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CADY, ANNA                              NY-29-3-408
CADY, DAVID                             NY-29-3-112
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-29-4-87
CAMERON, ANGUS                          NY-29-2-432
CAMERON, JOHN                           NY-29-2-424
CAMPBELL, ANN                           NY-29-5-97
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-29-1-164
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-29-9-445
CAMPBELL, DANIEL                        NY-29-10-576
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-29-4-62
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-29-4-163
CANFIELD, CHARLES                       NY-29-12-474
CANFIELD, EZEKIEL                       NY-29-3-520
CANFIELD, JONATHAN                      NY-29-4-231
CAREY, DAVID P.                         NY-29-12-191
CAREY, GEORGE                           NY-29-6-352
CAREY, MARTHA                           NY-29-4-398
CARLE, JAMES                            NY-29-12-241
CARMICHAEL, DANIEL                      NY-29-12-574
CARNCROSS, JOHN                         NY-29-3-331
CARR, JAMES JR.                         NY-29-4-327
CARY, FRANCIS                           NY-29-5-61
CASADY, PETER JR.                       NY-29-2-285
CASE, BENONI                            NY-29-1-268
CASE, ELIHU                             NY-29-5-526
CASEY, ROBERT                           NY-29-6-413
CASLER, ADAM                            NY-29-7-257
CASLER, NICHOLAS                        NY-29-7-9
CASLER, PETER A.                        NY-29-12-305
CHACE, EBEN                             NY-29-1-266
CHALMERS, WILLIAM                       NY-29-3-351
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN S.                    NY-29-12-275
CHAPIN, THEODORE                        NY-29-8-422
CHAPMAN, JANE A.                        NY-29-9-369
CHAPMAN, MARY ANN                       NY-29-8-6
CHASE, JOSEPH                           NY-29-4-300
CHEADELL, EZRA                          NY-29-4-301
CHENDEL, BENJAMIN                       NY-29-4-37
CHRISTIE, SIMEON                        NY-29-6-29
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                        NY-29-2-78
CHRISTMAN, JOHN P.                      NY-29-10-383
CHURCHILL, AMOS                         NY-29-3-303
CLADY, CHARLES                          NY-29-11-370
CLARK, AMBROSE                          NY-29-8-343
CLARK, ANDREW                           NY-29-3-181
CLARK, DANIEL A.                        NY-29-6-361
CLARK, ELISHA                           NY-29-3-224
CLARK, ELISHA                           NY-29-4-117
CLARK, MATTHEW                          NY-29-7-365
CLARK, PARIS G.                         NY-29-4-198
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-29-4-125
CLARKE, WALTER                          NY-29-3-302
CLAUSE, JOHN                            NY-29-4-218
CLAUSE, PETER                           NY-29-3-483
CLAW, LAWRENCE                          NY-29-2-557
CLAYTON, DAVID                          NY-29-5-152
CLEAVELAND, DAVIS                       NY-29-6-7
CLEMENT, JOHN                           NY-29-3-336
CLINE, HENRY                            NY-29-4-144
CLIZBE, JOSEPH                          NY-29-6-332
CLOSE, MARY "POLLY"                     NY-29-11-189
CLOSE, WILLIAM                          NY-29-9-12
CLUTE, NICHOLAS                         NY-29-9-101
CNYNE, JOHN J.                          NY-29-10-433
COAPMAN, JACOB                          NY-29-9-114
COGHNUT, JOHN E.                        NY-29-2-14
COLE, LYDIA                             NY-29-3-397
COLE, TUNIS J.                          NY-29-3-264
COLLINS, WILLIAM E.                     NY-29-11-272
COLYER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-92
COLYER, PETER J.                        NY-29-8-160
COMMINS, SYLVESTER                      NY-29-7-445
COMRIE, ALEXANDER J.                    NY-29-7-157
