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KAERCHER, FREDERICK                     NY-5-10-561
KAHLER, JOSEPH                          NY-5-24-177
KAHM, WILLIAM                           NY-5-13-737
KAMLER, FRANK SR.                       NY-5-22-353
KANE, CAHTERINE                         NY-5-24-145
KARL, ALBERT                            NY-5-18-573
KARL, JOSEPH                            NY-5-16-1
KARL, MARY                              NY-5-27-125
KAYES, DENNIS                           NY-5-26-677
KAYES, PATRICK                          NY-5-16-289
KEARNS, JOHN                            NY-5-8-564
KEARNS, JOHN D.                         NY-5-20-269
KEATING, DANIEL                         NY-5-21-57
KEATING, HANNORA                        NY-5-17-325
KEATING, TIMOTHY                        NY-5-16-625
KEEBLER, WILLIAM                        NY-5-24-237
KEELER, FRANK J.                        NY-5-27-25
KEENAN, PETER F.                        NY-5-24-265
KEESLER, LOUISA                         NY-5-24-141
KEIM, JOHN P.                           NY-5-24-77
KEITH, ALBERT J.                        NY-5-18-453
KEITH, EVELYN A.                        NY-5-27-497
KELLEY, EBER E.                         NY-5-21-457
KELLEY, GEORGE                          NY-5-5-177
KELLEY, JAMES                           NY-5-20-409
KELLEY, THOMAS                          NY-5-15-317
KELLOG, FRANCIS                         NY-5-19-725
KELLOGG, ASHBEL L.                      NY-5-3-461
KELLOGG, GAYLORD                        NY-5-7-113
KELLOGG, LYDIA                          NY-5-12-611
KELLOGG, MARY A.                        NY-5-24-121
KELLOGG, RICHARD D.                     NY-5-22-217
KELLY, MARY A.                          NY-5-27-229
KELSEY, CHARLOTTE M.                    NY-5-6-337
KELSEY, KATHALO                         NY-5-23-553
KELSEY, SAMUEL                          NY-5-1-83
KENDALL, ANNIE E.                       NY-5-24-97
KENDALL, HART                           NY-5-2-273
KENDALL, LAURA M.                       NY-5-14-601
KENDALL, ONIA                           NY-5-25-157
KENDALL, SAMUEL                         NY-5-2-397
KENDALL, STEPHEN                        NY-5-3-101
KENDRICK, SIMEON E.                     NY-5-23-689
KENFIELD, JOHN S.                       NY-5-26-157
KENISON, VERENA M.                      NY-5-21-133
KENNEDY, JARED                          NY-5-2-363
KENNEDY, MARGARET                       NY-5-19-181
KENNEY, DELIA M.                        NY-5-13-213
KENT, BRAZIL                            NY-5-15-685
KENT, MARIA                             NY-5-7-29
KENYON, ADDISON                         NY-5-5-81
KENYON, COMFORT                         NY-5-18-609
KENYON, FREEMAN                         NY-5-6-641
KENYON, MARY M.                         NY-5-24-341
KERINS, THOMAS                          NY-5-11-61
KERPKA, CHRISTIAN                       NY-5-15-21
KETCHUM, FIDELIA                        NY-5-25-33
KEYES, ALANSON C.                       NY-5-20-253
KEYES, HARRIET                          NY-5-22-593
KIDDER, ELLA WILCOX                     NY-5-12-587
KIDNEY, ROBERT                          NY-5-1-100
KIERNAN, JAMES                          NY-5-12-307
KILBURN, NATHANIEL C.                   NY-5-11-297
KILCOIN, THOMAS                         NY-5-14-241
KILCULLIN, MICHAEL                      NY-5-20-357
KILLMER, DAVID                          NY-5-21-309
KILLMER, ELIZA                          NY-5-23-145
KILMLLEN, THOMAS                        NY-5-27-505
KIMBALL, ASAHEL                         NY-5-1-12
KIMBALL, ELI                            NY-5-6-189
KIMBLE, CYNTHIA E.                      NY-5-5-593
KIMBLE, DEBORAH                         NY-5-21-77
KIMBLE, ELIZBAETH  C.                   NY-5-10-113
KIMBLE, MOSES                           NY-5-2-320
KING, ELIZABETH A.                      NY-5-15-333
KING, GEORGE                            NY-5-2-334
KING, GIDEON                            NY-5-1-32
KING, JOHN                              NY-5-20-217
KING, LAURENCE                          NY-5-9-62
KING, MARY                              NY-5-25-537
KING, MATTHEW                           NY-5-18-497
KING, REUBEN T.                         NY-5-13-41
KING, WARD                              NY-5-7-45
KINGMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-5-4-425
KINGSBURY, FRANK D.                     NY-5-18-333
KINGSLEY, ALONZO N.                     NY-5-9-74
KINGSLEY, EDITH M.                      NY-5-15-161
KINGSLEY, NATHAN                        NY-5-9-630
