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LABAN, DAVID                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-391
LACKEY, WILLIAM D.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-30-249
LADD, ELISHA                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-F-290
LADD, EMOUR O.               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-X-283
LADD, JAMES B.               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-35-266
LADD, JOHN                   SCHUYLER                      NY-22-B-365
LADD, OLNEY                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-O-373
LADUE, CEPHAS                HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-557
LADUE, DANIEL W.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-515
LAFLIN, ADDISON H.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-T-163
LAIN, WILLIAM                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-M-51
LAIRD, JAMES A.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-437
LAKE, ISAAC                  WARREN                        NY-22-25-511
LAKE, JEREMIAH               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-D-111
LAKE, THEODORA               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-121
LAMBERSON, AMANDA            MANHEIM                       NY-22-27-403
LAMBERSON, AUGUSTA           MANHEIM                       NY-22-30-13
LAMBERSON, BYRON D.          SALISBURY                     NY-22-26-297
LAMBERSON, JAMES             SALISBURY                     NY-22-L-84
LAMBRISON, ALBERT            MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-223
LAMOND, ELIZABETH            WINFIELD                      NY-22-L-582
LAND, REBECCA E.             STARK                         NY-22-31-541
LAND, THOMAS H.              STARK                         NY-22-40-185
LANDT, HENRIETTA             HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-325
LANDT, JEREMIAH F.           DANUBE                        NY-22-D-92
LANE, ASCENATH               WARREN                        NY-22-Q-577
LANGLEY, HANNAH              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-X-299
LANKTON, AMY C.              MANHEIM                       NY-22-34-101
LANKTON, ELON                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-361
LANKTON, JOHN B.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-Z-315
LANKTON, POLLY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-G-138
LANSING, AMANDA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-137
LANSING, CATHARINE M.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-145
LANSING, CATHERINE FOX       LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-33-301
LANSING, EDWARD TEN EYCK     MANHEIM                       NY-22-37-169
LANSING, FREDERICK           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-L-532
LANSING, SAMUEL STEWART      LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-303
LANSING, WILLIAM F.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-511
LARABEE, MARANDA             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-527
LARNED, BENJAMIN             NEWPORT                       NY-22-F-436
LARNED, GEORGE               NEWPORT                       NY-22-K-279
LARNED, SARAH S.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-W-27
LASCHEN, THERESA             HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-31
LASS, JOHN                   FRANKFORT                     NY-22-37-265
LATHROP, ASIEL               STARK                         NY-22-K-259
LATHROP, JAMES               STARK                         NY-22-26-121
LATHROP, JEDEDIAH            MERIDAN                       NY-22-D-168
LATTIMER, LUCY               STARK                         NY-22-28-229
LAUDT, CORNELIA J.           GEMRAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-353
LAWRENCE, ANNA E.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-545
LAWTON, ANNA                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-557
LAWTON, JOSEPH               NEWPORT                       NY-22-M-80
LAWTON, LEVI A.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-85
LAWTON, PHILO                OHIO                          NY-22-N-46
LAWYER, FREDERICK            DANUBE                        NY-22-D-10
LEA, JOSEPH                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-681
LEACH, JACOB                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-V-255
LEACH, MARY                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-267
LEAHY, ELLEN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-561
LEAHY, JAMES                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-157
LEAHY, MARY                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-321
LEAHY, MATTHEW               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-K-346
LEAHY, THOMAS                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-109
LEAVITT, ELIZA               SALISBURY                     NY-22-W-223
LEAVITT, ORMEL               SALISBURY                     NY-22-28-421
LEAVITT, SARAH A.            MANHEIM                       NY-22-38-141
LEAVITT, SIMON B.            SALISBURY                     NY-22-Q-297
LEAVITT, VOLINA H.           SALISBURY                     NY-22-41-583
LEBOW, THOMAS                NTL                           NY-22-B-425
LEE, ELISHA                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-H-393
LEE, HARRY                   RUSSIA                        NY-22-O-456
LEE, JOSEPH                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-336
LEE, NOAH                    LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-427
LEEMAN, ALBERT J.            NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT      NY-22-39-497
LEEMAN, CAHTERINE            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-475
LEEMAN, SAMUEL S.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-17
LEGG, JARED B.               NORWAY                        NY-22-O-262
LEGG, JOSEPHINE M.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-31-389
LEHMAN, MARY ANN             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-607
LEHMAN, PHILIP               HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-601
LEIGH, CHRISTOPHER B.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-411
LEITZ, PHILLIPPENA           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-34-5
LELAND, FRANCES M.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-R-423
LENN, SOPHRONIA              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-293
LENT, ABRAHAM                STARK                         NY-22-F-376
LEONARD, JOANNA              WARREN                        NY-22-29-149
LEONARD, KATHERINE           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-538
LEONARD, LOUIS S.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-277
LEONARD, MOSES               WARREN                        NY-22-G-339
LEPPER, JOSEPH               DANUBE                        NY-22-J-415
LEPPER, JOSEPH               DANUBE                        NY-22-J-401
LEPPER, PETER J.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-367
LEVARISON, FRANCIS           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-V-47
LEVEE, DELIA C.              MANHEIM                       NY-22-Y-381
LEVEE, MILTON F.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-317
LEVEE, SAMUEL                MANHEIM                       NY-22-T-159
LEVENDORF, JOHN              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-531
LEVER, MARGARET J.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-469
