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BOARD, ELEANOR D.                      NY-28-22-95
BOARD, PHEBE H.                        NY-28-22-91
BOARDMAN, ELECTUS                      NY-28-10-468
BOARDMAN, HENRY E.                     NY-28-61-268
BOArDMAN, JOHN                         NY-28-9-116
BOARDMAN, LYDIA                        NY-28-47-110
BOARDMAN, MARIA OLIVIA                 NY-28-60-403
BOARDMAN, PHEBE                        NY-28-30-292
BOAS, LEONORA                          NY-28-21-489
BOAST, HANNAH                          NY-28-28-173
BOCCHUS, PETER I.                      NY-28-13-520
BOCHLEY, MICHAEL                       NY-28-40-477
BODETTE, NELSON                        NY-28-27-157
BODWELL, DAVID M.                      NY-28-4-149
BOEHLEY, FRANCIS                       NY-28-39-43
BOEHLY, FRANCES                        NY-28-53-193
BOEHM, CHRISTOPHER HENRY               NY-28-61-289
BOEHM, GUSTAV L.                       NY-28-49-278
BOEHM, JOHN                            NY-28-27-350
BOEVERMAN, DANIEL                      NY-28-62-421
BOGARDUS, RUTH ANN                     NY-28-19-401
BOGART, AGNES                          NY-28-25-457
BOHAN, MICHAEL                         NY-28-65-125
BOHAN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-62-77
BOHN, JOHN G.                          NY-28-55-223
BOHN, PETER                            NY-28-54-269
BOHNENBLUST, JACOB                     NY-28-63-413
BOHNHORST, AUGUST JR.                  NY-28-47-518
BOLAND, PETER                          NY-28-49-245
BOLLENBACH, JOHN                       NY-28-52-214
BOLLEY, SUSAN PITMAN                   NY-28-58-229
BOMER, MARTIN                          NY-28-39-446
BOND, ABNER                            NY-28-2-430
BOND, ELI                              NY-28-3-413
BOND, JAMES                            NY-28-18-115
BOND, MATILDA                          NY-28-25-117
BOND, ZEBEDEE                          NY-28-34-211
BONENBLUS, FRANK                       NY-28-65-479
BONESTEEL, ANNA                        NY-28-39-52
BOORMAN, FRED F.                       NY-28-39-330
BOORMAN, RICHARD                       NY-28-4-354
BOORMAN, ROBERT                        NY-28-66-421
BOOTH, CELIA BROOKS                    NY-28-55-28
BOOTH, EZRA B.                         NY-28-38-316
BOOTH, HENRIETTA L.                    NY-28-55-43
BOOTH, WILLIAM R.                      NY-28-47-281
BOOTHE, REUBEN N.                      NY-28-25-73
BORCHARD, CAROLINE                     NY-28-49-476
BORCHARD, FREDERICK                    NY-28-25-485
BORENIZER, PAUL                        NY-28-42-205
BORKHIUS, RICHARD                      NY-28-55-454
BORKHUIS, RICHARD                      NY-28-61-383
BORNKESSEL, JOHN C.                    NY-28-62-484
BORT, JAMES                            NY-28-45-80
BORTLE, MORRIS                         NY-28-65-218
BOSCH, JOHN                            NY-28-31-93
BOSLEY, ESTHER                         NY-28-17-515
BOSOLD, HENRY                          NY-28-37-391
BOSTWICK, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-12-536
BOSTWICK, HULDAH J.                    NY-28-33-268
BOSTWICK, JAMES G.                     NY-28-5-607
BOSWELL, DINAH M.                      NY-28-15-767
BOSWELL, JOHN                          NY-28-19-33
BOSWORTH, CATHARINE E.                 NY-28-35-229
BOSWORTH, ELIZA A.                     NY-28-62-223
BOSWORTH, HIRAM                        NY-28-59-459
BOSWORTH, MYRON H.                     NY-28-21-465
BOSWORTH, SETH W.                      NY-28-39-482
BOSWORTH, WILLIAM H.                   NY-28-35-331
BOTSFORD, DAVID                        NY-28-22-291
BOTSFORD, FRANCIS P.                   NY-28-28-233
BOTSFORD, HENRY H.                     NY-28-45-407
BOTSFORD, MARY                         NY-28-32-308
BOTT, CASPAR                           NY-28-37-118
BOTT, MAGDALENA                        NY-28-55-385
BOTTNER, CHARLOTTE                     NY-28-63-143
BOTTOMLEY, BRIDGET                     NY-28-34-40
BOTTS, CHARLES A.                      NY-28-61-197