KINGSLEY, THEODORE N.                   NY-5-10-225
KINNEY, JOHN                            NY-5-8-264
KINYON, CLARISSA                        NY-5-7-261
KIRBY, JOHN                             NY-5-3-169
KIRCH, JACOB                            NY-5-23-217
KIRKLAND, GEORGE                        NY-5-14-273
KIRKMIRE, MARY A.                       NY-5-18-433
KIRSCH, JOHN                            NY-5-8-136
KLEIN, HENRY                            NY-5-16-253
KLEINSCHMIDT, WILLIAM                   NY-5-25-269
KLINK, CHARLES G.                       NY-5-20-397
KLOCK, HARVEY                           NY-5-26-173
KLUGE, AUGUST                           NY-5-17-41
KNAPP, AURELIA                          NY-5-15-489
KNAPP, CYNTHIA A.                       NY-5-15-257
KNAPP, THOMAS JEFFERSON                 NY-5-5-657
KNIGHT, AUGUSTA A.                      NY-5-24-501
KNIGHT, ELLEN                           NY-5-23-269
KNIGHT, NEHEMIAH                        NY-5-11-513
KNIGHT, OLIVE                           NY-5-13-441
KNOLL, JOHN B.                          NY-5-7-141
KNORR, CHARLES                          NY-5-13-137
KNOWLTON, BENJAMIN                      NY-5-6-341
KNOWLTON, CYNTHIA H.                    NY-5-12-243
KNOWLTON, ORRIN                         NY-5-15-749
KOPCKA, AUGUSTUS                        NY-5-23-721
KORFF, JOSEPH                           NY-5-11-73
KRAGAR, JOHN                            NY-5-20-713
KRAUS, JOHN N.                          NY-5-11-529
KRISFELDT, HENRY                        NY-5-12-375
KRITTER, ISABELLA                       NY-5-21-493
KRITTER, JOHN P.                        NY-5-15-129
KRUSE, HENRY                            NY-5-14-697
KRUSE, HERMAN                           NY-5-17-621
KRUSE, JOHN F.                          NY-5-18-317
KUEHL, EARNEST G.                       NY-5-15-337
KUHN, EDITH S.                          NY-5-20-385
KYSOR, ARCHIBALD E.                     NY-5-23-189
KYSOR, CHARLES B.                       NY-5-26-673
KYSOR, LYDIA E.                         NY-5-22-261
LADELL, CYNTHIA                         NY-5-10-29
LAFFERTY, ALBERT A.                     NY-5-22-705
LAIDLAW, JAMES L.                       NY-5-20-129
LAING, JOHN                             NY-5-16-717
LAKE, PHILENA                           NY-5-18-269
LAMB, ALMEDA                            NY-5-6-765
LAMB, BOUGHTON H.                       NY-5-24-301
LAMB, CHARLES W.                        NY-5-4-61
LAMMIE, DANIEL                          NY-5-6-261
LAMPER, ALONZO S.                       NY-5-25-689
LAMPER, JAMES                           NY-5-1-228
LANE, HATTIE A.                         NY-5-17-5
LANE, HELEN M.                          NY-5-22-29
LANE, JOHANNA                           NY-5-13-541
LANE, MATTHEW                           NY-5-6-221
LANE, SAMUEL B.                         NY-5-11-85
LANE, STEPHEN                           NY-5-8-592
LANG, CATHERINE E.                      NY-5-5-481
LANGHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-5-17-513
LANGHANS, JULIUS                        NY-5-26-101
LANGMADE, ALICE J.                      NY-5-16-129
LANGMADE, LENORA M. G.                  NY-5-22-173
LANGMADE, MIRANDA                       NY-5-17-45
LANGMAID, STEPHEN                       NY-5-4-257
LANGWORTHY, OLIVER B.                   NY-5-22-473
LAPLANT, JOHN                           NY-5-17-289
LARABEE, EBENEZER                       NY-5-6-17
LARABEE, FRANCIS                        NY-5-22-281
LARABEE, SIDNEY L.                      NY-5-6-193
LARABEE, THOMAS J.                      NY-5-5-125
LARKHAM, CLARA                          NY-5-17-217
LARKIN, NATHAN JR.                      NY-5-3-165
LATHAM, JSOEPH                          NY-5-4-509
LATHAM, LUCY                            NY-5-14-593
LATHAM, MARY                            NY-5-4-141
LATIMER, HANNAH                         NY-5-7-477
LAUBENTHALL, JOHN                       NY-5-11-689
LAUGHAM, RICHARD                        NY-5-25-469
LAURENCE, JOSEPH                        NY-5-8-172
LAURENCE, ZACHARIAH                     NY-5-2-307
LAURIE, JOHN A.                         NY-5-10-465
LAW, ELIPHALET                          NY-5-10-437
LAW, JOHN C.                            NY-5-13-345
LAWLER, MATTHEW                         NY-5-19-449
LAWRENCE, SALLY ANN                     NY-5-24-49
LAWTON, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-5-21-673
LAWTON, LA FAYETTE                      NY-5-12-667
LAWTON, LYDIA J.                        NY-5-8-572
LAWTON, MARTHA                          NY-5-1-184
