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ABBOTT, ANNA J.              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-449
ABBOTT, MARY ANN             MINDEN                        NY-29-20-567
ABEEL, JACOB                 MINDEN                        NY-29-8-476
ABEEL, MARIAH                MINDEN                        NY-29-4-234
ABEEL, WILLIAM               MINDEN                        NY-29-6-311
ABEL, ABIGAIL JANE           GLEN                          NY-29-22-472
ABEL, ABRAM                  GLEN                          NY-29-17-181
ABEL, ANDREW                 GLEN                          NY-29-4-382
ABEL, CONRAD                 PALATINE                      NY-29-15-173
ABEL, MARGARET A.            GLEN                          NY-29-21-346
ABEL, MATTHIAS               GLEN                          NY-29-11-306
ABEL, WILLIAM                PALATINE                      NY-29-9-499
ABELING, BARBRY E.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-588
ABELING, HARRISON            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-333
ABELING, JULIA E.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-132
ABELING, WILLIAM J.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-304
ABELL, OLIVE L.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-326
ADAIR, ALEXANDER             FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-437
ADAIR, JOHN                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-258
ADAIR, JOHN A.               FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-47
ADAMS, GEORGE H.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-196
ADAMS, HENRY C.              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-16-350
ADAMS, JANE E.               GLEN                          NY-29-22-92
ADAMS, ROSETTE E.            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-289
ADEBAHR, CHARLES C.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-319
ADLER, CAROLINE              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-522
ADLER, ISAAC                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-110
AKER, GEORGE                 PALATINE                      NY-29-1-32
AKIN, ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-215
AKIN, SUSAN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-89
ALBOT, GEORGE M.             FULTONVILLE                   39-397
ALCANBRACK, PETER            ROOT                          NY-29-8-282
ALGER, ALBERT                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-605
ALGER, JAMES                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-200
ALGYER, DAVID                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-386
ALLEN, ANN L.                CHARLESTON FOUR CORNERS       NY-29-26-373
ALLEN, AUGUSTUS              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-12-189
ALLEN, CYRUS                 ROOT                          NY-29-14-182
ALLEN, DAVID                 PERTH, FULTON, NY             NY-29-13-375
ALLEN, GEORGE W.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-26-457
ALLEN, JAMES                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-49
ALLEN, JAMES S.              ROOT                          NY-29-24-196
ALLEN, MABLE                 MINDEN                        NY-29-8-271
ALLEN, NETTIE A.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-593
ALLEN, SETH                  ROOT                          NY-29-28-399
ALLEN, SUSAN                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-203
ALLEN, THOMAS                MINDEN                        NY-29-19-447
ALLEN, THOMAS EMMET          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-405
ALLEN, WILLIAM D.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-439
ALLTER, JACOB                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-31
ALLTER, WILLARD              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-303
ALPAUGH, PHILIP              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-180
ALTENBURGER, CATHARINE       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-44
ALTER, ALEXANDER             MINDEN                        NY-29-15-383
ALTER, MARGARET BODEY        MINDEN                        NY-29-30-28
ALTINBURGH, WILLIAM          OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-3-227
AMBRIDGE, AMBROSE            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-556
AMBRIDGE, CAROLINE           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-441
ANALEN, LOURENCE E.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-176
ANDERSON, DORA G.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-229
ANDREWS, GEORGE A.           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-28
ANDREWS, POLLY               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-199
ANTHONY, ANNA                OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-2-402
ANTHONY, JAMES M.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-334
APPEL, CAROLINE              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-523
APPLE, HENRY                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-189
ARGERSINGER, MARY            GLEN                          NY-29-22-454
ARGOTSINGER, BALTUS          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-70
ARKELL, JAMES                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-420
ARKELL, SARAH H.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-25-122
ARMITAGE, AQUILA H.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-30
ARNDT, ABRAHAM               MINDEN                        NY-29-11-354
ARNDT, ABRAHAM               MINDEN                        NY-29-3-566
