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NAIEL, CHARLOTTE f.                     NY-1-24-156
NASH, DAVID JR.                         NY-1-7-345
NASH, DAVID JR.                         NY-1-8-206
NASH, DAVID W.                          NY-1-19-385
NASH, JAMES                             NY-1-39-198
NASHOLD, TAMER V.                       NY-1-38-210
NATHAN, MAYER                           NY-1-25-361
NAUMANN, JOHN W.                        NY-1-41-212
NAZELL, JOHN R.                         NY-1-25-184
NEAR, JANE                              NY-1-22-366
NEAS, CONRAD                            NY-1-47-282
NEEDHAM, WILLIAM J.                     NY-1-44-278
NEEF, JACOB F.                          NY-1-35-314
NEELAN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-48-194
NEELEY, JANE                            NY-1-21-169
NEELEY, ROBERT                          NY-1-14-88
NEELY, JOSEPH                           NY-1-14-445
NEELY, ROBERT                           NY-1-16-168
NEEMES, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-32-242
NEEMES, JOSEPH                          NY-1-27-322
NEIDLINGER, JACOB                       NY-1-41-11
NEILES, MARY M.                         NY-1-40-441
NELIGAN, DAVID                          NY-1-29-47
NELLEGAR, CHARLOTTE                     NY-1-43-40
NELLEGN, JOHN                           NY-1-7-22
NELLIS, ROBART                          NY-1-4-37
NELSON, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-32-48
NELSON, CARPENTER                       NY-1-26-428
NELSON, MEPHIBOSHETH                    NY-1-19-444
NELSON, ROBERT                          NY-1-21-96
NELSON, ROGER                           NY-1-8-173
NESSLE, CAROLINE G.                     NY-1-21-214
NETTERVILLE, JOHN W.                    NY-1-20-475
NEUBAUER, THEODORE H.                   NY-1-48-26
NEVILLE, JAMES                          NY-1-31-246
NEVILLE, JOHANNA                        NY-1-29-279
NEWBURY, GEORGE D.                      NY-1-31-172
NEWCOMB, CHARLES W.                     NY-1-26-356
NEWCOMB, EDWARD                         NY-1-38-117
NEWCOMB, GEORGE H.                      NY-1-47-205
NEWCOMB, THOMAS D.                      NY-1-24-69
NEWCOMB, THOMAS W.                      NY-1-22-216
NEWETH, ANN                             NY-1-39-237
NEWHOF, FANNIE                          NY-1-48-435
NEWLAN, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-14-220
NEWLAND, SUSANNAH L.                    NY-1-50-214
NEWMAN, CATHERINE                       NY-1-33-82
NEWMAN, GEORGTE                         NY-1-27-239
NEWMAN, HENRY                           NY-1-24-267
NEWMAN, JULIETTE                        NY-1-36-64
NEWMAN, JULIETTE                        NY-1-36-64
NEWMAN, LEWIS                           NY-1-6-175
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-46-367
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-26-412
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-29-287
NEWTON, DIER                            NY-1-18-473
NEWTON, HRRIET NEWELL                   NY-1-44-71
NEWTON, JOHN M.                         NY-1-48-412
NEWTON, SARAH B.                        NY-1-41-444
NEYLON, GEORGE                          NY-1-21-229
NIBLOCK, ALEXANDER                      NY-1-19-431
NICHOLS, CAROLINE A.                    NY-1-45-364
NICHOLS, CATHARINE                      NY-1-13-461
NICHOLS, HANNAH M.                      NY-1-44-36
NICHOLS, JESSE                          NY-1-11-218
NICHOLS,LORENZO                         NY-1-21-355
NICHOLSON, THOMAS P.                    NY-1-35-432
NICOLL, FRANCIS                         NY-1-5-32
NICOLL, RENSELAER                       NY-1-1B-246
NIFER, DAVID                            NY-1-4-522
NILES, HENRY                            NY-1-13-71
NILES, JOHN                             NY-1-18-213
NILES, NATHANIEL                        NY-1-27-40
NILES, SARAH E.                         NY-1-48-206
NILSON, ROGER                           NY-1-7-314
NIMMS, THOMAS J.                        NY-1-40-26
NITZEL, CATHARINE                       NY-1-44-222
NITZGEL, JOHN                           NY-1-29-390
NIVER, DAVID                            NY-1-36-287
NIVER, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-28-138
NIVER, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-1-43-234
NIVER, ELIZABETH H.                     NY-1-46-352
NIVER, JOHN                             NY-1-18-24
NIVER, MARY                             NY-1-18-53
NIVER, MICHAEL                          NY-1-16-323
NIVER, SARAH                            NY-1-19-412
NNESLEY, LAURA                          NY-1-41-3
NOBLE, GEORGE EVERETT                   NY-1-49-137
NOBLE, JANE E.                          NY-1-44-116
NOBLE, ROBERT                           NY-1-24-165
NOBLES, LUCINDA                         NY-1-49-373
NODINE, WILLIAM                         NY-1-18-136
NOETHEN, THEODORE                       NY-1-28-70
NOLAN, CATHARINE                        NY-1-50-472
NOLAN, CATHERINE                        NY-1-50-455
NOLAN, JOHANNA                          NY-1-43-193
NOLAN, JOHN                             NY-1-27-122
NOLAN, MARGARET                         NY-1-47-337
NOLAN, MARY C.                          NY-1-38-137
NOLAN, MICHAEL                          NY-1-44-486
NOONAN, DENIS                           NY-1-31-292
NOONAN, MARGARET                        NY-1-34-405
NOONAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-21-237
NOONAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-43-283
NORDIN, THOMAS                          NY-1-6-318
NORDIN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-13-260
NORMAN, ELIZA                           NY-1-14-156
NORMILE, NICHOLAS                       NY-1-45-357
NORRELL, AGNIS                          NY-1-39-489
NORTH, JAMES                            NY-1-20-254
NORTHROP, JOSEPH N.                     NY-1-27-325
NORTHROP, MARY JANE                     NY-1-48-266
NORTON, CAROLINE                        NY-1-22-253
NORTON, ELIZABETH P.                    NY-1-26-453
NORTON, ISABELLA M.                     NY-1-27-394
NORTON, JACOB                           NY-1-24-306
NORTON, JOHN                            NY-1-37-253
NORTON, MARGARET                        NY-1-40-250
NORTON, MARY E.                         NY-1-37-179
NORWOOD, CORNELIA                       NY-1-21-356
NORWOOD, DAVID                          NY-1-20-253
NORWOOD, DAVID                          NY-1-17-326
NORWOOD, JULIA A.                       NY-1-32-303
NOSCHANG, ADAM                          NY-1-39-430
NOTT, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-21-37
NOTT, JOHN C.                           NY-1-38-68
NOTTER, MICHAEL                         NY-1-45-3
NOXON, CATHARINE HILLS                  NY-1-33-99
NOXON, PASCHO                           NY-1-7-13
NOYES, WILLIAM                          NY-1-28-117
NUGENT, EDWARD                          NY-1-24-489
NUGENT, JOHN                            NY-1-34-109
NUNN, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-45-247
NUSBAUM, ISRAEL                         NY-1-41-396
NUSSBAUM, CLARA                         NY-1-48-361
NUSSBAUM, SOLOMON                       NY-1-28-196
NUTT, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-12-68
NUTT, WILLIAM                           NY-1-8-228
NUTT, WILLIAM                           NY-1-7-363
NUTTALL, JOHN A.                        NY-1-36-371
NUTTALL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-50-77
NUTTALL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-50-77
NYE, HARRIET                            NY-1-46-391
OATFIELD, CHRISTOPHER C.                NY-1-26-338
OATHOUT, JONAS V.                       NY-1-17-352
