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EACKER, JACOB FOX            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-3
EADES, ALICE J.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-517
EADES, JAMES                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-30-53
EADES, JOB                   MANHEIM                       NY-22-40-189
EAGAN, DANIEL                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-205
EAGAN, JULIA AGNES           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-337
EAGAN, PATRICK               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-655
EAGAN, PETER H.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-215
EARL, CATHARINE              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-129
EARL, FRANCES                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-441
EARL, JULIET W.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-322
EARL, ROBERT                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-253
EARL, SAMUEL                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-351
EARLS, REUBEN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-189
EASLERBROOKS, CALEB          RUSSIA                        NY-22-E-183
EASON, MARGARET C.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-33-369
EASTERBROOKS, AMBROSE        HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-304
EASTON, FRANCES J.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-263
EASTON, ISAAC                NORWAY                        NY-22-B-468
EATON, ALBERT                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-28-601
EATON, BENJAMIN              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-K-131
EATON, CATHERINE             HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-333
EATON, ELISHA                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-E-487
EATON, GEORGE                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-T-539
EATON, JAMES                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-114
EATON, JAMES D.              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-T-107
EATON, JOHN                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Y-153
EATON, JOHN IRVING           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-374
EATON, LEONARD               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-K-298
EATON, MARY E.               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-30-233
EATON, VOLNEY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-273
EATON, WARREN H.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-31-361
ECKER, JOHN                  STARK                         NY-22-I-307
ECKER, LEVI                  STARK                         NY-22-O-257
ECKER, WILLIAM               STARK                         NY-22-T-283
ECKER, WILLIAM M.            STARK                         NY-22-N-167
ECKERT, FRANCIS              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-561
ECKLER, ALONZO               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-123
ECKLER, ANGELINE             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-157
ECKLER, CHRISTOPHER          WARREN                        NY-22-L-136
ECKLER, CLINTON              STARK                         NY-22-37-101
ECKLER, JAMES                WARREN                        NY-22-29-169
ECKLER, JAMES                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-119
ECKLER, JEREMIAH             WARREN                        NY-22-37-305
ECKLER, LEWIS F.             STARK                         NY-22-41-211
ECKLER, MARY ELIZABETH       GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-265
ECKLER, NOAH                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-145
ECKLER, VOLKERT P.           WARREN                        NY-22-25-619
EDDY, CHAUNCY                NEWPORT                       NY-22-U-371
EDDY, ODED                   DEERFIELD, ONEIDA, NY         NY-22-D-236
EDDY, ORISSA A.              NEWPORT                       NY-22-34-45
EDICK, ALMIRA                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-29-145
EDICK, AMANDA                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-281
EDICK, GEORGE                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-177
EDICK, HENRY                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-R-511
EDICK, JACOB                 COLUMBIA (FADED)              NY-22-S-253
EDICK, JAMES                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-219
EDICK, JOHN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-115
EDICK, WARNER                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-194
EDINGER, ELIZABETH           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-305
EDKINS, ALFRED               ILION                         NY-22-41-169
EDWARDS, DAVID R.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-352
EDWARDS, THOMAS R.           SALISBURY                     NY-22-30-69
EDWARDS, WILBER              HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-99
ELDRED, LAURA                WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-459
ELDRED, MARY                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-27-366
ELDRED, MYRON                WINFIELD                      NY-22-28-513
ELDRED, RUFUS                WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-174
ELDRIDGE, AMANDA             DANUBE                        NY-22-Z-23
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS             HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-119
ELLIOTT, MARY JANE           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-457
ELLIS, DAVID                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-U-551
ELLIS, HIRAM B.              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-28-209
ELLIS, LOUISA                RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-25
ELLIS, MARY A.               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Q-189
ELLIS, PHILIP                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-465
ELLISON, ELIAB               HERKIMER                      NY-22-E-534
