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CADY, JACOB                             NY-1-35-138
CADY, JOHN                              NY-1-21-53
CADY, MARGARET M.                       NY-1-43-329
CAFFREY, JULIA                          NY-1-21-95
CAGGER, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-1-38-224
CAGNEY, JOHN                            NY-1-38-339
CAGNEY, SARAH                           NY-1-38-318
CAHILL, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-35-456
CAHILL, MARTIN                          NY-1-27-78
CAHILL, PETER                           NY-1-24-358
CAIN, CATHERINE                         NY-1-47-80
CAIN, MARGARET                          NY-1-24-419
CAIN, MARY                              NY-1-38-454
CAIN, PETER                             NY-1-43-334
CAIN, THOMAS H.                         NY-1-34-61
CAINE, JANE                             NY-1-36-322
CAINE, JOHN                             NY-1-30-259
CALDER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-1-27-447
CALDWELL, JAMES                         NY-1-10-68
CALDWELL, JAMES                         NY-1-7-68
CALDWELL, MARION                        NY-1-47-1
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-13-302
CALDWELL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-1-50-237
CALEY, DANIEL                           NY-1-24-97
CALHOUN, EDWARD A.                      NY-1-19-476
CALHOUN, JOHN                           NY-1-29-68
CALLAGHAN, JAMES                        NY-1-20-215
CALLAHAN, MARY A.                       NY-1-32-26
CALLANAN, HARRIET                       NY-1-38-203
CALLANAN, JAMES                         NY-1-24-328
CALLANAN, JOHN J.                       NY-1-20-19
CALLANAN, PETER                         NY-1-45-397
CAMER, SARAH A.                         NY-1-35-183
CAMERON, ANDREW                         NY-1-39-324
CAMERON, DANIEL                         NY-1-4-359
CAMERON, ROBERT                         NY-1-14-492
CAMERON, TRUMAN D.                      NY-1-47-115
CAMP, JOHN WELF                         NY-1-4-108
CAMPBEL, CATHERINE                      NY-1-45-45
CAMPBELL, ADAM                          NY-1-20-114
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-37-102
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-15-441
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                        NY-1-25-120
CAMPBELL, ANN                           NY-1-41-117
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-1-2B-114
CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-1-7-245
CAMPBELL, CHRISTINA                     NY-1-19-158
CAMPBELL, DANIEL                        NY-1-3-32
CAMPBELL, DAVID                         NY-1-2B-426
CAMPBELL, ELIZA                         NY-1-38-334
CAMPBELL, ELLEN                         NY-1-50-366
CAMPBELL, EMMA C.                       NY-1-41-362
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        NY-1-50-91
CAMPBELL, HARRIET L.                    NY-1-16-144
CAMPBELL, HUGH                          NY-1-35-181
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-1-35-208
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-1-2B-447
CAMPBELL, JOHN N.                       NY-1-19-355
CAMPBELL, LEONORA                       NY-1-43-311
CAMPBELL, LEWIS                         NY-1-47-456
CAMPBELL, MARY                          NY-1-28-440
CAMPBELL, MARY J.                       NY-1-49-74
CAMPBELL, NANCY                         NY-1-21-258
CAMPBELL, PRYSE                         NY-1-8-198
CAMPBELL, PRYSE                         NY-1-7-341
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        NY-1-41-50
CAMPBELL, ROBERT V.                     NY-1-48-131
CAMPBELL, SARAH                         NY-1-16-251
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-10-212
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-17-104
CANAVAN, MICHAEL                        NY-1-35-319
CANAVAN, RICHARD                        NY-1-32-423
CANNADAY, PAUL                          NY-1-18-218
CANNEFF, JEREMIAH                       NY-1-20-214
CANNON, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-1-47-320
CANNON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-31-266
CANTIN, HENRY                           NY-1-43-313
CANTINE, CLARISSA                       NY-1-20-259
CANTINE, HILLITJE                       NY-1-7-42
CANTINE, SARAH R.                       NY-1-27-120
CANTON, MARY FRANCES                    NY-1-41-322
CANTWELL, JAMES                         NY-1-11-288
CANTWELL, JOHN                          NY-1-38-321
CANTWELL, NICHOLAS                      NY-1-37-168
CAPPS, ANNA                             NY-1-47-183
CAPRON, GEORGE A.                       NY-1-45-4
CAPRON, HENRY L.                        NY-1-38-404
CARD, MARY J.                           NY-1-45-324
CARDWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-40-255
CARDY, ELIZA                            NY-1-22-408
CARDY, JOSEPH                           NY-1-37-207
CAREY, CATHARINE                        NY-1-30-350
CAREY, DAVID H.                         NY-1-20-159
CAREY, ELIZA C.                         NY-1-29-87
CAREY, ESTHER                           NY-1-20-137
CAREY, MARGARET                         NY-1-30-12
CAREY, THOMAS                           NY-1-21-269
CARHART, DANIEL S.                      NY-1-40-275
CARHART, HENRY                          NY-1-39-463
CARHART, MARY ELIZABETH                 NY-1-22-320
CARHART, ROBERT R.                      NY-1-35-465
CARKENARD, GEORGE                       NY-1-6-44
CARKENOR, MARGARET                      NY-1-10-260
CARKNARD, RICHARD                       NY-1-28-285
CARL, EMMA                              NY-1-38-480
CARLILE, JAMES                          NY-1-16-480
CARLIN, ANN                             NY-1-30-143
CARMAN, MARIA AMELIA                    NY-1-17-500
CARMAN, OLIVIA                          NY-1-19-317
CARMICHAEL, ANNA W.                     NY-1-45-70
CARMICHAEL, HIRAM PERRY                 NY-1-37-311
CARMICHAEL, JAMES                       NY-1-11-208
CARMICHAEL, JANE                        NY-1-14-413
CARMICHAEL, JOHN                        NY-1-3-259
CARMICHAEL, LOUISA                      NY-1-8-130
CARMODY, JOHN                           NY-1-28-203
CARMODY, JOSEPH H.                      NY-1-48-107
CARMODY, MARGARET A.                    NY-1-48-109
CARMODY, RICHARD J.                     NY-1-49-153
CARPENTER, ANNA                         NY-1-39-397
CARPENTER, CHRISTINA                    NY-1-32-241
CARPENTER, HONNOR                       NY-1-11-34
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-1-12-269
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-1-31-39
CARR, DANIEL                            NY-1-19-155
CARR, JAMES                             NY-1-19-370
CARR, JOHN                              NY-1-4-364
CARR, JOHN                              NY-1-24-385
CARR, MARY                              NY-1-41-379
CARR, MARY                              NY-1-33-153
CARR, ROSANNA                           NY-1-48-274
CARR, WILLIAM A.                        NY-1-37-210
CARRARO, JOHN                           NY-1-30-192
CARRICK, MARY                           NY-1-20-43
CARROLL, BRIDGET                        NY-1-40-129
CARROLL, BRIDGET                        NY-1-26-315
CARROLL, CATHARINE                      NY-1-20-99
CARROLL, CATHARINE                      NY-1-43-340
CARROLL, CATHARINE                      NY-1-43-340
CARROLL, HANNAH                         NY-1-33-78
CARROLL, JAMES H.                       NY-1-49-50
CARROLL, MARY                           NY-1-37-43
CARROLL, PATRICK                        NY-1-28-72
CARROLL, PATRICK                        NY-1-20-285
CARROLL, PATRICK                        NY-1-49-103
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-39-459
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-30-277
CARROLL, WILLIAM C.                     NY-1-32-22
CARSTENSE, TEUNISE                      NY-1-1A-1
CARTER, CECILE                          NY-1-50-339
CARTER, CHARLES T.                      NY-1-24-235
CARTER, MARY                            NY-1-10-35
CARTER, MARY                            NY-1-9-275
CARTER, THOMAS C.                       NY-1-29-116
CARTER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-1-20-340
CARTWRIGHT, SALMON S.                   NY-1-37-105
CARTWRIGHT, SEAMOUR                     NY-1-19-306
CARTY, CICELY                           NY-1-36-366
CARY, HENRY                             NY-1-17-87
CARY, JOSEPH                            NY-1-28-135
CARY, JOSEPH                            NY-1-6-319
CARY, LYDIA                             NY-1-25-158
CARY, MARY                              NY-1-31-208
