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MAAS, JOHN                              NY-1-21-307
MAASE, CORNELIUS                        NY-1-1A-338
MABEE, SOLOMON                          NY-1-14-181
MABEY, HANNAH                           NY-1-22-400
MABEY, PLATT                            NY-1-25-470
MABEY, WILLIAM                          NY-1-17-341
MABIE, PETER                            NY-1-1B-14
MABRY, DANIEL                           NY-1-27-3
MACBETH, DANIEL                         NY-1-22-64
MACDONALD, JAMES                        NY-1-34-453
MACHESNEY, JAMES                        NY-1-19-1
MACHESNEY, JAMES                        NY-1-18-488
MACHIN, THOMAS                          NY-1-26-439
MACK, CATHERINE                         NY-1-46-414
MACK, ELISHA                            NY-1-37-228
MACK, JULIA ANN                         NY-1-47-242
MACKAY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-20-118
MACKEY, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-12-54
MACKEY, BENJAMIN E.                     NY-1-12-396
MACKEY, CATHERINE                       NY-1-32-390
MACKEY, JAMES                           NY-1-5-358
MACKEY, LEWIS                           NY-1-50-168
MACKEY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-1-19-371
MACKINTOSH, JAMES                       NY-1-7-75
MACKLIN, HANNAH C.                      NY-1-15-433
MACKLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-1-24-292
MACNAUGHTON, CAROLINE                   NY-1-33-361
MADDEN, FERGUS                          NY-1-26-13
MADER, FLORIAN                          NY-1-49-141
MADER, JOHN                             NY-1-32-1
MADSEN, MARIE                           NY-1-49-470
MAGENNIS, CATHARINE                     NY-1-33-20
MAGINNES, CHARLOTTE R.                  NY-1-21-274
MAGUIRE, ELIZABETH R.                   NY-1-49-38
MAGUIRE, JAMES                          NY-1-34-9
MAGUIRE, JAMES                          NY-1-32-137
MAHAN, THOMAS                           NY-1-27-267
MAHAN, WILLIAM                          NY-1-22-14
MAHANNA, MARY                           NY-1-35-428
MAHAR, JOHN                             NY-1-30-88
MAHAR, MARGARET                         NY-1-22-420
MAHAR, MARGARET L.                      NY-1-40-87
MAHER, EDWARD                           NY-1-24-90
MAHER, ELLEN                            NY-1-36-341
MAHER, MARGARET M.                      NY-1-45-117
MAHER, PATRICK                          NY-1-19-323
MAHER, THOMAS                           NY-1-33-496
MAHER, TIMOTHY                          NY-1-47-420
MAHLER, JULIA                           NY-1-40-248
MAHONEY, CORNELIUS                      NY-1-48-401
MAHONEY, MICHAEL J.                     NY-1-48-156
MAHONEY, THOMAS W.                      NY-1-50-388
MAHONY, JEREMIAH C.                     NY-1-16-96
MAILER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-26-450
MAIR, JAMES                             NY-1-20-462
MAKKOO, JOSEPH L.                       NY-1-49-223
MALARY, DAVID                           NY-1-25-97
MALBURN, FRANCIS                        NY-1-14-170
MALEY, ESTHER                           NY-1-46-276
MALLARY, DEBORAH                        NY-1-36-197
MALLARY, DEBORAH A.                     NY-1-29-144
MALLOCH, JOHN                           NY-1-11-114
MALLON, ANN                             NY-1-28-122
MALLORY, EDWIN L.                       NY-1-38-395
MALLOY, MARY ANN                        NY-1-35-165
MALO, AMEDE                             NY-1-29-302
MALOG, CATHERINE A.                     NY-1-32-77
MALONE, ELLEN                           NY-1-26-132
MALONE, HONORA                          NY-1-45-288
MALONE, MICHAEL                         NY-1-22-495
MALONEY, CATHARNE                       NY-1-43-337
MALONEY, MARY                           NY-1-30-266
MALONEY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-38-152
MALOY, BRIDGET                          NY-1-40-479
MALOY, BRIDGET                          NY-1-49-322
MAN, PETER                              NY-1-1B-278
MANAUS, WILHELMUS                       NY-1-3-521
MANCIUS, JACOB                          NY-1-8-316
MANCIUS, JACOB                          NY-1-9-39
MANDELBAUM, MOSE                        NY-1-26-427
MANEY, JOSEPH                           NY-1-33-142
MANGELSDORF, ROSA                       NY-1-36-354
MANN, AARON                             NY-1-50-434
MANN, DANIEL S.                         NY-1-22-459
MANN, FRED H.                           NY-1-43-356
MANN, JACOB                             NY-1-7-396
MANN, JACOB                             NY-1-8-249
MANN, JOEL Y.                           NY-1-50-23
MANN, JOEL Y.                           NY-1-50-23
MANN, JOHN                              NY-1-28-215
MANN, JOHN                              NY-1-20-355
MANN, MATE A.                           NY-1-44-376
MANN, PETER H.                          NY-1-48-190
MANN, SUSAN M.                          NY-1-32-335
MANNING, BERNARD                        NY-1-49-451
MANNING, DANIEL                         NY-1-35-194
MANNING, MARIA V. A.                    NY-1-45-473
MANNING, MARTIN                         NY-1-27-421
MANOGUE, MARY                           NY-1-41-190
MANSFIELD, MARGARET                     NY-1-31-56
MANSION, NICHOLAS                       NY-1-45-15
MANSON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-34-287
MANTON, PETER                           NY-1-20-263
MANY, CHARLES C.                        NY-1-12-36
MANY, WALTER C.                         NY-1-29-494
MANY, WILLIAM V.                        NY-1-20-318
MAPES, SAMUEL S.                        NY-1-31-24
MARA, RICHARD                           NY-1-26-50
MARBLE, DAVID                           NY-1-35-59
MARBLE, JAMES E.                        NY-1-17-488
MARCELLUS, SUSANNAH G.                  NY-1-40-313
MARCELUS, NANCY                         NY-1-22-331
MARCH, ALDEN                            NY-1-21-430
MARCH, ANNA BARBARA                     NY-1-43-202
MARCH, FRANCIS                          NY-1-7-352
MARCH, FRANCIS                          NY-1-8-213
MARCH, HENRY                            NY-1-33-298
MARCH, J.PAULUS                         NY-1-39-77
MARCIL, STANISLAS                       NY-1-50-271
MARCITTE, CAMILE                        NY-1-38-476
MARCKEL, JACOB                          NY-1-2B-100
MARCUS, MONIQUE                         NY-1-25-411
MARCY, MARIE                            NY-1-33-278
MAREY, WILLIAM L.                       NY-1-16-159
MARICLE, JOHN                           NY-1-6-170
MARK, DEBORAH                           NY-1-21-398
MARK, GEORGE                            NY-1-50-50
MARK, GEORGE                            NY-1-50-50
MARK, GEORGE                            NY-1-20-1
MARK, ISAAC                             NY-1-11-441
MARK, MARGARET                          NY-1-15-479
MARKHAM, JULIA A.                       NY-1-40-445
MARKLE, FREDERICK                       NY-1-17-174
MARKLE, JOHN                            NY-1-7-282
MARKLE, RENSSELAER                      NY-1-50-450
MARKS, ELIZA                            NY-1-36-226
MARKS, JULIUS                           NY-1-34-122
MARMAN, JOHN                            NY-1-48-49
MARMAN, SARAH                           NY-1-46-389
MAROHN, AUGUST                          NY-1-37-30
MARSCH, APPOLONIA                       NY-1-45-12
MARSCH, CATHARINE                       NY-1-45-77
