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CABO, CHRISTIAN              ASHFORD                       NY-5-12-207
CADMUS, EUNICE               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-189
CADY, CLARISSA M.            OLEAN                         NY-5-14-137
CADY, HENDERSON              MACHIAS                       NY-5-5-357
CAEY, PATRICK                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-629
CALDWELL, JAMES              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-8-404
CALKINS, JOHN C.             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-21-61
CALKINS, MELVINA D.          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-17
CALNON, JAMES                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-13-233
CAMP, AUSTIN M.              MACHIAS                       NY-5-12-555
CAMP, WELCOME                MACHIAS                       NY-5-10-249
CAMPBELL, ABI S.             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-16-641
CAMPBELL, DAVID N.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-13-317
CAMPBELL, HUGH               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-169
CAMPBELL, JAMES A.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-5-225
CAMPBELL, PHILONA S.         PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-19-281
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-593
CAMPBELL, WALTER             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-537
CANADA, MYRON                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-5-301
CANEEN, THOMAS               LEON                          NY-5-24-313
CANFIELD, CHARLES            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-12-507
CANFIELD, WILLIAM H. H.      COLDSPRING                    NY-5-17-725
CANTILLION, JAMES            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-14-597
CARD, FLORA A.               OLEAN                         NY-5-27-81
CARD, RAY                    YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-689
CARLEY, OLIVER F.            OLEAN                         NY-5-19-457
CARLTON, GEORGE M.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-277
CARMER, CLARA A.             HINSDALE                      NY-5-23-117
CARNES, MARTHA M.            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-13-533
CARPENTER, CORNELIA          MACHIAS                       NY-5-3-465
CARPENTER, FREDERICK         ISCHUA                        NY-5-15-437
CARPENTER, GUY O.            PERSIA                        NY-5-14-645
CARPENTER, HARVEY            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-581
CARPENTER, JONATHAN          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-145
CARPENTER, LUCY F.           GOWANDA                       NY-5-15-49
CARPENTER, WARREN            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-89
CARPETNER, ELIPHALET         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-13-405
CARRIG, JAMES                COLDSPRING                    NY-5-24-713
CARROLL, JOHN                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-16-181
CARROLL, LUCY                OLEAN                         NY-5-22-73
CARROLL, TIMOTHY             LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-18-369
CARSON, ROBERT               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-14-165
CARTER, LADWICK H.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-15-97
CARTER, LEVI THOMAS          OLEAN                         NY-5-11-261
CARTER, SAREPTA              OLEAN                         NY-5-19-601
CARVER, PARLEY               GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-1-16
CARVER, REBECCA              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-19-61
CARVER, SALANDER             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-13-725
CARVER, SYLVESTER J.         MACHIAS                       NY-5-26-261
CARY, CHARLES S.             OLEAN                         NY-5-20-585
CASBORE, ANDY                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-27-709
CASE, LORETTA                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-13-461
CASEY, HANORA                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-17-729
CASEY, HENRY                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-417
CASEY, WILLIAM               OLEAN                         NY-5-23-581
CASPER, APOLONIA             BOSTON, ERIE, NY              NY-5-2-232
CASTEN, EUNICE L.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-49
CASTEN, JAMES                LEON                          NY-5-11-97
CASWELL, AMANDA M.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-23-245
CASWELL, GEORGE S.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-15-589
CASWELL, JOHN C.             OLEAN                         NY-5-15-381
CASWELL, SALLY               ISCHUA                        NY-5-5-265
CASWELL, SARAH J.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-649
CASWELL, WILLIAM             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-481
CASWELL, WILLIAM             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-6-173
CATRAD, JAMES B.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-8-148
CAYWOOD, DAVID G.            OTTO                          NY-5-22-625
CHADWICK, JEROME             OLEAN                         NY-5-15-521
CHADWICK, LUTHER G.          PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-11-477
CHAFEE, DENIKE               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-18-213
CHAFFEE, AMASA W. W.         PERSIA                        NY-5-21-421
CHAFFEE, NEWTON              GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-469
CHAFIN, FIDELIA              HINSDALE                      NY-5-12-59
CHAMBERLAIN, ANDREW          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-8-176
CHAMBERLAIN, BARBARA C.      GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-9-626
