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JACKSON, ANN S.                        NY-28-13-186
JACKSON, CHLOE                         NY-28-26-493
JACKSON, ISAAC                         NY-28-20-321
JACKSON, JOSEPH                        NY-28-13-784
JACKSON, MARY                          NY-28-52-184
JACKSON, MICAJAH W.                    NY-28-4-275
JACKSON, THOMAS J.                     NY-28-53-286
JACOB, JOHN                            NY-28-50-66
JACOBS, BARBARA                        NY-28-53-403
JACOBS, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-59-439
JACOBUS, ANTHONY                       NY-28-7-184
JAEGER, CHARLOTTA                      NY-28-57-220
JAEGER, GEORGE                         NY-28-36-316
JAEGER, JOHN                           NY-28-36-451
JAGER, MARIA THERESA                   NY-28-52-61
JAGGER, MILTON C.                      NY-28-49-518
JAMES, GEORGE                          NY-28-57-262
JAMES, GERTRUDE W.                     NY-28-65-343
JAMES, HENRY B.                        NY-28-51-61
JAMES, JAMES J.                        NY-28-40-79
JAMES, THOMAS                          NY-28-48-296
JAMESON, CASSIE M.                     NY-28-61-41
JAMESON, ISAAC H.                      NY-28-14-293
JAMIESON, ANDREW R.                    NY-28-46-347
JAMSON, HANNAH                         NY-28-12-489
JANES, WARHAM W.                       NY-28-30-39
JANNECK, CHARLES                       NY-28-61-449
JARVIS, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-57-40
JARVIS, SARAH AJ.                      NY-28-32-20
JEFFORDS, AMELIA F.                    NY-28-27-97
JEFFORDS, MORRISON                     NY-28-37-505
JEFFORDS, NATHAN                       NY-28-13-198
JEFFORDS, POLLY                        NY-28-23-97
JEFFRES, AUGUSTA V.                    NY-28-10-590
JEFFRES, MARIA G.                      NY-28-39-124
JEFFREY, AGNES                         NY-28-59-473
JEFFREY, CATHERINE                     NY-28-56-217
JEFFREY, CLARICE GREIG                 NY-28-49-251
JEFFREY, GURDON                        NY-28-15-423
JEFFREY, HAPPY S.                      NY-28-36-514
JEFFREY, ROSWELL D.                    NY-28-46-161
JEFFREY, WILLIAM                       NY-28-13-161
JEFFRIES, LEONORA P.                   NY-28-49-194
JEFTS, JONATHAN                        NY-28-3-216
JEHLE, THEOBALD                        NY-28-14-586
JENCKS, IRA                            NY-28-32-252
JENKINS, ELIZABETH HORNE               NY-28-6-344
JENKINS, RICHARD                       NY-28-16-73
JENKINSON, JOHN                        NY-28-41-49
JENKS, ELMIRA ANTOINETTE               NY-28-11-224
JENKS, MARY                            NY-28-19-557
JENNER, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-4-200
JENNER, JOHN                           NY-28-1-141
JENNER, THOMAS                         NY-28-7-293
JENNESS, JOSEPH                        NY-28-2-75
JENNI, JOHN                            NY-28-46-317
JENNINGS, ASA K.                       NY-28-53-400
JENNINGS, BETSEY                       NY-28-31-233
JENNINGS, CAROLINE                     NY-28-52-202
JENNINGS, FRANCES ANN                  NY-28-65-283
JENNINGS, GEORGE E.                    NY-28-35-313
JENNINGS, HENRY                        NY-28-16-42
JENNINGS, JOHN                         NY-28-28-329
JENNINGS, MARY                         NY-28-48-140
JENNINGS, PETER W.                     NY-28-4-178
JENNINGS, SUSAN                        NY-28-20-45
JENNY, BENEDICT                        NY-28-41-190
JENNY, JOHN                            NY-28-46-317
JEROME, GEORGE                         NY-28-22-147
JEROME, WILLIAM G.                     NY-28-54-341
JESSERER, ALOISE                       NY-28-47-71
JEWELL, ENOS                           NY-28-1-379
JEWELL, EZEKIEL                        NY-28-5-183
JEWELL, SARAH GORDON                   NY-28-42-400
JEWETT, MARTHA                         NY-28-48-389
JOBES, CATHARINE                       NY-28-26-485
JOBES, DANIEL Y.                       NY-28-36-337
JOCKLE, MARGARETHA                     NY-28-55-88
JOHNSON, ALMERON J.                    NY-28-63-766
JOHNSON, ASA L.                        NY-28-59-233
JOHNSON, CALVIN                        NY-28-48-59
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       NY-28-16-187
JOHNSON, CORDELIA                      NY-28-28-229
JOHNSON, ELIZA                         NY-28-61-478
JOHNSON, ELIZA A.                      NY-28-34-70
JOHNSON, EMMA A.                       NY-28-14-577
JOHNSON, JOHN GREIG                    NY-28-45-143
JOHNSON, LEWIS                         NY-28-37-277
JOHNSON, LUTHER H.                     NY-28-16-242
JOHNSON, LYMAN                         NY-28-64-442
JOHNSON, MARIA J.                      NY-28-36-277
JOHNSON, MARY ANN                      NY-28-57-328
JOHNSON, MARY M.                       NY-28-54-62
JOHNSON, MERCY DIANTHA                 NY-28-49-116
JOHNSON, OLE                           NY-28-24-237
JOHNSON, ROBERT B.                     NY-28-62-221
JOHNSON, SALLY D.                      NY-28-54-59
JOHNSON, SAMUEL W.                     NY-28-13-474
JOHNSON, SARAH LOUISIE                 NY-28-49-62
JOHNSON, SOPHIA                        NY-28-49-47
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NY-28-2-425
JOHNSON, WILLIAM E.                    NY-28-35-55
JOHNSON, WILLIAMS                      NY-28-39-234
JOHNSON, ZEBULON                       NY-28-49-347
JOHNSTON, ABRAM                        NY-28-1-16
JOHNSTON, CLARK                        NY-28-52-397
JOHNSTON, DANIEL L.                    NY-28-39-7
JOHNSTON, ELIZA                        NY-28-21-161
JOHNSTON, LAWRENCE                     NY-28-11-104
JOHNSTON, SARAH S.                     NY-28-60-28
JOHNSTON, SUSAN                        NY-28-38-186
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                       NY-28-47-188
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      NY-28-8-64
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM B.                   NY-28-15-21
JONES, ALLAN                           NY-28-11-94
JONES, AMANDA                          NY-28-62-517
JONES, AMBROSE                         NY-28-33-442
JONES, ANN                             NY-28-16-615
JONES, ANNIE R.                        NY-28-45-440
JONES, CARLISTA                        NY-28-54-158
JONES, CATHARINE D.                    NY-28-37-130
JONES, CHARLES A.                      NY-28-7-191
JONES, DAVID L.                        NY-28-62-401
