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VALENTINE, DOUGLAS           SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Z-447
VALENTINE, EBENEZER C.       SCHUYLER                      NY-22-L-235
VALENTINE, SIDNEY S.         SCHUYLER                      NY-22-N-179
VANALLEN, AARON              DANUBE                        NY-22-Q-469
VANALLEN, JOHN F.            DANUBE                        NY-22-X-539
VANALSTINE, ALICE J.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-176
VANALSTINE, DANFERTH         COLUMBIA                      NY-22-29-113
VANALSTYNE, ABRAHAM          SCHUYLER                      NY-22-G-73
VANANKIN, PHEBE              STARK                         NY-22-25-507
VANANTWERP, DANIEL L.        WARREN                        NY-22-L-99
VANAUKEN, TEUNIS             STARK                         NY-22-O-321
VANBENSCHOTEN, ELIAS         WARREN                        NY-22-39-381
VANBENSCHOTEN, JULIA A.      WARREN                        NY-22-Z-47
VANBLARCOM, JACOB C.         ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-22-35-654
VANBUREN, ANN                MANHEIM                       NY-22-Y-61
VANBUREN, MARY J.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-107
VANCE, BENJAMIN W.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-525
VANCE, CHARLES R.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-32-109
VANCE, JAMES HENRY           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-1
VANCE, WILLIAM M.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-453
VANCOTT, MARY H.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-137
VANCOURT, DANIEL P.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-505
VANDEUSEN, ANDREW            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-O-189
VANDEUSEN, BENJAMIN B.       GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-449
VANDEUSEN, CORNELIUS         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-397
VANDEUSEN, WILLIAM H.        FRANKFORT                     NY-22-34-485
VANDUSEN, FRANK L.           MOHAWK                        NY-22-39-444
VANGUMSTER, ANNA             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-313
VANHORNE, ALMIRA             STARK                         NY-22-R-431
VANHORNE, CORNELIUS T. E.    STARK                         NY-22-Q-105
VANHORNE, LYDIA              STARK                         NY-22-L-574
VANHORNE, SAMUEL             STARK                         NY-22-K-81
VANNAIS, ANNA M.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-41-45
VANNATTORS, WILLIAM          SALISBURY                     NY-22-N-75
VANSLYKE, ALEXANDER          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-637
VANSLYKE, BARBARA ANN        FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-377
VANSLYKE, ELIZABETH          HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-29
VANSLYKE, FREDERICK          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-R-131
VANSLYKE, GARRETT N.         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-O-194
VANSLYKE, HIRAM              WINFIELD                      NY-22-M-357
VANSLYKE, JACOB              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-673
VANSLYKE, LUCINDA            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-685
VANVALKENBURG, ELIAS         MANHEIM                       NY-22-41-379
VANVALKENBURG, ELLEN         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-166
VANVALKENBURG, SARAH         MANHEIM                       NY-22-27-226
VANVALKENBURGH, ALFRED       MANHEIM                       NY-22-O-319
VANVALKENBURGH, ANDREW       LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-585
VANVALKENBURGH, CATALINA T. E.  MANHEIM                    NY-22-P-324
VANVECHTEN, BARRY            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-43
VANVECHTEN, EMMA             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-19
VANVECHTEN, WILLIAM P.       NORWAY                        NY-22-31-461
VANVLECK, HARVEY             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-25-403
VANVLECK, MARIA              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-30-321
VARNEY, ALFRED C.            MIDDLEVILLE                   NY-22-O-411
VARNEY, ANN MARIA            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-S-227
VARNEY, EDMUND               RUSSIA                        NY-22-H-397
VARSON, MICHAEL              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-R-371
VEBBER, ASENATH              WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-83
VEBER, BLISS                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-Z-199
VEDDER, ABRAM                SALISBURY                     NY-22-O-310
VEDDER, CATHARINE            STARK                         NY-22-N-357
VEDDER, HANNAH J.            MANHEIM                       NY-22-38-589
VEDDER, HENRY S.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-217
VEDDER, RUAH                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-565
VEDDER, SETH                 STARK                         NY-22-N-182
VICKERY, ASA                 OHIO                          NY-22-K-294
VICKERY, GEORGE              RUSSIA                        NY-22-Z-587
VIELHAUER, WILLIAM           HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-388
VINCENT, LEONORA M.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-25-547
