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EACHER, GEORGE G.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-213
EACKER, CATHARINE E.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-463
EACKER, CHARLES              PALATINE                      NY-29-7-17
EACKER, ELIZABETH            PALATINE                      NY-29-26-16
EACKER, GEORGE               PALATINE                      NY-29-4-411
EACKER, GEORGE               PALATINE                      NY-29-5-312
EACKER, GEORGE G.            PALATINE                      NY-29-7-454
EACKER, GEORGE H.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-543
EACKER, GEORGE W.            PALATINE                      NY-29-29-364
EACKER, JACOB                PALATINE                      NY-29-3-371
EACKER, JAMES H.             PALATINE                      NY-29-9-280
EACKER, JOHN G.              PALATINE                      NY-29-19-411
EAGLESTON, SARAH             FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-239
EARING, JACOB                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-85
EARLY, ELIJAH                FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-205
EARLY, LEWIS                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-181
EARNEST, MAGDALENA           FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-87
EARNEST, MARY ANN            FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-436
EARNEST, MARY JANE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-343
EARNEST, WILLIAM             FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-392
EASTERBROOK, MARIA           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-246
EASTON, MARY A.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-250
EATON, BENJAMIN K.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-19-185
EATON, JOHN                  MINDEN                        NY-29-10-562
EATON, PETER                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-439
EATON, TRYPHENA              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-8-400
EBELING, FREDERICK A.        CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-463
EBERLE, FRANK J.             FONDA                         NY-29-28-581
EBERLE, MARY M.              FONDA                         NY-29-26-592
EBERLEH, THEODORE            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-296
ECKER, CATHERINE             MOHAWK                        NY-29-24-311
EDICK, CATY ANN              MINDEN                        NY-29-17-317
EDICK, DAVID                 MINDEN                        NY-29-15-498
EDICK, JACOB                 MINDEN                        NY-29-19-121
EDICK, JOHN J.               MINDEN                        NY-29-20-427
EDWARDS, CATHARINE ELIZA     FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-297
EDWARDS, CHARLES C.          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-601
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-341
EDWARDS, FRANK               GLEN                          NY-29-29-256
EDWARDS, HENRY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-398
EDWARDS, JOHN                GLEN                          NY-29-14-292
EDWARDS, JOHN                GLEN                          NY-29-22-203
EDWARDS, JOHN V. S.          GLEN                          NY-29-18-507
EDWARDS, JOHN Y.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-13-243
EDWARDS, KITTIE R.           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-21
EDWARDS, MARGARET L.         FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-26-67
EDWARDS, MARY                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-208
EDWARDS, MARY P.             GLEN                          NY-29-26-142
EGELSTON, BENJAMIN           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-7-371
EGELSTON, SIMON              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-581
EGGLESTON, GEORGE W.         FONDA                         NY-29-25-522
EGGLESTON, SARAH R.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-565
EGLESTON, JESSE              FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-142
EGLIN, ANN                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-277
EGLIN, PETER D.              GLEN                          NY-29-11-88
EHL, PETER                   PALATINE                      NY-29-1-395
EHLE, CATHARINE              MINDEN                        NY-29-22-246
EHLE, DANIEL                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-304
EHLE, DANIEL                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-19
EHLE, DELLA O.               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-595
EHLE, GEORGE M.              MINDEN                        NY-29-17-533
EHLE, JAMES                  MINDEN                        NY-29-18-479
EHLE, JOHN C.                MINDEN                        NY-29-5-453
EHLE, JOHN E.                MINDEN                        NY-29-21-272
EHLE, JOHN W.                PALATINE                      NY-29-11-575
EHLE, LOUISA                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-356
EHLE, MARTHA                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-19
EHLE, MICHAEL                PALATINE                      NY-29-3-366
EHLE, NANCY                  FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-284
EHLE, PETER                  PALATINE                      NY-29-9-72
EHLE, PETER                  PALATINE                      NY-29-11-315
EHLE, PETER                  NELLISTON                     NY-29-30-158
EHLE, SARAH                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-65
EHREHART, CHARLOTTE          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-405
EICHLER, CHARLES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-481
EICHLER, CONRAD              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-608
EIGABROADT, CYRUS K.         MINDEN                        NY-29-21-618
EIGABROADT, MORGAN H.        FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-561
EIGENBROADT, DELMATIA D.     ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-148
EIGENBRODT, PETER            PALATINE                      NY-29-1-351
EIKE, MARGARET               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-400
EITELMAN, SOPHIE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-307
EKELMANN, AUGUST             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-524
ELDRETT, CALISTA A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-398
ELDRETT, EDWARD              PORT JACKSON                  NY-29-13-119
ELLETHORP, ELIAS J.          PALATINE                      NY-29-28-259
ELLIOTT, ELIZA               FLORIDA                       NY-29-14-516
ELLITHORP, ELLEN J.          PALATINE                      NY-29-19-337
ELLITHORP, MARY              PALATINE BRIDGE               NY-29-26-406