ARNES, NORMAN                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-299
ARNOLD, BENEDICT             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-96
ARNOLD, ELISHA               NTL                           NY-29-2-521
ARNOT, ROBERT                FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-330
ATELMIRE, HENRY              ROOT                          NY-29-23-424
ATWOOD, MARY EMMA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-300
AUSMAN, ANNA J.              FONDA                         NY-29-19-293
AUSMAN, GERTRUDE E.          FONDA                         NY-29-25-639
AUSPELMYER, FREDERICK        FLORIDA                       NY-29-25-404
AUSTIN, FRANCES A.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-518
AUSTIN, SOPHIA               MINDEN                        NY-29-29-538
AVERELL, MARIA               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-388
AVERILL, LEWIS               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-9-175
AVERY, CLARINDA H.           FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-305
AVERY, ELIZA                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-292
AVERY, RUCILLA E.            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-214
AVERY, THADDEUS              MOHAWK                        NY-29-14-569
AYRES, ALEXANDER             MINDEN                        NY-29-18-417
AYRES, DANIEL (DR)           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-153
AYRES, DOUGLAS               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-499
AYRES, ELEXANDER             SALISBURY                     NY-29-1-210
AYRES, HARRIET C.            MINDEN                        NY-29-18-355
BABCOCK, LUCIA M.            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-12-578
BACK, WILLIAM                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-303
BACKER, JACOB                MAYFIELD                      NY-29-3-498
BACKER, ZACHARIAH            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-566
BADER, LODEWICK              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-122
BAILEY, JAMES B.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-184
BAILEY, SALLY                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-11-174
BAIRD, ABRAHAM               GLEN                          NY-29-11-462
BAIRD, BENJAMIN              FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-505
BAIRD, GERTRUDE M.           GLEN                          NY-29-30-218
BAIRD, JACOB M.              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-452
BAIRD, PHEBE                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-27-333
BAIRD, ROBERT                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-7-85
BAIRD, WILLIAM               GLEN                          NY-29-20-473
BAKER, ASA                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-261
BAKER, RANSOM                NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-4-154
BALDWIN, LUCY E.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-83
BALFANZ, ALBERT              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-241
BALL, BENJAMIN F.            MINDEN                        NY-29-20-325
BALLOU, ANNA M.              FONDA                         NY-29-28-591
BAMBER, ROGER                MINDEN                        NY-29-18-351
BANCROFT, HARRY P.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-616
BANDER, ANGELINA             ROOT                          NY-29-8-88
BANT, JOHN                   BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-479
BANTA, BARNET                BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-158
BANTA, CHARLES H.            HAGAMAN                       NY-29-30-246
BANTA, DIRCK                 MAYFIELD                      NY-29-3-210
BANTA, ELVIRA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-598
BANTA, HENRY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-437
BANTA, HUGH MITCHELL         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-488
BANTA, JACOB B.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-59
BANTA, JUSTUS L.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-336
BANTA, MARY A.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-68
BANTA, MINNIE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-592
BANTA, NANCY A.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-376
BARBER, HELEN .              FONDA                         NY-29-16-132
BARBER, MARION               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-328
BARBER, WILLIAM H.           FONDA                         NY-29-21-448
BARCLAY, JAMES               FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-220
BARD, GEORGE                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-272
BARDON, OSCAR                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-351
BARKHUFF, EMMA               FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-543
BARKHUFF, JANE               GLEN                          NY-29-14-363
BARLOW, AURIE E.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-30-414
BARLOW, ELIZABETH            FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-549
BARLOW, HIRAM                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-98
BARLOW, JOHN                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-11-566
BARLOW, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-320
BARLOW, MARY                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-484
BARLOW, N. ELLEN             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-30-506
