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CAHOON, BENJAMIN             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-E-129
CAHOON, DELIA                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-32-1
CAHOON, LORENZO D.           NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-405
CALDER, JOHN                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-339
CALDWELL, JULIA A.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-133
CALDWELL, MARGARET           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-669
CALKINS, BENJAMIN            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-H-132
CALMAN, WILLIAM              STARK                         NY-22-30-313
CAMERON, MARY L.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-173
CAMPBELL, DOUGALD            RUSSIA                        NY-22-W-151
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH          RUSSIA                        NY-22-31-289
CAMPBELL, MARGARET           HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-586
CANAN, PETER                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-O-214
CANAVAN, JOHN                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-444
CANAVAN, MARGARET            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-631
CANBOY, TIMOTHY              MANHEIM                       NY-22-W-527
CANEDY, ALBERT J.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-369
CANEDY, WILLIAM A.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-477
CANNON, ELIZABETH            ILION                         NY-22-34-429
CANTLIN, ANN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-169
CANTLIN, JOHN                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-553
CANTY, THOMAS                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-1
CARDER, WARREN G.            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-J-35
CARDES, HOMER W.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-269
CAREY, BRIDGET               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-277
CAREY, DANIEL                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-P-307
CARLTON, ANDREW J.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-333
CARLTON, HARRIET E.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-623
CARMINE, CORNELIUS J.        STARK                         NY-22-Y-21
CARMODY, MARY                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-251
CARNEY, HUGH                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-121
CARNEY, MARIA                HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-490
CARNEY, PHILIP               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-201
CARPENTER, ASAHEL            RUSSIA                        NY-22-G-20
CARPENTER, ASAHEL I.         RUSSIA                        NY-22-O-206
CARPENTER, AUGUSTUS          NORWAY                        NY-22-I-72
CARPENTER, CHARLES W.        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-353
CARPENTER, DELILAH           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-645
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH         FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-I-340
CARPENTER, JAMES M.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-L-18
CARPENTER, JAMES O.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-625
CARPENTER, LUCRETIA P.       ILION                         NY-22-41-37
CARPENTER, MARION            ILION                         NY-22-39-575
CARPENTER, MARY A.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-41-592
CARPENTER, NELLIE            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-347
CARPENTER, PAMELIA           NORWAY                        NY-22-26-125
CARPENTER, STEPHEN F.        FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-M-422
CARPENTER, WARREN            RUSSIA                        NY-22-B-380
CARR, JAMES E.               NORWAY                        NY-22-27-616
CARRAN, THOMAS G.            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-37-569
CARRIER, DAVID R.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-U-7
CARRUTHERS, HENRY            RUSSIA                        NY-22-33-432
CARRUTHERS, HENRY            RUSSIA                        NY-22-I-493
CARRYL, LORENZO              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-265
CARRYL, LORENZO W.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-19
CARSON, ARMINDA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-233
CARTER, AARON                ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ             NY-22-39-406
CARTER, HELEN L.             MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-253
CARTER, PETER C.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-541
CARVER, DANIEL               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-549
CARVER, FANNY                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-269
CARY, ELIZA M.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-S-186
CARY, ELIZABETH              WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-563
CARY, MARY                   GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-65
CARY, MICHAEL H.             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-29-381
CARY, SAMUEL                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-84
CASE, ALTA J.                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-589
CASE, HEMAN R.               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-121
CASE, SOLOMAN L.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-189
CASEY, JOHANNA               NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-345
CASEY, WILLIAM               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-285
CASLER, ALONZO O.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-382
CASLER, ANNA EVA             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-223
CASLER, ASA                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-411
CASLER, ASA S.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-523
CASLER, BARBARA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-193
CASLER, BARNEY               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Q-165
CASLER, BETSEY C.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-432
