Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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IANDIORIO, CARMELA                      NY-43-78-295
IANNOTTI, CHRISTINE                     NY-43-82-556
IDLET, SARAH N.                         NY-43-11-460
IHNKEN, EDWARD A.                       NY-43-82-35
IHNKEN, FREDERICK J.                    NY-43-76-563
IKIER, WILLIAM C.                       NY-43-83-85
ILLIANO, GENNARO                        NY-43-80-420
IMEZO, BRANY (AKA)                      NY-43-82-334
INESHO, BERNARD                         NY-43-82-334
INGERBROTSEN, ANTON                     NY-43-82-592
INNES, WALTER J.                        NY-43-77-508
INSLEE, AMELIA                          NY-43-4-458
IOSUE, LAURA                            NY-43-76-414
IPPOLITO, FLORENCE                      NY-43-81-490
IREMONGER, FRANCIS W.                   NY-43-L-353
IRVING, PIERRE P.                       NY-43-P-238
ISAACSEN, EDWARD B.                     NY-43-77-453
ISOLA, MARY                             NY-43-8-130
ITENZO, LORENZO                         NY-43-75-493
IZETT, WILLIAM H.                       NY-43-74-586

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