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WAAS, CATHARINE                         NY-1-50-331
WACKERHAGEN, ELIZABETH                  NY-1-46-101
WADDY, SAMUEL                           NY-1-14-325
WADE, E. MULFORD                        NY-1-33-266
WADE, EDWARD                            NY-1-38-360
WADE, ELIZABETH H.                      NY-1-17-31
WADE, JAMES                             NY-1-21-185
WADE, JAMES W.                          NY-1-22-361
WADE, PHEBE                             NY-1-29-320
WADSWORTH, ANN ELIZA                    NY-1-24-374
WAGEONHEIZER, JOHN                      NY-1-27-249
WAGER, HARRIET L.                       NY-1-39-376
WAGER, JAMES                            NY-1-27-107
WAGER, LUCY C.                          NY-1-50-203
WAGGONER, FREDERICK                     NY-1-16-233
WAGGONER, GEORGE P.                     NY-1-13-274
WAGGONER, HENRY                         NY-1-15-360
WAGGONER, JACOB E.                      NY-1-38-135
WAGGONER, JACOB H.                      NY-1-39-447
WAGGONER, JOHN                          NY-1-3-484
WAGGONER, MARIA                         NY-1-22-104
WAGGONER, WILLIAM                       NY-1-10-83
WAGGONER, WILLIAM                       NY-1-9-340
WAGNER, JOHN                            NY-1-47-374
WAGNER, JOHN                            NY-1-36-188
WAGONER, CATHERINE                      NY-1-39-370
WAGONER, GILBERT                        NY-1-43-470
WAGONER, PETER G.                       NY-1-48-144
WAGONER, WILLIAM                        NY-1-20-40
WAINE, ANTHONY                          NY-1-7-323
WAINE, GEORGE                           NY-1-9-374
WAINE, JAMES                            NY-1-21-300
WAIT, MARY L.                           NY-1-37-235
WAKEMAN, JOHN                           NY-1-35-312
WALCH, PATRICK                          NY-1-20-235
WALDBILLIG, CATHARINE                   NY-1-48-198
WALDEN, MINER                           NY-1-6-296
WALDRON, AFFY                           NY-1-6-224
WALDRON, ANN                            NY-1-32-366
WALDRON, BARENT                         NY-1-28-321
WALDRON, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-20-150
WALDRON, ELSIE                          NY-1-30-160
WALDRON, HENRY                          NY-1-48-306
WALDRON, HENRY                          NY-1-7-123
WALDRON, JAMES                          NY-1-38-107
WALDRON, JAMES G.                       NY-1-48-186
WALDRON, TOBIAS T. E.                   NY-1-25-343
WALES, SUSAN E.                         NY-1-50-295
WALK, HENRY R.                          NY-1-33-109
WALKER, ABRAHAM P.                      NY-1-29-341
WALKER, EDWARD                          NY-1-47-389
WALKER, EDWARD                          NY-1-48-488
WALKER, FRANCIS                         NY-1-36-454
WALKER, HENRY R.                        NY-1-13-125
WALKER, JAMES E.                        NY-1-27-461
WALKER, JANE ANN                        NY-1-24-51
WALKER, JANETTE G.                      NY-1-46-183
WALKER, JOHN                            NY-1-26-193
WALKER, MARY T.                         NY-1-21-327
WALL, PETER                             NY-1-14-61
WALLACE, CHARLES                        NY-1-29-380
WALLACE, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-1-28-154
WALLACE, MAURICE                        NY-1-27-208
WALLACE, OLIVER                         NY-1-16-231
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NY-1-25-148
WALLEY, DANIEL L.                       NY-1-45-297
WALLEY, JACOB                           NY-1-26-334
WALLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-4-15
WALLEY, JOSEPH                          NY-1-30-379
WALLEY, LEONARD                         NY-1-40-150
WALMSLEY, THOMAS D.                     NY-1-18-331
WALSH, BRIDGET                          NY-1-43-406
WALSH, CATHARINE                        NY-1-38-366
WALSH, DUDLEY                           NY-1-4-474
WALSH, EDWARD                           NY-1-37-244
WALSH, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-16-167
WALSH, JAMES                            NY-1-9-235
WALSH, JAMES                            NY-1-10-6
WALSH, JAMES H.                         NY-1-32-88
WALSH, LAURA S. T.                      NY-1-19-225
WALSH, LAWRENCE J.                      NY-1-30-457
WALSH, MARGARET                         NY-1-19-362
WALSH, MICHAEL                          NY-1-26-44
WALSH, PATRICK                          NY-1-31-465
WALSH, PAUL                             NY-1-34-167
WALSH, RICHARD                          NY-1-25-92
WALSH, RICHARD H.                       NY-1-45-275
WALSH, WILLIAM                          NY-1-19-263
WALTER, CONRAD                          NY-1-45-218
WALTER, JOHN                            NY-1-50-212
WALTER, MARY E.                         NY-1-48-446
WALTER, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-1-32-142
WALTERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-10-317
WALTHER, WILHELM                        NY-1-40-197
WALTZ, FREDERICK                        NY-1-3-219
WALWORTH, CLARENCE A.                   NY-1-50-157
WAMMES, MAGDALENA                       NY-1-28-185
WANDELAER, JOHANNIS DE                  NY-1-1A-143
WANDELL, SARAH L.                       NY-1-47-69
WANDS, ALFRED                           NY-1-22-177
WANDS, CHARLES                          NY-1-21-230
