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NAGEL, JOSEPH ANTHONY        SALAMANCA                     NY-5-10-493
NAPIER, GEORGE               MACHIAS                       NY-5-27-37
NAPIER, WILLIAM              MACHIAS                       NY-5-14-749
NAPOLI, JAMES                MACHIAS                       NY-5-4-329
NASH, AARON                  OLEAN                         NY-5-27-417
NASH, DE WITT C.             DAYTON                        NY-5-12-643
NASH, ELLEN C.               OLEAN                         NY-5-27-329
NASH, EUGENE A.              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-23-597
NASH, JULIA H.               DAYTON                        NY-5-18-365
NASH, ROSE E.                DAYTON                        NY-5-27-265
NAUGHTON, CATHERINE W.       RANDOLPH                      NY-5-11-181
NEALY, MATHEW                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-1-141
NEARNBURGER, CATHERINE       ALLEGANY                      NY-5-11-353
NELSON, JAMES                GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-8-64
NELSON, JOHN A.              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-25-685
NENNO, JOHN                  ALLEGANY                      NY-5-15-297
NESTOR, JOHN                 OLEAN                         NY-5-5-457
NEUBACH, ETTIE L.            CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-26-373
NEUBACH, WILLIAM H.          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-26-421
NEUSCHEL, LOUISA             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-18-713
NEWCOM, MICHAEL              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-21-189
NEWCOMB, DEBORAH             DAYTON                        NY-5-7-617
NEWCOMB, SIMON               DAYTON                        NY-5-7-358
NEWCOMB, THOMAS              DAYTON                        NY-5-5-729
NEWCOMB, WILLIAM W.          DAYTON                        NY-5-20-377
NEWELL, ABIGAL               HINSDALE                      NY-5-18-393
NEWELL, WILLIAM H. H.        ALLEGANY                      NY-5-22-377
NEWKIRK, CORNELIUS P.        ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-9-410
NEWKIRK, MARIA               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-27-473
NEWMAN, GEORGE               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-677
NEWMAN, MANSEL H.            LYNDON                        NY-5-13-21
NEWTON, FRANK R.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-309
NEWTON, GEORGE               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-11-13
NEWTON, LYMAN                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-13-249
NEWTON, THOMAS L.            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-245
NICHOLS, AMELIA M.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-20-517
NICHOLS, DANIEL              NPAOLI                        NY-5-9-314
NICHOLS, DANIEL F.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-15-233
NICHOLS, ORLANDO A.          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-22-373
NICHOLS, POLLY S.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-11-197
NICKERSON, COVIL             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-6-177
NICKERSON, EPHRAIM           LEON                          NY-5-5-697
NICKERSON, HARRIS            SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-17-489
NICKLESS, HEMAN              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-22-237
NICKLESS, SALECTA N.         YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-6-41
NIDLE, FLORENCE              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-101
NIES, CHRISTIAN F.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-10-301
NIES, PAULINE                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-429
NILES, CYNTHIA L.            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-14-705
NILES, WILLIAM H.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-14-489
NOBLES, SPENCER T.           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-12-355
NOLAN, HANNORAH              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-18-505
NOLAN, IRA                   HINSDALE                      NY-5-6-757
NOLTE, MATTHIAS              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-9-634
NORMILE, MARGARET            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-233
NORTHRIP, DAVID              OTTO                          NY-5-3-624
NORTHRIP, REBEKAH            OTTO                          NY-5-4-213
NORTHRUP, AARON              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-7-661
NORTHRUP, ADDIE B.           CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-23-125
NORTHRUP, HALSEY F.          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-20-37
NORTHRUP, JOHN               FREEDOM                       NY-5-1-81
NORTHRUP, L. HERBERT         NEW ALBION                    NY-5-22-33
NORTON, ANDREWS L.           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-14-145
NORTON, BELA                 HINSDALE                      NY-5-4-781
NORTON, ELON A.              FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-201
NORTON, LAVOISIER D.         OLEAN                         NY-5-14-665
NORTON, MARIA E.             OLEAN                         NY-5-25-357
NORTON, MARY                 HINSDALE                      NY-5-16-709
NORTON, NANCY S.             LEON                          NY-5-5-465
NORTON, POLLY ANN            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-26-713
NOTTINGHAM, THOMAS           LYNDON                        NY-5-13-45
NOURSO, WILLIAMSON           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-8-648
NOYES, DUDLEY                LEON                          NY-5-1-193
NUTT, ENWELL S.              OLEAN                         NY-5-17-493
