Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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HAAS, FREDERICK                         NY-43-Z-139
HACKENBURG, JULIA T.                    NY-43-87-509
HACKER, JOHN                            NY-43-75-17
HADDEN, CATHRINE                        NY-43-A-270
HADKINS, ROBERT H.                      NY-43-W-187
HAGE, WILLIAM D.                        NY-43-V-318
HAGEDORN, A. BOHLEN                     NY-43-#1-22
HAGEDORN, ALWINA A. C.                  NY-43-#1-22
HAGEDORN, CATHERINE T.                  NY-43-4-496
HAGEDORN, HENRY B.                      NY-43-Q-381
HAGEMANN, THERESA                       NY-43-Z-254
HAGERMAN, GLADYS EVELYN                 NY-43-77-375
HAGERTY, ANNA                           NY-43-9-339
HAGERTY, EDWARD                         NY-43-84-614
HAGERTY, ELIZA                          NY-43-Z-440
HAGERTY, ELLEN F.                       NY-43-U-186
HAGERTY, JOHN                           NY-43-K-161
HAGERTY, TIMOTHY                        NY-43-U-266
HAGGERTY, ELIZA ANN                     NY-43-I-666
HAGGERTY, JOHN                          NY-43-9-381
HAGGERTY, LUDLUM H.                     NY-43-M-416
HAGGERTY, MARY                          NY-43-8-485
HAGUE, FREDA LEONARA                    NY-43-84-358
HALE, THOMAS                            NY-43-X-304
HALETT, ELIZABETH                       NY-43-U-454
HALEY, WILLIAM M.                       NY-43-75-256
HALL, ANNIE E.                          NY-43-11-492
HALL, ELIZABETH RUSSELL                 NY-43-77-91
HALL, MARGARET                          NY-43-81-72
HALL, SAMUEL FREDERICK SR.              NY-43-84-211
HALLACY, ANITA R.                       NY-43-87-317
HALLE, EUGENE B.                        NY-43-4-429
HALLE, WILLIAM W.                       NY-43-2-155
HALLETT, ESTHER A.                      NY-43-Y-327
HALLETT, FRANCIS GRAY                   NY-43-9-143
HALLIDAY, JAMES H.                      NY-43-4-4
HALLIDAY, RICHARD                       NY-43-V-217
HALLOCK, JULIA                          NY-43-82-567
HALLORAN, JOHN LEWIS                    NY-43-88-405
HALLY, MARIE                            NY-43-85-609
HALSTEAD, ALICE                         NY-43-75-186
HALTERMANN, HENRY                       NY-43-#1-415
HAMILTON, CAMILLA E.                    NY-43-5-436
HAMILTON, EMILY M.                      NY-43-S-149
HAMMEL, FRANK J.                        NY-43-87-407
HAMMEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-43-Y-1
HAMMEN, MICHAEL                         NY-43-2-190
HAMMER, JOHN                            NY-43-H-53
HAMMER, JOHN                            NY-43-T-455
HAMMOND, DOROTHY E.                     NY-43-77-98
HANA, RICHARD ALFRED                    NY-43-84-408
HANAN, ALEXIS J.                        NY-43-87-434
HANCHETT, ROSELY P.                     NY-43-4-199
HANITSCH, ELEONORE                      NY-43-2-27
HANLON, JAMES                           NY-43-11-95
HANNAN, JOSEPH EDWARD                   NY-43-75-468
HANNEN, BRIDGET                         NY-43-2-125
HANNULA, DAISY                          NY-43-76-167
HANSEN, ANDERS                          NY-43-78-476
HANSEN, HANS                            NY-43-85-437
HANSEN, JOHN                            NY-43-#1-429
HANSEN, JOHN HENRY                      NY-43-75-578
HANSEN, JOHN M.                         NY-43-84-574
HANSEN, MARGARET                        NY-43-6-409
HANSEN, MARGARET ENRIGHT                NY-43-76-450
HANSEN, NICOLAI MARCINIUS               NY-43-82-166
HANSEN, SIGNA M.                        NY-43-88-309
HANSEN, SIGNE D.                        NY-43-76-109
HANSON, SIGNA MARIE                     NY-43-88-309
HARAI, CLARA J.                         NY-43-74-337