ELLISON, HENRY               HERKIMER                      NY-22-H-383
ELLISON, PRUDENCE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-J-209
ELLLSWORTH, MYRON            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-709
ELLSWORTH, MARTHA            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-33-325
ELLSWORTH, SYLVESTER H.      STARK                         NY-22-32-121
ELWOOD, DAVID                STARK                         NY-22-L-208
ELWOOD, ELIZABETH            STARK                         NY-22-27-156
ELWOOD, ELIZABETH            STARK                         NY-22-Z-691
ELWOOD, MOSES                STARK                         NY-22-25-699
ELY, DANIEL D.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-37-505
ELY, ELIZABETH               WARREN                        NY-22-X-187
ELY, HORACE                  WARREN                        NY-22-I-501
ELY, JULIA A.                WARREN                        NY-22-26-529
ELY, MARY ANN                WARREN                        NY-22-T-459
ELY, MATTOON                 WARREN                        NY-22-X-275
ELY, OLIVER                  WARREN                        NY-22-H-344
ELY, SAMUEL                  WARREN                        NY-22-I-281
ELY, SIMEON                  WARREN                        NY-22-F-546
EMREE, ROWLAND               OHIO                          NY-22-I-97
ENGLERT, JOHN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-713
ENOS, ALFRED P.              NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-485
ENTLY, GEORGE                ROCKTON                       NY-22-J-142
ESLING, WILLIAM A.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-231
ETHRIDGE, ROBERT             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Q-109
EUGAN, MICHAEL               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-359
EVANS, BENJAMIN              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Z-383
EVANS, EDWARD W.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-273
EVANS, EVAN W.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-233
EVANS, JOHN                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-B-328
EVANS, JOHN W.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-37-529
EVANS, MELISSA M.            RUSSIA                        NY-22-Y-101
EVANS, ROBERT                RUSSIA                        NY-22-32-125
EVARTS, LINUS                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-I-94
EVERETT, JOHN                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-173
EVERSON, BARBARY             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-K-383
EVERSON, JACOB               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-M-295
EVISON, ORA M.               WEBB                          NY-22-28-409
EYSAMAN, DOROTHY             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-49
EYSAMAN, FRANCIS             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-175
EYSAMAN, HENRY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-445
EYSAMAN, HENRY P.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-291
EYSAMAN, JOHN                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-26
EYSAMAN, MARY ANN            HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-173
EYSAMAN, MARY ANN            HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-295
EYSAMAN, PETER               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-207
EYSAMAN, PETER S.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-265
EYSAMAN, POLLY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-133
EYSAMAN, STEPHEN             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-H-52
EYSAMAN, WILLIAM H.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-39
EYSAMEN, ABRAHAM             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-427
FAGAN, ANN                   GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-537
FAGAN, TERESA LUCY           HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-205
FAHEY, LOVINA                RUSSIA                        NY-22-X-479
FAILING, GEORGE H.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-321
FAIRCHILD, ANSON P.          WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-181
FAIRCHILD, RACHEL            GEORGIA, FRANKLIN, VT         NY-22-H-154
FAKE, ABRAM A.               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-533
FAKE, CATHARINE              DANUBE                        NY-22-U-11
FAKE, LUCY A.                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-27-270
FAKE, SALINDA                DANUBE                        NY-22-33-341
FALK, BALTUS                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-F-364
FALKNER, HIRAM D.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-T-443
FALVEY, JOHN                 NORWAY                        NY-22-X-499
FANNING, JOHNSON E.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-U-119
FARILL, THOMAS               HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-560
FARLEY, MARY                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-469
FARMER, HENRY J.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-135
FARMER, HIRAM                HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-311
FARNHAM, NATHANIEL           WARREN                        NY-22-X-323
FARR, MARY                   WILMENT                       NY-22-Z-699
FARRELL, MARY                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-19
FARRELL, MARY JULIA          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-585
FARRELL, MILES               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-367
FARRELL, OWEN                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-34-225
FARRINGTON, AMOS             HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-354
FARRINGTON, HENRY            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-O-22
FARRINGTON, JEROME L.        HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-237
FARRINGTON, JOHN             NEWPORT                       NY-22-I-43
FAUCHER, ENOS                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-W-67