WANDS, EBENEZER                         NY-1-4-243
WANDS, JOHN C.                          NY-1-29-372
WANDS, JOHN JR.                         NY-1-11-418
WANDS, JOHN SR.                         NY-1-8-311
WANDS, NELLIE R.                        NY-1-35-103
WANSBORO, THOMAS A.                     NY-1-47-347
WAOGNER, MICHAEL                        NY-1-19-103
WARD, AARON S.                          NY-1-15-355
WARD, ANN                               NY-1-32-403
WARD, EDWARD                            NY-1-20-256
WARD, FREDERICK                         NY-1-24-200
WARD, HENRY A.                          NY-1-20-202
WARD, JAMES                             NY-1-40-32
WARD, JOHN                              NY-1-6-8
WARD, JOHN                              NY-1-13-395
WARD, JOHN                              NY-1-29-415
WARD, JOSEPH                            NY-1-21-318
WARD, LOVINA G.                         NY-1-34-311
WARD, MARGARET                          NY-1-21-10
WARD, MARIA                             NY-1-16-9
WARD, MARIA                             NY-1-30-176
WARD, PATRICK                           NY-1-21-65
WARD, WESLEY                            NY-1-45-13
WARD, WILLIAM                           NY-1-10-79
WARD, WILLIAM                           NY-1-6-160
WARD, WILLIAM JR.                       NY-1-5-75
WARFORD, ELIZABETH T.                   NY-1-33-125
WARHURST, GEORGE                        NY-1-27-244
WARING, FRANKLIN                        NY-1-14-411
WARNER, ALBERT G.                       NY-1-30-361
WARNER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-1-35-430
WARNER, CHRISTOPHER H.                  NY-1-50-73
WARNER, CHRISTOPHER H.                  NY-1-50-73
WARNER, JACOB P.                        NY-1-12-419
WARNER, JANE ANN                        NY-1-46-153
WARNER, JOHANNES C.                     NY-1-8-108
WARNER, JOHN                            NY-1-20-63
WARNER, LEONARD J.                      NY-1-41-293
WARNER, MARTIN                          NY-1-27-100
WARNER, MATTHIAS                        NY-1-13-135
WARNER, MATTHIAS H.                     NY-1-14-131
WARNER, PHILIP                          NY-1-10-487
WARREN, CHRISTIANA                      NY-1-49-304
WARREN, LEONARD G.                      NY-1-20-380
WARREN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-10-81
WARREN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-9-337
WARRING, ALBERT                         NY-1-5-388
WARSCHIED, PETER                        NY-1-24-146
WARTMAN, GOTTFRIED                      NY-1-34-232
WARUSTER, JOHN GEORGE                   NY-1-5-345
WASHBURN, BETHUEL                       NY-1-2B-52
WASHBURN, BETHUEL                       NY-1-1B-334
WASHBURN, ROBERT                        NY-1-40-482
WASHBURNE, EUPHRASIA C.                 NY-1-40-325
WASSON, CLARISSA                        NY-1-26-207
WASSON, GEORGE                          NY-1-2B-412
WATERBURY, CLARISA                      NY-1-49-286
WATERBURY, EDWARD P.                    NY-1-37-98
WATERMAN, CHARLES F.                    NY-1-36-495
WATERMAN, CHARLES G.                    NY-1-22-138
WATERMAN, GILES                         NY-1-22-199
WATERMAN, JACOB                         NY-1-49-811
WATERMAN, JEREMIAH                      NY-1-44-140
WATERMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-1-36-275
WATERMAN, MARY E.                       NY-1-40-215
WATERMAN, ROBERT                        NY-1-20-397
WATERMAN, SARAH E.                      NY-1-43-62
WATERMAN, ZEPHENIAH                     NY-1-12-160
WATERSON, BENJAMIN J.                   NY-1-21-215
WATKINS, ALBERT B.                      NY-1-40-200
WATSON, ADELAIDE C.                     NY-1-25-117
WATSON, ALMIRA E.                       NY-1-38-121
WATSON, EDMUND                          NY-1-27-141
WATSON, HOWARD                          NY-1-16-346
WATSON, ISAAC H.                        NY-1-22-364
WATSON, JOSIAH                          NY-1-12-403
WATSON, MARY                            NY-1-38-6
WATSON, RICHARD                         NY-1-20-3
WATSON, SAMUEL                          NY-1-19-488
WATSON, STEPHEN                         NY-1-16-43
WATSON, STILLMAN R.                     NY-1-38-237
WATSON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-16-94
WATSON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-39-498
WATSON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-26-279
WATSON, WILLIAM H.                      NY-1-43-12
WATT, JOHN                              NY-1-1B-291
WATT, JOHN                              NY-1-1B-87
WATTERS, DAVID                          NY-1-6-151
WATTERS, HUGH                           NY-1-5-362
WATTS, HORACE                           NY-1-13-506
WAYNE, GEORGE                           NY-1-10-126
WAYNE, JUDITH                           NY-1-19-330
WAYNE, SAMUEL R.                        NY-1-21-427
WEATHERHEAD, HILON L.                   NY-1-27-145
WEATHERWAX, SEBASTIAN                   NY-1-20-325
WEAVER, ALMEDA A.                       NY-1-40-416
WEAVER, BENJAMIN                        NY-1-14-166
WEAVER, CATHARINE R.                    NY-1-39-218
WEAVER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-1-48-20
WEAVER, FREDERICK                       NY-1-49-393
WEAVER, HAMILTON B.                     NY-1-25-219
WEAVER, HENRY                           NY-1-12-338
