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SABIN, ROBERT H.                        NY-1-36-154
SACKS, SIMON                            NY-1-45-424
SADDLEMIRE, ADAM                        NY-1-19-178
SADDLEMIRE, CHARLES                     NY-1-27-402
SADDLEMIRE, DAVID                       NY-1-37-183
SADDLEMIRE, JACOB H.                    NY-1-22-302
SADDLEMIRE, JOHN                        NY-1-26-403
SADDLEMIRE, JOHN JOST                   NY-1-45-96
SAFFORD, CHARLOTTE E.                   NY-1-50-256
SAFFORD, EDWIN                          NY-1-49-52
SAGAR, LEWIS                            NY-1-46-410
SAGER, ADAM                             NY-1-22-471
SAGER, CATHARINE                        NY-1-34-266
SAGER, GARRET                           NY-1-8-114
SAGER GEORGE                            NY-1-45-170
SAGER, JOHN                             NY-1-20-204
SAGER, LOVINA                           NY-1-18-233
SAGER, MARGARET                         NY-1-26-306
SAGER, MARY ANN                         NY-1-35-55
SAGER, PETER                            NY-1-48-220
SAGER, PETER A.                         NY-1-20-317
SAGER, SARAH CLARK                      NY-1-34-398
SAGER, SIMON                            NY-1-26-467
SAILE, FREDERICK                        NY-1-25-466
SALISBURY, JACOB                        NY-1-18-203
SALISBURY, JOSEPH JR.                   NY-1-14-123
SALM, JOHN                              NY-1-26-109
SALM, MARY A.                           NY-1-39-204
SAMRO, JULIUS                           NY-1-34-438
SAMSON, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-14-136
SAND, JOHN H.                           NY-1-48-397
SANDERS, BARENT                         NY-1-16-254
SANDERS, CATHALINA                      NY-1-18-299
SANDERS, ELIZABETH B.                   NY-1-46-185
SANDERS, GERRIT V. S.                   NY-1-36-66
SANDERS, GERRIT V. S.                   NY-1-36-66
SANDERS, JACOB G.                       NY-1-39-453
SANDERS, JACOB G.                       NY-1-20-431
SANDERS, JAMES B.                       NY-1-24-495
SANDERS, JOHN B.                        NY-1-20-302
SANDERS, LOUISA P.                      NY-1-49-36
SANDFORD, SALMON                        NY-1-15-454
SANDLEITNER, MARY J.                    NY-1-31-487
SANDS, ANN                              NY-1-37-72
SANDS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-41-436
SANDS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-40-94
SANFORD, CALEB                          NY-1-1B-237
SANFORD, CATHARINE                      NY-1-27-95
SANFORD, FRIEND L.                      NY-1-43-332
SANFORD, GILES                          NY-1-16-77
SANFORD, SARAH                          NY-1-13-75
SANGER, CAROLINE                        NY-1-47-155
SANN, JOHN                              NY-1-20-151
SANSONCI, ZOE4                          NY-1-34-234
SARD, JOHN                              NY-1-30-82
SARGENT, ARABELLA                       NY-1-38-182
SARGENT, MILO D.                        NY-1-40-262
SATARK, MYER                            NY-1-37-101
SAUERBREI, BERNHART                     NY-1-50-146
SAUNDERS, CHARLES M.                    NY-1-27-226
SAVAGE, JAMES                           NY-1-21-477
SAVINE, MARY A.                         NY-1-41-286
SAX, JACOB                              NY-1-2B-297
SAXE, CHARLES G.                        NY-1-41-303
SAXE, JOHN G.                           NY-1-34-258
SAXE, JOHN T.                           NY-1-29-218
SAXTON, THOMAS                          NY-1-38-349
SAYER, ELSIE A.                         NY-1-41-39
SAYER, KATARINE                         NY-1-39-9
SAYLES, GRAZILDA                        NY-1-47-216
SAYLES, JOHN                            NY-1-14-475
SAYRE, HENRY                            NY-1-19-382
SCACE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-14-233
SCAMMELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-24-70
SCANLON, MARY                           NY-1-47-411
SCANLON, MARY                           NY-1-27-75
SCANNELL, CHARLOTTE A.                  NY-1-21-140
SCARBOROUGH, ISABELLA                   NY-1-31-460
SCARBOROUGH, JAMES                      NY-1-30-421
SCARBOROUGH, JANE                       NY-1-27-163
SCARBOROUGH, THOMAS                     NY-1-21-337
SCHACK, CAROLINE M.                     NY-1-46-280
SCHACK, JACOB                           NY-1-32-370
SCHACK, ROSS                            NY-1-40-85
SCHADELLE, LOUISA                       NY-1-18-219
SCHAEFER, FERDINAND                     NY-1-43-246
SCHAFFER, LEWIS                         NY-1-19-446
SCHAFFER, MARIA BARBARA                 NY-1-40-398
SCHAFFNER, MARY ANN                     NY-1-45-310
SCHAFFNER, PETER                        NY-1-41-469
SCHAICK, ABRAHAM                        NY-1-1A-262
SCHAICK, CATHERINE                      NY-1-1A-259
SCHAICK, JACOB                          NY-1-1A-265
SCHALLER, CHRISTINE                     NY-1-41-182
SCHANTZ, GEORGE                         NY-1-30-312
SCHARP, COENRAED                        NY-1-4-165
SCHARTZ, FREDERICK                      NY-1-34-274
SCHAUFFERT, ERNEST                      NY-1-40-418
SCHAUFFERT, MAGDALENA                   NY-1-34-267
SCHEDER, JOHN KILIAN                    NY-1-43-112
SCHEFFER, JOHANNIS                      NY-1-1B-57
SCHELL, ABRAHAM                         NY-1-37-337
SCHELL, PETER P.                        NY-1-31-28
SCHEMEHORN, LEONARD                     NY-1-11-284
SCHEMPERT, FREDERICK                    NY-1-22-373
SCHENK, GEORGE                          NY-1-45-385
SCHENK, PHILIPINE                       NY-1-45-51
SCHEOMOES, JOHN                         NY-1-2B-315
SCHEPER, CLEMENS                        NY-1-30-14
SCHERMERHORN, ELIZABETH                 NY-1-14-164
SCHERMERHORN, HIRAM                     NY-1-41-296
SCHERMERHORN, ISAAC                     NY-1-11-331
SCHERMERHORN, LUKE                      NY-1-1B-116
SCHERMERHORN, NELSON                    NY-1-41-320
SCHERMERHORN, RYER                      NY-1-2B-90
SCHERMERHORN, RYERT                     NY-1-1A-164
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON                     NY-1-3-473
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM R.                NY-1-50-84
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM R.                NY-1-50-84
SCHEURER, CHARLOTTE                     NY-1-47-312
SCHEURER, JACOB F.                      NY-1-27-450
SCHIFFERDECKER, ANNA                    NY-1-46-164
SCHIFFERDECKER, CHARLES                 NY-1-24-339
SCHILL, GUSTAV                          NY-1-45-214
SCHILLER, JOHN                          NY-1-37-164
SCHIMPF, FREDERICK                      NY-1-48-123
SCHINDLER, CHARLES W.                   NY-1-25-409
SCHINDLER, ELIZABETH                    NY-1-41-327
SCHINDLER, EMMA                         NY-1-19-176
SCHINDLER, RICHARD                      NY-1-26-431
SCHIPPERS, JACOB                        NY-1-28-231
SCHIPPMANN, HENRY                       NY-1-33-112
SCHIRTZ, MARY                           NY-1-29-93
