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HACKNEY, DAVID               FORT PLAINS                   NY-29-13-150
HACKNEY, WILLIAM             MINDEN                        NY-29-9-508
HADELER, HENRY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-569
HADELER, JACOB               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-182
HAFF, JOHN                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-340
HAFF, SARAH ANN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-373
HAGADONE, SARAH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-235
HAGADORN, JANE               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-443
HAGADORN, MARIA              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-573
HAGADORN, WHITEN             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-325
HAGAMAN, AARON P.            HAGAMAN                       NY-29-28-149
HAGAMAN, DANIEL              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-298
HAGAMAN, ELLIS               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-133
HAGAMAN, ESTHER              HAGAMANS MILLS                NY-29-16-303
HAGAMAN, FRANCIS L.          HAGAMAN                       NY-29-28-139
HAGAMAN, FRANCIS M.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-191
HAGAMAN, ISABELLA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-67
HAGAMAN, JOHN H.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-507
HAGAMAN, JOSEPH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-559
HAGAMAN, MARY A.             SEE: BANTA, MARY A.           NY-29-10-68
HAGAMAN, MINOR S.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-286
HAGEMAN, ELEANOR             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-342
HAGEMAN, JOSEPH M.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-249
HAGEN, HENRY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-171
HAGGART, CATHARINE           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-18-395
HAGGART, DANIEL              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-317
HAGGART, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-36
HAGGERTY, PATRICK            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-505
HAHN, JULIA                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-628
HAIGHT, ALICE Y.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-501
HAIGHT, BOYD R.              GLEN                          NY-29-27-11
HAIGHT, CAROLINE             ROOT                          NY-29-20-355
HAIGHT, SAMUEL V.            ROOT                          NY-29-13-62
HAIGHT, STORM R.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-10-602
HALE, JOEL                   CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-91
HALE, RALPH                  FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-430
HALL, ALEXANDER              FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-270
HALL, ANNA CLARK             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-528
HALL, CORNELIUS              GLEN                          NY-29-5-114
HALL, ELIZABETH              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-14-319
HALL, FRANCIS D.             FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-27-301
HALL, GEORGE                 MINDEN                        NY-29-10-457
HALL, JAMS S.                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-405
HALL, JOHN W.                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-13-424
HALL, MARGARET               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-354
HALL, MARY ANN               FLORIDA                       NY-29-2-511
HALL, PHEBE ANN              ROOT                          NY-29-24-133
HALL, ROBERT                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-477
HALL, ROBERT                 MINDEN                        NY-29-6-419
HALL, ROSE                   FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-81
HALL, SARAH L.               ROOT                          NY-29-28-123
HALL, WILLIAM                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-1-155
HALL, WILLIAM                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-358
HALLADAY, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-5-512
HALLADAY, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-5-460
HALLADAY, WILLIAM            NTL                           NY-29-2-482
HALLENBACK, ANTHONY          NTL                           NY-29-4-10
HALLIGAN, JULIA G.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-407
HALVEY, MARGARET             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-47
HAM, NANCY                   MINDEN                        NY-29-18-261
HAMESTREET, BENJAMIN         ROOT                          NY-29-13-42
HAMILTON, ELIDA              CANAJAHARIE                   NY-29-20-415
HAMILTON, GEORGE             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-452
HAMILTON, HARVEY             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-242
HAMILTON, JANE ANN           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-27-327
HAMILTON, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-295
HAMILTON, JOHN               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-6-396
HAMILTON, WILLIAM            NTL                           NY-29-3-31
HAMILTON, WILLIAM I.         CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-370
HAMLIN, CALEB JEWETT         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-29-23-418
HAMMOND, CATALINA            MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-8
HAMMOND, CHRISTOPHER Y.      MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-320
HAMMOND, JAMES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-450
HAMMOND, WILLIAM             NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-3-276
HAMMOND, WILLIAM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-1-421
HAND, JOHN                   GLEN                          NY-29-9-472
HAND, MARY                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-583
HANDS, GEORGE A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-516
HANDY, LEANDER               MINDEN                        NY-29-17-25
HANLON, JAMES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-602
HANNON, HARRIET M.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-493
HANOR, JOHN P.               CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-4-496
HANSEN, PETER                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-63
HANSEN, SOPHIA               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-537
HANSEN, WILLIAM              PALATINE                      NY-29-18-321
HANSON, ABRAHAM              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-143
HANSON, CHARLES              FONDA                         NY-29-27-165
HANSON, DANIEL N.            MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-15
HANSON, DANIEL P.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-475
HANSON, EVELINE E.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-420
HANSON, HANNAH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-45