BARLOW, NATHAN               CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-4-265
BARLOW, RAYMOND              GLEN                          NY-29-15-595
BARLOW, SIDNEY               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-13-299
BARNES, CHARLES G.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-167
BARNES, CYNTHIA              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-315
BARNES, GEORGE W.            AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-23-95
BARNES, HORACE               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-528
BARNES, LEVI G.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-214
BARNES, MARQUIS              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-126
BARNES, MILTON               MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-327
BARNES, SALOME               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-148
BARNES, SARAH A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-413
BARNEY, MANLEY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-599
BARNEY, ZADOCK H.            FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-569
BARNHARD, SAMUEL             MOHAWK                        NY-29-1-76
BARNS, COMFORT               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-8-72
BARRETT, JAMES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-32
BARRETT, JOHN                PALATINE                      NY-29-28-337
BARRETT, JOHN                GLEN                          NY-29-13-188
BARRETT, REDMOND             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-319
BARTLETT, CHANDLER           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-453
BARTLETT, MARY A.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-1
BARTLEY, JENNIE I.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-354
BARTON, MATTIE A.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-106
BASS, JERAMIAH               NRTHAMPTON                    NY-29-5-117
BASSET, NEWCOMB              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-354
BASSETT, JOHN J.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-343
BASSETT, NATHAN              FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-472
BASTARD, SUSAN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-394
BATCHELDER, AMARIAH K.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-469
BAUDER, DANIEL               MINDEN                        NY-29-10-135
BAUDER, ELIJAH               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-7
BAUDER, ELIZA                MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-218
BAUDER, ELIZABETH            MINDEN                        NY-29-14-283
BAUDER, GEORGE               PALATINE                      NY-29-11-37
BAUDER, GEORGE M.            MINDEN                        NY-29-12-231
BAUDER, GEORGE M.            PALATINE                      NY-29-16-24
BAUDER, JAMES                MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-528
BAUDER, JOHN                 PALATINE                      NY-29-4-358
BAUDER, JOHN                 PALATINE                      NY-29-5-301
BAUDER, JOHN                 ROOT                          NY-29-4-223
BAUDER, JOHN G.              MINDEN                        NY-29-20-305
BAUDER, JOHN M.              ROOT                          NY-29-11-527
BAUDER, LEWIS                ROOT                          NY-29-15-240
BAUDER, MAGDELANE            PALATINE                      NY-29-6-227
BAUDER, MATILDA J.           ROOT                          NY-29-23-77
BAUDER, MICHAEL M.           PALATINE                      NY-29-3-343
BAUDER, URIAH                PALATINE                      NY-29-4-252
BAUER, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-496
BAUER, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-582
BAUM, HENRY                  MINDEN                        NY-29-7-160
BAUM, HENRY A.               MINDEN                        NY-29-30-102
BAUM, ROSINA                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-319
BAUMAN, ANNA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-258
BAUMAN, FREDERICK            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-397
BAUTER, URIAL                MINDEN                        NY-29-7-151
BAXTER, BETSEY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-423
BAXTER, WILLIAM H.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-291
BEACH, IRA                   CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-328
BEACH, IRA                   CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-330
BEACH, LAWRENCE              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-457
BEAKER, MARTINUS             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-7-42
BEARCROFT, ROBERT L.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-29-43
BEARDSLEY, ANNA ELIZA        MINDEN                        NY-29-30-86
BEARDSLEY, SETH W.           MINDEN                        NY-29-22-528
BECHTEL, CAROLINE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-374
BECK, CHRISTIAN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-419
BECK, JOHN                   FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-379
BECK, LEWIS                  PALATINE                      NY-29-14-201
BECKER, BORNT                MAYFIELD                      NY-29-2-533
BECKER, DAVID I.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-311
BECKER, EBENEZER             STRATFORD                     NY-29-2-500
BECKER, JOHANNES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-382
BECKER, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-115
BECKER, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-535
