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SAFFORD, ASAHEL                         NY-22-Q-433
SAINTJOHN, HENRY                        NY-22-26-697
SALISBURY, ACKLAND                      NY-22-W-183
SALISBURY, LICIUS                       NY-22-K-503
SALISBURY, NATHANIEL                    NY-22-N-317
SALISBURY, RUSSELL                      NY-22-A-62
SANDERS, HENRY F.                       NY-22-25-283
SANDERS, JANE F.                        NY-22-25-143
SANDERS, MELVILLE E.                    NY-22-37-173
SANDERSON, JOSEPH                       NY-22-28-649
SANDERSON, NANCY L.                     NY-22-V-175
SANDFORD, EZRA                          NY-22-M-442
SANFORD, MARION                         NY-22-25-475
SANFORD, RODNEY                         NY-22-J-65
SANTMIRE, CHARLES SR.                   NY-22-39-350
SAXON, JOHN                             NY-22-25-555
SAYLES, HELEN BURRELL                   NY-22-40-253
SAYLES, MARY A.                         NY-22-41-505
SAYRE, PHEBE A.                         NY-22-32-297
SCANLON, EDWARD                         NY-22-40-217
SCHAFFNER, THERESA ANN                  NY-22-T-319
SCHALL, CORA W.                         NY-22-38-93
SCHALL, DANIEL                          NY-22-26-57
SCHALL, LIBBIE                          NY-22-26-21
SCHAY, MICHAEL                          NY-22-29-629
SCHECKENBACH, FREDERICK                 NY-22-28-193
SCHEMMEL, FRANCIS                       NY-22-B-529
SCHERMER, LOUIS                         NY-22-39-99
SCHERMERHORN, ELON L.                   NY-22-32-485
SCHERMERHORN, FRANCES M.                NY-22-32-101
SCHERMERHORN, R. CURRY                  NY-22-35-276
SCHLAGENHAUF, MARTIN                    NY-22-26-217
SCHLAGENHAUF, MARY                      NY-22-30-481
SCHMIDT, EDWARD B.                      NY-22-25-415
SCHMIDT, JOHN V.                        NY-22-40-353
SCHMIDT, KATHARINE                      NY-22-31-449
SCHOLTZHOUER, JOHN                      NY-22-40-101
SCHONEFELD, HENRY C.                    NY-22-41-313
SCHOOLEY, HENRY                         NY-22-N-278
SCHOOLY, RICHARD                        NY-22-J-219
SCHOTT, ELIZA                           NY-22-28-661
SCHOTT, JOHN                            NY-22-30-309
SCHRAM, JAMES C.                        NY-22-V-328
SCHROEPPEL, MARGARET                    NY-22-41-415
SCHUMAN, BERTHA W.                      NY-22-29-365
SCHUYLER, AARON                         NY-22-S-434
SCHUYLER, AUGUSTA                       NY-22-29-421
SCHUYLER, GERTRUDE                      NY-22-U-239
SCHUYLER, MARIA                         NY-22-40-153
SCHUYLER, NICHOLAS                      NY-22-I-541
SCHUYLER, NICHOLAS N.                   NY-22-27-256
SCHUYLER, SQUIRE                        NY-22-29-109
SCOFIELD, MARTHA M.                     NY-22-40-381
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-40-509
SCULLEN, WALTER I.                      NY-22-38-153
SEA, AGNES                              NY-22-40-393
SEAMAN, GEORGE I.                       NY-22-33-578
SEAMAN, JAMES                           NY-22-T-495
SEAMANS, CORNELIA                       NY-22-41-223
SEARLE, CORNELIA E.                     NY-22-Z-71
SEARLE, EMILY A.                        NY-22-U-199
SEAVEY, ELIJAH                          NY-22-26-65
SECHNER, MANDANA                        NY-22-30-401
SECKNER, CHAUNCEY                       NY-22-28-637
SECKNER, ELLEN                          NY-22-32-325
SECKNER, JACOB                          NY-22-R-571
SECKNER, JACOB JR.                      NY-22-R-295
SEEBER, SENA                            NY-22-Z-419
SELCER, JOHN                            NY-22-Y-197
SENIOR, FRANCIS                         NY-22-N-83
SENIOR, MARY                            NY-22-30-245
SEWARD, SALLY                           NY-22-H-175
SEYMOUR, ADALINE M.                     NY-22-41-331
SEYMOUR, MARY E.                        NY-22-38-433
SHAFER, JOHN H.                         NY-22-33-32
SHAFFER, GEORGE                         NY-22-X-171
SHAFFER, HENRY J.                       NY-22-30-357
SHAFFER, WENDLIN                        NY-22-31-429
SHALE, FREDERICK                        NY-22-E-506
SHALL, GEORGE                           NY-22-D-73
SHALL, GEORGE W.                        NY-22-29-337
SHALL, JACOB                            NY-22-P-317
SHALL, JOHN                             NY-22-Q-9
SHALL, JOHN G.                          NY-22-K-89
SHALL, LEONARD                          NY-22-N-163
SHALL, PETER                            NY-22-W-367
SHANLEY, ANNA                           NY-22-41-274
SHAPER, HORTENSE                        NY-22-S-527
SHARER, MARIA R. C.                     NY-22-U-107
SHARP, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-41-409
SHARP, JACOB                            NY-22-S-215
SHARP, JAMES                            NY-22-28-37
SHARP, MARY                             NY-22-27-637
SHARP, PETER                            NY-22-P-314
SHARP, PETER JR.                        NY-22-I-241
SHAUL, ADAM                             NY-22-O-274
SHAUL, DANIEL                           NY-22-O-70