VINCENT, MARY A.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-452
VINCENT, SHADRACH N.         RUSSIA                        NY-22-E-357
VINCNET, JEREMIAH            RUSSIA                        NY-22-B-324
VINTON, BENJAMIN             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-25
VOLK, BARBARA                HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-424
VOLK, CHARLES                HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-153
VOLK, PAUL                   HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-591
VOLZ, CATHEIRNE M.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-633
VONDERAHE, FREDERICK         ILION                         NY-22-P-250
VOORHIES, KATE               STARK                         NY-22-R-47
VOSBURGH, CHARLES W.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-157
VOSBURGH, JACOB              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-H-181
VOSBURGH, KATHERINE M.       LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-595
VOSBURGH, LYDIA C.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-349
VOSBURGH, SUSAN              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-49
VOSS, ERNEST CHRISTIAN       MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-17
VROOMAN, MARY M.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-433
VROOMAN, NICHOLAS            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-725
VROOMAN, PETER               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-W-119
WADE, JAMES                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-F-272
WADSWORTH, JOEL              WINFIELD                      NY-22-28-641
WADSWORTH, LUCRETIA          WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-323
WADSWORTH, THOMAS            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-299
WAFUL, THOMAS J.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-33-591
WAGER, CAROLINE              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-167
WAGER, HANNAH R.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-537
WAGER, JOSEPH J.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-301
WAGNER, ALMOND               STARK                         NY-22-29-141
WAGNER, ANDREW               STARK                         NY-22-Z-403
WAGNER, JOHN J.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-105
WAGNER, LEWIS                OHIO                          NY-22-40-493
WAITE, JENNIE M.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-38-113
WAKEMAN, DANIEL              HERKIMER                      NY-22-H-335
WALBRAY, JOHN                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-32-401
WALKER, DELAVAN E.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-97
WALKER, DWIGHT B.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-T-239
WALKER, EDWARD S.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-R-175
WALKER, ELEANOR G.           NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-433
WALKER, IRA                  WINFIELD                      NY-22-Q-37
WALKER, JAMES D.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-U-203
WALKER, JAMES L.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-26-149
WALKER, JOSEPH               WINFIELD                      NY-22-S-260
WALKER, JOSEPH               WINFIELD                      NY-22-E-277
WALKER, JULIA F.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-V-83
WALKER, MARY GRANT           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-109
WALKER, RUFUS                NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-85
WALKER, TRUMAN               RUSSIA                        NY-22-B-318
WALLACE, ELLEN               OHIO                          NY-22-26-569
WALLACE, PATRICK             OHIO                          NY-22-R-183
WALLEBER, ABRAHAM            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-B-538
WALLER, JACOB                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-O-306
WALLER, JOHN                 DANUBE                        NY-22-C-43
WALLEY, AUGUSTUS             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-K-264
WALLHART, SAMUEL J.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-9
WALLIS, MARCUS L.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-P-384
WALLS, EDWARD                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-422
WALRATH, ADALINE             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-109
WALRATH, ALBERT              DANUBE                        NY-22-U-159
WALRATH, ALPHONSUS H.        STARK                         NY-22-O-148
WALRATH, ARCHIBALD           MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-113
WALRATH, DANIEL D.           MANHEIM                       NY-22-N-246
WALRATH, DAVID               DANUBE                        NY-22-I-16
WALRATH, EMMOGENE            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-697
WALRATH, HENRY H.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-127
WALRATH, HENRY J.            DANUBE                        NY-22-L-90
WALRATH, JOHN                DANUBE                        NY-22-M-38
WALRATH, LUCINDA             MANHEIM                       NY-22-31-397
WALRATH, MARTHA J.           DANUBE                        NY-22-32-333
WALRATH, MOSES               DANUBE                        NY-22-N-310
WALRATH, PETER H.            STARK                         NY-22-E-221