NUTTING, FRED A.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-509
NUTTING, LABAN               CONEWANGO                     NY-5-10-285
NUTTING, MERRICK             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-7-49
NYE, ORLENA                  ASHFORD                       NY-5-22-629
OAKES, JENNIE C.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-26-313
OAKES, WEALTHY P.            LEON                          NY-5-17-369
OAKLEAF, FRANK H.            OLEAN                         NY-5-22-265
OAKS, ELIJAH                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-26-89
OAKS, LEONARD                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-213
OAKS, LYMAN HENRY            RED HOUSE                     NY-5-23-513
OAKS, PETER                  OLEAN                         NY-5-4-769
OBRIEN, DANIEL               HUMPHREY                      NY-5-8-768
OBRIEN, HUGH                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-9-303
OBRIEN, JOHANNA              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-205
OBRIEN, LUKE                 GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-23-53
OBRIEN, MATTHEW W.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-25-525
OBRIEN, MICHAEL              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-20-373
OCONNELL, CATHERINE          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-10-649
OCONNOR, JOHN                GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-677
ODAY, HANNAH                 OLEAN                         NY-5-17-221
ODELL, ALBERT                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-13-161
ODONNELL, JAMES              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-713
OEHSER, JOHN                 DAYTON                        NY-5-18-337
OHARA, HUGH                  FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-597
OHARA, JOHN                  FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-7-301
OHARA, PETER                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-653
OLCOTT, HENRY                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-7-677
OLDAY, ELLA WEDGE            LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-23-109
OLIVER, ALEXANDER            RICEVILLE                     NY-5-2-280
OLIVER, MATILDA              BLOOMFIELD, ESSEX, NJ         NY-5-2-353
OLMSTEAD, EDWIN B.           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-18-137
OLMSTED, BETSEY E.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-10-389
OLMSTED, MIRANDA             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-281
OLMSTED, NATHAN G.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-3-33
OLSEN, RASMUS                PERSIA                        NY-5-24-345
OLTHOFF, BERENA              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-9-122
OMEARA, LAWRENCE             OLEAN                         NY-5-20-421
OMEARA, OWEN                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-22-269
ONEAL, BARNARD               NAPOLI                        NY-5-5-293
ONEILL, GERTRUDE L.          RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-497
OOSTENHOULDT, SAMUEL         OLEAN                         NY-5-9-182
OOSTERHOUDT, EDWIN J.        SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-277
OOSTERHOUDT, MARY H.         OLEAN                         NY-5-12-211
OOSTERHOUDT, ZACHARIAH       OLEAN                         NY-5-2-179
ORMISTON, HENRY G.           LYNDON                        NY-5-23-673
OROURKE, ELLEN               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-19-49
OROURKE, MARGARET            OLEAN                         NY-5-15-205
ORR, CYRUS                   EAST OTTO                     NY-5-2-296
OSBORN, MARY ANN             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-22-673
OSBORN, RODERICK             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-10-145
OSBORNE, PHOEBE ANN          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-11-349
OSGOOD, ELIZA ANN            MACHIAS                       NY-5-8-656
OSGOOD, NATHAN               MACHIAS                       NY-5-20-41
OSMAN, LOVINUS               HINSDALE                      NY-5-8-652
OSMUN, ALONZO                FREEDOM                       NY-5-15-613
OSTERSTUCK, EMERY            OLEAN                         NY-5-25-129
OSTERSTUCK, LAVINA           OLEAN                         NY-5-14-313
OSTERTAG, CHRISTIAN          NTL                           NY-5-10-605
OSTRANDER, ELVIRA C.         PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-25-17
OSTRANDER, HORTON A.         GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-26-649
OSTRANDER, L. J.             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-16-585
OSTROM, THOMAS L.            EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-23-489
OSULLIVAN, MICHAEL           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-20-581
OSZYTKOWSKI, MICHAEL         OLEAN                         NY-5-18-185
OVERTON, GILES BLEASDALE     OLEAN                         NY-5-21-5
OVIATT, LYDIA J.             OLEAN                         NY-5-10-9
OWEN, ROBERT                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-4-513
OWEN, ROBERT JR.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-2-219
OWEN, RODESIA                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-497
OWEN, THOMAS W.              FREEDOM                       NY-5-10-609
OWENS, RICHARD R.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-12-71
OYER, CHARITY                ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-713
OYER, DAVID                  EAST OTTO                     NY-5-6-761
OYER, HIRAM                  ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-557