SHAUL, DAVID                            NY-22-38-393
SHAUL, EUGENE                           NY-22-35-620
SHAUL, EVE                              NY-22-T-79
SHAUL, GEORGE                           NY-22-F-359
SHAUL, JACOB I.                         NY-22-P-365
SHAUL, JACOB M.                         NY-22-Q-545
SHAUL, JOHN                             NY-22-Q-117
SHAUL, JOHN                             NY-22-G-401
SHAUL, JOHN B.                          NY-22-K-284
SHAUL, MATTHIAS                         NY-22-E-247
SHAUL, MENZO                            NY-22-28-345
SHAUL, OSCAR E.                         NY-22-31-65
SHAUL, PERLINA                          NY-22-30-181
SHAUL, SARAH                            NY-22-29-409
SHAUL, SEBASTIAN J.                     NY-22-R-31
SHAUT, WILLIAM H.                       NY-22-31-501
SHAVER, ABRAM                           NY-22-29-397
SHAVER, ELLEN                           NY-22-25-635
SHAVER, ESTHER                          NY-22-26-653
SHAVER, JACOB I.                        NY-22-O-448
SHAVER, JOHN P.                         NY-22-28-473
SHAVER, MARGARET                        NY-22-41-292
SHAVER, NICHOALS                        NY-22-K-446
SHAW, HARRIETT D.                       NY-22-X-103
SHAW, JOHN                              NY-22-25-379
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-22-C-67
SHEAF, JOHN                             NY-22-26-661
SHEARD, NELLIE L.                       NY-22-41-154
SHEARD, TITUS                           NY-22-32-389
SHEARER, ROBERT M.                      NY-22-H-144
SHEDD, TIMOTHY H.                       NY-22-37-189
SHELDON, CALEB                          NY-22-F-301
SHELDON, EUGENE E.                      NY-22-34-77
SHELDON, LAURA                          NY-22-U-115
SHELDON, RAYMOND                        NY-22-O-11
SHELDON, SILVESTER I.                   NY-22-O-243
SHELDON, WILLIAM T.                     NY-22-T-523
SHELL, JACOB J.                         NY-22-W-415
SHELL, MARGARET A.                      NY-22-T-427
SHELL, MARKS                            NY-22-Y-385
SHELL, NANCY                            NY-22-V-412
SHELL, REUBEN                           NY-22-41-385
SHELLMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-22-32-85
SHEPARD, LYDIA L.                       NY-22-40-585
SHEPHERD, MELISSA V.                    NY-22-27-300
SHERIDAN, ANN                           NY-22-T-3
SHERIDAN, ANNA                          NY-22-U-231
SHERMAN, CHARLES                        NY-22-W-135
SHERMAN, HENRY                          NY-22-27-70
SHERMAN, LUCY A.                        NY-22-30-469
SHERMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-22-E-257
SHERRIS, ISAAC                          NY-22-40-469
SHERWOOD, BENJAMIN A.                   NY-22-28-701
SHERWOOD, JAMES A.                      NY-22-D-210
SHERWOOD, JAMES A.                      NY-22-G-381
SHIFF, JOHN                             NY-22-I-312
SHIMEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-22-M-312
SHIMEL, NANNIE                          NY-22-38-581
SHIMMEL, JOHN                           NY-22-T-127
SHOEMAKER, ALFRED                       NY-22-O-276
SHOEMAKER, ANNA ELIZABETH               NY-22-O-64
SHOEMAKER, CATHEIRNE                    NY-22-29-61
SHOEMAKER, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-22-29-349
SHOEMAKER, DOROTHY                      NY-22-R-531
SHOEMAKER, EUNICE                       NY-22-P-187
SHOEMAKER, FREDERICK L.                 NY-22-Q-173
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE H.                    NY-22-38-485
SHOEMAKER, GERTRUDE                     NY-22-Y-513
SHOEMAKER, JAMES                        NY-22-U-423
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         NY-22-M-68
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         NY-22-I-294
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         NY-22-B-168
SHOEMAKER, KATIE                        NY-22-25-219
SHOEMAKER, MARGARET                     NY-22-28-425
SHOEMAKER, MARY E.                      NY-22-U-367
SHOEMAKER, NICHOLAS                     NY-22-N-43
SHOEMAKER, PETER                        NY-22-F-305
SHOEMAKER, RICHARD L.                   NY-22-S-286
SHOEMAKER, RUDOLPH J.                   NY-22-E-1
SHOFER, JOHN G.                         NY-22-39-340
SHOFF, PERRIN A.                        NY-22-25-727
SHOLES, NELSON W.                       NY-22-34-373
SHOLES, RODERICK J.                     NY-22-Q-41
SHOLL, CHRISTIAN                        NY-22-H-42
SHOVE, RANSOM                           NY-22-28-57
SHULL, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-R-307
SHULL, GRANT                            NY-22-40-557
SHULL, JACOB                            NY-22-L-178
SHULL, JACOB I.                         NY-22-Y-537
SHULL, JOSEPH                           NY-22-R-91
SHULL, JOSIAH                           NY-22-25-563
SHUMAN, JOHN                            NY-22-V-195
SHURTLEFF, CLARK                        NY-22-B-141
SIBLEY, LYMAN E.                        NY-22-S-33
SIEBERT, MAY                            NY-22-Y-165