WALSH, JULIA                 DANUBE                        NY-22-V-223
WALTAMUTH, FRED              DANUBE                        NY-22-37-581
WALTER, JACOB                DANUBE                        NY-22-U-191
WALTER, MARYETT              DANUBE                        NY-22-40-41
WALTS, ELIZABETH             STARK                         NY-22-37-493
WALTS, FRANCES               STARK                         NY-22-26-721
WALTS, MENZO                 STARK                         NY-22-X-363
WALTS, NELSON                STARK                         NY-22-N-313
WANKMILLER, GODFREY          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-27-246
WARCUP, GEORGE               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-241
WARCUP, GEORGE               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-I-62
WARCUP, JANE A.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-558
WARD, ABIGAIL                WARREN                        NY-22-G-455
WARD, ANDREW                 DANUBE                        NY-22-D-106
WARD, BENJAMIN A.            STARK                         NY-22-30-269
WARD, BURR H.                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-129
WARD, CHARLES A.             WARREN                        NY-22-28-653
WARD, GEORGE                 WARREN                        NY-22-J-115
WARD, HANNAH SOPHIA          RUSSIA                        NY-22-29-129
WARD, HIRAM                  STARK                         NY-22-34-565
WARD, JOHN                   LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-553
WARD, JOHN                   WARREN                        NY-22-G-257
WARD, JOHN                   NTL                           NY-22-E-540
WARD, LYDIA M.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-371
WARD, PAMELIA                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-531
WARD, PHILA L.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-9
WARD, PHILIP                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-P-177
WARD, SUSANNA                WARREN                        NY-22-J-467
WARE, BRIDGET                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-33-500
WARNER, ANDREW               WARREN                        NY-22-29-81
WARNER, EMMA                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-485
WARNER, JEREMIAH             MOHAWK                        NY-22-41-565
WARNER, JOHN                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-272
WARNER, JOSIAH W.            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Y-325
WARNER, LOOMIS               WINFIELD                      NY-22-U-319
WARNER, OLIVER               WARREN                        NY-22-B-310
WARNER, ROBERT W.            ILION                         NY-22-39-282
WARREN, HOMER                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-J-191
WARREN, JAMES A.             WARREN                        NY-22-Z-331
WARREN, JULIUS C.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-187
WARREN, NANCY                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-W-219
WARREN, PETER H.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-134
WARREN, RUSSEL               WARREN                        NY-22-I-187
WARRINER, WALTER             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Q-365
WARTMAN, JOSEPH              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-243
WASHBURN, ELISHA             HERKIMER                      NY-22-S-448
WASHBURN, EUNICE A.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-371
WASHBURN, JOHN               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-E-147
WASHBURN, MARY L.            SOUTHINGTON, CT               NY-22-Z-483
WASHBURN, RICHARD            HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-181
WASHBURN, WILLIAM H.         WINFIELD                      NY-22-34-381
WATERMAN, FANNY              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-T-359
WATERMAN, FRANCIS            NEWPORT                       NY-22-27-698
WATERMAN, GEORGE D.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-508
WATERMAN, HENRY              NEWPORT                       NY-22-T-111
WATERMAN, JANETTE F.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-449
WATERMAN, LYDIA              NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-677
WATERMAN, ZEBULON            WINFIELD                      NY-22-M-290
WATERS, MARY A.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-445
WATERS, SYLVANUS J.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-153
WATERS, WILLIAM H.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-113
WATSON, ALEXANDER            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-F-515
WATSON, ALMEDA               HERKIMER                      NY-22-O-382
WATSON, ASENATH FRAZIER      GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-S-443
WATSON, HENRY P.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-34-85
WATSON, PERSIS               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-G-40
WATSON, WILLIAM              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-649
WAY, WILLIAM H.              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-39-296
WAYNE, WILLIAM               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-533
WEATHERBEE, ALVIN            WARREN                        NY-22-U-275
