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HAAKER, LAWRENCE             ASHFORD                       NY-5-6-433
HAASE, CHRISTIANF REDERICK   ALLEGANY                      NY-5-25-377
HABE, JANETTE                LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-8-1
HACKETT, GEORGE S.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-241
HADLEY, ALICE J.             ASHFORD                       NY-5-22-701
HADLEY, ALONZO F.            ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-85
HADLEY, CHARLES N.           ASHFORD                       NY-5-9-150
HADLEY, CORNELIUS M.         ASHFORD                       NY-5-12-627
HADLEY, EBENEZER B.          MACHIAS                       NY-5-11-245
HADLEY, JOHN                 MACHIAS                       NY-5-4-357
HADLEY, LEVI G.              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-23-17
HADLEY, LEVINIA S.           ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-597
HADLEY, NATHAN               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-713
HAGEN, DORA                  LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-27-701
HAGEN, JOHN                  EAST OTTO                     NY-5-23-437
HAGEN, LOUIS                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-27-697
HAIGHT, SAMUEL T.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-12-671
HAIRE, JOSEPH                OLEAN                         NY-5-16-77
HAIRE, MARGARET D.           OLEAN                         NY-5-17-249
HAIRE, THOMAS E.             OLEAN                         NY-5-16-629
HAKES, WILLARD               ASHFORD                       NY-5-1-235
HALE, ALBERT                 COLDSPRING                    NY-5-13-349
HALE, ESTHER M.              OLEAN                         NY-5-12-343
HALE, NATHANIEL              NAPOLI                        NY-5-1-30
HALL, AMOS A.                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-11-101
HALL, AMOS M.                DAYTON                        NY-5-26-445
HALL, BENJAMIN F.            LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-8-544
HALL, CATHERINE H.           OLEAN                         NY-5-21-285
HALL, ELIAS                  PERSIA                        NY-5-5-61
HALL, ELIZA D.               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-15-549
HALL, ERASTUS                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-15-605
HALL, EUPHEMIA D.            LYNDON                        NY-5-20-405
HALL, FRANCES C.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-24-137
HALL, HANNAH                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-701
HALL, HENRY N.               EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-23-341
HALL, IRA F.                 OLEAN                         NY-5-26-513
HALL, ISAAC                  LYNDON                        NY-5-2-62
HALL, JAMES S.               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-19-157
HALL, JANE                   PERSIA                        NY-5-6-441
HALL, LEMUEL                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-11-313
HALL, LEVERETT               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-24-25
HALL, LUCIUS                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-10-537
HALL, MARCUS                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-23-313
HALL, PHILANDER B.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-8-164
HALL, PHILEMON               **                            NY-5-2-31
HALL, SOPHIA                 RANDOLPH                      NY-5-11-149
HALL, SOPHIA                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-529
HALL, SOPHRONIA              GOWANDA                       NY-5-23-9
HALL, STEPHEN R.             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-2-381
HALL, WILLIAM G.             DAYTON                        NY-5-10-441
HALLER, ELIZABETH            OLEAN                         NY-5-22-65
HALLER, THERESA              OLEAN                         NY-5-19-109
HAMEL, JOHN J.               OLEAN                         NY-5-25-149
HAMILTON, AMOS G.            ISCHUA                        NY-5-15-253
HAMILTON, ANN                EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-14-73
HAMILTON, MARY               DAYTON                        NY-5-18-89
HAMILTON, MARY H.            OLEAN                         NY-5-26-297
HAMLIN, DAVID                LYNDON                        NY-5-3-237
HAMMERLE, ANNA MARIE         ALLEGANY                      NY-5-21-393
HAMMOND, CHARLES             DAYTON                        NY-5-17-209
HAMMOND, JOHN                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-7-21
HAMMOND, RICHMOND T.         CONEWANGO                     NY-5-18-161
HAMMOND, WILLIAM             EAST OTTO                     NY-5-23-425
HANCOCK, JABEZ B.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-325
HAND, MARY                   HUMPHREY                      NY-5-11-425
HAND, MICHAEL                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-10-153
HANDCOCK, ALMIRA             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-12-287
