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EARL, LEANDER                           NY-5-8-372
EASTERLY, FREEMAN                       NY-5-25-217
EASTLAND, LYDIA A.                      NY-5-17-185
EASTLAND, SAMUEL                        NY-5-20-685
EASTMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-5-8-520
EASTON, ERASMUS                         NY-5-16-237
EATON, JOSEPH S.                        NY-5-24-449
EATON, LYDIA                            NY-5-7-589
EATON, OLIVE A.                         NY-5-11-405
EATON, ZINA                             NY-5-3-133
EBERHARDT, LIZZIE                       NY-5-21-281
EBERHART, GEORGE                        NY-5-19-749
ECKHARDT, MARGARET                      NY-5-24-673
EDDY, ELVIRA L.                         NY-5-24-517
EDDY, ENOS                              NY-5-27-633
EDDY, ENOS                              NY-5-5-309
EDDY, JAMES                             NY-5-2-72
EDDY, JAMES W.                          NY-5-22-209
EDDY, SARAH                             NY-5-5-281
EDDY, SHELDON P.                        NY-5-17-677
EDDY, WALTON A.                         NY-5-20-53
EDDY, WILLIAM H.                        NY-5-5-105
EDEL, JOSEPH J.                         NY-5-27-133
EDEL, JUSTINE                           NY-5-24-309
EDGAR, ROBERT                           NY-5-15-149
EDGERTON, HENRY                         NY-5-3-61
EDGERTON, THOMAS                        NY-5-4-405
EDICK, EMMA                             NY-5-13-225
EDIE, SOPHIA                            NY-5-16-169
EDMUNDS, ROLAND                         NY-5-11-45
EDSON, ALMIRA E.                        NY-5-14-13
EDSON, CYRENUS C.                       NY-5-7-305
EDWARDS, EDWARD M.                      NY-5-16-453
EDWARDS, ELLEN M.                       NY-5-27-613
EDWARDS, JAMES T.                       NY-5-26-285
EDWARDS, NANCY J.                       NY-5-26-505
EDWARDS, TRUMAN                         NY-5-6-33
EGGLESTON, EUPHEMIA A.                  NY-5-18-93
EGGLESTON, FANNY M.                     NY-5-24-589
EGGLESTON, ISAAC                        NY-5-5-589
EGLINGTON, JOSEPH                       NY-5-23-701
EGNITON, JOHN                           NY-5-9-566
EHMAN, CHRISTIAN                        NY-5-27-501
EHMAN, JOHN                             NY-5-15-453
EICHLER, MARY                           NY-5-8-549
ELLIOTT, A. N.                          NY-5-19-489
ELLIOTT, MATILDA                        NY-5-21-17
ELLIOTT, MATTHEW G.                     NY-5-23-549
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM F.                     NY-5-8-152
ELLIS, DELILA                           NY-5-21-65
ELLIS, JOHN                             NY-5-3-333
ELLITHORPE, KITTIE V.                   NY-5-17-173
ELLSWORTH, STILES B.                    NY-5-10-557
ELSEN, REGINA                           NY-5-25-313
ELY, LEWIS S.                           NY-5-17-625
ENGELBACH, CHARLES H.                   NY-5-24-233
ENGLE, ALICE E.                         NY-5-11-737
ENGLE, MARY FRANCES                     NY-5-23-213
ENGLISH, DANIEL D.                      NY-5-6-117
ENO, CHARLES B.                         NY-5-16-425
ENSWORTH, LOUISA W.                     NY-5-22-153
ESSEX, OLIVER                           NY-5-6-729
ESSEX, WALTER                           NY-5-11-509
ESTERLY, WILLIAM B.                     NY-5-1-139
ETZEL, JOHN CONRAD                      NY-5-25-249
EUCHNER, JOHN E.                        NY-5-24-657
EVANS, ALONZO                           NY-5-14-161
EVANS, DAVID H.                         NY-5-26-537
EVANS, ELIZA                            NY-5-10-345
EVANS, HARRIET A.                       NY-5-4-177
EVANS, MERCY J.                         NY-5-16-29
EVANS, ROBERT                           NY-5-4-121
EVANS, SYLVESTER R.                     NY-5-12-255
EVANS, THOMAS                           NY-5-6-373
EVANS, WILLIAM                          NY-5-4-445
