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SACKRIDER, HENRY H.                     NY-5-5-413
SADDLER, NICHOALS                       NY-5-26-661
SAFFORD, HALSEY                         NY-5-9-426
SAFFORD, JOHN H.                        NY-5-26-433
SAGE, CATHERINE E.                      NY-5-14-121
SAGE, JAMES AUSTIE                      NY-5-11-481
SAGE, MARY S.                           NY-5-10-489
SALES, LUCINDA                          NY-5-4-649
SALISBURY, ANDREW B.                    NY-5-4-589
SALISBURY, CHARLES E.                   NY-5-14-249
SALISBURY, FRANK                        NY-5-25-13
SALISBURY, LORENTUS                     NY-5-1-196
SALISBURY, RICHARD                      NY-5-1-10
SALISBURY, WORDEN S.                    NY-5-18-717
SAMPLE, ALFRED J.                       NY-5-26-365
SAMPLE, CHARLES                         NY-5-24-209
SAMPLE, JACOB C.                        NY-5-4-786
SAMPLE, JANE L.                         NY-5-26-361
SAMPLE, MARY                            NY-5-12-251
SANBORN, JULIA A.                       NY-5-6-657
SANDER, JACOB                           NY-5-22-429
SANDERS, JAMES C.                       NY-5-20-33
SANDERS, JOHN                           NY-5-7-493
SANDERS, JOSEPH C.                      NY-5-10-309
SANDERS, THERESA                        NY-5-21-225
SANDERS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-5-26-97
SANDERSON, ANNA B.                      NY-5-23-449
SANDERSON, JOHN SEWELL                  NY-5-19-33
SANFORD, AMOS                           NY-5-5-25
SANFORD, SARAH E.                       NY-5-12-159
SARTWELL, HENRY S.                      NY-5-24-153
SATTERLEE, MARY A. (BATES)              NY-5-13-473
SATTERLEE, OEL D.                       NY-5-22-85
SAUNDERS, ABEL                          NY-5-4-129
SAUNDERS, HARVEY                        NY-5-4-449
SAUNDERS, HEZEKIAH                      NY-5-4-265
SAUNDERS, JAMES                         NY-5-14-561
SAUNDERS, NELSON                        NY-5-15-209
SAUNDERS, SARAH                         NY-5-18-743
SAVAGE, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-5-10-361
SAVAGE, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-5-22-461
SAVAGE, PATRICK                         NY-5-12-723
SAWYER, EARL                            NY-5-4-249
SAWYER, HENRY                           NY-5-19-441
SAWYER, JAMES                           NY-5-27-433
SAWYER, MARY                            NY-5-24-41
SCANLAN, MICHAEL                        NY-5-6-5
SCANLON, ELIZA                          NY-5-19-685
SCANLON, MARTIN                         NY-5-27-53
SCANLON, PATRICK                        NY-5-5-181
SCHAICH, GEORGE                         NY-5-19-529
SCHEETZ, CHARLES                        NY-5-19-745
SCHEETZ, MIRANDA                        NY-5-20-369
SCHEITERLE, MICHAEL                     NY-5-22-465
SCHELIN, ANDREW                         NY-5-22-393
SCHISSILE, GEORGE                       NY-5-8-280
SCHLEMELCH, JOHN                        NY-5-7-441
SCHLOSSER, JENNIE                       NY-5-24-229
SCHMIDT, MICHAEL                        NY-5-20-389
SCHMITT, MARY                           NY-5-27-381
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                         NY-5-10-125
SCHNEIDER, JOHN GEORGE                  NY-5-8-676
SCHNELL, FREDERICK                      NY-5-26-389
SCHNELL, JOHN                           NY-5-14-349
SCHRADER, JOHN                          NY-5-14-377
SCHRADER, REKA                          NY-5-22-617
