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HACKNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-29-9-508
HAGAMAN, DANIEL                         NY-29-8-298
HAGAMAN, ELLIS                          NY-29-10-133
HAGAMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-29-11-559
HAGAMAN, MARY A.                        NY-29-10-68
HAGGART, DANIEL                         NY-29-1-317
HAGGART, JOHN                           NY-29-6-36
HAIGHT, STORM R.                        NY-29-10-602
HALL, ALEXANDER                         NY-29-11-270
HALL, CORNELIUS                         NY-29-5-114
HALL, GEORGE                            NY-29-10-457
HALL, MARY ANN                          NY-29-2-511
HALL, ROBERT                            NY-29-6-419
HALL, ROBERT                            NY-29-1-477
HALL, WILLIAM                           NY-29-3-358
HALL, WILLIAM                           NY-29-1-155
HALLADAY, JAMES                         NY-29-5-512
HALLADAY, JAMES                         NY-29-5-460
HALLADAY, WILLIAM                       NY-29-2-482
HALLENBACK, ANTHONY                     NY-29-4-10
HAMILTON, GEORGE                        NY-29-2-452
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-29-6-396
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-29-4-295
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-29-3-31
HAMMOND, CATALINA                       NY-29-9-8
HAMMOND, JAMES                          NY-29-7-450
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-29-3-276
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-29-1-421
HAND, JOHN                              NY-29-9-472
HANOR, JOHN P.                          NY-29-4-496
HANSEN, PETER                           NY-29-3-63
HANSON, ABRAHAM                         NY-29-11-143
HANSON, JOHN                            NY-29-4-257
HANSON, NICHOLAS B.                     NY-29-3-324
HARDENBERGH, CORNELIUS                  NY-29-2-484
HARDENBERGH, JACOB                      NY-29-1-335
HARDING, FREDERICK                      NY-29-12-243
HARPER, GODFREY                         NY-29-6-107
HARRIS, BARBARY                         NY-29-5-383
HARRIS, JAMES                           NY-29-11-347
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-29-3-119
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       NY-29-4-119
HART, AARON                             NY-29-6-225
HART, CONRADT                           NY-29-2-437
HARTSHORN, JACOB                        NY-29-6-103
HARVEY, RACHEL                          NY-29-3-167
HARVEY, THOMAS                          NY-29-3-143
HAWLEY, ASAHEL                          NY-29-8-461
HAWLEY, FREDERICK                       NY-29-2-117
HAWLEY, JANE ANN                        NY-29-10-412
HAWLEY, JOHN E.                         NY-29-12-161
HAWN, GEORGE                            NY-29-4-249
HBORNING, DEDERICK                      NY-29-4-88
HEAGLE, MICHAEL                         NY-29-2-350
HEBBARD, EBBENEZER                      NY-29-2-92
HEES, JOHANNES                          NY-29-1-238
HEES, MARGARET                          NY-29-12-346
HELLEGAS, CONRAD                        NY-29-7-431
HELLEGAS, PETER                         NY-29-7-199
HELLIN, WILLIAM                         NY-29-2-110
HELMER, LENARD                          NY-29-1-45
HENDRICK, NATHANIEL                     NY-29-7-165
HENNEGER, GEORGE                        NY-29-12-101
HENZE, ERNEST                           NY-29-11-444
HERLEHEY, BRIDGET                       NY-29-12-513
HERRICK, BENJAMIN                       NY-29-7-71
HERRICK, JACOB                          NY-29-4-124
HERRICK, RUFUS                          NY-29-11-286
HERWICK, JOSEPH                         NY-29-2-430
HESS, GEORGE H.                         NY-29-6-368
HESS, HENDRICK                          NY-29-1-530
HESSLER, HENRY                          NY-29-3-5
HEWIT, RICHARD                          NY-29-2-308
HEWITT, HENRY H.                        NY-29-12-381
HIBBARD, HANNAH                         NY-29-5-389
HICKS, JOHND.                           NY-29-12-446
HICKY, MICHAEL                          NY-29-1-122
HIGBIE, CATHARINE                       NY-29-11-362
HIGBIE, ROBERT                          NY-29-10-278
