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LADEL, CASPER                MINDEN                        NY-29-22-20
LAFFRAY, CAROLINE B.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-14
LAIMBEER, GEORGE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-78
LAING, JOHN                  NTL                           NY-29-8-319
LAKE, HIRAM P.               MOHAWK                        NY-29-29-439
LAMAY, JOHN                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-175
LAMBERT, ADAM                MINDEN                        NY-29-27-529
LAMBERT, ELMER J.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-618
LAMBERT, EMORY E.            AMES                          NY-29-26-484
LAMBERT, JOHN J.             MINDEN                        NY-29-19-379
LAMBERT, MARGARET            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-18-585
LAMIBEER, THOMAZIN           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-580
LAMLINE, CHARLES U.          MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-556
LAMOINE, JOHN W.             OXFORD, CHENANGO, NY          NY-29-13-535
LAMPMAN, ANNA                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-19-475
LAMPMAN, MENZO               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-19-449
LANDER, ISABELLA             FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-306
LANDER, WILLIAM              FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-72
LANDON, JULIA M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-108
LANDRE, MARTHA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-322
LANDRY, ALFONSE              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-140
LANDSBURGH, FREDERICK        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-469
LANE, CHARLES R.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-468
LANE, CORNELIUS M.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-475
LANE, CYNTHIA A.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-326
LANE, GILBERT                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-8-296
LANE, MATHIAS                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-82
LANE, SARAH                  ROOT                          NY-29-20-481
LANGDON, MARIA A.            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-22-56
LANGENFELTER, HENRY G.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-543
LANGFORD, ELLEN              GLEN                          NY-29-22-496
LANGLEY, MARY A.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-29-355
LANGLEY, THOMAS              FLORIDA                       NY-29-30-484
LANSING, CORNELIUS           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-13-185
LANSING, CORNELIUS           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-323
LANSING, EAH W.              GLEN                          NY-29-9-428
LANSING, GARRET G.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-17-155
LANSING, GERRET A.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-5-55
LANSING, GERRIT A.           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-451
LANSING, JAMES               MOHAWK                        NY-29-8-248
LANSING, JAMES               MOHAWK                        NY-29-15-375
LANSING, JOHN H.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-343
LANSING, JOHN J.             GLEN                          NY-29-8-151
LANSING, JULIA A.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-598
LANSING, MATTHIAS MOUNT      GLEN                          NY-29-28-433
LAREW, JOHN S.               ROOT                          NY-29-6-369
LARRABEE, HATTIE F.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-325
LARRABEE, JOHN E.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-559
LARRABEE, LOUIS              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-339
LARRABEE, LOUISE L.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-496
LARUE, MARIA                 MINDEN                        NY-29-17-201
LARUE, MARY                  CHARLESTON                    NY-29-6-416
LASHER, GEORGE               ROOT                          NY-29-6-213
LASHER, GEORGE J. E.         ROOT                          NY-29-17-11
LASHER, JACOB S.             PALATINE                      NY-29-19-515
LASHER, JOHN                 NELLISTON                     NY-29-28-567
LASHER, JOHN                 PALATINE                      NY-29-4-210
LASHER, JOHN S.              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-216
LASHER, JOHNW .              ROOT                          NY-29-23-406
LASHER, PETER                MOHAWK                        NY-29-16-330
LASHER, WILLIAM H.           MINDEN                        NY-29-20-303
LASHER, WILLIAM M.           FONDA                         NY-29-22-404
LATHERS, CHRISTIAN           MOHAWK                        NY-29-14-37
LATHERS, JACOB               ROOT                          NY-29-8-230
LATHERS, MARION              MOHAWK                        NY-29-23-116
LATHROP, HARRIET E.          ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-273
LAUGHLIN, MARY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-585
LAURENCE, GIDEON             NTL                           NY-29-2-250
LAVOIE, ALEXIS               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-147
LAVOIE, MATILDA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-540
LAW, DAVID                   GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY          NY-29-3-203
LAWTON, ARTHUR L.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-452
LAWYER, JACOB H.             MINDEN                        NY-29-8-148
LAWYER, NICHOLAS             MINDEN                        NY-29-2-63
LAYHE, DANIEL                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-587
LEACH, PHINEAS               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-21
LEARY, HANNAH                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-496
LEATHERS, DORCAS             ROOT                          NY-29-19-153
LEATHERS, JOHN               ROOT                          NY-29-16-88
LEAVENSWORTH, JAMES          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-368
LEAVENWORTH, EDWIN T.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-172
LEAVENWORTH, ELIZABETH S.    AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-197
LEAVENWORTH, THOMAS F.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-501
LEAVITT, CHARLES             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-30-594
LEE, BRIDGET                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-518
LEFFERTS, MARIA A.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-445
LEFFERTS, SAMUEL             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-115
LEFFLER, FREDERICK           PALATINE                      NY-29-20-545
LEIP, CHRISTOPHER            PALATINE                      NY-29-24-595
LEIP, JOHN                   NELLISTON                     NY-29-26-238
LENEKER, LEWIS               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-371
LENT, PHEBE                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-205
LENTNER, ALBERT              MINDEN                        NY-29-6-484
LENZ, CAROLINE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-465
LEONARD, JOSIAH              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-86
LEONARD, PETER               MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-524