SCHISSLER, JACOB SR.                    NY-1-48-354
SCHLEICH, WILLIAM                       NY-1-39-494
SCHLETZ, FRANK                          NY-1-38-167
SCHLETZ, JUSTINA CHRISTINA              NY-1-46-234
SCHLICHTER, ASHER                       NY-1-28-467
SCHLICHTER, BARBARA                     NY-1-21-88
SCHLICHTING, MARIA THERESA              NY-1-24-106
SCHLICHTING, NICHOLAUS                  NY-1-29-137
SCHLICK, JOSEPHINE                      NY-1-48-333
SCHLINGLOFF, WILLIAM F.                 NY-1-37-246
SCHMIDT, ANNA E.                        NY-1-40-201
SCHMIDT, CATHARINE                      NY-1-41-22
SCHMIDT, FREDERICK WILLIAM              NY-1-16-41
SCHMIDT, GEORGE                         NY-1-44-241
SCHMIDT, MARGARET                       NY-1-24-415
SCHMIDT, PHILIP                         NY-1-39-369
SCHMITT, PHILIP                         NY-1-48-175
SCHMITZ, JOHN                           NY-1-34-59
SCHMITZ, WILLIAM                        NY-1-40-341
SCHNEIDER, HENRY                        NY-1-44-34
SCHNEIDER, MARGARET B.                  NY-1-37-71
SCHNEIDER, MATHIAS                      NY-1-43-378
SCHNEIDER, PETER                        NY-1-35-92
SCHNELL, GEORGE                         NY-1-22-324
SCHOFIELD, JOHN                         NY-1-25-389
SCHOFIELD, MARY                         NY-1-33-62
SCHOLEFIELD, ARNOLD                     NY-1-2B-415
SCHOLEFIELD, SARAH                      NY-1-4-303
SCHOLTES, JACOB                         NY-1-14-464
SCHONEMAN, ROSINE                       NY-1-50-477
SCHOONMAKER, ABRAHAM                    NY-1-28-250
SCHOONMAKER, BRIDGET                    NY-1-28-487
SCHOONMAKER, HENRY                      NY-1-5-380
SCHOONMAKER, HENRY J.                   NY-1-16-443
SCHOONMAKER, HENRY V.                   NY-1-19-437
SCHOONMAKER, HEZEKIAH                   NY-1-3-347
SCHOONMAKER, ISAAC H.                   NY-1-38-305
SCHOONMAKER, JAMES                      NY-1-20-346
SCHOONMAKER, JAMES                      NY-1-15-379
SCHOONMAKER, LUCY                       NY-1-29-329
SCHOONMAKER, PETER                      NY-1-14-172
SCHOONMAKER, SUSAN                      NY-1-35-496
SCHREIBER, ESTHER                       NY-1-28-171
SCHREIBER, JOSEPHINE                    NY-1-45-341
SCHREIBER, MAYER                        NY-1-30-7
SCHRODT, MICHAEL                        NY-1-46-222
SCHROEDER, AMELIA                       NY-1-35-84
SCHROEDER, SEBASTIAN                    NY-1-4-503
SCHULL, JOHN B.                         NY-1-34-14
SCHULTEIS, MATTHIAS W.                  NY-1-7-60
SCHULTES, JOHANNES                      NY-1-13-107
SCHULTES, PETER W.                      NY-1-14-351
SCHULTHEISS, GEORGE                     NY-1-40-191
SCHULTUS, PETER                         NY-1-15-151
SCHULTUS, WILLIAM                       NY-1-7-58
SCHULTZ, CAROLINE                       NY-1-48-330
SCHUMACHER, ELIZABETH                   NY-1-46-348
SCHUMACHER, LORENZ                      NY-1-37-22
SCHUMACHER, PETER                       NY-1-49-106
SCHUNEMAN, JOHN                         NY-1-2B-193
SCHUTT, ELIAS                           NY-1-18-74
SCHUTT, FREDERICK                       NY-1-21-200
SCHUYLER, ABRAHAM                       NY-1-1A-187
SCHUYLER, ABRAHAM                       NY-1-4-158
SCHUYLER, ALIDA                         NY-1-45-195
SCHUYLER, ANGELICA                      NY-1-24-227
SCHUYLER, ANN JANE                      NY-1-14-367
SCHUYLER, ANNA M.                       NY-1-33-211
SCHUYLER, BREGHCHE                      NY-1-1B-202
SCHUYLER, ELLEN B.                      NY-1-50-313
SCHUYLER, JAMES                         NY-1-17-330
SCHUYLER, JOHN C.                       NY-1-29-478
SCHUYLER, JOHN CORTLANDT                NY-1-2B-143
SCHUYLER, JOHN CORTLANDT                NY-1-2A-55
SCHUYLER, LUCAS V. V.                   NY-1-14-379
SCHUYLER, MARIA                         NY-1-7-337
SCHUYLER, MARIA                         NY-1-8-177
SCHUYLER, PHILIP S.                     NY-1-41-112
SCHUYLER, PHILIP S.                     NY-1-12-217
SCHUYLER, RICHARD P.                    NY-1-47-359
SCHUYLER, SALLY                         NY-1-14-95
SCHUYLER, SAMUEL                        NY-1-11-324
SCHUYLER, STEPHEN R.                    NY-1-27-41
SCHUYLER, THOMAS                        NY-1-20-337
SCHWART, MARGARET                       NY-1-40-7
SCHWARTZ, DAVID L.                      NY-1-50-384
SCHWARTZ, FREDERICK                     NY-1-30-439
SCHWARTZ, INEZ M.                       NY-1-43-448
SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH                        NY-1-48-84
SCHWARTZ, SIMON                         NY-1-27-468
SCHWARTZ, SOPHIA BARBARA                NY-1-29-2
SCHWARZ, CHRISTIAN                      NY-1-47-54
SCHWEIKART, JOSEPH                      NY-1-41-402
SCHWEITZER, JOHN                        NY-1-35-442
SCHWEITZER, MARGARET                    NY-1-45-372
SCHWINN, NICKLAUS                       NY-1-24-309
SCHWITZER, MATHIAS                      NY-1-44-421
SCHWORM, MARIA                          NY-1-36-128
SCOFIELD, MICHAEL                       NY-1-8-374
SCOFIELD, MICHAEL                       NY-1-9-110
SCOON, JOHN                             NY-1-5-155
SCOON, ROBERT                           NY-1-5-153
SCOON, WALTER                           NY-1-4-452
SCORSBY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-14-405
SCOTLAND, JOHN H.                       NY-1-49-379
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD                        NY-1-25-310
SCOTT, CORNELIUS SR.                    NY-1-3-131
SCOTT, DAVID                            NY-1-50-302
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-13-362
SCOTT, EMMA T.                          NY-1-46-241
SCOTT, GEORGE C.                        NY-1-48-389
SCOTT, JAMES                            NY-1-7-99
SCOTT, MARY                             NY-1-18-177
SCOTT, SAMUEL                           NY-1-13-470
SCOTT, THEODORE L.                      NY-1-29-37
SCOTT, THOMAS                           NY-1-49-371
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NY-1-24-304
SCOTT, WILLIAM B.                       NY-1-34-155
SCOVEL, ANNA L.                         NY-1-43-416
SCOVEL, ASHLEY                          NY-1-14-117
SCOVIL, ERASTUS                         NY-1-32-34
SCRAFFORD, DANIEL                       NY-1-24-275
SCRAFFORD, WILLIAM                      NY-1-22-394
SCRIBNER, BENJAMIN C.                   NY-1-28- 315
SCRIVANI, FRANCESCO                     NY-1-43-146
SCULLY, MARY                            NY-1-45-113
SCULLY, TIMOTHY                         NY-1-44-90
SCUTT, JOHN H.                          NY-1-45-485
SCUTT, PHILIP                           NY-1-13-285
SEABRIDGE, PETER                        NY-1-40-381
SEABRING, ALIDA                         NY-1-15-70
SEABURY, HILAN                          NY-1-44-300
SEAMAN, HERRMANN                        NY-1-24-122
SEAMAN, JOSEPH                          NY-1-30-381
SEAMON, JAMES D.                        NY-1-3-431
