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TAFT, ADELAIDE               PERSIA                        NY-5-19-65
TAGGERTY, ANNA E.            OLEAN                         NY-5-22-545
TAGGERTY, MICHAEL            PORTVILLE                     NY-5-14-37
TALBOT, MORRIS               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-445
TAPP, THOMAS B.              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-27-61
TARBELL, DANA O.             OLEAN                         NY-5-15-305
TAYLOR, BENONA               PERSIA                        NY-5-7-433
TAYLOR, EDWARD               OLEAN                         NY-5-16-665
TAYLOR, ELELNA E.            OLEAN                         NY-5-26-605
TAYLOR, ENOCH                PERSIA                        NY-5-13-553
TAYLOR, GAD                  MACHIAS                       NY-5-1-68
TAYLOR, JOHN                 GOWANDA                       NY-5-14-485
TAYLOR, JOHN                 NTL                           NY-5-7-775
TAYLOR, LYMAN                OTTO                          NY-5-6-61
TEFFT, DEWEY                 EAST OTTO                     NY-5-13-237
TEMPLETON, ELIZA H.          OLEAN                         NY-5-19-433
TENBROECK, CORNELIUS         FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-1-136
TENBROECK, JOHN              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-4-297
TENBROECK, MARY              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-477
TENBROECK, PETER             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-3-497
TERRY, DOMINICK              OLEAN                         NY-5-10-177
TERRY, ELISHA                ISCHUA                        NY-5-3-313
TERRY, RANSOM                HINSDALE                      NY-5-24-193
THISEN, MATHIAS              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-45
THOMAS, AMASA                HINSDALE                      NY-5-3-185
THOMAS, CHARLES              HUMPHREY                      NY-5-14-737
THOMAS, HARRIET E.           OLEAN                         NY-5-17-673
THOMAS, JANE                 FREEDOM                       NY-5-24-721
THOMAS, JOHN W.              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-16-653
THOMAS, LOUISA A.            HINSDALE                      NY-5-10-317
THOMAS, SAMUEL A.            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-24-349
THOMAS, WILLIAM W.           FREEDOM                       NY-5-15-697
THOMPSON, CALISTA            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-745
THOMPSON, CORNELIA           LEON                          NY-5-11-565
THOMPSON, DELANA M.          DYATON                        NY-5-27-205
THOMPSON, EMILY S.           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-3-569
THOMPSON, HULDAH S.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-137
THOMPSON, JONATHAN           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-9-338
THOMPSON, MARTHA D.          CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-27-557
THOMPSON, MARY E.            LEON                          NY-5-20-737
THOMPSON, REBECCA G.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-529
THOMPSON, SILAS W.           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-4-397
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            FREEDOM                       NY-5-3-17
THORN, CHARLES P.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-3-477
THORNTON, DAVIS              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-18-85
THORP, ESTHER M.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-8-314
THORP, LEWIS P.              NAPOLI                        NY-5-4-697
THRASHER, MARY A. F.         DAYTON                        NY-5-26-301
THURBER, DAVID               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-129
THURBER, JOHN                OTTO                          NY-5-26-333
THURBER, JOSEPH              OTTO                          NY-5-22-693
THURSTON, DANIEL             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-17-353
THYNG, CULVER G.             OLEAN                         NY-5-14-569
TIERNEY, JOHN                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-13-209
TIERNEY, MARY BRADY          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-661
TINGUE, LINDEN               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-9
TINGUE, SEBASTIAN            PERSIA                        NY-5-22-709
TINGUE, SEBASTIAN            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-5-737
TINGUE, SUSANNAH             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-6-241
TIPPING, JOSEPHINE           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-585
TOBIN, BRIDGET               OLEAN                         NY-5-26-697
TOLMAN, JUDSON N.            OTTO                          NY-5-15-45
TONSEY, RUTH J.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-22-249
TOOHEY, SARAH                OLEAN                         NY-5-27-653
TORGE, LOUIS                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-577
TORRANCE, GARWOOD W.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-9-550
TORRANCE, GEORGE S.          OLEAN                         NY-5-25-677
TORRANCE, MYRA S.            PERSIA                        NY-5-18-425
TORRANCE, TIMOTHY            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-149
TOWERS, JOHN H.              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-27-65
TOWN, GEORGE                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-201
TOWN, JOHN                   NEW ALBION                    NY-5-17-429
TOWNSEND, JOHN R.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-12-491
TOWNSEND, THOMAS M.          PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-20-565
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM A.         OLEAN                         NY-5-24-245