LEONARDSON, JOHN D.          ROOT                          NY-29-23-540
LEPKEE, FREDERICK            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-199
LEPPER, JACOB E.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-181
LEPPER, JACOB F.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-345
LEPPER, JANNET               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-565
LEPPER, JOHN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-181
LEPPER, JOSEPH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-431
LEPPER, MARCUS               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-357
LEPPER, MARGARET             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-445
LEROY, DANIEL W.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-10-508
LEROY, LOUISA                FLORIDA                       NY-29-27-537
LEROY, PETER                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-201
LESTER, JAMES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-199
LETTES, ISAAC P.             ROOT                          NY-29-20-345
LETTES, PETER                ROOT                          NY-29-6-324
LETTICE, JOHN                ROOT                          NY-29-13-67
LETTICE, MYRON C.            CANJOHARIE                    NY-29-29-379
LETTIS, JAMES P.             ROOT                          NY-29-14-416
LETTIS, JOSEPH               ROOT                          NY-29-24-599
LETTIS, MARY M.              ROOT                          NY-29-30-80
LETTIS, NANCY M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-303
LEVANDUSKY, EFFIE            HAGAMAN                       NY-29-29-433
LEVANDUSKY, KATIE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-217
LEVERENZ, REKA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-147
LEVERSEE, CORNELIUS          MAYFIELD                      NY-29-6-40
LEWIS, BARNEY V.             CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-9-255
LEWIS, CHARLOTTE J.          FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-584
LEWIS, ELIZA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-299
LEWIS, GRADUS                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-4-156
LEWIS, HENRY                 CHARLSTOWN                    NY-29-1-442
LEWIS, JAMES                 ROOT                          NY-29-4-161
LEWIS, JAMES                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-16-20
LEWIS, LOIUSE C.             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-485
LEWIS, PETER                 CHARLESTON                    NY-29-2-44
LEWIS, PETER J.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-263
LEWIS, WILLIAM               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-12
LIDDANE, JOHANNAH            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-552
LIEBER, GEORGE               MINDEN                        NY-29-11-360
LIEBER, HENRY                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-6-327
LIEBER, MENNA                MINDEN                        NY-29-11-470
LIGHTHALL, DANIEL            MINDEN                        NY-29-11-519
LINCOLN, TERESA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-513
LINDSAY, ELIZABETH           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-473
LINDSEY, WILLIAM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-577
LINGENFELTER, ELIZABETH      MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-307
LINGENFELTER, GRANDIS        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-386
LINGENFELTER, JAMES W.       US ARMY                       NY-29-11-16
LINGENFELTER, JAY            AKIN                          NY-29-27-339
LINGENFELTER, JOHN S.        FONDA                         NY-29-23-476
LINGENFELTER, MARY           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-294
LINGENFELTER, MARY           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-11-156
LINK, CHARLES                ROOT                          NY-29-30-470
LINK, JAMES H.               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-30-366
LINK, PHILIP                 ROOT                          NY-29-10-301
LINK, WILLIAM H.             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-18-325
LINTNER, DAVID               MINDEN                        NY-29-7-351
LINTNER, JOHN                CANAJOHARRIE                  NY-29-4-94
LIPE, ADAM                   PALATINE                      NY-29-6-296
LIPE, ADAM                   MINDEN                        NY-29-1-330
LIPE, ADAM Q.                ROOT                          NY-29-13-87
LIPE, ALMIRA                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-25-673
LIPE, CATHARINE              MINDEN                        NY-29-21-28
LIPE, CATHARINE              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-22-170
LIPE, DAVID                  MINDEN                        NY-29-9-335
LIPE, DAVID W.               MINDEN                        NY-29-15-333
LIPE, ELIZABETH              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-13-416
LIPE, JOHANES                MINDEN                        NY-29-2-419
LIPE, JOHN A.                MINDEN                        NY-29-7-222
LIPE, JOHN C.                PALATINE                      NY-29-10-468
LIPE, JOHN E.                MINDEN                        NY-29-27-401
LIPE, JOHN L.                ROOT                          NY-29-16-250
LIPE, JOHN M.                PALATINE                      NY-29-23-436
LIPE, JOSEPH                 CONAJOHARY                    NY-29-1-134
LIPE, JOSIAH                 MINDEN                        NY-29-22-248
LIPE, LIZZIE                 MINDEN                        NY-29-20-487
LIPE, SARAH E.               ROOT                          NY-29-29-46
LIPE, WILLIAM                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-550
LISDELL, BENJAMIN F.         FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-27-385
LISDELL, MARGARET            FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-30-82
LISWELL, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-389
LISWELL, RACHEL              MOHAWK                        NY-29-10-95
LITLE, ROBERT                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-366
LITTELL, HIRAM               ROOT                          NY-29-20-145
LIVERMORE, JUBAL             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-130
LIVINGSTON, CATHARINE E.     AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-1
LOADWICK, CHARLES            ST. JOHNSVIL                  NY-29-18-565
LOADWICK, GEORGE H.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-233
LOADWICK, JANE               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-38
LOCKWOOD, EBENEZER           FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-276
LOCKWOOD, EMMA C.            FONDA                         NY-29-27-39
LOCKWOOD, JAMES E.           FLORADAY                      NY-29-3-318
LOCKWOOD, MARY JOSEPHINE     FLORIDA                       NY-29-26-583
LODER, MATILDA H.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-117
LODWELL, FLORA KNOWLAND      ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-331
LOGAN, MARY ANN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-454
LOHMAN, CATHARINE ANN        FONDA                         NY-29-27-309
LOHMEYER, HENRY              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-355
LOMBARD, KATHARINE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-343
LONG, MARY                   NELLISTON                     NY-29-23-622