BECKER, MARGARET             MINDEN                        NY-29-17-41
BECKER, MATTHIAS             FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-383
BECKER, NANCY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-480
BECKER, NICHOLAS J.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-505
BECKER, PETER M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-369
BECKER, SARAH M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-659
BEEKMAN, BENJAMIN            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-505
BEEKMAN, HENRIETTA           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-93
BEEKMAN, JOHN G.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-139
BEEKMAN, NOAH W.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-250
BEGA, CAROLINE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-412
BEHR, MOSES                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-82
BELBEN, MARY E.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-69
BELDEN, JENNIE H.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-559
BELDING, BARTHOLOMUS         FLORIDA                       NY-29-5-23
BELFANC, JOHN                FLORIDA                       NY-29-29-142
BELL, ELIZABETH              GLEN                          NY-29-10-437
BELL, GEORGE                 NTL                           NY-29-2-396
BELL, JOHN                   MINDEN                        NY-29-11-498
BELL, JOSIAH                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-22-282
BELL, LYDIA M.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-313
BELL, PETER                  CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-205
BELL, RICHARD                FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-16-140
BELL, SAMUEL E.              GLEN                          NY-29-19-575
BELL, WILLIAM                GLEN                          NY-29-9-456
BELLEN, STEPHEN              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-205
BELLINGER, CATHARINE         ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-457
BELLINGER, ELVINA            MINDEN                        NY-29-20-293
BELLINGER, EMERY             MINDEN                        NY-29-27-609
BELLINGER, HENRY P.          ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-181
BELLINGER, JACOB P.          MINDEN                        NY-29-20-112
BELLINGER, JAMES             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-18-53
BELLINGER, JOHN              CONAJOHARY                    NY-29-2-555
BELLINGER, JOHN F.           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-12-393
BELLINGER, LAURA A.          MINDEN                        NY-29-27-611
BELLINGER, LEWIS H.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-345
BELLINGER, MARY              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-547
BELLINGER, NANCY             MINDEN                        NY-29-23-412
BELLINGER, PHILIP            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-1-278
BELLINGER, WILLIAM           ROOT                          NY-29-5-189
BELLINGER, WILLIAM J.        ROOT                          NY-29-13-8
BELLOWS, ABRAM J.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-559
BELLOWS, ANDREW              GLEN                          NY-29-11-207
BELLOWS, ANDREW T.           GLEN                          NY-29-27-549
BELLOWS, ANNA M.             FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-30-488
BELLOWS, JAMES               GLEN                          NY-29-15-380
BELLOWS, MATILDA             GLEN                          NY-29-19-461
BELOTTI, MARTHA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-104
BEMIS, WILLARD S.            FONDA                         NY-29-30-494
BENJAMIN, EDWARD S.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-517
BENNET, CORNELIUS            NTL                           NY-29-4-221
BENNET, WILLIAM              ROOT                          NY-29-10-191
BENNETT, AMOS                GLEN                          NY-29-13-92
BENNETT, EMILY L. S.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-491
BENNETT, JOHN B.             ROOT                          NY-29-30-220
BENNETT, JOHN L.             ROOT                          NY-29-11-492
BENNETT, MARGARET            ROOT                          NY-29-28-353
BENNETT, WILLIAM             MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-271
BENNETT, WILLIAM N.          GLEN                          NY-29-27-547
BENSEN, JACOB                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-391
BENSON, LAWTON               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-458
BENSON, SARAH                MINDEN                        NY-29-18-557
BENZ, KATHE                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-421
BENZ, KLEMENZ                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-552
BENZE, HENRY C.              OHAWK                         NY-29-23-594
BERGAN, MARY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-589
BERGEN, CAROLINE E.          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-547
BERGEN, CHRISTIAN A.         MINDEN                        NY-29-24-419
BERGEN, THOMAS H.            MOHAWK                        NY-29-23-292
BERGER, HARRIET              NELLISTON                     NY-29-29-67
BERMING, WILLIAM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-293
BERRY, GEORGE W.             MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-109
BERRY, HENRY V.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-388
BERRY, JOHN                  MAYFIELD                      NY-29-3-285
BERRY, NANCY                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-505