CASE, LUTHER                            NY-1-34-362
CASE, LUTHER D.                         NY-1-50-130
CASE, MARY C.                           NY-1-39-301
CASE, RUSSEL                            NY-1-15-364
CASE, TRUMAN LEROY                      NY-1-26-436
CASEY, ELLEN                            NY-1-33-402
CASEY, JOHN                             NY-1-41-367
CASEY, MARGARET                         NY-1-24-141
CASHION, MARGARET                       NY-1-31-242
CASHMAN, JOHN                           NY-1-46-218
CASS, CATHARINE E.                      NY-1-48-237
CASS, IRA                               NY-1-31-168
CASS, JOHN                              NY-1-25-379
CASSIDY, AMBROSE S.                     NY-1-36-421
CASSIDY, CATHARINE                      NY-1-50-199
CASSIDY, CHARLES                        NY-1-28-277
CASSIDY, CHARLES H.                     NY-1-48-265
CASSIDY, FRANCES L.                     NY-1-28-213
CASSIDY, JOHN                           NY-1-16-314
CASSIDY, MARGARET                       NY-1-18-375
CASSIDY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-39-268
CASSIDY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-13-238
CASSIDY, PATRICK                        NY-1-8-478
CASSIDY, PATRICK                        NY-1-35-404
CASSIDY, PATRICK                        NY-1-9-213
CASSIDY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-40-244
CASSIN, JOHN J.                         NY-1-50-210
CASTLE, MARY J.                         NY-1-50-147
CASTONE, FAUSTINO                       NY-1-16-241
CATLIN, LEONARD                         NY-1-17-482
CAULFIELD, ANNIE M.                     NY-1-47-10
CAUMMEY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-24-272
CAVANAGH, JOHN                          NY-1-31-349
CAVANAUGH, CATHARINE                    NY-1-34-484
CAVANAUGH, JOHN                         NY-1-30-301
CAVANAUGH, JOHN                         NY-1-35-10
CAW, WILLIAM G.                         NY-1-19-415
CAWLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-27-356
CEARNEY, PATRICK                        NY-1-19-20
CENTER, MARTHA                          NY-1-30-172
CHABOT, EDOIGE                          NY-1-45-162
CHADDERDON, MICHAEL                     NY-1-4-264
CHADWICK, CATHARINE                     NY-1-41-29
CHALMEY, CHARLES                        NY-1-41-48
CHALMEY, FANNY                          NY-1-46-148
CHALOT, CHARLES                         NY-1-46-195
CHAMBERLAIN, CHAMPIN                    NY-1-20-282
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY ANN                   NY-1-31-215
CHAMBERLAIN, PAMELIA                    NY-1-27-19
CHAMBERLIN, LEONARD                     NY-1-39-6
CHAMBERLIN, LYMAN F.                    NY-1-40-289
CHAMBERS, DAVID                         NY-1-16-225
CHAMBERS, ELIZA                         NY-1-28-477
CHAMBERS, GEORGE                        NY-1-7-261
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          NY-1-20-343
CHAMBERS, MARITGE                       NY-1-27-470
CHAMBERS, PATRICK                       NY-1-31-364
CHAMPANOI, ELIZA                        NY-1-44-243
CHAMPENOY, HARRIET J.                   NY-1-40-124
CHAMPION, EZRA                          NY-1-35-106
CHAMPION, HEMAN                         NY-1-50-36
CHAPIN, JOSEPH                          NY-1-7-359
CHAPIN, LYMAN                           NY-1-18-422
CHAPMAN, ARTHUR                         NY-1-38-112
CHAPMAN, GEORGE A.                      NY-1-39-196
CHAPMAN, GEORGE C.                      NY-1-12-226
CHAPMAN, HULDAH                         NY-1-27-497
CHAPMAN, ISAAC                          NY-1-15-94
CHAPMAN, KATHARINE H.                   NY-1-41-434
CHAPMAN, MARY E.                        NY-1-19-485
CHAPMAN, SUE M.                         NY-1-26-444
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-1-15-498
CHARBONEAU, LUCY                        NY-1-32-44
CHARBONEAU, MAGUIRE                     NY-1-22-383
CHARLES, DANIEL D. T.                   NY-1-40-402
CHARLES, EMMA H.                        NY-1-48-283
CHARLES, GEORGE                         NY-1-14-81
CHARLES, MARGARET M.                    NY-1-29-186
CHARLES, MARY                           NY-1-14-204
CHARLES, SAMUEL B.                      NY-1-30-193
CHARLESWORTH, LYDIA                     NY-1-31-443
CHASE, CARRIE THURSTON                  NY-1-22-218
CHASE, CORNELIUS                        NY-1-21-264
CHASE, JOB                              NY-1-11-391
CHASE, MARY ANN                         NY-1-19-15
CHASE, SYLVANUS G.                      NY-1-36-259
CHEEVER, ELIZA                          NY-1-28-83
CHERSKY, ALEXANDER                      NY-1-41-393
CHESEBRO, CHARLES                       NY-1-32-388
CHESEBRO, CYNTHIA                       NY-1-18-145
CHESEBRO, IZRAHIAH W.                   NY-1-49-457
CHESEBRO, JAMES M.                      NY-1-44-419
CHESEBRO, MATTHEW T.                    NY-1-33-36
CHESEBRO, NICHOLAS                      NY-1-35-45
CHESEBRO, WILLIAM                       NY-1-26-36
CHESEBROUGH, DANIEL                     NY-1-17-296
CHESEBROUGH, ELIJAH                     NY-1-3-538
CHESEBROUGH, SARAH C.                   NY-1-48-352
CHESTER, ELIZABETH W.                   NY-1-30-481
CHILDS, DAVID W.                        NY-1-8-306
CHILDS, DAVID W.                        NY-1-6-237
CHILDS, FRANK J.                        NY-1-41-259
CHINN, MARGARET                         NY-1-5-239
CHIRM, EDWARD                           NY-1-3-43
CHISHM, EBENEZER                        NY-1-31-240
CHISM, MARIA L.                         NY-1-32-58
CHRISLER, JOHN                          NY-1-48-115
CHRISTIE, JAMES                         NY-1-39-278
CHRISTYANCE, CHRISTYAN                  NY-1-1B-272
CHURCH, GEORGE W.                       NY-1-50-56
CHURCH, WALTER                          NY-1-39-52
CHURCHILL, ABBY P.                      NY-1-37-215
CHURCHILL, OTTO                         NY-1-31-239
CIVILL, THEOPHILUS                      NY-1-21-166
CKLAPPER, PETER                         NY-1-5-326
CLANCY, TIMOTHY                         NY-1-20-289
CLAPPER, DAVID                          NY-1-31-141
CLAPPER, MARGARET                       NY-1-7-348
CLAPPER, PETER                          NY-1-5-326
CLAPPER, PETER                          NY-1-3-332
CLAPPER, WILLIAM                        NY-1-7-313
CLARE, HENRY                            NY-1-27-96
CLARK, ADAM A.                          NY-1-16-73
CLARK, ANN                              NY-1-22-449
CLARK, ANN                              NY-1-13-481
CLARK, ANNE                             NY-1-45-251
CLARK, BENJAMIN                         NY-1-36-239
CLARK, CATHERINE                        NY-1-29-109
CLARK, DANIEL                           NY-1-33-374
CLARK, EDWARD H.                        NY-1-43-397
CLARK, ELLEN                            NY-1-18-310
CLARK, EMMA H.                          NY-1-30-281
CLARK, EUNICE D.                        NY-1-41-247
CLARK, FELIX                            NY-1-35-480
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-1-13-182
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-1-20-199
CLARK, JENNE                            NY-1-24-251
CLARK, JOHN B.                          NY-1-40-120
CLARK, JOSEPH W.                        NY-1-16-398
CLARK, LEWIS                            NY-1-24-153
CLARK, MARY ANN                         NY-1-39-297
CLARK, MATHEW C.                        NY-1-47-387
CLARK, MATILDA                          NY-1-25-101
CLARK, MATTHEW                          NY-1-15-376
CLARK, PATRICK                          NY-1-22-233
CLARK, PAUL                             NY-1-7-235
CLARK, PAUL                             NY-1-8-27
CLARK, SALLIE                           NY-1-29-208
CLARK, STEPHEN                          NY-1-22-351
CLARK, WILLIAM G.                       NY-1-43-165
CLARKE, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-1-47-262
CLARKE, BRIDGET E.                      NY-1-38-495
CLARKE, ELLEN                           NY-1-40-336
CLARKE, JOHN JAMES                      NY-1-47-54
CLARKE, JOSHUA R.                       NY-1-26-351
CLARKE, RICHARD P.                      NY-1-30-318
CLARKE, THOMAS ALLEN                    NY-1-43-103
CLARKE, WILLIAM                         NY-1-39-192
CLARKSON, MATTHEW                       NY-1-21-488
CLARKSON, SARAH                         NY-1-29-242
CLARY, ANN                              NY-1-49-291
CLARY, WILLIAM U.                       NY-1-50-432
CLAS, ADAM                              NY-1-47-182
CLAUSON, ROBERT                         NY-1-19-375
CLAW, WILLIAM E.                        NY-1-21-294
CLAY, JACOB                             NY-1-37-204
