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HAAK, JOHN                              NY-1-48-153
HABECK, JOHN                            NY-1-18-333
HABERSAATH, HENRY                       NY-1-38-234
HABERSAATH, MARY                        NY-1-32-96
HACKETT, DANIEL                         NY-1-38-287
HACKETT, JOSEPH                         NY-1-22-87
HACKLEY, JOHN P.                        NY-1-34-434
HACKSTAFF, JOHN                         NY-1-10-96
HACKSTAFF, JOHN                         NY-1-9-345
HADDOCK, JABEZ T.                       NY-1-21-79
HADLEY, ALIDA                           NY-1-36-152
HADLEY, JAMES R.                        NY-1-25-222
HADLEY, WILLIAM J.                      NY-1-30-369
HAFF, JOHN                              NY-1-5-199
HAGADON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-1-39-330
HAGADORN, CATHARINE                     NY-1-31-179
HAGADORN, CHARITY                       NY-1-47-218
HAGADORN, GEORGE M.                     NY-1-45-381
HAGADORN, JOHN                          NY-1-32-164
HAGADORN, SILAS                         NY-1-47-179
HAGADORN, THOMAS                        NY-1-14-504
HAGAMAN, ABRAM                          NY-1-17-448
HAGAMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-28-304
HAGAMAN, RACHEL                         NY-1-16-45
HAGAMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-1-45-90
HAGAMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-1-45-268
HAGAN, CATHARINE                        NY-1-25-374
HAGAN, PETER                            NY-1-43-94
HAGEN, ERHARDT                          NY-1-45-75
HAGGERTY, JOHN                          NY-1-16-481
HAGGERTY, JOHN J.                       NY-1-36-93
HAGGERTY, JOHN J.                       NY-1-36-93
HAHN, CATHARINE                         NY-1-48-312
HAHN, HENRY                             NY-1-27-339
HAHNER, VALENTINE                       NY-1-31-464
HAID, MARY                              NY-1-36-395
HAIGHT, BEVERLY                         NY-1-11-352
HAIGHT, DAVID                           NY-1-29-182
HAIGHT, JOHN                            NY-1-35-325
HAIGHT, MARTHA                          NY-1-16-319
HAIGHT, NICHOLAS                        NY-1-11-450
HAIGHT, NORAH                           NY-1-49-248
HAINES, DAVID H.                        NY-1-37-224
HAINES, ELETUS                          NY-1-41-208
HAKES, ELIAS                            NY-1-22-275
HALE, MATTHEW                           NY-1-46-120
HALE, NANCY A.                          NY-1-35-145
HALENBECK, JACOB                        NY-1-5-208
HALENBEECK, HENDRICK                    NY-1-1A-313
HALENBEEK, MARTEN                       NY-1-1B-25
HALEY, CATHARINE                        NY-1-44-256
HALL, ANNETTA                           NY-1-12-355
HALL, GREEN                             NY-1-19-223
HALL, HAMILTON                          NY-1-20-67
HALL, JAMES                             NY-1-47-400
HALL, JOHN E.                           NY-1-34-84
HALL, JOHN TAYLOR                       NY-1-39-433
HALL, JOHN THOMAS                       NY-1-1B-136
HALL, JOSEPH                            NY-1-13-122
HALL, MARY                              NY-1-15-1
HALL, MARY                              NY-1-41-34
HALL, MARY G.                           NY-1-22-417
HALL, ROBERT                            NY-1-9-189
HALL, ROBERT                            NY-1-8-460
HALL, SARAH                             NY-1-39-435
HALL, SARAH A.                          NY-1-35-41
HALL, THOMAS                            NY-1-9-301
HALL, THOMAS                            NY-1-10-55
HALLENBAKE, ANTHONY                     NY-1-3-536
HALLENBAKE, BERNRD                      NY-1-6-244
HALLENBAKE, CASPER JANSE                NY-1-2B-340
HALLENBECK, AARON                       NY-1-8-42
HALLENBECK, ABIGAIL                     NY-1-27-47
HALLENBECK, ABRAM                       NY-1-21-324
HALLENBECK, ABRAM                       NY-1-22-389
HALLENBECK, ANNA                        NY-1-32-300
HALLENBECK, HENRY B.                    NY-1-4-375
HALLENBECK, JACOB                       NY-1-17-365
HALLENBECK, JACOB                       NY-1-4-286
HALLENBECK, JACOB I.                    NY-1-26-224
HALLENBECK, JACOB N.                    NY-1-26-21
HALLENBECK, JAMES                       NY-1-18-22
HALLENBECK, JOHN B.                     NY-1-19-479
HALLENBECK, JOHN H.                     NY-1-35-148
HALLENBECK, JOSEPH                      NY-1-37-87
HALLENBECK, LAVINA J.                   NY-1-48-218
HALLENBECK, MARGARET                    NY-1-41-131
HALLENBECK, MARY                        NY-1-35-146
HALLENBECK, MATHEW                      NY-1-10-136
HALLENBECK, MATTHEW I.                  NY-1-20-247
HALLENBECK, PETER                       NY-1-12-128
HALLENBECK, PETER W.                    NY-1-33-438
HALLENBECK,E DGAR C.                    NY-1-43-319
HALLERAN, PETER                         NY-1-37-171
HALLEY, EBENEZER                        NY-1-29-273
HALLEY, ELIZA                           NY-1-38-43
HALLIDAY, JULI                          NY-1-16-1
HALLOCK, DOUGHTY                        NY-1-14-427
HALLOCK, JAMES                          NY-1-35-21
HALLOCK, POLLY ANN                      NY-1-33-449
HALLORAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-1-34-44
HALPIN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-1-48-133
HALPIN, WILLIAM                         NY-1-34-132
HALTER, JOSEPH                          NY-1-31-303
HAMBURGER, AARON L.                     NY-1-18-239
HAMIL, JOHN A.                          NY-1-32-155
HAMILTON, CATHARINE                     NY-1-13-62
HAMILTON, DAVID                         NY-1-18-156
HAMILTON, ISABELLA F.                   NY-1-48-74
HAMILTON, JAMES                         NY-1-2B-121
HAMILTON, JAMES                         NY-1-1B-34
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-1-47-365
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-1-6-32
HAMILTON, SILAS B.                      NY-1-17-502
HAMILTON, SOPHIA                        NY-1-26-309
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-1-33-300
HAMLINGER, MATILDA J.                   NY-1-37-180
HAMMANN, DOROTHEA                       NY-1-47-253
HAMMERLL, HENRY                         NY-1-27-499
HAMMES, JACOB                           NY-1-50-163
HAMMOCK, JOHN                           NY-1-25-420
HAMMOND, ANN                            NY-1-29-237
HAMMOND, THOMAS A.                      NY-1-14-400
HAMPSON, ELLEN                          NY-1-38-491
HAND, SAMUEL                            NY-1-33-308
HANDY, CATHARINE                        NY-1-41-483
HANES, JOHN                             NY-1-10-391
HANIAN, DANIEL                          NY-1-7-265
HANK, ANTHONY                           NY-1-24-486
HANLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-41-325
HANLEY, THOMAS F.                       NY-1-43-123
HANLON, MARY                            NY-1-32-392
HANLON, MICHAEL                         NY-1-34-481
HANLON, PATRICK                         NY-1-27-292
HANLON, PATRICK                         NY-1-20-208
HANNA, FRANCIS T.                       NY-1-21-323
HANNAN, JAMES                           NY-1-15-29
HANNAN, WINIFRED                        NY-1-26-174
HANNAY, AMBROSE S.                      NY-1-34-127
HANNAY, CATHERINE                       NY-1-25-241
HANNAY, DAVID                           NY-1-22-332
HANNEDER, LOIUSA                        NY-1-29-105
HANNIGAN, JAMES H.                      NY-1-35-274
HANNIGAN, MARY                          NY-1-49-465
HANNIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-1-43-131
HANS, HENRY                             NY-1-27-283
HANS, JACOB                             NY-1-49-388
HANS, PETER A.                          NY-1-34-245
HANSEN, HENRY                           NY-1-24-83
HANSON, CHRISTIAN                       NY-1-45-60
HARBECK, SARAH                          NY-1-24-212