LAWTON, WELCOME J.                      NY-5-23-277
LAY, JOHN                               NY-5-27-17
LEACH, A. W.                            NY-5-20-109
LEADER, SIMON                           NY-5-12-235
LEAGER, HECTOR                          NY-5-3-145
LEAHEY, HANNAH                          NY-5-20-437
LEAN, TIMOTHY                           NY-5-5-681
LEANING, RICHARD M.                     NY-5-15-337
LEARN, ALBERTUS L.                      NY-5-12-379
LEARN, CALEB B.                         NY-5-23-169
LEARN, ELIZABETH                        NY-5-27-285
LEARN, FRANK A.                         NY-5-17-253
LEARN, JOSEPH                           NY-5-3-213
LEARN, JULIA A.                         NY-5-15-669
LEAVENS, EUGENE                         NY-5-20-525
LEAVENWORTH, ALSON                      NY-5-3-537
LEBARRON, ALDEN                         NY-5-4-321
LEDDEN, PATRICK                         NY-5-21-233
LEDDEN, THOMAS                          NY-5-15-477
LEDOIT, JAMES                           NY-5-2-243
LEDWITH, THOMAS                         NY-5-12-171
LEE, ANNA E.                            NY-5-18-157
LEE, THOMAS W.                          NY-5-6-621
LEE, WILLIAM T.                         NY-5-22-481
LEEK, ALMERIN                           NY-5-6-233
LEEK, JANE                              NY-5-26-565
LEEK, JOHN                              NY-5-26-501
LEETE, CHINA W.                         NY-5-20-709
LEFFINGWELL, EDWIN S.                   NY-5-17-569
LEGGETT, OTIS M.                        NY-5-11-401
LEHMAN, FLORIAN                         NY-5-7-209
LEHMAN, MARY ANN                        NY-5-20-169
LEMHAN, PATRICK                         NY-5-16-577
LENEAR, FRANCES A.                      NY-5-18-17
LENT, MARGARET R.                       NY-5-26-117
LENTNER, MARGARETHA                     NY-5-14-409
LEON, DANIEL                            NY-5-12-383
LEON, TIMOTHY                           NY-5-24-253
LEONARD, EVAN                           NY-5-10-341
LEONARD, JAMES                          NY-5-23-377
LEONARD, JARVIS                         NY-5-10-445
LEONARD, JOSEPH N.                      NY-5-23-201
LEONARD, LEVI                           NY-5-7-329
LEONARD, MOSES                          NY-5-2-1
LEWIS, CALEB                            NY-5-4-69
LEWIS, CHARLES W.                       NY-5-6-217
LEWIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-5-23-573
LEWIS, EVAN A.                          NY-5-20-101
LEWIS, FRANCES                          NY-5-22-685
LEWIS, JASON                            NY-5-8-376
LEWIS, LABAN                            NY-5-3-297
LEWIS, LOUISA                           NY-5-19-97
LEWIS, MARY                             NY-5-7-217
LEWIS, NATHAN                           NY-5-3-393
LEWIS, SYLVIA T.                        NY-5-17-165
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-5-14-621
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-5-19-301
LIECHTI, GOTTFRIECH                     NY-5-19-617
LILLIE, HEZEKIAH                        NY-5-3-305
LINANE, PATRICK                         NY-5-19-205
LINCOLN, C. JANE                        NY-5-7-577
LINCOLN, LUCIUS                         NY-5-8-336
LINCOLN, SOLOMON                        NY-5-7-353
LINDERMAN, JOHN M.                      NY-5-26-177
LINDERMAN, LESTER P.                    NY-5-20-717
LINDSEY, HALSEY                         NY-5-23-709
LINDSLEY, ELVIRA                        NY-5-25-29
LINDSLEY, MOSES                         NY-5-9-70
LINES, LEWIS D.                         NY-5-6-793
LINES, WILLIAM B.                       NY-5-15-709
LINGENFELTER, JOSEPH J.                 NY-5-27-541
LINGENFELTER, RHODA J.                  NY-5-27-541
LINGENFELTER, WILLIAM                   NY-5-8-744
LINK, JOHN                              NY-5-16-25
LIPPERT, CASPAR                         NY-5-26-181
LIPPERT, JOSEPH                         NY-5-8-580
LIPPERT, SOPHIA                         NY-5-17-601
LITCHFIELD, CARRIE D.                   NY-5-18-473
LITCHFIELD, HARVEY                      NY-5-13-361
LITCHFIELD, JENNIE P.                   NY-5-26-613
LITCHFIELD, LEVI                        NY-5-10-417
LITCHFIELD, LOUISE E.                   NY-5-20-533
LITCHFIELD, WALTER M.                   NY-5-27-449
LITTLE, ALEXANDER                       NY-5-2-209
LITTLE, FREDERICK M.                    NY-5-24-717
LITTLE, HARVEY                          NY-5-15-137
LITTLE, JOHN                            NY-5-22-505
LITTLE, ORVILLE F.                      NY-5-23-505
LITTLE, RICHARD                         NY-5-11-697