HANDLEY, BRIDGET             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-26-41
HANDLEY, MARTIN              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-23-541
HANFORD, GEORGE W.           GOWANDA                       NY-5-5-441
HANFORD, ZALMON              PERSIA                        NY-5-14-565
HANLEY, PATRICK              OLEAN                         NY-5-25-265
HANNA, MOLLIE                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-12-703
HANNEGAN, JAMIMA S.          OLEAN                         NY-5-17-201
HANNEGAN, PATRICK            OLEAN                         NY-5-12-439
HANNER, ELIZA                OLEAN                         NY-5-10-457
HANNIFAN, MICHAEL J.         OLEAN                         NY-5-27-509
HANRATTY, JOHN               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-27-269
HANSON, E. W.                ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-137
HAPGOOD, GRACE A.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-9-250
HARE, MARGARETTA S.          OLEAN                         NY-5-8-276
HARKNESS, HARRIET            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-22-413
HARMON, CALPHURNIA A.        ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-21-697
HARMON, ELEAZER              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-8-400
HARMON, ELIAS                ELLINGTON, CHAUTAUQUA, NY     NY-5-2-257
HARMON, EMMA D.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-17-293
HARMON, ETHAN A.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-26-81
HARMON, FLORA E.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-26-49
HARMON, FRANK D.             LEON                          NY-5-18-725
HARMON, HANNAH MARIA         ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-20-317
HARMON, HIAL G.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-19-197
HARMON, HIRAM                LEON                          NY-5-13-301
HARMON, JAMES H.             MACHIAS                       NY-5-17-297
HARMON, JOHN                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-2-311
HARMON, MARY K.              NAPOLI                        NY-5-20-601
HARNES, WILLIAM W.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-733
HARRINGTON, ANSON C.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-533
HARRINGTON, JOHNATHAN H.     RANDOLPH                      NY-5-22-101
HARRINGTON, LA MOTT          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-353
HARRINGTON, STEPHEN A.       ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-13-469
HARRIS, JAMES                LYNDON                        NY-5-8-352
HARRIS, LUCINDA              PERSIA                        NY-5-18-73
HARRIS, THOMAS               LYNDON                        NY-5-8-560
HARRIS, WILLIAM              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-7-501
HARRISON, ALMIRA             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-261
HARRISON, JOHN               EAST OTTO                     NY-5-16-133
HARRISON, JULIA              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-19-665
HARRISON, MARK               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-16-469
HARRISON, MINNIE E.          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-21-425
HARRISON, ROBERT             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-8-228
HARRISON, WARD               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-25-709
HARSEN, LAWRENCE             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-16-229
HARSON, ELIZA ANN            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-12-539
HART, HORACE                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-24-645
HART, LAURA J.               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-321
HARTZ, FANNIE                OLEAN                         NY-5-22-469
HARTZ, HENRY                 OLEAN                         NY-5-16-545
HARVEY, ADALAINE P.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-12-199
HARVEY, ADALINE P.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-11-409
HARVEY, ALBERT R.            MANSFIELD                     NY-5-26-717
HARVEY, ALFRED B.            MANSFIELD                     NY-5-16-381
HARVEY, CHARLES              MANSFIELD                     NY-5-6-549
HARVEY, DULCENIA D.          MANSFIELD                     NY-5-20-325
HARVEY, GEORGE W.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-19-597
HARVEY, HENRY B.             MANSFIELD                     NY-5-23-633
HARVEY, HIRAM R.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-7-425
HARVEY, JOHN S.              OTTO                          NY-5-5-101
HARVEY, MARY                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-12-711
HARVEY, SAMUEL               MANSFIELD                     NY-5-7-365
HARVEY, THOMAS               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-1-238
HARVEY, WILLIAM SEWARD       LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-14-69
HASSENFELT, CHRIST           ASHFORD                       NY-5-21-365
HASTINGS, LOREN S.           OLEAN                         NY-5-19-429
HATCH, CYRUS B.              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-20-125