SCHRAEDER, JOHN                         NY-5-11-9
SCHRIVER, ADAM                          NY-5-8-184
SCHROTT, JOHN                           NY-5-16-645
SCHUBERT, JOHN G.                       NY-5-13-357
SCHUE, GEORGE W.                        NY-5-17-361
SCHUEPEL, JOHN H.                       NY-5-6-265
SCHULDT, JOHN                           NY-5-6-185
SCHULER, NICHOLAS                       NY-5-10-353
SCHULTZ, CARL                           NY-5-14-61
SCHULTZ, CHARLES                        NY-5-16-69
SCHULTZ, CHRISTINA                      NY-5-16-241
SCHULTZ, JOHN                           NY-5-22-137
SCHUPAL, GEORGE H.                      NY-5-9-38
SCHUPPENHAUER, CATHERINE                NY-5-7-249
SCHUPPENHAUER, JOHN                     NY-5-13-537
SCHUTT, JOHN M.                         NY-5-20-277
SCHWALBE, CHARLES                       NY-5-22-421
SCHWERK, ALICE M.                       NY-5-18-101
SCOBEY, HANNAH                          NY-5-15-745
SCOBEY, WILLIAM F.                      NY-5-15-57
SCOBY, ALEXANDER                        NY-5-7-505
SCOFIELD, WILLIS J.                     NY-5-21-397
SCOTT, BRANDER                          NY-5-21-93
SCOTT, DURINDA                          NY-5-24-325
SCOTT, ELLA M.                          NY-5-13-525
SCOTT, JUSTUS                           NY-5-10-13
SCOTT, JUSTUS J.                        NY-5-9-610
SCOTT, LEWIS M.                         NY-5-20-69
SCOTT, LUTHER                           NY-5-12-479
SCOTT, PERMELIA                         NY-5-9-454
SCOTT, REUBEN                           NY-5-1-157
SCOVEL, HESEKIAH                        NY-5-2-199
SCOVILLE, JOSEPHINE                     NY-5-20-569
SCUDDER, ALIDA P.                       NY-5-14-713
SCUDDER, BUELL                          NY-5-22-169
SCUDDER, EZEKIEL                        NY-5-2-185
SCUDDER, JOEL                           NY-5-4-237
SEAGER, GEORGE E.                       NY-5-25-233
SEAGER, HIRAM                           NY-5-11-217
SEAGER, WILLIAM N.                      NY-5-16-329
SEARL, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-5-16-561
SEARL, ISAAC                            NY-5-15-341
SEARL, ISAAC                            NY-5-3-177
SEARL, ORANGE                           NY-5-15-345
SEARLE, FAYETTE                         NY-5-25-349
SEARLE, WALTER H.                       NY-5-24-1
SEARS, ELIZA                            NY-5-17-317
SEARS, MIRANDA                          NY-5-12-735
SEARS, RESOLVED                         NY-5-8-16
SEATON, HIRAM M.                        NY-5-27-345
SEAWARD, JAMES                          NY-5-6-737
SECOMB, ALICE                           NY-5-13-165
SECOMB, CHARLES H.                      NY-5-11-577
SEITZ, AUGUST                           NY-5-26-377
SEIVERT, AUGUSTUS C.                    NY-5-23-317
SEIVERT, CHARLES L.                     NY-5-18-97
SENEAR, JESSIE J.                       NY-5-15-417
SESSIONS, DAVID                         NY-5-5-705
SESSIONS, LUCY J.                       NY-5-20-25
SEWALL, HENRY DEVEREUX                  NY-5-1-213
SEWALL, MARY CATHARINE                  NY-5-1-208
SEWARD, ANTHA                           NY-5-12-267
SEXTON, ELISHA D.                       NY-5-18-747
SEXTON, ELIZA H.                        NY-5-25-509
SHAFER, JACOB                           NY-5-24-729
SHAFFER, CORDELIA                       NY-5-6-313
SHAFFER, MICHAEL                        NY-5-3-365
SHANKLIN, ROBERT H.                     NY-5-15-641
SHANNON, CHARLOTTE                      NY-5-17-197
