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TABER, AZOR                             NY-1-16-310
TABER, PARDON                           NY-1-8-159
TAGGART, WILLIAM                        NY-1-7-251
TALCOTT, ANGELICA                       NY-1-18-215
TALCOTT, GEORGE                         NY-1-48-195
TALCOTT, GEORGE                         NY-1-18-437
TALCOTT, OLIVIA M.                      NY-1-35-304
TALCOTT, STARKE                         NY-1-47-361
TALLMADGE, ADELBERT G.                  NY-1-35-224
TALLMAN, ISAAC W.                       NY-1-13-255
TANDY, BRIDGET                          NY-1-27-438
TANENBAUM, CARRIE                       NY-1-38-98
TANNAHILL, JOHN                         NY-1-3-392
TANNER, JOB                             NY-1-7-85
TANNER, JOHN J.                         NY-1-48-211
TANNER, NELLIE                          NY-1-47-305
TARBELL, NORRIS                         NY-1-7-392
TATS, POLLY                             NY-1-40-462
TAYLER, JOHN                            NY-1-8-93
TAYLOR, ANN ELIZABETH                   NY-1-29-230
TAYLOR, CORNELIA                        NY-1-36-384
TAYLOR, CORTLAND S.                     NY-1-49-270
TAYLOR, ELVIN                           NY-1-32-94
TAYLOR, ESTHER E.                       NY-1-47-450
TAYLOR, FRANK                           NY-1-45-298
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-1-15-100
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-1-7-79
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-1-14-182
TAYLOR, JOHN E.                         NY-1-39-102
TAYLOR, JOHN V. H.                      NY-1-16-229
TAYLOR, JOHN W.                         NY-1-15-286
TAYLOR, JUSTUS F.                       NY-1-41-24
TAYLOR, LAURA S.                        NY-1-45-124
TAYLOR, MATTHIAS                        NY-1-12-462
TAYLOR, PHEBE                           NY-1-18-278
TAYLOR, PHEOBY                          NY-1-9-103
TAYLOR, RADCLIFF                        NY-1-24-132
TAYLOR, ROBERT                          NY-1-41-351
TAYLOR, ROBERT                          NY-1-11-86
TAYLOR, SABINA                          NY-1-24-233
TAYLOR, SARAH                           NY-1-45-61
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NY-1-16-151
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-1-19-336
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-1-26-324
TEAL, ABAHAM                            NY-1-44-53
TEAL, HANNAH                            NY-1-44-302
TEAL, WILLIAM H                         NY-1-31-93
TEALL, EDWARD M.                        NY-1-13-517
TEATS, ANNA                             NY-1-20-422
TEBBUTT, MARSHALL                       NY-1-32-191
TELLER, CATHERINE                       NY-1-6-69
TELLER, CHARLES H.                      NY-1-25-458
TELLER, JAMES V. C.                     NY-1-22-76
TEMPLE, CATHARINE M.                    NY-1-15-215
TEMPLE, WILLIAM JAMES                   NY-1-19-172
TEMPLETON, AGNES H.                     NY-1-47-324
TEMPLETON, JOHN                         NY-1-38-53
TEMPLETON, WILLIAM K.                   NY-1-40-187
TENBROECK, ABRAHAM                      NY-1-4-54
TENBROECK, DIRCK WESSELS                NY-1-1A-155
TENBROECK, MARGARET                     NY-1-4-183
TENBROECK, WESSEL                       NY-1-1A-224
TENBROECK, WILLIAM C.                   NY-1-28-435
TENEYCK, ABRAHAM                        NY-1-12-445
TENEYCK, ABRAHAM R.                     NY-1-16-249
TENEYCK, ANDREW                         NY-1-15-135
TENEYCK, ANTHONY C.                     NY-1-15-239
TENEYCK, BARENT                         NY-1-26-359
TENEYCK, BARENT                         NY-1-2B-206
TENEYCK, CATHARINE                      NY-1-20-121
TENEYCK, CONRADT                        NY-1-7-308
TENEYCK, CONRADT                        NY-1-8-168
TENEYCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-32-291
TENEYCK, ELSIE                          NY-1-17-133
TENEYCK, GARRIETIE                      NY-1-13-295
TENEYCK, GERRITIE                       NY-1-1A-334
TENEYCK, GERTRUDE                       NY-1-14-125
TENEYCK, HARMANUS                       NY-1-7-8
TENEYCK, HERMAN                         NY-1-18-48
TENEYCK, ISAAC                          NY-1-27-260
TENEYCK, JACOB                          NY-1-1B-337
TENEYCK, JACOB                          NY-1-18-430
TENEYCK, JACOB C.                       NY-1-2B-160
TENEYCK, JACOB H.                       NY-1-47-176
TENEYCK, JOHN                           NY-1-47-12
TENEYCK, JOHN                           NY-1-4-71
TENEYCK, JOHN                           NY-1-8-398
TENEYCK, JOHN                           NY-1-9-132
TENEYCK, JOHN DE PEYSTER                NY-1-4-520
TENEYCK, JOHN H.                        NY-1-2B-171
TENEYCK, LEONARD G.                     NY-1-29-274
TENEYCK, MARGARET                       NY-1-6-92
TENEYCK, MARY                           NY-1-5-56
TENEYCK, MARY                           NY-1-49-351
TENEYCK, MARY ANN                       NY-1-47-495
TENEYCK, MATTHIAS H.                    NY-1-18-383
TENEYCK, MOICA                          NY-1-34-204
TENEYCK, PHILIP                         NY-1-39-148