CHAMBERLAIN, BENJAMIN F.     RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-361
CHAMBERLAIN, CHANDLER        GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-5-333
CHAMBERLAIN, DELIA           ISCHUA                        NY-5-21-157
CHAMBERLAIN, ELIZA           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-12-203
CHAMBERLAIN, EVE             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-3-485
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE          OLEAN                         NY-5-9-186
CHAMBERLAIN, HIRAM           ASHFORD                       NY-5-8-328
CHAMBERLAIN, IVES            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-4-361
CHAMBERLAIN, LAURA           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-201
CHAMBERLAIN, LULA A.         GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-24-481
CHAMBERLAIN, MOSES           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-4-777
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM         ISCHUA                        NY-5-21-157
CHAMBERLANE, ANDREW J.       SALAMANCA                     NY-5-7-779
CHAMBERLIN, ALTA LORAIN      OLEAN                         NY-5-16-273
CHAMBERLIN, ALVIRA B.        GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-525
CHAMBERLIN, CAROLINE         ALLEGANY                      NY-5-22-517
CHAMBERLIN, GRACE A.         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-27-121
CHAMBERS, ESTHER ELIZABETH   OLEAN                         NY-5-17-89
CHAMPLIN, DUDLEY             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-397
CHAMPLIN, JOB                FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-1-146
CHAMPLIN, JOHN B. F.         LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-18-493
CHAMPLIN, MATILDA            NAPOLI                        NY-5-8-516
CHAMPLIN, ROBERT             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-14-125
CHAMPLIN, SAMUEL             FREEDOM                       NY-5-1-221
CHANDLER, ANDREW B.          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-89
CHANDLER, ELIZA M.           WELLINGTON, LORAIN, OH        NY-5-23-465
CHAPEL, RUSSEL               HUMPHREY                      NY-5-3-21
CHAPIN, MARY                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-14-629
CHAPIN, WILLIAM              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-5-549
CHAPMAN, ANNETTE             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-21-561
CHAPMAN, AURILLA             LYNDON                        NY-5-5-621
CHAPMAN, DANIEL              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-8-412
CHAPMAN, EZEKIEL             **                            NY-5-1-5
CHAPMAN, HENRY               HUMPHREY                      NY-5-21-33
CHAPMAN, HIRAM               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-12-191
CHAPMAN, JAMES               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-15-505
CHAPMAN, JONATHAN A.         LEON                          NY-5-14-173
CHAPMAN, MARCIA              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-673
CHAPMAN, OLIVE J.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-7-65
CHAPMAN, RACHEL              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-18-721
CHAPMAN, WELCOM              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-13-493
CHAPMAN, WILSON E.           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-10-629
CHASE, ALANSON               MACHIAS                       NY-5-2-21
CHASE, BYRON D.              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-23-517
CHASE, JOSEPH E.             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-15-5
CHASE, MARIETTE              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-15-9
CHASE, ORLIN                 NEW ALBION                    NY-5-7-417
CHASE, ORLIN C.              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-7-649
CHASE, WALTER                ISCHUA                        NY-5-16-673
CHEESEMAN, ABNER             FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-581
CHEESEMAN, CHARLOTTE         YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-23-601
CHENEY, DAVID H.             MACHIAS                       NY-5-12-567
CHENEY, JOHN                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-8-84
CHENEY, LOUISE C.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-649
CHENEY, MONROE G.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-441
CHENEY, SARAH A.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-18-53
CHENEY, THOMAS W.            LEON                          NY-5-13-61
CHERRYMAN, JOHN              LYNDON                        NY-5-5-597
CHICKERING, CALVIN           HUMPHREY                      NY-5-1-179
CHILDS, MARY A.              HUMPHREY                      NY-5-21-613
CHITTENDEN, MIRIAM           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-4-253
CHRISTFELT, HARRIET          EAST OTTO                     NY-5-16-249
CHRISTIE, NATHANIEL          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-9-398
CHURCHILL, CORNELIA J.       YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-16-669
CLACKNER, ELIAZBETH          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-189
CLAFLIN, DEXTER              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-4-149
CLAFLIN, SARAH               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-6-237
CLAIR, WALTER                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-19-481
CLANCY, PATRICK              OLEAN                         NY-5-22-325
CLARK, AHRRIET L.            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-27-517
CLARK, ALIDA D.              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-18-449
CLARK, BARAK E.              BURTON                        NY-5-1-190
CLARK, BERTHA MAY            OLEAN                         NY-5-22-157