OATHOUT, SARAH                          NY-1-31-18
OATHOUT, SOLOMON                        NY-1-38-126
OATHOUT, WILLIAM                        NY-1-21-279
OBEY, SARAH A.                          NY-1-44-168
OBOYLE, WINIFRED                        NY-1-44-32
OBRIEN, ANDREW                          NY-1-48-395
OBRIEN, ANNIE R.                        NY-1-45-177
OBRIEN, APTRICK M.                      NY-1-43-174
OBRIEN, BERNARD                         NY-1-35-406
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                         NY-1-47-266
OBRIEN, EDWARD                          NY-1-48-431
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-20-338
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-49-331
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-1-36-122
OBRIEN, JAMES                           NY-1-45-422
OBRIEN, JAMES                           NY-1-16-211
OBRIEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-34-423
OBRIEN, JOHN                            NY-1-44-394
OBRIEN, MARY                            NY-1-31-60
OBRIEN, MARY                            NY-1-49-48
OBRIEN, MARY ANN                        NY-1-43-160
OBRIEN, MARY E.                         NY-1-43-262
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-33-28
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         NY-1-48-424
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         NY-1-20-283
OBRIEN, PHILIP                          NY-1-35-355
OBRIEN, SOPHIA                          NY-1-9-44
OBRIEN, TIMOTHY                         NY-1-36-486
OCALLAGHAN, CATHARINE                   NY-1-35-90
OCONNELL, EDARD                         NY-1-34-203
OCONNELL, JOHN                          NY-1-45-362
OCONNOR, ANN                            NY-1-27-405
OCONNOR, JEREMIAH                       NY-1-50-249
OCONNOR, PATRICK                        NY-1-31-212
OCONNOR, PETER                          NY-1-19-345
OCONNOR, THOMAS                         NY-1-34-319
ODAY, JOHANNAH                          NY-1-36-148
ODEA, JAMES J.                          NY-1-48-292
ODEA, MARY                              NY-1-48-343
ODELL, THEODOSIA                        NY-1-35-308
ODONNELL, JOHN                          NY-1-49-308
ODONNELL, MARGARET                      NY-1-40-174
OEHR, MARIE M.                          NY-1-50-167
OGDEN, AMANDA M.                        NY-1-32-456
OGDEN, HANNAH                           NY-1-20-310
OGDEN, ISAAC C.                         NY-1-45-132
OGDEN, JANE ANN                         NY-1-43-38
OGDEN, JOHN                             NY-1-2B-432
OGIER, ROSALIE                          NY-1-28-386
OGSBURY, ALEXANDER                      NY-1-18-312
OGSBURY, DAVID                          NY-1-9-280
OGSBURY, DAVID                          NY-1-10-39
OGSBURY, JACOB                          NY-1-29-471
OHAGAN, CHARLES                         NY-1-24-377
OHAGAN, JAMES                           NY-1-37-237
OHAGAN, THOMAS W.                       NY-1-49-363
OHAIRE, CATHARINE                       NY-1-48-18
OHAIRE, SYLVESTER                       NY-1-15-314
OHANLON, MICHAEL                        NY-1-22-406
OHANLON, PATRICK                        NY-1-10-406
OHARA, THOMAS                           NY-1-35-258
OHARE, ANN                              NY-1-40-229
OHARE, ANNA                             NY-1-28-123
OHEARN, PATRICK                         NY-1-45-331
OHENSTEIN, LOUISA                       NY-1-49-218
OKEEFE, JOHN                            NY-1-38-45
OKEEFE, PATRICK                         NY-1-28-207
OKEEFE, THOMAS                          NY-1-29-297
OKHART, MICHAEL                         NY-1-33-235
OLBROOK, MARTHA                         NY-1-34-111
OLCOTT, JOHN J.                         NY-1-48-328
OLCOTT, MARY M.                         NY-1-40-292
OLCOTT, THOMAS                          NY-1-24-59
OLCOTT, THOMAS W.                       NY-1-28-292
OLEARY, TIMOTHY F.                      NY-1-28-385
OLIER, EVERT                            NY-1-10-281
OLIN, JEREMIAH                          NY-1-17-274
OLIVER, AARON                           NY-1-4-116
OLIVER, AARON                           NY-1-32-246
OLIVER, ABRAHAM                         NY-1-11-337
OLIVER, ABRAM I.                        NY-1-41-126
OLIVER, EVERT                           NY-1-46-189
OLIVER, EVERT                           NY-1-45-32
OLIVER, GARRET G.                       NY-1-46-118
OLIVER, GARRETT A.                      NY-1-27-52
OLIVER, HANNAH M.                       NY-1-39-472
OLIVER, JACOB                           NY-1-15-469
OLIVER, JACOB C.                        NY-1-30-334
OLIVER, JOHN                            NY-1-10-300
OLIVER, JOHN L.                         NY-1-34-194
OLIVER, NORTON                          NY-1-38-221
OLIVER, PETER                           NY-1-31-355
OLIVER, PETER                           NY-1-39-214
OLIVER, RACHAEL                         NY-1-30-490
OLIVER, RICHARD                         NY-1-5-322
OLIVER, RICHARD                         NY-1-8-347
OLIVER, THOMAS                          NY-1-20-287
OLIVER, THOMAS                          NY-1-20-294
OLIVER, VALENTINE                       NY-1-18-50
OLIVER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-34-67
OMARA, JOSEPH                           NY-1-39-31
ONDERDONK, ABRAM H.                     NY-1-35-4
ONDERDONK, HENRY V. R.                  NY-1-33-464
ONDERDONK, SAMUEL                       NY-1-16-342
ONEIL, BRIDGET                          NY-1-44-260
ONEIL, DANIEL                           NY-1-32-396
ONEIL, MARY                             NY-1-32-357
ONEIL, MARY                             NY-1-19-270
ONEIL, MICHAEL                          NY-1-27-195
ONEILL, JANE                            NY-1-38-171
ONEILL, MICHAEL                         NY-1-36-479
OONNOR, WILLIAM                         NY-1-31-122
OOSTERHOUT, WILHELMUS                   NY-1-4-48
OOTHOUT, EBERT                          NY-1-6-107
OOTHOUT, ENRY                           NY-1-5-135
OOTHOUT, HUMPHREY                       NY-1-26-491
OOTHOUT, MARIA E.                       NY-1-45-1
OOTHOUT, VOLKERT                        NY-1-6-285
OOTHOUT, VOLKERT D.                     NY-1-18-170
OOTHOUT, VOLKERT J.                     NY-1-49-266
OPPENHEIM, GERSON                       NY-1-34-493
OPPERMAN, SOPHIA                        NY-1-35-395
OPPLIGER, CHRISTIAN                     NY-1-25-402
ORBIEN, MARY                            NY-1-38-132
ORCUTT, CHARLOTTE                       NY-1-36-180
ORCUTT, JANE                            NY-1-32-9
ORCUTT, LYSANDER A.                     NY-1-22-397
OREILLEY, CATHARINE                     NY-1-20-313
OREILLY, PATRICK W.                     NY-1-40-219
ORELIP, JOHN                            NY-1-11-379
ORELOP, FREDERICK                       NY-1-7-220
ORELOP, JOHN                            NY-1-8-458
ORELOP, WILLIAM                         NY-1-8-482
ORELUP, MARY A.                         NY-1-27-477
ORELUP, MARY A.                         NY-1-27-240
ORELUP, WILLIAM                         NY-1-18-328
ORELUP, WILLIAM H.                      NY-1-48-459
ORELUP, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-1-18-416
ORLOP, PETER                            NY-1-30-449
ORLOP, WILLIAM                          NY-1-11-24
OROURKE, OWEN                           NY-1-26-465
OROURKE, PATRICK                        NY-1-22-131
ORR, DANIEL                             NY-1-43-216
ORR, WILLIAM                            NY-1-33-54
ORTEL, RICHARD                          NY-1-26-438
ORTELL, ROSINA                          NY-1-49-302
ORTHEILER, DAVID                        NY-1-24-355