SEAPORT, JOHANNAH                       NY-1-45-191
SEAPORT, JOSEPH                         NY-1-33-38
SEARLS, BRIDGET                         NY-1-28-387
SECOR, BENJAMIN G.                      NY-1-32-319
SECOR, CORNELIUS                        NY-1-18-179
SECOR, DANIEL                           NY-1-7-96
SECOR, MARGARET J.                      NY-1-49-386
SECOR, WILLIAM                          NY-1-31-331
SEDAM, CHALRES                          NY-1-29-482
SEDAM, ELIZA M.                         NY-1-39-183
SEEBARGER, AMELIA                       NY-1-33-455
SEELEY, MARY                            NY-1-35-156
SEELYE, JULIUS H.                       NY-1-37-384
SEEMANN, EMMA                           NY-1-45-230
SEENEY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-43-258
SEGAR, ISABELLA CAROLINE                NY-1-22-205
SEGER, ANTHONY B.                       NY-1-27-355
SEGER, HENRY                            NY-1-17-165
SEGER, MARY                             NY-1-24-177
SEIB, MARGARET                          NY-1-43-376
SEIDLEMEIER, JOHANNES                   NY-1-4-393
SEIGRIST, MATHIAS                       NY-1-36-41
SEIGRIST, MATHIAS                       NY-1-36-41
SEIKIRK, JAMES M.                       NY-1-48-50
SEILER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-38-498
SEITZ, JOHN                             NY-1-21-139
SELDEN, ELLA JENNINGS                   NY-1-48-106
SELIGMAN, ELIAS                         NY-1-47-194
SELKIRK, EDWARD                         NY-1-39-173
SELKIRK, JAMES                          NY-1-5-284
SELKIRK, JAMES                          NY-1-5-301
SELKIRK, MARTHA                         NY-1-28-271
SELLERS, THOMAS                         NY-1-28-137
SEMAN, JOHN FERDINAND                   NY-1-34-443
SENEZ, ALEXANDER                        NY-1-48-486
SENGER, CATHARINA                       NY-1-26-259
SENNETT, MARY                           NY-1-35-316
SERLS, ABRAHAM                          NY-1-11-473
SERLS, ABRAHAM                          NY-1-11-230
SERVISS, WILLIAM                        NY-1-15-196
SESSIONS, CHARLES E.                    NY-1-46-166
SETTLE, JACOB                           NY-1-22-179
SETTLE, SYLVANUS W.                     NY-1-49-70
SEVERSON, GEORGE                        NY-1-4-298
SEVERSON, JOHN J.                       NY-1-37-249
SEWALL, ANTHONY                         NY-1-31-59
SEWELL, EDWARD W.                       NY-1-44-214
SEXTON, BERNARD                         NY-1-44-88
SEYMOUR, ALIDA                          NY-1-27-184
SEYMOUR, MARGARET                       NY-1-27-293
SEYMOUR, WILLIAM                        NY-1-21-51
SHADBOLT, THOMAS                        NY-1-5-50
SHAEFER, JOHANNES                       NY-1-15-19
SHAFER, AMELIA C.                       NY-1-18-443
SHAFER, BENJAMIN MCE.                   NY-1-28-420
SHAFER, FRANCIS                         NY-1-9-317
SHAFER, FRANCIS                         NY-1-10-51
SHAFER, JACOB                           NY-1-2B-178
SHAFER, JOHANNES                        NY-1-1B-20
SHAFER, JOHN F.                         NY-1-50-53
SHAFER, JOHN F.                         NY-1-20-10
SHAFER, JOHN F.                         NY-1-50-53
SHAFER, LYDIA                           NY-1-37-109
SHAFER, PETER JR.                       NY-1-8-443
SHAFER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-24-74
SHAFFER, ADAM Q.                        NY-1-35-332
SHAMBROOK, JOHN                         NY-1-46-126
SHANDLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-1-36-311
SHANKS, GEORGE                          NY-1-46-109
SHANKS, ROBERT                          NY-1-45-52
SHANNAHAN, ALICE                        NY-1-29-368
SHARKEY, CHARLES W.                     NY-1-44-41
SHARP, ABSOLAM M.                       NY-1-24-307
SHARP, ANDREW                           NY-1-15-10
SHARP, ANDREW A.                        NY-1-41-129
SHARP, GILBERT                          NY-1-41-381
SHARP, GILBERT A.                       NY-1-39-299
SHARP, JOHN W.                          NY-1-46-456
SHARP, MARY                             NY-1-5-320
SHARP, PETER                            NY-1-8-152
SHARP, WILLIAM                          NY-1-20-113
SHARPE, JOSEPH                          NY-1-4-317
SHATTUCK, ALMIRA E.                     NY-1-33-283
SHAVER, CHARLES                         NY-1-6-90
SHAVER, HENRY C.                        NY-1-7-62
SHAVER, JAMES D.                        NY-1-18-346
SHAVER, NATHAN                          NY-1-35-67
SHAVER, PETER                           NY-1-32-209
SHAW, ANNA M.                           NY-1-34-35
SHAW, BETSEY                            NY-1-48-497
SHAW, CHESTER C.                        NY-1-35-321
SHAW, ISABELLA                          NY-1-10-263
SHAW, JOHN                              NY-1-41-210
SHAW, JOHN                              NY-1-6-235
SHAW, PARMELIA ANN                      NY-1-27-427
SHAW, PATRICK H.                        NY-1-30-156
SHAW, SARAH E.                          NY-1-49-22
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-1-27-429
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-1-26-222
SHEA, MAURICE                           NY-1-28-69
SHEAN, CATHARINE                        NY-1-47-429
SHEAR, DANFORTH D.                      NY-1-49-293
SHEAR, HARVEY                           NY-1-35-263
SHEAR, ISRAEL                           NY-1-30-485
SHEAR, J. HARRIS                        NY-1-31-100
SHEAR, JACOB H.                         NY-1-24-181
SHEAR, JOHN                             NY-1-36-11
SHEAR, JOHN                             NY-1-36-11
SHEAR, JOHN I.                          NY-1-17-322
SHEAR, JONAS                            NY-1-22-291
SHEAR, PALMER                           NY-1-29-199
SHEE, ANN                               NY-1-2B-1
SHEEHAN, ANNA T.                        NY-1-47-110
SHEEHAN, DANIEL                         NY-1-50-6
SHEEHAN, DANIEL                         NY-1-50-6
SHEEHAN, JEREMIAH                       NY-1-33-404
SHEEHAN, MARGARET                       NY-1-25-21
SHEEHAN, MARY                           NY-1-49-411
SHEEHAN, PATRICK                        NY-1-16-478
SHEEHEY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-35-88
SHEEHY, MICHAEL                         NY-1-46-409
SHEERER, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-28-287
SHEIN, MARY                             NY-1-39-497
SHELDEN, JOSEPH                         NY-1-1B-66
SHELDON, JACOB P.                       NY-1-22-54
SHELDON, RICHARD S.                     NY-1-49-316
SHELDON, THOMAS                         NY-1-21-440
SHELL, CATHARINE                        NY-1-13-359
SHELL, GEORGE                           NY-1-32-90
SHELL, JAOCB                            NY-1-13-425
SHELL, PHILIP                           NY-1-4-74
SHELLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-1-33-120
SHENSLEY, EVE                           NY-1-24-386
SHEPARD, ALFRED D.                      NY-1-22-25
SHEPARD, ANNA ALIDA                     NY-1-46-345
SHEPARD, DARWIN P.                      NY-1-29-17