JONES, DAVID W.                        NY-28-26-253
JONES, ELIJAH W.                       NY-28-29-149
JONES, HARRIET N.                      NY-28-34-205
JONES, HARRY C.                        NY-28-44-16
JONES, HIRAM                           NY-28-30-387
JONES, JAMES                           NY-28-37-412
JONES, JAMES E.                        NY-28-62-275
JONES, JANE E.                         NY-28-25-201
JONES, JOHN H.                         NY-28-6-127
JONES, JONAS                           NY-28-44-486
JONES, JOSHUA F.                       NY-28-13-672
JONES, LAURA                           NY-28-41-4
JONES, LAURA JANE FLOYD                NY-28-5-289
JONES, MARIETTA                        NY-28-33-310
JONES, MARY                            NY-28-46-74
JONES, MARY S.                         NY-28-52-28
JONES, REUBEN                          NY-28-52-280
JONES, ROWLAND                         NY-28-17-161
JONES, SAMUEL                          NY-28-35-436
JONES, SARAH                           NY-28-28-389
JONES, SARAH A.                        NY-28-58-370
JONES, SIMON                           NY-28-62-476
JONES, THOMAS W.                       NY-28-15-401
JONES, WILLIAM                         NY-28-61-95
JORDAN, ISAAC                          NY-28-25-217
JORDAN, MARTHA                         NY-28-34-289
JOSEPH, MARY A.                        NY-28-62-382
JOSEPH, MATTHIAS                       NY-28-5-16
JOSEPH, ROSS                           NY-28-32-288
JOSLYN, JOHN H.                        NY-28-65-412
JOSLYN, MARIA M.                       NY-28-42-4
JOSLYN, MARIETTA M.                    NY-28-62-451
JUDD, JARED H.                         NY-28-38-286
JUDGE, ANDREW                          NY-28-37-34
JUDSON, ALFRED                         NY-28-9-29
JUDSON, MARY E.                        NY-28-49-38
JUNG, VALENTINE                        NY-28-9-193
JUNGJOHANN, CHRISTIAN                  NY-28-62-571
JUNNEMANN, ADAM                        NY-28-65-25
JUPP, SPENCER                          NY-28-17-27
KABIN, CONRAD                          NY-28-16-112
KAEI, JOHN                             NY-28-32-180
KAELBER, JOHANN FRIEDRICH              NY-28-62-385
KAGEL, CHRIS JOHN                      NY-28-61-77
KAIRN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-42-475
KAISER, FRANZ JOSEPH                   NY-28-56-289
KAISER, FRIDA                          NY-28-22-283
KAISER, RUDOLPH C. (DR.)               NY-28-64-527
KALAHER, PATRICK                       NY-28-42-349
KALB, CATHARINE                        NY-28-53-202
KALB, MARTIN                           NY-28-22-155
KALB, ROSINA                           NY-28-33-103
KALBFLEISCH, EMILY M.                  NY-28-42-34
KALBFLEISCH, JOHN H.                   NY-28-42-73
KALL, CHRISTOPHER W.                   NY-28-65-281
KAMB, MARIA EVA                        NY-28-60-211
KAMMER, KATHERINA                      NY-28-60-427
HAMMER, PHILIP                         NY-28-54-131
KANALLY, TIMOTHY                       NY-28-53-133
KANE, CORNELIUS                        NY-28-49-260
KANE, ELIZA                            NY-28-57-283
KANE, JAMES                            NY-28-26-385
KANE, JAMES                            NY-28-65-319
KANE, JOHN                             NY-28-21-45
KANE, JOHN                             NY-28-19-161
KANE, JOHN O.                          NY-28-53-82
KANNHAEUSER, WILHELMINA                NY-28-65-583
KANOUS, DANIEL T.                      NY-28-52-142
KARASINSKI, NICHOLAS                   NY-28-16-386
KARLE, GEORGE                          NY-28-14-676
KARLE, JULIANE                         NY-28-55-226
KASE, PETER                            NY-28-22-359
KATZ, AMALIE                           NY-28-21-453
KATZ, JEANETTE                         NY-28-36-58
KAUFELD, JOHN P.                       NY-28-47-338
KAUFMAN, LEANDER W.                    NY-28-63-7
KAUFMAN, MARY J.                       NY-28-34-37
KAUHAUSER, CHARLES                     NY-28-14-476
KAVANAGH, DENNIS                       NY-28-45-47
KAVANAGH, KITTIE E.                    NY-28-51-166
KAVANAUGH, PATRICK                     NY-28-26-357
KAZMAYER, EVA BARBARA                  NY-28-59-299
KAZMAYER, JACOB                        NY-28-53-19
KEARNES, DENNIS                        NY-28-21-121
KEARNEY, PATRICK                       NY-28-7-67
KEATING, ELIZABTEH F.                  NY-28-65-68
KEATING, PHILIP                        NY-28-36-160
KEDIE, CHARLOTTE F.                    NY-28-42-520
KEEFE, ANN                             NY-28-57-172
KEEFE, CATHERINE                       NY-28-32-56
KEEFE, ELLEN                           NY-28-19-497
KEEFE, JAMES                           NY-28-57-25
KEEFE, PHILLIP                         NY-28-61-251
KEEGAN, BRIDGET                        NY-28-53-199
KEEGAN, FANNY                          NY-28-22-475
KEEGAN, HUGH                           NY-28-17-213
KEEGAN, HUGH                           NY-28-36-238
KEEGAN, MICHAEL W.                     NY-28-42-523
KEEHL, CASPER                          NY-28-38-356
KEELER, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-28-57-16
KEELER, RUBY M.                        NY-28-58-206
KEELER, RUFUS                          NY-28-20-25
KEENAN, MARY JANE                      NY-28-61-44
KEENE, HENRY                           NY-28-60-25
KEENER, FRANCES                        NY-28-54-494
KEENEY, ELISHA J.                      NY-28-19-257
KEENEY, GEORGE                         NY-28-3-415
KEENEY, JANE A.                        NY-28-64-49
KEENEY, MARY A.                        NY-28-52-109
KEHO, SUSAN                            NY-28-41-502
KEHR, GEORGE                           NY-28-24-381
KEIFER, ANDREW                         NY-28-39-431
KEILING, WILHELMINE                    NY-28-53-337
KEIS, JACOB                            NY-28-20-245
KEISER, BARBARA                        NY-28-42-70
KEISER, MICHEAL                        NY-28-34-325
KEITH, LINUS                           NY-28-63-1
KELFER, MARY                           NY-28-60-289
KELLER, ASENATH                        NY-28-66-209
KELLER, JOHN                           NY-28-34-46
KELLER, JOHN ADAM                      NY-28-31-281
KELLER, KATHERINE                      NY-28-55-490
KELLER, LORENZ                         NY-28-41-10
KELLER, MARGARET                       NY-28-52-103
KELLER, MARY                           NY-28-34-451
KELLER, MARY                           NY-28-16-84