CLAY, MARY                              NY-1-20-210
CLEGHORN, ELIZA E.                      NY-1-50-252
CLEGHORN, JAY W.                        NY-1-49-190
CLEMENT, JOHN                           NY-1-31-83
CLEMENT, MOSES                          NY-1-8-91
CLEMISHIRE, JOHN                        NY-1-36-474
CLENCH, MARY                            NY-1-26-64
CLENCY, CHRISTINA                       NY-1-20-271
CLEVELAND, FREDERICK                    NY-1-46-403
CLICKEMAN, FREDERICK                    NY-1-7-398
CLICKEMAN, FREDERICK                    NY-1-8-254
CLICKMAN, FREDERICK                     NY-1-27-86
CLICKMAN, LAURENCE                      NY-1-26-37
CLIFFORD, MORRIS                        NY-1-46-63
CLIFT, HIRAM                            NY-1-25-44
CLINT, CECELIA                          NY-1-49-284
CLOET, GERARDUS                         NY-1-1A-321
CLOPPER, COENRAD                        NY-1-3-252
CLOPPER, HARRIET                        NY-1-40-370
CLOURY, PATRICK                         NY-1-44-390
CLOWRY, EDWARD                          NY-1-40-138
CLUET, JOHANNIS                         NY-1-4-362
CLUETT, JOHN W.                         NY-1-16-156
CLUMB, ADAM                             NY-1-1B-99
CLUTE, BARBARA                          NY-1-6-133
CLUTE, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-10-238
CLUTE, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-21-369
CLUTE, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-4-282
CLUTE, GERRIT                           NY-1-6-137
CLUTE, HARRIET                          NY-1-25-481
CLUTE, HARVEY                           NY-1-29-475
CLUTE, JACOB N.                         NY-1-11-302
CLUTE, JAMES W.                         NY-1-35-86
CLUTE, JOHANNES                         NY-1-2B-258
CLUTE, JOHN B.                          NY-1-27-182
CLUTE, JOHN N.                          NY-1-14-4
CLUTE, NICHOLAS J.                      NY-1-5-125
CLUTE, SARAH                            NY-1-21-196
COAKLEY, HONORA                         NY-1-20-245
COATS, AMBROSE B.                       NY-1-46-474
COBB, ELIZA C.                          NY-1-41-12
COBB, MARY A.                           NY-1-41-109
COBB, ORSON F.                          NY-1-41-263
COBEE, LAWRENCE J.                      NY-1-25-311
COBER, HENRY J.                         NY-1-32-376
COBURN, CATHARINE ANN                   NY-1-28-120
COBURN, ROBERT                          NY-1-24-283
COCHRAN, ALEXNDER                       NY-1-4-252
COCHRAN, JOHN                           NY-1-8-468
COCHRAN, JOHN                           NY-1-9-202
COCHRANE, CLARK B.                      NY-1-20-414
COEPER, JACOB                           NY-1-4-272
COEYMANS, LEONARD WITBECK               NY-1-20-323
COFFEY, ANN                             NY-1-27-296
COFFEY, DANIEL F.                       NY-1-50-323
COFFEY, JAMES                           NY-1-39-84
COFFIN, WILLIAM LATHAM                  NY-1-45-40
COGGESHALL, GEORGE                      NY-1-21-174
COGGSHALL, MELZAR                       NY-1-50-304
COGSHALL, SMITH                         NY-1-16-439
COGSWELL, GEORGE                        NY-1-25-413
COHEE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-37-38
COHN, ISAAC                             NY-1-21-207
COHN, LOUIS                             NY-1-26-319
COHN, THERESA                           NY-1-49-487
COIT, WILLIAM                           NY-1-17-359
COLBERT, JAMES                          NY-1-34-436
COLBERT, JOHN                           NY-1-29-447
COLBORN, DANIEL K.                      NY-1-38-435
COLBORN, ELIZA GRAY                     NY-1-36-339
COLBY, ELECTA W.                        NY-1-49-431
COLBY, JOHN T.                          NY-1-49-280
COLE, ADDISON D.                        NY-1-46-226
COLE, EDWIN                             NY-1-22-223
COLE, EMILY S.                          NY-1-49-108
COLE, FANNIE                            NY-1-27-114
COLE, HENRY                             NY-1-1A-128
COLE, JAMES H.                          NY-1-20-244
COLE, JOHN                              NY-1-10-150
COLE, JONATHAN G.                       NY-1-29-267
COLE, MARK                              NY-1-47-98
COLE, MARY ANNA                         NY-1-44-453
COLE, MATTHEW                           NY-1-16-56
COLE, MERCY                             NY-1-37-119
COLE, NELSON                            NY-1-24-236
COLE, SHUBAEL                           NY-1-15-218
COLE, WILLIAM                           NY-1-49-239
COLE, WILLIAM J.                        NY-1-28-414
COLEMAN, EDWARD                         NY-1-28-460
COLEMAN, JOHN                           NY-1-34-192
COLEMAN, MARY                           NY-1-21-335
COLLAMA, MARY A.                        NY-1-36-126
COLLHAMER, STEPHANUS                    NY-1-1B-189
COLLIER, MARGARET                       NY-1-32-212
COLLINS, ALFRED F.                      NY-1-50-234
COLLINS, CATHARINE                      NY-1-45-464
COLLINS, CATHARINE                      NY-1-46-481
COLLINS, DAVID                          NY-1-33-248
COLLINS, DAVID C.                       NY-1-25-257
COLLINS, JAPHET W.                      NY-1-44-494
COLLINS, JEFFERSON                      NY-1-29-284
COLLINS, JEREMIAH                       NY-1-37-32
COLLINS, LEONARD                        NY-1-50-360
COLLINS, MARY ANN                       NY-1-36-119
COLLINS, MINERVA B.                     NY-1-39-274
COLLINS, ROSWELL B.                     NY-1-22-312
COLLINS, TIMOTHY                        NY-1-32-91
COLLITON, ANN                           NY-1-24-441
COLLITON, DENNIS                        NY-1-40-69
COLLITON, MICHAEL                       NY-1-16-473
COLLOTON, MARY                          NY-1-38-128
COLLYER, ISAAC                          NY-1-2B-248
COLVIN, ANDREW                          NY-1-37-220
COLVIN, JOHN J.                         NY-1-34-174
COLVOCORESSES, GEORGE M.                NY-1-24-400
COLWELL, OBADIAH                        NY-1-18-456
COMSTOCK, ELIJAH                        NY-1-22-136
CONDE, ADAM C.                          NY-1-22-349
CONDE, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-31-453
CONDON, JAMES                           NY-1-45-210
CONDON, MARY                            NY-1-45-207
CONDON, MARY                            NY-1-26-479
CONDON, PHILIP                          NY-1-19-245
CONGER, DAVID                           NY-1-26-110
CONGER, HANNAH                          NY-1-28-179
CONGER, HUGH                            NY-1-22-46
CONGER, SALLY ANN                       NY-1-35-407
CONGER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-22-58
CONINE, PETER                           NY-1-1B-114
CONKLIN, AARON                          NY-1-30-210
CONKLIN, ISAAC                          NY-1-19-406
CONKLIN, JOHN T.                        NY-1-25-397
CONKLIN, JOHN W.                        NY-1-20-209
CONKLIN, JOSIAH                         NY-1-39-241
CONKLING, CAORLINE A.                   NY-1-29-378
CONKLING, CHARLES G.                    NY-1-32-118
CONKLING, DANIEL                        NY-1-9-1
CONKLING, DANIEL                        NY-1-8-269
CONKLING, DAVID                         NY-1-29-343
CONKLING, HEROD                         NY-1-13-103
CONLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-32-273
CONLEY, ELLEN                           NY-1-41-331
CONLIN, FIRZAH A.                       NY-1-44-152
CONLISS, WILLIAM                        NY-1-36-26
CONLISS, WILLIAM                        NY-1-36-26
CONLON, CATHARINE                       NY-1-33-253
CONLON, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-39-135
CONNADAY, GEORGE                        NY-1-46-363
CONNELL, JAMES                          NY-1-26-155
CONNELL, JHN                            NY-1-27-348
CONNER, JOHN                            NY-1-40-423
CONNERS, DANIEL                         NY-1-45-449
CONNERS, JAMES                          NY-1-27-341
CONNERS, MARGARET                       NY-1-49-124
CONNICK, JANE                           NY-1-13-409
CONNICK, JOHN                           NY-1-35-469
CONNIFF, MICHAEL                        NY-1-40-414
CONNING, ANDREW                         NY-1-6-309
CONNING, CYRUS E.                       NY-1-49-467
CONNOLLY, CATHARINE                     NY-1-40-270
CONNOLLY, CATHERINE                     NY-1-40-144
CONNOLLY, JOHN                          NY-1-49-163
CONNOR, CATHARINE                       NY-1-27-472
CONNOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-20-68
CONNOR, MARY                            NY-1-43-466
CONNORS, BERNARD                        NY-1-48-499
CONNORS, CATHERINE                      NY-1-43-265
CONNORS, FRANCIS                        NY-1-31-134