MARSCH, FRANK                           NY-1-44-126
MARSCH, HENRY                           NY-1-38-150
MARSCH, MAGDALENA                       NY-1-44-305
MARSDEN, ISAAC                          NY-1-40-252
MARSDEN, KATIE                          NY-1-41-410
MARSELIS, ANDREW                        NY-1-4-371
MARSELIS, MARGARET                      NY-1-9-197
MARSH, BENJAMIN                         NY-1-45-122
MARSH, RUTH PICKETT                     NY-1-45-137
MARSHALL, CORNELIUS                     NY-1-16-146
MARSHALL, FRANCIS                       NY-1-2B-273
MARSHALL, FRANCIS M.                    NY-1-11-143
MARSHALL, JHN V.                        NY-1-34-392
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        NY-1-29-143
MARSHALL, MARY ANN                      NY-1-36-458
MARSHALL, PHILIP E.                     NY-1-40-51
MARSHALL, WALTER                        NY-1-21-148
MARSHAM, MARY A.                        NY-1-50-438
MARSHMAN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-1-40-367
MARSTON, JAMES                          NY-1-46-72
MART, CONRAD                            NY-1-29-140
MARTEKOFSKY, CAROLINE                   NY-1-35-271
MARTELE, MARY M.                        NY-1-46-424
MARTHA, KATHARINE                       NY-1-50-105
MARTIKOFSKI, JOHN                       NY-1-29-189
MARTIN, ANN                             NY-1-35-435
MARTIN, ANNIE A. H.                     NY-1-40-56
MARTIN, BOYD                            NY-1-26-423
MARTIN, CALVIN                          NY-1-21-409
MARTIN, DAVID                           NY-1-7-57
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-40-315
MARTIN, HENRY                           NY-1-13-377
MARTIN, HENRY H.                        NY-1-33-223
MARTIN, IRA K.                          NY-1-37-14
MARTIN, JACOB                           NY-1-17-284
MARTIN, JACOB                           NY-1-22-481
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-1-29-335
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-1-25-36
MARTIN, JANE                            NY-1-33-162
MARTIN, JOSEPH S.                       NY-1-17-437
MARTIN, LAVINIA R.                      NY-1-35-426
MARTIN, MARGERY                         NY-1-21-316
MARTIN, MARY                            NY-1-27-203
MARTIN, PATRICK                         NY-1-24-423
MARTIN, PATRICK                         NY-1-38-18
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NY-1-10-456
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NY-1-16-165
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          NY-1-31-142
MARTIN, SARAH                           NY-1-21-470
MARTIN, TERRENCE                        NY-1-36-391
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NY-1-46-112
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NY-1-15-474
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NY-1-26-347
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-7-410
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-8-267
MARTIN, WILLIAM L.                      NY-1-45-471
MARTINE, ELEANOR                        NY-1-43-236
MARTINSON, THALIA                       NY-1-44-26
MARVIN, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-19-429
MARVIN, JOHN                            NY-1-14-510
MARVIN, LUCIA M.                        NY-1-21-338
MARVIN, RICHARD                         NY-1-11-45
MARVIN, SELDEN E.                       NY-1-48-160
MARVIN, URIAH                           NY-1-13-379
MARVIN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-14-1
MARX, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-1-40-464
MARX, ISAAC                             NY-1-38-293
MARX, LEWIS J.                          NY-1-38-266
MARX, LUDWIG                            NY-1-43-295
MARZE, MARY                             NY-1-33-278
MASCORD, EDWARD                         NY-1-24-215
MASCORD, GEORGE                         NY-1-18-14
MASLOSKEY, ALBERT                       NY-1-28-342
MASON, CHARLES S.                       NY-1-15-357
MASON, EMILY J.                         NY-1-25-194
MASON, MARGARET J.                      NY-1-41-271
MASON, WILLIAM                          NY-1-31-337
MASSEQUALLY, BENOIT                     NY-1-4-404
MASSEY, JOSEPH                          NY-1-32-159
MASTERSON, FRANCIS                      NY-1-20-249
MASTERSON, JAMES                        NY-1-27-328
MASTERSON, MARY                         NY-1-31-218
MASTERSON, PHILIP                       NY-1-26-442
MATHER, ADDISON DAN                     NY-1-48-439
MATHER, ADRIAN O.                       NY-1-30-435
MATHER, ELIZA                           NY-1-31-388
MATHER, HEMAN                           NY-1-21-212
MATHER, JOSEPH                          NY-1-31-459
MATHER, MELINDA                         NY-1-39-367
MATHER, SAMUEL                          NY-1-19-354
MATHES, ANTON                           NY-1-30-33
MATHES, MARGARETHA                      NY-1-49-211
MATHEWS, ANDREW                         NY-1-30-263
MATTICE, JOHN W.                        NY-1-50-361
MATTIMORE, THOMAS                       NY-1-35-38
MATTIS, ELIAS                           NY-1-5-194
MATTOON, DAVID                          NY-1-38-222
MAUL, GEORGE                            NY-1-20-85
MAUS, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-45-9
MAUSERT, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-33-182
MAUSERT, HENRY                          NY-1-32-202
MAVETEE, MARY                           NY-1-20-193
MAXWELL, JAMES                          NY-1-24-54
MAY, EDWARD                             NY-1-38-228
MAY, MARY                               NY-1-44-373
MAY, MICHAEL F.                         NY-1-50-121
MAY, SOLOMON                            NY-1-48-288
MAYELL, ALFRED                          NY-1-14-315
MAYELL, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-41-407
MAYELL, HENRY                           NY-1-38-356
MAYELL, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-1-15-319
MAYER, ELIZA W.                         NY-1-38-460
MAYER, FREDERICK G.                     NY-1-11-426
MAYER, MARGARET                         NY-1-13-433
MAYER, NATHAN                           NY-1-25-361
MAYHEW, GEORGE W.                       NY-1-32-224
MCADAM, JOHN                            NY-1-29-322
MCADAM, MARY C.                         NY-1-29-365
MCAIRNNE, ANN                           NY-1-43-346
MCALLASTER, CHARLES                     NY-1-27-357
MCALLISTER, ANNA                        NY-1-19-432
MCALONIE, ROBERT                        NY-1-28-141
MCARDEL, FRANK                          NY-1-32-107
MCARDLE, JAMES                          NY-1-45-238
MCARDLE, JOHN                           NY-1-24-405
MCARDLE, MARGARET                       NY-1-39-88
MCARDLE, ROSE                           NY-1-24-320
MCAULEY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-13-498
MCAULIFF, MORRIS                        NY-1-45-437
MCAVENUE, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-1-21-273
MCBRIDE, MARGARET                       NY-1-45-213
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                        NY-1-50-139
MCBURNEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-12-340
MCCABE, ANN                             NY-1-39-347
MCCABE, JOHN                            NY-1-48-420
MCCABE, MARY                            NY-1-36-309
MCCABE, MICHAEL                         NY-1-20-156
MCCABE, RICHARD                         NY-1-29-414