HARDEN, LAVINA                          NY-1-28-206
HARDER, ZACHARIAH                       NY-1-32-82
HARDIK, FRANCIS                         NY-1-1A-207
HARDING, MARGARET                       NY-1-41-265
HARDIS, WILHELMINA                      NY-1-30-384
HARDY, FRANCIS T.                       NY-1-44-349
HARGER, CAROLINE M.                     NY-1-26-264
HARGRAVE, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-36-293
HARLES, WILLIAM                         NY-1-41-9
HARLEY, EDWARD                          NY-1-25-56
HARLFINGER, CHRISTIAN                   NY-1-48-417
HARMAN, THOMAS                          NY-1-4-238
HARMER, SAMUEL                          NY-1-18-435
HARMON, ABIAL M.                        NY-1-38-239
HARPER, JOHN                            NY-1-28-427
HARRIGAN, JOHN                          NY-1-26-80
HARRIGAN, MARIA                         NY-1-24-491
HARRIGAN, MARK ****                     NY-1-17-200
HARRIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-1-50-190
HARRIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-1-24-255
HARRINGTON, JULIA                       NY-1-13-180
HARRIS, DANIEL                          NY-1-33-1
HARRIS, EBENEZER                        NY-1-2B-390
HARRIS, ELISHA                          NY-1-31-176
HARRIS, GRACE                           NY-1-48-482
HARRIS, HAMILTON                        NY-1-50-187
HARRIS, IRA                             NY-1-25-391
HARRIS, MARY                            NY-1-48-321
HARRIS, MOSES D.                        NY-1-28-475
HARRIS, REBECCA                         NY-1-30-100
HARRISON, ANNA D.                       NY-1-49-150
HARRISON, ANTHONY L.                    NY-1-15-33
HARRISON, CATHARINE                     NY-1-24-179
HARRISON, GEORGE                        NY-1-16-142
HARRISON, JAMES                         NY-1-25-318
HARROP, ROBERT                          NY-1-29-118
HARROWER, PETER                         NY-1-6-283
HART, ANTHONY                           NY-1-17-163
HART, BRIDGET                           NY-1-39-281
HART, CHARLES                           NY-1-50-401
HART, ISAAC                             NY-1-41-6
HART, JACOB                             NY-1-16-266
HART, LAURENCE                          NY-1-32-480
HART, MARY                              NY-1-37-200
HART, MARY E.                           NY-1-49-30
HART, PATRICK                           NY-1-25-172
HART, SARAH JANE                        NY-1-31-98
HART, WILLIAM HOWARD                    NY-1-30-353
HARTKORN, GEORGE                        NY-1-25-454
HARTLEY, MARGARET                       NY-1-50-380
HARTLEY, MARGARET                       NY-1-50-380
HARTMAN, PETER L.                       NY-1-21-481
HARTMAN, RACHEL                         NY-1-46-492
HARTMANN, AMELIA                        NY-1-34-36
HARTMANN, CHARLES F.                    NY-1-48-168
HARTMANN, GEORGE A.                     NY-1-47-91
HARTNESS, JOHN                          NY-1-16-81
HARTNETT, DANIEL                        NY-1-39-70
HARTNETT, JOHANNA                       NY-1-36-189
HARVE, WILLIAM                          NY-1-17-45
HARVEY, EVELINE                         NY-1-26-462
HARVEY, LOIS                            NY-1-30-286
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-28-23
HARWOOD, JESSIE B.                      NY-1-36-75
HARWOOD, JESSIE B.                      NY-1-36-75
HASKELL, JOHN                           NY-1-17-270
HASKELL, MARY                           NY-1-29-52
HASKELL, WILLIAM P.                     NY-1-29-453
HASTINGS, GEORGE H.                     NY-1-29-245
HASTINGS, MARGARET                      NY-1-49-174
HASWELL, ANNA                           NY-1-17-177
HASWELL, ARTHUR                         NY-1-3-113
HASWELL, EDWARD                         NY-1-13-268
HASWELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-29-473
HASWELL, GEORGE                         NY-1-16-76
HASWELL, HANNAH E.                      NY-1-30-159
HASWELL, HENRY P.                       NY-1-21-467
HASWELL, ISAAC                          NY-1-14-393
HASWELL, JOHN                           NY-1-3-512
HASWELL, JOHN                           NY-1-18-67
HASWELL, JOHN B.                        NY-1-28-375
HASWELL, JUSTUS                         NY-1-31-205
HASWELL, MARGARET J.                    NY-1-31-137
HASWELL, MARY                           NY-1-6-94
HASWELL, MARY                           NY-1-6-343
HASWELL, MARY                           NY-1-27-4
HASWELL, SARAH E.                       NY-1-40-428
HASWELL, THOMAS                         NY-1-25-341
HASWELL, WILLIAM H.                     NY-1-22-171
HATCH, SAMUEL                           NY-1-3-52
HATCHER, THOMAS                         NY-1-29-45
HATCHER, THOMAS                         NY-1-32-327
HATFIELD, EDMUND                        NY-1-4-400
HATHAWAY, ABIAL                         NY-1-34-239
HATHAWAY, DAVID                         NY-1-39-168
HATHU, ANDREW                           NY-1-38-425
HAUCK, HIERONYMUS                       NY-1-45-390
HAUF, HENRY                             NY-1-47-76
HAUF, MARY CATHARINE                    NY-1-22-70
HAUFFMAN, HESTER                        NY-1-30-256
HAUS, ANDREW                            NY-1-38-425
HAUSER, CATHARINE                       NY-1-35-380
HAVERLY, JACOB                          NY-1-14-114
HAVERLY, JACOB                          NY-1-7-150
HAVERLY, JOHN C.                        NY-1-26-391
HAVILAND, FRANK A.                      NY-1-34-425
HAWES, LOVINA                           NY-1-30-479
HAWKINS, HENRY                          NY-1-39-481
HAWKINS, HORACE D.                      NY-1-27-190
HAWKINS, LODIMMA                        NY-1-37-300
HAWKINS, MARY                           NY-1-7-94
HAWLEY, AARON                           NY-1-27-435
HAWLEY, CHARLES                         NY-1-30-483
HAWLEY, CHARLES E.                      NY-1-47-255
HAWLEY, CYRUS                           NY-1-21-383
HAWLEY, GIDEON                          NY-1-22-185
HAWLEY, MARY L.                         NY-1-43-357
HAWLEY, NATHAN                          NY-1-4-72
HAWLEY, NATHAN                          NY-1-38-161
HAY, JOHN                               NY-1-40-336
HAYES, AZOR T.                          NY-1-19-450
HAYES, BRIDGET                          NY-1-41-142
HAYES, CATHARINE                        NY-1-20-411
HAYES, EMMA S.                          NY-1-33-80
HAYES, MAGGIE F.                        NY-1-38-402
HAYES, PATRICK                          NY-1-26-349
HAYFORD, HENRY                          NY-1-39-75
HAYNES, DANIEL A.                       NY-1-45-120
HAYNES, EDWARD S.                       NY-1-13-450
HAYNES, MARGARET                        NY-1-35-33
HAYNES,RUTH P.                          NY-1-28-9
HAYS, JOHN R.                           NY-1-30-114
HAYWOOD, CYNTHIA E.                     NY-1-19-420
HAZELTON, JAMES                         NY-1-45-185
HAZZARD, JOANNA F.                      NY-1-21-131
HEAD, CATHARINE M                       NY-1-40-29
HEADLAM, WILLIAM                        NY-1-21-471
HEALD, JOHN                             NY-1-43-299
HEALEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-45-367
HEALEY, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-40-460
HEALEY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-32-348
HEALY, MARY                             NY-1-40-419
HEARNS, BERNARD                         NY-1-50-321
HEAVENOR, GERTRUDE ELLEN                NY-1-49-43
HEBEYSEN, MARTIN                        NY-1-6-306
HECK, ANNA                              NY-1-45-160
HEDGES, SILAS FORDHAM                   NY-1-12-289
HEDRICK, ELIZA                          NY-1-43-344
HEDRICK, JOHN                           NY-1-40-76
HEEB, JOSEPH                            NY-1-31-136
HEERMANCE, JOSEPH O.                    NY-1-50-236
HEERMANS, THOMAS B.                     NY-1-7-181
HEET, JOHN                              NY-1-3-75