KELLER, VERONIKA                       NY-28-41-136
KELLEY, ABIGAIL                        NY-28-66-55
KELLEY, CATHARINE H.                   NY-28-49-266
KELLEY, JOHN J.                        NY-28-44-201
KELLEY, JOHN W.                        NY-28-20-77
KELLEY, MORGAN G.                      NY-28-54-422
KELLEY, PATRICK                        NY-28-40-10
KELLEY, SERIAH                         NY-28-11-126
KELLOG, J. FRANKLIN                    NY-28-15-564
KELLOGG, AMASA                         NY-28-1-45
KELLOGG, CHESTER A.                    NY-28-22-471
KELLOGG, JAMES A.                      NY-28-51-207
KELLOGG, JAMES H.                      NY-28-17-599
KELLOGG, MARY                          NY-28-54-467
KELLOGG, MILO                          NY-28-36-424
KELLOGG, SILVESTER                     NY-28-21-177
KELLY, CATHARINE                       NY-28-33-73
KELLY, CATHARINE M.                    NY-28-28-269
KELLY, EDMUND                          NY-28-55-109
KELLY, EDMUND                          NY-28-60-244
KELLY, ELIZA                           NY-28-40-67
KELLY, JAMES                           NY-28-16-627
KELLY, JOHN                            NY-28-8-278
KELLY, JOSEPH                          NY-28-47-77
KELLY, MARGARET                        NY-28-9-383
KELLY, MARY                            NY-28-55-46
KELLY, N. MORGAN                       NY-28-12-361
KELLY, WALTER                          NY-28-9-343
KELSEY, ABIGAIL F.                     NY-28-19-41
KELSEY, MARY                           NY-28-11-548
KELSO, ROBERT J.                       NY-28-62-581
KEMPE, GEORGE J.                       NY-28-9-79
KEMPF, JOSEPH                          NY-28-53-469
KEMPSHALL, SUSAN P.                    NY-28-16-654
KENAUGH, MARGARET                      NY-28-22-115
KENAY, KEREN                           NY-28-33-430
KENDALL, GEORGE                        NY-28-6-16
KENDALL, LINUS                         NY-28-58-585
KENDRICK, ASAHEL C.                    NY-28-51-583
KENDRICK, DEBORAH S.                   NY-28-65-73
KENDRICK, HELEN M.                     NY-28-35-58
KENION, CHARLES B.                     NY-28-37-235
KENNEDY, JAMES W.                      NY-28-5-8
KENNEDY, JOHN                          NY-28-6-92
KENNEDY, JOHN                          NY-28-66-275
KENNEDY, JUSTIN                        NY-28-15-716
KENNEDY, MARIA                         NY-28-43-277
KENNEDY, MARY ANN                      NY-28-59-382
KENNEDY, MATTHEW                       NY-28-57-148
KENNELL, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-46-506
KENNELL, JOHN L.                       NY-28-57-157
KENNEY, DORA AGNES                     NY-28-50-189
KENNING, HERMAN                        NY-28-50-166
KENNING, THEODORE J.                   NY-28-61-133
KENT, THOMAS                           NY-28-6-265
KENTNER, NELSON C.                     NY-28-10-357
KENYON, RANDALL                        NY-28-32-216
KENYON, SARAH E.                       NY-28-64-371
KEOGH, JAMES                           NY-28-51-626
KEON, PATRICK                          NY-28-58-297
KEPLER, MARGARETHA                     NY-28-14-402
KERBER, JOHN                           NY-28-53-64
KERSBERGER, CATHARINE                  NY-28-47-101
KERSHAN, FRANCIS M.                    NY-28-20-353
KESEL, FRIEDRICH                       NY-28-41-244
KESEL, JOSEPH F.                       NY-28-47-458
KESSEL, CECELIA                        NY-28-16-506
KESSEL, JOSEPH                         NY-28-14-178
KETCHAM, ABRAM F.                      NY-28-24-117
KETCHAM, CORNELIUS                     NY-28-19-17
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                        NY-28-6-442
KETCHUM, ALEXANDER H.                  NY-28-7-429
KETCHUM, DENCY                         NY-28-52-460
KETCHUM, EBENEZER                      NY-28-14-641
KETCHUM, JOHN V. N.                    NY-28-37-4
KETTERBAN, JACOB                       NY-28-20-517
KETTLE, CHARLES                        NY-28-25-417
KEWIN, EDWARD                          NY-28-20-129
KEYES, EDWARD S.                       NY-28-47-191
KEYES, ISIAH                           NY-28-11-603
KEYES, JAMES                           NY-28-16-600
KEYES, JERUSHA                         NY-28-28-197
KEYES, PHEBE HALLOCK                   NY-28-65-59
KIDD, ELEANOR E.                       NY-28-56-232
KIEBSAM, ANNA MARIA                    NY-28-23-81
KIEFER, ANNA M.                        NY-28-35-340
KIERNAN, JAMES P.                      NY-28-60-235
KILBORN, DAVID                         NY-28-10-487
KILBURN, MARIA                         NY-28-10-588
KILLAM, JACOB                          NY-28-3-262
KILLIAN, CONRAD                        NY-28-54-203
KILLICK, JOHN                          NY-28-5-83
KILLICK, SARAH ANN                     NY-28-6-44
KILLICK, WICKING                       NY-28-6-18
KILLIP, PATRICK                        NY-28-43-265
KILPECK, BARTLEY                       NY-28-5-287
KILPECK, CATHARINE                     NY-28-22-143
KILPECK, CATHARINE                     NY-28-22-143
KILTON, ROBERT                         NY-28-2-138
KIMBALL, ALONZO P.                     NY-28-3-458
KIMBALL, ELISHA S.                     NY-28-4-328
KIMBALL, HENRY                         NY-28-39-273
KIMBALL, LOVISA                        NY-28-37-211
KIMBALL, MARGARET C.                   NY-28-63-740
KIMBALL, MARION E.                     NY-28-25-453
KIMBALL, WILLIAM S.                    NY-28-51-406
KIMBARK, ADAM C.                       NY-28-13-92
KIMBERLY, FANNY                        NY-28-56-199
KIMBERLY, HIRAM L.                     NY-28-47-419
KIMBERLY, SAMUEL WEBSTER               NY-28-56-310
KIMMEL, JOSEPH M.                      NY-28-39-91
KIMMET, CONRAD                         NY-28-9-295
KINCAID, CATHARINE                     NY-28-25-9
KINCAID, WILLIAM                       NY-28-15-692
KINDE, AUGUST H.                       NY-28-46-17
KINDE, LOUIS                           NY-28-65-497
KING, ANN                              NY-28-48-329
KING, ANTOINETTE                       NY-28-52-337
KING, BENEDICK                         NY-28-1-346
KING, BRADFORD                         NY-28-25-377
KING, BRADFORD                         NY-28-21-217
KING, BRIDGET                          NY-28-64-11
KING, DAVID T.                         NY-28-35-220
KING, FLORENCE D.                      NY-28-19-105
KING, GEORGE                           NY-28-7-534
KING, HERBERT S.                       NY-28-46-140
KING, HIRAM T.                         NY-28-49-374