MCCAFFERY, JAMES                        NY-1-22-487
MCCAFFREY, ANN                          NY-1-40-49
MCCAFFREY, ANN                          NY-1-34-428
MCCAFFREY, EDWARD                       NY-1-28-86
MCCAFFRY, JOHN                          NY-1-34-252
MCCALL, HENRY S.                        NY-1-41-229
MCCALL, JOHN                            NY-1-35-108
MCCALL, MARY                            NY-1-37-85
MCCALL, PATRICK                         NY-1-46-252
MCCALL, PATRICK M.                      NY-1-18-418
MCCALLAN, DAVID H.                      NY-1-40-277
MCCALLAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-47-370
MCCALLAN, HEZEKIAH                      NY-1-47-213
MCCALLEN, PATRICK                       NY-1-45-388
MCCAMMON, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-28-39
MCCAMMON, CYRUS S.                      NY-1-14-107
MCCAMMON, ENOCH                         NY-1-12-285
MCCAMMON, JOHN                          NY-1-35-97
MCCAMMON, MARY A.                       NY-1-41-299
MCCAMMON, WILLIAM                       NY-1-29-398
MCCANN, ANN ELIZABETH                   NY-1-21-182
MCCANN, BRIDGET                         NY-1-50-182
MCCANN, FRANCIS                         NY-1-28-88
MCCANN, HENRY G.                        NY-1-30-104
MCCANN, HUGH                            NY-1-36-220
MCCANN, JAMES                           NY-1-21-111
MCCANN, JOSEPH                          NY-1-29-132
MCCANN, MARGARET                        NY-1-29-375
MCCANN, PATRICK                         NY-1-45-31
MCCANN, THOMA                           NY-1-30-205
MCCARRAN, HUGH                          NY-1-22-83
MCCARROLL, RANDALL                      NY-1-37-222
MCCARTHY, BERNARD                       NY-1-29-448
MCCARTHY, DANIEL                        NY-1-41-205
MCCARTHY, EDWARD                        NY-1-18-147
MCCARTHY, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-37-122
MCCARTHY, ELLEN                         NY-1-35-486
MCCARTHY, MARY ANN                      NY-1-25-267
MCCARTHY, OWEN                          NY-1-33-246
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                       NY-1-48-415
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                       NY-1-26-339
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                       NY-1-30-218
MCCARTHY, RIDGET                        NY-1-39-210
MCCARTY, JAMES                          NY-1-28-332
MCCARTY, PHILIP D.                      NY-1-15-40
MCCARTY, RACHEL                         NY-1-16-86
MCCARTY, THOMAS                         NY-1-28-338
MCCARTY,C ORNEIA M.                     NY-1-48-239
MCCASKIE, ISABELLA                      NY-1-45-24
MCCASKIE, WILLIAM                       NY-1-20-209B
MCCHESNEY, JAMES                        NY-1-33-311
MCCHESNEY, LUCAS H.                     NY-1-22-421
MCCHESNEY, ROBERT                       NY-1-1B-129
MCCLASKEY, DAVID                        NY-1-37-273
MCCLASKEY, EDWARD I.                    NY-1-36-109
MCCLASKY, JAMES                         NY-1-19-294
MCCLAVE, WILLIAM                        NY-1-3-91
MCCLEARY, BERNARD                       NY-1-24-148
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                     NY-1-21-225
MCCLERY, JAMES                          NY-1-9-102
MCCLOSKEY, EDWARD                       NY-1-18-351
MCCLOSKEY, EDWARD                       NY-1-28-340
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN                         NY-1-29-498
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN                         NY-1-30-1
MCCLOSKEY, PATRICK                      NY-1-36-170
MCCLOSKEY, PATRICK (REV.)               NY-1-18-236
MCCLOSKEY, PETER                        NY-1-25-266
MCCLOSKY, JAMES                         NY-1-21-359
MCCLOSKY, MARY JANE                     NY-1-39-133
MCCLOSKY, PAUL                          NY-1-17-428
MCCLUM, ARCHIBALD                       NY-1-36-166
MCCLURE, JAMES                          NY-1-12-61
MCCLURE, JAMES                          NY-1-37-159
MCCLURE, JOHN C.                        NY-1-22-248
MCCLURE, SUSAN T.                       NY-1-27-433
MCCLYMENT, ANDREW                       NY-1-19-243
MCCOLLUM, CATHARINE J.                  NY-1-31-419
MCCOLLUM, EDWARD                        NY-1-29-107
MCCOLLUM, HUGH                          NY-1-27-258
MCCOLLUM, JAMES                         NY-1-32-190
MCCOLLUM, JOHN                          NY-1-5-311
MCCOLLUM, LAVINIA                       NY-1-30-149
MCCOLLUM, PATRICK                       NY-1-12-71
MCCONNELL, HUGH                         NY-1-21-239
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      NY-1-17-465
MCCONVILLE, WILLIAM                     NY-1-48-474
MCCOOL, JOHN                            NY-1-44-324
MCCORMACK, PATRICK                      NY-1-39-184
MCCORMICK, ANDREW                       NY-1-15-300
MCCORMICK, ARCHIBALD                    NY-1-9-169
MCCORMICK, ARCHIBALD                    NY-1-8-428
MCCORMICK, BARNEY                       NY-1-25-160
MCCORMICK, HUGH H.                      NY-1-45-462
MCCORMICK, JANE                         NY-1-34-178
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         NY-1-20-89
MCCORMICK, MARY                         NY-1-41-349
MCCORMICK, ROSANNA                      NY-1-25-161
MCCORMICK, THOMAS                       NY-1-20-374
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                      NY-1-26-388
MCCOTTER, JAMES                         NY-1-16-362
MCCOY, ANNA S.                          NY-1-41-180
MCCOY, MELISSA                          NY-1-43-228
MCCRACKEN, ANNIE                        NY-1-22-401
MCCRACKEN, JOHN P.                      NY-1-39-16
MCCREARY, JOHN                          NY-1-41-156
MCCREDIE, THMAS                         NY-1-40-205
MCCUE, ALICE                            NY-1-32-467
MCCULLEN, CATHERINE                     NY-1-30-462
MCCULLEN, HUGH                          NY-1-26-480
MCCULLOCH, ELIZABETH                    NY-1-47-157
MCCULLOCH, ELIZABETH                    NY-1-40-348
MCCULLOCH, ISABELLA                     NY-1-22-322
MCCULLOCH, JANE                         NY-1-26-206
MCCULLOCH, JEREMIAH                     NY-1-39-443
MCCULLOGH, WILLIAM                      NY-1-6-341
MCCUNE, ANN                             NY-1-26-341
MCCUREY, JAMES                          NY-1-31-317
MCDERMOTT, ANDREW J.                    NY-1-38-73
MCDERMOTT, CATHERINE                    NY-1-27-67
MCDERMOTT, DANIEL                       NY-1-33-470
MCDERMOTT, MICHAEL                      NY-1-41-308
MCDERMOTT, PETER                        NY-1-28-2
MCDOLE, JOHN                            NY-1-8-456
MCDOLE, JOHN                            NY-1-9-187
MCDOLE, JOHN                            NY-1-5-344
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-17-17
MCDONALD, ANN                           NY-1-48-191
MCDONALD, CATHARINE                     NY-1-35-437
MCDONALD, DONALD                        NY-1-41-64
MCDONALD, DONALD                        NY-1-6-47
MCDONALD, HUGH                          NY-1-30-451
MCDONALD, JAMES                         NY-1-17-288
MCDONALD, JOHN                          NY-1-33-8
MCDONALD, JOHN                          NY-1-5-324
MCDONALD, MARGARET H.                   NY-1-38-20
MCDONALD, MARY                          NY-1-40-442
MCDONALD, NANCY                         NY-1-16-237
MCDONNALD, JOSEPH N.                    NY-1-43-101