CLARK, CALVIN G.             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-15-217
CLARK, CHAUNCEY E.           OLEAN                         NY-5-22-609
CLARK, HANNAH                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-14-517
CLARK, JOHN R.               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-27-581
CLARK, JOHN W.               BURTON                        NY-5-2-264
CLARK, LEVI                  PORTVILLE                     NY-5-9-294
CLARK, MARY E.               GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-23-25
CLARK, PATIENCE              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-23-529
CLARK, SMITH                 NAPOLI                        NY-5-17-409
CLARK, SUSAN                 BRADFORD, Mc KEAN, PA         NY-5-24-677
CLARK, THOMAS                PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-13-197
CLARK, THOMAS G.             CARROLLTON                    NY-5-12-187
CLARKE, JOHN R.              PERSIA                        NY-5-24-285
CLARKE, STANLEY N.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-3-225
CLARKE, SUSAN                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-7-593
CLEMENT, MARTHA A.           MANSFIELD                     NY-5-16-481
CLEMENT, MINOT H.            MANSFIELD                     NY-5-16-477
CLEMENT, TIMOTHY             LYNDON                        NY-5-7-73
CLEMENTS, JAMES              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-273
CLEMENTS, MARGARET           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-27-149
CLEMENTS, STILLMAN           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-349
CLEMMONS, LYDIA A.           DAYTON                        NY-5-23-61
CLEVELAND, ALONZO            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-7-1
CLEVELAND, ALONZO            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-7-401
CLEVELAND, BRAINARD          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-23-349
CLEVELAND, SARAH M.          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-8-188
CLIFFORD, JAMES              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-23-685
CLINE, ALMIRA                ISCHUA                        NY-5-24-93
CLINE, ELIZABETH             ISCHUA                        NY-5-6-537
CLINE, FREDERICK             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-19-57
CLYDE, JAMES L.              OLEAN                         NY-5-26-149
COAST, JOHN                  OLEAN                         NY-5-19-45
COAST, MARY                  OLEAN                         NY-5-15-301
COATES, RICHARD J.           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-18-693
COATS, DANIEL                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-3-5
COATS, DANIEL                NAPOLI                        NY-5-10-377
COBB, ALONZO                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-6-741
COBB, THOMAS J.              FREEDOM                       NY-5-12-311
COBO, WILLIAM                ASHFORD                       NY-5-18-557
COCHRAN, ORSON               OTTO                          NY-5-13-17
COE, NEWTON                  SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-149
COE, SAMUEL H.               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-217
COFFEY, CATHARINE            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-461
COINWAY, MARY                LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-19-85
COIT, LEWIS                  ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-18-173
COLBURN, ALMERON F.          GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-461
COLE, AMASA                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-73
COLE, AMERICUS V.            ISCHUA                        NY-5-6-381
COLE, ASA L.                 OLEAN                         NY-5-23-337
COLE, DANIEL M.              ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-705
COLE, EBENEZER               OLEAN                         NY-5-5-509
COLE, ELIAS                  OLEAN                         NY-5-22-585
COLE, RANSOM                 OTTO                          NY-5-4-93
COLE, ROBERT                 MACHIAS                       NY-5-24-681
COLE, SALLY                  DAYTON                        NY-5-16-245
COLE, STEPHEN S.             HUMPHREY                      NY-5-6-637
COLE, TRUMAN                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-13-529
COLEGROVE, JOHN P.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-721
COLF, DELEVAN                ASHFORD                       NY-5-10-85
COLF, EMMA S.                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-713
COLF, JOHN                   ASHFORD                       NY-5-5-1
COLF, MARY                   ASHFORD                       NY-5-13-661
COLLIGAN, JOHN               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-11-569
COLLIGAN, MARY               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-11-497
COLLIGAN, MICHAEL J.         ALLEGANY                      NY-5-24-489
COLLIGAN, TIMOTHY            OLEAN                         NY-5-18-681
COLLINS, DANIEL              OLEAN                         NY-5-18-569
COLLINS, PRENTISS            DAYTON                        NY-5-1-28
COLLOPY, TIMOTHY B.          OLEAN                         NY-5-18-349
COLTART, JOHN                GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-9-486
COLVIN, ALLEN                EAST OTTO                     NY-5-13-477
COLVIN, CHARLES E.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-445
COLVIN, SAMUEL               EAST OTTO                     NY-5-3-77
COLWELL, ADALINE G.          PORTVILLE                     NY-5-24-661
COLWELL, BENJAMIN S.         PORTVILLE                     NY-5-19-541
COMMON, ROBERT               CARROLLTON                    NY-5-12-83
COMSTOCK, ABNER              PERSIA                        NY-5-3-125
COMSTOCK, EDGAR A.           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-25-661