OYER, JOHN P.                ASHFORD                       NY-5-5-341
OYER, NANCY                  ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-665
PACKARD, BENJAMIN            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-645
PAGE, JOSEPH L.              OLEAN                         NY-5-23-45
PAINE, HARRISON              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-4-317
PAISLEY, THOMAS              NAPOLI                        NY-5-6-245
PALEN, GILBERT W.            FALLSBURGH, SULLIVAN, NY      NY-5-14-177
PALEN, HELEN M.              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-493
PALMER, BENJAMIN             PAINSVILLE, LAKE, OH          NY-5-8-121
PALMER, CHARLES A.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-24-545
PALMER, ELIZA S.             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-6-349
PALMER, LYDIA                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-541
PALMER, MARIA L.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-441
PANCOAST, SAMUEL W.          OLEAN                         NY-5-22-533
PARISH, FRANK H.             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-21-229
PARISH, SMITH                PORTVILLE                     NY-5-11-29
PARK, ANDREW G.              DAYTON                        NY-5-26-593
PARK, AVERY                  DAYTON                        NY-5-6-745
PARK, JACOB M.               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-7-317
PARKENSON, MARGARET          OTTO                          NY-5-18-457
PARKER, CONVERSE D.          PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-541
PARKER, DAVID                OLEAN                         NY-5-12-147
PARKER, DAVID BIGELOW        ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-23-381
PARKER, DAVID D.             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-6-321
PARKER, FLORA A.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-16-377
PARKER, GEORGE               SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-7-213
PARKER, IDA L.               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-23-237
PARKER, JOHN A.              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-349
PARKER, JULIA A.             SALAMNCA                      NY-5-25-457
PARKER, LEVI                 SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-25-201
PARKER, LOLA B.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-23-713
PARKER, MARY ELIZABETH       SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-553
PARKER, THOMAS J.            PERSIA                        NY-5-22-9
PARKER, WILBER H.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-23-561
PARKMAN, BENJAMIN            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-12-27
PARKMAN, SABURNA             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-14-41
PARKS, ASHTON M.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-24-5
PARMELEE, JOSHUA             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-16-81
PARMENTER, ANN R.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-377
PARRISH, ROSELLA             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-17-313
PARRISH, ZABAD               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-16-613
PARRY, ANNA                  FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-11-17
PARSELL, JOHN                DAYTON                        NY-5-5-517
PARSONS, GEORGE W.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-25-425
PARSONS, RHODA H.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-15-113
PATCH, EDMUND                LEON                          NY-5-7-461
PATON, HARRIET               CARROLLTON                    NY-5-26-105
PATTER, ANN ELIZABETH        SALAMANCA                     NY-5-12-319
PATTERSON, BETSEY            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-417
PATTERSON, NATHANIEL         FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-5-753
PATTON, HERBERT SMITH        OLEAN                         NY-5-20-645
PAYNE, CATHARINE             CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-22-409
PAYNE, DORUS                 PERSIA                        NY-5-12-175
PAYNE, NATHAN W.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-93
PAYNE, STEPHEN               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-4-285
PAYNE, SUSAN                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-9-446
PEABODY, ALFRED              ASHFORD                       NY-5-3-473
PEARCE, ROUNSVILLE W.        OLEAN                         NY-5-24-425
PEARL, BARBARA L.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-9-66
PEARL, LEVI L.               ISCHUA                        NY-5-3-636
PEASE, SAMUEL F.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-337
PEASLEE, JOSEPH              NAPOLI                        NY-5-17-385
PECK, FRANCIS W.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-12-647
PECK, WILLIE P.              GOWANDA                       NY-5-26-213
PEEK, LAURA A. SISSON        DAYTON                        NY-5-27-389
PEET, ELIZA                  FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-4-193
PEET, JOHN                   YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-561
PEET, LEVI                   FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-3-357
PEET, SARAH                  FREEDOM                       NY-5-19-229
PEIRCE, EZEKEL               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-557
PELTON, ANN ELIZA            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-337
PELZER, FREDERICK            ASHFORD                       NY-5-4-385
PENDLETON, LATHAM            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-13-397
PENDLETON, PERRY             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-17-133