KING, JESSE                            NY-28-5-361
KING, JOHN                             NY-28-22-47
KING, JOHN                             NY-28-52-316
KING, JOHN                             NY-28-16-229
KING, JOHN A.                          NY-28-13-225
KING, JOHN L.                          NY-28-12-482
KING, JONATHAN                         NY-28-16-575
KING, JOSEPH L.                        NY-28-15-558
KING, LYMAN                            NY-28-27-37
KING, MANGLE                           NY-28-13-648
KING, MARY                             NY-28-16-257
KING, MARY B. ALLEN                    NY-28-17-735
KING, MOSES                            NY-28-30-119
KING, SARAH A.                         NY-28-56-271
KING, SELDEN R.                        NY-28-1-274
KING, WILLIAM                          NY-28-1-445
KING, WILLIAM                          NY-28-5-419
KINGSBURY, GILBERT J.                  NY-28-45-167
KINGSBURY, GILBERT J.                  NY-28-66-313
KINGSBURY, MARY P.                     NY-28-60-130
KINGSBURY, MORRIS                      NY-28-10-592
KINGSLEY, DANIEL                       NY-28-37-484
KINGSLEY, JULIA ANN                    NY-28-48-65
KINGSLEY, MARY H.                      NY-28-43-466
KINGSLEY, WATERMAN                     NY-28-10-554
KINKEL, FREDERICK                      NY-28-53-229
KINLEYSIDE, ELIZABETH                  NY-28-26-129
KINNE, ROBERT                          NY-28-47-119
KINNEY, WILLIAM D.                     NY-28-42-88
KINSEL, GEORGE                         NY-28-59-417
KINSELLA, JOHN                         NY-28-5-424
KINSELLA, THOMAS                       NY-28-66-188
KINTZ, ANTHONY                         NY-28-18-145
KINTZ, JOHN                            NY-28-59-571
KINTZ, RACHEL                          NY-28-35-427
KINYON, ELIZA H.                       NY-28-37-394
KINZEL, LILLIAN P.                     NY-28-65-464
KIPHUT, CHARLES                        NY-28-45-461
KIPPHUT, SOPHIA                        NY-28-66-523
KIRBY, ELIHU                           NY-28-12-194
KIRBY, MARY V.                         NY-28-60-19
KIRBY, MICAJAH W.                      NY-28-27-229
KIRCHER, JOSEPH                        NY-28-26-297
KIRCK, WILLIAM                         NY-28-3-178
KIRK, SUSAN                            NY-28-55-157
KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT                    NY-28-36-271
KIRLEY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-55-424
KIRLEY, ELLEN                          NY-28-45-470
KIRLEY, PHILIP                         NY-28-41-274
KIRN, JOHN M.                          NY-28-51-601
KIRSTEIN, EDWARD                       NY-28-51-234
KIRTKOWSKI, JOSEPH                     NY-28-46-314
KITTREDGE, SARAH M.                    NY-28-63-96
KITTS, ISABELLA W.                     NY-28-52-235
KITZEL, MICHAEL                        NY-28-66-7
KLASEN, JOHN                           NY-28-31-309
KLASEN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-54-95
KLEE, GEORGE                           NY-28-65-521
KLEE, JOSEPHINE                        NY-28-66-191
KLEEHAMMER, CHARLES                    NY-28-16-81
KLEEHAMMER, LOUIS                      NY-28-42-25
KLEIN, ANNA MARIA                      NY-28-41-67
KLEIN, HENRY                           NY-28-8-381
KLEIN, MARGARETTA                      NY-28-15-576
KLEIN, VALENTINE                       NY-28-16-395
KLEIN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-62-91
KLEINHANZ, JOHN                        NY-28-38-441
KLEINHENZ, WILLIAM                     NY-28-47-26
KLEM, BEATRICE                         NY-28-51-559
KLEM, BERNARD                          NY-28-18-403
KLEM, CHARLES                          NY-28-16-172
KLEM, JOHN                             NY-28-7-120
KLEM, MARY ANN                         NY-28-9-65
KLEM, ROSELLA                          NY-28-14-549
KLEUPFEL, JOHN                         NY-28-61-445
KLINGER, SIMON HACKETT                 NY-28-63-130
KLINZING, LOUIS                        NY-28-29-465
KLIPFEL, MARIA AGATHA                  NY-28-53-295
KLIPP, PHILIP                          NY-28-36-100
KLOTZ, PANCRATIUS                      NY-28-42-103
KLUBERTANZ, GEORGE                     NY-28-50-493
KLUG, ADAM                             NY-28-35-487
KNACKSTETT, HENRY                      NY-28-57-232
KNAPP, AMOS                            NY-28-6-353
KNAPP, AMOS                            NY-28-35-379
KNAPP, CHARLOTTE                       NY-28-65-13
KNAPP, DANIEL W. F.                    NY-28-12-7
KNAPP, EDWARD A.                       NY-28-6-120
KNAPP, FRANZ                           NY-28-32-316
KNAPP, JOHN                            NY-28-45-2
KNAPP, JONAS                           NY-28-19-233
KNAPP, JULIA ANN                       NY-28-36-352
KNAPP, LAUREN L.                       NY-28-34-133
KNAPP, LUCY A.                         NY-28-26-177
KNAPP, MARIA                           NY-28-53-25
KNAPP, PETER                           NY-28-20-489
KNAPP, PHILIPP                         NY-28-32-144
KNAPP, REUBEN                          NY-28-5-516
KNAPP, ROSINA                          NY-28-55-79
KNAPP, SILAS                           NY-28-26-241
KNEELAND, TIMOTHY                      NY-28-3-427
KNEEN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-10-161
KNELL, CATHARINA                       NY-28-60-271
KNICKERBACKER, JOHN H.                 NY-28-3-100
KNICKERBOCKER, ANNA                    NY-28-22-347
KNICKERBOCKER, DERICK                  NY-28-23-349
KNICKERBOCKER, GEORGE                  NY-28-19-541
KNICKERBOCKER, JANE ELIZA              NY-28-22-343
KNIFFIN, TAMER ANN                     NY-28-36-517
KNIGHT, HORTON                         NY-28-65-61
KNIGHT, JACOB                          NY-28-16-22
KNIGHT, MARY A.                        NY-28-50-409
KNIGHT, NATHANIEL                      NY-28-53-328
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                        NY-28-66-37
KNIPER, JOHANNA                        NY-28-63-639
KNITER, CHARLES                        NY-28-9-133
KNOBEL, ANTHONY                        NY-28-48-167
KNOBLES, ANTHONY                       NY-28-48-167
KNOLLER, CARL LUDWIG                   NY-28-66-229
KNOPF, CATHERINE                       NY-28-55-349
KNOPF, KASPER                          NY-28-43-511
KNOWLES, ARTHUR                        NY-28-42-184
KNOWLES, JAMES                         NY-28-5-394
KNOWLES, JOHN                          NY-28-16-526