FAULKNER, HENRY C.           LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-41-577
FAULKNER, SUMNER E.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-621
FAVILLE, CELIA               MANHEIM                       NY-22-X-143
FAVILLE, REUBEN              MANHEIM                       NY-22-W-215
FEASEL, JOHN                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-385
FEEER, ADAM                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-N-119
FEENEY, BRIDGET              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-41
FEETER, FRANCIS A.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-31
FEETER, JAMES                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-435
FEETER, JAMES D.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-377
FEETER, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-417
FEETER, MARGARET             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-305
FEETER, NANCY                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-580
FEETER, WILLIAM              MANHEIM                       NY-22-J-237
FEETER, WILLIAM A.           MANHEIM                       NY-22-28-685
FEIGHNEY, DANIEL             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-28
FELLOWS, JOEL                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-405
FELLOWS, LOVISA              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-M-416
FENN, CLARA E.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-41-400
FENNER, ANSON G.             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-33-632
FENNER, ARTHUR               MANHEIM                       NY-22-N-172
FENNER, ARTHUR               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-N-72
FENNER, AUGUSTUS R.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-P-312
FENNER, DANIEL               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-I-277
FENNER, EDWARD               NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-480
FENNER, ELIZA A.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-81
FENNER, GEORGE               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-182
FENNER, GEORGE               NEWPORT                       NY-22-D-336
FENNER, HARDIN H.            NEWPORT                       NY-22-O-81
FENNER, HENRY                NEWPORT                       NY-22-R-167
FENNER, HENRY                RUSSIA                        NY-22-T-415
FENNER, JEREMIAH             RUSSIA                        NY-22-N-363
FENNER, JOHN B.              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-W-543
FENNER, NANCY                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-108
FENNER, OLIVE                RUSSIA                        NY-22-Y-173
FENNER, OLIVE                NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-29
FENNER, ROSELL               NEWPORT                       NY-22-25-119
FENNER, SETH G.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-41-346
FENNER, TEMPERANCE S.        RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-177
FENNER, THOMAS               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-D-299
FENNER, WALTER H.            NEWPORT                       NY-22-40-369
FENNER, WILLIAM              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-469
FENSTER, JOHN                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-K-101
FENTON, MARY ELIZABETH       GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-201
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH M.       FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-355
FERGUSON, JAMES D.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-461
FERGUSON, MARY               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-629
FERGUSON, NANCY              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-O-131
FERGUSON, RAYMOND H.         WINFIELD                      NY-22-37-293
FERGUSON, SAMUEL H.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-O-462
FERGUSON, WILLIAM            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-701
FERRIS, CHARLES S.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-25-703
FERRON, JANE FRANCES         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-573
FESEL, ROSALIE               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-1
FETTERLY, ELIZABETH          STARK                         NY-22-U-95
FETTERLY, GEORGE             STARK                         NY-22-M-29
FETTERLY, HENRY              STARK                         NY-22-I-270
FIELDS, ADALINE              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-473
FIELDS, ZACHARIAH            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-V-7
FIKE, ADAM                   STARK                         NY-22-F-12
FIKE, ALANSON                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-121
FIKES, AMENZO                STARK                         NY-22-L-70
FIKES, ELIZABEH              STARK                         NY-22-Q-533
FIKES, JACOB                 STARK                         NY-22-M-237
FIKES, LILLIE M.             STARK                         NY-22-41-43
FIKES, MARY L.               WARREN                        NY-22-41-286
FIKES, MORRIS                HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-269
FIKES, PEGY                  STARK                         NY-22-L-67
FILKINS, BARNARD             STARK                         NY-22-R-415
FILKINS, CORNELIUS           STARK                         NY-22-R-71
FILKINS, JOHN                STARK                         NY-22-Y-585
FILKINS, JULIA A.            STARK                         NY-22-28-501
FILKINS, NICHOLAS            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-J-473
FINGER, JACOB I.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-O-435
FINN, ANN                    GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-29
FINN, JOHN                   GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-380
FINNERTY, MICHAEL            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-159
FINSTER, GEORGE              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-29-533
FINSTER, HIRAM               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Z-247