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM S.                    NY-29-3-510
CONDERMAN, ADAM                         NY-29-1-311
CONDERMAN, GEORGE                       NY-29-1-482
CONKLIN, CAROLINE D.                    NY-29-8-365
CONKLING, MAGDALENE                     NY-29-8-244
CONKLING, THOMAS                        NY-29-1-440
CONNELL, WILLIAM                        NY-29-11-503
CONNER, DANIEL                          NY-29-3-457
CONNER, GARRETT                         NY-29-10-224
CONOVER, ELENDOR                        NY-29-10-309
CONOVER, JANETTE A.                     NY-29-12-378
CONOVER, MARCUS                         NY-29-7-169
CONOVER, SETH                           NY-29-10-264
CONTERMAN, CONRADT M.                   NY-29-3-56
CONTERMAN, JOHN M.                      NY-29-1-348
CONYNE, DANIEL                          NY-29-10-583
CONYNE, FOLLY                           NY-29-12-60
CONYNE, JOHN                            NY-29-7-1
CONYNE, JOHN                            NY-29-7-81
CONYNE, MYNDERT                         NY-29-11-78
CONYNE, PETER                           NY-29-5-83
COOK, BADUS                             NY-29-1-231
COOK, CASPARUS                          NY-29-4-510
COOK, CASPER J.                         NY-29-10-8
COOK, JOHN                              NY-29-3-335
COOK, JOHN B.                           NY-29-2-454
COOK, RUDOLPH C.                        NY-29-9-198
COOK, SAMUEL                            NY-29-9-489
COPEMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-29-4-298
COPPERNOL, ALONZO                       NY-29-11-518
CORCORAN, JANE                          NY-29-11-497
CORMIE, DANIEL                          NY-29-3-136
CORNELL, NANCY                          NY-29-12-385
CORNWELL, ASHBELL                       NY-29-5-385
CORNWELL, JOHN PHILLIPSE                NY-29-1-63B
CORY, DELEVAN                           NY-29-11-114
COSSELMAN, JOHN S.                      NY-29-5-129
COUGH, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-29-3-311
COUGH, GEORGE                           NY-29-1-225
COUGHNET, JOHN                          NY-29-2-201
COUGHNET, JOHN L.                       NY-29-4-524
COVENHOVEN, ALBERT                      NY-29-4-1
COVENHOVEN, WILLIAM                     NY-29-2-462
COVEY, FRANCIS                          NY-29-6-115
COX, GEORGE                             NY-29-5-66
COX, JACOB C.                           NY-29-12-482
CRAFT, BENJAMIN                         NY-29-3-396
CRAFTS, JOHN F.                         NY-29-10-549
CRAIG, JOHN                             NY-29-10-40
CRAIG, JOHN                             NY-29-11-446
CRAIG, ROBERT                           NY-29-11-411
CRAIG, SAMUEL                           NY-29-7-63
CRAMER, AARON                           NY-29-11-249
CRAMER, CHARLES                         NY-29-1-220
CRAMER, GEORGE                          NY-29-6-383
CRAMER, JOHN                            NY-29-2-278
CRAMER, JOHN C.                         NY-29-2-535
CRAMER, PETER                           NY-29-3-462
CRANDALL, ABIGAIL                       NY-29-11-378
CRANDEL, CLARK SR.                      NY-29-1-523
CRANE, BENJAMIN                         NY-29-2-256
CRANE, CALEB C.                         NY-29-7-296
CRANE, DAVID                            NY-29-9-354
CRANE, JOHN                             NY-29-7-90
CRANE, JOHN S.                          NY-29-11-573
CRATCHENBERG, GEORGE                    NY-29-3-294
CRAVER, HENRY                           NY-29-3-476
CREIGHTON, MARGARET                     NY-29-9-119
CRISLER, WILLIAM                        NY-29-2-61
CROFOOT, GIDEON                         NY-29-2-386
CROMWELL, AARON                         NY-29-4-237
CROMWELL, CHARLES                       NY-29-11-314
CRONKHITE, CORNELIUS                    NY-29-1-320
CRONKHITE, CORNELIUS H.                 NY-29-11-429
CRONKHITE, TEUNIS                       NY-29-1-145
CROSBY, THEODORE                        NY-29-8-53
CROSS, DANIEL                           NY-29-2-283