HILDRETH, ANN                           NY-29-3-257
HILDRETH, JAMES                         NY-29-3-133
HILDRETH, MATHIAS B.                    NY-29-2-175
HILL, ELEANOR                           NY-29-7-392
HILL, NICHOLAS                          NY-29-9-434
HILL, SQUIRE                            NY-29-8-456
HILL, WILLIAM                           NY-29-12-65
HILLIARD, JOHN D.                       NY-29-10-101
HILLMAN, EDWARD                         NY-29-3-222
HILLMAN, SHADRACH                       NY-29-5-1
HILLS, SAMUEL                           NY-29-1-255
HILLS, SIDNEY S.                        NY-29-7-493
HILLSBRANT, JACOB                       NY-29-3-316
HINMAN, NOAH                            NY-29-4-390
HOAG, EZRA                              NY-29-7-505
HOAG, FRANCIS                           NY-29-9-189
HOAG, NATHANIEL                         NY-29-12-1
HOAG, RUTH                              NY-29-3-14
HODGE, JACOB                            NY-29-8-198
HOEG, SAMUEL                            NY-29-2-372
HOFF, CORNELIUS                         NY-29-10-188
HOFF, CORNELIUS R.                      NY-29-6-175
HOFF, HANNAH                            NY-29-8-62
HOFF, RICHARD JR.                       NY-29-5-211
HOGEBOOM, JEREMIAH                      NY-29-12-10
HOKE, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-29-5-414
HOKE, JOHANNIS                          NY-29-1-345
HOKE, MARY                              NY-29-3-481
HOKE, PETER                             NY-29-7-332
HOLLEY, HARMANUS                        NY-29-1-152
HOLMES, BENJAMIN                        NY-29-4-527
HOLMES, JOHN                            NY-29-1-403
HOLMES, JUDAH                           NY-29-11-392
HOLMES, SAMUEL W.                       NY-29-4-79
HOOGHKERK, LUCAS                        NY-29-1-528
HOOSACK, SIMON                          NY-29-5-233
HORNING, ADAM                           NY-29-4-28
HORNING, RICHARD                        NY-29-4-90
HORNING, RICHARD                        NY-29-10-312
HORNING, RICHARD R.                     NY-29-12-420
HORSWELL, HANNAH                        NY-29-11-168
HORTON, GABRIEL                         NY-29-9-145
HOUCK, JACOB                            NY-29-6-283
HOUGH, ALBERT                           NY-29-10-291
HOUGH, AZEL                             NY-29-9-464
HOUGH, CHRISTIANA                       NY-29-5-437
HOUGH, JOHN                             NY-29-6-385
HOUGH, JOHN G.                          NY-29-2-321
HOUGHTALING, RICHARD                    NY-29-12-424
HOUGHTALING, WILLIAM S.                 NY-29-4-30
HOUSE, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-8-376
HOUSE, ISAAC                            NY-29-7-434
HOUSE, PETER C.                         NY-29-2-348
HOWE, PALMER                            NY-29-9-329
HOWE, REUBEN                            NY-29-10-275
HOWLAND, DAVID                          NY-29-2-360
HOYT, SOLOMON                           NY-29-5-204
HUBBARD, TUNIS                          NY-29-9-110
HUBBS, GIDEON                           NY-29-5-290
HUBBS, MARIAM                           NY-29-11-473
HUBBS, SELAH                            NY-29-11-380
HUDRITZ, CHRISTIAN                      NY-29-11-368
HUDSON, PHILIP                          NY-29-10-454
HUGUANIR, DAVID                         NY-29-5-295
HUMFREY, JAMES                          NY-29-2-98
HUMPHREY, BENJAMIN                      NY-29-8-178
HUNN, ANNA                              NY-29-7-196
HUNN, GERTRUDE                          NY-29-9-201
HUNT, EDWARD                            NY-29-12-560
INGERSOLL, JAMES                        NY-29-8-46
IRWING, CATHERINE                       NY-29-12-254
JACKSON, JACOB                          NY-29-4-521
JACKSON, LOUISA                         NY-29-11-384
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         NY-29-7-269
JACOX, JAMES                            NY-29-9-286
JEFFERS, DANIEL                         NY-29-8-188
JENNINGS, JOSEPH                        NY-29-6-318
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         NY-29-1-79
JOHNSON, ISAAC VAN PELT                 NY-29-6-113
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-29-4-103
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-29-4-147