CONGDON, ALICE J.            EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-23-373
CONGDON, BENJAMIN            NAPOLI                        NY-5-7-761
CONGDON, BENJAMIN F.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-19-141
CONGDON, DANIEL G.           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-45
CONGDON, JAMES G.            NAPOLI                        NY-5-27-281
CONGDON, JOHN                FREEDOM                       NY-5-3-129
CONHISEN, GEORGE             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-26-57
CONKLIN, EMORY J.            NAPOLI                        NY-5-20-225
CONKLIN, HESTER M.           OLEAN                         NY-5-27-105
CONNELLY, ANN                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-157
CONNELLY, MICHAEL            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-10-281
CONNERS, MICHAEL             MACHIAS                       NY-5-16-569
CONNORS, EDWARD              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-621
CONRAD, MARIA D.             HINSDALE                      NY-5-3-501
CONRAD, PETER                ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-721
CONRAD, WILHELMINA           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-27-13
CONRAD, WILLIAM H.           OLEAN                         NY-5-19-213
CONROY, JANE                 SLAAMANCA                     NY-5-22-425
CONROY, JOHN                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-341
CONSEDINE, BRIDGET           OLEAN                         NY-5-17-285
COOK, ALONZO P.              LEON                          NY-5-16-553
COOK, AMARETA                PORTVILLE                     NY-5-5-485
COOK, GEORGE P.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-6-777
COOK, GEORGE P.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-7-57
COOK, GOTTLIEB               OLEAN                         NY-5-25-297
COOK, HIRAM G.               OLEAN                         NY-5-3-1
COOK, JACOB                  OLEAN                         NY-5-16-369
COOK, JOHN H.                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-21-217
COOK, JOHNATHAN W.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-13-705
COOK, MARY                   PORTVILLE                     NY-5-4-29
COOK, MARY                   RANDOLPH                      NY-5-8-224
COOK, ORRIN P.               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-9-58
COOK, SAMUEL                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-18-249
COOK, SILAS                  OTTO                          NY-5-2-228
COOK, THEODORE S.            OTTO                          NY-5-18-677
COOKINGHAM, EMERETT          MACHIAS                       NY-5-4-749
COOKINGHAM, EMERETT          MACHIAS                       NY-5-5-97
COOLEY, ARETAS               PORTVILLE                     NY-5-6-305
COOLEY, MIRANDA L.           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-217
COON, AARON                  DAYTON                        NY-5-21-81
COON, EUNICE                 DAYTON                        NY-5-17-469
COON, HANNAH                 DAYTON                        NY-5-7-8181
COON, JAMES V. D.            OLEAN                         NY-5-15-729
COON, JONATHAN               DAY                           NY-5-3-533
COONEY, THOMAS H.            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-19-405
COOPER, ANDREW H.            LEON                          NY-5-16-389
COOPER, ELISHA A.            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-15-361
COOPER, EZRA D.              PERSIA                        NY-5-14-669
COOPER, EZRA W.              LEON                          NY-5-13-681
COOPER, JACKSON              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-19-537
COOPER, JAMES                PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-3-137
COOPER, JOSEPHINE            LEON                          NY-5-15-225
COOPER, LESTER D.            HINSDALE                      NY-5-24-685
COOPER, MARTHA               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-10-433
COOPER, WILLIAM              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-5-469
COPELAND, LOUISA             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-165
COPER, BENJAMIN              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-13-217
COPLAND, DAVID               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-725
CORBETT, JAMES               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-20-497
CORD, ABBY                   NAPOLI                        NY-5-7-641
COREY, JOHN                  YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-161
COREY, MARY                  EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-27-549
CORNELIUS, PETER             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-501
CORNELL, BROWNELL            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-6-701
CORNELL, WILLIAM D.          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-4-21
CORSETT, ELLEN               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-89
CORTBELL, CAROLINE A.        HINSDALE                      NY-5-25-405
CORWIN, NATHAN               MACHIAS                       NY-5-6-557
COSTELLO, JOHN               CARROLLTON                    NY-5-13-93
COSTIGAN, JOHN J.            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-23-645
COTRAEL, HIRAM S.            OTTO                          NY-5-21-297
COTRAEL, JOHN                OTTO                          NY-5-13-685
COTRAEL, JONATHAN P.         OTTO                          NY-5-14-81
COTTER, JEREMIAH             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-6-653
COTTON, JULIAETT             OLEAN                         NY-5-14-305
COUGHLIN, MICHAEL            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-11-553
COUGHLIN, TIMOTHY            OLEAN                         NY-5-23-697
