28-46-515
MILLER, SILAS                          NY-28-41-238
MILLER, WALTER                         NY-28-42-298
MILLER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-13-441
MILLER, WILLIAM E.                     NY-28-7-366
MILLER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-21-381
MILLHA, EDWARD                         NY-28-24-49
MILLICHAMP, JOSEPH A.                  NY-28-32-172
MILLIMAN, JAMES H.                     NY-28-33-472
MILLINGTON, SAMUEL                     NY-28-43-412
MILLMAN, MARY                          NY-28-56-493
MILLMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-28-57-445
MILLS, CHARLES                         NY-28-29-469
MILLS, LEVI D.                         NY-28-16-107
MILLS, MARTHA                          NY-28-66-581
MIMMS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-39-70
MINDNICH, ANTHONY                      NY-28-46-365
MINER, HIRAM T.                        NY-28-29-453
MINER, SOPHIA L.                       NY-28-36-214
MINGES, HENRY                          NY-28-46-491
MINGES, JOHN F.                        NY-28-55-328
MINGES, KATHERINE                      NY-28-47-269
MINGES, SOPHIA                         NY-28-56-118
MINGES, VALENTINE                      NY-28-33-1
MINGIS, FREDERICK                      NY-28-9-374
MINNAMAN, MARY                         NY-28-35-343
MINOT, ELECTA F.                       NY-28-61-65
MINOT, JONAS                           NY-28-48-344
MINOTT, JULIA                          NY-28-65-535
MIRGUET, MARY                          NY-28-43-406
MITCHEL, JOHN C.                       NY-28-31-377
MITCHELL, GEORGE N.                    NY-28-39-300
MITCHELL, JOHN                         NY-28-46-434
MITCHELL, MARGARET                     NY-28-55-172
MITCHELL, THOMAS                       NY-28-49-227
MITTEL, SEBASTIAN                      NY-28-33-322
MIX, JOHN W.                           NY-28-37-373
MIXER, JENNIE MORSE                    NY-28-50-199
MOCREL, EMANUEL                        NY-28-64-193
MOELLER, BERNHARD                      NY-28-48-404
MOELLER, MARY                          NY-28-30-259
MOERE, CHARLES F.                      NY-28-46-236
MOHR, ADAM                             NY-28-28-89
MOHR, EMILY                            NY-28-60-241
MOLLOY, CATHARINE                      NY-28-66-589
MOLLOY, PATRICK                        NY-28-62-238
MOLZAHN, JOHANN                        NY-28-47-443
MONIHAN, MARY R.                       NY-28-54-197
MONNEN, THOMAS                         NY-28-12-201
MONROE, BETSEY                         NY-28-35-226
MONROE, CYNTHIA M.                     NY-28-54-371
MONROE, JAMES                          NY-28-36-28
MONROE, MARY                           NY-28-64-55
MONROE, STEPHEN                        NY-28-14-622
MONTGOMERY, ABEL S.                    NY-28-54-491
MONTGOMERY, ELIZA B.                   NY-28-63-566
MONTGOMERY, GEORGE B.                  NY-28-61-517
MONTGOMERY, GEORGE W.                  NY-28-61-520
MONTGOMERY, HARVEY                     NY-28-14-341
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    NY-28-54-167
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    NY-28-6-97
MOODY, AMANDA                          NY-28-39-190
MOODY, SARAH CATHARINE                 NY-28-24-61
MOOK, BARBARA                          NY-28-21-469
MOOK, JOHN                             NY-28-37-298
MOOK, SAMUEL                           NY-28-11-100
MOON, FRANCES                          NY-28-55-445
MOON, JOSEPH F.                        NY-28-45-233
MOONEY, CLIMENA L.                     NY-28-64-481
MOONEY, MARY E.                        NY-28-26-321
MOORE, ADAM                            NY-28-41-472
MOORE, ANN                             NY-28-40-46
MOORE, BRIDGET                         NY-28-47-428
MOORE, CATHARINE S.                    NY-28-63-754
MOORE, CHARLES                         NY-28-4-450
MOORE, CHARLES T.                      NY-28-40-259
MOORE, CHEHERESSTANA                   NY-28-16-471
MOORE, DELIA W.                        NY-28-57-356
MOORE, ELIZA B.                        NY-28-6-56
MOORE, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-50-481
MOORE, EPHRAIM                         NY-28-7-4
MOORE, EVA                             NY-28-57-106
MOORE, GEORGE                          NY-28-10-210
MOORE, HENRY G.                        NY-28-16-629
MOORE, JACOB B.                        NY-28-23-233
MOORE, JAMES                           NY-28-9-6
MOORE, JAMES                           NY-28-4-520
MOORE, JAMES B.                        NY-28-33-211
MOORE, JAMES H.                        NY-28-59-549
MOORE, JOHANNA                         NY-28-32-104
MOORE, JOHN                            NY-28-23-273
MOORE, JOHN                            NY-28-35-292