CONNORS, HONORA                         NY-1-38-300
CONNORS, JOHANNA                        NY-1-39-144
CONNORS, JOHN                           NY-1-44-490
CONNORS, MARTIN                         NY-1-22-129
CONNORS, MARY                           NY-1-31-267
CONRAD, HENRY                           NY-1-40-280
CONROD, CATHERINE                       NY-1-20-55
CONROY, BRIDGET                         NY-1-30-239
CONROY, BRIDGET                         NY-1-38-387
CONROY, CHARLES                         NY-1-26-228
CONROY, MARY                            NY-1-50-220
CONROY, MARY                            NY-1-41-178
CONROY, WILLAM                          NY-1-49-165
CONROY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-26-221
CONRY, MARY                             NY-1-40-420
CONSADINE, JOHN                         NY-1-45-443
CONSAUL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-25-15
CONTOIS, MARGARET A.                    NY-1-50-1
CONWAY, DORA                            NY-1-40-107
CONWAY, HUGH                            NY-1-44-427
CONYES, GARRET                          NY-1-18-272
CONYN, CASPARUS                         NY-1-1A-362
COOK, ANN ELIZA                         NY-1-37-316
COOK, ANNA P.                           NY-1-20-382
COOK, CATHARINE                         NY-1-45-81
COOK, CHESTER                           NY-1-26-102
COOK, DANIEL H.                         NY-1-20-459
COOK, EMILY                             NY-1-44-417
COOK, JAMES                             NY-1-21-234
COOK, JAMES C.                          NY-1-36-435
COOK, JOHN                              NY-1-5-83
COOK, JOHN L.                           NY-1-27-344
COOK, JOHN W.                           NY-1-50-155
COOK, JOSEPH                            NY-1-19-426
COOK, MARGARET                          NY-1-25-280
COOK, MARY                              NY-1-43-382
COOK, SAMUEL H.                         NY-1-21-298
COOK, SANDS                             NY-1-13-309
COOK, SANFORD                           NY-1-30-11
COOK, WILLIAM                           NY-1-9-83
COOK, WILLIAM                           NY-1-8-354
COOLEY, CALVIN                          NY-1-20-463
COON, CATHARINE                         NY-1-40-59
COON, JOHN M.                           NY-1-22-336
COONEY, THOMAS                          NY-1-24-417
COONLEY, DANIEL                         NY-1-19-475
COONLEY, ELEANOR                        NY-1-22-297
COONLEY, GEORGE                         NY-1-8-86
COONLEY, LEONARD                        NY-1-15-349
COONLEY, MARTHA J.                      NY-1-33-319
COONLEY, MARY A.                        NY-1-24-166
COONLEY, SARAH W.                       NY-1-35-488
COONLY, JACOB                           NY-1-19-134
COONLY, LEONARD                         NY-1-46-181
COONLY, PETER                           NY-1-13-341
COONRAD, PETER                          NY-1-20-368
COONS, JEREMIAH                         NY-1-26-196
COONS, MARY                             NY-1-28-145
COONS, PHILIP                           NY-1-15-451
COONS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-4-465
COONZ, JOSEPHINE                        NY-1-33-270
COOPER, ANGELINA SCHUYLER               NY-1-45-292
COOPER, BETSY                           NY-1-18-465
COOPER, CHARLES D.                      NY-1-9-68
COOPER, CHARLES D.                      NY-1-10-249
COOPER, GERTRUDE T. S.                  NY-1-35-187
COOPER, HEBER T.                        NY-1-41-53
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-1-37-29
COOPER, JOHN TAYLER                     NY-1-28-305
COOPER, JOHN TAYLOR                     NY-1-27-250
COOPER, LUCINDA                         NY-1-22-120
COOPER, MARY B. F.                      NY-1-46-178
COOPER, RICHARD F.                      NY-1-5-120
COOPER, RICHARD F.                      NY-1-4-234
COOPER, WILLIAM W.                      NY-1-43-291
COOROD, PETER                           NY-1-16-332
COPELAND, ABRAHAM                       NY-1-6-17
COPELAND, JOHN                          NY-1-8-77
CORBETT, MARY                           NY-1-43-46
CORBIN, ELOI                            NY-1-38-487
CORCORAN, ANDREW                        NY-1-45-312
CORCORAN, MARGARET                      NY-1-40-344
CORCORAN, MARY ANN                      NY-1-49-357
CORCORAN, THOMAS F.                     NY-1-36-356
CORDELL, ANGELINE                       NY-1-38-257
CORDELL, JOHN P.                        NY-1-47-17
CORKHILL, ANN M.                        NY-1-33-316
CORLISS, CATHARINE W.                   NY-1-39-136
CORNELL, JOHN                           NY-1-10-206
CORNELL, LYDIA                          NY-1-27-139
CORNELL, PERRY G.                       NY-1-30-229
CORNELL, RESOLVE                        NY-1-28-20
CORNELL, SOPHIA                         NY-1-31-357
CORNICK, JONATHAN                       NY-1-25-10
CORNING, ARABELLA                       NY-1-19-115
CORNING, ERASTUS JR                     NY-1-41-309
CORNING, GERGRUDE T.                    NY-1-22-122
CORNING, HARRIET W.                     NY-1-30-352
CORNING, JANETTE H.                     NY-1-19-141
CORNING, MARY PARKER                    NY-1-48-295
CORNOCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-25-276
CORNOCK, HANNAH                         NY-1-32-188
CORNOCK, JOSEPH                         NY-1-21-66
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-5-376
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-1-15-323
CORR, PATRICK                           NY-1-20-264
CORRELL, MARGARET                       NY-1-34-380
CORRIGAN, ELLEN                         NY-1-31-272
CORRIGAN, MARGARET                      NY-1-18-60
CORRISTON, ANDREW                       NY-1-17-498
CORRISTON, THOMAS J.                    NY-1-22-486
CORRY, MARY                             NY-1-40-494
COSGROVE, ELIZABETH A.                  NY-1-22-293
COSGROVE, JOHN                          NY-1-39-220
COSGROVE, JOHN                          NY-1-49-344
COSS, DAVID                             NY-1-39-178
COSTELLO, DENNIS                        NY-1-27-499
COSTELLO, ELLEN                         NY-1-25-99
COSTELLO, MICHAEL L.                    NY-1-29-65
COSTELLO, THOMAS J.                     NY-1-29-168
COSTIGAN, JOHN                          NY-1-25-323
COSTOLO, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-1-25-339
COTRELL, CORNELIA                       NY-1-33-159
COTRELL, EDGAR                          NY-1-38-205
COTRELL, JOSHUA G.                      NY-1-27-105
COTTER, ANN                             NY-1-28-331
COUCHMAN, DAVID                         NY-1-24-249
COUCHMAN, ELISHA                        NY-1-34-30
COUCHMAN, JOHN                          NY-1-31-341
COUCHMAN, JOHN W.                       NY-1-33-366
COUGHLIN, JAMES                         NY-1-49-478
COUGHLIN, MARGARET                      NY-1-45-303
COUGHTEY, PHILIP                        NY-1-17-450
COUGHTRIE, ALEXANDER                    NY-1-8-81
COUGHTRY, ARTHUR H.                     NY-1-24-95
COUGHTRY, JAMES H.                      NY-1-48-58
COUGHTRY, JAMES W.                      NY-1-40-185
COUGHTRY, JOHN                          NY-1-4-338
COUGHTRY, JOHN A.                       NY-1-19-247
COUGHTRY, WILLIAM                       NY-1-6-226
COUGHTRY, WILLIAM J.                    NY-1-24-178
COUHGHTRY, HENRY                        NY-1-12-283
COULSON, THOMAS                         NY-1-14-387
COULTER, JAMES                          NY-1-26-481
COULTER, JAMES A.                       NY-1-13-276
COULTER, JAMES D.                       NY-1-44-155
COUSE, ADAM                             NY-1-11-264
COUTCHMAN, HENRY                        NY-1-6-271
COVELL, JEMIMA                          NY-1-27-223
COVENEY, DENIS                          NY-1-30-488
COVERT, JAMES                           NY-1-43-177
COVEY, JAMES                            NY-1-50-424
COWAN, PETER                            NY-1-3-469
COWEN, MARY ALIDA                       NY-1-43-27
COWEN, SAMUEL R.                        NY-1-28-317
COWEN, SIDNEY J.                        NY-1-12-240
COWIESON, ADAM                          NY-1-22-411
COWISTON, CATHARINE M.                  NY-1-26-344
COX, JAMES                              NY-1-19-216
COX, JAMES W.                           NY-1-45-165
COX, SUSANNAH M.                        NY-1-39-373
COYLE, MARIA                            NY-1-29-67
COYLE, PATRICK                          NY-1-24-443
COYLE, PAUL                             NY-1-21-5
COYLE, SUSAN                            NY-1-26-23
CRAFT, CHARLES S.                       NY-1-38-134
CRAFT, SARAH ANN                        NY-1-36-112
CRAGIER, TUNIS G.                       NY-1-34-335