WEATHERBEE, BETSEY B.        WARREN                        NY-22-R-447
WEATHERBEE, BRAYTON A.       WARREN                        NY-22-26-201
WEAVER, GEORGE               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-103
WEAVER, JACOB                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Z-163
WEAVER, JOHN                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-37-297
WEAVER, JOHN P.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-564
WEBB, BENJAMIN               WARREN                        NY-22-T-171
WEBB, HENRY                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-P-211
WEBB, JOHN H.                HERKIMER                      NY-22-S-8
WEBB, THOMAS                 WARREN                        NY-22-L-502
WEBBER, JOHN                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-139
WEBBER, RODNEY C.            MOHAWK                        NY-22-35-315
WEBER, CHRISTOPHER           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-665
WEBER, FRED J.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-579
WEBER, GEORGE                HERKIMER                      NY-22-P-321
WEBER, MATILDA               ILION                         NY-22-41-532
WEBER, PETER                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-8
WEBSTER, FRED                RUSSIA                        NY-22-39-337
WEBSTER, JOSIAH              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-B-434
WEBSTER, THOMAS B.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-593
WECKESSER, KATHRINA          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-296
WEEBER, JACOB                COSBY MANOR, SCHUYLER, NY     NY-22-A-20
WEEDEN, WANTON               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-I-141
WEEDON, DANIEL               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-434
WEEKS, C. DELOSS             WINFIELD                      NY-22-38-221
WEEKS, CHARLES               WINFIELD                      NY-22-Q-281
WEEKS, HARLON                STARK                         NY-22-37-573
WEEKS, HIRAM                 STARK                         NY-22-26-89
WEEKS, LEVI                  STARK                         NY-22-Z-91
WEGG, WILLIAM J.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-38-349
WEGNER, BERTHA               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-117
WEIR, CAROLINE               HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-517
WELCH, JOHN                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-W-279
WELCH, MARY                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-285
WELCH, MARY                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-279
WELDEN, CATY                 STARK                         NY-22-31-345
WELDEN, JAMES D.             STARK                         NY-22-R-603
WELDEN, MOSES                STARK                         NY-22-32-557
WELDON, GEORGE               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-28-657
WELDON, JANE                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-28-49
WELLER, FREDERICK U.         NOHAWK                        NY-22-31-373
WELLER, HELEN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-682
WELLER, MARY ELLEN           HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-321
WELLS, LOUISA                RUSSIA                        NY-22-X-531
WELLS, WILLIAM               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-3
WENDOVER, BENJAMIN           NORWAY                        NY-22-41-64
WENDOVER, DANIEL             OHIO                          NY-22-W-539
WENSINGER, FRANK             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-53
WEST, CHARLES D.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-245
WEST, JAMES                  DANUBE                        NY-22-32-465
WEST, MASON                  FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-220
WEST, PEGGY                  SALISBURY                     NY-22-X-19
WEST, WALLACE W.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-87
WETHERSTINE, ELIZA           HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-437
WETHERSTINE, JOHN            HERKIMER                      NY-22-F-112
WETHERWAX, JOHN ROSCOE       MANHEIM                       NY-22-41-142
WETMORE, ELISHA              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Q-261
WHARRY, PHEBE                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-J-118
WHEELER, ADELINE MATILDA     HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-250
WHEELER, ALONZO BYRON        HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-262
WHEELER, ARTHUR C.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-37-333
WHEELER, CAROLINE M.         WEST WINFIELD                 NY-22-41-232
WHEELER, DANIEL              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-47
WHEELER, EPHRAIM             RUSSIA                        NY-22-G-86
WHEELER, EPHRAIM E.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-25-71
WHEELER, JAMES               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-U-291
WHEELER, MARCIA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-425
WHEELER, MARY                NEWPORT                       NY-22-X-551
WHEELER, RUFUS               WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-483
