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CADMAN, HARRIET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-381
CADY, ANNA                   SEE: SMITH, ANNA              NY-29-3-408
CADY, DAVID                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-58
CADY, DAVID                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-112
CADY, SALLY M.               GLEN                          NY-29-15-210
CAHILL, BERNARD              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-129
CALDWELL, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-235
CAMERON, ANGUS               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-432
CAMERON, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-424
CAMPBELL, ANN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-97
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-164
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-445
CAMPBELL, CATHARINE          MOHAWK                        NY-29-16-360
CAMPBELL, DANIEL             FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-576
CAMPBELL, DELANA             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-17-33
CAMPBELL, JAMES              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-4-62
CAMPBELL, JAMES              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-163
CAMPBELL, JOHN               MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-353
CAMPBELL, JOHN               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-296
CAMPBELL, ROMINE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-557
CANARY, JOHN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-506
CANARY, MARGARET S.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-505
CANDEE, DAVID W.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-31
CANDEE, ELIZABETH            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-5
CANDEE, JOHN W.              AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-30-374
CANDEE, LEANDER N.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-142
CANFIELD, CHARLES            MINDEN                        NY-29-12-474
CANFIELD, DANIEL             PALATINE                      NY-29-22-354
CANFIELD, EZEKIEL            MAYFIELD                      NY-29-3-520
CANFIELD, JONATHAN           MAYFIELD                      NY-29-4-231
CANNA, JAMES                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-219
CANNA, OWEN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-145
CANNA, SARAH                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-425
CANSELBAUM, KATE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-598
CANTWELL, JOHN A.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-335
CANTWELL, MARY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-75
CAPRENTER, WILLIAM H.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-283
CAREY, DAVID P.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-191
CAREY, GEORGE                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-6-352
CAREY, JOHN                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-14-395
CAREY, MARTHA                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-4-398
CAREY, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-121
CARL, JOHN A.                FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-583
CARLE, JAMES                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-12-241
CARLE, LUCRETIA              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-17-149
CARMICHAEL, ALISON           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-491
CARMICHAEL, DANIEL           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-574
CARMICHAEL, JANE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-391
CARNCROSS, JOHN              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-331
CARNEY, JOHN                 MINDEN                        NY-29-20-421
CARNRITE, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-38
CARPENTER, ELIZA J.          FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-25-255
CARPENTER, WILLIAM A.        FONDA                         NY-29-27-621
CARR, DORAS E.               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-20-397
CARR, JAMES JR.              ROOT                          NY-29-4-327
CARROLL, ANDREW              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-107
CARROLL, DAVIS L.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-307
CARROLL, HERY H.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-336
CARROLL, MARY A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-28
CARSON, JOSEPHINE P.         FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-30-554
CARSON, SILAS                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-471
CARTER, CHARLES R.           MINDEN                        NY-29-29-94
CARTER, ERASTUS              MINDEN                        NY-29-22-77
CARTER, LEONARD              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-173
CARTER, MARY ELLEN           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-41
CARY, ALFRED                 MINDEN                        NY-29-19-209
CARY, FRANCIS                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-5-61
CARY, HEZEKIAH               ROOT                          NY-29-19-499
CARY, ZILPHIA L.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-4
CASADY, PETER JR.            PALATINE                      NY-29-2-285
CASE, ALONZO M.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-396
CASE, BENONI                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-268
CASE, ELIHU                  NTL                           NY-29-5-526
CASE, MARY A.                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-248
CASE, STEPHEN A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-348
CASEY, JAMES                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-57
CASEY, LYDIA                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-17-457
CASEY, ROBERT                FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-413
CASHIN, MARTIN               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-25-340
CASLER, ADAM                 MINDEN                        NY-29-7-257
CASLER, ALONZO P.            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-296
CASLER, CHARITY              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-315
CASLER, DANIEL N.            MINDEN                        NY-29-18-125
CASLER, JOHN P.              MINDEN                        NY-29-23-286
CASLER, LAVINA               MINDEN                        NY-29-24-421
CASLER, NICHOLAS             MINDEN                        NY-29-7-9
CASLER, NICHOLAS I.          MINDEN                        NY-29-22-95
CASLER, PETER                MINDEN                        NY-29-28-93
CASLER, PETER A.             MINDEN                        NY-29-12-305
CASLER, RICHARD N.           FONDA                         NY-29-22-484
CASLER, SALLY                MINDEN                        NY-29-23-500
CASLER, WILLIAM P.           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-535
CASSADY, CATHERINE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-90
CASSIDY, CATHARINE M.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-288
CASSIDY E.                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-439
CASWELL, SAMANTHA B.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-551
CERVO, FRANK                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-481
CHACE, EBEN                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-266
CHADWICK, ELIZABETH A.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-12
CHALMERS, WILLIAM            BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-351
CHAMBERLAIN, ARTHUR C.       CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-354
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN S.         FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-12-275
CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS          FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-23-236
CHAMBERLIN, HANNAH           GLEN                          NY-29-19-311
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM B.         GLEN                          NY-29-24-505
CHAPIN, THEODORE             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-8-422
