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DACK, JAMES                            NY-28-23-437
DAGGETT, HOLLIS                        NY-28-31-265
DAHLINGER, GEORGE                      NY-28-23-353
DAILEY, ARTHUR                         NY-28-15-183
DAILY, THOMAS                          NY-28-7-52
DAKE, ELISHA                           NY-28-22-27
DALEY, ANN                             NY-28-53-4
DALEY, JOHN                            NY-28-63-73
DALTN, ARY                             NY-28-33-106
DALTON, KATE                           NY-28-53-259
DALTON, WILLIAM                        NY-28-13-384
DALY, CHARLOTTE SOPHIA                 NY-28-49-413
DALY, HENRY L.                         NY-28-66-100
DALY, MARY E.                          NY-28-62-547
DALZELL, JAMES                         NY-28-17-293
DALZELL, LUCY                          NY-28-16-463
DALZELL, ROBERT M.                     NY-28-16-421
DALZELL, WILLIAM                       NY-28-7-179
DAMHOFER, JOSEPH                       NY-28-46-284
DAMON, MARY J.                         NY-28-59-303
DANCHEZ, HAMILTON                      NY-28-11-205
DANCY, JESSE                           NY-28-20-401
DANCY, WILLIAM K.                      NY-28-64-415
DANFORTH, ALONZO R.                    NY-28-7-50
DANFORTH, GEORGE F.                    NY-28-63-233
DANFORTH, LEVI                         NY-28-13-655
DANFORTH, NASON                        NY-28-2-33
DANFORTH, ROBERT                       NY-28-15-674
DANIELLS, WILLIARD                     NY-28-13-310
DANK, CHARLES                          NY-28-17-42
DANN, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-8-19
DANN, JOHN R.                          NY-28-64-190
DANNALS, RICHARD M.                    NY-28-45-449
DANZER, JOHN GEORGE                    NY-28-29-309
DARBY, ALEXANDER L.                    NY-28-9-441
DARLING, ABNER                         NY-28-2-329
DARLING, ANNA                          NY-28-15-284
DARLING, DAVID                         NY-28-5-476
DARLING, ERI                           NY-28-40-43
DARLING, LAURA M.                      NY-28-63-183
DARLING, RUFUS                         NY-28-14-526
DARRAGH, ANNE E.                       NY-28-25-393
DARROW, ELLSWORTH                      NY-28-7-226
DARROW, RUFUS                          NY-28-8-154
DART, JOHN                             NY-28-52-130
DATON, ISAAC N.                        NY-28-7-158
DAUS, SALOME                           NY-28-50-51
DAVID, ELISABETH                       NY-28-6-245
DAVID, ELIZABETH HOYT                  NY-28-57-292
DAVIDSON, RANSOM M.                    NY-28-12-1
DAVIES, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-15-392
DAVIES, THOMAS                         NY-28-15-386
DAVIS, ALBERT ARTHUR                   NY-28-54-335
DAVIS, ALICE H.                        NY-28-49-173
DAVIS, ANDREW NELSON                   NY-28-53-79
DAVIS, ANSON                           NY-28-65-547
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-16-39
DAVIS, BERTHA                          NY-28-56-130
DAVIS, CLARK                           NY-28-4-366
DAVIS, EDWARD HATCH                    NY-28-55-259
DAVIS, ELECTA                          NY-28-26-457
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-9-249
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-43-1
DAVIS, ETHAN                           NY-28-4-518
DAVIS, ETHAN                           NY-28-15-56
DAVIS, FREDERICK                       NY-28-44-171
DAVIS, HARRIET N.                      NY-28-14-280
DAVIS, HARTWELL C.                     NY-28-14-306
DAVIS, HENRY                           NY-28-18-7
DAVIS, HENRY W.                        NY-28-36-67
DAVIS, HIRAM                           NY-28-33-220
DAVIS, HIRAM                           NY-28-49-8
DAVIS, HOPE                            NY-28-3-251
DAVIS, HORATIO                         NY-28-14-416
DAVIS, JAMES                           NY-28-52-328
DAVIS, JEREMIAH E.                     NY-28-15-45
DAVIS, JOEL G.                         NY-28-65-76
DAVIS, JOHN M.                         NY-28-49-44
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          NY-28-19-189
DAVIS, JUDITH                          NY-28-58-674
DAVIS, LEWIS                           NY-28-51-285
DAVIS, MARY                            NY-28-55-211
DAVIS, NORMAN                          NY-28-22-395