COUSE, AARON HENRY           OLEAN                         NY-5-27-725
COUSINS, JEREMIAH R.         YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-20-133
COVERT, ALMIRA A.            COLDSPRING                    NY-5-16-517
COVERT, ANTONY               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-14-577
COVEY, ALMUS D.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-15-365
COWAN, JOHN W.               PORTVILLE                     NY-5-19-669
COWEN, EMMA F. C.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-10-109
COWEN, ESTHER                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-4-117
COWEN, JOHN M.               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-689
COWEN, WAITY                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-8-316
COWLES, SYLVESTER            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-12-471
COX, ELI D.                  EAST OTTO                     NY-5-6-697
COX, GEORGE                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-533
COX, GEORGE W.               NAPOLI                        NY-5-13-117
COX, JAMES                   MANSFIELD                     NY-5-1-231
COX, JOHN                    CONEWANGO                     NY-5-12-163
COX, MARY J.                 HUMPHREY                      NY-5-23-357
COX, SYLVESTER M.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-11-633
CRADDUCK, ALICE              OLEAN                         NY-5-15-249
CRADDUCK, ELIZABETH          OLEAN                         NY-5-22-13
CRADDUCK, RICHARD            OLEAN                         NY-5-11-721
CRAM, EVA A.                 OLEAN                         NY-5-22-81
CRANDALL, ADALINE V.         ASHFORD                       NY-5-9-98
CRANDALL, EVA M.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-157
CRANDALL, EZRA               HUMPHREY                      NY-5-18-121
CRANDALL, HENRY              FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-313
CRANDALL, IRA C.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-19-373
CRANDALL, JOHN               FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-433
CRANDALL, JOSEPH             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-5-577
CRANDALL, LARETTA E.         PERSIA                        NY-5-6-497
CRANDALL, MANSEL M.          PORTVILLE                     NY-5-11-537
CRANDALL, MORTIMER J.        YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-157
CRANDALL, PHOEBE M.          OLEAN                         NY-5-22-129
CRANDALL, SUSAN              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-8-356
CRANDALL, SUSAN D.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-17-265
CRANDALL, WILLIAM H.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-621
CRANE, ELECTA                DAYTON                        NY-5-5-393
CRANE, JOHN C.               DAYTON                        NY-5-4-389
CRANE, SYLVIN                FREEDOM                       NY-5-12-315
CRANE, U. P.                 FREEDOM                       NY-5-9-22
CRARY, BENJAMIN              HUMPHREY                      NY-5-12-183
CRARY, MARIA J.              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-22-17
CRAVENS, ORVAN B.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-19-273
CRAWFORD, EVA L.             PERSIA                        NY-5-25-229
CRAWFORD, JAMES              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-93
CRAWFORD, MAY GORDON         PERSIA                        NY-5-27-45
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM P.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-12-635
CREAD, ALEXANDER M.          LYNDON                        NY-5-11-581
CRONIN, JOHN                 PORTVILLE                     NY-5-19-149
CROOK, WILLIAM               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-145
CROOKER, S. D.               CONEWANGO                     NY-5-15-369
CROSBY, HORATIO              YORKSHRIE                     NY-5-4-561
CROSBY, NATHAN               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-10-101
CROSBY, SAMUEL A.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-5-137
CROSBY, STEPHEN              MANSFIELD                     NY-5-4-709
CROSS, IRISH                 RANDOLPH                      NY-5-9-622
CROSTHWAITE, JENNIE          OLEAN                         NY-5-24-33
CROTTY, PATRICK              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-381
CROUSE, ANNA                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-26-453
CROUSE, JOHN                 OTTO                          NY-5-18-361
CROWLEY, JOHN                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-19-233
CROWLEY, JOHN J.             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-24-385
CROWLEY, MELVIN A.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-7-13
CROWLEY, RODNEY R.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-205
CROWLEY, RUFUS               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-373
CRUMB, CHAUNCEY S.           EAST OTTO                     NY-5-12-631
CRUMB, CULVER                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-2-11
CRUMB, MARGARET E.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-22-665
CULVER, EDWARD               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-5-369
CULVER, ELIPHALET            LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-5-497
CUMMINGS, DENNIS D.          YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-9-102
CUMMINGS, ERMA               OLEAN                         NY-5-20-537
CUMMINGS, JOHN G.            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-3-181
CUMMINGS, JOHN T.            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-573
CUMMINGS, JOSEPH             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-1-172
CUMMINGS, LAURA              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-17-597