LONG, SOPHIA                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-27-395
LONGSHORE, RICHARD           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-529
LOTRIDGE, AARON              MOHAWK                        NY-29-18-265
LOTRIDGE, CATHARINE          MOHAWK                        NY-29-27-161
LOTRIDGE, CATHARINE          MOHAWK                        NY-29-24-365
LOTRIDGE, CORNELIUS          MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-201
LOTRIDGE, LORETTA            MOHAWK                        NY-29-28-389
LOTRIDGE, RICHARD            MOHAWK                        NY-29-28-235
LOTRIDGE, ROBERT             MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-373
LOTRIDGE, WILLIAM            MOHAWK                        NY-29-14-3
LOTRIDGE, WILLIAM T.         FONDA                         NY-29-23-146
LOUCKS, GEORGE               PALATINE                      NY-29-5-485
LOUCKS, HENRY A.             MOHAWK                        NY-29-12-209
LOUCKS, JACOB                STONE ARABIA                  NY-29-4-187
LOUCKS, JOHN W.              PALATINE                      NY-29-4-331
LOUDEN, LOUISA               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-599
LOUGH, ALEXANDER D.          FONDA                         NY-29-27-523
LOUNSBERY, DAISY E.          RANDALL                       NY-29-26-502
LOUNSBERY, LOUISE A.         ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-472
LOVELL, HARRIET              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-546
LOW, MINERVA W.              FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-349
LOWNSBERY, REUBEN            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-6-109
LOWWELL, WILLIAM             GLEN                          NY-29-4-217
LUCIANO, ALFONSO             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-476
LUCIANO, GIOVANNI            FONDA                         NY-29-29-613
LUCIANO, THOMAS              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-583
LUFT, CHARLES F.             NELLISTON                     NY-29-27-455
LUFT, DORA F.                PALATINE                      NY-29-28-119
LUFT, JACOB                  MINDEN                        NY-29-23-330
LUKE, COONRADT               FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-43
LUKE, SAMUEL J.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-139
LUNE, GEORGE H.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-506
LUTHER, HENRY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-47
LUTTON, CHARLES A.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-335
LUTTON, WILLIAM              HAGAMAN                       NY-29-28-497
LUTZ, JOHN                   FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-289
LYCKER, CORNELIUS            ROOT                          NY-29-10-214
LYCKER, HENRY                ROOT                          NY-29-9-372
LYCKER, HENRY                ROOT                          NY-29-13-74
LYKER, HENRY                 CONAJOHARY                    NY-29-1-203
LYKER, JOHN                  ROOT                          NY-29-24-315
LYKER, MARIA                 ROOT                          NY-29-18-381
LYNCH, JAMES                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-96
LYNCH, PATRICK               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-552
LYNK, CHRISTINA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-232
LYON, JACOB                  NORTHAMPTON                   NY-29-3-126
LYONS, JAMES                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-68
LYTLE, ELIZABETH A.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-508
MABEE, ABRAM                 GLEN                          NY-29-27-501
MABEE, CORNELIUS             PALATINE                      NY-29-12-269
MABEE, HENRY                 GLEN                          NY-29-14-322
MABEE, PETER P.              GLEN                          NY-29-4-283
MABIE, PETER H.              GLEN                          NY-29-24-277
MABIE, PETER H.              GLEN                          NY-29-6-55
MABON, ELIZABETH             FLORIDA                       NY-29-5-264
MACA, NANCY                  MINDEN                        NY-29-20-363
MACAULEY, HENRY              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-21-312
MACAULEY, HENRY              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-11-537
MACAULEY, JAMES              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-10-38
MACHIN, THOMAS               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-2-550
MACNAUGHTON, ANGUS           BROADALBIN                    NY-29-2-17
MACVEAN, MARGARET T.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-281
MADDEN, BRIDGET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-44
MAGINLEY, JENNIE A.          BELLEVILLE, ESSEX, NJ         NY-29-25-229
MAHANEY, DENNIS              MINDEN                        NY-29-14-537
MAHANEY, MARY                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-14
MAHANY, MICHAEL              MINDEN                        NY-29-27-83
MAHL, SOPHIA                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-513
MAILER, ELIZA A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-137
MAJOR, HELEN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-325
MAJOR, JANE M.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-181
MAJOR, JOSEPH A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-368
MAJOR, WALTER M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-188
MALLERY, DSAVID              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-8-8
MALLERY, HENRY               FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-92
MALLETTE, ELLEN              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-369
MALLETTE, LIBBIE             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-301
MALLOY, BRIDGET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-562
MANCHESTER, DENNIS           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-30-280
MANCHESTER, JOHN L.          CHARLESTON                    NY-29-24-545
MANEY, WILLIAM               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-361
MANIFOLD, THOMAS             FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-356
MANION, JAMES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-466
MANNING, EDWARD              GLEN                          NY-29-7-206
MANNING, JAMES               ROOT                          NY-29-11-564
MANTZ, PHEBE STAFFORD        CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-295
MANUEL, JOHN                 NTL                           NY-29-5-347
MARCELLUS, AGNES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-16
MARCELLUS, ELIZABETH         GLEN                          NY-29-11-59
MARCELLUS, JEREMIAH V.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-549
MARCELLUS, LAWRENCE          PALATINE                      NY-29-15-363
MARCELLUS, MARGARET C.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-574
MARCELLUS, NICHOLAS A.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-194
MARCELLUS, SUSAN W.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-266
MARCH, HELEN                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-229
MARCH, JOHN                  MINDEN                        NY-29-14-145
MARCH, JOSIAH                MINDEN                        NY-29-20-341
MARCY, SIMEON                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-9-168
