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ABBEY, ALFRED H.             OLEAN                         NY-5-11-133
ABBEY, JOSEPH S.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-23-65
ABBOTT, HIRAM                HINSDALE                      NY-5-6-713
ABBOTT, MARY E.              OLEAN                         NY-5-26-525
ACKLER, PETER                PERSIA                        NY-5-2-138
ACKLER, PETER M.             LEON                          NY-5-16-361
ACKLEY, HENRY                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-13-329
ACKLEY, IRA W.               PERSIA                        NY-5-11-661
ACKLEY, JOHN H.              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-26-517
ACKLEY, JOHN S.              PERSIA                        NY-5-18-117
ADAMS, ANDREW C.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-739
ADAMS, ANDREW J.             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-7-513
ADAMS, ANSEL                 OLEAN                         NY-5-10-81
ADAMS, EDGAR A.              OLEAN                         NY-5-13-157
ADAMS, FRANK W.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-345
ADAMS, GEORGE W.             GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-23-329
ADAMS, JANE                  OLEAN                         NY-5-16-281
ADAMS, JOEL R.               OLEAN                         NY-5-16-461
ADAMS, MARY E.               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-345
ADAMS, MARY L.               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-557
ADAMS, RESOLVE C.            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-11-33
ADAMS, RUTH A.               OLEAN                         NY-5-12-503
ADAMS, SARAH S.              PERSIA                        NY-5-8-156
ADAMS, THEODORE E.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-23-305
ADAMS, WILSON T.             LEON                          NY-5-3-285
ADSIT, KATHARINE G.          OLEAN                         NY-5-23-397
AESTRICK, MARTIN             DAYTON                        NY-5-9-234
AGNEW, FLORENCE R.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-413
AIMES, WILDER D.             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-19-325
ALBRIGHT, ALBERT F.          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-12-31
ALDEN, DAVID S.              DAYTON                        NY-5-18-389
ALDERMAN, E. E.              OLEAN                         NY-5-19-501
ALEXANDER, NELSON            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-13-281
ALEXANDER, POLLY B.          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-11-253
ALLEN, AMANDA C.             MACHIAS                       NY-5-14-381
ALLEN, CALEB                 PERSIA                        NY-5-9-606
ALLEN, CHARLES G.            PERSIA                        NY-5-10-173
ALLEN, CONSTANT B.           OTTO                          NY-5-8-452
ALLEN, DANIEL                OLEAN                         NY-5-19-105
ALLEN, EDWARD                OLEAN                         NY-5-25-185
ALLEN, ELHANAN W.            PERSIA                        NY-5-8-448
ALLEN, ELIZA                 MACHIAS                       NY-5-17-537
ALLEN, ELLA A.               PERSIA                        NY-5-16-321
ALLEN, FRANCIS               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-5-665
ALLEN, HENRY                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-21-601
ALLEN, JAMES                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-2-246
ALLEN, JAMES P.              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-27-617
ALLEN, JOHN                  RANDOLPH                      NY-5-21-541
ALLEN, LOIS M.               PERSIA                        NY-5-2-159
ALLEN, LOUISA M.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-22-301
ALLEN, MARY L.               OLEAN                         NY-5-25-25
ALLEN, PHEBE S.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-16-33
ALLEN, SALLY ANN F.          OTTO                          NY-5-13-709
ALLEN, SAMUEL                NAPOLI                        NY-5-10-473
ALLEN, WASHINGTON R.         PERSIA                        NY-5-13-273
ALSKE, WILLIAM               PERSIA                        NY-5-24-105
ALTENBURY, JOHN W.           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-9-170
ALTENBURY, JOHN W.           ALLEGANY                      NY-5-8-436
ALTHOF, HENRY B.             YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-19-329
ALVERSON, MELISSA E.         PERSIA                        NY-5-26-13
AMES, ABEL                   PORTVILLE                     NY-5-7-9
AMES, EDSON D.               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-27-181
ANDERSON, HARRIET            RED HOUSE                     NY-5-26-417
ANDERSON, LAVINIA            OLEAN                         NY-5-20-241
ANDERSON, PATRICK            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-10-157
ANDREWS, JEROME A.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-26-189
ANDREWS, MARTHA              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-365
ANDREWS, WILLIAM             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-333
ANDRUS, SARAH A.             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-717
ANIBAS, ANNA M.              OLEAN                         NY-5-26-257
ANNIS, DAVID                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-3-149
ANNIS, NANCY E.              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-24-469
ANTHONY, HENRY               ISCHUA                        NY-5-5-733
ARCHIBALD, ANDREW            PORTVILLE                     NY-5-9-554
ARCHIBALD, ANOR              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-14-301
ARCHIBALD, JOHN R.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-14-65
ARCHIBALD, NANCY             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-21-385
ARCHIBALD, WALTER B.         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-27-577
ARMS, LUTHER W.              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-12-683
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-3-261
