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NARE, ZACHARIAS                         NY-29-12-571
NELLIS, ADAM A.                         NY-29-4-207
NELLIS, BENJAMIN J.                     NY-29-11-338
NELLIS, CHRISTIAN                       NY-29-1-461
NELLIS, DANIEL                          NY-29-11-304
NELLIS, GARRET                          NY-29-11-282
NELLIS, GEORGE H.                       NY-29-9-363
NELLIS, JACOB G.                        NY-29-7-320
NELLIS, JOHANNIS                        NY-29-2-247
NELLIS, JOHN                            NY-29-10-12
NELLIS, JOHN C.                         NY-29-6-301
NELLIS, JOHN J.                         NY-29-9-289
NELLIS, JOHN W.                         NY-29-6-261
NELLIS, JOSEPH                          NY-29-5-255
NELLIS, JOSEPH I.                       NY-29-11-133
NELLIS, JOSEPH W.                       NY-29-10-408
NELLIS, LUDWIG                          NY-29-1-511
NELLIS, NANCY                           NY-29-8-485
NELLIS, PETER                           NY-29-3-289
NELLIS, PETER H.                        NY-29-2-476
NELLIS, PETER J.                        NY-29-2-559
NELLIS, ROBERT                          NY-29-12-145
NELLIS, SIMEON                          NY-29-11-568
NELLIS, SUFFRENA                        NY-29-8-473
NELLIS, SUSANNA                         NY-29-11-561
NELLIS, WILLIAM                         NY-29-3-557
NELLIS, WILLIAM J.                      NY-29-5-332
NESTEL, JOHN                            NY-29-2-427
NESTELL, ANDREW                         NY-29-6-350
NESTELL, ELIZA A.                       NY-29-11-390
NESTELL, GEORGE                         NY-29-9-407
NESTELL, MARTIN JOHN                    NY-29-12-508
NEWKIRK, ABRAHAM                        NY-29-4-365
NEWKIRK, ALIDA                          NY-29-12-194
NEWKIRK, GARRET I.                      NY-29-12-532
NEWKIRK, GERRIT CORNELIUS               NY-29-3-278
NEWKIRK, GERRIT J.                      NY-29-3-187
NEWKIRK, JOHN                           NY-29-6-320
NEWKIRK, JOHN                           NY-29-1-353
NEWTON, HARRIET                         NY-29-12-527
NEWTON, JOSEPH                          NY-29-2-137
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                         NY-29-1-450
NIPHER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-84
NISTEL, GODLIP                          NY-29-2-168
NOLAN, PATRICK                          NY-29-12-412
NOXON, WILLIAM C.                       NY-29-12-366
NUKURK, CHARLES                         NY-29-3-338
OATHOUT, GAZENA                         NY-29-10-571
OLIN, HENRY                             NY-29-10-440
OLMSTEAD, JONATHAN                      NY-29-5-150
OLMSTED, LEWIS                          NY-29-2-239
ONEAL, JOHN                             NY-29-9-16
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-29-12-406
OOTHOUT, JONAS                          NY-29-3-254
OSTRANDER, AARON                        NY-29-1-235
OSTRANDER, GERRIT                       NY-29-3-189
OSTROM, ANTHONY                         NY-29-6-117
OSTROM, JOHN                            NY-29-7-424
OSTROM, JOHN JR.                        NY-29-7-38
OTMAN, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-29-3-219
OTTO, FREDERICK                         NY-29-12-343
OUDERKIRK, MARGARET                     NY-29-12-36
OUSTEROUT, FREDRICK                     NY-29-2-564
OVERBAUGH, MARGARET                     NY-29-10-84
PADGET, JAMES                           NY-29-4-377
PARIS, ISAAC ESQ.                       NY-29-1-29
PARSONS, JOSEPH                         NY-29-3-208
PATRICK, SARAH                          NY-29-12-98
PAWLING, ELISABETH                      NY-29-4-81
PAWLING, HENRY                          NY-29-4-101
PEACOCK, HUGH                           NY-29-1-175
PEASE, WILLIAM S.                       NY-29-4-4