SHANNON, EDGAR                          NY-5-8-688
SHANNON, GEORGE                         NY-5-6-589
SHANNON, LORENZO                        NY-5-7-673
SHAUGHNESSEY, BRIDGET                   NY-5-13-377
SHAUGHNESSEY, MICHAEL                   NY-5-13-393
SHAW, ADELBERT E.                       NY-5-24-625
SHAW, DANIEL                            NY-5-24-597
SHAW, HARRIET A.                        NY-5-24-665
SHAW, JOHN C.                           NY-5-6-205
SHAW, THOMAS                            NY-5-21-237
SHAY, MARY ANN                          NY-5-23-417
SHEAHAN, MICHAEL                        NY-5-24-609
SHEARER, NORA M.                        NY-5-27-101
SHEDD, GEORGE N.                        NY-5-22-497
SHEDD, HYDER O.                         NY-5-14-681
SHEDD, MARY E.                          NY-5-7-109
SHEEHAN, MARY                           NY-5-20-541
SHEEHAN, MICHAEL                        NY-5-15-61
SHEEHAN, NORA                           NY-5-16-9
SHELDON, APOLINA P.                     NY-5-24-409
SHELDON, GEORGE C.                      NY-5-8-384
SHELLEY, HANNAH M.                      NY-5-24-493
SHEPARD, ELIZA                          NY-5-16-257
SHEPARD, HINSDALE                       NY-5-1-18
SHEPARD, JONATHAN                       NY-5-10-405
SHEPARD, WILLIAM B.                     NY-5-10-696
SHEPARD, WILLIAM E.                     NY-5-17-449
SHEPMAN, JONATHAN A.                    NY-5-11-321
SHEPPARD, PETER K.                      NY-5-10-349
SHERMAN, ALBERT L.                      NY-5-23-301
SHERMAN, FRANK S.                       NY-5-27-277
SHERMAN, HIRAM                          NY-5-3-197
SHERMAN, JOHN                           NY-5-11-709
SHERMAN, MARY ANN                       NY-5-3-620
SHERRY, DIADAMA M.                      NY-5-6-69
SHERRY, JOHN                            NY-5-21-261
SHERRY, WILLIAM                         NY-5-27-117
SHERWOOD, NOAH                          NY-5-8-364
SHIELDS, MARTHA                         NY-5-25-209
SHINE, DANIEL                           NY-5-19-673
SHINGLER, BARNARD                       NY-5-11-389
SHULLIS, LORETTA                        NY-5-11-541
SHULTES, WILLIAM                        NY-5-5-385
SHULTS, BETSEY                          NY-5-13-177
SHULTS, FRED B.                         NY-5-13-421
SHULTZ, PHILOPENA                       NY-5-26-401
SIAS, SOLOMON                           NY-5-2-388
SIBLEY, CHARLES                         NY-5-4-765
SIBLEY, CYRUS                           NY-5-27-29
SIBLEY, WILLIAM A.                      NY-5-27-665
SIEBERT, LOUISE D.                      NY-5-20-653
SIELER, LOUISE F.                       NY-5-21-553
SIGEL, LOUISA                           NY-5-6-309
SIGMAN, ANDREW F.                       NY-5-26-5
SIGMAN, BARBARA H.                      NY-5-19-705
SIGMAN, MARTIN                          NY-5-5-397
SIGMAN, MARTIN P.                       NY-5-20-165
SIKES, SARAHELTE                        NY-5-10-197
SILL, ALONZO D.                         NY-5-21-153
SILL, ANDREW J.                         NY-5-11-585
SILL, DELOS E.                          NY-5-4-621
SILL, MARK                              NY-5-4-101
SILL, THOMAS M.                         NY-5-10-413
SILL, WILLIAM                           NY-5-1-51
SILLIMAN, EARL                          NY-5-26-77
SILLIMAN, FREDERICK                     NY-5-19-201
SIMMONS, ADAM                           NY-5-7-165
SIMMONS, EPHRAIM                        NY-5-7-389
SIMMONS, MARY E.                        NY-5-11-533
SIMNACHER, JOSEPH                       NY-5-24-205