ORTLE, CHARLES                          NY-1-17-196
OSBORN, ABIJAH                          NY-1-26-451
OSBORN, ELIZA                           NY-1-43-109
OSBORN, JOHN W.                         NY-1-27-426
OSBORN, NATHANIEL                       NY-1-13-117
OSBORN, WILLIAM L.                      NY-1-24-302
OSBORNE, FRANCES L.                     NY-1-30-155
OSBORNE, JANE LAMBERT                   NY-1-39-475
OSTERHOUT, EGBERT                       NY-1-34-23
OSTERHOUT, ELIZABETH                    NY-1-33-25
OSTERHOUT, ELIZABETH                    NY-1-18-327
OSTERHOUT, FRANCIS                      NY-1-14-197
OSTERHOUT, JANE                         NY-1-45-34
OSTERHOUT, JANE                         NY-1-26-7
OSTERHOUT, JOHN H                       NY-1-31-298
OSTERHOUT, MARGARET                     NY-1-48-463
OSTERHOUT, WILHELMUS                    NY-1-9-150
OSTERHOUT, WILHELMUS                    NY-1-29-152
OSTERHOUT, WILHELMUS                    NY-1-8-415
OSTRAM, ABIGAIL                         NY-1-20-371
OSTRANDER, ANDREW                       NY-1-45-147
OSTRANDER, ANDREW                       NY-1-8-208
OSTRANDER, ANDREW                       NY-1-21-39
OSTRANDER, ANDREW                       NY-1-7-346
OSTRANDER, JOHN W.                      NY-1-49-143
OSTRANDER, PETER                        NY-1-4-408
OSTROM, DANIEL D.                       NY-1-40-209
OSTROM, DAVID J.                        NY-1-15-53
OSTROM, DAVID K.                        NY-1-16-395
OSTROM, ELIJAH T.                       NY-1-8-22
OSTROM, ELIJAH T.                       NY-1-7-226
OSTROM, HENRY S.                        NY-1-29-437
OSTROM, MARIA                           NY-1-15-272
OSTROM, WILLIAM                         NY-1-17-354
OSULLIVAN, JAMES                        NY-1-41-172
OSULLIVAN, JOHN                         NY-1-20-350
OSWALD, JAMES                           NY-1-47-362
OSWALD, JANE                            NY-1-32-265
OSWALD, JOHN                            NY-1-12-350
OSWALD, WILLIAM L.                      NY-1-24-262
OTHOUT, JOHN                            NY-1-9-233
OTTMAN, GEORGE                          NY-1-39-389
OUDERKERK, JACOB                        NY-1-6-163
OUTHOUT, JAN                            NY-1-1A-36
OVERBAGH, JOHANNES                      NY-1-2B-165
OWEN, EDWIN H.                          NY-1-19-359
OWEN, JOSEPH                            NY-1-11-175
OWEN, MARY                              NY-1-5-364
OWEN, MARY A.                           NY-1-49-283
OWEN, WILLIAM A.                        NY-1-28-61
OWENS, EDWARD                           NY-1-18-467
OWENS, JOHN                             NY-1-26-45
OWENS, MARY                             NY-1-30-325
OWENS, POLLY SABINA                     NY-1-31-490
OWENS, ROBERT J.                        NY-1-49-72
PACKARD, CHESTER                        NY-1-19-302
PACKARD, JOHN CHESTER                   NY-1-26-464
PACKARD, LOREN                          NY-1-43-365
PADDOCK, CHARLOTTE T.                   NY-1-50-484
PADDOCK, CYNTHIA                        NY-1-25-369
PADDOCK, PETER J.                       NY-1-37-192
PADDOCK, SETH                           NY-1-29-468
PADDOCK, STEPHEN                        NY-1-19-212
PAGE, ISAIAH                            NY-1-31-373
PAGE, JANE                              NY-1-24-173
PAGE, PIERPONT E.                       NY-1-17-306
PAGE, SAMUEL                            NY-1-44-66
PAGE, WILLIAM B.                        NY-1-47-474
PALMER, CATHARINE                       NY-1-20-258
PALMER, CATHERINE AGNES                 NY-1-43-75
PALMER, ELLEN                           NY-1-32-114
PALMER, ELY                             NY-1-34-236
PALMER, JUDITH                          NY-1-5-367
PALMER, LUTHER M.                       NY-1-27-200
PALTENGHI, ANTONIO                      NY-1-50-25
PALTENGHI, ANTONIO                      NY-1-50-25
PANGBURN, ABRAM M.                      NY-1-41-70
PANGBURN, CATHARINE                     NY-1-31-421
PANGBURN, DAVID                         NY-1-14-473
PANGBURN, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-21-479
PANGBURN, HIRAM                         NY-1-22-4
PANGBURN, JOHN S.                       NY-1-25-24
PANGBURN, WILLIAM                       NY-1-6-281
PANGBURN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-1-33-151
PAPEN, JULIA                            NY-1-40-347
PARDON, GEORGE H.                       NY-1-48-162
PAREIRA, AARON                          NY-1-34-21
PARISH, JACOB                           NY-1-11-204
PARK, SUSAN                             NY-1-40-82
PARKE, HARRIET WENDELL                  NY-1-44-148
PARKER, AMASA J.                        NY-1-38-262
PARKER, ELIZABETH N.                    NY-1-36-261
PARKER, MARY                            NY-1-15-354
PARKER, PHILIP S.                       NY-1-7-244
PARKER, PHILIP S.                       NY-1-8-65
PARKER, WILLIAM WARD                    NY-1-41-97
PARKS, JOHN                             NY-1-7-370
PARNHAM, WILILAM FRANCIS                NY-1-48-77
PARR, HARRY                             NY-1-26-345
PARR, RICHARD SR.                       NY-1-25-251
PARR, THOMAS                            NY-1-4-332
PARRY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-1-30-142
PARSONS, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-31-295
PARSONS, ELLENOR                        NY-1-46-401
PARSONS, JAMES W.                       NY-1-31-294
PARSONS, JOHN D.                        NY-1-50-126
PARSONS, L. SPRAGUE                     NY-1-19-353
PARSONS, LOUISA LESTER                  NY-1-48-241
PARSONS, MARIA L.                       NY-1-45-54
PARSONS, SETH E.                        NY-1-46-204
PARSONS, SYLVANUS H. H.                 NY-1-29-31
PARSOSN, MARTHA H.                      NY-1-34-361
PARTELLO, ELI S                         NY-1-39-104
PARTRIDGE, EDWARD                       NY-1-40-433
PARTRIDGE, JOHN                         NY-1-20-425
PASCO, BARBARA A.                       NY-1-34-271
PASCO, EZRA L.                          NY-1-32-177
PASSAGE, GEORGE                         NY-1-26-460
PASSINGER, PETER                        NY-1-8-157
PASSONNO, MOSES                         NY-1-32-261
PATERSON, JOHN                          NY-1-48-98
PATTEN, EMMA C.                         NY-1-24-293
PATTEN, JAMES                           NY-1-34-80
PATTEN, JOSEPH E.                       NY-1-50-471
PATTEN, MOSES                           NY-1-21-113
PATTERSON, BRIDGET                      NY-1-29-197
PATTERSON, ELIZA                        NY-1-39-388
PATTERSON, JAMES A.                     NY-1-50-406
PATTERSON, JEMIMA                       NY-1-35-129
PATTERSON, JOHN                         NY-1-47-444
PATTERSON, JOHN                         NY-1-27-68
PATTERSON, PATRICK J.                   NY-1-37-91
PATTERSON, RICHARD A.                   NY-1-46-258
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-1-5-293
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-1-4-247
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-1-30-250
PATTON, ROBERT                          NY-1-22-382
PATTON, SAMUEL                          NY-1-19-422
PAUL, SAMUEL                            NY-1-27-23
PAULUS, PETER                           NY-1-45-175
PAULY, JOSEPH                           NY-1-48-256
PAYN, BENJAMIN                          NY-1-29-217
PAYN, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-40-225
PAYNE, CLARISSA                         NY-1-40-74
PAYNE, GERTRUDE E.                      NY-1-30-392
PAYNE, MARY E.                          NY-1-33-363
PEARCE, CATALINE G.                     NY-1-30-133
PEARCE, JOHN                            NY-1-17-292