TRACY, ANNA                  SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-717
TRACY, WILLIAM H.            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-77
TRAVIS, ROSALIND             OLEAN                         NY-5-22-397
TRIPPE, MORTON F.            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-561
TROWBRIDGE, A. M.            ISCHUA                        NY-5-23-177
TROWBRIDGE, JOHN             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-10-77
TRUE, MARTHA A.              SOUTH DAYTON                  NY-5-8-792
TUBMAN, WILLIAM              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-22-433
TUCKER, ABRAM                GOWANDA                       NY-5-3-41
TUPPER, DELIA                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-3-373
TURNBULL, ADAM L.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-79
TURNER, CALEB                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-14-473
TURNER, ESTER JANE           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-19-225
TURNER, HORACE M.            ASHFORD                       NY-5-17-721
TURNER, JOHN                 OLEAN                         NY-5-13-381
TURNER, JOHN                 RANDOLPH                      NY-5-16-437
TURNER, THOMAS               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-13-353
TUTHILL, SAMUEL              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-5-233
TUTTLE, CHESTER D.           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-18-637
TUTTLE, ICHABOD B.           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-5-745
TWOMLEY, ELIZA               MACHIAS                       NY-5-12-483
TWOMLEY, LUTHER              MACHIAS                       NY-5-12-359
TWOMLEY, LYMAN               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-10-233
TWOMLY, URANIA M.            LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-11-609
TYLER, BETSEY                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-13-569
TYLER, HENRY CLAYTON         FREEDOM                       NY-5-23-105
TYLER, MARY A.               BRADFORD, McKEAN, PA          NY-5-19-321
TYLER, MINER                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-13-701
TYRRELL, MARILLA             LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-27-693
UBEL, GEORGE                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-7-225
ULMER, JACOB                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-17-121
UNDERWOOD, DANIEL P.         NAPOLI                        NY-5-18-109
UNDERWOOD, DANIEL S.         NAPOLI                        NY-5-6-705
UNDERWOOD, ELIAS             HINSDALE                      NY-5-25-553
UNDERWOOD, MARY J.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-27-57
UTLEY, LEONARD               EAST OTTO                     NY-5-3-453
UTLEY, LEONARD S.            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-10-409
UTLEY, SARAH A.              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-14-233
VAIL, JAMES                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-19-477
VAIL, JOHN F.                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-27-313
VALIQUETTE, CASIMER          LIMESTONE                     NY-5-23-181
VALLANCE, ALEXANDER          FREEDOM                       NY-5-6-325
VALLILY, WILLIAM             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-8-712
VANBRUNT, ORCELIA            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-14-461
VANCAMPEN, EMILY A.          OLEAN                         NY-5-25-337
VANCAMPEN, SOPHIA T.         OLEAN                         NY-5-21-705
VANDAKE, EDWARD              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-6-773
VANDERPOOL, JANE M.          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-25-513
VANDERVERTER, ANDREW         MACHIAS                       NY-5-4-137
VANDEUSEN, OLIVER B.         PERSIA                        NY-5-21-245
VANDEWATER, ELIZABETH A.     MACHIAS                       NY-5-10-5
VANDUSEN, ABRAM              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-3-341
VANDUSEN, JAMES L.           OLEAN                         NY-5-27-401
VANDUSEN, WILLIAM            FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-325
VANDYCK, LOUIS B.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-21-521
VANHOESEN, EMELINE           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-325
VANHOESEN, JAMES             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-13-513
VANHOESEN, LOREN W.          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-165
VANMARTER, FRANK             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-20-617
VANNORMAN, WILLIAM S.        PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-17-685
VANSKOYK, LEVY               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-1-77
VANSYCKLE, RYNEAR            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-681
VANVLACK, DANIEL             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-8-716
VANVLIET, BRADFORD           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-3-201
VANVLIET, CAROLINE           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-17-397
VANWART, CHARLES W.          PORTVILLE                     NY-5-16-269
VANWORMER, FRANCIS M.        CERES, McKEAN, PA             NY-5-26-381
VARNUM, ARNOLD               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-17-641
VARNUM, GEORGE W.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-521
VARTY, WILLIAM               HUMPHREY                      NY-5-5-713
VAUGHAN, DANIEL C.           MACHIAS                       NY-5-20-501
VAUGHAN, DAVID               OTTO                          NY-5-1-144
VAUGHAN, ESTHER              OTTO                          NY-5-3-309