SIMONDS, OSSIAN H. C.                   NY-5-13-265
SIPPLE, JOHN                            NY-5-17-629
SIRDEVAN, THOMAS                        NY-5-15-245
SISSON, ALLEN                           NY-5-5-769
SISSON, CLARK                           NY-5-21-509
SISSON, JOHN J.                         NY-5-15-629
SKIDMORE, SARAH W. B. L.                NY-5-11-469
SKINNER, HANNAH L. S.                   NY-5-21-605
SKINNER, MARY TOUSLEY                   NY-5-27-5
SKINNER, PETER V.                       NY-5-8-204
SLAWSON, SILAS N.                       NY-5-19-469
SLAWSON, TEMPERANCE L.                  NY-5-8-684
SLINGERLAND, JACOB                      NY-5-7-221
SLOCUM, CHARLES B.                      NY-5-21-361
SLOCUM, CHAUNCEY B.                     NY-5-11-293
SLOCUM, ELIZABETH                       NY-5-17-377
SLOCUM, ELMER SUZANNE                   NY-5-22-633
SLOCUM, HENRY                           NY-5-6-25
SLOCUM, PRUDENCE                        NY-5-24-225
SLOCUM, WILLARD                         NY-5-1-155
SLOCUM, WILLIAM                         NY-5-12-47
SLOCUM, WILLIAM H.                      NY-5-12-51
SLOVER, JAMES                           NY-5-1-189

SMAIL, FRED C.                          NY-5-22-657
SMALLWOOD, WILLIAM R.                   NY-5-20-173
SMITH, ABI A.                           NY-5-20-473
SMITH, ABRAM                            NY-5-27-421
SMITH, ALLIE E.                         NY-5-12-607
SMITH, AMANDA P.                        NY-5-18-597
SMITH, AMELIA                           NY-5-15-69
SMITH, ANNA                             NY-5-3-161
SMITH, ANNA E.                          NY-5-14-553
SMITH, ANSON                            NY-5-5-285
SMITH, BUEL G.                          NY-5-10-369
SMITH, BUEL G.                          NY-5-10-357
SMITH, CHARLOTTE M.                     NY-5-23-429
SMITH, CLARA J.                         NY-5-25-261
SMITH, DANIEL B.                        NY-5-15-693
SMITH, DAVID D.                         NY-5-25-181
SMITH, DAVID L.                         NY-5-27-641
SMITH, DEVILLO                          NY-5-20-449
SMITH, DRUSA E.                         NY-5-17-69
SMITH, EDWIN W.                         NY-5-22-645
SMITH, ELENOR E.                        NY-5-9-54
SMITH, ELIZA M.                         NY-5-13-621
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-5-22-357
SMITH, ELIZABETH BUSH                   NY-5-21-301
SMITH, EMELINE                          NY-5-25-361
SMITH, FANNY                            NY-5-9-422
SMITH, FRANCIS                          NY-5-8-332
SMITH, FRANKLIN                         NY-5-1-73
SMITH, FRIEND R.                        NY-5-11-561
SMITH, HARLAN W.                        NY-5-17-145
SMITH, HENRIETTA                        NY-5-17-461
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-5-7-149
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-5-26-93
SMITH, HENRY L.                         NY-5-10-657
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-5-10-97
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-5-7-421
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-5-26-521
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-5-13-145
SMITH, JAMES A.                         NY-5-15-221
SMITH, JAMES M.                         NY-5-5-381
SMITH, JESSE                            NY-5-1-166
SMITH, JOHN A.                          NY-5-27-681
SMITH, JOHN C.                          NY-5-15-89
SMITH, JOHN E.                          NY-5-25-213