CHAPMAN, HELEN               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-485
CHAPMAN, JANE A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-369
CHAPMAN, MARY ANN            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-6
CHAPMAN, SARAH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-389
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-223
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM R.          GLEN                          NY-29-18-221
CHARLES, ANN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-368
CHARLES, MARGARET A.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-471
CHARLESWORTH, ROSELLE        MINDEN                        NY-29-30-424
CHASE, CATHARINE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-127
CHASE, CYRUS B.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-346
CHASE, EMILY E.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-271
CHASE, JOSEPH                BROADALBIN                    NY-29-4-300
CHASE, JUSTUS                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-32
CHASE, MARTHA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-577
CHASE, MARTHA A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-316
CHASE, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-440
CHASE, RACHEL M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-302
CHASE, WELCOME M.            FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-321
CHASE, WILLIAM W.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-622
CHAWGO, GEORGE               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-16-254
CHAWGO, JACOB                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-19-213
CHEADELL, EZRA               OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-301
CHEDIC, MARY A.              MINDEN                        NY-29-18-289
CHEDIE, JOSEPH               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-16-268
CHENDEL, BENJAMIN            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-37
CHILD, ALPHA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-620
CHRISMAN, CYRENIUS           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-208
CHRISTIE, SIMEON             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-6-29
CHRISTMAN, CATHARINE         MINDEN                        NY-29-17-589
CHRISTMAN, ELIZABETH B.      ROOT                          NY-29-28-555
CHRISTMAN, HELEN             FONDA                         NY-29-29-568
CHRISTMAN, JACOB             PALATINE                      NY-29-2-78
CHRISTMAN, JAMES C.          PALATINE                      NY-29-15-450
CHRISTMAN, JOHN              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-177
CHRISTMAN, JOHN P.           PALATINE                      NY-29-10-383
CHRISTMAN, MARTIN            ROOT                          NY-29-13-387
CHRISTMAN, NANCY             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-618
CHRISTMAN, OLIVER            PALATINE                      NY-29-17-477
CHRISTMAN, PETER             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-569
CHRISTMAN, URIAH             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-102
CHURCHILL, AMOS              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-303
CLADY, CHARLES               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-370
CLADY, LYDIA F.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-21
CLANCY, ISABELLA GRAHAM      AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-550
CLANCY, MARY LOUISE          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-553
CLARK, ADALINE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-523
CLARK, AMBROSE               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-8-343
CLARK, ANDREW                FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-181
CLARK, DANIEL A.             NTL                           NY-29-6-361
CLARK, EDWARD                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-605
CLARK, ELISHA                BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-224
CLARK, ELISHA                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-117
CLARK, ELIZA                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-237
CLARK, GEORGE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-130
CLARK, GEORGE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-569
CLARK, HARRIET               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-4
CLARK, JOHN F.               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-73
CLARK, JOSEPH                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-385
CLARK, LORENZO B.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-369
CLARK, MARY C.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-562
CLARK, MATILDA H.            FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-26-478
CLARK, MATTHEW               FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-365
CLARK, PARIS G.              MAYFIELD                      NY-29-4-198
CLARK, PHILO A.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-14-539
CLARK, WILLIAM               MINDEN                        NY-29-17-529
CLARK, WILLIAM               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-270
CLARK, WILLIAM               FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-125
CLARKE, HARRIET J.           MINDEN                        NY-29-29-337
CLARKE, WALTER               BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-302
CLASBY, MARY H.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-570
CLAUS, BENJAMIN              ST.JOHNSVILLE                 NY-29-15-520
CLAUS, LEANDER               PALATINE                      NY-29-28-375
CLAUS, SIMEON                PALATINE                      NY-29-13-572
CLAUSE, JOHN                 EPHRATAH                      NY-29-4-218
CLAUSE, PETER                PALATINE                      NY-29-3-483
CLAW, LAWRENCE               SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY       NY-29-2-557
CLAYTON, DAVID               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-5-152
CLEAVELAND, DAVIS            MAYFIELD                      NY-29-6-7
CLEMANS, HELEN M.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-541
CLEMANS, SYLVESTER W.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-453
CLEMENT, JHN F.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-17-565
CLEMENT, JOHN                NTL                           NY-29-3-336
CLEMENT, JOHN F.             GLEN                          NY-29-30-616
CLINE, HENRY                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-144
CLINE, JENNIE H.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-514
CLINE, WILLIAM M.            GLEN                          NY-29-27-451
CLIZBE, CHARLOTTE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-195
CLIZBE, ELLIS                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-189
CLIZBE, EUNICE H.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-124
CLIZBE, JOSEPH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-332
CLIZBE, MARY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-197
CLOCK, PEGGY                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-368
CLOCKE, ELWOOD               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-526
CLOSE, JOSIAH                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-109
CLOSE, MARY                  GLEN                          NY-29-11-189
CLOSE, SARAH                 GLEN                          NY-29-18-269
CLOSE, WILLIAM               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-9-12
CLUM, MARY E.                AMES                          NY-29-27-491
CLUTE, CHRISTOPHER B.        FONDA                         NY-29-30-38
CLUTE, HUBERTUS VAN VECHTEN  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-336
CLUTE, JOHN                  GLEN                          NY-29-17-175
CLUTE, MARY E.               FONDA                         NY-29-29-496
CLUTE, MARY V.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-22
CLUTE, NICHOLAS              GLEN                          NY-29-9-101
CNYNE, JOHN J.               FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-433
COAPMAN, JACOB               MINDEN                        NY-29-9-114
COATES, JOSEPH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-369
COCHRAN, SARAH D.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-367