CRAIG, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-38-256
CRAIG, JAMES E.                         NY-1-32-12
CRAIG, WILLIAM H.                       NY-1-37-145
CRAMER, JOHN G.                         NY-1-38-397
CRAMER, MARGARET S.                     NY-1-39-41
CRAMER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-32-289
CRAMPTON, ALBERT                        NY-1-39-270
CRAMPTON, MARY JANE                     NY-1-48-118
CRAMSE, ADAM                            NY-1-20-160
CRANDELL, ANN ELIZA                     NY-1-32-246
CRANDELL, HENRY                         NY-1-27-313
CRANE, CAROLINE A.                      NY-1-19-199
CRANE, HECTOR H.                        NY-1-15-359
CRANE, HECTOR H.                        NY-1-10-279
CRANE, JOSEPH A.                        NY-1-26-348
CRANE, NANCY                            NY-1-35-354
CRANLEY, MARY                           NY-1-50-376
CRANNELL, EURETTA                       NY-1-39-142
CRANNELL, JOHN W.                       NY-1-19-408
CRANNELL, MATTHEW                       NY-1-24-61
CRANNELL, MATTHEW                       NY-1-40-318
CRANNELL, MONROE                        NY-1-41-324
CRARY, ISAAC                            NY-1-4-150
CRARY, JOHN G.                          NY-1-45-193
CRARY, THOMAS                           NY-1-8-408
CRARY, THOMAS                           NY-1-9-142
CRARY, WILLIAM                          NY-1-19-94
CRAWFORD, ELIJAH H.                     NY-1-22-147
CRAWFORD, HAYES                         NY-1-10-432
CRAWFORD, JAMES F.                      NY-1-50-135
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-1-13-229
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-1-15-222
CRAWFORD, MARGARET                      NY-1-20-200
CRAWFORD, MARY                          NY-1-14-176
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        NY-1-28-187
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        NY-1-16-239
CREBLE, HANNAH                          NY-1-10-203
CREBLE, HENRY                           NY-1-46-335
CREECH, EDWARD                          NY-1-21-249
CREGIER, JANNETJE                       NY-1-1A-285
CREMERS, BERNHARD                       NY-1-26-303
CREW, ISABELLA                          NY-1-46-430
CREWELL, BALTIS                         NY-1-11-479
CRIPPEN, ELIJAH                         NY-1-25-165
CRISFORD, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-30-415
CRISLER, PHILIP                         NY-1-22-231
CROCKER, AMOS                           NY-1-1B-269
CROCKER, DAVID                          NY-1-2B-253
CROCKER, DAVID                          NY-1-4-357
CROCKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-38-457
CROCKER, EPHRAIM                        NY-1-15-190
CROCKER, HEMAN                          NY-1-11-90
CROCKER, JONATHAN                       NY-1-8-466
CROCKER, JONATHAN JR.                   NY-1-9-199
CROCKER, MASON I.                       NY-1-34-129
CROFTS, MARY                            NY-1-20-76
CROMME, JOHN                            NY-1-32-284
CRONIN, JOHN                            NY-1-27-186
CRONIN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-33-242
CRONK, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-22-112
CRONKITE, EZRA                          NY-1-15-214
CROOK, AMELIA T.                        NY-1-32-332
CROOK, JOSEPH                           NY-1-25-29
CROOKS, WILLIAM                         NY-1-21-137
CROSBY, CLARKSON F.                     NY-1-16-289
CROSBY, JOHN                            NY-1-21-421
CROSS, AUGUSTUS L.                      NY-1-29-308
CROSS, CATHARINE                        NY-1-30-320
CROSS, CLARISSA                         NY-1-34-269
CROSS, ESTHER                           NY-1-37-53
CROSS, NATHANIEL                        NY-1-18-364
CROSSMAN, ANN                           NY-1-25-104
CROUNSE, ABRAHAM                        NY-1-32-174
CROUNSE, ALEXANDER                      NY-1-32-464
CROUNSE, CONRAD I.                      NY-1-26-152
CROUNSE, CONRADT                        NY-1-15-377
CROUNSE, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-35-189
CROUNSE, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-25-25
CROUNSE, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-40-490
CROUNSE, HENRY C.                       NY-1-27-82
CROUNSE, HIRAM                          NY-1-50-325
CROUNSE, JANE                           NY-1-46-243
CROUNSE, JOHN                           NY-1-15-120
CROUNSE, MARGARET                       NY-1-35-179
CROUNSE, MARIA                          NY-1-32-233
CROUNSE, MARY E.                        NY-1-34-448
CROUNSE, MICHAEL                        NY-1-27-389
CROUNSE, PHILIP                         NY-1-7-242
CROUNSE, PHILIP                         NY-1-16-282
CROUNSE, W. LESLIE                      NY-1-38-379
CROUNSE, WILLIAM                        NY-1-19-168
CROW, ABRAM                             NY-1-39-122
CROW, MARY A.                           NY-1-47-111
CROW, WILLIAM                           NY-1-24-91
CROWLEY, DENNIS                         NY-1-31-429
CROWLEY, EDWARD                         NY-1-37-177
CROWLEY, HANNORAH                       NY-1-38-348
CROWLEY, JOHN                           NY-1-35-219
CROZIER, HANNAH                         NY-1-40-18
CRUIKSHANK,C ATHARINE                   NY-1-48-485
CRUMB, HUGH                             NY-1-21-362
CRUMMY, ANASTASIA                       NY-1-49-243
CRUTTENDEN, ELIZABETH A.                NY-1-16-120
CRYNE, ROBERT S.                        NY-1-17-310
CUDDY, MARY                             NY-1-46-107
CUDDY, PATRICK                          NY-1-33-187
CULL, WILLIAM H.                        NY-1-46-179
CULL, WILLIAM J.                        NY-1-39-342
CULLEN, JOHN                            NY-1-39-8
CULLEN, MARY                            NY-1-45-64
CULLEN, PATRICK                         NY-1-4-328
CULLIGAN, CATHARINE                     NY-1-30-48
CULLINGS, ANN                           NY-1-14-322
CULLINGS, JAMES                         NY-1-8-321
CULLINGS, JAMES                         NY-1-9-63
CULLINGS, THOMAS                        NY-1-14-90
CULVER, CYRUS L.                        NY-1-48-154
CULVER, OLIVER                          NY-1-5-374
CUMMING, ALEXANDER                      NY-1-11-6
CUMMING, GILBERT                        NY-1-5-406
CUMMING, JAMES                          NY-1-9-372
CUMMING, JAMES                          NY-1-10-119
CUMMING, JOHN                           NY-1-43-22
CUMMING, WILLIAM                        NY-1-4-92
CUMMINGS, GEORGE                        NY-1-28-80
CUMMINGS, HANNAH                        NY-1-48-185
CUNDALL, BESSIE A.                      NY-1-46-54
CUNNIFF, BERNARD                        NY-1-46-440
CUNNINGHAM, ALMEDA                      NY-1-28-243
CUNNINGHAM, ANN                         NY-1-49-367
CUNNINGHAM, FELIX                       NY-1-38-118
CUNNINGHAM, HAINES D.                   NY-1-49-88
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                        NY-1-48-148
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                        NY-1-27-59
CURRAN, CATHARINE                       NY-1-48-382
CURRAN, JAMES                           NY-1-15-78
CURRAN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-39-384
CURRAN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-25-444
CURRIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-1-17-458
CURTIN, MARY                            NY-1-45-272
CURTIS, ABERDEEN G.                     NY-1-30-234
CUSHMAN, CORNELIA B.                    NY-1-29-72
CUSHMAN, MARGARET                       NY-1-22-161
CUSHMAN, MARY J.                        NY-1-17-266
CUSHMAN, PAUL                           NY-1-44-185
CUSHMAN, ROBERT S.                      NY-1-22-377
CUSHMAN, THOMAS H.                      NY-1-47-113
CUTLER, AMORY                           NY-1-43-488
CUTLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-1-33-160
CUTLER, JOHN                            NY-1-11-77
CUTLER, MARTIN L.                       NY-1-38-179
CUYLER, ANNA DE. P.                     NY-1-22-466
CUYLER, GEORGE                          NY-1-43-9
CUYLER, JOHN                            NY-1-18-12
CUYLER, JOHN                            NY-1-2B-129
CUYLER, JOHN I.                         NY-1-3-49
CUYLER, LUCINDA                         NY-1-41-356
CUYLER, LYDIA                           NY-1-3-448
CUYLER, RALPH B.                        NY-1-5-15
CUYLER, RALPH B.                        NY-1-5-63
CUYLER, VERNOR                          NY-1-28-455
DABY, MARGARET                          NY-1-35-433
DAHLEN, ADAM                            NY-1-39-431
DAHLEN, ANNA MARIA                      NY-1-35-53