DAVIS, NORMAN B.                       NY-28-17-671
DAVIS, PHILIP                          NY-28-36-88
DAVIS, PHILO                           NY-28-62-347
DAVIS, ROBERT                          NY-28-6-362
DAVIS, RUBY E.                         NY-28-50-489
DAVIS, SAMUEL H.                       NY-28-16-644
DAVIS, SARAH J.                        NY-28-60-73
DAVIS, SOPHRONIA                       NY-28-24-105
DAVIS, SPENCER                         NY-28-2-443
DAVIS, WILLIAM R.                      NY-28-6-124
DAVISON, BERTHA S.                     NY-28-24-301
DAVISON, BERTHA S.                     NY-28-24-277
DAVISON, EZEKIEL                       NY-28-64-145
DAVISON, SAMUEL                        NY-28-7-395
DAVISON, SAMUEL                        NY-28-7-466
DAVISON, SARAH E.                      NY-28-48-29
DAWE, HERBERT J.                       NY-28-50-386
DAWE, JABEZ                            NY-28-17-307
DAWLEY, AMOS                           NY-28-6-508
DAWSON, EDWARD                         NY-28-8-522
DAY, ANDROMEDA                         NY-28-63-218
DAY, CHARLES                           NY-28-5-214
DAY, DAVID                             NY-28-50-336
DAY, EDWARD M.                         NY-28-8-318
DAY, ELY                               NY-28-2-418
DAY, FLAVIUS J.                        NY-28-6-504
DAY, GEORGE                            NY-28-5-125
DAY, HARRIET A.                        NY-28-45-485
DAY, SALLY                             NY-28-20-137
DAY, WILLIAM B.                        NY-28-36-472
DAYTON, PARTHENA                       NY-28-7-405
DEAN, JANE A.                          NY-28-39-31
DEASON, PETER                          NY-28-54-113
DEBERGER, GEORGE                       NY-28-64-61
DEBRUYN, CHRISTINA                     NY-28-46-488
DECKER, GEORGE M.                      NY-28-66-167
DECKER, JULIA F.                       NY-28-37-490
DECKER, LUZETTA M.                     NY-28-61-505
DECKER, MINERVA                        NY-28-43-118
DEERING, ELLEN                         NY-28-58-319
DEFENDORF, ELIJAH                      NY-28-65-304
DEFENDORF, HIRAM                       NY-28-40-403
DEFENDORF, MARIA                       NY-28-22-371
DEFENDORF, MARY EMILY                  NY-28-52-448
DEFISHER, JACOB                        NY-28-20-333
DEFLOO, JACOB                          NY-28-60-166
DEFLOO, NELLIE                         NY-28-63-454
DEFOREST, HENRY A.                     NY-28-58-41
DEGAN, VALENTIN                        NY-28-15-655
DEGARMO, ELIAS                         NY-28-22-135
DEGARMO, JACOB                         NY-28-2-210
DEGARMO, JAMES                         NY-28-1-431
DEGARMO, RHODA                         NY-28-16-669
DEGRAAF, SIMON                         NY-28-60-202
DEHUBER, PETER                         NY-28-21-493
DEJONAH, HENRY D.                      NY-28-61-271
DEJONGE, CORNELIUS                     NY-28-53-163
DEJONGH, HENRY                         NY-28-57-112
DEJONGH, JACOB S J.                    NY-28-52-295
DEKROYFT, ABRAHAM                      NY-28-20-369
DELAND, CHARLES J.                     NY-28-46-188
DELAND, DANIEL B.                      NY-28-16-350
DELANEY, WILLIAM                       NY-28-10-256
DELANO, FREDERICK                      NY-28-27-91
DELANO, MORTIMER F.                    NY-28-3-375
DELANY, MARY                           NY-28-53-181
DELARME, JULIAN                        NY-28-4-278
DELBRIDGE, ADELIA                      NY-28-46-482
DELERE, JOHN B.                        NY-28-10-164
DELLES, PETER                          NY-28-65-83
DEMALLIE, MARTIN                       NY-28-62-61
DEMAREST, DAVID C.                     NY-28-35-202
DEMAREST, MARGARET                     NY-28-46-356
DEMAREST, SARAH A.                     NY-28-42-379
DEMER, LORENZ                          NY-28-34-274
DEMING, DANIEL F.                      NY-28-66-571
DEMING, DAVID                          NY-28-19-285
DEMMER, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-46-401
DEMOREST, CORNELIUS                    NY-28-3-383
DEMOREST, JACOB                        NY-28-29-17
DENGLER, ANNA MARIA                    NY-28-46-326
DENGLER, JOHN                          NY-28-33-325
DENIO, MARIA B.                        NY-28-51-15
DENIS, HIRAM B.                        NY-28-18-463
DENISE, ADDIE J.                       NY-28-62-331
DENISE, DANIEL                         NY-28-6-527