FISH, ALONZO L.              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-V-23
FISH, ELVIRA                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Z-323
FISH, JANE M.                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-K-8
FISH, SUSAN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-O-450
FISHBECK, JOHN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-27-509
FISHER, CHARLES              OHIO                          NY-22-J-422
FISHER, GARRET L.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-344
FISHER, HENRY                OHIO                          NY-22-29-313
FISHER, JANE                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-261
FISHER, JOHN A.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-35-416
FISHER, SCHUYLER JR.         WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-224
FITCH, JOHN                  NEWPORT                       NY-22-34-265
FITZGERALD, ANN              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-321
FITZGERALD, JOHN W.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-377
FITZGERALD, THOMAS           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-341
FITZGIBBON, PHILLIP          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-203
FITZGIBBONS, CATHERINE       ILION                         NY-22-39-304
FITZGIBBONS, PATRICK         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-127
FITZWILLIAMS, JOHN           RUSSIA                        NY-22-L-278
FLANDER, DANIEL O.           DANUBE                        NY-22-40-429
FLANDERS, LAURA              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-693
FLANDERS, MARY H.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-129
FLANSBURG, CASANDANA         WILMURT                       NY-22-40-245
FLEMING, CHARLES W.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-17
FLEMING, ELLEN               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-315
FLEMING, JAMES               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-122
FLEWELLEN, SARAH M.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Q-601
FLIKE, JOHN                  OHIO                          NY-22-Q-593
FLIPSA, JACOB                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-M-35
FLOOD, PATRICK               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-K-370
FLYNN, GREGORY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-291
FOLEY, MATTHEW               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-85
FOLEY, MICHAEL               HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-546
FOLS, JACOB                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-144
FOLTS, ALLEN                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-313
FOLTS, BENJAMIN              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-504
FOLTS, CHRIS JOHN            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-145
FOLTS, CONRAD                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-62
FOLTS, CONRAD M.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-J-195
FOLTS, DANIEL H.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-U-287
FOLTS, DAVID                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-R-39
FOLTS, ELIZABETH             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-27-292
FOLTS, ELIZABETH M.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-216
FOLTS, ESTHER R.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-30-705
FOLTS, GEORGE                HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-547
FOLTS, JACOB J.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-411
FOLTS, JEREMIAH C.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-27-188
FOLTS, JOHN A.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-P-189
FOLTS, JOSEPH                HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-73
FOLTS, MARGARET Mc CANN      GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-453
FOLTS, MELCHERT C.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-227
FOLTS, MELCHERT M.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-I-220
FOLTS, NORMAN                HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-449
FOLTS, PETER                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-391
FOLTS, PHEBE                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-311
FOLTS, WARNER                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-F-320
FOLTS, WILLIAM               HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-445
FOLTZ, JACOB                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-X-515
FONDA, ALICE                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-197
FOOT, CHARLES                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-148
FORBES, CHAUNCEY R.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-34-237
FORBES, GEORGE W.            RUSSIA                        NY-22-29-205
FORBES, HELEN C.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-37-213
FORD, ALDIS D.               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-333
FORD, DAVID                  FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-P-58
FORD, EVE                    GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-721
FORD, JAMES W.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-295
FORD, PHILIP                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-226
FORD, WILLIAM S.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-235
FORREST, JOHN                RUSSIA                        NY-22-K-73
FORSYTH, WILLIAM             NANCY                         NY-22-E-167
FORT, ANDREW P.              STARK                         NY-22-K-426
FORT, ANN ELIZA              STARK                         NY-22-Q-293
FORT, CALFURNIA              WARREN                        NY-22-40-241
FORT, ESTHER                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-305
FORT, HENRY N.               WARREN                        NY-22-X-471
FORT, HENRY P.               STARK                         NY-22-V-392
FORT, MARGARET A.            DANUBE                        NY-22-32-241
