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GALE, BENJAMIN                          NY-68-1-AG-56
GALE, DANIEL                            NY-68-1-AG-23
GALE, HEZIKIAH                          NY-68-1-AG-64
GALE, JACOB                             NY-68-1-AG-34
GALE, JOHN                              NY-68-1-AG-25
GALE, JOHN                              NY-68-1-AG-13
GALE, SAMUEL                            NY-68-1-AG-22
GALLT, WILLIAM                          NY-68-1-AG-51
GANSEVORT, LEENDERT                     NY-68-1-AG-28
GARDENER, DERICK                        NY-68-1-AG-32
GARDENIER, JOSINA                       NY-68-1-AG-43
GARDINER, ANDRIS                        NY-68-1-AG-35
GARDINER, SAMUEL JACOBS                 NY-68-1-AJ-5
GARDINIER, JACOB                        NY-68-1-AG-40
GARDNER, BENJAMIN                       NY-68-1-AG-6
GARNSEY, JOHN                           NY-68-1-AG-61
GARTON, ANNE                            NY-68-1-AG-17
GEGO, FRANCIS                           NY-68-1-AG-68
GELSTON, SAMUEL                         NY-68-1-AG-33
GELSTON, WILLIAM                        NY-68-1-AG-67
GENOUNG, MARGARET                       NY-68-1-AG-7
GENSHIMMER, CHRISTIAN                   NY-68-1-AG-66
GERMOND, ISAAC                          NY-68-1-AG-27
GERRETSE, MARIA                         NY-68-1-AG-12
GESSENAR, HENDERICK                     NY-68-1-AG-11
GETTY, JAMES                            NY-68-1-AG-48
GILBERT, CALEB                          NY-68-1-AG-21
GILBURT, JOSIAH                         NY-68-1-AG-53
GILCHRIST, ALEXANDER                    NY-68-1-AG-44
GILDERSLEVE, BENJAMIN                   NY-68-1-AG-54
GILLESPY, NEAL                          NY-68-1-AG-37
GILLIT, JOEL                            NY-68-1-AG-30
GINSALIS, JOHN                          NY-68-1-AG-52
GIRARD, ABRAHAM                         NY-68-1-AG-8
GIVEN, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AG-16
GIVEN, JOHN (DR.)                       NY-68-1-AG-14
GLEN, JACOB SANDERZ                     NY-68-1-AG-1
GLEN, JOHANNIS                          NY-68-1-AG-4
GLEN, JOHANNIS                          NY-68-1-AG-36
GODWIN, HENRY                           NY-68-1-AG-59B
GOELET, CATHARINE                       NY-68-1-AG-65
GOES, CRISTINA                          NY-68-1-AG-45
GOES, JOHN TYSE                         NY-68-1-AG-3
GOLDSMITH, BENJAMIN                     NY-68-1-AG-46
GOLDSMITH, RICHARD                      NY-68-1-AG-55
GONSALUS, MANUEL JR.                    NY-68-1-AG-15
GORFLINE, SAMUEL                        NY-68-1-AG-60
GOULD, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AG-29
GOURLAY, JAMES                          NY-68-1-AG-41
GOVERNEUR, JACOBA                       NY-68-1-AG-38
GRAHAM, ENNIS                           NY-68-1-AG-47
GREAG, HUGH                             NY-68-1-AG-19
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AG-20
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AG-18
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AG-63
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AG-24
GREEN, JOSEPH                           NY-68-1-AG-57
GREEN, JOSHUA                           NY-68-1-AG-62
GREEN, WILLIAM                          NY-68-1-AG-26
GREY, WILLIAM                           NY-68-1-AG-42
GRIDLEY, NOAH                           NY-68-1-AG-49
GRIFFEN, JONATHAN                       NY-68-1-AG-39
GRIFFIN, OBEDIAH                        NY-68-1-AG-58
GRIGG, THOMAS                           NY-68-1-AG-31
GRIGGS, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AG-50
GROENENDYCK, PETER                      NY-68-1-AG-10
GUILLAUME, ERNESTE                      NY-68-1-AG-59
GUIMARD, PAIERE                         NY-68-1-AG-9
HADICK, FRANCIS JR.                     NY-68-1-AH-112