HANSON, JAMES HOWARD         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-137
HANSON, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-257
HANSON, JOHN A.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-132
HANSON, JOHN L.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-537
HANSON, MALVINA W.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-191
HANSON, MARY K.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-498
HANSON, MELISSA C.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-573
HANSON, NICHOLAS B.          NTL                           NY-29-3-324
HANSON, WILLIAM B.           FONDA                         NY-29-13-502
HARDENBERGH, CORNELIUS       CHARLESTON                    NY-29-2-484
HARDENBERGH, JACOB           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-335
HARDENBURGH, EVE ELIZABETH   GLEN                          NY-29-18-455
HARDING, FREDERICK           MINDEN                        NY-29-12-243
HARE, JAY                    AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-25
HARE, MALISSA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-272
HARMON, ANN                  MINDEN                        NY-29-23-520
HARMON, MARY ELIZABETH       FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-30-120
HARNISH, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-385
HARPER, GODFREY              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-107
HARPER, MARTHA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-108
HARRIGAN, MARGARET           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-360
HARRINGTON, MICHAEL          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-525
HARRIS, BARBARY              HOPE                          NY-29-5-383
HARRIS, JAMES                MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-347
HARRIS, WILLIAM              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-119
HARRISON, HELEN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-70
HARRISON, JANE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-72
HARRISON, MARY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-451
HARRISON, WILLIAM            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-4-119
HART, AARON                  EPHRATAH                      NY-29-6-225
HART, CONRAD F.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-112
HART, CONRADT                PALATINE                      NY-29-2-437
HART, EPHRAIM E.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-244
HART, LYDIA                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-565
HART, WILLIAM H.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-67
HARTING, BARBARA             MINDEN                        NY-29-21-468
HARTLEY, GARRETT VANDERVEER  FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-331
HARTLEY, JOHN B.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-402
HARTLEY, JOHN BARLOW         FLORIDA                       NY-29-27-187
HARTLEY, REUBEN M.           FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-95
HARTSHORN, JACOB             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-103
HARTT, WILLIAM H.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-253
HARTWELL, AUGUSTA M.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-28
HARVEY, JOHN M.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-435
HARVEY, LYDIA L.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-319
HARVEY, RACHEL               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-167
HARVEY, THOMAS               NTL                           NY-29-3-143
HASLET, JOHN B.              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-18-37
HASLET, WILLIAM A.           MINDEN                        NY-29-13-409
HASLETT, ELIZABETH           MINDEN                        NY-29-17-43
HASLETT, ELIZABETH S.        FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-433
HASTINGS, ALMIRA             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-612
HASTINGS, JOSEPH             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-98
HATCH, CATHARINE             FORT HUNTER                   NY-29-23-50
HATTER, ELIZABETH            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-287
HATTER, WILLIAM              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-16-493
HAVER, MARGARET              FLORIDA                       NY-29-27-51
HAWKINS, ELIZABETH           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-572
HAWLEY, ASAHEL               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-8-461
HAWLEY, FREDERICK            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-117
HAWLEY, JANE ANN             FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-412
HAWLEY, JOHN E.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-161
HAWLEY, LYDIA W.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-473
HAWN, GEORGE                 MINDEN                        NY-29-4-249
HAWN, GUILFORD               MINDEN                        NY-29-18-567
HAYES, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-489
HAYFLINGER, JOHN             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-152
HAYNES, FLORA T.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-562
HAYWARD, SHEFFIELD           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-137
HAZLETT, ALLA N.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-376
HBORNING, DEDERICK           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-88
HEAGLE, HANNAH M.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-561
HEAGLE, MICHAEL              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-350
HEALY, ANTHONY               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-13-81
HEATH, S. PULVER             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-281
HEBBARD, EBBENEZER           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-92
HEBELER, MARTHA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-588
HECKERT, LOUISA              FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-27-413
HEES, ABRAHAM                PALATINE                      NY-29-17-321
HEES, JACOB                  FONDA                         NY-29-22-224
HEES, JENNIE                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-487
HEES, JOHANNES               PALATINE                      NY-29-1-238
HEES, MARGARET               PALATINE                      NY-29-12-346
HEES, MIRANDA                FONDA                         NY-29-23-5
HEGEMAN, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-590
HEINZ, HARRIS                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-365
HEISE, AUGUST                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-286
HEISER, CHRISTIAN F.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-483
HEISER, HENRY                GLEN                          NY-29-26-415
HEISER, HENRY                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-117
HEISSLER, ANDREW J.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-287
HELLEGAS, CONRAD             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-7-431
HELLEGAS, PETER              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-7-199