HEFFERMAN, MICHAEL                      NY-1-33-390
HEIBEL, JOHN                            NY-1-27-70
HEIDENREICH, I. CONRAD                  NY-1-50-218
HEIDRICK, JOHN                          NY-1-33-334
HEIL, MARY                              NY-1-33-2
HEIL, SEBILLIE MARGARETTA               NY-1-45-159
HEIL, WILLIAM                           NY-1-31-177
HEIM, JOSEPH                            NY-1-41-94
HEIMBERGER, JACOB                       NY-1-26-123
HEIN, MORRIS                            NY-1-40-290
HEINMILLER, JACOB                       NY-1-32-79
HEINS, LUDWIG                           NY-1-6-196
HEIRS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-20-169
HELD, REGINA                            NY-1-45-221
HELLER, JACOB                           NY-1-4-348
HELLER, WILLIAM                         NY-1-39-22
HELM, WILLIAM                           NY-1-47-466
HELME, JAMES                            NY-1-35-17
HELME, SARAH A.                         NY-1-29-450
HELMES, MARY T.                         NY-1-43-389
HEMING, CHARLES T.                      NY-1-33-254
HEMMER, CLARA C. L.                     NY-1-44-402
HEMPHILL, DAVID                         NY-1-13-373
HEMPSTEAD, LOVISA                       NY-1-34-158
HEMPSTED, ISAAC                         NY-1-6-60
HEMSTREET, JAMES                        NY-1-29-184
HEMSTREET, JANE A.                      NY-1-29-339
HENDERER, HARMANUS                      NY-1-7-306
HENDERER, HARMANUS                      NY-1-8-165
HENDERSON, MARTHA                       NY-1-6-215
HENDRICK, JAMES                         NY-1-48-479
HENDRICKS, HANS                         NY-1-1A-19
HENDRICKSON, JOHN                       NY-1-15-447
HENDRICKSON, KATHARINE                  NY-1-16-228
HENDRICKSON, MARIA                      NY-1-18-444
HENDRICKSON, MATHEW                     NY-1-7-5
HENDRICKSON, WILLIAM                    NY-1-11-214
HENDRIE, GARDINER                       NY-1-25-400
HENLE, ANDREAS                          NY-1-30-46
HENLEY, JOHN                            NY-1-5-23
HENNESEY, MICHAEL                       NY-1-13-128
HENNESSEY, MARY                         NY-1-40-331
HENNESSY, DENNIS                        NY-1-46-435
HENNESSY, JOHN                          NY-1-28-318
HENNESSY, MARGARET                      NY-1-14-55
HENNING, WILHELMINA B.                  NY-1-40-471
HENRICH, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-41-446
HENRICH, MARY E.                        NY-1-44-209
HENRY, JACOB                            NY-1-20-176
HENRY, JOHANNA                          NY-1-48-326
HENRY, JOHN V.                          NY-1-7-159
HENRY, MARGARET                         NY-1-36-436
HENRY, MARTIN                           NY-1-41-290
HENRY, MARY ANN                         NY-1-26-417
HENSEL, ANTHONY                         NY-1-25-260
HENSEL, LENA                            NY-1-28-373
HENSLEY, PHILIP A.                      NY-1-13-231
HENSON, EDWARD                          NY-1-22-128
HERBERT, GEORGE F.                      NY-1-26-126
HERKENHAM, CHRISTINA                    NY-1-41-88
HERKENHAM, GEORGE                       NY-1-49-453
HERLEY, MARY                            NY-1-21-132
HERMANCE, RACHAEL                       NY-1-32-359
HERMANN, JOHN                           NY-1-31-188
HERMANN, MARY M.                        NY-1-39-468
HERMSDORF, HENRY                        NY-1-33-285
HERNER, CHARLES                         NY-1-9-28
HERON, CATHARINE T.                     NY-1-29-70
HERRICK, CLARA D.                       NY-1-48-348
HERRICK, EDMOND S.                      NY-1-20-401
HERRICK, JOHN B.                        NY-1-44-269
HERRICK, JONATHAN                       NY-1-38-458
HERRICK, JULIA A.                       NY-1-39-338
HERRICK, WILLIAM C.                     NY-1-35-446
HERRING, THOMAS                         NY-1-6-303
HERRINGTON, ABRAM                       NY-1-47-3
HERTTELL, JANE ANN                      NY-1-27-289
HERZOG, ABRAHAM                         NY-1-27-103
HERZOG, JACOB                           NY-1-30-30
HESNER, HENRY                           NY-1-27-91
HESS, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-1-25-306
HESS, DAVID                             NY-1-8-51
HESS, DAVID                             NY-1-7-245
HESSBERG, HANNAH                        NY-1-28-339
HETRICK, MICHAEL                        NY-1-30-69
HETTINGER, CHRISTIAN                    NY-1-41-55
HEWIG, CONRAD                           NY-1-21-58
HEWSON, DANIEL                          NY-1-5-336
HEWSON, ELIZA                           NY-1-20-419
HEWSON, JOHN D.                         NY-1-14-369
HEWSON, THOMAS E.                       NY-1-5-98
HEYBESEN, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-7-368
HEYDEN, EMMA M.                         NY-1-39-304
HIBSCH, GEORGE                          NY-1-44-408
HICHMAN, JOHN H.                        NY-1-30-270
HICKEY, HARRIET B.                      NY-1-28-326
HICKEY, JOHN                            NY-1-20-134
HICKEY, WILLIAM THOMAS                  NY-1-25-422
HIGGINS, CATHARINE                      NY-1-49-276
HIGGINS, EDWARD                         NY-1-34-25
HIGGINS, EMILY H.                       NY-1-43-191
HIGGINS, EMMA                           NY-1-31-406
HIGGINS, MARY                           NY-1-47-85
HIGGINS, THOMAS                         NY-1-44-208
HIGGINS, THOMAS                         NY-1-18-475
HIL, WILLIAM                            NY-1-34-153
HILDENBRANDT, CHARLES F.                NY-1-28-441
HILDENBRANDT, JOHN G.                   NY-1-4-49
HILDRETH, JULIA A.                      NY-1-44-309
HILDRETH, TIMOTHY P.                    NY-1-43-221
HILL, ELIZABETH LEE                     NY-1-41-106
HILL, GEORGE                            NY-1-44-138
HILL, JAMES                             NY-1-17-439
HILL, JANE H.                           NY-1-29-13
HILL, JOHN                              NY-1-38-386
HILL, MARGARET                          NY-1-29-10
HILL, MARIA D.                          NY-1-35-136
HILL, MARY                              NY-1-25-156
HILL, SARAH                             NY-1-4-193
HILL, WILLIAM WASHINGTON                NY-1-35-267
HILLAS, HANNAH F.                       NY-1-31-15
HILLENBRANDT, BARBARA                   NY-1-29-369
HILLHOUSE, THOMAS                       NY-1-9-92
HILLHOUSE, THOMAS                       NY-1-8-361
HILLS, CHARLES P.                       NY-1-50-467
HILLS, EBENEZER                         NY-1-10-3
HILLS, HULDA                            NY-1-27-342
HILLS, JOHN                             NY-1-22-133
HILLS, MATTHEW                          NY-1-31-67
HILLS, PHEBE E.                         NY-1-49-401
HILLS, SAMUEL                           NY-1-11-12
HILLS, WILLIAM R.                       NY-1-32-204
HILMER, MICHAEL                         NY-1-39-269
HILPLING, JOSEPH                        NY-1-39-386
HILSLEY, JOHN J.                        NY-1-37-142
HILTON, ABRAHAM                         NY-1-28-209
HILTON, CATHARINE M.                    NY-1-49-498
HILTON, DERICK                          NY-1-14-5
HILTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-15-342
HILTON, HARRIET                         NY-1-30-382
HILTON, HEZEKIAH                        NY-1-22-71
HILTON, JAMES                           NY-1-10-363
HILTON, JAMES                           NY-1-12-363
HILTON, JAMES A.                        NY-1-36-164
HILTON, JAMES A.                        NY-1-33-240
HILTON, JAMES M.                        NY-1-32-449
HILTON, MARIA                           NY-1-50-258
HILTON, PETER                           NY-1-36-58
HILTON, PETER                           NY-1-36-58
HILTON, PETER JR.                       NY-1-13-87
HILTON, PETER W.                        NY-1-21-346
HILTON, PETER W.                        NY-1-9-291
HILTON, REBECCA                         NY-1-17-281
HILTON, ROBERT                          NY-1-7-118