HAERRING, COZYN                         NY-68-1-AH-11
HAFF, JACOB JR.                         NY-68-1-AH-37
HAFF, LAWRENCE                          NY-68-1-AH-39
HAFFE, LAWRENCE                         NY-68-1-AH-26
HAGAMAN, FRANCIS JR.                    NY-68-1-AH-18
HAGEDORN, JACOB                         NY-68-1-AH-114
HAGEMAN, JOHN                           NY-68-1-AH-59
HAIGHT, CALEB SR                        NY-68-1-AH-85
HAIGHT, JONATHAN                        NY-68-1-AH-101
HAINES, BENJAMIN SR.                    NY-68-1-AH-35
HALENBEECK, CASPER JANSE                NY-68-1-AH-29
HALL, JOHN                              NY-68-1-AH-106
HALLOCK, SAMUEL                         NY-68-1-AH-107
HALLOCK, WILLIAM                        NY-68-1-AH-20
HALLSTEAD, JOHN                         NY-68-1-AH-77
HALLSTED, CALEB                         NY-68-1-AH-78
HALLSTED, JONAH                         NY-68-1-AH-42
HALSTED, JACOB                          NY-68-1-AH-121
HAMBLY, JOSEPH                          NY-68-1-AH-79
HAMMOND, AARON                          NY-68-1-AH-127
HAMMOND, AARON                          NY-68-1-AH-103
HANSEN, DIRCK                           NY-68-1-AH-125
HANSEN, HANS                            NY-68-1-AH-31
HANSEN, HENRY                           NY-68-1-AH-8
HANSEN, PETER                           NY-68-1-AH-2
HARBORD, ALEXANDER (CAPT)               NY-68-1-AH-36
HARCOURT, RICHARD                       NY-68-1-AH-65
HARCUTT, JOSEPH                         NY-68-1-AH-32
HARDENBERGH, CHARLES                    NY-68-1-AH-41
HARDENBERGH, JOHANNES                   NY-68-1-AH-108
HARDERGH, ABRAHAM                       NY-68-1-AH-66
HARDING, HENRY                          NY-68-1-AH-3
HARING, ABRAHAM                         NY-68-1-AH-23
HARPER, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AH-115
HARRIS, JANE                            NY-68-1-AH-13
HARRIS, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AH-10
HARRIS, MARY                            NY-68-1-AH-6
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-68-1-AH-28
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     NY-68-1-AH-87
HARSING, JOHANNES                       NY-68-1-AH-72
HASBROOK, BENJAMIN                      NY-68-1-AH-47
HASBROUCK, JACOB                        NY-68-1-AH-19
HASBROUCK, JAN                          NY-68-1-AH-58
HASBROUCK, JONATHAN                     NY-68-1-AH-89
HATHAWAY, JACOB                         NY-68-1-AH-123
HAUCK, PETER                            NY-68-1-AH-91
HAWKINGS, BENJAMIN                      NY-68-1-AH-81
HAY, WILLIAM                            NY-68-1-AH-5
HEATHCOTE, GEORGE                       Y-68-1-AH-4
HEERMANS, ANDREAS                       NY-68-1-AH-54
HEERMANS, JAN                           NY-68-1-AH-9
HEERMANSE, EVERT                        NY-68-1-AH-88
HEERMANSE, HENDRICKUS                   NY-68-1-AH-21
HELM, WILLIAM JR.                       NY-68-1-AH-40
HELLING, ELIZABETH                      NY-68-1-AH-45
HELMER, GODFREY                         NY-68-1-AH-52
HEPWORTH, THOMAS                        NY-68-1-AH-129
HERCHEIMER, HENRICH                     NY-68-1-AH-96
HERCKHEIMER, JOHN JOST                  NY-68-1-AH-63
HERKHEIMER, NICHOLAS (GEN.)             NY-68-1-AH-94
HERMANS, JACOB                          NY-68-1-AH-118
HERRINGH, PETER                         NY-68-1-AH-14
HERTELL, CHRISTIAN                      NY-68-1-AH-27
HESS, JOHANNES                          NY-68-1-AH-43
HEUSTIS, JONATHAN                       NY-68-1-AH-122
HEVENER, DANIEL                         NY-68-1-AH-105
HEWSON, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AH-93
HILL, WILLIAM                           NY-68-1-AH-82
HILTEN, PETER                           NY-68-1-AH-113
HINCHMAN, OBEIDIAH                      NY-68-1-AH-25