ARMSTRONG, JANE              MACHIAS                       NY-5-25-161
ARMSTRONG, JEDEDIAH          EAST OTTO                     NY-5-4-181
ARMSTRONG, WILSON            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-5-601
ARNOLD, CHARLES S.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-24-333
ARNOLD, EDWARD Y.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-18-41
ARNOLD, GEORGE               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-3-644
ARNOLD, HARRIET A.           GOWANDA                       NY-5-25-565
ARNOLD, HORACE               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-601
ARNOLD, JAMES W.             FREEDOM                       NY-5-5-209
ARNOLD, LAURA YOUNG          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-17-425
ARNOLD, ROSE                 RED HOUSE                     NY-5-20-477
ARNOLD, SAMUEL P.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-597
ARNOLD, SARAH                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-11-557
ARNOLD, SOPHRONIA            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-23-593
ARRAGAN, EDMUND              LEON                          NY-5-5-217
ASHCRAFT, CHESTER            MACHIAS                       NY-5-8-444
ASHCRAFT, CHESTER            MACHIAS                       NY-5-9-198
ASHCRAFT, NATHAN T.          MACHIAS                       NY-5-8-212
ASHDOWN, JAMES               DAYTON                        NY-5-20-461
ASHLEY, HARMON J.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-22-49
ATWELL, BETSEY               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-8-440
ATWELL, BETSEY               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-9-174
ATWELL, WILLIAM              PERSIA                        NY-5-6-37
ATWOOD, THERESA              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-285
AUSTIN, DELIA                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-21-289
AUSTIN, ELIHU D.             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-25-617
AUSTIN, HANNAH M.            OTTO                          NY-5-17-161
AUSTIN, JACOB                OTTO                          NY-5-8-432
AUSTIN, JACOB                OTTO                          NY-5-9-178
AUSTIN, JAMES                DAYTON                        NY-5-8-304
AUSTIN, JOB C.               OTTO                          NY-5-12-367
AUSTIN, MATILDA              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-541
AUSTIN, SYLVESTER            MACHIAS                       NY-5-3-588
AUTON, ROBERT                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-8-736
AXTWELL, ANTHONY D.          OLEAN                         NY-5-4-337
AYERS, SUSAN                 NAPOLI                        NY-5-14-365
AYETT, LUKE                  NTL                           NY-5-7-277
AYLESWORTH, ESTELLIA         OLEAN                         NY-5-18-281
BABCOCK, CHAMPLAIN           OTTO                          NY-5-5-701
BABCOCK, CHRISTOPHER J.      DAYTON                        NY-5-14-285
BABCOCK, DANIEL              ASHFORD                       NY-5-4-289
BABCOCK, DARIUS A.           OTTO                          NY-5-22-273
BABCOCK, DARWIN C.           OTTO                          NY-5-19-409
BABCOCK, ELIZABETH A.        LEON                          NY-5-15-357
BABCOCK, FRANCIS M.          PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-8-220
BABCOCK, HERMAN              DAYTON                        NY-5-9-618
BABCOCK, JOHN A.             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-9-558
BABCOCK, LIZZIE K.           CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-27-273
BABCOCK, MORRIS              LEON                          NY-5-18-181
BABCOCK, NORMAN              ASHFORD                       NY-5-18-409
BABCOCK, OLIVER C.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-10-289
BABCOCK, ROXSENA             OTTO                          NY-5-15-237
BABCOCK, WILLIAM P.          NAPOLI                        NY-5-3-289
BACHELDER, MARY ANN          DAYTON                        NY-5-9-242
BACON, ALICE L.              DAYTON                        NY-5-27-189
BACON, BENJAMIN B.           GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-5-113
BACON, ELISHA                DAYTON                        NY-5-21-489
BACON, JEHIAL                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-9-94
BACON, MARTHA A.             ISCHUA                        NY-5-21-525
BADGERS, JACOB B.            DAYTON                        NY-5-14-589
BADGERS, MARY E.             DAYTON                        NY-5-16-697
BAGIEN, ROSALINE             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-601
BAILER, BERHARD              OLEAN                         NY-5-19-353
BAILEY, CELIA                LEON                          NY-5-12-219
BAILEY, INEZ GERTRUDE        EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-17-245
BAILEY, ISAAC D.             OTTO                          NY-5-17-505
BAILEY, JAMES                LEON                          NY-5-4-85
BAILEY, LEVI D.              HUMPHREY                      NY-5-20-545
BAILEY, LEWIS                EAST OTTO                     NY-5-9-510
BAILEY, LUTHER               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-3-329
BAILEY, MOSES                FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-11-741
BAILEY, STEWART              COLDSPRING                    NY-5-19-629
BAILEY, THEOPHILUS           FREEDOM                       NY-5-2-261
BAILEY, WILLIAM W.           COLDSPRING                    NY-5-26-353
BAILY, DANIEL                EAST OTTO                     NY-5-6-49
BAKER, ALMON                 FREEDOM                       NY-5-6-473
BAKER, DAVID                 FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-1-242
BAKER, EDWIN                 MACHIAS                       NY-5-19-13
BAKER, FREDERICKA            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-421
BAKER, GEORGE                OLEAN                         NY-5-11-357
BAKER, MARCUS                MACHIAS                       NY-5-5-193
BAKER, WILLIAM J.            OLEAN                         NY-5-12-543