BOTTUM, FRANK M.                       NY-28-63-212
BOTTUM, MAHALA D.                      NY-28-31-293
BOUGHTON, CORNELIA A.                  NY-28-62-73
BOUGHTON, ELIJAH K.                    NY-28-47-194
BOUGHTON, FREDRICK                     NY-28-8-102
BOUGHTON, HORACE C.                    NY-28-45-134
BOURA, FRANCES                         NY-28-54-65
BOURNE, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-12-71
BOURNE, RICHARD                        NY-28-19-165
BOURNE, ROBERT                         NY-28-37-145
BOUTON, ENOCH                          NY-28-51-31
BOWAN, JOHN                            NY-28-26-9
BOWEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-1-159
BOWEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-14-318
BOWEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-1-256
BOWEN, EBENEZER                        NY-28-11-141
BOWEN, IRA                             NY-28-7-550
BOWER, MARY JANE                       NY-28-56-499
BOWERMAN, HARPER                       NY-28-4-36
BOWERMAN, HOMER T.                     NY-28-42-292
BOWERMAN, LUTHER B.                    NY-28-66-499
BOWES, PATRICK                         NY-28-15-652
BOWES, PATRICK                         NY-28-61-496
BOWLSBY, HENRY T.                      NY-28-14-347
BOWMAN, JOHN                           NY-28-5-464
BOWMAN, JOHN                           NY-28-26-9
BOWN, CHARLES L.                       NY-28-27-428
BOWN, MARY                             NY-28-55-127
BOX, MARGARET                          NY-28-37-229
BOX, WILLIAM                           NY-28-14-509
BOYCE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-1-461
BOYD, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-28-65-581
BOYD, JAMES S.                         NY-28-52-67
BOYD, THOMAS                           NY-28-10-153
BOYLE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-37-127
BOYSON, ANN                            NY-28-49-215
BRACHT, SOPHIA                         NY-28-66-182
BRACKEN, JAMES                         NY-28-24-73
BRACKETT, ANDREW J.                    NY-28-9-13
BRACKETT, MARY A.                      NY-28-31-161
BRACKETT, SARAH W.                     NY-28-14-769
BRADER, ANNA                           NY-28-35-496
BRADFORD, ALVAH                        NY-28-8-72
BRADFORD, CHARLOTTE                    NY-28-52-298
BRADFORD, SAMUEL D.                    NY-28-13-292
BRADLEY, HUGH                          NY-28-33-346
BRADLEY, SAMUEL B.                     NY-28-28-357
BRADSHAW, BEULAH ANN                   NY-28-63-19
BRADSHAW, CHARITY                      NY-28-5-388
BRADSHAW, DELIA                        NY-28-47-413
BRADSTREET, SAMUEL W.                  NY-28-8-116
BRAHLER, DEAKOW                        NY-28-62-493
BRAINERD, AUGUSTUS F.                  NY-28-30-267
BRAINERD, CLAUDIUS                     NY-28-44-241
BRAITHWITE, FRANCIS                    NY-28-9-27
BRAMBLE, FANNIE F.                     NY-28-54-464
BRAMBLEY, HATTIE                       NY-28-43-82
BRAMLY, EBINEZER                       NY-28-34-349
BRANCH, LUCY                           NY-28-2-453
BRANCH, PETER                          NY-28-40-1
BRANDENBURG, MARY                      NY-28-52-250
BRANDT, BARBARA                        NY-28-20-57
BRANDT, LOUIS W.                       NY-28-30-275
BRANNAN, JOHN                          NY-28-46-275
BRASCH, MARGARET                       NY-28-39-120
BRASCH, VALENTINE                      NY-28-30-231
BRAST, CHARLES                         NY-28-36-172
BRAST, CHRISTOPH                       NY-28-46-113
BRAUN, FREDERICK                       NY-28-64-341
BRAUN, JACOB                           NY-28-64-47
BRAUN, JOHN                            NY-28-59-328
BRAUN, LAURENCE J.                     NY-28-33-421
BRAUN, NICHOLAUS                       NY-28-46-146
BRAYER, CATHERINE                      NY-28-56-244
BRAYER, JOHN C.                        NY-28-40-169
BRAYER, MICHAEL                        NY-28-37-217
BRAYER, NICHOLAS                       NY-28-66-490
BREAKEY, JAMES W.                      NY-28-46-56
BREATHWAITE, ROBERT                    NY-28-27-235