HOAG, DAVID                             NY-68-1-AH-110
HOFF, DANIEL                            NY-68-1-AH-71
HOFFMAN, ANNA CHRISTINA                 NY-68-1-AH-124
HOFFMAN, ZACHARIAS                      NY-68-1-AH-17
HOFMAN, ANTHONY                         NY-68-1-AH-117
HOFMAN, HARMANUS                        NY-68-1-AH-22
HOGEBOOM, JEREMIAH                      NY-68-1-AH-104
HOGENCOMP, JOHN                         NY-68-1-AH-15
HOGG, REBECCA                           NY-68-1-AH-24
HOGHTEYLING, WILHELMUS                  NY-68-1-AH-55
HOGLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-68-1-AH-67
HOLBROOK, NATHANIEL                     NY-68-1-AH-70
HOLLAND, EDWARD                         NY-68-1-AH-30
HOLLAND, HENRY                          NY-68-1-AH-128
HOLLAND, HITCHEN                        NY-68-1-AH-46
HOLMES, SOLOM                           NY-68-1-AH-80
HOLSAPPEL, PHILLIP                      NY-68-1-AH-92
HOLSTEDE, RICHARD                       NY-68-1-AH-75
HOLT, JOHN                              NY-68-1-AH-73
HOLT, WILLIAM                           NY-68-1-AH-33
HONEYWELL, GILEAD                       NY-68-1-AH-83
HONYWELL, ISRAEL                        NY-68-1-AH-7
HOOGEMBOOM, JOHANNIS                    NY-68-1-AH-119
HOOGEMBOOM, PETER                       NY-68-1-AH-111
HOORNBECK, HENDRICUS                    NY-68-1-AH-97
HOORNBECK, LODEWYCK                     NY-68-1-AH-53
HOORNBEEK, JACOB                        NY-68-1-AH-95
HOORNBEEK, TOBIAS                       NY-68-1-AH-56
HOPE, ALEXANDER                         NY-68-1-AH-126
HOPKINS, STEPHEN                        NY-68-1-AH-38
HOPSON, SAMUEL                          NY-68-1-AH-48
HORNBECK, CORNELIUS                     NY-68-1-AH-49
HORTON, BARNABAS                        NY-68-1-AH-109
HORTON, JOSEPH                          NY-68-1-AH-34
HOUCK, HENDRICK                         NY-68-1-AH-98
HOUGHTAILING, JOHN SR.                  NY-68-1-AH-86
HOWELL, HEZEKIAH                        NY-68-1-AH-116
HOWELL, JAMES                           NY-68-1-AH-64
HOWELL, MATTHEW                         NY-68-1-AH-100
HOWELL, STEPHEN                         NY-68-1-AH-99
HUEBNER, DANIEL                         NY-68-1-AH-105
HUEY, JAMES                             NY-68-1-AH-120
HUGHSON, GEORGE                         NY-68-1-AH-60
HUGHY, ROBERT                           NY-68-1-AH-16
HULSE, BENJAMIN                         NY-68-1-AH-74
HULSE, SILAS                            NY-68-1-AH-62
HUNN, JOHANNES                          NY-68-1-AH-51
HUNT, LEWIS                             NY-68-1-AH-90
HUNTER, ROBERT                          NY-68-1-AH-84
HUNTLY, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AH-57
HUTCHINGS, RICHARD                      NY-68-1-AH-44
HUTCHINS, JOHN NATHAN                   NY-68-1-AH-102
HUTCHISON, RALPH                        NY-68-1-AH-1
HUYCK, ANDRIES B.                       NY-68-1-AH-61
HUYCK, DIRCK                            NY-68-1-AH-68
IRISH, SMITON                           NY-68-1-AJ-15
JACKSON, HANOCH                         NY-68-1-AJ-4
JANSEN, CORNELIS                        NY-68-1-AJ-18
JANSEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-68-1-AJ-16
JANSEN, JOACHIM                         NY-68-1-AJ-22
JANSEN, JOHANNIS JR                     NY-68-1-AJ-14
JANSEN, MATHYS                          Y-68-1-AJ-1
JANSEN, ROELOF                          NY-68-1-AJ-16
JANSEN, THOMAS                          NY-68-1-AJ-8
JAYN, SAMUEL                            NY-68-1-AJ-10
JAYNE, DANIEL                           NY-68-1-AJ-27
JENNINS, RICHARD                        NY-68-1-AJ-9
JEWELL, ANN                             NY-68-1-AJ-6
JINENS, JOSEPH                          NY-68-1-AJ-13
JOHNSON, ALBERT                         NY-68-1-AJ-2
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-68-1-AJ-26