BALDWIN, ALLEN E.            PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-20-749
BALDWIN, DANIEL P.           FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-15-577
BALDWIN, FRANK M.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-489
BALL, ELIZABETH M.           OLEAN                         NY-5-24-17
BALL, EUNICE                 GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-13-597
BALL, EZRA D.                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-5-573
BALL, JOHN                   PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-5-109
BALL, MARGARET               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-5-613
BALLARD, BENJAMIN            OTTO                          NY-5-9-46
BALLARD, FRANK R.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-26-317
BALLARD, GARRISON            OTTO                          NY-5-6-521
BALLARD, GEORGE W. 1ST       OTTO                          NY-5-26-1
BALLARD, GEORGE W.           OTTO                          NY-5-22-405
BALLARD, JEROME              OTTO                          NY-5-8-272
BALLARD, KELSEY              OTTO                          NY-5-8-60
BALLARD, LORENZO D.          OTTO                          NY-5-5-249
BALLARD, NATHANIEL           OTTO                          NY-5-16-609
BALLARD, WALTER J.           OTTO                          NY-5-9-542
BANCRAFT, DANIEL B.          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-717
BANCROFT, HANNAH             FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-12-391
BARBER, BENJAMIN M.          OTTO                          NY-5-16-357
BARBER, CHARLES              CONEWANGO                     NY-5-13-745
BARBER, DELIA                NAPOLI                        NY-5-20-657
BARBER, DORCAS               COLDSPRING                    NY-5-16-233
BARBER, ELIZA E.             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-637
BARBER, ELIZABETH E.         NAPOLI                        NY-5-17-73
BARBER, HENRY L.             ALLEGANY                      NY-5-25-549
BARBER, JAMES M.             OTTO                          NY-5-14-225
BARBER, LEWIS                NAPOLI                        NY-5-18-13
BARBER, LOUISA               NAPOLI                        NY-5-13-37
BARBER, WILLIAM A.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-19-293
BARD, ANN                    FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-5-625
BARGY, ELIZABETH             HINSDALE                      NY-5-14-693
BARGY, PETER J.              HINSDALE                      NY-5-14-689
BARKER, CHARLES A.           LEON                          NY-5-8-48
BARKER, ISABELLA             HUMPHREY                      NY-5-19-453
BARKER, MARY                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-17-321
BARLOW, ALANSON              PERSIA                        NY-5-7-409
BARLOW, RUSEL L.             LEON                          NY-5-14-437
BARLOW, RUSSEL               CONEWANGO                     NY-5-1-92
BARLOW, SYLVIA A.            GOWANDA                       NY-5-12-487
BARNARD, JOSEPH D.           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-23-157
BARNES, JOSEPH               ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-373
BARNES, SALLY                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-67
BARNES, WILLIAM              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-7-437
BARRETT, HARRIET L.          OLEAN                         NY-5-18-465
BARRETT, RICHARD             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-21-13
BARRETT, WILLIAM             EAST OTTO                     NY-5-3-540
BARROWS, DAVID L.            OLEAN                         NY-5-7-161
BARROWS, ERASMUS             OLEAN                         NY-5-8-488
BARRY, ELLEN                 OLEAN                         NY-5-9-270
BARSE, EVE                   MANSFIELD                     NY-5-10-265
BARTHELEMY, HELLEN HOELLGEN  ASHFORD                       NY-5-24-373
BARTLETT, CORNELIUS H.       OLEAN                         NY-5-22-313
BARTLETT, EDWARD L.          OLEAN                         NY-5-18-445
BARTLETT, MARY E.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-15-353
BARTLETT, NELSON             OTTO                          NY-5-15-385
BARTLETT, SYLPHIA            OLEAN                         NY-5-22-317
BARTON, CALEB W.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-605
BARTON, ZENAS                LEON                          NY-5-1-186
BASS, HORACE                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-457
BASSINGER, ANTON             DAYTON                        NY-5-5-169
BATCHELDER, NETTIE           DAYTON                        NY-5-25-225
BATES, ALICE O.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-24-161
BATES, HANNAH O.             CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-27-485
BATES, LUCY A.               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-173
BATES, OSCAR C.              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-17-693
BATTLES, BENJAMIN C.         LEON                          NY-5-8-200
BATTLES, JOHN                OLEAN                         NY-5-27-605
BATTLES, MARTIN              DAYTON                        NY-5-25-197
BAUER, GEORGE                OLEAN                         NY-5-27-601
BAUGHTON, CHARLES E.         PORTVILLE                     NY-5-6-749
BAXTER, JOHN L.              OLEAN                         NY-5-21-305
BEACH, FRANCINA L.           PERSIA                        NY-5-9-114
BEACH, ISAAC H.              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-12-571
BEACH, JULIUS C.             EAST OTTO                     NY-5-11-1
BEACH, MARY E.               EAST OTTO                     NY-5-26-325
BEACH, MOSES N.              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-21-177
BEACH, TYLER M.              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-7-553
BEACH, WILLIAM D.            PERSIA                        NY-5-7-489
BEACHAM, JOHN C.             LEON                          NY-5-11-473
BEALS, OLIVE                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-4-125
