Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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OAKELY, NATHANIEL                       NY-43-B-594
OAKLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-43-4-437
OAKLEY, ISAREL                          NY-43-C-922
OAKLEY, JESSE                           NY-43-G-120
OAKLEY, JOHN O.                         NY-43-M-234
OAKLEY, JULIA A.                        NY-43-3-65
OBRIEN, CATHERINE F.                    NY-43-79-262
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-43-79-233
OBRIEN, JOHN                            NY-43-6-268
OBRIEN, JULIA V.                        NY-43-79-57
OBRIEN, MARY                            NY-43-3-313
OBRIEN, MARY R.                         NY-43-7-462
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-43-T-363
OBRIEN, MORRIS                          NY-43-5-160
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         NY-43-Y-60
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          NY-43-9-390
OCALLAGHAN, DENNIS                      NY-43-O-195
OCCIMIO, CEASAR                         NY-43-85-348
OCKERSHAUSEN, ADOLPHUS F.               NY-43-O-308
OCKERSHAUSEN, MARY                      NY-43-W-87
OCONNELL, DANIEL                        NY-43-X-322
OCONNELL, HANNAH                        NY-43-7-63
OCONNELL, HAROLD J.                     NY-43-80-655
OCONNELL, MARGARET                      NY-43-#1-398
OCONNOR, CHARLES                        NY-43-P-52
OCONNOR, JAMES                          NY-43-2-411
OCONNOR, JOHN                           NY-43-Z-401
OCONNOR, JOHN B. A.                     NY-43-85-318
OCONNOR, MARGARET                       NY-43-6-254
OCONNOR, MARY                           NY-43-2-23
OCONNOR, MAY                            NY-43-80-643
OCONNR, MAURICE                         NY-43-Z-431
OCOVIGE, PETER                          NY-43-78-142
ODONNELL, FRANCIS V.                    NY-43-82-52
ODONNELL, JOHN                          NY-43-6-275
ODOWD, BERNARD D.                       NY-43-85-16
OEHLMANN, MARIA                         NY-43-3-290
OGDEN, ANN                              NY-43-L-168
OGDEN, DAVID                            NY-43-P-68
OGILVIE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-43-T-83
OGORMAN, THOMAS F.                      NY-43-88-633
OGRADY, PATRICK                         NY-43-T-451
OHAGEN, GILBERT J.                      NY-43-84-202
OHALLORAN, PATRICK                      NY-43-84-292
OHANLON, THOMAS                         NY-43-Z-404
OHARA, MICHAEL                          NY-43-Y-372
OHARE, OWEN                             NY-43-H-448
OHLROGGE, CARL                          NY-43-11-75
OHNSORG, WILLIAM F.                     NY-43-79-493
OINA, SAMUEL                            NY-43-81-576
OLAN, THOMAS SR.                        NY-43-74-149
OLEARY, ARTHUR                          NY-43-3-164
OLEARY, JEREMIAH                        NY-43-10-451
OLEARY, MINNIE                          NY-43-87-207
OLIVER, MARY E.                         NY-43-9-284
OLIVERI, JOSEPH J.                      NY-43-75-235
OLLIFF, WILLIAM                         NY-43-3-425
OLMSTEAD, JOHN A.                       NY-43-3-408
OLMSTED, CHARLES CAMERON                NY-43-88-505
OLSEN, ANDREW J.                        NY-43-R-199
OLSEN, ANNIE C.                         NY-43-79-68
OLSEN, EDWARD O.                        NY-43-75-349
OLSEN, ENVALD                           NY-43-84-380
OLSEN, GLADYS C.                        NY-43-85-511
OLSEN, MARIE                            NY-43-74-343
OLSEN, MARTHA A.                        NY-43-77-53
OLSON, ESTHER                           NY-43-80-38
OLTMANN, LOUIS C.                       NY-43-82-346
OMAN, HARRY R.                          NY-43-74-286
ONEAL, ELLEN F.                         NY-43-L-23
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-43-O-301
ONEIL, MATTHEW                          NY-43-H-144
ONEILL, ELLEN V.                        NY-43-77-459
OPPEL, ANDREW J.                        NY-43-79-540
ORAZEM, FRANK                           NY-43-75-293
ORDING, CARL F. C.                      NY-43-11-483
OREGAN, JOSEPHINE B.                    NY-43-83-508
OREILLY, BERNARD J.                     NY-43-87-519
OREILLY, HUGH                           NY-43-Z-282
OREILLY, JOHN J.                        NY-43-87-246
ORMSBY, EVELYN RUDOLPH                  NY-43-87-265
ORNER, FRANCES                          NY-43-87-38
OROURKE, NANCY V. SR.                   NY-43-76-373
ORPHAL, MABEL LYDIA                     NY-43-76-418
ORTELYOU, LAWRENCE H.                   NY-43-T-282
OSBORN, MAUD A.                         NY-43-80-35
OSGOOD, FRANKLIN                        NY-43-V-240
OSGOOD, JOHN W.                         NY-43-K-42
OSHAUGHNESSEY, CATHERINE                NY-43-11-232
OSHAUGHNESY, JOHN                       NY-43-H-166
OSHEA, ALICE                            NY-43-80-290
OSTELLO, MARY E.                        NY-43-75-440
OSTERBERG, MAX                          NY-43-9-25
OSTWALD, MAX                            NY-43-M-185
OTLIFF, HANNAH                          NY-43-K-480
OTTINO, MARIE                           NY-43-75-373
OULD, ISABELLE T.                       NY-43-84-265
OUTERBRIDGE, MARY E.                    NY-43-U-329
OWEN, JOHN                              NY-43-I-400
OWENS, MARY                             NY-43-K-528
OWOLIMITZ, SAMUEL                       NY-43-79-46

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