Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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TAEGE, CAROLINE ANNA                    NY-43-3-94
TAEGE, WILLIAM F.                       NY-43-K-256
TAIFOR, EVAN                            NY-43-76-16
TAINTOR, CHARLES                        NY-43-V-58
TAIT, THOMAS                            NY-43-#1-130
TAPICHINO, FRANCESC0                    NY-43-75-303
TAPPE, HERMAN                           NY-43-11-310
TAPPEN, ASHER                           NY-43-A-406
TAPPEN, TUNIS                           NY-43-8-199
TATE, ELIZABETH                         NY-43-R-398
TAUBER, JOHN A.                         NY-43-L-472
TAYLOR, ABNER                           NY-43-G-1
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         NY-43-H-220
TAYLOR, ALICE ANN                       NY-43-V-388
TAYLOR, ANNIE                           NY-43-X-300
TAYLOR, ANNIE                           NY-43-2-164
TAYLOR, CHARLES                         NY-43-8-455
TAYLOR, CLARA A.                        NY-43-84-48
TAYLOR, CLARA M.                        NY-43-79-151
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-43-9-174
TAYLOR, ELIZOBETH                       NY-43-A-442
TAYLOR, ELWOOD                          NY-43-K-432
TAYLOR, EMMA LOUISA                     NY-43-4-96
TAYLOR, ETHEL J. M.                     NY-43-76-118
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-43-S-12
TAYLOR, JOHN SR.                        NY-43-B-648
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          NY-43-L-437
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          NY-43-C-1070
TAYLOR, LENA FRANCES                    NY-43-83-397
TAYLOR, MARIA M.                        NY-43-2-332
TAYLOR, MARY ANN                        NY-43-W-175
TAYLOR, MORRIS                          NY-43-B-827
TAYLOR, MORTINES S.                     NY-43-X-112
TAYLOR, RBERT                           NY-43-L-466
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         NY-43-B-637
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         NY-43-F-149
TAYLOR, SUSAN A.                        NY-43-P-468
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NY-43-A-136
TEIKER, MINNIE                          NY-43-83-341
TEITELBAUM, GUSTAVE                     NY-43-81-601
TELFAIR, JACOB R.                       NY-43-7-130
TELFAIR, JOHN H.                        NY-43-4-501
TELLER, WILLIAM W.                      NY-43-L-257
TENNANT, MARY                           NY-43-74-199
TENNANT, MARY FRANCES                   NY-43-76-124
TEPOEL, BERNARD                         NY-43-L-75
TERGESEN, JOHAN EMIL                    NY-43-79-40
TERRY, EDWARD A.                        NY-43-83-515
TERZO, GUSTAVO                          NY-43-88-399
TESAR, MATILDA                          NY-43-87-403
THATER, HENRIETTA                       NY-43-#1-152
THAYER, MARGERY ANN                     NY-43-L-46
THIBAULT, ALICE S.                      NY-43-82-272
THOMAS, MABEL L.                        NY-43-80-145
THOMPSN, ELIZABETH                      NY-43-Z-18
THOMPSON, ANN                           NY-43-#1-89, 324
THOMPSON, ANN                           NY-43-8-212
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       NY-43-#1-119
THOMPSON, CORNELIA O.                   NY-43-Y-280
THOMPSON, ELIZA                         NY-43-O-327
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-43-Z-37
THOMPSON, ENDORA STILLMAN               NY-43-79-37
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         NY-43-4-156
THOMPSON, JOHN C.                       NY-43-M-249
THOMPSON, JOHN E.                       NY-43-D-227
THOMPSON, MARION D.                     NY-43-80-102
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-43-I-493
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-43-N-167
THOMPSON, ROBERT P.                     NY-43-88-498
THOMPSON, SIGVART                       NY-43-76-261
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-43-L-404
THOMSEN, JOHN S.                        NY-43-87-389
THOMSON, THOMAS LEONARD                 NY-43-77-142
THORN, JOHN B.                          NY-43-Z-392
THORNE, ELIZABETH                       NY-43-3-347
THORNER, THEODORE                       NY-43-79-126
THORNTON, HENRIETTA A.                  NY-43-83-229
THORP, JANE M.                          NY-43-Y-170
TIBBETTS, ERNEST RAYMOND                NY-43-88-109
TICKLE, URBAINE                         NY-43-78-341
TIMM, ALBERT                            NY-43-88-65
TIMPSON, JOHN W.                        NY-43-6-175
TIRELLI, MICHELE                        NY-43-76-127
TODD, ROSEANNA                          NY-43-9-18
TOKACH, JEAN HASTIE                     NY-43-85-302