MCDONNOUGH, MICHAEL                     NY-1-16-123
MCDONOUGH, ANN                          NY-1-39-147
MCDONOUGH, ELLEN                        NY-1-49-320
MCDONOUGH, JAMES                        NY-1-14-520
MCDONOUGH, LUCY                         NY-1-40-96
MCDONOUGH, THOMAS                       NY-1-35-272
MCDOWALL, JOHN                          NY-1-12-274
MCDOWELL, GEORGE                        NY-1-43-82
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-33-258
MCELRAVY, MARY                          NY-1-12-163
MCELROY, JAMES                          NY-1-5-113
MCELROY, JOHN                           NY-1-35-452
MCELROY, JONATHAN                       NY-1-41-168
MCELROY, MARGARET                       NY-1-13-35
MCELROY, MARY                           NY-1-30-87
MCELROY, SARAH                          NY-1-43-198
MCELROY, SUSANNAH                       NY-1-48-37
MCELROY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-41-377
MCELROY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-35-198
MCELWAIN, JEANNETTE C.                  NY-1-14-494
MCELWEE, SARAH JANE                     NY-1-49-369
MCENERNY, ANN                           NY-1-28-452
MCERMOTT, BERNARD                       NY-1-30-400
MCEVOY, JOHN                            NY-1-26-482
MCEVOY, MARGARET                        NY-1-30-140
MCEWAN, MARY EMMA                       NY-1-50-493
MCEWEN, AGNES LANDER                    NY-1-44-111
MCEWEN, JOHN                            NY-1-40-467
MCEWEN, JOHN                            NY-1-37-201
MCFARLAN, ROBERT                        NY-1-10-251
MCFARLAND, LOUISE                       NY-1-33-118
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      NY-1-2B-352
MCFARLING, MARIA                        NY-1-15-38
MCGAHARN, JON                           NY-1-47-238
MCGAHRAN, PATRICK                       NY-1-37-189
MCGANN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-49-236
MCGARRY, ROGER                          NY-1-36-224
MCGARVEY, ANNA E.                       NY-1-40-63
MCGARVEY, HARRY                         NY-1-33-360
MCGARVEY, LYDIA D.                      NY-1-43-479
MCGARVEY, MICHAEL                       NY-1-26-189
MCGAUGHAN, MARGARET                     NY-1-50-355
MCGEE, JAMES                            NY-1-2B-267
MCGEE, PATRICK                          NY-1-32-478
MCGEOUGH, JOSEPH                        NY-1-47-277
MCGIFFERT, FRANCES HELEN                NY-1-30-165
MCGILL, ISABELLA                        NY-1-6-295
MCGILLICK, MICHAEL                      NY-1-29-108
MCGILTON, ANDREW                        NY-1-45-447
MCGINN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-25-345
MCGINN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-37-262
MCGINN, FELIX                           NY-1-24-118
MCGINNESS, ARON                         NY-1-24-48
MCGINNIS, JOHN                          NY-1-48-60
MCGIVNEY, ANN                           NY-1-36-257
MCGLAUGHLIN, THOMAS                     NY-1-24-471
MCGLINN, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-28-261
MCGLINN, JANE                           NY-1-17-120
MCGOFFIN, JAMES                         NY-1-24-104
MCGOURCK, JAMES                         NY-1-3-160
MCGOURKEY, MARIA E.                     NY-1-39-157
MCGOURKEY, MARY                         NY-1-12-308
MCGOURKEY, WILLIAM G.                   NY-1-39-164
MCGOVERN, ANDREW                        NY-1-29-146
MCGOVERN, ANN                           NY-1-40-108
MCGOVERN, JOHN                          NY-1-45-163
MCGOVERN, PATRICK                       NY-1-33-215
MCGOWAN, WILLIAM                        NY-1-14-438
MCGRAIN, PATRICK                        NY-1-31-129
MCGRATH, BRIDGET                        NY-1-24-473
MCGRATH, CATHARINE                      NY-1-20-408
MCGRATH, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-36-464
MCGRATH, JOHN                           NY-1-49-399
MCGRATH, JOHN                           NY-1-38-374
MCGRATH, MICHAEL                        NY-1-26-164
MCGRATH, MORRIS                         NY-1-20-466
MCGRATH, WINNEFRED                      NY-1-26-235
MCGRAW, ALICE                           NY-1-47-116
MCGRAW, BRIDGET                         NY-1-27-391
MCGRAW, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-32-129
MCGRAW, JOHN                            NY-1-20-297
MCGRAW, MARGARET                        NY-1-39-352
MCGRAW, MARY                            NY-1-28-69
MCGREGOR, ELIZA                         NY-1-38-200
MCGREGOR, JEAN                          NY-1-32-87
MCGUIGAN, SARAH W.                      NY-1-39-416
MCGUILL, PATRICK                        NY-1-15-245
MCGUINNESS, JOHN                        NY-1-47-379
MCGUIRE, BRIDGET                        NY-1-27-287
MCGUIRE, FRANCIS                        NY-1-19-117
MCGUIRE, MARGARET J.                    NY-1-19-340
MCGUIRE, PATRICK                        NY-1-29-405
MCGUIRE, PHILLIP                        NY-1-25-220
MCHAFFIE, MATILDA                       NY-1-36-95
MCHAFFIE, MATILDA                       NY-1-36-95
MCHALE, MARY                            NY-1-46-419
MCHARG, ANDREW                          NY-1-5-409
MCHARG, CATHARINE                       NY-1-16-294
MCHARG, JOHN                            NY-1-39-261
MCHARG, JOHN P.                         NY-1-7-216
MCHARG, JOHN P.                         NY-1-7-210
MCHARG, MARGARET                        NY-1-25-180
MCHARG, MARY                            NY-1-25-201
MCHARG, SARAH                           NY-1-25-196
MCHARG, SARAH                           NY-1-25-196
MCHENCH, JAMES                          NY-1-15-353
MCHUGH, MICHAEL                         NY-1-43-133
MCHUGH, PATRICK                         NY-1-29-382
MCILVAINE, JOHN                         NY-1-49-145
MCINTOSH, CATHARINE                     NY-1-32-229
MCINTOSH, ELIZA                         NY-1-44-344
MCINTOSH, EZEKIEL C.                    NY-1-15-316
MCINTOSH, HARRIET M.                    NY-1-49-112
MCINTOSH, PETER                         NY-1-9-52
MCINTOSH, PETER                         NY-1-8-315
MCINTYRE, DANIEL                        NY-1-49-92
MCINTYRE, JOHN                          NY-1-41-438
MCINTYRE, JOHN                          NY-1-3-168
MCINTYRE, THOMAS                        NY-1-32-171
MCKAIG, ANDREW                          NY-1-19-194
MCKAIG, JOHN                            NY-1-30-227
MCKANNA, ANN                            NY-1-47-372
MCKANNA, BERNARD                        NY-1-30-496
MCKAY, MARY                             NY-1-12-455
MCKEAN, BARNABAS H.                     NY-1-21-226
MCKEAN, DELIA                           NY-1-35-372
MCKEAN, WILLIAM P.                      NY-1-20-429
MCKEE, MARY A.                          NY-1-49-416
MCKEEVER, JANE                          NY-1-19-478
MCKEEVER, JOHN H.                       NY-1-48-31
MCKEEVER, PATRICK                       NY-1-16-29
MCKENNA, ANDREW                         NY-1-5-94
MCKENNA, HENRY                          NY-1-27-318
MCKENNA, PETER                          NY-1-13-477
MCKENNA, SUSANNA                        NY-1-10-247
MCKENZIE, JAMES                         NY-1-27-209
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          NY-1-24-62
MCKENZIE, MARGARET J.                   NY-1-49-101
MCKEON, CATHARINE                       NY-1-46-123
MCKEON, HENRY                           NY-1-43-240
MCKERCHER, JOHN                         NY-1-30-169
MCKIE, JAMES                            NY-1-5-100