FORTUNE, ELY                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-589
FORTUNE, JOHN                NEWPORT                       NY-22-R-283
FOSTER, MARY C.              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Q-525
FOUST, MARY DE               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-M-14
FOUT, ELIJAH                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-J-40
FOWLE, WILLIAM               NORWAY                        NY-22-30-197
FOWLER, JAMES H.             WARREN                        NY-22-D-163
FOX, ADELAIDE                HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-623
FOX, ALIDA                   DANUBE                        NY-22-38-33
FOX, ALPHEUS                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-519
FOX, CHARLES                 WARREN                        NY-22-L-174
FOX, CHARLES J.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-39
FOX, ELI                     GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-123
FOX, ELIZA M.                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-33-51
FOX, GEORGE                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-F-22
FOX, HENRY                   COLUMBIA                      NY-22-27-396
FOX, JACOB W.                DANUBE                        NY-22-H-5
FOX, JAMES                   COLUMBIA                      NY-22-K-289
FOX, JOHN                    NEWPORT                       NY-22-P-164
FOX, JOHN                    GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-440
FOX, PETER                   SCHUYLER                      NY-22-D-371
FOX, REUBEN                  CORNWALL, LITCHFIELD, CT      NY-22-D-296
FRALICK, MARY                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-431
FRALICK, WILMET              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-1
FRAME, CATHARINE             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-203
FRANCIS, GEORGE P.           FULTON CHAIN                  NY-22-41-547
FRANK, FREDERICK             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-E-160
FRANK, JOHN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-H-465
FRANK, TIMOTHY               WARREN                        NY-22-D-70
FRANKLIN, BILDAD             NEWPORT                       NY-22-I-5
FRANKLIN, JESSE W.           NEWPORT                       NY-22-H-172
FRANKLIN, JOHN               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-G-77
FRANKLIN, MASON              NEWPORT                       NY-22-N-289
FRANKS, ANNETTE              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-101
FRANKS, LAURENCE             HERKIMER                      NY-22-E-375
FRAZIER, LUCINDA M.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-549
FRAZIER, STEPHEN             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-H-65
FREDENBURGH, ALBERT L.       OHIO                          NY-22-27-724
FREEMAN, DELEVAN             WARREN                        NY-22-O-126
FREEMAN, GEORGE L.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-436
FREEMAN, HELEN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-455
FREEMAN, ISAAC               WARREN                        NY-22-D-139
FREEMAN, MOSES               WARREN                        NY-22-I-197
FREEMAN, PELEG               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-E-370
FRENCH, JOSEPH               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-G-450
FRETTS, JOHN                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-26-705
FRISBIE, AUGUSTUS            NTL                           NY-22-F-550
FROST, DENNIS                STARK                         NY-22-Z-387
FROST, ELIZABETH B.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-205
FULLER, BRIDGET R.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-477
FULLER, AMANDA               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-V-472
FULLER, ELIJAH BRADLEY       LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-W-371
FULLER, LEVI                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-V-167
FULLER, TIMOTHY              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-H-73
FULLMER, ELIZABETH           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-26-677
FULLMER, WILLIAM             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-41-136
FULMER, COONRADT             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-445
FULMER, FRANCIS M.           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-41-355
FULMER, JACOB                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-188
FULMER, JOHN                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-191
FULMER, POLLY                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-306
FURGERSON, REUBEN GEORGE     FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-529
FURGERSON, SAMUEL            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-H-215
FURMAN, ADELINE              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-193
FURMAN, ELLA R.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-517
FURMAN, JAMES                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-449
FURTAW, OLIVER SR.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-313
GAGE, ALDEN                  FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-81
GAGE, LORENZO D.             NORWAY                        NY-22-Y-505
GAGE, MOSES                  NORWAY                        NY-22-G-287
GAGE, THOMAS                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-D-99
GALLAGHER, MICHAEL           NEWPORT                       NY-22-28-93
GALLUP, JABEZ                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-390
GALLUP, LYDIA                PARIS, ONEIDA, NY             NY-22-G-57
GALLUP, NATHANIEL            WARREN                        NY-22-R-379
GAMWELL, SUEL                WARREN                        NY-22-Z-671
GARDENER, HENRY              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-B-503
GARDINIER, JOHN              DANUBE                        NY-22-U-443
GARDNER, AMASA               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-H-440