SMITH, JOHN G.                          NY-5-7-89
SMITH, JOHN H.                          NY-5-11-725
SMITH, JOHN L.                          NY-5-18-57
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-5-12-695
SMITH, JUDSON                           NY-5-22-597
SMITH, JULIA ELY                        NY-5-25-461
SMITH, JULIAN G.                        NY-5-21-313
SMITH, LAURENCE K.                      NY-5-18-641
SMITH, LINUS                            NY-5-23-165
SMITH, LOREN P.                         NY-5-25-137
SMITH, LUCY E.                          NY-5-24-393
SMITH, LYDIA                            NY-5-21-49
SMITH, LYDIA                            NY-5-10-137
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-5-22-677
SMITH, MARIA                            NY-5-6-365
SMITH, MARION E.                        NY-5-23-325
SMITH, MARTHA A.                        NY-5-8-340
SMITH, MARY                             NY-5-20-513
SMITH, MARY ANN                         NY-5-10-93
SMITH, MASON                            NY-5-7-201
SMITH, MATTHEW A.                       NY-5-19-565
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-5-14-265
SMITH, MILON J.                         NY-5-22-689
SMITH, MITCHELL                         NY-5-21-585
SMITH, OCTAVIA F.                       NY-5-25-245
SMITH, ORLANDO H.                       NY-5-22-53
SMITH, PARKER                           NY-5-7-265
SMITH, PETER                            NY-5-13-9
SMITH, PHOEBE T.                        NY-5-22-25
SMITH, POLLY M.                         NY-5-23-285
SMITH, ROXANNA                          NY-5-8-416
SMITH, ROXANNA                          NY-5-8-672
SMITH, RUSSEL                           NY-5-3-401
SMITH, SALMON                           NY-5-3-253
SMITH, SIMON J.                         NY-5-18-61
SMITH, STEPHEN                          NY-5-9-202
SMITH, SUSAN                            NY-5-23-249
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-5-24-357
SMITH, WILLIAM D.                       NY-5-3-81
SMITH, ZALMON                           NY-5-15-717
SNOVER, DAVID S.                        NY-5-20-229
SNOW, CHAUNCEY A.                       NY-5-13-73
SNOW, MARY F.                           NY-5-27-493
SNOW, NATHAN                            NY-5-3-249
SNOW, SALLY M.                          NY-5-11-573
SNYDER, AUGUSTUS                        NY-5-5-389
SNYDER, ELLIOTT                         NY-5-18-373
SNYDER, HARRIET                         NY-5-14-329
SNYDER, JOSEPH                          NY-5-14-525
SNYDER, MARGARET                        NY-5-8-692
SNYDER, MARY ANN                        NY-5-15-277
SNYDER, THOMAS                          NY-5-5-557
SNYDER, WILLIAM                         NY-5-14-401
SOMERVILLE, HENRY                       NY-5-21-709
SOOP, DAVID                             NY-5-7-637
SOULE, STEPHEN                          NY-5-5-681
SOUTHERN, ELIZA E.                      NY-5-8-680
SOUTHWORTH, NATHAN                      NY-5-12-371
SOWL, FRANCIS L.                        NY-5-9-490
SPAULDING, DANIEL B.                    NY-5-11-437
SPAULDING, RYLAND                       NY-5-6-501
SPEARS, ROBERT                          NY-5-25-573
SPEIR, JOHN                             NY-5-12-111
SPENCER, BURTON M.                      NY-5-12-239
SPENCER, DOLLIE                         NY-5-27-649
SPENCER, ELEZAR H.                      NY-5-7-749
SPENCER, HARVEY                         NY-5-12-231
SPENCER, JACOB                          NY-5-20-17
SPENCER, JAMES                          NY-5-13-693