HILTON, RYKERT                          NY-1-3-299
HILTON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-1-6-134
HIMMEY, DAVID J.                        NY-1-10-303
HIMMLER, JOHN                           NY-1-32-334
HINCKEL, FREDERICK                      NY-1-29-263
HINCKLEY, GEORGE                        NY-1-21-124
HINCKLEY, JOSIAH                        NY-1-14-371
HINKLEY, JOHN W.                        NY-1-17-417
HINMAN, JANE                            NY-1-28-13
HISGEN, CATHARINE                       NY-1-32-380
HISGEN, HERMSAN                         NY-1-41-166
HITCHCOCK, DAVID H.                     NY-1-30-20
HITCHCOCK, GERTRUDE                     NY-1-41-365
HOAGLAND, FRED C.                       NY-1-50-68
HOAGLAND, FRED C.                       NY-1-50-68
HOBBS, SARAH W.                         NY-1-33-328
HOCHENLEITNER, JOSEPH                   NY-1-30-34
HOCHETRASSER, PETER                     NY-1-35-356
HOCKENLEITNER, CAROLINE                 NY-1-40-425
HOCKNELL, JESSE                         NY-1-5-149
HOCKNELL, JOHN                          NY-1-32-429
HOCKNELL, RICHARD                       NY-1-3-4
HODGE, JAMES                            NY-1-5-133
HODGE, JOHN                             NY-1-14-121
HODGENS, THOMAS                         NY-1-24-354
HODGKINS, LUCINDA E.                    NY-1-49-391
HODGKINS, STEPHEN L.                    NY-1-24-432
HODGSON, ANN                            NY-1-37-264
HODGSON, MARY ANN                       NY-1-33-489
HOEFFERLICK, CHARLES                    NY-1-5-334
HOERMAN, JUSTINA                        NY-1-34-382
HOEY, CHRISTOPHER C.                    NY-1-41-14
HOFF, JOHN                              NY-1-39-92
HOFFMAN, ANDREW                         NY-1-43-79
HOFFMAN, ANNA MARIA                     NY-1-28-56
HOFFMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-1-15-334
HOFFMAN, CHARLOTTE                      NY-1-28-421
HOFFMAN, ERNST                          NY-1-35-3
HOFFMAN, FREDERICK W.                   NY-1-41-471
HOFFMAN, LEVI S.                        NY-1-18-387
HOFFMAN, MARY A.                        NY-1-49-485
HOFFMAN, MARY ANN                       NY-1-41-135
HOFFMAN, PHILIP                         NY-1-28-253
HOFFMAN, RHODA                          NY-1-30-317
HOFFMAN, THOMAS                         NY-1-21-271
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-1-24-49
HOFFMANN, JOHN                          NY-1-48-174
HOFFMANN, JUSTUS                        NY-1-27-384
HOGAN, ELLEN                            NY-1-44-383
HOGAN, FRANCIS J.                       NY-1-44-438
HOGAN, GARRIT                           NY-1-13-350
HOGAN, GEORGE                           NY-1-13-399
HOGAN, HENRY                            NY-1-45-283
HOGAN, JAMES                            NY-1-47-493
HOGAN, JAMES                            NY-1-13-484
HOGAN, JOHANNIS                         NY-1-1A-310
HOGAN, JOHN                             NY-1-4-395
HOGAN, JURIAN                           NY-1-4-214
HOGAN, JURRIAN                          NY-1-1A-311
HOGAN, MARTIN                           NY-1-33-441
HOGAN, MICAHEL                          NY-1-22-8
HOGAN, MICHAEL                          NY-1-24-344
HOGAN, NEELTIE                          NY-1-2A-95
HOGAN, PATRICK                          NY-1-41-411
HOGAN, RICHARD                          NY-1-50-230
HOGAN, TIMOTHY                          NY-1-34-291
HOGAN, TIMOTHY J.                       NY-1-50-405
HOGAN, WILLIAM                          NY-1-1B-331
HOGAN, WILLIAM H.                       NY-1-25-475
HOGBEN, THOMAS                          NY-1-39-318
HOGEBOOM, GEORGE W.                     NY-1-20-123
HOGEBOOM, LAWRENCE J.                   NY-1-13-345
HOGEBOOM, PETER                         NY-1-1A-242
HOGHTALING, WILLIAM D.                  NY-1-7-3
HOGLAND, GEORGE                         NY-1-43-474
HOHENSTEIN, CHARLES                     NY-1-39-306
HOLBROOK, WILLIAM                       NY-1-41-193
HOLLAND, FRANCIS                        NY-1-1B-132
HOLLENBECK, RANSOM                      NY-1-31-313
HOLLER, JOHN JACOB                      NY-1-39-78
HOLLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-19-341
HOLLIGAN, HARRIET E.                    NY-1-40-310
HOLLIGAN, PATRICK L.                    NY-1-38-59
HOLMES, ALEXANDER                       NY-1-15-495
HOLMES, AMOS T.                         NY-1-33-382
HOLMES, ARIETTA L. V. R.                NY-1-26-260
HOLMES, CALVIN                          NY-1-47-290
HOLMES, ISABELLA                        NY-1-26-477
HOLMES, JAMES                           NY-1-10-158
HOLMES, JOHN                            NY-1-34-261
HOLMES, LAURA                           NY-1-17-118
HOLMES, MARGARET ISABELLA               NY-1-44-5
HOLMES, MARY                            NY-1-28-5
HOLMES, PHINEAS                         NY-1-28-484
HOLMES, ROBERT                          NY-1-38-190
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         NY-1-14-63
HOLSAPPLE, CARRIE E.                    NY-1-30-442
HOLSAPPLE, PAUL S.                      NY-1-50-242
HOLSINGER, JOHN                         NY-1-43-14
HOLSTEIN, LAFAYETTE D.                  NY-1-19-348
HOLT, AMELIA                            NY-1-45-233
HOLT, DAVID                             NY-1-32-248
HOLT, JARED                             NY-1-28-134
HOLTON, ANN                             NY-1-30-86
HOLZ, MARY                              NY-1-35-396
HOLZER, AARON                           NY-1-29-212
HOLZER, LAZARUS                         NY-1-36-335
HOLZER, NANCY                           NY-1-39-258
HOME, RICHARD                           NY-1-15-243
HOMES, HENRY A.                         NY-1-36-270
HONIG, MARY                             NY-1-32-317
HOOD, JOHN                              NY-1-3-363
HOOGHKIRK, ISAAC                        NY-1-5-104
HOOGKERK, ABRAHAM                       NY-1-4-320
HOOKER, PHILIP                          NY-1-9-334
HOPKINS, EDWARD                         NY-1-6-328
HOPKINS, SIMON                          NY-1-38-338
HOPKINS, THOMAS A.                      NY-1-16-308
HORAN, ELLEN                            NY-1-31-309
HORAN, JOHN                             NY-1-28-282
HORAN, ROSA                             NY-1-31-344
HORAN, THOMAS                           NY-1-31-203
HORN, ELIZABETH                         NY-1-41-145
HORN, ESTHER                            NY-1-36-228
HORN, JOHN                              NY-1-45-273
HORN, MARGARET                          NY-1-14-383
HORNER, ROBERT                          NY-1-38-497
HORSEY, SOPHIA                          NY-1-31-445
HORSFORD, JOHN                          NY-1-1B-249
HORTICK, MICHAEL                        NY-1-27-109
HOSCH, MARY JANE                        NY-1-48-33
HOTALING, AARON                         NY-1-30-343
HOTALING, AARON                         NY-1-20-334
HOTALING, CATHARINE                     NY-1-18-174
HOTALING, HELMES                        NY-1-24-117
HOTALING, JACOB                         NY-1-46-443
HOTALING, JOHN H.                       NY-1-22-370
HOTALING, JOHN R.                       NY-1-41-234
HOTALING, MOSES                         NY-1-24-58
HOTALING, PETER I.                      NY-1-26-353
HOTALING, RICHARD S.                    NY-1-50-280
HOTALING, WILLIAM R.                    NY-1-34-210
HOTALNG, CATHARINE M.                   NY-1-44-13
HOTCHKISS, ARTHUR                       NY-1-6-247
HOUCK, ADA MCGARVEY                     NY-1-48-450
HOUCK, ANDREW S.                        NY-1-37-64
HOUCK, CHRISTIAN                        NY-1-20-154
HOUCK, GEORGE                           NY-1-4-89
HOUCK, JACOB G.                         NY-1-19-275
HOUCK, JOHN G.                          NY-1-47-108
HOUGHKIRK, ABRAM                        NY-1-47-192
HOUGHKIRK, ELIZABETH                    NY-1-17-430
HOUGHTALING, CHARLOTTE                  NY-1-39-308
HOUGHTALING, CHRISTINA                  NY-1-20-352