TENEYCK, TOBIAS C.                      NY-1-2B-38
TENEYCK, VISSCHER                       NY-1-33-303
TENEYCK, WILLIAM C.                     NY-1-38-269
TENPENNY, JAMES                         NY-1-26-292
TERBUSH, JOHN G.                        NY-1-40-232
TERBUSH, MCCUTCHEON                     NY-1-28-100
TERBUSH, PETER                          NY-1-11-394
TERBUSH, PETER                          NY-1-8-79
TERHUNE, FRANK                          NY-1-30-248
TERHUNE, ROBERT P.                      NY-1-26-494
TERMOUTH, JOHN H.                       NY-1-43-189
TERPENNING, ELIAS                       NY-1-1B-254
TERRELL, JANE                           NY-1-37-138
TERRY, FRANKLIN K.                      NY-1-16-23
TERRY, GRIFFITH P.                      NY-1-46-134
TERRY, IRA                              NY-1-22-196
TERRY, ROSANNAH                         NY-1-36-481
TERRY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-1-32-362
TESSIER, PAUL                           NY-1-21-390
TETER, PHILIP                           NY-1-27-446
TEUNIS, TEUNISE                         NY-1-1A-6
THACHER, GEORGE H.                      NY-1-34-160
THANHAUSER, YETTA                       NY-1-47-118
THATCHER, ABEL DOCKRIL                  NY-1-3-340
THEISEN, CHRISTIAN                      NY-1-41-243
THIBADON, EDWARD                        NY-1-36-18
THIBADON, EDWARD                        NY-1-36-18
THIERGAERTNER, JOHN                     NY-1-28-246
THIERS, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-49-418
THIRKLE, JOSEPH                         NY-1-4-124
THOMAS, DELIA M.                        NY-1-50-474
THOMAS, GEORGE C.                       NY-1-31-149
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-1-20-97
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-1-22-261
THOMAS, JOHN A.                         NY-1-24-140
THOMAS, NANCY                           NY-1-45-343
THOMAS, NATHAN                          NY-1-50-413
THOMAS, SARAH A.                        NY-1-21-46
THOMAS, SARAH ELVA                      NY-1-36-222
THOMPSON, ELLEN                         NY-1-30-178
THOMPSON, HARRIET                       NY-1-22-441
THOMPSON, ISABELLA                      NY-1-46-86
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-1-25-496
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-1-40-301
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-1-21-268
THOMPSON, RACHEL M.                     NY-1-29-240
THOMPSON, RICHARD                       NY-1-13-402
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        NY-1-30-278
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-1-27-17
THOMSA, ELIZA D.                        NY-1-44-74
THONSON, WILLIAM                        NY-1-16-104
THORN, CHRISTIAN                        NY-1-49-310
THORN, JOHN                             NY-1-50-178
THORN, JOHN                             NY-1-50-178
THORN, WILLIAM                          NY-1-36-15
THORN, WILLIAM                          NY-1-36-15
THORNTON, KESIAH W.                     NY-1-26-90
THORNTON, MARY                          NY-1-27-112
THORP, AARON                            NY-1-11-137
THROOP, CHARLOTTE W.                    NY-1-49-115
THROOP, MONTGOMERY H.                   NY-1-40-473
THURBER, SARAH                          NY-1-44-129
THURSTON, PHEBE A.                      NY-1-48-136
TIBBITS, BENJAMIN                       NY-1-17-42
TIBBITS, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-29-358
TIBBITTS, HARRY                         NY-1-38-376
TICE, SARAH M.                          NY-1-22-321
TICKNOR, ELISHA                         NY-1-35-168
TIERNAN, CATHARINE                      NY-1-34-419
TIERNEY, ANN                            NY-1-31-51
TIERNEY, JOHN                           NY-1-19-237
TIERNEY, MARTIN                         NY-1-38-289
TIERNEY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-49-340
TIETZ, JACOBINA                         NY-1-34-182
TILLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-27-323
TILLINGHAST, JOSEPH WILBUR              NY-1-48-385
TILLINGHAST, WILBUR                     NY-1-48-197
TILLINGHAST, WILLIAM                    NY-1-29-101
TILLMAN, JOHN                           NY-1-2B-63
TIMESEN, PETER                          NY-1-3-106
TIMMONS, JANE                           NY-1-22-273
TIMMONS, MARY                           NY-1-35-248
TINGUE, ANNA MARIA                      NY-1-41-374
TINGUE, JOHN                            NY-1-4-258
TINNEY, CARLTON K.                      NY-1-32-105
TINSLAR, HIRAM H.                       NY-1-26-311
TIRWILLIGER, JOHN                       NY-1-11-117
TISE, JOHN P.                           NY-1-25-225
TISSIER, LUCY B.                        NY-1-22-479
TOBIN, DENNIS                           NY-1-26-71
TOBIN, THOMAS H.                        NY-1-31-20
TOBIN, WILLIAM                          NY-1-22-12
TODD, ADAM                              NY-1-15-50
TODD, CHARLOTTE                         NY-1-31-243
TODD, HENRIETTA A.                      NY-1-24-55
TODD, PAUL                              NY-1-5-249
TODD, ROBERT                            NY-1-15-180
TOLL, HESTER                            NY-1-2B-124