WEAVER, HENRY ALLEN                     NY-1-16-139
WEAVER, JACOB                           NY-1-5-270
WEAVER, JANE E.                         NY-1-22-194
WEAVER, JOHN                            NY-1-5-288
WEAVER, JOHN                            NY-1-15-344
WEAVER, JOHN                            NY-1-13-404
WEAVER, JOHN                            NY-1-41-46
WEAVER, JOHN H.                         NY-1-25-215
WEAVER, JOHN S.                         NY-1-36-336
WEAVER, LYDIA A.                        NY-1-26-1
WEAVER, MARGARET                        NY-1-25-262
WEAVER, PETER J.                        NY-1-21-392
WEBB, CHARLES B.                        NY-1-2A-137
WEBB, ELIZABETH B.                      NY-1-16-344
WEBB, HENRY L.                          NY-1-13-7
WEBB, JOHN H.                           NY-1-13-319
WEBER, CHARLES                          NY-1-50-88
WEBER, CHARLES                          NY-1-50-88
WEBER, ISABELLA                         NY-1-48-360
WEBER, JOHN                             NY-1-29-318
WEBSTER, CHARLES R.                     NY-1-8-387
WEBSTER, CHARLES R.                     NY-1-9-121
WEBSTER, MILTON L.                      NY-1-34-137
WECK, HENRY                             NY-1-18-439
WEDEMAN, JOHN I.                        NY-1-33-221
WEDEMEN, NICHOLAS J.                    NY-1-48-177
WEDERWAX, LOURENCE                      NY-1-12-231
WEED, SMITH                             NY-1-10-449
WEEKS, DEBORAH ANN                      NY-1-39-404
WEEKS, NELSON                           NY-1-20-279
WEEKS, REFINE                           NY-1-46-141
WEEKS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-44-401
WEIAND, JOSEPH                          NY-1-50-251
WEIDEMAN, JACOB                         NY-1-11-239
WEIDEMAN, JOHN                          NY-1-3-15
WEIDERWAX, ANDREW B.                    NY-1-40-54
WEIDMAN, DANIEL                         NY-1-33-273
WEIDMAN, FELIX                          NY-1-44-326
WEIDMAN, GEORGE D.                      NY-1-30-339
WEIDMAN, HENRY W.                       NY-1-50-26
WEIDMAN, HENRY W.                       NY-1-50-26
WEIDMAN, JOHN                           NY-1-21-446
WEIDMAN, MARION                         NY-1-29-257
WEINBENDER, ANNA ELIZABETH              NY-1-48-213
WEINBINDER, ADAM                        NY-1-37-129
WEIR, ROBERT H.                         NY-1-46-155
WEISHEIT, JOHN                          NY-1-26-405
WEISSMAN, PHILIP B.                     NY-1-35-65
WELCH, BARTHOLOMEW T.                   NY-1-22-271
WELCH, BRIDGET                          NY-1-32-239
WELCH, EDWARD                           NY-1-24-243
WELCH, HENRY                            NY-1-32-166
WELCH, JAMES                            NY-1-19-377
WELCH, JOHN GREENE                      NY-1-36-141
WELLER, COLUMBUS W.                     NY-1-44-443
WELLER, HENRY                           NY-1-45-365
WELLS, ABIGAIL                          NY-1-28-297
WELLS, AGUR                             NY-1-25-427
WELLS, AUSTIN H.                        NY-1-46-91
WELLS, HANNAH                           NY-1-4-526
WELLS, MARY                             NY-1-26-2
WELLS, ROBERT H.                        NY-1-49-259
WELSH, CATHARINE                        NY-1-20-304
WELSH, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-26-335
WELSH, GEORGE W.                        NY-1-20-197
WELSH, JOHN                             NY-1-26-406
WEMPLE, ABRAHAM                         NY-1-2B-355
WEMPLE, AGNES                           NY-1-33-106
WEMPLE, DANIEL W.                       NY-1-36-137
WEMPLE, JAN                             NY-1-1A-4
WEMPLE, MARIA                           NY-1-24-341
WEMPLE, MYNDERT M.                      NY-1-2B-10
WEMPLE, RYER                            NY-1-2B-329
WENDELL, ABRAHAM                        NY-1-5-90
WENDELL, ANNA J.                        NY-1-2A-37
WENDELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-27-419
WENDELL, EVERT                          NY-1-1A-95
WENDELL, FRANCIS E.                     NY-1-34-77
WENDELL, GEESJ                          NY-1-2A-40
WENDELL, HARMANUS                       NY-1-1A-354
WENDELL, HENDRICK                       NY-1-5-145
WENDELL, HENRY                          NY-1-3-72
WENDELL, HERMAN                         NY-1-29-40
WENDELL, JAMES VAN VORST                NY-1-41-376
WENDELL, JOHN                           NY-1-17-491
WENDELL, JOHN H.                        NY-1-7-280
WENDELL, JOHN J.                        NY-1-15-132
WENDELL, MARY                           NY-1-4-236
WENDELL, NATHAND .                      NY-1-33-123
WENDELL, PETER                          NY-1-14-59
WENDELL, PETER                          NY-1-21-208
WENDELL, PHILIP                         NY-1-4-23
WENDELL, PHILIP                         NY-1-27-233
WENDELL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-47-486
WENDT, WILLIAM                          NY-1-48-230
WENNER, CHARITY                         NY-1-21-14
WENSLEY, RICHARD T.                     NY-1-25-330
WENTWORTH, CATHARINE                    NY-1-27-1
WENTWORTH, RICHARD J.                   NY-1-31-209
WENTZ, CHARLES W.                       NY-1-32-193
WENTZ, MILLICENT J.                     NY-1-48-367
WENTZ, PETER                            NY-1-28-415
WENZ, MARY                              NY-1-30-138
WERNER, CHARLES F. L.                   NY-1-46-209
