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EACKER, CHARLES                         NY-29-7-17
EACKER, GEORGE                          NY-29-5-312
EACKER, GEORGE                          NY-29-4-411
EACKER, GEORGE G.                       NY-29-7-454
EACKER, GEORGE H.                       NY-29-2-543
EACKER, JACOB                           NY-29-3-371
EACKER, JAMES H.                        NY-29-9-280
EAGLESTON, SARAH                        NY-29-4-239
EARLY, ELIJAH                           NY-29-12-205
EARNEST, MAGDALENA                      NY-29-9-87
EARNEST, WILLIAM                        NY-29-6-392
EASTERBROOK, MARIA                      NY-29-11-246
EATON, JOHN                             NY-29-10-562
EATON, PETER                            NY-29-4-439
EATON, TRYPHENA                         NY-29-8-400
EGELSTON, BENJAMIN                      NY-29-7-371
EGLESTON, JESSE                         NY-29-4-142
EGLIN, PETER D.                         NY-29-11-88
EGLISHAM, JOHN                          NY-29-3-360
EHL, PETER                              NY-29-1-395
EHLE, JOHN C.                           NY-29-5-453
EHLE, JOHN W.                           NY-29-11-575
EHLE, MICHAEL                           NY-29-3-366
EHLE, PETER                             NY-29-11-315
EHLE, PETER                             NY-29-9-72
EIGENBRODT, PETER                       NY-29-1-351
ELLWOOD, BENJAMIN                       NY-29-4-429
ELLWOOD, ISAAC                          NY-29-2-206
ELLWOOD, PETER                          NY-29-5-33
ELWOOD, G. DEWITT                       NY-29-12-471
ELWOOD, GEORGE                          NY-29-11-48
ELWOOD, RICHARD P.                      NY-29-3-183
ELWOOD, SOLOMON                         NY-29-12-124
EMMONS, FRANCIS                         NY-29-9-412
EMPIE, PHILIP                           NY-29-2-181
ENDERS, CHRISTIAN                       NY-29-6-461
ENDERS, HANNAH                          NY-29-11-171
ENDERS, JACOB SR.                       NY-29-1-431
ENDERS, JOHN                            NY-29-11-332
ENDERS, MARIA                           NY-29-9-449
ENDERS, SAMUEL                          NY-29-10-267
ENGLAND, BENJAMIN                       NY-29-8-309
ENGLAND, THEOPHELUS                     NY-29-11-63
ENOS, ABIJAH                            NY-29-2-232
ERCKENBRACK, JACOB                      NY-29-5-162
ERCKENBRACK, PHILIP                     NY-29-6-231
ERGASINGER, PHILLIP                     NY-29-3-390
ESTES, THOMAS                           NY-29-7-316
ETTIG, CHRISTIAN                        NY-29-2-406
ETZ, CHRISTIAN                          NY-29-2-140
EVERTSON, ADAM                          NY-29-3-248
EYGABROTE, ADAM                         NY-29-7-413
FAILING, DANIEL                         NY-29-11-223
FAILING, HENRY J.                       NY-29-3-515
FAILING, HENRY J. R.                    NY-29-10-286
FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM                      NY-29-4-189
FARNIN, JEMIMA                          NY-29-5-187
FATHERS, CHRISTIAN J.                   NY-29-12-330
FAULKNER, JOEL                          NY-29-9-142
FAUSHER, RICHARD                        NY-29-3-550
FAY, ASA                                NY-29-2-24
FELLING, HENDRICK                       NY-29-1-102
FENNER, SAMUEL W.                       NY-29-6-418
FENNER, THANKFUL                        NY-29-12-494
FERGUSEN, GEORGE D.                     NY-29-9-275
FERGUSON, DANIEL                        NY-29-1-325
FINCH, WILLIAM J.                       NY-29-3-426
FINCK, ANDREW                           NY-29-1-87
FISH, HOWLAND                           NY-29-11-107
FISHER, FREDERICK                       NY-29-1-516
FISHER, HENRY G.                        NY-29-9-162
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-29-10-90
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-29-11-509
FISHER, JOHN J.                         NY-29-12-351
FITZGERALD, MARY                        NY-29-3-393
FLANDER, CHRISTOFFEL                    NY-29-4-34
FLANDER, DAVID                          NY-29-5-129