CUMMINGS, SOLOMON            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-477
CUNNINGHAM, AGNES E.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-653
CUNNINGHAM, ANDREW C.        PERSIA                        NY-5-17-405
CUNNINGHAM, HANNAH           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-365
CURRIE, ANDREW               LYNDON                        NY-5-7-381
CURRIE, ISABELLA             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-3-469
CURRIE, WILLIAM              LYNDON                        NY-5-3-117
CURTIS, ABEL L.              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-15-285
CURTIS, AMELIA E.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-19-493
CURTIS, AZOR                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-2-119
CURTIS, EDWARD D.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-13-613
CURTIS, SOLOMON              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-1-153
CURTIS, STEPHEN              NAPOLI                        NY-5-1-199
CURTIS, THOMAS               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-20-313
CURTIS, WILLIAM              COLDSPRING                    NY-5-11-189
CURTISS, MYRON               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-6-197
CUTTING, DAVID               FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-5-85
CUTTING, DAVID L.            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-22-93
CVULLEN, OLIVE GODDING       LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-26-229
CYAWOOD, CHRISTIE            OTTO                          NY-5-24-573
CYENER, JOHN                 OTTO                          NY-5-23-613
DAGGERS, ELIZABETH J.        OLEAN                         NY-5-16-729
DAGGETT, PALMYRA             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-16-505
DAILEY, GEORGE               DAYTON                        NY-5-17-697
DAILEY, JOHN                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-15-441
DAILEY, JOHN                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-641
DAILY, CAROLINE              DAYTON                        NY-5-12-275
DAKE, ERASTUS                OTTO                          NY-5-10-165
DAKE, OLIVER                 OTTO                          NY-5-17-401
DALEY, EMMA J.               FREEDOM                       NY-5-18-421
DALLAS, MURTON J.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-129
DALLAS, THOMAS               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-11
DALRYMPLE, H. A.             RUTLAND, RUTLAND, VT          NY-5-27-353
DALZELL, JAMES               FRANKLINVLLE                  NY-5-6-553
DAMON, DANIEL                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-4-729
DAMON, JOHN W.               NAPOLI                        NY-5-4-717
DANFORTH, EDWARD H.          OLEAN                         NY-5-11-213
DANFORTH, NANCY A.           OLEAN                         NY-5-20-189
DANIELS, WILLIAM J.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-53
DARBEE, AZARIAH              DYATON                        NY-5-2-107
DARBEE, GEORGE L.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-26-645
DARBEE, LAFAYETTE            DAYTON                        NY-5-4-97
DARBER, MALVINA B.           DAYTON                        NY-5-14-481
DARLING, ABIAH J.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-11-377
DARLING, JAMES B.            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-27-69
DARLING, JOHN P.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-8-208
DARLING, LAVINA E.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-661
DARLING, WILLIAM E.          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-6-281
DARLINGTON, ROBERT           FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-665
DARROW, ADELBERT E.          LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-21-513
DART, MINERVA                MACHIAS                       NY-5-12-263
DAVENPORT, CALVIN            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-6-533
DAVIDSON, JAMES              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-24-13
DAVIDSON, SUSAN              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-11-485
DAVIES, FRANCES H.           FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-27-625
DAVIES, ISHMAEL              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-18-529
DAVIES, MARY                 FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-689
DAVIES, THOMAS H.            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-26-461
DAVIS, BENJAMIN              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-3-565
DAVIS, DANIEL                NAPOLI                        NY-5-4-205
DAVIS, DAVID D.              FREEDOM                       NY-5-12-35
DAVIS, DAVID D.              FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-521
DAVIS, ELCY                  OLEAN                         NY-5-7-645
DAVIS, ELIZABETH             OLEAN                         NY-5-4-505
DAVIS, ESBON B.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-18-245
DAVIS, HENRY J.              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-21-641
DAVIS, JOHN B.               FREEDOM                       NY-5-2-172
DAVIS, JONATHAN              ISCHUA                        NY-5-6-413
DAVIS, MARGARET              GOWANDA                       NY-5-15-173
DAVIS, MINARD                PERSIA                        NY-5-14-289
DAVIS, NATHAN                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-17-125
DAVIS, PHILIP                PERSIA                        NY-5-16-349
DAVIS, POLLY                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-13-445
DAVIS, ROBERT                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-20-177
DAVIS, SARAH E.              OTTO                          NY-5-20-281
DAVIS, SARAH F.              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-3-529