DAHLMANN, ERNST                         NY-1-18-334
DAILEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-26-395
DAILY, CATHARINE                        NY-1-29-420
DALE, WILLIAM A. TWEED                  NY-1-15-226
DALEY, ELLEN                            NY-1-27-476
DALEY, HANORA                           NY-1-48-422
DALPE, AMABLE                           NY-1-27-467
DALPE, GEORGE J.                        NY-1-45-460
DALTN, LUCY D.                          NY-1-44-3
DALTON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-49-182
DALY, LUKE                              NY-1-30-466
DALY, OWEN                              NY-1-15-46
DALY, PATRICK                           NY-1-22-220
DAMP, PHILIP                            NY-1-9-172
DAMP, PHILIP                            NY-1-8-437
DAMP, SUSANNA                           NY-1-9-248
DAMP, SUSANNA                           NY-1-10-15
DANDURAND, MARY                         NY-1-49-461
DANDURAND, NOEL                         NY-1-48-443
DANG, ADAM                              NY-1-29-336
DANIELS, WARNER                         NY-1-16-108
DANIGH, JOHAN VALENTINE                 NY-1-2B-350
DANKER, FREDERICK                       NY-1-50-152
DANN, HORCE L.                          NY-1-29-285
DANNENBERG, FREDERICK                   NY-1-49-342
DANSINGER, HARRIS                       NY-1-22-96
DANSINGER, ROSA                         NY-1-33-440
DARCEY, MARGARET JOSEPHINE              NY-1-24-131
DARLING, ANN                            NY-1-28-1
DARLING, ELIZA M.                       NY-1-35-292
DARRAGH, ELENOR                         NY-1-10-394
DASCH, JOHN                             NY-1-37-51
DATER, KATE                             NY-1-39-311
DAVENPORT, JESSE                        NY-1-41-400
DAVENPORT, MARGARET                     NY-1-39-316
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                      NY-1-33-249
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM D.                   NY-1-26-106
DAVEY, WILIAM                           NY-1-21-26
DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-17-57
DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-1-6-52
DAVIDSON, ELIZA H.                      NY-1-50-370
DAVIDSON, MARGARET L.                   NY-1-45-21
DAVIDSON, MARIA L.                      NY-1-48-476
DAVIDSON, MARY                          NY-1-28-336
DAVIDSON, ROBERT                        NY-1-50-132
DAVIDSON, SAMUEL M.                     NY-1-32-235
DAVIDSON, SUSAN M.                      NY-1-34-53
DAVIDSON, THOMAS                        NY-1-47-60
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                       NY-1-17-83
DAVIES, JOHN (AKA SMITH, JOHN)          NY-1-40-72
DAVIN, HONORA                           NY-1-41-92
DAVIS, ABRAHAM                          NY-1-4-201
DAVIS, ANN                              NY-1-40-430
DAVIS, BRIDGET                          NY-1-47-21
DAVIS, CAROLINE GREER                   NY-1-38-2
DAVIS, ELIZA                            NY-1-29-251
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-31-125
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-4-305
DAVIS, ETHA MALINDA                     NY-1-35-458
DAVIS, ISAAC T.                         NY-1-30-331
DAVIS, JAMES                            NY-1-20-270
DAVIS, JEREMIAH                         NY-1-3-377
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-1-44-118
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-1-13-130
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           NY-1-26-195
DAVIS, LEWIS                            NY-1-7-250
DAVIS, MARTHA                           NY-1-35-472
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           NY-1-4-34
DAVIS, SAMUEL H.                        NY-1-26-210
DAVIS, WILLARD G.                       NY-1-48-470
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-34-223
DAVIS, WILLIAM P.                       NY-1-31-35
DAVISON, IRIS F.                        NY-1-32-160
DAVISON, JAMES                          NY-1-47-47
DAVISON, SARAH                          NY-1-31-182
DAWKINS, ANN                            NY-1-26-304
DAWSON, DENNIS                          NY-1-22-482
DAWSON, HENRY                           NY-1-29-493
DAWSON, JOHANNAH                        NY-1-31-281
DAWSON, JOHN                            NY-1-44-337
DAWSON, JOSEPH                          NY-1-1B-90
DAWSON, NANCY M.                        NY-1-50-440
DAY, ADRIAN                             NY-1-6-312
DAY, ELIZABETH                          NY-1-28-313
DAY, EMMA T.                            NY-1-46-421
DAY, ISRAEL                             NY-1-12-205
DAY, JOHN H.                            NY-1-48-448
DAY, LATENEY                            NY-1-10-209
DAY, MARY                               NY-1-47-5
DAYTON, ABBY ANN                        NY-1-36-351
DAYTON, CHARLES E.                      NY-1-13-390
DAYTON, PHEBE                           NY-1-13-329
DAYTON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-20-299
DAZEN, SIMON                            NY-1-3-366
DEACEY, PATRICK                         NY-1-30-470
DEAN, ELIZA J.                          NY-1-36-251
DEAN, GEORGE W.                         NY-1-35-75
DEAN, JOHN C.                           NY-1-26-415
DEARBORN, HARRIET A.                    NY-1-38-467
DEARSTYNE, JOHN H.                      NY-1-27-285
DEBLER, JOSEPH                          NY-1-43-69
DECAMP, CAROLINE L.                     NY-1-19-162
DEDERICK, PHILIP W.                     NY-1-35-284
DEDERICK, WILLIAM H.                    NY-1-22-168
DEDRICK, MARIA                          NY-1-15-141
DEE, THOMAS                             NY-1-33-140
DEEN, SAMUEL                            NY-1-41-147
DEERING, CATHARINE                      NY-1-35-46
DEFOREST, CHARLES A.                    NY-1-35-77
DEFOREST, LUCY J.                       NY-1-39-212
DEFOREST, MARTIN                        NY-1-39-391
DEFORREST, ISAAC                        NY-1-4-414
DEFREEST, MARIA                         NY-1-5-27
DEGARMO, GERRIT                         NY-1-4-61
DEGARMS, JELLIS                         NY-1-2A-64
DEGEN, CONRAD                           NY-1-30-235
DEGO, ELIZA                             NY-1-26-326
DEGRAAF, KLAAS                          NY-1-2B-5
DEGRAAF, NICHOLAS                       NY-1-3-36
DEGRAAF, NICHOLAS                       NY-1-2B-255
DEGRAAF, WILLIAM                        NY-1-3-102
DEGRAFF, JACOB                          NY-1-27-30
DEGRAFF, MARY F.                        NY-1-47-23
DEHRING, LENA                           NY-1-50-227
DEIM, RACHEL                            NY-1-4-104
DEITZ, ADAM I.                          NY-1-33-116
DEITZ, ALBERT                           NY-1-47-226
DEITZ, CHRISTIAN                        NY-1-35-310
DEITZ, DEBORAH E.                       NY-1-41-460
DEITZ, JACOB I.                         NY-1-48-158
DEITZ, PAUL J.                          NY-1-47-382
DEITZ, SUSAN                            NY-1-41-277
DEITZ, WILLIAM                          NY-1-2B-198
DEKLYN, BARNET                          NY-1-48-413
DELAHANTY, DANIEL                       NY-1-12-412
DELAMATER, CLONDA                       NY-1-1A-365
DELAMATER, LUCIUS                       NY-1-40-189
DELANEY, DANIEL                         NY-1-28-491
DELANEY, PATRICK                        NY-1-5-53
DELANEY, PATRICK                        NY-1-30-61
DELAVAN, HARRIETTE S.                   NY-1-32-169
DELAVAN, JHNS.                          NY-1-32-425
DELCHANTY, JOHN                         NY-1-13-145
DELEHAUTY, ANN                          NY-1-18-432
DELEHAUTY, MARGARET                     NY-1-13-347
DELLEMONT, ABRAHAM                      NY-1-2B-110
DELLEMONT, NANCY                        NY-1-21-358
DELONG, DAVID                           NY-1-7-379
DELONG, DAVID                           NY-1-8-236
DELONG, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-12-298
DELONG, MICAHEL                         NY-1-21-314
DELONG, NICHOLAS                        NY-1-34-1
DELPIT, PIERRE                          NY-1-20-208
DELZELL, ROBERT                         NY-1-4-316
DEMELT, ELIAS                           NY-1-18-339
DEMELT, MARCUS T.                       NY-1-40-364
DEMELT, SARAH E.                        NY-1-38-219
DEMGEN, MATTHIAS                        NY-1-43-252
DEMHAM, QUARTUS G.                      NY-1-32-157
DEMING, GIDEON                          NY-1-12-434
DEMING, WILLIAM                         NY-1-5-88
DEMMET, ANTHONY                         NY-1-24-352
DEMOL, FRANCIS                          NY-1-26-60
DEMSEY, JAMES                           NY-1-19-22
DENEZ, MARGARETHA                       NY-1-43-443