HATCH, IRA L.                NAPOLI                        NY-5-13-101
HATCH, MARY                  NAPOLI                        NY-5-7-745
HAUCK, PETER                 EAST OTTO                     NY-5-8-664
HAUGH, JAMES M.              OLEAN                         NY-5-20-441
HAUGH, MARY                  OLEAN                         NY-5-16-141
HAVEN, EMILY F.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-11-525
HAVEN, JOHN                  PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-3-57
HAVEN, WILLIAM L.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-19-461
HAVENS, MARGARET             OLEAN                         NY-5-19-545
HAWKEY, FREDERICKA           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-345
HAWKINS, NEWEL               PERSIA                        NY-5-5-553
HAWKINS, NOEL                PERSIA                        NY-5-20-273
HAWKINS, ORSON V.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-6-329
HAWKINS, WILLIAM             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-21-241
HAWLETT, WILLIAM             DAYTON                        NY-5-7-269
HAWLEY, CORNELIUS C.         PORTVILLE                     NY-5-23-629
HAWLEY, IRA S.               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-9-522
HAWLEY, JESSE D.             NPAOLI                        NY-5-2-115
HAWLEY, NEWTON               HINSDALE                      NY-5-24-181
HAYDEN, PATRICK              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-16-657
HAYDEN, SQUIRE C.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-241
HAYER, HARRIET E.            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-493
HAYES, DELIGHT               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-22-541
HAYES, EVA K.                COLDSPRING                    NY-5-20-693
HAYES, JAMES M.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-26-637
HAYES, SILAS                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-6-545
HAYES, SIMON P.              NAPOLI                        NY-5-18-509
HAYFORD, JOEL                FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-2-370
HAYS, MARY                   ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-53
HAYS, ROBERT M.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-3-233
HAZARD, DANIEL ARTHUR        RANDOLPH                      NY-5-20-469
HAZARD, ELIZABETH CULVER     SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-21
HAZLETT, ELLA P.             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-277
HAZZARD, HELEN M.            CARROLLTON                    NY-5-9-258
HAZZARD, LORANZA             CARROLLTON                    NY-5-19-505
HEDDEN, AMOS L.              HINSDALE                      NY-5-4-593
HEDDEN, JOHN                 HINSDALE                      NY-5-14-221
HEFFRON, MATTHEW             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-421
HEHIR, CORNELIUS             ISCHUA                        NY-5-25-485
HEHIR, MARY                  ISCHUA                        NY-5-26-61
HEIER, CHARLES               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-22-613
HEIER, HENRY                 DAYTON                        NY-5-6-357
HEISLER, JOHN                GOWANDA                       NY-5-13-605
HEISLER, MARY                PERSIA                        NY-5-18-33
HELLER, ELIZABETH P.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-553
HELLER, THOMAS A.            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-23-533
HELLWEGE, ROSA M.            OLEAN                         NY-5-24-485
HELMES, HETTER ANN           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-20-553
HELMES, MILTON               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-5-673
HELMS, GAYLORD               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-333
HELMS, WILLARD               CONEWANGO                     NY-5-11-273
HELVERING, EDWARD K.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-217
HEMSTREET, ABRAM             ASHFORD                       NY-5-5-237
HEMSTREET, ABRAM V.          ASHFORD                       NY-5-13-697
HENCHEY, CATHERINE           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-16-109
HENDERSON, SARAH A.          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-16-617
HENRY, ELIZABETH J.          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-22-549
HENRY, FAYETTE               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-11-201
HENRY, JOHN                  FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-9
HENRY, JOHN N.               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-27-585
HENRY, JOSEPH                FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-15-405
HENRY, MAGDELENE             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-177
HENSHAW, ACHSAH L.           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-25-37
HERRICK, ADELIA S.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-14-205
HERRICK, ALFRED              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-9-34
HERRICK, HARDING P.          NAPOLI                        NY-5-26-685
HERRICK, JEREMIAH H.         NEW ALBION                    NY-5-17-393