TOMLINSON, GEORGE                       NY-1-28-380
TOMPKINS, ALFRED D.                     NY-1-43-432
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-1-33-487
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-1-11-131
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-1-41-174
TONER, JOHN                             NY-1-46-374
TOOELE, JOHN                            NY-1-34-115
TOOHEY, CATHARINE                       NY-1-36-150
TOOHEY, JOHN                            NY-1-38-342
TOOPER, STEPHEN V. R.                   NY-1-12-460
TOOPER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-4-118
TOPP, WILLIAM H.                        NY-1-16-223
TORRANCE, JAMES M.                      NY-1-35-277
TORRANCE, JESSE                         NY-1-40-24
TORRANCE, WILLIAM                       NY-1-22-395
TORREY, JOSEPH                          NY-1-37-68
TOWNER, BENJAMIN A.                     NY-1-29-173
TOWNER, DANIEL                          NY-1-2B-441
TOWNER, JAMES Q.                        NY-1-25-1
TOWNING, ADAM                           NY-1-21-153
TOWNLEY, WILLIAM R.                     NY-1-15-496
TOWNSAND, EDWARD                        NY-1-7-46
TOWNSEND, ABSALOM                       NY-1-18-227
TOWNSEND, CHARLES D.                    NY-1-13-215
TOWNSEND, CORDELIA                      NY-1-25-27
TOWNSEND, EDWARD                        NY-1-40-93
TOWNSEND, FRANCES                       NY-1-29-134
TOWNSEND, FRANKLIN                      NY-1-47-421
TOWNSEND, FRANKLIN JR.                  NY-1-44-354
TOWNSEND, JOHN                          NY-1-15-199
TOWNSEND, NANCY                         NY-1-22-460
TOWNSEND, RUFUS K.                      NY-1-44-392
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                        NY-1-9-204
TRACEY, JOHANNA                         NY-1-36-138
TRACEY, JOHN                            NY-1-25-244
TRACEY, JULIA                           NY-1-39-452
TRACEY, MARIA                           NY-1-28-227
TRAIN, ABNER L.                         NY-1-39-80
TRAINOR, HESTER K.                      NY-1-35-389
TRAINOR, WILLIAM                        NY-1-38-154
TRAUX, ANNA                             NY-1-12-381
TRAVER, HENRY JUDSON                    NY-1-25-336
TRAVERS, MICHAEL                        NY-1-31-472
TRAVERS, MICHAEL                        NY-1-33-60
TREADWELL, ANN                          NY-1-40-84
TREADWELL, GEORGE C.                    NY-1-32-435
TREADWELL, JULIA                        NY-1-44-31
TREAT, SAMUEL S.                        NY-1-8-111
TREMAIN, ALVA H.                        NY-1-43-120
TREMAIN, HELEN                          NY-1-44-272
TREMAIN, LYMAN                          NY-1-27-350
TREMPER, CANTINE                        NY-1-50-495
TREMPER, JULIA A.                       NY-1-48-365
TRIGER, BARBARY WILHELMINA              NY-1-17-423
TRIMBLE, JOHN                           NY-1-26-88
TRIMBLE, JOHN M.                        NY-1-21-72
TRIPNEY, JOHN                           NY-1-49-79
TRIPNEY, NANCY                          NY-1-44-414
TRIPP, ELIJAH                           NY-1-12-361
TRIPP, JOHN                             NY-1-17-463
TRIPP, NANCY                            NY-1-35-158
TRIPP, SARAH ANN                        NY-1-29-58
TROEL, WOLFGANG                         NY-1-26-289
TRONOUTH, JOHN                          NY-1-39-201
TROTTER, JOHN H.                        NY-1-18-263
TROTTER, MATTHEW                        NY-1-7-204
TROWBRIDGE, HENRY                       NY-1-12-276
TROWBRIDGE, SAMUEL                      NY-1-15-237
TRUAX, ANDREW                           NY-1-5-38
TRUAX, CALEB                            NY-1-3-508
TRUAX, HENRY                            NY-1-8-401
TRUAX, HENRY                            NY-1-9-136
TRUAX, ISAAC                            NY-1-4-197
TRUAX, ISAAC                            NY-1-4-361
TRUAX, ISAAC ISAACSE                    NY-1-1B-168
TRUAX, ISAC JAC                         NY-1-3-462
TRUAX, JACOB J.                         NY-1-34-482
TRUAX, JACOB W.                         NY-1-6-242
TRUAX, JOHN                             NY-1-3-141
TRUAX, JOHN O.                          NY-1-18-414
TRUAX, JOHN W.                          NY-1-3-261
TRUAX, MARGARET                         NY-1-39-120
TRUAX, REBECCA MARIA                    NY-1-34-201
TRUAX, STEPHEN                          NY-1-46-377
TRUDEAU, ALEXIS                         NY-1-30-116
TRUMAN, JAMES M.                        NY-1-33-22
TRUSTEN, PATRICK                        NY-1-38-346
TRYON, RACHAEL                          NY-1-19-143
TUCKER, CORNELIA                        NY-1-49-468
TUCKER, DANIEL                          NY-1-1B-49
TUCKER, ELISHA W.                       NY-1-34-323
TUCKER, KATIE TERESA                    NY-1-32-99
TUCKER, LUTHER H.                       NY-1-46-64
TUCKER, MATILDA                         NY-1-25-170
TUCKER, MWILLIAM                        NY-1-27-136
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-26-485
TUCKER, WILLIAM P.                      NY-1-27-363
TUCKER, WILLIAM S.                      NY-1-19-151
TUFFS, SARAH A.                         NY-1-25-332