COCKRILL, WALTER             PALATINE                      NY-29-18-549
COCORO, LEVI                 FORT JOHNSON                  NY-29-28-493
COCORO, WILLIAM              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-606
CODDINGTON, JACOB            ROOT                          NY-29-23-119
CODDINGTON, LANY M.          ROOT                          NY-29-29-604
CODDINGTON, LYDIA J.         ROOT                          NY-29-28-347
CODDINGTON, MALACHI          ROOT                          NY-29-21-590
CODDINGTON, THOMAS J.        ROOT                          NY-29-13-56
COGAN, MARGARET              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-185
COGHNUT, JOHN E.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-14
COGOVAN, PATRICK             MINDEN                        NY-29-28-215
COHEN, HANNAH                SPRAKERS                      NY-29-24-409
COHEN, SILAS W.              ROOT                          NY-29-30-398
COLE, CONRAD                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-584
COLE, HENRY                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-366
COLE, HENRY                  FONDA                         NY-29-27-117
COLE, JANE ANN               FLORIDA                       NY-29-30-130
COLE, JOHN M.                ROOT                          NY-29-23-47
COLE, JOSIAH                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-375
COLE, LYDIA                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-3-397
COLE, MARGARET               FORT HUNTER                   NY-29-30-576
COLE, TUNIS J.               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-264
COLEBURN, JANE MARIA         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-418
COLEMAN, CATY                MINDEN                        NY-29-20-485
COLEMAN, MARY M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-184
COLLINS, FRANK LEE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-453
COLLINS, IRA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-137
COLLINS, JAMES I.            CRANESVILLE                   NY-29-29-169
COLLINS, JAPHET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-185
COLLINS, LYMAN E.            HAGAMAN                       NY-29-28-517
COLLINS, NANCY HARRIS        FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-464
COLLINS, PATTY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-249
COLLINS, STEPHEN             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-277
COLLINS, STEPHEN H.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-157
COLLINS, WILLIAM E.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-272
COLLNS, NELLIE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-357
COLSON, DALPHENE MAY         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-312
COLYER, JOHN                 CANAJOHARRIE                  NY-29-4-92
COLYER, LOUISA               ROOT                          NY-29-23-215
COLYER, PETER J.             ROOT                          NY-29-8-160
COMBES, MARGARET A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-403
COMER, BRIDGET               MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-433
COMER, MICHAEL               MOHAWK                        NY-29-15-206
COMMINS, SYLVESTER           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-7-445
COMRIE, ALEXANDER J.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-157
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM S.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-510
CONBOY, CHARLES              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-502
CONBOY, ELLEN                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-347
CONBOY, THOMAS               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-355
CONDERMAN, ADAM              MINDEN                        NY-29-1-311
CONDERMAN, GEORGE            MINDEN                        NY-29-1-482
CONGDON, MARIA M.            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-308
CONKLIN, CAROLINE D.         AMSTERDAN                     NY-29-8-365
CONKLING, ANN MARIA          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-16-470
CONKLING, MAGDALENE          ROOT                          NY-29-8-244
CONKLING, MARY H.            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-21-578
CONKLING, THOMAS             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-1-440
CONLON, ELLEN JANE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-430
CONNELL, NANCY A.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-444
CONNELL, WILLIAM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-503
CONNELLY, BRIDGE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-256
CONNELLY, CATHARINE          PALATINE                      NY-29-28-85
CONNELLY, CATHARINE          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-457
CONNELLY, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-76
CONNER, DANIEL               GLEN                          NY-29-3-457
CONNER, EDWARD               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-553
CONNER, GARRETT              MOHAWK                        NY-29-10-224
CONNEY, ELIZA ANN            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-40
CONNIFF, ELIZA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-93
CONNINE, REBECCA W.          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-91
CONOVER, ABRAM I.            GLEN                          NY-29-22-348
CONOVER, CHARLES I.          CHARLESTON                    NY-29-27-209
CONOVER, ELENDOR             CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-10-309
CONOVER, EMMA J.             GLEN                          NY-29-21-602
CONOVER, ISABELLA            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-641
CONOVER, JANETTE A.          GLEN                          NY-29-12-378
CONOVER, JOHN                GLEN                          NY-29-21-127
CONOVER, MARCUS              FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-169
CONOVER, ROSANNA             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-21-620
CONOVER, SARAH               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-466
CONOVER, SETH                GLEN                          NY-29-10-264
CONOVER, SETH                GLEN                          NY-29-17-177
CONOVER, WILLIAM H.          CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-462
CONRAD, ABRAM D.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-579
CONRAD, LOUIS L.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-24
CONRAD, MARGARET             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-403
CONRAD, MARGARET O'BRIEN     CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-238
CONSAULUS, JOHN E.           FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-526
CONTERMAN, CONRADT M.        MINDEN                        NY-29-3-56
CONTERMAN, JOHN M.           MERIDEN                       NY-29-1-348
CONYNE, DANIEL               MOHAWK                        NY-29-10-583
CONYNE, FOLLY                MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-60
CONYNE, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-81
CONYNE, JOHN                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-1
CONYNE, MYNDERT              FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-78
CONYNE, PETER                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-83
CONYNE, REBECCA              FLORIDA                       NY-29-17-165
COOK, BADUS                  PALATINE                      NY-29-1-231
COOK, CASPARUS               PALATINE                      NY-29-4-510
COOK, CASPER J.              PALATINE                      NY-29-10-8
COOK, CHARLES                MINDEN                        NY-29-22-266
COOK, FREDERICK              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-205
COOK, JACOB C.               PALATINE                      NY-29-26-454
COOK, JAMES H.               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-45
COOK, JOHN                   MINDEN                        NY-29-20-217
COOK, JOHN                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-3-335
COOK, JOHN B.                PALATINE                      NY-29-2-454
COOK, RUDOLPH C.             PALATINE                      NY-29-9-198
COOK, SAMUEL                 MINDEN                        NY-29-9-489