HOUGHTALING, CONRADT                    NY-1-8-304
HOUGHTALING, DAVID                      NY-1-18-308
HOUGHTALING, DAVID W. D.                NY-1-7-163
HOUGHTALING, ELIZABETH                  NY-1-15-2
HOUGHTALING, FREDERICK                  NY-1-10-155
HOUGHTALING, GARRET                     NY-1-8-9
HOUGHTALING, GERRIT                     NY-1-2A-75
HOUGHTALING, JAMES B.                   NY-1-16-89
HOUGHTALING, JOHN                       NY-1-4-457
HOUGHTALING, JOHN W.                    NY-1-15-207
HOUGHTALING, JONATHAN                   NY-1-6-141
HOUGHTALING, JONATHAN E.                NY-1-18-453
HOUGHTALING, MARY E. H.                 NY-1-38-362
HOUGHTALING, MAUS                       NY-1-19-456
HOUGHTALING, PETER                      NY-1-30-85
HOUGHTALING, TEUNIS E.                  NY-1-10-191
HOUGHTALING, TUNIS                      NY-1-29-416
HOUGHTALING, WALTER                     NY-1-21-281
HOUGHTALING, WILHELMUS W.               NY-1-22-294
HOUGHTON, DAVID                         NY-1-10-57
HOUGHTON, DAVID                         NY-1-9-298
HOUGHTON, ELI                           NY-1-18-373
HOUGHTON, MARIA                         NY-1-25-207
HOULIHAN, WILLIAM                       NY-1-47-342
HOULL, MARIA                            NY-1-48-245
HOURIGAN, ELLEN                         NY-1-34-439
HOURIGAN, JOSEPH                        NY-1-25-491
HOUSE, HARRIET                          NY-1-48-285
HOUSEWELLER, AGNES                      NY-1-41-279
HOUSWILLER, LOUIS                       NY-1-38-54
HOWARD, CATHERINE                       NY-1-17-263
HOWARD, JOHN                            NY-1-4-186
HOWARTH, NANCY                          NY-1-45-259
HOWARTH, WILLAM W.                      NY-1-38-193
HOWE, ANNA A.                           NY-1-50-144
HOWE, HARRIET                           NY-1-14-337
HOWELL, EMORY W.                        NY-1-49-133
HOWELL, GEORGE ROGERS                   NY-1-48-358
HOWELL, MALTBY                          NY-1-18-461
HOWES, LUCY S.                          NY-1-40-23
HOY, OWEN                               NY-1-22-182
HOYE, MARY                              NY-1-41-160
HOYT, ELIZABETH W.                      NY-1-46-441
HOYT, GEORGE                            NY-1-21-261
HOYT, GEORGE A.                         NY-1-12-432
HOYT, GEORGE B.                         NY-1-33-280
HOYT, JAMES                             NY-1-14-340
HOYT, MARGARET                          NY-1-46-360
HOYT, MARGARET                          NY-1-21-399
HOYT, SUSAN M.                          NY-1-45-351
HOYT, WILLIAM                           NY-1-14-199
HOYT, WILLIAM                           NY-1-24-158
HUBBARD, CAROLINE                       NY-1-36-145
HUBBARD, MURRAY                         NY-1-44-448
HUBBARD, OLIVER C.                      NY-1-27-299
HUBBELL, JOHN C.                        NY-1-47-41
HUBER, JOHN G.                          NY-1-32-207
HUBNER, CATHARINE                       NY-1-44-204
HUCKER, CONRAD                          NY-1-29-2
HUDDLESTON, ISAAC                       NY-1-17-72
HUDGE, JAMES                            NY-1-29-148
HUDSON, GEORGE HENRY                    NY-1-28-190
HUDSON, JOHN                            NY-1-2B-333
HUEBNER, NICHOLAS                       NY-1-28-193
HUESTED, MAHALA                         NY-1-34-337
HUESTIN, JANE                           NY-1-27-380
HUGEL, CATHARINE                        NY-1-28-182
HUGGINS, ROBERT                         NY-1-33-358
HUGGINS, SAMUEL                         NY-1-37-93
HUGHES, ANN                             NY-1-30-254
HUGHES, ARTHUR                          NY-1-35-233
HUGHES, FRANCIS                         NY-1-26-331
HUGHES, JOHN                            NY-1-39-449
HUGHES, JOHN                            NY-1-27-423
HUGHES, PATRICK                         NY-1-45-199
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         NY-1-11-134
HUGHSON, EMILY H.                       NY-1-41-225
HUGHSON, JOHN C.                        NY-1-41-122
HULBERT, JOHN H.                        NY-1-45-92
HULIHAN, BRIDGET                        NY-1-47-478
HULL, SARAH A.                          NY-1-43-441
HULL, WILLIAM                           NY-1-48-444
HUMMEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-1-49-455
HUMPHREY, CHRISTIANNA C.                NY-1-14-196
HUMPHREY, FRIEND                        NY-1-15-91
HUMPHREY, HUGH                          NY-1-17-65
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          NY-1-7-298
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          NY-1-14-144
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          NY-1-3-165
HUMPHREY, JOHN R.                       NY-1-22-238
HUMPHREY, MARTHA                        NY-1-24-284
HUMPHREY, ROBERT                        NY-1-34-199
HUMPHREY, RUSSELL                       NY-1-4-287
HUMPHREY, SARAH H.                      NY-1-37-76
HUMPHREY, STEPHEN V. R.                 NY-1-12-194
HUMPHREYS, JOHN                         NY-1-30-244
HUN, ABRAHAM                            NY-1-4-146
HUN, LEONARD G.                         NY-1-39-139
HUN, LYDIA L.                           NY-1-25-434
HUN, THOMAS                             NY-1-45-187
HUN, WILLIAM                            NY-1-5-246
HUNDERMAN, HENRY                        NY-1-5-102
HUNGERFORD, ALFRED                      NY-1-44-86
HUNGERFORD, ALFRED R.                   NY-1-32-451
HUNGERFORD, DANIEL                      NY-1-18-168
HUNGERFORD, JAMES                       NY-1-10-65
HUNGERFORD, JAMES                       NY-1-9-315
HUNGERFORD, OLIVER M.                   NY-1-35-471
HUNGERFORD, STEPHEN                     NY-1-7-342
HUNGERFORD, STEPHEN                     NY-1-8-201
HUNT, ANNABELLE                         NY-1-43-373
HUNT, GEORGE                            NY-1-45-321
HUNT, JESSE                             NY-1-34-317
HUNTER, HARVEY                          NY-1-41-133
HUNTER, ISABELLA                        NY-1-10-464
HUNTER, ROBERT                          NY-1-11-415
HUNTER, THOMAS T.                       NY-1-29-446
HUNTING, CHRISTINA                      NY-1-44-365
HURLBURT, CATHERINE A.                  NY-1-50-427
HURLBUT, CATHARINE C.                   NY-1-29-125
HURLBUT, ELISHA P.                      NY-1-37-229
HURLBUT, GANSEVOORT DEW.                NY-1-50-382
HURST, FRANK                            NY-1-34-225
HURST, MARY                             NY-1-8-281
HURST, MARY                             NY-1-9-14
HURST, RICHARD                          NY-1-31-237
HURST, ROBERT                           NY-1-5-197
HUSTED, CORNELIUS                       NY-1-24-99
HUSTED, MARY                            NY-1-19-490
HUSTED, PHEBE                           NY-1-34-121
HUSTED, STEPHEN G.                      NY-1-26-68
HUSTED, WILSON                          NY-1-12-271
HUSTES, MARGARET                        NY-1-7-271
HUTCHESON, THOMAS                       NY-1-21-191
HUTCHINSON, DAVID                       NY-1-29-78
HUTCHINSON, HARRIET M.                  NY-1-34-292
HUTCHINSON, MARIA                       NY-1-37-58
HUTCHINSON, MARY E.                     NY-1-46-168
HUTTNER, ANDREW                         NY-1-28-192
HUTTON, FRANCIS                         NY-1-14-229
HUYCK, ANDREW                           NY-1-34-20
HUYCK, ANDREW                           NY-1-13-92
HUYCK, ANDREW J.                        NY-1-40-350
HUYCK, ANN                              NY-1-39-21
HUYCK, CATHARINE                        NY-1-33-39
HUYCK, JEHOIAKIM                        NY-1-8-342
HUYCK, NICHOLAS                         NY-1-4-21
HUYCK, SOLOMON                          NY-1-13-340
HUYGH, ANDRIES HANSE                    NY-1-1A-147
HYATT, JOHN L.                          NY-1-28-167
HYDE, ANNA M.                           NY-1-48-171
HYDE, JAMES                             NY-1-26-484
HYDEMAN, ISAAC M.                       NY-1-35-35
HYDEMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-1-26-20
HYDEMAN, SOLOMON                        NY-1-29-33
HYLAND, JOHN                            NY-1-30-432
HYNDMAN, AMANDA R.                      NY-1-21-76
HYNDMAN, CHARLES                        NY-1-18-62
HYNDMAN, MARGARET                       NY-1-11-381
HYNDMAN, THOMAS                         NY-1-6-124
HYNES, PATRICK                          NY-1-24-288
ILLCH, GILBERT                          NY-1-49-69
IMBRIE, GEORGE F.                       NY-1-48-232
INGALLS, HENRY                          NY-1-17-49
INGALS, BETSY                           NY-1-11-376
INGMIRE, RUBY A.                        NY-1-45-168
IRELAND, SELAH                          NY-1-17-474
IRONSIDE, JAMES                         NY-1-32-324
ISAACS, MYER                            NY-1-15-295
ISDELL, CHARLOTTE                       NY-1-41-253
ISDELL, MARY                            NY-1-45-173
IVERY, BRIDGET                          NY-1-27-464
IVES, MARY                              NY-1-9-195
IVORY, JAMES                            NY-1-28-394
JACKSON, DIANAH                         NY-1-5-96
JACKSON, ELLEN                          NY-1-15-150
JACKSON, GEORGE P.                      NY-1-30-40
JACKSON, JAMES                          NY-1-18-282
JACKSON, JOHN                           NY-1-6-3
JACKSON, MARIA                          NY-1-10-366
JACKSON, MARY A.                        NY-1-44-62
JACKSON, MARY ANN                       NY-1-45-392
JACKSON, MOLLY                          NY-1-36-158
JACKSON, SAMUEL V.                      NY-1-35-226
JACKSON, WALTER                         NY-1-12-328
JACOBSON, ANN                           NY-1-18-341
JACOBSON, JACOB                         NY-1-11-488
JACOBSON, JACOB I.                      NY-1-19-25
JACOBSON, MARIAH                        NY-1-18-380
JACOBSON, SIMON                         NY-1-21-171
JACOBSON, SIMON                         NY-1-15-246
JACOBSON, SIMON P.                      NY-1-39-115
JACOBY, WILLIAM                         NY-1-6-317
JACOX, EZEKIEL                          NY-1-13-456
JACQUES DELIMA                          NY-1-44-319
JAMES, ANN                              NY-1-21-411
JAMES, CATHARINE                        NY-1-17-108
JAMES, EDWARD                           NY-1-16-364
JAMES, EDWARD                           NY-1-16-404
JAMES, EDWARD                           NY-1-16-404
JAMES, JOHN B.                          NY-1-15-493
JAMES, MARCIA L.                        NY-1-33-457
JAMES, THOMAS                           NY-1-14-406
JAMES, WILLIAM                          NY-1-21-178
JAMES, WILLIAM                          NY-1-8-185
JAMES, WILLIAM ESQ.                     NY-1-7-327
JAMES, WILLIAM J.                       NY-1-48-135
JANES, ELISHAMA                         NY-1-8-128
JANES, ELISHAMA                         NY-1-7-269
JANES, ISAAC                            NY-1-4-260
JANES, LAURA MCHEUCH                    NY-1-47-332
JANNETT, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-1-43-181
JANSE, EVERET                           NY-1-1A-199
JANSEN, MARCELIS                        NY-1-1A-180
JARVIS, ELLA S.                         NY-1-35-104
JARVIS, JOHN C.                         NY-1-26-31
JARVIS, SEMPE                           NY-1-34-450
JATHO, CONRAD                           NY-1-37-88
JAYCOX, JAMES                           NY-1-15-437
JEFFERS, THOMAS C.                      NY-1-33-172
JEFFERSON, LOUIS                        NY-1-44-425
JENKINS, AUGUSTUS                       NY-1-37-104
JENKINS, CHARLES M.                     NY-1-49-194
JENKINS, DAVID                          NY-1-6-274
JENKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-28-230
JENKINS, ELIZABETH M.                   NY-1-25-347
JENKINS, GEORGE W.                      NY-1-5-205
JENKS, MARY E.                          NY-1-49-80
JENKS, PATRICK                          NY-1-20-175
JENNINGS, EBENEZER                      NY-1-10-326
JENNINGS, ISAAC                         NY-1-27-54
JENNINGS, JOHN                          NY-1-40-383
JENNINGS, MARIA C.                      NY-1-29-440
JEPSON, ELIZA                           NY-1-39-177
JERMAIN, BARCLAY                        NY-1-30-166
JERMAIN, JAMES B.                       NY-1-46-303
JEWELL, CHARLES                         NY-1-25-431
JEWETT, ANNA                            NY-1-20-224
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM I.                     NY-1-20-241
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         NY-1-38-231
JOHNSON, ANNA MARIA                     NY-1-50-154
JOHNSON, ANNA W.                        NY-1-44-395
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN P.                    NY-1-21-394
JOHNSON, CATHALINA VAN LOON             NY-1-49-47
JOHNSON, CATHARINE                      NY-1-40-485
JOHNSON, FANNY                          NY-1-34-218
JOHNSON, FRANKLIN M.                    NY-1-43-414
JOHNSON, HANNAH                         NY-1-31-386
JOHNSON, JAMES P.                       NY-1-26-424
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         NY-1-12-177
JOHNSON, JOSEPH T.                      NY-1-28-463
JOHNSON, MARY C.                        NY-1-27-310
JOHNSON, MATILDA                        NY-1-37-45
JOHNSON, OLIVER H.                      NY-1-13-325
JOHNSON, ROBERT L.                      NY-1-29-95
JOHNSON, SARAH                          NY-1-29-180
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-1-27-362
JOHNSON, WILLIAM P.                     NY-1-32-374
JOHNSTON, ANN                           NY-1-37-134
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NY-1-38-432
JOHNSTON, SUSAN                         NY-1-20-296
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        NY-1-16-358
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM C.                    NY-1-46-270
JOLINE, MARY HOFFMAN                    NY-1-47-159
JOLLEY, JAMES W.                        NY-1-36-347
JOLLEY, MARY A.                         NY-1-48-404
JOLLY, HUGH                             NY-1-3-188
JOLLY, HUGH                             NY-1-16-445
JOLLY, SAMUEL                           NY-1-14-209
JONES, CHARLES E.                       NY-1-49-126
JONES, DANIEL                           NY-1-3-427
JONES, DAVID                            NY-1-41-220
JONES, E. DARWIN                        NY-1-44-226
JONES, ELI                              NY-1-28-493
JONES, ELSBREE                          NY-1-27-13
JONES, ENSIGN                           NY-1-39-287
JONES, GEORGE                           NY-1-19-17
JONES, HENRY                            NY-1-41-255
JONES, JAMES                            NY-1-17-279
JONES, JAMES                            NY-1-15-305
JONES, JANE                             NY-1-30-72
JONES, JOHN                             NY-1-48-57
JONES, JOHN                             NY-1-38-108
JONES, JOHN E.                          NY-1-24-75
JONES, JOHN H.                          NY-1-28-28
JONES, JOHN J.                          NY-1-34-330
JONES, JOHN M                           NY-1-29-409
JONES, MARGARET A.                      NY-1-39-450
JONES, MARY                             NY-1-50-66
JONES, MARY                             NY-1-50-66
JONES, NEWTON L.                        NY-1-38-202
JONES, SENECA                           NY-1-14-391
JONES, THOMAS                           NY-1-3-516
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-1-16-263
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-1-39-205
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-1-37-160
JONES, WILLIAM W.                       NY-1-4-406
JONES, WILLIAM W.                       NY-1-4-386
JONES,PHEBE J.                          NY-1-29-259
JORDAN, BRIDGET                         NY-1-29-161
JORDAN, JANE                            NY-1-14-224
JOSLIN, HENRY                           NY-1-2B-284
JOYCE, GEORGE                           NY-1-8-75