WHEELER, STEPHEN             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-N-19
WHEELER, TAMASON E.          WINFIELD                      NY-22-39-153
WHEELER, WILLIAM T.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-59
WHEELOCK, ANN ELIZA          LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-31-553
WHEELOCK, CLAYTON T.         WEST WINFIELD                 NY-22-41-499
WHEELOCK, DANFORD            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-N-365
WHEELOCK, MARGARET           LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-W-463
WHEELOCK, SAMUEL             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-N-79
WHELAN, JAMES                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-31-217
WHIPPLE, ADELAIDE F.         FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-M-100
WHITAKER, EBENEZER           SCHUYLER                      NY-22-B-232
WHITE, ALFRED                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-O-272
WHITE, ANN E.                WARREN                        NY-22-34-561
WHITE, FLORILLA              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-R-263
WHITE, JANE M.               RUSSIA                        NY-22-W-535
WHITE, MARY E.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-247
WHITE, WINIFRED              HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-395
WHITFIELD, IDA D.            ILION                         NY-22-35-91
WHITING, HENRY S.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-155
WHITING, MARY                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-507
WHITMAN, ELIZABETH G.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-331
WHITMORE, HENRY              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-673
WHITMORE, HENRY C.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-497
WHITNEY, CATHARINE           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-X-451
WHITNEY, COLE M.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Q-629
WHITNEY, EBENEZER            SALISBURY                     NY-22-I-191
WHITNEY, EPHRAIM             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-E-485
WHITNEY, HENRY G.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-211
WHITNEY, MARGARET A.         DOLGEVILLE                    NY-22-41-487
WHITNEY, PHEBA A.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-14
WHITNEY, PHINEAS             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-145
WHITNEY, SHERMAN EUGENE      MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-391
WHITTEMORE, MARY JANE        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-465
WHITTY, ANNA                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-683
WICK, AMY                    STARK                         NY-22-O-49
WICK, CAROLINE               STARK                         NY-22-28-113
WICK, JANE M.                STARK                         NY-22-P-403
WICK, JOHN                   STARK                         NY-22-T-83
WICK, JOHN                   STARK                         NY-22-M-97
WICKENS, JOSEPH              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-T-271
WICKENS, WILLIAM             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-245
WICKHAM, MILA                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-337
WICKOFF, GARRET              WARREN                        NY-22-I-9
WICKS, HANNAH                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-295
WIDRICK, CORNELIA F. E.      FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-441
WIDRICK, HARVEY B.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-34-553
WIDRICK, MICHAEL             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-K-386
WIDRIG, ADAM                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-29-597
WIDRIG, CHARLES              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-40-409
WIDRIG, GEORGE               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-E-75
WIEBER, FREDERICK            HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-489
WIEGAND, MARY ANN            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-345
WIGHTMAN, ABEL G.            WARREN                        NY-22-V-295
WIGHTMAN, ALLEN              WARREN                        NY-22-L-322
WIGHTMAN, ALLEN              WARREN                        NY-22-E-512
WIGHTMAN, CHARLES            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-L-101
WIGHTMAN, KATHARINE M.       WARREN                        NY-22-25-723
WIGHTMAN, MAHITABLE          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-M-57
WIGHTMAN, MALVINA W.         WARREN                        NY-22-L-16
WIGHTMAN, TIMOTHY A.         WARREN                        NY-22-U-419
WILBUR, ESECK                WARREN                        NY-22-O-482
WILCOX, ANNA                 OHIO                          NY-22-28-521
WILCOX, ASA                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-271
WILCOX, BENJAMIN             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-713
WILCOX, CATHARINE            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-377
WILCOX, DANIEL               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-R-27
WILCOX, ELIJAH W.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-111
WILCOX, ELIZABETH            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-197