SIKES, SELA M.                          NY-22-26-229
SILLIMAN, GEORGE                        NY-22-29-405
SIMMS, EDWARD                           NY-22-34-305
SIMMS, RALPH                            NY-22-R-455
SIMONDS, JULIA A.                       NY-22-M-348
SIMONS, WILLIAM                         NY-22-26-357
SIMPEACE, HANNAH                        NY-22-X-483
SIMPSON, JOSHUA A.                      NY-22-26-441
SISSON, DANIEL J.                       NY-22-38-505
SISSON, GILES                           NY-22-B-210
SISSON, SUSAN                           NY-22-26-621
SIVER, MINNIE                           NY-22-29-285
SKIDMORE, WILLIAM B.                    NY-22-33-142
SKINNER, BENJAMIN                       NY-22-29-329
SKINNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-M-459
SKINNER, FRANK L.                       NY-22-37-121
SKINNER, GERSHAM                        NY-22-L-267
SKINNER, JOHN                           NY-22-M-257
SKINNER, NANCY M.                       NY-22-27-50
SKINNER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-22-Z-187
SLADE, ANTHONY                          NY-22-J-78
SLATTERBECK, ALIDA ANN                  NY-22-Z-175
SLOCUM, JOHN F.                         NY-22-L-110
SLOUGHTER, CORNELIUS                    NY-22-L-519
SLUYTER, WILLIAM                        NY-22-L-181
SMALL, ADAM                             NY-22-Q-649
SMALL, DARIUS                           NY-22-28-125
SMALL, ELI                              NY-22-W-379
SMALL, FRED I.                          NY-22-33-610
SMALL, GEORGE F.                        NY-22-39-21
SMALL, ISAAC                            NY-22-S-589
SMALL, JACOB                            NY-22-N-1
SMALL, JACOB F.                         NY-22-26-565
SMALL, JACOB M.                         NY-22-W-483
SMALL, JOHN                             NY-22-S-110
SMALL, MARY                             NY-22-V-207
SMEDLEY, ANN                            NY-22-H-497
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          NY-22-B-216
SMITH, ABISHA                           NY-22-I-299
SMITH, ADA C.                           NY-22-41-208
SMITH, ADAM                             NY-22-K-466
SMITH, ADELADE M.                       NY-22-31-521
SMITH, ADELINE M.                       NY-22-X-231
SMITH, AGNES                            NY-22-26-153
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        NY-22-29-105
SMITH, ALLEN                            NY-22-Z-531
SMITH, ALONZO G.                        NY-22-27-342
SMITH, AMOS                             NY-22-G-191
SMITH, ANDREW                           NY-22-I-35
SMITH, ANNA M.                          NY-22-40-233
SMITH, ANNIE ELIZA                      NY-22-Y-525
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-22-P-101
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-22-W-211
SMITH, CHARLES H.                       NY-22-R-391
SMITH, CHARLES R.                       NY-22-N-333
SMITH, CHARLES W.                       NY-22-X-547
SMITH, CLARK                            NY-22-G-82
SMITH, CORNELIA J.                      NY-22-28-357
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-22-F-117
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-22-34-257
SMITH, DUDLEY                           NY-22-G-200
SMITH, DUNCAN                           NY-22-P-229
SMITH, ELISHA                           NY-22-D-186
SMITH, ELIZA F.                         NY-22-31-453
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-N-106
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-Z-295
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-X-11
SMITH, GAYLORD                          NY-22-T-7
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-22-W-335
SMITH, GEORGE D.                        NY-22-41-277
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        NY-22-31-149
SMITH, GERSHAM                          NY-22-H-190
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-22-Z-627
SMITH, HARRIET M.                       NY-22-R-239
SMITH, HENRIETTA BOWEN                  NY-22-27-601
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-22-S-56
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-22-25-463
SMITH, HENRY W.                         NY-22-Q-569
SMITH, HIRAM                            NY-22-U-459
SMITH, HIRAM                            NY-22-Y-81
SMITH, HIRAM H.                         NY-22-38-209
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-22-Q-121
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-22-H-38
SMITH, ISRAEL                           NY-22-K-442
SMITH, JACOB M.                         NY-22-32-497
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-22-D-166
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-22-29-529
SMITH, JENNIE Y.                        NY-22-41-493
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         NY-22-O-87
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         NY-22-T-407
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         NY-22-O-193
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-22-Q-257