PEARCEY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-19-129
PEARL, ROSANNAH                         NY-1-39-217
PEARSE, EDGAR W.                        NY-1-43-141
PEARSE, FRANCIS                         NY-1-8-280
PEARSE, J. LANSING                      NY-1-48-75
PEARSE, MARY                            NY-1-19-29
PEARSON, GEORGE                         NY-1-5-71
PEASE, FREDERICK S.                     NY-1-20-471
PEASLEY, ORISON                         NY-1-34-6
PECK, ADALINE                           NY-1-39-266
PECK, ALLEN                             NY-1-20-138
PECK, EDWARD H.                         NY-1-19-351
PECK, JAMES H.                          NY-1-29-187
PECK, WILLIAM                           NY-1-19-495
PECKHAM, MARY E.                        NY-1-24-149
PECKHAM, RUFUS                          NY-1-24-125
PECKHAM, RUFUS W.                       NY-1-49-45
PEEBLES, JOHN                           NY-1-14-74
PELLS, JOHN B.                          NY-1-28-383
PELTIER, JULES                          NY-1-43-289
PELTZ, MARY M. G.                       NY-1-36-212
PELTZ, PHILIP                           NY-1-30-390
PEMBERTON, CATHARINE                    NY-1-22-334
PEMBERTON, EBENEZER                     NY-1-17-26
PEMBERTON, HENR                         NY-1-39-418
PEMBERTON, JOHN                         NY-1-32-420
PENDER, ELEANOR J.                      NY-1-35-410
PENDER, PATRICK                         NY-1-34-264
PENDLETON, WILLIAM                      NY-1-5-341
PENFIELD, GEORGE H.                     NY-1-49-480
PENNEFEATHER, RICHARD                   NY-1-45-231
PENNIE, SARAH JANE                      NY-1-45-286
PENNIMAN, HARRIET                       NY-1-15-96
PENNIMAN, SYLVANUS J.                   NY-1-14-348
PENNOYER, JESSE                         NY-1-16-3
PENNYFEATHER, CATHERINE                 NY-1-47-58
PEPIN, MARY A.                          NY-1-25-145
PEPSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-13-234
PEPSON, JAMES                           NY-1-13-233
PEPSON, STEPHEN                         NY-1-38-447
PERLE, ALEXANDER                        NY-1-36-12
PERLE, ALEXANDER                        NY-1-36-12
PERRY, AMANDA                           NY-1-28-110
PERRY, ELI                              NY-1-29-155
PERRY, GRACE CROSBY                     NY-1-32-321
PERRY, MARY J.                          NY-1-19-381
PERRY, MATILDA C.                       NY-1-38-313
PERSON, JOHN                            NY-1-2B-186
PERSON, LUDWIG                          NY-1-26-203
PESTER, DEBORAH                         NY-1-26-471
PESTER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-21-118
PETERS, ANGELA                          NY-1-47-286
PETERS, CHARLES                         NY-1-38-333
PETERS, MARY E.                         NY-1-34-75
PETERS, MARY ELLA                       NY-1-43-363
PETERSON, BARBARA                       NY-1-49-207
PETERSON, LOUIS                         NY-1-50-378
PETERSON, LOUIS                         NY-1-50-378
PETRIE, REBECCA                         NY-1-18-385
PETT, JOHANN LUDWIG                     NY-1-45-493
PEYTON, JOHN                            NY-1-20-349
PFALNTZ, MICHAEL                        NY-1-50-80
PFALNTZ, MICHAEL                        NY-1-50-80
PFEIFFLE, WILHELMINA                    NY-1-35-318
PFEIL, HENRY                            NY-1-46-191
PFLAUTZ, WILLIAM                        NY-1-22-464
PFORDT, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-28-426
PFORDT, JOSEPH G.                       NY-1-28-429
PHELPS, BARRAT                          NY-1-1B-284
PHELPS, CHARLES E.                      NY-1-41-261
PHELPS, HANNAH M.                       NY-1-32-337
PHELPS, LUCINDA J.                      NY-1-29-485
PHELPS, SARAH K.                        NY-1-40-41
PHELPS, WILLIAM                         NY-1-4-335
PHENTINE, ABRAM                         NY-1-10-152
PHILIPS, LEVI                           NY-1-20-211
PHILLEO, LYMAN                          NY-1-13-85
PHILLIPS, AARON                         NY-1-26-493
PHILLIPS, ELLA                          NY-1-38-38
PHILLIPS, HARRIET P.                    NY-1-47-28
PHILLIPS, PATRICK                       NY-1-19-146
PHILLIPS, PHILLIP                       NY-1-6-164
PHILLIPS, SOLOMON                       NY-1-50-173
PHILLIPS, TIMNA A.                      NY-1-29-347
PHILPOT, JOHN                           NY-1-40-228
PICKETT, MARY                           NY-1-39-207
PIEPENBRINK, FREDERICK                  NY-1-22-189
PIEPGRASS, RUDOLPH                      NY-1-44-10
PIER, GITHE                             NY-1-25-239
PIER, JACOB                             NY-1-19-324
PIER, JANE M.                           NY-1-45-425
PIER, JOHN                              NY-1-24-171
PIER, SARAH ANN                         NY-1-27-21
PIERCE, CATHARINE                       NY-1-17-469
PIERCE, JOSEPH                          NY-1-41-487
PIERCE, SARAH L.                        NY-1-27-72
PIERSON, HENRY R.                       NY-1-38-13
PIERSON, JAMES I.                       NY-1-38-311
PIERSON, SUSAN A.                       NY-1-46-249
PIKE, MATILDA G.                        NY-1-45-72
PILSBURY, AMOS                          NY-1-24-1
PINCKNEY, THOMAS                        NY-1-10-173
PINKNEY, EZEKIEL                        NY-1-4-377
PINKNEY, PHILANEY                       NY-1-18-5
PITCHER, DANIEL                         NY-1-39-127
PITCHER, JOHN                           NY-1-28-162
PITCHER, MAGGIE                         NY-1-48-139
PITCHER, PETER                          NY-1-48-383
PITCHER, SAMUEL                         NY-1-7-304
PITT, LAURA M.                          NY-1-50-290
PITT, LAURA M.                          NY-1-50-290
PITTENGER, ABRAM                        NY-1-13-311
PITTINGER, BENJAMIN                     NY-1-19-185
PITTS, DAVID W.                         NY-1-44-435
PITTS, EBENEZER                         NY-1-20-345
PITTS, ISAAC B.                         NY-1-32-110
PLADWELL, JOHN                          NY-1-49-253
PLANK, PETER                            NY-1-5-233
PLASS, JOHANN EMMERICH                  NY-1-1A-239
PLATNER, OLIVE E.                       NY-1-32-104
PLATT, ANNANIAS                         NY-1-11-281
PLATT, PHEBE N.                         NY-1-49-319
PLATZEDER, ERNSTINE                     NY-1-31-277
POARGAY, BALTUS                         NY-1-5-366
POE, THOMAS                             NY-1-29-99
POE, THOMAS                             NY-1-22-288
POEWRS, JOHN                            NY-1-30-291
POHBY, LEOPOLD N.                       NY-1-33-89
POHLMAN, HENRY N.                       NY-1-24-159
POHLMAN, JACOB D.                       NY-1-43-418
POLLARD, EMMA B.                        NY-1-38-405
POLOCK, BALTUS                          NY-1-14-29
POLOCK, BARNEY                          NY-1-34-208
POMEROY, BENJAMIN                       NY-1-28-376
POMFRET, JAMES E.                       NY-1-21-368
POMMER, JOHN                            NY-1-49-413
POND, HESTER                            NY-1-28-408
POPP, NICHOLAS                          NY-1-26-85
PORTER, ANN ELIZA                       NY-1-19-365
PORTER, BRIDGET                         NY-1-40-53
PORTER, CHARLOTTE C. H.                 NY-1-50-215
PORTER, ELIZA                           NY-1-27-29
PORTER, GEORGE                          NY-1-44-358
PORTER, GILES                           NY-1-27-317
PORTER, GILES W.                        NY-1-17-33
PORTER, JOHN H.                         NY-1-47-74
PORTER, MARY                            NY-1-14-497
PORTE,R MARY C.                         NY-1-34-196
PORTER, NATHAN                          NY-1-36-271