HERRICK, PALLACE             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-333
HERRICK, SAMUEL              LYNDON                        NY-5-3-616
HERRICK, SCRUSIA             PERSIA                        NY-5-8-288
HERRINGTON, ESTHER           DAYTON                        NY-5-26-529
HERTEL, HENRY                RED HOUSE                     NY-5-9-350
HERTZEL, FREDERICK           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-11-441
HESS, ELIAS H.               GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-25-281
HESS, GEORGE                 EAST OTTO                     NY-5-7-721
HETZEL, ELIZABETH            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-13-149
HETZEL, FREED                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-433
HIBBARD, DE VERE M.          OLEAN                         NY-5-26-609
HIBNER, LUCY L.              ISCHUA                        NY-5-14-141
HICKCOX, GEORGE S.           PERSIA                        NY-5-5-157
HICKEY, AGNES H.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-185
HICKS, ABEL                  GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-5-261
HIGBEE, DAVID L.             LYNDON                        NY-5-4-381
HIGBEE, JEROME L.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-21-97
HIGBEE, SANFORD              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-5-585
HIGBY, ANNA M.               OLEAN                         NY-5-27-369
HIGGINS, FRANK W.            OLEAN                         NY-5-21-37
HIGGINS, JAMES               FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-341
HIGGINS, JOHN                FREEDOM                       NY-5-12-347
HIGGINS, PATRICK             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-53
HILDEBRAND, HENRIETTA        ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-549
HILDEBRAND, JOHN             ASHFORD                       NY-5-12-39
HILL, BYRON G.               PERSIA                        NY-5-19-533
HILL, FRANKLIN               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-12-363
HILL, HANNAH C.              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-26-705
HILL, JOSEPH                 OTTO                          NY-5-17-137
HILL, JULIA A.               FREEDOM                       NY-5-22-253
HILL, JULIUS                 RANDOLPH                      NY-5-17-109
HILL, LEROY N.               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-22-89
HILL, LOVETTA                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-14-541
HILL, MARTHA J.              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-581
HILL, MATILDA A.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-22-117
HILL, MILLIN T.              PERSIA                        NY-5-18-237
HILL, STEPHEN                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-3-632
HILL, THOMAS A.              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-17-517
HILLER, JOHN                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-4-557
HILLMAN, BENJAMIN            FREEDOM                       NY-5-6-633
HILLS, CALVIN                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-11-641
HILLSBERT, ELEANOR           DAYTON                        NY-5-19-25
HINCKLEY, MARY               OLEAN                         NY-5-23-473
HIND, THOMAS                 LEON                          NY-5-2-393
HINDS, CHARLES SR.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-14-373
HINMAN, ANSON L.             MANSFIELD                     NY-5-15-581
HINMAN, ELIZABETH A.         HINSDALE                      NY-5-12-167
HINMAN, KIRBY                PORTVILLE                     NY-5-8-540
HINMAN, PETER C.             MANSFIELD                     NY-5-7-665
HINMAN, SIMEON B.            OTTO                          NY-5-11-545
HINZE, HENRY                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-329
HIRT, ANDREW                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-16-73
HITCHCOCK, ARVILLA A.        FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-569
HITCHCOCK, EDWIN H.          CONEWANGO                     NY-5-23-193
HITCHCOCK, NATHANIEL         ASHFORD                       NY-5-6-493
HITCHCOCK, OTIS              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-565
HITSMAN, HENRY               FREEDOM                       NY-5-7-737
HOAG, ALEXANDER              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-23-669
HOAG, ELISHA                 LYNDON                        NY-5-13-293
HOAG, JOHN O.                ISCHUA                        NY-5-21-69
HOAG, SAMUEL W.              ISCHUA                        NY-5-27-41
HOARD, WHEELOCK              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-113
HODGE, ELIZABETH             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-633
HODGES, AMELIA               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-181
HODGES, JONATHAN F.          RANDOLPH                      NY-5-2-224
HOFFMAN, ELLA L.             OLEAN                         NY-5-12-655
HOFFMIRE, ANTON              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-13-77