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-29-11-556
JONES, CHARLES P.                       NY-29-12-477
JONES, HENRY                            NY-29-2-353
JONES, ISAAC                            NY-29-9-22
JONES, JOHN                             NY-29-5-147
JONES, JOHN                             NY-29-1-362
KANE, JAMES                             NY-29-4-380
KANE, JOHN                              NY-29-5-542
KARN, GEORGE                            NY-29-2-306
KASSON, HARVEY                          NY-29-6-122
KEACHIE, JOHN                           NY-29-11-267
KEESLER, JOHN                           NY-29-11-228
KELER, HENRY                            NY-29-3-297
KELLER, JACOB A.                        NY-29-5-17
KELLER, JACOB S.                        NY-29-2-259
KELLER, JOHANNES                        NY-29-1-365
KELLER, JOHN                            NY-29-10-504
KELLER, NICHOLAS                        NY-29-7-293
KELLER, PETER                           NY-29-4-181
KELLER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-29-10-54
KELLEY, JOHN                            NY-29-12-441
KELLOGG, LAUREN                         NY-29-9-140
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-29-7-35
KELLY, MATTHIAS                         NY-29-6-299
KELLY, PETER                            NY-29-1-250
KELLY, THOMAS                           NY-29-3-505
KENNEDY, JAMES                          NY-29-3-326
KENNEDY, JAMES JR.                      NY-29-2-11
KENNEDY, JOHN                           NY-29-5-540
KENNEDY, THOMAS                         NY-29-5-465
KENYON, JOHN                            NY-29-5-50
KEYES, JOHN                             NY-29-3-414
KEYSER, JOHN                            NY-29-11-91
KILMARTIN, MICHAEL                      NY-29-7-420
KILS, PHILIP                            NY-29-4-67
KILTS, PETER                            NY-29-8-291
KIMBALL, GEORGE F.                      NY-29-12-310
KIMBALL, JESSE                          NY-29-1-475
KING, HENERY                            NY-29-3-406
KINNICUT, EDWARD                        NY-29-5-157
KITTLE, MALACHI                         NY-29-12-496
KITTS, JOHN C.                          NY-29-11-396
KLEIN, JOHN                             NY-29-1-37
KLINE, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-9-244
KLINE, GEORGE                           NY-29-10-77
KLINE, JOHN                             NY-29-9-388
KLINE, PETER                            NY-29-11-505
KLINE, WILLIAM                          NY-29-11-13
KLINE, WILLIAM                          NY-29-2-381
KLOCK, ADAM J.                          NY-29-10-490
KLOCK, CATHERINE                        NY-29-10-1
KLOCK, CHRISTIAN                        NY-29-9-165
KLOCK, GEORGE J.                        NY-29-8-267
KLOCK, JACOB                            NY-29-1-159
KLOCK, JACOB J.                         NY-29-4-168
KLOCK, JACOB J.                         NY-29-8-337
KLOCK, JACOB J. JR.                     NY-29-3-50
KLOCK, JESSE                            NY-29-9-124
KLOCK, JOHANNES H.                      NY-29-3-41
KLOCK, JOHN I.                          NY-29-11-441
KLOCK, JOHN J.                          NY-29-2-26
KLOCK, JOSEPH                           NY-29-2-244
KLOCK, JOSEPH G.                        NY-29-7-384
KLOCK, MARY                             NY-29-9-410
KLOCK, STEPHEN                          NY-29-10-546
KNAPP, MARGARETT                        NY-29-12-569
KNAULS, GEORGE FREDERICK                NY-29-2-127
KNEELAND, JOHN                          NY-29-10-142
KNERSKERN, CATHERINE                    NY-29-12-525
KNISKERN, JOHN                          NY-29-3-382
KNOX, JAMES                             NY-29-3-230
KNOX, PETER                             NY-29-6-49
KNOX, PETER                             NY-29-6-130
KOUCHER, GEORGE                         NY-29-12-92
KOUCHER, JACOB                          NY-29-12-510
KOUCHER, JACOB                          NY-29-6-151
KOUPMAN, ANTHONEY                       NY-29-2-304
KREMPS, PETER                           NY-29-1-380
KRING, JOHN JR.                         NY-29-2-488
KRING, JOSEPH                           NY-29-6-101
KYSER, HENRY                            NY-29-3-312

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