Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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WADDELL, ISABELLA S. STRAEHAN           NY-43-78-403
WADDINGTON, JAMES A.                    NY-43-79-645
WADE, GENEVIEVE CAMPBELL                NY-43-88-687
WADSWORTH, STRONG                       NY-43-V-143
WAGNER, FLORENCE                        NY-43-82-320
WAGNER, JULIA                           NY-43-76-121
WAHLGREN, ANNA E.                       NY-43-6-366
WAHLSTEDT, DORIS D.                     NY-43-76-483
WAITE, MARY HUNT                        NY-43-#1-50
WALDENSTROM, BENGT GUSTAV               NY-43-75-596
WALKER, MARTHA                          NY-43-5-16
WALKER, THOMAS A. (AKA)                 NY-43-81-351
WALKER, THOMAS A. (AKA)                 NY-43-80-351
WALKER, THOMAS A.                       NY-43-80-357
WALKER, WILLIAM C. SR.                  NY-43-79-243
WALKINSHAW, DUGALD G.                   NY-43-78-568
WALL, DAVID J.                          NY-43-81-39
WALLACE, JAMES H.                       NY-43-82-161
WALSER, MILDRED B.                      NY-43-78-537
WALSH, ANNA E.                          NY-43-75-465
WALSH, ELIZA                            NY-43-R-61
WALSH, ELLEN                            NY-43-W-222
WALSH, ESTHER M.                        NY-43-88-459
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-43-11-4
WALSH, KATE BARRY                       NY-43-4-170
WALSH, MICHAEL MCN.                     NY-43-Y-204
WALSH, RAWCLIFFE                        NY-43-O-130
WALTERS, HENRY J.                       NY-43-78-406
WALTIS, SARAH R.                        NY-43-9-336
WALYGA, MARTHA                          NY-43-88-639
WALZ, RAYMOND                           NY-43-82-669
WANDEL, ANNA K.                         NY-43-T-115
WANDEL, ANNA K.                         NY-43-3-154
WANDEL, JOHN                            NY-43-I-346
WANDEL, OLIVIA B.                       NY-43-#1-319
WANDEL, PETER                           NY-43-I-173
WANDEL, PETER H.                        NY-43-Y-258
WANDEL, SARAH J.                        NY-43-2-229
WANDEL, WALTER I.                       NY-43-P-198
WANDELL, SUSANNAH                       NY-43-E-179
WANN, JANE                              NY-43-N-264
WANTY, EDMUND W.                        NY-43-Y-253
WARD, ALBERT                            NY-43-P-257
WARD, ALBERT                            NY-43-R-241
WARD, ARTHER E. SR.                     NY-43-81-372
WARD, CALEB SR.                         NY-43-E-86
WARD, CALEB T.                          NY-43-H-108
WARD, CATHERINE                         NY-43-82-269
WARD, HELEN L.                          NY-43-9-411
WARD, JOHN J. SR.                       NY-43-83-591
WARD, JONNA                             NY-43-85-598
WARD, MEHITABLE                         NY-43-I-639
WARDLAW, JAMES                          NY-43-U-23
WARES, JACOB                            NY-43-3-338
WARFORD, BENJAMIN H.                    NY-43-2-329
WARNER, CATHARINE                       NY-43-L-170
WARNER, GEORGE E.                       NY-43-X-410
WARREN, BRIDGET                         NY-43-P-130
WARREN, JAMES S.                        NY-43-84-217
WARREN, MARY A.                         NY-43-83-305
WARRENDER, JAMES                        NY-43-K-114
WARTH, ALBIN                            NY-43-Y-476
WARTH, JOHN ALBIN                       NY-43-78-458
WATERS, JOHN                            NY-43-W-107
WATKIN, EDWARD                          NY-43-Q-352
WATSON, CATHARINE                       NY-43-M-195
WATTEN, PETER J.                        NY-43-83-191
WAVES, ABIGAIL                          NY-43-F-39
WEBB, AMYL.                             NY-43-5-211
WEBB, RICHARD                           NY-43-A-110
WEBB, SARAH                             NY-43-H-473
WEBENBAUER, ELISE                       NY-43-6-124
WEBER, CHARLES W. B.                    NY-43-8-171
WEBER, CHRISTINE                        NY-43-10-207
WEBER, HERMAN                           NY-43-74-67
WEBER, JOSEPH                           NY-43-I-619
WEBSTER, ARTUR J.                       NY-43-87-436
WEBSTER, LYMAN G.                       NY-43-2-356