SHEPARD, STEPHEN O.                     NY-1-46-56
SHEPARD, WILLIAM                        NY-1-10-375
SHEPHERD, ALICE                         NY-1-36-90
SHEPHERD, ALICE                         NY-1-36-90
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-2B-307
SHEPHERD, JANE                          NY-1-25-231
SHEPHERD, JOHN                          NY-1-2B-263
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                        NY-1-4-223
SHEPHERD, WILILAM                       NY-1-2B-176
SHEPPARD, JOHN                          NY-1-28-226
SHERIDAN, ROSANNAH M.                   NY-1-22-7
SHERIDAN, WILLIAM                       NY-1-48-492
SHERLOCK, MICHAEL                       NY-1-26-468
SHERMAN, JOHN B.                        NY-1-29-229
SHERMAN, LEWIS                          NY-1-18-478
SHERMAN, PRESERVED                      NY-1-30-54
SHERMAN, STEPHEN                        NY-1-13-78
SHERMAN, WILLIAM J.                     NY-1-33-494
SHERRY, JOHN                            NY-1-13-452
SHERWOOD, ISAAC                         NY-1-15-125
SHERWOOD, JOSEPH                        NY-1-22-221
SHERWOOD, LEMUEL                        NY-1-15-209
SHERWOOD, RICHARD C.                    NY-1-46-198
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM                       NY-1-19-251
SHIELDS, ADAM                           NY-1-14-223
SHIELDS, ADAM                           NY-1-35-336
SHIELDS, HENRY                          NY-1-14-231
SHIELDS, JANE                           NY-1-37-140
SHIELDS, JULIA                          NY-1-48-248
SHIELS, BERNARD S.                      NY-1-22-398
SHIELS, CHARLES                         NY-1-16-272
SHIFFENDECKER, HENRY                    NY-1-19-378
SHIFFER, JOSEPH D.                      NY-1-7-409
SHIFFER, MARY D.                        NY-1-10-337
SHIRES, JANE                            NY-1-16-50
SHITTERLEY, JOHANNIS                    NY-1-5-118
SHOLTES, JACOB                          NY-1-39-420
SHOLTES, ROMAINE                        NY-1-46-489
SHORT, JOHN                             NY-1-25-48
SHORTELL, BRIDGET AGNES                 NY-1-41-431
SHOTWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-39-54
SHOUDY, JOHN                            NY-1-9-358
SHOUDY, JOHN                            NY-1-10-113
SHOUDY, MICHAEL                         NY-1-21-158
SHOULDES, MATTHIAS                      NY-1-13-419
SHOVE, SETH                             NY-1-24-121
SHOWERMAN, COENRAD                      NY-1-3-315
SHRADER, MICHAEL                        NY-1-15-361
SHUFELDT, PETER                         NY-1-14-184
SHUFELT, ASA                            NY-1-50-448
SHULTES, ADAM                           NY-1-16-137
SHULTES, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-1-41-203
SHULTES, JOHN W.                        NY-1-16-326
SHULTES, JOSEPH I.                      NY-1-35-153
SHULTZ, FERDINAND                       NY-1-21-149
SHULZ, WILLIAM G.                       NY-1-33-412
SHUSTER, MARY                           NY-1-20-228
SHUTTER, ABRAM                          NY-1-25-304
SHUTTER, ELI S.                         NY-1-34-373
SHUTTER, MARCY                          NY-1-34-190
SICKER, CATHERINE                       NY-1-47-67
SICKER, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-13-68
SICKER, LUDEWYCK                        NY-1-4-6
SICKERS, REBECCA                        NY-1-14-7
SICKLER, JOHN P.                        NY-1-31-449
SICKLES, HIRAM E.                       NY-1-44-193
SIDEBOTHAM, JOB                         NY-1-41-391
SIEGRIST, WILLIAM                       NY-1-29-384
SIESS, EVA                              NY-1-47-16
SIGSBEE, ABRAM                          NY-1-16-321
SIGSBEE, MARGARET                       NY-1-29-407
SIGSBEE, NICHOLAS                       NY-1-20-416
SIGSBEE, WILLIAM                        NY-1-33-331
SILL, ELIZABETH ANN                     NY-1-33-226
SILL, FRANCIS H.                        NY-1-44-234
SILL, RICHARD                           NY-1-1B-275
SILL, SEMANTHA R.                       NY-1-32-43
SILL, WILLIAM N.                        NY-1-38-188
SILL, WILLIAM N.                        NY-1-12-154
SILLIMAN, AURELIA L.                    NY-1-21-365
SILLIMAN, CLARISSA                      NY-1-32-322
SILLIMAN, JOHN                          NY-1-19-296
SILLIMAN, LEVI                          NY-1-12-212
SILSBY, DAN G.                          NY-1-35-298
SILSBY, HENRY W.                        NY-1-35-19
SIMCOX, JAMES                           NY-1-33-174
SIMMONS, CECELIA                        NY-1-30-2
SIMMONS, DANIEL                         NY-1-17-454
SIMMONS, ELLEN J.                       NY-1-30-293
SIMMONS, FRANCES A.                     NY-1-33-114
SIMMONS, JACOB H.                       NY-1-47-83
SIMMONS, JOHN M.                        NY-1-47-498
SIMMONS, MARY MATILDA                   NY-1-27-106
SIMMONS, PETER ***                      NY-1-15-391
SIMMONS, SIMON P.                       NY-1-33-75
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        NY-1-25-72
SIMON, CLARA                            NY-1-18-450
SIMON, GEORG                            NY-1-37-283
SIMON, MATHIAS                          NY-1-50-246
SIMON, WOLF                             NY-1-30-401
SIMONS, ANN ELIZA                       NY-1-45-29
SIMONS, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-21-340
SIMONS, JACOB                           NY-1-13-33
SIMONS, JOHN H.                         NY-1-15-183
SIMPKINS, EBENEZER                      NY-1-4-241
SIMPKINS, ROBERT L.                     NY-1-31-10
SIMPSON, FRANCIS W.                     NY-1-21-266
SIMPSON, JAMES                          NY-1-39-68
SIMPSON, JANE                           NY-1-47-490
SIMPSON, ROBERT                         NY-1-20-32
SIMPSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-1-36-17
SIMPSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-1-36-17
SIMS, FRANCIS                           NY-1-22-236
SIMS, SAMUEL                            NY-1-18-1
SINGER, AMBROSE                         NY-1-28-279
SINGER, CAROLINE                        NY-1-47-155
SINGER, JANE                            NY-1-48-426
SITTERLY, JACOB                         NY-1-36-297
SITTERLY, JACOB                         NY-1-9-360
SITTERLY, MARGARET                      NY-1-27-183
SITTERLY, MARGARET                      NY-1-21-483
SIVER, JACOB P.                         NY-1-32-308
SIVER, MARTIN                           NY-1-39-401
SIVER, WILLIAM                          NY-1-35-260
SIVYER, HENRY                           NY-1-36-160
SKEEL, THOMAS E.                        NY-1-21-77
SKEEL, WILLIAM                          NY-1-2B-338
SKEHAN, JOHN                            NY-1-20-269
SKEHAN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-18-211
SKERRITT, MARGARET E.                   NY-1-35-424
SKERRITT, SUSAN L.                      NY-1-49-278
SKILLICORN, JOHN                        NY-1-49-255
SKINNER, AGNES                          NY-1-47-448