WERNER, HIRAM                           NY-1-43-255
WERNER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-40-409
WESSELS, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-35-323
WESSELS, GARRET                         NY-1-48-85
WESSELS, JOHN                           NY-1-33-325
WEST, ALBERT                            NY-1-38-465
WEST, JAMES                             NY-1-50-446
WEST, WILLIAM                           NY-1-10-257
WESTERVELT, ALBERT                      NY-1-39-150
WESTERVELT, ALBERT                      NY-1-8-84
WESTERVELT, ELIZABETH                   NY-1-22-283
WESTERVELT, JOHN J.                     NY-1-14-202
WESTERVELT, PETER                       NY-1-15-429
WESTERVELT, WILHELMUS                   NY-1-22-276
WESTFALL, AMOS                          NY-1-30-94
WESTFALL, MARGARET                      NY-1-29-163
WESTFALL, PETER                         NY-1-6-182
WESTFALL, SOPHIA                        NY-1-7-303
WESTHEIMER, CHARLES                     NY-1-29-269
WESTHEIMER, DORIS                       NY-1-43-359
WETSEL, JOHN G.                         NY-1-15-139
WETSEL, JOSEPH                          NY-1-12-279
WETZELL, LAWRENCE                       NY-1-36-236
WHALEN, BRIDGET                         NY-1-28-406
WHALEN, MARTHA                          NY-1-49-438
WHALEN, MARY                            NY-1-21-289
WHALEN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-35-444
WHEELER, ALONZO                         NY-1-20-407
WHEELER, ANN D.                         NY-1-18-356
WHEELER, DEBORAH ANN                    NY-1-40-378
WHEELER, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-10-419
WHEELER, HORACE R.                      NY-1-17-40
WHEELER, JOHN                           NY-1-11-22
WHEELER, MARIA J.                       NY-1-25-395
WHEELER, NANCY                          NY-1-4-1
WHEELER, SALLY                          NY-1-27-124
WHEELER, WILLIAM C.                     NY-1-15-67
WHELPLEY, JAMES M.                      NY-1-25-42
WHELPLEY, WALTER VAN DERZEE             NY-1-41-68
WHIPPLE, AMOS                           NY-1-18-26
WHIPPLE, ANN CARR                       NY-1-39-159
WHIPPLE, BARNUM                         NY-1-16-126
WHIPPLE, GRIFFIN                        NY-1-24-449
WHIPPLE, SQUIRE                         NY-1-35-398
WHISH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-1-49-353
WHITBECK, ANN                           NY-1-34-251
WHITBECK, JOHN                          NY-1-33-31
WHITBECK, JOHN H.                       NY-1-32-198
WHITBECK, JOHN I. W.                    NY-1-18-7
WHITBECK, JOHN V. A.                    NY-1-28-379
WHITBECK, MARIE A.                      NY-1-48-345
WHITBECK, MARY ANN                      NY-1-44-253
WHITBECK, NICOLAS S.                    NY-1-14-13
WHITE, ANDREW                           NY-1-16-213
WHITE, ANN ELIZA                        NY-1-49-488
WHITE, BENJAMIN                         NY-1-38-422
WHITE, DAVID                            NY-1-11-269
WHITE, DAVID                            NY-1-34-416
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-22-357
WHITE, HANNAH J.                        NY-1-36-45
WHITE, HANNAH J.                        NY-1-36-45
WHITE, HUGH                             NY-1-15-297
WHITE, ISAAC                            NY-1-17-184
WHITE, JAMES H.                         NY-1-18-324
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-1-5-286
WHITE, JOHN B.                          NY-1-4-506
WHITE, JOHN CAMPBELL                    NY-1-14-514
WHITE, JOHN G.                          NY-1-36-378
WHITE, LAURA                            NY-1-28-502
WHITE, MARTIN                           NY-1-24-79
WHITE, MARTIN W.                        NY-1-26-419
WHITE, MARY A.                          NY-1-27-170
WHITE, MOSES                            NY-1-28-178
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-3-116
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-29-386
WHITED, STEPHEN G.                      NY-1-36-367
WHITE,ELIZABETH                         NY-1-43-243
WHITESIDES, ARTHUR                      NY-1-10-335
WHITFORD, NATHAN                        NY-1-9-355
WHITFORD, NATHAN                        NY-1-10-106
WHITING, WILLIAM H.                     NY-1-4-288
WHITMARSH, ALBERT P.                    NY-1-22-19
WHITMARSH, CHARLOTT                     NY-1-7-149
WHITNEY, STEPHEN W.                     NY-1-50-197
WHITNEY, WILLIAM M. J.                  NY-1-48-201
WHITTLE, ROBERT                         NY-1-26-74
WHITTY, EDWARD                          NY-1-28-501
WICKES, PLATT                           NY-1-35-482
WICKHAM, ELLEN                          NY-1-36-42
WICKHAM, ELLEN                          NY-1-36-42
WIDEMAN, JOHN N.                        NY-1-18-250
WIDEMAN, MARIAH                         NY-1-16-221
WIEDENMAN, CASPAR                       NY-1-29-325
WIELAND, LEONARD                        NY-1-28-106
WIELAND, MARGARET S.                    NY-1-30-211
WIELER, JACOB                           NY-1-20-236
WIERTELE, ARTHUR S. C.                  NY-1-49-1
WIES, ANTOIN                            NY-1-21-480
WIESER, MARY                            NY-1-47-6
WILBECK, MARIA                          NY-1-25-423
WILBER, GEORGE C.                       NY-1-46-50
WILBER, JOHN H.                         NY-1-45-104