EVARTS, GEORGE L.                       NY-5-3-245
EVARTS, MARTHA                          NY-5-22-453
EVERTS, CHRISTIANA S.                   NY-5-3-553
EVERTS, ORSEMUS                         NY-5-13-457
EWELL, DWIGHT                           NY-5-9-30
EWING, ROBERT F.                        NY-5-15-617
FAIRBANKS, ABIGAIL                      NY-5-5-189
FAIRBANKS, JOSHUA                       NY-5-3-389
FANCHER, CALISTA                        NY-5-25-629
FANCHER, MARY                           NY-5-12-271
FARADY, SARAH                           NY-5-17-65
FARGO, ORION A.                         NY-5-26-237
FARLER, HENRY S.                        NY-5-3-221
FARMAN, ELLEN                           NY-5-19-125
FARNHAM, ASA                            NY-5-7-377
FARNSWORTH, EDWIN                       NY-5-4-573
FARNSWORTH, EMILY M.                    NY-5-23-361
FARNUM, SARAH J.                        NY-5-4-757
FARR, WILLIAM M.                        NY-5-15-25
FARRAR, ALEAZOR M.                      NY-5-19-713
FARRAR, FANNY                           NY-5-18-413
FARRAR, JOHN                            NY-5-4-745
FARRAR, JOYAL C.                        NY-5-6-97
FARRELL, ARTHUR                         NY-5-16-221
FARRELL, MICHAEL                        NY-5-7-397
FARRINGTON, MARIA                       NY-5-19-401
FARWELL, ALMYRA B.                      NY-5-24-241
FARWELL, HENRY C.                       NY-5-17-613
FARWELL, JANE                           NY-5-17-281
FARWELL, MOORES A.                      NY-5-21-469
FASKIT, SALLY                           NY-5-7-521
FAUCHER, LYDIA                          NY-5-9-494
FAUSER, BARBARA                         NY-5-11-89
FAUSER, JOHN                            NY-5-9-290
FAY, JAMES                              NY-5-8-296
FAY, KATE E.                            NY-5-24-605
FAY, SARAH                              NY-5-15-737
FAY, WARREN K.                          NY-5-4-109
FAY, WILLIAM G.                         NY-5-19-525
FEGLES, JOHN W.                         NY-5-5-765
FEHAN, JULIA                            NY-5-14-721
FELT, IDA V.                            NY-5-18-525
FELT, NICHOLAS                          NY-5-18-49
FELTON, FREDERICK                       NY-5-12-63
FENTON, SALLY M.                        NY-5-5-661
FENTON, WILLIAM                         NY-5-3-604
FERGUSON, ELLEN A.                      NY-5-26-585
FERRIN, AUGUSTIN W.                     NY-5-18-165
FEUCHTER, FREDERICK                     NY-5-8-536
FIELD, CELECTA D.                       NY-5-18-521
FIELD, JERMANICUS M.                    NY-5-18-501
FIELD, MILTON H.                        NY-5-22-653
FIELD, SETH                             NY-5-2-314
FIELDS, ANGELINE                        NY-5-7-561
FINCH, ELLEN                            NY-5-19-193
FINCH, GILBERT                          NY-5-10-545
FINCH, HORDY R.                         NY-5-7-725
FINCH, SMITH                            NY-5-3-612
FINDLAY, AGNES                          NY-5-25-285
FINDLAY, FRANCIS                        NY-5-7-653
FINDLAY, JAMES W.                       NY-5-10-41
FINDLAY, MARTHA R.                      NY-5-17-9
FINDLAY, STEPHEN                        NY-5-6-649
FINN, EDWARD                            NY-5-1-188
FINN, FANNIE J.                         NY-5-13-653
FINNELL, PATRICK                        NY-5-4-457
FIRMAN, ELIZA                           NY-5-5-461
FISH, HENRY R.                          NY-5-23-33
FISH, NATHANIEL                         NY-5-2-303
FISH, PERMELIA R.                       NY-5-19-465
FISH, SQUIRE                            NY-5-12-707
FISHER, EVERETT                         NY-5-18-285
FISHER, MARY                            NY-5-14-281
FISHER, SALLY M.                        NY-5-19-677
FISHER, WILALRD                         NY-5-14-105
FISK, CHESTER C.                        NY-5-17-301
FISK, EBER                              NY-5-26-69