MARION, ANNA C.              GLEN                          NY-29-24-483
MARION, CATHARINE            GLEN                          NY-29-24-487
MARK, FRIEDERIKA             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-607
MARKELL, CATHARINE F.        ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-20-311
MARKELL, HENRY               OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-454
MARKELL, HENRY               PALATINE                      NY-29-1-514
MARKELL, JACOB H.            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-21-22
MARKERT, JACOB               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-208
MARKMAN, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-184
MARSALUS, ABRAHAM            MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-342
MARSELIS, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-10-118
MARSELLUS, JOHN C.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-521
MARSELLUS, MANNING           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-234
MARSH, ELECTA                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-324
MARSH, PERMELIA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-326
MARTIN, ADOLPHE N.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-289
MARTIN, BARBARA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-272
MARTIN, CATHARINE HAMPTON    AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-187
MARTIN, JOHN I.              MOHAWK                        NY-29-27-73
MARTIN, PHILLIP              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-9
MARTIN, SARAH                CHARLESTON                    NY-29-11-195
MARTIN, SARAH G.             FONDA                         NY-29-29-196
MARTIN, WILLIAM H.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-423
MARTINSON, JOHN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-482
MARVIN, CHARLES A.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-548
MASON, ANNIE ESTELLA         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-369
MASON, HORACE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-171
MASON, JEREMIAH              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-4
MATHEWS, ABBY J.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-17-79
MATHEWS, BARNET              NTL                           NY-29-1-507
MATHEWS, BARNET              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-513
MATHEWS, HENRY               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-286
MATHEWS, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-171
MATHEWS, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-179
MATHIAS, ABRAM               MINDEN                        NY-29-17-357
MATHIAS, DAVID               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-475
MATHIAS, ELIAS               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-511
MATHIUS, JACOB               MINDEN                        NY-29-2-292
MATTHEWS, HANNAH             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-115
MATTHIAS, MINERVA            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-340
MATTHIES, JOHN               MINDEN                        NY-29-5-493
MAXFIELD, JOHN               MINDEN                        NY-29-2-449
MAXWELL, CHARLES             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-28-489
MAXWELL, EDWARD              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-373
MAXWELL, HELEN M.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-542
MAXWELL, JOSEPH B.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-241
MAY, ANNA M.                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-29-130
MAY, ELIZA                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-141
MAYER, ABALENA               NTL                           NY-29-1-5
MAYFIELD, JAMES SR.          MINDEN                        NY-29-2-370
MCARTHUR, DUNCAN             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-6-105
MCARTHUR, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-288
MCARTHUR, JOHN A.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-474
MCAWLEY, AWLEY               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-112
MCBACER, ANGUS               NTL                           NY-29-4-129
MCBRIDE, MARY ELIZABETH      ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-29-577
MCCAFFREY, JAMES             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-311
MCCAFFREY, MARY              AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-24-151
MCCALL, ALEXANDER            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-4
MCCALLUM, FINLY              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-4-306
MCCANN, NANCY                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-556
MCCARTHY, CALLAHAN           CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-161
MCCARTHY, CHARLES            FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-25-423
MCCARTHY, CHARLES            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-168
MCCARTNEY, NANCY             ROOT                          NY-29-19-451
MCCLARY, WILLIAM SR.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-317
MCCLEARY, EMILY              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-15
MCCLEARY, WILLIAM            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-527
MCCLUMPHA, GEORGE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-117
MCCLUMPHA, NANCY             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-86
MCCLUMPHA, SUSAN             GLEN                          NY-29-27-269
MCCLUMPHA, THOMAS            FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-425
MCCLUMPHA, WILLIAM K.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-457
MCCLYMAN, WILLIAM            FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-21
MCCOLL, HUGH SR.             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-371
MCCONKEY, HANNAH             ROOT                          NY-29-11-349
MCCONKEY, HENRY V.           ROOT                          NY-29-17-557
MCCORMICK, MARY              CHARLTON                      NY-29-21-446
MCCOWATT, WALTER R.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-153
MCCOY, JOHN                  CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-525
MCCROSSEN, JANE              FLORIDA                       NY-29-17-59
MCCULLOUGH, DOROTHY          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-221
MCCULLOUGH, GEORGE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-271
MCCULLOUGH, JAMES            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-498
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-70
MCDERMOTT, LUKE              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-558
MCDERMOTT, MARGARET          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-300
MCDERMOTT, MARY              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-51
MCDONALD, DANIEL             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-2-188
MCDONALD, JAMES              FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-467
MCDONALD, JAMES              NTL                           NY-29-2-227
MCDONALD, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-504
MCDONALD, MARY               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-73
MCDONALD, NORMAN             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-31
MCDONELL, CATHARINE          NTL                           NY-29-1-95