TOLAND, WILLIAM H.                      NY-43-3-201
TOMES, RUTH STAFFORD                    NY-43-78-14
TOMLINSON, GRAHAM K.                    NY-43-85-520
TOMLINSON, HELENA M.                    NY-43-4-377
TOMLINSON, JOHN R.                      NY-43-4-467
TOMPKINS, ANNA M.                       NY-43-81-538
TOMSEINO, ROSCARIO                      NY-43-81-343
TONELLI, AMELIA                         NY-43-79-273
TONG, ANNIE B.                          NY-43-3-224
TONNESSEN, SARA                         NY-43-76-133
TONYE, THEODORE M.                      NY-43-78-642
TOOLE, EDWARD                           NY-43-P-16
TOOLE, ELLEN                            NY-43-T-353
TOOLE, SUSAN                            NY-43-N-114
TOOMEY, JOHN A.                         NY-43-81-338
TORGERSEN, MARIE                        NY-43-76-42
TORGERSEN, WALTER                       NY-43-77-312
TORNQUIST, BOIDY ELESA                  NY-43-78-576
TORRAS, R. VINCENT                      NY-43-83-232
TORRE, DOMENICO                         NY-43-75-363
TORRE, ELIZABETH                        NY-43-3-52
TORRIE, CHRISTIANA                      NY-43-K-127
TOTO, MARGUERITE                        NY-43-79-363
TOTO, ROSE                              NY-43-85-490
TOTTEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-43-P-145
TOTTEN, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-43-2-13
TOTTEN, EPHRAIM J.                      NY-43-X-445
TOTTEN, GILBERT                         NY-43-B-727
TOTTEN, JAMES                           NY-43-C-1101
TOTTEN, JAMES                           NY-43-Q-116
TOTTEN, JOHN SR.                        NY-43-G-95
TOTTEN, JOHN WESLEY                     NY-43-F-334
TOTTEN, JOSEPH E.                       NY-43-G-205
TOTTEN, LANG                            NY-43-#1-108
TOTTEN, PHILIP B.                       NY-43-Z-106
TOTTEN, RACHEL                          NY-43-I-647
TOTTEN, ZEBEDEE                         NY-43-B-830
TOWELL, THOMAS                          NY-43-L-193
TOWNSEND, CHARLES E.                    NY-43-#1-246
TOWNSEND, CHARLES HIGBEE                NY-43-3-187
TOWNSEND, HENRY D.                      NY-43-V-150
TRABER, JOHN                            NY-43-L-301
TRACY, ANNIE M. RITCHIE                 NY-43-2-387
TRACY, JOSEPH                           NY-43-K-283
TRACY, ROSE                             NY-43-U-73
TRACY, RUTH                             NY-43-85-363
TRAINA, COSTANTINO                      NY-43-75-125
TRAINOR, JOHN A.                        NY-43-79-630
TREFOUSSE, GEORGE L.                    NY-43-83-52
TRIMPIN, MARIE AGATHA                   NY-43-9-146
TRINDER, RICHARD                        NY-43-X-326
TRIPKE, AUGUST                          NY-43-U-399
TROELL, WILLIAM                         NY-43-N-244
TROTT, BENJAMIN                         NY-43-4-354
TROUT, HARRIET M.                       NY-43-80-429
TROUTT, GEORGE L.                       NY-43-11-170
TROWBRIDGE, MAY E (ALLEN0               NY-43-5-349
TRUBSHAW, JEAN C.                       NY-43-83-283
TRUMBULL, JOSEPH                        NY-43-Q-333
TUCCIARONE, FILOMENA                    NY-43-75-232
TUCCIARONE, GIUSEPPE                    NY-43-75-229
TUCKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-43-H-416
TUCKER, EDWIN H.                        NY-43-79-137
TULLEY, ELLA                            NY-43-85-25
TULLY, CATHARINE                        NY-43-11-32
TULLY, HANNAH                           NY-43-2-20
TULLY, JAMES                            NY-43-W-97
TULLY, MARY ANN                         NY-43-2-454
TULLY, THOMAS                           NY-43-2-176
TULLY, THOMAS J.                        NY-43-75-450
TUPPER, LEMUEL H.                       NY-43-#1-166
TURCO, ANNA                             NY-43-83-619
TURK, RICHARD J.                        NY-43-82-377
TURNER, CHARLES                         NY-43-9-163
TURNER, GEORGE H.                       NY-43-88-452
TURNER, JANE C.                         NY-43-T-426
TURNER, JOHN                            NY-43-4-216
TURNER, MOSES G.                        NY-43-F-295
TURNEY, JOHN                            NY-43-I-104
TUTTLE, CYNTHIA L.                      NY-43-K-198
TWITCHELL, JAMES                        NY-43-X-92
TYNAN, MICHAEL                          NY-43-S-299
TYNAN, MICHAEL S.                       NY-43-#1-115
TYNG, BLANCHE E.                        NY-43-2-311
TYSEN, ELIZABETH                        NY-43-G-233
TYSEN, JACOB                            NY-43-G-213
TYSEN, RICHARD                          NY-43-K-317
TYSON, DAVID                            NY-43-E-162
TYSON, JOHN                             NY-43-A-382
TYSON, RICHARD                          NY-43-F-133

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