DENISE, EMILY L.                       NY-28-55-316
DENISE, TUNIS H.                       NY-28-57-31
DENISON, ELIJAH                        NY-28-2-341
DENMAN, JACOB I.                       NY-28-26-445
DENNINGTON, PRISCILLA                  NY-28-52-364
DENNIS, BERNARD                        NY-28-65-523
DENNIS, GEORGE F.                      NY-28-62-515
DENNIS, JOHN                           NY-28-41-457
DENNIS, SAMUEL                         NY-28-15-167
DENNISON, GEORGE                       NY-28-54-251
DENNISON, JOSEPH                       NY-28-10-192
DENNY, CONRAD B.                       NY-28-59-591
DENNY, JANE                            NY-28-12-493
DENNY, LEWIS                           NY-28-9-381
DENNY, MARY                            NY-28-14-325
DENT, ELIZA                            NY-28-29-277
DENT, JONATHAN                         NY-28-14-730
DENT, STPEHEN                          NY-28-19-245
DENTCH, JOHN                           NY-28-13-133
DEPOTTER, THOMAS                       NY-28-65-391
DEPUYT, PHILIPPUS                      NY-28-54-359
DERINGER, WILLIAM                      NY-28-45-194
DERITTER, CATHARINE                    NY-28-15-682
DEROO, ISAAC                           NY-28-34-181
DEROO, PETER                           NY-28-56-334
DEROO, PETERNELLA                      NY-28-47-104
DESMOND, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-28-47-260
DESMOND, MARY                          NY-28-42-376
DESMOND, NANCY                         NY-28-60-292
DETTINGER, JOHN GEORGE                 NY-28-29-65
DETTLOFF, JOHN                         NY-28-30-219
DEUEL, ARNOLD                          NY-28-32-108
DEURBAUM, GEORGE                       NY-28-60-217
DEUTSCH, GEORGE                        NY-28-66-505
DEVELIN, PETER                         NY-28-30-195
DEVENPORT, GEORGE                      NY-28-46-527
DEVINE, MARK                           NY-28-32-16
DEWEY, CHESTER                         NY-28-13-387
DEWEY, DAVID                           NY-28-25-413
DEWEY, DELLON M.                       NY-28-42-274
DEWEY, JOSEPH                          NY-28-45-185
DEWEY, MARIA E.                        NY-28-49-434
DEWEY, MARY                            NY-28-36-40
DEWEY, OLIVIA H.                       NY-28-35-358
DEWEY, SAMUEL B.                       NY-28-31-173
DEWITT, CORNELIUS                      NY-28-5-512
DEWITT, CORNELIUS S.                   NY-28-36-349
DEWITT, FREDERICK S.                   NY-28-50-126
DEWITT, SARAH ANN                      NY-28-21-81
DEWITT, WILLIAM C.                     NY-28-15-617
DEWITTE, BASTIAN                       NY-28-39-303
DEWOLF, JACOBUS                        NY-28-65-145
DEWYRE, PATRICK                        NY-28-19-133
DEXTER, CLARKE                         NY-28-16-16
DEYO, HENRY                            NY-28-21-413
DIBBLE, ASHEL B.                       NY-28-37-70
DIBBLE, MARTHA                         NY-28-5-223
DICK, THOMAS                           NY-28-31-245
DICKENS, HURLBUT S.                    NY-28-54-239
DICKEY, DAVID                          NY-28-48-98
DICKINS, ANN                           NY-28-36-379
DICKINSON, ALZINA A.                   NY-28-48-86
DICKINSON, CHARLES H.                  NY-28-14-682
DICKINSON, CHARLES T. B.               NY-28-19-81
DICKINSON, JOHN                        NY-28-7-55
DICKINSON, JULIA                       NY-28-17-762
DICKSON, CATHARINE                     NY-28-19-489
DIEDRICH, GERTRUDE                     NY-28-45-404
DIEDRICK, JOHN                         NY-28-32-360
DIEHL, WILLIAM                         NY-28-25-381
DIEL, ANDREWS SMITH                    NY-28-38-296
DIEL, VALENTIN                         NY-28-45-197
DIEM, CHRISTOPH                        NY-28-37-187
DIETNER, IGNATZ                        NY-28-13-554
DIETRICH, ELIAS                        NY-28-47-83
DIETRICH, JOHN                         NY-28-24-257
DIKEMAN, EMMET E.                      NY-28-61-562
DIKEMAN, ENOCH                         NY-28-4-284
DIKEMAN, MARY S.                       NY-28-45-89
DIKEMAN, REBECCA                       NY-28-61-455
DILG, AUGUSTA                          NY-28-60-175
DILL, JOHN                             NY-28-58-245
DILLON, MARY                           NY-28-42-241
DIMICK, JEREMIAH                       NY-28-5-458
DIMICK, SOPHRONIA R.                   NY-28-47-197
