Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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JACKSON, ANDRE                          NY-43-5-375
JACKSON, FLORENCE M.                    NY-43-83-117
JACKSON, JOHN                           NY-43-K-46
JACKSON, NICHOLAS                       NY-43-Y-57
JACKSON, RICHARD                        NY-43-D-146
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NY-43-H-95
JACOB, ELLEN                            NY-43-Y-149
JACOBS, MARGARET E.                     NY-43-#1-134
JACOBS, SOLOMON                         NY-43-N-356
JACOBSEN, BERNT A.                      NY-43-85-658
JACOBSEN, JACOB                         NY-43-83-50
JACOBSON, ANN (VANDEVENTER)             NY-43-A-198
JACOBSON, BERTHA J.                     NY-43-84-665
JACOBSON, CHARLES                       NY-43-6-134
JACOBSON, HELATHY                       NY-43-E-17
JACOBSON, JOHN V. D.                    NY-43-C-1016
JACOBSON, LILLIAN                       NY-43-84-340
JACOBY, EDITH                           NY-43-87-654
JACOBY, EDWARD                          NY-43-2-317
JACQUES, JOHN                           NY-43-H-338
JAEGER, ROSE                            NY-43-80-188
JAENICKE, GEORGE                        NY-43-76-102
JAENIGEN, EDWARD                        NY-43-11-101
JAFVERT, HILDA C.                       NY-43-74-175
JAKLE, LEWIS                            NY-43-G-9
JAMES, RALPH                            NY-43-G-101
JAMESON, ABIEZOR                        NY-43-T-409
JAMME, LOUIS T.                         NY-43-9-128
JANIN, JACOB A.                         NY-43-7-171
JANIN, OSCAR B.                         NY-43-4-180
JANSSEN, CLAUS                          NY-43-5-60
JANSSEN, GERHARD                        NY-43-W-229
JANSSEN, MARGARETHE                     NY-43-9-454
JANUS, MARTHA F.                        NY-43-78-252
JARDIN, ALEXANDER CHARLES               NY-43-75-156
JASINSKI, WLADYSLAW                     NY-43-82-143
JAZEL, ERNEST                           NY-43-76-210
JEANTET, EMILE                          NY-43-4-420
JEMSOAN, THOMAS P.                      NY-43-M-124
JENKINS, CECIL                          NY-43-88-489
JENKINS, CHARLES                        NY-43-10-231
JENKINS, CHARLES                        NY-43-W-428
JENKINS, JENNIE G.                      NY-43-10-153
JENKINS, THOMAS                         NY-43-4-471
JENKINS, WILLIAM J.                     NY-43-5-426
JENKS, CLEMENT C.                       NY-43-82-722
JENNINGS, HARRIETTE                     NY-43-7-300
JENSEN, JORGEN                          NY-43-9-343
JEORG, GONG                             NY-43-81-522
JESSUP, GERSHOM P.                      NY-43-U-479
JESSUP, ISAAC K.                        NY-43-T-346
JEWELL, ARABELLA C.                     NY-43-P-27
JEWETT, GEORGE W.                       NY-43-O-392
JEWETT, GERTRUDE                        NY-43-6-445
JEWETT, JOHN JR.                        NY-43-I-95
JEWETT, MARY                            NY-43-V-9
JEWETT, ORVILLE D.                      NY-43-O-280
JOBES, ELIZABETH E.                     NY-43-2-471
JOBES, JOHN N.                          NY-43-Q-314
JOBES, MARY ANN                         NY-43-N-239
JOERG, MARGARETHA                       NY-43-8-29
JOHANNESSEN, HILDA                      NY-43-82-557
JOHANSEN, ANDREW                        NY-43-75-238
JOHANSEN, EDWARD T.                     NY-43-81-532
JOHANSEN, LOUISE MARIE                  NY-43-82-512
JOHN, HERMANN A.                        NY-43-80-582
JOHNSEN, OSCAR                          NY-43-81-512
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                        NY-43-H-48
JOHNSON, ANNA                           NY-43-75-153
JOHNSON, ANNA S.                        NY-43-84-86
JOHNSON, ARTHUR FREDERICK               NY-43-87-32
JOHNSON, CATHARINE                      NY-43-#1-453
JOHNSON, CHARLES                        NY-43-C-1120
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS                      NY-43-D-20
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS W.                   NY-43-D-97
JOHNSON, DAVID                          NY-43-G-77
JOHNSON, DORA                           NY-43-88-476
JOHNSON, DOWER                          NY-43-A-12
JOHNSON, EDITH E.                       NY-43-80-43
JOHNSON, ELEONORA                       NY-43-K-206
JOHNSON, ELIZA J.                       NY-43-X-341
JOHNSON, EPHRAIM                        NY-43-C-990
JOHNSON, EPHRAIM                        NY-43-U-175
JOHNSON, ESEK R.                        NY-43-O-41
JOHNSON, EUPHEMIA S.                    NY-43-6-91
JOHNSON, EVA                            NY-43-85-380
JOHNSON, FRANK GRANT                    NY-43-5-317
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-43-Y-101
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-43-I-606
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-43-I-291
JOHNSON, HOLLINGSWORTH                  NY-43-85-239