ELLSWORTH, JEDIDIAH          MINDEN                        NY-29-15-478
ELLSWORTH, MARY M.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-469
ELLWOOD, BENJAMIN            MINDEN                        NY-29-4-429
ELLWOOD, ISAAC               MINDEN                        NY-29-2-206
ELLWOOD, PETER               MINDEN                        NY-29-5-33
ELWOOD, CORNELIUS W.         ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-521
ELWOOD, G. DEWITT            ST. MARIE, GREEN LAKE, WI     NY-29-12-471
ELWOOD, GEORGE               MINDEN                        NY-29-11-48
ELWOOD, HENRY                MINDEN                        NY-29-22-562
ELWOOD, LARRY                MINDEN                        NY-29-13-12
ELWOOD, MENZO                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-435
ELWOOD, PETER                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-13-555
ELWOOD, RICHARD P.           MINDEN                        NY-29-3-183
ELWOOD, SOLOMON              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-12-124
ELWOOD, SUSAN                MINDEN                        NY-29-22-568
EMMONS, FRANCIS              GLEN                          NY-29-9-412
EMPIE, ELIZA                 PALATINE                      NY-29-23-332
EMPIE, ELIZABETH             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-459
EMPIE, JOSHUA                PALATINE                      NY-29-17-597
EMPIE, PHILIP                PALATINE                      NY-29-2-181
EMPIE, URIAS                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-574
ENDERS, CATHARINE            GLEN                          NY-29-19-289
ENDERS, CHRISTIAN            GLEN                          NY-29-6-461
ENDERS, DEBORAH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-57
ENDERS, HANNAH               GLEN                          NY-29-11-171
ENDERS, JACOB HENRY          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-29-23-334
ENDERS, JACOB SR.            FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-431
ENDERS, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-332
ENDERS, MARIA                FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-449
ENDERS, SAMUEL               GLEN                          NY-29-10-267
ENGEL, GEORGE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-541
ENGLAND, BENJAMIN            PALATINE                      NY-29-8-309
ENGLAND, BENJAMIN N.         PALATINE                      NY-29-17-107
ENGLAND, EMMA                PALATINE                      NY-29-27-271
ENGLAND, JOSEPH              PALATINE                      NY-29-14-221
ENGLAND, MARGARET            FONDA                         NY-29-23-432
ENGLAND, THEOPHELUS          PALATINE                      NY-29-11-63
ENOS, ABIJAH                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-232
ENOS, MARGARET               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-557
ENSER, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-181
ENSER, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-477
ENTERMARKS, SADIE            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-61
ERCKENBRACK, JACOB           NTL                           NY-29-5-162
ERCKENBRACK, PHILIP          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-231
ERGASINGER, PHILLIP          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-390
ERNEST, JOHN F.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-30-386
ERNST, JOHN C.               FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-265
ERRGONG, JOHN                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-323
ESTES, THOMAS                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-7-316
ETTIG, CHRISTIAN             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-406
ETZ, CHRISTIAN               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-140
EUSER, SAMUEL                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-485
EVANS, GRIFF                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-553
EVANS, HELEN BURKE           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-13
EVERSON, ADAM                MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-487
EVERSON, ADAM A.             MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-145
EVERSON, LEVI                MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-190
EVERTSON, ADAM               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-248
EYGABROTE, ADAM              MINDEN                        NY-29-7-413
FAGAN, HENRY                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-78
FAGAN, WILLIAM T.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-25
FAHAY, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-217
FAHE, JOHN                   MINDEN                        NY-29-17-95
FAHY, MARY                   MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-13
FAILING, ALVIN               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-217
FAILING, AUGUSTA             MINDEN                        NY-29-28-521
FAILING, DANIEL              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-223
FAILING, ELIZABETH           MINDEN                        NY-29-21-166
FAILING, GERTRUDE A.         PALATINE                      NY-29-19-359
FAILING, HENRY               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-449
FAILING, HENRY J. R.         ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-10-286
FAILING, HENRY J.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-515
FAILING, ISAIAH              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-283
FAILING, JOHN A.             PALATINE                      NY-29-19-5
FAILING, JOHN P.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-601
FAILING, JOHN R.             MINDEN                        NY-29-20-417
FAILING, JOSEPH              MINDEN                        NY-29-23-173
FAILING, LARRY               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-212
FAILING, MARY D.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-559
FAILING, MARY E.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-555
FAILING, MARY ELIZABETH      MINDEN                        NY-29-26-508
FAILING, PETER               MINDEN                        NY-29-13-178
FAILING, REUBEN              MINDEN                        NY-29-15-112
FAILING, THEODORE            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-580
FAIRBANKS, ALFRED            ROCKTON                       NY-29-26-481
FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-4-189
FAKE, AUGUSTUS M.            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-444
FAKE, ISAIAH                 MINDEN                        NY-29-24-371
FAKE, JACOB                  MINDEN                        NY-29-14-235