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-22-T-71
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-22-U-135
SMITH, JOHN F.                          NY-22-32-377
SMITH, JOHN H.                          NY-22-33-91
SMITH, JOHN M.                          NY-22-F-102
SMITH, JOHN N.                          NY-22-32-449
SMITH, JOHN T.                          NY-22-26-189
SMITH, JOHN W.                          NY-22-Q-617
SMITH, JOHNSON                          NY-22-O-313
SMITH, JULIA                            NY-22-29-97
SMITH, LAURA                            NY-22-T-207
SMITH, LESTER                           NY-22-Y-77
SMITH, LORA E.                          NY-22-38-261
SMITH, LYDIA                            NY-22-G-283
SMITH, LYDIA                            NY-22-R-67
SMITH, MAHALA                           NY-22-I-1
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-22-L-156
SMITH, MARY                             NY-22-25-235
SMITH, MARY ANN                         NY-22-O-295
SMITH, MARY M.                          NY-22-U-483
SMITH, MATTHEW                          NY-22-O-187
SMITH, MELCHERT                         NY-22-27-174
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-22-R-59
SMITH, MICHAEL V.                       NY-22-27-182
SMITH, NANCY                            NY-22-R-135
SMITH, NATHAN                           NY-22-F-257
SMITH, NELLIE BRAMER                    NY-22-33-309
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         NY-22-Q-341
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         NY-22-I-229
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         NY-22-I-117
SMITH, NICHOLAS F.                      NY-22-J-397
SMITH, NICHOLAS G.                      NY-22-V-540
SMITH, OLIVE                            NY-22-Q-581
SMITH, OTIS                             NY-22-E-516
SMITH, OWEN                             NY-22-28-617
SMITH, PATRICK                          NY-22-Q-213
SMITH, PATRICK M.                       NY-22-X-331
SMITH, PETER P.                         NY-22-25-75
SMITH, PETER W.                         NY-22-37-253
SMITH, POLLY                            NY-22-L-298
SMITH, ROLLIN H.                        NY-22-35-454
SMITH, RUFUS                            NY-22-H-147
SMITH, SALLY                            NY-22-25-51
SMITH, SARAH S.                         NY-22-Y-213
SMITH, STEPHEN                          NY-22-29-457
SMITH, TIMOTHY                          NY-22-Q-529
SMITH, TIMOTHY                          NY-22-K-507
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-22-27-40
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-22-I-128
SMITH, WILLIAM A.                       NY-22-U-491
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-22-31-537
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-22-30-125
SNELL, AARON                            NY-22-26-505
SNELL, ADAM T.                          NY-22-I-553
SNELL, ANNA D.                          NY-22-Z-687
SNELL, CAROLINE                         NY-22-28-645
SNELL, CATHARINE                        NY-22-26-197
SNELL, CHARLES K.                       NY-22-40-517
SNELL, CLOE A.                          NY-22-32-441
SNELL, CORNELIUS R.                     NY-22-41-259
SNELL, DANIEL                           NY-22-27-307
SNELL, DAVID                            NY-22-30-685
SNELL, DAVID                            NY-22-O-254
SNELL, DAVID                            NY-22-L-113
SNELL, ELI                              NY-22-26-433
SNELL, GEORGE I.                        NY-22-37-165
SNELL, GEORGE P.                        NY-22-H-423
SNELL, HENRY                            NY-22-25-319
SNELL, HENRY N.                         NY-22-O-370
SNELL, HIRAM                            NY-22-L-96
SNELL, IRVING                           NY-22-37-445
SNELL, ISAAC                            NY-22-38-201
SNELL, JACOB                            NY-22-25-479
SNELL, JACOB                            NY-22-R-591
SNELL, JACOB P.                         NY-22-J-477
SNELL, JOHN                             NY-22-T-303
SNELL, JOSEPH                           NY-22-M-486
SNELL, JOSHUA                           NY-22-T-43
SNELL, MARY ANN                         NY-22-29-501
SNELL, OBADIAH                          NY-22-O-68
SNELL, ORILEY                           NY-22-26-473
SNELL, PETER G.                         NY-22-E-188
SNELL, PETER P.                         NY-22-S-342
SNELL, PETER P.                         NY-22-E-205
SNELL, ROEBRT                           NY-22-P-326
SNELL, SANFORD                          NY-22-V-219
SNELL, SEFRENES                         NY-22-P-359
SNELL, SIMEON                           NY-22-Y-17
SNELL, SYLVENUS                         NY-22-26-613
SNYDER, ANNA CATHARINE                  NY-22-34-269
SNYDER, JOHN G.                         NY-22-K-356
SNYDER, LEWIS                           NY-22-28-353
SNYDER, LYDIA                           NY-22-X-159
SNYDER, MARGARET                        NY-22-26-265
SNYDER, MICHAEL                         NY-22-Z-119
SOBLE, WILLIAM                          NY-22-F-97