WILBER, RENSSELAER                      NY-1-14-479
WILBER, SIMPSON                         NY-1-26-87
WILBUR, EDWARD C.                       NY-1-46-36
WILBUR, FRANCIS J.                      NY-1-35-204
WILBUR, JOHN                            NY-1-6-59
WILBUR, JOHN                            NY-1-5-396
WILBUR, PAMELIA P.                      NY-1-38-482
WILBUR, THOMAS                          NY-1-31-90
WILCOX, ALANSON                         NY-1-45-428
WILCOX, CATHARINE                       NY-1-30-448
WILCOX, JOHN B.                         NY-1-38-462
WILD, EDWARD                            NY-1-22-473
WILDE, LEWIS D.                         NY-1-19-121
WILDER, DANIEL C.                       NY-1-28-444
WILDER, EPHRAIM JR.                     NY-1-10-217
WILENSON, JOHN                          NY-1-8-37
WILES, HARRIET                          NY-1-21-428
WILES, ROBERT P.                        NY-1-19-97
WILEY, JOHN                             NY-1-30-426
WILEY, MARY                             NY-1-20-129
WILEY, ROBERT                           NY-1-31-105
WILHELM, JOHN                           NY-1-39-379
WILKENS, ANDREW                         NY-1-39-328
WILKINS, HENRY                          NY-1-33-415
WILKINSON, GEORGE                       NY-1-30-443
WILKINSON, HENRY H.                     NY-1-34-257
WILL, FREDERICK                         NY-1-12-374
WILLARD, ELIAS                          NY-1-6-288
WILLERTON, HELEN                        NY-1-32-30
WILLETT, EDWARD                         NY-1-2A-113
WILLETT, EDWARD                         NY-1-4-394
WILLETT, ELBERT                         NY-1-7-1
WILLETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-27-300
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER                      NY-1-11-334
WILLIAMS, ELEANOR Q.                    NY-1-35-296
WILLIAMS, ELIAKIM                       NY-1-6-284
WILLIAMS, GERTRUDE                      NY-1-34-38
WILLIAMS, HANNAH                        NY-1-19-471
WILLIAMS, HARRIET A.                    NY-1-12-377
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         NY-1-18-258
WILLIAMS, ISRAEL                        NY-1-10-496
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-1-24-229
WILLIAMS, JOHN R.                       NY-1-31-253
WILLIAMS, KEZIAH                        NY-1-47-170
WILLIAMS, MARY J.                       NY-1-46-451
WILLIAMS, OLIVER E.                     NY-1-44-230
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       NY-1-20-147
WILLIAMS, ROBERT E.                     NY-1-24-232
WILLIAMS, SALLY                         NY-1-31-78
WILLIAMS, SARAH M.                      NY-1-20-96
WILLIAMS, SELEY                         NY-1-34-346
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-1-26-226
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM B.                    NY-1-47-367
WILLIAMSON, ANDREW                      NY-1-20-165
WILLIAMSON, BENSLE                      NY-1-33-58
WILLIAMSON, DAVID S.                    NY-1-47-121
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                      NY-1-20-56
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       NY-1-19-193
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NY-1-6-26
WILLIAMSON, JOHN I.                     NY-1-50-416
WILLIAMSON, PETER                       NY-1-20-375
WILLIG, GOTTLIEB                        NY-1-33-341
WILLIG, ROSA                            NY-1-35-491
WILLIMAN, JOHN J.                       NY-1-28-262
WILLIS, STEPHEN                         NY-1-10-221
WILLMAN, CHRISTIAN                      NY-1-13-45
WILLSEY, ANDREW                         NY-1-49-209
WILLSEY, CATHARINE                      NY-1-30-272
WILLSEY, HANNAH                         NY-1-30-246
WILLSEY, HENRY                          NY-1-7-17
WILLSEY, HENRY C.                       NY-1-43-77
WILLSEY, ISAAC                          NY-1-39-86
WILLSEY, LUCY ANN                       NY-1-25-133
WILLSEY,C ATHERINE                      NY-1-45-55
WILLSON, GEORGE                         NY-1-12-372
WILMOT, CHRISTINA                       NY-1-35-235
WILSDON, ISABELLA                       NY-1-22-342
WILSEY, EZEKIEL                         NY-1-29-317
WILSON, ABRAM F.                        NY-1-33-354
WILSON, ANDREW (DR.)                    NY-1-22-493
WILSON, ANNIE                           NY-1-50-33
WILSON, ANNIE                           NY-1-50-33
WILSON, BENJAMIN                        NY-1-14-47
WILSON, BENJAMIN                        NY-1-28-14
WILSON, DANIEL                          NY-1-27-382
WILSON, ELIZA                           NY-1-38-33
WILSON, FRANK C.                        NY-1-45-121
WILSON, GEORG EB.                       NY-1-38-143
WILSON, GEORGE W.                       NY-1-30-50
WILSON, HELEN M.                        NY-1-38-130
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-1-16-11
WILSON, JAMES A.                        NY-1-21-423
WILSON, JANE                            NY-1-38-85
WILSON, JANE M.                         NY-1-30-206
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-1-13-112
WILSON, JOSEPH                          NY-1-10-231
WILSON, LYMAN G.                        NY-1-14-212
WILSON, MARGARET                        NY-1-32-342
WILSON, MARGARET E.                     NY-1-34-142
WILSON, MARIA                           NY-1-18-366