GARFIELD, JESSE              NEWPORT                       NY-22-C-13
GARLICK, HENRY               WINFIELD                      NY-22-29-561
GARLICK, MARY ANN            WINFIELD                      NY-22-32-57
GARLOCK, CHARITY             DANUBE                        NY-22-K-272
GARLOCK, CHARLES             DANUBE                        NY-22-J-60
GARLOCK, JOHN                MANHEIM                       NY-22-41-175
GARLOCK, JOHN                MANHEIM                       NY-22-P-240
GARLOCK, JOHN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-L-347
GARLOCK, JOHN                MANHEIM                       NY-22-F-34
GARLOCK, NELSON              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-317
GARLOCK, WILLIAM H.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-28-161
GARNER, ADAM                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Y-185
GARNER, JULIUS               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-229
GATES, MARY A.               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-413
GATES, WILLIAM               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-506
GAYLORD, CHESTER D.          LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-25-215
GAYLORD, MARQUIS L.          LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-X-399
GAYNOR, MORRIS               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-493
GEARHARD, THERESIA           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-445
GEONNETT, JOSEPH             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-40-513
GERMAN, PETER J.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-33-674
GERVAN, GEORGE F.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-141
GETMAN, ANDREW               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-U-527
GETMAN, BARTLET              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-V-279
GETMAN, CONRAD               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-213
GETMAN, DAMON                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-41-544
GETMAN, DAVID                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-34-325
GETMAN, DAVID M.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-93
GETMAN, ELIZABETH            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-W-143
GETMAN, FRANKLIN             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-317
GETMAN, HARVEY               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-34-385
GETMAN, HARVEY               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-S-602
GETMAN, JACOB                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-G-344
GETMAN, JEREMIAH             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Q-245
GETMAN, JOHN                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-E-508
GETMAN, JOHN G.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-111
GETMAN, JOSEPH               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-599
GETMAN, LOUISA JANE          HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-570
GETMAN, MACHLON              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-329
GETMAN, MADISON              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-141
GETMAN, MARTHA G.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-R-411
GETMAN, MATILDA C.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-587
GETMAN, OREN                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-38-169
GETMAN, ROSCOE W.            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-40-477
GETMAN, ROXANA               WARREN                        NY-22-X-347
GETMAN, RUDOLPHUS B.         COLUMBIA                      NY-22-28-725
GETMAN, SALLY M.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-31-577
GETMAN, SANFORD              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-39-62
GETMAN, TIMOTHY              HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-207
GETMAN, TIMOTHY              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-R-303
GETMAN, WILLIAM              NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-357
GETTLEY, MARY A.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-157
GETTMAN, MARGARET            FRANKFORD                     NY-22-B-1
GEYER, JACOB                 WARREN                        NY-22-35-385
GIBBONS, MARY JANE           ILION                         NY-22-37-145
GIBLIN, MARY                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-529
GIBLIN, MICHAEL              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-279
GIBSON, DELOS D.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-559
GIBSON, JOHN                 OHIO                          NY-22-K-35
GIBSON, ROBERT               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-301
GIBSON, SAMUEL               OHIO                          NY-22-X-115
GIBSON, WILLIAM A.           STARK                         NY-22-Z-375
GIERMANN, JOHN               ILION                         NY-22-34-365
GIESY, FREDERICK             HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-413
GIESY, ROSINA                HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-416
GIFFORD, ABSOLOM             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-I-27
GIFFORD, JOHN                SALISBURY                     NY-22-L-312
GIFFORD, WILLIAM             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-479
GILBERT, JOSHUA J.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-31
GILCHRIST, MARGARET A.       HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-225
GILES, JAMES                 NORWAY                        NY-22-H-259
GILL, FANNIE F.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-45
GILLET, ELI                  LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-K-423
GILLET, LUTHER               MANHEIM                       NY-22-E-529
GILLETT, ASA                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-O-213
GILLETT, CHARLES D.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-403
GILLETT, CLARISSA M.         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-259
GILLETT, OLIVER R.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-519
