Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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UGGIANO, SALVATORE                      NY-43-87-439
UGOTTO, MARIA C.                        NY-43-88-611
UHR, GEORGE F.                          NY-43-78-37
UHRBOCK, PHILIPINE                      NY-43-6-278
UJLAKY, ANNA V.                         NY-43-81-518
ULLMAN, MARY L.                         NY-43-L-210
ULLMAN, SIEGFRIED                       NY-43-87-550
ULLMANN, DAISY                          NY-43-78-57
ULRICH, GUSTAVE                         NY-43-11-395
ULRICH, MILDRED ACHILLES                NY-43-88-362
UMSCHID, EVERETT W.                     NY-43-87-666
UMSCHLIED, MARIE LOUISE                 NY-43-80-7
UNDERHILL, ALPHEUS                      NY-43-Y-209
UNGER, CATHARINE                        NY-43-#1-227
UNGER, CHARLES                          NY-43-7-52
UNGERLEIDER, EMANUEL                    NY-43-88-92
UPPGARD, LILLIAN E.                     NY-43-84-79
UPTON, DANIEL R.                        NY-43-K-334
URCINOLI, GIACOMO                       NY-43-74-158
URE, JAMES A.                           NY-43-74-559
USHER, GEORGE M.                        NY-43-X-21
USHER, SARAH J.                         NY-43-T-399

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