PECK, HENRY                             NY-29-8-382
PEEK, CATHERINE                         NY-29-9-327
PEEK, CORNELIUS C.                      NY-29-5-178
PEEK, JACOBUS                           NY-29-4-107
PEEK, JOHN                              NY-29-11-51
PEEK, SARAH                             NY-29-9-439
PERKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-29-1-113
PERSELL, JACOB                          NY-29-5-418
PERSONS, JAMES                          NY-29-1-525
PETTET, JABEZ                           NY-29-2-194
PETTEYS, PELEG                          NY-29-4-338
PETTINGELL, MARIA                       NY-29-10-73
PETTINGILL, HENRY                       NY-29-9-170
PETTIT, JOHN                            NY-29-7-407
PHELPS, JOAB                            NY-29-4-472
PHELPS, JONAH                           NY-29-6-363
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                        NY-29-4-195
PHILIPSEY, JOHN                         NY-29-2-468
PHILLIPS, CORNELIUS                     NY-29-11-342
PHILLIPS, EDWARD C.                     NY-29-11-419
PHILLIPS, JACOB                         NY-29-5-406
PHILLIPS, JAMES W.                      NY-29-9-398
PHILLIPS, JAY                           NY-29-10-316
PHILLIPS, LEWIS                         NY-29-5-415
PHILLIPS, LEWIS                         NY-29-3-194
PHILLIPS, LEWIS                         NY-29-5-376
PHILLIPS, PHILIP                        NY-29-9-158
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       NY-29-3-410
PHILPOT, SPENCER                        NY-29-1-389
PICKERT, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-29-1-470
PICKERT, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-29-2-287
PICKERT, GEORGE N.                      NY-29-4-512
PICKLE, JOHANNIS                        NY-29-1-273
PIERSON, MOSES                          NY-29-11-201
PIFFER, ANDREW                          NY-29-3-102
PLANK, ADAM                             NY-29-2-497
PLANK, ADAM J.                          NY-29-3-513A
POST, JAMES                             NY-29-10-150
POTTER, DANIEL                          NY-29-6-88
POTTER, NOADIAH                         NY-29-9-265
POTTER, THOMAS J.                       NY-29-12-261
POTTER, URIAH                           NY-29-12-308
POWELL, CHARLES                         NY-29-2-101
POWERS, ABRAM                           NY-29-9-205
PRATT, DARIUS                           NY-29-3-106
PRESOTN, HARVEY E.                      NY-29-6-59
PRINTUP, DAVID H.                       NY-29-12-410
PRINTUP, WILLIAM J.                     NY-29-6-452
PROPER, PETER                           NY-29-3-128
PRUYNE, CATHARINE                       NY-29-11-601
PULVER, JACOB                           NY-29-8-317
PUTMAN, ABRAHAM V.                      NY-29-9-306
PUTMAN, ALIDA M.                        NY-29-12-566
PUTMAN, CHARLES F.                      NY-29-11-364
PUTMAN, CORNELIUS L.                    NY-29-5-108
PUTMAN, FRANCIS                         NY-29-5-356
PUTMAN, FRANCIS I.                      NY-29-1-304
PUTMAN, GARRET                          NY-29-4-5
PUTMAN, GEORGE                          NY-29-11-386
PUTMAN, JACOB V.                        NY-29-9-35
PUTMAN, JAMES                           NY-29-11-436
PUTMAN, JOHN                            NY-29-9-239
PUTMAN, JOHN D.                         NY-29-7-388
PUTMAN, JOHN L.                         NY-29-2-90
PUTMAN, JOHN V.                         NY-29-8-174
PUTMAN, LEWIS                           NY-29-6-243
PUTMAN, LEWIS V.                        NY-29-8-302
PUTMAN, PETER                           NY-29-8-224
PUTMAN, REBECCA                         NY-29-7-404
PUTMAN, VICTOR                          NY-29-6-186
PUTMAN, VICTOR C.                       NY-29-3-26
QUACKENBOSS, ABRAHAM D.                 NY-29-2-146
QUACKENBOSS, NICHOLAS                   NY-29-4-336
