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SACIA, DAVID F.                         NY-29-6-447
SALTSMAN, ALEXANDER                     NY-29-12-12
SALTSMAN, JOHN                          NY-29-4-71
SALTSMAN, MICHAEL                       NY-29-9-19
SALTSMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-29-7-202
SAMMONS, THOMAS                         NY-29-6-288
SAMMONS, THOMAS                         NY-29-6-314
SANDERS, HENRY                          NY-29-10-219
SANDES, JACOB                           NY-29-9-423
SANFORD, DAVID H.                       NY-29-9-343
SANFORD, HUGH                           NY-29-6-63
SCHARFF, CHARLES                        NY-29-10-421
SCHENCK, RALPH                          NY-29-6-46
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN S.                   NY-29-7-354
SCHLEE, CHARLES                         NY-29-11-312
SCHMELTZ, JOSEPH                        NY-29-9-492
SCHNELL, ADAM                           NY-29-4-229
SCHOONMAKER, CHERICK                    NY-29-3-388
SCHRAM, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-29-7-181
SCHULER, MAGDELANE                      NY-29-9-28
SCHUYLER, DANIEL                        NY-29-11-110
SCHUYLER, JACOB                         NY-29-1-387
SCHUYLER, JACOB                         NY-29-3-489
SCHUYLER, JOHN                          NY-29-8-481
SCHUYLER, JOHN J.                       NY-29-11-323
SCHUYLER, PETER                         NY-29-1-62
SCHUYLER, PHILIP                        NY-29-1-372
SCHUYLER, PHILIP 3RD                    NY-29-7-6
SCHUYLER, PHILIP P.                     NY-29-8-369
SCHUYLER, THOMAS                        NY-29-11-308
SCHUYLER, WILLIAM                       NY-29-5-314
SCOTT, BARCUT                           NY-29-4-225
SCOTT, HORACE                           NY-29-9-272
SEARLES, DENNIS                         NY-29-8-204
SEARLES, MARIA                          NY-29-8-211
SEEBER, ADOLPH                          NY-29-10-61
SEEBER, JACOB                           NY-29-9-315
SEEBER, WILLIAM                         NY-29-4-176
SELTER, HENRY                           NY-29-3-3
SERVISS, CHRISTIAN                      NY-29-3-563
SERVISS, GEORGE                         NY-29-12-19
SERVISS, GEORGE                         NY-29-2-160
SERVISS, JOHN C.                        NY-29-8-157
SERVISS, JOHN G.                        NY-29-7-290
SERVISS, MARTHA ANN                     NY-29-11-290
SERVOSS, PHILIP                         NY-29-7-442
SHALLOP, HENRY SR.                      NY-29-3-71
SHARP, SOLOMON                          NY-29-11-402
SHARPENSTINE, JACOB                     NY-29-3-287
SHAUT, THEODORUS                        NY-29-1-338
SHAVER, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-29-3-44
SHAVER, GEORGE                          NY-29-1-422
SHAVER, JOSEPH                          NY-29-5-447
SHAVER, NICHOLAS                        NY-29-5-531
SHAVER, WILLIAM                         NY-29-10-427
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-29-4-38
SHELDON, ALEXANDER                      NY-29-6-72
SHELDON, ALEXANDER                      NY-29-10-495
SHELP, HENRY                            NY-29-12-248
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                        NY-29-2-80
SHEPPERD, WILLIAM                       NY-29-11-248
SHERBURNE, JOHN                         NY-29-8-260
SHERMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-29-10-460
SHERMAN, JONATHAN (DR.)                 NY-29-11-192
SHERWOOD, DAVID                         NY-29-2-323
SHEW, GODFREY                           NY-29-1-328
SHIBLEY, HENRY                          NY-29-9-117
SHILL, JACOB                            NY-29-4-244
SHIMEALL, VALENTINE                     NY-29-5-236
SHIPLEY, SARAH JANET                    NY-29-11-417
SHOEMAKER, ABRAHAM                      NY-29-3-463
SHOUDY, CATHARINE                       NY-29-9-208
SHRADER, WALTER                         NY-29-12-175
SHULER, CATHARINE                       NY-29-5-32
SHULER, DARIUS P.                       NY-29-11-458
SHULER, FREDERICK                       NY-29-6-317
SHULER, GEORGE                          NY-29-3-1
SHULER, GEORGE                          NY-29-7-461
SHULER, LAURANCE                        NY-29-2-223
SHULER, WILLIAM S.                      NY-29-11-510
SHULL, WILLIAM                          NY-29-6-220
SHULTE, JOHN J.                         NY-29-4-202
SHULTIS, CONRADT                        NY-29-8-219
SHULTS, HENRY J.                        NY-29-7-276
SHULTS, JOHN G.                         NY-29-10-106
SHUNCK, DANIEL                          NY-29-7-126
SHUNK, CHRISTIAN                        NY-29-12-127
SHUTES, FREDERICK                       NY-29-10-178
SILBACH, JOHN                           NY-29-3-448
SILLIMAN, EBENEZER H.                   NY-29-2-523