TULLOCH, SARAH JANE                     NY-1-27-373
TULLY, ELIZABETH                        NY-1-41-385
TULLY, ROSANNA                          NY-1-41-382
TUNNARD, ROBERT P.                      NY-1-38-118
TUPPER, HORACE D.                       NY-1-50-239
TURLEY, SUSAN                           NY-1-35-454
TURNBULL, JOHN D.                       NY-1-35-215
TURNER, CATHARINE M.                    NY-1-32-54
TURNER, DANIEL                          NY-1-4-4
TURNER, ELIZA                           NY-1-41-372
TURNER, GEORGE                          NY-1-41-353
TURNER, HENRY                           NY-1-6-36
TURNER, ISAAC                           NY-1-2B-281
TURNER, ISAAC                           NY-1-14-113
TURNER, JONATHAN                        NY-1-43-395
TURNER, JOSEPH                          NY-1-39-10
TURNER, MARY W.                         NY-1-18-409
TURNER, PETER                           NY-1-8-102
TURNER, PIERPONT C.                     NY-1-29-14
TURNER, SOLOMON                         NY-1-10-438
TURNER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-37-162
TURNER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-32-63
TUTTLE, ANN M.                          NY-1-39-412
TUTTLE, DAVID                           NY-1-3-300
TWEDDLE, ANN ELIZA                      NY-1-45-115
TWEDDLE, JOHN                           NY-1-25-75
TYGART, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-27-155
TYGART, WILLIAM                         NY-1-11-178
TYGERT, DAVID                           NY-1-19-221
TYGERT, FRANCIS                         NY-1-49-175
TYGERT, JOHN T.                         NY-1-34-165
TYLER, JAMES H.                         NY-1-14-99
TYLER, OSCAR                            NY-1-24-253
TYOWNSEND, FREDERICK                    NY-1-46-371
TYRER, CATHARINE                        NY-1-27-232
TYRER, THOMAS                           NY-1-22-259
TYRNES, MICHAEL                         NY-1-3-145
TYRRELL, BRIDGET                        NY-1-28-92
TYRRELL, DELIA                          NY-1-28-92
UDART, WILLIAM                          NY-1-25-308
UEBEL, CHRISTIAN                        NY-1-45-446
UHL, JACOB                              NY-1-40-17
ULRICH, MAGDALENA                       NY-1-44-128
ULSHOEFFER, THOMAS                      NY-1-11-273
UNGER, LOUISE S.                        NY-1-49-268
UPHAM, FRANKLIN                         NY-1-27-214
UPHAM, JACOB                            NY-1-16-471
UPHAM, MARIA                            NY-1-45-135
UPHAM, NANCY                            NY-1-49-349
URBAN, ALICE                            NY-1-47-100
URSCHEL, JOHN JACOB                     NY-1-26-299
VADNEY, EMMANUEL                        NY-1-34-430
VADNEY, JOSEPH H.                       NY-1-31-229
VAIL, FRANCIS                           NY-1-44-216
VAIL, JESSE                             NY-1-14-155
VAINE, CHARLES SERAPHIN                 NY-1-49-215
VALATINE, WILLIAM T.                    NY-1-38-472
VALKENBURGH, SOLOMON M.                 NY-1-38-429
VALLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-41-463
VANAERMAM, GEORGE                       NY-1-6-324
VANAERNAM, BENJAMIN                     NY-1-28-217
VANAERNAM, JACOB                        NY-1-4-270
VANAERNAM, JOHN W.                      NY-1-7-227
VANAERNAM, MARIA                        NY-1-29-280
VANAERNAM, MARY                         NY-1-29-314
VANAERNUM, HENRY W.                     NY-1-10-176
VANAKEN, SARAH                          NY-1-27-35
VANALEN, GARRIT                         NY-1-16-54
VANALEN, HESTER                         NY-1-45-488
VANALEN, JACOBUS                        NY-1-1A-342
VANALEN, JOHN                           NY-1-10-161
VANALEN, JOHN                           NY-1-16-406
VANALEN, JOHN                           NY-1-9-259
VANALEN, JOHN I.                        NY-1-21-371
VANALLEN, ADAM                          NY-1-41-468
VANALLEN, ADAM                          NY-1-31-378
VANALLEN, CORENLIA B.                   NY-1-28-156
VANALLEN, ELEANOR                       NY-1-44-346
VANALLEN, HANNAH                        NY-1-24-221
VANALLEN, HESTER A.                     NY-1-50-71
VANALLEN, HESTER A.                     NY-1-50-71
VANALLEN, PETER WHITBECK                NY-1-29-324
VANALLEN, WILLIAM                       NY-1-46-206
VANALSTEN, THOMAS                       NY-1-1A-302
VANALSTINE, MATHIAS                     NY-1-4-330
VANALSTYNE, JAMES W.                    NY-1-39-495
VANALSTYNE, JOHN C.                     NY-1-20-300
VANALSTYNE, JOHN I.                     NY-1-28-198
VANALSTYNE, JOHN S.                     NY-1-12-267
VANALSTYNE, MARTIN                      NY-1-13-435
VANALSTYNE, ROSANNA                     NY-1-50-8
VANALSTYNE, ROSANNA                     NY-1-50-8
VANAMAM, EMELINE                        NY-1-47-52
VANANTWERP, ABRAM                       NY-1-22-98
VANANTWERP, CAROLINE                    NY-1-29-49
VANANTWERP, CORNELIUS                   NY-1-12-215
VANANTWERP, MARY J.                     NY-1-27-2
VANANTWERP,E LIZA ANN                   NY-1-30-168
VANARNEM, HENRY                         NY-1-9-320
VANARNEM, HENRY                         NY-1-10-62