QUACKENBOSS, PETER                      NY-29-4-83
QUACKENBOSS, VINCENT SCOTT              NY-29-1-391
QUACKENBOSS, WILLIAM                    NY-29-3-95
QUACKENBUSH, ADAM                       NY-29-11-465
QUACKENBUSH, ISAAC H.                   NY-29-4-279
QUACKENBUSH, JAMES                      NY-29-10-415
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN                       NY-29-6-1
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN                       NY-29-12-138
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN P.                    NY-29-4-334
QUACKENBUSH, MARGARET                   NY-29-12-48
QUACKENBUSH, NICHOLAS J.                NY-29-11-99
QUACKENBUSH, PETER W.                   NY-29-6-258
QUICK, MORRIS                           NY-29-8-326
QUILHOT, HENRY                          NY-29-5-293
QUILHOT, JOHN                           NY-29-5-326
QUILHOT, JOHN                           NY-29-2-516
QUILHOT, MARGARET                       NY-29-7-496
QUILHOT, STEPHEN                        NY-29-11-211
RADLEY, GARRET                          NY-29-7-502
RADLEY, JOHN P.                         NY-29-11-145
RADLEY, PHILIP                          NY-29-7-262
RADLIFF, JOHN                           NY-29-2-42
RANDALL, BENEJAH                        NY-29-1-128
RATTLEY, JACOBUS                        NY-29-3-460
READ, JOSHUA                            NY-29-11-500
REAMER, ADAM                            NY-29-6-98
REES, NICHOLAS                          NY-29-4-263
REESE, NICHOLAS                         NY-29-11-159
REESE, SAMUEL                           NY-29-1-500
REID, JAMES B.                          NY-29-11-153
REID, WILLIAM                           NY-29-9-48
REPEGNIE, DANIEL                        NY-29-3-465
RHINEHART, CATHERINE                    NY-29-12-32
RICE, JONAS                             NY-29-12-29
RICE, JOSIAH                            NY-29-12-354
RICHARDS, PLATT                         NY-29-10-449
RICHTER, NICHOLAS                       NY-29-3-356
RICKERT, LUDWIG                         NY-29-3-148
RIDDLE, SAMUEL                          NY-29-3-477
RIDER, LEWIS                            NY-29-9-476
RIPPEL, PETER                           NY-29-9-99
RIVERS, CHARLES                         NY-29-12-197
ROATH, CHARLES B.                       NY-29-4-114
ROBB, GEORGE                            NY-29-4-354
ROBB, JAMES M.                          NY-29-10-247
ROBBINS, THOMAS                         NY-29-4-148
ROBERTSON, CATHARINE                    NY-29-3-232
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         NY-29-2-527
ROBERTSON, ROBERT                       NY-29-3-546
ROBINSON, ANTHONY                       NY-29-8-3
ROCKMYRE, LANY M.                       NY-29-12-553
ROCKWELL, ELIAS                         NY-29-11-431
ROELOFSON, ARBAHAM                      NY-29-2-507
ROLLER, JOHN                            NY-29-10-378
ROMEYN, THOMAS                          NY-29-10-50
ROMEYN, THOMAS                          NY-29-1-138
RONKEL, JOHN                            NY-29-2-1
ROOF, ANDREW                            NY-29-11-35
ROOF, JOHANNIS                          NY-29-1-170
ROOF, JOHN                              NY-29-7-464
ROOF, MARGARET                          NY-29-10-66
ROOF, MARTIN                            NY-29-4-97
RORA, HENRY P.                          NY-29-4-267
ROSA, RICHARD                           NY-29-1-498
ROSE, CHARLES                           NY-29-4-401
ROWLAND, ELIZABETH                      NY-29-12-341
RUFF, SARAH                             NY-29-4-291
RUGGLES, WILLIAM B.                     NY-29-9-486
RULEY, ROBERT                           NY-29-10-471
RUNELS, BENJAMIN                        NY-29-2-435
RUNKLE, CORNELIUS                       NY-29-11-220
RUSS, HENRY                             NY-29-12-250

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