SKINNER, ANN LOUISA                     NY-1-34-441
SKINNER, ANN MARIA                      NY-1-30-187
SKINNER, CHARLES M.                     NY-1-45-244
SKINNER, DAVID B.                       NY-1-50-86
SKINNER, DAVID B.                       NY-1-50-86
SKINNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-11-53
SKINNER, ISAAC                          NY-1-22-243
SKINNER, JARED                          NY-1-4-226
SKINNER, JOHN                           NY-1-29-490
SKINNER, JOSIAH                         NY-1-10-446
SKINNER, JOSIAH                         NY-1-9-273
SLACK, GREENVILLE                       NY-1-16-298
SLACK, JACOB                            NY-1-20-142
SLACK, ROBERT F.                        NY-1-15-274
SLADE, CATHARINE B                      NY-1-50-357
SLADE, JOHN                             NY-1-9-208
SLADE, JOHN                             NY-1-8-473
SLADE, KINGSLEY                         NY-1-10-37
SLADE, KINGSLEY                         NY-1-9-278
SLADE, STEPHEN V. R.                    NY-1-43-91
SLASSON, EBENEZER                       NY-1-5-163
SLATER, EDWARD                          NY-1-20-145
SLATER, JERUSHA                         NY-1-24-479
SLATTERY, JOHANNA                       NY-1-50-52
SLATTERY, JOHANNA                       NY-1-50-52
SLAVIN, BRIDGET                         NY-1-31-347
SLAVIN, HENRY                           NY-1-16-394
SLAVIN, THOMAS                          NY-1-50-396
SLEESMAN, CATHERINE                     NY-1-46-334
SLINGERLAND, ALBERT                     NY-1-1A-189
SLINGERLAND, ALBERT V. D. Z.            NY-1-20-320
SLINGERLAND, ANN MARIA                  NY-1-29-61
SLINGERLAND, ANTOINETTE A.              NY-1-38-251
SLINGERLAND, CORNELIUS                  NY-1-9-180
SLINGERLAND, CORNELIUS                  NY-1-8-446
SLINGERLAND, DOUW B.                    NY-1-9-289
SLINGERLAND, DOUW B.                    NY-1-10-47
SLINGERLAND, EVE ANN                    NY-1-47-472
SLINGERLAND, FRED B.                    NY-1-21-492
SLINGERLAND, HENRY                      NY-1-14-148
SLINGERLAND, JOHN                       NY-1-29-418
SLINGERLAND, JOHN A.                    NY-1-14-14
SLINGERLAND, JOHN I.                    NY-1-18-248
SLINGERLAND, MAUS                       NY-1-40-390
SLINGERLAND, PETER                      NY-1-13-81
SLINGERLAND, STORM                      NY-1-8-117
SLINGERLAND, TEUNIS                     NY-1-14-454
SLINGERLAND, TUNIS                      NY-1-13-293
SLINGERLANDT, ALBERT                    NY-1-3-319
SLINGERLANDT, REBECCA                   NY-1-2B-67
SLINGERLANDT, TEUNIS                    NY-1-3-291
SLINGERTLANDT, ARENT                    NY-1-1A-161
SLOAN, ELIZA                            NY-1-41-347
SLOAN, JOHN                             NY-1-38-253
SLOAN, MARIA                            NY-1-27-98
SLOCUM, STEPHEN                         NY-1-19-465
SMALLEY, BELLE                          NY-1-31-439
SMALLMAN, DAVID                         NY-1-25-432
SMEAD, ELIHU                            NY-1-44-298
SMEAD, EMILY ELIZABETH                  NY-1-36-233
SMITH, ABRAM H. D.                      NY-1-49-384
SMITH, ALBERT D.                        NY-1-39-478
SMITH, ALICE                            NY-1-21-308
SMITH, ANDREW                           NY-1-28-73
SMITH, ANDREW J.                        NY-1-45-129
SMITH, ANDREW N.                        NY-1-27-27
SMITH, BARBARY A.                       NY-1-17-301
SMITH, BARENT                           NY-1-4-232
SMITH, BERNHART                         NY-1-21-402
SMITH, CALEB                            NY-1-9-33
SMITH, CARRIE                           NY-1-50-267
SMITH, CATHARINE A. V. H.               NY-1-38-24
SMITH, CATHARINE ANNA                   NY-1-31-307
SMITH, CATHARINE S.                     NY-1-38-79
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-1-25-357
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-1-30-223
SMITH, CORNELIUS                        NY-1-33-498
SMITH, CORNELL                          NY-1-26-262
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-1-3-283
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-1-28-240
SMITH, E. LEROY                         NY-1-50-444
SMITH, EDWARD                           NY-1-33-428
SMITH, EDWIN C.                         NY-1-26-447
SMITH, ELIZABETH V. A.                  NY-1-39-254
SMITH, ELLEN                            NY-1-25-211
SMITH, EMILY B.                         NY-1-50-409
SMITH, EPHRAIM                          NY-1-22-228
SMITH, EVA                              NY-1-47-437
SMITH, FANNY                            NY-1-24-187
SMITH, GILBERT                          NY-1-34-289
SMITH, GITTY                            NY-1-37-1
SMITH, GRACE S.                         NY-1-44-480
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-1-32-20
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-1-27-345
SMITH, HENRY N.                         NY-1-50-426
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-1-48-1
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-1-39-293
SMITH, ISAAC H.                         NY-1-32-315
SMITH, ISABELLA A.                      NY-1-48-100
SMITH, JACOB H.                         NY-1-50-287
SMITH, JAMES T.                         NY-1-37-256
SMITH, JANE PENNIMAN                    NY-1-19-419
SMITH, JASPER                           NY-1-46-1
SMITH, JEAN                             NY-1-35-327
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-1-29-333
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-1-19-338
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-1-40-72
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-1-40-238
SMITH, JOHN A.                          NY-1-27-471
SMITH, JOHN B.                          NY-1-28-498
SMITH, JOHN C.                          NY-1-29-366
SMITH, JOHN C.                          NY-1-32-222
SMITH, JOHN H.                          NY-1-31-476
SMITH, JOHN W. H.                       NY-1-45-63
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-1-22-430
SMITH, JOSEPH A.                        NY-1-49-219
SMITH, LAWRENCE                         NY-1-41-154
SMITH, LIZABETH                         NY-1-39-457
SMITH, LOUISA                           NY-1-49-274
SMITH, MARGARET C.                      NY-1-20-261
SMITH, MARGARET W.                      NY-1-45-6
SMITH, MARY                             NY-1-27-115
SMITH, MARY                             NY-1-17-91
SMITH, MARY A.                          NY-1-38-61
SMITH, MARY ANN                         NY-1-44-263
SMITH, MARY JANE                        NY-1-38-49
SMITH, MELANCTON                        NY-1-25-122
SMITH, MICHAEL H.                       NY-1-36-313
SMITH, MOSES                            NY-1-9-145
SMITH, MOSES                            NY-1-8-410
SMITH, NANCY ADALINE                    NY-1-36-477
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         NY-1-15-71
SMITH, PATRICK                          NY-1-47-32
SMITH, PETER                            NY-1-21-23