KNOWLES, LIZZIE                        NY-28-20-37
KNOWLES, PAUL                          NY-28-15-326
KNOWLES, REUEL                         NY-28-52-244
KNOWLES, THOMAS                        NY-28-54-368
KNOWLES, THOMAS E.                     NY-28-16-182
KNOWLTON, MYRON                        NY-28-46-269
KNOX, CHAUNCEY A.                      NY-28-27-169
KNPF, JOHN                             NY-28-50-211
KOBBE, HENRY G.                        NY-28-47-272
KOCH, AMBROSE                          NY-28-29-189
KOCH, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-10-226
KOCH, JOSEPH                           NY-28-20-289
KOCHER, MARY E.                        NY-28-15-159
KODEL, WILHELMINA                      NY-28-13-491
KOEGLEMEIER, BARBARA                   NY-28-65-211
KOEHLER, BARBARA                       NY-28-41-259
KOEHLER, JACOB                         NY-28-40-411
KOEHLER, JOHN HENRY                    NY-28-65-235
KOENIG, FRIEDERICH                     NY-28-53-151
KOENIG, KATHARINE                      NY-28-62-71
KOESTERER, CHARLES                     NY-28-28-289
KOETH, AUGUSTUS M.                     NY-28-57-466
KOETH, JOHN LAWRANCE                   NY-28-10-354
KOHLMEIER, JACOB                       NY-28-26-81
KOHLMETZ, HENRY                        NY-28-44-251
KOHMAN, DOROTHEA                       NY-28-60-67
KOHMAN, MARTIN                         NY-28-12-37
KOLB, GEORGE                           NY-28-11-138
KOLB, GEORGE M.                        NY-28-45-317
KOLB, JACOB                            NY-28-44-36
KOLB, JOHN JACOB                       NY-28-38-451
KOLB, JOSEPH                           NY-28-40-49
KONDOLF, BARBARA                       NY-28-48-47
KONRAD, APPOLONIA                      NY-28-15-736
KOONS, JACOB                           NY-28-60-223
KOONTZ, ADAM                           NY-28-16-486
KOPFSGUTER, ANNA                       NY-28-41-202
KOPP, JOHN GEORGE                      NY-28-16-237
KOSER, REGINA                          NY-28-56-286
KOSTBAHN, AMELIA                       NY-28-43-484
KOWSTKOWSKE, JOSEPH                    NY-28-46-314
KRAEMER, CAROLINE (WUNSCH)             NY-28-55-376
KRAEMER, LEONARD                       NY-28-21-49
KRAFT, GEORGE                          NY-28-21-345
KRAIT, JACOB                           NY-28-10-406
KRAMER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-40-247
KRAMER, MATHIAS                        NY-28-47-38
KRAMER, VLAENTINE                      NY-28-35-325
KRAMMICH, JOHANNA                      NY-28-45-419
KRAPF, CASPER                          NY-28-40-343
KRAUS, AUGUSTINE                       NY-28-22-463
KRAUS, BALTHASAR                       NY-28-55-382
KRAUS, GERTRAUD                        NY-28-60-148
KRAUS, MARGARETHA                      NY-28-42-37
KRAUS, MICHAEL                         NY-28-23-121
KRAUS, PETER                           NY-28-43-409
KRAUSE, CARL AUGUST                    NY-28-53-106
KRAUSE, LOUIS                          NY-28-23-385
KRAUSHAAR, EMANUEL                     NY-28-14-687
KRAUTWURST, MARIA                      NY-28-55-208
KREBS, ANNA BARBARA                    NY-28-35-481
KREBS, FRANK                           NY-28-28-405
KRECKEL, JOHN J.                       NY-28-66-205
KRENZER, RUDOLPH                       NY-28-12-25
KRENZER, THEODORE                      NY-28-66-463
KRESS, SOPHIA                          NY-28-46-167
KREUZER, LIBORIUS                      NY-28-57-76
KRIEG, BONIFACIUS                      NY-28-55-178
KRIEG, CRESCENTIA                      NY-28-47-173
KRIEG, VALENTINE                       NY-28-53-334
KRIEG, VALENTINE SR.                   NY-28-25-41
KROPP, REGINA                          NY-28-45-377
KRUGAR, JOHN                           NY-28-65-44
KUDER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-28-47-395
KUEBEL, JOSEPH SR.                     NY-28-33-148
KUEHN, MAGDALENA                       NY-28-56-325
KUENEMAN, MARY LOUISA                  NY-28-32-292
KUHN, ANNA MARIA                       NY-28-31-349
KUHN, CATHARINE                        NY-28-22-435
KUHN, EVA                              NY-28-39-34
KUHN, HENRY                            NY-28-22-431
KUHN, HERMAN                           NY-28-35-346
KUHN, JOSEPH                           NY-28-43-445
KUHN, KATHARINE                        NY-28-47-95
KUHN, MARIA                            NY-28-62-341
KUHN, VALETINE                         NY-28-52-379
KUIFER, ALBERT R.                      NY-28-30-355
KUNTZ, DAVID                           NY-28-39-339
KUNTZ, JACOB                           NY-28-15-547
KUNTZ, JACOB                           NY-28-47-116
KUON, JOHN                             NY-28-32-440
KUPFER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-28-10-251
KUPFER, MARGARET                       NY-28-14-327
KURTZ, CONRAD                          NY-28-34-25
KURTZ, JOHANNA                         NY-28-38-181
KURTZ, JOHN M.                         NY-28-29-477
KURTZ, VITUS                           NY-28-32-436
KUSS, CHARLES                          NY-28-52-277
KUSSE, JOHN A.                         NY-28-43-205
KYLE, ROBERT                           NY-28-5-567
LABAR, PHEBE                           NY-28-14-48
LABAS, SUSAN                           NY-28-4-60
LABEAU, AMELIA                         NY-28-62-437
LACEY, JOHN T.                         NY-28-15-416
LACHMUND, JOHANNA                      NY-28-28-37
LACY, CHARLES                          NY-28-32-188
LACY, EUNICE                           NY-28-20-417
LACY, LEVI                             NY-28-6-223
LADD, CARLOS E.                        NY-28-63-544
LADD, JAMES FRANKLIN                   NY-28-64-536
LADD, SARAH H.                         NY-28-23-465
LADUC, HELLEN L.                       NY-28-35-85
LADUE, MATHIAS                         NY-28-23-181
LAFLIN, CUTLER                         NY-28-63-723
LAFORCE, JACOB                         NY-28-7-32
LAFORCE, JOHN A.                       NY-28-47-341
LAFORCE, JOHN A.                       NY-28-45-98
LAFORCE, VALENTINE                     NY-28-46-368
LAIDLAW, MARY E.                       NY-28-55-277
LAIN, MERIBAH W.                       NY-28-32-300
LAMB, AINEAS                           NY-28-53-349
LAMBERT, ELEANOR B.                    NY-28-44-471
LAMBERT, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-37-256
LAMBERT, JOHN                          NY-28-54-44
LAMBERT, MARY                          NY-28-49-416
LAMBERTON, EUNICE B.                   NY-28-55-493