MCKIERNAN, PATRICK                      NY-1-35-176
MCKIERNAN, PATRICK J.                   NY-1-47-492
MCKINLEY, CHARLES                       NY-1-19-313
MCKINNEY, AUGUSTUS E.                   NY-1-28-93
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NY-1-14-186
MCKINNEY, ROSANNA                       NY-1-19-425
MCKINZIE, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-15-309
MCKISSICK, ELIZA                        NY-1-45-216
MCKISSICK, STUART                       NY-1-30-105
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          NY-1-17-140
MCKOUGH, ANNA T.                        NY-1-24-207
MCKOWN, ALIDA                           NY-1-21-228
MCKOWN, CATHARINE                       NY-1-12-213
MCKOWN, FRANCIS V.                      NY-1-50-180
MCKOWN, JAMES                           NY-1-13-150
MCKOWN, JAMES A.                        NY-1-46-237
MCKOWN, JAMES F.                        NY-1-41-104
MCKOWN, LYDIA L.                        NY-1-39-194
MCKOWN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-12-39
MCKUCHNER, JOHANNA W.                   NY-1-22-68
MCLAUGHLIN, A. MARIA                    NY-1-25-416
MCLAUGHLIN, BRIDGET                     NY-1-48-297
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY B.                     NY-1-39-57
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     NY-1-28-27
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     NY-1-29-331
MCLEAN, ELIZA B.                        NY-1-44-219
MCLEAN, JANET                           NY-1-26-131
MCLEAN, JOHN                            NY-1-40-285
MCLELLAN, WILLIAM                       NY-1-21-445
MCLENNAN, WILLIAM                       NY-1-33-196
MCLEOD, DONALD                          NY-1-8-369
MCLEOD, DONALD                          NY-1-9-99
MCLEROY, ELINOR                         NY-1-19-379
MCLOUGHLIN, MARGARET                    NY-1-30-425
MCMAHON, CATHARINE                      NY-1-50-403
MCMAHON, JOHN                           NY-1-45-414
MCMAHON, MARY                           NY-1-41-96
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                        NY-1-32-74
MCMANUS, BERNARD                        NY-1-38-275
MCMANUS, ELIZA                          NY-1-18-58
MCMANUS, HUGH                           NY-1-16-316
MCMANUS, PATRICK                        NY-1-18-56
MCMANUS, TERRENCE                       NY-1-32-47
MCMENAMEY, EDARD                        NY-1-28-234
MCMICHAEL, PATRICK                      NY-1-6-231
MCMILLAN, RICHARD B.                    NY-1-27-336
MCMILLEN, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-20-124
MCMILLEN, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-20-128
MCMILLEN, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-17-135
MCMILLEN, ANDREW                        NY-1-29-91
MCMILLEN, HENRY                         NY-1-39-419
MCMILLIAN, JOHN                         NY-1-3-350
MCMORROW, MARY                          NY-1-49-227
MCMURDY, ISAAC                          NY-1-7-25
MCMURDY, ISAAC                          NY-1-41-337
MCMURGHEY, EDWARD                       NY-1-8-406
MCMURRAY, JUNIUS W.                     NY-1-47-233
MCNALLY, BRIDGET                        NY-1-20-4
MCNALLY, THOMAS                         NY-1-29-175
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                       NY-1-14-64
MCNAMARA, RICHARD                       NY-1-49-98
MCNAMARA, THOMAS                        NY-1-28-320
MCNAUGHTN, HENRY G.                     NY-1-50-149
MCNAUGHTON, JAMES                       NY-1-24-300
MCNAUGHTON, PETER                       NY-1-25-383
MCNAUGHTON, WILLIAM                     NY-1-48-103
MCNEIL, JOHN                            NY-1-27-185
MCNEIL, JOHN                            NY-1-43-158
MCNELLY, HENRY                          NY-1-14-191
MCNERNEY, ANN                           NY-1-28-49
MCNULTY, MARGARET                       NY-1-28-64
MCNUTT, JAMES                           NY-1-45-66
MCPHAIL, ARCHIBALD                      NY-1-29-422
MCPHAIL, CLARA                          NY-1-40-422
MCPHERSON, LACHLAN                      NY-1-13-195
MCPHERSON, MARY                         NY-1-33-231
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-1-3-382
MCQUADE, JAMES                          NY-1-33-430
MCQUEENEY, PATRICK                      NY-1-32-143
MCQUIDE, JOSEPH                         NY-1-30-313
MCROBERTS, ALEXANDER                    NY-1-24-311
MCWILLIAMS, JAMES N.                    NY-1-38-449
MCWILLIAMS, MARGARET                    NY-1-41-37
MCWILLIAMS, THOMAS                      NY-1-17-414
MEAD, ABRAHAM S.                        NY-1-22-143
MEAD, CATHARINE                         NY-1-49-473
MEAD, DANIEL                            NY-1-7-260
MEAD, DANIEL                            NY-1-8-99
MEAD, HENRY K.                          NY-1-40-130
MEAD, HENRY L.                          NY-1-17-276
MEAD, MARY C. V. S.                     NY-1-28-286
MEADON, MARIA                           NY-1-18-20
MEADON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-8-252
MEADON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-7-387
MEADOW, STEPHEN B.                      NY-1-40-385
MEADS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-1-38-364
MEADS, JOHN                             NY-1-16-427
MEADS, ORLANDO                          NY-1-31-158
MEAGHER, MARY                           NY-1-38-370
MEAGHER, THOMAS F.                      NY-1-48-87
MECKER, SARAH A.                        NY-1-47-125
MEDE, JOHN                              NY-1-37-194
MEDON, JOHN                             NY-1-4-95
MEED, HIRAM B.                          NY-1-28-299
MEED, JEREMIAH                          NY-1-7-240
MEED, JEREMIAH                          NY-1-30-216
MEED, JEREMIAH                          NY-1-8-55
MEED, JOHN                              NY-1-25-124
MEED, PERRY                             NY-1-24-185
MEEGAN, ESTER                           NY-1-28-239
MEEGAN, THOMAS A.                       NY-1-19-289
MEEGAND, HUGH                           NY-1-19-119
MEEHAN, CATHARINE                       NY-1-43-209
MEEHAN, JOHN                            NY-1-28-496
MEHAN, MARGARET                         NY-1-33-468
MEIER, JOHN H.                          NY-1-4-58
MELICK, MAGARETTA M.                    NY-1-32-197
MENAND, LOUIS                           NY-1-50-58
MENAND, LOUIS                           NY-1-50-58
MENDEL, CAROLINE                        NY-1-43-392
MENDEL, SARAH                           NY-1-29-470
MENDLESON, SAMUEL                       NY-1-45-401
MENEELY, ANDREW                         NY-1-14-215
MENEL, MINA                             NY-1-44-213
MENGES, PHILIP                          NY-1-36-31
MENGES, PHILIP                          NY-1-36-31
MENTEN, CASPER                          NY-1-35-463
MENTLINE, BARBARA                       NY-1-47-187
MENZIES, ROBERT                         NY-1-17-404
MERCER, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-2B-335
MERCHANT, CAROLINE                      NY-1-50-21
MERCHANT, CAROLINE                      NY-1-50-21
MERCHANT, GEORGE                        NY-1-7-192
MERCHANT, ISABELLA E.                   NY-1-50-293
MERCHANT, LANSING                       NY-1-41-183
MERCHANT, WALTER                        NY-1-45-339
MEROTH, GOTTLIEB                        NY-1-24-312
MERRICK, ELIZA                          NY-1-30-341