BRECK, JAMES                           NY-28-15-501
BRECK, MARTIN B.                       NY-28-22-191
BRECK, MARY                            NY-28-41-406
BREEZE, THOMAS                         NY-28-56-304
BREIRTON, DANIEL                       NY-28-6-81
BRENAN, ROSE                           NY-28-32-412
BRENNAN, ANDREW                        NY-28-43-235
BRENNAN, SARAH                         NY-28-22-415
BRENNEN, THOMAS                        NY-28-62-311
BRENNER, HELENA                        NY-28-65-223
BRENNER, JOHN                          NY-28-39-13
BRESEE, CHRISTOPHER A.                 NY-28-3-61
BRETTELL, FRANCIS S.                   NY-28-59-11
BREUN, THOMAS                          NY-28-32-452
BREW, JOHN                             NY-28-8-439
BREWER, THOMAS                         NY-28-8-541
BREWSTER, CELESTIA A.                  NY-28-6-341
BREWSTER, CHARLOTTE M.                 NY-28-30-175
BREWSTER, EDWARD                       NY-28-46-512
BREWSTER, EDWARD                       NY-28-21-313
BREWSTER, FREDERICK W.                 NY-28-12-118
BREWSTER, HENRY                        NY-28-18-175
BREWSTER, HORACE                       NY-28-2-195
BREWSTER, MARY POND                    NY-28-62-127
BREWSTER, SAAH A.                      NY-28-32-304
BREWSTER, SIMON L.                     NY-28-58-543
BREWSTER, WILLIAM                      NY-28-20-29
BRIATHWAITE, MARY                      NY-28-29-21
BRICKLER, JOSEPH                       NY-28-21-225
BRIDGEMAN, GEORGE                      NY-28-53-34
BRIDGES, JOHN                          NY-28-37-499
BRIGGS, ALTHEA                         NY-28-23-25
BRIGGS, CHARLES W.                     NY-28-64-125
BRIGGS, HAMLET                         NY-28-60-409
BRIGGS, HANNAH P.                      NY-28-45-278
BRIGGS, JAMES                          NY-28-64-380
BRIGGS, MARTIN                         NY-28-34-310
BRIGGS, SILAS                          NY-28-40-133
BRIGGS, SOPHIA F.                      NY-28-20-365
BRIGHAM, ARISTINE O.                   NY-28-29-329
BRIGHAM, HENRY                         NY-28-28-157
BRIGHAM, JOHN                          NY-28-9-408
BRIGHAM, JOHN D.                       NY-28-54-245
BRIGHAM, MILTON                        NY-28-61-391
BRIGHAM, PERMELIA                      NY-28-26-381
BRIGHAM, PHILANDA                      NY-28-52-25
BRIGS, SAMUEL H.                       NY-28-54-182
BRINISTOOL, JACOB                      NY-28-30-423
BRINNINSTOOL, MICHAEL                  NY-28-5-24
BRISTOL, ISAAC J.                      NY-28-4-184
BRISTOW, FANNIE J.                     NY-28-25-169
BRISTOW, KITTIE                        NY-28-66-175
BRITTON, ALEXANDER                     NY-28-43-37
BRITTON, ALEXANDER P.                  NY-28-29-81
BROCKMAN, MARIA                        NY-28-26-453
BROCKWAY, CAROLINE M.                  NY-28-59-339
BROCKWAY, CHARLES M.                   NY-28-16-366
BROCKWAY, HIEL                         NY-28-3-182
BROCKWAY, JOSEPH                       NY-28-6-49
BROCKWAY, MARY A.                      NY-28-38-436
BRODIE, THOMAS                         NY-28-57-472
BRODIE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-6-10
BRODRICK, THOMAS                       NY-28-25-17
BRODT, CHARLOTTE M. C.                 NY-28-11-208
BROGAN, JAMES                          NY-28-7-151
BROKAW, TUNIS                          NY-28-45-293
BROMLEY, ALEXANDER                     NY-28-65-277
BROMLEY, DANIEL H.                     NY-28-22-185
BROMLEY, FANNY                         NY-28-20-253
BROMLEY, MARTIN                        NY-28-6-431
BROMLEY, SCHUYLER D.                   NY-28-9-345
BRONSON, AMON                          NY-28-22-107
BRONSON, ANN E.                        NY-28-25-129
BRONSON, LOEMMA E.                     NY-28-40-391
BROOKS, AMELIA                         NY-28-43-103
BROOKS, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-32-204
BROOKS, CHARLOTTE M.                   NY-28-13-243
BROOKS, CHARLOTTE M.                   NY-28-13-253
BROOKS, JAMES S.                       NY-28-28-425