CASLER, CATHEIRNE            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-481
CASLER, CHARLOTTE S.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-26
CASLER, CHRISTINA            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-79
CASLER, CONRADT              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-103
CASLER, ELIZABETH            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-161
CASLER, GERTRUDE             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-32-565
CASLER, HARRIET C.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-501
CASLER, HENRY                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-284
CASLER, HIRAM                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-409
CASLER, JACOB J.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-81
CASLER, JACOB JR.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-524
CASLER, JACOBUS              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-G-427
CASLER, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-J-6
CASLER, JOHN J.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-444
CASLER, JOHN M.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-I-104
CASLER, JOHN R.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-139
CASLER, JONAS R.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-251
CASLER, JOSEPH A.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-57
CASLER, JOSEPH R.            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-M-436
CASLER, LOUISE D.            MOHAWK                        NY-22-40-361
CASLER, LUCINDA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-493
CASLER, MARGARET M.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-37
CASLER, MARK                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-G-243
CASLER, MARKS I.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-179
CASLER, MELCHERT N.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-291
CASLER, NELSON               MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-593
CASLER, NICHOLAS             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-361
CASLER, PETER B.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-113
CASLER, RICHARD J.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-K-470
CASLER, RICHARD M.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-K-17
CASLER, RICHARD P.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-405
CASLER, RUDOLPH              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-63
CASLER, SANDY B.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-345
CASLER, WELFORD E.           DANUBE                        NY-22-41-460
CASPARAS, FRANCES            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-599
CASPARES, JOHN               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-152
CASSELMAN, MARY E.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-513
CASSIDA, DANIEL N.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-493
CASTLE, BENJAMIN             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-47
CASTLE, JOHN                 (WILL NOT RECORDED)           NY-22-B-461
CASTLE, MARTHA               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-467
CASWELL, DAVID SR.           WARREN                        NY-22-B-123
CASWELL, EDWIN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-155
CASWELL, ELIZABETH A.        HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-1
CASWELL, NELLIE              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-225
CASWELL, WARREN              HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-665
CAVE, AMANDA                 OHIO                          NY-22-39-385
CAVE, WILLIAM                RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-117
CHAMBERLAIN, AARON           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-31-545
CHAMBERLAIN, PHEBE C.        COLUMBIA                      NY-22-27-26
CHAMBERLIN, AARON            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-D-289
CHAMPION, ABRAM B.           STARK                         NY-22-W-491
CHAMPION, DAN                DANUBE                        NY-22-D-178
CHAMPION, DAVID              DANUBE                        NY-22-P-382
CHAMPION, ELISHA             STARK                         NY-22-S-85
CHAMPION, JOHN               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-V-536
CHAMPION, LYDIA              STARK                         NY-22-X-391
CHAMPION, ROSWELL            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-M-340
CHAPADEAU, AMELIA LINK       HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-511
CHAPIN, JOTHAM               WINFIELD                      NY-22-F-433
CHAPIN, ZADOCK               WARREN                        NY-22-B-36
CHAPMAN, ANNE                WARREN                        NY-22-X-23
CHAPMAN, GERTRUDE P.         NEWPORT                       NY-22-33-506
CHAPMAN, NELLIE              HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-227
CHAPPELL, JAMES A.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-473
CHAPPELL, LUCY A.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-27-502
CHASE, ADALINE E.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-61
CHASE, BENJAMIN              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-D-395
CHASE, DARWIN R.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-349
CHASE, HELLEN M.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-565
CHASE, JOSHUE                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-534
CHASE, LUTHER                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-137
CHASE, MARY E.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-245
CHATFIELD, ASA               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-202
CHATFIELD, ELIZABETH         HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-34
CHATFIELD, FREDERICA L.      HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-401
CHATFIELD, MARGARET          HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-269
CHESTER, MARGARET            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-33
CHILD, ANNA                  NTL, RAMSEY, MN               NY-22-33-545
CHISMIORE, MARY              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-209