MERRICK, MICHAEL                        NY-1-28-328
MERRICLE, MATHIAS                       NY-1-9-106
MERRICLE, MATHIAS                       NY-1-8-377
MERRIFIELD, GEORGE O.                   NY-1-18-162
MERRIFIELD, JOHN O.                     NY-1-15-284
MERRIFIELD, MAGDALENE                   NY-1-37-10
MERRIFIELD,E LIZABETH                   NY-1-29-89
MERRIGAN, ELLEN                         NY-1-31-422
MERRILL, LOUISA K.                      NY-1-46-105
MERRILL, NATHANIEL                      NY-1-22-456
MERRILL, NELSON                         NY-1-47-446
MERRITT, EBENEZER                       NY-1-5-192
MERRITT, GILBERT                        NY-1-19-181
MERRITT, MARTIN                         NY-1-46-446
MERRITT, MOSES S.                       NY-1-29-467
MERSELES, GERRET N.                     NY-1-8-104
MERSELIS, EVERT                         NY-1-3-482
MERSELIS, GERARDUS G.                   NY-1-30-26
MERSELIS, HENRY                         NY-1-3-480
MERSELIS, JAMES                         NY-1-43-293
MERSELUS, GERRIT M.                     NY-1-2B-393
MERSELUS, TEETCHER                      NY-1-2B-365
MERWIN, JAMES A.                        NY-1-43-472
MESERVAY, ANNA M.                       NY-1-30-198
MESICK, ALIDA                           NY-1-45-197
MESICK, HENRY T. JR.                    NY-1-30-406
MESICK, HENRY T.                        NY-1-30-403
MESICK, JACOB P.                        NY-1-12-474
MESICK, PETER                           NY-1-5-165
MESICK, THOMAS ***                      NY-1-12-1
MESSER, ADAM                            NY-1-24-197
MESSER, ANNA LOUISA                     NY-1-28-447
METCALF, CATHERINE                      NY-1-36-267
METCALF, ESTHER C.                      NY-1-19-283
METCALF, WILLIAM                        NY-1-29-32
METCALF, WILLIAM J.                     NY-1-20-126
METZ, GEORGE                            NY-1-29-138
METZGER, JACOB                          NY-1-48-277
METZGER, MARY                           NY-1-47-416
METZGER, MARY B.                        NY-1-47-206
METZGER, VALENTINE                      NY-1-47-397
MEYER, ANNA E.                          NY-1-31-192
MEYER, CARL A.                          NY-1-48-347
MEYER, FREDERICK J.                     NY-1-44-492
MEYERS, FREDERICK                       NY-1-33-245
MICHEL, CHARLOTTE                       NY-1-47-442
MIDDLETON, CATHARINE                    NY-1-31-199
MIDDLETON, CHARLES F.                   NY-1-40-221
MIDDLETON, RICHARD                      NY-1-28-89
MIEMYER, CATHARINE JANE                 NY-1-32-123
MILBANK, MARY                           NY-1-28-204
MILBANK, PHEBE A.                       NY-1-38-471
MILBANK, WALTER                         NY-1-11-107
MILBANK, WILLIAM                        NY-1-22-73
MILER, HENRY                            NY-1-8-218
MILES, MARY                             NY-1-46-82
MILKIN, PETER                           NY-1-13-209
MILLAR, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-46-80
MILLEN, ANDREW                          NY-1-26-302
MILLEN, CHRISTINA                       NY-1-16-92
MILLEN, ELIZA                           NY-1-40-274
MILLEN, JOSEPH C.                       NY-1-30-97
MILLER, ANNA B.                         NY-1-44-488
MILLER, ANTHONY                         NY-1-22-474
MILLER, BARBARA                         NY-1-35-256
MILLER, CASPAR                          NY-1-29-294
MILLER, CHARLES                         NY-1-29-178
MILLER, CHRISITAN                       NY-1-12-258
MILLER, CHRISTINA                       NY-1-8-163
MILLER, CHRISTINA                       NY-1-7-312
MILLER, CORNELIA HALL                   NY-1-44-467
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-1-31-164
MILLER, ELI                             NY-1-14-437
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-26-276
MILLER, FREDERICK                       NY-1-36-218
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-1-18-280
MILLER, GEORGE R.                       NY-1-31-167
MILLER, HENRY                           NY-1-7-354
MILLER, HESTER                          NY-1-25-386
MILLER, JACOB W.                        NY-1-21-290
MILLER, JESSIE MCN.                     NY-1-36-466
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-1-24-145
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-1-30-127
MILLER, JOHN H.                         NY-1-19-27
MILLER, JOSEPH                          NY-1-40-158
MILLER, MARGARET                        NY-1-32-447
MILLER, MARGARET                        NY-1-22-425
MILLER, MARGARET A.                     NY-1-34-113
MILLER, NATHANIEL                       NY-1-20-489
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        NY-1-12-98
MILLER, PHEBE                           NY-1-25-440
MILLER, PHILIP A.                       NY-1-38-304
MILLER, REUBEN                          NY-1-34-203
MILLER, RUSSELL                         NY-1-41-31
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-1-26-272
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-6-313
MILLER, WILLIAM A.                      NY-1-19-253
MILLER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-1-19-292
MILLER,ELLEN F.                         NY-1-41-27
MILLEUX, SUSAN C.                       NY-1-38-469
MILLIMAN, JOHN                          NY-1-20-354
MILLS, ELIZA                            NY-1-21-163
MILLS, MARANDA                          NY-1-17-106
MILNER, JOHN                            NY-1-27-167
MILROY, ANTHONY                         NY-1-3-311
MILROY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-6-125
MILROY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-10-470
MILWAIN, ELLEN                          NY-1-15-123
MILWAIN, JAMES                          NY-1-40-257
MILWAIN, THOMAS                         NY-1-13-225
MINCH, BARBARA                          NY-1-27-33
MINCKLER, HARMANUS                      NY-1-15-450
MINK, HANNAH L.                         NY-1-32-175
MIRACLE, MARGARET                       NY-1-49-233
MISSON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-45-498
MITCHELL, ADAM                          NY-1-16-106
MITCHELL, ANDEW                         NY-1-36-39
MITCHELL, ANDEW                         NY-1-36-39
MITCHELL, CHARLES                       NY-1-29-202
MITCHELL, DERWIN                        NY-1-47-340
MITCHELL, ERASTUS                       NY-1-17-363
MITCHELL, ERASTUS                       NY-1-17-181
MITCHELL, FRANCIS                       NY-1-50-151
MITCHELL, HUGH                          NY-1-27-278
MITCHELL, JOHN R.                       NY-1-41-121
MITCHELL, MARY LOUISA                   NY-1-34-189
MITCHELL, STEPHEN                       NY-1-13-40
MITTAUER, GEORGE                        NY-1-30-66
MITTAUER, MARY ANN                      NY-1-30-152
MIX, CLARISSA                           NY-1-43-211
MIX, EFFIE S.                           NY-1-38-368
MIX, ELIZABETH                          NY-1-26-452
MIX, ESTHER P.                          NY-1-38-97
MIX, EURETTA                            NY-1-41-43
MIX, ISAAC                              NY-1-26-57
MIX, STILES                             NY-1-32-66
MIX, WILLIAM                            NY-1-21-85
MIXTER, DANIEL W.                       NY-1-13-110
MIZE, ELISHA                            NY-1-5-45
MNEY, MARTIN                            NY-1-44-202
MOAK, DAVID                             NY-1-20-451
MOAK, GITTY                             NY-1-43-409