WILSON, MARTHA                          NY-1-29-402
WILSON, MARY J.                         NY-1-27-400
WILSON, RACHEL                          NY-1-29-231
WILSON, RACHEL S.                       NY-1-49-420
WILSON, REUBEN                          NY-1-20-74
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-1-7-173
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-1-8-317
WILSON, SARAH A.                        NY-1-48-68
WILSON, SARAH A.                        NY-1-21-408
WILSON, THOMAS                          NY-1-45-18
WILTSE, AMBROSE                         NY-1-15-457
WILTSE, HENRY                           NY-1-17-319
WILTSEY, CATHARINE M.                   NY-1-41-84
WILTSEY, CORNELIUS                      NY-1-2B-404
WILTSIE, AMBROSE JR.                    NY-1-33-290
WILTSIE, DAVID L.                       NY-1-16-280
WILTSIE, HIRAM                          NY-1-43-384
WILTSIE, JAMES A.                       NY-1-38-352
WILTSIE, MAGDALENE                      NY-1-28-195
WINANS, ANTOINETTE                      NY-1-49-131
WINANS, HENRY                           NY-1-13-196
WINCHESTER, GOERGE B.                   NY-1-29-214
WINDELL, ESTHER C.                      NY-1-28-102
WINEBERGER LIBBIE J.                    NY-1-44-328
WINEGAR, SOLOMON                        NY-1-13-185
WINEGARD, ADELADE                       NY-1-19-153
WINEGARD, JOSIAH                        NY-1-49-496
WINEGARD, NICHOLAS                      NY-1-15-427
WINEGARD, SOLOMON                       NY-1-16-38
WINES, GILBERT H.                       NY-1-22-359
WING, ALBERT                            NY-1-34-300
WING, MARIA A.                          NY-1-44-341
WINGEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-1-14-517
WINK, JOHN                              NY-1-27-279
WINKLER, DORA                           NY-1-22-41
WINLY, JAMES                            NY-1-26-266
WINNE, AARON                            NY-1-9-217
WINNE, AARON                            NY-1-8-488
WINNE, ADAM                             NY-1-3-440
WINNE, ADAM F.                          NY-1-13-206
WINNE, AGNESS                           NY-1-24-314
WINNE, ALIDA                            NY-1-28-470
WINNE, ANN                              NY-1-41-249
WINNE, BENJAMIN                         NY-1-4-107
WINNE, BENJAMIN J.                      NY-1-21-21
WINNE, CORNELIUS S.                     NY-1-6-212
WINNE, DANIEL                           NY-1-1A-268
WINNE, DANIEL J.                        NY-1-5-161
WINNE, DANIEL P.                        NY-1-40-431
WINNE, DOUW                             NY-1-2A-15
WINNE, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-1-27-309
WINNE, FRANCIS A.                       NY-1-18-361
WINNE, JACOB                            NY-1-3-270
WINNE, JACOB L.                         NY-1-17-290
WINNE, JACOB P.                         NY-1-18-267
WINNE, JANE                             NY-1-7-384
WINNE, JELLIS JR.                       NY-1-13-490
WINNE, JOHN                             NY-1-2B-270
WINNE, JOHN D.                          NY-1-10-129
WINNE, JOHN J.                          NY-1-8-359
WINNE, JOHN J.                          NY-1-9-90
WINNE, JOHN L.                          NY-1-14-71
WINNE, JULIA ANN                        NY-1-25-278
WINNE, JURIAN                           NY-1-33-443
WINNE, LEVINUS                          NY-1-6-177
WINNE, LOUISA                           NY-1-47-417
WINNE, MARGARET                         NY-1-20-82
WINNE, PETER                            NY-1-1A-99
WINNE, PETER W.                         NY-1-13-242
WINNE, PHILIP                           NY-1-18-71
WINNE, PIETER                           NY-1-1A-44
WINNE, RICHARD                          NY-1-4-170
WINNE, ROBERT R.                        NY-1-37-118
WINNE, WALTER                           NY-1-22-452
WINNE, WILHELMUS                        NY-1-11-296
WINNE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-15-187
WINNE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-10-108
WINNE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-4-274
WINNE, WILLIAM D.                       NY-1-4-173
WINNE, WILLIAM J.                       NY-1-13-236
WINNEY, LAWRENCE                        NY-1-8-47
WINNIE, ANN                             NY-1-32-199
WINNIE, ANTHONY                         NY-1-31-48
WINNIE, HELLEN                          NY-1-45-156
WINSLOW, RICHARD HENRY                  NY-1-18-37
WINSTON, BENJAMIN                       NY-1-26-397
WINSTON, HENRY                          NY-1-20-48
WINSTON, ISAAC                          NY-1-10-17
WINSTON, ISAAC                          NY-1-9-250
WINSTON, SIDNEY                         NY-1-27-197
WINTERS, WILLIAM P.                     NY-1-28-175
WINYALL, JAMES H.                       NY-1-41-315
WINYALL, JANE E.                        NY-1-45-452
WIRTH, CAROLINE                         NY-1-27-413
WISWALL, EBENEZER                       NY-1-16-17
WISWALL, JOHN P.                        NY-1-25-354
WISWELL, EBENEZER                       NY-1-41-395
WITBECK, ABRAM                          NY-1-40-102
WITBECK, ANDREW                         NY-1-16-350
WITBECK, CHARLES H.                     NY-1-45-404
WITBECK, CORNELUS                       NY-1-11-184
WITBECK, FRANCIS M.                     NY-1-32-440
WITBECK, GERRIT T.                      NY-1-30-98