LITTLE, RICHARD                         NY-5-6-645
LITTLE, THOMAS                          NY-5-12-291
LITTLE, THOMAS                          NY-5-9-275
LOBDILL, PETER                          NY-5-5-721
LOCKE, CHESTER                          NY-5-9-222
LOCKE, HANNAH                           NY-5-25-453
LOCKE, HENRY W.                         NY-5-12-339
LOCKE, JAMES                            NY-5-5-329
LOCKE, LUCINDA H.                       NY-5-12-43
LOCKE, MOSES                            NY-5-1-1
LOCKWOOD, DANIEL DEWITT                 NY-5-27-337
LOCKWOOD, DANIEL TOMPKINS               NY-5-11-345
LOCKWOOD, ELIZA J.                      NY-5-14-417
LOCKWOOD, FRANK J.                      NY-5-22-717
LOCKWOOD, SARAH H.                      NY-5-24-405
LOFTUS, MARY                            NY-5-16-93
LOHR, FREDERICK                         NY-5-11-121
LONG, CATHARINE                         NY-5-27-93
LONG, EDWARD                            NY-5-23-369
LONG, WILLIAM                           NY-5-19-369
LOOMIS, RICHARD                         NY-5-4-197
LOONEY, WILLIAM                         NY-5-11-669
LOOP, DAVID                             NY-5-24-401
LOOP, MARY                              NY-5-12-279
LOSEE, JOHN A.                          NY-5-18-77
LOTTES, MARY                            NY-5-25-373
LOVE, WILLIAM                           NY-5-22-257
LOVETT, HENRY                           NY-5-13-277
LOWDEN, CHARLES T.                      NY-5-12-443
LOWE, ADELIA S.                         NY-5-5-793
LOWE, CULLEN                            NY-5-5-529
LOWE, DELIA F.                          NY-5-7-701
LOWE, EVA ANGELINE                      NY-5-20-73
LUBERT, CARL                            NY-5-10-89
LUBOLD, AARON                           NY-5-25-121
LUCAS, CAROLINE A.                      NY-5-13-677
LUCAS, SIMEON B.                        NY-5-24-453
LUCE, LUCAS                             NY-5-13-257
LULL, SALMON H.                         NY-5-6-125
LUNDY, MARY                             NY-5-23-281
LUSS, FREDERICK                         NY-5-19-121
LUTHER, MARY A.                         NY-5-16-341
LUTTIN, LUKE B.                         NY-5-9-586
LYMAN, ALVIN                            NY-5-18-65
LYMAN, CAROLINE E.                      NY-5-18-241
LYMAN, RALSTON                          NY-5-21-473
LYMAN, THERESSA                         NY-5-12-259
LYNCH, DANIEL                           NY-5-18-481
LYNCH, JAMES                            NY-5-19-741
LYNCH, MABEL                            NY-5-25-21
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          NY-5-12-743
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          NY-5-24-361
LYND, PATRICK                           NY-5-13-549
LYNDE, ELIZABETH                        NY-5-8-232
LYNN, MARIA S.                          NY-5-19-53
LYON, ETHEL L.                          NY-5-12-67
LYON, LORIN E.                          NY-5-15-13
LYON, LUCY E.                           NY-5-18-613
LYONS, CATHERINE                        NY-5-25-393
LYONS, DELIA                            NY-5-7-325
LYONS, MARGARET                         NY-5-6-89
LYONS, PETER                            NY-5-14-537
MAACK, JOHN                             NY-5-11-309
MAACK, MARY                             NY-5-11-385
MACAPES, ALFRED B.                      NY-5-9-462
MACAPES, JAMES P.                       NY-5-5-17
MACAPES, MAJOR                          NY-5-8-640
MACKEY, WILLIAM D.                      NY-5-14-549
MACLEAN, JOHN                           NY-5-4-81
MAHER, ISABELL                          NY-5-4-345
MAHNKE, JOHN                            NY-5-16-185
MAHON, LAURENCE                         NY-5-10-453
MAHONEY, PATRICK                        NY-5-12-303
MAHUK, HENRY                            NY-5-19-709
MAIN, DANIEL                            NY-5-15-33

MALLERY, AGNES                          NY-5-25-301
MALLERY, CHARLES M.                     NY-5-18-645
MALLORY, CHARLES L.                     NY-5-20-289
MALONE, MARY                            NY-5-8-620
MALONEY, JAMES P.                       NY-5-21-209
MALONEY, PATRICK                        NY-5-15-193
MALTBIE, CAROLINE J.                    NY-5-12-459
MALTBIE, JUILUS B.                      NY-5-18-313
MANDEVILLE, THOMAS                      NY-5-11-457
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM H.                  NY-5-24-541
MANLEY, ANNA S.                         NY-5-24-433
MANLEY, ELIZABETH B.                    NY-5-15-37
MANLEY, EMMET F.                        NY-5-20-117