DENIGEN, KATHARINA                      NY-1-48-90
DENISON, EDWARD                         NY-1-48-141
DENISON, GILBERT W.                     NY-1-44-295
DENISON, HENRY                          NY-1-9-229
DENISON, HENRY                          NY-1-10-1
DENISON, ISAAC                          NY-1-27-14
DENISON, JANE ANN                       NY-1-36-446
DENISON, SARAH A.                       NY-1-45-205
DENISON, THOMAS                         NY-1-10-294
DENNISON, BRIDGET                       NY-1-46-103
DENNISON, EDWARD C.                     NY-1-11-198
DENNISTON, ABRAHAM                      NY-1-5-332
DENNISTON, ISAAC                        NY-1-14-484
DENNISTON, JOHN H.                      NY-1-27-158
DENNISTON, JOSEPH                       NY-1-7-48
DENNY, JAMES                            NY-1-38-443
DEPEYSTER, JOHN                         NY-1-1B-180
DERBY, ESTHER                           NY-1-37-115
DEREEMER, JOHN                          NY-1-8-30
DERMODY, HENRY                          NY-1-27-90
DERMODY, THOMAS                         NY-1-14-476
DERMODY, THOMAS                         NY-1-50-186
DERMOTT, STEPHEN C.                     NY-1-25-387
DERRICK, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-27-454
DERRICK, JACOB                          NY-1-21-432
DESCH, CONRAD                           NY-1-41-405
DESCH,E LIZABETH                        NY-1-48-468
DESMARIAS, FRANK                        NY-1-47-237
DESMOND, WILLIAM D.                     NY-1-36-38
DESOTO, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-43-490
DESSOY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-47-414
DEVEREAUX, ADELIA                       NY-1-36-183
DEVEREUX, JAMES                         NY-1-19-227
DEVINE, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-38-381
DEVINE, JAMES                           NY-1-26-314
DEVINE, JOHN J.                         NY-1-30-473
DEVINE, MARY A.                         NY-1-43-42
DEVLIN, CATHARINE                       NY-1-26-250
DEVLIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-43-107
DEVOE, ISAAC                            NY-1-13-472
DEWANDELAER, JOHANNIS                   NY-1-1A-143
DEWEY, GEORGE W.                        NY-1-40-35
DEWITT, ANN                             NY-1-31-279
DEWITT, ELSIE                           NY-1-33-186
DEXTER, ADELIA M.                       NY-1-39-315
DEXTER, GEORGE                          NY-1-30-394
DEXTER, JABEZ B.                        NY-1-36-314
DEXTER, JAMES                           NY-1-21-45
DEXTER, SAMUEL                          NY-1-6-290
DEYERMAND, JAMES                        NY-1-4-480
DEYERMAND, JOHN                         NY-1-5-291
DEYERMAND, WILLIAM                      NY-1-48-454
DEYERMAND, WILLIAM                      NY-1-7-11
DEYERMAND, WILLIAM G.                   NY-1-33-314
DIAMOND, MARY                           NY-1-5-30
DIAMOND, SIMEON P.                      NY-1-44-29
DIAMOND, THOMAS B.                      NY-1-2B-242
DIAMOND, WILLIAM M.                     NY-1-28-157
DICKERMAN, ESTHER                       NY-1-44-150
DICKERMAN, JOHN S.                      NY-1-32-83
DICKEY, JOHN                            NY-1-27-42
DICKEY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-16-397
DICKFELDER, ELLEN                       NY-1-48-340
DICKHOUT, CATHARINE                     NY-1-33-10
DICKINSON, HIRAM N.                     NY-1-44-199
DICKINSON, JOHN                         NY-1-4-358
DICKMANN, CATHARINE                     NY-1-28-105
DICKMANN, MARGARET                      NY-1-31-65
DICKSON, ISABELLA                       NY-1-48-91
DICKSON, MARY                           NY-1-38-426
DICKSON, SAMUEL                         NY-1-50-46
DIERICKS, FRANCIS                       NY-1-34-42
DIETZ, ADAM A.                          NY-1-8-262
DIETZ, ADAM A.                          NY-1-7-405
DIETZ, ISAAC                            NY-1-49-84
DIETZ, JOHN B.                          NY-1-16-114
DIEZ, ELISE                             NY-1-50-482
DIGGS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-17-294
DILLON, CHARLES                         NY-1-11-256
DILLON, JOHN H.                         NY-1-38-409
DILLON, MICHAEL                         NY-1-38-407
DILLON, PATRICK                         NY-1-19-308
DILLON, WILLIAM                         NY-1-33-405
DILLOW, RICHARD                         NY-1-15-262
DINGMAN, ADAM                           NY-1-1A-170
DINGWALL, JOHN                          NY-1-35-440
DISBROW, ABIJAH C.                      NY-1-28-488
DISNEY, JOHN                            NY-1-20-90
DIXON, ELIZA A.                         NY-1-44-358
DIXON, GEORGE                           NY-1-48-302
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-1-18-32
DOBBS, THOMAS H.                        NY-1-28-449
DOBLER, DOROTHEA                        NY-1-43-302
DOBLER, JOHN                            NY-1-32-407
DOCTOR, JOHN                            NY-1-34-331
DODDS, JANE A.                          NY-1-28-152
DODGE, AMOS                             NY-1-31-256
DODGE, DANIEL                           NY-1-50-373
DODGE, HARRIET C.                       NY-1-38-440
DODGE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-24-175
DOELKER, HULDAH A.                      NY-1-46-229
DOHONY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-32-214
DOLE, REBECCA                           NY-1-9-60
DOMMER, GOTTLIEB                        NY-1-32-50
DONAHOE, CATHARINE                      NY-1-38-198
DONAHOE, JAMES                          NY-1-35-450
DONAHOE, MURTHY                         NY-1-35-461
DONAHUE, KATHARINE                      NY-1-48-457
DONELLY, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-47-268
DONELLY, HENRY                          NY-1-48-374
DONIGAN, THOMAS                         NY-1-17-138
DONLON, ANN                             NY-1-32-372
DONLOW, PATRICK                         NY-1-25-375
DONNELLY, ELIZA                         NY-1-38-320
DONNELLY, JANE                          NY-1-22-448
DONNELLY, KATE                          NY-1-43-225
DONNELLY, PATRICK                       NY-1-34-73
DONNELLY, PATRICK                       NY-1-36-103
DONNELLY, PETER                         NY-1-26-254
DONNELLY, PETER                         NY-1-7-295
DONNELLY, PETER                         NY-1-8-142
DONNER, ANDREW M.                       NY-1-50-308
DONOHOE, MARGARET J.                    NY-1-45-150
DONOHUE, MARY                           NY-1-47-72
DONOVAN, BRIDGET                        NY-1-48-341
DONOVAN, ELLEN                          NY-1-15-229
DONOVAN, JOHN                           NY-1-40-80
DONOVAN, MARGARET                       NY-1-21-466
DONOVAN, NANCY                          NY-1-26-241
DONOVAN, PATRICK                        NY-1-31-305
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-1-29-142
DOOLEY, PATRICK                         NY-1-29-150
DOOLITELL, ELIZABETH W.                 NY-1-34-406
DOOLITTLE, LUCIUS                       NY-1-25-54
DOONER, BRIDGET                         NY-1-18-141
DOONER, ELLEN                           NY-1-26-329
DORAN, BRIDGET                          NY-1-40-217
DORAN, JAMES                            NY-1-49-263
DORAN, JOHN                             NY-1-20-46
DORAN, JOSEPH                           NY-1-39-296
DORAN, MICHAEL H.                       NY-1-45-220
DORAN, THOMAS                           NY-1-28-423
DORFLER, JOHN                           NY-1-28-424
DORIS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-26-290
DORMAN, AARON                           NY-1-20-267
DORMAN, HENRY                           NY-1-6-180
DORMAN, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-3-198
DORN, JOSEPHINE                         NY-1-38-444
DORNFELD, FREDRICK                      NY-1-38-412
DORR, ELISHA                            NY-1-11-428
DORR, HENRY P.                          NY-1-38-344
DORWALDT, ANNA                          NY-1-48-410
DORWALDT, CHARLES                       NY-1-45-432
DOTTER, SOLOMON                         NY-1-40-296
DOTTERMUSCH, JOHN C. W.                 NY-1-33-251
DOUDLE, BRIDGET                         NY-1-46-52
DOUGHER, MARY                           NY-1-27-218
DOUGHERTY, CHARLES                      NY-1-49-477
DOUGI, MICHAEL                          NY-1-34-478
DOUGLAS, DAVID                          NY-1-45-386
DOUGLAS, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-39-272
DOUGLASS, CATHARINE JANE                NY-1-27-290
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          NY-1-24-187
DOUW, ABRAHAM                           NY-1-1B-80
DOUW, ABRAHAM                           NY-1-12-224
DOUW, CATHARINE D.                      NY-1-13-287