BEAR, ANDREW                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-19-145
BEARDSLEY, MANDANA           CARROLLTON                    NY-5-15-609
BEARDSLEY, NOAH C.           DAYTON                        NY-5-16-661
BEARDSLEY, NORA ZELIFFS      CARROLLTON                    NY-5-13-589
BEARDSLY, WILLIAM P.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-14-449
BEATON, CHARLES S.           CARROLLTON                    NY-5-26-269
BEATON, HANNAH J.            CARROLLTON                    NY-5-14-501
BEATTIE, MINNIE              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-26-349
BEAUMONT, ANNA P.            OLEAN                         NY-5-3-608
BEAVER, FREDERICK            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-27-165
BEBEE, DANIEL W.             LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-8-504
BEBEE, HENRY                 PERSIA                        NY-5-3-549
BEBEE, SIMEON                PERSIA                        NY-5-3-409
BECK, BARBARA                LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-15-725
BECK, LORSEY J.              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-25-65
BECK, PAUL                   LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-11-673
BECKER, BYRON F.             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-19-153
BECKER, EVA                  ALLEGANY                      NY-5-27-589
BECKER, LEONARD              OLEAN                         NY-5-21-409
BECKWITH, LUTHER             ISCHUA                        NY-5-16-433
BEDFORD, JACOB               PORTVILLE                     NY-5-19-425
BEDIENT, AMOS H.             LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-11-461
BEDIENT, CAROLINE            LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-17-585
BEEBE, CHARLES               FREEDOM                       NY-5-12-115
BEEBE, LOUISA                FREEDOM                       NY-5-25-657
BEEMAN, ALEXANDER BRADFORD   SALAMANCA                     NY-5-24-529
BEEMAN, WILLIAM              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-15-377
BEEMER, JEFFERSON H.         RANDOLPH                      NY-5-19-729
BEERS, JAMES S.              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-93
BELEAL, MINERVA              GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-17-529
BELL, LARNICE C.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-12-559
BELLOWS, ISAAC               ASHFORD                       NY-5-9-138
BELOTE, JEREMIAH             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-12-719
BEMIS, ALONZO                NEW ALBION                    NY-5-15-601
BEMIS, HARRIETT              OLEAN                         NY-5-14-405
BEMIS, JOSEPH                ASHFORD                       NY-5-10-229
BEMIS, LOUISE S. Z.          OTTO                          NY-5-26-709
BENEDICT, DAVIS              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-2-299
BENHAM, LUCIUS               HINSDALE                      NY-5-27-669
BENJAMIN                     RANDOLPH                      NY-5-4-373
BENNETT, JOHN                HINSDALE                      NY-5-26-693
BENNETT, JOHN L.             PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-20-5
BENNETT, MARIA               HINSDALE                      NY-5-22-77
BENNETT, RICHMOND            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-13-429
BENNETT, STEPHEN             PERSIA                        NY-5-27-377
BENNETT, WILLIAM             HINSDALE                      NY-5-11-645
BENNETT, WILLIS              HINSDALE                      NY-5-16-165
BENNIE, MARCUS B.            PORTVILLE                     NY-5-15-81
BENOIT, XAVIER               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-653
BENSLEY, DARIUS P.           DAYTON                        NY-5-6-525
BENSON, ANNA E.              OLEAN                         NY-5-22-145
BENSON, DAVID                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-69
BENSON, ELIZA JANE           EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-27-645
BENSON, JOSEPH               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-11-325
BENSON, VIRGENIA V. H.       CONEWANGO                     NY-5-22-161
BENTLEY, HENRY H.            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-27-213
BENTLEY, JAMES O.            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-15-673
BENTLEY, LIBRET              DAYTON                        NY-5-15-265
BENTLEY, STEPHEN T.          ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-3-381
BENTON, A. M.                PORT ALLEGANY, McKEAN, PA     NY-5-13-181
BENTON, JOSIAH J.            PERSIA                        NY-5-2-176
BERNHOFT, FREDERICK C.       ASHFORD                       NY-5-16-741
BERWALD, BATHSHEBA           DAYTON                        NY-5-21-161
BERZEE, DAVID                DAYTON                        NY-5-5-609
BERZEE, LYDIA                DAYTON                        NY-5-9-602
BESSEY, FREDERICK            ALLEANY                       NY-5-6-789
BESSEY, JAMES M.             MACHIAS                       NY-5-16-305
BESSEY, MARIA                ALLEGANY                      NY-5-12-679
BESSEY, WILLIAM S.           MACHIAS                       NY-5-13-557
BEYER, ELIZABETH             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-27-141
BICKMEYER, LOUISA            OLEAN                         NY-5-16-153
BIGELOW, EMILINE D.          CONEWANGO                     NY-5-10-549
BIGELOW, EZRA                ASHFORD                       NY-5-12-651
BIGELOW, REBECCA             ASHFORD                       NY-5-17-153
BIGLER, LAFAYETTE            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-21-129
BIGLOWE, JOHN                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-1-152
BIRD, MELISSA A.             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-26-413
BIRMINGHAM, BRIDGET          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-20-597
BIRMINGHAM, MICHAEL          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-17-581
BISHOP, ALVA                 TOMPKINS, JACKSON, MI         NY-5-2-386
BISHOP, ELECTA               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-3-327