MCDONNELL, LUCY              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-9
MCDONNELL, WILLARD           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-513
MCDONOUGH, ANN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-27
MCDOUGALL, NETTIE            MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-516
MCDUFFEE, CATHARINE P.       CHARLESTON                    NY-29-30-556
MCDUFFEE, WILLIAM            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-268
MCDUFFIE, ISAAC              GLEN                          NY-29-29-406
MCDUFFIE, JOHN               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-23-516
MCDUFFIE, WILLIAM            GLEN                          NY-29-25-678
MCELROY, SAMUEL              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-272
MCELWAIN, HORL S.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-27
MCELWAIN, MARY               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-212
MCERNAN, JOHN                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-219
MCEWAN, DAVID                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-369
MCFARLAN, ARCHIBALD          MAYFIELD                      NY-29-6-126
MCFARLAN, DANIEL             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-184
MCFARLAN, ROBERT             MINDEN                        NY-29-2-318
MCFARLIN, ALEXANDER          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-2-272
MCFEE, JAMES                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-217
MCGAHAN, CATHERINE           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-403
MCGEE, ALMIRA                FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-26-118
MCGEE, BARTHOLOMEW           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-26-610
MCGEE, REBECCA               GLEN                          NY-29-11-409
MCGENNISS, FANNIE S.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-277
MCGILLIN, CATHARINE          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-245
MCGINNESS, ROBERT            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-169
MCGLACHLIN, ALEXANDER        MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-1
MCGOVEY, ELIZABETH           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-77
MCGRADY, JAMES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-370
MCGRADY, MARGARET            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-526
MCGRAW, JOHN                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-66
MCGRAW, MAHLON               FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-371
MCGRAW, WILLIAM              FLORIDA                       NY-29-11-61
MCGREAVOR, COLL              FLORIDA                       NY-29-2-548
MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER          FLORIDA                       NY-29-21-124
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN             FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-162
MCHUGH, JOHN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-251
MCHUGH, JOHN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-575
MCINCROW, JOHN P.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-163
MCINTOSH, RACHEL             FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-24-205
MCINTYRE, ARCHIBALD          JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-5-306
MCINTYRE, DANIEL             BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-97
MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH          FONDA                         NY-29-30-216
MCINTYRE, ISABELLA           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-252
MCINTYRE, JAMES              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-428
MCINTYRE, JOHN               FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-91
MCINTYRE, MARTIN             FONDA                         NY-29-30-92
MCINTYRE, MARY               FLORIDA                       NY-29-5-321
MCINTYRE, PETER              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-4-133
MCINTYRE, PETER              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-432
MCKAY, CHARLES               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-6-137
MCKAY, CHARLES G.            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-426
MCKAY, ROBERT                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-275
MCKAY, SARAH                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-626
MCKAY, WILLIAM               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-17-205
MCKENNA, JAMES SR.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-442
MCKENZIE, GEORGE             MINDEN                        NY-29-17-221
MCKENZIE, MARY               NTL                           NY-29-3-53
MCKEOUGH, JAMES              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-20-279
MCKERCHER, JOHN              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-524
MCKIE, MALVINA               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-27-397
MCKINLAY, AGNUS              NTL                           NY-29-7-218
MCKINLAY, IRENE L.           PALATINE BRIDGE               NY-29-13-550
MCKINLAY, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-153
MCKINLAY, MARGARET           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-392
MCKINLAY, WILLIAM            MAYFIELD                      NY-29-3-274
MCKINLEY, ELIZABETH B.       AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-404
MCKINNEY, DANIEL             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-349
MCKINNEY, DANIEL             FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-211
MCKINNEY, DANIEL             FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-306
MCKINNEY, DELIA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-493
MCKINNEY, HENRY              FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-299
MCKINNEY, JACOB S.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-301
MCKINNEY, MARIA              FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-353
MCKINNEY, PATRICK            FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-468
MCLACHLAN, PETER             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-347
MCLAREN, DUNCAN              BROADALBIN                    NY-29-2-53
MCLAUGHLIN, DANIEL           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-105
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK          CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-502
MCLEOD, ALEXANDER            CHARLESTON                    NY-29-1-358
MCMAHON, JOHN                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-28-491
MCMARTIN, DANIEL J.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-14-315
MCMARTIN, DUNCAN             BROADALBIN                    NY-29-6-139
MCMARTIN, DUNCAN             JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-78
MCMARTIN, FINLEY             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-3-526
MCMARTIN, JOHN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-394
MCMARTIN, PETER              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-267
MCMASTER, DAVID              FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-191
MCMASTER, HARRISON           FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-401
MCMASTER, HUGH               FLORIDA                       NY-29-6-154
MCMICHAEL, DANIEL            FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-400