BERRY, WILLIAM               MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-480
BERTHAND, AMANDA N.          NELLISTON                     NY-29-21-270
BERTHOUD, LOUIS              PALATINE                      NY-29-14-501
BERZEE, MOSES                MINDEN                        NY-29-24-178
BEST, JACOB                  ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-6-357
BETSINGER, PETER R.          ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-12-42
BETTINGER, ROBERT            MINDEN                        NY-29-17-7
BEVAN, EBENEZER              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-84
BEVERIDGE, HELEN             FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-503
BICKNELL, THOMAS             NTL                           NY-29-2-471
BIERBAUER, LOUIS             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-298
BIERMAN, AUGUSTUS            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-12-153
BIERMAN, HENRY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-267
BIERMAN, MARY                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-17-151
BIERMAN, MARY B.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-181
BIGGAM, WILLIAM H.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-19-69
BIGGS, EUGENE L.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-57
BILLINGS, BARBARY            FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-345
BILLINGS, JAMES              FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-240
BILLINGS, LYMAN R.           FLORIDA                       NY-29-19-315
BILLINGTON, HARRIET JOHNSON  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-421
BILLINGTON, JAMES            OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-399
BILLINGTON, THOMAS M.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-49
BINGHAM, ABIAL               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-475
BINGHAM, ANNA W.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-212
BIRCH, ALFRED                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-420
BIRCK, JAMES F.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-357
BIRGEN, CHRISTIAN            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-448
BISHOP, LUTHER               MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-134
BISHOP, RUSELL               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-238
BIXBY, HIRAM                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-136
BIXLEY, DOROTHY              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-563
BLACK, GEORGE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-553
BLADES, THOMAS               NTL                           NY-29-2-209
BLAIR, MARGARET              FLORIDA                       NY-29-17-125
BLAIR, ROBERT                FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-592
BLAKESLEE, EMMA LOUISE QUA   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-313
BLANCHARD, ANTOINETTE H.     AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-238
BLANCHARD, WATSON F.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-307
BLANK, DELIA                 MINDEN                        NY-29-1-283
BLASE, CHARLOTTE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-91
BLASIER, ANDREW J.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-17-241
BLAUVELT, CATHARINE A.       FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-22-486
BLEAU, JOSEPH                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-442
BLEECKER, LUCY ANN           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-83
BLINZINGER, JENNIE C.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-33
BLOOD, ALVIRA                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-12-321
BLOOD, DANIEL                GLEN                          NY-29-19-89
BLOOD, GARDINER              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-361
BLOOD, GAZENA ELIZABETH      AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-58
BLOOD, GEORGIANNA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-413
BLOOD, HELEN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-344
BLOOD, JAMES                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-442
BLOOD, JEREMIAH              FLORIDA                       NY-29-2-185
BLOOD, JOHN                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-139
BLOOD, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-39
BLOOD, JOHN D.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-478
BLOOD, R. SIMON              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-607
BLUME, MINNIE CATHERINE      AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-205
BLUMENTSTOCK, JOHN           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-538
BOCHLEN, SAMUEL              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-471
BODY, RICHARD                MINDEN                        NY-29-15-482
BOGASKIE, JOHN               ROOT                          NY-29-26-370
BOHL, ANDREW                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-121
BOHNE, HENRY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-550
BOILER, ANN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-443
BOLKE, JOHN                  FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-548
BOLLER, FREDERICK JOHN       CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-2
BOND, JANE                   CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-372
BONDE, GOTTLIEB              FLORIDA                       NY-29-23-438
BOOK, JOSEPHINE L.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-351
BOOTH, ALBERT B.             BEDFORD, MCKEAN, PA           NY-29-16-561