VAUGHAN, J. MILLER           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-797
VAUGHAN, JOHN                OTTO                          NY-5-4-489
VEAZEY, DANIEL W.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-401
VEDDER, BETSEY               ASHFORD                       NY-5-22-197
VEDDER, COMMODORE P.         ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-23-725
VEDDER, JOHN A.              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-761
VELZY, HARRIETT              MACHIAS                       NY-5-26-409
VERGITH, NICOLAUS            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-25-325
VERY, DELAND                 MACHIAS                       NY-5-24-621
VERY, EDWARD B.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-8-128
VERY, NELLIE E.              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-725
VIBBARD, WILLIAM H.          MACHIAS                       NY-5-22-681
VICKERY, CLOTILDA            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-221
VINCENT, LYDIA               NAPOLI                        NY-5-20-237
VINCENT, PHILLIP             NAPOLI                        NY-5-4-545
VINCENT, W. H.               HINSDALE                      NY-5-20-113
VINTON, LATHROP              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-3-305
VINTON, SARAH                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-2-276
VINTON, SILAS                PERSIA                        NY-5-14-741
VOELKL, JOSEPH               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-53
VOGEL, FIDELIS               OLEAN                         NY-5-19-349
VORCE, BERTHA E.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-593
VOSBURGH, EMERA K.           DAYTON                        NY-5-3-493
WADE, HENRY                  CARROLLTON                    NY-5-10-169
WAGNER, CLARA M.             OLEAN                         NY-5-23-221
WAGNER, DOROTHEA             OLEAN                         NY-5-27-137
WAGNER, HENRY S.             ISCHUA                        NY-5-15-433
WAHL, ELIZABETH              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-10-401
WAIT, ADELIA C.              NAPOLI                        NY-5-16-53
WAIT, CHRISTINA              ASHFORD                       NY-5-10-21
WAIT, EMILY V.               NAPOLI                        NY-5-20-205
WAIT, HENRY O.               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-257
WAIT, JAMES                  NAPOLI                        NY-5-27-593
WAIT, LORENZO                ASHFORD                       NY-5-6-509
WAIT, MARY                   RANDOLPH                      NY-5-7-721
WAIT, THOMAS J.              HINSDALE                      NY-5-8-732
WAIT, WILLIAM C.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-4-281
WAITE, GEORGE H.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-21-713
WAITE, GEORGE N.             ASHFORD                       NY-5-25-85
WAITE, HUDSON                ASHFORD                       NY-5-19-317
WAITE, JAMES                 NAPOLI                        NY-5-3-109
WAITE, MARIA N.              ASHFORD                       NY-5-10-601
WAITE, MARY J.               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-353
WAKEFIELD, OLIVER            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-4-165
WALCOTT, TIMOTHY             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-3-349
WALDRON, ALBERT H.           PARMA, JACKSON, MI            NY-5-19-81
WALKER, ALANSON A.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-7-129
WALKER, BILLINGS             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-2-251
WALKER, GIDEON D.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-613
WALKER, JESSE L.             LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-11-693
WALKER, LOESA E.             OLEAN                         NY-5-21-597
WALLACE, CHARLOTTE           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-23-389
WALLACE, ROBERT              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-16-201
WALLACE, SALLY               NAPOLI                        NY-5-3-325
WALLACE, WILLIAM N.          PERSIA                        NY-5-24-281
WALLER, DANIEL               MANSFIELD                     NY-5-1-175
WALLER, LORY                 HUMPHREY                      NY-5-7-309
WALLER, NANCY                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-7-757
WALLHAUSER, GEORGE F.        OLEAN                         NY-5-18-417
WALSH, JAMES                 ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-10-329
WALSH, JOHN                  ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-12-179
WALTON, MARIA H.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-24-273
WARD, ARUNAH                 ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-16-573
WARD, CHARLES                **                            NY-5-2-53
WARD, GEORGE W.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-24-593
WARD, JONATHAN I.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-15-229
WARING, ELIZA A.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-133
WARING, JAMES H.             OLEAN                         NY-5-20-557
WARNER, ALPHEUS              LYNDON                        NY-5-5-429
WARNER, CHARLES M.           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-20-633
WARNER, DARIUS               MANSFIELD                     NY-5-10-625
WARNER, ELIZABETH            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-5-777
WARNER, MARY M.              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-19-41
WARNER, NATHANIEL            DAYTON                        NY-5-21-645
WARNER, SARAH W.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-6-529
WARREN, WILLIAM              MANSFIELD                     NY-5-22-205