HELLER, MARY LOUISE          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-169
HELLER, REINHARD             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-229
HELLIGAS, DAVID              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-18-303
HELLIN, WILLIAM              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-110
HELMER, LENARD               PALATINE                      NY-29-1-45
HENDRICK, NATHANIEL          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-165
HENNEGER, GEORGE             PALATINE                      NY-29-12-101
HENNEMAN, JOHN F. W.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-325
HENZA, MAGDALENA             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-103
HENZE, ERNEST                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-444
HERLEHEY, BRIDGET            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-513
HERLEHEY, DANIEL             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-129
HERRICK, AVERY               ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-29-23-336
HERRICK, BENJAMIN            FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-71
HERRICK, DANIEL D.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-347
HERRICK, ELIZABETH           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-1
HERRICK, GEORGE              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-278
HERRICK, GEORGE I.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-190
HERRICK, HENRY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-107
HERRICK, JACOB               NTL                           NY-29-4-124
HERRICK, SPEDY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-462
HERRINGOTN, EDMOND           FLORIDA                       NY-29-14-13
HERRINGTON, BRIDGET          FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-497
HERWICK, JOSEPH              MINDEN                        NY-29-2-430
HESDORF, JOHN                PALATINE                      NY-29-17-191
HESLER, MARY ANN             MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-237
HESS, ADAM                   MINDEN                        NY-29-22-362
HESS, BETSEY                 MINDEN                        NY-29-20-202
HESS, CORDELIA E.            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-166
HESS, GEORGE H.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-368
HESS, LOUIS                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-67
HESS, MARY M.                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-410
HESS, SOLOMON                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-345
HESSLER, HENRY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-5
HETMIENENROZ, ANTONI         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-410
HEWES, CHARLES E.            MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-233
HEWETT, JOHN K.              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-13-217
HEWETT, SAMUEL D.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-20-553
HEWIT, RICHARD               NTL                           NY-29-2-308
HEWITT, ALONZO D.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-304
HEWITT, AMELIA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-137
HEWITT, HENRY H.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-381
HEWITT, NIAS                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-565
HIBBARD, ANDREW B.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-35
HIBBARD, HANNAH              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-5-389
HIBBARD, SARAH J.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-539
HICKS, JOHND.                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-12-446
HICKY, MICHAEL               CONAJOHARA                    NY-29-1-122
HIDDE, CHRISTOPHER           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-111
HIDDE, FREDERICK             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-382
HIGBIE, ANNA LESLIE          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-202
HIGBIE, CATHARINE            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-362
HIGBIE, ROBERT               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-10-278
HILDRETH, ANN                NTL                           NY-29-3-257
HILDRETH, JAMES              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-133
HILDRETH, MATHIAS B.         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-175
HILIARD, ELIZABETH           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-14-136
HILKE, WILHELM               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-409
HILL, BRADFORD A.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-327
HILL, CATHARINE M.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-492
HILL, ELEANOR                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-392
HILL, HARRIET                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-193
HILL, NICHOLAS               FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-434
HILL, SQUIRE                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-8-456
HILL, WILLIAM                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-65
HILLEGAS, DAVID              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-23
HILLEGAS, ELIZABETH          ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-14-256
HILLEGAS, ERNEST             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-527
HILLEGAS, JACOB              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-13-435
HILLIARD, JOHN C.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-14-170
HILLIARD, JOHN D.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-10-101
HILLMAN, EDWARD              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-222
HILLMAN, SHADRACH            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-5-1
HILLS, SIDNEY S.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-7-493
HILLSBRANT, JACOB            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-316
HILLYER, REBECCA A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-247
HILTON, JAMES B.             FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-27-493
HINDLE, MARY E.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-227
HINMAN, NOAH                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-4-390
HIRSCHFELD, CHARLES          FLORIDA                       NY-29-26-328
HIX, ADAM                    MINDEN                        NY-29-30-72
HIX, CHARLES A.              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-530
HIX, FRANZ                   FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-22-364
HOAG, ANN ELIZA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-509
HOAG, EZRA                   ROOT                          NY-29-7-505
HOAG, FRANCIS                ROOT                          NY-29-9-189
HOAG, MARK G.                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-399
HOAG, NATHANIEL              GLEN                          NY-29-12-1
HOAG, RUTH                   CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-14