DAVIS, SARAH M.              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-16-97
DAVIS, THOMAS                ISCHUA                        NY-5-25-53
DAWLEY, CHARLES W.           CONEWANGO                     NY-5-273
DAWSON, JAMES                PERSIA                        NY-5-4-41
DAY, ANTHONY                 LEON                          NY-5-4-393
DAY, CHARLOTTE               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-10-481
DAY, CLARENDON               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-25-41
DAY, DAVID                   FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-2-102
DAY, HARTSON                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-13-489
DAY, HUDSON                  NEW ALBION                    NY-5-9-146
DAY, JAMES H.                FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-45
DAY, JANE L.                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-269
DAY, ORRIN                   NEW ALBION                    NY-5-4-737
DAY, POLLY                   NEW ALBION                    NY-5-2-68
DAY, THOMAS                  LYNDON                        NY-5-16-13
DAY, W. P.                   LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-9-334
DAY, WILLIAM A.              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-23-653
DEABOLD, MARY                OLEAN                         NY-5-13-665
DEALY, JOHN J. REV.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-173
DEAN, ELLA T.                PORTVILL                      NY-5-26-641
DEAN, ERNEST P.              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-333
DEAN, HIRAM                  PORTVILLE                     NY-5-25-381
DEAN, LUCINDA                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-15-185
DECHOW, CHRISTOPHER          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-27-289
DECK, LYMAN L.               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-373
DEFZIMSKY, MARTIN            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-21-89
DEGNAN, PATRICK              OLEAN                         NY-5-22-69
DEIBLER, ESTHER              ISCHUA                        NY-5-4-789
DEIBLER, WILLIAM             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-4-789
DEININGER, ANTON             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-6-617
DELAND, ELISHA S.            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-4-577
DELANTIE, ALICE              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-16-733
DELAP, GEORGE                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-2-150
DELF, JOHN                   LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-25-293
DELZER, MINNIE               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-14-685
DEMING, CHESTER M.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-22-649
DEMPSTER, ELIZABETH          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-193
DEMPSTER, JAMES              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-441
DENTER, MARY                 OLEAN                         NY-5-26-653
DERBY, ELISHA                PERSIA                        NY-5-5-629
DERBY, HANNAH                PERSIA                        NY-5-14-277
DERBY, MORGAN                PERSIA                        NY-5-5-757
DEREAMER, JONATHAN           DAYTON                        NY-5-13-97
DERSEY, JACOB                DAYTON                        NY-5-22-457
DETIMAN, JOHN D.             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-10-217
DEVINE, FRANK J.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-321
DEVOE, ANN                   NAPOLI                        NY-5-5-401
DEWEY, ALANSON               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-7-345
DEWEY, HIRAM L.              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-6-753
DEWEY, LYMAN                 OTTO                          NY-5-2-206
DEWEY, MARIETTA              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-27-321
DEWEY, THEODORE M.           EAST OTTO                     NY-5-20-161
DEXTER, CLARK W.             LEON                          NY-5-7-285
DEYEO, HENRY                 MACHIAS                       NY-5-23-501
DEYOE, GEORGE                FREEDOM                       NY-5-22-109
DICKENSON, CHARLES T.        FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-3-293
DICKINSON, ALFRED            OLEAN                         NY-5-13-81
DICKINSON, MARY A.           OLEAN                         NY-5-11-453
DICKSON, WELDON A.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-23-173
DIDCOCK, HENRY D.            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-25-649
DIDCOCK, MARY M.             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-601
DIEDERICH, HENRY             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-11-81
DIEDERICHSEN, ANNA C.        ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-26-141
DIEDRICH, LENA               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-20-85
DIETER, GEORGE W.            NAPOLI                        NY-5-26-277
DIETRICH, GEORGE             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-23-137
DILLINGHAM, MARY             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-20-365
DINEEN, DANIEL               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-9-498
DINGWELL, ELIZABETH          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-337
DINNEEN, MARY E.             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-25-697
DITCHER, MARTHA M.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-26-337
DITCHER, STEPHEN A.          MANSFIELD                     NY-5-25-389
DIXSON, MINERVA              MILAN TWP, ERIE, OH           NY-5-12-119
DOBBS, ARTEMISIA M.          PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-9-590
DOBNER, MATHIAS              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-445