JOYCE, MICHAEL                          NY-1-25-472
JOYNT, JOHN                             NY-1-14-435
JUDGE, EDWARD                           NY-1-50-347
JUDGE, ELLEN                            NY-1-49-188
JUDGE, JEREMIAH                         NY-1-47-127
JUDGE, JOHN                             NY-1-34-476
JUDGE, PATRICK F.                       NY-1-43-207
JUDSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-1-14-442
JUNG, FRANZ RUDOLPH                     NY-1-39-117
JUNG MATHIAS                            NY-1-44-27
JUPP, LAUGHAM                           NY-1-17-505
KAACK, MARY                             NY-1-49-76
KAFFENBURG, HENRIETTA                   NY-1-45-171
KAFKA, MARY A.                          NY-1-32-330
KAIN, PETER                             NY-1-43-334
KAISER, FREDERICK WILHELM               NY-1-20-217
KAISER, MARIA                           NY-1-44-195
KALBFLEISH, VALENTINE                   NY-1-45-379
KALEY, CHRISTIAN                        NY-1-4-516
KAMP, MICHAEL                           NY-1-13-246
KAMPFER, FRANK                          NY-1-46-432
KANE, MARGARET                          NY-1-16-135
KANE, NICHOLAS T.                       NY-1-34-457
KANZELMEYER, ELIZABETH                  NY-1-39-332
KAPP, CAROLINE                          NY-1-50-42
KAPP, CAROLINE                          NY-1-50-42
KAPPAS, GENEVIEVE                       NY-1-39-361
KARKER, GEORGE HENDRIC                  NY-1-4-190
KARKER, JOHN M.                         NY-1-22-266
KARNES, MARY                            NY-1-29-442
KASSMAN, RUDOLPH                        NY-1-3-256
KASTONDIKE, MARIA M.                    NY-1-25-487
KAUFMAN, AMELIA                         NY-1-36-102
KAUTZ, FREDERIC                         NY-1-16-39
KAVANAUGH, MARY                         NY-1-27-333
KEANE, MARTIN                           NY-1-49-225
KEARNEY, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-1-40-387
KEARNEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-38-325
KEARNEY, FRANCIS                        NY-1-21-381
KEARNEY, HENRY J.                       NY-1-49-434
KEARNEY, JAMES W.                       NY-1-44-136
KEARNEY, MATTHEW                        NY-1-38-35
KEARNEY, ROBERT                         NY-1-24-52
KEARNS, THOMAS                          NY-1-24-290
KEARSING, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-30-53
KEATING, JULIA                          NY-1-38-138
KEATING, PATRICK                        NY-1-45-329
KEATING, PAUL                           NY-1-20-207
KEEFE, CAROLINE                         NY-1-32-431
KEEFER, HIRAM                           NY-1-31-81
KEELER, FRANK                           NY-1-27-7
KEELER, JOHN                            NY-1-20-49
KEELER, MARGARET                        NY-1-47-371
KEELER, MARY                            NY-1-20-41
KEELING, ABBY C.                        NY-1-26-179
KEENAN, ANN                             NY-1-34-355
KEENAN, JOHN                            NY-1-45-349
KEENAN, JULIA                           NY-1-25-6
KEENAN, PATRICK                         NY-1-47-212
KEENAN, PATRICK                         NY-1-19-327
KEENHOLTS, ANDREW                       NY-1-15-233
KEENHOLTS, CHRISTOPHER B.               NY-1-44-412
KEENHOLTS, FREDERICK                    NY-1-12-124
KEENHOLTS, HELEN                        NY-1-44-473
KEENHOLTS, JACOB                        NY-1-31-417
KEENHOLTS, MARIA                        NY-1-36-456
KEENHOLTS, MARY                         NY-1-16-5
KEENHOLTS, REBECCA                      NY-1-25-320
KEENHOLTZ, ELWINA                       NY-1-40-334
KEHRER, ADAM                            NY-1-50-142
KEILTY, JAMES                           NY-1-46-301
KEILTY, PATRICK                         NY-1-44-102
KEIRCHNER, CHARLES                      NY-1-36-216
KEITH, JOSEPH BASSETT                   NY-1-45-28
KEITTY, THOMAS                          NY-1-37-99
KELDERHOUSE, JOHN                       NY-1-15-195
KELLER, JOHN                            NY-1-37-97
KELLER, MARY                            NY-1-41-465
KELLEY, ANN MARIA                       NY-1-21-93
KELLEY, CATHERINE                       NY-1-29-443
KELLEY, CHARLES W.                      NY-1-21-145
KELLEY, EDWARD                          NY-1-40-239
KELLEY, JOSEPH                          NY-1-12-424
KELLEY, SARAH                           NY-1-30-39
KELLOGG, ARIETTA L.                     NY-1-32-72
KELLY, ANN                              NY-1-24-334
KELLY, ANTHONY                          NY-1-33-217
KELLY, CATHERINE                        NY-1-44-170
KELLY, CHARLES                          NY-1-15-242
KELLY, ELLEN                            NY-1-27-397
KELLY, ELLEN                            NY-1-27-31
KELLY, JAMES                            NY-1-40-411
KELLY, JAMES                            NY-1-14-453
KELLY, JANE                             NY-1-29-20
KELLY, JANE                             NY-1-49-272
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-1-33-389
KELLY, JOHN H.                          NY-1-48-54
KELLY, JOHN JAMES                       NY-1-41-297
KELLY, MARY                             NY-1-37-182
KELLY, MARY                             NY-1-50-111
KELLY, MARY                             NY-1-40-42
KELLY, MARY                             NY-1-35-94
KELLY, MICHAEL                          NY-1-45-97
KELLY, SHUBEL                           NY-1-38-244
KELLY, SYLVANUS                         NY-1-19-130
KELLY, THOMAS                           NY-1-50-106
KELSCH, ANTHONY                         NY-1-30-238
KELSEY, HENRY C.                        NY-1-25-174
KEMP, PETER                             NY-1-27-449
KEMPTON, ELIZABETH S.                   NY-1-30-362
KENDALL, HANNAH                         NY-1-34-149
KENNAN, MICHAEL                         NY-1-38-423
KENNEDY, DOMINICK                       NY-1-25-39
KENNEDY, ELIZA JANE                     NY-1-39-263
KENNEDY, ELIZABETH                      NY-1-22-197
KENNEDY, FRANCIS                        NY-1-41-153
KENNEDY, JOHN C.                        NY-1-34-446
KENNEDY, MARY                           NY-1-27-243
KENNEDY, MARY                           NY-1-28-18
KENNEDY, MARY                           NY-1-40-339
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                        NY-1-32-418
KENNEDY, PATRICK                        NY-1-11-167
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        NY-1-36-280
KENNY, ARTHUR                           NY-1-25-485
KENNY, CATHARINE                        NY-1-29-111
KENNY, JULIA                            NY-1-25-286
KENNY, MARY                             NY-1-31-184
KENNY, PATRICK E.                       NY-1-29-128
KENNY, PETER                            NY-1-25-58
KENNY, WILLIAM                          NY-1-22-81
KENYON, GEORGE A.                       NY-1-20-183
KENYON, SIMON P.                        NY-1-18-159
KENYON,THIRZAH                          NY-1-21-332
KEOGH, JOHN                             NY-1-33-69
KEOUGH, BRIDGET                         NY-1-41-340
KEOUGH, MARTHA                          NY-1-48-125
KEOUGH, THOMAS                          NY-1-29-19
KERN, JOHN                              NY-1-31-77
KERN, MARGARETHA                        NY-1-45-38
KERNAN, JOHN                            NY-1-24-356
KERSLAKE, ELIZABETH                     NY-1-47-300
KERSLAKE, JAMES                         NY-1-30-148
KERST, ANNA M.                          NY-1-38-369
KERVIN, JOANNA                          NY-1-41-419
KETCHAM, HENRY                          NY-1-26-332
KETCHUM, ALONZO M.                      NY-1-29-270
KETCHUM, CORNELIA W.                    NY-1-47-96
KETCHUM, DANIEL                         NY-1-30-327
KEXEL, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-1-43-188
KEY, THOMAS                             NY-1-12-104
KEYES, CATHARINE                        NY-1-32-5
KEYS, HENRY                             NY-1-13-148