WEDEMEYER, ARNOLD L. B.                 NY-43-79-93
WEDEMEYER, M. ADELINE                   NY-43-79-658
WEED, ROBERT M.                         NY-43-8-311
WEENING, SAMUEL                         NY-43-85-655
WEGENER, CARL J. D.                     NY-43-#1-6
WEGENER, LUCINDA A. K.                  NY-43-2-115
WEINER, AMELIA                          NY-43-8-449
WEINER, CONRAD WILLIAM                  NY-43-79-373
WEINER, FRANZ                           NY-43-5-107
WEINER, THERESIA                        NY-43-87-191
WEINHOLD, JOSEPH                        NY-43-X-10
WEINSTEIN, MARY                         NY-43-77-490
WEIPPERT, HEDWIG                        NY-43-87-578
WEIR, ALICE                             NY-43-U-318
WEIR, EDWARD                            NY-43-N-280
WEIR, EDWARD SR.                        NY-43-I-257
WEIR, GEORGE R.                         NY-43-3-80
WEIR, JACOB M.                          NY-43-7-182
WEIR, SARAH L.                          NY-43-Z-474
WEIR, WILLIAM                           NY-43-V-210
WEISS, CATHERINE                        NY-43-9-209
WEISS, DORA                             NY-43-74-589
WELCH, ABRAM R. JR.                     NY-43-8-379
WELCH, EMELINE                          NY-43-8-256
WELCH, GEORGE W.                        NY-43-V-55
WELCH, JEREMIAH                         NY-43-P-435
WELCH, LAURA T.                         NY-43-7-465
WELDER, ABIGAIL                         NY-43-4-163
WELDER, HENRY                           NY-43-#1-328
WELLBROCK, JURGEN H.                    NY-43-Y-63
WELLER, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-43-X-14
WELLS, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-43-O-468
WELLS, JULIA L.                         NY-43-Q-402
WELSH, CATHERINE                        NY-43-3-306
WELSH, JAMES                            NY-43-K-22
WELSH, WILLIAM                          NY-43-9-265
WELTE, WILHELMINE                       NY-43-Z-180
WELTER, JOSEPHINE                       NY-43-K-409
WELTZIEN, HELENE W.                     NY-43-10-75
WEMPLE, CHRISTOPHER YATES               NY-43-R-355
WENTWORTH, STEPHEN                      NY-43-T-366
WERNER, EMILY R.                        NY-43-76-239
WERRA, MARJORIE MADELINE                NY-43-79-268
WERTZ, MARIE                            NY-43-W-22
WESKY, MARIE                            NY-43-88-408
WESSELS, CHARLES H.                     NY-43-11-119
WESSOLEK, FREDERICK SR.                 NY-43-7-257
WESTBROOK, JOHN                         NY-43-9-428
WESTERVELT, JOHN S.                     NY-43-L-198
WESTERVELT, TOMPKINS                    NY-43-R-292
WESTHORP, MARY ANN                      NY-43-X-145
WESTON, HARRY                           NY-43-80-613
WESTON, SARAH M.                        NY-43-7-118
WETHERSPOON, JAMES                      NY-43-Q-469
WETZLER, ALBERT                         NY-43-5-4
WHALEN, GERTRUDE LORETTA                NY-43-76-253
WHARTON, SOPHIA                         NY-43-P-306
WHEATLEY, HARRIET                       NY-43-S-133
WHEELER, ELIJAH C.                      NY-43-8-193
WHEELER, GROVER DAVID                   NY-43-77-405
WHEELER, JOSEPH DEMOLL                  NY-43-84-522
WHEELER, ROBERT ANDREW SR.              NY-43-74-183
WHEELER, SARA D.                        NY-43-85-428
WHEELIHAN JAMES                         NY-43-S-406
WHELAN, WILLIAM JOSEPH JR.              NY-43-75-424
WHELEHAN, JOHN                          NY-43-T-127
WHELIHAN, LUKE                          NY-43-W-165
WHELIHAN, MICHAEL                       NY-43-79-157
WHELP, JOHN                             NY-43-M-588
WHETTEN, JOHN                           NY-43-G-47
WHITE, ANN                              NY-43-K-632
WHITE, ANN                              NY-43-M-189
WHITE, ANNA                             NY-43-77-393
WHITE, CHARLES ALBERT                   NY-43-8-105
WHITE, CHARLES ELBERT                   NY-43-85-62
WHITE, CORNELIUS JOHN                   NY-43-75-323
WHITE, EDITH H.                         NY-43-85-702
WHITE, EDWARD J.                        NY-43-81-403
WHITE, EMILY                            NY-43-S-338
WHITE, FREDERICK C.                     NY-43-74-302
WHITE, GILBERT                          NY-43-A-41