HOBBS, MARGARET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-85
HOCTOR, THOMAS               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-291
HODGE, AUGUSUS M.            PALATINE                      NY-29-26-49
HODGE, JACOB                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-8-198
HOEFS, AUGUST                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-325
HOEG, SAMUEL                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-2-372
HOES, NANCY C.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-244
HOES, SEDATE D.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-51
HOESE, CONRAD                ROOT                          NY-29-21-259
HOFF, CORNELIUS              GLEN                          NY-29-10-188
HOFF, CORNELIUS R.           GLEN                          NY-29-6-175
HOFF, HANNAH                 GLEN                          NY-29-8-62
HOFF, RICHARD JR.            GLEN                          NY-29-5-211
HOFFMAN, CHARLES             PALATINE                      NY-29-25-105
HOFFMAN, GEORGE              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-323
HOFFMAN, JULIUS              ROOT                          NY-29-24-589
HOGEBOOM, JEREMIAH           FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-10
HOJOHN, CHARLES F.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-87
HOKE, CHRISTOPHER            MINDEN                        NY-29-5-414
HOKE, HARVEY                 MINDEN                        NY-29-27-419
HOKE, JOHANNIS               MINDEN                        NY-29-1-345
HOKE, LOUISA                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-415
HOKE, MARY                   MINDEN                        NY-29-3-481
HOKE, NICHOLAS               MINDEN                        NY-29-23-74
HOKE, PETER                  MINDEN                        NY-29-7-332
HOLBROOK, CATHERINE L.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-249
HOLBROOK, JULIA V.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-428
HOLLEY, ELIZA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-508
HOLLEY, HARMANUS             NTL                           NY-29-1-152
HOLLIS, MATILDA S.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-385
HOLLORAN, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-357
HOLLY, ELIZABETH N.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-507
HOLMES, BENJAMIN             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-4-527
HOLMES, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-403
HOLMES, JUDAH                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-11-392
HOLMES, SAMUEL W.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-4-79
HOLSINGER, ELEANOR           AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-26-343
HOLT, CHARLES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-346
HOLTON, SARAH LOUISA         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-289
HOLZHAUER, MARY              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-172
HOOGHKERK, LUCAS             PALATINE                      NY-29-1-528
HOOKER, CATHERINE A.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-204
HOOSACK, SIMON               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-233
HOPES, ALICE                 FORT HUNTER                   NY-29-29-385
HOPES, PETER                 FLORIDA                       82-505
HORN, ADAM                   ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-17-153
HORNING, ADAM                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-28
HORNING, ALEXANDER           FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-22-258
HORNING, RICHARD             MOHAWK                        NY-29-10-312
HORNING, RICHARD             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-90
HORNING, RICHARD R.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-420
HORNKEY, CHRISTIAN           MINDEN                        NY-29-18-363
HORSWELL, HANNAH             AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-11-168
HORTON, GABRIEL              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-9-145
HORTON, GEORGE               FONDA                         NY-29-30-462
HORTON, HENRY C.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-427
HORTON, ROSA S.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-519
HOSE, SARAH E.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-321
HOTALING, CONRAD A.          EAST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ        NY-29-25-242
HOTALING, GERTRUDE A.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-423
HOUCK, JACOB                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-283
HOUCK, JACOB                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-552
HOUCK, THEODORE              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-39
HOUGH, ALBERT                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-10-291
HOUGH, AZEL                  ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-9-464
HOUGH, CHRISTIANA            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-437
HOUGH, GORDON                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-13
HOUGH, JOHN                  MOHAWK                        NY-29-6-385
HOUGH, JOHN                  MOHAWK                        NY-29-24-401
HOUGH, JOHN G.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-321
HOUGHTALING, JAMES           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-20-40
HOUGHTALING, RICHARD         MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-424
HOUGHTALING, WILLIAM S.      JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-30
HOUSE, ABRAHAM               MINDEN                        NY-29-8-376
HOUSE, ESTHER A.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-419
HOUSE, FRANKLIN H.           MINDEN                        NY-29-27-207
HOUSE, ISAAC                 MINDEN                        NY-29-7-434
HOUSE, JOHN P.               MINDEN                        NY-29-22-398
HOUSE, PETER C.              NTL                           NY-29-2-348
HOUSE, PETER H.              MINDEN                        NY-29-23-630
HOUT, CHRISTIAN              FLORIDA                       NY-29-30-372
HOVEMEYER, CHARLES           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-471
HOWARD, CHARLOTTE            FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-482
HOWE, JULIA ANN              FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-112
HOWE, LEWIS                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-197
HOWE, NEWTON                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-494
HOWE, PALMER                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-9-329
HOWE, REUBEN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-275
HOWE, WILBER W.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-232
HOWE, WILLIAM H.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-466
HOWGATE, JAMES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-237
HOWGATE, JAMES R.            GREELEY, *, CO                NY-29-27-465
HOWGATE, JOHN A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-495