SPENCER, JOHN R.                        NY-5-13-285
SPENCER, PHINEAS                        NY-5-1-43
SPENCER, RACHEL M.                      NY-5-13-521
SPENCER, STPEHEN J.                     NY-5-8-236
SPICER, PETER                           NY-5-1-168
SPINDLER, JOHN J.                       NY-5-27-525
SPINDLER, PETER                         NY-5-16-157
SPITTLER, JOHN                          NY-5-14-521
SPRAGUE, ABRAM                          NY-5-6-437
SPRAGUE, ADALINE M.                     NY-5-19-561
SPRAGUE, AMOS P.                        NY-5-25-465
SPRAGUE, DELOSS W.                      NY-5-22-553
SPRAGUE, ELI A.                         NY-5-8-772
SPRAGUE, MARY C.                        NY-5-15-189
SPRAGUE, SOPHRONIA                      NY-5-14-269
SPRING, ALFRED                          NY-5-25-49
SPRING, ELLEN                           NY-5-15-625
SPRING, LEVI T.                         NY-5-11-605
SPRINGER, JOHN                          NY-5-11-41
SPRISTLER, JOHN PHILIP                  NY-5-3-113
STADY, JOHN                             NY-5-14-21
STADY, MARY                             NY-5-26-357
STAFFORD, EMMA K.                       NY-5-24-277
STAFFORD, FRANK J.                      NY-5-20-605
STAFFORD, JOHN                          NY-5-6-9
STAFFORD, LEANDER                       NY-5-22-445
STALL, ALICE E.                         NY-5-23-69
STANARD, JOHN J.                        NY-5-23-665
STANBRO, LUVISA A.                      NY-5-13-373
STANLEY, JOSEPH A.                      NY-5-9-194
STANLEY, LORETTE L.                     NY-5-17-561
STANTON, DANIEL                         NY-5-1-162
STANTON, SUSAN W.                       NY-5-14-745
STANWAY, FANNY                          NY-5-26-113
STARKS, JEDEDIAH                        NY-5-14-237
STARKS, MARGARET                        NY-5-27-253
STARR, NOAH                             NY-5-7-169
STARR, POLLY                            NY-5-14-29
STEARNS, GEORGE W.                      NY-5-7-413
STEBBIINS, BENJAMIN K.                  NY-5-7-289
STEBBINS, ANSON L.                      NY-5-18-289
STEBBINS, EMERETT                       NY-5-23-161
STEBBINS, LAURA                         NY-5-7-497
STEDMAN, ALLEN                          NY-5-5-345
STEELE, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-5-7-681
STEELE, OLIVE L. T.                     NY-5-26-437
STEELE, SARAH M.                        NY-5-13-253
STEGELBAUR, FRANCE                      NY-5-16-145
STELLEY, WARREN D.                      NY-5-4-693
STENSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-5-8-12
STEPHAN, AMELIA                         NY-5-4-641
STEPHAN, WILLIAM                        NY-5-25-589
STEPHENS, GEORGE                        NY-5-20-209
STEVENS, FRANK                          NY-5-16-465
STEVENS, JARED                          NY-5-13-545
STEVENS, JOHN A.                        NY-5-21-197
STEVENS, KATHERINE M.                   NY-5-26-405
STEVENS, LOUISE Y.                      NY-5-20-61
STEVENS, SARAH ANN                      NY-5-11-193
STEVENS, TIMOTHY                        NY-5-3-173
STEVENSON, JOHN                         NY-5-9-326
STEVENSON, MARTIN L.                    NY-5-4-773
STEWARD, EDMUND                         NY-5-19-569
STEWART, HARMON                         NY-5-15-293
STEWART, LEMUEL                         NY-5-13-297
STEWART, MARY A.                        NY-5-17-101
STEYNER, EDWARD R.                      NY-5-26-665
STEYNER, FREDERICKA E.                  NY-5-26-669
STEYNER, JOHN J.                        NY-5-19-313