WITBECK, ISAAC                          NY-1-2B-147
WITBECK, ISAAC F.                       NY-1-15-198
WITBECK, JANE                           NY-1-27-143
WITBECK, JASPER                         NY-1-26-249
WITBECK, JOHN B.                        NY-1-40-287
WITBECK, JOHN W.                        NY-1-15-42
WITBECK, LEONARD                        NY-1-26-294
WITBECK, MARGARET R.                    NY-1-40-112
WITBECK, MARTIE                         NY-1-1B-1
WITBECK, MARTIN                         NY-1-13-492
WITBECK, NICHOLAS F.                    NY-1-28-159
WITBECK, SARAH                          NY-1-15-303
WITBECK, STEPHEN H.                     NY-1-16-245
WITBECK, THOMAS                         NY-1-11-60
WITBEECK, JOHN                          NY-1-1B-343
WITBEEK, JOHN A.                        NY-1-1B-75
WITHERS, FRANCIS                        NY-1-27-18
WITHERS, JOHN                           NY-1-10-389
WITHERWAX, ANDREW                       NY-1-50-418
WITMER, JAMES E.                        NY-1-7-253
WITNEY, JAMES A.                        NY-1-26-422
WITT, JOHN                              NY-1-8-175
WITT, JOHN                              NY-1-7-322
WITTEMER, JACOB                         NY-1-43-497
WITTER, ANN                             NY-1-28-15
WITTMER, MARIA                          NY-1-43-499
WOBROCK, IDA A.                         NY-1-29-350
WOERNER, PHILIP                         NY-1-33-339
WOLBERT, JULIA                          NY-1-26-127
WOLENMAN, AUGUSTUS                      NY-1-30-252
WOLF, JACOB                             NY-1-38-309
WOLF, JANE JOHANNA                      NY-1-46-88
WOLF, JENETTE                           NY-1-28-219
WOLF, JOHN J.                           NY-1-45-242
WOLF, PETER                             NY-1-26-138
WOLFARTH, MARKARIUS                     NY-1-32-476
WOLFE, CORDELIA                         NY-1-35-269
WOLFE, JOHN H.                          NY-1-38-329
WOLFF, JOHN                             NY-1-46-495
WOLFINGER, HENRY                        NY-1-31-404
WOLFORD, GEORGE                         NY-1-30-231
WOLFORD, HENRY D.                       NY-1-16-14
WOLFSHEIMER, CAROLINE                   NY-1-40-44
WOOD, ABIGAIL C.                        NY-1-26-26
WOOD, BRADFORD R.                       NY-1-37-150
WOOD, BYRON                             NY-1-33-51
WOOD, DARIUS S.                         NY-1-29-24
WOOD, ELISA                             NY-1-34-348
WOOD, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-31-171
WOOD, EMMA J.                           NY-1-31-433
WOOD, GIDEON                            NY-1-17-446
WOOD, ISRAEL                            NY-1-10-181
WOOD, JAMES S.                          NY-1-32-127
WOOD, JAY D.                            NY-1-40-34
WOOD, JESSE                             NY-1-15-47
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-1-45-278
WOOD, JOHN HAMPDEN                      NY-1-31-336
WOOD, JOHN M.                           NY-1-50-82
WOOD, JOHN M.                           NY-1-50-82
WOOD, JOHNATHAN D.                      NY-1-15-350
WOOD, MARGARET S.                       NY-1-36-50
WOOD, MARGARET S.                       NY-1-36-50
WOOD, OTIS                              NY-1-18-469
WOOD, RACHEAL                           NY-1-12-186
WOOD, RICHARD                           NY-1-22-170
WOOD, SAMUEL S.                         NY-1-7-393
WOOD, SAMUEL S.                         NY-1-8-246
WOOD, URIAH                             NY-1-13-173
WOOD, WILLSON                           NY-1-27-455
WOODFORD, ASA                           NY-1-14-140
WOODRUFF, DAVID H.                      NY-1-35-414
WOODRUFF, EDWIN                         NY-1-38-264
WOODRUFF, HUNLOKE                       NY-1-4-123
WOODRUFF, RICHARD T.                    NY-1-29-459
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM H. D.                 NY-1-41-245
WOODS, FRANCIS H.                       NY-1-50-492
WOODS, JOSEPH F.                        NY-1-47-330
WOODS, MARY ANN                         NY-1-26-154
WOODS, THOMAS                           NY-1-21-278
WOODWARD, HARRIET                       NY-1-40-21
WOODWARD, JOHN                          NY-1-22-431
WOODWARD, JOHN                          NY-1-43-492
WOODWARD, MARY                          NY-1-47-357
WOODWARD, ROYAL                         NY-1-30-118
WOODWORTH, DAVID                        NY-1-14-361
WOODWORTH, SIMON                        NY-1-30-323
WOOLLETT, WILLIAM L.                    NY-1-24-265
WOOLLETT, WILLIAM M.                    NY-1-28-471
WOOLVERTON, CHARLES B.                  NY-1-18-252
WOOLVERTON, GEORGE A.                   NY-1-45-105
WOOLVERTON, HENRY M.                    NY-1-24-217
WOOLVERTON, LARIMA P.                   NY-1-37-198
WOOLWORTH, SAMUEL B.                    NY-1-28-417
WOOOD, BARNABAS                         NY-1-25-268
WOOSTER, BENJAMIN W.                    NY-1-46-392
WOOSTER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-1-36-171
WOOSTER, DANIEL M.                      NY-1-38-422
WOOSTER, DAVID                          NY-1-20-71
WOOSTER, INEZ E.                        NY-1-27-159
WORD, JOHN R.                           NY-1-49-251
WORMER, JACOB                           NY-1-31-32
WORMER, JOSEPH                          NY-1-41-257
WORMER, MICAHEL                         NY-1-27-217