CHISMORE, HENRY              ILION                         NY-22-39-232
CHISMORE, JACOB              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-376
CHRISMAN, CHARLES            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-634
CHRISTIAN, CHARLES           SCHUYLER                      NY-22-P-54
CHRISTIE, JOHN               HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-521
CHRISTMAN, ABRAM             HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-112
CHRISTMAN, CATHERINE         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-229
CHRISTMAN, GEORGE            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-P-148
CHRISTMAN, JACOB             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-402
CHRISTMAN, JACOB J.          FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-G-227
CHRISTMAN, MARTIN            OHIO                          NY-22-29-213
CHRISTMAN, MARY              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-287
CHRISTMAN, MARY E.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-149
CHRISTMAN, TIMOTHY H.        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-281
CHRISTMAN, WILLIAM F.        FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-39-464
CHRISTOPHER, MICHAEL         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-547
CHURCH, JESSE                WINFIELD                      NY-22-D-399
CHURCHIL, CATHERINE          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-33-514
CHURCHILL, ISAAC P.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-315
CLAPSADDLE, ABIGAIL          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-29-117
CLAPSADDLE, ANDREW           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-163
CLAPSADDLE, DENIS            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-G-126
CLAPSADDLE, DENNIS           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-99
CLAPSADDLE, ELIZABETH        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-S-461
CLAPSADDLE, HENRY            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-247
CLAPSADDLE, JOHN             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-H-487
CLAPSADDLE, JOHN P.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-X-351
CLAPSADDLE, JOHN Q.          DANUBE                        NY-22-O-362
CLAPSADDLE, LUCY E.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-667
CLAPSADDLE, MARGARET         COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Y-413
CLAPSADDLE, PETER H.         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-291
CLAPSADDLE, STEPHEN          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-281
CLAPSADDLE, WILLIAM          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-342
CLARK, AMANDA M.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-501
CLARK, BETSEY                RUSSIA                        NY-22-31-433
CLARK, CALESTIA J.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-34-493
CLARK, DAVID                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-G-331
CLARK, EDWARD                SPOKANE, SPOKANE, WA          NY-22-26-501
CLARK, ELLA M.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-193
CLARK, FLAVEL                MOHAWK                        NY-22-I-381
CLARK, FRANCIS               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-W-159
CLARK, ISAAC                 DANUBE                        NY-22-26-29
CLARK, JAMES                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-28-497
CLARK, JAMES HENRY           NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-621
CLARK, JOHN                  NEWPORT                       NY-22-Y-421
CLARK, JOHN T.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-259
CLARK, LYDIA                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-H-447
CLARK, MALVINA               RUSSIA                        NY-22-28-477
CLARK, MANVILL               WINFIELD                      NY-22-T-183
CLARK, MARY A.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-505
CLARK, SOPHIA M.             SALISBURY                     NY-22-33-425
CLARK, STEPHEN               DANUBE                        NY-22-T-335
CLARKE, JAMES                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-L-152
CLAUS, MARTHA                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-501
CLAUS, MARY                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-519
CLAUS, VILETTA L.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-33-317
CLAUSE, JONATHAN             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-177
CLAYTON, JOHN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-272
CLAYTON, OLIVER              HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-691
CLEARY, MICHAEL              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-373
CLELAND, ABBY T.             WARREN                        NY-22-O-157
CLELAND, HARRIET M.          WARREN                        NY-22-Z-39
CLELAND, JONAS               WARREN                        NY-22-L-57
CLELAND, NORMAN              WARREN                        NY-22-E-238
CLELAND, SOLOMON             WARREN                        NY-22-G-13
CLEMENS, MICHAEL             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-T-311
CLEMENTS, JOHN               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-605
CLEVER, JACOB                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-592
CLINGEN, ANNIE               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-429
CLIVE, EMMA S.               ILION                         NY-22-39-313
CLIVE, HENRY                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-89
CLIVE, STEPHEN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-589
CLOBRIDGE, EVELYN S.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-237
CLOCK, NICHOLAS              SALISBURY                     NY-22-Q-501
CLOYES, MELISSA L.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-19
CLOYES, SILAS                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-63
COE, EDWIN L.                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-32-37
COE, IDA L.                  FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-U-467
COE, IRA                     NORWAY                        NY-22-L-385
COFFIN, BENJAMIN             NEWPORT                       NY-22-S-100