DINGMAN, HERBERT E.                    NY-28-48-161
DINSMORE, ADIN                         NY-28-62-556
DINSMORE, RANDOLPH                     NY-28-42-304
DIRKS, ABRAHAM                         NY-28-62-97
DISBROW, HARRIET A.                    NY-28-54-482
DISBROW, IRA S.                        NY-28-55-106
DISBROW, LYMAN                         NY-28-6-5
DISBROW, MARY JANE                     NY-28-54-410
DISBROW, SANFORD                       NY-28-33-40
DITNER, ANNA MARIA                     NY-28-14-637
DITTMEIER, JOHN                        NY-28-57-163
DITTMIRE, ANNA C.                      NY-28-47-92
DITTY, MARY                            NY-28-16-444
DIVER, EMILY R.                        NY-28-52-493
DIVER, ISAAC W.                        NY-28-56-10
DIVER, JOHN                            NY-28-5-557
DIVER, MELISSA D.                      NY-28-26-449
DIVER, POLLEY A.                       NY-28-54-170
DIX, SAMUEL                            NY-28-43-400
DIX, SARAH A.                          NY-28-63-447
DIXON, DAVID                           NY-28-15-277
DIXSON, JOHN                           NY-28-5-266
DOANE, GEORGE H.                       NY-28-50-271
DOBSON, ANN ELIZA                      NY-28-43-496
DOBSON, ELLEN                          NY-28-52-52
DODDS, HERBERT C.                      NY-28-64-305
DODGE, ARNOLD A.                       NY-28-28-145
DOEING, MARGARET                       NY-28-61-337
DOERR, WILLIAM                         NY-28-50-326
DOERRER, JOSEPH                        NY-28-29-129
DOGE, LAURA A.                         NY-28-6-570
DOHERTY, ROSANNA                       NY-28-13-101
DOLBEER, JOHN                          NY-28-2-281
DOLBEIR, MATILDA                       NY-28-60-304
DOLBIER, ALBERT                        NY-28-59-119
DOLE, SILAS                            NY-28-31-457
DOLLY, LESTER CLINTON                  NY-28-15-739
DONALDSON, ANDREW                      NY-28-9-70
DONALY, JAMES                          NY-28-25-85
DONAVAN, TIMOTHY                       NY-28-31-437
DONIHUGH, SAAH                         NY-28-5-105
DONKIN, JOHN                           NY-28-8-43
DONLEY, JAMES                          NY-28-25-85
DONLON, MARY E.                        NY-28-49-293
DONLON, PATRICK                        NY-28-22-379
DONNALLY, ROBERT J.                    NY-28-47-224
DONNELLAN, JOHN                        NY-28-9-290
DONNELLY, GEORGE W.                    NY-28-30-59
DONNELLY, JOHN                         NY-28-29-141
DONNER, CAROLINE                       NY-28-52-1
DONNER, THERESA                        NY-28-28-309
DONOGHUE, JOHN                         NY-28-53-331
DONOHOO, MARY ANN                      NY-28-17-727
DONOUGH, MATHEW                        NY-28-12-43
DOODY, ANN                             NY-28-39-187
DOODY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-60-22
DOOLITTLE, BETSEY                      NY-28-12-222
DORAN, ANN                             NY-28-2-439
DORAN, CATHERINE                       NY-28-4-82
DORAN, DAVID                           NY-28-8-59
DORAN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-6-378
DORMAR, JAMES                          NY-28-9-131
DORN, CAROLINE L.                      NY-28-41-349
DORSCHAL, ROMAN                        NY-28-53-73
DORSCHEID, BARBARA                     NY-28-66-371
DORSEY, ANNA                           NY-28-66-362
DORSEY, SARA                           NY-28-56-322
DOSER, JOSEPH                          NY-28-39-88
DOTY, ANSON                            NY-28-61-319
DOTY, AZOR                             NY-28-39-434
DOTY, DAVID                            NY-28-14-198
DOTY, ELECTA S.                        NY-28-54-479
DOTY, EUNICE J.                        NY-28-45-302
DOTY, GEOGE                            NY-28-10-69
DOTY, JAMES H.                         NY-28-65-313
DOTY, JOSIAH                           NY-28-39-166
DOUD, JOHN                             NY-28-42-367
DOUD, MARGARET                         NY-28-60-451
DOUD, MENZER                           NY-28-2-469
DOUD, PATRICK                          NY-28-24-273
DOUGHERTY, ANNIS                       NY-28-9-182
DOUGHERTY, ELLEN                       NY-28-33-295
DOUGLAS, AMBROSE C.                    NY-28-58-548
DOUGLAS, CORDELIA M.                   NY-28-56-25
DOUGLAS, LOUISA                        NY-28-16-138