LAMMEL, FRANK                          NY-28-46-80
LAMONT, ANN                            NY-28-30-223
LAMONT, JAMES                          NY-28-52-289
LAMPERT, JENNETTE S.                   NY-28-59-202
LAMPHA, CHARLES                        NY-28-25-33
LAMSON, GEORGE J.                      NY-28-17-705
LAMSON, WILLIAM                        NY-28-13-660
LANCTOT, EDWARD                        NY-28-60-262
LANCTOT, SUSAN E.                      NY-28-63-561
LANDBECK, CATHARINE                    NY-28-48-410
LANDON, JERVIS                         NY-28-33-316
LANDON, ORRISAVILLA G.                 NY-28-16-120
LANDON, WILLIAM D.                     NY-28-54-275
LANDON, WILLS                          NY-28-13-131
LANE, ALFRED S.                        NY-28-29-357
LANE, ASHER T.                         NY-28-46-476
LANE, DANIEL                           NY-28-61-220
LANE, ELIZA                            NY-28-16-319
LANE, ESTHER                           NY-28-18-265
LANE, JOHANNA                          NY-28-35-385
LANE, MATTHIAS                         NY-28-2-446
LANE, SAMUEL T.                        NY-28-41-340
LANE, WILLIAM                          NY-28-40-307
LANEY, EOS G.                          NY-28-50-329
LANG, CARL                             NY-28-35-94
LANG, JOSEPH                           NY-28-31-121
LANGDEN, BARNABAS                      NY-28-13-509
LANGDON, FAYETTE                       NY-28-11-536
LANGENBERGER, JOHN                     NY-28-62-326
LANGHAM, EDWARD                        NY-28-13-59
LANGHAM, ELEANOR                       NY-28-28-429
LANGHAM, JOHN                          NY-28-33-118
LANGHREN, JULIA                        NY-28-14-189
LANGIE, ANTHONY                        NY-28-54-209
LANGKNECHT, MICHAEL                    NY-28-32-380
LANGLEWAY, ALWAY                       NY-28-35-40
LANGLOIS, AMICE                        NY-28-22-275
LANGSLOW, HENRY ACTON                  NY-28-60-370
LANGWORHTY, HENRY HOBART               NY-28-17-466
LANGWORTHY, ALATHEA                    NY-28-20-505
LANGWORTHY, ANN E.                     NY-28-22-87
LANGWORTHY, ELIZABETH ANN              NY-28-7-237
LANGWORTHY, HENRY N.                   NY-28-27-241
LANNING, CHARLES                       NY-28-35-169
LANPHER, AMANDA H.                     NY-28-48-290
LAPHAM, RUSSELL H.                     NY-28-45-275
LARKIN, PETER                          NY-28-34-307
LASS, WILHELMINA                       NY-28-45-125
LATHROP, ALVAN                         NY-28-15-750
LATHROP, ELEAZER                       NY-28-3-213
LATHROP, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-48-503
LATHROP, HOLLISTER                     NY-28-6-24
LATHROP, JASON                         NY-28-37-304
LATHROP, JEMIMA W.                     NY-28-45-422
LATRACE, JAMES L.                      NY-28-53-148
LATTA, GEORGE C.                       NY-28-15-534
LATTA, JOHN A.                         NY-28-44-196
LATTA, MARY E.                         NY-28-34-67
LATZ, BARBARA                          NY-28-47-68
LAUER, JACOB M.                        NY-28-40-292
LAUER, JOHN C.                         NY-28-23-441
LAUER, MARGARET C.                     NY-28-26-57
LAUGHLIN, ROBERT                       NY-28-6-62
LAURER, FREDERICK C.                   NY-28-54-221
LAUTHER, LUDOWICA                      NY-28-47-344
LAVEY, JOHN                            NY-28-34-214
LAVIGNE, ZEBULON                       NY-28-57-247
LAVIS, ELIZA B.                        NY-28-63-108
LAWLER, MARY ANN                       NY-28-30-263
LAWLESS, CATHARINE                     NY-28-40-238
LAWLESS, MARY ANN                      NY-28-42-433
LAWRANCE, MARY LOUISA                  NY-28-51-553
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN R.                  NY-28-50-311
LAWRENCE, DORCAS                       NY-28-49-161
LAWRENCE, ESTHER P.                    NY-28-30-55
LAWRENCE, JAMES F.                     NY-28-43-424
LAWRENCE, JOHN                         NY-28-14-45
LAWRENCE, JOHN                         NY-28-65-311
LAWRENCE, ROBERT F.                    NY-28-48-419
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                      NY-28-2-175
LAWSON, ADELINE                        NY-28-61-539
LAWSON, JOHN W.                        NY-28-5-311
LAWTON, MICHAEL                        NY-28-16-261
LEACH, CLARISSA                        NY-28-12-557
LEADLEY, HENRY B.                      NY-28-35-178
LEAHY, CATHARINE                       NY-28-7-434
LEAHY, JOHN                            NY-28-6-138
LEAKE, DANIEL                          NY-28-37-388
LEAKE, RICHARD G.                      NY-28-38-76
LEAKE, STEPHEN                         NY-28-38-91
LEAKE, THOMAS B.                       NY-28-56-487
LEARNED, EDWARD H.                     NY-28-46-431
LEARY, JOHN                            NY-28-62-508
LEARY, PATRICK                         NY-28-61-301
LEAVENWORTH, GEORGE G.                 NY-28-42-409
LEAVENWORTH, GIDEON                    NY-28-61-163
LEAVENWORTH, JOHN P.                   NY-28-5-313
LEAVENWORTH, MARY ANN                  NY-28-41-442
LECKINGER, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-50-221
LECKINGER, GEORGE M.                   NY-28-28-137
LECKINGER, JOHN WILLIAM                NY-28-33-412
LECLEAR, JOHN                          NY-28-3-150
LECLEAR, JOHN                          NY-28-60-250
LEE, ANN ELIZA                         NY-28-56-268
LEE, ARTHUR T.                         NY-28-26-281
LEE, CAROLINE P.                       NY-28-37-448
LEE, ELIZABETH                         NY-28-50-339
LEE, ELON                              NY-28-41-172
LEE, FANNY L.                          NY-28-36-367
LEE, JOHN                              NY-28-22-311
LEE, LOIS A.                           NY-28-36-319
LEE, MARITTA D.                        NY-28-46-14
LEE, RICHARD H.                        NY-28-37-181
LEFFINGWELL, JOHN                      NY-28-6-169
LEFROIS, PETER                         NY-28-65-335
LEFROIS, WENDELIN                      NY-28-60-439
LEGGETT, CHARLES                       NY-28-57-259
LEGGETT, HANNAH E.                     NY-28-13-547
LEGGETT, HELEN M.                      NY-28-65-565
LEGGETT, JOSEPH                        NY-28-8-503
LEGGETT, OLIVE A.                      NY-28-38-241
LEGGETT, SOPHIA                        NY-28-56-328
LEHMANN, BENEDICT                      NY-28-37-148
LEHRSCHOLL, MARY                       NY-28-47-410