MCMICHAEL, DANIEL            FLORIDA                       NY-29-15-574
MCMICHAEL, ROBERT            FLORIDA                       NY-29-19-505
MCNALLY, WILLIAM             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-451
MCNAMARA, CATHARINE          AMSTEDAM                      NY-29-19-305
MCNAMARA, ROGER              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-472
MCNAUGHTON, PETER            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-375
MCNEAL, CHARLES              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-638
MCNEAL, SARAH A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-22-530
MCNEIL, CALVIN               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-37
MCNEIL, EMMA G.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-332
MCNEIL, GEORGE               FONDA                         NY-29-27-41
MCNEIL, JANNETT              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-88
MCPHERSON, ANN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-452
MCPHERSON, CATHARINE         JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-455
MCVEAN, DANIEL SR.           JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-2-421
MCVEAU, DUNCAN               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-287
MCVEAU, JOHN                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-4-445
MCVEIGH, JEMIMA              PITTSBURGH, ALLEGANY, PA      NY-29-25-86
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN             CHARLESTON                    NY-29-1-457
MEAD, ELIZABETH L.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-32
MEAD, HENRIETTA O.           FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-25-67
MEAD, JOHN                   FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-13-24
MEAD, JOHN M.                HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ           NY-29-25-79
MEAD, MERRITT BATES          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-145
MEAD, NEHEMIAH               MAYFIELD                      NY-29-5-13
MEAD, RACHEL M.              HAGAMAN                       NY-29-23-580
MEDLER, ORSON                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-212
MEEKER, DANIEL               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-303
MEEKER, DANIEL               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-530
MEEKS, IDA B.                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-389
MEENAM, RACHAEL              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-317
MENGE, CARL                  AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-325
MERENESS, JAMES              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-13-153
MERENESS, JOHN M.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-1
MERENESS, OSCAR              CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-29-541
MERENESS, REBECCA            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-260
MERENESS, SARAH J.           CHARLESTON                    NY-29-26-568
MERRELL, JOHN                GLEN                          NY-29-9-479
MERRIAM, SASMUEL B.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-257
MERRY, BENJAMIN              FLORIDA                       NY-29-7-214
MERRY, CATHARINE M.          FLORIDA                       NY-29-23-122
MERRY, JAMES                 FLORIDA                       NY-29-14-427
MERRY, JAMES H.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-471
MERRY, JANE M.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-557
MERRY, JOHN M.               FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-473
MERRY, MALACHI               FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-270
MERRY, SARAH J.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-17-333
MERSELIS, AARON              MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-339
MESSINGER, STEPHEN           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-41
METZGER, ALBERT H.           ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-554
MEVEIGH, MARY E.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-205
MEYER, GEORGE LEONARD        PALATINE                      NY-29-22-532
MEYER, HENRY                 PALATINE                      NY-29-28-391
MEYER, JOHN                  ROOT                          NY-29-29-1
MEYERS, WILLIAM              ROOT                          NY-29-27-517
MICKLE, ELIZABETH A.         FONDA                         NY-29-25-418
MICKLE, JENNIE               MINDEN                        NY-29-27-295
MICKLE, JOSEPH R.            FONDA                         NY-29-29-466
MIDZIOCEK, FRANCISZEK        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-486
MILENINE, FREEMAN T.         FLORIDA                       NY-29-26-268
MILES, DANIEL                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-1-188
MILLARD, SARAH               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-543
MILLER, AGNES                FONDA                         NY-29-30-40
MILLER, AMELIA               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-251
MILLER, ANNIE                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-377
MILLER, BARBARA              MINDEN                        NY-29-18-543
MILLER, BARNEY               ROOT                          NY-29-30-224
MILLER, CAROLINE             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-598
MILLER, CHARLES              PALATINE                      NY-29-20-391
MILLER, CHARLES F.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-27-125
MILLER, CHAUNCEY             MINDEN                        NY-29-18-439
MILLER, CHRISTIANA           MINDEN                        NY-29-11-532
MILLER, CLARENCE             HAGAMAN                       NY-29-28-289
MILLER, CONRAD               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-411
MILLER, DAVID                MINDEN                        NY-29-27-411
MILLER, ELIZABETH            ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-15-359
MILLER, ELIZABETH F.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-139
MILLER, GARRETT              PALATINE                      NY-29-19-497
MILLER, GEORGE               MINDEN                        NY-29-11-326
MILLER, GERHARD              CANAJOHARE                    NY-29-2-368
MILLER, HARRIET              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-564
MILLER, HARRIET S.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-256
MILLER, JACOB                JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-1-497
MILLER, JACOB I.             MINDEN                        NY-29-13-142
MILLER, JAMES A.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-255
MILLER, JANE                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-350
MILLER, JAY                  GLEN                          NY-29-30-4
MILLER, JOHANNES             BURNATSFIELD                  NY-29-1-56
MILLER, JOHN                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-5-183
MILLER, JOHN                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-214
MILLER, JOHN A.              FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-465
MILLER, JOHN D.              MINDEN                        NY-29-11-546
MILLER, JONAS                MINDEN                        NY-29-21-205
MILLER, JOSIAH               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-21-348