BROOKS, JOSEPH                         NY-28-13-172
BROOKS, MARIA                          NY-28-58-422
BROOKS, MARY J.                        NY-28-56-106
BROOKS, NANCY M.                       NY-28-49-329
BROOKS, RACHEL A.                      NY-28-34-463
BROOKS, SUSAN                          NY-28-7-274
BROOKS, THOMAS                         NY-28-31-405
BROOKS, TIEOPLA                        NY-28-42-517
BROOKS, WILLIAM D.                     NY-28-64-493
BROPHY, MARY                           NY-28-42-154
BROST, CHARLES                         NY-28-36-172
BROST, DOROTHEA                        NY-28-55-412
BROUWER, CORNELIUS T.                  NY-28-41-289
BROUWER, ELIZABETH R.                  NY-28-56-211
BROWER, CATHARINE                      NY-28-6-95
BROWER, CATHERINE E.                   NY-28-37-313
BROWER, JAMES H.                       NY-28-20-5
BROWER, JOHN                           NY-28-23-397
BROWER, JOSEPH G.                      NY-28-45-158
BROWER, REBECCA                        NY-28-13-221
BROWN, ABNER                           NY-28-14-309
BROWN, ABNER N.                        NY-28-31-285
BROWN, ALEXANDER G.                    NY-28-45-413
BROWN, ALFRED                          NY-28-43-508
BROWN, ANN                             NY-28-59-509
BROWN, ANSON                           NY-28-25-409
BROWN, AUGUSTUS                        NY-28-15-65
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-2-449
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        NY-28-36-52
BROWN, CHARLES F.                      NY-28-57-476
BROWN, CYNTHIA L.                      NY-28-63-616
BROWN, DELES D.                        NY-28-48-464
BROWN, DELIA                           NY-28-57-136
BROWN, DYER S.                         NY-28-39-217
BROWN, EBENEZER                        NY-28-2-145
BROWN, EDITH E.                        NY-28-36-322
BROWN, EDWARD                          NY-28-32-296
BROWN, EDWARD S.                       NY-28-40-394
BROWN, EDWARD S.                       NY-28-63-633
BROWN, ELIZA                           NY-28-52-370
BROWN, ELIZABETH G.                    NY-28-58-23
BROWN, EMILY A.                        NY-28-45-50
BROWN, EZEKIEL F.                      NY-28-1-491
BROWN, FRANCIS H.                      NY-28-35-304
BROWN, FREDERICK                       NY-28-64-341
BROWN, FREDERICK G.                    NY-28-48-89
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-28-16-363
BROWN, GILES E.                        NY-28-61-575
BROWN, HANNAH                          NY-28-35-310
BROWN, HANNAH F.                       NY-28-44-301
BROWN, HARRIET C.                      NY-28-4-389
BROWN, HARRIET D.                      NY-28-42-166
BROWN, HARRIET T.                      NY-28-51-196
BROWN, HEMAN                           NY-28-20-445
BROWN, HIRAM S.                        NY-28-31-277
BROWN, HUGH HALL                       NY-28-9-472
BROWN, IRA P.                          NY-28-8-464
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-28-10-143
BROWN, JACOB B.                        NY-28-44-66
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-28-38-471
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-28-35-268
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-28-22-159
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-28-13-272
BROWN, JAMES W.                        NY-28-46-362
BROWN, JANE                            NY-28-32-464
BROWN, JANE C.                         NY-28-27-308
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-28-45-32
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-28-24-125
BROWN, JOHN J.                         NY-28-54-266
BROWN, JOHN M.                         NY-28-65-340
BROWN, JOHN N.                         NY-28-53-445
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-28-8-248
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NY-28-23-257
BROWN, JULIA                           NY-28-64-209
BROWN, LAURA M.                        NY-28-47-485
BROWN, LEMUEL                          NY-28-5-497
BROWN, LEVI                            NY-28-7-137
BROWN, MARY                            NY-28-65-517