HARANA, ROBERT                          NY-43-K-218
HARCOURT, RICHARD                       NY-43-H-72
HARDEN, ELIZABETH G.                    NY-43-8-389
HARDEN, MICHAEL                         NY-43-3-209
HARDING, WILLARD S.                     NY-43-87-140
HARKINS, GEORGE F. SR.                  NY-43-76-47
HARPER, AMY L.                          NY-43-5-211
HARPER, JOHN HAY                        NY-43-I-286
HARRINGTON, JEREMIAH                    NY-43-S-274
HARRIS, ANDREW A.                       NY-43-W-145
HARRIS, MARGARET                        NY-43-4-183
HARRIS, WALTER L.                       NY-43-79-394
HARRISON, JOHN T.                       NY-43-I-678
HARRISON, THOMAS                        NY-43-Q-164
HARRON, MARY A.                         NY-43-8-229
HART, JAMES                             NY-43-K-136
HART, PATRICK                           NY-43-#1-216
HARTMAN, ANNA                           NY-43-75-520
HARTMANN, CARL                          NY-43-#1-213
HARTNER, MARTHA                         NY-43-84-21
HARTNETT, SARAH C.                      NY-43-77-551
HARTUNG, WILLIAM                        NY-43-W-260
HARTWIG, HENRY                          NY-43-10-250
HARVEST, WLLIAM JOHN                    NY-43-84-295
HARVEY, JOHN                            NY-43-N-143
HARWOOD, RACHEL                         NY-43-88-31
HARWOOD, RAY                            NY-43-88-31
HASBROUCK, JANE A.                      NY-43-10-410
HASKELL, BERTHA G.                      NY-43-76-5
HASLAM, ERNEST J.                       NY-43-78-276
HASLEHURST, JAMES W.                    NY-43-Y-152
HATFIELD, JOHN                          NY-43-I-131
HAUGHAWOUT, PETER SR.                   NY-43-B-620
HAUGHWOOD, PETER                        NY-43-A-62
HAUGHWOUT, ELENOR                       NY-43-B-767
HAUGHWOUT, ISAAC                        NY-43-B-711
HAUGHWOUT, NICHOLAS                     NY-43-A-316
HAUGHWOUT, PETER E.                     NY-43-B-600
HAUGHWOUT, RACHEL                       NY-43-Y-112
HAURAM, ALBERT C.                       NY-43-79-227
HAUSHOLDER, ICELUS                      NY-43-11-284
HAVENS, SILAS N.                        NY-43-4-93
HAVSTAD, NILS                           NY-43-76-573
HAWLEY, GIDEON A.                       NY-43-X-62
HAWRYLUK, AWAKUM                        NY-43-76-274
HAWS, BENJAMIN F.                       NY-43-K-367
HAXTEEN, ADELINE REED                   NY-43-10-430
HAXTUN, WILLIAM                         NY-43-2-463
HAY, ELEANOR                            NY-43-10-188
HAY, WILLIAM                            NY-43-X-349
HAYDOCK, SUSAN MEEKS                    NY-43-83-91
HAYER, MATHIAS                          NY-43-U-122
HAYES, BETSEY M.                        NY-43-U-404
HAYES, HELEN M.                         NY-43-81-123
HAYES, JAMES                            NY-43-H-8
HAYES, JAMES W.                         NY-43-M-61
HAYES, LILLIAN TERRASSE                 NY-43-84-580
HAYES, MARIA                            NY-43-L-131
HAYES, NEWTON                           NY-43-L-96
HAYES, TIMOTHY                          NY-43-80-95
HAYNES, SARAH E.                        NY-43-3-190
HAYWOOD, BANNER                         NY-43-83-407
HAYWOOD, MARIA                          NY-43-R-130
HAZARD, ANNA L.                         NY-43-7-331
HAZARD, ROBERT H.                       NY-43-H-264
HEAL, CAROLINE AUGUSTA                  NY-43-9-101
HEANEY, JOHN                            NY-43-R-250
HEARIN, JAMES THOMAS                    NY-43-88-220
HEAVEY, EDWARD R.                       NY-43-85-670
HECKMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-43-85-696
HECTOR, MARY ANN                        NY-43-87-256
HEELY, GEORGE H.                        NY-43-K-142