HOWLAND, DAVID               MAYFIELD                      NY-29-2-360
HOXSIE, HENRY C.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-591
HOYT, SOLOMON                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-5-204
HUBBARD, CLEINDA A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-445
HUBBARD, TUNIS               FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-110
HUBBARD, WILLIAM HENRY       FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-283
HUBBS, CHARLES               RURAL GROVE                   NY-29-23-179
HUBBS, ELIZABETH             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-289
HUBBS, GIDEON                ROOT                          NY-29-5-290
HUBBS, HIRAM                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-451
HUBBS, MARIAM                ROOT                          NY-29-11-473
HUBBS, MARY JANE             ROOT                          NY-29-22-35
HUBBS, SELAH                 ROOT                          NY-29-11-380
HUBBS, WILLIAM C.            ROOT                          NY-29-13-170
HUDRITZ, CHRISTIAN           MINDEN                        NY-29-11-368
HUDSON, BOYD R.              GLEN                          NY-29-19-193
HUDSON, EMMA                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-30-186
HUDSON, JULIA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-467
HUDSON, MARION C.            WASHINGTON, DC                NY-29-16-381
HUDSON, PHILIP               ROOT                          NY-29-10-454
HUDSON, VAN B.               GLEN                          NY-29-23-546
HUESTED, EMMOR               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-188
HUFNAIL, MARGARET            MINDEN                        NY-29-20-58
HUGHES, SARAH                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-412
HUGHES, THOMAS               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-603
HUGO, JOHN F.                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-389
HUGO, MARGARET               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-258
HUGUANIR, DAVID              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-5-295
HULSAVER, HENRY              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-84
HUMBLER, MAX                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-200
HUMFREY, JAMES               SALISBURY                     NY-29-2-98
HUMPHREY, BENJAMIN           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-65
HUMPHREY, BENJAMIN           CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-8-178
HUMPHREY, MARY ANN           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-20-575
HUMPSTONE, SARAH ELIZABETH   GLEN                          NY-29-23-131
HUNGERFORD, SAMUEL L.        ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-231
HUNN, ANNA                   MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-196
HUNN, GERTRUDE               MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-201
HUNT, EDWARD                 ROOT                          NY-29-12-560
HUNTLEY, JOHN M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-399
HURLEY, JOHN                 GLEN                          NY-29-17-101
HURST, GERTRUDE              FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-351
HURST, HENRY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-325
HUSON, GEORGE                MINDEN                        NY-29-20-455
HUSTON, HIRAM L.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-510
HUTCHINGS, JOHN              MINDEN                        NY-29-14-58
HUTTON, JAMES S.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-41
HUTTON, JOHN V.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-385
HUZE, GERTRUDE E.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-623
HYDE, CHAUNCEY               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-19-225
HYDE, ELMINA J.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-235
HYNDS, ABI                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-585
HYNEY, ANNA MARIAH           ROOT                          NY-29-21-332
HYNEY, JOHN                  GLEN                          NY-29-17-413
INCH, JOHN WILLIAM           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-495
INGERSOLL, ANNA              MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-375
INGERSOLL, GEORGE            MOHAWK                        NY-29-23-542
INGERSOLL, HENRY             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-17-109
INGERSOLL, JAMES             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-8-46
INGERSOLL, MARY J.           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-453
INGERSOLL, SARAH J.          FONDA                         NY-29-29-322
INMAN, ABBIE J.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-307
INMAN, CLARISSA              HAGAMAN                       NY-29-23-185
INMAN, ELIZABETH             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-103
INMAN, HORACE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-235
IRISH, MARIA A.              FONDA                         NY-29-27-605
IRWING, CATHERINE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-254
JACKSON, ESTHER              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-25
JACKSON, ISAAC               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-523
JACKSON, JACOB               MAYFIELD                      NY-29-4-521
JACKSON, JOSEPH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-220
JACKSON, LOUISA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-384
JACKSON, MARION R.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-27
JACKSON, ROBERT A.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-395
JACKSON, SAMUEL              FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-269
JACOBS, VALENTINE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-99
JACOX, JAMES                 MINDEN                        NY-29-9-286
JANSEN, DORCAS C.            FONDA                         NY-29-27-393
JANSEN, FREDERICK E.         FONDA                         NY-29-21-34
JEFFERS, DANIEL              FLORIDA                       NY-29-8-188
JENKINS, LUCRETIA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-360
JENNER, JOHN                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-540
JENNER, MARY C.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-538
JENNINGS, ISAAC              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-535
JENNINGS, JACOB              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-323
JENNINGS, JOSEPH             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-318
JENNINGS, MICHAEL            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-427
JENSEN, MARGARET             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-441
JEWEL, PHOEBE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-116
JOHNSON, ALIDA ANN           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-165
JOHNSON, ANDREW              NTL                           NY-29-1-79
JOHNSON, ANGELICA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-425