LEVER, SANFORD W.            ILION                         NY-22-32-217
LEWIS, BERTRAM D.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-549
LEWIS, DAVID                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-713
LEWIS, FRANCIS               DANUBE                        NY-22-T-99
LEWIS, HARRIS                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-X-319
LEWIS, IDA A.                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-241
LEWIS, JESSE                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-M-8
LEWIS, JOHN                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-X-207
LEWIS, JOHN                  WARREN                        NY-22-R-51
LEWIS, JOHN                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-F-379
LEWIS, MARY                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-333
LEWIS, MARY CARTER           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-517
LEWIS, PHEBE                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-251
LEWIS, SARAH HELEN           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-529
LEWIS, SQUIRE                STARK                         NY-22-28-25
LEWIS, WILLIAM               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-25-503
LIDDY, JAMES                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-28-525
LIGHTHALL, GEORGE            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-287
LIGHTHART, NORMAN A.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-421
LILLIE, WILLIAM H.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-31-137
LINDSAY, CHARLES H.          STARK                         NY-22-41-406
LINDSAY, MARTHA J.           STARK                         NY-22-37-349
LINK, HENRY                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-335
LINK, S. FANNIE              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-33
LINTNER, WILLIAM H. H.       LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-679
LINTON, ISAIAH               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-43
LINTS, JACOB                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-R-199
LINTS, MARGARET S.           SCHUYLER                      NY-22-37-357
LINTS, MARY                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-X-91
LINTS, MARY K.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-65
LINTS, NOAH                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-493
LINTS, PETER                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-R-95
LISH, SAMUEL P.              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-29-265
LITTLEFIELD, SAMUEL          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-D-37
LOBAN, DAVID                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-315
LOCHER, CONRAD C.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-O-170
LOCKS, JOHN                  LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-E-389
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM            WARREN                        NY-22-K-268
LOCKWOOD, ANN J.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-15
LOCKWOOD, EBENEZER           RUSSIA                        NY-22-R-259
LOCKWOOD, FRANCES A.         WASHINGTON, D.C.              NY-22-35-342
LOCKWOOD, MARGARET M.        WASHINGTON, D.C.              NY-22-35-333
LOEFLER, KAROLINE            ILION                         NY-22-41-115
LOFTIS, JOHN                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-34-341
LOFTIS, THOMAS               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-50
LOFTUS, JAMES                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-W-331
LOFTUS, SIBBIE               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-137
LONGSHORE, MILES             RUSSIA                        NY-22-32-213
LONIS, ELIZABETH             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-41-388
LONIS, WILLIAM               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-38-97
LOOMIS, ADELIN A.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-196
LOOMIS, ARPHAXED             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-287
LOOMIS, ELISHA               SALISBURY                     NY-22-G-158
LOOMIS, HARRYETTE M.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-313
LOOMIS, HENRY                STARK                         NY-22-H-313
LOOMIS, JOSEPH               WARREN                        NY-22-D-285
LOOMIS, MABEL                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-252
LOOMIS, THADDEUS             SALISBURY                     NY-22-E-314
LOOMIS, WATTS T.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-249
LORD, DANIEL                 WARREN                        NY-22-29-165
LORD, SAMUEL                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-E-42
LOTHRIDGE, GEORGE            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-H-81
LOTRIDGE, GEORGE H.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-133
LOTRIDGE, JOHN               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-406
LOTRIDGE, MARY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-304
LOTRIDGE, WILLIAM            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-425
LOTTERY, ELIZABETH           STARK                         NY-22-O-425
LOUCKS, EMMA                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-37-469
LOUCKS, EMMA A.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-348
LOUCKS, HENRY                MANHEIM                       NY-22-E-125
LOUCKS, JOHN G.              MANHEIM                       NY-22-H-56
LOUCKS, JOSEPH               MANHEIM                       NY-22-27-649
LOUCKS, MARY                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-L-188
LOUCKS, NANCY                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-85
LOUCKS, PETER                MANHEIM                       NY-22-B-531
LOUCKS, SAMUEL               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-315
LOUCKS, SARAH                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-579
LOUIS, CHRISTOPHER           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-S-281
LOVEJOY, ALVIRA              MOHAWK                        NY-22-40-13
LOVELL, GEORGE A.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-29
LOVELL, WILLIAM C.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-517
LOVETT, LEBBEUS              NEWPORT                       NY-22-R-275
LOWELL, LIBERTY L.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-379
LUCE, ADELINE E.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-38-273
LUCE, CORNELIUS V.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-449
LUCE, ORRIN                  WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-211
LUCK, JENNETT                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-555
LUCY, WILLIAM                WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-47
LUTHER, CATHARINE            NEWPORT                       NY-22-41-397
LUTHER, CORNELIA G.          NEWPORT                       NY-22-37-5
LUTHER, DAVID B.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-33-408
LUTHER, ROYAL D.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-X-475
LUTHER, SARAH JANE           SALISBURY                     NY-22-30-553
LYMAN, ALVIN                 WARREN                        NY-22-S-81
LYMAN, FREDERICK             WARREN                        NY-22-V-215
LYMAN, FREDERICK             WARREN                        NY-22-D-128
LYMAN, LOUISA E.             WARREN                        NY-22-28-729
LYNCH, ELLEN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-291