MOAK, HENRY                             NY-1-5-8
MOAK, JACOB W.                          NY-1-17-158
MOAK, JOHN                              NY-1-27-378
MOAK, JOHN F.                           NY-1-14-460
MOAK, JOHN N.                           NY-1-18-391
MOAK, JOHN W.                           NY-1-29-96
MOAK, JOSEPH                            NY-1-13-291
MOAK, NATHANIEL C.                      NY-1-40-448
MOAK, NICHOLAS                          NY-1-12-335
MOAK, ROBERT                            NY-1-38-76
MOAK, SAMUEL                            NY-1-16-59
MOAK, SARAH L                           NY-1-49-212
MOAKLER, MICHAEL                        NY-1-16-15
MOAN, JOHN                              NY-1-25-85
MOAT, BRYAN                             NY-1-44-475
MOFFATT, HONORA                         NY-1-27-395
MOFFITT, JOSEPH                         NY-1-26-343
MOHAN, CHARLES                          NY-1-31-375
MOHAN, ELLEN                            NY-1-47-33
MOHAN, FRANCIS                          NY-1-29-9
MOHLER, JOHN PETER                      NY-1-28-283
MOHR, JOHN                              NY-1-47-435
MOLL, CHARLES                           NY-1-47-314
MOLL, JACOBUS                           NY-1-11-484
MOLONEY, MARY                           NY-1-48-484
MOLONEY, MARY ALICE                     NY-1-36-499
MOLONY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-32-156
MOLONY, MATTHEW                         NY-1-19-329
MONAHAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-29-292
MONAHAN,MICHAEL                         NY-1-22-241
MONETTE, ALFRED                         NY-1-46-399
MONK, ANGIE A.                          NY-1-20-479
MONK, HARRIET                           NY-1-37-95
MONRO, GEORGE                           NY-1-16-267
MONROE, JOHN W.                         NY-1-39-17
MONTAGUE, ANNE                          NY-1-32-69
MONTEATH, GEORGE                        NY-1-15-485
MONTEATH, PETER                         NY-1-27-387
MONTEATH, SARAH A.                      NY-1-31-52
MONTIGNANI, ELIZABETH                   NY-1-37-24
MOOK, WILLIAM J.                        NY-1-39-50
MOOR, ASHBEL                            NY-1-1B-244
MOORBY, JOHN                            NY-1-36-440
MOORE, ALBERT T.                        NY-1-46-383
MOORE, APOLLOS                          NY-1-11-98
MOORE, CONRAD                           NY-1-7-300
MOORE, DAVID                            NY-1-30-78
MOORE, HARRIET                          NY-1-40-327
MOORE, HENRY C.                         NY-1-49-460
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-1-8-393
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-1-34-185
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-1-9-128
MOORE, JOSEPH                           NY-1-2B-260
MOORE, LILLIAN L.                       NY-1-47-484
MOORE, MARGARET                         NY-1-26-165
MOORE, MARTIN F.                        NY-1-45-99
MOORE, MARY                             NY-1-37-26
MOORE, MARY                             NY-1-38-47
MOORE, MARY ANN                         NY-1-40-31
MOORE, MATTHEW                          NY-1-50-176
MOORE, PATRICK                          NY-1-24-321
MOORE, PHILLIP                          NY-1-44-367
MOORE, ROBERT                           NY-1-35-329
MOORE, SAMUEL B.                        NY-1-18-355
MOORE, SAMUEL B.                        NY-1-16-438
MOORE, THOMAS                           NY-1-46-74
MOORE, THOMAS                           NY-1-27-58
MOORE, THOMAS                           NY-1-38-57
MOORE, THOMAS B.                        NY-1-34-62
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-29-75
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-26-175
MORAN, MARY                             NY-1-50-248
MORANGE, PETER M.                       NY-1-28-323
MORE, DANIEL D. T.                      NY-1-16-318
MORELAND, MARY E.                       NY-1-50-319
MORGAN, CHARLES                         NY-1-16-458
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-26-300
MORGAN, JANE ANN                        NY-1-45-360
MORGAN, MARTIN                          NY-1-37-206
MORGAN, MARY                            NY-1-48-181
MORGAN, MARY                            NY-1-47-106
MORGAN, MATTHEW                         NY-1-32-18
MORGAN, SARAH L.                        NY-1-28-252
MORGAN, SIMEON                          NY-1-4-266
MORGAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-11-188
MORGAN, THOMAS J.                       NY-1-14-11
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-48-29
MORIARITY, MICHAEL                      NY-1-46-31
MORIARTY, DAVID                         NY-1-39-58
MORISON, MARY                           NY-1-2B-424
MORRELL, JAMES                          NY-1-17-254
MORRIS, JACOB                           NY-1-15-184
MORRIS, JANE E.                         NY-1-40-67
MORRIS, LEWIS                           NY-1-16-312
MORRIS, MARY ANN                        NY-1-35-36
MORRIS, ROBERT S.                       NY-1-44-433
MORRISN, JOHN                           NY-1-49-241
MORRISON, ALMIRA VAUGHAN                NY-1-43-438
MORRISON, HANNAH E.                     NY-1-40-170
MORRISON, PATRICK                       NY-1-6-256
MORRISON, SARAH E.                      NY-1-31-359
MORRISSEY, LUKE                         NY-1-48-127
MORRISSEY, MARGARET                     NY-1-40-388
MORROW, JAMES                           NY-1-17-69
MORROW, JOHN                            NY-1-3-343
MORROW, PATRICK                         NY-1-26-62
MORROW, ROBERT                          NY-1-13-154
MORROW, THOMAS B.                       NY-1-31-95
MORS, CHARLOTTE                         NY-1-36-393
MORS, ELISHA                            NY-1-32-368
MORTON, MARY                            NY-1-45-152
MOSELEY, HARRIET A.                     NY-1-31-496
MOSELEY, ORELIA B.                      NY-1-44-95
MOSHER, ALFRED                          NY-1-48-96
MOSHER, CORNELIUS                       NY-1-15-65
MOSHER, CORNELIUS B.                    NY-1-38-416
MOSHER, HENRY                           NY-1-44-107
MOSHER, ISAAC                           NY-1-15-388
MOSHER, JACOB S.                        NY-1-30-423
MOSHER, JOHN                            NY-1-38-140
MOSHER, LEONARD                         NY-1-14-133
MOSHER, ORANGE R.                       NY-1-19-170
MOSHER, PHEBE                           NY-1-13-354
MOSHER, PHEBE M.                        NY-1-49-339
MOSHER, SALLY ANN                       NY-1-20-221
MOSHER, STEPHEN Z.                      NY-1-5-46
MOSHER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-49-403
MOSURE, STEPHEN                         NY-1-6-71
MOTT, LYDIA                             NY-1-25-316
MOTT, RICKETSON                         NY-1-7-263
MOULD, FREDERICK                        NY-1-18-458
MOUNT, ALMIRA                           NY-1-49-406
MOUNT, ALMIRA                           NY-1-50-208
MOUNT, DAVID                            NY-1-43-52
MOUNTAIN, MARY A.                       NY-1-29-278
MOURIAN, PHILIP                         NY-1-21-11
MOWERS, NANCY                           NY-1-41-478
MUDDLE, ALBERT E.                       NY-1-50-162
MUDGE, EDWARD D.                        NY-1-14-76
MUESSIG, ELIZABETH LUDWIG               NY-1-40-136
MUETZEL, JACOB                          NY-1-38-172
MUHLFELDER, LEWIS                       NY-1-41-281
MUHOLLAND, JOHN                         NY-1-21-329