KEYSER, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-1-45-495
KEYSER, SYLVESTER                       NY-1-43-446
KIBBE, JOEL J.                          NY-1-14-423
KIDD, JAMES                             NY-1-28-34
KIDD, MARY T.                           NY-1-50-318
KIDD, WILLIAM                           NY-1-24-56
KIDNEY, JONATHAN                        NY-1-13-454
KIDNEY, JONATHAN                        NY-1-41-311
KIEL, ANNA M.                           NY-1-41-428
KIELEY, JEREMIAH                        NY-1-19-10
KIELY, PATRICK                          NY-1-15-43
KIERNAN, CATHARINE                      NY-1-32-299
KIERNAN, ELIZA                          NY-1-34-417
KIERNAN, JAMES                          NY-1-31-264
KIERNAN, THOMAS                         NY-1-28-47
KIES, CATHARINE P.                      NY-1-34-310
KILBORNE, GEORGE                        NY-1-17-193
KILBOURN, GEORGE                        NY-1-46-356
KILBOURN, JAMES                         NY-1-29-224
KILEY, BRIDGET                          NY-1-33-65
KILEY, MARGARET                         NY-1-30-162
KILLAUGH, JOHN                          NY-1-40-13
KILLIAN, MARGARET                       NY-1-28-29
KILLIP, WILLIAM                         NY-1-30-419
KILLOUGH, JOHN                          NY-1-41-432
KILMER, CAROLINE                        NY-1-47-240
KILMER, HENRY                           NY-1-48-227
KILMER, JOHN J.                         NY-1-32-147
KILMER, LEVI                            NY-1-33-147
KILMORE, GEORGE                         NY-1-12-170
KILMORE, WILLIAM                        NY-1-7-128
KIMBALL, CHARLES                        NY-1-26-252
KIMBERLY, HENRY                         NY-1-33-335
KIMMEY, DAVID                           NY-1-25-393
KIMMEY, FREDERICK                       NY-1-16-391
KIMMEY, HELEN                           NY-1-41-81
KIMMEY, JACOB JR.                       NY-1-5-48
KIMMEY, JOHN                            NY-1-12-421
KIMMEY, MARIA                           NY-1-48-299
KIMMEY, PETER                           NY-1-13-352
KIMMEY, SIMON PETER                     NY-1-14-78
KINDT, JOACHIM                          NY-1-44-98
KING, AMELIA                            NY-1-27-156
KING, ANNA MARIA                        NY-1-41-176
KING, CATHARINE                         NY-1-35-290
KING, CONRAD                            NY-1-39-464
KING, DAVID R.                          NY-1-10-379
KING, FIDELIA                           NY-1-22-207
KING, HENRY L.                          NY-1-27-359
KING, JAMES                             NY-1-22-319
KING, JAMES                             NY-1-11-181
KING, JOSHUA HOWAD                      NY-1-50-12
KING, JOSHUA HOWAD                      NY-1-50-12
KING, MICHAEL                           NY-1-29-353
KING, REUBEN                            NY-1-14-21
KING, RUFUS                             NY-1-6-59
KING, RUFUS H.                          NY-1-21-32
KING, SUSAN                             NY-1-29-209
KINGSLEY, HALE                          NY-1-29-253
KINGSLEY, JANE                          NY-1-30-185
KINGSLEY, ORIGIN A.                     NY-1-12-345
KINGSWORTH, HENRY                       NY-1-27-32
KINMAN, CHAUNCEY M.                     NY-1-46-453
KINNICUTT, ALBERT                       NY-1-25-295
KIP, BENJAMIN                           NY-1-3-25
KIRBY, JOHN                             NY-1-1B-175
KIRCHNER, JACOB                         NY-1-30-56
KIRK, ABRAM                             NY-1-34-314
KIRK, ANDREW                            NY-1-16-205
KIRK, DAVID N.                          NY-1-49-172
KIRK, EMELINE F.                        NY-1-50-201
KIRK, EMELINE F.                        NY-1-50-201
KIRK, JOHN                              NY-1-6-198
KIRKER, MATTHIAS H.                     NY-1-27-147
KIRKPATRICK, BENJAMIN                   NY-1-32-385
KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT                     NY-1-16-340
KISSANE, JOHN                           NY-1-44-174
KISSELL, ANNA MARIA                     NY-1-31-96
KITTLE, ANNA                            NY-1-21-197
KITTLE, DANIEL S.                       NY-1-11-234
KITTLE, SYBRANT                         NY-1-12-262
KLAAR, DORETHEA                         NY-1-19-486
KLEIN, JOHN                             NY-1-44-399
KLINCK, GEORGE                          NY-1-4-153
KLINCK, JOHANN GEORGE                   NY-1-29-272
KLINE, HENRY                            NY-1-31-117
KLINE, MATTHEW                          NY-1-6-184
KLOPF, LOUISA                           NY-1-22-348
KLOPP, MATTHIAS                         NY-1-44-301
KLOSS, THEOBALD                         NY-1-32-62
KLOTZ, HENRY                            NY-1-48-369
KLOTZBACH, MARIA J.                     NY-1-31-440
KLUKMAN, JACOB                          NY-1-16-153
KLUKMAN, SOPHIA                         NY-1-20-108
KNAPP, JOSIAH                           NY-1-10-242
KNAPP, PETER                            NY-1-27-403
KNICKERBACKER, HARMAN                   NY-1-1A-335
KNICKERBOCKER, EDMUND                   NY-1-43-349
KNIESKERN, JOHAN JOST                   NY-1-4-293
KNIFFEN, ALLEN                          NY-1-36-193
KNIFFIN, GILBERT                        NY-1-25-167
KNIFFIN, JOSEPH                         NY-1-19-356
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-1-18-173
KNIPE, CATHARINE                        NY-1-32-125
KNISKERN, JACOB                         NY-1-38-400
KNOWER, BENJAMIN                        NY-1-13-101
KNOWER, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-1-27-425
KNOWER, DANIEL                          NY-1-47-249
KNOWER, ELECTA                          NY-1-43-458
KNOWER, ISAIAH                          NY-1-38-66
KNOWLES, JAMES                          NY-1-16-431
KNOWLES, NICHOLAS N.                    NY-1-31-231
KNOWLTON, ANNIE                         NY-1-46-278
KNOWLTON, GEORGE W.                     NY-1-31-482
KNOWLTON, JABEZ W.                      NY-1-13-488
KNOWLTON, SYBIL ANN                     NY-1-46-454
KNOWLTON, WILLIAM                       NY-1-43-369
KNOWN, BENJAMIN                         NY-1-10-397
KOBB, CHARLES                           NY-1-35-246
KOCH, JOHN                              NY-1-27-196
KOINER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-1-45-227
KOLB, MARY                              NY-1-40-281
KOONS, JACOB                            NY-1-14-426
KOONZ, ABRAM                            NY-1-24-323
KOONZ, JACOB C.                         NY-1-21-165
KOPFF, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-1-4-88
KORELL, JACOB                           NY-1-48-465
KORSMAN, MAGDALENA                      NY-1-40-412
KOSITZKE, WILLIAM F.                    NY-1-47-49
KRAFFT, ERNST M. C.                     NY-1-45-189
KRAFFT, MARY S.                         NY-1-43-73
KRANNATH, MARTIN                        NY-1-40-178
KRANZ, JOHN                             NY-1-21-292
KRANZ, JOHN                             NY-1-28-492
KRAUZ, MARGARET                         NY-1-48-379
KRESS, WILLIAM                          NY-1-38-393
KRESSER, JOSEPH                         NY-1-30-51
KREUDER, CAROLINE                       NY-1-19-138
KRIESMAN, CASPER                        NY-1-38-448
KROMER, CATHARINE                       NY-1-30-398
KRONZ, SOPHIA                           NY-1-31-297
KUBLER, JOHN M.                         NY-1-29-73
KUFAHL, FREDERICK                       NY-1-32-328
KUFAHL, MARIA                           NY-1-37-232
KUHN, DAVID                             NY-1-26-277
KULP, FANY                              NY-1-17-369
KUMMERLE, JACOB                         NY-1-36-490
KUNHOLTS, EMMA L                        NY-1-27-162
KUNHOLTZ, MARY                          NY-1-30-241
KUNKER, FREDERICK W.                    NY-1-50-254
KYLE, EDWARD HENRY                      NY-1-38-273
KYLE, THOMAS AUGUSTINE                  NY-1-22-62

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