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         NY-68-1-AJ-23
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         NY-68-1-AJ-19
JONES, EVAN                             NY-68-1-AJ-7
JONES, JONATHAN                         NY-68-1-AJ-17
JONES, JOSIAS                           NY-68-1-AJ-24
JONES, SAMUEL JR.                       NY-68-1-AJ-20
JONES, SAMUEL SR.                       NY-68-1-AJ-25
JONES, THOMAS                           NY-68-1-AJ-11
JUDSON, SAMUEL                          NY-68-1-AJ-21
KAIN, JOHN                              NY-68-1-AK-42
KAIN, ROBERT                            NY-68-1-AK-37
KAST, JURNI                             NY-68-1-AK-13
KEATER, AREI                            NY-68-1-AK-20
KERR, CHARLES                           NY-68-1-AK-7
KESELAR, PAULUS                         NY-68-1-AK-36
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-68-1-AK-48
KETCHAM, THOMAS                         NY-68-1-AK-17
KETELHUYN, WILLIAM                      NY-68-1-AK-3
KETLETASS, JANE                         NY-68-1-AK-35
KETTELL, JEREMY SR                      NY-68-1-AK-1
KEYSEREYCK, REYNYER                     NY-68-1-AK-4
KICKLER, FRIEDRICH                      NY-68-1-AK-41
KIDD, ALEXANDER                         NY-68-1-AK-30
KIERS, EDWARD WILLIAM                   NY-68-1-AK-47
KIERSTEDEN, ALDERT                      NY-68-1-AK-9
KIERSTEDEN, HANS                        NY-68-1-AK-15
KILLBURN, ABNAR                         NY-68-1-AK-10
KING, SAMUEL                            NY-68-1-AK-39
KING, THOMAS                            NY-68-1-AK-34
KIP, ABRAHAM                            NY-68-1-AK-12
KIP, BALTHAZAR                          NY-68-1-AK-16
KIP, HENDRICK                           NY-68-1-AK-11
KIP, ISAAC                              NY-68-1-AK-23
KIP, JACOB                              NY-68-1-AK-19
KIP, PETRUS                             NY-68-1-AK-14
KIP, ROELOF                             NY-68-1-AK-22
KIPP, JACOB                             NY-68-1-AK-8
KIPP, JACOBUS                           NY-68-1-AK-2
KLAPPER, HENDRICK                       NY-68-1-AK-29
KLAUN, FRANS                            NY-68-1-AK-40
KLAWE, JOHANNES                         NY-68-1-AK-24
KNAP, JOHN                              NY-68-1-AK-33
KNAPP, BENJAMIN                         NY-68-1-AK-32
KNAPP, DANIEL                           NY-68-1-AK-27
KNICKERBACKER, HARMEN                   NY-68-1-AK-25
KNICKERBACKER, NEELTIE                  NY-68-1-AK-38
KNIFFEN, ISRAEL                         NY-68-1-AK-45
KNIFFIN, NATHAN                         NY-68-1-AK-49
KNIGHTS, THOMAS                         NY-68-1-AK-28
KNISKERN, HENRICH                       NY-68-1-AK-43
KONINCK, ARY                            NY-68-1-AK-6
KOONS, PHILIP                           NY-68-1-AK-26
KORTZ, JOHANNES                         NY-68-1-AK-46
KOWENHOVER, JOHANNES                    NY-68-1-AK-31
KROM, GISBERT                           NY-68-1-AK-5
KROM, HENDRIKUS                         NY-68-1-AK-21
KROM, JACOB                             NY-68-1-AK-44
KYER, COENRADT                          NY-68-1-AK-18
LACONTE, JOHN                           NY-68-1-AL-12
LAFORD, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AL-3
LAKERMAN, ABRAHAM                       NY-68-1-AL-8
LAMBERTS, JANNETJE                      NY-68-1-AL-1
LAMBERTS, THOMAS                        NY-68-1-AL-1
LAMON, ELIZABETH                        NY-68-1-AL-49
LANE, HENRY                             NY-68-1-AL-10
LANGDON, THOMAS                         NY-68-1-AL-50
LANGENDYCK, PETRUS                      NY-68-1-AL-45
LANSING, ELIZABETH                      NY-68-1-AL-58
LANSINGH, ALEXANDER                     NY-68-1-AL-33
LANSINGH, GERRIT I.                     NY-68-1-AL-11