BISHOP, IRA                  YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-4-305
BISHOP, JAMES E.             NEW ALBION                    NY-5-8-493
BISHOP, JOHN D.              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-26-205
BIXBY, DANIEL                FREEDOM                       NY-5-10-305
BLACK, CHARLES A.            PERSIA                        NY-5-16-685
BLACKALL, JAMES              OLEAN                         NY-5-22-605
BLACKALL, JAY SULLIVAN       ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-23-209
BLACKALL, JOHN               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-14-57
BLACKBURN, FRANKLIN          FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-9-282
BLACKMAN, JOHN               MACHIAS                       NY-5-13-497
BLACKMAR, DEWITT C.          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-201
BLACKMOR, JAMES R.           FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-729
BLACKMOR, PERCY              FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-8-476
BLACKNEY, CHARLES            DAYTON                        NY-5-9-346
BLACKNEY, CHARLES W.         PERSIA                        NY-5-6-209
BLACKNEY, CORA V.            GOWANDA                       NY-5-27-529
BLACKNEY, ELDAD              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-19-633
BLACKNEY, NATHAN             PERSIA                        NY-5-9-286
BLAIR, CHARLES               DAYTON                        NY-5-15-569
BLAIR, CHARLES H.            DAYTON                        NY-5-26-17
BLAIR, FRANCIS P.            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-19-389
BLAIR, MARY E.               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-14-397
BLAKE, ADONIRAN              OLEAN                         NY-5-15-525
BLAKE, ANNA M.               OLEAN                         NY-5-15-573
BLAKE, APPIE I.              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-17-609
BLAKE, GEORGE H.             NAPOLI                        NY-5-19-269
BLAKE, HARRY                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-15-665
BLANCHARD, JAMES             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-1-7
BLANCHARD, LEWIS             EAST OTTO                     NY-5-4-229
BLANKENFELD, ALBERT          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-21-205
BLASDELL, DAVID J.           PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-6-133
BLASDELL, MALVINA            PERRYSBURGH                   NY-5-5-493
BLESSING, HULDAH             OLEAN                         NY-5-22-601
BLISS, ASHER                 NAPOLI                        NY-5-17-269
BLITON, JANE E.              FREEDOM                       NY-5-21-657
BELLOW, FREDERICK            ASHFORD                       NY-5-25-89
BLODGETT, ELLEN MARY ROY     GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-23-321
BLODGETT, MARY J.            LEON                          NY-5-18-305
BLOOD, DANIEL F.             COLDSPRING                    NY-5-5-489
BLOOD, ELISHER F.            COLDSPRING                    NY-5-23-609
BLOOD, JENNIE                RANDOLPH                      NY-5-12-519
BLOOD, JOHN                  CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-13-673
BLOOD, LOUCIA                OLEAN                         NY-5-24-565
BLOOD, MOSES                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-13-501
BLOODGOOD, HIRAM             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-497
BLOODGOOD, HOSEA             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-1-40
BLOODGOOD, OLIVE             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-14-533
BLOTTNER, JAMES              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-16-353
BLOWERS, ANDREW              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-3-89
BLOWERS, SILAS E.            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-3-93
BLUNT, POLLY                 MACHIAS                       NY-5-6-561
BOARDMAN, A. LOVINUS         LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-25-113
BOARDMAN, DAVID              NAPOLI                        NY-5-1-105
BOARDMAN, ELIJAH             NAPOLI                        NY-5-1-170
BOARDMAN, EMELINE C.         OLEAN                         NY-5-11-617
BOARDMAN, FRED E.            CONEWANGO                     NY-5-9-614
BOARDMAN, ISAAC H.           NEW ALBION                    NY-5-24-733
BOARDMAN, JOSHUA             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-8-512
BOARDMAN, JOSHUA             CONEWANGO                     NY-5-2-25
BOARDMAN, LEVI W.            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-13-53
BOARDMAN, LOREN              NAPOLI                        NY-5-20-45
BOARDMAN, LUMAN A.           OLEAN                         NY-5-8-68
BOARDMAN, MARCIA P. RICE     OLEAN                         NY-5-20-733
BOARDMAN, NELSON F.          SALAMANCA                     NY-5-8-480
BOARDMAN, OLCOTT P.          OLEAN                         NY-5-14-637
BOARDMAN, PHILENA            SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-105
BOBSEINE, CHARLES            OTTO                          NY-5-18-625
BOCK, ALBERT                 PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-27-621
BOCKES, DAVID                PORTVILLE                     NY-5-3-121
BOCKMIRE, JOHN P.            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-21-377
BOCKOVEN, CHLOE A.           DAYTON                        NY-5-17-305
BOCKOVEN, DEWITT C.          ALLEGANY                      NY-5-26-293
BOGARD, ANDREW J.            HUMPHREY                      NY-5-22-181
BOLTON, JEREMIAH             ASHFORD                       NY-5-6-269
BOLTON, WILLIAM              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-20-741
BOND, CHARLES                ASHFORD                       NY-5-13-565
BOND, DANIEL                 ASHFORD                       NY-5-4-477
BOND, EDMUND E.              OLEAN                         NY-5-13-153
BOND, ELIZA J.               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-24-577