COOK, WILLET F.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-405
COOLEY, MARGARET             FLORIDA                       NY-29-24-335
COOLEY, WILLIAM C.           MASPETH, QUEENS, NY           NY-29-16-370
COOLING, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-116
COOLMAN, MARTIN L.           FLORIDA                       NY-29-19-483
COOLMAN, PETER               MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-21
COOLMAN, WALTER              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-40
COOMBIS, GEORGE              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-111
COOMBS, MARY A.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-521
COONS, HELEN M.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-160
COOPER, ANNA                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-304
COOPER, ANTHONY              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-508
COOPER, ESTHER ANN           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-396
COOPER, MARY ELIZABETH       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-307
COOPER, WILLIAM              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-401
COPEMAN, ABRAHAM             MINDEN                        NY-29-4-298
COPLEY, ISAAC                MINDEN                        NY-29-20-231
COPLEY, WILLIAM E.           MINDEN                        NY-29-27-35
COPPERNOL, ALONZO            MINDEN                        NY-29-11-518
CORCORAN, JANE               FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-11-497
COREY, EMILY V.              AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-23-464
CORMIE, DANIEL               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-136
CORNELL, NANCY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-385
CORNWELL, ASHBELL            MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-385
CORNWELL, JOHN PHILLIPSE     CAUGHNAWAGA                   NY-29-1-63B
CORRIGAN, PETER              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-342
CORTE, CATHARINE WEGRETH     ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-173
CORTE, CHRISTIAN             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-585
CORY, DELEVAN                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-114
COSHUN, ALBERT D.            FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-27-239
COSSELMAN, JOHN S.           NTL                           NY-29-5-129
COSTANZO, CARMELA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-133
COSTELLO, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-480
COTTER, JOHANNA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-510
COUGH, CHRISTOPHER           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-311
COUGH, GEORGE                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-225
COUGHNET, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-201
COUGHNET, JOHN L.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-524
COUGHUET, WILLIAM P.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-483
COUNTRYMAN, EMMA             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-283
COUNTRYMAN, GEORGE           MINDEN                        NY-29-23-227
COUNTRYMAN, MARY             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-451
COUNTRYMAN, MILTON           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-19
COUNTRYMAN, NANCY            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-616
COURTNEY, JOSEPH             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-101
COVENHOVEN, ALBERT           GLEN                          NY-29-4-1
COVENHOVEN, WILLIAM          CHARLESTON                    NY-29-2-462
COVEY, FRANCIS               NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-6-115
COX, GEORGE                  MINDEN                        NY-29-5-66
COX, JACOB C.                PALATINE                      NY-29-12-482
CRAFT, BENJAMIN              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-396
CRAFT, HANNAH                GLEN                          NY-29-18-189
CRAFTS, JOHN F.              MINDEN                        NY-29-10-549
CRAGIN, WALTER J.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-553
CRAIG, JOHN                  FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-11-446
CRAIG, JOHN                  ROOT                          NY-29-10-40
CRAIG, JULIA E.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-255
CRAIG, ROBERT                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-29-11-411
CRAIG, SAMUEL                ROOT                          NY-29-7-63
CRAIG, STEWART               FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-23-434
CRAMER, AARON                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-249
CRAMER, ALIDA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-109
CRAMER, BARNEY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-151
CRAMER, CHARLES              FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-220
CRAMER, GEORGE               FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-383
CRAMER, JOHN                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-278
CRAMER, JOHN C.              MINDEN                        NY-29-2-535
CRAMER, LEONARD              MINDEN                        NY-29-20-335
CRAMER, LODEMA               MINDEN                        NY-29-26-64
CRAMER, MARY                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-166
CRAMER, PETER                FONDA                         NY-29-3-462
CRANDALL, ABIGAIL            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-11-378
CRANDEL, CLARK SR.           CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-1-523
CRANE, BENJAMIN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-256
CRANE, CALEB C.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-296
CRANE, DAVID                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-354
CRANE, ELLA FRANCES          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-507
CRANE, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-90
CRANE, JOHN                  ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-16-53
CRANE, JOHN S.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-573
CRANE, MARGARET R.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-281
CRARY, MARY J.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-281
CRATCHENBERG, GEORGE         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-294
CRAVER, HENRY                ROOT                          NY-29-3-476
CRAWFORD, JULIA J.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-391
CREGG, MICHAEL               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-220
CREIGHTON, MARGARET          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-119
CREIGHTON, PETER             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-241
CRISTY, MARY E.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-554
CROFOOT, GIDEON              NTL                           NY-29-2-386
CROMWELL, AARON              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-237
CROMWELL, CATHARINE          MOHAWK                        NY-29-14-440
CROMWELL, CHARLES            MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-314
CROMWELL, STEPHEN            GLEN                          NY-29-14-120
CRONKHITE, CORNELIUS         MINDEN                        NY-29-1-320
CRONKHITE, CORNELIUS H.      MINDEN                        NY-29-11-429
CRONKHITE, DANIEL            MINDEN                        NY-29-26-472
CRONKHITE, ELLENA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-331
CRONKHITE, FARLEY            MINDEN                        NY-29-24-591
CRONKHITE, GEORGE            MINDEN                        NY-29-15-233
CRONKHITE, REUBEN            MINDEN                        NY-29-20-88
CRONKHITE, TEUNIS            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-1-145
CROSBY, E. CURTISS           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-449
CROSBY, EZRA                 ROOT                          NY-29-18-477
CROSBY, L. LUCRETIA          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-447
CROSBY, MARIA                GLEN                          NY-29-29-319
CROSBY, THEODORE             ROOT                          NY-29-8-53
CROSS, DANIEL                NTL                           NY-29-2-283
CROSS, DIANTHA L.            FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-30-504