HEER, HULDA TREPKE                      NY-43-9-402
HEERBRANDT, EDWARD                      NY-43-77-153
HEFFEREN, MARY ANN                      NY-43-2-368
HEFTI, RUDOLPH                          NY-43-80-235
HEGGARTY, DENNIS                        NY-43-M-200
HEIL, CAROLINA                          NY-43-W-158
HEILBRUN, BETTY MORRISSEY               NY-43-84-252
HEIN, KATHARINA                         NY-43-Z-73
HEINEKEN, MARION                        NY-43-9-187
HEINEKEN, MARY L.                       NY-43-L-498
HEINEKEN, WILLIAM P.                    NY-43-74-407
HEITMAN, JASPER D.                      NY-43-9-230
HEITMANN, MARTHA                        NY-43-4-188
HELD, JACOB                             NY-43-V-468
HELD, KATHERINE                         NY-43-V-422
HELENIUS, AUGUSTA                       NY-43-74-346
HELFRICK, TERESA E.                     NY-43-85-142
HELFST, GERTRUDE                        NY-43-11-12
HELIKER, MARY                           NY-43-C-981
HENDERSON, JOHN C.                      NY-43-S-429
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-43-V-96
HENNESEY, JAMES                         NY-43-K-195
HENNESSY, ANN                           NY-43-Q-432
HENNESSY, DENNIS                        NY-43-W-8
HENNESSY, JAMES B.                      NY-43-I-542
HENNESSY, THOMAS                        NY-43-R-133
HENRIKSON, JOHN                         NY-43-87-236
HENRY, JULIET                           NY-43-4-326
HENSHAW, JOHN R.                        NY-43-6-419
HENTZE, MARKUS                          NY-43-X-45
HERBERGER, LEO                          NY-43-79-529
HERDEN, ROBERT                          NY-43-T-385
HERING, CARL LUDWIG EUGENE              NY-43-2-106
HERON, HELEN A.                         NY-43-79-250
HERREL, KATHARINA                       NY-43-Y-191
HERRING, WILHELMINA                     NY-43-U-42
HERTTUA, HULDA                          NY-43-79-175
HERTZEL, JACOB FREDERICK                NY-43-I-215
HESS, JOSEPH                            NY-43-11-280
HESSE, EDWARD H. SR.                    NY-43-87-384
HETHERINGTON, JOHN W.                   NY-43-11-418
HETTINGER, MARY C.                      NY-43-87-332
HETZEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-43-V-40
HEWECKER, AUGUST                        NY-43-N-316
HEYER, EDWARD P.                        NY-43-Z-427
HEYER, WHITEHEAD F.                     NY-43-M-580
HEYERDAHL, THORWALD                     NY-43-N-184
HIBBERD, JOHN                           NY-43-B-663
HICKS, ALBERT                           NY-43-79-319
HICKS, ELIZA SANDERSON                  NY-43-6-318
HICKS, FRANCIS                          NY-43-W-237
HICKS, GEORGE F.                        NY-43-6-235
HICKS, RACHAEL                          NY-43-N-61
HIERN, GAY PHILIP                       NY-43-R-156
HIGGINS, ABBY                           NY-43-4-251
HIGGINS, CALVIN                         NY-43-9-281
HIGGINS, DAVID                          NY-43-I-274
HIGGINS, MARTIN                         NY-43-V-366
HIGGINS, WILLIAM T.                     NY-43-Q-269
HIGGINSON, EDYTH GRISWOLD               NY-43-3-435
HIGLEY, FRANK E.                        NY-43-78-375
HILBERT, JOHN                           NY-43-5-314
HILDEBRAND, EMIL                        NY-43-77-569
HILDERBRANDT, ANNA M.                   NY-43-W-171
HILL, WALTER H.                         NY-43-76-343
HILLAM, WILLIAM J.                      NY-43-Z-365
HILLS, IRENE M.                         NY-43-80-244
HILLYER, HESTER                         NY-43-A-47
HILLYER, JOHN                           NY-43-G-228
HILYER, LAWRENCE                        NY-43-K-462
HINCKLEY, AVERIC STANDISH               NY-43-84-268
HINKEL, HARRY E.                        NY-43-74-300