DOUGLAS, MARY B.                       NY-28-23-325
DOUGLAS, SUSAN A.                      NY-28-66-415
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM BRADLY                NY-28-58-609
DOUGLASS, FREDERICK                    NY-28-57-178
DOUGLASS, MERABY                       NY-28-12-584
DOVAN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-66-515
DOVE, MARGARET                         NY-28-64-185
DOWD, LURA                             NY-28-12-206
DOWD, WILLIAM                          NY-28-40-361
DOWNER, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-23-177
DOWNER, RACHEL                         NY-28-1-270
DOWNER, RACHEL                         NY-28-1-206
DOWNEY, JANE                           NY-28-52-367
DOWNING, SARAH B.                      NY-28-15-744
DOWNS, TRUMAN                          NY-28-22-279
DOXE, THERESA                          NY-28-56-172
DOXTATER, CHAUNCEY                     NY-28-31-361
DOXTATER, CLARISSA                     NY-28-33-55
DOXTATER, GEORGE A.                    NY-28-55-406
DOXTATER, PAMELIA                      NY-28-59-394
DOYLE, DENIS                           NY-28-46-215
DOYLE, HENRY                           NY-28-4-310
DOYLE, JAMES                           NY-28-42-472
DOYLE, JANE                            NY-28-56-331
DOYLE, MARGARET                        NY-28-33-37
DOYLE, MARY                            NY-28-9-400
DOYLE, PATRICK                         NY-28-5-97
DOZER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-28-39-407
DRAGGER, ANDREW                        NY-28-41-400
DRAKE, AMASA                           NY-28-27-67
DRAKE, ELIHU A.                        NY-28-38-321
DRAKE, ELSY                            NY-28-12-4
DRAKE, JOHN H.                         NY-28-43-472
DRAKE, LUCY T.                         NY-28-40-283
DRAKE, QUINCY J.                       NY-28-50-76
DRANSFIELD, RICHARD                    NY-28-29-405
DRAPER, MARY J. (SEELY)                NY-28-65-289
DRAPER, N ATHANIEL                     NY-28-8-379
DRAPER, RACHEL W.                      NY-28-16-201
DRAUDE, KATHERINA                      NY-28-53-484
DREXELIUS, PETER                       NY-28-49-68
DRISCOLL, JAMES                        NY-28-6-447
DRISS, SEBASTIAN                       NY-28-35-121
DROILLARD, ALICE MARIA                 NY-28-61-331
DRUM, CHARITY                          NY-28-42-142
DRUM, JAMES A.                         NY-28-9-9
DRUM, WILLIAM                          NY-28-38-141
DRURY, PHEBE W.                        NY-28-24-481
DRUSCHEL, JOH D.                       NY-28-50-201
DRYER, ABEL                            NY-28-15-561
DRYER, JESSE                           NY-28-1-2
DRYER, MARY                            NY-28-8-36
DRYER, MATHEW                          NY-28-5-338
DRYER, NUMAN R.                        NY-28-16-310
DUBELBEISS, LOUIS J.                   NY-28-54-455
DUBOIS, ABEL                           NY-28-58-778
DUCOLON, ALFRED                        NY-28-37-466
DUCOLON, GILBERT                       NY-28-13-794
DUERBAUM, DIETRICH                     NY-28-52-64
DUERKIS, WILLIAM                       NY-28-37-280
DUFFY, DENNIS                          NY-28-26-345
DUFFY, EDWARD                          NY-28-17-321
DUFFY, EDWARD W.                       NY-28-49-482
DUFFY, JOHN                            NY-28-31-17
DUFFY, JOHN                            NY-28-61-476
DUFFY, MARY                            NY-28-31-77
DUFFY, SARAH                           NY-28-12-594
DUFFY, THOMAS                          NY-28-57-199
DUFLOO, BONDENYN                       NY-28-25-113
DUFNER, BARBARA                        NY-28-12-178
DUFNER, JOHN                           NY-28-46-293
DUGAN, ELLEN                           NY-28-29-369
DUGAN, JOHN C.                         NY-28-44-446
DUKELOW, RICHARD                       NY-28-51-463
DULLANTY, ELLEN GRACE                  NY-28-23-413
DUMMER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-28-35-139
DUNBAR, FRANCIS                        NY-28-33-247
DUNFEE, ELLEN                          NY-28-43-457
DUNHAM, LUCY M.                        NY-28-8-415
DUNLAP, BELINDA E.                     NY-28-18-235
DUNLAP, IRA                            NY-28-22-7
DUNLAP, MARTHA                         NY-28-32-92
DUNLAP, MARY                           NY-28-9-425
DUNLAP, NANCY                          NY-28-43-25