LATTEMORE, BENNONI                      NY-68-1-AL-64
LAUNERT, JOHAN GEORG                    NY-68-1-AL-31
LAVINUS, PHILIP                         NY-68-1-AL-36
LAWRENCE, MARY                          NY-68-1-AL-20
LAWYER, JOHANNES                        NY-68-1-AL-21
LEAKE, JOHN G.                          NY-68-1-AL-70
LEAKE, THOMAS                           NY-68-1-AL-61
LEATHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-68-1-AL-16
LEAYCRAFT, VINER                        NY-68-1-AL-55
LECOUNTE, BOWDEWNE                      NY-68-1-AL-35
LEGG, SAMUEL                            NY-68-1-AL-25
LEGG, WILLIAM                           NY-68-1-AL-7
LEGG, WILLIAM JR.                       NY-68-1-AL-40
LEGRANGE, OMY                           NY-68-1-AL-5
LEONARD, SILAS                          NY-68-1-AL-26
LEROY, PETRUS                           NY-68-1-AL-60
LESHER, BASTIAEN                        NY-68-1-AL-44
LESSLEY, MARY                           NY-68-1-AL-32
LEVY, ISAAC                             NY-68-1-AL-48
LEVY, JOSEPH ISRAEL                     NY-68-1-AL-38
LEWIS, GERTRUDE                         NY-68-1-AL-57
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-68-1-AL-53
LEWIS, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AL-69
LEWIS, LEONARD                          NY-68-1-AL-15
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-68-1-AL-22
LEYDT, JENNEKE                          NY-68-1-AL-65
LHOMMEDEIU, PETER                       NY-68-1-AL-2
LIBERTEE, JOHN                          NY-68-1-AL-3
LINKTON, SAMUEL                         NY-68-1-AL-42
LIPE, CASPAR                            NY-68-1-AL-43
LITTLE, ARCHIBALD                       NY-68-1-AL-56
LITTLE, ARCHIBALD                       NY-68-1-AL-52
LITTLE, FRANCES                         NY-68-1-AL-17
LITTLE, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AL-14
LITTLE, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AL-23
LITTLE, THOMAS                          NY-68-1-AL-37
LIVINGSTON, PHILIP                      NY-68-1-AL-54
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT JR. ESQ              NY-68-1-AL-6
LOCKMAN, FREDERICK                      NY-68-1-AL-68
LODGE, ABRAHAM                          NY-68-1-AL-18
LOOP, MARTE                             NY-68-1-AL-66
LOSEE, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AL-29A
LOSEE, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AL-46
LOSEE, SIMEON                           NY-68-1-AL-63
LOTT, HENRY                             NY-68-1-AL-24
LOUNHART, PHILLIP                       NY-68-1-AL-30
LOW, JOHN                               NY-68-1-AL-41
LOW, PETER                              NY-68-1-AL-13
LOW, WILLIAM                            NY-68-1-AL-9
LOWAREAR, MICHAEL                       NY-68-1-AL-51
LUDLOW, ELIZABETH                       NY-68-1-AL-67
LUDLOW, HENRY                           NY-68-1-AL-59
LUDLUM, ISAAC                           NY-68-1-AL-29
LYDIUS, JOHANNIS                        NY-68-1-AL-4
LYLE, ABRAHAM                           NY-68-1-AL-28
LYNOTT, THOMAS                          NY-68-1-AL-34
LYON, GEORGE                            NY-68-1-AL-39
LYON, JOSEPH                            NY-68-1-AL-19
LYON, ROBERT                            NY-68-1-AL-47
MABEE, JAN PETERSE                      NY-68-1-AM-6
MABEI, PETER                            NY-68-1-AM-58
MABIE, CASPARUS                         NY-68-1-AM-93
MACEY, MARY                             NY-68-1-AM-38
MACFARLAND, JANE                        NY-68-1-AM-75
MACHGREGORY, PATRICK                    NY-68-1-AM-7
MAESEN, CORNELIS                        NY-68-1-AM-34
MANDEVILL, DAVID                        NY-68-1-AM-56
MANDEVILLE, FRANCIS                     NY-68-1-AM-79
MARELIS, ANNATJE                        NY-68-1-AM-54