SOHUN, CARL                             NY-22-Z-143
SOUTHWORTH, PAULINE E.                  NY-22-W-339
SPALL, GEORGE                           NY-22-V-131
SPAULDING, NELLIE J.                    NY-22-27-536
SPAULDING, PEARLEY                      NY-22-E-281
SPEAR, LUCY M.                          NY-22-40-169
SPELLMAN, EDWARD C.                     NY-22-28-585
SPELLMAN, MARY                          NY-22-28-281
SPENCER, CHARLES                        NY-22-P-331
SPENCER, ELI S. B.                      NY-22-Z-499
SPENCER, EZEKIEL                        NY-22-U-99
SPENCER, LUANA W.                       NY-22-34-549
SPENCER, SOPHRONIA B.                   NY-22-30-689
SPENCER, THOMAS                         NY-22-X-519
SPERL, HENRY                            NY-22-26-261
SPERRY, SARAH A.                        NY-22-X-199
SPERRY, SARAH G.                        NY-22-Y-265
SPHON, NICHOLAS                         NY-22-L-545
SPINNER, FRANCIS ELIAS                  NY-22-S-368
SPINNER, JOHN C.                        NY-22-X-71
SPINNER, JOHN P.                        NY-22-H-420
SPINNER, PETER B.                       NY-22-Y-425
SPOAR, STEPHEN                          NY-22-41-109
SPOFFORD, JOHN                          NY-22-A-44
SPOFFORD, JOHN D.                       NY-22-W-31
SPOFFORD, JOHN D.                       NY-22-O-72
SPOHN, ADAM                             NY-22-Q-389
SPOHN, ELI                              NY-22-38-105
SPOHN, NICHOLAS                         NY-22-U-403
SPOHN, PHILIP H.                        NY-22-39-589
SPOHN, WARNER                           NY-22-25-239
SPONENBURGH, WILLIAM                    NY-22-L-350
SPOON, GEORGE                           NY-22-L-272
SPOON, NICHOLAS                         NY-22-F-456
SPOON, NICHOLAS                         NY-22-B-18
SPOON, WARNER                           NY-22-B-4
SPOON, WARNER                           NY-22-D-257
SPOOR, CATHARINE M.                     NY-22-34-393
SPORE, MELINDA F.                       NY-22-33-360
SPRAGUE, DANIEL                         NY-22-39-505
SPRAGUE, HANNAH C.                      NY-22-33-556
SPRAGUE, NANCY                          NY-22-P-185
SPRAGUE, PHEBE                          NY-22-R-207
SPRAGUE, RICHARD E.                     NY-22-30-589
SPRINGER, DAVID H.                      NY-22-25-263
SPRINGER, ELIZABETH                     NY-22-31-201
SPRINGER, GEORGE                        NY-22-U-303
SPRINGER, HENRY                         NY-22-M-216
SPRINGER, NICHOLAS                      NY-22-X-431
SQUIRE, JOHN G.                         NY-22-Q-229
SQUIRE, STODDARD                        NY-22-E-349
STACY, ELLIS H.                         NY-22-25-611
STACY, JACOB                            NY-22-31-9
STADLER, SUSIE E.                       NY-22-X-95
STAFFORD, ABELL                         NY-22-S-174
STAFFORD, BENJAMIN                      NY-22-32-293
STAFFORD, CAROLINE                      NY-22-25-307
STAFFORD, DELANCY                       NY-22-28-225
STAFFORD, IRVING                        NY-22-32-17
STAFFORD, JOHN                          NY-22-33-12
STAFFORD, LUCY A.                       NY-22-26-145
STAFFORD, STEPHEN                       NY-22-L-261
STAHL, DIETRICK                         NY-22-A-48
STALE, ADAM                             NY-22-A-58
STANNARD, CHARLES                       NY-22-Y-37
STANNARD, CHARLES P.                    NY-22-31-309
STANNARD, LIZZIE W.                     NY-22-40-449
STANNARD, MARY                          NY-22-28-221
STANTON, CAROLINE H.                    NY-22-38-305
STANTON, ELIJAH                         NY-22-I-81
STANTON, JOHN W.                        NY-22-27-56
STANTON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-22-40-53
STARING, ADAM                           NY-22-B-298
STARING, ADAM                           NY-22-A-5
STARING, CHARLES H.                     NY-22-40-365
STARING, HENRY N.                       NY-22-O-252
STARING, NICHOLAS                       NY-22-B-266
STARING, NICHOLAS A.                    NY-22-G-418
STARING, PETER                          NY-22-G-106
STARING, VALENTIN                       NY-22-B-292
STARKWEATHER, BETSEY                    NY-22-O-304
STARKWEATHER, DAVID                     NY-22-N-153
STARKWEATHER, ELECTA O.                 NY-22-Q-505
STARKWEATHER, LUCINDA                   NY-22-27-580
STARKWEATHER, NATHAN                    NY-22-H-408
STARKWEATHER, NATHAN                    NY-22-B-252
STARKWEATHER, RUFUS                     NY-22-L-183
STARKWEATHER, RUFUS G.                  NY-22-40-33
STARKWEATHER, RUFUS G.                  NY-22-H-480
STARKWEATHER, WILLIAM                   NY-22-O-406
STARLING, CATHARINE                     NY-22-Y-193
STAURING, BETSY                         NY-22-26-665
STAURING, GERTRUDE                      NY-22-40-309
STAURING, JOSEPH                        NY-22-30-521
STAURING, MARGARET M.                   NY-22-R-231
STAURING, PATRICK                       NY-22-W-495
STEARNS, CURTIS                         NY-22-W-283
STEARNS, EPHRAIM M.                     NY-22-26-589