PEPPERDINE, MELVIN N.        NEW ALBION                    NY-5-25-237
PEPPERDINE, PHEBE A.         CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-23-641
PERCIVAL, EDWARD B.          PORTVILLE                     NY-5-22-293
PERKINS, ALBERT              HINSDALE                      NY-5-7-341
PERKINS, LAUREL              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-11-257
PERRIN, SHELDON F.           DAYTON                        NY-5-14-609
PERRYMAN, EDWARD             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-12-475
PERRYMAN, ELIZABETH          YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-7-657
PERRYMAN, EMELINE            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-353
PERRYMAN, J. DENNISON        YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-13-625
PERSING, FREEMAN S.          PORTVILLE                     NY-5-24-613
PERSONS, ARMENIA             DAYTON                        NY-5-17-29
PETERS, FRED                 DAYTON                        NY-5-26-241
PETERSON, IRENE              OLEAN                         NY-5-20-665
PETERSON, PER O.             OLEAN                         NY-5-19-573
PETTIBONE, MARY              OIL CITY, VENANGO, PA         NY-5-18-437
PETTIBONE, SOLOMON           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-57
PETTIT, ABNER                ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-297
PETTIT, JOSHUA               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-3-85
PETTIT, JOSHUA R.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-24-389
PETTIT, SOPHRONIA            ASHFORD                       NY-5-10-665
PFEFFER, DOROTHEA            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-20-669
PFLENGER, ANNA DORA          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-21-117
PFLUEGER, JACOB              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-16-689
PFLUEGER, WILLIAM            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-17-649
PHAYER, THOAMS               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-21-569
PHELAN, MARTIN               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-11-365
PHELAN, MARY                 ISCHUA                        NY-5-15-593
PHELPS, CHARLOTTE            HINSDALE                      NY-5-7-629
PHELPS, CYRUS                HINSDALE                      NY-5-5-725
PHELPS, EGBERT               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-22-97
PHELPS, WALTER R.            **                            NY-5-1-96
PHETTEPLACE, EDDY            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-629
PHILLIPS, ANDREW J.          CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-15-501
PHILLIPS, ANN                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-265
PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN E.        SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-673
PHILLIPS, BETSEY M.          COLDSPRING                    NY-5-18-397
PHILLIPS, CHARLES C.         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-17-141
PHILLIPS, DELOSS             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-27-409
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH H.       MACHIAS                       NY-5-21-213
PHILLIPS, EMMET              MACHIAS                       NY-5-24-465
PHILLIPS, HATTIE             OLEAN                         NY-5-16-209
PHILLIPS, ISAAC H.           DAYTON                        NY-5-18-45
PHILLIPS, JACOB              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-8-756
PHILLIPS, JAMES E.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-17-273
PHILLIPS, JOHN               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-7-605
PHILLIPS, JULINA C.          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-10-121
PHILLIPS, LUKE               OLEAN                         NY-5-27-49
PHILLIPS, MARY               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-11-125
PHILLIPS, MICHAEL            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-509
PHILLIPS, OLIVER H.          CONEWANGO                     NY-5-26-629
PHILLIPS, OTIS W.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-177
PHILLIPS, PHILANDER          RANDOLPH                      NY-5-12-127
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL R.          ALLEGANY                      NY-5-7-509
PHILLIPS, VIRGIL S.          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-19-697
PHINNEY, JOHN H.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-14-149
PIATKOSKI, MICHAEL           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-185
PIATT, CHARLES               OLEAN                         NY-5-7-545
PICKETT, AURELIA A.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-473
PICKETT, ELI K.              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-4-673
PICKETT, VIDA A.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-25
PICKUP, ANN                  NEW ALBION                    NY-5-21-701
PICKUP, JOHN                 PERSIA                        NY-5-5-65
PIER, HENRY                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-2-286
PIERCE, ADA A.               OLEAN                         NY-5-21-9
PIERCE, ELLEN                DAYTON                        NY-5-16-485
PIERCE, EMMA LEARN           ISCHUA                        NY-5-27-429
PIERCE, GEORGE I.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-497
PIERCE, HARLOW               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-23-569
PIERCE, HARVEY A.            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-24-21
PIERCE, HELEN R.             OLEAN                         NY-5-25-561
PIERCE, HENRY B.             HUMPHREY                      NY-5-20-297
PIERCE, IRA                  EAST OTTO                     NY-5-7-361
PIERCE, JOHN                 ISCHUA                        NY-5-4-313