FAKE, JOHN R.                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-154
FAKE, PETER                  MINDEN                        NY-29-19-529
FAKE, SELINA D.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-110
FALARDO, MARY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-562
FANCHER, ADELBERT            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-409
FANCHER, THOMAS S.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-353
FARLEY, IDA E.               MINDEN                        NY-29-22-53
FARNHOLTZ, AMELIA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-227
FARNIN, JEMIMA               *                             NY-29-5-187
FARQUHARSON, J. WILLIAM      FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-17-97
FARRELL, EARL                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-343
FARRELL, EDWARD              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-367
FATHERS, CHRISTIAN J.        ROOT                          NY-29-12-330
FAULDS, JAMES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-55
FAULKNER, DANIEL             GLEN                          NY-29-18-193
FAULKNER, JOEL               GLEN                          NY-29-9-142
FAULKNER, JOEL SCOTT         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-160
FAULKNOR, JULIA ANN HERRICK  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-400
FAULKNOR, MARY E.            GLEN                          NY-29-28-499
FAULKNOR, MARY E.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-376
FAULKNOR, NANCY C.           ROOT                          NY-29-28-233
FAUSHER, RICHARD             FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-550
FAY, ASA                     BROADALBIN                    NY-29-2-24
FELKER, ADAM                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-27-543
FELLING, HENDRICK            CONAJOHARY                    NY-29-1-102
FELLOWS, GEORGE P.           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-355
FELTIS, JOHN B.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-24-535
FELTON, GEORGE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-511
FENNELL, WILLIAM             GLEN                          NY-29-17-449
FENNER, SAMUEL W.            PALATINE                      NY-29-6-418
FENNER, SAREL                MINDEN                        NY-29-17-485
FENNER, THANKFUL             PALATINE                      NY-29-12-494
FERGUSEN, GEORGE D.          MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-275
FERGUSON, CAROLINE M.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-305
FERGUSON, DANIEL             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-1-325
FERGUSON, JAMES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-101
FERGUSON, JOHN J.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-563
FERKEL, CONRAD               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-415
FERO, CHARLES B.             ESPERANCE, SCHOHARIE, NY      NY-29-30-458
FERO, CHARLOTTE J.           GLEN                          NY-29-17-437
FERO, HENRY W.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-268
FERO, NICHOLAS               GLEN                          NY-29-20-229
FERO, WILLIAM H.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-17-249
FERO, WILLIAM R.             GLEN                          NY-29-18-491
FIKES, PETER                 PALATINE                      NY-29-27-371
FIKES, SARAH                 PALATINE                      NY-29-30-298
FILKINS, ALMON               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-454
FILMER, HENRY                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-589
FILMER, WILHELMINA           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-274
FINCH, MALINDA               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-22-520
FINCH, WILLIAM J.            PALATINE                      NY-29-3-426
FINCHOUT, AARON              MINDEN                        NY-29-14-227
FINCK, ANDREW                STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-1-87
FINEHOUT, ANGELINE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-614
FINEHOUT, ARTHUR             MINDEN                        NY-29-15-156
FINEHOUT, CATHARINE M.       MINDEN                        NY-29-21-202
FINEHOUT, HELEN C.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-578
FINEHOUT, JOHN               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-250
FINEHOUT, LOUISE N.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-26-292
FINEOUR, JOHN SR.            MINDEN                        NY-29-27-473
FINKELL, MARY E.             ROOT                          NY-29-23-113
FINKLE, CLARENCE A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-463
FINLAN, JAMES                FLORIDA                       NY-29-24-467
FINLAY, ANNA E.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-328
FINLAY, MARGARET B.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-327
FINLAY, SARAH                AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-26-604
FINN, PHILIP                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-29-610
FINNAN, BRIDGET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-571
FINNERAN, MICHAEL            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-319
FINSKEY, CHARLES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-199
FIRTH, GEORGE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-436
FISH, EDMUND F.              MILWAUKEE, MILWAUKEE, WI      NY-29-25-558
FISH, ELIZABETH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-593
FISH, FROTHINGHAM            GLEN                          NY-29-21-52
FISH, HOWLAND                FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-11-107
FISH, MARGARET M.            FONDA                         NY-29-23-306
FISHER, BURTON               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-373
FISHER, ELIZABETH J.         GLEN                          NY-29-28-115
FISHER, ELMER E.             HAGAMAN                       NY-29-29-202
FISHER, FREDERICK            NTL                           NY-29-1-516
FISHER, HENRY G.             MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-162
FISHER, JOHN                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-10-90
FISHER, JOHN                 CRANESVILLE                   NY-29-11-509
FISHER, JOHN J.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-351
FISHER, MINNIE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-13
FISHER, NETTIE               ROOT                          NY-29-29-280
FISK, ANDREW                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-429
FISK, MARGARET               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-514
FISK, PHILIP F.              NELLISTON                     NY-29-28-223
FISK, SUSAN E.               FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-24-220