MILLER, JUSTUS H.            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-15-237
MILLER, LARRY                MINDEN                        NY-29-3-33
MILLER, LOUISE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-600
MILLER, NORMAN               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-23-176
MILLER, PETER                CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-1-263
MILLER, PETER                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-25-352
MILLER, ROBERT               BROADALBIN                    NY-29-5-496
MILLER, SILAS H.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-11-330
MILLER, SIMEON               MINDEN                        NY-29-26-220
MILLER, SMITHIA J.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-393
MILLER, SOLOMON              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-16-527
MILLER, SUSIE                NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT      NY-29-16-295
MILLIGAN, LORAINA            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-14-303
MILLIGAN, THOMAS             MINDEN                        NY-29-14-72
MILLS, DANIEL P.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-23-310
MILLS, GEORGE                ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-29-14-239
MILLS, GEORGE F.             MOHAWK                        NY-29-21-64
MILLS, ROBA B.               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-24-465
MILLS, ROGER                 NUNDA                         NY-29-1-509
MILLS, WILLIAM C.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-227
MILLS, WILLIAM T.            JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-3-214
MILMINE, JAMES               FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-109
MILMINE, JOHN                FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-242
MILMINE, MOSES               FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-135
MILMINE, WILLIAM             FLORIDA                       NY-29-10-197
MILMINE, WILLIAM B.          FLORIDA                       NY-29-16-199
MILNINE, JOHN                FLORIDA                       NY-29-12-39
MILROY, ALEXANDER            FLORIDA                       NY-29-3-377
MINCH, ANNIE                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-22-630
MINCH, CONRAD                FLORIDA                       NY-29-20-555
MINCH, GEORGE S.             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-19-339
MINCH, JULIA A.              MINDEN                        NY-29-21-304
MINCHIN, GEORG EA.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-307
MINCKLER, DAVID H.           MINDEN                        NY-29-17-309
MINCKLER, LAURA A.           MINDEN                        NY-29-26-136
MINSTER, LEONARD A.          ROCK RAPIDS, LYON, IA         NY-29-16-497
MISCHLER, ANNA ELIZABETH     AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-352
MISSON, JOHN                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-28-73
MISSON, WILLIAM              MINDEN                        NY-29-15-169
MITCHELL, ANNA FRANCES       GLEN                          NY-29-21-474
MITCHELL, CHARLES            ROT                           NY-29-10-57
MITCHELL, DAVID L.           AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-243
MITCHELL, HARRIET            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-561
MITCHELL, HUGH               ROOT                          NY-29-11-335
MITCHELL, HUGH               ROOT                          NY-29-7-508
MITCHELL, JAMES              JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-413
MITCHELL, JAMES S.           ROOT                          NY-29-19-17
MITCHELL, JANE A.            ROOT                          NY-29-16-592
MITCHELL, JEANNET            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-7
MITCHELL, JULIA              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-136
MITCHELL, PATRICK SR.        AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-413
MITCHELL, SARAH              SOUTH OMAHA, DOUGLAS, NE      NY-29-16-466
MITCHELL, WILLIAM            FLORIDA                       NY-29-13-145
MITCHELL, WILLIAM            CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-3-508
MITCHELL, WILLIAM            ROOT                          NY-29-15-625
MIX, HELENA A.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-518
MOAT, CHARLES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-274
MOAT, DOLLY I.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-87
MOHR, JOHN                   FLORIDA                       NY-29-28-421
MOIS, DAVID                  NTL                           NY-29-4-273
MOLONY, MICHAEL              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-20-347
MONAHAN, TIMOTHY             FLORIDA                       NY-29-18-451
MONTANGE, JACOB              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-14-106
MONTANYE, HANNAH             MOHAWK                        NY-29-22-11
MONTANYE, MARY F.            ROOT                          NY-29-29-193
MONTEITH, ISABELLA           BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-522
MONTEITH, WILLIAM            BROADALBIN                    NY-29-3-217
MONTONY, MARY M.             GLEN                          NY-29-30-402
MONTONY, REBECCA M.          GLEN                          NY-29-22-161
MOODY, WILLIAM               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-19-25
MOON, FREDERICK M.           MOHAWK                        NY-29-6-120
MOON, THOMAS                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-291
MOOR, JOHN JACOB             PALATINE                      NY-29-3-16
MOORE, BALTES                AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-12-62
MOORE, CATHERINE             CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-12-556
MOORE, DAVID                 NTL                           NY-29-4-391
MOORE, DAVID                 MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-29
MOORE, FREDERICK             NTL                           NY-29-1-468
MOORE, IRA                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-203
MOORE, JANE ANN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-30-184
MOORE, JOHN F.               MOHAWK                        NY-29-6-182
MOORE, MARGARET              MOHAWK                        NY-29-7-499
MOORE, MICHAEL               MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-133
MOORE, MICHAEL               JOHNSTOWN                     NY-29-4-481
MOORE, SARAH S.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-328
MOOSE, MAGLALENE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-308
MORAN, AMBROSE               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-367
MORAN, MARY N.               AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-369
MORAN, MICHAEL               FLORIDA                       NY-29-22-594
MORE, ANNA LOUISE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-3
MOREY, AUGUSTUS              NTL                           NY-29-5-329
MOREY, FRANK                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-24-61
MORFORD, JOHN N.             FULTONVILLE                   NY-29-24-289
MORONEY, MICHAEL             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-18-597
MORPHY, BENJAMIN S.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-419
MORPHY, STEPHEN              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-483
MORREL, DANIEL S.            PALATINE                      NY-29-20-551