MARSELIS, GERRIT JOHN                   NY-68-1-AM-46
MARSH, WITHAM                           NY-68-1-AM-44
MARTEN, MANASAH                         NY-68-1-AM-62
MARTIN, AGRIPPA                         NY-68-1-AM-82
MARTINE, JOHN                           NY-68-1-AM-27
MARVIN, ROBERT                          NY-68-1-AM-49
MASTEN, AART                            NY-68-1-AM-97
MASTEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-68-1-AM-88
MATHEWS, PETER                          NY-68-1-AM-3
MATHEWS, VINCENT                        NY-68-1-AM-96
MATTHEWS, ROBERT                        NY-68-1-AM-25
MATTISON, AARON                         NY-68-1-AM-104
MATTYSON, JAN                           NY-68-1-AM-5
MAUNSELL, JOHN                          NY-68-1-AM-105
MAURIES, SAMUEL                         NY-68-1-AM-57
MCCEW, WILLIAM                          NY-68-1-AM-63
MCCOBB, JAMES                           NY-68-1-AM-73
MCCOLLUM, JOHN                          NY-68-1-AM-87
MCCURDY, ARCHIBALD                      NY-68-1-AM-100
MCEWEN, DANIEL                          NY-68-1-AM-24
MCGINNIS, WILLIAM                       NY-68-1-AM-18
MCINTIRE, JAMES                         NY-68-1-AM-48
MCINVIN, JOHN                           NY-68-1-AM-37
MCKINLEY, NATHANIEL                     NY-68-1-AM-98
MCLEAN, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AM-101
MCMENNOMY, ROBERT                       NY-68-1-AM-60
MCNEAL, JAMES                           NY-68-1-AM-14
MCNEALL, JOHN JR.                       NY-68-1-AM-15
MCPHADRYS, HELENA                       NY-68-1-AM-66
MCPHEADRIS, HELENA                      NY-68-1-AM-59
MEAD, NEHEMIAH                          NY-68-1-AM-30
MELSON, CHARLES                         NY-68-1-AM-36
MERCKEL, NICHOLAUS                      NY-68-1-AM-99
MERITT, GEORGE                          NY-68-1-AM-28
MERITT, GLORIN                          NY-68-1-AM-29
MERRITT, GABRIEL                        NY-68-1-AM-78
MESICK, JAOCB                           NY-68-1-AM-74
MESICK, THOMAS                          NY-68-1-AM-92
MESIER, PETER                           NY-68-1-AM-43
MESTEN, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AM-72
MEYER, ABRAHAM                          NY-68-1-AM-91
MEYER, HENDRIKJE                        NY-68-1-AM-1
MEYER, MARTIN JANSE                     NY-68-1-AM-1
MICHAEL, MOSES                          NY-68-1-AM-10
MIER, EDA                               NY-68-1-AM-41
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         NY-68-1-AM-76A
MILLER, ADAM                            NY-68-1-AM-81
MILLER, ANDREW                          NY-68-1-AM-47
MILLER, GARRET                          NY-68-1-AM-80
MILLER, HENRY                           NY-68-1-AM-55
MILLER, JACOBUS                         NY-68-1-AM-103
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-68-1-AM-77
MILLER, JOHAN GEORG                     NY-68-1-AM-42
MILLERD, ROBERT JR.                     NY-68-1-AM-50
MILLS, AURLEIUS                         NY-68-1-AM-23
MILLS, CATHARINA                        NY-68-1-AM-64
MILLS, EPHRAIM                          NY-68-1-AM-45
MILLS, SAMUEL                           NY-68-1-AM-26
MILLS, TIMOTHY                          NY-68-1-AM-83
MILSPAK, DETER                          NY-68-1-AM-32
MILTZPAH, MATTICE                       NY-68-1-AM-53
MINGALL, JOANINS                        NY-68-1-AM-8
MINTHORNE, PHILIP                       NY-68-1-AM-9
MITCHELL, ROBERT JR.                    NY-68-1-AM-70
MOCHIE, JOHAN MICHEL                    NY-68-1-AM-67
MOFSER, JURY                            NY-68-1-AM-68
MONCRIEFFE, THOMAS                      NY-68-1-AM-95
MONELL, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AM-65
MONTAYNE, REBECCA                       NY-68-1-AM-71
MONTROSS, JOHN                          NY-68-1-AM-52