MANLEY, HENRIETTA                       NY-5-24-561
MANLEY, NATHANIEL                       NY-5-14-677
MANN, JOHN                              NY-5-14-97
MANN, JOHN                              NY-5-14-189
MANNING, HARVEY G.                      NY-5-22-449
MANSFIELD, MOSES J.                     NY-5-6-785
MANTON, BRIDGET                         NY-5-27-197
MANTON, JOHN                            NY-5-27-545
MANWARRING, ELISHA B.                   NY-5-8-56
MARBLE, JOSEPH                          NY-5-22-437
MARBLE, JOSIAH A.                       NY-5-4-689
MARKHAM, CASSON                         NY-5-11-549
MARKHAM, CLARINDA                       NY-5-16-197
MARKHAM, DARIUS                         NY-5-11-265
MARKHAM, FANNY                          NY-5-18-5
MARKHAM, HENRY J.                       NY-5-15-373
MARKHAM, JOHN A.                        NY-5-26-217
MARKHAM, MARY ANN                       NY-5-10-597
MARSH, ALBERT                           NY-5-14-653
MARSH, ARBA                             NY-5-1-34
MARSH, EMMA E.                          NY-5-23-585
MARSH, HARRY                            NY-5-6-229
MARSH, HENRY                            NY-5-19-297
MARSH, HENRY L.                         NY-5-16-293
MARSH, HOLLIS                           NY-5-1-26
MARSH, MATHEW B.                        NY-5-6-481
MARSH, WALTER G.                        NY-5-21-337
MARSHA, LAFAYETTE                       NY-5-4-793
MARTIN, FRED E.                         NY-5-23-577
MARTIN, JOHN G.                         NY-5-21-433
MARTIN, ROSETTE                         NY-5-21-413
MARTIN, SARAH M.                        NY-5-25-637
MARTING, PETER                          NY-5-19-9
MARTINY, JOHN                           NY-5-20-689
MARVIN, FERDINO A.                      NY-5-20-221
MARVIN, LYDIA E.                        NY-5-20-261
MASNER, MARGARET                        NY-5-22-329
MASNER, MARTIN                          NY-5-20-609
MASON, ANN                              NY-5-14-433
MASON, DAVID T.                         NY-5-11-745
MASON, HARMON H.                        NY-5-5-425
MASON, MARK A.                          NY-5-25-61
MASONER, CHARLES GEORGE                 NY-5-20-641
MATHEWSON, AVA                          NY-5-23-113
MATTESON, JAMES D.                      NY-5-7-157
MATTHEWS, FRANK H.                      NY-5-24-101
MATTHEWS, SARAH E.                      NY-5-20-433
MATTISON, GEORGE B.                     NY-5-17-709
MATTOON, ELLEN                          NY-5-12-563
MATTOON, WILLIAM A.                     NY-5-18-197
MATTOON, WILLIAM T.                     NY-5-25-365
MAXON, EMERETTE L.                      NY-5-27-453
MAY, LORIN                              NY-5-7-369
MAYBEE, JEREMIAH                        NY-5-4-1
MAYER, JULIUS A.                        NY-5-17-257
MAYER, KATHERINE                        NY-5-26-581
MAYERS, ISAAC                           NY-5-4-201
MAYNAHAN, FLORENCE                      NY-5-6-109
MAYNARD, EDWARD D.                      NY-5-10-518
MAYNARD, HARRISON E.                    NY-5-7-229
MCAULIFFE, JAMES                        NY-5-22-229
MCCAA, JOHN                             NY-5-6-149
MCCANN, ARTHUR                          NY-5-5-693
MCCANN, BRIDGET                         NY-5-8-636
MCCAPES, LAURA C.                       NY-5-24-537
MCCARTHY, CHARLES                       NY-5-20-65
MCCARTHY, CORNELIUS                     NY-5-17-521
MCCARTHY, EDWARD H.                     NY-5-26-465
MCCARTHY, JAMES                         NY-5-19-101
MCCARTHY, JOHN J.                       NY-5-24-85
MCCARTHY, MARY                          NY-5-25-57
MCCARTHY, OWEN                          NY-5-16-473
MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY                       NY-5-25-641
MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY                       NY-5-11-429
MCCLORY, PATRICK                        NY-5-24-37
MCCLUER, ADALINE V.                     NY-5-19-285
MCCLUER, BENJAMIN                       NY-5-1-3
MCCLUER, DAVID                          NY-5-7-569
MCCLUER, MERCY S.                       NY-5-6-421
MCCLURE, FREDERICK                      NY-5-15-513
MCCLURE, SARAH L.                       NY-5-11-289
MCCOLLISTER, JOHN                       NY-5-3-49
MCCOLLISTER, LEONARD B.                 NY-5-23-481
MCCORMICK, PETER                        NY-5-11-449
MCCOY, BETHUEL                          NY-5-6-393
MCCOY, CHARLES                          NY-5-16-117
MCCOY, MARY M.                          NY-5-26-245
MCCRACKIN, JAMES                        NY-5-1-158