STEARNS, ORSON G.                       NY-22-35-645
STEBBINS, ISOLA E.                      NY-22-41-238
STEBBINS, KATE A.                       NY-22-41-235
STEBBINS, WILLIAM B.                    NY-22-U-235
STEDMAN, DANIEL P.                      NY-22-O-41
STEEL, RUDOLPH                          NY-22-F-28
STEELE, AARON                           NY-22-R-143
STEELE, ABRAM B.                        NY-22-38-389
STEELE, ADAM JR.                        NY-22-O-400
STEELE, ALICE                           NY-22-25-607
STEELE, CATHERINE E.                    NY-22-41-556
STEELE, FREDERICK                       NY-22-25-483
STEELE, HARRIET                         NY-22-40-105
STEELE, JOHN A.                         NY-22-Q-209
STEELE, NICHOLAS G.                     NY-22-U-435
STEELE, PHEBE                           NY-22-Q-205
STEELE, SALLY                           NY-22-U-447
STEELE, SOLOMON                         NY-22-T-27
STEELE, WILLIAM                         NY-22-32-313
STEELE, WILLIAM                         NY-22-26-81
STEINHILBER, JOHANN                     NY-22-32-413
STEINMULLER, CATHERINE                  NY-22-41-100
STEINMULLER, VALENTINE                  NY-22-29-477
STEPHENS, MELINDA                       NY-22-35-1
STEPHENS, SYLVANUS H.                   NY-22-N-282
STERLING, ALMIRA                        NY-22-39-171
STERLING, GEORGE                        NY-22-Z-715
STERLING, JACOB M.                      NY-22-Z-695
STERLING, JAMES H.                      NY-22-39-147
STERLING, LUTHER P.                     NY-22-27-567
STERLING, MARY E.                       NY-22-N-89
STERLING, SARAH M.                      NY-22-31-329
STERNBERG, CATHARINA                    NY-22-P-327
STERNBERG, MARCUS                       NY-22-H-435
STERNBERG, PETER                        NY-22-G-217
STEVENS, EDMOND                         NY-22-L-224
STEVENS, FREDERICK                      NY-22-J-233
STEVENS, HARRIET S.                     NY-22-31-109
STEVENS, HENRY                          NY-22-Z-503
STEVENS, HIRAM                          NY-22-V-127
STEVENS, JULIA                          NY-22-M-279
STEVENS, LOUIS                          NY-22-31-153
STEVENS, SAMUEL                         NY-22-K-126
STEWART, CHARLES R.                     NY-22-38-85
STEWART, MARY H.                        NY-22-33-225
STEWART, STEPHEN                        NY-22-H-94
STILES, GEORGE                          NY-22-N-249
STILES, ORTON                           NY-22-O-328
STILES, ROLAND                          NY-22-J-145
STILLMAN, ADALINE                       NY-22-34-165
STILLMAN, EDGAR HARVEY                  NY-22-41-553
STILLMAN, NATHANIEL P.                  NY-22-26-417
STILWELL, ALMEDIA V.                    NY-22-Z-607
STILWELL, JOHN                          NY-22-P-302
STIMSON, ALMIRA                         NY-22-W-327
STIMSON, MARY C.                        NY-22-30-353
STIMSON, NATHANIEL A.                   NY-22-38-9
STITT, MARIANNA W.                      NY-22-M-472
STOEFFLER, JOSEPH                       NY-22-34-345
STONE, ANNA K.                          NY-22-41-475
STONE, GEORGE                           NY-22-B-473
STONE, JANE A.                          NY-22-41-352
STONE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-22-R-343
STORY, ALBERT G.                        NY-22-25-303
STORY, ALEBRT                           NY-22-29-153
STORY, HORACE                           NY-22-28-589
STOUT, EDWARD W.                        NY-22-25-251
STRAIL, ELIZABETH                       NY-22-32-445
STRAUSS, ANNA M.                        NY-22-26-37
STRICKLAND, JULIA                       NY-22-40-461
STROBEL, CHARLES                        NY-22-25-499
STROBEL, DAVID C.                       NY-22-38-313
STROBEL, HERMAN J.                      NY-22-38-541
STROBLE, GEORGE                         NY-22-W-99
STROSSMAN, DORATA                       NY-22-34-177
STROUGH, CLARINDA                       NY-22-R-519
STROUGH, JOHN                           NY-22-Q-349
STTELE, FRANCES A.                      NY-22-33-115
STUART, EZRA H.                         NY-22-Q-253
STUART, NATHAN                          NY-22-D-152
SUITER, JAMES A.                        NY-22-33-275
SULLIVAN, ALICE                         NY-22-R-595
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-22-34-569
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        NY-22-37-69
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-22-29-273
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-22-W-511
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-22-Q-393
SUTHERLAND, ANDREW J.                   NY-22-30-453
SUTHERLAND, CLARK E.                    NY-22-31-81
SUTLIFF, SARAH                          NY-22-29-89
SWAIN, MARY                             NY-22-37-321
SWART, ELIAS                            NY-22-Z-611
SWEENEY, MARY                           NY-22-37-181
SWEET, CLARK                            NY-22-U-247
SWEET, GEORGE                           NY-22-Q-417
SWEET, VAUGHN                           NY-22-M-11
SWEET, WANTON                           NY-22-I-112