HOFFMIRE, AUGUSTAS           OLEAN                         NY-5-17-49
HOGAN, ELLEN                 RANDOLPH                      NY-5-13-109
HOGAN, MARGARET              OLEAN                         NY-5-20-349
HOGAN, MICHAEL               GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-521
HOGG, AGNES                  FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-141
HOGG, GEORGE W.              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-213
HOGG, WILLIAM                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-573
HOGG, WILSON                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-17-577
HOLBROOK, ALFRED             MACHIAS                       NY-5-9-394
HOLBROOK, E. FREEMAN         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-505
HOLBROOK, JOSEPH             MACHIAS                       NY-5-15-169
HOLBROOK, MARTIN F.          OTTO                          NY-5-23-557
HOLBROOK, PERSIS             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-9-362
HOLBROOK, SANFORD            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-7-333
HOLDEN, HENRIETTA P.         PORTVILLE                     NY-5-27-365
HOLDRIDGE, ENOCH             EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-16-633
HOLDRIDGE, JOHN              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-3-65
HOLDRIDGE, RACHEL            NAPOLI                        NY-5-23-477
HOLDRIDGE, ZINA              NAPOLI                        NY-5-19-37
HOLE, EMILY                  SALAMANCA                     NY-5-12-331
HOLLAND, JOHN B.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-27-97
HOLLAND, MEHITABEL           ASHFORD                       NY-5-10-501
HOLLAND, NICHOLAS N.         NAPOLI                        NY-5-5-13
HOLLAND, OTIS                ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-37
HOLLANDER, JOHN J.           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-19-117
HOLLENBECK, ABRAM            MACHIAS                       NY-5-1-33
HOLLISTER, EMMET L.          ALLEGANY                      NY-5-26-681
HOLLISTER, JAMES H.          CONEWANGO                     NY-5-23-413
HOLLISTER, MARY C.           MANSFIELD                     NY-5-25-257
HOLLISTER, WILLIAM           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-4-433
HOLMES, AMOS B.              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-27-685
HOLMES, ELIZA A.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-109
HOLMES, LORAINE C.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-357
HOLMES, LUCY                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-8-192
HOLMES, MARY                 ELKO                          NY-5-19-209
HOLMES, RACHEL               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-4-341
HOMER, JACOB                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-21-621
HOMER, SARAH A.              OLEAN                         NY-5-18-113
HOOKER, ANNA                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-2-142
HOOKER, STEPHEN              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-2-366
HOOPER, DAVID P.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-5
HOOPER, EBENEZER             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-4-657
HOOPER, MARGARET             FREEDOM                       NY-5-16-605
HOOVER, RHODA                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-6-273
HOPKINS, DAVID               NAPOLI                        NY-5-14-153
HOPKINS, EDWIN               ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-137
HOPKINS, ELIAS               ASHFORD                       NY-5-5-789
HOPKINS, JACOB I.            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-7-145
HOPKINS, JAMES               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-213
HOPKINS, JOHN                FREEDOM                       NY-5-7-97
HOPKINS, LUCY                EAST OTTO                     NY-5-5-537
HORNBLOWER, WILLIAM E.       PORTVILLE                     NY-5-20-333
HORNING, JOHN                OTTO                          NY-5-11-393
HORRY, GEORGE L.             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-509
HORTH, BENJAMIN              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-4-481
HORTH, MARY E.               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-15-153
HORTON, ADELL                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-133
HORTON, JOHN                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-15-261
HORTON, SUSAN                OLEAN                         NY-5-19-437
HORTON, WALTER               SHEFFIELD, WARREN, PA         NY-5-13-717
HOTCHKISS, ALLEN J.          SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-14-581
HOTCHKISS, ASAHEL            COLDSPRING                    NY-5-1--589
HOTCHKISS, HARRIET           SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-11-629
HOTCHKISS, JOHN              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-305
HOTCHKISS, ORLIN             ELKO                          NY-5-18-689
HOUCK, NELLIE S.             EAST OTTO                     NY-5-19-261