LYNCH, MARY                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-173
LYNDS, SUSAN MARIA           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-158
LYON, GILBERT LEE            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-145
LYONS, JAMES                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-485
MACK, HENRY E.               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-385
MACKIN, MARGARET             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-77
MACKOON, MARTIN              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-L-562
MACLEAN, KATHERINE L.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-497
MADILL, GEORGE A.            ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-22-33-380
MAGNER, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-21
MAGNER, MARY                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-509
MAGUIRE, JOHN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-25
MAHADY, MICHAEL              NEWPORT                       NY-22-I-235
MAHANY, MARY M.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-31-13
MAHER, ANNA                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-553
MAHER, WILLIAM               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-522
MAHON, ELIZABETH             HERKIMER                      NY-22-T-251
MAHON, JOHN                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-I-324
MAHONEY, DANIEL              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-526
MAHONEY, DANIEL              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-433
MAINE, JOHANNA               HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-105
MALLORY, LUCY A.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-397
MALONE, WILLIAM              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-13
MALONEY, ANN                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-495
MALONEY, KIERNAN             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-349
MANG, CHARLES W.             MANHEIM                       NY-22-41-571
MANGGANG, ANTON              ILION                         NY-22-41-106
MANGUS, NICOLAS G.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-457
MANION, JOHN                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-477
MANION, MARTIN               HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-429
MANLY, THOMAS                NORWAY                        NY-22-I-354
MANN, SARAH                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Q-57
MANNING, ABRAHAM             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-U-347
MANNING, ABRAHAM             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-222
MANNING, JOHN                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-T-51
MANNING, KILBORN             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-685
MANNING, SOLOMAN             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-360
MANNING, WILLIAM             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-363
MANNION, THOMAS              SALISBURY                     NY-22-32-301
MARCH, MULFORD               STARK                         NY-22-37-341
MARCH, NANCY                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-103
MARCH, STEPHEN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-407
MARCUP, JAMES M.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-488
MARCY, DAVID                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-25-79
MARK, ANNA                   HEKRIMER                      NY-22-39-128
MARK, J. HOWARD              HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-471
MARK, MORRIS                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-625
MARKELL, GEORGE              MANHEIM                       NY-22-G-439
MARKELL, JACOB               MANHEIM                       NY-22-J-19
MARKLE, JOHN                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-405
MARKLEY, NICODEMUS           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-37-421
MARKS, CHRISTINE             MANHEIM                       NY-22-34-93
MARSH, ABRAHAM               SALISBURY                     NY-22-L-54
MARSH, DANIEL                PARIS                         NY-22-A-28
MARSH, ELIZA E.              SALISBURY                     NY-22-31-413
MARSH, ELY T.                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-X-435
MARSHALL, ALPHONZO D.        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-167
MARSHALL, DANIEL             WARREN                        NY-22-L-576
MARSHALL, JACOB              WARREN                        NY-22-L-284
MARSHALL, JEREMIAH           WARREN                        NY-22-G-434
MARSHALL, JOHN               WARREN                        NY-22-M-267
MARSHALL, THOMAS             WARREN                        NY-22-F-442
MARSLAND, JOHN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-259
MARTELOCK, AUGUST            HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-445
MARTIN, AARON                NEWPORT                       NY-22-B-178
MARTIN, CATHERINE            WARREN                        NY-22-30-273
MARTIN, DANIEL               NEWPORT                       NY-22-K-77
MARTIN, ELLIS                NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-75
MARTIN, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-173
MARTIN, PATRICK              NEWPORT                       NY-22-E-547
MARVELL, WILLIAM             RUSSIA                        NY-22-R-19
MARVIN, GEORGE               NEWPORT                       NY-22-I-24
MASON, AARON                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-E-492
MASON, ALMIRA                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Q-597
MASON, JOSEPH                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-5
MASON, JOSEPH W.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-1
MASON, LAURA                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-569
MASON, MALACA                NEWPORT                       NY-22-F-383
MASON, MIRANDA M.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-21
MASON, SAMUEL                WARREN                        NY-22-F-557
MATHER, ALFRED L.            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-39-513
MATHER, CHARLES J.           NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-424
MATHER, ELBA                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-34-9
MATHER, ELIZA J.             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-26-585
MATHES, WILLIAM              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Y-593
MATHEWS, ABRAHAM             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-I-330
MATHEWS, SAMUEL              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-U-495
MATHIASEN, KARL              KEYPORT, MONMOUTH, NJ         NY-22-39-583
MATTESON, CLARRISSA A.       LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-X-79
MATTESON, SARAH M.           LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-O-376
MATTHEWS, BRIDGET            HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-385
MATTHEWS, ELIZA              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Y-125
MATTHEWS, HUGH               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-447
MATTHEWS, MARY J.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-69
MATTHEWS, ORIN P.            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Q-585
MATTHEWS, THOMAS             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-32-357
MATTISON, JESSE              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-31-301