BOOTH, ELLEN                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-583
BOOTH, JOHN                  MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-286
BOOTH, MARY A.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-391
BORDEN, SARAH                CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-9-419
BORDEN, STEPHEN              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-5-435
BORKHART, JOHN J.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-293
BORNT, ANNE                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-428
BOSHART, CATHARINE           FULTONVILEL                   NY-29-29-145
BOSHART, JACOB               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-310
BOSHART, JACOB               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-245
BOSHART, JOHN H.             GLEN                          NY-29-21-130
BOSLER, MICHAEL              NELLISTON                     NY-29-29-97
BOSTWICK, JOHN N.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-323
BOURN, WILLIAM               MOHAWK                        NY-29-1-81
BOVEE, ABRAHAM               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-369
BOVEE, JACOB                 BROADALBIN                    NY-29-6-179
BOVEE, JACOB M.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-1-393
BOVEE, WALLACE               HAGAMAN                       NY-29-27-23
BOVIER, CAROLINE             OFNDA                         NY-29-30-36
BOWDISH, ALVAH               ROOT                          NY-29-21-280
BOWDISH, DAVID S.            MOHAWK                        NY-29-30-438
BOWDISH, GAMALIEL            ROOT                          NY-29-12-22
BOWDISH, JOHN                RURAL GROVE                   NY-29-16-287
BOWDISH, MARGALUS F.         CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-299
BOWDISH, MARK                ROOT                          NY-29-28-185
BOWDISH, MARY                MOHAWK                        NY-29-23-562
BOWDISH, RILEY T.            FONDA                         NY-29-26-616
BOWDISH, ROBERT L.           ROOT                          NY-29-20-561
BOWDISH, THOMAS W.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-101
BOWEN, HANNAH                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-434
BOWEN, SOLOMON               MINDEN                        NY-29-12-319
BOWERS, CONRAD               MINDEN                        NY-29-26-394
BOWIDHS, JANE ANN            ROOT                          NY-29-19-543
BOWMAN, ASA                  CHARLESTON                    NY-29-9-224
BOWMAN, DIAMPHRA             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-444
BOWMAN, ELISHA L.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-401
BOWMAN, FREDERICK            FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-73
BOWMAN, HENRY                CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-8-346
BOWMAN, MALINDA              MINDEN                        NY-29-30-60
BOWMAN, ROBERT               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-158
BOYCE, JOHN G.               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-21-284
BOYD, JOHN CAMPBELL          FONDA                         NY-29-23-316
BOYER, JONAS                 MANHEIM                       NY-29-2-8
BOYLE, AGNES L.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-526
BOYLE, HUGH                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-109
BRADFORD, CATHERINE J. MCLEOD  AMSTERDAM                   NY-29-26-157
BRADFORD, JAMES              FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-259
BRADLEY, RICHARD             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-566
BRADSHAW, GEORGE             FLORIDA                       NY-29-8-233
BRADSHAW, GEORGE             MINAVILLE                     NY-29-16-242
BRADSHAW, GERTRUDE           FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-138
BRADT, ABRAM A.              ROOT                          NY-29-20-166
BRADT, GARRET VANSCHAICK     FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-487
BRADT, JAMES                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-2-276
BRADT, JOHN H.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-433
BRADT, JOSEPH Y.             GLEN                          NY-29-11-261
BRADT, SAMUEL S.             CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-1-446
BRADY, ANDREW                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-10
BRADY, MARGARET              CANAJOHAREI                   NY-29-22-221
BRAGDON, HENRY S.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-55
BRAMER, ADOLPH               MOHAWK                        NY-29-30-320
BRAMER, CHARLES              PALATINE                      NY-29-27-461
BRAND, JOHN                  CHARLESTON                    NY-29-8-354
BRAND, JOHN                  CHARLESTON                    NY-29-11-117
BRAND, THOMAS R.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-128
BRANDENBURG, LOUIS           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-362
BRANDI, MARGUERITE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-456
BRANSON, ANNA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-597
BRANSON, GRACE E.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-177
BRANSON, ISABELLA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-638
BRANSON, MARY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-17
BREEDON, MARY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-580
BREEDON, WILLIAM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-312
BREEN, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-312
BRESNAHAN, MICHAEL           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-602