JOHNSON, CATHARINE           GLEN                          NY-29-22-68
JOHNSON, DANIEL B.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-71
JOHNSON, DAVID               FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-173
JOHNSON, H. ANTOINETTE       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-460
JOHNSON, ISAAC VAN PELT      AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-113
JOHNSON, JACOB               FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-484
JOHNSON, JAMES H.            ROOT                          NY-29-30-574
JOHNSON, JANE                FLORIDA                       NY-29-17-197
JOHNSON, JANE ANN            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-113
JOHNSON, JOHN                FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-103
JOHNSON, JOHN                OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-147
JOHNSON, LUCRETIA            FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-330
JOHNSON, RICHARD G.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-189
JOHNSON, SANFORD             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-157
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-556
JONES, BARBARA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-117
JONES, CAROLINE              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-422
JONES, CHARLES P.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-12-477
JONES, HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-353
JONES, ISAAC                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-22
JONES, JOANNA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-149
JONES, JOHN                  CHARLESTON                    NY-29-5-147
JONES, JOHN                  NTL                           NY-29-1-362
JONES, LUTHER                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-409
JONES, NANCIE C.             MINDEN                        NY-29-22-380
JONES, W. DAVIDSON           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-352
JONES, WILLIAM               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-25-298
JONES, WILLIAM               ROOT                          NY-29-29-109
JOY, JULIA A.                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-335
JUMP, IDELLA                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-431
KAHN, ERNEST                 PALESTINE                     NY-29-27-567
KAIN, MARTIN                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-17-441
KALK, HENRY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-22
KALK, JOHN                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-499
KANE, CHARLES                MOHAWK                        NY-29-28-395
KANE, JAMES                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-383
KANE, JAMES                  ROOT                          NY-29-4-380
KANE, JOHN                   MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-542
KANE, MARY                   CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-571
KANE, MICHAEL                GLEN                          NY-29-28-439
KANE, PATRICK                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-570
KARN, FREDERICK              PALATINE                      NY-29-17-51
KARN, GEORGE                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-2-306
KARNER, STANISLAUS           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-340
KARNER, THERESA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-141
KASSON, HARVEY               BROADALBIN                    NY-29-6-122
KASTEN, CHRISTIAN F.         GLEN                          NY-29-18-431
KATTLER, MATTHEW             MINDEN                        NY-29-22-318
KAVANAGH, CATHARINE          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-444
KAVANAGH, EDWARD             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-420
KAVANAGH, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-545
KAVANAGH, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-161
KAVANAGH, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-176
KAVANAGH, MARY E.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-259
KEACHIE, ANDREW              FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-214
KEACHIE, JOHN                FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-267
KEACHIE, THOMAS              FLORIDA                       NY-29-19-49
KEALEY, EDWARD               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-190
KEARY, BRIDGET               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-283
KEATING, EDWARD              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-235
KEATING, KATHERINE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-230
KEATOR, CORNELIUS C.         GLEN                          NY-29-17-293
KEELER, JANE                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-565
KEESLER, ELIZABETH           MINDEN                        NY-29-21-522
KEESLER, JOHN                MINDEN                        NY-29-11-228
KEESLER, PETER P.            MINDEN                        NY-29-28-503
KEHOE, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-526
KEHOE, MOSES T.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-479
KEIDERLING, MICHAEL          GLEN                          NY-29-19-507
KEILEY, PATRICK              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-429
KEINER, ANNA M.              PALATINE                      NY-29-28-169
KELER, HENRY                 MINDEN                        NY-29-3-297
KELLER, CHRISTOPHER          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-425
KELLER, ELIZABETH            MINDEN                        NY-29-19-573
KELLER, ELIZABETH            ROOT                          NY-29-13-71
KELLER, EMMA S.              MINDEN                        NY-29-18-357
KELLER, HENRY                ROOT                          NY-29-17-167
KELLER, JACOB                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-46
KELLER, JACOB A.             MINDEN                        NY-29-5-17
KELLER, JACOB S.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-259
KELLER, JOHANNES             MANHEIM                       NY-29-1-365
KELLER, JOHN                 MINDEN                        NY-29-21-432
KELLER, JOHN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-303
KELLER, JOHN                 ROOT                          NY-29-10-504
KELLER, NICHOLAS             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-7-293
KELLER, PETER                OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-181
KELLER, POLLY                MINDEN                        NY-29-16-31
KELLER, RUDOLPH              MINDEN                        NY-29-15-426
KELLER, WALTER               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-363
KELLER, WILLIAM J.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-10-54
KELLETT, ANN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-603
KELLETT, CATHERINE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-490
KELLETT, CHARLES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-487
KELLETT, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-522