GILLETT, SEYMOUR C.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-383
GILLIGAN, BRIDGET            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-T-103
GILMAN, LEVI                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-355
GIMWELL, JULIA ANN           WARREN                        NY-22-28-461
GINBEY, ALMINA               WINFIELD                      NY-22-41-245
GINBEY, JAMES                WINFIELD                      NY-22-32-141
GIWAN, MARY MILLIGAN         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-245
GLAVE, LYDIA                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-T-11
GLEASON, JOHN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-481
GLEASON, PATRICK             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-83
GLEASON, WILLIAM             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-461
GLIDDEN, MARGARET M.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-421
GLOEKLER, JACOB              HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-3
GLOO, ANNA                   HERKIMER                      NY-22-P-51
GOETLICK, JAMES              HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-526
GOFF, SARAH                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-131
GOINGS, JOHN W.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-89
GOLDEN, ALVIRA               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-171
GOLDEN, AUGUSTUS             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-409
GOLDEN, BETSEY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-321
GOLDEN, CLEANTHA             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-563
GOLDEN, EMILY                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-J-443
GOLDEN, GEORGE               HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-454
GOLDEN, ISAAC                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-L-374
GOLDEN, JOHN                 MOHAWK                        NY-22-O-200
GOLDEN, MARY                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-113
GOLDEN, NANCY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-415
GOLDEN, SARAH                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-78
GOLDING, AMOS                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-J-81
GOLLER, GEORGE               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-365
GOLLER, MARY                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-361
GOO, JOHN F.                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-I-91
GOODALE, HANNAH M.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-569
GOODELL, ANDREW              MANHEIM                       NY-22-S-140
GOODIER, EDWIN               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-28-541
GOOK, ANN                    NEWPORT                       NY-22-28-45
GOOK, SOLOMON                NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-263
GORDENIER, SUSAN             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-487
GORDON, ELIZABETH            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-40-305
GORTON, LUCIA M.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-15
GOULD, ALLEN                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-V-476
GOULD, JAMES                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-H-115
GOULD, SARAH                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Y-93
GOULD, THOMAS                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-E-551
GOUTER, MOSES H.             MOHAWK                        NY-22-L-270
GOUVERNEUR, SAMUEL L.        , FREDERICK, MD               NY-22-P-445
GRAFF, ELISABETH D.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-I-76
GRAHAM, EUPHEMIA             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-P-180
GRAHAM, PATRICK              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-17
GRANDY, JOHN W.              WARREN                        NY-22-29-649
GRANGER, ELIZABETH           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-85
GRANGER, ELLEN               HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-209
GRANT, JOHN                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-369
GRANT, MARCUS J.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-28-245
GRANT, MARK                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-G-62
GRANTS, EVE                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-O-232
GRANTS, JACOB                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-247
GRANTS, MARKS                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-169
GRAVES, ANNA                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-K-463
GRAVES, CHARLES J.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-469
GRAVES, EZRA                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-27
GRAVES, GEORGE               NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-552
GRAVES, GEORGE T.            RUSSIA                        NY-22-O-162
GRAVES, JOHN                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-K-38
GRAVES, MARIA                HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-528
GRAVES, WILLIAM              RUSSIA                        NY-22-I-516
GRAY, ALEXANDER M.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-359
GRAY, CAROLINE               WARREN                        NY-22-V-171
GRAY, CATHERINE              HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-289
GRAY, CATHERINE              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-697
GRAY, DANIEL W.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-261
GRAY, ELIZABETH              HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-568
GRAY, GEORGE A.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-197
GRAY, LATHAM                 NORWAY                        NY-22-W-103
GRAY, LEVI                   STARK                         NY-22-26-97
GRAY, LEVI                   WARREN                        NY-22-N-67
GRAY, LEWIS H.               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-287