BOND, JOHN P.                ASHFORD                       NY-5-7-313
BONESTEEL, NICHOLAS          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-6-717
BONHOFF, HENRY               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-19-497
BONNETT, VIOLA               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-15-461
BONSTEEL, MORRIS F.          GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-25-705
BOOTH, ALVIRA C.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-16-149
BOOTH, JOSEPH                HUMPHREY                      NY-5-16-589
BOOTH, MARIETTE M.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-15-325
BOOTH, ORRIN                 NAPOLI                        NY-5-9-458
BOOTHE, FREEMAN H.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-16-537
BORDEN, JAMES                OTTO                          NY-5-2-37
BORUSKY, AMARY               PERSIA                        NY-5-23-81
BORWN, JOHN M.               HINSDALE                      NY-5-16-365
BOSER, HENRY                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-16-189
BOSSER, DANIEL               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-12-103
BOTH, GYSBARTUS              PORTVILLE                     NY-5-14-573
BOTSFORD, JANE REBECCA       OTTO                          NY-5-25-73
BOTSFORD, LUCIUS D.          NEW ALBION                    NY-5-5-533
BOTSFORD, MARVIN L.          OTTO                          NY-5-19-417
BOTSFORD, MARY               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-6-65
BOTSFORD, THEOPHILUS         OTTO                          NY-5-21-401
BOUTON, JOHN                 OLEAN                         NY-5-5-121
BOUTON, LEVI L.              OLEAN                         NY-5-3-573
BOUTON, LEWIS                OLEAN                         NY-5-9-402
BOUTON, SEYMOUR              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-10-185
BOUTON, SUSAN P.             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-337
BOUTWELL, JOSHUA E.          EAST OTTO                     NY-5-6-57
BOWEN, EVANGELINE L.         CARROLLTON                    NY-5-6-465
BOWEN, HECTOR S.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-649
BOWEN, JANE                  EAST OTTO                     NY-5-19-277
BOWEN, LEWIS K.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-27-661
BOWEN, MARY E.               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-27-297
BOWEN, STEPHEN A.            YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-22-341
BOWEN, WILLIAM H.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-8-508
BOYCE, WILLIAM B.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-23-353
BOYER, HENRY                 ALLEGANY                      NY-5-22-5
BOYINGTON, MARIA             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-8-740
BOZARD, CYRUS P.             HUMPHREY                      NY-5-20-13
BOZARD, SARAH E.             HUMPHREY                      NY-5-25-93
BRAASM SARAH A.              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-12-583
BRACE, MARY E.               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-533
BRADLEY, ALVIN L.            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-4-105
BRADLEY, BETSEY              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-11-521
BRADLEY, FLORENCE J.         MACHIAS                       NY-5-6-429
BRADLEY, LAURA               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-173
BRADLEY, SAMUEL W.           OLEAN                         NY-5-4-349
BRADLEY, WILLIAM             PORTVILLE                     NY-5-15-701
BRAINARD, MARY               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-5-417
BRAINARD, S. H.              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-93
BRANCH, RICHARD              ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-15-681
BRANCH, THERESA A.           MANSFIELD                     NY-5-17-57
BRAND, GEORGE W.             ASHFORD                       NY-5-18-585
BRAND, HENRY C.              DAYTON                        NY-5-5-405
BRAND, SARAH                 DAYTON                        NY-5-14-545
BRANDT, WILLIAM              OTTO                          NY-5-20-413
BRANDT, WILLIAM              OTTO                          NY-5-20-401
BRANNON, JAMES               SOUTH VALLEY                  NY-5-12-87
BRASS, NICHOLAS J.           DELEVAN                       NY-5-23-133
BREMMER, GEORGE              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-9-278
BRENNAN, PATRICK             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-14-169
BREWER, SIBBIL E.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-15-621
BRICKELL, ANNA               OLEAN                         NY-5-18-309
BRICKELL, ISABELLA           OLEAN                         NY-5-5-221
BRICKELL, JOHN               OLEAN                         NY-5-10-541
BRICKMAN, JOHN               OTTO                          NY-5-9-374
BRIDOY, MATTHEW              ALLEGANY                      NY-5-17-657
BRIGGS, ALLEN                FREEDOM                       NY-5-6-369
BRIGGS, LUCY W.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-7-17
BRIGGS, MERRITT H.           YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-27-537
BRIMMER, BENJAMIN R.         EAST OTTO                     NY-5-27-245
BRIMMER, ELIZA A.            EAST OTTO                     NY-5-10-585
BRISTOL, BEAULAH ANN         OLEAN                         NY-5-13-425
BROCKWAY, EZRA               LYNDON                        NY-5-1-93
BROCKWAY, LYDIA              LYNDON                        NY-5-11-37
BRODERICK, CATHERINE         SALAMANCA                     NY-5-15-241
BRODERICK, THOMAS            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-11-729
BROME, ELI C.                FREEDOM                       NY-5-9-110
BRONDART, FREDERICK          MACHIAS                       NY-5-21-721
BRONDART, SUSAN E.           MACHIAS                       NY-5-24-701
BRONSON, SUSAN A.            PERSIA                        NY-5-24-525
BROOKS, DOUGLAS M.           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-7-517
BROOKS, ENOS C.              OLEAN                         NY-5-10-673