SWEETMAN, MICHAEL                       NY-22-E-345
SWEZEY, WILLIAM W.                      NY-22-V-11
SWIFT, BENJAMIN G.                      NY-22-26-317
SWIFT, NATHAN W.                        NY-22-40-81
SWITZER, FREDRIKA                       NY-22-31-401
SWITZER, JOHN MICHAEL                   NY-22-31-197
SYKES, JOHN                             NY-22-K-32
TABER, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-25-23
TABER, JEANIE EARL                      NY-22-30-385
TABER, WALTER M.                        NY-22-V-271
TABRIQUE, LEWIS                         NY-22-E-89
TAFT, DAVID                             NY-22-Q-429
TALBERT, FRANK T.                       NY-22-38-49
TALBOTT, EDWARD                         NY-22-O-124
TALCOTT, CHESTER                        NY-22-E-84
TALCOTT, DANIEL                         NY-22-M-116
TALCOTT, DANIEL                         NY-22-E-227
TALCOTT, DANIEL                         NY-22-G-299
TALCOTT, MARGARET                       NY-22-T-383
TALLCOTT, CHESTER                       NY-22-D-281
TALLCOTT, HEZEKIAH                      NY-22-B-15
TALLCOTT, WILLIAM                       NY-22-D-175
TALLMAN, EBENEZER                       NY-22-L-332
TALLMAN, MATILDA                        NY-22-P-300
TANNER, ISAAC                           NY-22-D-54
TANNER, JOHN                            NY-22-E-364
TANNER, MARIA E.                        NY-22-X-495
TANNER, MARTHA                          NY-22-Y-241
TANNER, NATHAN                          NY-22-I-533
TANNER, THOMAS                          NY-22-D-160
TANNER, WILLIAM                         NY-22-F-498
TANNER, WILLIAM                         NY-22-F-51
TANNER, WILLIAM P.                      NY-22-27-77
TANNICLIFF, ORRIN H.                    NY-22-S-264
TAYLOR, CORNELIA T.                     NY-22-35-481
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          NY-22-I-530
TAYLOR, JOHN H.                         NY-22-Z-411
TAYLOR, JONTHAN                         NY-22-I-267
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          NY-22-31-353
TAYLOR, LODEMA B.                       NY-22-U-311
TAYLOR, MARY B.                         NY-22-29-569
TAYLOR, MATILDA E.                      NY-22-34-61
TAYLOR, NOAHIAH D.                      NY-22-29-57
TAYLOR, OSCAR                           NY-22-30-637
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          NY-22-C-7
TAYLOR, SAMUEL T.                       NY-22-Y-365
TAYLOR, STEPHEN                         NY-22-39-482
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NY-22-T-35
TEAL, JOSEPH                            NY-22-F-280
TEAL, SARAH A.                          NY-22-V-340
TEALL, CHARLES E.                       NY-22-30-241
TEFFT, MARY A.                          NY-22-39-185
TENNER, DANIEL                          NY-22-B-475
TERPENING, ALMINA                       NY-22-L-120
TERPENING, JOHN                         NY-22-M-282
TERPENING, VALENTINE                    NY-22-W-271
TERPENNING, SARAH ANN                   NY-22-M-388
TERRY, CALISTA                          NY-22-28-621
TERRY, DEWITT C.                        NY-22-29-185
TERRY, ELIZABETH                        NY-22-40-177
TERRY, ERASTUS                          NY-22-Q-461
TERRY, JANE                             NY-22-L-318
TERRY, JOSEPH                           NY-22-I-86
THAYER, EBENEZER                        NY-22-G-35
THOMAS, ANTHONY                         NY-22-P-329
THOMAS, ELISHA                          NY-22-H-401
THOMAS, FLORA                           NY-22-27-208
THOMAS, GEORGE R.                       NY-22-41-589
THOMAS, HARRY                           NY-22-S-392
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-22-X-163
THOMAS, JOHN F.                         NY-22-34-489
THOMAS, JOHN M.                         NY-22-26-25
THOMAS, JOHN W.                         NY-22-26-581
THOMAS, LEWIS R.                        NY-22-Y-281
THOMAS, LYDIA A.                        NY-22-27-140
THOMAS, MARY A.                         NY-22-35-528
THOMAS, MARY KENYON                     NY-22-41-16
THOMAS, PHILINDA W.                     NY-22-30-661
THOMAS, ROBERT                          NY-22-27-485
THOMAS, THOMAS                          NY-22-29-37
THOMAS, THOMAS                          NY-22-Q-377
THOMASON, PEARL                         NY-22-34-541
THOMASON, PETER                         NY-22-32-369
THOMPKINS, STEPHEN                      NY-22-G-248
THOMPSON, ADALINE                       NY-22-Z-207
THOMPSON, NANCY                         NY-22-L-81
THOMPSON, PERSIS M.                     NY-22-P-274
THOMPSON, SILAS                         NY-22-K-450
THOMSON, MARY ELZENA                    NY-22-25-95
THORNELEY, JOHN                         NY-22-38-37
THORNTON, ANNA L.                       NY-22-29-657
THORNTON, HARRIET                       NY-22-N-214
THRESHER, SARAH J.                      NY-22-38-185
THUMB, MELCHIOR                         NY-22-B-79
THUME, CAROLINE                         NY-22-37-129
THUME, MATHIAS                          NY-22-34-181
THURSTON, PARKER J.                     NY-22-30-633