PORTH, FREDERICK                        NY-1-19-284
PORTH, WILHELMINA E.                    NY-1-47-391
POST, JACOB                             NY-1-5-354
POST, JACOB                             NY-1-41-89
POST, JOHN                              NY-1-11-370
POSTER, HENRY C.                        NY-1-25-348
POTKORA, FREDERICK WILLIAM              NY-1-36-116
POTTER, HARMAN B.                       NY-1-13-244
POTTER, MARY M.                         NY-1-18-305
POTTER, MERRITT                         NY-1-15-321
POTTS, JESSE                            NY-1-4-133
POTTS, JESSE                            NY-1-39-59
POWELL, ALBERT                          NY-1-49-203
POWELL, ELISHA H.                       NY-1-29-235
POWELL, EMOR J.                         NY-1-49-110
POWELL, JAMES                           NY-1-26-283
POWELL, JAMES V.                        NY-1-47-146
POWELL, JOHN C.                         NY-1-9-210
POWELL, PHOEBE D.                       NY-1-50-260
POWELL, SAMUEL B.                       NY-1-24-345
POWELL, SAMUEL F.                       NY-1-27-399
POWELL, THOMAS                          NY-1-2B-36
POWELL, THOMAS T.                       NY-1-19-183
POWELL, WILLIAM                         NY-1-26-233
POWERS, JOHN                            NY-1-13-479
POWERS, MARGARET                        NY-1-29-38
POWERS, MARY                            NY-1-30-333
POWERS, MICHAEL J.                      NY-1-26-230
PRATT, AARON B.                         NY-1-47-431
PRATT, AMASA                            NY-1-34-2
PRATT, CARRIE E.                        NY-1-47-288
PRATT, CATHARINE B.                     NY-1-48-169
PRATT, DANIEL J.                        NY-1-31-446
PRATT, DAVID                            NY-1-11-227
PRATT, ETTA M.                          NY-1-29-211
PRATT, HELEN EDITH                      NY-1-47-203
PRATT, JULIA F.                         NY-1-29-374
PRATT, MARY                             NY-1-47-202
PRATT, PHILIP O.                        NY-1-46-46
PRATT, RALPH                            NY-1-20-70
PRAYN, AGNES                            NY-1-31-408
PREISS, HERMAN                          NY-1-45-450
PRENTICE, EZRA P.                       NY-1-26-98
PRENTICE, GIDEON                        NY-1-10-179
PRENTICE, PHILENA C.                    NY-1-27-312
PRENTIS, MARY                           NY-1-26-285
PREST, JOHN                             NY-1-46-94
PRESTON, LUTHER                         NY-1-39-13
PRICE, CORNELIA                         NY-1-4-308
PRICE, JAMES                            NY-1-33-475
PRICE, JOHN                             NY-1-2B-32
PRICE, JOSEPH J.                        NY-1-37-260
PRIESTWELL, ANDREA                      NY-1-9-37
PRIME, MARGARET J.                      NY-1-47-476
PRINCE, CHARLES                         NY-1-49-445
PRINCE, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-48-147
PRIOR, PATRICK                          NY-1-43-342
PRIOR, THOMAS W.                        NY-1-32-350
PRITCHARD, JOHN                         NY-1-49-147
PROSSER, HENRY                          NY-1-17-435
PROSSER, JOHN W.                        NY-1-22-436
PROSSER, JONATHAN                       NY-1-4-254
PROVOST, JOHANNIS                       NY-1-1A-352
PRPVOOST, SAMUEL                        NY-1-1B-210
PRUYN, ANN                              NY-1-7-360
PRUYN, ANN                              NY-1-8-224
PRUYN, CASPARUS                         NY-1-6-173
PRUYN, CHARLES E.                       NY-1-19-409
PRUYN, CHARLOTTE C.                     NY-1-49-28
PRUYN, CORNELIA                         NY-1-12-235
PRUYN, JACOB J.                         NY-1-4-162
PRUYN, JANE ANN                         NY-1-33-122
PRUYN, JOHANNIS                         NY-1-1B-53
PRUYN, JOHN F.                          NY-1-4-378
PRUYN, JOHN P.                          NY-1-9-126
PRUYN, JOHN S.                          NY-1-8-391
PRUYN, JOHN V. L.                       NY-1-27-63
PRUYN, LANSING                          NY-1-27-329
PRUYN, MARGARET                         NY-1-21-312
PRUYN, MARIA                            NY-1-5-282
PRUYN, MARY                             NY-1-32-131
PRUYN, NEELTIE                          NY-1-5-1
PRUYN, ROBERT H.                        NY-1-29-404
PRUYN, RYNIER                           NY-1-5-25
PRUYN, SAMUEL                           NY-1-1A-221
PRUYN, SARAH                            NY-1-20-458
PRUYN, WILLIAM                          NY-1-9-65
PRUYN, WILLIAM                          NY-1-8-333
PULVER, HELENA                          NY-1-22-28
PUMPELLY, HARMON                        NY-1-30-112
PUMPELLY, MARIA B.                      NY-1-34-367
PURCELL, JOHN                           NY-1-44-312
PURCELL, MAMIE                          NY-1-46-196
PURCELL, MICHAEL                        NY-1-22-316
PURCELL, THOMAS P.                      NY-1-46-127
PURROTT, WILLIAM                        NY-1-26-94
PURTLE, RICHARD                         NY-1-24-338
QUACKENBOSS, EUGENE W.                  NY-1-19-358
QUACKENBOSS, HENRY                      NY-1-4-280
QUACKENBOSS, JOHN P.                    NY-1-4-93
QUACKENBOSS, PETER                      NY-1-4-509
QUACKENBOSS, WALTER                     NY-1-5-21
QUACKENBUSH, CATHARINE                  NY-1-29-169
QUACKENBUSH, CATHARINE                  NY-1-6-84
QUACKENBUSH, CATHARINE                  NY-1-6-222
QUACKENBUSH, FREDERICK                  NY-1-30-344
QUACKENBUSH, HANNAH                     NY-1-36-34
QUACKENBUSH, HANNAH                     NY-1-36-34
QUACKENBUSH, JACOB                      NY-1-5-370
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN                       NY-1-6-339
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN                       NY-1-29-123
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN F.                    NY-1-16-270
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN V. P.                 NY-1-26-83
QUACKENBUSH, NICHOLAS N.                NY-1-11-477
QUACKENBUSH, NICHOLAS N.                NY-1-26-434
QUACKENBUSH, PETER                      NY-1-1B-85
QUACKENBUSH, SMITH                      NY-1-35-376
QUAY, ADDIE L.                          NY-1-39-486
QUAY, LEWIS                             NY-1-44-20
QUIGLEY, CAROLINE                       NY-1-12-310
QUIGLEY, DANIEL                         NY-1-8-480
QUIGLEY, DANIEL                         NY-1-9-215
QUIGLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-34-145
QUIN, CHARLES                           NY-1-14-175
QUIN, MICHAEL                           NY-1-21-438
QUINAN, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-1-43-247
QUINN, BERTHA C.                        NY-1-47-40
QUINN, GEORGE                           NY-1-32-221
QUINN, JAMES                            NY-1-40-71
QUINN, JAMES                            NY-1-20-427
QUINN, JOHN                             NY-1-33-214
QUINN, JOHN                             NY-1-16-148
QUINN, MARTIN                           NY-1-26-170
QUINN, SARAH C.                         NY-1-49-26
QUINN, TERENCE J.                       NY-1-27-206
QUINTAN, PATRICK                        NY-1-34-461
QUIRK, BRIDGET                          NY-1-32-311
QUIRK, MARGARET                         NY-1-24-248
QUIRK, MAURICE                          NY-1-25-479
RABBITT, JAMES                          NY-1-36-416
RACINE, ALBERT                          NY-1-21-443
RADDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-36-469
RADER, SARAH LOUISA                     NY-1-28-259
RADLEY, ELCY                            NY-1-31-310
RADLEY, JAMES                           NY-1-7-238
RADLEY, JAMES W.                        NY-1-21-12
RADLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-8-211
RADLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-16-157
RADLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-7-365
RADLEY, JOHN R.                         NY-1-36-282
RADLEY, PETER                           NY-1-43-86
RADLEY, RICHARD R.                      NY-1-12-392
RADLEY, WILLAM                          NY-1-13-327
RADLEY, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-1-17-460
RADLIFF, DAVID                          NY-1-36-353
RADLIFF, EMALINE                        NY-1-40-151
RADLIFF, JOHN J.                        NY-1-24-396
RADLIFF, JOSEPH                         NY-1-25-363
RADLIFF, NAOMI                          NY-1-15-375
RAFF, FREDERICK                         NY-1-6-145
RAFFERTY, ELIZABETH DEXTER              NY-1-47-376
RAFFETY, CHARLES                        NY-1-13-153
RAGAN, MARY                             NY-1-19-436
RAHILL, JULIA                           NY-1-43-162
RAM, JOHN OTTO                          NY-1-3-231
RAMROTH, JOSEPH                         NY-1-31-194
RAMSAY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-2B-215
RAMSDEL, HANNAH                         NY-1-14-187
RAMSDELL, LUMAN J.                      NY-1-48-258
RANDALL, D. FRANKLIN                    NY-1-28-104
RANDEL, WILLIAM H.                      NY-1-35-210
RANDELL, OLIVE D.                       NY-1-27-131
RANDUZZO, FRANK                         NY-1-22-206
RANGERS, MARGARET                       NY-1-4-518
RANKIN, MSAULE                          NY-1-39-95
RANSBURY, ELLEN                         NY-1-39-190
RANSOM, ABBY D.                         NY-1-26-328
RANSOM, ALBION                          NY-1-50-164
RANSOM, VIRGINIA S.                     NY-1-39-483
RAPP, ANN                               NY-1-27-77
RAPPE, GEORGE                           NY-1-40-233
RATHBONE, ALBERT                        NY-1-20-191
RATHBONE, EMELINE W.                    NY-1-24-359
RATHBONE, J. HOWARD                     NY-1-20-87
RATHBONE, JOEL                          NY-1-19-231
RATHBONE, JOHN F.                       NY-1-50-349
RATHBONE, LEWIS                         NY-1-38-399
RATHBUN, ACORS                          NY-1-50-454
RATHBUN, EVELIN B.                      NY-1-41-489
RATHBUN, JOSHUA                         NY-1-35-110
RATLIF, RITCHARD                        NY-1-4-109
RATLIFF, JOHANNES                       NY-1-2B-213
RAUM, CATHARINE                         NY-1-17-479
RAVEL, WILLIAM                          NY-1-30-58
RAWER, HEINRICH                         NY-1-27-102
RAWSON, ELIZA A.                        NY-1-31-290
RAWSON, SARAH ANN                       NY-1-45-316
RAWSON, THOMAS R.                       NY-1-26-400
RAY, MARY                               NY-1-24-98
RAY, MARY FRANCES                       NY-1-46-381
RAYMOND, BENJAMIN C.                    NY-1-28-164
RAYNSFORD, DERRICK V. S.                NY-1-38-438
REA, NANCY                              NY-1-50-306
REA, WILLIAM                            NY-1-2B-107
READ, AMANDA                            NY-1-27-372
READ, AMELIA M.                         NY-1-40-451
READ, GEORGE                            NY-1-3-322
READ, JOEL                              NY-1-30-202
READ, JOHN                              NY-1-21-24
READ, MARY E.                           NY-1-32-149
READ, MATTHEW H.                        NY-1-30-492
READDEN, PATRICK                        NY-1-13-175
RECORD, MARY ANN                        NY-1-14-82
RECTOR, THOMAS                          NY-1-16-274
REDDING, THEODOSIA ANN                  NY-1-4-462
REDMOND, DANIEL                         NY-1-44-482
REDMOND, JOHANNA                        NY-1-41-364
REDMOND, JOHN                           NY-1-27-385
REDMOND, MARY                           NY-1-36-97
REDMOND, MARY                           NY-1-36-97
REDMOND, MICHAEL J.                     NY-1-47-139
REECE, ANGEL MARIA                      NY-1-34-55
REED, JOEL R.                           NY-1-21-386
REED, LOVISA                            NY-1-26-209
REED, LYDIA RATHBONE                    NY-1-47-64
REED, SALLY MARIA                       NY-1-29-3
REED, WILLIAM W.                        NY-1-27-326
REESE, EMILY H. P.                      NY-1-38-389
REESE, JOHN LIVINGSTON                  NY-1-48-289
REEVE, BETHUEL                          NY-1-21-436
REEVE, LEAH                             NY-1-21-263
REGAN, ELLEN                            NY-1-31-76
REGAN, SARAH                            NY-1-29-48
REHLAENDER, WILLIAM                     NY-1-38-428
REICH, AUGUST                           NY-1-47-247
REICHERT, BARBARA                       NY-1-47-355
REICHERT, LEONHART                      NY-1-32-119
REID, ALEX                              NY-1-48-55
REID, JAMES                             NY-1-22-309
REID, JAMES A. JR.                      NY-1-24-211
REID, JAMES R.                          NY-1-25-437
REID, JOHN                              NY-1-35-382
REID, JOHN                              NY-1-26-34
REID, WILLIAM                           NY-1-29-393
REID, WILLIAM                           NY-1-35-217
REIFF, CATHARINE                        NY-1-45-479
REILEY, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-36-316
REILEY, PATRICK                         NY-1-48-183
REILLY, BRIDGET                         NY-1-28-82
REILLY, JAMES                           NY-1-16-424
REILLY, JOHN                            NY-1-37-82
REILLY, LAWRENCE                        NY-1-34-379
REILLY, MARY                            NY-1-21-476
REILLY, PATRICK                         NY-1-31-198
REILLY, THOMAS P.                       NY-1-26-443
REILY, BRIDGET                          NY-1-26-176
REIMS, EDWARD                           NY-1-1A-82
REINECK, HENRY G.                       NY-1-50-480
REINECK, WILLIAM J.                     NY-1-48-193
REINHARDT, DAVID                        NY-1-41-115
REINHART, CHRISTENA                     NY-1-32-295
REINHART, DAVID                         NY-1-18-322
REINHART, DAVID H.                      NY-1-39-275
REINHART, HARVEY E.                     NY-1-46-407
REINHART, HENRY                         NY-1-17-484
REISSIG, CHRISTIAN                      NY-1-46-485
REITTINGER, GEORG                       NY-1-31-274
RELYEA, ABRAM                           NY-1-44-460
RELYEA, DANIEL J.                       NY-1-28-129
RELYEA, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-1-34-101
RELYEA, JANE                            NY-1-40-379
RELYEA, MARIA B.                        NY-1-41-217
RELYEA, SIMON                           NY-1-7-196
RELYEA, WILLIAM                         NY-1-35-185
RELYEA, WILLIAM J                       NY-1-31-72
REMINGTON, JAMES                        NY-1-27-164
REMMERT, THERESA                        NY-1-34-403
RENTER, JOHN F.                         NY-1-35-141
RENZ, WILLEBALD                         NY-1-22-423
RETALICK, JANE A.                       NY-1-28-368
RETALLICK, HENRY                        NY-1-50-310
RETALLICK, JAMES D.                     NY-1-47-259
REUDER, JOHN                            NY-1-17-357
REUTER, CHARLES                         NY-1-48-275
REUTER, JOHANN HEINRICH                 NY-1-29-387
REUTER, JOHN                            NY-1-17-412
REUTER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-1-41-188
REYNOLDS, CAROLINE                      NY-1-25-190
REYNOLDS, CATHARINE                     NY-1-38-331
REYNOLDS, CATHARINE M.                  NY-1-25-326
REYNOLDS, CHRISTOHER                    NY-1-24-127
REYNOLDS, DAVID                         NY-1-22-305
REYNOLDS, ELIPHALET                     NY-1-10-468
REYNOLDS, EVE ANN                       NY-1-44-45