FLANDER, JOHN                           NY-29-4-270
FLANDER, PETER                          NY-29-11-460
FLANDERS, ELIZABETH                     NY-29-5-145
FLANDERS, JOHN                          NY-29-11-147
FLANDERS, MARGARET                      NY-29-4-296
FLIN, SALLY                             NY-29-11-135
FLINT, ADAM                             NY-29-4-235
FLINT, ADAM                             NY-29-9-184
FLINT, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-3-21
FLINT, ISAAC                            NY-29-6-381
FLINT, JOHN A.                          NY-29-4-447
FLINT, MARTAIN A.                       NY-29-2-486
FLINT, PETER R.                         NY-29-10-239
FLINT, ROBERT                           NY-29-1-242
FLINT, ROBERT M.                        NY-29-11-555
FOLMSBEE, JAMES                         NY-29-10-599
FONDA, ADAM                             NY-29-1-503
FONDA, ADAM D.                          NY-29-9-349
FONDA, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-4-322
FONDA, DOUW                             NY-29-1-58
FONDA, HENRY                            NY-29-4-212
FONDA, HENRY J.                         NY-29-5-220
FONDA, JELLES                           NY-29-1-52
FONDA, JOHN                             NY-29-2-215
FONDA, JOHN D.                          NY-29-1-309
FONDA, PETER                            NY-29-8-84
FORD, EDWARD                            NY-29-12-427
FORMIN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-29-6-145
FORT, JACOB                             NY-29-2-325
FOSTER, BENJAMIN                        NY-29-2-362
FOUNTAIN, BENJAMIN                      NY-29-4-409
FOX, ARCHIBALD                          NY-29-10-113
FOX, CHRISTOPHER                        NY-29-6-238
FOX, CHRISTOPHER                        NY-29-9-63
FOX, CHRISTOPHER                        NY-29-1-485
FOX, DAVID                              NY-29-3-491
FOX, DAVID                              NY-29-11-256
FOX, FREDERICK                          NY-29-3-511
FOX, GEORGE                             NY-29-6-203
FOX, JACOB                              NY-29-2-203
FOX, JANE                               NY-29-10-447
FOX, JOHN                               NY-29-7-439
FOX, JOHN                               NY-29-2-241
FOX, MARGRET                            NY-29-1-48
FOX, MATTHEW                            NY-29-11-552
FOX, NANCY                              NY-29-11-259
FOX, PETER                              NY-29-3-153
FOX, PETER                              NY-29-8-25
FOX, PETER G.                           NY-29-1-323
FOX, ROBERT                             NY-29-9-483
FOX, WILLIAM                            NY-29-1-125
FOX, WILLIAM W.                         NY-29-11-351
FOX, WILLIAM W.                         NY-29-6-146
FRALICK, JOHN                           NY-29-10-201
FRALIGH, FRANCIS                        NY-29-2-104
FRANCE, HENRY H.                        NY-29-11-587
FRANCISCO, DANIEL                       NY-29-9-39
FRANK, ALBERT                           NY-29-6-209
FRANK, ANDREW                           NY-29-2-459
FRANK, ANDREW                           NY-29-7-56
FRANK, FREDERICK                        NY-29-6-279
FREDERICK, GEORGE                       NY-29-3-446
FREDERICK, JACOB                        NY-29-3-238
FREDRICK, PETER                         NY-29-1-291
FREDRICK, PHILLIP                       NY-29-1-306
FRENCH, JEDIDAH                         NY-29-11-495
FRENCH, JOHN                            NY-29-12-186
FRENCH, SAMUEL                          NY-29-8-312
FREY, ISAAC                             NY-29-11-40
FREY, JOHN                              NY-29-5-248
FRIDAY, CONRAD                          NY-29-6-478
FRISBIE, CALEB                          NY-29-12-348
FUCKEY, JOHN                            NY-29-4-35
FULLER, JAMES                           NY-29-3-24
FULMER, JOHN PAUL                       NY-29-12-432
FULTON, ALEXANDER                       NY-29-10-299
FUNDA, DOUW                             NY-29-1-58
GARDENEAR, HENRY S.                     NY-29-4-259
GARDENIA, NICHOLAS H.                   NY-29-3-443