BROWN, MARY A.                         NY-28-23-333
BROWN, MARY A. E.                      NY-28-49-323
BROWN, MATTHEW                         NY-28-5-162
BROWN, NATHANIEL L.                    NY-28-23-281
BROWN, OLIVER                          NY-28-66-83
BROWN, REBECCA                         NY-28-43-151
BROWN, REBECCA                         NY-28-32-116
BROWN, ROBERT C.                       NY-28-65-103
BROWN, ROBERT STEWART                  NY-28-46-518
BROWN, ROXANA                          NY-28-62-589
BROWN, SAMUEL S.                       NY-28-21-253
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-28-21-273
BROWN, TALCOTT                         NY-28-13-504
BROWN, THERON                          NY-28-8-83
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-28-58-194
BROWN, THOMAS A.                       NY-28-59-166
BROWN, THOMAS L.                       NY-28-64-533
BROWN, TRUMAN                          NY-28-8-6
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-43-145
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-17-581
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-63-465
BROWN, WILLIAM B.                      NY-28-6-59
BROWN, WILLIAM F.                      NY-28-57-58
BROWN, WILLIAM R.                      NY-28-2-318
BROWN, WILLIAM S.                      NY-28-14-644
BROWNAM, GEORGE G.                     NY-28-12-128
BROWNE, LEWIS C.                       NY-28-58-592
BROWNELL, AARON                        NY-28-60-190
BROWNELL, AURELIA                      NY-28-25-157
BROWNELL, CLINTON D.                   NY-28-31-89
BROWNELL, GARRETT                      NY-28-32-384
BROWNELL, IRA                          NY-28-22-427
BROWNELL, JOHN V.                      NY-28-58-539
BROWNWELL, ALLICE                      NY-28-10-129
BROWNYARD, JOHN PETER                  NY-28-9-177
BRUCE, EZEKIEL                         NY-28-2-215
BRUECK, CARL                           NY-28-59-323
BRUECK, GEORGE                         NY-28-40-286
BRUINS, ANNA WILHELMINA                NY-28-17-750
BRUMAN, ALBERT H.                      NY-28-52-157
BRUNSWICK, FANNY                       NY-28-65-293
BRUTSCH, CATHERINE                     NY-28-53-118
BRYANT, HENRY                          NY-28-14-584
BUCHAN, CAROLINE                       NY-28-10-350
BUCHAN, JAMES                          NY-28-15-90
BUCHER, LYDIA E.                       NY-28-62-406
BUCHTERKIRCH, MARY                     NY-28-41-16
BUCK, HARRIET                          NY-28-54-35
BUCKLAND, ABNER                        NY-28-10-606
BUCKLAND, J. W. (RABBI)                NY-28-22-335
BUCKLAND, MARTHA A.                    NY-28-57-55
BUCKLAND, STEPHEN                      NY-28-21-257
BUCKLEY, KERON                         NY-28-29-481
BUCKLEY, MARY                          NY-28-65-272
BUCKLEY, TIMOTHY                       NY-28-20-273
BUCKMAN, ELIZABETH ANN                 NY-28-54-497
BUDD, ALLEN                            NY-28-3-129
BUDD, CHLOE                            NY-28-15-462
BUDD, DANIEL                           NY-28-5-404
BUDD, DANIEL                           NY-28-50-256
BUDLONG, JOHN L.                       NY-28-21-285
BUDLONG, MILTON                        NY-28-34-163
BUDLONG, SCHUYLER                      NY-28-48-323
BUEL, JANE C.                          NY-28-31-273
BUELL, ALBERT                          NY-28-49-167
BUELL, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-28-64-479
BUELL, GEORGE C.                       NY-28-58-353
BUELL, HARLEY D.                       NY-28-4-308
BUELL, JONATHAN                        NY-28-3-333
BUELL, LOIS                            NY-28-7-440
BUELL, SYLVANUS                        NY-28-19-293
BUELL, WILLIAM                         NY-28-10-578
BUELTE, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-64-5
BUFF, CATHERINE                        NY-28-47-89
BUGES, CHARLES                         NY-28-55-253
BUHL, MICHAEL                          NY-28-51-337
BUHLER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-29-89
BUHLMAN, ELIZA M.                      NY-28-59-95