BROOKS, FANNY J.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-7-173
BROOKS, JAMES                OLEAN                         NY-5-2-268
BROOKS, MARTHA M.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-27-717
BROOKS, MARY M.              OLEAN                         NY-5-20-721
BROOKS, REUBEN A.            OLEAN                         NY-5-20-509
BROOKS, SALLY A.             CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-19-681
BROSTED, BENJAMIN            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-7-373
BROWN, ADELE S.              PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-27-201
BROWN, ANNIS S.              ISCHUA                        NY-5-6-649
BROWN, ARCHELAUS             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-2-375
BROWN, CHARLES               OTTO                          NY-5-7-709
BROWN, CHARLES D.            NAPOLI                        NY-5-16-317
BROWN, CHARLES M.            FREEDOM                       NY-5-15-213
BROWN, CLARISSA M.           NAPOLI                        NY-5-19-265
BROWN, DANIEL                FREEDOM                       NY-5-8-472
BROWN, DANIEL                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-4-209
BROWN, EDWARD                OLEAN                         NY-5-11-137
BROWN, ELIZABETH             MACHIAS                       NY-5-26-569
BROWN, FREDERICK             ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-21-465
BROWN, GEORGE                ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-20-105
BROWN, GEORGE J.             GOWANDA                       NY-5-26-273
BROWN, GEORGE M.             OLEAN                         NY-5-23-537
BROWN, ISAAC                 LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-24-421
BROWN, JACOB                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-41
BROWN, JAMES C.              ISCHUA                        NY-5-18-577
BROWN, JAMES W.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-12-283
BROWN, JERUSHA               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-409
BROWN, JOHN                  GOWANDA                       NY-5-25-5
BROWN, JOHN Q. A.            NAPOLI                        NY-5-3-640
BROWN, JOSEPHINE             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-489
BROWN, LEVI P.               MANSFIELD                     NY-5-22-305
BROWN, MARGARET              OLEAN                         NY-5-16-265
BROWN, MARY C.               EAST OTTO                     NY-5-12-19
BROWN, MINERVA A. C.         NAPOLI                        NY-5-14-361
BROWN, NANCY A.              HINSDALE                      NY-5-22-321
BROWN, SARAH J.              HINSDALE                      NY-5-7-237
BROWN, SYLVESTER D.          MACHIAS                       NY-5-17-37
BROWN, T. FRANK              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-10-33
BROWNELL, LEVERETT B.        YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-20-681
BROWNSON, IRA J.             HINSDALE                      NY-5-11-701
BRUCE, CHARLES               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-9-354
BRUCHSHEAR, SAMUEL S.        OLEAN                         NY-5-27-597
BRUMASTER, JOHN              NEW ALBION                    NY-5-23-13
BRUNN, PHILIPENA             OLEAN                         NY-5-22-245
BRUNSON, AMOS                OLEAN                         NY-5-11-109
BRUNSON, CAROLINE P.         OLEAN                         NY-5-6-213
BRUSEHABER, JOHN             OLEAN                         NY-5-17-341
BRYANT, NATHANIEL            LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-8-584
BRYANT, OREN                 GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-6-677
BRYANT, PAULINA S.           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-437
BRYANT, SAMUEL               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-25-141
BRYANT, SAMUEL               ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-2-239
BRYANT, SAMUEL S.            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-4-293
BRYANT, STILLMAN N.          LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-11-185
BUCHANAN, EDWIN              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-1-60
BUCHANAN, JAMES H.           HINSDALE                      NY-5-20-637
BUCK, JULIUS                 SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-593
BUCK, WILLIAM A.             COLDSPRING                    NY-5-6-693
BUCKENTINE, MARY             DAYTON                        NY-5-24-549
BUCKENTINE, THEODORE         DAYTON                        NY-5-15-633
BUCKLEY, CATHARINE           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-25-673
BUCKLEY, HENRY               HINSDALE                      NY-5-21-349
BUDD, FREELOVE               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-8-484
BUFFINGTON, FRANCIS S.       SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-649
BUGBEE, ALVIN                PERSIA                        NY-5-3-209
BUHR, JENNIE                 MANSFIELD                     NY-5-10-513
BULKLEY, ELLEN               OLEAN                         NY-5-22-349
BULL, ABEL T.                YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-18-633
BULL, CARPENTER              YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-133
BULL, HENRY                  OTTO                          NY-5-25-609
BULL, MARYETTA               OTTO                          NY-5-12-7
BULL, WILLIAM                OTTO                          NY-5-13-25
BULLARD, DANIEL              FREEDOM                       NY-5-9-534
BULLARD, ELIZA               SALAMANCA                     NY-5-19-165
BULLOCK, ALICE               NEW ALBION                    NY-5-18-589
BULLOCK, MARCIA L.           FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-25-401
BULLOCK, MARIA               PERSIA                        NY-5-12-691
BULLOCK, PRESERVED           FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-393
BULLOCK, WOODBURY            FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-7-193
BUMP, HARLEY                 YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-5-377