DUNN, CAROLINE                         NY-28-57-442
DUNN, HIRAM                            NY-28-22-11
DUNN, JACOB P.                         NY-28-3-323
DUNN, JAMES                            NY-28-35-160
DUNN, MARGARET                         NY-28-18-247
DUNN, MARTHA M.                        NY-28-18-331
DUNN, MARTIN                           NY-28-43-130
DUNN, MICHAEL                          NY-28-14-232
DUNN, MICHAEL                          NY-28-13-218
DUNN, SARAH                            NY-28-48-452
DUNN, THOMAS                           NY-28-46-311
DUNN, WILLIAM                          NY-28-38-191
DUNN, WILLIAM                          NY-28-40-202
DUNNIGAN, JULIA                        NY-28-45-410
DUNNING, GERARD                        NY-28-4-97
DUNNING, JOHN M.                       NY-28-48-104
DURAND, JOHN                           NY-28-48-338
DURKEE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-64-232
DURR, PHILLIP                          NY-28-33-370
DUSENBURY, STEPHEN                     NY-28-5-596
DUTTON, CARLOS                         NY-28-19-241
DUTTON, OLIVE B.                       NY-28-40-73
DWER, RALPH                            NY-28-65-569
DWINNELL, JUSTIN                       NY-28-9-217
DWYER, JOHN                            NY-28-59-515
DWYER, MARGARET                        NY-28-62-191
DWYER, MICHAEL                         NY-28-66-220
DYE, JOHN B.                           NY-28-3-380
DYER, EMILY S.                         NY-28-37-157
DYER, FRANKLIN                         NY-28-22-219
DYER, JAMES B.                         NY-28-52-283
DYKE, JAMES M.                         NY-28-4-321
EAGEN, BRIDGET                         NY-28-37-19
EAGEN, ELLEN                           NY-28-13-725
EARL, DUANE                            NY-28-65-221
EARL, REUBEN                           NY-28-8-550
EARL, SCHUYLER                         NY-28-52-22
EAST, HENRY                            NY-28-59-555
EASTMAN, EMILIE J.                     NY-28-66-413
EASTMAN, JOSEPH A.                     NY-28-45-119
EASTON, LUCY M.                        NY-28-62-103
EASTON, WALTER                         NY-28-9-36
EASTON, WILLIAM                        NY-28-16-325
EASTWOOD, JOSEPH                       NY-28-5-45
EATH, LOUISA M. DANIELS                NY-28-45-284
EATHCOTT, ANN                          NY-28-30-191
EATON, ABEL                            NY-28-1-408
EATON, ALMIRA                          NY-28-46-464
EATON, CALVIN                          NY-28-15-188
EATON, JANE D.                         NY-28-53-361
EATON, JOEL                            NY-28-34-61
EATON, JOSHUA                          NY-28-26-173
EATON, LUTHER                          NY-28-29-297
EATON, SAMUEL C.                       NY-28-60-298
EBENHARDT, JOHN                        NY-28-10-274
EBERWIN, MICHAEL J.                    NY-28-19-397
EBLE, JOSEPH                           NY-28-46-392
EBNER, EDWARD                          NY-28-38-416
ECCLES, AMOS                           NY-28-14-438
ECK, JOSEPH                            NY-28-25-261
ECK, MARGARET                          NY-28-64-313
ECKHARDT, CASPER                       NY-28-30-303
ECKHORN, IGNATIUS                      NY-28-8-206
ECKLER, ABRAM                          NY-28-42-418
ECKLER, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-22-467
ECKLER, BENJAMIN J.                    NY-28-46-422
ECKLER, DAVID                          NY-28-40-22
ECKLER, JACOB                          NY-28-27-422
ECKLER, JACOB                          NY-28-8-201
EDCELL, PETER                          NY-28-11-606
EDDY, LUTHER B.                        NY-28-62-466
EDDY, PHEBE L.                         NY-28-58-235
EDDY, SAMUEL S.                        NY-28-65-287
EDDY, THOMAS                           NY-28-41-88
EDGAR, MATTHEW                         NY-28-24-221
EDMONDS, CATHARNINE                    NY-28-28-253
EDMONDS, ELIPHALET                     NY-28-3-103
EDMUNDS, LEWIS                         NY-28-50-361
EDMUNDS, ROSANA                        NY-28-40-82
EDSON, EMMONS J.                       NY-28-35-412
EDSON, FREEMAN                         NY-28-33-415
EDWARDS, THOMAS                        NY-28-9-43
EGAN, JAMES                            NY-28-61-553
EGERER, JOSEPH L.                      NY-28-36-166
EGGELSTON, CHARLES P.                  NY-28-46-329