FITZGERALD, MARY             MINDEN                        NY-29-3-393
FITZGIBBONS, ALICE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-294
FITZPATRICK, JOHN            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-61
FITZPATRICK, JOHN            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-245
FITZPATRICK, JOHN            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-174
FITZPATRICK, THOMAS          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-55
FITZSIMMONS, PATRICK         MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-350
FLANDER, CHRISTOFFEL         OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-34
FLANDER, DAVID               OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-5-129
FLANDER, EMERY               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-153
FLANDER, HENRY               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-456
FLANDER, JOHN                ROOT                          NY-29-4-270
FLANDER, MARY M.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-541
FLANDER, PETER               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-460
FLANDER, PETER A.            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-244
FLANDERS, ALIDA              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-190
FLANDERS, ANNA               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-611
FLANDERS, DANIEL J.          ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-199
FLANDERS, ELIZABETH          ROOT                          NY-29-5-145
FLANDERS, JANE ANN           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-50
FLANDERS, JOHN               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-147
FLANDERS, MARGARET           ROOT                          NY-29-4-296
FLANDERS, OBADIAH            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-17-115
FLANDERS, OLIVER             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-257
FLANSBURGH, MARY ALIDA       MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-9
FLETCHER, CHARLOTTE          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-547
FLIN, SALLY                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-135
FLINT, ADAM                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-235
FLINT, ADAM                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-9-184
FLINT, ALEXANDER             ROOT                          NY-29-15-153
FLINT, CORNELIUS             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-21
FLINT, CORNELIUS C.          MINDEN                        NY-29-19-541
FLINT, DANIEL C.             MINDEN                        NY-29-19-277
FLINT, ELIZA C.              PALATINE                      NY-29-30-194
FLINT, GEORGE                MINDEN                        NY-29-26-178
FLINT, ISAAC                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-381
FLINT, JOHN A.               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-447
FLINT, MARTAIN A.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-486
FLINT, PETER R.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-10-239
FLINT, ROBERT                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-1-242
FLINT, ROBERT M.             MINDEN                        NY-29-11-555
FLINT, WILLIAM               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-308
FLOCK, NICHOLAS              NELLISTON                     NY-29-27-387
FLOOD, BRIDGET               MINDEN                        NY-29-23-89
FOHLMAN, NICHOLAS            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-353
FOLMSBEE, ALONZO P.          ROOT                          NY-29-24-243
FOLMSBEE, ELIZA              ROOT                          NY-29-18-481
FOLMSBEE, ISAAC              ROOT                          NY-29-19-561
FOLMSBEE, JAMES              ROOT                          NY-29-10-599
FOLMSBEE, JAMES              MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-89
FOLMSBEE, PETER              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-82
FOLSTER, JOHN                AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-23-414
FONDA, ADAM                  JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-503
FONDA, ADAM D.               MOHAWK                        NY-29-9-349
FONDA, ANN                   MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-205
FONDA, CORNELIUS             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-4-322
FONDA, DOUW                  SEE: FUNDA, DOUW              NY-29-1-58
FONDA, DOUW H.               MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-97
FONDA, ELEANOR M.            FONDA                         NY-29-23-530
FONDA, HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-212
FONDA, HENRY                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-557
FONDA, HENRY A.              MILTON, NORTHUMBERLAND, PA    NY-29-16-544
FONDA, HENRY J.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-220
FONDA, JACOB                 GLEN                          NY-29-17-277
FONDA, JELLES                PALATINE                      NY-29-1-52
FONDA, JOHN                  *                             NY-29-2-215
FONDA, JOHN D.               HALF MOON, SARATOGA, NY       NY-29-1-309
FONDA, MATILDA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-619
FONDA, PETER                 GLEN                          NY-29-8-84
FONDA, PETER H.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-13-350
FONDA, WILLIAM               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-18-425
FORBES, CALVIN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-21
FORD, EDWARD                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-427
FORD, THOMAS                 WEST PITTSTON, LUZERNE, PA    NY-29-16-521
FORMIN, CHRISTOPHER          MAYFIELD                      NY-29-6-145
FORT, JACOB                  MINDEN                        NY-29-2-325
FOSS, FREDERICK              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-596
FOSTER, AMOS                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-13-307
FOSTER, BENJAMIN             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-2-362
FOSTER, WILLIAM B.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-139
FOUNTAIN, BENJAMIN           WELLS                         NY-29-4-409
FOWLER, WILLIAM              CHARLTON, SARATOGA, NY        NY-29-13-94
FOX, ABRAHAM R.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-14-54
FOX, ARCHIBALD               PALATINE                      NY-29-10-113
FOX, ARTHUR                  PALATINE                      NY-29-23-254
FOX, CHARLES                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-20-214
FOX, CHRISTOPHER             PALATINE                      NY-29-1-485