WILCOX, EMILY                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-V-524
WILCOX, FRANCIS              MOHAWK                        NY-22-P-286
WILCOX, HENRY                NEWPORT                       NY-22-J-126
WILCOX, JOSEPH H.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-705
WILCOX, LUCY                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-U-503
WILCOX, NATHAN               DANUBE                        NY-22-G-182
WILCOX, PELEG                NORWAY                        NY-22-M-321
WILCOX, PELEG                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-G-253
WILCOX, RODNEY               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-U-331
WILCOX, SARAH                RUSSIA                        NY-22-P-70
WILDS, ELIJAH                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-258
WILEY, HORACE                SALISBURY                     NY-22-U-219
WILEY, JOHN H.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-289
WILEY, JOHN H.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-129
WILEY, LUCY                  SALISBURY                     NY-22-28-737
WILKENSON, IRA               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-L-172 *
WILKERSON, EMELINE           WARREN                        NY-22-31-421
WILKERSON, JANE E.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-509
WILKERSON, WILLIAM           WARREN                        NY-22-Z-643
WILKINSON, ALICE ANN         LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-T-499
WILKINSON, ASEL B.           LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Z-7 *
WILKINSON, CROWTHER          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-9
WILKINSON, LEVI C.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-W-375
WILKINSON, THOMAS G.         LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-R-399
WILL, PHILIP                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-135
WILLARD, CHARLES             NEWPORT                       NY-22-M-113
WILLARD, MARY A.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-S-596
WILLARD, SAMUEL              NEWPORT                       NY-22-Z-539
WILLIAMS, ANTHONY            WINFIELD                      NY-22-Q-249
WILLIAMS, EDWARD M.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-H-138
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-I-109
WILLIAMS, EMILY A.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-361
WILLIAMS, GARNER             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-V-79
WILLIAMS, GILBERT            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-R-491
WILLIAMS, JOHN               SALISBURY                     NY-22-40-501
WILLIAMS, JOHN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-229
WILLIAMS, MARY               RUSSIA                        NY-22-X-379
WILLIAMS, NELIA A.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-41-247
WILLIAMS, ROWLAND            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-N-216
WILLIAMS, SOLOMON            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-365
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-139
WILLIAMS, THOMAS O.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-577
WILLIAMSON, CYRUS            WARREN                        NY-22-U-243
WILLIS, ELIZABETH W.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-297
WILLIS, FIDELIA              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-227
WILLIS, GEORGE               WINFIELD                      NY-22-F-372
WILLIS, GERTRUDE             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-581
WILLIS, MARCUS               WINFIELD                      NY-22-D-346
WILLIS, PLINY                STARK                         NY-22-28-329
WILLOUGHBY, ARNOLD           NEWPORT                       NY-22-J-186
WILLOUGHBY, ARNOLD           NORWAY                        NY-22-E-233
WILLOUGHBY, DANIEL C.        NEWPORT                       NY-22-33-178
WILLOUGHBY, DANIEL F.        NEWPORT                       NY-22-32-205
WILLOUGHBY, HADLEY C.        OHIO                          NY-22-T-255
WILLOUGHBY, NANCY L.         NEWPORT                       NY-22-P-295
WILLSE, JOHN                 STARK                         NY-22-H-444
WILSON, DANIEL C.            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-U-507
WILSON, ELIJAH W.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-J-347
WILSON, JOHN                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-D-96
WILSON, LOIS HANNAH          FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Y-441
WILSON, SEREPTA              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-T-223
WILTSE, MARTIN               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-D-89
WIMPLE, MYNDERT M.           WARREN                        NY-22-B-83
WINANT, JAOCB                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-463
WINDECKER, CATHARINE         WARREN                        NY-22-B-195
WINDECKER, FREDERICK         MANHEIM                       NY-22-D-30
WINDECKER, JOHN              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-141
WINDECKER, JOHN F.           MANHEIM                       NY-22-Z-527
WINDECKER, JOHN W.           MANHEIM                       NY-22-35-399
WINDECKER, NANCY             MANHEIM                       NY-22-34-193