FISK, WILLIAM E.                        NY-5-24-81
FITCH, CAROLINE COREY                   NY-5-26-33
FITCH, EMELINE A.                       NY-5-12-495
FITCH, EMELINE A.                       NY-5-12-575
FITCH, FREDERICK A.                     NY-5-26-37
FITCH, SARAH E.                         NY-5-20-549
FITCH, SARAH L.                         NY-5-18-273
FITTS, EPHRIAM                          NY-5-15-401
FITTS, JAMES G.                         NY-5-13-669
FITTS, MARY C.                          NY-5-20-153
FITZGERALD, JOHN                        NY-5-12-91
FITZGERALD, NICHOLAS                    NY-5-18-301
FITZGERALD, ROBERT                      NY-5-22-725
FITZGERALD, ROBERT                      NY-5-9-450
FITZMORRIS, JULIA                       NY-5-23-141
FITZPATRICK, ALZINE                     NY-5-20-705
FITZPATRICK, MARY A.                    NY-5-24-413
FLAGG, DAVID                            NY-5-16-5
FLAGG, ELZI                             NY-5-9-298
FLAGG, LEONARD                          NY-5-16-89
FLAGG, NANCY A.                         NY-5-25-125
FLANDERS, BETSEY E.                     NY-5-24-553
FLANNIGAN, JEREMIAH                     NY-5-16-193
FLANSBURGH, SUSANNAH                    NY-5-7-25
FLECKENSTINE, ROSANA (ROSE)             NY-5-24-61
FLEMING, MARGARET                       NY-5-5-5
FLEMMING, JAMES                         NY-5-4-325
FLOWER, GEORGE                          NY-5-6-105
FLYNN, JOHN                             NY-5-15-637
FLYNN, MICHAEL                          NY-5-20-293
FLYNN, PATRICK                          NY-5-13-229
FLYTE, ABRAHAM                          NY-5-5-9
FLYTE, GEORGE                           NY-5-19-245
FOBES, E. JOHN                          NY-5-3-585
FOLEY, JAMES                            NY-5-14-493
FOLLET, JOHN                            NY-5-1-164
FOLLETT, NATHAN                         NY-5-8-524
FOLTS, ALLEN C.                         NY-5-21-85
FOLTS, ELVIRA M.                        NY-5-12-727
FOLTS, EVA A.                           NY-5-10-61
FOLTS, HENRY                            NY-5-11-113
FOLTS, JOSEPH                           NY-5-3-9
FOLTS, OLIVER                           NY-5-16-749
FOLTS, TIMOTHY                          NY-5-5-353
FOLTZ, WILLIAM                          NY-5-17-77
FOOTE, LARMON                           NY-5-13-269
FOOTE, LINUS                            NY-5-14-585
FORAN, MARY                             NY-5-11-417
FORD, EPHRAIM                           NY-5-6-658
FORD, JACOB                             NY-5-3-73
FORMAN, ANNA                            NY-5-18-617
FOSDICK, HELEN W.                       NY-5-23-5
FOSDICK, HIRAM                          NY-5-17-457
FOSDICK, JESSE T.                       NY-5-17-669
FOSDICK, SUSAN B.                       NY-5-13-105
FOSKIT, HEZEKIAH                        NY-5-23-197
FOSTER, EMELINE A.                      NY-5-17-653
FOSTER, EMILY                           NY-5-26-597
FOSTER, GEORGE                          NY-5-22-133
FOSTER, JOSEPH                          NY-5-6-85
FOSTER, NATHAN                          NY-5-11-613
FOWN, WILLIAM F.                        NY-5-19-377
FOX, ALMIRAH                            NY-5-10-385
FOX, C. EDWARD                          NY-5-26-601
FOX, CHAUNCY J.                         NY-5-8-532
FOX, CLARISSA                           NY-5-16-581
FOX, FRITZ                              NY-5-27-241
FOX, GEORGE A.                          NY-5-24-581
FOX, HANNAH C.                          NY-5-26-253
FOX, HELEN M.                           NY-5-12-715
FOX, JAVAN                              NY-5-6-293
FOX, LAVINIA                            NY-5-11-677
FOY, ARA                                NY-5-21-669
FOY, CLARA                              NY-5-24-173
FOY, WILLIAM                            NY-5-16-49
FRANCE, GEORGE P.                       NY-5-27-573
FRANCIS, EDWIN                          NY-5-7-105