LEIBFRITZ, CHARLES G.                  NY-28-25-425
LEIDECKER, KATHARINA                   NY-28-47-332
LEIEN, EMANUEL                         NY-28-41-94
LEIGHTON, KATE B.                      NY-28-63-205
LEIGHTON, THOMAS                       NY-28-37-43
LEIST, AGNES R.                        NY-28-48-224
LEIST, LEWIS C.                        NY-28-57-491
LEITER, DAVID G. A.                    NY-28-34-460
LEKINGER, PHILIP                       NY-28-7-501
LEMUNYON, THERON D.                    NY-28-64-424
LENNON, JAMES                          NY-28-31-297
LENNON, PATRICK                        NY-28-19-369
LENNOX, JAMES                          NY-28-49-107
LENSING, BERNARDINA                    NY-28-43-478
LEONARD, ANN E.                        NY-28-45-104
LEONARD, CATHARINE C.                  NY-28-14-703
LEONARD, GILBERT                       NY-28-64-163
LEONARD, ISAAC W.                      NY-28-57-169
LEONARD, JONATHAN                      NY-28-13-396
LEONARD, LEWIS                         NY-28-5-18
LEONARD, SILAS                         NY-28-10-146
LEOPOLD, BARBARA                       NY-28-65-209
LEPOIS, CATHARINE                      NY-28-39-416
LERCH, ANTON                           NY-28-33-373
LESER, BARBARA                         NY-28-31-41
LESTER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-28-15-411
LESTER, EMMA A.                        NY-28-30-159
LESTER, MICHAEL                        NY-28-20-305
LESTER, RALPH                          NY-28-8-233
LETHRINGER, AUGUST                     NY-28-30-135
LETTS, JOHN                            NY-28-15-748
LEUCHTNER, ANNA MARIA                  NY-28-61-377
LEVET, WILLIAM B.                      NY-28-66-389
LEVY, SOLOMAN                          NY-28-63-497
LEWIS, BENJAMIN G.                     NY-28-47-323
LEWIS, BETSEY N.                       NY-28-43-439
LEWIS, CHARLOTTE A.                    NY-28-51-613
LEWIS, CONRAD B.                       NY-28-52-385
LEWIS, DELOSS W.                       NY-28-65-157
LEWIS, ELISHA D.                       NY-28-41-208
LEWIS, ESTHER JANE                     NY-28-11-150
LEWIS, GEORGE B.                       NY-28-50-86
LEWIS, GURDEN                          NY-28-9-144
LEWIS, HARRIET S.                      NY-28-40-364
LEWIS, HORACE P.                       NY-28-24-441
LEWIS, ISAAC J.                        NY-28-7-99
LEWIS, ISAAC M.                        NY-28-61-100
LEWIS, JENNIE M.                       NY-28-56-73
LEWIS, MARIA                           NY-28-62-439
LEWIS, MARY F.                         NY-28-43-61
LEWIS, MOSES                           NY-28-10-271
LEWIS, NELSON                          NY-28-56-352
LEWIS, RAE                             NY-28-39-384
LEWIS, RICHARD                         NY-28-11-119
LEWIS, RICHARD D.                      NY-28-53-313
LEWIS, RUTH                            NY-28-14-425
LEWIS, TEMPERANCE S.                   NY-28-18-367
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-4-293
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-60-124
LEWIS, ZEPHANIAH                       NY-28-15-592
LICHTWARK, CHRISTIAN                   NY-28-47-251
LIESE, HENRY                           NY-28-50-479
LIESE, IDA                             NY-28-50-241
LIFE, HERMAN                           NY-28-4-432
LILL, JOSEPH                           NY-28-33-85
LIMBOCKER, GEORGE                      NY-28-39-226
LIMBOCKER, PHEBE                       NY-28-40-25
LINCOLN, ANDREW                        NY-28-12-367
LINCOLN, FREDERICK W.                  NY-28-39-73
LINCOLN, MARY J.                       NY-28-61-436
LINCOLN, SARAH A.                      NY-28-35-244
LINDAU, FRIEDERICH                     NY-28-63-591
LINDSLEY, LEWIS M.                     NY-28-10-415
LINE, JANE                             NY-28-64-262
LINE, WILLIAM                          NY-28-19-221
LINES, AMANDA                          NY-28-65-167
LINES, WILLIAM D.                      NY-28-48-488
LINEY, ROBERT                          NY-28-43-487
LINGEMAN, JOHN                         NY-28-40-280
LINK, JOHN G.                          NY-28-41-346
LINKE, HENRY                           NY-28-11-533
LINTZ, ANNA MARIA                      NY-28-15-478
LINTZ, JOHN                            NY-28-19-289
LINTZ, KATHERINE                       NY-28-61-541
LINZ, FRANZISKA (MENG)                 NY-28-44-401
LIPPINCOTT, JOSEPH F.                  NY-28-14-567
LIPPINCOTT, MARY                       NY-28-15-138
LITCHARD, DANIEL                       NY-28-37-253
LITLE, DANIEL                          NY-28-10-321
LITTLE, CAROLINE H.                    NY-28-32-224
LITTLE, DAVID H.                       NY-28-19-277
LITTLE, ELIJAH                         NY-28-8-299
LITTLE, EZEKIEL                        NY-28-9-53
LITTLE, HARVEY                         NY-28-17-123
LITTLE, HORACE W.                      NY-28-48-164
LITTLE, JULIA E.                       NY-28-39-396
LITTLE, MARGARET                       NY-28-45-146
LITTLE, MARGARET                       NY-28-25-121
LITTLE, MARSHALL E.                    NY-28-33-424
LITTLE, SARAH                          NY-28-14-552
LITTLE, WILLIAM S.                     NY-28-52-55
LITZ, CATHARINE                        NY-28-32-420
LIVER, JAMES                           NY-28-7-341
LIVINGSTON, ANN                        NY-28-1-544
LIVINGSTON, RICHARD                    NY-28-42-259
LLCOKWOOD, HENRY                       NY-28-34-109
LOCHNER, DAVID                         NY-28-32-60
LOCHREN, JULIA                         NY-28-14-189
LOCKE, DUDLEY                          NY-28-13-761
LOCKE, ELISHA                          NY-28-21-485
LOCKE, JOHN C.                         NY-28-61-235
LOCKE, NATHAN                          NY-28-7-353
LOCKE, SARAH                           NY-28-61-28
LOCKHART, WILLIAM                      NY-28-6-450
LOCKWOOD, GEORGE SR.                   NY-28-4-25
LOCKWOOD, HENRY                        NY-28-4-84
LOCKWOOD, JAMES S.                     NY-28-42-331
LOCKWOOD, JOSEPH                       NY-28-3-254
LOCKWOOD, POLLY                        NY-28-25-277
LOCKWOOD, ROSWELL                      NY-28-10-91
LODER, ANN JANE                        NY-28-34-58
LODER, BERTHA M.                       NY-28-14-355
LODER, EDWIN A.                        NY-28-45-368
LODER, JAMES                           NY-28-4-515
LOEWENGUTH, THERESA                    NY-28-64-386
LOGAN, HUGH                            NY-28-4-359
LOGAN, JAMES                           NY-28-57-359