CROSS, THOMAS                           NY-29-10-429
CROUSE, GEORGE                          NY-29-3-493
CROUSE, LEONARD                         NY-29-11-426
CROUSE, ROBERT                          NY-29-6-359
CROUSE, ROBET J.                        NY-29-9-503
CROWLEY, JEREMIAH                       NY-29-2-540
CUMMING, JOHN                           NY-29-10-592
CUNNINGHAM, HENRY                       NY-29-4-47
CUSHNEY, ELEANOR                        NY-29-12-417
DACHSTEADER, HENRY G.                   NY-29-2-220
DANFORTH, JOHN JAY                      NY-29-4-343
DAVIDSON, JOHN                          NY-29-12-167
DAVIDSON, PALMER                        NY-29-11-345
DAVIS, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-11-177
DAVIS, MINERVA R.                       NY-29-8-193
DAVIS, ORSEMUS R.                       NY-29-12-563
DAVIS, PETER                            NY-29-11-382
DAVIS, RICHARD                          NY-29-3-346
DAVIS, RICHARD                          NY-29-7-148
DAVIS, SUSAN                            NY-29-10-243
DAYTON, SIMEON                          NY-29-5-382
DAYTON, SIMEON                          NY-29-5-305
DEAL, EVELINE                           NY-29-10-435
DEAN, BETHUEL                           NY-29-8-350
DEAN, MOSES                             NY-29-4-166
DEFONCLAIR,  ACHSAH                     NY-29-4-486
DEFOREST, ISAAC                         NY-29-2-86
DEFOREST, JOHN                          NY-29-11-535
DEFOREST, MARTIN                        NY-29-6-26
DEFOREST, PHILIP                        NY-29-5-381
DEFOREST, WILLIAM H.                    NY-29-12-85
DEGRAAF, FREDERICK                      NY-29-2-142
DEGRAAF, JEREMIAH                       NY-29-1-490
DEGRAAF, PETER                          NY-29-10-104
DEGRAEF, GERRET                         NY-29-3-485
DEGRAFF, AMY                            NY-29-9-231
DEGRAFF, ANDREW                         NY-29-4-150
DEGRAFF, DANIEL                         NY-29-10-27
DEGRAFF, EMANUEL                        NY-29-3-440
DEGRAFF, EMANUEL E.                     NY-29-7-129
DEGRAFF, EMANUEL N.                     NY-29-6-435
DEGRAFF, FREDERICK                      NY-29-5-521
DEGRAFF, FREDRICK N.                    NY-29-11-406
DEGRAFF, GAZENA CATHERINE               NY-29-12-111
DEGRAFF, HARMANUS                       NY-29-8-19
DEGRAFF, HESTER                         NY-29-8-29
DEGRAFF, ISAAC                          NY-29-10-272
DEGRAFF, ISAAC                          NY-29-8-305
DEGRAFF, JACOB                          NY-29-4-500
DEGRAFF, JESSIE                         NY-29-12-17
DEGRAFF, JESSIE D.                      NY-29-12-103
DEGRAFF, JOHN                           NY-29-5-174
DEGRAFF, JOHN A.                        NY-29-12-448
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS E.                    NY-29-4-313
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS F.                    NY-29-6-190
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS J.                    NY-29-6-374
DEIFFENDORF, JOHANNES                   NY-29-5-341
DELLENBACK, BENJAMIN                    NY-29-11-438
DEMAREST, ABRAHAM                       NY-29-5-142
DEMAREST, JACOB D.                      NY-29-3-89
DEMAREST, PETER D.                      NY-29-5-180
DEMOTH, GOERGE                          NY-29-1-26
DENNE, BARENT                           NY-29-1-275
DENNE, HENRY                            NY-29-2-179
DENNE, JACOB                            NY-29-3-364
DENNISON, SAMUEL                        NY-29-5-59
DENNISON, SAMUEL                        NY-29-5-8
DENNISON, THOMAS                        NY-29-3-117
DEPUY, ISAIAH                           NY-29-6-442
DEVENBAGH, ABRAM                        NY-29-7-394
DEVENDORF, GEORGE                       NY-29-3-469
DEVENDORFF, HENRY J.                    NY-29-10-170
DEVENPECK, JOHN                         NY-29-6-148
DEWANDELAIR, GANSEVOORT                 NY-29-11-584
DEWANDELAN, JOHN                        NY-29-3-421