PIERCE, JOSEPH FRANK         OLEAN                         NY-5-19-397
PIERCE, JOSIAH               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-1-206
PIERCE, MARY A.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-24-125
PIERCE, MARY J.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-17-365
PIERCE, PHEBE                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-553
PIERCE, SYARTUS B.           HUMPHREY                      NY-5-5-73
PIERCE, WILLIAM              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-1-148
PIERCE, WILLIAM B.           OLEAN                         NY-5-15-545
PIERSON, WILLIAM R.          PERSIA                        NY-5-5-505
PINGREY, EZEKIEL             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-10-449
PINKERTON, SAMUEL            CARROLLTON                    NY-5-19-521
PINNAFATHER, JOHN            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-521
PINNER, SAMUEL               CONEWANGO                     NY-5-3-517
PINNER, WILLIAM              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-19-737
PITCHER, DAVID S.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-17-113
PITCHER, GEORGE A.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-497
PIXLEY, CHARLES A.           MACHIAS                       NY-5-16-513
PIXLEY, JULIAETT             MACHIAS                       NY-5-16-113
PLACHER, SARAH L.            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-20-77
PLOPPER, CALLISTIA           LEON                          NY-5-16-385
PLUMB, JOSEPH                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-5-29
PLUMB, VINE                  OTTO                          NY-5-8-40
POLLARD, JOHN R.             MACHIAS                       NY-5-11-93
POLLARD, JULIA M.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-16-309
POMEROY, ANN                 FREEDOM                       NY-5-27-77
POON, FRANKLIN               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-12-15
POPE, ELIZA M.               DAYTON                        NY-5-26-385
POPE, MATILDA                COLDSPRING                    NY-5-19-69
PORTER, JANE A.              NAPOLI                        NY-5-18-153
PORTER, SAMANTHA             ASHFORD                       NY-5-13-633
POTTER, ALMA ANN             PERSIA                        NY-5-10-269
POTTER, CHARLES B.           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-18-265
POTTER, DAVID                MACHIAS                       NY-5-8-132
POTTER, LOIS M.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-18-565
POTTER, MARY E.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-14-413
POTTER, WILLIAM              LEON                          NY-5-16-17
POUND, MARY ANN              PERSIA                        NY-5-18-429
POWERS, JAMES W.             HINSDALE                      NY-5-17-481
PRATT, CALVIN                OTTO                          NY-5-10-621
PRATT, CHARLES R.            LYNDON                        NY-5-18-233
PRATT, CLARISSA              DAYTON                        NY-5-10-393
PRATT, DARIUS                EAST OTTO                     NY-5-6-601
PRATT, ELIZA                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-11-225
PRATT, HARLEY B.             LYNDON                        NY-5-4-469
PRATT, JOHN                  OTTO                          NY-5-1-39
PRATT, MAHALA                LEON                          NY-5-6-637
PRATT, ROLLIN                OLEAN                         NY-5-9-578
PRATT, STEPHEN O.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-465
PRATT, STEPHEN O.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-481
PRESACK, JOSEPH              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-21-145
PRESHO, JAMES                ISCHUA                        NY-5-6-685
PRESS, JOHN                  GOWANDA                       NY-5-15-397
PRESTON, ARCHIBALD G.        YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-12-247
PRESTON, EBENEZER            HINSDALE                      NY-5-2-43
PRICE, DORR                  COLDSPRING                    NY-5-16-177
PRICE, EBENEZER C.           COLDSPRING                    NY-5-6-181
PRICE, JAMES W.              COLDSPRING                    NY-5-5-185
PRICE, MELETIAH H.           SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-8-752
PRICE, SAMUEL                COLDSPRING                    NY-5-3-337
PRIEST, ANN                  OLEAN                         NY-5-22-401
PRIEST, JOHN                 OLEAN                         NY-5-10-429
PRIEST, PATRICK              OLEAN                         NY-5-18-737
PRINCE, GEORGE               OLEAN                         NY-5-25-333
PRINCE, HALSEY               PERSIA                        NY-5-17-189
PRINCE, JACOB M.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-469
PROCTOR, AMERICUS            PORTVILLE                     NY-5-23-49
PROCTOR, JAMES               ASHFORD                       NY-5-9-190
PROCTOR, MARTHA L.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-23-49
PROSSER, CELIA               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-13-141
PRYCE, LEWIS                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-153
PUDDY, MARY E.               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-18-261
PURCELL, JANE                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-13-49
PURDY, STEPHEN               OLEAN                         NY-5-4-241
QUACKENBUSH, CLARK P.        ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-22-565
QUACKENBUSH, DANIEL          ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-117
QUACKENBUSH, ELIZA J.        ASHFORD                       NY-5-15-661
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN            ASHFORD                       NY-5-24-477