MUIR, HANNAH                            NY-1-19-404
MUIR, MARY                              NY-1-33-238
MUIR, WILLIAM                           NY-1-26-286
MULCAHEY, JAMES                         NY-1-21-116
MULCAHY, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-20-158
MULFORD, EZEKIEL                        NY-1-4-126
MULFORD, JESSE                          NY-1-12-437
MULFORD, JOHN H.                        NY-1-26-239
MULFORD, MARY H.                        NY-1-12-399
MULFORD, SALLY                          NY-1-18-407
MULHOLLAND, ROSE                        NY-1-26-389
MULL, BARENT S.                         NY-1-5-319
MULL, BARNET                            NY-1-17-494
MULL, JAMES C.                          NY-1-13-318
MULL, JAMES J.                          NY-1-25-498
MULL, JOHN                              NY-1-11-438
MULLANE, MARY A.                        NY-1-31-362
MULLANY, CATHARINE                      NY-1-37-116
MULLARY, JOHN                           NY-1-39-396
MULLARY, MARY                           NY-1-28-247
MULLEN, AUSTIN                          NY-1-44-57
MULLEN, CATHARINE                       NY-1-34-69
MULLEN, HUGH                            NY-1-30-8
MULLEN, PAUL                            NY-1-44-120
MULLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-21-302
MULLER, HENRICH                         NY-1-25-138
MULLER, JOHN                            NY-1-27-227
MULLIGAN, BRIDGET                       NY-1-41-318
MULLIGAN, PATRICK                       NY-1-27-229
MULLIGAN, PETER                         NY-1-17-186
MULLIN, JAMES                           NY-1-20-120
MULLIN, JAMES                           NY-1-30-91
MULLINS, PATRICK                        NY-1-31-70
MULLON, BRIDGET                         NY-1-41-83
MULLON, JOHN                            NY-1-33-433
MULVILLE, JOHN J.                       NY-1-40-153
MULVILLE, MICHAEL                       NY-1-40-157
MUNDIN, JOHN                            NY-1-2B-71
MUNDT, WILLIAM F.                       NY-1-46-266
MUNGER, ALMIRA A.                       NY-1-28-275
MUNRO, DUNCAN                           NY-1-47-364
MUNRO, GEORGE                           NY-1-48-204
MUNSELL, JOEL                           NY-1-28-236
MUNSELL, LOUISA                         NY-1-21-155
MUNSELL, MARY A.                        NY-1-46-42
MURDOCK, ANDREW                         NY-1-15-483
MURDOCK, JAMES                          NY-1-45-376
MURPHY, ANDREW                          NY-1-34-46
MURPHY, ANN                             NY-1-34-50
MURPHY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-29-154
MURPHY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-37-240
MURPHY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-49-345
MURPHY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-50-291
MURPHY, DANIEL                          NY-1-22-489
MURPHY, DELIA                           NY-1-50-244
MURPHY, ELLEN                           NY-1-50-457
MURPHY, EUNICE                          NY-1-46-387
MURPHY, HENRY                           NY-1-28-329
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-1-5-168
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-1-12-256
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-1-29-176
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-1-30-43
MURPHY, JULIA                           NY-1-28-142
MURPHY, MARY CORR                       NY-1-44-245
MURPHY, MARY FRANCES                    NY-1-46-330
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-1-32-2
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-1-24-63
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-1-21-353
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-1-31-473
MURPHY, PATRICK K.                      NY-1-25-32
MURPHY, PETER                           NY-1-24-482
MURPHY, PETER M.                        NY-1-43-29
MURPHY, PHILIP                          NY-1-28-390
MURPHY, THOMAS S.                       NY-1-43-321
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                         NY-1-7-279
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                         NY-1-8-139
MURPHY, WILLIAM B.                      NY-1-26-140
MURRAY, ANDREW                          NY-1-28-258
MURRAY, DENNIS                          NY-1-48-332
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-48-372
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-1-21-206
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-1-40-366
MURRAY, JANE                            NY-1-32-121
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-1-50-333
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-1-18-68
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-1-27-116
MURRAY, LAWRENCE                        NY-1-14-66
MURRAY, MARGARET                        NY-1-32-433
MURRAY, MARGTHA                         NY-1-20-243
MURRAY, MARIA J.                        NY-1-35-288
MURRAY, MARTIN                          NY-1-47-94
MURRAY, MARY                            NY-1-27-180
MURRAY, MARY                            NY-1-50-392
MURRAY, MARY                            NY-1-39-244
MURRAY, OWEN                            NY-1-14-217
MURRAY, RICHARD                         NY-1-46-113
MURRAY, ROBERT ****                     NY-1-19-31
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-22-99
MURREY, JOHN                            NY-1-14-377
MURRY, DANIEL                           NY-1-17-160
MURRY, HENRY                            NY-1-44-465
MURRY, MARY ANN                         NY-1-45-261
MURRY, MICHAEL                          NY-1-29-166
MURTAUGH, MICHAEL                       NY-1-22-346
MURTAUGH THOMAS                         NY-1-13-468
MUSELIS, STEPHEN                        NY-1-19-483
MUSSEY, SARAH E.                        NY-1-18-369
MYERS, ANDREW                           NY-1-21-309
MYERS, CATHARINE                        NY-1-29-234
MYERS, DELIA E.                         NY-1-45-252
MYERS, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-1-10-454
MYERS, EMMA E.                          NY-1-41-58
MYERS, FREDERICK                        NY-1-20-240
MYERS, JACOB                            NY-1-45-276
MYERS, JACOB                            NY-1-4-329
MYERS, LEWIS                            NY-1-33-301
MYERS, PATRICK                          NY-1-48-304
MYERS, PHILIP                           NY-1-8-321
MYERS, PHILLIP A.                       NY-1-25-182
MYERS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-26-151
MYERS, WILLIAM R.                       NY-1-50-4
MYERS, WILLIAM R.                       NY-1-50-4
MYES, PHILIP                            NY-1-9-47
MYGATT, ISAAC                           NY-1-16-113
MYNDERSE, ABRAHAM                       NY-1-3-179
MYNDERSE, BARENT                        NY-1-4-418
MYNDERSE, CATHARINE                     NY-1-2B-245
MYNDERSE, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-16-338
MYNDERSE, FREDERICK J.                  NY-1-7-186
MYNDERSE, FREDERICK J.                  NY-1-8-475
MYNDERSE, JACOBUS                       NY-1-2B-276
MYNDERSE, JOHANNIS                      NY-1-2A-28
MYNDERSE, MYNDERT                       NY-1-13-94
MYNDERSE, SARAH                         NY-1-13-73
MYNDERSE, SUSAN                         NY-1-14-85
MYNDERSEN, LAURENCE                     NY-1-1B-207
MYNDERSEN, RYNIER                       NY-1-1B-205

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