MATTISON, ROXEY A.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-407
MAUK, ELIZA                  DANUBE                        NY-22-X-307
MAUK, PETER                  DANUBE                        NY-22-Q-413
MAURICE, FANNIE B.           ILION                         NY-22-39-291
MAX, JOHN                    OHIO                          NY-22-31-325
MAXFIELD, ELIAS SR.          MOHAWK                        NY-22-0-396
MAXFIELD, ISAAC              WARREN                        NY-22-25-39
MAXFIELD, JAMES A.           WARREN                        NY-22-X-51
MAXFIELD, JOHN               STARK                         NY-22-V-199
MAXFIELD, RUFUS G.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-V-404
MAXFIELD, STEPHEN            STARK                         NY-22-W-115
MAXSEN, JOSEPH               NORWAY                        NY-22-B-513
MAXWELL, DENNIS              NEWPORT                       NY-22-34-445
MAYER, DANIEL H.             DANUBE                        NY-22-25-115
MAYER, HENRICH               KINGSLAND DISTRICT            NY-22-A-65
MAYTON, MARGARET E.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-713
MCARTHUR, DONALD             RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-329
MCCABE, PETER                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-P-304
MCCAMMON, GEORGE W.          MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-93
MCCANN, MARY                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-129
MCCARREN, MARCELLA           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-403
MCCARTHY, MARY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-565
MCCHESNEY, HIRAM             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-157
MCCHESNEY, MARY              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-383
MCCHESNEY, ROBERT            RUSSIA                        NY-22-32-129
MCCHESTNEY, JOHN JR.         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-361
MCCLOSKEY, OWEN              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-L-366
MCCONNELL, BETSEY            SALISBURY                     NY-22-U-111
MCCONNELL, JOHN W.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-31-297
MCCREADY, GEORGE             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-26-193
MCCREADY, JOHN               WARREN                        NY-22-G-233
MCCREADY, ORLANDO            WARREN                        NY-22-T-295
MCCREADY, SILAS              WARREN                        NY-22-Z-343
MCCREDY, DAVID               WARREN                        NY-22-Y-489
MCCREDY, THOMAS              WARREN                        NY-22-M-85
MCCRONE, MARGARET            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-617
MCCUMBER, JOSEPH             HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-347
MCDERMOTT, ELINOR            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-445
MCDONALD, WILLIAM C.         WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-551
MCELWAIN, MOSES              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-521
MCENTER, BARNEY              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-129
MCEVOY, PATRICK H.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-45
MCFARLAND, EDWIN P.          WINFIELD                      NY-22-38-181
MCFARLAND, MARY E.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-34-241
MCGARRY, MARIA               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-473
MCGOVERN, JOHN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-41-22
MCGOWAN, ARCHIBALD C.        FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-153
MCGOWAN, JAMES               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-41-283
MCGRAW, PATRICK              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-193
MCGRAW, ROBERT               MIDDLEVILLE                   NY-22-39-321
MCGRAW, SALLY                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-V-55
MCHENRY, EDWARD              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-25
MCINTYRE, DELINA             STARK                         NY-22-27-495
MCINTYRE, ESTHER             WARREN                        NY-22-H-213
MCINTYRE, MOUNTAIN A.        WARREN                        NY-22-V-364
MCKEE, ALMIRA P.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-32-73
MCKEE, LEANDER H.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-427
MCKEEN, THOMAS               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-227
MCKENNAN, ALEXANDER          HERKIMER                      NY-22-M-135
MCKENNAN, CHRISTINA          HERKIMER                      NY-22-P-233
MCKEON, JAMES                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-220
MCKEON, SARAH                ILION                         NY-22-W-403
MCKOON, CARMI                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-25-31
MCLEAN, GUELMA               ILION                         NY-22-41-265
MCLEAN, SIMPSON              HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-49
MCMANONY, SARAH              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-77
MCMASTER, CLARACY            RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-441
MCMASTER, PHILANDER          RUSSIA                        NY-22-I-537
MCMERING,                    LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-119
MCNAMARA, JOHANNA            HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-199
MCNEAL, BETSEY               RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-577
MCNEAL, HENRY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-148
MCNEAL, POLLY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-561
MCNELLY, ELIZABETH           NEWPORT                       NY-22-I-273
MCVEY, DELILAH               RUSSIA                        NY-22-27-31
MCVOY, PATRICK               RUSSIA                        NY-22-29-465
MCWENIE, WILLIAM             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-41
MEAD, LEWIS                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-77
MERKLEIN, JOHN               ILION                         NY-22-32-309
MERKLEIN, MARY               ILION                         NY-22-39-378
MERRIAM, MOSES               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-307
MERRILL, BARBARY             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-M-307
MERRILL, WILLIAM             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-M-123
MERRITT, ADELAIDE D.         NEWPORT                       NY-22-38-385
MERRY, JOHN                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-78
MERRY, ORSON                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-83
MERRY, SAMUEL                HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-332
MERSEY, JAMES                WARREN                        NY-22-K-455
MERVILLE, DANIEL             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-34-105
MESICK, HENRY                DANUBE                        NY-22-34-73
MESICK, THOMAS I.            DANUBE                        NY-22-O-136
METCALF, SIMEON              SALISBURY                     NY-22-I-505
METZ, CONRAD                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-V-115
METZ, GODFREY                SALISBURY                     NY-22-T-63
METZ, KATHERINE              SALISBURY                     NY-22-29-341
METZ, RHODA A.               RUSSIA                        NY-22-41-376
MEZGRE, JACOB                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-26-233
MIGUE, JOSEPH                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-35-605
MILES, CATHARINE             HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-285