QUAINTANCE, GEORGE W.        ELK TWP, WARREN, PA           NY-5-13-729
QUIGLEY, ELEANOR             OLEAN                         NY-5-20-257
QUIGLEY, MICHAEL             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-133
QUINLAN, PATRICK             CARROLLTON                    NY-5-27-9
QUINN, JOHN                  SALAMANCA                     NY-5-8-660
QUINN, PATRICK               HINSDALE                      NY-5-5-257
QUIRK, ELLEN                 HUMPHREY                      NY-5-16-213
RABY, WILLIAM                MACHIAS                       NY-5-11-717
RADLEY, MARY                 OLEAN                         NY-5-25-605
RAECHER, MARTIN              DAYTON                        NY-5-27-333
RAERDON, JOHN                OLEAN                         NY-5-8-244
RAFFERTY, PETER              OLEAN                         NY-5-20-1
RANDALL, CHARLES P.          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-3-241
RANDALL, JOSEPH D.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-15-649
RANDALL, LEONARD             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-621
RANDALL, LEWIS               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-221
RANDALL, LUCY ETTE           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-18-257
RANDALL, ROXIE               OLEAN                         NY-5-24-653
RANDALL, ZADOCK              FREEDOM                       NY-5-1-158
RANDOLPH, ALICE L.           OLEAN                         NY-5-24-73
RANDOLPH, CAROLINE H.        OLEAN                         NY-5-16-681
RANKE, DORA                  ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-26-281
RANNEY, FRANKLIN E.          PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-23-605
RANNEY, LYMAN                PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-7-253
RANSOM, HANS                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-24-637
RAUB, ANGELINE               ISCHUA                        NY-5-16-457
RAUB, SARAH M.               OLEAN                         NY-5-18-657
RAUB, WILLIAM                OLEAN                         NY-5-5-761
RAY, JAMES                   FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-9-86
RAZE, JENETT M.              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-5-49
READ, WILLIAM E.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-27-445
REAGAN, THOMAS               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-12-531
REDFIELD, FRANKLIN E.        PERSIA                        NY-5-21-461
REDFIELD, SIBYL S.           PERSIA                        NY-5-13-113
REED, NANCY                  FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-591
REED, PHEBE                  EAST OTTO                     NY-5-9-598
REED, PHILENA                MACHIAS                       NY-5-14-229
REED, POLLY                  COLDSPRING                    NY-5-12-515
REES, DANIEL                 FREEDOM                       NY-5-3-281
REES, THOMAS                 FREEDOM                       NY-5-9-142
REESE, WILLIAM               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-15-389
REEVES, BENJAMIN             COLDSPRING                    NY-5-12-551
REEVES, CANAR                PORTVILLE                     NY-5-25-569
REEVES, GEORGE W.            COLDSPRING                    NY-5-14-709
REHLER, JOSEPH               OLEAN                         NY-5-19-73
REICH, SIMON                 OLEAN                         NY-5-26-133
REID, WILLIAM                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-565
REILLY, GEORGE               CARROLLTON                    NY-5-19-385
REINHARDT, JOHN W.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-5-445
REMINGTON, AUGUSTA           DAYTON                        NY-5-21-169
REMINGTON, RANSON            DAYTON                        NY-5-9-226
RENALDI, NINA                RED HOUSE                     NY-5-27-113
REUSCH, JOHN                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-11-397
REUSH, JOHN                  DAYTON                        NY-5-13-645
REUTER, JOHN J.              ASHFORD                       NY-5-17-553
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN           BURT                          NY-5-2-7
REYNOLDS, EDA                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-609
REYNOLDS, HENRY              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-17-13
REYNOLDS, JOHN C.            LYNDON                        NY-5-2-290
REYNOLDS, LIBBIE             OLEAN                         NY-5-13-689
REYNOLDS, NELSON             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-225
REYNOLDS, PAMELA             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-8-760
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM H.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-105
RHOADES, VIOLA A.            LEON                          NY-5-24-669
RHODES, ASAHEL               NAPOLI                        NY-5-7-633
RHODES, HSOEA                OLEAN                         NY-5-17-681
RICE, ABEL                   ASHFORD                       NY-5-5-289
RICE, CHARLES S.             OLEAN                         NY-5-14-509
RICE, CHESTER                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-3-377
RICE, ELI                    RANDOLPH                      NY-5-13-321
RICE, FRANCIS P.             ASHFORD                       NY-5-10-241
RICE, HERMAN L.              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-25-489
RICE, JAMES                  DAYTON                        NY-5-9-218
RICE, ZENAS                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-12-227
RICH, ALMIRA                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-137
RICH, ARAD                   NEW ALBION                    NY-5-4-613