WHITE, MARGARET                         NY-43-81-409
WHITE, ROSE MARIE                       NY-43-77-205
WHITE, SAMUEL                           NY-43-K-448
WHITE, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-43-S-232
WHITE, WILLIAM R.                       NY-43-11-319
WHITFIELD, HENRY                        NY-43-L-382
WHITFORD, SARAH WHEELER                 NY-43-#1-231
WHITLY, BRIDGET (KELLY) KANE            NY-43-I-178
WHITNEY, A. U. F. G.                    NY-43-O-83
WHITNEY, STUART H.                      NY-43-88-117
WHITTEMORE, JANE MATILDA                NY-43-M-592
WHITTEMORE, THEODORE W.                 NY-43-S-415
WHITTY, JOHN                            NY-43-M-385
WHITTY, JON T.                          NY-43-85-227
WICK, AUGUST                            NY-43-11-152
WICKLOW, NESTOR EVANS                   NY-43-85-01
WIDLUND, JOHANNA                        NY-43-82-84
WIECHERS, EMILY J.                      NY-43-76-555
WIEDERER, LEONHARD                      NY-43-Z-389
WIEGMANN, FRIEDA MARIE                  NY-43-84-208
WIENINGER, GEORG JACOB                  NY-43-W-305
WIENS, BERTHA                           NY-43-77-462
WIESER, HENRY                           NY-43-87-306
WIESNER, MAX                            NY-43-88-267
WIESNER, WALTER RICHARD                 NY-43-87-28
WIFLIE, FRANK B.                        NY-43-82-477
WIGAND, FRANCIS                         NY-43-M-470
WIGGER, MARGARET                        NY-43-80-335
WIKSTROM, KAARLO J.                     NY-43-85-517
WIKSTROM, SALLY ELIZABETH               NY-43-85-514
WILCOX, ARCHIE DORR                     NY-43-81-235
WILD, ADOLPH                            NY-43-V-327
WILDE, JOHN HARRY                       NY-43-4-314
WILDMAN, FRANCIS                        NY-43-3-263
WILKE, CHRISTIAN H.                     NY-43-82-218
WILKES, ALFRED S.                       NY-43-3-6
WILKINSON, ELLEN                        NY-43-10-268
WILKINSON, JAMES                        NY-43-L-287
WILKS, JOSEPH                           NY-43-W-450
WILLCOX, ANN E.                         NY-43-Y-28
WILLCOX, ELIZABETH B.                   NY-43-X-261
WILLE, HERMANN                          NY-43-4-262
WILLE, KURT P.                          NY-43-81-243
WILLIAM, GRAHAM                         NY-43-Q-253
WILLIAMS, ANNA B.                       NY-43-78-430
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE E. A.               NY-43-Q-127
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK W.                  NY-43-O-250
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        NY-43-L-274
WILLIAMS, HAROLD GOTWALT                NY-43-81-640
WILLIAMS, HUGH S.                       NY-43-75-274
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH Y.                     NY-43-K-616
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                        NY-43-L-414
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NY-43-I-506
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NY-43-6-59
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NY-43-#1-63
WILLIAMS, MATTHEW                       NY-43-E-208
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       NY-43-E-277
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL T.                     NY-43-8-158
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-43-R-27
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-43-H-135
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM R.                    NY-43-V-85
WILLIAMSON, MARY M.                     NY-43-V-22
WILLIAMSON, MATTHIAS H.                 NY-43-E-241
WILLIS, ROSA BROOKE                     NY-43-79-65
WILLIS, ROSWELL J.                      NY-43-83-549
WILLIS, SARAH B.                        NY-43-T-61
WILLOE, THOMAS                          NY-43-Y-179
WILLS, EDUARD                           NY-43-L-320
WILLS, LETITIA                          NY-43-X-421
WILSON, ANN                             NY-43-P-94
WILSON, BARBARA                         NY-43-M-311
WILSON, DAWSON                          NY-43-K-187
WILSON, GEORGE                          NY-43-3-77
WILSON, GEORGE                          NY-43-11-242