MILLER, AARON F.             OHIO                          NY-22-26-497
MILLER, ADAM                 WARREN                        NY-22-41-520
MILLER, ADAM B.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-585
MILLER, ALMIRA               STARK                         NY-22-Z-55
MILLER, ANDREW               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-M-413
MILLER, ANDREW               WARREN                        NY-22-B-66
MILLER, ANGELINE             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-167
MILLER, ANTHONY              MOHAWK                        NY-22-41-373
MILLER, CALEB P.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-202
MILLER, CAROLINE C.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-297
MILLER, CONRAD               STARK                         NY-22-K-226
MILLER, ELIZABETH            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-L-10
MILLER, EPHRAIM              DANUBE                        NY-22-O-380
MILLER, FREDERICK C.         RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-657
MILLER, GEORGE C.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-250
MILLER, GEORGE H.            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-J-223
MILLER, HELEN L.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-41-85
MILLER, HENRY                DANUBE                        NY-22-O-154
MILLER, HENRY                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-G-364
MILLER, HENRY A.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-D-243
MILLER, HENRY C.             WARREN                        NY-22-B-239
MILLER, JACOB                STARK                         NY-22-W-267
MILLER, JACOB                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-K-96
MILLER, JEREMIAH             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-337
MILLER, JOHN                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-M-368
MILLER, JOHN A.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-415
MILLER, JOHN C.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-37-237
MILLER, JOHN H.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-P-111
MILLER, JONAS                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-26-177
MILLER, LOUISA               HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-573
MILLER, MARY                 STARK                         NY-22-27-264
MILLER, MATTHEW JR.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-181
MILLER, MATTHEW W.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-689
MILLER, NICHOLAS             SALISBURY                     NY-22-28-145
MILLER, ORVILLE              DANUBE                        NY-22-V-400
MILLER, RICHARD              RUSSIA                        NY-22-32-165
MILLER, SALLY                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-N-335
MILLER, SETH                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-553
MILLER, SUSANNAH             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-O-241
MILLER, SYLVIA A.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-353
MILLER, VALENTINE            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-I-225
MILLER, WILLIAM              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-25-535
MILLER, WILLIAM              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-G-303
MILLER, WILLIAM F.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-281
MILLER, WILLIAM J.           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-R-243
MILLINGTON, JOHN             WARREN                        NY-22-I-48
MILLINGTON, JONATHAN         RUSSIA                        NY-22-J-226
MILLINGTON, STEPHEN R.       RUSSIA                        NY-22-28-309
MILLINGTON, SUSANNA          RUSSIA                        NY-22-M-385
MILLS, AUGUSTA               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-197
MILLS, JOHN                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-121
MILSTEAD, CORNELIA           HERKIMER                      NY-22-R-15
MINOR, LUMAN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-73
MINOTT, HAYWOOD              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-G-349
MINOTT, OLIVER               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-V-464
MINOTT, THOMAS               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-N-111
MITCHEL, DANIEL              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-B-326
MITCHELL, AMANDA             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-99
MITCHELL, BENJAMIN C.        NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-416
MITCHELL, HENRIETTA N.       HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-554
MITCHELL, MARY JANE          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-179
MITCHELL, THOMAS H.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-105
MIX, MARY W.                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-301
MIX, WILLIAM B.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-405
MIXTER, DAVID E.             WARREN                        NY-22-R-547
MIXTER, DAVID W.             WARREN                        NY-22-P-93
MIXTER, ELIZABETH            NEWVILLE                      NY-22-35-516
MIXTER, JOHN R.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-37-473
MIXTURE, DAVID               WARREN                        NY-22-E-543
MNAROSEK, WILLIAM            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-465
MOLINEUX, JOHN               MIDDLEVILLE                   NY-22-41-25
MONAHAN, BERNARD             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-115
MONK, JAMES                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-399
MONK, JONAS                  DANUBE                        NY-22-30-301
MONK, MAGGIE                 DANUBE                        NY-22-30-397
MONOHAN, BRIDGET             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-65
MOOLICK, BERNARD             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-487
MOON, ABNER                  RUSSIA                        NY-22-S-69
MOON, CATHERINE              RUSSIA                        NY-22-33-536
MOON, CLINTON A.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-Z-631
MOON, ERASTUS B.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-121
MOON, MARY                   RUSSIA                        NY-22-40-257
MOON, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-41-88
MOON, SOPHIA                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-Y-69
MOORE, FRANCIS J.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-261
MOORE, HARRIET N.            RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-429
MOORE, JAMES                 STARK                         NY-22-F-238
MOORE, NATHANIEL             NORWAY                        NY-22-V-352
MOORE, ORSON                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-U-283
MOORE, SARAH                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-W-199
MOORE, SARAH B.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-41-427
MOORS, ISAAC L.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-26-205
MOORS, MARY J.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-Z-255
MORALER, WILLIAM             HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-508
MOREHOUSE, HARVEY            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-V-147
MOREHOUSE, JOHN F.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-201
MOREY, DAVID                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-322
MOREY, EMILY                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-O-388