DOCKSTADER, ABRAHAM V.       CONEWANGO                     NY-5-15-421
DOCKSTADER, GEORGE A.        CONEWANGO                     NY-5-20-701
DOHENY, MARY                 FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-14-129
DOLAN, CATHARINE             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-24-305
DOLAN, CATHERINE             OLEAN                         NY-5-26-109
DOLLERWICK, DORA             OLEAN                         NY-5-10-669
DOLON, CHARLES               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-5-21
DONAHUE, JOHN                OLEAN                         NY-5-27-325
DONAHUE, MICHAEL             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-16-449
DONALDSON, DANIEL            ASHFORD                       NY-5-6-141
DONIVAN, JEREMIAH            OLEAN                         NY-5-18-685
DONLIN, JOHN                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-641
DONNELL, STEPHEN O.          MANSFIELD                     NY-5-6-353
DONOVAN, WILLIAM             OLEAN                         NY-5-24-269
DORAN, ANN                   OLEAN                         NY-5-10-505
DORR, MARY                   OLEAN                         NY-5-21-381
DOTTERWEICH, ADOLPH          OLEAN                         NY-5-19-189
DOTTERWEICH, JOHN            OLEAN                         NY-5-14-657
DOTTEWICK, CHARLES           OLEAN                         NY-5-9-442
DOTY, ABRAM                  PORTVILLE                     NY-5-22-573
DOW, ALBERT G.               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-689
DOW, AMOS                    RANDOLPH                      NY-5-18-541
DOW, FRANCES S.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-27-629
DOW, JOHN                    EAST OTTO                     NY-5-15-645
DOW, SANFORD                 LEON                          NY-5-13-133
DOW, WARREN                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-273
DOWMAN, EMMA                 PORTVILLE                     NY-5-25-517
DOYLE, CATHERINE             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-341
DOYLE, DANIEL W.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-8-380
DRACKSLEY, WILLIAM F.        SALAMANCA                     NY-5-18-605
DRAKE, JOHN                  SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-649
DRAKE, JUSTUS M.             HUMPHREY                      NY-5-9-370
DRAKE, MARY                  SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-221
DRAKE, MARY J.               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-653
DRAKE, ROBERT W.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-657
DRAPER, ELMIRA               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-17-381
DRESSER, ELIJAH              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-15-117
DREW, NANCY                  NEW ALBION                    NY-5-5-89
DREW, OSCAR F.               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-22-185
DREYER, BARBARA              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-317
DRISCOLL, CORNELIUS          OLEAN                         NY-5-12-396
DRISCOLL, MARY               OLEAN                         NY-5-22-57
DRISCOLL, MARY               OLEAN                         NY-5-25-309
DROWN, ELBRIDGE M.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-19-485
DROWN, PETER                 ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-6-129
DUCKSTRADER, ANGELICA        CONEWANGO                     NY-5-6-345
DUDLEY, ALANSON L.           EAST OTTO                     NY-5-26-341
DUDLEY, JOHN                 EAST OTTO                     NY-5-10-181
DUFFY, JOHANNA               GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-19-557
DUFFY, JOHN                  ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-25-69
DUFFY, PATRICK               OLEAN                         NY-5-19-661
DUGAN, MICHAEL               OLEAN                         NY-5-21-581
DUGUID, ADDISON              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-53
DUKE, JOHN                   OLEAN                         NY-5-18-405
DUKE, JOSEPH                 OLEAN                         NY-5-9-246
DUKELOW, MARY                OLEAN                         NY-5-16-445
DUNBAR, HARRIET A.           OLEAN                         NY-5-18-673
DUNCAN, ALEXANDER W.         FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-477
DUNHAM, PERNAL               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-19-637
DUNLAVY, PATRICK             OLEAN                         NY-5-11-209
DUNN, WILLIAM                LYNDON                        NY-5-12-195
DURFEE, JOSEPH P.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-14-5
DUSENBURY, HENRY             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-3-193
DUSENBURY, JOHN E.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-25-189
DUTTON, JAMES                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-17-225
DUTTON, THOMAS               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-277
DWINELLS, CHANDLER S.        OLEAN                         NY-5-19-337
DWINELLS, JONATHAN           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-7-753
DWINELLS, LUCY E.            OLEAN                         NY-5-18-729
DYE, ELISHA F.               PERSIA                        NY-5-6-721
DYE, HERMAN W.               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-585
DYE, MASON M.                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-19-5
DYE, NANCY H.                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-21-45
DYE, NATHAN A.               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-8-408
DYE, ROSALINE                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-13-505
DYGERT, MARGARET A.          YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-12-547

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