WASHBURN, ANDREW             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-581
WASHBURN, CHARLES P.         ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-2-182
WASSON, ELIHU M.             HINSDALE                      NY-5-5-473
WASSON, MARY                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-23-365
WASSON, THOMAS T.            HINSDALE                      NY-5-8-724
WATERMAN, ASA                FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-77
WATKINS, ELVIRA              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-17-617
WATKINS, EUNICE              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-10-373
WATKINS, KATHERINE           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-26-125
WATKINS, ROBY                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-9-582
WATKINS, ROMANZO             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-11-205
WATSON, DAVID R.             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-13-337
WATSON, JONATHAN S.          MACHIAS                       NY-5-7-125
WATSON, JOSEPH               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-5-669
WATSON, MARY A.              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-22-661
WATSON, SIMEON H.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-1-252
WATTERS, SARAH               ELKO                          NY-5-22-37
WATTS, FRANCIS E.            OLEAN                         NY-5-21-141
WATTS, JAMES                 ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-13-417
WATTS, WILLIAM H.            OLEAN                         NY-5-21-25
WAY, ELIZABETH               OLEAN                         NY-5-22-589
WEAST, JOHN C.               ASHFORD                       NY-5-12-579
WEAST, STEPHEN C.            ASHFORD                       NY-5-8-728
WEATHERLY, CHARLES           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-11-329
WEAVER, EMELINE              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-25-441
WEBBER, LEVI V.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-9-434
WEBER, BENJAMIN B.           ASHFORD                       NY-5-2-191
WEBER, EMELINE S.            ASHFORD                       NY-5-12-535
WEBER, ISAAC J.              ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-473
WEBER, MATHEW                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-385
WEBSTER, DAVID               HINSDALE                      NY-5-2-122
WEBSTER, PHILO               HINSDALE                      NY-5-3-596
WEBSTER, WARREN              PERSIA                        NY-5-4-37
WEBTER, ROLLAND G.           HINSDALE                      NY-5-13-129
WEED, SARAH                  FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-449
WEED, WILLIAM F.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-281
WEEDEN, MERCY P.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-14-245
WEEDEN, WILLIAM A. (2ND WILL)  NAPOLI                      NY-5-9-439
WEEDEN, WILLIAM A.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-9-396
WEEKS, OBEDIAH               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-449
WEIDNER, ANNA MARY           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-141
WEIGAND, LOUIS               PERSIA                        NY-5-8-216
WEILER, JOSEPH               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-669
WEINKE, HENRY                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-12-351
WEIR, JOHN T.                FREEDOM                       NY-5-1-102
WEISHAN, WILLIAM F.          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-26-657
WELCH, ALLEGANY J.           OLEAN                         NY-5-8-20
WELCH, HENRY C.              GOWANDA                       NY-5-19-341
WELCH, JOHN P.               OLEAN                         NY-5-19-517
WELCH, RICHARD               OLEAN                         NY-5-6-137
WELCH, WILLIAM W.            PERSIA                        NY-5-20-381
WELLER, BRIDGET              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-27-393
WELLER, MARY                 LA SALLE, LA SALLE, IL        NY-5-8-344
WELLMAN, FIDELIA M.          COLDSPRING                    NY-5-12-327
WELLMAN, MARY ELVIRA         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-177
WELLMAN, WARREN              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-357
WELLOUGHBY, BLISS C.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-20-673
WELLS, CHAMPION              DAYTON                        NY-5-26-197
WELLS, GERSHOM               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-2-162
WELLS, HARRIET N.            GOWANDA                       NY-5-17-309
WELLS, HERBERT D.            PERSIA                        NY-5-25-1
WELLS, JOHN                  PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-1-79
WELLS, LOVINA                DAYTON                        NY-5-13-169
WENKE, ANTHONY               OLEAN                         NY-5-19-581
WENTWORTH, ELLEN C.          RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-161
WESLER, WILLIAM              HINSDALE                      NY-5-7-549
WEST, DOROTHY ANN            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-17-421
WEST, ELIZABETH              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-14-425
WEST, EUGENE                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-24-321
WEST, JAMES L.               ASHFORD                       NY-5-23-309
WEST, LEVI                   FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-733
WEST, THOMAS R.              DAYTON                        NY-5-19-161
WESTENDORF, JOHN             MANSFIELD                     NY-5-23-565
WESTON, JAMES                FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-33
WESTOVER, ABNER              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-17-433