HOUGHTALING, ARTHUR          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-7-121
HOUGHTON, JOHN               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-24-521
HOVEY, CHARLOTTE             EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-19-1
HOVEY, LOVISA T.             COLDSPRING                    NY-5-21-121
HOWARD, BETSEY               DAYTON                        NY-5-13-29
HOWARD, CHESTER C.           DAYTON                        NY-5-19-413
HOWARD, DANIEL               DAYTON                        NY-5-18-653
HOWARD, EDWARD               PERSIA                        NY-5-4-161
HOWARD, EDWIN C.             OLEAN                         NY-5-10-129
HOWARD, ELIZA A.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-445
HOWARD, ELIZABETH            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-8-144
HOWARD, HARRY                DAYTON                        NY-5-8-24
HOWARD, JAMES R.             DAYTON                        NY-5-27-145
HOWARD, NORMAN               DAYTON                        NY-5-4-189
HOWARD, PLARA                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-7-153
HOWARD, TRYPHENA             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-321
HOWE, CHARLES F.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-21-273
HOWE, CHESTER                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-3-45
HOWE, CLINTON D.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-22-529
HOWE, PERRY                  YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-8-788
HOWE, SAMUEL                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-11-141
HOWE, SAMUEL                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-11-153
HOWE, WILDMAN                FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-2-235
HOWELL, FRANK A.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-11-269
HOWELL, HENRY                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-10-273
HOWLETT, ELECTA B.           FREEDOM                       NY-5-17-177
HOWLETT, HORACE              DAYTON                        NY-5-18-477
HOWLETT, JOHN                FREEDOM                       NY-5-18-533
HOWLETT, MOSES               DAYTON                        NY-5-18-661
HOXIE, MARY S.               NAPOLI                        NY-5-18-9
HOXIE, STEPHEN               NAPOLI                        NY-5-7-733
HOXIE, THOMAS S.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-27-385
HOYT, GOOLD                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-5-1-115
HOYT, OLIVER                 STAMFORD, FAIRFIELD, CT       NY-5-12-404
HUBBARD, ESTHER L.           DAYTON                        NY-5-15-705
HUBBARD, GRACE ARDELL        DAYTON                        NY-5-25-713
HUBBARD, HARVEY              DAYTON                        NY-5-5-41
HUBBARD, JAMES A.            DAYTON                        NY-5-26-73
HUBBARD, JEDEDIAH            MACHIAS                       NY-5-24-445
HUBBARD, LUCIUS              DAYTON                        NY-5-11-237
HUBBARD, MANLEY              DAYTON                        NY-5-8-360
HUBBARD, RUSSELL             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-505
HUBBARD, WILLIAM M.          DAYTON                        NY-5-23-57
HUBBARD, WILLIAM R.          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-13-189
HUBBELL, CHAUNCEY            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-105
HUBBELL, ELI                 NAPOLI                        NY-5-9-230
HUBBELL, SCHUYLER P.         LEON                          NY-5-16-405
HUENERFELDT, PETER J.        ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-17-589
HUFSTADER, CHARLES A.        ASHFORD                       NY-5-24-133
HUFSTADER, FRANCIS           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-13-577
HUFSTADER, JERMEIAH          ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-565
HUFSTADER, ROSANA            ASHFORD                       NY-5-23-93
HUGANN, PETER                HINSDALE                      NY-5-7-189
HUGGINS, ESTELLA C.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-561
HUGGINS, JAMES               MANSFIELD                     NY-5-4-485
HUGHES, ANNA H. MORRIS       SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-149
HUGHES, ELLEN F.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-29
HUGHES, FREDERICK C.         MACHIAS                       NY-5-25-173
HUGHES, GEORGE               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-269
HUGHES, ISAIAH H.            OLEAN                         NY-5-12-619
HUGHES, JOHN J.              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-17-241
HUGHES, ORRA L. C.           OLEAN                         NY-5-17-477
HUGHES, THOMAS H.            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-14-617
HUGHES, WILLIAM J.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-157
HUGHEY, GEORGE               ASHFORD                       NY-5-9-26
HUGHS, JOHN                  SALAMANCA                     NY-5-10-237
HULETT, ANDREW J.            DAYTON                        NY-5-18-297
HULL, BETSEY A.              DAYTON                        NY-5-21-221
HULL, EDWIN A.               HINSDALE                      NY-5-23-625