COFFIN, CATHERINE D.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-669
COFFIN, CATHERINE M.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-259
COFFIN, EDWARD J.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-389
COFFIN, EMILY C.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-61
COFFIN, GEORGE W.            NEWPORT                       NY-22-K-439
COFFIN, ISAAC F.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-353
COFFIN, JOHN W.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-499
COFFIN, JOSEPH R.            NEWPORT                       NY-22-P-297
COFFIN, SALLY                NEWPORT                       NY-22-Z-491
COGOVAN, PATRICK             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-399
COHN, LOUIS                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-317
COHN, MORRIS L.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-55
COLE, ALBEGENcE A.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-487
COLE, ALMIRA                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-63
COLE, DAVID W.               SALISBURY                     NY-22-R-7
COLE, HANNAH                 FAIRIFIELD                    NY-22-U-451
COLE, JAMES                  FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-J-388
COLE, JOHN                   FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-E-498
COLE, JONATHAN               SALISBURY                     NY-22-K-335
COLE, MARTHA E.              NEWPORT                       NY-22-41-67
COLE, MARY C.                NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-59
COLE, RANSFORD A.            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-W-95
COLE, SAMUEL                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-L-550
COLE, THOMAS                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-M-453
COLE, THOMAS                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-209
COLE, TRUMAN                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-R-147
COLE, TRUMAN                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-P-290
COLE, WELLINGTON             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-T-451
COLLINS, ALMIRA              NORWAY                        NY-22-Z-111
COLLINS, DANIEL C.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-L-141
COLLINS, DENNIS              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-287
COLLINS, DENNIS B.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-651
COLLINS, JOEL H.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-Y-129
COLLINS, MARY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-395
COLLINS, MARY A.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-52
COLLIS, LOVINA               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-324
COLLIS, WILLIAM J.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-M-468
COLOPY, WILLIAM              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-643
COLVIN, WILLIAM              NORWAY                        NY-22-F-394
COLYER, JAMES A.             WARREN                        NY-22-X-1
COMES, ALBERT N.             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-26-573
COMES, MARCUS L.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-T-67
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL             OHIO                          NY-22-31-549
COMSTOCK, STEPHEN            NORWAY                        NY-22-I-489
CONBOY, THOMAS               MANHEIM                       NY-22-R-75
CONDON, MICHAEL M.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-475
CONGDON, ELIZA               RUSSIA                        NY-22-X-247
CONGDON, JAMES               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-L-170
CONKLIN, JACOB               DANUBE                        NY-22-D-197
CONKLIN, JOHN R.             STARK                         NY-22-J-150
CONKLIN, JONATHAN            STARK                         NY-22-I-576
CONKLIN, SIMEON              STARK                         NY-22-I-137
CONLEY, FRANK E.             ILION                         NY-22-41-535
CONNELLEY, HONORA            DOLGEVILLE                    NY-22-41-280
CONNER, MARGARET             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-R-359
CONNOR, CHRISTINA            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-289
CONOLY, CATHERINE            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-293
CONOVER, HARRIET             HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-473
CONRAD, CATHARINE A.         STARK                         NY-22-V-191
CONWAY, WILLIAM              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-463
CONYNE, PETER A.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-465
COOK, ABEL                   SALISBURY                     NY-22-H-25
COOK, ASAHEL B.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-Q-481
COOK, ATWATER                SALISBURY                     NY-22-J-110
COOK, ATWATER                SALISBURY                     NY-22-F-446
COOK, CHAUNCEY               MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-519
COOK, DANIEL D.              SALISBURY                     NY-22-W-55
COOK, HENRY                  RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-509
COOK, IDA M.                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-Z-299
COOK, JANE                   MANHEIM                       NY-22-35-673
COOK, MALVIN B.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-437
COOK, MARIA                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-H-187
COOK, OTIS                   WINFIELD                      NY-22-K-195
COOK, PAMELIA                SALISBURY                     NY-22-W-87
COOK, RANSOM D.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-401
COOK, SABRA                  WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-559
COOL, ELIZABETH              SALISBURY                     NY-22-40-57
COOL, GEORGE E.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-441
COOLIDGE, AMASA              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-X-167
COOLIDGE, WARREN             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-G-431
COON, DAVID                  NTL                           NY-22-B-43
COONRADT, FRANCIS M.         RUSSIA                        NY-22-32-117