BUHLMAN, HENRY W.                      NY-28-57-388
BUHLMAN, JOHN C.                       NY-28-60-64
BULGER, MICHEAL                        NY-28-48-449
BULKLEY, RICHARD                       NY-28-8-87
BULL, HENRY                            NY-28-33-67
BULL, HENRY                            NY-28-63-13
BULLARD, DELANO                        NY-28-10-292
BULLARD, LEWIS                         NY-28-46-77
BULLARD, WILLIAM                       NY-28-43-253
BULLINGER, MARGARET                    NY-28-50-276
BULLMAN, LEMUEL                        NY-28-4-379
BULLOCK, ASA                           NY-28-3-272
BUMPUS, ALEXANDER N.                   NY-28-53-454
BUMPUS, LUCY P.                        NY-28-65-119
BUNKER, MARGARET T.                    NY-28-44-161
BUNKER, ROBERT                         NY-28-49-188
BUNN, DOLLY A.                         NY-28-26-289
BUNNEL, ELIZA STRICKLAND               NY-28-37-340
BURBANK, MARIA LOUISE                  NY-28-13-108
BURBANK, MARY                          NY-28-38-386
BURCH, HENRY                           NY-28-21-289
BURCH, ROBERT                          NY-28-31-225
BURCHARD, CARRIE J. DECKER             NY-28-36-13
BURCHILL, SAMUEL                       NY-28-15-127
BURCKHARDT, ANDREW                     NY-28-65-130
BURDETT, HENRY                         NY-28-8-251
BURDICK, PERRY                         NY-28-40-489
BURGARD, MARTIN                        NY-28-55-268
BURGER, GEORGE                         NY-28-18-415
BURGER, HENRY                          NY-28-3-448
BURGER, JOHN                           NY-28-38-46
BURGER, JOHN                           NY-28-37-124
BURGER, JOHN                           NY-28-64-149
BURGER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-12-94
BURGER, JUDITH                         NY-28-65-415
BURGER, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-37-214
BURGER, MARY                           NY-28-49-428
BURGESS, CHARLES                       NY-28-29-73
BURGESS, LAURA M.                      NY-28-66-157
BURKE, CATHARINE DOROTHY               NY-28-38-19
BURKE, CATHARINE DOROTHY               NY-28-36-397
BURKE, CHARLES J.                      NY-28-17-635
BURKE, HARRIETT                        NY-28-64-337
BURKE, LILLIAN M.                      NY-28-57-190
BURKE, RICHARD F.                      NY-28-36-130
BURKE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-29-269
BURKHART, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-60-475
BURLEY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-47-254
BURLEY, GARDNER                        NY-28-34-382
BURLEY, JOHN H.                        NY-28-19-281
BURLINGAME, HERMAN GEORGE              NY-28-47-20
BURLINGHAM, PHEBE A.                   NY-28-51-468
BURNAP, MARY                           NY-28-8-105
BURNET, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-10-33
BURNETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-33-190
BURNETT, ISAAC                         NY-28-42-262
BURNETT, RACHEL                        NY-28-7-304
BURNS, ALICE                           NY-28-20-441
BURNS, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-30-111
BURNS, JAMES                           NY-28-16-501
BURNS, JANE                            NY-28-66-233
BURNS, JOHANNAH                        NY-28-62-146
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-28-36-328
BURNS, JOHN C.                         NY-28-28-313
BURNS, MICHAEL                         NY-28-37-64
BURNS, NORA                            NY-28-49-335
BURNS, PATRICK                         NY-28-58-84
BURNS, PATRICK                         NY-28-31-289
BURNS, ROBERT                          NY-28-49-407
BURPEE, FRANKLIN                       NY-28-28-373
BURR, POLLY                            NY-28-20-465
BURR, SMAUEL H.                        NY-28-54-323
BURR, ZERAH                            NY-28-26-377
BURRITT, BAILEY                        NY-28-49-311
BURRITT, ISAAC                         NY-28-11-73
BURRITT, JAMES                         NY-28-6-459
BURRITT, SELEY                         NY-28-58-261