REYNOLDS, EVELINE                       NY-1-24-393
REYNOLDS, FANNY                         NY-1-17-407
REYNOLDS, FRANKLIN D.                   NY-1-38-84
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                        NY-1-19-271
REYNOLDS, HENRY W.                      NY-1-21-62
REYNOLDS, IRA W.                        NY-1-13-315
REYNOLDS, JACOB                         NY-1-7-15
REYNOLDS, JACOB I.                      NY-1-22-150
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         NY-1-26-122
REYNOLDS, JARED                         NY-1-14-128
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          NY-1-49-139
REYNOLDS, MARCUS T.                     NY-1-19-413
REYNOLDS, PATRICK                       NY-1-27-248
RHEINER, THERESIA                       NY-1-49-334
RHOADES, JULIUS                         NY-1-14-332
RHODES, JOHN                            NY-1-34-57
RHODES, PHEBE R.                        NY-1-31-146
RIBOU, WINIFRED                         NY-1-36-242
RICE, DANIEL                            NY-1-29-326
RICE, DAVID                             NY-1-43-1
RICE, EMMA                              NY-1-36-81
RICE, EMMA                              NY-1-36-81
RICE, FRANCIS                           NY-1-35-24
RICE, GILBERT C.                        NY-1-47-191
RICE, HELEN H.                          NY-1-33-296
RICE, HENRY                             NY-1-41-201
RICE, MARY                              NY-1-49-405
RICE, THOMAS                            NY-1-13-5
RICHARD, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-1A-21
RICHARDS, ALBERTUS K.                   NY-1-44-371
RICHARDS, THOMAS P.                     NY-1-30-95
RICHARDSON, ALFRED W.                   NY-1-38-322
RICHARDSON, BRIDGET                     NY-1-30-310
RICHARDSON, HELEN J.                    NY-1-16-293
RICHARDSON, JOHN A.                     NY-1-36-131
RICHARDSON, JOHN R.                     NY-1-12-352
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                     NY-1-22-102
RICHMAN, CHARLES                        NY-1-44-476
RICHMAN, HOWARD                         NY-1-46-433
RICHMAN, LOUIS                          NY-1-28-4
RICHMOND, CHARLES S.                    NY-1-28-404
RICHMOND, HENRY                         NY-1-30-174
RICHMOND, JULIA                         NY-1-49-298
RICHMOND, THIRZA B.                     NY-1-37-90
RICKARD, MICHAEL                        NY-1-45-413
RICKERSON, CALVIN                       NY-1-24-325
RICKETSON, SALLY                        NY-1-25-494
RICKETSON, WALTER                       NY-1-17-421
RIDER, JOB                              NY-1-6-82
RIDER, JOHN                             NY-1-43-143
RIDER, SAMUEL                           NY-1-5-187
RIDER, STPEHEN J.                       NY-1-19-416
RIDGWAY, JULIA                          NY-1-46-137
RIEGEL, JOHN                            NY-1-34-107
RIELLY, MICHAEL A.                      NY-1-31-416
RIETH, PETER JACOB                      NY-1-21-142
RIGGLES, GILES                          NY-1-20-480
RIGHTER, MICHAEL                        NY-1-3-122
RIGLEY, HENRY                           NY-1-22-222
RILEY, ANN                              NY-1-26-446
RILEY, ANN                              NY-1-33-149
RILEY, CATHERINE                        NY-1-47-198
RILEY, CHARLES                          NY-1-22-444
RILEY, ELLEN                            NY-1-45-178
RILEY, JAMES                            NY-1-24-203
RILEY, JOHN                             NY-1-40-11
RILEY, KATIE                            NY-1-39-236
RILEY, MARGARET                         NY-1-25-34
RILEY, MARY                             NY-1-32-36
RILEY, MARY                             NY-1-49-264
RILEY, PATRICK H.                       NY-1-43-17
RILLMAN, JACOB                          NY-1-7-126
RINCKHOUT, JURRIAN                      NY-1-1A-104
RING, JACOB                             NY-1-10-73
RING, JACOB                             NY-1-9-324
RINK, JACOB                             NY-1-30-296
RIPLEY, HOBART                          NY-1-7-278
RISING, AUSTIN                          NY-1-11-388
RISSBERGER, GEORGE                      NY-1-35-393
RITSCHEL, JULIA                         NY-1-37-121
RIVENBURGH, AMY                         NY-1-39-98
RIVENBURGH, GEORGE                      NY-1-14-72
RIVERS, ELIZA                           NY-1-36-36
RIVERS, ELIZA                           NY-1-36-36
RIVET, MALVINA                          NY-1-29-377
ROACH, ISAAC                            NY-1-46-293
ROACH, JAMES P.                         NY-1-32-339
ROBB, CHARLES                           NY-1-35-246
ROBBINS, CATHARINE                      NY-1-35-221
ROBBINS, EDMUND                         NY-1-13-252
ROBBINS, ELIZABETH KRANZ                NY-1-35-466
ROBBINS, FANNY J.                       NY-1-15-14
ROBBINS, GEORGE W.                      NY-1-39-1
ROBBINS, PHILANDER                      NY-1-46-416
ROBERTS, ANN MARIA (SCHUYLER)           NY-1-15-234
ROBERTSON, ABRAM                        NY-1-24-189
ROBERTSON, ELLEN A.                     NY-1-40-264
ROBINS, BIMAEL                          NY-1-4-8
ROBINSON, EDWARD                        NY-1-32-101
ROBINSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-1-50-195
ROBINSON, GERTRUDE                      NY-1-32-287
ROBINSON, HIRAM T.                      NY-1-22-2
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NY-1-28-221
ROBINSON, MARY                          NY-1-30-346
ROBINSON, MARY ANN                      NY-1-34-307
ROBINSON, RICHARD                       NY-1-26-29
ROBINSON, RICHARD FINLAY                NY-1-40-474
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        NY-1-25-452
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       NY-1-50-300
ROBISON, JOHN                           NY-1-6-321
ROCHENSTIRE, SUSAN                      NY-1-46-176
ROCHFORD, PATRICK                       NY-1-30-304
ROCK, JAMES                             NY-1-27-215
ROCKAFELLER, FREDERICK R.               NY-1-20-277
ROCKAFELLER, JANE                       NY-1-27-221
ROCKAFELLER, MAGDALEN                   NY-1-25-52
ROCKEFELLER, ELIZABETH                  NY-1-30-134
ROCKENBACH, JOHN                        NY-1-27-332
ROCKENSTRYE, MARIA                      NY-1-32-134
ROCKENSTYN, JOHN G.                     NY-1-14-353
ROCKWELL, CLARA J.                      NY-1-31-26
ROCKWELL, JOHN W.                       NY-1-8-72
ROCKWELL, JOHN W.                       NY-1-6-269
ROCKWELL, JOSEPH N.                     NY-1-28-58
RODGERS, JAMES                          NY-1-9-73
RODGERS, JAMES                          NY-1-8-341
RODGERS, JOHN                           NY-1-20-266
RODGERS, MARY                           NY-1-25-192
RODGERS, MARY B.                        NY-1-34-390
ROE, MARY                               NY-1-25-414
ROEFER, FRIEDERICKE                     NY-1-36-201
ROEHR, WILHELMINA                       NY-1-48-363
ROENOW, HELLEN                          NY-1-44-398
ROEPER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-43-65
ROESSLE, THEOPHILUS                     NY-1-39-19
ROFF, CHRISTINA LOUISA                  NY-1-5-251
ROFF, FREDERICK                         NY-1-6-187
ROFF, JOHN C.                           NY-1-6-109
ROFF, WILLIAM                           NY-1-19-148
ROFF, WILLIAM                           NY-1-50-275
ROGERS, ANNA M.                         NY-1-46-350
ROGERS, CLIFTON R.                      NY-1-29-215
ROGERS, PATRICK H.                      NY-1-29-97
ROGERS, THOMAS JR.                      NY-1-20-9
ROGGEN, PETER                           NY-1-11-224
RONAN, ANDREW                           NY-1-46-131
RONAN, JOHN D.                          NY-1-39-209