SMITH, PLATT A.                         NY-1-30-225
SMITH, RALPH                            NY-1-20-187
SMITH, REUBEN                           NY-1-36-245
SMITH, ROBERT C.                        NY-1-17-381
SMITH, ROSE                             NY-1-38-415
SMITH, S. SIDNEY                        NY-1-20-305
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-1-25-404
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-1-6-143
SMITH, SARAH A.                         NY-1-47-185
SMITH, SARAH ANN                        NY-1-50-128
SMITH, TERRENCE                         NY-1-18-246
SMITH, THEODORE D.                      NY-1-29-160
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-1-21-34
SMITH, VICKERY                          NY-1-40-48
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-1-21-373
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-1-11-31
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                       NY-1-45-399
SMITH, WILLIAM S.                       NY-1-38-70
SMULLEN, MICHAEL V.                     NY-1-34-12
SMYTH, ANNA                             NY-1-29-54
SMYTH, CHARLES                          NY-1-12-330
SMYTH, PATRICK                          NY-1-16-276
SMYTH, SUSAN E.                         NY-1-50-478
SNIDER, DANIEL                          NY-1-19-190
SNIFFEN, MARY                           NY-1-45-346
SNODGRASS, GEORGE V.                    NY-1-38-254
SNODGRASS, MARY J.                      NY-1-40-401
SNOW, JOSEPH L.                         NY-1-25-139
SNOW, NORMAN L.                         NY-1-33-102
SNOWDEN, JANE                           NY-1-49-82
SNYDER, ABRAM G.                        NY-1-26-307
SNYDER, ADAM                            NY-1-16-290
SNYDER, EPHRIAM                         NY-1-13-518
SNYDER, GEORGE                          NY-1-12-75
SNYDER, HANNAH                          NY-1-30-430
SNYDER, HENRY                           NY-1-44-469
SNYDER, HENRY                           NY-1-15-117
SNYDER, IRA                             NY-1-17-56
SNYDER, ISAAC                           NY-1-7-246
SNYDER, ISAAC                           NY-1-8-68
SNYDER, JACOB                           NY-1-1B-122
SNYDER, JAMES M.                        NY-1-43-274
SNYDER, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-7-29
SNYDER, JOHN                            NY-1-44-290
SNYDER, MARY FISHER                     NY-1-37-364
SNYDER, NANCY                           NY-1-30-125
SNYDER, PETER                           NY-1-1B-125
SNYDER, PETER J.                        NY-1-21-468
SNYDER, SAMUEL                          NY-1-8-1
SNYDER, SAMUEL                          NY-1-7-179
SNYDER, SOLOMON                         NY-1-5-378
SNYDER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-4-309
SNYDER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-1-24-191
SNYDER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-1-29-84
SOHN, SIMON                             NY-1-36-29
SOHN, SIMON                             NY-1-36-29
SOLISS, ESTHER                          NY-1-21-15
SOLISS, JAMES                           NY-1-19-321
SOLISS, REBECCA                         NY-1-7-65
SOLOMONS, LEVY                          NY-1-5-398
SOMMER, MARY                            NY-1-27-48
SOMMERS, DANIEL                         NY-1-24-144
SOMMERS, ISAAC                          NY-1-45-228
SONNENFELD, CAROLINE                    NY-1-44-491
SOOP, CONRAD                            NY-1-14-23
SOOP, JOHN                              NY-1-24-209
SOOP, RICHARD                           NY-1-4-219
SOOPER, FREDERICK                       NY-1-22-141
SOULDEN, ANNA MARIA                     NY-1-17-432
SOULDEN, WILLIAM                        NY-1-14-226
SOULE, GEORGE                           NY-1-4-416
SOUTHARD, ISAAC                         NY-1-19-241
SOUTHARD, KITTIE V.                     NY-1-34-106
SOUTHWICK, HENRY C.                     NY-1-30-190
SOUTHWICK, MARY                         NY-1-27-440
SOUTHWICK, WILLIAM                      NY-1-28-480
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM S.                  NY-1-25-235
SPAERBECK, HENRY                        NY-1-11-154
SPALDING, ALONZO                        NY-1-48-250
SPALDING, CAROLINE                      NY-1-35-417
SPALDING, DANIEL                        NY-1-14-439
SPALDING, DARWIN                        NY-1-28-454
SPALDING, SUSAN                         NY-1-31-468
SPANN, JEHOIAKIM                        NY-1-29-56
SPARBECK, COONRADT                      NY-1-11-201
SPAWN, ADAM                             NY-1-21-183
SPAWN, ELLEN                            NY-1-36-210
SPAWN, ELLEN                            NY-1-36-278
SPAWN, HANNAH                           NY-1-36-121
SPAWN, HENRY                            NY-1-12-47
SPAWN, PHILIP                           NY-1-3-183
SPEARS, TIMOTHY                         NY-1-14-130
SPELLMAN, CATHARINE                     NY-1-27-340
SPELMAN, BENJAMIN R.                    NY-1-44-388
SPENCER, CALEB                          NY-1-16-433
SPENCER, GEORGE B.                      NY-1-5-54
SPENCER, HANNAH                         NY-1-12-183
SPENCER, JOHN                           NY-1-6-64
SPENCER, JOHN C.                        NY-1-15-325
SPENCER, MARY F. B.                     NY-1-48-279
SPENCER, PHILIP                         NY-1-35-26
SPENCER, SUSANNAH                       NY-1-13-37
SPENCER, WELTHEN                        NY-1-6-34
SPENCER, WILLIAM                        NY-1-6-334
SPENSLEY, JOHN                          NY-1-25-107
SPERBORG, JOSEPH                        NY-1-36-397
SPIEGEL, MARTIN                         NY-1-27-166
SPINDLER, DAVID                         NY-1-39-473
SPONDOWITZ, JOHN                        NY-1-43-48
SPONTOWITZ, VERONICA                    NY-1-40-360
SPOOR, ABRAHAM                          NY-1-7-176
SPOOR, CHARLES T. F.                    NY-1-39-167
SPOOR, CHARLES T. F.                    NY-1-39-351
SPOOR, GERRIT                           NY-1-1A-168
SPORBERG, HENRY J.                      NY-1-41-72
SPORE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-9-286
SPORE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-10-45
SPORE, WILLIAM I.                       NY-1-43-482
SPRAGUE, CHARLES H.                     NY-1-44-463
SPRAGUE, EPENETUS                       NY-1-13-281
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM                        NY-1-30-299
SPRINGHART, JULIA                       NY-1-47-454
SPRINGSTEAD, JEREMIAH                   NY-1-4-389
SPRINGSTEED, JOSEPH                     NY-1-10-214
SPRINGSTEED, STEPHEN                    NY-1-10-240
SPRINGSTEED, WILLIAM                    NY-1-30-287
SPRINKS, JAMES                          NY-1-22-388
SPRINKS, MATILDA                        NY-1-31-131
SPURR, HENRY                            NY-1-33-447
STAATS, ABRAHAM                         NY-1-1A-228
STAATS, ADALINE                         NY-1-30-329
STAATS, ANN                             NY-1-7-120
STAATS, ANN                             NY-1-7-87