TILDEN, DE WITT C.                      NY-22-35-627
TILLINGHAST, ISABEL M.                  NY-22-26-309
TILLINGHAST, JEFFERSON                  NY-22-R-347
TILLINGHAST, MARY E.                    NY-22-31-469
TILLINGHAST, PARDON                     NY-22-J-436
TILLINGHAT, LYDIA                       NY-22-Z-583
TILYON, JOSEPH                          NY-22-U-343
TILYON, LOUISE                          NY-22-34-577
TIMMEMRAN, WILLIAM                      NY-22-E-155
TIMMERMAN, ADAM H.                      NY-22-G-466
TIMMERMAN, DAVID                        NY-22-K-26
TIMMERMAN, IRA                          NY-22-27-730
TIMMERMAN, IZORA                        NY-22-31-393
TIMMERMAN, MALVIN                       NY-22-32-161
TIMMERMAN, MARGARET C.                  NY-22-32-317
TIMMERMAN, MARY C.                      NY-22-35-222
TIMMERMAN, MYRON P.                     NY-22-R-535
TIMMERMAN, PETER A.                     NY-22-P-213
TINE, CORA BELLE                        NY-22-29-325
TINE, GEORGE                            NY-22-40-401
TISDALE, EPHRAIM                        NY-22-K-20
TISDALE, WEALTHY                        NY-22-N-23
TOATES, MARY                            NY-22-X-415
TOBIN, WILLIAM                          NY-22-37-317
TOBIN, WILLIAM W.                       NY-22-29-257
TODD, CHARLES T.                        NY-22-40-521
TODD, HARMON S.                         NY-22-F-566
TODD, JOHN P.                           NY-22-41-151
TODD, LYMAN S.                          NY-22-T-75
TODD, MANNING S.                        NY-22-T-259
TODD, MARIA P.                          NY-22-Y-461
TODD, SAMUEL B.                         NY-22-I-368
TOMKINS, EMELINE                        NY-22-O-488
TOMKINS, LAURA                          NY-22-O-491
TOMKINS, SARAH                          NY-22-O-486
TOMPKINS, ABRAM                         NY-22-28-241
TOMPKINS, ABRAM                         NY-22-S-568
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          NY-22-X-387
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL                     NY-22-S-21
TOMPKINS, STEPHEN M.                    NY-22-L-199
TOOMEY, DANIEL                          NY-22-41-1
TORBITT, ROBERT M.                      NY-22-39-285
TOWER, JAMES                            NY-22-X-127
TOWNSEND, DEBORAH                       NY-22-P-309
TOWNSEND, RUTH                          NY-22-X-407
TOWNSEND, STEPHEN                       NY-22-O-454
TOYER, SUSANNA                          NY-22-G-358
TRAFFARN, MARY E.                       NY-22-34-213
TRASK, JAMES                            NY-22-L-288
TREADWAY, RALPH R.                      NY-22-N-297
TRENHAM, WILLIAM T.                     NY-22-29-369
TRESHER, EBEN                           NY-22-40-17
TROISI, FERDINAND                       NY-22-41-268
TRONE, SARAH E.                         NY-22-X-243
TRUESDALE, SAMUEL B.                    NY-22-T-123
TRUMAN, DANIEL                          NY-22-I-173
TRUMBULL, EMILY                         NY-22-29-305
TUCKER, CARRIE R.                       NY-22-28-257
TUCKER, GEORGE                          NY-22-31-177
TUCKER, HELEN M.                        NY-22-39-224
TUCKER, JOHN                            NY-22-26-369
TUCKER, JOHN                            NY-22-D-310
TUCKER, NANCY ANN                       NY-22-O-95
TUCKER, PARDON                          NY-22-L-358
TUCKER, REUBEN                          NY-22-34-337
TUFTS, OWEN B.                          NY-22-30-389
TULIT, MARY                             NY-22-38-537
TUNNECLIFF, JOHN                        NY-22-F-594
TUNNICLIFF, ORANGE                      NY-22-28-553
TUPPER, ORVIL                           NY-22-Q-277
TURE, ESTELLA R.                        NY-22-26-77
TURNER, MARY                            NY-22-26-249
TUTTLE, HENRY                           NY-22-R-327
TUTTLE, JEROME B.                       NY-22-33-417
TUTTLE, WILLIAM U.                      NY-22-37-409
TUTTLE, ZOPHA M.                        NY-22-G-222
TUTTY, AMANDA                           NY-22-40-541
TUTTY, WILLIAM                          NY-22-30-73
TYLER, DANUBE                           NY-22-F-64
TYLER, ORSON EDGAR                      NY-22-37-21
UHLE, BIANCA CRAMER                     NY-22-39-165
UHLE, EMMA                              NY-22-40-273
UHLE, GEORGE                            NY-22-S-361
UHLE, GEORGE H.                         NY-22-W-203
UHLE, HENRY                             NY-22-B-313
UHLE, JEROME                            NY-22-28-373
UHLE, JOHN C.                           NY-22-34-273
UHLE, LUCY M.                           NY-22-32-257
UHLER, HENRY M. P.                      NY-22-29-705
UNSIN, ANTON                            NY-22-40-437
UNTZ, ANTHONY                           NY-22-Z-31
UPRIGHT, CATHARINE                      NY-22-38-569
UPRIGHT, GEORGE                         NY-22-32-305
UPRIGHT, JANE                           NY-22-34-65
USHER, WILLIAM                          NY-22-T-399
USHER, WILLIAM A.                       NY-22-38-257

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