MOREY, FREDERICK A.          FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-34-117
MOREY, NEWELL                NEWPORT                       NY-22-39-519
MOREY, VALENTINE             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-205
MORGAN, A. ROSA              WINFIELD                      NY-22-35-536
MORGAN, ALICE                HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-461
MORGAN, BARBARY              WINFIELD                      NY-22-V-107
MORGAN, ELIZABETH F.         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-77
MORGAN, F. DWIGHT            WINFIELD                      NY-22-37-477
MORGAN, FRED J.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-527
MORGAN, GEORGE A.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-U-207
MORGAN, HARRIETT M.          WINFIELD                      NY-22-Y-117
MORGAN, HARVEY L.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-363
MORGAN, HUBBARD H.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-121
MORGAN, JAMES                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-N-87
MORGAN, JAMES JR.            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-B-302
MORGAN, JOHN                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-O-408
MORGAN, JOHN H.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-209
MORGAN, JOHN I.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-T-275
MORGAN, JONATHAN             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-34-517
MORGAN, JULIA A.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-S-534
MORGAN, KATIE E.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-31-185
MORGAN, LOVINA H.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-35-324
MORGAN, MARGARET             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-285
MORGAN, MARY A.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-39-91
MORGAN, MILTON T.            WINFIEDL                      NY-22-34-293
MORGAN, SARAH A.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-Y-409
MORGAN, SEWELL S.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-W-71
MORGAN, TAYLOR W.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-339
MORGAN, THERESA T.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-67
MORGAN, WILLIAM              WARREN                        NY-22-G-315
MORGAN, WILLIAM H.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-28-77
MORRIS, BENJAMIN             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-O-293
MORRIS, JOHN                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-30-509
MORRIS, NILES                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-573
MORRIS, SARAH E.             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-30-333
MORRIS, SEYMOUR C.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-33-452
MORRIS, WILLIAM              JACKSON, HINDS, MS            NY-22-I-159
MORRISON, JOHN M.            STARK                         NY-22-25-603
MORSE, ELIJAH H.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-343
MORTON, ISAAC W.             ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-22-33-20
MORTON, MARY                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-485
MORTS, JOHN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-21
MORTS, JOHN M.               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-37-205
MOSHER, HENRY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-29
MOSHER, NELSON               DOLGEVILLE                    NY-22-41-256
MOSHER, SARAH G.             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-37-257
MOSHER, WILLIAM W.           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-485
MOTT, EDWARD                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-156
MOTT, WILLIAM                DARIEN, FAIRFIELD, CT         NY-22-39-561
MOUNT, JOHN                  STARK                         NY-22-G-178
MOUNT, JOHN M.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-53
MOUNT, MARGARET              HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-401
MOUNT, SOPHIA                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-435
MOWER, JOHN G.               STARK                         NY-22-F-36
MOWERS, LEVI                 STARK                         NY-22-O-222
MOYER, ADELLA H.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-371
MOYER, DAVID                 DANUBE                        NY-22-O-324
MOYER, DAVID F.              STARK                         NY-22-P-215
MOYER, HENRY                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-471
MOYER, HENRY                 MERIDEN, MONTGOMERY, NY       NY-22-H-1
MOYER, JACOB S.              STARK                         NY-22-P-170
MOYER, JOHN                  SALISBURY                     NY-22-38-409
MOYER, LAURA                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-529
MOYER, MARY ETT              MANHEIM                       NY-22-39-346
MOYER, PETER                 STARK                         NY-22-27-476
MOYER, SALLY                 DANUBE                        NY-22-X-63
MULLIGAN, WILLIAM G.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-659
MULLOY, MARY                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-149
MULVERHILL, MICHAEL J.       NEWPORT                       NY-22-32-21
MUMFORD, JANENETT            WARREN                        NY-22-25-451
MUMFORD, JOHN D.             WARREN                        NY-22-O-198
MUMFORD, MARY A.             WARREN                        NY-22-26-525
MUN, DAVID                   NEWPORT                       NY-22-F-243
MUNGER, AMY                  SALISBURY                     NY-22-U-339
MUNGER, GEHIAL P.            SALISBURY                     NY-22-31-33
MUNGER, ICHABOD              SALISBURY                     NY-22-U-471
MUNN, ELIJAH                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-J-133
MUNN, EMELINE M.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-38-217
MUNN, WALTER                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-37-545
MUNSON, ABEL                 SALISBURY, MONTGOMERY, NY     NY-22-B-488
MUNSON, ERWIN A.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-197
MUNSON, MARGARET             HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-12
MUNSON, WILLIAM              SALISBURY                     NY-22-E-265
MURPHY, ANTHONY              HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-376
MURPHY, BRIDGET              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-708
MURPHY, CATHARINE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-M-478
MURPHY, EDWARD               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-613
MURPHY, JAMES                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-89
MURPHY, JAMES B.             SALISBURY                     NY-22-30-105
MURPHY, JOANNA               MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-663
MURPHY, JOHANNA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-127
MURPHY, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-245
MURPHY, JOSEPH P.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-507
MURPHY, MARGARET             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-557
MURPHY, MICHAEL J.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-359
MURPHY, WILLIAM              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-233
MURRAY, AARON                MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-641
MURRAY, JAMES H.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-28
MURRAY, JOHN                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Z-239
MURRAY, MARGARET             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-202