VANARNUM, ISAAC J.                      NY-1-7-73
VANAUKEN, HENRY                         NY-1-27-169
VANAUKEN, HENRY                         NY-1-13-366
VANAUKEN, IRA                           NY-1-43-476
VANAUKEN, JACOB                         NY-1-21-425
VANAUKEN, JACOB                         NY-1-20-391
VANAUKEN, JAMES                         NY-1-13-65
VANAUKEN, JEREMIAH J.                   NY-1-30-59
VANAUKEN, LEVI                          NY-1-7-185
VANAUKEN, NICHOLAS B.                   NY-1-48-235
VANAUKEN, PETER                         NY-1-11-356
VANAZEE, PETER                          NY-1-46-67
VANBENSCOTEN, ABNER                     NY-1-19-12
VANBENSCOTEN, JACOB                     NY-1-36-208
VANBENSCOTEN, JOHN                      NY-1-33-321
VANBENSCOTEN, SOLOMON                   NY-1-4-129
VANBENTHUYSEN, ABRAM                    NY-1-28-293
VANBENTHUYSEN, BALTUS                   NY-1-1A-213
VANBENTHUYSEN, CATHARINE                NY-1-13-170
VANBENTHUYSEN, CHARLES                  NY-1-29-291
VANBENTHUYSEN, ELIZABETH R.             NY-1-45-317
VANBENTHUYSEN, GARRET                   NY-1-17-93
VANBENTHUYSEN, OBADIAH R.               NY-1-12-332
VANBENTHUYSEN, VOLKERT                  NY-1-15-311
VANBERGEN, MARTIN GERSEN                NY-1-1B-143
VANBERGEN, WILLIAM                      NY-1-2B-173
VANBEUREN, JOHN                         NY-1-1B-316
VANBEUREN, MAAS                         NY-1-1A-203
VANBOCKHOVEN, CATALYNTE                 NY-1-1A-73
VANBOCKHOVEN, CLAES JANSE               NY-1-1A-64
VANBUREN, BARENT                        NY-1-1B-305
VANBUREN, CATHARINE O.                  NY-1-45-481
VANBUREN, HENRIETTE                     NY-1-22-244
VANBUREN, JACOB                         NY-1-16-425
VANBUREN, MARTIN C.                     NY-1-10-509
VANBUREN, MARY A.                       NY-1-33-204
VANBUSKIRK, ELIZA M.                    NY-1-30-9
VANBUZEE, CORNELIUS H.                  NY-1-26-81
VANCE, GEORGE                           NY-1-14-502
VANDECAR, HARVEY                        NY-1-34-156
VANDEMARK, LAWRENCE V. K.               NY-1-11-128
VANDENBERGE, JAMES                      NY-1-28-40
VANDENBERGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-1-2B-409
VANDENBERGH, CORNELIUS C.               NY-1-2B-381
VANDENBERGH, GARRET W.                  NY-1-2B-400
VANDENBERGH, GERRIT                     NY-1-4-25
VANDENBERGH, GERRIT P.                  NY-1-3-205
VANDENBERGH, ISAAC                      NY-1-6-112
VANDENBERGH, MATTYS                     NY-1-2A-16
VANDENBERGH, PETER                      NY-1-12-246
VANDENBERGH, PETER JR.                  NY-1-6-24
VANDENBERGH, RICHARD L.                 NY-1-34-489
VANDENBERGH, ROBERT                     NY-1-46-289
VANDENBERGH, WYNANT                     NY-1-10-380
VANDENBERGH, WYNANT                     NY-1-1A-253
VANDENBERK, ROBERT                      NY-1-1B-325
VANDENBRUGH, PETRUS                     NY-1-2B-210
VANDENBURGH, ABBY                       NY-1-21-74
VANDENBURGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-1-7-194
VANDENBURGH, ABRAHAM W.                 NY-1-18-344
VANDENBURGH, ANN M.                     NY-1-39-461
VANDENBURGH, CAROLINE                   NY-1-24-81
VANDENBURGH, CATHARINE                  NY-1-9-253
VANDENBURGH, CATHARINE                  NY-1-10-19
VANDENBURGH, CORNELIUS K.               NY-1-2B-230
VANDENBURGH, GERRIT I.                  NY-1-38-194
VANDENBURGH, OBADIAH                    NY-1-20-384
VANDENELZEN, WILLIAM                    NY-1-20-410
VANDERBILT, DANIEL A.                   NY-1-24-129
VANDERBILT, JOHN                        NY-1-49-395
VANDERHEYDEN, ANNA                      NY-1-5-242
VANDERHEYDEN, DAVID                     NY-1-1A-349
VANDERHEYDEN, JOHANNIS                  NY-1-1A-360
VANDERKAR, JANE ANN                     NY-1-46-76
VANDERKEER, JOHN F.                     NY-1-26-188
VANDERLEYDEN, JOHN                      NY-1-5-224
VANDERLIP, CATHARINE G.                 NY-1-30-108
VANDERLIP, MARGARET A.                  NY-1-17-298
VANDERPOEL, GRACE O.                    NY-1-43-327
VANDERPOOL, BARBARA                     NY-1-16-103
VANDERPOOL, CATHARINE                   NY-1-48-130
VANDERPOOL, CATHARINE E.                NY-1-27-9
VANDERPOOL, GARRET                      NY-1-17-396
VANDERPOOL, JAMES                       NY-1-12-28
VANDERPOOL, MARTIN                      NY-1-22-125
VANDERPOOL, SARAH                       NY-1-27-213
VANDERPOOL, WYNANT                      NY-1-1A-81
VANDERVOLGEN, JOHN S.                   NY-1-15-212
VANDERWAL, JOHN                         NY-1-43-325
VANDERWERKE, JOHANNIS                   NY-1-1A-316
VANDERWERKEN, HENDRICK                  NY-1-1B-270
VANDERWERKEN, JANE                      NY-1-45-308
VANDERWERKEN, JOHN B.                   NY-1-15-17
VANDERWERKEN, ROELIF                    NY-1-1B-256
VANDERZEE, ALBERT                       NY-1-2A-87
VANDERZEE, ALTON                        NY-1-50-89
VANDERZEE, ALTON                        NY-1-50-89
VANDERZEE, ANDEW                        NY-1-9-78
VANDERZEE, ANDREW                       NY-1-8-350
VANDERZEE, CONRADT T. E.                NY-1-20-163