COONRADT, MARIA              RUSSIA                        NY-22-T-371
COONS, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-22-D-388
COOPER, CHARLES              RUSSIA                        NY-22-Y-277
COOPER, ELLA A.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-38-449
COOPER, JEREMIAH B.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-P-431
COOPER, LOUISA A.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-90
COOPER, MARGARET             RUSSIA                        NY-22-28-681
COOPER, WENDELL P.           NORWAY                        NY-22-31-341
COPPERNOLL, ALICE EMMA       HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-389
CORBIN, CATHERINE            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-177
CORCORAN, MICHAEL            OHIO                          NY-22-U-139
CORLETT, EMILY               STARK                         NY-22-O-377
CORY, LAVINIA                SALISBURY                     NY-22-Q-309
CORY, WILLIAM                RUSSIA                        NY-22-F-472
COSBY, LUKE                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-553
COTTEN, CHARLOTTE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-25
COTTOR, WILLIAM              NORWAY                        NY-22-Z-151
COUGHLIN, JANE               NEWPORT                       NY-22-40-405
COUNTRYMAN, ALICE            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-89
COUNTRYMAN, ELIZA E.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-211
COUNTRYMAN, ISAAC            STARK                         NY-22-Q-573
COUNTRYMAN, JOHN I.          DANUBE                        NY-22-N-302
COUNTRYMAN, JOHN I.          STARK                         NY-22-G-271
COUNTRYMAN, WEBSTER A.       RUSSIA                        NY-22-P-291
COVELL, DANIEL               DANUBE                        NY-22-M-249
COVELL, ELIJAH               DANUBE                        NY-22-29-489
COVELL, WILLIAM B.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-41-76
COVILLE, CATHERINE L.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-561
COX, HELLEN A.               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-41-241
CRAIN, DUNHAM JONES          WARREN                        NY-22-35-16
CRAIN, EMMA B.               NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-297
CRAIN, HANNAH ANN            WARREN                        NY-22-40-345
CRAIN, WILLIAM C.            WARREN                        NY-22-N-99
CRAMER, ABRAM                DANUBE                        NY-22-L-587
CRAMER, CHRISTINA            DANUBE                        NY-22-X-491
CRAMER, HENRY A.             DANUBE                        NY-22-26-185
CRAMER, JACOB                RUSSIA                        NY-22-N-184
CRAMER, JEREMIAH             DANUBE                        NY-22-L-45
CRAMER, JOHN                 DANUBE                        NY-22-J-200
CRAMER, SALLIE A.            DANUBE                        NY-22-28-217
CRANDALL, IRA                NEWPORT                       NY-22-25-515
CRANDALL, LORINDA            WINFIELD                      NY-22-P-198
CRANDALL, SOPHIA A.          NEWPORT                       NY-22-26-13
CRAWFORD, HUGH               HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-369
CREGO, LEROY DE ETTE         HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-221
CREITZER, KATIE MARIA        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-423
CRESS, JOHN H.               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-31-513
CRIM, ADAM                   WARREN                        NY-22-34-521
CRIM, ADAM                   WARREN                        NY-22-H-76
CRIM, ADAM J.                WARREN                        NY-22-29-321
CRIM, DANIEL                 WARREN                        NY-22-26-101
CRIM, DAVID                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-367
CRIM, JACOB                  WARREN                        NY-22-Q-317
CRIM, JACOB                  WARREN                        NY-22-I-40
CRIM, JACOB A.               WARREN                        NY-22-U-67
CRIM, JOHN A.                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-315
CRIM, JOHN H.                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-K-398
CRIM, JOHN J.                WARREN                        NY-22-X-27
CRIM, JUSTUS S. F.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-211
CRIM, PAUL D.                WARREN                        NY-22-X-555
CRIM, SOPHRONIA H.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-T-507
CRIM, WILLIAM J.             WARREN                        NY-22-31-237
CRIST, MARY E.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-181
CRIST, PHILIP                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-352
CRISTMAN, EMILINE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-513
CRISTMAN, JACOB              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-H-341
CRISTMAN, JAOCB J.           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-283
CRISTMAN, LEMAN              HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-171
CRISTMAN, LEWIS J.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-295
CRISTMAN, LOUISE             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-37-53
CRISTMAN, MALCOM             HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-205
CRISTMAN, NANCY A.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-189
CRISTMAN, WILLIAM J.         COLUMBIA                      NY-22-O-280
CRISTMAN, ZIMRI              HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-443
CROFT, MARGARET              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-F-404
CROMMER, DANIEL              WARREN                        NY-22-F-479
CROMWELL, LAURA A.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-387
CRONIN, WILLIAM              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-R-375
CRONKHITE, ELIZA             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-453
CRONKHITE, ELIZABETH Y.      LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-457
CRONKHITE, GEORGE            MANHEIM                       NY-22-L-326
CRONKHITE, HENRY C.          DANUBE                        NY-22-G-211
CRONKHITE, JOHN B.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-397