JOHNSON, ISRAEL D.                      NY-43-W-336
JOHNSON, ISRAEL D.                      NY-43-M-407
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-43-F-300
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-43-D-15
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-43-B-496
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-43-L-239
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-43-C-1064
JOHNSON, JAMES W.                       NY-43-L-407
JOHNSON, JESSE                          NY-43-B-510
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-43-D-198
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-43-T-405
JOHNSON, JOHN P.                        NY-43-M-567
JOHNSON, JOHN WILLIAM                   NY-43-83-338
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         NY-43-7-472
JOHNSON, JOSHUA HALL                    NY-43-4-18
JOHNSON, LATICIA                        NY-43-D-244
JOHNSON, LAURA W.                       NY-43-W-50
JOHNSON, LEWIS                          NY-43-I-385
JOHNSON, LOUISE F.                      NY-43-Z-175
JOHNSON, MARTHA                         NY-43-E-379
JOHNSON, MARY                           NY-43-E-152
JOHNSON, MARY                           NY-43-K-577
JOHNSON, MARY L.                        NY-43-Y-417
JOHNSON, MAUDE P.                       NY-43-79-441
JOHNSON, OLIVER T.                      NY-43-X-379
JOHNSON, ROBERT S.                      NY-43-10-347
JOHNSON, SARAH L.                       NY-43-11-37
JOHNSON, WINANT                         NY-43-B-532
JOHNSON, WINANT                         NY-43-A-265
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS M.                    NY-43-Z-171
JOHNSTON, JOSEPHINE K.                  NY-43-7-92
JOHNSTON, MELVILLE M.                   NY-43-Y-420
JOHNSTON, NATHANIEL                     NY-43-A-162
JOHNSTONE, BEATRICE F.                  NY-43-83-500
JOHNSTONE, LOUIS M.                     NY-43-10-384
JOINSON, MARY ANCEL                     NY-43-75-63
JOLINE, BENJAMIN                        NY-43-R-260
JOLINE, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-43-I-392
JOLINE, CORNELIA                        NY-43-U-270
JOLINE, DAVID                           NY-43-2-8
JOLINE, WILLIAM                         NY-43-7-253
JONES, ABRAM                            NY-43-S-24
JONES, AGNES                            NY-43-81-360
JONES, ANN                              NY-43-R-184
JONES, ARTHUR H.                        NY-43-75-355
JONES, BARNETT                          NY-43-2-300
JONES, BARNT                            NY-43-C-1024
JONES, BELLE B.                         NY-43-6-246
JONES, CHARLES A.                       NY-43-9-480
JONES, CORNELIUS C.                     NY-43-U-285
JONES, DANIEL V.                        NY-43-82-57
JONES, EDWARD                           NY-43-A-115
JONES, ELIZA                            NY-43-4-464
JONES, EMMA W.                          NY-43-Q-262
JONES, GARRET F.                        NY-43-N-118
JONES, HARRY C.                         NY-43-5-378
JONES, ISABELLA                         NY-43-6-228
JONES, JOHN                             NY-43-I-417
JONES, JOHN                             NY-43-L-145
JONES, JOHN C.                          NY-43-K-69
JONES, JOHN H.                          NY-43-F-309
JONES, LYDIA ANN                        NY-43-Z-215
JONES, MARTHA M.                        NY-43-6-1
JONES, MATTAVIS                         NY-43-2-76
JONES, SARAH B.                         NY-43-U-167
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-43-M-390
JONZEN, FREDERICK                       NY-43-3-286
JOOST, GEORGE                           NY-43-4-15
JOOST, SOPHIE                           NY-43-9-329
JORDAN, BERTHA LOUISE                   NY-43-76-514
JORDAN, VIRGINIA                        NY-43-79-170
JORGEN, HENRI                           NY-43-81-471
JORIN, MATILDA                          NY-43-76-545
JORNS, LOUIS                            NY-43-T-108
JOSEPH, ANTONIO                         NY-43-X-212
JOST, FRITZ                             NY-43-M-192
JOURMEAY, JOHN S.                       NY-43-11-295
JOURNEAY, ABIGAIL                       NY-43-2-442
JOURNEAY, ALBERT                        NY-43-G-54
JOURNEAY, CATHARIE                      NY-43-Z-123
JOURNEAY, CORNELIUS                     NY-43-2-144
JOURNEAY, DAVID                         NY-43-O-425
JOURNEAY, HENDERSON                     NY-43-Z-383
JOURNEAY, ISRAEL                        NY-43-W-351
JOURNEAY, JOHN                          NY-43-A-257
JOURNEAY, JOHN S.                       NY-43-Z-302
JOURNEAY, MARY                          NY-43-L-371
JOURNEAY, NICHOLAS                      NY-43-A-487
JOURNEAY, SARAH                         NY-43-H-158
JUDGE, MARGARET MARY                    NY-43-76-72
JUNKER, GUSTAV A.                       NY-43-4-288
JURNEAY, MARY                           NY-43-Y-309

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