MCCREADY, JOHN W.                       NY-5-10-397
MCCUNE, JOHN                            NY-5-23-253
MCDERMOTT, JOHN                         NY-5-13-449
MCDERMOTT, ROGER                        NY-5-17-417
MCDONALD, ELIZABETH                     NY-5-26-9
MCDONALD, JANE                          NY-5-21-321
MCDONELL, DONALD J.                     NY-5-21-565
MCDUFFEE, ROEBRT                        NY-5-5-241
MCFALL, CLARA R.                        NY-5-18-21
MCFARLAND, MICHAEL                      NY-5-17-17
MCFARLAND, PATRICK                      NY-5-20-453
MCGANN, MARGARET                        NY-5-27-425
MCGEER, ANDREW                          NY-5-6-457
MCGIBENY, MARIA A.                      NY-5-24-705
MCGINN, JAMES                           NY-5-26-137
MCGINN, JOHN                            NY-5-18-649
MCGINNIS, JOHN                          NY-5-20-345
MCGOVERN, JOHN                          NY-5-14-85
MCGOVERN, MARY                          NY-5-8-625
MCGRATH, JOHN                           NY-5-13-581
MCGRATH, MICHAEL                        NY-5-13-69
MCGRAW, MICHAEL                         NY-5-25-665
MCGUIRE, FLORA E.                       NY-5-14-193
MCINERNEY, JOHN                         NY-5-23-493
MCINTOSH, CLARK A.                      NY-5-18-461
MCINTOSH, LEWIS                         NY-5-12-131
MCINTOSH, MARY A.                       NY-5-21-165
MCIVERNEY, JOHANNA                      NY-5-27-357
MCKAY, ALICE M.                         NY-5-13-609
MCKAY, GEORGE C.                        NY-5-17-25
MCKAY, HIRAM V. R.                      NY-5-19-17
MCKAY, MARY ANN                         NY-5-17-21
MCKAY, RICHARD J.                       NY-5-12-659
MCKEEVER, JOHN                          NY-5-23-469
MCKEEVER, MARY                          NY-5-27-513
MCKENNA, JOHN                           NY-5-7-77
MCKIBBEN, HARRY W.                      NY-5-24-369
MCKINLEY, HENRY                         NY-5-21-453
MCKINLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-5-21-101
MCKOON, NEWTON                          NY-5-20-613
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-5-21-573
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        NY-5-8-420
MCLAUGHLIN, PETER                       NY-5-25-529
MCLEASE, MARYETTE                       NY-5-4-245
MCLENNAN, COLIN                         NY-5-25-353
MCLOUGH, ANNA                           NY-5-9-474
MCLOUGH, CHARLES                        NY-5-15-33
MCLOUTH, ISABEL                         NY-5-27-705
MCLOUTH, LAWRENCE E.                    NY-5-22-577
MCLOUTH, PAULINA P.                     NY-5-13-733
MCMAHON, BRIDGET                        NY-5-15-677
MCMAHON, CATHERINE                      NY-5-19-333
MCMAHON, JOHN                           NY-5-10-493
MCMAHON, SIMON J.                       NY-5-23-385
MCMAHON, THOMAS                         NY-5-6-665
MCMASTER, MARGARET                      NY-5-17-237
MCMASTER, WILLIAM G.                    NY-5-11-233
MCMILLAN, ALDEN                         NY-5-14-717
MCMILLEN, AURELIA R.                    NY-5-25-117
MCMILLEN, WILLIS E.                     NY-5-27-225
MCMURRAY, JAMES C.                      NY-5-18-341
MCMURRAY, JOHN                          NY-5-27-1
MCMURRAY, SAMUEL                        NY-5-14-17
MCNALL, FANNIE MAME                     NY-5-15-465
MCNALL, SIBBEL                          NY-5-13-437
MCNAMARA, DENNIS                        NY-5-14-733
MCNAMARA, PATRICK S.                    NY-5-25-473
MCPHERSON, JOHN                         NY-5-25-369
MCWETHY, LESTER                         NY-5-5-741
MEACHAM, ALICE C.                       NY-5-21-677
MEACHAM, EVELINE H.                     NY-5-23-545
MEACHAM, RHODA                          NY-5-7-5
MEAD, AMOS T.                           NY-5-4-233
MEAD, ANDREW                            NY-5-4-741
MEAD, JOHN                              NY-5-21-1
MEAD, MERLIN                            NY-5-6-101
MEARNS, GEORGE                          NY-5-6-153
MEECH, MELVIN                           NY-5-11-501
MEECH, SILAS                            NY-5-3-365
MEHOLLEN, MARGARET H.                   NY-5-3-301
MELROSE, JAMES                          NY-5-13-617
MELROSE, NICHOALS                       NY-5-2-330
MERCER, BETSEY                          NY-5-15-565
MERCHANT, ABEL                          NY-5-10-253
MERCHANT, AMOS                          NY-5-10-653
MERCHANT, LAFAYETTE                     NY-5-23-621
MERDAN, JOSEPH                          NY-5-17-261
MERKT, JOSEPH                           NY-5-6-597