DEWANDLER, HARMAN                       NY-29-9-1
DEWEY, FLAVE                            NY-29-12-408
DEY, DANIEL                             NY-29-6-305
DEY, JAMES                              NY-29-7-329
DEY, WILLIAM                            NY-29-4-159
DEYGERT, PETER                          NY-29-1-217
DIEFENDORF, DAVID G.                    NY-29-9-375
DIEFENDORF, HENRY                       NY-29-5-280
DIEFENDORF, JACOB                       NY-29-3-35
DIEFENDORF, JOHN I.                     NY-29-12-397
DIEFENDORF, JONAS                       NY-29-11-94
DIEFENDORF, MARGARET                    NY-29-10-514
DIENDORF, JOHN                          NY-29-10-556
DIENFENDORF, DOUW B.                    NY-29-12-543
DIEVENDORFF, JACOB                      NY-29-9-261
DILLENBACH, HENDRICK                    NY-29-1-110
DILLENBACH, HENRY                       NY-29-3-416
DILLENBACH, JOHN                        NY-29-3-376
DILLENBACH, PETER                       NY-29-7-348
DILLENBACH, WILLIAM                     NY-29-3-61
DILLENBACK, CONRAD                      NY-29-8-183
DIMMICK, SOLOMAN                        NY-29-1-131
DINGMAN, JANE                           NY-29-12-414
DINGMAN, JOHN                           NY-29-8-497
DINGMAN, PETER                          NY-29-10-523
DINGMAN, PETER                          NY-29-3-552
DIXON, WALTER                           NY-29-5-9
DOCKSTADER, ADAM                        NY-29-12-429
DOCKSTADER, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-29-9-430
DOCKSTADER, ELIZABETH                   NY-29-11-288
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK F.                NY-29-3-561
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK H.                NY-29-3-362
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK L.                NY-29-6-235
DOCKSTADER, GEORGE F.                   NY-29-6-365
DOCKSTADER, HENRY F.                    NY-29-4-269
DOCKSTADER, HENRY J.                    NY-29-5-74
DOCKSTADER, JACOB H.                    NY-29-8-432
DOCKSTADER, JOHN J.                     NY-29-6-206
DOCKSTADER, LEONARD                     NY-29-1-143
DOCKSTADER, MARY                        NY-29-3-272
DOCKSTADER, MARY                        NY-29-11-244
DOCSTADER, JOHN F.                      NY-29-10-129
DODDS, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-8-169
DODDS, JOHN                             NY-29-10-145
DODGE, ASA                              NY-29-9-442
DODGE, RICHARD                          NY-29-5-133
DODS, BARTHOLOMEW                       NY-29-1-425
DODS, JACOB                             NY-29-2-88
DON, WILLIAM                            NY-29-6-222
DOPP, JOHN                              NY-29-9-404
DOPP, SAMUEL                            NY-29-11-569
DORN, ALEXANDER                         NY-29-1-261
DORN, MICHAEL                           NY-29-9-304
DORN, RACHAEL                           NY-29-7-281
DORR, EZRA                              NY-29-8-445
DOUGHERTY, ROGER                        NY-29-2-252
DOUGLAS, JOSEPH                         NY-29-12-479
DOUW, CORNELIUS                         NY-29-3-178
DOW, VOLKERT C.                         NY-29-4-112
DOWNS, CYRUS                            NY-29-4-69
DUNBAR, ROBERT G.                       NY-29-8-1
DUNCKEL, ABRAM                          NY-29-12-361
DUNCKEL, ADAM                           NY-29-11-164
DUNCKEL, ALVIN                          NY-29-12-503
DUNCKEL, NICHOLAS N.                    NY-29-11-540
DUNCKEL, PETER                          NY-29-4-319
DUNCKEL, PETER JR.                      NY-29-11-485
DUNKLE, GEORGE                          NY-29-7-241
DUNKLE, NICHOLAS                        NY-29-7-21
DUNLAP, JOSEPH                          NY-29-1-229
DYGERT, MARY                            NY-29-5-530
DYGERT, PETER                           NY-29-6-429
DYGERT, SEVERENUS S.                    NY-29-4-467
DYKEMAN, PETER J.                       NY-29-11-123

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