FRANCIS, SIMON                          NY-5-20-697
FRANK, ANDREW J.                        NY-5-20-589
FRANK, CATHERINE                        NY-5-19-361
FRANK, DELLA L.                         NY-5-18-629
FRANK, FREUD                            NY-5-22-121
FRANK, HELEN E.                         NY-5-17-413
FRANK, JACOB                            NY-5-4-525
FRANK, JEREMIAH                         NY-5-4-301
FRANK, JOSEPH                           NY-5-23-445
FRANK, MARY L.                          NY-5-16-745
FRANK, PETER                            NY-5-15-289
FRANK, WARNER                           NY-5-6-385
FRANKLIN, ANDROSS                       NY-5-3-557
FRANKLIN, EBER                          NY-5-7-41
FRANTZ, EDWARD                          NY-5-16-285

FRAZIER, PETER                          NY-5-16-557
FREEBORN, JULIUS H.                     NY-5-15-657
FREELAND, JAMES                         NY-5-14-661
FREEMAN, ELMIRA                         NY-5-10-205
FREEMAN, HIRAM                          NY-5-3-25
FREEMAN, MARTIN                         NY-5-24-293
FREEMAN, NELSON                         NY-5-24-217
FREEMAN, PETER W.                       NY-5-26-165
FRENCH, HORACE H.                       NY-5-16-705
FRENCH, ORAN                            NY-5-3-273
FRESHE, WILLIAM                         NY-5-10-313
FRIEL, PATRICK                          NY-5-18-377
FRIES, ANNA                             NY-5-24-497
FRISBIE, CHARLES R.                     NY-5-22-369
FRISBIE, MANDANA N.                     NY-5-22-361
FROHLICH, ANNA S.                       NY-5-20-329
FRUCHTE, WILLIAM                        NY-5-14-701
FULLAM, MARY E.                         NY-5-25-633
FULLER ALMON                            NY-5-1-257
FULLER, ANSON L.                        NY-5-24-257
FULLER, AUGUSTA A.                      NY-5-13-561
FULLER, EDGAR                           NY-5-26-397
FULLER, GEORGE W.                       NY-5-26-561
FULLER, HARRIET                         NY-5-22-365
FULLER, HENRY                           NY-5-6-605
FULLER, HENRY                           NY-5-4-633
FULLER, JABEZ                           NY-5-10-617
FULLER, KITTIE DAVIES                   NY-5-11-229
FULLER, LEONARD                         NY-5-8-2528
FULLER, LYDIA A.                        NY-5-19-89
FULLER, ORINDA                          NY-5-22-697
FULLER, STEPHEN                         NY-5-27-565
FULLER, SUSAN                           NY-5-16-401
GABEL, MATHIAS                          NY-5-25-153
GABLER, JOHN GEORGE SR.                 NY-5-23-225
GAENSSLEN, EVE                          NY-5-27-169
GAENSSLER, ALBERT                       NY-5-14-529
GAFFNEY, JOHN                           NY-5-13-389
GAFFNEY, MARGARET                       NY-5-9-166
GAINO, JOSEPH                           NY-5-27-129
GALE, HENRY                             NY-5-21-257
GALLAGHER, CATHERINE                    NY-5-16-41
GALLAGHER, SARAH E.                     NY-5-21-685
GALLETTS, JACOB                         NY-5-7-609
GALLIGAR, LOIS A.                       NY-5-10-593
GALLIGER, ANDREW J.                     NY-5-19-289
GALLOWAY, MARTIN V. B.                  NY-5-22-213
GALLOWAY, OZIAS P.                      NY-5-21-717
GANY, FREDERICK                         NY-5-9-210
GARDNER, AUGUSTUS                       NY-5-2-57
GARDNER, GEORGE R.                      NY-5-17-213
GARDNER, JOHN C.                        NY-5-11-277
GARDNER, LEANDER N.                     NY-5-2-390
GARDNER, RUTH S.                        NY-5-20-21
GARDNER, SAMUEL H.                      NY-5-19-645
GARFIELD, CHARLES B.                    NY-5-17-645
GARIN, MICHAEL                          NY-5-26-481
GARING, SARAH                           NY-5-23-297
GARVEY, ANNE                            NY-5-5-153
GASTMANN, JUSTUS F.                     NY-5-15-517
GATES, AMANDA                           NY-5-3-600
GATES, EMILY M.                         NY-5-21-545