CRONKHITE, JONAS             DANUBE                        NY-22-30-213
CRONKHITE, SHELDON           WINFIELD                      NY-22-P-278
CROOK, JACOB                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Y-273
CROSBY, MARILDA A.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-40-265
CROSSLAND, WILLIAM           WARREN                        NY-22-I-558
CROSSMAN, SARAH              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-V-500
CROSSMAN, WILLIAM E.         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-341
CROUCH, DANIEL               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-489
CROUSE, ABRAM                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-311
CROWELL, JOHN                WINFIELD                      NY-22-M-230
CROWELL, MARY                WINFIELD                      NY-22-N-130
CRUIKSHANK, ROBERT M.        NEWPORT                       NY-22-W-451
CRUMB, WILLIAM H.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-26-537
CRUMBS, HESTER A.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-37-289
CRUMBY, CHARLES B.           NEWPORT                       NY-22-39-287
CRUMBY, DAVID D.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-Y-141
CRUMBY, JULIA E.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-34-513
CULLEN, JAMES                NEWPORT                       NY-22-K-1
CULVER, DEWITT C.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-41-457
CUMMINGS, CALEB              WINFIELD                      NY-22-K-49
CUMMINGS, ESTHER             NORWAY                        NY-22-Y-341
CUMMINGS, ORIN S.            RUSSIA                        NY-22-M-502
CUMMINGS, PAMELIA            WINFIELD                      NY-22-34-121
CUMMINGS, SAMUEL M.          WINFIELD                      NY-22-32-409
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM            OHIO                          NY-22-L-281
CUMMINS, ABRAHAM             RUSSIA                        NY-22-K-376
CUNNBY, JOHN                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-25-187
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-127
CUNNINGHAM, JULIA A.         WINFIELD                      NY-22-34-89
CURTIN, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-252
CURTIS, JOSEPH               OHIO                          NY-22-L-293
CURTIS, LOUISE               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-275
CURTIS, MARY A.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-381
CURTISS, AGUR                WINFIELD                      NY-22-N-299
CURTISS, JEREMIAH            RUSSIA                        NY-22-B-182
CURTISS, WILLIAM B.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-179
CUSLER, GEORGE               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-445
CUTLER, MIRANDA A.           SHERBURNE, CHENANGO, NY       NY-22-39-579
DAGER, JOHN A.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-209
DAGUS, CATHARINE             HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-643
DAILEY, LUKE                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-32-489
DALEY, PATRICK               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-277
DALPHIN, GEORGE              WARREN                        NY-22-L-316
DALPHIN, JOHN E.             WARREN                        NY-22-Z-75
DALPHIN, WILLIAM G.          WARREN                        NY-22-O-469
DALY, JOHN                   NEWPORT                       NY-22-Y-321
DALY, JOSEPH                 NORWAY                        NY-22-26-645
DAMEUTH, GEORGE R.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-609
DANA, JOSEPH                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-498
DANIELS, CHARLES P.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-60
DANIELS, NAHUM               POLAND                        NY-22-J-43
DANIELS, SUSAN               RUSSIA                        NY-22-L-238
DAPSON, THOMAS H.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-249
DARAGH, HUGH                 NORWAY                        NY-22-Q-473
DARLING, ALICE               MANHEIM                       NY-22-Y-541
DARLING, MARY E.             SALISBURY                     NY-22-34-53
DAROLLY, ORISON              WARREN                        NY-22-S-247
DARROW, JOHN T.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-M-404
DARROW, RACHEL               RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-265
DASEY, TIMOTHY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-357
DAVEN, MICHAEL               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-97
DAVENPORT, JOHN              RUSSIA                        NY-22-R-115
DAVEY, PETER                 DANUBE                        NY-22-U-91
DAVIES, JOHN S.              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Y-449
DAVIS, ANNA                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-99
DAVIS, BRADFORD H.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-433
DAVIS, BYRON                 OPPENHEIM                     NY-22-41-337
DAVIS, CATHERINE             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-409
DAVIS, DANIEL                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-223
DAVIS, DAVID GEORGE          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-459
DAVIS, EDWARD                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-407
DAVIS, EDWARD G.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-513
DAVIS, EDWARD H.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-41-40
DAVIS, ELIZABETH M.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-O-212
DAVIS, GEORGE                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-K-480
DAVIS, GEORGE H.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-29-69
DAVIS, GRIFFITH              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-167
DAVIS, HARVEY                MANHEIM                       NY-22-V-71
DAVIS, HUGH                  WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-463
DAVIS, JACOB                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-H-157
DAVIS, JACOB J.              MANHEIM                       NY-22-L-579
DAVIS, JANE                  WINFIELD                      NY-22-33-159
DAVIS, JOHN                  UTICA, ONEIDA, NY             NY-22-S-54
DAVIS, JOHN                  NEWPORT                       NY-22-K-55