SILMSER, HENRY                          NY-29-6-170
SILSBURY, JONATHAN                      NY-29-6-376
SIMMONS, HIRAM                          NY-29-12-134
SINNOTT, EDWARD D.                      NY-29-6-355
SINTNER, GEORGE                         NY-29-4-21
SIVER, ROBERT                           NY-29-4-25
SIVER, WILLIAM                          NY-29-12-284
SIZER, SYBIL                            NY-29-12-237
SLACK, BENAJAH                          NY-29-3-124
SLATTERY, ANDREW                        NY-29-1-429
SLATTERY, JOHN                          NY-29-1-405
SLOCUM, ELEZER                          NY-29-4-53
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-12-487
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-4-54
SMITH, ANNA                             NY-29-3-408
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-29-2-568
SMITH, CATY B.                          NY-29-6-405
SMITH, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-8-373
SMITH, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-6-246
SMITH, CORNELIUS C.                     NY-29-5-259
SMITH, FREDERICK                        NY-29-4-406
SMITH, FREDERICK                        NY-29-1-340
SMITH, GARRET                           NY-29-7-470
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-29-5-475
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-29-12-492
SMITH, HARMANUS                         NY-29-2-229
SMITH, HARMANUS A.                      NY-29-9-131
SMITH, HENDRICK                         NY-29-1-280
SMITH, HENRY H.                         NY-29-12-68
SMITH, HENRY L.                         NY-29-11-598
SMITH, HENRY M.                         NY-29-3-38
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-29-7-254
SMITH, JACOB H.                         NY-29-10-184
SMITH, JAMES N.                         NY-29-11-328
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-29-1-50
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-29-11-242
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-29-6-132
SMITH, MARIA                            NY-29-6-487
SMITH, MARY CATHERINE                   NY-29-9-311
SMITH, NICHOLAS J.                      NY-29-10-123
SMITH, PATRICK                          NY-29-12-14
SMITH, PETER                            NY-29-5-99
SMITH, SIDNEY                           NY-29-10-564
SMITH, SOLOMON                          NY-29-3-541
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                       NY-29-12-256
SNELL, ADAM                             NY-29-2-456
SNELL, FREDERICK N.                     NY-29-7-172
SNELL, GEORGE                           NY-29-1-40
SNELL, JOHANNES                         NY-29-1-1
SNELL, JOHN A.                          NY-29-9-258
SNELL, JOST A.                          NY-29-3-400
SNELL, MARY                             NY-29-10-227
SNELL, NICHOLAS                         NY-29-5-208
SNOOK, JACOB                            NY-29-3-93
SNOOK, JACOB H.                         NY-29-6-399
SNOOK, JOHN                             NY-29-5-139
SNOOK, WILLIAM                          NY-29-10-282
SNOOK, WILLIAM                          NY-29-2-443
SNYDER, ANDRUS                          NY-29-1-106
SNYDER, JACOB                           NY-29-2-538
SNYDER, JACOB                           NY-29-8-449
SNYDER, JACOB                           NY-29-12-74
SNYDER, JACOB G.                        NY-29-7-50
SNYDER, JACOB M.                        NY-29-5-534
SNYDER, JAMES                           NY-29-5-478
SNYDER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-255
SNYDER, JOHN P.                         NY-29-7-27
SNYDER, MICHAEL                         NY-29-2-190
SOULE, JACOB                            NY-29-12-227
SPAFFORD, THOMA                         NY-29-1-520
SPANKNOBLE, JOHANNES                    NY-29-4-134
SPENCER, JUDITH W.                      NY-29-10-463
SPIRE, MARTHA                           NY-29-8-92
SPONENBARGH, ADAM                       NY-29-3-58
SPONENBURGH, LUCAS                      NY-29-11-477
SPOORE, MARY                            NY-29-1-222
SPRACHER, GEORGE                        NY-29-3-333
SPRAKER, GEORGE                         NY-29-12-183
SPRAKER, GEORGE                         NY-29-4-191
SPRAKER, GEORGE JR.                     NY-29-1-383
SPRAKER, GEORGE W.                      NY-29-12-459
SPRAKER, JOST                           NY-29-8-39
SPRAKER, MARY H.                        NY-29-12-272
SPRAKER, PETER                          NY-29-11-1
SPRINGSTEEN, HANNAH                     NY-29-6-270
STALEY, HARMANUS R.                     NY-29-8-329
STALEY, HENRY G.                        NY-29-6-142
STALEY, JACOB                           NY-29-3-399
STALEY, JACOB H.                        NY-29-11-74
STALEY, JOHN                            NY-29-11-198
STALEY, RUOLF                           NY-29-4-421