VANDERZEE, CORNELIUS                    NY-1-12-405
VANDERZEE, CORNELIUS                    NY-1-32-216
VANDERZEE, CORNELIUS                    NY-1-5-392
VANDERZEE, CORNELIUS JR.                NY-1-2B-397
VANDERZEE, ELIZABETH                    NY-1-36-344
VANDERZEE, HENRY                        NY-1-46-260
VANDERZEE, HENRY                        NY-1-10-274
VANDERZEE, HENRY C.                     NY-1-47-233
VANDERZEE, JANE                         NY-1-31-234
VANDERZEE, JANE A.                      NY-1-48-310
VANDERZEE, MARIA                        NY-1-13-458
VANDERZEE, MARY CHRISTINA               NY-1-31-366
VANDEUSEN, ISAAC                        NY-1-1A-248
VANDEUSEN, JAMES                        NY-1-39-255
VANDEUSEN, JOHN D.                      NY-1-48-121
VANDEUSEN, LAURENCE                     NY-1-14-418
VANDEUSEN, MARY                         NY-1-21-275
VANDEUZEN, AARON                        NY-1-4-402
VANDEUZEN, AARON                        NY-1-4-372
VANDEVZEE, CORNELIUS                    NY-1-2A-66
VANDEWOLGEN, PETER                      NY-1-21-385
VANDREZEE, CHARLES WESTLEY              NY-1-36-229
VANDRVOLGEN, CLAUS                      NY-1-2B-301
VANDUSEN, LUCY                          NY-1-21-60
VANDUSEN, NICHOLAS                      NY-1-21-59
VANDUSEN, SAMUEL                        NY-1-14-318
VANDUZEE, STORM                         NY-1-15-61
VANDYCK, HENRY                          NY-1-1B-41
VANDYCK, JOHN                           NY-1-44-379
VANDYCKE, ALBERT                        NY-1-14-447
VANDYKE, ABRAHAM                        NY-1-11-344
VANDYKE, POLLY                          NY-1-22-385
VANDYKE, WESSEL                         NY-1-16-46
VANE, JAMES                             NY-1-18-247
VANECHTEN, TEUNIS F.                    NY-1-5-42
VANEPS, JOHN B.                         NY-1-3-241
VANETTEN, JOHN                          NY-1-12-229
VANGEYSLING, ELIAS                      NY-1-3-55
VANGUYSLING, JUDETH                     NY-1-17-116
VANHEUSEN, THEODORE V.                  NY-1-41-494
VANHOESEN, ALBERT                       NY-1-11-422
VANHOF, DANIEL                          NY-1-43-353
VANHUESEN, RICHARD A.                   NY-1-47-275
VANHUSEN, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-50-119
VANHUSEN, LUCRETIA                      NY-1-13-266
VANHUYSEN, HARMANUS                     NY-1-8-319
VANHUYSEN, HARMANUS                     NY-1-9-42
VANIEVEREN, MYNDERT                     NY-1-1B-71
VANLEUVEN, NICHOLAS                     NY-1-11-347
VANLEUVEN, PETER                        NY-1-48-390
VANLEUVEN, PETER                        NY-1-3-98
VANLOON, ALBARTUS                       NY-1-2B-217
VANLOON, JACOB                          NY-1-5-264
VANLOON, JAMES S.                       NY-1-29-310
VANLOON, JAN                            NY-1-1A-282
VANLOON, MARGARET A.                    NY-1-25-281
VANLOON, PETER                          NY-1-14-355
VANLOON, THOMAS E.                      NY-1-30-188
VANN, KATE M.                           NY-1-29-225
VANNATTA, BENJAMIN                      NY-1-21-135
VANNATTA, MARIA                         NY-1-34-277
VANNATTEN, PETER                        NY-1-44-333
VANNESS, GERRIT                         NY-1-1A-141
VANNESS, JACOB                          NY-1-15-424
VANNETTEN, WILLIAM                      NY-1-8-33
VANOLINDA, ABRAHAM                      NY-1-12-358
VANOLINDA, HENRY                        NY-1-13-43
VANOLINDA, JACOB                        NY-1-4-204
VANOLINDA, JOHN A.                      NY-1-14-137
VANOLINDA, MARTIN                       NY-1-15-146
VANOLINDA, PETER                        NY-1-8-353
VANOLINDA, PETER                        NY-1-24-394
VANOLINDA, PETER                        NY-1-1A-149
VANPATTEN, DIRK                         NY-1-3-1
VANPATTEN, NICHOLAS A.                  NY-1-2B-157
VANPETTEN, NICHOLAS                     NY-1-3-134
VANRENSSELAER, ADELINE                  NY-1-16-261
VANRENSSELAER, ANGELICA                 NY-1-15-56
VANRENSSELAER, ANN                      NY-1-15-290
VANRENSSELAER, BERNARD S.               NY-1-28-108
VANRENSSELAER, CHARLES W.               NY-1-16-235
VANRENSSELAER, JOHN                     NY-1-3-23
VANRENSSELAER, JOHN S.                  NY-1-21-201
VANRENSSELAER, LUCY A.                  NY-1-47-319
VANRENSSELAER, MARGARETTA               NY-1-29-23
VANRENSSELAER, MARIA                    NY-1-7-222
VANRENSSELAER, MARY                     NY-1-16-336
VANRENSSELAER, MATILDA F.               NY-1-19-188
VANRENSSELAER, PHILIP                   NY-1-6-79
VANRENSSELAER, RICHARD                  NY-1-28-334
VANRENSSELAER, STEPHEN                  NY-1-21-216
VANRESSELAER, FRANCES                   NY-1-5-297
VANRESSELAER, PHILIP                    NY-1-2B-378
VANRESSELAER, STEPHEN                   NY-1-10-339
VANSANT, RYKERT                         NY-1-4-345
VANSANTE, GERRIT                        NY-1-3-409
VANSANTVOORD, SAMUEL M.                 NY-1-48-17
VANSANVOORD, ANTHONY                    NY-1-14-343
VANSCHAACK, DERRICK                     NY-1-19-451
VANSCHAACK, JOHN                        NY-1-15-188
VANSCHAACK, NICHOLAS                    NY-1-12-464