MOORE, JOHN C.                         NY-28-66-467
MOORE, LINUS                           NY-28-33-454
MOORE, LOUIS W. SR.                    NY-28-16-147
MOORE, MARY                            NY-28-41-412
MOORE, MARY                            NY-28-28-369
MOORE, MARY L.                         NY-28-24-233
MOORE, MARY L.                         NY-28-57-392
MOORE, MAXWELL                         NY-28-33-136
MOORE, NANCY                           NY-28-33-232
MOORE, ORIN                            NY-28-34-49
MOORE, RACHEAL                         NY-28-6-284
MOORE, SAAH R.                         NY-28-41-307
MOORE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-19-229
MOORE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-3-360
MOORE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-21-5
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                      NY-28-45-350
MOORE, WILLIAM J.                      NY-28-30-143
MOORS, JOHN                            NY-28-59-285
MORAN, BERNARD E.                      NY-28-40-438
MORAN, BRIDGET                         NY-28-33-391
MORAN, JAMES                           NY-28-36-487
MORAN, JOHN                            NY-28-30-375
MORAN, MARGARET                        NY-28-39-46
MORAN, PATRICK                         NY-28-36-403
MORDOFF, SARAH A.                      NY-28-61-586
MORE, HENRY W.                         NY-28-21-245
MOREY, JOHN E.                         NY-28-45-521
MOREY, SAMUEL                          NY-28-54-20
MORGAN, ABBY AMANDA MASON              NY-28-61-97
MORGAN, AMOS                           NY-28-32-388
MORGAN, ANSEL A.                       NY-28-46-494
MORGAN, CAROLINE                       NY-28-4-444
MORGAN, CHARLOTTE M.                   NY-28-45-365
MORGAN, DAYTON S.                      NY-28-17-474
MORGAN, EMMA M.                        NY-28-56-154
MORGAN, GEORGE                         NY-28-61-397
MORGAN, HARDIN                         NY-28-18-139
MORGAN, JAMES                          NY-28-41-145
MORGAN, JOHN S.                        NY-28-42-235
MORGAN, JOSEPH                         NY-28-14-633
MORGAN, LEWIS H.                       NY-28-27-223
MORGAN, MARIA                          NY-28-9-174
MORGAN, MARY E.                        NY-28-34-130
MORHARDT, CAROLINE                     NY-28-47-515
MORHARDT, FREDERICK                    NY-28-53-367
MORLEY, JOHN                           NY-28-15-19
MORLEY, JOHN J.                        NY-28-36-223
MORLEY, WILLIAM B.                     NY-28-54-248
MORRILL, ABRAHAM                       NY-28-3-391
MORRIS, ADELINE                        NY-28-32-40
MORRIS, HERBERT W.                     NY-28-58-106
MORRIS, JABEZ                          NY-28-66-197
MORRIS, JACOB P.                       NY-28-12-216
MORRIS, JOHN                           NY-28-12-293
MORRIS, JOHN                           NY-28-12-307
MORRIS, JOHN                           NY-28-66-308
MORRISON, ASA C.                       NY-28-4-129
MORRISON, CAROLINE L.                  NY-28-57-100
MORRISON, FLORA ANN                    NY-28-63-535
MORRISON, JOHN T.                      NY-28-42-7
MORRISON, JOHN W.                      NY-28-14-558
MORRISON, JOSEPHINE                    NY-28-54-365
MORRISON, RICHARD                      NY-28-35-82
MORRISON, SARAH C.                     NY-28-51-685
MORRISSEY, BRIDGET                     NY-28-34-94
MORROW, ROBERT                         NY-28-15-289
MORSE, ADOLPHUS                        NY-28-17-93
MORSE, ANNA                            NY-28-36-211
MORSE, CHARLES B.                      NY-28-24-25
MORSE, CHARLES C.                      NY-28-61-260
MORSE, CLARENDON                       NY-28-31-133
MORSE, FREEMAN F.                      NY-28-9-11
MORSE, LOUISA C.                       NY-28-65-511
MORTIMER, EDMUND                       NY-28-49-182
MOSELEY, ARANNAH                       NY-28-17-540
MOSELEY, HIRAM B.                      NY-28-13-337
MOSELY, MARTHA B.                      NY-28-16-519
MOSES, BERTHA                          NY-28-15-343
MOSES, JOB                             NY-28-40-322
MOSES, MARTHA A.                       NY-28-58-161
MOSES, SCHUYLER                        NY-28-42-490
MOSHER, LEMUEL                         NY-28-1-146
MOSHER, MATILDA A.                     NY-28-59-75
MOSHER, NICHOLAS                       NY-28-5-21
MOSHIER, ISAC V.                       NY-28-24-265
MOSIER, CHARLES                        NY-28-2-107
MOST, JOHN ADAM                        NY-28-34-97
MOTLEY, GEORGE                         NY-28-31-85
MOTT, HENRY R.                         NY-28-55-196
MOTT, JOSEPH                           NY-28-43-238
MOULE, JONATHAN A.                     NY-28-63-555
MOULSON, CHARLES                       NY-28-15-321