CROSS, SARAH E.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-435
CROSS, THOMAS                GLEN                          NY-29-10-429
CROSSLEY, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-304
CROUGH, MARGARET             PALATINE BRIDGE               NY-29-21-364
CROUSE, DIANA A.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-16
CROUSE, GEORGE               MINDEN                        NY-29-3-493
CROUSE, GEORGE               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-19-221
CROUSE, GEORGE               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-475
CROUSE, HENRY S.             MINDEN                        NY-29-20-453
CROUSE, JOHN H.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-236
CROUSE, JONAS                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-338
CROUSE, LEONARD              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-339
CROUSE, LEONARD              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-426
CROUSE, MARGARET J.          MINDEN                        NY-29-30-412
CROUSE, MARGARET W.          MINDEN                        NY-29-16-451
CROUSE, MILFORD              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-460
CROUSE, PETER                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-19-265
CROUSE, ROBERT               MINDEN                        NY-29-6-359
CROUSE, ROBET J.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-9-503
CROUSE, SAMUEL               MINDEN                        NY-29-19-537
CROUSE, WILLIAM              MINDEN                        NY-29-14-576
CROUSE, WILLIAM HENRY        ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-288
CROWE, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-34
CROWLEY, CATHARINE           MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-165
CROWLEY, JEREMIAH            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-540
CRUM, BENJAMIN               MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY       NY-29-25-153
CULLINGS, JAMES              FLORIDA                       NY-29-23-182
CUMMING, JOHN                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-10-592
CUMMINGS, PATRICK            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-256
CUNNIFF, MARTIN H.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-634
CUNNINGHAM, HENRY            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-47
CUPP, CATHARINE              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-346
CURTIS, JOHN F.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-265
CURTISS, ELIZA               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-382
CURTISS, LUCY ANN            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-325
CUSHING, G. A.               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-25-645
CUSHNEY, CHARLES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-147
CUSHNEY, ELEANOR             MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-417
CUSHNEY, MARY B.             FONDA                         NY-29-21-43
CUSHNEY, RICHARD H.          FONDA                         NY-29-21-46
DACHSTEADER, HENRY G.        JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-220
DAFEL, CARL FREDERICK        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-580
DAHLEN, DANIEL               PALATINE                      NY-29-17-581
DAIVS, GEORGE L.             FONDA                         NY-29-28-523
DALEY, JAMES                 AKIN                          NY-29-27-259
DALEY, JANE                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-586
DANFORTH, JOHN JAY           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-4-343
DAVDISON, ELIZABETH H.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-506
DAVIDSON, JAMES M.           FLORIDA                       NY-29-24-351
DAVIDSON, JOHN               FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-167
DAVIDSON, PALMER             FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-345
DAVIS, ABRAM J.              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-387
DAVIS, ALFRED B.             MINDEN                        NY-29-14-404
DAVIS, ANNA B.               FONDA                         NY-29-30-292
DAVIS, CORNELIUS             ROOT                          NY-29-11-177
DAVIS, ELIZA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-149
DAVIS, HARRIET               AKIN                          NY-29-23-320
DAVIS, ISAAC M.              FONDA                         NY-29-26-79
DAVIS, JANETT                FONDA                         NY-29-19-355
DAVIS, JANETTE               FONDA                         NY-29-23-390
DAVIS, JASON H.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-555
DAVIS, JEREMIAH              ROOT                          NY-29-15-342
DAVIS, JOHN B.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-353
DAVIS, JOHN I.               MOHAWK                        NY-29-17-305
DAVIS, JOHN Q.               ROOT                          NY-29-13-233
DAVIS, JOHN R.               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-592
DAVIS, JOSEPHINE D.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-460
DAVIS, LYMAN                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-14-460
DAVIS, MARIA                 ROOT                          NY-29-18-397
DAVIS, MARY                  FONDA                         NY-29-26-388
DAVIS, MATHEW O.             MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-454
DAVIS, MINERVA R.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-193
DAVIS, ORSEMUS R.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-12-563
DAVIS, PETER                 MINDEN                        NY-29-11-382
DAVIS, PETER G.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-277
DAVIS, RICHARD               FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-74
DAVIS, RICHARD               GLEN                          NY-29-7-148
DAVIS, RICHARD               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-346
DAVIS, ROBERT B.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-610
DAVIS, SARAH                 FONDA                         NY-29-27-163
DAVIS, SARAH A.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-107
DAVIS, SUSAN                 GLEN                          NY-29-10-243
DAVIS, WILLIAM C.            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-25-632
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.            PALATINE BRIDGE               NY-29-23-158
DAVY, JOHN                   MINDEN                        NY-29-15-485
DAVY, MARY E.                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-206
DAY, FRANCIS                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-555
DAYTON, SIMEON               OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-5-382
DAYTON, SIMEON               OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-5-305
DEAL, E. AUGUSTA             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-253
DEAL, EVELINE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-435
DEAL, FREDERICK              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-264
DEAL, JOHN H.                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-526
DEAN, BETHUEL                FLORIDA                       NY-29-8-350
DEAN, CHARLES D.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-587
DEAN, CHAUNCEY E.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-411
DEAN, LAURA V.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-191
DEAN, LUTHER L.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-155
DEAN, MALISSA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-340
DEAN, MARGARET J.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-164
DEAN, MOSES                  MAYFIELD                      NY-29-4-166
DEBAUN, ELIZABETH            FONDA                         NY-29-27-469
DEBAUN, JOHN A.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-564
DECKER, ALONZO A.            MINDEN                        NY-29-28-321
DEFONCLAIR,  ACHSAH          NTL                           NY-29-4-486
DEFOREST, ALONZO A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-538
DEFOREST, BLONDENA           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-187
DEFOREST, CAROLINE M.        ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-17-289