VANSCHAICK, ANNA CATHARINE              NY-1-4-524
VANSCHAICK, CHRISTINA                   NY-1-4-40
VANSCHAICK, GERARD                      NY-1-7-213
VANSCHAICK, GOOSE                       NY-1-1B-295
VANSCHAICK, JACOB                       NY-1-1B-44
VANSCHAICK, JANE C.                     NY-1-41-415
VANSCHAICK, STEPHEN                     NY-1-5-372
VANSCHAICK, SYLVANT G.                  NY-1-2A-11
VANSCHAICK, TOBIAS                      NY-1-21-194
VANSCHELLUYNE, CORNELIS                 NY-1-4-261
VANSCHELLUYNE, DIRCK                    NY-1-6-5
VANSCHOOHOVEN, JANE ANN                 NY-1-44-39
VANSCHOONHOVEN, CATHARINE               NY-1-30-386
VANSCHOONHOVEN, JAMES                   NY-1-8-234
VANSCHOONHOVEN, JAMES                   NY-1-7-377
VANSCHOONHOVEN, JOHN C.                 NY-1-30-302
VANSCHOONHOVEN, PHOEBE                  NY-1-18-165
VANSIELEN, LYDIA D.                     NY-1-38-336
VANSLYCK, CORNELIUS                     NY-1-3-26
VANSLYCK, HARAMANUS                     NY-1-3-236
VANSLYCK, JAMES                         NY-1-1B-106
VANSLYCK, JEMIMA                        NY-1-27-375
VANSLYK, ANDRIES                        NY-1-1A-345
VANSLYKE, GEORGE W.                     NY-1-39-393
VANSLYKE, RACHEL                        NY-1-33-453
VANSTEINBERGH, JOHN B.                  NY-1-7-326
VANVALKENBURG, JOHN                     NY-1-19-230
VANVALKENBURGH, EDITH                   NY-1-19-334
VANVALKENBURGH, FRANCIS                 NY-1-9-57
VANVALKENBURGH, HANNAH                  NY-1-14-395
VANVALKENBURGH, JACOBUS                 NY-1-2B-42
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN                    NY-1-6-10
VANVALKENBURGH, MARGARET                NY-1-2B-44
VANVALKENBURGH, WILLIAM                 NY-1-43-71
VANVECHTEN, ABRAHAM                     NY-1-9-331
VANVECHTEN, ABRAHAM                     NY-1-10-93
VANVECHTEN, DIRCK                       NY-1-1A-235
VANVECHTEN, DIRK TEUNISE                NY-1-1A-89
VANVECHTEN, ELIZA M.                    NY-1-48-214
VANVECHTEN, JACOB T. B.                 NY-1-11-83
VANVECHTEN, LUCAS                       NY-1-3-11
VANVECHTEN, TEUNIS                      NY-1-16-417
VANVECHTEN, VOLKERT                     NY-1-3-234
VANVEGHTE, DIRCK                        NY-1-2A-30
VANVEGHTE, VOLCKERT                     NY-1-1A-216
VANVEGHTEN, CORNELIUS                   NY-1-4-313
VANVOLKENBURGH, JOAIKIM                 NY-1-4-43
VANVRAKEN, JOHN                         NY-1-3-336
VANVRANKEN, CORNELIUS C.                NY-1-16-285
VANVRANKEN, JACOB S.                    NY-1-13-397
VANVRANKEN, LYMAN S.                    NY-1-27-37
VANVRANKEN, MAAS                        NY-1-1B-340
VANVRANKEN, RYKERT                      NY-1-2B-79
VANVRANKEN, SAMUEL                      NY-1-6-23
VANVRANKIN, FRANCIS                     NY-1-26-296
VANWART, JOHN                           NY-1-15-367
VANWIE, AARON                           NY-1-3-385
VANWIE, ANDREW                          NY-1-6-298
VANWIE, CASPARUS                        NY-1-5-81
VANWIE, GERRIT P.                       NY-1-5-79
VANWIE, HENDRICK H.                     NY-1-4-29
VANWIE, HENRY G.                        NY-1-15-292
VANWIE, LORINDA                         NY-1-34-364
VANWIE, PETER                           NY-1-1B-110
VANWIE, WILLIAM                         NY-1-4-471
VANWOERT, TEUNIS                        NY-1-4-477
VANWOORT, PETER                         NY-1-1A-324
VANWORMER, AARON                        NY-1-7-165
VANWORMER, FREDERICK                    NY-1-11-242
VANZANDT, GILBERT                       NY-1-22-229
VANZANDT, GUYSBERT                      NY-1-6-42
VANZANDT, JACOBUS                       NY-1-2B-362
VANZANDT, JOHN                          NY-1-16-367
VANZANDT, JOHN                          NY-1-17-11
VANZANDT, JOHN G.                       NY-1-11-149
VANZANDT, JOHN W.                       NY-1-7-101
VANZANDT, JOSEPH R.                     NY-1-10-27
VANZANDT, JOSEPH R.                     NY-1-9-268
VANZANDT, RYKERT                        NY-1-4-345
VANZANDT, THOMAS K.                     NY-1-33-143
VANZERZEE, HERMAN                       NY-1-11-57
VASCHOONHOVEN, CORNLEIUS                NY-1-7-34
VAVRANKEN, CORNELIUS                    NY-1-3-70
VEAL, WILLIAM THOMAS                    NY-1-49-436
VEDDER, ALBERT JOHS.                    NY-1-3-326
VEDDER, ARENT                           NY-1-2B-47
VEDDER, ARENT                           NY-1-1A-294
VEDDER, ARENT A.                        NY-1-6-262
VEDDER, ELIZA ANN                       NY-1-35-295
VEDDER, JEHOIAKIM                       NY-1-21-18
VEDDER, MARY A.                         NY-1-19-311
VEDDER, SYMON                           NY-1-2B-103
VEEDER, ABRAM                           NY-1-49-327
VEEDER, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-9-183
VEEDER, MYNDERT                         NY-1-4-85
VEEDER, PETER                           NY-1-4-96
VEEDER, RYNER                           NY-1-8-155
VEEDER, SIMON JOHANNES                  NY-1-2A-50
VEEDER, SIMON JOHS.                     NY-1-1B-11
VEEDER, SUSAN L.                        NY-1-45-435
VEEDER, VOLKERT                         NY-1-4-17