WESTOVER, JOSEPH             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-14-89
WESTOVER, PERMELIA           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-18-325
WETMORE, MARIE D.            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-133
WETZEL, PHILIP               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-609
WEYERSTALL, CARL             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-26-701
WHALEN, FINTON               OLEAN                         NY-5-12-527
WHALEY, WILLIAM S.           SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-20-249
WHALON, ELLEN                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-197
WHALON, PATRICK              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-1
WHATFORD, JOHN B.            DAYTON                        NY-5-25-385
WHEAT, ELIZABETH R.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-41
WHEAT, JONATHAN              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-693
WHEATON, SAMUEL              OLEAN                         NY-5-27-185
WHEDON, CHARLES              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-24-249
WHEELER, AMASA               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-725
WHEELER, CLARK               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-3-369
WHEELER, DORA                OLEAN                         NY-5-24-689
WHEELER, ELVIRA              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-341
WHEELER, HANNAH J.           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-11-493
WHEELER, HIRAM               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-13-657
WHEELER, ISABEL M.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-9-42
WHEELER, JAMES A.            LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-27-161
WHEELER, JOHN                LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-3-353
WHEELER, MARGARET D.         FREEDOM                       NY-5-18-229
WHEELER, MARILLA CLARK       PORTVILLE                     NY-5-21-173
WHEELER, MARTIN W.           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-6-1
WHEELER, OLIVER              FREEDOM                       NY-5-2-348
WHEELER, SIMEON              SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-14-369
WHEELER, WILLIAM E.          PORTVILLE                     NY-5-24-109
WHEELER, WILLIAM F.          PORTVILLE                     NY-5-13-289
WHIPPLE, GEORGE W.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-317
WHIPPLE, JOHN                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-4-225
WHIPPLE, OTIS                OLEAN                         NY-5-18-189
WHIPPLE, SAMUEL J.           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-8-8
WHIPPLE, THERON M.           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-22-277
WHITCOMB, CLARK              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-19-305
WHITCOMB, JAMES              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-637
WHITCOMB, PHEBE              GOWANDA                       NY-5-24-457
WHITCOMB, RUFUS J.           LEON                          NY-5-3-257
WHITCOMB, SAMUEL             LEON                          NY-5-1-63
WHITE, CHARLOTTE BERNARD     FREEDOM                       NY-5-19-393
WHITE, EDMOND C.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-17-501
WHITE, FRANCIS               ASHFORD                       NY-5-3-37
WHITE, GEORGE W.             PERSIA                        NY-5-1-177
WHITE, JAMES                 RANDOLPH                      NY-5-19-473
WHITE, JUSTUS                OLEAN                         NY-5-4-133
WHITE, LAURENA S.            HINSDALE                      NY-5-24-513
WHITE, LUCY MANCHESTER       PERSIA                        NY-5-21-417
WHITE, MADGIE S.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-169
WHITE, REUBEN                PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-10-201
WHITE, RODERICK              OLEAN                         NY-5-2-342
WHITE, THOMAS                FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-477
WHITFORD, CHARLES B.         EAST OTTO                     NY-5-14-201
WHITFORD, DEBORAH            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-18-709
WHITFORD, ELIAS              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-17-533
WHITFORD, RUFUS              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-5-37
WHITFORDT, JOHN              MANSFIELD                     NY-5-11-685
WHITING, GEORGE H.           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-22-581
WHITING, JAMES               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-365
WHITING, JAMES               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-13-309
WHITING, LEVI                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-465
WHITNEY, BENJAMIN F.         MACHIAS                       NY-5-20-445
WHITNEY, EVELINE M.          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-27-157
WHITNEY, JEHIEL D.           MACHIAS                       NY-5-27-569
WHITNEY, JOSEPH M.           HUMPHREY                      NY-5-7-585
WHITNEY, LAMBERT             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-545
WHITNEY, LURINDA A.          LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-26-485
WHITNEY, SALLIE              OLEAN                         NY-5-12-623
WHITOCMB, CYRENUS            PERSIA                        NY-5-21-253
WHITTAKER, JANE E.           CARROLLTON                    NY-5-22-561
WHITTEMORE, ALBERT G.        NAPOLI                        NY-5-10-245
WHITTLESEY, MARY LOUISA      GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-17-93
WHOLABIN, PHILIP             OLEAN                         NY-5-16-345
WICHERT, MARY                OLEAN                         NY-5-23-261