DEFOREST, DAVID              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-561
DEFOREST, ISAAC              FLORIDA                       NY-29-2-86
DEFOREST, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-535
DEFOREST, KATE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-70
DEFOREST, MARTIN             FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-26
DEFOREST, PHILIP             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-5-381
DEFOREST, WILLIAM H.         ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-12-85
DEGRAAF, FREDERICK           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-142
DEGRAAF, JEREMIAH            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-1-490
DEGRAAF, PETER               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-104
DEGRAEF, GERRET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-485
DEGRAFF, ALFRED              MOHAWK                        NY-29-25-615
DEGRAFF, ALONZO H.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-467
DEGRAFF, AMY                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-231
DEGRAFF, ANDREW              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-4-150
DEGRAFF, DANIEL              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-27
DEGRAFF, EMANUEL             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-440
DEGRAFF, EMANUEL E.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-129
DEGRAFF, EMANUEL N.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-435
DEGRAFF, FREDERICK           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-5-521
DEGRAFF, FREDRICK N.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-406
DEGRAFF, GAZENA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-118
DEGRAFF, GAZENA CATHERINE    MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-111
DEGRAFF, GILBERT C.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-3
DEGRAFF, HARMANUS            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-19
DEGRAFF, HESTER              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-29
DEGRAFF, ISAAC               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-272
DEGRAFF, ISAAC               FLORIDA                       NY-29-8-305
DEGRAFF, ISAAC               FLORIDA                       NY-29-14-312
DEGRAFF, ISAAC J.            FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-272
DEGRAFF, ISAAC J.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-169
DEGRAFF, J. TELLER           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-545
DEGRAFF, JACOB               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-139
DEGRAFF, JACOB               FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-500
DEGRAFF, JENNIE M.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-425
DEGRAFF, JEREMIAH            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-559
DEGRAFF, JEREMIAH H.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-386
DEGRAFF, JESSIE              MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-17
DEGRAFF, JESSIE D.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-103
DEGRAFF, JOHN                FLORIDA                       NY-29-5-174
DEGRAFF, JOHN A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-448
DEGRAFF, JOHN D.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-366
DEGRAFF, JOHN G.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-301
DEGRAFF, LAWRENCE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-125
DEGRAFF, MAGDALEN            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-206
DEGRAFF, MARIA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-363
DEGRAFF, MATILDA             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-247
DEGRAFF, NCIHOLAS N.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-253
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS E.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-4-313
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS F.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-190
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS I.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-412
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS J.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-374
DEGRAFF, WILLIAM H.          FLORIDA                       NY-29-26-259
DEGROFF, MARY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-265
DEIFFENDORF, JOHANNES        MINDEN                        NY-29-5-341
DELLENBACK, BENJAMIN         PALATINE                      NY-29-11-438
DEMAREST, ABRAHAM            BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-142
DEMAREST, JACOB D.           FUNDA'S BUSH                  NY-29-3-89
DEMAREST, PETER D.           BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-180
DEMOTH, GOERGE               FORT SCHUYLER                 NY-29-1-26
DENISE, PETER F.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-211
DENMARK, HENRIETTA A.        GLEN                          NY-29-27-231
DENNE, BARENT                MAYFIELD                      NY-29-1-275
DENNE, HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-179
DENNE, JACOB                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-364
DENNIS, ALIDA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-612
DENNIS, CATHARINE F.         FONDA                         NY-29-28-441
DENNISON, SAMUEL             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-8
DENNISON, SAMUEL             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-59
DENNISON, THOMAS             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-3-117
DENNISTON, MARY C.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-574
DENSLER, HENRY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-425
DENTON, GEORGE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-604
DENTON, JAME                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-253
DEPERRY, MARY A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-292
DEPUY, ISAIAH                GLEN                          NY-29-6-442
DEROSA, CARLO                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-553
DESSAN, THEODORE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-591
DETINGER, HERMA              MINDEN                        NY-29-27-227
DETTMER, AUGUSTUS            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-160
DEVENBAGH, ABRAM             FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-394
DEVENBURGH, ANN G.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-539
DEVENBURGH, MARTHA L.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-245
DEVENDORF, CHARLOTTE J.      AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-174
DEVENDORF, CLARK             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-417
DEVENDORF, DEWITT A.         FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-143
DEVENDORF, EMILY V.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-10
DEVENDORF, GEORGE            MINDEN                        NY-29-3-469
DEVENDORF, ISABELLA          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-446
DEVENDORF, REUBIN            ROOT                          NY-29-23-11
DEVENDORFF, HENRY J.         ROOT                          NY-29-10-170
DEVENPECK, ABRAM             FLORIDA                       NY-29-19-555
DEVENPECK, ABRAM             GLEN                          NY-29-23-98
DEVENPECK, CORNELIUS         GLEN                          NY-29-13-402
DEVENPECK, JOHN              FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-148
DEVENPECK, NICHOLAS B.       GLEN                          NY-29-20-411
DEVENPECK, SUSANNAH          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-175
DEVINE, BRYAN                FONDA                         NY-29-24-423
DEWANDELAER, GEORGIANA P.    PALATINE                      NY-29-25-213
DEWANDELAIR, GANSEVOORT      PALATINE                      NY-29-11-584
DEWANDELAN, JOHN             PALATINE                      NY-29-3-421
DEWANDLER, HARMAN            MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-1
DEWEY, BETSEY F.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-463
DEWEY, FLAVE                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-408
DEWEY, JAMES E.              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-20-447
DEWEY, LOUISE E.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-61