FOX, CHRISTOPHER             OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-6-238
FOX, CHRISTOPHER             PALATINE                      NY-29-9-63
FOX, DAVID                   MOHAWK                        NY-29-23-524
FOX, DAVID                   OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-3-491
FOX, DAVID                   ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-256
FOX, ELIZABETH               PALATINE                      NY-29-19-105
FOX, ELIZABETH               MINDEN                        NY-29-23-544
FOX, ELLIOTT A.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-112
FOX, ERMINA S.               PALATINE                      NY-29-15-318
FOX, FREDERICK               NTL                           NY-29-3-511
FOX, GEORGE                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-203
FOX, GEORGE S.               FONDA                         NY-29-30-404
FOX, JACOB                   PALATINE                      NY-29-2-203
FOX, JACOB D.                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-103
FOX, JACOB I.                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-294
FOX, JACOB P.                PALATINE                      NY-29-19-383
FOX, JANE                    AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-447
FOX, JOHN                    AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-439
FOX, JOHN                    OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-2-241
FOX, MARGRET                 PALATINE                      NY-29-1-48
FOX, MARGRET                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-24-503
FOX, MARY D.                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-487
FOX, MARY D.                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-513
FOX, MATTHEW                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-552
FOX, NANCY                   ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-259
FOX, PETER                   PALATINE                      NY-29-8-25
FOX, PETER                   MINDEN                        NY-29-3-153
FOX, PETER G.                PALATINE                      NY-29-15-66
FOX, PETER G.                PALATINE                      NY-29-1-323
FOX, RICHARD                 PALATINE                      NY-29-24-531
FOX, ROBERT                  PALATINE                      NY-29-9-483
FOX, RUFUS                   ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-322
FOX, WILLIAM                 MAYFIELD                      NY-29-1-125
FOX, WILLIAM W.              PALATINE                      NY-29-6-146
FOX, WILLIAM W.              PALATINE                      NY-29-11-351
FOX, WILSON                  GLEN                          NY-29-27-53
FRALEY, ANNA                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-514
FRALEY, JACOB                PALATINE                      NY-29-16-252
FRALICK, JAMES C.            FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-27-43
FRALICK, JOHN                GLEN                          NY-29-10-201
FRALICK, SARAH               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-249
FRALIGH, FRANCIS             MINDEN                        NY-29-2-104
FRANCE, HENRY H.             MINDEN                        NY-29-11-587
FRANCE, IDA                  MINDEN                        NY-29-19-237
FRANCE, LANY                 MINDEN                        NY-29-27-153
FRANCISCO, DANIEL            FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-39
FRANCISCO, ISAAC             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-321
FRANK, ALBERT                FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-209
FRANK, ANDREW                GLEN                          NY-29-7-56
FRANK, ANDREW                ROOT                          NY-29-27-315
FRANK, ANDREW                FLORIDA                       NY-29-2-459
FRANK, CHARLES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-352
FRANK, FREDERICK             GLEN                          NY-29-6-279
FRANK, ISAAC                 GLEN                          NY-29-17-87
FRANK, JOSEPH                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-322
FRANK, MARTHA A.             GLEN                          NY-29-23-584
FRASER, CAROLINE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-542
FRASER, JOHN T.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-23-245
FRATZ, JOHN LEONARD          MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-173
FREDAY, CONRAD               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-19
FREDAY, MARY E.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-429
FREDENBERGH, BENJAMIN B.     PALATINE                      NY-29-18-237
FREDENDALL, LUCETTA S.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-461
FREDERICK, GEORGE            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-446
FREDERICK, JACOB             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-238
FREDERICK, JOSEPH            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-299
FREDERICKS, JULIUS           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-502
FREDRICK, PETER              FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-291
FREDRICK, PHILLIP            FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-306
FREEMAN, MARIA S.            GLEN                          NY-29-15-321
FRENCH, AMANDA E. K.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-259
FRENCH, BELINDA              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-429
FRENCH, CATHARINE J.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-71
FRENCH, JEDIDAH              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-495
FRENCH, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-186
FRENCH, JOSEPH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-392
FRENCH, ORRIN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-614
FRENCH, SAMUEL               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-312
FREY, ISAAC                  ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-40
FREY, JOHN                   PALATINE                      NY-29-5-248
FRIDAY, CONRAD               ROOT                          NY-29-6-478
FRIES, FREDERICK             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-587
FRISBIE, CALEB               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-12-348
FRITCHER, DANIEL             MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-115
FRITCHER, SARAH JANE         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-148
FROEHLICH, MARTIN            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-173
FROSCH, ADOLPH               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-118
FROST, ELIZABETH             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-391