WICKHAM, HARLEY A.           GOWANDA                       NY-5-25-613
WICKHAM, HELEN S.            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-20-505
WICKHAM, OSCAR S.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-225
WICKLANDER, AXEL A.          OLEAN                         NY-5-21-501
WICKWIRE, GEORGE             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-27-361
WICKWIRE, WALLACE M.         PORTVILLE                     NY-5-25-505
WIDRICK, JACOB               ASHFORD                       NY-5-2-136
WIDRIG, ALZINA S.            ASHFORD                       NY-5-5-617
WIEGAND, FREDERICK           DAYTON                        NY-5-24-29
WIEHAUST, HENRY              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-6-593
WIERTH, LOUISA M.            PERSIA                        NY-5-24-569
WIGGINS, JOSIAH              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-11-445
WIGHTMAN, CALRINDA           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-18-705
WILBER, HANNAH E.            OTTO                          NY-5-27-209
WILBER, KATE                 PERSIA                        NY-5-14-389
WILBER, MILO L.              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-26-305
WILBER, NATHAN               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-349
WILBER, ROBERT               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-16-313
WILBUR, HEMAN P.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-26-509
WILBUR, SALAH J.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-7-597
WILBUR, SAMUEL               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-6-249
WILCOX, ALMIRA               DAYTON                        NY-5-11-361
WILCOX, ANGELINE             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-21-73
WILCOX, CATHERINE            COLDSPRING                    NY-5-14-625
WILCOX, FRANCES D.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-361
WILCOX, JEREMIAH             ASHFORD                       NY-5-1-200
WILCOX, LANSING H.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-14-385
WILCOX, LANSON               DAYTON                        NY-5-4-413
WILCOX, MARY T.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-10-209
WILCOX, MATILDA S.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-19-513
WILCOX, OSCAR                PERSIA                        NY-5-7-669
WILCOX, PERRY H.             LEON                          NY-5-11-601
WILDER, ALMA A.              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-26-25
WILDER, DAVID FRANK          PERSIA                        NY-5-25-717
WILDRICK, ROZILLA            LYNDON                        NY-5-12-599
WILDRICK, THOMAS J.          HINSDALE                      NY-5-19-381
WILKINS, CARL                OTTO                          NY-5-17-733
WILKINS, JOHN                ASHFORD                       NY-5-9-562
WILKINSON, MARTHA G.         OLEAN                         NY-5-22-381
WILKINSON, WILLIAM S.        OLEAN                         NY-5-22-385
WILLARD, ERASTUS             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-11-705
WILLARD, HANNAH M.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-709
WILLIAMS, AMASA              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-8-268
WILLIAMS, CHARLES            FREEDOM                       NY-5-24-437
WILLIAMS, CHARLES A.         ASHFORD                       NY-5-25-341
WILLIAMS, DAVID J.           FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-14-453
WILLIAMS, DAVIS              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-12-511
WILLIAMS, EVANDER            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-3-13
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK R.       NAPOLI                        NY-5-21-269
WILLIAMS, GEORGE A.          COLDSPRING                    NY-5-16-277
WILLIAMS, GERTRUDE E.        DAYTON                        NY-5-21-389
WILLIAMS, HORACE             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-141
WILLIAMS, JAMES              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-23-433
WILLIAMS, JAMES A.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-417
WILLIAMS, JOHN L.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-23-293
WILLIAMS, JOHN P.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-14-641
WILLIAMS, LORETTA            MANSFIELD                     NY-5-24-377
WILLIAMS, LYMAN              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-121
WILLIAMS, MARGARET           FREEDOM                       NY-5-22-345
WILLIAMS, MATTHIAS           OLEAN                         NY-5-13-485
WILLIAMS, NEWMAN B.          RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-369
WILLIAMS, OPHELIA B.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-109
WILLIAMS, RICHARD C.         ASHFORD                       NY-5-23-289
WILLIAMS, ROBERT             FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-173
WILLIAMS, SIMEON R.          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-9-378
WILLIAMS, SPENCER            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-21
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN            CONCORD, ERIE, NY             NY-5-1-131
WILLIAMS, THOMAS D.          FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-93
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM E.         FREEDOM                       NY-5-8-80
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM W.         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-629
WILLIS, CELESTIA J.          LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-23-461
WILLIS, CHANCY               CARROLLTON                    NY-5-15-481
WILLIS, EDEN                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-22-193
WILLIS, HEZEKIAH             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-701