DOUW, CATY                              NY-1-4-110
DOUW, HELEN L.                          NY-1-31-109
DOUW, JOHN D. P.                        NY-1-8-430
DOUW, JOHN D. P.                        NY-1-9-161
DOUW, VOLCKERT P.                       NY-1-25-359
DOUW, VOLEKERT P.                       NY-1-21-458
DOWD, ELIZA                             NY-1-25-30
DOWD, LAWRENCE                          NY-1-16-334
DOWD, THOMAS                            NY-1-15-446
DOWD, THOMAS                            NY-1-27-12
DOWDALL, BRIDGET                        NY-1-39-4
DOWDEL, CATHARINE                       NY-1-47-460
DOWDLE, ALICE HOY                       NY-1-40-98
DOWMAN, HENRY                           NY-1-6-180
DOWN, JULIA A.                          NY-1-32-185
DOWNER, JANE                            NY-1-38-390
DOWNEY, PATRICK                         NY-1-22-23
DOWNIE, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-35-12
DOWNIE, WILLIAM                         NY-1-37-62
DOWNING, GEORGE                         NY-1-39-252
DOWNS, JOHN                             NY-1-17-95
DOWNS, JOHN M.                          NY-1-33-170
DOWSETT, ISAIAH C.                      NY-1-34-116
DOYLE, CELIA M.                         NY-1-34-414
DOYLE, CHARLES F.                       NY-1-48-280
DOYLE, JOHANNA                          NY-1-44-445
DOYLE, JOHN                             NY-1-6-81
DOYLE, LAURENCE                         NY-1-36-162
DOYLE, MARGARET                         NY-1-47-307
DOYLE, MARY                             NY-1-13-200
DOYLE, RICHARD                          NY-1-46-99
DRAKE, ELIZA J.                         NY-1-29-28
DRAKE, JOSEPH                           NY-1-13-228
DRAPER, SYLVESTER B.                    NY-1-38-326
DRENAN, ANDREW                          NY-1-13-333
DRESEL, THEODORE                        NY-1-34-455
DREXLER, JOHN I.                        NY-1-49-205
DRINDA, LOUIS                           NY-1-27-28
DRISCOLL, ANNA M.                       NY-1-33-219
DROOGAN, CATHARINE L.                   NY-1-45-320
DROOGAN, CORNELIUS                      NY-1-29-348
DROOGAN, THOMAS                         NY-1-45-46
DROOGAN, THOMAS                         NY-1-31-220
DRUDE, MARY E.                          NY-1-39-93
DRUEG, JACOB                            NY-1-26-171
DRURY, MARY                             NY-1-30-486
DUANE, JAMES                            NY-1-2B-322
DUANE, JAMES                            NY-1-2B-289
DUBOIS, DANIEL                          NY-1-26-475
DUBOIS, ISAAC                           NY-1-2B-223
DUBOIS, LUTHER                          NY-1-50-191
DUBOIS, MOISE                           NY-1-38-26
DUBOIS, SUSAN MARY                      NY-1-26-392
DUCHARME, GEORGE                        NY-1-50-30
DUDLEY, CHARLES E.                      NY-1-11-120
DUFFEY, JAMES                           NY-1-17-440
DUFFEY, THOMAS                          NY-1-39-424
DUFFY, ANDREW                           NY-1-45-354
DUFFY, BRIDGET M.                       NY-1-44-380
DUFFY, ELIZA                            NY-1-44-51
DUFFY, JAMES                            NY-1-24-281
DUFFY, JAMES                            NY-1-28-478
DUFFY, JOHN                             NY-1-21-151
DUFFY, MARY ANN                         NY-1-28-343
DUFFY, OWEN                             NY-1-20-250
DUGAN, JOHN                             NY-1-29-244
DUKE, JOHN                              NY-1-22-175
DUMOND, JACOB                           NY-1-27-412
DUMOND, JOHN BAPTIST                    NY-1-2B-84
DUMSEY, MARY                            NY-1-22-367
DUNBAR, ALBERT ***                      NY-1-14-234
DUNBAR, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-9-12
DUNBAR, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-8-278
DUNBAR, ALEXANDER K.                    NY-1-14-490
DUNBAR, ALIDA                           NY-1-10-503
DUNBAR, ELEANOR                         NY-1-17-82
DUNBAR, ELEANOR                         NY-1-27-117
DUNBAR, MARIA                           NY-1-15-346
DUNBAR, ROBERT                          NY-1-5-254
DUNBAR, ROBERT JR.                      NY-1-10-139
DUNBAR, ROBERT W.                       NY-1-16-130
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                         NY-1-6-139
DUNBAR, WILLIAM C.                      NY-1-36-124
DUNCAN, ANN JANNETT                     NY-1-38-28
DUNCAN, EUGENE                          NY-1-47-55
DUNCAN, JAMES                           NY-1-30-318
DUNCAN, JAMES                           NY-1-15-192
DUNCAN, JOHN                            NY-1-2B-15
DUNCAN, REBECCA A.                      NY-1-36-91
DUNCAN, REBECCA A.                      NY-1-36-91
DUNCAN, RICHARD                         NY-1-5-142
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-5-338
DUNCE, ALEXANDER                        NY-1-2B-127
DUNHAM, ELVIRA ANN                      NY-1-20-307
DUNIGAN, OWEN                           NY-1-15-363
DUNKIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-13-21
DUNLAP, JAMES                           NY-1-34-472
DUNLAP, SUSAN M.                        NY-1-31-9
DUNLAVEY, TAMAGE                        NY-1-21-456
DUNLOP, ROBERT                          NY-1-14-316
DUNLOP, SAMUEL                          NY-1-1B-184
DUNN, BERNARD B.                        NY-1-22-148
DUNN, BRIDGE                            NY-1-43-277
DUNN, BRIDGET                           NY-1-44-43
DUNN, BRIDGET                           NY-1-43-287
DUNN, BRIDGET S.                        NY-1-41-422
DUNN, CHARLES                           NY-1-44-109
DUNN, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-1-7-208
DUNN, DANIEL                            NY-1-17-419
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-1-45-100
DUNN, JOSEPH H.                         NY-1-41-333
DUNN, LUKE                              NY-1-33-73
DUNN, MARGARET                          NY-1-7-259
DUNN, MARGARET ANN                      NY-1-44-267
DUNN, MARIA E.                          NY-1-34-385
DUNN, MARY                              NY-1-30-214
DUNN, MARY                              NY-1-37-239
DUNN, MARY                              NY-1-31-191
DUNN, PATRICK                           NY-1-30-163
DUNN, PHILIP                            NY-1-17-410
DUNN, PHILIP SR.                        NY-1-16-140
DUNN, RICHARD                           NY-1-6-153
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-1-45-373
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-1-31-393
DUNNIGAN, OWEN                          NY-1-36-380
DUNPHY, JOHN                            NY-1-39-381
DUNSBACH, JOHN                          NY-1-28-11
DUNSBACH, MARTIN                        NY-1-35-422
DUNSCOMB, EDWARD                        NY-1-24-88
DUPANG, MINK LA TOUR                    NY-1-12-222
DUPIUS, ADDE M.                         NY-1-22-166
DURAN, ANN E.                           NY-1-31-451
DURANT, ALLEN B.                        NY-1-30-181
DURANT, EDWARD P.                       NY-1-40-396
DURANT, GEORGE W.                       NY-1-33-372
DURANT, MARIA F.                        NY-1-36-9
DURANT, MARIA F.                        NY-1-36-9
DURANT, WILLIAM                         NY-1-12-248
DURANT, WILLIAM C.                      NY-1-46-157
DURK, MARGARET                          NY-1-31-80
DURNING, BRIDGET                        NY-1-26-257
DURR, LOUIS                             NY-1-47-137
DURRANT, EDWARD A.                      NY-1-43-125
DUSENBURY, RICHARD                      NY-1-7-198
DUTCHER, HENRY                          NY-1-24-447
DWIGHT, FRANCIS                         NY-1-12-370
DWYER, BRIDGET                          NY-1-35-360
DWYER, CATHARINE                        NY-1-24-66
DWYER, JAMES                            NY-1-38-175
DWYER, JOHN                             NY-1-32-116
DWYER, MARTIN                           NY-1-48-356
DWYER, MICHAEL                          NY-1-36-433
DWYER, PATRICK                          NY-1-33-263
DWYER, WILLIAM                          NY-1-35-286
DYER, ABRAM                             NY-1-21-342
DYER, BRADBURY                          NY-1-17-374
DYER, C. C. W.                          NY-1-18-34
DYER, CHARLES                           NY-1-11-195
DYER, CORNELIA A.                       NY-1-25-405
DYER, DAVID                             NY-1-22-115
DYER, DAVID S.                          NY-1-50-297
DYER, JAMES                             NY-1-26-281
DYER, JONATHAN H.                       NY-1-12-130
DYER, PIERCE                            NY-1-7-157
DYGNAN, CATHARINE                       NY-1-40-356
DYGUAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-38-157

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