WILSON, MARTHA                          NY-43-V-93
WILSON, MARY ANN                        NY-43-8-435
WILSON, PHOEBE JANE                     NY-43-10-108
WILSON, RICHARD T.                      NY-43-R-407
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-43-T-290
WILSON, SAMUEL                          NY-43-V-293
WIMAN, ELEANOR A.                       NY-43-11-335
WINANT, ABRAHAM                         NY-43-E-71
WINANT, ABRAHAM W.                      NY-43-K-378
WINANT, ANN                             NY-43-S-264
WINANT, CATHARINE                       NY-43-N-195
WINANT, CATHARINE D.                    NY-43-8-120
WINANT, CHRISTIAN                       NY-43-B-563
WINANT, CORNELIUS W.                    NY-43-W-196
WINANT, DANIEL                          NY-43-D-204
WINANT, DANIEL                          NY-43-A-215
WINANT, DANIEL                          NY-43-B-558
WINANT, ELIZA                           NY-43-X-413
WINANT, EMELINE M.                      NY-43-6-412
WINANT, ISAAC                           NY-43-X-101
WINANT, JACOB                           NY-43-C-952
WINANT, JACOB                           NY-43-D-86
WINANT, JACOB B. C.                     NY-43-5-482
WINANT, JACOB G.                        NY-43-P-127
WINANT, JAMES J.                        NY-43-X-216
WINANT, JOHN R.                         NY-43-X-150
WINANT, JOHN SR.                        NY-43-C-932
WINANT, LYDIA                           NY-43-4-432
WINANT, MARY                            NY-43-G-123
WINANT, PETER                           NY-43-A-82
WINANT, PETER                           NY-43-B-630
WINANT, PETER                           NY-43-F-137
WINANT, PETER                           NY-43-K-444
WINANT, PETER ESQ.                      NY-43-E-300
WINANT, PETERSON                        NY-43-F-31
WINANT, WINANT                          NY-43-W-26
WINANT, ZEDOCK                          NY-43-A-330
WINANTS, MARY                           NY-43-A-394
WINANTS, WINANT                         NY-43-A-289
WINCHESTER, MARGARET S.                 NY-43-V-43
WINKELSTEIN, JOSEPH                     NY-43-76-96
WINMILL, THOMAS                         NY-43-N-148
WINSCH, FREDERICK                       NY-43-11-467
WINSCH, FREDERICK JOHN                  NY-43-83-611
WINSLOW, GORDON                         NY-43-3-204
WINTER, GEORGE                          NY-43-7-84
WINTER, GOTTFRIED                       NY-43-#1-20
WINTER, WINFIELD S.                     NY-43-84-81
WINTERS, EDWARD                         NY-43-9-201
WINTHROP, ELIZABETH W.                  NY-43-11-358
WINZIG, JOSEPH B.                       NY-43-75-261
WIRZ, JACOB J.                          NY-43-84-691
WISNEFSKI, MARGARET                     NY-43-74-312
WISNEWSKI, EDWIN F.                     NY-43-84-751
WITHAM, JAMES E.                        NY-43-N-213
WOELL, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-43-78-563
WOGLAM, CORNELIUS                       NY-43-F-34
WOGLAM, PETER                           NY-43-E-191
WOGLOM, ABRAHAM                         NY-43-A-365
WOGLOM, GEORGETTE                       NY-43-76-353
WOGLOM, JOHN P.                         NY-43-M-498
WOGLOM, JOHN V. S.                      NY-43-Y-90
WOGLOM, LENAH                           NY-43-3-449
WOGLOM, PETER                           NY-43-C-1062
WOINOVSKY, ROSE                         NY-43-78-18
WOLDVOGEL, LOUIS                        NY-43-W-386
WOLF, JOHANNA C.                        NY-43-5-286
WOLF, JOHN A.                           NY-43-S-392
WOLF, JOHN F.                           NY-43-I-264
WOLFF, CHARLES                          NY-43-S-208
WOLFF, CHRISTINA                        NY-43-3-113
WOLFF, LOUIS                            NY-43-M-519
WOLTMANN, EDARD N.                      NY-43-80-186
WOMBACHER, PAULINE EMILIE               NY-43-74-56
WOO, CATHERINE                          NY-43-85-392
WOOD, ABRAHAM H.                        NY-43-O-57
WOOD, ABRAHAM J.                        NY-43-W-401
WOOD, ANNA M.                           NY-43-11-81
WOOD, CATHARINE                         NY-43-P-241
WOOD, CLARA J.                          NY-43-5-389