FROST, ISAAC S.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-433
FROTHINGHAM, ELLA L.         MOHAWK                        NY-29-30-270
FROTHINGHAM, MARY K.         FONDA                         NY-29-22-432
FROTHINGHAM, WASHINGTON      FONDA                         NY-29-25-398
FRYE, SARAH                  ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-45
FUCKEY, JOHN                 PALATINE                      NY-29-4-35
FUHRMAN, FERDINAND           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-79
FUHRMANN, WILHELMINA         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-618
FULLE, CHARLES W.            PALATINE                      NY-29-29-598
FULLER, AARON                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-598
FULLER, ELIZA ANN            PALATINE                      NY-29-17-561
FULLER, ELIZABETH            PALATINE                      NY-29-26-523
FULLER, ELIZABETH S.         FLORIDA                       NY-29-27-215
FULLER, HELEN E.             PALATINE                      NY-29-27-475
FULLER, HENRY                PALATINE                      NY-29-15-399
FULLER, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-24
FULLER, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-222
FULLER, JOHN H.              MINDEN                        NY-29-19-579
FULLER, LESLIE               FLORIDA                       NY-29-27-593
FULLER, MARGARET C.          PALATINE                      NY-29-13-500
FULLER, MARTHA E.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-363
FULLER, MARY                 PALATINE                      NY-29-23-596
FULLER, PETER                PALATINE                      NY-29-23-598
FULLER, TRUMAN               PALATINE                      NY-29-21-133
FULMER, JOHN PAUL            PALATINE                      NY-29-12-432
FULTON, ALEXANDER            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-299
FUNDA, DOUW                  MOHAWK                        NY-29-1-58
FURBECK, PHILIP              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-113
FUSMER, REUBEN               PALATINE                      NY-29-28-151
GABAUER, PETER               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-634
GADINER, JOSENA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-262
GAFFNEY, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-325
GAGEN, KATHERINE A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-371
GALE, AGNES D.               FONDA                         NY-29-22-80
GALVIN, MICHAEL              MINDEN                        NY-29-14-51
GANNON, MARY JANE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-376
GARBER, MARTIN               ROOT                          NY-29-27-573
GARDENEAR, HENRY S.          GLEN                          NY-29-4-259
GARDENIA, NICHOLAS H.        CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-443
GARDENIER, THOMAS            GLEN                          NY-29-5-348
GARDINER, HULDAH             FONDA                         NY-29-22-358
GARDINER, LEONARD Y.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-71
GARDINIER, ALICE C.          GLEN                          NY-29-16-151
GARDINIER, EDWIN A.          FONDA                         NY-29-29-454
GARDINIER, EVALINE           FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-10-32
GARDINIER, HENRY S.          FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-8-334
GARDINIER, JACOB E.          GLEN                          NY-29-17-15
GARDINIER, JACOB H.          GLEN                          NY-29-6-394
GARDINIER, JACOB N.          CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-1-454
GARDINIER, JAMES             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-259
GARDINIER, LOUISE H.         ROOT                          NY-29-30-426
GARDINIER, NANCY             GLEN                          NY-29-19-13
GARDINIER, SAMUEL            CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-1-374
GARDINIER, W. M.             FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-6-427
GARLOCK, BENJAMIN            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-409
GARLOCK, CATHARINE           MINDEN                        NY-29-28-163
GARLOCK, ELIJAH              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-184
GARLOCK, GEORGE              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-7-345
GARLOCK, GEORGE A.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-7-476
GARLOCK, GEORGE W.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-242
GARLOCK, HARRIET             CANAJOHAIE                    NY-29-18-421
GARLOCK, HIRAM               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-377
GARLOCK, MARGARET            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-286
GARLOCK, MENZO               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-16-618
GARLOCK, MICHAEL             MINDEN                        NY-29-22-233
GARLOCK, PETER G.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-10-425
GARLOCK, REBECCA VISSCHER    CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-320
GARLOCK, REUBEN              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-115
GARLOCK, SOPHIA              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-5
GARLOCK, WILLIAM             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-25-627
GARLOCK, WILLIAM V.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-277
GARRETSON, WILLIAM B.        JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-276
GARRIGAN, ELLEN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-468
GARRIGAN, MARGARET           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-199
GARTNER, GEORGE              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-8-413
GATES, EDWARD                MOHAWK                        NY-29-24-511
GATES, JOHN R.               ROOT                          NY-29-15-229
GATES, MARIA                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-300
GAYLORD, ELEAZER             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-1-360
GAYLORD, ELEAZOR             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-1-253
GEESLER, CHRISTOPHER         MINDEN                        NY-29-10-536
GEESLER, DAVID               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-20-525
GEESLER, JOANNA              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-462
GEESLER, NELSON              MINDEN                        NY-29-14-149
GEIGER, MARY M.              FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-28-329
GEIGER, WILLIAM              GLEN                          NY-29-20-247
GEORGE, AUGUSTUS L.          FONDA                         NY-29-29-64
GEORGE, PRISCILLA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-455
GEORGE, WILLIAM              FONDA                         NY-29-29-106