GATES, HENRY C.                         NY-5-26-429
GATES, JENNIE A.                        NY-5-19-613
GATES, WILLARD                          NY-5-5-437
GAYLORD, HENRY C.                       NY-5-17-233
GEDDES, EDITH                           NY-5-24-185
GEISE, FRANK                            NY-5-26-369
GEISE, JOHN                             NY-5-10-25
GENUNG, JONAS                           NY-5-8-32
GEORGE, JOHN P.                         NY-5-25-597
GERLACH, JOHN                           NY-5-15-65
GEROW, JANE                             NY-5-15-529
GERWITZ, AMELIA                         NY-5-19-585
GERWITZ, LAWRENCE                       NY-5-21-357
GIBBON, GRIFFITH                        NY-5-10-37
GIBBS, ABRAHAM                          NY-5-8-96
GIBBS, WALTER A.                        NY-5-26-153
GIBBY, JAMES C.                         NY-5-22-225
GIBSON, WILLIAM B.                      NY-5-18-537
GIDDING, MARIA M.                       NY-5-2-195
GILES, JOHN L.                          NY-5-2-126
GILES, LYMAN                            NY-5-4-569
GILLETT, CHARLE SM.                     NY-5-4-217
GILLETT, JEMIMA                         NY-5-7-81
GILLETT, LUTHER                         NY-5-4-637
GILLETT, SAPHRONIA H.                   NY-5-13-637
GILLEY, ROBERT                          NY-5-4-753
GILLEY, WILLIAM T.                      NY-5-2-169
GILLIGAN, MARGARET                      NY-5-22-141
GILLIGAN, MARY J.                       NY-5-18-513
GILLIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-5-24-617
GILLIS, LYDIA                           NY-5-13-33
GILMORE, JOHN                           NY-5-6-13
GLADDEN, GEORGE A.                      NY-5-16-533
GLASER, WILLIAM FRANK                   NY-5-25-413
GLAZIER, JONAS                          NY-5-2-360
GLEASON, CAROLINE S.                    NY-5-16-713
GLEASON, CARTHAGENIA                    NY-5-18-217
GLEASON, MARY                           NY-5-3-505
GLOVER, EMILY                           NY-5-16-397
GLOVER, HENRY W.                        NY-5-5-569
GODDING, WILLIAM                        NY-5-13-65
GOFORTH, WILLIAM                        NY-5-3-361
GOLD, JOCHIN                            NY-5-18-669
GOLDSBOROUGH, LEVI                      NY-5-10-45
GOLDSBOROUGH, MARIA                     NY-5-12-731
GOLDTHWAIT, CLARA                       NY-5-21-437
GOO, ALVIRA                             NY-5-15-469
GOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-5-9-162
GOODEMOTE, PHILIP                       NY-5-5-453
GOODENOW, MARK                          NY-5-2-76
GOODRICH, HARVEY                        NY-5-18-469
GOODRICH, MARY ANN                      NY-5-3-457
GOODRICH, ZERIAS S.                     NY-5-3-157
GOODWILL, JOHNSON V.                    NY-5-22-525
GOODWIN, RICHARD                        NY-5-5-253
GOOEMOTE, DAVID                         NY-5-4-409
GORDON, ALICIA                          NY-5-24-585
GORDON, RANSOM SMITH                    NY-5-4-49
GORDON, WALTER                          NY-5-14-505
GORMAN, JOHN                            NY-5-18-665
GORMAN, MARY                            NY-5-8-748
GORMAN, THOMAS                          NY-5-11-69
GOSS, DANIEL                            NY-5-23-693
GOULD, AMELIA                           NY-5-17-549
GOULD, ANGELINE                         NY-5-15-597
GOULD, CECILIA                          NY-5-17-193
GOULD, CHARLES CARROLL                  NY-5-24-557
GOULD, ELLEN M.                         NY-5-14-497
GOULD, GEORGE GREEN                     NY-5-25-701
GOULD, JUDITH                           NY-5-18-601
GOULD, LYMAN                            NY-5-23-497
GOULD, MARGARET A.                      NY-5-6-581
GOULD, MARYETT                          NY-5-21-125
GOULD, SOPHIA S.                        NY-5-15-689
GOULD, WILALRD                          NY-5-10-553
GOWEN, ELIZA JANE                       NY-5-27-261