HULL, MARY ANN               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-329
HULTS, M. ELIZABETH          MANSFIELD                     NY-5-15-177
HUMMEL, HENRY                PERSIA                        NY-5-24-117
HUNGERFORD, EBENEZER         MACHIAS                       NY-5-26-725
HUNGERFORD, EZEKIEL          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-601
HUNT, ADELBERT E.            OLEAN                         NY-5-27-257
HUNT, BETSEY V.              OTTO                          NY-5-16-65
HUNT, DAVID                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-13-313
HUNT, WARD E.                BRANDON, RUTLAND, VT          NY-5-1-70
HUNT, WILLIAM E.             OTTO                          NY-5-11-733
HUNTER, MICHAEL              PERSIA                        NY-5-19-509
HUNTINGTON, ADALINE          CONEWANGO                     NY-5-14-465
HUNTINGTON, DAVID            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-9-518
HUNTINGTON, HORACE           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-15-721
HUNTINGTON, JOHN             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-429
HUNTINGTON, RACHEL           LEON                          NY-5-24-397
HUNTLEY, CATHARINE           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-65
HUNTLEY, CORDELIA            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-24-417
HUNTLEY, DANIEL              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-1-182
HUNTLEY, SAMUEL S.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-13-89
HUNTLEY, WILLIAM D.          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-25-193
HURD, ALBERT A.              PERSIA                        NY-5-19-693
HURD, ANNA S.                GOWANDA                       NY-5-23-205
HURD, ELERY T.               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-24-289
HURD, JONATHAN C.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-16-417
HURD, WILLIAM                LEON                          NY-5-4-145
HURLBURT, ELIZABETH E.       OLEAN                         NY-5-15-429
HURLEY, HANNAH               OLEAN                         NY-5-24-533
HURLEY, JEREMIAH             OLEAN                         NY-5-10-133
HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM           OLEAN                         NY-5-20-417
HUYCK, HENRY                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-2-84
HUYCK, LENORA A.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-553
HYATT, HANORA                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-625
HYDE, HENRY                  FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-1
HYMES, MATILDA               LYNDON                        NY-5-16-497
INGALLS, BENJAMIN            LYNDON                        NY-5-24-149
INGALLS, ORANGE              ISCHUA                        NY-5-25-481
INGERSOLL, ALMIRA            LEON                          NY-5-12-431
INGERSOLL, CATHERINE         LEON                          NY-5-9-414
INGERSOLL, CLARISSA          HINSDALE                      NY-5-6-201
INGERSOLL, DORAS             LEON                          NY-5-8-252
INGERSOLL, ERASTUS           DAYTON                        NY-5-6-577
INGERSOLL, HERMAN V.         LEON                          NY-5-9-358
INGERSOLL, JOSEPHUS          DAYTON                        NY-5-9-82
INGRAHAM, CURTIS             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-4-273
INGSTRUM, THOMAS             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-413
IRELAND, LEWIS               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-6-769
IRISH, WILLIAM M.            OLEAN                         NY-5-16-337
IRVINE, GUY C.               NTL, WARREN, PA               NY-5-4-581
IVERS, JOHN                  ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-17-557
JACKETT, WILLIAM             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-11-301
JACKSON, DRAPER              MANSFIELD                     NY-5-12-151
JACKSON, HARRIET O.          LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-17-333
JACKSON, LAVERNA F.          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-505
JACKSON, NELSON A.           HUMPHREY                      NY-5-6-289
JACKSON, WILLIAM             FREEDOM                       NY-5-16-393
JACQUES, WARREN W.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-25-289
JAMES, JULIA                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-9-527
JAMES, STEPHEN               FREEDOM                       NY-5-11-105
JAQUISH, DANIEL              FREEDOM                       NY-5-4-33
JAQUISH, FRANKLIN E.         FREEDOM                       NY-5-10-469
JEFFERSON, CYRUS             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-8-556
JEFFORDS, CLARINDA           COLDSPRING                    NY-5-26-493
JENKEL, AUGUSTA H.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-22-289
JENKINS, BUCKLIN             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-4-261
JENKINS, JAMES               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-6-377
JENKINS, MERRILL T.          RANDOLPH                      NY-5-16-225