KELLEY, CHARLES R.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-404
KELLEY, JOHN                 PALATINE                      NY-29-12-441
KELLOGG, ELIZABETH F.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-49
KELLOGG, HANNAH WADDELL      MINDEN                        NY-29-20-37
KELLOGG, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-161
KELLOGG, LAUREN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-140
KELLOTT, ANN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-439
KELLY, ANN                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-97
KELLY, JOHN                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-35
KELLY, JOHN SR.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-454
KELLY, KATE B.               FONDA                         NY-29-24-25
KELLY, MATTHIAS              FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-299
KELLY, PETER                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-250
KELLY, PETER                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-14-174
KELLY, ROBERT                FLORIDA                       NY-29-19-281
KELLY, THOMAS                FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-505
KELLY, WILLIAM P.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-364
KELSEY, H. PHILIP            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-13
KELSEY, HELEN                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-383
KELSEY, LOUISA               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-20-409
KENNEDY, JAMES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-356
KENNEDY, JAMES               BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-326
KENNEDY, JAMES JR.           BROADALBIN                    NY-29-2-11
KENNEDY, JEREMIAH            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-394
KENNEDY, JOHN                BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-540
KENNEDY, JOHN M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-400
KENNEDY, MARGARET            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-523
KENNEDY, MARY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-157
KENNEDY, MICHAEL             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-145
KENNEDY, MICHAEL             ROOT                          NY-29-27-253
KENNEDY, THOMAS              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-465
KENWORTHY, JOHN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-446
KENWORTHY, MARTHA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-249
KENYON, JOHN                 BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-50
KENYON, KATHERINE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-451
KENYON, LAUREN L.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-61
KEVIL, HENRY                 MINDEN                        NY-29-13-316
KEY, DANIEL                  FORT HUNTER                   NY-29-29-460
KEYES, BRIDGET               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-358
KEYES, HARRISON B.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-537
KEYES, JOHN                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-414
KEYES, LAVAUSHA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-241
KEYSER, JOHN                 MINDEN                        NY-29-11-91
KIENHOFER, PATRICK           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-401
KIERNAN, WILLIAM E.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-619
KILMARTIN, MICHAEL           ROOT                          NY-29-7-420
KILS, PHILIP                 PALATINE                      NY-29-4-67
KILTS, CHRISTINA             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-324
KILTS, JOHN                  PALATINE                      NY-29-23-364
KILTS, PETER                 PALATINE                      NY-29-8-291
KILTS, PHILENA               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-347
KIMBALL, AMY                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-26-391
KIMBALL, ELIJAH S.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-327
KIMBALL, GEORGE F.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-310
KIMBALL, GEORGE W.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-17-163
KIMBALL, JESSE               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-1-475
KIMBALL, OLIVER              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-24-341
KIMMERER, MENA               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-340
KINAMAN, AUGUSTUS            MINDEN                        NY-29-30-558
KINAMAN, CONRAD              MINDEN                        NY-29-21-580
KINAMAN, WILLIAM             MINDEN                        NY-29-24-613
KING, CHARLES                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-260
KING, HENERY                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-3-406
KING, MARIA A.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-474
KING, PATRICK                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-358
KINNEY, JAMES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-548
KINNICUT, EDWARD             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-157
KINNISTON, DOROTHY           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-13-438
KIRBY, MARY                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-76
KIRSCHNER, DANIEL            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-309
KIRSCHNER, DANIEL C.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-412
KIRSCHNER, MARGARET          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-527
KITTLE, GITTY                MOHAWK                        NY-29-15-103
KITTLE, MALACHI              MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-496
KITTS, JOHN C.               PALATINE                      NY-29-11-396
KLAPP, CHARLES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-333
KLEIN, JOHN                  MOHAWK                        NY-29-1-37
KLEOPFEL, KATHARINE          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-339
KLINE, ANN                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-380
KLINE, ANNIE M.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-25
KLINE, CATHARINE A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-121
KLINE, CORNELIUS             FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-244
KLINE, GEORGE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-77
KLINE, HARLAN P.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-197
KLINE, HENRY J.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-142
KLINE, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-388
KLINE, JOSEPH                FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-379
KLINE, MELVINA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-604
KLINE, PETER                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-505
KLINE, WILLIAM               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-13
KLINE, WILLIAM               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-381
KLING, JACOB C.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-397