GEORTNER, A. W.              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-595
GEORTNER, ALICE C.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-427
GEORTNER, LUCINDA M.         CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-16-66
GERGEN, JOSEPH J.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-288
GERLING, HENRY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-178
GETMAN, BENJAMIN J.          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-19-93
GETMAN, BETSY ANN            FOR TPLAIN                    NY-29-30-74
GETMAN, CHASPER              PALATINE                      NY-29-17-229
GETMAN, CHRISTIAN            PALATINE                      NY-29-3-250
GETMAN, CHRISTIAN            PALATINE                      NY-29-1-495
GETMAN, GEORGE               STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-26-367
GETMAN, GEORGE               PALATINE                      NY-29-4-247
GETMAN, GEORGE G.            PALATINE                      NY-29-3-200
GETMAN, NANCY                MOHAWK                        NY-29-30-432
GETMAN, THOMAS               PALATINE                      NY-29-3-502
GETMAN, WILLIAM              MINDEN                        NY-29-4-360
GETMANN, GEORGE              STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-1-20
GEYWITS, EMMA J.             MINDEN                        NY-29-22-26
GIBBONS, EDWARD              PALATINE                      NY-29-29-295
GIBBONS, SARAH               MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-350
GIBBS, JABEZ                 NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-4-15
GIDDINGS, G. R.              MACON, , GA                   NY-29-11-597
GIDLEY, STEPHEN M.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-7-275
GIFFORD, EBENEZER            NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-1-401
GIFFORD, TIMOTHY             NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-3-435
GILBERT, OMANO P.            PALATINE                      NY-29-10-236
GILBORN, POLLY ANN           ROOT                          NY-29-22-236
GILBORNE, JAMES              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-509
GILES, ABRAHAM               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-5-411
GILES, SAMUEL                OPPENHEIMER                   NY-29-6-422
GILL, PATRICK                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-424
GILLAM, BERNHARD             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-378
GILLETTE, ALEXANDER G.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-345
GILLETTE, LUTHER             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-581
GILLIES, DE ETTA             FONDA                         NY-29-27-405
GILLILAND, LAURA M.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-49
GILMAN, HIRAM ALLEN          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-47
GLACKEN, PATRICK             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-13
GLAESSEL, LAWRENCE           MINDEN                        NY-29-19-455
GLEN, JACOB S.               GLEN                          NY-29-10-254
GLEN, JOHN S.                CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-2-330
GODWIN, JOHN H.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-159
GODWIN, JULIAN A             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-437
GOESER, LUKAS                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-50
GOEWEY, DAVID                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-10-230
GOEWEY, JEREMIAH             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-21-534
GOEWEY, RACHEL CORDELIA      CHARLESTON                    NY-29-27-481
GOGGINS, EDWARD              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-436
GOHST, ORINDA                PALATINE                      NY-29-17-19
GOHST, PAUL                  GLEN                          NY-29-17-501
GOING, JAMES                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-644
GOLDEN, EDWARD               FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-592
GOLDEN, JAMES                MINDEN                        NY-29-27-601
GOLTHORPE, JAMES EDWARD      FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-247
GOODALE, MONTGOMERY S.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-157
GOODARD, ELLEN               FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-28-269
GOODARD, HETTIE A.           GLEN                          NY-29-17-65
GOODARD, MARGARET A.         FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-28-271
GOODARD, NICHOLAS            GLEN                          NY-29-21-462
GOODEMOOT, FREDERICK         MAYFIELD                      NY-29-6-177
GOODRICH, SARAH A.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-199
GOODY, HENRY                 GLEN                          NY-29-27-431
GORDON, ALEXANDER            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-584
GORDON, AMELIA W.            ROOT                          NY-29-21-190
GORDON, CHARLES              ROOT                          NY-29-15-310
GORDON, EBENEZER             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-279
GORDON, FRANK H.             ROOT                          NY-29-27-237
GORDON, GEORGE G.            MINDEN                        NY-29-10-539
GORDON, JAMES                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-13-291
GORDON, JAMES H.             ROOT                          NY-29-24-208
GORDON, JOHN                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-14
GORDON, PETER                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-13-274
GORDON, PETER W.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-14-87
GORDON, PHEBE                GLEN                          NY-29-27-369
GORDON, SOPHIA               ROOT                          NY-29-22-558
GORSE, CHARLES W.            MINDEN                        NY-29-28-23
GOSHT, AMELIA                PALATINE                      NY-29-20-601
GOST, ANTHONY                PALATINE                      NY-29-10-375
GOTTE, FREDERICK             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-405
GOVE, BLANCHE H.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-546
GOVE, LOUISA B.              ROOT                          NY-29-30-156
GRADY, MARY                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-1
GRAF, F. M. GUSTAVE (REV.)   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-556
GRAF, MARY                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-436
GRAFF, PETER J.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-10-574
GRAFF, SARAH                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-70
GRAMPS, HENRY                PALATINE                      NY-29-24-22
GRAMPS, HENRY                STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-6-267