RICH, BETTIE                 DAYTON                        NY-5-15-741
RICH, CALVIN                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-3-513
RICH, CHARLES C.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-17-105
RICH, CHARLES O.             HINSDALE                      NY-5-17-169
RICH, HARRIET P.             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-25-253
RICH, JAMES M.               DAYTON                        NY-5-12-427
RICH, JENNIE M.              ASHFORD                       NY-5-17-453
RICH, JOSEPH                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-3-525
RICH, LEONARD M.             PERSIA                        NY-5-2-112
RICH, LOUISE F.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-8-320
RICH, MADISON                FREEDOM                       NY-5-15-413
RICH, MALINDA                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-16-509
RICH, MARY E.                LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-25-645
RICH, MARY S.                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-7-69
RICH, MERIT                  PERSIA                        NY-5-14-557
RICH, REBECCA                CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-22-637
RICH, RICHARD B.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-53
RICH, WALLACE O.             CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-27-489
RICH, WILLIAM F.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-197
RICHARDS, JOHN C.            OLEAN                         NY-5-13-453
RICHARDS, THOMAS             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-20-625
RICHARDS, WILLIAM H.         FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-10-425
RICHARDSON, MARY             DAYTON                        NY-5-20-457
RICHMIRE, ALFRED             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-81
RICHMOND, ALLEN B.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-18-177
RICKARDS, NELSON             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-6-445
RICKART, MICHAEL             OLEAN                         NY-5-23-229
RICKS, JOHN                  FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-165
RIDER, GEORGE M.             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-15-201
RIDER, ROSE E.               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-23-401
RIDOUT, ESTHER A.            PERSIA                        NY-5-12-455
RIDOUT, JAMES                LEON                          NY-5-7-245
RIDOUT, NATHAN               LEON                          NY-5-9-390
RIDOUTE, CLARISSA            LEON                          NY-5-12-156
RIEFEL, MARY N.              DAYTON                        NY-5-27-677
RIEL, WILLARD                OLEAN                         NY-5-22-513
RIGDON, ALGERNON S.          CARROLLTON                    NY-5-16-413
RIGGS, ELIZA A.              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-141
RIGGS, JOHN R.               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-3-29
RIGGS, LEWIS                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-3-405
RILEY, JAMES                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-12-699
RINDER, PETER                DAYTON                        NY-5-11-221
RINK, JOHN                   LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-17-465
RITTING, JOHN J.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-26-489
RITTING, MARGARET            NAPOLI                        NY-5-23-485
RANSOM, PETER                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-265
ROACH, PATRICK               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-20-201
ROBBINS, JONATHAN            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-2-80
ROBBINS, LEONARD C.          ASHFORD                       NY-5-15-485
ROBBINS, RICHARD             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-3-205
ROBBINS, SARAH E.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-145
ROBBINS, SIMEON B.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-121
ROBERTS, HUGH H.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-13-185
ROBERTS, ISRAEL P.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-22-485
ROBERTS, NATHAN              DAYTON                        NY-5-4-173
ROBERTS, ROBERT              FREEDOM                       NY-5-14-345
ROBERTS, SALLY E.            GOWANDA                       NY-5-15-449
ROBERTS, TITUS               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-10-117
ROBERTS, TITUS               GOWANDA                       NY-5-7-771
ROBERTSON, PETER             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-8-92
ROBESON, JOHN E.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-297
ROBINS, PELEG                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-4-25
ROBINSON, ANNA A.            OLEAN                         NY-5-16-205
ROBINSON, ANNIE R.           VANDALIA                      NY-5-13-601
ROBINSON, DWIGHT H.          YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-297
ROBINSON, ELIJAH             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-10-141
ROBINSON, EUNICE B.          DAYTON                        NY-5-22-337
ROBINSON, HORACE             DAYTON                        NY-5-8-284
ROBINSON, JEDEDIAH           MACHIAS                       NY-5-5-297
ROBINSON, OLIVER             GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-397
ROBINSON, REUBEN             DAYTON                        NY-5-1-195
ROBINSON, SAMUEL N.          CONEWANGO                     NY-5-11-505
ROCKWELL, SARAH              LEON                          NY-5-17-525
ROGERS, DAVID                PERSIA                        NY-5-19-577
ROGERS, GEORGE               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-549