STAATS, BARENT                          NY-1-2B-209
STAATS, BARENT I.                       NY-1-2B-240
STAATS, BARENT P.                       NY-1-22-403
STAATS, BARNET N.                       NY-1-16-97
STAATS, BERNARDUS E.                    NY-1-39-466
STAATS, CATHARINE                       NY-1-46-458
STAATS, CATHARINE                       NY-1-16-101
STAATS, CELINDA R.                      NY-1-39-263
STAATS, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-1-14-327
STAATS, HANNAH                          NY-1-14-80
STAATS, HARRY C.                        NY-1-49-428
STAATS, HENRY                           NY-1-4-333
STAATS, ISAAC                           NY-1-7-171
STAATS, JOHN L.                         NY-1-25-131
STAATS, JOHN M.                         NY-1-46-484
STAATS, MARIA                           NY-1-24-437
STAATS, MATILDA                         NY-1-46-147
STAATS, PETER P.                        NY-1-24-398
STACK, CATHARINE                        NY-1-30-137
STACK, MARGARET                         NY-1-20-775
STACKHOUSE, JAMES                       NY-1-37-258
STACKHOUSE, JOHN                        NY-1-38-103
STACKMAN, FREDERICK                     NY-1-40-415
STACKMAN, FREDERICK                     NY-1-21-122
STACPOLE, MARIA                         NY-1-39-224
STAFFELD, JOHN                          NY-1-20-404
STAFFORD, DIANNA                        NY-1-48-35
STAFFORD, EDWARD                        NY-1-27-73
STAFFORD, JOHN                          NY-1-5-175
STAFFORD, JOHN                          NY-1-34-473
STAFFORD, JOHN                          NY-1-6-246
STAFFORD, JOHN H.                       NY-1-28-389
STAFFORD, SPENCER                       NY-1-12-144
STAHL, ANDREW                           NY-1-50-117
STAHL, JOHN                             NY-1-39-470
STAHL, JOHN                             NY-1-49-41
STALEY, DANIEL G.                       NY-1-44-93
STALEY, HENDRICK                        NY-1-2A-35
STALKER, ISABELLA                       NY-1-33-237
STALKER, WILLIAM                        NY-1-10-410
STAMOIX, GEORGE                         NY-1-28-354
STAMTIAT, THOMAS                        NY-1-18-347
STANDER, JACOB                          NY-1-39-243
STANFORD, JANE ELIZA                    NY-1-45-83
STANLEY, FRANCIS                        NY-1-15-182
STANNARD, CARRIE E.                     NY-1-33-156
STANTON, AARON                          NY-1-20-387
STANTON, CAROLINE                       NY-1-24-390
STANTON, DIGHTON                        NY-1-22-344
STANTON, EMMA M.                        NY-1-26-119
STANTON, GEORGE W.                      NY-1-13-443
STANTON, HUGH                           NY-1-31- 151
STANTON, JANE                           NY-1-21-366
STANTON, JOHN L.                        NY-1-50-206
STANTON, JOSEPH R.                      NY-1-28-392
STANTON, LUMON                          NY-1-45-78
STANTON, MARY A.                        NY-1-33-13
STANTON, REUBEN W.                      NY-1-26-177
STANTON, ROXANNA O.                     NY-1-43-387
STANTON, WILLIAM                        NY-1-45-89
STANWIX, NANCY                          NY-1-39-284
STAPLETON, ANN                          NY-1-47-9
STAPLETON, BRIDGET                      NY-1-44-450
STAPLETON, CATHERINE                    NY-1-44-452
STATS, ELSIE                            NY-1-11-50
STCHARLES, EDWARD                       NY-1-48-222
STEAD, DODSON                           NY-1-22-79
STEAD, JOHN                             NY-1-24-388
STEARNS, ISAIAH W.                      NY-1-34-11
STEARNS, SARAH R.                       NY-1-44-352
STEBBINS, ADAM S.                       NY-1-28-132
STEBBINS, EUNICE Z.                     NY-1-49-148
STEBO, JAMES                            NY-1-4-354
STEDMAN, GEORGE L.                      NY-1-47-142
STEEL, SALLY                            NY-1-5-258
STEELE, ABBY S.                         NY-1-50-17
STEELE, ABBY S.                         NY-1-50-17
STEELE, LEMUEL                          NY-1-15-58
STEELE, LEVI                            NY-1-10-401
STEELE, ROSWELL                         NY-1-19-287
STEELE, SARAH                           NY-1-19-462
STEENBERGH, WILLIAM E.                  NY-1-27-142
STEERE, ALBERT C.                       NY-1-37-175
STEFERLE, ANDREW A.                     NY-1-39-125
STEGEMAN, HENRY                         NY-1-41-492
STEIGLEMANN, PHLIP                      NY-1-49-104
STEIGLMAN, THERESA                      NY-1-40-100
STEIN, CAROLINE                         NY-1-30-77
STEIN, JACOB                            NY-1-34-40
STEIN, MYER                             NY-1-27-414
STEINBACH, CATHARINE                    NY-1-43-317
STEINBACH, PETER                        NY-1-35-206
STEINER, CASPER                         NY-1-3-89
STEINWIG, SOLOMON                       NY-1-25-288
STEMBERGH, ABEL                         NY-1-35-484
STEPHEN, THOMAS EDWARD                  NY-1-34-147
STEPHENS, ARCHIBALD                     NY-1-10-120
STEPHENS, ARCHIBALD                     NY-1-9-305
STEPHENS, CAROLINE                      NY-1-22-429
STEPHENS, ELICIA A.                     NY-1-29-408
STEPHENS, ELLEN                         NY-1-29-429
STEPHENS, HENRY                         NY-1-36-305
STEPHENS, HETTIE                        NY-1-50-460
STEPHENS, JOHN                          NY-1-39-66
STEPHENS, MARY                          NY-1-21-475
STEPHENSON, ELIZABETH A.                NY-1-25-143
STEPHENSON, ELLEN                       NY-1-38-474
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM                     NY-1-26-325
STEPHENSON,JOHN R.                      NY-1-41-404
STERLING, MARY E.                       NY-1-31-165
STERN, CHARLES                          NY-1-24-348
STERN, LEOPOLD                          NY-1-16-163
STERN, MAYER                            NY-1-31-88
STERNBERGH, JACOB F.                    NY-1-7-305
STERNBERGH, JACOB F.                    NY-1-8-204
STERNFELD, FANNY                        NY-1-49-415
STEUART, ROBERT                         NY-1-10-477
STEUP, MARY ANN                         NY-1-20-95
STEVENS, EDMUND                         NY-1-34-304
STEVENS, GEORGE W.                      NY-1-31-185
STEVENS, ISAAC                          NY-1-40-169
STEVENS, JANE                           NY-1-45-145
STEVENS, PETER H.                       NY-1-20-220
STEVENS, ROYAL                          NY-1-26-280
STEVENS, SAMUEL                         NY-1-15-260
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        NY-1-20-333
STEVENSON, GEORGE                       NY-1-36-202
STEVENSON, JAMES                        NY-1-14-419
STEVENSON, JOHN                         NY-1-4-79
STEVENSON, ROBERT                       NY-1-34-48
STEVESON, MARGARET                      NY-1-28-249
STEWART, ANN                            NY-1-48-313
STEWART, CATHARINE AUGUSTA              NY-1-49-246
STEWART, FANNY                          NY-1-28-308
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-1-17-98
STEWART, MARGARET                       NY-1-41-335