LOGAN, JOHN                            NY-28-5-436
LOGAN, MARY ANN                        NY-28-13-188
LOGAN, PATRICK                         NY-28-4-202
LOGAN, ROSE                            NY-28-12-246
LOHRMANN, FRIEDRICH                    NY-28-61-559
LOMB, FERDINAND                        NY-28-29-485
LONG, CATHERINE                        NY-28-54-386
LONG, JOSEPH                           NY-28-31-121
LONG, MOSES                            NY-28-7-222
LONG, SARAH                            NY-28-8-276
LONG, SELENA B.                        NY-28-54-344
LONG, STEPHEN                          NY-28-24-305
LONGDO, JOSEPH                         NY-28-56-139
LONGFELLOW, HANNAH D.                  NY-28-17-152
LONGFELLOW, JONATHAN G.                NY-28-18-355
LOOMIS, ANDREW                         NY-28-30-35
LOOMIS, DANIEL                         NY-28-10-132
LOOMIS, ELECTA                         NY-28-10-38
LOOMIS, JOHN F.                        NY-28-20-257
LOOMIS, PAULINA                        NY-28-16-352
LOOP, WILLIAM R.                       NY-28-38-131
LOOS, CHRISTOPHER LEWIS                NY-28-37-328
LORD, CHARLOTTE A.                     NY-28-54-68
LORD, DIODATE                          NY-28-3-66
LORD, FRANCES A.                       NY-28-56-178
LORD, NATHAN S.                        NY-28-40-352
LORD, NATHANIEL A.                     NY-28-35-154
LORENZ, JOHN                           NY-28-65-311
LOREY, ALBERT                          NY-28-17-770
LOSEE, JAMES                           NY-28-45-260
LOTH, NICHOLAS                         NY-28-15-449
LOTHERIDGE, MARY ANN                   NY-28-58-434
LOTHRIDGE, ALBERT W.                   NY-28-65-467
LOTSPRICH, FRANCIS                     NY-28-4-323
LOUD, SUSAN                            NY-28-64-557
LOUGHLIN, MYLES J.                     NY-28-25-397
LOUP, ELIZA IRENE                      NY-28-44-326
LOUTSCHER, MARY                        NY-28-57-61
LOVECRAFT, ELEANOR G.                  NY-28-46-116
LOVECRAFT, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-57-514
LOVECRAFT, JOHN F.                     NY-28-23-29
LOVECRAFT, JOSHUA E.                   NY-28-60-61
LOVECRAFT, SIDNEY J.                   NY-28-46-119
LOVECRAFT, WILLIAM                     NY-28-32-232
LOVELACE, HIRAM                        NY-28-10-497
LOVELACE, MARY                         NY-28-16-285
LOVELL, CALVIN C.                      NY-28-36-358
LOVELL, EMMA S.                        NY-28-46-179
LOVERIDGE, LOOMIS                      NY-28-49-470
LOVETT, JAMES                          NY-28-41-463
LOVETT, LYDIA                          NY-28-21-153
LOWDEN, JAMES M.                       NY-28-49-512
LOWELL, ELLA E.                        NY-28-61-107
LOWENSOHN, ROSA                        NY-28-19-565
LOWETH, CHARLES W.                     NY-28-33-58
LOWETH, SARAH W.                       NY-28-48-191
LOWN, WILLIAM                          NY-28-17-44
LOWRY, ANDREW                          NY-28-40-97
LOWRY, JAMES                           NY-28-4-139
LOXERIDGE, EMILY                       NY-28-63-475
LOY, JOHN                              NY-28-45-503
LOY, PETER                             NY-28-21-493
LOYD, ARMOR W.                         NY-28-66-134
LOYD, CAROLINE L.                      NY-28-53-61
LUCAS, ALEXANDER                       NY-28-33-52
LUCAS, HENRY G.                        NY-28-18-109
LUCE, EDWARD R.                        NY-28-4-415
LUCE, SIDNEY M.                        NY-28-42-355
LUCE, STEPHEN                          NY-28-26-185
LUCINK, DERICK                         NY-28-37-94
LUCKE, WILHELMINA                      NY-28-55-118
LUCKETT, MARGARET M.                   NY-28-19-53
LUCKETT, THOMAS                        NY-28-49-104
LUCKEY, MARIA                          NY-28-32-392
LUCY, BRIDGET NASH                     NY-28-41-499
LUETHY, CHARLES                        NY-28-48-254
LUIG, GUSTAV                           NY-28-57-335
LUITWEILER, ADAM J.                    NY-28-17-47
LUITWEILER, JACOB G.                   NY-28-62-427
LUKE, DAVID                            NY-28-6-515
LUKENS, FLORENCE C.                    NY-28-36-340
LULL, ORRIN                            NY-28-28-325
LUMBARD, HELEN                         NY-28-30-115
LUNDY, ELLEN                           NY-28-40-154
LUNG, AUGUSTUS HENRY                   NY-28-37-22
LUNG, MARY E.                          NY-28-45-338
LUNT, JOSEPH                           NY-28-5-367
LUNT, NATHAN                           NY-28-3-143
LUNT, OLIVE                            NY-28-6-230
LUSCHAR, SAMUEL                        NY-28-52-160
LUSCHER, RUDOLPH                       NY-28-37-379
LUSH, JAMES                            NY-28-12-228
LUSK, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-35-124
LUSK, ESTHER A.                        NY-28-31-189
LUSK, STEPHEN                          NY-28-8-113
LUTE, MARY                             NY-28-16-432
LUTHER, HEZEKIAH                       NY-28-4-459
LUTHER, ISRAEL                         NY-28-6-429
LUTHER, JANE A. F.                     NY-28-48-446
LUTHER, PETER                          NY-28-6-215
LUTHER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-37-475
LUTZ, JACOB                            NY-28-60-121
LUX, FREDERICK                         NY-28-7-264
LUX, G. HENRY                          NY-28-9-126
LUX, MARGARET LOUISA                   NY-28-43-133
LYDAY, MARIA E.                        NY-28-32-444
LYMAN, CALVIN                          NY-28-10-82
LYNCH, DANIEL                          NY-28-12-99
LYNCH, HANNAH                          NY-28-37-67
LYNCH, JOHN                            NY-28-34-88
LYNCH, JOHN                            NY-28-65-19
LYNCH, PETER                           NY-28-4-230
LYNCH, THOMAS                          NY-28-39-437
LYND, IVES                             NY-28-30-91
LYNDE, ASA                             NY-28-5-485
LYNDON, FRANCIS                        NY-28-50-351
LYNN, THOMAS S.                        NY-28-28-445
LYON, EDMUND                           NY-28-28-181
LYON, HARRISON A.                      NY-28-63-667
LYON, HERVEY                           NY-28-5-261
LYON, ISAAC                            NY-28-7-91
LYON, SARAH                            NY-28-7-345
LYONS, DANIEL J.                       NY-28-6-146
LYONS, JOHN W.                         NY-28-54-179
LYONS, THOMAS                          NY-28-62-376

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