RONAN, MARGARET DER.                    NY-1-36-56
RONAN, MARGARET DER.                    NY-1-36-56
RONAN, MICHAEL                          NY-1-21-160
RONAN, PATRICK                          NY-1-34-284
RONAN, WALTER J.                        NY-1-44-431
ROOKER, CATHARINE                       NY-1-39-118
ROOKER, MARGARET                        NY-1-45-140
ROOKER, MYRON H.                        NY-1-47-327
ROONEY, JAMES                           NY-1-19-310
ROONEY, PATRICK                         NY-1-21-257
ROONEY, WILLIAM S.                      NY-1-29-354
ROOS, ADAM                              NY-1-20-389
ROOT, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-12-414
ROOT, JOSIAH G.                         NY-1-30-221
ROOT, LYMAN                             NY-1-12-108
ROOT, SAMUEL G.                         NY-1-35-191
RORABACK, CYNTHIA A.                    NY-1-35-162
RORK, EDWARD                            NY-1-19-196
ROS, MAGDALENA                          NY-1-41-41
ROSCHE, FRANCIS                         NY-1-19-320
ROSE, DAVID                             NY-1-33-42
ROSEBOOM, EVA                           NY-1-4-429
ROSEBOOM, GARRET                        NY-1-4-76
ROSEBOOM, GERRIT                        NY-1-1B-77
ROSEBOOM, HENRY H.                      NY-1-1B-265
ROSEBOOM, JACOB                         NY-1-3-534
ROSEBOOM, ROBERT                        NY-1-1A-299
ROSEKRANS, FREDERICK                    NY-1-4-290
ROSEKRANS, MARY D.                      NY-1-39-72
ROSEKRANS, PETER                        NY-1-9-240
ROSEKRANS, PETER                        NY-1-10-11
ROSEKRAUS, SAMUEL T.                    NY-1-24-218
ROSENFELD, SOPHIA                       NY-1-49-300
ROSENFELD, ZACHARIAS                    NY-1-35-142
ROSENGARDEN, JOSEPH                     NY-1-41-343
ROSENGARDUS, NATHAN                     NY-1-30-249
ROSENTHAL, ABRAHAM                      NY-1-44-484
ROSENTHAL, SAMSON                       NY-1-31-82
ROSS, DANIEL                            NY-1-1A-108
ROSS, EDWARD A.                         NY-1-31-64
ROSS, ROBERT                            NY-1-15-338
ROSS, SARA S.                           NY-1-27-89
ROSS, WILLIAM H.                        NY-1-22-214
ROSSMAN, JOHN B.                        NY-1-31-111
ROTH, JOHN                              NY-1-34-4
ROTHSCHILD, ABRAHAM                     NY-1-37-6
ROTMAN, GARRET H.                       NY-1-45-441
ROTTHOFF, WILLIAM                       NY-1-46-473
ROUNDS, HEZEKIAH                        NY-1-24-412
ROW, COONRAD D.                         NY-1-5-350
ROW, PETER                              NY-1-4-229
ROW, STEPHEN                            NY-1-5-295
ROWE, ALBERT                            NY-1-26-10
ROWE, ANN ELIZA                         NY-1-40-223
ROWE, CATHARINE                         NY-1-46-428
ROWE, CONRAD                            NY-1-14-477
ROWE, POLLY                             NY-1-33-282
ROWELL, JANET                           NY-1-48-45
ROWLAND, HENRY                          NY-1-18-10
ROWLAND, HENRY                          NY-1-28-448
ROWLAND, JOHN                           NY-1-47-245
ROWLAND, JOSEPH                         NY-1-37-107
ROWLAND, MICHAEL                        NY-1-41-236
ROWLANDS, CHARLES L.                    NY-1-26-432
ROWLANDS, THOMAS                        NY-1-24-298
ROY, JAMES                              NY-1-27-262
RUAX, CORNELIUS V. S.                   NY-1-30-269
RUBEY, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-1-8-302
RUBEY, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-1-9-31
RUBEY, JOHN G.                          NY-1-10-254
RUBEY, MARGARET                         NY-1-10-435
RUBY, JOHN CONRAD                       NY-1-4-140
RUCO, NICHOLAS F.                       NY-1-25-106
RUDD, ADELINE M.                        NY-1-30-338
RUDDY, THOMAS                           NY-1-31-339
RUDES, JASON                            NY-1-13-413
RUEFLE, CHARLES B.                      NY-1-37-49
RUGGLES, WILLIAM B.                     NY-1-40-57
RUGGS, SAMUEL                           NY-1-3-222
RUKWID, JACOB                           NY-1-41-35
RULL, SYLVESTER                         NY-1-24-422
RUNDELL, LYMAN J.                       NY-1-28-224
RUNDELL, VERESTA B.                     NY-1-25-83
RUNKLE, CHRISTIANA                      NY-1-28-52
RUNKLE, HENDRICK                        NY-1-10-297
RUNKLE, JOHN H.                         NY-1-20-84
RURNBURGH, HENRY                        NY-1-24-169
RUSHMORE, MOSES                         NY-1-11-396
RUSHMORE, SAMUEL                        NY-1-2B-151
RUSHMORE, THOMAS                        NY-1-13-463
RUSHMORE, TITUS                         NY-1-21-349
RUSS, EPHRAIM B.                        NY-1-15-104
RUSS, JOHN P.                           NY-1-31-154
RUSS, MARTHA J.                         NY-1-29-419
RUSSELL, ANDREW W.                      NY-1-22-453
RUSSELL, ANN CARTER                     NY-1-13-156
RUSSELL, HENRY                          NY-1-30-257
RUSSELL, HUBBARD L.                     NY-1-22-269
RUSSELL, JONATHAN                       NY-1-28-278
RUSSELL, JOSEPH                         NY-1-10-285
RUSSELL, JOSEPH W.                      NY-1-48-335
RUSSELL, MARGARETTA S.                  NY-1-28-36
RUSSELL, NOAH                           NY-1-4-268
RUSSELL, OSCAR                          NY-1-20-383
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                         NY-1-24-379
RUSSELL, SARAH T.                       NY-1-37-279
RUSSELL, SOLOMON                        NY-1-7-155
RUSSELL, THOMAS                         NY-1-12-384
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-15-420
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        NY-1-38-281
RUSSO, FREDERICK                        NY-1-11-161
RUSSO, JOHN                             NY-1-11-192
RUSSOE, FRANCIS                         NY-1-4-2
RUST, DEBORAH E.                        NY-1-33-198
RUTH, FRANK                             NY-1-22-145
RUTON, FANNIE M. B.                     NY-1-47-395
RUTON, WILLIAM                          NY-1-7-20
RUXTON, JOHN                            NY-1-44-61
RUYTER, CATHARINE A.                    NY-1-34-187
RUYTER, JOHN                            NY-1-40-298
RYAN, ANNA M.                           NY-1-49-216
RYAN, CORNELIUS                         NY-1-38-301
RYAN, DENNIS                            NY-1-39-378
RYAN, ELLEN                             NY-1-29-461
RYAN, HONORA                            NY-1-41-291
RYAN, JAMES                             NY-1-20-7
RYAN, JEREMIAH                          NY-1-39-407
RYAN, JOHN                              NY-1-34-298
RYAN, JOHN                              NY-1-21-254
RYAN, JOHNK.                            NY-1-29-53
RYAN, LIZZIE                            NY-1-48-180
RYAN, MARGARET                          NY-1-47-81
RYAN, MARTIN                            NY-1-33-268
RYAN, MARY                              NY-1-33-101
RYAN, MICHAEL                           NY-1-31-425
RYAN, MICHAEL                           NY-1-22-267
RYAN, PATRICK                           NY-1-27-282
RYAN, PATRICK                           NY-1-31-30
RYAN, PATRICK A.                        NY-1-26-234
RYAN, THOMAS                            NY-1-49-96
RYAN, WILLIAM                           NY-1-21-350
RYCKMAN, ALBERT                         NY-1-11-259
RYCKMAN, MARGARET                       NY-1-11-3
RYCKMAN, PETER                          NY-1-4-315
RYCKMAN, SUSANNAH                       NY-1-5-303
RYDER, ABSALOM                          NY-1-10-357
RYERSE, GARRET                          NY-1-1A-22

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