MEROW, HENRY                            NY-5-15-425
MERRILL, AGNES M.                       NY-5-19-721
MERRILL, ANSON C.                       NY-5-5-45
MERRILL, ARCHIBALD C.                   NY-5-9-514
MERRILL, BETHANY                        NY-5-7-405
MERRILL, BRAZILLA                       NY-5-3-545
MERRILL, HEMAN                          NY-5-5-129
MERRILL, HEMAN J.                       NY-5-25-541
MERRILL, HEMAN R.                       NY-5-26-65
MERRILL, ISAAC W.                       NY-5-8-300
MERRILL, MARCUS F.                      NY-5-18-549
MERRILL, MARTHA M.                      NY-5-17-33
MERRILL, SARAH B.                       NY-5-26-477
MERRIMAN, MARY                          NY-5-13-241
MERSEREAU, JOHN G.                      NY-5-8-600
MESSER, JOSEPH                          NY-5-12-215
METCALF, ALVENUS                        NY-5-5-785
METCALF, ARMENIA C.                     NY-5-14-613
METCALF, CARLOS                         NY-5-16-409
METCALF, DAVID M.                       NY-5-23-273
METCALF, MARY                           NY-5-15-121
METCALF, ROXANA                         NY-5-7-449
METZGER, ROSETTA                        NY-5-19-345
METZKER, JULIA A.                       NY-5-19-237
METZLER, MARGARET                       NY-5-13-509
MEYER, JOHN                             NY-5-26-557
MEYERS, CATHERINE                       NY-5-21-293
MICHAEL, JOHN                           NY-5-7-573
MICHELL, MARY M.                        NY-5-17-473
MICHLER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-5-18-441
MIDDLETON, GEORGE W.                    NY-5-19-113
MIGHELLS, FLORENTINE C.                 NY-5-20-677
MILES, CATHERINE                        NY-5-8-612
MILES, HARLEN J.                        NY-5-17-573
MILETT, HARVEY C.                       NY-5-7-765
MILK, ANNA                              NY-5-3-265
MILK, JOHN                              NY-5-3-141
MILK, LUTHER                            NY-5-14-1
MILKS, ALEXANDER                        NY-5-17-705
MILKS, BENJAMIN                         NY-5-9-78
MILKS, CHARLES                          NY-5-9-538
MILKS, FREEMAN                          NY-5-17-389
MILKS, GARRET                           NY-5-21-405
MILKS, GILBERT                          NY-5-24-57
MILKS, HIRAM                            NY-5-8-644
MILKS, JONATHAN                         NY-5-12-663
MILKS, JONATHAN B.                      NY-5-26-249
MILKS, MONTEVILLE                       NY-5-25-9
MILLER, ABRAM                           NY-5-20-729
MILLER, ALMON                           NY-5-7-1097
MILLER, ANDREW                          NY-5-5-53
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-5-17-81
MILLER, DELANA                          NY-5-13-741
MILLER, ELLA V.                         NY-5-23-617
MILLER, EMMA                            NY-5-7-293
MILLER, EVELINE A.                      NY-5-27-657
MILLER, GEORGE S.                       NY-5-4-653
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-5-14-197
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-5-24-221
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-5-26-457
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-5-6-517
MILLER, JOHN 1ST                        NY-5-17-149
MILLER, JOSEPH                          NY-5-19-609
MILLER, LAWRENTINE YATES                NY-5-25-221
MILLER, LUMAN C.                        NY-5-8-784
MILLER, LUMAN H.                        NY-5-20-493
MILLER, LUMAN H.                        NY-5-20-521
MILLER, NATHAN R.                       NY-5-21-449
MILLER, OREN                            NY-5-24-441
MILLER, PETER                           NY-5-6-454
MILLER, SAMUEL WAGNON                   NY-5-26-145
MILLER, SILAS                           NY-5-6-485
MILLIN, SARAH L.                        NY-5-17-181
MILLINEAU, JOHN                         NY-5-27-673
MILLINGTON, EDWIN H.                    NY-5-14-469
MILLMAN, JAMES                          NY-5-16-693
MILLON, SARAH L.                        NY-5-16-441
MILLS, MOSES                            NY-5-10-161
MILLS, ROYAL                            NY-5-20-425
MILLS, THOMAS                           NY-5-10-381
MILLSPAUGH, ELNATHAN                    NY-5-8-196
MINEHAN, WILLIAM                        NY-5-15-29
MINER, ELIAL T.                         NY-5-7-257
MINER, HARRIET                          NY-5-14-25
MINER, JULIUS C.                        NY-5-1-98
MINER, MARY O.                          NY-5-19-185
MITCHELL, JOHN                          NY-5-12-523
MITCHELL, MATHEW                        NY-5-3-277
MITCHELL, MATTHEW                       NY-5-11-413