MOOR, JAMES                             NY-68-1-AM-90
MOORE, BENJAMIN                         NY-68-1-AM-12
MOORE, JOHANNES                         NY-68-1-AM-79A
MORE, ROBERT                            NY-68-1-AM-16
MORREL, THOMAS                          NY-68-1-AM-51
MORRIS, ISABELLA                        NY-68-1-AM-13
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AM-86
MORRIS, LEWIS                           NY-68-1-AM-31
MOTT, GEARSHAM                          NY-68-1-AM-22
MOTT, JOSEPH                            NY-68-1-AM-35
MOUNTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    NY-68-1-AM-85
MOYR, PHILIP HENDRICK                   NY-68-1-AM-76
MUCH, CATHRINE                          NY-68-1-AM-33
MULDER, CORNELIS                        NY-68-1-AM-11
MULFORD, DAVID                          NY-68-1-AM-84
MULL, ABRAHAM                           NY-68-1-AM-4
MULLENDER, PETER                        NY-68-1-AM-61
MULLER, CORNELIS                        NY-68-1-AM-21
MULLER, JEREMIAH                        NY-68-1-AM-39
MULLER, KILLIAN                         NY-68-1-AM-89
MUNNIL, HANNAH                          NY-68-1-AM-102
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         NY-68-1-AM-40
MUTS, JOHANAS                           NY-68-1-AM-20
MUZELIUS, FREDERICUS                    NY-68-1-AM-94
MYER, CHRISTIEAEN                       NY-68-1-AM-69
MYNDERSE, JOHANNIS                      NY-68-1-AM-17
MYNDERSE, MYNDERT                       NY-68-1-AM-19
NEATE, WILLIAM                          NY-68-1-AN-13
NEELY, JOHN                             NY-68-1-AN-17
NEELY, ROBERT                           NY-68-1-AN-6
NEELY, SAMUEL                           NY-68-1-AN-22
NEELY, THOMAS                           NY-68-1-AN-19
NEELY, WILLIAM (CAPT)                   NY-68-1-AN-11
NELSON, JOHN JR.                        NY-68-1-AN-9
NELSON, REUBEN                          NY-68-1-AN-15
NELSON, THEOPHILUS                      NY-68-1-AN-20
NEWKIRK, CORNELES                       NY-68-1-AN-10
NEWKIRK, CORNELIUS JR.                  NY-68-1-AN-18
NEWKIRK, GARRET                         NY-68-1-AN-3
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          NY-68-1-AN-8
NICOLL, BENJAMIN                        NY-68-1-AN-7
NICOLL, HANNAH                          NY-68-1-AN-21
NICOLL, JOHN ESQ.                       NY-68-1-AN-16
NOBLE, JAMES                            NY-68-1-AN-12
NOELL, THOMAS                           NY-68-1-AN-1
NORISEV, WITHAMUS DE                    NY-68-1-AM-44
NORTHRUP, MOSES                         NY-68-1-AN-5
NORTON, GEORGE                          NY-68-1-AN-2
NOTTINGHAM, STEPHEN, ESQ.               NY-68-1-AN-14
NOTTINGHAM, WILLIAM                     NY-68-1-AN-4
OAKLEY, THOMAS JR.                      NY-68-1-AO-18
OBLENUS, PETER                          NY-68-1-AO-8
OEHTERLONY, DAVID                       NY-68-1-AO-4
OLDFIELD, JOSEPH                        NY-68-1-AO-3
OLIVER, DAVID                           NY-68-1-AO-10
ONDERDONCK, ABRAHAM                     NY-68-1-AO-5
OOSTERHOUT, ABRAHAM                     NY-68-1-AO-13
OOSTERHOUT, TEUNIS                      NY-68-1-AO-2
OOSTERHOUT, THEUNIS                     NY-68-1-AO-6
OOTHOUT, HENDRICK                       NY-68-1-AO-1
OSBORN, JOHN                            NY-68-1-AO-12
OSBORN, PAUL                            NY-68-1-AO-17
OSTERHOUDT, JOHN CRINSE                 NY-68-1-AO-16
OTTO, FRANS                             NY-68-1-AO-15
OUTWATER, PETER                         NY-68-1-AO-14
OVERTON, JAMES                          NY-68-1-AO-9
OWEN, JONATHAN                          NY-68-1-AO-19
OWEN, TIMOTHY                           NY-68-1-AO-7
OWENS, GEORGE                           NY-68-1-AO-11

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