VEILE, TEUNIS                           NY-1-2A-25
VENTER, JACOB                           NY-1-35-495
VENTER, PETER                           NY-1-44-322
VERCH, JULIUS                           NY-1-28-174
VERDON, DOMITHILDE                      NY-1-27-494
VERMILYA, DAVID                         NY-1-7-44
VERNOR, JAMES                           NY-1-2B-312
VERPLANCK, ANGELINE                     NY-1-46-329
VERPLANCK, ISAAC                        NY-1-1B-315
VERPLANCK, ISAAC D.                     NY-1-9-265
VERPLANCK, ISAAC D.                     NY-1-10-30
VERPLANK, DAVED                         NY-1-1B-196
VERPLANK, DAVID J. D.                   NY-1-15-203
VERVALEN, ABRAHAM                       NY-1-19-466
VFITZSIMONS, AGNES                      NY-1-33-425
VICKERS, ANDREW                         NY-1-47-385
VICKERS, ANN                            NY-1-16-72
VIELE, LOIS MARVIN                      NY-1-47-129
VIELE, MARIA TOWNSEND                   NY-1-38-78
VIELE, PHEBE A.                         NY-1-40-116
VIELE, PHILIP                           NY-1-2B-418
VIENS, FRANCOIS HAIRER                  NY-1-25-456
VILES, RHODA M.                         NY-1-28-158
VINCELETTE, EXIES                       NY-1-45-144
VINCENT, ABRAHAM                        NY-1-13-375
VINCENT, CYRUS                          NY-1-27-148
VINCENT, EZEKIAL B.                     NY-1-22-211
VINCENT, JOSEPH                         NY-1-10-383
VINCENT, LEVI                           NY-1-4-437
VINCENT, LEVI                           NY-1-15-12
VINCENT, OLIVE                          NY-1-22-462
VINCENT, PHEBE                          NY-1-31-301
VINCENT, SAMUEL                         NY-1-13-59
VINCENT, THOMAS                         NY-1-15-186
VINE, JOHN                              NY-1-4-250
VINE, PETER                             NY-1-45-326
VISCHER, MARY                           NY-1-20-448
VISGER, JOHN                            NY-1-1B-7
VISGER, JOHN SR. (VISSCHER?)            NY-1-1B-3
VISSCHER, ANNE M.                       NY-1-36-195
VISSCHER, BARRENT                       NY-1-9-75
VISSCHER, BARRENT                       NY-1-8-344
VISSCHER, BASTIAN H.                    NY-1-2B-137
VISSCHER, BASTIAN T.                    NY-1-4-31
VISSCHER, CATHARINE                     NY-1-18-393
VISSCHER, EDWARD                        NY-1-33-376
VISSCHER, GERRIT                        NY-1-3-171
VISSCHER, JAMES D.                      NY-1-19-428
VISSCHER, JOHANNIS                      NY-1-1B-163
VISSCHER, JOHN B.                       NY-1-38-74
VISSCHER, LYDIA                         NY-1-11-145
VISSCHER, LYDIA A.                      NY-1-46-365
VISSCHER, SARAH                         NY-1-5-360
VOGEL, HENRY                            NY-1-34-359
VOLKMANN, DOROTHEA                      NY-1-41-284
VONHOF, MARY                            NY-1-50-326
VOORHEES, SARAH ANN                     NY-1-32-271
VOORHEES, WILLIAM                       NY-1-12-325
VOSBURGH, CATHARINE                     NY-1-49-441
VOSBURGH, CATHARINE                     NY-1-28-91
VOSBURGH, DIRCK                         NY-1-2B-228
VOSBURGH, FLETCHER                      NY-1-44-224
VOSBURGH, ISAAC                         NY-1-1B-27
VOSBURGH, ISAAC W.                      NY-1-36-83
VOSBURGH, ISAAC W.                      NY-1-36-83
VOSBURGH, MARGARET                      NY-1-18-243
VOSBURGH, MARGARET                      NY-1-49-442
VOSBURGH, MARY BRADFORD                 NY-1-25-38
VOSBURGH, MILO                          NY-1-43-455
VOSBURGH, ROSANNA                       NY-1-32-24
VOSBURGH, WILLIAM                       NY-1-49-439
VOSE, SARAH J.                          NY-1-48-71
VOUGHT, JOHN                            NY-1-3-77
VROMAN, ISAAC                           NY-1-1B-173
VROMAN, JACOB                           NY-1-33-260
VROMAN, JAMES                           NY-1-12-367
VROMAN, JAMES J.                        NY-1-46-174
VROMAN, JOHN                            NY-1-28-495
VROMAN, JOSEPH                          NY-1-44-406
VROMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-25-292
VROOMAN, ADAM                           NY-1-17-171
VROOMAN, ADAM S.                        NY-1-3-524
VROOMAN, ANNA PRUYN                     NY-1-48-110
VROOMAN, ANTHONY                        NY-1-21-442
VROOMAN, BARENT (REV.)                  NY-1-2B-20
VROOMAN, BRIDGET                        NY-1-35-31
VROOMAN, CORNELIUS                      NY-1-4-533
VROOMAN, CORNELIUS JR.                  NY-1-5-328
VROOMAN, GERTRUDE                       NY-1-5-330
VROOMAN, HANNAH                         NY-1-27-11
VROOMAN, HENRY A.                       NY-1-4-177
VROOMAN, ISAAC                          NY-1-3-453
VROOMAN, JACOB MEESE                    NY-1-1A-9
VROOMAN, JACOBUS                        NY-1-3-40
VROOMAN, JOHN                           NY-1-3-210
VROOMAN, JOHN H.                        NY-1-2B-26
VROOMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-1-9-284
VROOMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-1-10-43
VUNK, SARAH ANN                         NY-1-19-468

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