KLOCK, ADAM J.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-10-490
KLOCK, AUGUSTUS              PALATINE                      NY-29-21-404
KLOCK, BARBREY               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-16-628
KLOCK, CATHERINE             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-10-1
KLOCK, CHRISTIAN             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-9-165
KLOCK, EMMETT                MINDEN                        NY-29-24-525
KLOCK, GEORGE J.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-8-267
KLOCK, HIRAM                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-52
KLOCK, JACOB                 PALATINE                      NY-29-1-159
KLOCK, JACOB                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-26-418
KLOCK, JACOB J.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-8-337
KLOCK, JACOB J.              OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-168
KLOCK, JACOB J. JR.          OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-3-50
KLOCK, JACOB JR.             MINDEN                        NY-29-15-80
KLOCK, JESSE                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-9-124
KLOCK, JOHANNES H.           OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-3-41
KLOCK, JOHN F.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-172
KLOCK, JOHN G.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-14-133
KLOCK, JOHN I.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-441
KLOCK, JOHN J.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-254
KLOCK, JOHN J.               OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-2-26
KLOCK, JONAS                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-562
KLOCK, JOSEPH                OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-2-244
KLOCK, JOSEPH G.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-7-384
KLOCK, LOUISE M.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-606
KLOCK, MARGARET E.           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-146
KLOCK, MARY                  ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-9-410
KLOCK, MENZO                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-4
KLOCK, REUBEN                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-460
KLOCK, STEPHEN               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-10-546
KNACK, FREDERICKA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-10
KNAPP, CHAUNCEY              FLORIDA                       NY-29-23-280
KNAPP, JAMES                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-97
KNAPP, MARGARETT             BROADALIN, FULTON, NY         NY-29-12-569
KNAULS, GEORGE FREDERICK     MINDEN                        NY-29-2-127
KNEELAND, JOHN               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-10-142
KNEESKERN, POLLY             MINDEN                        NY-29-19-415
KNERSKERN, CATHERINE         MINDEN                        NY-29-12-525
KNISKERN, JOHN               MINDEN                        NY-29-3-382
KNOX, JAMES                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-230
KNOX, JANE                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-24
KNOX, PETER                  BROADALBIN                    NY-29-6-49
KNOX, PETER                  BROADALBIN                    NY-29-6-130
KOCH, FREDERICK              SEE: COOK, FREDERICK          NY-29-27-205
KOCH, JOHN GEORGE            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-25-101
KOCHER, CATHARINE            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-283
KOCHER, ELIZABETH            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-450
KOCHER, NELSON               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-61
KOCHER, PETER                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-79
KOESTER, HENRIETTA           FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-396
KOESTER, LORENZO             FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-398
KOHLNER, LOUISA              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-531
KONEMUND, CAROLINE H.        FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-378
KOONS, MARIA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-300
KOONS, PHILIP                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-24-407
KOUCHER, GEORGE              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-92
KOUCHER, JACOB               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-510
KOUCHER, JACOB               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-151
KOUCHER, LUCY                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-405
KOUGHBER, ALMIRA             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-232
KOUGHER, BENJAMIN            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-17
KOUGHER, JAMES               MINDEN                        NY-29-23-203
KOUGHER, N. HELEN            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-376
KOUPMAN, ANTHONEY            MANHEIM                       NY-29-2-304
KOZAKOWSKI, VERONICA         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-589
KOZIOL, ANNA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-304
KOZIOL, JACOB                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-127
KRAMER, GEORGE ANTHONY       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-387
KREISEL, BARBARA             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-497
KREISEL, GEORGE LEONHARD     AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-499
KREMPS, PETER                STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-1-380
KRETSER, NANCY               PALATINE                      NY-29-17-81
KRING, JOHN JR.              OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-2-488
KRING, JOSEPH                OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-6-101
KROUSE, CARRIE               FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-537
KRUEGER, CHARLES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-406
KRUGER, ADOLPH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-108
KRUGER, CAROLINE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-463
KRUTZ, CHARLES H.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-481
KRUTZ, MINNIE                TRIBES HILL                   NY-29-27-513
KUCYNA, THEODORE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-295
KULLICK, WILHELM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-359
KUPPEN, WILLIAM              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-461
KURLBAUM, ERNST              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-360
KYNE, PATRICK                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-81
KYSER, CARRIE B.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-148
KYSER, DAVID J.              MINDEN                        NY-29-27-59
KYSER, HENRY                 PALATINE                      NY-29-3-312
KYSER, JOSEPH R.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-532

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