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LAING, JOHN                             NY-29-8-319
LAMIBEER, THOMAZIN                      NY-29-10-580
LANDER, ISABELLA                        NY-29-10-306
LANE, CORNELIUS M.                      NY-29-11-475
LANE, GILBERT                           NY-29-8-296
LANE, MATHIAS                           NY-29-2-82
LANSING, CORNELIUS                      NY-29-12-323
LANSING, EAH W.                         NY-29-9-428
LANSING, GERRET A.                      NY-29-5-55
LANSING, GERRIT A.                      NY-29-4-451
LANSING, JAMES                          NY-29-8-248
LANSING, JOHN H.                        NY-29-6-343
LANSING, JOHN J.                        NY-29-8-151
LAREW, JOHN S.                          NY-29-6-369
LARUE, MARY                             NY-29-6-416
LASHER, GEORGE                          NY-29-6-213
LASHER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-210
LASHER, JOHN S.                         NY-29-6-216
LATHERS, JACOB                          NY-29-8-230
LAURENCE, GIDEON                        NY-29-2-250
LAW, DAVID                              NY-29-3-203
LAWYER, JACOB FREDERICK                 NY-29-1-296
LAWYER, JACOB H.                        NY-29-8-148
LAWYER, NICHOLAS                        NY-29-2-63
LEACH, PHINEAS                          NY-29-2-21
LEAVENSWORTH, JAMES                     NY-29-1-368
LEENDERSON, JOHN                        NY-29-2-94
LEFFERTS, SAMUEL                        NY-29-12-115
LENARDSON, JOHN                         NY-29-5-468
LENARDSON, ROBERT S.                    NY-29-6-211
LENTNER, ALBERT                         NY-29-6-484
LEONARD, JOSIAH                         NY-29-3-86
LEONARDSON, AARON                       NY-29-12-87
LEONARDSON, JOHN T.                     NY-29-6-390
LEPKEE, FREDERICK                       NY-29-2-199
LEPPER, JACOB F.                        NY-29-9-345
LEROY, DANIEL W.                        NY-29-10-508
LEROY, PETER                            NY-29-6-201
LETTES, PETER                           NY-29-6-324
LEVERSEE, CORNELIUS                     NY-29-6-40
LEWIS, BARNEY V.                        NY-29-9-255
LEWIS, GRADUS                           NY-29-4-156
LEWIS, HENRY                            NY-29-1-442
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-29-4-161
LEWIS, PETER                            NY-29-2-44
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-29-3-12
LIEBER, GEORGE                          NY-29-11-360
LIEBER, HENRY                           NY-29-6-327
LIEBER, MENNA                           NY-29-11-470
LIGHTHALL, DANIEL                       NY-29-11-519
LINGENFELTER, GRANDIS                   NY-29-3-386
LINGENFELTER, JAMES W.                  NY-29-11-16
LINGENFELTER, JOHN                      NY-29-2-505
LINGENFELTER, MARY                      NY-29-11-156
LINGENFELTER, MICHAEL                   NY-29-3-105
LINK, PHILIP                            NY-29-10-301
LINTNER, DAVID                          NY-29-7-351
LINTNER, JOHN                           NY-29-4-94
LIPE, ADAM                              NY-29-6-296
LIPE, ADAM                              NY-29-1-330
LIPE, DAVID                             NY-29-9-335
LIPE, JOHANES                           NY-29-2-419
LIPE, JOHN A.                           NY-29-7-222
LIPE, JOHN C.                           NY-29-10-468
LIPE, JOSEPH                            NY-29-1-134
LISWELL, JOHN                           NY-29-4-389
LISWELL, RACHEL                         NY-29-10-95
LIVERMORE, JUBAL                        NY-29-12-130
LOCKWOOD, EBENEZER                      NY-29-6-276
LOCKWOOD, JAMES E.                      NY-29-3-318
LONGSHORE, RICHARD                      NY-29-11-529
LOTRIDGE, ROBERT                        NY-29-11-373
LOUCKS, GEORGE                          NY-29-5-485
LOUCKS, HENRY A.                        NY-29-12-209
LOUCKS, JACOB                           NY-29-4-187
LOUCKS, JOHN W.                         NY-29-4-331
LOVELL, HARRIET                         NY-29-12-546
LOWNSBERY, REUBEN                       NY-29-6-109
LOWWELL, WILLIAM                        NY-29-4-217
LUKE, COONRADT                          NY-29-4-43
LUTZ, JOHN                              NY-29-1-289
LYCKER, CORNELIUS                       NY-29-10-214
LYCKER, HENRY                           NY-29-9-372
LYKER, HENRY                            NY-29-1-203
LYON, JACOB                             NY-29-3-126
MABEE, CORNELIUS                        NY-29-12-269
MABEE, PETER P.                         NY-29-4-283
MABIE, PETER H.                         NY-29-6-55
MABON, ELIZABETH                        NY-29-5-264
MACAULEY, HENRY                         NY-29-11-537
MACAULEY, JAMES                         NY-29-10-38