GRAMPS, JOHN H.              STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-10-474
GRAMPS, REUBEN               PALATINE                      NY-29-24-64
GRAMS, JOHN P.               PALATINE                      NY-29-3-173
GRAMS, PETER                 PALATINE                      NY-29-1-410
GRANDY, CHARLES              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-608
GRANDY, MARY A.              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-522
GRANDY, WILLIAM              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-483
GRANT, DONALD                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-292
GRANT, GREGOR                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-296
GRANT, SAMUEL                GLEN                          NY-29-21-148
GRANT, WILLIAM               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-329
GRANTIER, MARGARET           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-145
GRAPE, CARRIE                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-352
GRAPE, LEWIS                 LOS ANGELES, LOS ANGELES, CA  NY-29-25-690
GRASSICK, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-182
GRAVER, AUGUSTUS C.          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-566
GRAVER, HENRY                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-604
GRAY, ADAM                   PALATINE                      NY-29-2-355
GRAY, ALVAH                  PALATINE                      NY-29-30-544
GRAY, ANDREW                 PALATINE                      NY-29-3-391
GRAY, BYRON                  FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-29-241
GRAY, CATHARINE              PALATINE                      NY-29-8-11
GRAY, CHARLES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-228
GRAY, FREDERICK              FLORIDA                       NY-29-29-73
GRAY, RUFUS                  GLEN                          NY-29-11-120
GRAY, SAMUEL                 MINDEN                        NY-29-21-318
GRAY, SAMUEL                 PALATINE                      NY-29-5-103
GRAY, WILLIAM                PALATINE                      NY-29-11-102
GRAZIANE, POLCHERIA          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-551
GREBENSTEIN, NICHOLAS        ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-13-481
GREELEY, MARY ANN            ROOT                          NY-29-22-197
GREEN, GEORGE                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-14-366
GREEN, HENRY                 NTL                           NY-29-3-422
GREEN, JAMES                 JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-124
GREEN, JULIA ANN             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-623
GREEN, SAMUEL D.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-400
GREEN, WILLIAM K.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-336
GREEN, WILLIAM K. SR.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-319
GREENE, ELIJAH P.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-154
GREENE, FRANK D.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-310
GREENE, HENRY                NTL                           NY-29-5-155
GREENE, HENRY E.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-606
GREENE, HORACE L.            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-19-595
GREENE, JANE M.              AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-23-233
GREENE, MARY J.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-427
GREENMAN, JAMES              FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-487
GREGORY, ACHSAH D.           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-22-264
GREGORY, E. SANFORD          FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-21-282
GREMS, CHRISTINA             PALATINE                      NY-29-6-459
GRESHEL, KATHERINE           FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-214
GRESHEL, LEONARD             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-23-262
GRIDER, RUFUS A.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-488
GRIEME, HENRY C.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-209
GRIEME, MARY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-175
GRIFFETH, SAMUEL R.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-177
GRIFFIN, KATHARINE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-592
GRIFFITH, SUSAN ELIZABETH    AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-509
GRIFFITHS, MARIA M.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-409
GRIFFITHS, SARAH             MINDEN                        NY-29-20-543
GROAT, ABRAHAM               GLEN                          NY-29-14-123
GROAT, CHRISTIANNA MARIA     FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-241
GROAT, GITTY                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-201
GROAT, JOHN L.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-7-237
GROAT, WILHELMUS             MINDEN                        NY-29-1-270
GROFF, CHARLES H.            PALATINE                      NY-29-29-103
GROFF, CHRISTIAN             JOHNSVILLE                    NY-29-7-116
GROFF, CORNELIA              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-309
GROFF, DANIEL                MINDEN                        NY-29-15-64
GROFF, EVE                   MINDEN                        NY-29-18-273
GROFF, MARY                  FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-533
GROFF, MARY                  PALATINE                      NY-29-23-394
GROOT, JESSEY                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-3-146
GROS, DEWITT W.              PALATINE                      NY-29-16-163
GROS, HENRIETTA N.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-30-378
GROS, JOHANN DANIEL          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-162
GROS, NICHOLAS               PALATINE                      NY-29-11-236
GROSS, LORENZ                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-261
GROVE, HENRY                 NTL                           NY-29-4-475
GROZ, PHILIPJACOB            PALATINE                      NY-29-2-6
GUIWITS, FRANK               MINDEN                        NY-29-18-323
GULA, CHRISTIAN              MINDEN                        NY-29-27-375
GUNSALUS, GRADUS T.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-68
GUNSALUS, MATHEW             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-5-238
GUNSOLUS, JOHN               BROADALBIN                    NY-29-1-213
GURATMAN, NICHOLAS           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-16-171
GUSTIN, ELIZABETH            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-299
GUTTENTAG, SAMUEL            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-361

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