GOWIN, TIMOTHY                          NY-5-2-166
GRAHAM, GEORGE                          NY-5-5-545
GRAHAM, RACHEL M.                       NY-5-13-409
GRANITER, ALZERA F.                     NY-5-18-29
GRANT, JAMES                            NY-5-27-477
GRANT, JOHN                             NY-5-18-209
GRANT, MARGARET                         NY-5-27-481
GRANT, MARY                             NY-5-25-577
GRANTIER, AMOS                          NY-5-21-549
GRASSELLI, EUGENE                       NY-5-8-108
GRASSMAN, JUDITH                        NY-5-13-85
GRATTON, JAMES                          NY-5-9-546
GRAVES, ALMEDA L.                       NY-5-6-541
GRAVES, ALVIN R.                        NY-5-16-489
GRAVES, EDITH E.                        NY-5-15-73
GRAVES, GROVE B.                        NY-5-11-681
GRAVES, LESTER                          NY-5-4-617
GRAVES, MELISSA                         NY-5-15-77
GRAY, ASAHEL W.                         NY-5-6-781
GRAY, JOHN G.                           NY-5-23-149
GRAY, JOHN R.                           NY-5-14-429
GRAY, JOSEPH                            NY-5-8-100
GREAR, MARY                             NY-5-17-329
GREATWOOD, WILLIAM A. H.                NY-5-9-238
GREEN, ANNA                             NY-5-13-305
GREEN, BETSEY                           NY-5-3-317
GREEN, CAROLINE                         NY-5-4-565
GREEN, EUNICE                           NY-5-19-701
GREEN, HEMAN                            NY-5-3-69
GREEN, JAMES C.                         NY-5-14-209
GREEN, JAMES H.                         NY-5-20-81
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-5-6-21
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-5-3-385
GREEN, JOHN M.                          NY-5-27-305
GREEN, LOUISA H.                        NY-5-27-521
GREEN, LUCY                             NY-5-12-139
GREEN, MARTIN                           NY-5-23-457
GREEN, STEPHEN C.                       NY-5-18-69
GREEN, TRUMAN B.                        NY-5-19-445
GREEN, WILLIAM W.                       NY-5-24-697
GREENE, JOEL H.                         NY-5-5-717
GREENE, JOHN R.                         NY-5-9-530
GREENE, JOSEPH                          NY-5-6-113
GREENE, RICHARD                         NY-5-5-773
GREGORY, DAVID                          NY-5-6-669
GREINER, WILLIAM                        NY-5-19-241
GRIFFIN, ELLEN                          NY-5-27-293
GRIFFIN, JERUSHA O.                     NY-5-17-205
GRIFFIN, JOEL P.                        NY-5-7-625
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NY-5-21-625
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH                         NY-5-1-225
GRIFFIN, MARGARET                       NY-5-26-121
GRIFFIN, MARY                           NY-5-17-1
GRIFFIN, PATRICK                        NY-5-17-157
GRIFFIN, THOMAS H.                      NY-5-23-717
GRINALS, LORINDA L.                     NY-5-14-729
GRISWOLD, HIRAM                         NY-5-6-157
GROAT, SETH L.                          NY-5-18-321
GROFF, JOHN                             NY-5-5-201
GROH, MARGARET                          NY-5-21-181
GROSSMAN, CHARLES                       NY-5-26-393
GROSSMAN, IDA                           NY-5-20-29
GROVE, EMILY C.                         NY-5-18-553
GROVE, MARTIN H.                        NY-5-19-549
GROVER, GUSTAVUS                        NY-5-26-321
GROVES, DAVID                           NY-5-1-106
GROVES, JOHN H.                         NY-5-14-353
GROVES, STEPHEN                         NY-5-12-299
GUENTHER, SUSAN                         NY-5-25-409
GUILD, STANDISH                         NY-5-3-481
GUILE, JOHN                             NY-5-16-301
GUILE, OTIS                             NY-5-2-155
GUNN, EDWARD J.                         NY-5-13-13
GUNSOLAS, JOHN H.                       NY-5-5-277
GUY, TIMOTHY P.                         NY-5-4-625

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