HINZ, CARL J.                           NY-43-77-576
HINZ, MARIE E.                          NY-43-11-65
HIRSCH, GEORGE                          NY-43-80-89
HIRSCHMANN, LEOPOLD                     NY-43-10-91
HITCHCOCK, DANIEL R.                    NY-43-X-431
HITCHCOCK, ELECTA                       NY-43-V-131
HITCHCOCK, MARY A.                      NY-43-N-351
HITCHIE, JOHN                           NY-43-L-356
HITCHINGS, ANTHONY E.                   NY-43-O-124
HLBERT, CHARLES W.                      NY-43-87-585
HODGEN, ALEX                            NY-43-83-179
HODGES, ELINER                          NY-43-R-297
HODGES, EMILY                           NY-43-P-19
HOFF, SUSAN M.                          NY-43-L-374
HOFFMAN, MARY JOSEPHINE                 NY-43-87-680
HOFFMAN, OTTO LOUIS                     NY-43-79-166
HOFFMAN, PAUL                           NY-43-8-23
HOFFMANN, HENRY                         NY-43-8-260
HOFFMANN, MIRIAM                        NY-43-76-439
HOFFMANN, WALTER                        NY-43-10-469
HOFMANN, BARBARA                        NY-43-5-182
HOFMANN, CHARLES A.                     NY-43-T-319
HOFMANN, GEORGE                         NY-43-M-65
HOFSTETTER, CHARLES                     NY-43-83-655
HOFSTETTER, GEORGE A.                   NY-43-74-91
HOGAN, NANO KELLY                       NY-43-11-138
HOHNBACK, JOHN                          NY-43-S-252
HOLBERT, LEROY LEWIS                    NY-43-79-468
HOLDE, DAISY VIRGINIA                   NY-43-82-60
HOLLICK, ELEANOR E.                     NY-43-P-254
HOLMES, ELIZABETH                       NY-43-R-374
HOLMES, JOSEPH B.                       NY-43-B-851
HOLMES, MARGARET                        NY-43-I-496
HOLMES, MARGARET ELIZA                  NY-43-S-464
HOLOCH, ROBERT F.                       NY-43-83-355
HOLT, NORMAN NEWELL                     NY-43-75-529
HOLTKAMP, GEORGE T. J.                  NY-43-8-48
HOLTKAMP, JOHN                          NY-43-4-390
HOLTON, JAMES                           NY-43-6-197
HOLTON, MARY                            NY-43-V-1
HONAN, MARY A.                          NY-43-P-457
HONAN, PATRICK J.                       NY-43-82-397
HONEGGER, ELISE                         NY-43-2-479
HONG, LEE SHEE                          NY-43-76-534
HOOD, GEORGE                            NY-43-5-369
HOOPER, ABRAHAM                         NY-43-R-463
HOPE, JOHN                              NY-43-7-24
HOPE, MARION                            NY-43-8-369
HOPKINS, SAMUEL E.                      NY-43-T-88
HOPPES, BLANCHE L.                      NY-43-85-626
HOPPING, ELIZABETH                      NY-43-R-434
HORAI, ANDREW J.                        NY-43-84-309
HORAN, MICHAEL THOMAS                   NY-43-87-193
HORAN, PATRICK                          NY-43-S-16
HORGAN, DENNIS                          NY-43-7-458
HORIGAN, CATHARINE                      NY-43-2-414
HORIGAN, JOHN                           NY-43-#1-270
HORN, CORDELIA D.                       NY-43-6-425
HORN, CORNELIA D.                       NY-43-76-596
HORRE, ANNE                             NY-43-I-429
HORRMANN, AUGUST                        NY-43-5-397
HORTON, CHARLES A.                      NY-43-10-67
HORVATH, DANIEL                         NY-43-78-579
HOSE, WILLIAM E.                        NY-43-75-438
HOSSACK, ANNA P.                        NY-43-11-385
HOSSACK, JOHN D.                        NY-43-T-444
HOUSEHOLDER, ICELUS                     NY-43-11-284
HOUSEMAN, ALICE C.                      NY-43-80-495
HOUSEMAN, ELEANOR G.                    NY-43-P-105
HOUSEMAN, RICHARD                       NY-43-I-468
HOUSMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-43-I-242
HOUSMAN, ABRAHAM P.                     NY-43-I-357