WIRES, ANNA M.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-157
WIRES, PERRY G.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-397
WISHART, HARVEY M.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-457
WISHART, SOVILA              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-32-105
WITHERS, ANNA                WILMURT                       NY-22-31-165
WITHERS, GEORGE              WILMURT                       NY-22-31-45
WITHERSTINE, ADDISON D.      HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-361
WITHERSTINE, CHRISTOPHER C.  HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-457
WITHERSTINE, HARRIET M.      HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-160
WITHERSTINE, J. HENRY        HERKIMER                      NY-22-31-385
WITHERSTINE, JOSEPH          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-225
WITHERSTINE, MARY C.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-N-104
WITHERSTINE, NANCY LOUISA    HERKIMER                      NY-22-R-499
WITSEL, ROSA T.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-161
WITTER, JOHN B.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-157
WITTER, MARY C.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-237
WOLCOTT, ERASTUS             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-168
WOLF, FRANCIS                HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-545
WOLFE, WILLIAM D.            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-C-61
WOLLABER, MELVINA            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-38-561
WOLLABER, NICHOLAS           HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-566
WOOD, ABIGAIL C.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-17
WOOD, ALFRED                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-32-41
WOOD, ALONZO B.              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Z-271
WOOD, BENJAMIN               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-I-213
WOOD, BRAYTON                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-W-207
WOOD, CALVIN                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-L-35
WOOD, CHARLOTT               WINFIELD                      NY-22-37-461
WOOD, DAVID C.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-413
WOOD, DELANAH                NEWPORT                       NY-22-28-509
WOOD, ELISHA                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-G-406
WOOD, GEORGE                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-O-191
WOOD, GEORGE W.              NEWPORT                       NY-22-W-459
WOOD, HARVEY                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-S-509
WOOD, HENRY M.               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-517
WOOD, JOHN P.                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-R-427
WOOD, MARGARET               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-37-125
WOOD, MARY E.                WINFIELD                      NY-22-40-137
WOOD, MELISSA                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-34-145
WOOD, NELLIE W.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-383
WOOD, PHEBE                  NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-641
WOOD, RACHAEL                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-11
WOOD, RUSSEL L.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-441
WOOD, SILAS                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-J-74
WOOD, WALLACE                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-34-153
WOOD, WARREN                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-39-310
WOOD, WARREN SR.             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-32-13
WOODARD, LYDIA A.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-653
WOODART, GEORGE O.           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-329
WOODBURY, CATHERINE A.       COLUMBIA                      NY-22-41-448
WOODEN, GEORGE T.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-493
WOODIN, ANNA WATERMAN        NEWPORT                       NY-22-41-478
WOODIN, ISAAC                RUSSIA                        NY-22-O-357
WOODRUFF, AMASA              WINFIELD                      NY-22-F-7
WOODRUFF, EMILY J.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-541
WOODRUFF, JAY                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-217
WOODRUFF, LUMAN              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-146
WOODRUFF, LUTHER J.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-521
WOODRUFF, MARY A.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-R-355
WOODS, DANIEL                WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-323
WOODWORTH, HANNAH            NEWPORT                       NY-22-38-481
WOOLEVER, CHARLES            NORWAY                        NY-22-D-222
WOOLEVER, NICHOLAS           MANHEIM                       NY-22-S-272
WOOLEVER, OLIVER             MANHEIM                       NY-22-31-561
WOOLEVER, ROZELDA            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-717
WOOLSEY, WILLIAM             NORWAY                        NY-22-K-71
WOOSTER, AMELIA              NEWPORT                       NY-22-R-223
WOOSTER, HINMAN              SALISBURY                     NY-22-G-409