EGINTON, JANE                          NY-28-21-277
EHRET, MARGARETA                       NY-28-42-250
EHRHART, ANNA MARIA                    NY-28-33-319
EHRHART, JOHN N.                       NY-28-42-121
EHRSTEIN, JOHN                         NY-28-62-562
EIBLER, ANTHONY                        NY-28-22-459
EIBLER, MARY                           NY-28-22-455
EICHHORN, ANNA MARIA                   NY-28-20-61
EICHHORST, FREDERICK                   NY-28-35-403
EIE, HILARIAN                          NY-28-55-247
EIKART, CHARLES H.                     NY-28-52-442
EILERS, BERNARD                        NY-28-49-131
EILINGER, HENRY                        NY-28-15-638
EISENBERG, CONRAD                      NY-28-62-113
EISENMANN, CATHARINA                   NY-28-37-430
EISENMENGER, MARTIN                    NY-28-66-317
EISMANN, EULALIA                       NY-28-61-193
ELBS, GEORGE                           NY-28-65-545
ELD, JOSEPH                            NY-28-29-413
ELDRED, FANNY A.                       NY-28-48-386
ELDRED, STEPHEN                        NY-28-35-4
ELDRIDGE, CHARLES D.                   NY-28-50-161
ELDRIDGE, ERASTUS                      NY-28-11-600
ELDRIDGE, HARRIET                      NY-28-61-412
ELDRIDGE, LUCY                         NY-28-16-622
ELLAS, FRANCIS S.                      NY-28-33-385
ELLIOTT, DEBORAH                       NY-28-35-247
ELLIOTT, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-44-146
ELLIOTT, GERMAN                        NY-28-14-602
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          NY-28-15-706
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                        NY-28-64-377
ELLIS, ADELINE                         NY-28-53-376
ELLIS, ANN                             NY-28-24-461
ELLIS, GURDON                          NY-28-4-235
ELLIS, HENRY A.                        NY-28-64-121
ELLIS, JOHN                            NY-28-7-75
ELLIS, MARY H.                         NY-28-27-31
ELLIS, NANCY                           NY-28-28-1
ELLIS, SYLVENUS A.                     NY-28-51-739
ELLSWORTH, ISRAEL                      NY-28-26-153
ELLWANGER, EMANUEL A.                  NY-28-42-199
ELSER, CAROLINE                        NY-28-61-487
ELSWORTH, WILLIAM P.                   NY-28-44-91
ELVE, ANDREW                           NY-28-15-6
ELWELL, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-37-361
ELWOOD, ELIZABETH G.                   NY-28-14-593
ELWOOD, FRANK W.                       NY-28-64-155
ELWOOD, ISAAC R.                       NY-28-9-276
ELWOOD, JOHN B.                        NY-28-18-193
ELY, ANSEL                             NY-28-10-444
ELY, CAROLINE A.                       NY-28-19-45
ELY, DAVID                             NY-28-38-456
ELY, EBENEZER                          NY-28-14-478
ELY, ELISHA D.                         NY-28-4-222
ELY, JAMES                             NY-28-15-33
ELY, JOHN W.                           NY-28-57-313
ELY, LAURA M.                          NY-28-2-321
ELY, SARAH A.                          NY-28-25-53
ELY, WILLIAM W.                        NY-28-25-317
EMBRRY, FRANK W.                       NY-28-65-349
EMBURY, AMELIA                         NY-28-41-22
EMBURY, CHRISTINA A.                   NY-28-61-139
EMBURY, JOHN                           NY-28-29-457
EMBURY, RICHARD                        NY-28-49-275
EMBURY, ROBERT L.                      NY-28-36-493
EMENS, TILEY                           NY-28-15-361
EMERICH, DORATHY                       NY-28-50-71
EMERSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-8-554
EMERSON, ELIZABETH E.                  NY-28-38-41
EMERSON, EMILY                         NY-28-16-376
EMERSON, JOSEPH                        NY-28-29-29
EMERY, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-45-122
EMERY, EMMA A.                         NY-28-56-403
EMERY, HENRY                           NY-28-1-134
EMERY, ISAAC W.                        NY-28-37-25
EMERY, LEVI                            NY-28-33-145
EMERY, MARILLA                         NY-28-66-137
EMERY, MARION R.                       NY-28-62-409
EMICH, PETER                           NY-28-57-789
EMMERICK, GEORGE                       NY-28-58-153
EMMERICK, KATHARINA                    NY-28-43-100
EMRICH, EDWARD                         NY-28-65-323
ENDERS, CHARLES                        NY-28-54-104
ENDRESS, CASPER                        NY-28-64-449