WILLIS, HIRAM                MACHIAS                       NY-5-11-21
WILLIS, THIRZA J.            ASHFORD                       NY-5-15-313
WILLOUGHBY, EBENEZER         GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-3-153
WILLOVER, CHRISTOPHER        HINSDALE                      NY-5-19-657
WILLSIE, JOHN                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-25-429
WILLSON, ARVILLA             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-249
WILLSON, DURAN F.            OLEAN                         NY-5-26-225
WILLSON, KNIFFEN             ISCHUA                        NY-5-3-345
WILMOTH, BAXTER J.           OLEAN                         NY-5-23-73
WILSON, GEORGE               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-7-685
WILSON, JAMES M.             MANSFIELD                     NY-5-3-229
WILSON, JANE                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-265
WILSON, JOHN                 COLDSPRING                    NY-5-17-665
WILSON, MARY                 MANSFIELD                     NY-5-15-733
WILSON, MERCY                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-4-185
WILSON, MERCY                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-3-581
WILSON, REUBEN               MANSFIELD                     NY-5-3-577
WILTSE, CLIFFORD D.          ALLEGANY                      NY-5-20-593
WILTSE, JAMES                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-10-73
WILTSE, PETER P.             ASHFORD                       NY-5-4-517
WILTSIE, CORNELL             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-23-661
WILTSIE, MALVINA             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-12-95
WINANS, ABIJAH P.            OLEAN                         NY-5-13-573
WINANS, FRANCES P.           OLEAN                         NY-5-12-3
WINCHESTER, PHEBE D.         YORKSHRIE                     NY-5-4-421
WINNIE, MARGARET A.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-337
WINSHIP, MARY F.             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-23-409
WINSHIP, TRUMAN              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-26-201
WINSHIP, WILLIAM H.          CONEWANGO                     NY-5-26-45
WINSOR, BARNET               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-5-245
WINSOR, JESSE WARNER         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-7-541
WINTERS, GEORGE L.           OLEAN                         NY-5-11-621
WINTERS, MARGARET Z.         OLEAN                         NY-5-26-309
WIRTHMAN, HENRY C.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-16-333
WITCHER, MARY C.             MACHIAS                       NY-5-12-595
WITHERELL, CHARLES           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-17-605
WITHERELL, ELIZABETH A.      PERSIA                        NY-5-21-661
WITHERELL, GEORGE J.         ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-21-477
WOLFE, JANE                  DAYTON                        NY-5-23-705
WOOD, ADELIA S.              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-387
WOOD, ALONZO                 DAYTON                        NY-5-19-137
WOOD, CORNELIUS S.           LEON                          NY-5-5-317
WOOD, DANIEL T.              DYATON                        NY-5-20-9
WOOD, DAVID H.               FREEDOM                       NY-5-4-713
WOOD, DELLA C.               LEON                          NY-5-13-517
WOOD, EMERY                  HINSDALE                      NY-5-6-489
WOOD, EMMA M.                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-18-37
WOOD, HALSEY S.              ISCHUA                        NY-5-21-149
WOOD, HELEN M.               OLEAN                         NY-5-25-681
WOOD, IRA                    LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-9-594
WOOD, JENNIE C.              OTTO                          NY-5-6-461
WOOD, JOHN W.                LEON                          NY-5-18-169
WOOD, JOSEPH                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-89
WOOD, JULANA                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-5-677
WOOD, LEMUEL H.              LEON                          NY-5-19-641
WOOD, SAMUEL D.              ISCHUA                        NY-5-17-85
WOOD, SYLVENUS A.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-369
WOOD, THOMAS                 LEON                          NY-5-4-401
WOOD, WHEELOCK               HINSDALE                      NY-5-4-705
WOODARD, EPHRAIM             YORKSHRIE                     NY-5-4-77
WOODBURY, BENJAMIN P.        GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-193
WOODBURY, HENRY              OTTO                          NY-5-15-585
WOODBURY, WILLIAM            GOWANDA                       NY-5-15-493
WOODIN, HOMER                DAYTON                        NY-5-6-301
WOODMANCY, GEORGE B.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-129
WOODMANCY, SUSAN             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-449
WOODRUFF, CHARLES A.         OLEAN                         NY-5-5-269
WOODRUFF, CHARLES C.         HUMPHREY                      NY-5-7-321
WOODRUFF, CLINTON D.         BRADFORD, Mc KEAN, PA         NY-5-24-261
WOODRUFF, CORNELIA L.        EAST OTTO                     NY-5-27-689
WOODRUFF, ISAAC              ASHFORD                       NY-5-1-204
WOODRUFF, MARCELLA O.        EAST OTTO                     NY-5-25-77
WOODWORTH, CHARLES W.        CONEWANGO                     NY-5-13-433
WOODWORTH, HERMAN L.         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-113
WOODWORTH, MARYETTE          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-37
WOODWORTH, ROBERT F.         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-293
WOODWORTH, ZEBEDEE           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-473