MORRELL, ABIGAIL             GLEN                          NY-29-10-4
MORRELL, CELIA               MINDEN                        NY-29-15-423
MORRELL, IRVING              CHARLESTON                    NY-29-28-161
MORRELL, JOHN                MOHAWK                        NY-29-11-278
MORRELL, SAMUEL              MINDEN                        NY-29-12-438
MORRIS, ABRAM V.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-16-636
MORRIS, FRANCIS              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-412
MORRIS, JOHN V.              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-595
MORRIS, PEARL DE FOREST      AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-552
MORRISON, SAMUEL             GLEN                          NY-29-6-193
MORRISON, WILLIAM T.         AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-121
MORSE, CHARLOTTE             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-323
MOSCHEL, JACOB               CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-1-533
MOSCHELL, LAWRENCE           ROOT                          NY-29-13-562
MOSCHELL, MARY MARGARET      ROOT                          NY-29-21-362
MOSCHELL, NICHOLAS S.        CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-27-133
MOSELEY, WILLIAM H.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-475
MOSHER, EMMA                 ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-28-539
MOSHER, JONATHAN             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-19-317
MOSHER, MARGARET             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-29-361
MOSHER, MARY E.              ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-22-522
MOSS, ELLA                   AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-20-269
MOTT, ABEL                   MAYFIELD                      NY-29-2-122
MOUNT, BENJAMIN              GLEN                          NY-29-16-96
MOUNT, ELIJAH                GLEN                          NY-29-5-215
MOUNT, JOHN                  GLEN                          NY-29-7-176
MOUNT, MARIA                 GLEN                          NY-29-17-141
MOUNT, MATTHIAS              GLEN                          NY-29-11-44
MOUNT, SAMUEL H.             ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-11-276
MOUNT, WILLIAM HENRY         GLEN                          NY-29-11-372
MOWERS, JACOB                ROOT                          NY-29-24-43
MOWERS, JOHN                 ROOT                          NY-29-10-605
MOYAR, JACOB                 MINDEN                        NY-29-2-192
MOYER, ALFRED D.             MINDEN                        NY-29-24-269
MOYER, ALFRED P.             MINDEN                        NY-29-29-409
MOYER, AMELIA                MINDEN                        NY-29-30-296
MOYER, DANIEL                MINDEN                        NY-29-12-313
MOYER, DAVID                 MINDEN                        NY-29-26-85
MOYER, EZRA                  MINDEN                        NY-29-19-335
MOYER, FREDERICK             MINDEN                        NY-29-9-357
MOYER, GARRET                MINDEN                        NY-29-10-554
MOYER, GERTRUDE              MINDEN                        NY-29-19-385
MOYER, HENRY                 MINDEN                        NY-29-3-295
MOYER, HENRY I.              MINDEN                        NY-29-11-83
MOYER, JACOB A.              MINDEN                        NY-29-24-549
MOYER, JACOB J.              MINDEN                        NY-29-7-122
MOYER, JOHN                  MINDEN                        NY-29-12-530
MOYER, JOHN                  ROOT                          NY-29-9-300
MOYER, JOHN                  ROOT                          NY-29-11-233
MOYER, JOHN A.               MINDEN                        NY-29-27-617
MOYER, JOHN F.               MINDEN                        NY-29-16-204
MOYER, JOHN H.               CHARLESTON                    NY-29-28-593
MOYER, JOHN HENRY            MINDEN                        NY-29-2-156
MOYER, MARCEY                ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-27-121
MOYER, MARY                  MINDE                         NY-29-11-274
MOYER, MARY E.               MINDEN                        NY-29-18-461
MOYER, NANCY                 FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-26-289
MOYER, NICHOLAS              MINDEN                        NY-29-10-139
MOYER, PETER B.              MINDEN                        NY-29-30-358
MOYER, ROBERT E.             MINDEN                        NY-29-11-415
MOYER, SAMUEL                ROOT                          NY-29-24-477
MOYER, SEWARD                FORT PLAIN                    NY-29-30-154
MOYER, SOLOMON S.            MINDEN                        NY-29-11-230
MOYER, SYLVESTER             MINDEN                        NY-29-22-560
MUDGE, ABRAHAM               FLORIDA                       NY-29-1-444
MUIRHEAD, ALEXANDER          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-9-151
MUIRHEAD, ALEXANDER          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-61
MUIRHEAD, RICHAD B.          AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-26-295
MULDERICK, PATRICK           MINDEN                        NY-29-20-559
MULL, ABRAM                  MINDEN                        NY-29-25-382
MULLARKEY, EDWARD            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-23-498
MULLARKEY, EDWARD            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-490
MULLARKEY, ELLEN             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-25-620
MULLEN, MARY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-281
MUMBRUTE, WILLIAM            CHARLESTOWN                   NY-29-1-356
MUNGO, SALLY                 CANAJOHARIE                   NY-29-30-200
MUNRO, SAMUEL H.             MAYFIELD                      NY-29-3-467
MUNSELL, JOHN F.             PORT JACKSON                  NY-29-16-217
MUNSELL, PRUDENCE            AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-15-442
MUNSON, JULIA A.             PALATINE                      NY-29-18-393
MUNYAN, JAMES                NTL                           NY-29-3-143
MURDOCK, EDWARD              MOHAWK                        NY-29-19-53
MURPHY, ANNA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-27-119
MURPHY, JOHN J.              OROVILLE, BUTTE, CA           NY-29-25-571
MURPHY, MICHAEL              AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-21-550
MURPHY, NANCY                MINDEN                        NY-29-10-153
MURRAY, DAVID                FLORIDA                       NY-29-4-122
MURRAY, DAVID                GLEN                          NY-29-4-290
MURRAY, HELEN R.             FLORIDA                       NY-29-23-161
MURRAY, JAME                 PALATINE                      NY-29-4-286
MURRAY, WILLIAM              FLORIDA                       NY-29-9-25
MYERS, CARRIE M.             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-28-131
MYERS, FREDERICK             AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-13-464
MYERS, JACOB                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-29-4-507
MYERS, JOHN J.               ST. JOHNSVILLE                NY-29-7-309
MYERS, JULIA                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-489
MYERS, MARY                  MOHAWK                        NY-29-17-35
MYTHEN, MARY                 AMSTERDAM                     NY-29-24-431

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