BUNCE, LEVI N.               PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-25-97
BUNCE, REBECCA ANDREWS       PERRYSBURG                    NY-5-23-637
BUNCE, SIMEON                DAYTON                        NY-5-6-285
BURBANK, ANSEL               LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-17-229
BURCH, WILLIAM               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-8-310
BURCHARD, ALMIRA             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-15-145
BURCHARD, CLARK              EAST OTTO                     NY-5-23-77
BURDICK, ALBERT C.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-8-468
BURDICK, ALMINA              SALAMANCA                     NY-5-22-721
BURDICK, HORACE W.           SALAMANCA                     NY-5-13-221
BURDICK, MATTHEW K.          OLEAN                         NY-5-26-545
BURGER, ANDREW               OTTO                          NY-5-9-214
BURGER, CAROLINE             PERSIA                        NY-5-26-473
BURGER, SANFORD F.           CATTARAUGUS                   NY-5-26-289
BURGESS, ALVIN               RANDOLPH                      NY-5-5-409
BURKE, DELIA                 PERSIA                        NY-5-16-325
BURKE, THOMAS                GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-6-29
BURLESON, OWENS              FREEDOM                       NY-5-4-685
BURLINGAME, ARVILLA          FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-18-489
BURLINGAME, ASA              OLEAN                         NY-5-11-117
BURLINGAME, DWIGHT           ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-23-21
BURLINGAME, EMELINE          OLEAN                         NY-5-20-561
BURLINGAME, FRED C.          HINSDALE                      NY-5-27-533
BURLINGAME, MILAN            ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-8-88
BURLINGAME, PHILO            ISACHUA                       NY-5-5-645
BURLINGAME, RHODA M.         OLEAN                         NY-5-17-441
BURLINGAME, RICKETSON        ELLICOTTVILLE                 NY-5-1-66
BURLINGHAM, FRANK C.         OLEAN                         NY-5-13-205
BURLINGHAM, WILBUR F.        OLEAN                         NY-5-17-437
BURMASTER, JOSEPH            MACHIAS                       NY-5-25-581
BURNEAL, MARY ANN            ALLEGANY                      NY-5-19-625
BURNHAM, DWIGHT H.           PORTVILLE                     NY-5-22-149
BURNS, WILLIAM               YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-15-393
BURR, ANNA                   FARMERSVILLE                  NY-5-11-317
BURR, LOUISA                 COLDSPRING                    NY-5-19-689
BURR, STEPHEN                COLDSPRING                    NY-5-25-669
BURRELL, LARRIE J.           LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-22-125
BURRILL, ADONIJAH            NEW ALBION                    NY-5-7-205
BURROUGHS, CARRIE L.         NAPOLI                        NY-5-21-633
BURTON, MARY                 HINSDALE                      NY-5-25-545
BUSH, ABRAHAM G.             RANDOLPH                      NY-5-3-561
BUSH, CHARLES M.             MACHIAS                       NY-5-14-53
BUSH, ELLA L.                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-23-649
BUSH, JULIA H.               CONEWANGO                     NY-5-15-533
BUSH, MANLIUS                EAST RANDOLPH                 NY-5-12-747
BUSH, NELSON                 CONEWANGO                     NY-5-17-117
BUSH, PETER                  HINSDALE                      NY-5-1-84
BUSH, SARAH A.               FREEDOM                       NY-5-21-193
BUSHNELL, AMASA              NAPOLI                        NY-5-1-109
BUSHNELL, ASHBELL            NAPOLI                        NY-5-7-481
BUSHNELL, CHAUNCEY S.        NAPOLI                        NY-5-9-406
BUSHNELL, FRANCIS W.         NAPOLI                        NY-5-22-509
BUTCHER, ABEDNEGO            LEON                          NY-5-12-295
BUTLER, ALICE                SALAMANCA                     NY-5-21-617
BUTLER, CORDELIA S.          RANDOLPH                      NY-5-18-1
BUTLER, DEMETRIUS            GREAT VALLEY                  NY-5-16-57
BUTLER, EDSON L.             SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-577
BUTLER, EMERSON E.           COLDSPRING                    NY-5-24-429
BUTLER, EMMA P.              COLDSPRING                    NY-5-26-221
BUTLER, HENRY                LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-25-105
BUTLER, HIRAM                CONEWANGO                     NY-5-3-217
BUTLER, JAMES                OTTO                          NY-5-18-545
BUTLER, JAMES                MANSFIELD                     NY-5-8-324
BUTLER, JULIA A.             OTTO                          NY-5-16-125
BUTLER, LEWIS L.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-22-1
BUTLER, MARTHA M.            RANDOLPH                      NY-5-26-233
BUTLER, MARY L.              FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-20-305
BUTLER, MARY R.              RANDOLPH                      NY-5-9-466
BUTLER, NANCY M.             PERSIA                        NY-5-5-749
BUTLER, PHOEBE               FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-10-293
BUTT, HENRY                  YORKSHIRE                     NY-5-11-25
BUTTERFIELD, THOMAS J.       SALAMANCA                     NY-5-20-629
BUTTON, ADDIE V.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-25-145
BUTTON, CATHERINE            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-21-41
BUTTON, HERMAN G.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-14-457
BUTTON, JENNIE E.            MACHIAS                       NY-5-23-525
BUTTON, JESSE E. K.          MACHIAS                       NY-5-24-165
BUTTON, JOHN                 HINSDALE                      NY-5-26-345
BUTTON, JOHN R.              LITTLE VALLEY                 NY-5-24-213
BUTTON, JONAS K.             FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-9-154
BUTTON, OLIVE                MACHIAS                       NY-5-22-557
BUTTON, REUBEN C.            FRANKLINVILLE                 NY-5-24-197
BUXTON, CHARLES E.           RANDOLPH                      NY-5-27-33

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