MOULSON, GEORGE                        NY-28-54-407
MOULSON, SAMUEL                        NY-28-57-67
MOULTON, LEWIS J.                      NY-28-12-102
MOURIN, JANE                           NY-28-65-116
MOYER, GARRET                          NY-28-2-56
MOYER, GARRET                          NY-28-2-22
MOYNIHAN, ABBEY                        NY-28-62-473
MUDGETT, WILLIAM                       NY-28-58-579
MUEHLHAEUSER, IDA                      NY-28-63-625
MUELLER, CHRISTINA                     NY-28-20-377
MUELLER, GOTTSFRIED                    NY-28-11-34
MUELLER, MICHAEL                       NY-28-17-14
MUISO, AUGUST                          NY-28-42-28
MULEGAN, JEREMIAH                      NY-28-23-113
MULFORD, CHARLES                       NY-28-19-225
MULFORD, CHARLOTTE A.                  NY-28-40-253
MULHOLLAND, HUGH                       NY-28-22-375
MULLEN, ROSE                           NY-28-61-364
MULLER, ANNA                           NY-28-45-263
MULLER, CHARLES                        NY-28-37-169
MULLER, DIETRICH                       NY-28-36-526
MULLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-48-206
MULLER, FREDERICK A.                   NY-28-56-454
MULLER, GEORGE                         NY-28-53-346
MULLER, LUCAS                          NY-28-31-137
MULLER, MARGARET                       NY-28-46-194
MULLER, PETER                          NY-28-65-529
MULLER, PHILIPP                        NY-28-37-265
MULLIGAN, ANDREW                       NY-28-5-293
MULLIGAN, BRIDGET                      NY-28-56-430
MULLIGAN, NANCY                        NY-28-5-43
MULLINER, GEORGE                       NY-28-14-484
MULLINS, ANN                           NY-28-62-259
MUMFORD, ANNE E.                       NY-28-21-433
MUMFORD, GEORGE E.                     NY-28-48-509
MUMFORD, GEORGE H.                     NY-28-15-445
MUMFORD, RUTH                          NY-28-8-134
MUMFORD, WILLIAM W.                    NY-28-4-102
MUNCH, JULIUS                          NY-28-45-311
MUNGER, GEORGE H.                      NY-28-59-208
MUNGER, LUMAN FRANKLIN                 NY-28-52-232
MUNGER, LYMAN                          NY-28-16-179
MUNGER, LYMAN E.                       NY-28-51-28
MUNGER, LYMAN E.                       NY-28-17-786
MUNGER, PERLEY                         NY-28-15-124
MUNGER, ZERVIAH                        NY-28-16-427
MUNN, EDMUND H.                        NY-28-14-337
MUNROE, JOHN                           NY-28-61-280
MUNSON, CALEB                          NY-28-3-311
MURA, GEORGE N.                        NY-28-61-593
MURDOCK, HIRAM                         NY-28-24-453
MURDOCK, MARIETTA                      NY-28-6-567
MURPHY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-65-188
MURPHY, ELIZA                          NY-28-47-290
MURPHY, GEORGE                         NY-28-53-316
MURPHY, HAMILTON                       NY-28-24-89
MURPHY, JAMES D.                       NY-28-14-60
MURPHY, JEREMIAH                       NY-28-60-460
MURPHY, JOHN J.                        NY-28-64-275
MURPHY, JULIA                          NY-28-62-109
MURPHY, MICHAEL                        NY-28-46-377
MURPHY, NELLIE                         NY-28-53-121
MURPHY, SYLVESTER                      NY-28-33-196
MURPHY, TIMOTHY C.                     NY-28-63-596
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        NY-28-20-81
MURR, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-57-409
MURRAY, CHARLES                        NY-28-30-179
MURRAY, JAMES                          NY-28-7-24
MURRAY, JANE                           NY-28-35-337
MURRAY, MARTHA                         NY-28-10-53
MURRAY, REZINAH                        NY-28-13-713
MURRAY, SAMUEL                         NY-28-8-16
MURRAY, STEPHEN                        NY-28-61-239
MURRAY, WILLIAM                        NY-28-60-79
MURRAY, WILLIAM                        NY-28-65-203
MURRELL, JOHANNA                       NY-28-61-493
MURRELL, JOHN                          NY-28-59-359
MUSFELD, AUGUST                        NY-28-47-368
MUSFELD, CHARLES                       NY-28-15-176
MUSFELD, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-42-502
MUSSMAECHER, MATHEW D.                 NY-28-46-38
MUTH, OTTILIE THERESA                  NY-28-50-41
MUTSCHLER, HERMANN                     NY-28-29-157
MYERS, DELORA A.                       NY-28-53-280
MYERS, ESTER                           NY-28-51-65
MYERS, HARRIET W.                      NY-28-46-443
MYERS, PETER                           NY-28-41-469
MYERS, PETER                           NY-28-3-247
MYERS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-40-313
MYLREY, JAMES                          NY-28-64-440

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