BREWSTER, NATHAN             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-525
BRIARS, WILLIAM              AMES                          NY-29-11-590
BRIGGS, DELEVAN              MOHAWK                        NY-29-27-159
BRIGGS, JOHNR .              MOHAWK                        NY-29-28-417
BRIGGS, LIBBIE               LA PRAIRIE, ROCK, WI          NY-29-14-102
BRIGHTMAN, JUSTUS            PALATINE                      NY-29-22-582
BRITTAIN, ABRAHAM            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-419
BRITTON, HARMANUS P.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-313
BRITTON, JOSEPH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-450
BROEFFLE, SUSANNAH           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-339
BRONK, DANIEL J.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-591
BRONK, JOHN C.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-397
BRONSON, ELIZA Q.            AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-16-135
BRONSON, EVELINE C.          AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-15-108
BRONSON, JAMES H.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-305
BROOKINS, HENRY              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-370
BROOKINS, REUBEN             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-262
BROOKMAN, GEORGE W.          MINDEN                        NY-29-27-277
BROOKMAN, GODFREY            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-263
BROOKMAN, JOHN               MINDEN                        NY-29-5-166
BROOKMAN, JOHN H.            MINDEN                        NY-29-21-466
BROOKMAN, JOHN I.            MINDEN                        NY-29-20-133
BROOKMAN, JOHN M.            MINDEN                        NY-29-30-492
BROOKS, HELEN J.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-310
BROOKS, MARTIN L.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-528
BROOKS, MARY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-78
BROOKS, TIFFANY B.           NTL                           NY-29-2-225
BROOTH, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-441
BROWER, ARNDT                STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-1-90
BROWER, CHRISTINA            PALATINE                      NY-29-20-499
BROWER, CORNELIUS            PALATINE                      NY-29-5-439
BROWER, HARMAN W.            MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-378
BROWER, HENRY T. E.          MOHAWK                        NY-29-24-217
BROWER, HERMAN               PALATINE                      NY-29-6-431
BROWER, HERMAN H.            PALATINE                      NY-29-18-443
BROWER, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-281
BROWER, JOHN H.              FONDA                         NY-29-26-337
BROWER, MARY                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-21-568
BROWER, OSCAR                PALATINE                      NY-29-23-282
BROWER, WILHELMUS            MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-74
BROWN, AMENZO                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-386
BROWN, CANDACE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-340
BROWN, CHRISTIAN             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-492
BROWN, DAVID                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-15-145
BROWN, GEORGE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-571
BROWN, HENRY                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-17-99
BROWN, JACOB                 PALATINE                      NY-29-15-502
BROWN, JOHN M.               ROOT                          NY-29-10-45
BROWN, L. AUGUSTA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-337
BROWN, LEWIS                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-31
BROWN, LOUISA A.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-24-49
BROWN, MARY A.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-313
BROWN, ROGER PURDY           BROADALBIN                    NY-29-1-207
BROWN, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-29-2-416
BROWN, WILLIAM               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-324
BROWN, WILLIAM               BROADALBIN                    NY-29-1-427
BROWN, WINIFRED              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-334
BROWNEL, EZRA                FLORIDA                       NY-29-2-211
BROWNELL, ISRAEL             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-448
BROWNELL, RACHAEL            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-424
BROWNELL, WILLARD            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-461
BROWNRIGG, CHARLES C.        MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-140
BRUMAGRIN, PETER A.          FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-387
BRUMFORD, WILLIAM JAMES      CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-478
BRUMFREY, LEWIS D.           ROOT                          NY-29-10-233
BRUMLEY, MARY J.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-27-169
BRUMLEY, MARY M.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-463
BRUMLEY, NORMAN S.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-349
BRUMLEY, SARAH M.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-352
BRUNNER, JACOB               MINDEN                        NY-29-1-415
BUCH, GEORGE                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-330
BUCHANAN, JARUSHA T.         FLORIDA                       NY-29-30-244
BUCK, HENRY                  MINDEN                        NY-29-14-268
BUCKBEE, GILBERT J.          MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-584