GARDENIER, THOMAS                       NY-29-5-348
GARDINIER, EVALINE                      NY-29-10-32
GARDINIER, HENRY S.                     NY-29-8-334
GARDINIER, JACOB H.                     NY-29-6-394
GARDINIER, JACOB N.                     NY-29-1-454
GARDINIER, SAMUEL                       NY-29-1-374
GARDINIER, W. M.                        NY-29-6-427
GARLOCK, ADAM                           NY-29-7-299
GARLOCK, GEORGE                         NY-29-7-345
GARLOCK, GEORGE A.                      NY-29-7-476
GARLOCK, GEORGE P.                      NY-29-5-503
GARLOCK, GEORGE W.                      NY-29-3-242
GARLOCK, PETER G.                       NY-29-10-425
GARRETSON, WILLIAM B.                   NY-29-4-276
GARTNER, GEORGE                         NY-29-8-413
GAYLORD, ELEAZER                        NY-29-1-360
GAYLORD, ELEAZOR                        NY-29-1-253
GEESLER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-29-10-536
GETMAN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-29-1-495
GETMAN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-29-3-250
GETMAN, FREDERIC                        NY-29-2-125
GETMAN, GEORGE                          NY-29-4-247
GETMAN, GEORGE G.                       NY-29-3-200
GETMAN, THOMAS                          NY-29-3-502
GETMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-29-4-360
GETMANN, GEORGE                         NY-29-1-20
GIBBS, JABEZ                            NY-29-4-15
GIDDINGS, G. R.                         NY-29-11-597
GIDLEY, STEPHEN M.                      NY-29-7-275
GIFFORD, EBENEZER                       NY-29-1-401
GIFFORD, TIMOTHY                        NY-29-3-435
GILBERT, OMANO P.                       NY-29-10-236
GILES, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-5-411
GILES, SAMUEL                           NY-29-6-422
GLEN, JACOB S.                          NY-29-10-254
GLEN, JOHN S.                           NY-29-2-330
GODWIN, JOHN H.                         NY-29-12-159
GOEWEY, DAVID                           NY-29-10-230
GOODEMOOT, FREDERICK                    NY-29-6-177
GORDON, EBENEZER                        NY-29-12-279
GORDON, GEORGE G.                       NY-29-10-539
GOST, ANTHONY                           NY-29-10-375
GRAFF, PETER J.                         NY-29-10-574
GRAMPS, HENRY                           NY-29-6-267
GRAMPS, JOHN H.                         NY-29-10-474
GRAMS, JOHN P.                          NY-29-3-173
GRAMS, PETER                            NY-29-1-410
GRANT, GREGOR                           NY-29-10-296
GRANT, WILLIAM                          NY-29-3-329
GRAY, ADAM                              NY-29-2-355
GRAY, ANDREW                            NY-29-3-391
GRAY, CATHARINE                         NY-29-8-11
GRAY, RUFUS                             NY-29-11-120
GRAY, SAMUEL                            NY-29-5-103
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NY-29-11-102
GREEN, HENRY                            NY-29-3-422
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-29-6-124
GREEN, SAMUEL D.                        NY-29-11-400
GREEN, WILLIAM K. SR.                   NY-29-11-319
GREEN, WILLIAM K.                       NY-29-12-336
GREENE, HENRY                           NY-29-5-155
GREENMAN, JAMES                         NY-29-10-487
GREMS, CHRISTINA                        NY-29-6-459
GRIFFETH, SAMUEL R.                     NY-29-12-177
GROAT, JOHN L.                          NY-29-7-237
GROAT, WILHELMUS                        NY-29-1-270
GROFF, CHRISTIAN                        NY-29-7-116
GROOT, JESSEY                           NY-29-3-146
GROS, JOHANN DANIEL                     NY-29-2-162
GROS, NICHOLAS                          NY-29-11-236
GROVE, HENRY                            NY-29-4-475
GROZ, PHILIPJACOB                       NY-29-2-6
GUNSALUS, GRADUS T.                     NY-29-11-68
GUNSALUS, MATHEW                        NY-29-5-238
GUNSOLUS, JOHN                          NY-29-1-213
GUSTIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-29-3-299

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