WOOSTER, JOSEPH              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-H-178
WOOSTER, SHERMAN             NEWPORT                       NY-22-E-412
WORMOUTH, CHRISTIAN          COLUMBIA                      NY-22-E-99
WORMOUTH, MARY               STARK                         NY-22-30-293
WORMUTH, ELIZA ANN           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-549
WRATTEN, JOHN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-165
WRAUGHT, ANDREW              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-147
WRIGHT, ALTHA                WILMURT                       NY-22-33-185
WRIGHT, AMOS                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-77
WRIGHT, ELISHA               WINFIELD                      NY-22-N-49
WRIGHT, GEORGE               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-709
WRIGHT, GEORGE A.            STARK                         NY-22-32-477
WRIGHT, HARRIET              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-577
WRIGHT, JACOB                STARK                         NY-22-J-455
WRIGHT, WILLIAM              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-436
YACK, HANNAH                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-32-133
YAGANS, MARGERY              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-73
YALE, BURRAGE W.             SALISBURY                     NY-22-29-309
YATES, CAROLINE              HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-169
YATES, STEPHEN               SALISBURY                     NY-22-29-677
YEOMANS, MERRILL E.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-154
YONKER, SARAH                MANHEIM                       NY-22-Y-557
YORAN, JACOB                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-R-235
YORAN, JOHN J.               MANHEIM                       NY-22-S-200
YORAN, MARY                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-Z-27
YOST, PETER                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-251
YOULEN, ABNER S.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-T-235
YOULEN, ALBERT A.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-V-532
YOUNG, ABIGAIL JANE          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-633
YOUNG, ANDERSON              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-38-177
YOUNG, ANNA M.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-30
YOUNG, CHARLOTTE M.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-329
YOUNG, DAVID G.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-543
YOUNG, ELLEN                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-69
YOUNG, EVE                   STARK                         NY-22-O-236
YOUNG, GEORGE I.             STARK                         NY-22-O-184
YOUNG, GLOVER S.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-171
YOUNG, GODFREY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-E-133
YOUNG, HANNAH                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-M-379
YOUNG, JACOB A.              STARKS                        NY-22-E-476
YOUNG, JOHN D.               STARK                         NY-22-30-57
YOUNG, LEWIS J.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-L-505
YOUNG, LONSON G.             MOHAWK                        NY-22-38-337
YOUNG, MARTHA LUCRETIA       FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-497
YOUNG, NORMAN                STARK                         NY-22-Q-157
YOUNG, ORANGE H.             STARK                         NY-22-30-601
YOUNG, PETER                 STARK                         NY-22-W-427
YOUNG, SALATHIEL             WINFIELD                      NY-22-M-360
YOUNG, WILLIAM HENRY         CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-22-33-438
YOUNGS, JANETTE              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-9
YULE, ELIZABETH              MANHEIM                       NY-22-D-263
YULE, GEORGE F.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-R-503
YULE, JAMES F.               WARREN                        NY-22-Z-651
YULE, LUCY MARIA             WARREN                        NY-22-28-13
YULE, NICHOLAS               WARREN                        NY-22-O-269
YULE, ROBERT                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-673
YURAN, BERNARD               MANHEIM                       NY-22-Z-615
ZIMMERMAN, CONRAD C.         MANHEIM                       NY-22-D-320
ZIPP, PETER                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-35-184
ZOLLER, FREDERICK            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-L-355
ZOLLER, HARRIET L.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-5
ZOLLER, HENRY C.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-333
ZOLLER, JAMES J.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-493
ZOLLER, LOUISE P.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-161
ZOLLER, SOLOMON              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-X-147
ZOLLER, WILLIAM              MANHEIM                       NY-22-30-641
ZOTTER, BARBARA F.           STARK                         NY-22-26-53
ZURLINDEN, FANNIE            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-33-42
ZURLINDEN, SAMUEL            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-247

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