MIX, HULDA                              NY-5-27-637
MIXER, RUFUS                            NY-5-7-33
MOENCH, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-5-19-421
MOENCH, PERSIS L.                       NY-5-27-457
MOFFIT, CHARLES                         NY-5-7-469
MOFFIT, JAMES                           NY-5-23-681
MOFFIT, SAMUEL                          NY-5-8-168
MOFFITT, JOHN A.                        NY-5-26-617
MOHAN, VICTORIA                         NY-5-25-593
MOHNK, MARY                             NY-5-21-485
MOHR, HENRY                             NY-5-22-389
MOHR, MARGARET                          NY-5-19-593
MONROE, GEORGE W.                       NY-5-14-45
MOONEY, THOMAS                          NY-5-9-330
MOORE, DAVID H.                         NY-5-23-345
MOORE, GEORGE N.                        NY-5-25-621
MOORE, JACOB                            NY-5-15-329
MOORE, JAMES W.                         NY-5-25-497
MOORE, LOVELL G.                        NY-5-27-21
MOORE, OLIVER                           NY-5-6-361
MOORE, RICHARD                          NY-5-9-574
MOORE, SARAH A.                         NY-5-18-621
MORE, JOHN C.                           NY-5-2-317
MORGAN, DANIEL                          NY-5-11-77
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-5-7-465
MORGAN, EVAN R.                         NY-5-4-605
MORGAN, GEORGE W.                       NY-5-3-105
MORGAN, HENRY                           NY-5-8-52
MORGAN, HIRAM                           NY-5-4-17
MORGAN, MARY H.                         NY-5-12-615
MORGAN, NEWELL                          NY-5-3-592
MORGAN, RETIRE G.                       NY-5-8-608
MORRIS, DAVID G.                        NY-5-4-441
MORRIS, EDGAR M.                        NY-5-21-21
MORRIS, HARLOW W.                       NY-5-9-418
MORRIS, PHOEBE P.                       NY-5-8-596
MORRIS, STEPHEN T.                      NY-5-14-101
MORRIS, THOMAS                          NY-5-11-713
MORRISON, CYRUS                         NY-5-4-549
MORRISON, JAMES H.                      NY-5-8-44
MORRISON, LAFAYETTE                     NY-5-23-1
MORROW, JOHN G.                         NY-5-5-501
MORSE, ALMER                            NY-5-21-353
MORSE, HARDING                          NY-5-2-215
MORTON, ALEXANDER                       NY-5-6-77
MORTON, DANIEL                          NY-5-3-509
MORTON, HUGH                            NY-5-21-29
MORTON, JOHN                            NY-5-13-481
MORTON, SENECA                          NY-5-11-157
MORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-5-16-421
MOSHER, JOHN                            NY-5-6-633
MOSHER, SUSAN                           NY-5-25-721
MOSMAN, MARY E.                         NY-5-23-121
MOSS, MARIA                             NY-5-23-97
MOULTON, CHARLES P.                     NY-5-17-497
MOULTON, GERTRUDE B.                    NY-5-26-209
MOYER, MELVINA                          NY-5-27-465
MUDGE, SELDEN J.                        NY-5-16-493
MUDGETT, ABRAM                          NY-5-5-781
MUDGETT, CATHARINE P.                   NY-5-3-638
MULLALLY, JOHN                          NY-5-6-661
MULLALLY, PIERCE                        NY-5-27-153
MULQUEEN, NANCY                         NY-5-17-633
MULTER, GILBERT                         NY-5-19-605
MUMSOW, WILLIAM                         NY-5-16-101
MUNRO, JOHN                             NY-5-16-161
MUNRO, MARY A.                          NY-5-14-633
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-5-7-53
MURPHY, JOHN H.                         NY-5-11-433
MURPHY, ORMEL                           NY-5-13-385
MURPHY, PETER                           NY-5-5-605
MURPHY, ROYALTON                        NY-5-17-661
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-5-18-221
MURRAY, JASPER N.                       NY-5-23-29
MURRAY, PATRICK B.                      NY-5-20-301
MURRAY, RACHEL A.                       NY-5-16-105
MURRAY, THOMAS N.                       NY-5-5-117
MYERS, CORYDON                          NY-5-8-396
MYERS, ELSIE JANE                       NY-5-19-733
MYERS, GERRIT E.                        NY-5-24-725
MYERS, KUNDIGUNDA                       NY-5-8-632
MYERS, MARY E.                          NY-5-14-261
MYERS, MERLIN M.                        NY-5-9-502
MYNARD, ALLEN                           NY-5-14-321
MYRICK, LYDIA H.                        NY-5-14-309
MYRICK, ORSAMUS M.                      NY-5-11-657
MYRICK, WILLIAM P.                      NY-5-14-317

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