HOUSMAN, ALFRED                         NY-43-83-31
HOUSMAN, AMOS                           NY-43-H-126
HOUSMAN, ANN                            NY-43-2-437
HOUSMAN, JAMES                          NY-43-K-278
HOUSMAN, JAMES                          NY-43-A-275
HOUSMAN, JANE                           NY-43-5-430
HOUSMAN, JOANNA                         NY-43-L-162
HOUSMAN, JOHN SR.                       NY-43-A-204
HOUSMAN, MARTHA ANN                     NY-43-I-465
HOUSMAN, SAMUEL B.                      NY-43-5-28
HOWARD, JOHN                            NY-43-4-484
HOWARTH, ELIZABETH H.                   NY-43-9-451
HOWARTH, HENRY                          NY-43-84-29
HOWAT, WALTER                           NY-43-79-489
HOWELL, MARY ABEEL                      NY-43-E-343
HOWELY, CHARLOTTE                       NY-43-P-472
HOWLIN, WILLIAM                         NY-43-5-154
HOY, ELIZABETH RAEBURN                  NY-43-81-199
HOY, JOHN                               NY-43-L-364
HOYT, FRANCES E.                        NY-43-O-405
HUBBARD, CORNELIA S.                    NY-43-4-245
HUBBARD, VAN BUREN                      NY-43-2-377
HUBBELL, PETER                          NY-43-M-221
HUBER, CHARLOTTE                        NY-43-81-392
HUBER, FREDERICK G.                     NY-43-Y-163
HUBER, MAX                              NY-43-74-305
HUBERT, BERTHA J.                       NY-43-79-638
HUBERT, CHARLES                         NY-43-80-92
HUBNER, HENRY                           NY-43-Y-73
HUDAK, GEORGE                           NY-43-80-347
HUDSON,JAMES F.                         NY-43-84-685
HUEBNER, AUGUSTE                        NY-43-3-297
HUESTON, JAMES                          NY-43-X-477
HUESTON, JOSEPH                         NY-43-87-442
HUESTON, LENA                           NY-43-77-184
HUFFMAN, HERMINE C.                     NY-43-80-119
HUFFMAN, LILLIAN E.                     NY-43-74-363
HUGHES, ANNIE                           NY-43-77-328
HUGHES, ARTHUR SR.                      NY-43-81-378
HUGHES, EMMA AUGUSTA                    NY-43-9-487
HUGHES, ENEAS                           NY-43-E-394
HUGHES, HARRIET M.                      NY-43-V-5
HUGHES, JASPER W.                       NY-43-K-233
HUGHES, JOHN                            NY-43-H-360
HUGHES, MARY M. ELLIOT                  NY-43-9-393
HUGHES, STEPHEN D.                      NY-43-K- 539
HUGHS, JOHN M.                          NY-43-10-324
HULNICK, WOLF                           NY-43-82-374
HULSEBUS, ALBERT                        NY-43-10-447
HUMMEL, LOUIS                           NY-43-O-409
HUNDEMANN, ANNA MARGARET                NY-43-Y-410
HUNT, CATHERINE MARIE                   NY-43-88-138
HUNT, ELLEN                             NY-43-#1-195
HUNT, FRANCES M.                        NY-43-P-445
HUNT, MARGARET BRAKELEY                 NY-43-10-378
HUNTER, FRANK                           NY-43-2-245
HUNTER, HENRY                           NY-43-84-355
HUNTER, JOHN                            NY-43-83-94
HUNTINGTON, THOMAS P.                   NY-43-T-264
HUNZIKER, SAMUEL                        NY-43-I-632
HURLEY, PATRICK                         NY-43-Y-429
HURREICK, CARL                          NY-43-U-408
HURST, WILLIAM                          NY-43-11-355
HUSS, JACOB                             NY-43-85-709
HUTCHINGS, THORBORG                     NY-43-84-634
HUTH, GEORGE                            NY-43-5-369
HUTHOFF, HERMAN                         NY-43-4-481
HYDE, ELLA S.                           NY-43-84-233
HYDE, PHIIP P.                          NY-43-80-117
HYDE, WILLIAM                           NY-43-F-8
HYER, SARAH                             NY-43-D-194

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