WORMER, PETER                           NY-1-18-13
WORMER, PETER P.                        NY-1-45-118
WORMER, PETER V.                        NY-1-50-184
WOSMER, NANCY                           NY-1-40-94
WRIGHT, BRITTANA                        NY-1-30-245
WRIGHT, CHARLES C.                      NY-1-24-202
WRIGHT, CLARESSA                        NY-1-24-373
WRIGHT, DEODATUS                        NY-1-26-318
WRIGHT, EDWARD                          NY-1-22-295
WRIGHT, GEORGE                          NY-1-22-418
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-1-12-266
WRIGHT, JOSHUA R.                       NY-1-27-495
WRIGHT, LETTIA                          NY-1-39-394
WRIGHT, NATHANIEL                       NY-1-17-167
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                          NY-1-8-82
WRIGHTSON, THOMAS                       NY-1-25-163
WUESTEFELD, ANTHONY                     NY-1-30-328
WURKER, LOUIS                           NY-1-38-291
WURZ, SEBASTIAN                         NY-1-50-465
WURZ, URSULA                            NY-1-50-390
WYATT, WILLIAM                          NY-1-28-17
WYCKOFF, CORNELIA R.                    NY-1-32-218
WYCKOFF, ISAAC N.                       NY-1-21-395
WYGANT, CHARLOTTE C.                    NY-1-40-65
WYLIE, JOHN K.                          NY-1-18-400
WYMAN, JULIA A.                         NY-1-28-254
WYNKOOP, ABRAHAM                        NY-1-26-46
WYNKOOP, JAMES                          NY-1-5-257
WYNKOOP, PETER                          NY-1-30-294
YATES, ABRAHAM J.                       NY-1-3-214
YATES, ELIZA ROSS                       NY-1-13-139
YATES, FREDERICK L.                     NY-1-22-21
YATES, HENRY                            NY-1-15-108
YATES, JACOB C.                         NY-1-31-402
YATES, JOHN W.                          NY-1-7-19
YATES, JOSEPH                           NY-1-3-61
YATES, LUCAS                            NY-1-1A-319
YATES, METCALFE                         NY-1-17-129
YATES, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-1-46-490
YEARSLEY, GEORGE                        NY-1-20-456
YEARSLEY, JOHN                          NY-1-5-184
YEARSLEY, JONAS                         NY-1-18-28
YEASLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-11-172
YENZ, FRANZ                             NY-1-50-262
YERKS, LYDIA                            NY-1-47-180
YOHANN, JOHN                            NY-1-27-149
YORK, NICHOLAS                          NY-1-2A-44
YOUMANS, ANTHONY P.                     NY-1-29-299
YOUNG, ADOLPH O.                        NY-1-50-48
YOUNG, ADOLPH O.                        NY-1-50-48
YOUNG, ANNA A.                          NY-1-37-18
YOUNG, CARRIE E.                        NY-1-47-103
YOUNG, CHRISTIANNA                      NY-1-41-79
YOUNG, EVE                              NY-1-6-209
YOUNG, HENRY                            NY-1-30-358
YOUNG, HIRAM                            NY-1-22-484
YOUNG, JACOB                            NY-1-44-79
YOUNG, JACOB                            NY-1-40-355
YOUNG, JOEL                             NY-1-21-296
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-1-29-204
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-1-35-279
YOUNG, MATTHEW                          NY-1-6-309
YOUNG, NICHOLAS                         NY-1-1B-319
YOUNG, PAMELIA                          NY-1-35-474
YOUNG, PETER                            NY-1-41-165
YOUNG, PHILIP                           NY-1-45-483
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-1-8-384
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-1-9-118
YOUNGLOVE, MARY                         NY-1-40-427
YOUNGMAN, MARY E.                       NY-1-46-115
YOUNGS, BENJAMIN                        NY-1-5-122
YUNKERMAN, ALEXANDER                    NY-1-39-383
ZABRISKY, DOROTHY                       NY-1-4-117
ZABUSKY, JOHN                           NY-1-3-435
ZEH, FREDERICK                          NY-1-36-79
ZEH, FREDERICK                          NY-1-36-79
ZEH, JOHN                               NY-1-46-224
ZEH, JOST                               NY-1-10-116
ZEH, PETER                              NY-1-31-107
ZEIGLER, LAWRENCE                       NY-1-40-272
ZEILMAN, JAMES Q.                       NY-1-35-334
ZEISER, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-28-60
ZELIE, MARY                             NY-1-47-433
ZEPP, JOHN                              NY-1-49-237
ZIEGLER, GUSTAV                         NY-1-27-457
ZIEM, AUGUSTUS                          NY-1-40-236
ZIMMER, MARTIN                          NY-1-22-393
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                        NY-1-22-260
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                         NY-1-17-393
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                         NY-1-49-359
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                         NY-1-21-20
ZIMMERMANN, JOHN G. SR.                 NY-1-48-112
ZIMPER, LOUISE                          NY-1-43-335
ZINGHEN, CHARLES                        NY-1-21-293
ZIRIAX, JOHN M.                         NY-1-37-128
ZOLLER, JULIA A.                        NY-1-27-308
ZWEERES, JOHN A.                        NY-1-36-205
ZWICK, JOHN                             NY-1-48-203

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