DEWEY, SARA E.               MINDEN                        NY-29-22-41
DEWIRE, ARTHUR               MINDEN                        NY-29-23-458
DEWIRE, WILLIAM              MINDEN                        NY-29-28-611
DEY, DANIEL                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-305
DEY, JAMES                   ROOT                          NY-29-7-329
DEY, WILLIAM                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-159
DEYGERT, PETER               MINDEN                        NY-29-1-217
DEZUR, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-331
DIAMOND, THOMAS S.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-280
DICKIN, MARY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-478
DIECKMAN, MARY               ROCKTON                       NY-29-23-314
DIEFENDORF, ABRAM H.         FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-164
DIEFENDORF, BENJAMIN J.      MINDEN                        NY-29-13-575
DIEFENDORF, CATHARINE        MINDEN                        NY-29-19-97
DIEFENDORF, CATHERINE        FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-25-585
DIEFENDORF, CATHERINE        FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-114
DIEFENDORF, CHAUNCEY         MINDEN                        NY-29-27-285
DIEFENDORF, DANIEL I.        MINDEN                        NY-29-19-485
DIEFENDORF, DAVID G.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-9-375
DIEFENDORF, DELEVAN          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-341
DIEFENDORF, EDGAR            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-368
DIEFENDORF, ELIZABETH        FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-225
DIEFENDORF, EVA M.           GLEN                          NY-29-18-331
DIEFENDORF, HENRY            MINDEN                        NY-29-5-280
DIEFENDORF, JACOB            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-35
DIEFENDORF, JOHN C.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-162
DIEFENDORF, JOHN I.          MINDEN                        NY-29-12-397
DIEFENDORF, JONAS            MINDEN                        NY-29-11-94
DIEFENDORF, LEVI G.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-85
DIEFENDORF, MARGARET         ROOT                          NY-29-10-514
DIEFENDORF, MARY A.          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-532
DIEFENDORF, NANCY            MINDEN                        NY-29-22-268
DIEFENDORF, NANCY            MINDEN                        NY-29-15-438
DIEFENDORF, PETER            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-13-525
DIEFENDORF, PHILIP G.        CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-390
DIEFENDORF, WARNER           MINDEN                        NY-29-14-289
DIEFENDORF, WILLIAM G.       FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-384
DIENDORF, JOHN               MINDEN                        NY-29-10-556
DIENFENDORF, DOUW B.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-543
DIETZEL, JOHN G.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-469
DIETZEL, JOHN P.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-600
DIEVENDORF, JACOB            ROOT                          NY-29-29-22
DIEVENDORF, JACOB H.         ROOT                          NY-29-18-529
DIEVENDORF, WILLIAM B.       ROOT                          NY-29-16-77
DIEVENDORFF, JACOB           ROOT                          NY-29-9-261
DILLENBACH, HENDRICK         STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-1-110
DILLENBACH, HENRY            MINDEN                        NY-29-3-416
DILLENBACH, JOHN             PALATINE                      NY-29-3-376
DILLENBACH, PETER            PALATINE                      NY-29-7-348
DILLENBACH, WILLIAM          MINDEN                        NY-29-3-61
DILLENBACK, CATHARINE        ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-19-593
DILLENBACK, CONRAD           MINDEN                        NY-29-8-183
DILLENBACK, DANIEL J.        PALATINE                      NY-29-14-271
DILLENBACK, GEORGE M.        MINDEN                        NY-29-24-253
DILLENBACK, JOHNA .          PALATINE                      NY-29-14-486
DILLENBACK, JOSEPH           MINDEN                        NY-29-21-229
DILLENBACK, LYSANDER         ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-85
DILLENBACK, MARGARET         PALATINE                      NY-29-21-424
DILLENBACK, WILLIAM          MINDEN                        NY-29-13-514
DILLENBECK, ALMIRA           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-55
DILLENBECK, BALTUS           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-16-118
DILLENBECK, DAVID            PALATINE                      NY-29-27-109
DILLENBECK, EDWIN H.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-470
DILLENBECK, ELIZABETH        PALATINE                      NY-29-30-250
DILLENBECK, HARRIET          PALATINE                      NY-29-27-95
DILLENBECK, HENRY C.         MINDEN                        NY-29-15-461
DILLENBECK, HENRY I.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-587
DILLENBECK, JOHN H.          PALATINE                      NY-29-22-476
DILLENBECK, JULIA            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-34
DILLENBECK, MAGDALENA        PALATINE                      NY-29-17-71
DILLENBECK, MARGARET         FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-400
DILLENBECK, MARIA C.         MINDEN                        NY-29-25-1
DILLENBECK, MARY             MOHAWK                        NY-29-26-535
DILLENBECK, PETER J.         PALATINE                      NY-29-23-149
DILLENBECK, SOPHIA           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-55
DILLENBECK, STEPHEN          MINDEN                        NY-29-20-205
DIMMICK, SOLOMAN             PALATINE                      NY-29-1-131
DINGMAN, ABRAM               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-14-546
DINGMAN, ALONZO              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-409
DINGMAN, ANN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-445
DINGMAN, CORNELIUS           MINDEN                        NY-29-23-155
DINGMAN, JANE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-414
DINGMAN, JOHN                MINDEN                        NY-29-8-497
DINGMAN, JOHN W.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-339
DINGMAN, LEWIS S.            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-448
DINGMAN, LYDIA               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-91
DINGMAN, PETER               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-552
DIRKING, ELIZABETH           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-553
DIXON, JOHN J.               FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-392
DIXON, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-89
DIXON, WALTER                MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-9
DOAK, JAMES                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-274
DOCKSTADER, ADAM             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-429
DOCKSTADER, CARRIE M.        FONDA                         NY-29-24-381
DOCKSTADER, CATE             MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-232
DOCKSTADER, CHRISTOPHER      MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-430
DOCKSTADER, DAVID H.         FONDA                         NY-29-21-600
DOCKSTADER, ELIZABETH        MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-288
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK A.     ROOT                          NY-29-14-595
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK F.     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-561
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK H.     JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-362
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK L.     MOHAWK                        NY-29-6-235
DOCKSTADER, GEORGE F.        MOHAWK                        NY-29-6-365
DOCKSTADER, HENRY            MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-596
DOCKSTADER, HENRY F.         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-269
DOCKSTADER, HENRY H.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-16-194
DOCKSTADER, HENRY I.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-141
DOCKSTADER, HENRY J.         NTL                           NY-29-5-74
DOCKSTADER, JACOB H.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-8-432