JENKS, FRANK M.              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-22-309
JENKS, LEMUEL S.             PERSIA                        NY-5-11-489
JESSEPH, ADAM                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-2-130
JEWELL, ABEL                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-2-325
JEWELL, JANE E.              LYNDON                        NY-5-26-329
JEWELL, JOHN R.              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-26-621
JEWELL, JOSEPH R.            OLEAN                         NY-5-17-593
JEWELL, MICHAEL A.           FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-18-253
JEWELL, PARDON               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-245
JOB, JESSIE H.               PORTVILLE                     NY-5-15-537
JOBE, SARAH                  HINSDALE                      NY-5-19-309
JOHNS, CAROLINE              FREEDOM                       NY-5-22-669
JOHNS, CHARLOTTE E.          FREEDOM                       NY-5-7-273
JOHNS, EDWARD P.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-10-17
JOHNS, GEORGE H.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-16-173
JOHNS, JOHN D.               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-21-557
JOHNS, THOMAS J.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-24-169
JOHNSON, ANNA MCLENNAN       FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-27-437
JOHNSON, BURNELL R.          PERSIA                        NY-5-16-373
JOHNSON, C. HARRIET          OLEAN                         NY-5-20-621
JOHNSON, CLINTON W.          ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-649
JOHNSON, ELISHA              OLEAN                         NY-5-26-721
JOHNSON, GILE                DAYTON                        NY-5-5-421
JOHNSON, GILES N.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-25-501
JOHNSON, HENRY               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-23-101
JOHNSON, JAMES G.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-373
JOHNSON, JAMES G.            OLEAN                         NY-5-8-104
JOHNSON, LUCY E.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-17-97
JOHNSON, RALPH               DAYTON                        NY-5-4-157
JOHNSON, SALMON L.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-15-165
JOHNSON, WILBER F.           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-22-221
JOHNSTON, EMELINE            SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-11-665
JOHNSTON, HENRY              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-5-513
JOHNSTON, HENRY D.           SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-12-335
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-19-21
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-2-284
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM W.         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-85
JOLLS, ABEL                  PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-5-213
JOLLS, EMMA                  DAYTON                        NY-5-4-113
JOLLS, JEREMIAH              PERSIA                        NY-5-6-161
JOLLS, JOHN                  DAYTON                        NY-5-7-529
JONES, ANNIE E.              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-8-568
JONES, CHAUNCEY A.           HINSDALE                      NY-5-10-613
JONES, CORDELIA S.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-18-293
JONES, EDWARD                OLEAN                         NY-5-20-97
JONES, HENRY                 COLDSPRING                    NY-5-13-465
JONES, HORACE W.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-15-85
JONES, MARCUS M.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-9-570
JONES, MARY A.               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-22-521
JONES, MELZER                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-15-309
JONES, MORRIS M.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-16-501
JONES, OLIVER A.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-257
JONES, ROBERT T.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-4-309
JONES, SQUIRE B.             EAST OTTO                     NY-5-14-113
JONES, SUSANNA               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-21-317
JONES, SYLVESTER H.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-16-429
JONES, T. W.                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-21-533
JONES, THOMAS T.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-11-145
JORDAN, PATRICK              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-22-45
JORDAN, THOMAS               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-21-653
JOSEPH, ELBRIDGE C.          YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-9-478
JOSLIN, GEORGE H.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-25-329
JOSLIN, JULIETTE             MACHIAS                       NY-5-13-193
JOSLYN, JAMES                MACHIAS                       NY-5-6-513
JUDD, DANIEL                 HINSDALE                      NY-5-6-709
JUDGE, MARY F.               OLEAN                         NY-5-15-125

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