MACHIN, THOMAS                          NY-29-2-550
MACNAUGHTON, ANGUS                      NY-29-2-17
MAJOR, JOSEPH A.                        NY-29-12-368
MALLERY, DSAVID                         NY-29-8-8
MALLERY, HENRY                          NY-29-9-92
MANIFOLD, THOMAS                        NY-29-11-356
MANNING, EDWARD                         NY-29-7-206
MANNING, JAMES                          NY-29-11-564
MANUEL, JOHN                            NY-29-5-347
MARCELLUS, ELIZABETH                    NY-29-11-59
MARCELLUS, NICHOLAS A.                  NY-29-9-194
MARCY, SIMEON                           NY-29-9-168
MARKELL, HENRY                          NY-29-1-514
MARKELL, HENRY                          NY-29-4-454
MARSALUS, ABRAHAM                       NY-29-7-342
MARSELIS, JOHN                          NY-29-10-118
MARSELLUS, MANNING                      NY-29-9-234
MARTIN, PHILLIP                         NY-29-4-9
MARTIN, SARAH                           NY-29-11-195
MASON, JEREMIAH                         NY-29-2-4
MATHEWS, BARNET                         NY-29-1-507
MATHEWS, BARNET                         NY-29-2-513
MATHEWS, HENRY                          NY-29-1-286
MATHEWS, JOHN                           NY-29-4-171
MATHEWS, JOHN                           NY-29-1-179
MATHIUS, JACOB                          NY-29-2-292
MATTHEWS, HANNAH                        NY-29-2-115
MATTHIES, JOHN                          NY-29-5-493
MAXFIELD, JOHN                          NY-29-2-449
MAYER, ABALENA                          NY-29-1-5
MAYFIELD, JAMES SR.                     NY-29-2-370
MCARTHUR, DUNCAN                        NY-29-6-105
MCARTHUR, JOHN                          NY-29-5-288
MCARTHUR, JOHN A.                       NY-29-2-474
MCAWLEY, AWLEY                          NY-29-2-112
MCBACER, ANGUS                          NY-29-4-129
MCCALL, ALEXANDER                       NY-29-5-4
MCCALLUM, FINLY                         NY-29-4-306
MCCLUMPHA, THOMAS                       NY-29-4-425
MCCLYMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-29-11-21
MCCOLL, HUGH SR.                        NY-29-1-371
MCCONKEY, HANNAH                        NY-29-11-349
MCCOY, JOHN                             NY-29-11-525
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        NY-29-2-188
MCDONALD, JAMES                         NY-29-2-227
MCDONALD, JAMES                         NY-29-6-467
MCDONALD, JOHN                          NY-29-12-504
MCDONALD, MARY                          NY-29-2-73
MCDONALD, NORMAN                        NY-29-9-31
MCDONELL, CATHARINE                     NY-29-1-95
MCELROY, SAMUEL                         NY-29-5-272
MCFARLAN, ARCHIBALD                     NY-29-6-126
MCFARLAN, DANIEL                        NY-29-6-184
MCFARLAN, ROBERT                        NY-29-2-318
MCFARLIN, ALEXANDER                     NY-29-2-272
MCGEE, REBECCA                          NY-29-11-409
MCGRAW, JOHN                            NY-29-6-66
MCGRAW, WILLIAM                         NY-29-11-61
MCGREAVOR, COLL                         NY-29-2-548
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN                        NY-29-6-162
MCINTYRE, ARCHIBALD                     NY-29-5-306
MCINTYRE, DANIEL                        NY-29-3-97
MCINTYRE, JAMES                         NY-29-5-428
MCINTYRE, JOHN                          NY-29-3-91
MCINTYRE, MARY                          NY-29-5-321
MCINTYRE, PETER                         NY-29-3-432
MCINTYRE, PETER                         NY-29-4-133
MCKAY, CHARLES                          NY-29-6-137
MCKENZIE, MARY                          NY-29-3-53
MCKERCHER, JOHN                         NY-29-3-524
MCKINLAY, AGNUS                         NY-29-7-218
MCKINLAY, JOHN                          NY-29-2-153
MCKINLAY, WILLIAM                       NY-29-3-274
MCKINNEY, DANIEL                        NY-29-3-306
MCKINNEY, DANIEL                        NY-29-9-211
MCKINNEY, PATRICK                       NY-29-12-468
MCLAREN, DUNCAN                         NY-29-2-53
MCLEOD, ALEXANDER                       NY-29-1-358
MCMARTIN, DUNCAN                        NY-29-3-78
MCMARTIN, DUNCAN                        NY-29-6-139
MCMARTIN, FINLEY                        NY-29-3-526
MCMARTIN, PETER                         NY-29-3-267
MCMASTER, DAVID                         NY-29-1-191
MCMASTER, HARRISON                      NY-29-6-401
MCMASTER, HUGH                          NY-29-6-154
MCMICHAEL, DANIEL                       NY-29-7-400
MCNAMARA, ROGER                         NY-29-12-472
MCNAUGHTON, PETER                       NY-29-2-375
MCPHERSON, ANN                          NY-29-3-452
MCPHERSON, CATHARINE                    NY-29-3-455
MCVEAN, DANIEL SR.                      NY-29-2-421