MURRAY, ROBERT               SALISBURY                     NY-22-K-312
MURRY, CORNELIUS             HERKIMER                      NY-22-R-555
MYER, DAVID                  RUSSIA                        NY-22-B-526
MYERS, ABRAHAM               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-147
MYERS, ABRAHAM               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-U-103
MYERS, ALZINA                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-455
MYERS, ALZINA                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-623
MYERS, CHRISTOPHER           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-U-123
MYERS, CORNELIA J.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-707
MYERS, FRANK J.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-27-712
MYERS, GEORGE H.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-T-455
MYERS, HENRY                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-G-327
MYERS, HENRY F.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-503
MYERS, HENRY M.              NTL                           NY-22-D-60
MYERS, JEREMIAH              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-S-349
MYERS, JOHN F.               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-O-45
MYERS, JOHN H.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-513
MYERS, JOSEPH                HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-69
MYERS, MARGARET E.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-577
MYERS, MICHAEL               HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-330
MYERS, MICHAEL F.            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-L-344
MYERS, PETER B.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-417
MYERS, PETER J.              FRANFKORD                     NY-22-B-113
MYERS, ROBERT                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-717
MYRES, HENRY J.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-515
MYRES, SOPHRONIA             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-25-11
NAGLE, JOHN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-373
NASH, JAMES                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-114
NEALE, ELEANOR J.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-641
NEBHUT, GEORGE               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-285
NEBINGER, ANDREW             SALISBURY                     NY-22-U-75
NEELY, ABRAHAM               HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-41
NEELY, ABRAM B.              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-T-119
NEELY, DAVID                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-144
NEELY, JEROME                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-255
NEIL, ELNORA G.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-Z-231
NELLIS, BARBARA              HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-73
NELLIS, CATHARINE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-339
NELLIS, CHARLES W.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-151
NELLIS, GEORG                HERKIMER                      NY-22-A-10
NELLIS, GEORGE               HERKIMER                      NY-22-I-162
NELLIS, HENRIETTA            MANHEIM                       NY-22-T-263
NELLIS, ISAAC                HERKIMER                      NY-22-O-474
NELLIS, JOHN G.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-I-69
NELLIS, MAGDALENE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-1
NELLIS, MARGARET             STARK                         NY-22-O-467
NELLIS, WARNER               STARK                         NY-22-N-187
NELSON, ABEL                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-L-117
NELSON, ELIZABETH            HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-101
NELSON, FRED G.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-97
NELSON, GEORGE               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-659
NELSON, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-234
NELSON, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-L-159
NELSON, PAUL ***             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-E-423
NELSON, WILLIAM              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-43
NEMYER, CHARLES              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-9
NEMYRE, LOUISA               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-9
NEUGENT, THOMAS              NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-177
NEUVILLE, GEORGE W.          COLUMBIA                      NY-22-S-304
NEVILLE, BRIDGET             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-L-597
NEVILLE, MARY ANN            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-325
NEWBERRY, BETSEY             RUSSIA                        NY-22-T-267
NEWBERRY, EGBERT R.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-145
NEWBERRY, JOSEPH             NEWPORT                       NY-22-M-333
NEWBERRY, POLLY              RUSSIA                        NY-22-L-542
NEWBURY, SAMUEL              NEWPORT                       NY-22-H-332
NEWELL, SELIM                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-33-625
NEWHOUSE, MARGARET B.        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-109
NEWITT, WILLIAM              WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-79
NEWKIRK, GEORGE              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-V-299
NEWMAN, ARZA                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-R-403
NEWMAN, BRIDGET              NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-229
NEWMAN, CHARLOTTE            RUSSIA                        NY-22-40-5
NEWMAN, EBENEZER             RUSSIA                        NY-22-N-208
NEWMAN, JACOB                MANHEIM                       NY-22-U-19
NEWMAN, MARTIN               RUSSIA                        NY-22-V-31
NEWMAN, MARY A.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-505
NEWMAN, PAUL                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-31-369
NEWMAN, PETER                RUSSIA                        NY-22-28-173
NEWMAN, PETER                RUSSIA                        NY-22-S-6
NEWMAN, STEPHEN              MANHEIM                       NY-22-O-437
NEWMAN, SYLVESTER B.         RUSSIA                        NY-22-28-385
NEWTH, NORTON J.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-611
NEWTON, JAMES R.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-35-47
NEWTON, RICHARD              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-73
NICCOLLS, SAMUEL J.          ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-22-39-327
NICHOLAS, ORAMEL M.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-489
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN            NORWAY                        NY-22-G-311
NICHOLS, DANIEL B.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-457
NICHOLS, DAVID H.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-557
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH           HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-117
NICHOLS, HORACE              NORWAY                        NY-22-Q-565
NICHOLS, RUFUS               HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-139
NICHOLS, SHIBNAH             WINFIELD                      NY-22-M-76
NICHOLS, THURBER             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-337
NICHOLS, WANTON              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-494
NICHOLS, ZURVIAH             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-M-484