STALEY, SUSAN                           NY-29-11-320
STANLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-29-9-393
STANTON, JOHN W.                        NY-29-8-215
STARIN, JACOB F.                        Ny-29-4-183
STARIN, JOHN                            NY-29-5-538
STARING, ADAM                           NY-29-2-388
STARING, NELLY                          NY-29-7-313
STARING, PHILIP A.                      NY-29-6-172
STAVIN, DEBORAH                         NY-29-4-51
STEARNS, JOSIAS                         NY-29-9-129
STEEL, JUSTUS                           NY-29-2-494
STEEN, MATTHIAS                         NY-29-11-86
STEPHENS, JOHN                          NY-29-1-161
STERLING, WILLIAM                       NY-29-9-137
STERNBERGH, JACOB                       NY-29-1-84
STEVENS, IRA                            NY-29-4-503
STEWARD, WILLIAM                        NY-29-10-35
STEWART, DUNCAN                         NY-29-10-71
STEWART, DUNCAN                         NY-29-2-75
STEWART, JOHN                           NY-29-6-23
STEWART, JOHN                           NY-29-7-103
STEWART, MARGARET                       NY-29-10-182
STEWART, MARY                           NY-29-8-275
STEWART, MARY M.                        NY-29-11-19
STEWART, ROBERT                         NY-29-6-134
STEWART, THOMAS                         NY-29-3-569
STJOHN, ALEXANDER                       NY-29-3-532
STJOHN, SYLVANUS                        NY-29-10-589
STOLLER, CHRISITAN                      NY-29-9-94
STOLLER, MICHAEL                        NY-29-9-127
STOUTENBURGH, TOBIAS A.                 NY-29-6-165
STOWITS, GEORGE                         NY-29-4-440
STOWITS, JACOB                          NY-29-7-367
STOWITTS, HENRY                         NY-29-10-209
STRAYER, JOHN                           NY-29-12-465
STRAYER, NANCY                          NY-29-8-452
STRIKER, GEORGE W. SR.                  NY-29-11-577
SUITS, ADAM A.                          NY-29-12-55
SUITS, CHRISTOPHER N.                   NY-29-9-217
SUITS, JOHN A.                          NY-29-5-422
SUITS, PETER                            NY-29-12-376
SUITS, WILLIAM A.                       NY-29-12-399
SUTFIN, CHARITY                         NY-29-9-400
SUTS, ADAM                              NY-29-3-449
SUTS, PETER                             NY-29-3-404
SUTS, RICHARD                           NY-29-4-73
SUTZ, JOHN                              NY-29-3-349
SWAN, LYMAN                             NY-29-4-174
SWART, BENJAMIN                         NY-29-2-530
SWART, ELIAS                            NY-29-3-76
SWART, HESTER                           NY-29-11-81
SWART, ISAIAH                           NY-29-3-74
SWART, JELLIS                           NY-29-8-322
SWART, JEREMIAH                         NY-29-2-315
SWART, JOHN                             NY-29-4-253
SWART, JOHN B.                          NY-29-4-131
SWART, JOHN V.                          NY-29-9-380
SWART, JOSIAS B.                        NY-29-8-386
SWART, MARTIN                           NY-29-8-427
SWART, TUNIS                            NY-29-2-237
SWART, WALTER T.                        NY-29-5-490
SWART, WILLIAM                          NY-29-10-195
SWARTS, CHRISTIAN                       NY-29-11-523
SWEET, JOHN G.                          NY-29-12-52
SWEET, WATERMAN                         NY-29-8-116
TALLHAMMER, ANDREW                      NY-29-3-68
TANNER, SOLOMON                         NY-29-2-196
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-29-11-294
TAYLOR, RULOFF V.                       NY-29-9-227
TEFFT, CAROLINE                         NY-29-9-415
TEFFT, DANIEL                           NY-29-8-123
TENANT, SOPHIA                          NY-29-8-403
THATCHER, ANDREW                        NY-29-11-490
THATCHER, JOSEPH                        NY-29-8-42
THAYER, EZRA                            NY-29-4-459
THOMPSON, ICHABOD                       NY-29-2-546
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-29-3-212
THOMSON, JOHN                           NY-29-3-100
THORP, CATHARINE                        NY-29-6-156
THORP, DAVID                            NY-29-5-79
THORP, EBENEZER                         NY-29-10-544
THRALL, ISAAC                           NY-29-2-357
THROOP, JOHN                            NY-29-2-364
TIMERMAN, JOHN D.                       NY-29-5-266
TIMERMAN, MAGDALENA                     NY-29-7-145
TIMMERMAN, JOHN                         NY-29-2-414
TOLL, SIMON                             NY-29-8-106
TOPPING, HETTY                          NY-29-2-446
TOWNSEND, JOHN                          NY-29-2-235
TRAUGOTT, REINHALT                      NY-29-6-425
TWEEDIE, JAMES                          NY-29-4-293
TWEEDIE, MARIA ANN                      NY-29-12-499
TYMESEN, JOHN                           NY-29-7-13

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