DOCKSTADER, JACOB J.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-17
DOCKSTADER, JOHN J.          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-206
DOCKSTADER, JOHN J.          MOHAWK                        NY-29-17-345
DOCKSTADER, LEONARD          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-143
DOCKSTADER, MARGARET         MOHAWK                        NY-29-28-315
DOCKSTADER, MARGARET D.      ROOT                          NY-29-25-16
DOCKSTADER, MARIA            FONDA                         NY-29-22-2
DOCKSTADER, MARY             MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-244
DOCKSTADER, MARY             GLEN                          NY-29-18-559
DOCKSTADER, MARY             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-272
DOCKSTADER, MARY C.          MOHAWK                        NY-29-26-310
DOCKSTADER, NICHOLAS N.      MOHAWK                        NY-29-14-6
DOCKSTADER, PERMELIA         MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-490
DOCKSTADER, WILLIAM          PALATINE                      NY-29-27-443
DOCSTADER, JOHN F.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-10-129
DODDS, CORNELIUS             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-169
DODDS, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-467
DODDS, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-145
DODGE, ASA                   GLEN                          NY-29-9-442
DODGE, JANE A.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-229
DODGE, RICHARD               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-133
DODGE, THOMAS V. S.          GLEN                          NY-29-21-330
DODS, BARTHOLOMEW            BENSON                        NY-29-1-425
DODS, JACOB                  MAYFIELD                      NY-29-2-88
DON, SUSAN E.                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-346
DON, WILLIAM                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-222
DONALDSON, JANE              GLEN                          NY-29-20-533
DONLON, HUGH                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-515
DONLON, MARGARET             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-181
DONNAN, WILLIAM A.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-253
DOPP, ABRAHAM                ROOT                          NY-29-20-187
DOPP, JOHN                   ROOT                          NY-29-9-404
DOPP, SAMUEL                 ROOT                          NY-29-11-569
DORAN, EDWARD                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-157
DORAN, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-238
DORING, MATILDA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-582
DORN, ALEXANDER              FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-261
DORN, AMOS H.                FLORIDA                       NY-29-19-73
DORN, MICHAEL                MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-304
DORN, RACHAEL                FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-281
DORN, THOMAS O.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-338
DORR, EZRA                   FLORIDA                       NY-29-8-445
DOUGALL, JAMES               FLORIDA                       NY-29-14-494
DOUGALL, JOHN J.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-121
DOUGALL, KELLY               FONDA                         NY-29-30-20
DOUGHERTY, ROGER             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-252
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM E.        CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-25-649
DOUGLAS, JOSEPH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-479
DOUGLASS, STEPHEN            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-61
DOULON, PATRICK              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-199
DOUW, CORNELIUS              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-178
DOW, VOLKERT C.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-112
DOWD, MARTIN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-567
DOWNS, CYRUS                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-69
DOWNSLAND, JAMES R.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-417
DOYLE, BRIDGET M.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-159
DRIVENDORFF, CORNELIUS       ROOT                          NY-29-15-365
DROEGE, CHRISTIAN            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-495
DRUCKEL, WILLIAM             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-416
DUCKEL, JOHN JR.             MINDEN                        NY-29-16-75
DUDLEY, CATHERINE S.         MINDEN                        NY-29-21-594
DUEL, CHARLES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-274
DUELL, CLARA M.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-527
DUESLER, ELIZA W.            ROOT                          NY-29-21-358
DUESLER, FRANCIS H.          ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-89
DUESLER, HARRIET             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-17
DUESLER, MARTIN              ROOT                          NY-29-21-82
DUESLER, OLIVER              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-57
DUESLER, WILLIAM H.          MINDEN                        NY-29-19-395
DUGAN, PATRICK               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-608
DUNBAR, ROBERT G.            ROOT                          NY-29-8-1
DUNCKEL, AARON               MINDEN                        NY-29-13-190
DUNCKEL, ABRAM               MINDEN                        NY-29-12-361
DUNCKEL, ADAM                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-164
DUNCKEL, ALVIN               MINDEN                        NY-29-12-503
DUNCKEL, CHARLOTTE C.        MINDEN                        NY-29-19-437
DUNCKEL, ELIZA ANN           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-316
DUNCKEL, ELIZABETH           MINDEN                        NY-29-18-379
DUNCKEL, EMMA                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-121
DUNCKEL, HENRY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-587
DUNCKEL, IRENE               MINDEN                        NY-29-24-190
DUNCKEL, JOHN A.             MINDEN                        NY-29-17-3
DUNCKEL, MARIA               MINDEN                        NY-29-17-1
DUNCKEL, MOSES               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-214
DUNCKEL, NICHOLAS N.         MINDEN                        NY-29-11-540
DUNCKEL, PETER               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-319
DUNCKEL, PETER JR.           MINDEN                        NY-29-11-485
DUNCKELL, DANIEL             MINDEN                        NY-29-14-467
DUNCKELL, JONAS              PALATINE                      NY-29-14-401
DUNCKLE, CATHERINE           MINDEN                        NY-29-14-224
DUNKLE, GEORGE               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-7-241
DUNKLE, NICHOLAS             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-7-21
DUNLAP, JOSEPH               NTL                           NY-29-1-229
DUNLAP, ROBERT               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-14-553
DUNN, MARY A.                FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-410
DURHULTZ, JOHN               MINDEN                        NY-29-14-61
DUSCHL, GEORGE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-435
DUSSEL, GEORGE               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-193
DUTCHER, GRACE M.            PALATINE                      NY-29-27-619
DWELLEY, DANIEL              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-444
DWYER, SARAH                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-406
DYGERT, GEORGE               PALATINE                      NY-29-16-94
DYGERT, J. EDWARD            PALATINE                      NY-29-22-576
DYGERT, JAMES D.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-263
DYGERT, MARY                 NTL                           NY-29-5-530
DYGERT, PETER                PALATINE                      NY-29-6-429
DYGERT, SEVERENUS S.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-467
DYKEMAN, ANNA                PALATINE BRIDGE               NY-29-13-466
DYKEMAN, PETER J.            PALATINE                      NY-29-11-123

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