GRAY, MARY ANN               NORWAY                        NY-22-Y-561
GRAY, MARY E.                ILION                         NY-22-41-70
GRAY, NANCY                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-281
GRAY, WILLIAM H.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-219
GREELEY, MALACHI             HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-420
GREEN, AMBROSE               DANUBE                        NY-22-F-311
GREEN, BENJAMIN H.           WARREN                        NY-22-R-23
GREEN, CORDELIA A.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-469
GREEN, FELIX                 DANUBE                        NY-22-P-266
GREEN, GEORGE W.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-605
GREEN, HENRY L.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-Q-241
GREEN, JONATHAN              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-S-16
GREEN, LANY                  DANUBE                        NY-22-L-308
GREEN, LAURA                 WARREN                        NY-22-29-661
GREEN, LYDIA                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-T-447
GREEN, MARIA E.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-105
GREEN, NANCY                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-513
GREEN, POLLY                 WARREN                        NY-22-X-263
GREEN, REBECCA B.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-101
GREEN, REBECCA R.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-405
GREEN, SAMUEL A.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-I-203
GREEN, SILAS                 WARREN                        NY-22-F-526
GREEN, WILLIAM               DANUBE                        NY-22-I-512
GREEN, ZALMON                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-91
GREENE, GILBERT              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-463
GREENE, JABEZ                NORWAY                        NY-22-F-572
GREENE, JOHN                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Y-573
GREENE, JOHN                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-577
GREENE, LESTER               DANUBE                        NY-22-34-285
GREENE, LESTER               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-365
GREENE, LYMAN                DANUBE                        NY-22-U-51
GREENE, MARANDA A. E.        WINFIELD                      NY-22-26-293
GREENE, PHELIX               DANUBE                        NY-22-K-390
GREENE, SAMUEL               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-O-346
GREENE, SOPHRONIA            HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-233
GREGORY, ISAAC Y.            WARREN                        NY-22-G-470
GRID, LOUISA                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-M-48
GRIFFEN, ANDERSON            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-41-181
GRIFFETH, MARGARET           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-122
GRIFFIN, JOSHUA              WARREN                        NY-22-K-483
GRIFFIN, MARY                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-379
GRIFFING, MARGARET           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-521
GRIFFINS, SHUBAL             OHIO                          NY-22-L-28
GRIFFITH, BARNIBAS           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-D-266
GRIFFITH, DANIEL             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-459
GRIFFITH, DAVID              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-F-569
GRIFFITH, FREDERICK C.       LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-41-340
GRIFFITH, NATHANIEL          SCHUYLER                      NY-22-29-133
GRIMES, ANN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-141
GRISWOLD, AMOS               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-541
GRISWOLD, ELIZABETH          NEWPORT                       NY-22-T-363
GRISWOLD, GEORGE F.          SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Z-479
GRISWOLD, GEORGE W.          FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-25-195
GRISWOLD, HARVEY W.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-413
GRISWOLD, JOAB               HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-221
GRISWOLD, MARIA L.           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-523
GRISWOLD, PERMELIA           HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-237
GRISWOLD, PHEBE              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-467
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM A.         NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-425
GROESBECK, ELIZABETH         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-510
GROESBECK, LUCINA            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-195
GROESBECK, NICHOLAS J.       WARREN                        NY-22-D-273
GROFF, JACOB C.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-99
GROGAN, THOMAS M.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-448
GROSGEAN, IZORA              HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-361
GROSSE, BERTHA               HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-423
GROVER, MARIETTA             NEWPORT                       NY-22-W-467
GROVES, GEORGE               ILION                         NY-22-40-553
GUILD, ALMOND                WINFIELD                      NY-22-J-425
GUILD, SAMUEL                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-452
GUILDS, SAMUEL               WINFIELD                      NY-22-M-352
GUILE, CHRISTOPHER           MANHEIM                       NY-22-32-417
GUILE, LEONARD L.            MANHEIM                       NY-22-R-587
GUILE, MERAL H.              MANHEIM                       NY-22-40-201
GUILFOIL, MARY AGNES         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-149
GUION, MARY L.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-533
GUIVERTS, FRANCES            STARKS                        NY-22-E-354
GUIWITS, JACOB               SALISBURY                     NY-22-T-483
GUNN, GEORGE P.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-293

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