MCVEAU, DUNCAN                          NY-29-4-287
MCVEAU, JOHN                            NY-29-4-445
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN                        NY-29-1-457
MEAD, NEHEMIAH                          NY-29-5-13
MEEKER, DANIEL                          NY-29-4-303, 530
MERRELL, JOHN                           NY-29-9-479
MERRY, BENJAMIN                         NY-29-7-214
MERRY, MALACHI                          NY-29-3-270
MERSELIS, AARON                         NY-29-7-339
MILES, DANIEL                           NY-29-1-188
MILLER, CHRISTIANA                      NY-29-11-532
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-29-11-326
MILLER, GERHARD                         NY-29-2-368
MILLER, JACOB                           NY-29-1-497
MILLER, JOHANNES                        NY-29-1-56
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-29-12-214
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-29-5-183
MILLER, JOHN D.                         NY-29-11-546
MILLER, LARRY                           NY-29-3-33
MILLER, PETER                           NY-29-1-263
MILLER, ROBERT                          NY-29-5-496
MILLER, SILAS H.                        NY-29-11-330
MILLS, ROGER                            NY-29-1-509
MILLS, WILLIAM C.                       NY-29-4-227
MILLS, WILLIAM T.                       NY-29-3-214
MILMINE, JAMES                          NY-29-10-109
MILMINE, JOHN                           NY-29-4-242
MILMINE, WILLIAM                        NY-29-10-197
MILNINE, JOHN                           NY-29-12-39
MILROY, ALEXANDER                       NY-29-3-377
MITCHELL, CHARLES                       NY-29-10-57
MITCHELL, HUGH                          NY-29-7-508
MITCHELL, HUGH                          NY-29-11-335
MITCHELL, JAMES                         NY-29-4-413
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       NY-29-3-508
MOIS, DAVID                             NY-29-4-273
MONTEITH, ISABELLA                      NY-29-3-522
MONTEITH, WILLIAM                       NY-29-3-217
MOON, FREDERICK M.                      NY-29-6-120
MOOR, JOHN JACOB                        NY-29-3-16
MOORE, BALTES                           NY-29-12-62
MOORE, CATHERINE                        NY-29-12-556
MOORE, DAVID                            NY-29-4-391
MOORE, FREDERICK                        NY-29-1-468
MOORE, JOHN F.                          NY-29-6-182
MOORE, MARGARET                         NY-29-7-499
MOORE, MICHAEL                          NY-29-4-481
MOREY, AUGUSTUS                         NY-29-5-329
MORRELL, ABIGAIL                        NY-29-10-4
MORRELL, JOHN                           NY-29-11-278
MORRELL, SAMUEL                         NY-29-12-438
MORRISON, SAMUEL                        NY-29-6-193
MOSCHEL, JACOB                          NY-29-1-533
MOSHER, PETER                           NY-29-3-262
MOTT, ABEL                              NY-29-2-122
MOUNT, ELIJAH                           NY-29-5-215
MOUNT, JOHN                             NY-29-7-176
MOUNT, MATTHIAS                         NY-29-11-44
MOUNT, SAMUEL H.                        NY-29-11-276
MOUNT, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-29-11-372
MOWERS, JOHN                            NY-29-10-605
MOYAR, JACOB                            NY-29-2-192
MOYER, DANIEL                           NY-29-12-313
MOYER, FREDERICK                        NY-29-9-357
MOYER, GARRET                           NY-29-10-554
MOYER, HENRY                            NY-29-3-295
MOYER, HENRY I.                         NY-29-11-83
MOYER, JACOB J.                         NY-29-7-122
MOYER, JOHN                             NY-29-11-233
MOYER, JOHN                             NY-29-9-300
MOYER, JOHN                             NY-29-12-530
MOYER, JOHN HENRY                       NY-29-2-156
MOYER, MARY                             NY-29-11-274
MOYER, NICHOLAS                         NY-29-10-139
MOYER, ROBERT E.                        NY-29-11-415
MOYER, SOLOMON S.                       NY-29-11-230
MUDGE, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-1-444
MUIRHEAD, ALEXANDER                     NY-29-9-151
MUMBRUTE, WILLIAM                       NY-29-1-356
MUNRO, SAMUEL H.                        NY-29-3-467
MUNYAN, JAMES                           NY-29-3-143
MURPHY, NANCY                           NY-29-10-153
MURRAY, DAVID                           NY-29-4-122
MURRAY, DAVID                           NY-29-4-290
MURRAY, JAME                            NY-29-4-286
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         NY-29-9-25
MYERS, JACOB                            NY-29-4-507
MYERS, JOHN J.                          NY-29-7-309

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