STICKNEY, EVERETT                       NY-5-13-261
STICKNEY, EVERETT                       NY-5-16-565
STICKNEY, LUCY                          NY-5-4-553
STIER, AUGUST                           NY-5-19-589
STIER, MARY                             NY-5-20-57
STILES, MARY M.                         NY-5-17-565
STILLMAN, CHLOE                         NY-5-5-349
STILLMAN, FRED                          NY-5-23-241
STILWELL, DOROTHY                       NY-5-23-41
STILWELL, LEWIS E.                      NY-5-11-589
STILWELL, LUCINDA O.                    NY-5-7-429
STIMSON, HIRAM                          NY-5-27-73
STJOHN, ALMIRA                          NY-5-8-368
STOCKWELL, ASA                          NY-5-5-685
STOCKWELL, ORPHA                        NY-5-10-1
STOERS, BARZILLA B.                     NY-5-18-701
STOKES, MICHAEL                         NY-5-21-341
STOLL, FRED                             NY-5-23-393
STONE, AMASA                            NY-5-8-425
STONE, DEWITT C.                        NY-5-24-381
STONE, HOMER W.                         NY-5-23-521
STONE, RUSSELL                          NY-5-18-193
STONE, SILAS B.                         NY-5-3-397
STONE, THEODORE M.                      NY-5-12-135
STORRS, ALEXANDER                       NY-5-10-149
STORRS, WILLIAM                         NY-5-17-541
STOWELL, LUTHER                         NY-5-7-693
STRAIGHT, HELEN J.                      NY-5-24-129
STRAIN, MARGARET J.                     NY-5-9-366
STRAIT, JOSEPH C.                       NY-5-14-421
STRASSER, JOHN                          NY-5-21-249
STRATTON, ZEBULON L.                    NY-5-12-675
STRAUTON, ALPHA S.                      NY-5-12-687
STRICKLAND, ROBERT                      NY-5-1-74
STRICKLAND, WALTER H.                   NY-5-20-725
STROHUBER, CECILIA                      NY-5-7-85
STROHUBER, GEORGE                       NY-5-24-693
STRONG, DARIUS W.                       NY-5-17-689
STRONG, JACOB L.                        NY-5-16-725
STRONG, MARY                            NY-5-7-457
STRONG, WILLIAM J.                      NY-5-18-125
STRUCHEN, CORA                          NY-5-19-365
STRYKER, JOHN J.                        NY-5-5-493
STUART, WILLIAM H.                      NY-5-14-33
STUDLEY, HATTIE C.                      NY-5-27-301
STUTTER, TENA                           NY-5-22-61
SUIRIN, ALBERT P.                       NY-5-21-649
SULLIVAN, AGNES                         NY-5-24-69
SULLIVAN, MARGARET                      NY-5-22-569
SULLIVAN, MARGARETTE                    NY-5-11-129
SULLIVAN, MARY                          NY-5-18-593
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL C.                    NY-5-23-405
SULLIVAN, SUSAN                         NY-5-21-201
SUTTER, JOSEPH                          NY-5-21-529
SUTTER, MAGDALENE                       NY-5-22-537
SUTTON, ALICE                           NY-5-20-185
SWAN, DANIEL S.                         NY-5-23-453
SWAN, MARY A.                           NY-5-25-449
SWARTHOUT, OAKLEY                       NY-5-7-185
SWARTS, PETER                           NY-5-21-445
SWEATMAN, JOSEPH L.                     NY-5-20-285
SWEET, RUFUS                            NY-5-21-441
SWEETEN, MARTHA                         NY-5-26-85
SWEETLAND, J. WESLEY                    NY-5-9-206
SWEETLAND, LEWSI                        NY-5-8-708
SWIFT, SARAH ALLEN                      NY-5-12-463
SWINTON, MARY J.                        NY-5-15-561

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