ENDREWS, LEONARD                       NY-28-16-604
ENGEL, HENRY                           NY-28-65-401
ENGEL, JOHANNA (GRELL)                 NY-28-62-179
ENGEL, JOSEPH                          NY-28-57-173
ENGELMANN, LINDA                       NY-28-26-97
ENGELS, JACOB                          NY-28-59-371
ENGERT, GEORGE                         NY-28-63-383
ENGERT, JOHN S.                        NY-28-25-69
ENGERT, SUSAN E.                       NY-28-26-41
ENGEUL, SOPHIA                         NY-28-64-475
ENGLE, CATHARINA                       NY-28-28-17
ENGLEHARDT, LIZZIE                     NY-28-65-100
ENGLEHARDT, THEADORE                   NY-28-16-516
ENGLEHARDT, WILLIAM H.                 NY-28-49-332
ENGLERT, CATHARINE                     NY-28-55-343
ENGLERT, CATHARINE                     NY-28-33-283
ENGLERT, GEORGE                        NY-28-62-289
ENGLERT, JACOB                         NY-28-15-209
ENGLERT, JOHN                          NY-28-37-193
ENGLERT, MICHAEL                       NY-28-47-359
ENGLERT, WILLIAM                       NY-28-66-497
ENNIS, ABRAHAM                         NY-28-3-405
ENNIS, BRIDGET                         NY-28-36-481
ENNIS, THOMAS                          NY-28-28-133
ENOS, B. FRANK                         NY-28-62-379
ENOS, SOPHRONIA                        NY-28-48-266
ENRIGHT, MICHAEL P.                    NY-28-48-278
ENRIGHT, PATRICK                       NY-28-33-349
ENRIGHT, THOMAS J.                     NY-28-43-106
ENSIGN, GEORGE                         NY-28-23-165
ENSMANN, ADOLF                         NY-28-55-19
ERB, ELIZABETH                         NY-28-47-296
ERB, JOHN                              NY-28-47-488
ERBLAND, MARGARETTA                    NY-28-57-463
ERBLAND, PAUL                          NY-28-33-289
ERHARDT, ROSANNA                       NY-28-13-96
ERHART, MARGARET                       NY-28-57-325
ERICKSON, AARON                        NY-28-27-109
ERICKSON, HANNAH                       NY-28-58-266
ERLER, WILLIAM                         NY-28-39-172
ERLER, WILLIAM                         NY-28-45-5
ERLICH, ISRAEL                         NY-28-48-32
ERNISSE, ABRAM                         NY-28-48-368
ERNISSE, MAGDALENA D.                  NY-28-41-58
ERNISSEE, ABRAHAM                      NY-28-63-55
ERNST, LOUIS                           NY-28-49-128
ERNST, MARGARETHA                      NY-28-34-250
ERVER, EDWIN                           NY-28-46-173
ESS, PAUL                              NY-28-12-279
ESSELSTYNE, WILLIAM C.                 NY-28-4-132
ESTEN, ELEANOR                         NY-28-9-139
ESTEN, GEORGE W.                       NY-28-29-461
ESTEN, HENRY                           NY-28-4-13
ESTER, CATHERINE E.                    NY-28-65-515
ESTER, CONRAD                          NY-28-31-57
ESTES, HANNAH S.                       NY-28-44-491
ESTES, MARY A.                         NY-28-37-514
ESTRANGE, MARIA L.                     NY-28-35-505
ESTUS, JOSEPH                          NY-28-12-358
ETTENHEIMER, DAVID                     NY-28-8-579
ETTENHEIMER, EZRA                      NY-28-57-421
ETTENHEIMER, JACOB                     NY-28-58-457
ETTENHEIMER, LUCY R.                   NY-28-17-643
ETTS, EGBERT M.                        NY-28-63-488
ETTS, NORRIS                           NY-28-31-149
EUSTES, MARY ANN                       NY-28-32-256
EVANS, AGNES L.                        NY-28-41-313
EVANS, CARTER                          NY-28-17-63
EVANS, CHARLES                         NY-28-12-87
EVANS, EVAN                            NY-28-36-193
EVANS, JOSEPH                          NY-28-63-194
EVEREST, MARVIN                        NY-28-12-522
EVERSHED, JOHN                         NY-28-55-436
EVERSHED, THOMAS                       NY-28-45-41
EVES, REUBEN S.                        NY-28-14-165
EVINS, DAVID                           NY-28-13-485
EWALD, NICHOLAS                        NY-28-65-7
EWART, AGNES                           NY-28-49-314
EWART, CHARLES                         NY-28-20-481
EWER, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-61-217
EWER, GEORGE                           NY-28-62-139
EWER, ISAAC G.                         NY-28-24-165
EWER, MARTHA                           NY-28-59-219
EWER, NATHANIEL                        NY-28-8-331

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