NIEPEL, KARL A.              MANHEIM                       NY-22-31-169
NOBLE, SARAH                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-I-260
NOBLES, JOSEPH               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-H-62
NOLAN, ELVIRA                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-187
NOLTON, AUGUSTUS S.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-593
NOLTON, HIRAM                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-301
NOONAN, CATHERINE            SALISBURY                     NY-22-29-537
NORRIS, JOHN                 NORWAY                        NY-22-29-317
NORRISS, JANE                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-P-264
NORTH, EDWARD                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-580
NORTHRUP, JOEL               WARREN                        NY-22-U-3
NORTHRUP, JULIA L.           WARREN                        NY-22-28-693
NORTHRUP, NANCY H.           MOHAWK                        NY-22-38-241
NORTHRUP, VIVALDO            WARREN                        NY-22-Y-297
NORTHUP, MATILDA C.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-681
NORTON, CHARLES G.           LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-39-502
NORTON, CYRUS W.             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Y-497
NORTON, FLORINE DIX          FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-38-81
NORTON, HULDAH               NORWAY                        NY-22-L-196
NORTON, JAMES                NORWAY                        NY-22-I-153
NORTON, MORGAN               NORWAY                        NY-22-P-392
NURSE, THOMAS H.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-I-256
NUTE, JOHN W.                ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-22-39-489
OBRIAN, JOHN                 STARK                         NY-22-K-114
OBRIEN, MARGARET             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-193
OBRIEN, MICHAEL              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-419
OBYRON, THOMAS               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-247
OCONNELL, MARGARET           HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-401
OCONNOR, GEORGE J.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-103
OCONNOR, HANNAH              MANHEIM                       NY-22-41-445
OCONNOR, JOHN                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-473
OCONNOR, PHILIP              NEWPORT                       NY-22-H-193
ODELL, WILLIAM H.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-475
OGDEN, JOSEPH P.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-17
OGORMAN, PATRICK             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-O-452
OHARA, JOHN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-165
OHERON, JOHN                 NORWAY                        NY-22-38-317
OLDS, CARLO                  NEWPORT                       NY-22-O-62
OLDS, CORTIS                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-P-151
OLDS, MYRON C.               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-25-655
OLDS, OTIS                   NEWPORT                       NY-22-35-579
OLMSTEAD, ALBERT E.          STARK                         NY-22-34-17
OLOUGHLIN, HANNAH            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-373
OLOUGHLIN, MICHAEL           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-525
ONEIL, CATHARINE             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Z-179
ONEILL, JOHN                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-523
OPPEL, GEORGE A.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-673
ORENDORF, BENJAMIN           HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-141
ORENDORF, CONRAD             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-P-224
ORENDORF, CONRAD             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-C-25
ORENDORF, EVALINE E.         FRANKFORT                     NY-22-34-69
ORENDORF, HENRY F.           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Q-425
ORENDORF, NANCY              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-T-511
ORENDORF, PETER F.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-L-569
ORENDORF, THOMAS             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-41-226
ORENDORF, WILLIAM H.         WARREN                        NY-22-I-102
ORENDORFF, FREADERIC         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-39
ORENDORFF, FREDERICK         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-I-318
ORENDORFF, MARY E.           WARREN                        NY-22-27-329
ORENDORFF, PETER             WARREN                        NY-22-B-93
OROURKE, JOHN                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-227
ORR, JANE E.                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-37-393
ORTON, JAMES                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-F-69
OSBORN, A. JEROME            HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-13
OSBORN, ASA                  NEWPORT                       NY-22-G-68
OSBORN, JULIET               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-301
OSBORNE, FRANCIS A.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-264
OSENER, JOHN                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-E-13
OSGOOD, JOSIAH L.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-277
OSGOOD, PHILO                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-269
OSLER, MARGARET L.           BELLEVILLE, WAYNE, MI         NY-22-S-471
OSTERHOUT, CATHARINE         WARREN                        NY-22-25-83
OSTERHOUT, CORNELIUS         WARREN                        NY-22-25-63
OSTRANDER, CORNELIA          STARK                         NY-22-O-267
OSTRANDER, HENRY             DANUBE                        NY-22-K-23
OSTRANDER, JOHN              DANUBE                        NY-22-X-43
OSTRANDER, JOHN J.           DANUBE                        NY-22-O-172
OSTRANDER, SMITH L.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-537
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM           DANUBE                        NY-22-H-322
OSTROM, ANDREW               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Z-667
OTTERBEIN, JOHN              WINFIELD                      NY-22-W-111
OUDERKIRK, FIRMAN            COLD BROOK                    NY-22-39-535
OUGH, WALTER H.              WARREN                        NY-22-32-437
OULETTE, EMILY PRISCILLA     WEBB                          NY-22-41-316
OUTWATER, LUCINDA C.         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-167
OVERACKER, WENDEL            DANUBE                        NY-22-B-506
OVEROCKER, PETER D.          COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Q-221
OWEN, EGBERT                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-175
OWEN, ELIZA                  DANUBE                        NY-22-U-299
OWEN, HUGH                   FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-7
OWENS, JOHN                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-569
OWENS, SIMEON DEPEW          DANUBE                        NY-22-R-335
OXNER, ALICE                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-25-531
OXNER, JOHN                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-P-265
OYER, JACOB                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-B-397
OYER, PETER F.               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-J-383
OYSTON, CHARLES              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-49

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