STEWART, MARGARET M.                    NY-1-49-481
STEWART, MATILDA                        NY-1-36-54
STEWART, MATILDA                        NY-1-36-54
STEWART, MICHAEL                        NY-1-39-228
STEWART, PETER                          NY-1-39-55
STEWART, ROBERT                         NY-1-21-210
STEWART, SAMUEL H.                      NY-1-19-403
STEWART, VIRGINIA L.                    NY-1-19-218
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-1-25-447
STICKNEY, LEANDER                       NY-1-30-203
STICKNEY, MILTON W.                     NY-1-47-458
STICKNEY, MOSES W.                      NY-1-27-393
STILES, MARIA                           NY-1-20-91
STILLMAN, STEPHEN L.                    NY-1-21-416
STILWELL, JOHN                          NY-1-8-124
STILWELL, JUDITH                        NY-1-17-372
STILWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-8-372
STILWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-9-116
STINER, JOHANNES                        NY-1-7-296
STINGS, PETER                           NY-1-24-279
STITT, ANNA E.                          NY-1-49-472
STJOHN, DAVID                           NY-1-16-387
STJOHN, GEORGE R.                       NY-1-14-472
STJOHN, THEDA                           NY-1-25-474
STLOUIS, LEWIS                          NY-1-45-427
STNIP, DANIEL                           NY-1-27-187
STOFFELS, GERTRUDE                      NY-1-29-120
STOLLER, CHARLES A.                     NY-1-24-259
STOLZ, JOHN                             NY-1-44-69
STOLZ, SEBASTIAN                        NY-1-48-351
STONE, ELLEN                            NY-1-39-344
STONE, HENRY                            NY-1-10-171
STONE, HORACE                           NY-1-14-512
STONE, JULIANA                          NY-1-19-203
STONE, RUTH                             NY-1-20-342
STONEHOUSE, JOHN B.                     NY-1-33-53
STOORS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-1-26-387
STOREY, JOHN                            NY-1-39-319
STORM, SARAH                            NY-1-18-221
STORREY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-27-237
STORS, SUSAN                            NY-1-36-8
STORS, SUSAN                            NY-1-36-8
STOTT, MARY E.                          NY-1-27-5
STOUTNER, JOSEPH                        NY-1-32-405
STRAIN, JOSEPH                          NY-1-19-208
STRANGE, AGNES                          NY-1-7-236
STRANGE, JAMES                          NY-1-7-180
STRASSBURG, ROSA                        NY-1-32-139
STRASSTER, MOSES                        NY-1-36-6
STRASSTER, MOSES                        NY-1-36-6
STRATTON, HENRY                         NY-1-20-468
STRAUB, AUGUST                          NY-1-48-287
STREEBEL, CHRISTIAN                     NY-1-35-243
STREMPEL, JOHN                          NY-1-21-192
STRENGE, CHARLES                        NY-1-48-466
STREVEL, NORTON                         NY-1-32-38
STREVER, BENJAMIN                       NY-1-27-334
STRICKLAND, ARVILLE E.                  NY-1-49-61
STRICKLAND, ERASMUS F.                  NY-1-37-329
STROEBEL, SIMON                         NY-1-30-36
STROEBELL, EMMA                         NY-1-35-173
STRONG, HARMAN V.                       NY-1-21-260
STRONG, HOMER                           NY-1-29-363
STRONG, JEDEDIAH                        NY-1-8-25
STRONG, JERUSHA                         NY-1-13-89
STRONG, MICHAEL                         NY-1-9-377
STRONG, RICHARD M.                      NY-1-19-139
STRONG, SELAH W.                        NY-1-32-27
STRONG, WILLIAM N.                      NY-1-36-404
STROPE, WESSEL                          NY-1-15-459
STUART, ALMIRA                          NY-1-41-313
STUART, JOHN                            NY-1-28-465
STUART, MARY                            NY-1-39-365
STUART, WILLIAM                         NY-1-44-55
STUMPF, JOHN PAUL                       NY-1-28-267
SULLIVAN, BRIDGET                       NY-1-35-123
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                     NY-1-15-373
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        NY-1-24-107
SULLIVAN, ESTHER                        NY-1-31-139
SULLIVAN, HONORAH                       NY-1-49-113
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-1-13-262
SULLIVAN, MARIA                         NY-1-36-105
SULLIVAN, MARY ANN                      NY-1-49-376
SULLIVAN, MICAEL                        NY-1-41-453
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                       NY-1-16-170
SULLIVAN, MORTY                         NY-1-20-274
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                       NY-1-32-414
SUMNER, ALANSON                         NY-1-24-206
SUNNY, PATRICK                          NY-1-41-149
SUPERNAW, ALICE                         NY-1-25-95
SUSS, JOSEPH                            NY-1-37-132
SUTLIFF, EZRA A.                        NY-1-29-59
SUTTON, MICHAEL                         NY-1-47-250
SWAN, HIRAM                             NY-1-15-210
SWART, JOHN                             NY-1-10-413
SWARTOUT,E LLEN V.                      NY-1-39-302
SWARTWOUT, REDAFUS                      NY-1-4-36
SWARTZ, CHARLES                         NY-1-46-143
SWARTZ, MENA                            NY-1-25-233
SWARTZ, NATHAN                          NY-1-27-236
SWEENEY, BERNARD                        NY-1-40-406
SWEENEY, JAMES                          NY-1-22-209
SWEENEY, PATRICK                        NY-1-47-150
SWEENEY, PATRICK                        NY-1-43-60
SWEENEY, PATRICK                        NY-1-20-231
SWEENY, OWEN                            NY-1-17-257
SWEENY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-11-158
SWEET, BETSEY                           NY-1-16-87
SWEET, ELIAS W.                         NY-1-47-51
SWEET, JANE                             NY-1-33-423
SWEET, MARY M.                          NY-1-47-135
SWEET, ROWLAND                          NY-1-5-108
SWEET, SCHUYLER                         NY-1-24-226
SWEET, STEPHEN V. R.                    NY-1-12-480
SWEET, WILLIAM                          NY-1-20-227
SWENY, ALBERT HARRY                     NY-1-40-394
SWENY, MARY                             NY-1-29-432
SWERSON, GEORGE                         NY-1-30-283
SWIFT, HUGH                             NY-1-19-101
SWIFT, WILLIAM                          NY-1-14-381
SWIFT, WILLIAM                          NY-1-27-459
SWINBURNE, HARRIETTE                    NY-1-39-26
SWINBURNE, JOHN                         NY-1-36-492
SWINTON, SOPHI                          NY-1-49-329
SWITS, ALIDA (VANSCHAICK)               NY-1-5-386
SWITS, ISAAC                            NY-1-2B-13
SWITZER, EPHRAIM                        NY-1-10-91
SWITZER, EPHRAIM                        NY-1-9-343
SWITZER, FREDERICK                      NY-1-20-449
SWITZER, MARY                           NY-1-26-200
SWOAP, JOHN                             NY-1-36-299
SYMANN, AGNETHA                         NY-1-41-158

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