WOOLER, JOHN                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-253
WOOLEY, JAMES                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-525
WOOLF, JANE                  OTTO                          NY-5-21-537
WORDEN, FREDERICK G.         YORKSHRIE                     NY-5-3-521
WORDEN, GEORGE               HUMPHREY                      NY-5-6-585
WORDEN, PETER                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-1-15
WORDEN, WARREN               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-21-589
WORDEN, WHITING S.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-8-140
WORDEN, WHITING S.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-7-485
WORMER, THOMAS               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-23-185
WORN, AUGUSTUS T.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-7-741
WORTHINGTON, THADDEUS        YORKSHRIE                     NY-5-4-353
WRANKLE, GEORGE              ASHFORD                       NY-5-25-169
WRIGHT, ALFRED               PORTVILLE                     NY-5-13-333
WRIGHT, ALICE AMANDA         PORTVILLE                     NY-5-20-393
WRIGHT, CHARLES K.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-20-145
WRIGHT DAVID A.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-10-337
WRIGHT, DELIA A.             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-18-697
WRIGHT, DENNIS               MACHIAS                       NY-5-13-365
WRIGHT, ELIAKIM              MACHIAS                       NY-5-6-409
WRIGHT, ELISHA               MACHIAS                       NY-5-6-725
WRIGHT, ELIZA                MACHIAS                       NY-5-14-297
WRIGHT, EMILY M.             LEON                          NY-5-25-693
WRIGHT, HEMAN P.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-49
WRIGHT, HIRAM E.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-499
WRIGHT, HOWARD               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-193
WRIGHT, ISAAC                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-13-629
WRIGHT, JOSEPH H.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-6-609
WRIGHT, JULIA                ELKO                          NY-5-14-513
WRIGHT, LAFAYETTE            MACHIAS                       NY-5-22-21
WRIGHT, LYMAN                MACHIAS                       NY-5-18-517
WRIGHT, LYMAN                OLEAN                         NY-5-7-241
WRIGHT, MYRON                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-233
WRIGHT, REUBEN               MACHIAS                       NY-5-3-97
WRIGHT, SAMUEL S.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-18-485
WRIGHT, SARAH S.             MANSFIELD                     NY-5-26-541
WRIGHT, SUSANNA              MACHIAS                       NY-5-4-629
WRIGHT, ZINA L.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-13-121
WULFF, FRED                  ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-27-405
WYANT, BETSEY                OTTO                          NY-5-17-357
WYLLIS, RUFUS                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-5-229
WYLLIS, SILANCE              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-15-445
WYLLYS, JOHN                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-11-369
WYMAN, ALONZO                FREEDOM                       NY-5-16-297
WYMAN, MARY                  FREEDOM                       NY-5-24-601
WYMAN, SARAH                 MANSFIELD                     NY-5-2-17
WYMAN, THOMAS P.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-257
YARRINGTON, AVERY            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-4-417
YATES, ALFRED E.             OLEAN                         NY-5-27-85
YAW, LUCY M.                 OLEAN                         NY-5-26-425
YERKE, WILLIAM               PERSIA                        NY-5-26-169
YERRINGTON, ALEXANDER        ALLEGANY                      NY-5-24-65
YOUNG, AMOS P.               OLEAN                         NY-5-6-681
YOUNG, CAROLINE E.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-26-589
YOUNG, CATHARINE             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-393
YOUNG, FRED SR.              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-477
YOUNG, HORACE C.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-7-281
YOUNG, JACOB                 ISCHUA                        NY-5-5-205
YOUNG, KATE M.               LEON                          NY-5-27-89
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-22-641
YOUNGS, JANE I.              COLDSPRINGS                   NY-5-14-109
ZANGER, PHILIP               DAYTON                        NY-5-14-325
ZANGER, PHILIP J.            DAYTON                        NY-5-27-317
ZAPROWSKI, JOSEPH            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-485
ZEFERS, MARTIN S.            ASHFORD                       NY-5-17-61
ZEIGLER, ELLA M.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-8-292
ZEIGLER, LUCETTA J.          COLDSPRING                    NY-5-23-509
ZEILMAN, JOHN                ASHFORD                       NY-5-23-441
ZELIFF, MARILLA              CARROLLTON                    NY-5-24-329
ZESTER, MICHAEL              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-453
ZIBBLE, DANIEL D.            SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-10-485
ZIBBLE, ELIZABETH            SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-16-593
ZIMMERMAN, JOHANNA           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-23-129
ZIMMERMAN, MARTIN            ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-93
ZIMMERMAN, PAUL              OLEAN                         NY-5-9-50
ZISTER, MICHAEL              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-345

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