BURRITT, SYLVESTER                     NY-28-63-673
BURROUGH, AUGUST                       NY-28-13-636
BURROUGHS, PELEG                       NY-28-5-433
BURROW, GEORGE                         NY-28-56-238
BURROWS, AMOS                          NY-28-19-473
BURROWS, ASA                           NY-28-41-100
BURROWS, DELIA P.                      NY-28-62-19
BURROWS, J. ADDISON                    NY-28-19-382
BURROWS, SARAH                         NY-28-22-419
BURT, FESTUS                           NY-28-4-244
BURT, HENRY W.                         NY-28-8-13
BURTIS, LEWIS                          NY-28-13-678
BURTON, LEONARD                        NY-28-62-182
BURTON, MARY ISABELLA                  NY-28-45-383
BURTON, WINFIELD O.                    NY-28-41-292
BURWELL, MARY                          NY-28-7-61
BUSBY, HARRIET WILLIAMS                NY-28-58-514
BUSBY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-42-31
BUSCH, BARBARA                         NY-28-64-491
BUSH, CHARLES T.                       NY-28-61-473
BUSH, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-28-15-116
BUSH, CLARINDA                         NY-28-37-349
BUSH, EDWARD                           NY-28-39-306
BUSH, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-25-285
BUSH, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-38-381
BUSH, FRANKLIN                         NY-28-30-319
BUSH, GEORGE                           NY-28-8-92
BUSH, JONAS T.                         NY-28-15-150
BUSH, LEWIS C.                         NY-28-59-445
BUSH, MARY S.                          NY-28-14-718
BUSH, TIMOTHY                          NY-28-4-434
BUSHMAN, MARY                          NY-28-50-491
BUSHNELL, ELIZA ANN                    NY-28-26-213
BUSHNELL, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-50-416
BUSHNELL, ENSIGN                       NY-28-9-113
BUSHNELL, JOHN H.                      NY-28-3-389
BUSHNELL, JOHN H.                      NY-28-5-525
BUSHNELL, JULIETTE W.                  NY-28-34-13
BUSHNELL, LYDIA                        NY-28-19-197
BUSHNELL, OLIVE C.                     NY-28-15-121
BUSHNELL, SALLY ANN                    NY-28-19-57
BUSHNELL, SAMUEL E.                    NY-28-56-427
BUSHNELL, SIDNEY A.                    NY-28-45-236
BUSSEY, LOUISA F.                      NY-28-62-575
BUTLER, CERNA                          NY-28-39-351
BUTLER, DANIEL                         NY-28-6-189
BUTLER, EDGAR D.                       NY-28-13-708
BUTLER, JAMES                          NY-28-24-209
BUTLER, JEREMIAH                       NY-28-28-321
BUTLER, JOHN                           NY-28-49-134
BUTLER, MARIA L.                       NY-28-57-79
BUTLER, MARTIN                         NY-28-11-123
BUTLER, NELLIE M.                      NY-28-64-581
BUTLER, PATRICK                        NY-28-8-563
BUTLER, WALTER                         NY-28-1-428
BUTTERFIELD, EZRA                      NY-28-2-292
BUTTERFIELD, JOHN                      NY-28-14-367
BUTTERWORTH, MARY FRANCES              NY-28-49-89
BUTTON, ALEXANDER                      NY-28-54-449
BUTTON, ELISHA                         NY-28-39-112
BUTTON, FANNY W.                       NY-28-38-231
BUTTON, THOMAS                         NY-28-40-112
BUTTS, CHRISTIAN                       NY-28-41-211
BUTTS, ISAAC                           NY-28-19-493
BUTTS, MOSSES E.                       NY-28-10-86
BUTTS, TRUMAN                          NY-28-41-481
BUTTS, WILLIAM D.                      NY-28-6-304
BUYCK, ABRAHAM                         NY-28-10-194
BYAM, EBER C.                          NY-28-40-229
BYGRAVES, JAMES                        NY-28-55-262
BYINGTON, CHARLES F.                   NY-28-8-132
BYINGTON, GEORGE                       NY-28-9-160
BYINGTON, MILO                         NY-28-10-229
BYRNE, JOSEPH                          NY-28-60-265
BYRNES, PATRICK                        NY-28-55-484
BYRNES, PATRICK                        NY-28-35-70
BYRNES, WILLIAM                        NY-28-29-253
BYRNS, PATRICK                         NY-28-60-280

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