BUCKMILLER, MARY             PALATINE                      NY-29-20-225
BUDDLE, JOHN                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-211
BUDDLE, LARUNA               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-328
BUGBEE, GEORGE L.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-75
BULGER, JOHN                 MINDEN                        NY-29-20-457
BULGER, JOSEPH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-412
BULGER, JULIA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-298
BULLOCK, ADAM B.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-9-248
BUNDY, STEPHEN               ROOT                          NY-29-7-427
BUNN, JACOB                  DUANESBURGH                   NY-29-4-488
BUNN, JOHN T.                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-187
BUNN, MARY E.                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-373
BUNTS, ALBERT                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-27-361
BURBECK, JOSEPH              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-29
BURCH, BENJAMIN              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-15-265
BURCK, JULIA A.              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-422
BURDICK, MARIA A.            PALATINE                      NY-29-18-173
BURGER, JACOB                NELLISTON                     NY-29-28-281
BURK, THOMAS                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-13
BURKE, CORNELIA              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-22-316
BURKE, ELLEN D.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-511
BURKE, JOHN D.               MINDEN                        NY-29-20-219
BURKE, MARGARET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-185
BURMEISTER, JOHN K. W.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-435
BURNAP, ISAAC                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-359
BURNAP, ISAAC                ROOT                          NY-29-10-578
BURNAP, PERLIA H.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-136
BURNAP, ZORADA               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-484
BURNETT, JOHN K.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-356
BURNS, CATHARINE             ROOT                          NY-29-28-557
BURNS, ELLA                  MINDEN                        NY-29-30-46
BURNS, FELIX                 MINDEN                        NY-29-15-475
BURNS, FRANCIS               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-381
BURNS, HIBBARD               ROOT                          NY-29-27-407
BURNS, PATRICK               FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-259
BURNSIDE, CORNELIUS          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-302
BURNSIDE, EDITH M.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-311
BURR, JAMES S.               FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-30-464
BURR, NATHAN                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-322
BURR, NATHANIEL              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-314
BURRELL, EMALINE             MINDEN                        NY-29-13-96
BURRIDGE, DAVID              FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-283
BURTCH, ABNER H.             FONDA                         NY-29-24-515
BURTCH, CHARLOTTE A.         FONDA                         NY-29-30-170
BURTCH, FRANK F.             FONDA                         NY-29-27-9
BURTON, CATHARINE            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-559
BURTON, LEONARD              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-387
BURTON, SOPHRONIA            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-405
BUSCHMAN, ALBERT D.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-229
BUSH, CATHARINE              MINDEN                        NY-29-20-479
BUSH, JAMES H.               MINDEN                        NY-29-26-319
BUSH, JOHN                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-534
BUSH, JOHN HENRY             MINDEN                        NY-29-11-299
BUSH, SARAH                  MINDEN                        NY-29-21-510
BUSH, VOORHEES               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-163
BUSHOWER, MARIA C.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-187
BUSSING, HARMAN              FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-283
BUTLER, JAMES                CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-2-135
BUTLER, JOHN                 CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-2-133
BUTLER, JOHN W.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-290
BUTTON, BENJAMIN T.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-103
BUTTON, MATTHIAS             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-10-205
BUTTON, OLIVER               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-285
BUTTON, PHELPS               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-403
BUTTON, THOMAS               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-186
BUXTON, ANGELICA             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-55
BUXTON, NEWMAN               NTL                           NY-29-4-464
BWALRATH, MARGARET A.        CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-535
BYER, CHRISTIAN              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-428
BYER, HENRY C.               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-596
BYRNE, JAMES R.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-341

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