WOOD, EDMUND                            NY-43-B-536
WOOD, ELIAS P.                          NY-43-P-234
WOOD, ELLENOR                           NY-43-H-513
WOOD, EMILY                             NY-43-9-227
WOOD, FRANCES A.                        NY-43-2-197
WOOD, JACOB B.                          NY-43-K-260
WOOD, JAMES                             NY-43-F-20
WOOD, JAMES A.                          NY-43-10-289
WOOD, JAMES B.                          NY-43-Q-343
WOOD, JESSE                             NY-43-I-636
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-43-A-230
WOOD, JOHN D.                           NY-43-11-134
WOOD, JOHN G.                           NY-43-D-9
WOOD, JOHN SR.                          NY-43-M-466
WOOD, JOHN W.                           NY-43-M-542
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NY-43-A-433
WOOD, LEWIS S.                          NY-43-2-59
WOOD, MARTHA G.                         NY-43-83-652
WOOD, MARY                              NY-43-H-409
WOOD, MARY                              NY-43-W-114
WOOD, MATILDA                           NY-43-7-296
WOOD, NICHOLAS J.                       NY-43-U-231
WOOD, ORLANDO A.                        NY-43-V-374
WOOD, SAMUEL B.                         NY-43-Q-152
WOOD, SARAH                             NY-43-G-63
WOOD, SOLOMON A.                        NY-43-I-238
WOOD, SOPHIA P.                         NY-43-5-291
WOOD, STEPHEN                           NY-43-D-107
WOOD, WALTER D.                         NY-43-2-85
WOOD, WESLEY                            NY-43-X-95
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-43-Q-265
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-43-N-361
WOOD, WILLIAM K.                        NY-43-74-239
WOODEN, WARD                            NY-43-I-364
WOODFIELD, JAMES                        NY-43-K-507
WOODLAND, LESTER G.                     NY-43-87-188
WOODRUFF, ISABELLA M.                   NY-43-9-132
WOODRUFF, LANAH                         NY-43-Q-453
WOODS, FRANCES MARIA                    NY-43-R-141
WOODS, JUSTUS O.                        NY-43-5-175
WOODYARD, ELLA                          NY-43-87-107
WOOLLEY, JOHN THOMAS                    NY-43-75-571
WOOLSEY, CHARLES A.                     NY-43-9-47
WOOLSEY, MARY ANN                       NY-43-Z-92
WORNELL, LEONIA M.                      NY-43-76-106
WORT, IRENE ELIZABETH                   NY-43-74-458
WORT, ISAAC EDWIN                       NY-43-74-349
WOTTON, MAUD C.                         NY-43-79-604
WRIGHT, ABEL                            NY-43-B-785
WRIGHT, ANNA JANE                       NY-43-10-253
WRIGHT, CARLETTA HELENE                 NY-43-80-638
WRIGHT, CATHARINE                       NY-43-3-341
WRIGHT, CHARLES WARREN                  NY-43-83-273
WRIGHT, CORNELIUS WALTER                NY-43-79-225
WRIGHT, EPHRAIM                         NY-43-C-1059
WRIGHT, GARRETT P.                      NY-43-2-374
WRIGHT, GEORGE FREDERICK                NY-43-8-183
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-43-#1-102
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-43-A-347
WRIGHT, MARY ALICE                      NY-43-77-158
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                          NY-43-10-245
WRIGHT, SUSAN                           NY-43-N-66
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-43-I-522
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-43-B-671
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H. JR.                  NY-43-83-280
WRIGHT, WILLIAM S.                      NY-43-77-352
WROBLESKI, JOSEPH                       NY-43-83-34
WROE, JOHN                              NY-43-Q-310
WRONOVICS, JOSEPH B.                    NY-43-77-211
WUENSCH, MICHAEL E.                     NY-43-81-309
WUEST, SARAH                            NY-43-83-649
WUNSCH, FRIEDRICK                       NY-43-11-467
WURSTER, LOUIS                          NY-43-4-370
WYATT, DEBORAH A.                       NY-43-R-213
WYCZLINSKI, ANDREW                      NY-43-78-623
WYGANT, MELVILLE E.                     NY-43-9-435
WYMAN, LOUISE FRANCES                   NY-43-82-91

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