ROGERS, HIRAM S.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-8-668
ROGERS, JOHN                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-11-517
ROGERS, LUCINA               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-16-529
ROGERS, MARSHALL J.          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-5-57
ROGERS, ROWLAN               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-2-145
ROGERS, SUSAN                OTTO                          NY-5-2-249
ROGERSON, SIDNEY             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-19-29
ROLFE, FANNY                 PERRYSVILLE                   NY-5-23-333
ROLLINSON, CHARLES           GOWANDA                       NY-5-15-101
ROLLINSON, SARAH             GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-233
ROLLINSON, SARAH M.          GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-249
ROLLINSON, SARAH M.          GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-237
ROOD, SAMUEL E.              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-3-269
ROOT, DAVID                  OLEAN                         NY-5-15-509
ROOT, IRA                    OTTO                          NY-5-6-389
ROOT, NOAH                   FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-625
ROOT, RICHARD H.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-2-293
ROOT, SARAH                  OTTO                          NY-5-9-470
ROOT, ZULIMIMA               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-169
ROSE, ABAGAIL B.             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-19-129
ROSE, AMOS                   PORTVILLE                     NY-5-5-321
ROSENBERRY, JAMES            RED HOUSE                     NY-5-11-305
ROSENBERRY, SARAH            RED HOUSE                     NY-5-15-181
ROSS, FRANCES                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-27-441
ROSS, WALDO G.               OTTO                          NY-5-26-573
ROSS, WILBER                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-27-441
ROTH, JOHN                   SALAMANCA                     NY-5-4-429
ROTSCHKY, GOTTFRIED          OLEAN                         NY-5-16-701
ROUALTER, VALENTINE          OLEAN                         NY-5-11-381
ROUNDS, JACOB                FREEDOM                       NY-5-10-261
ROWAN, JOHANNAH              CARROLLTON                    NY-5-22-177
ROWAN, PATRICK               CARROLLTON                    NY-5-16-541
ROWLAND, ANDERSON            ASHFORD                       NY-5-12-223
ROWLAND, ASA                 ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-12-23
ROWLAND, ELIZA               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-16-217
ROWLAND, HIRAM               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-18-277
ROWLAND, MARY E.             ASHFORD                       NY-5-21-517
ROWLAND, WILLIAM             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-24-473
ROWLEY, REUBEN S.            COLDSPRING                    NY-5-11-341
ROYCE, SAMUEL                PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-13
RUCKLA, JOHN GEORGE          DAYTON                        NY-5-18-81
RUGG, ABEL                   NEW ALBION                    NY-5-4-277
RUGG, ABRAHAM A.             DAYTON                        NY-5-8-248
RUGG, HEMAN A.               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-22-501
RUGG, JOHN                   PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-5-165
RUGG, JONATHAN G.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-7-101
RUGG, MAJOR                  PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-27-109
RUMOLT, FREDERICK            LEON                          NY-5-23-589
RUNNALS, ARVILLA             EAST OTTO                     NY-5-9-482
RUNNALS, JEREMIAH A.         EAST OTTO                     NY-5-8-36
RUNNALS, LUCINDA E.          OTTO                          NY-5-23-233
RUNNALS, MARY M.             OTTO                          NY-5-21-113
RUNNALS, NANCY C.            OTTO                          NY-5-17-713
RUNNALS, WILLIAM C.          OTTO                          NY-5-21-109
RUSH, EDWARD                 CARROLLTON                    NY-5-27-309
RUSH, POTTUS                 EAST OTTO                     NY-5-20-649
RUSSEL, MICHAEL              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-14-117
RUSSELL, BENEDICT            LEON                          NY-5-3-53
RUSSELL, CLARISSA            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-26-633
RUSSELL, EVERT               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-8-392
RUSSELL, MARY M.             OLEAN                         NY-5-19-357
RUSSELL, RUTH                PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-16-737
RUSSELL, SYLVANUS            OLEAN                         NY-5-1-36
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             NAPOLI                        NY-5-3-489
RYAN, ANTHONY                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-7-61
RYAN, JOHN W.                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-485
RYAN, MARY A.                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-20-265
RYAN, MICHAEL                ASHFORD                       NY-5-18-733
RYAN, ROGER                  CARROLLTON                    NY-5-8-764
RYDER, LOUISA                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-14-157
RYDER, WILLIAM               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-11-241
RYNESS, RACHEL               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-8-4
RYTHER, CHARLES              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-467
RYTHER, JEREMIAH             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-3-189

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