DAVIS, JOHN PETER            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-249
DAVIS, JOSEPH                MANHEIM                       NY-22-M-432
DAVIS, LOIS M.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-40-109
DAVIS, LUCY T.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-335
DAVIS, MARTIN P.             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-V-356
DAVIS, MARY E.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-581
DAVIS, MARY ELIZA            HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-577
DAVIS, NATHANIEL HINCHMAN    WILMURT                       NY-22-35-425
DAVIS, NEHEMIAH              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-E-252
DAVIS, ROBERT J.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-196
DAVIS, RUTH                  WINFIELD                      NY-22-34-369
DAVIS, SOLOMAN               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-M-139
DAVIS, SYLVANUS              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-G-7
DAVIS, THOMAS                NEWPORT                       NY-22-F-182
DAVIS, URIAS                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-D-148
DAVIS, WILLIAM               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Q-25
DAVIS, WILLIS J.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-609
DAVIS, YOST HENRY ***        FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-F-128
DAVY, JOHN H.                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-290
DAVY, WILLIAM                DANUBE                        NY-22-V-456
DAWLEY, JOB                  LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-H-134
DAWLLY, LORINDA              WARREN                        NY-22-32-209
DAY, ELI                     WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-351
DAY, EMMA W.                 SIMCOE, NORFOLK, ONTARIO      NY-22-39-555
DAY, ERASMUS W.              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-25-559
DAY, LEWIS                   WINFIELD                      NY-22-L-512
DAY, MARY A.                 SCHUYLER                      NY-22-35-41
DAY, PRISCILLA               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-33-640
DEAL, JOHN                   SEE: DIEHL, JOHN              NY-22-O-250
DEAN, MORRIS                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-157
DEARING, MARY J.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-35-98
DECAMP, JULIA L.             WILMURT                       NY-22-26-165
DECK, HENRY                  STARKS                        NY-22-E-340
DECK, NICHOLAS               STARK                         NY-22-K-61
DECKER, ALVIN                DANUBE                        NY-22-U-431
DECKER, EDWIN V.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-353
DECKER, MARY                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-225
DEDICKE, ERNEST C.           MIDDLEVILLE                   NY-22-39-538
DEDRICK, DAVID               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-E-260
DEFOREST, JOHN               HERKIMER                      NY-22-S-47
DEGARMO, AUSTIN F.           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-41-82
DEGARMO, SAMUEL P.           ILION                         NY-22-39-563
DEIMEL, JULIA WEBER          HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-53
DEITZ, ADAM                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-179
DELANOY, JOHN A.             WEBB                          NY-22-32-113
DELEVAN, CATHERINE           NORWAY                        NY-22-27-98
DELONG, ADALINE              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-637
DELONG, ALLEN                WARREN                        NY-22-N-211
DELONG, CHARLES              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-L-93
DELONG, CORNELIUS            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-J-172
DELONG, EFFIE                STARK                         NY-22-25-67
DELONG, JAMES                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-H-29
DELONG, LEROY R.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-219
DELTRY, SUSAN J.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-541
DEMPSTER, MARY A.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-172
DEMUTH, JOHN                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-224
DENGLER, JACOB FRIEDERICK    FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-O-428
DENISON, SALLY               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-J-352
DENK, JOSEPH                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Z-371
DENNISON, STANTON            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-H-201
DENTON, NATHANIEL            DANUBE                        NY-22-D-78
DEPEW, CAROLINE              DANUBE                        NY-22-40-45
DERTHICK, ARTHUSIA           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-289
DERTHICK, IRA                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-I-147
DERTHICK, JOHN L.            WARREN                        NY-22-R-291
DESPARD, MARY ANN            HERKIMER                      NY-22-F-338
DEUEL, MARY C.               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-281
DEVENDORF, ELIZABETH         HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-107
DEVENDORF, FLORENCE          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-180
DEVENDORF, LAURA C.          LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-28-689
DEVENDORF, LEWIS             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-X-239
DEVENDORF, MARY              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-493
DEVENPECK, CORNELIUS J.      HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-597
DEVENPECK, MARION H.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-307
DEVINE, CHARLES              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-69
DEVOE, DAVID D.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-15
DEVOE, JOHN                  WARREN                        NY-22-T-307
DEVOE, MATILDA               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-489
DEWEY, ALEXANDER             WINFIELD                      NY-22-U-307
DEWHURST, WILLIAM            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-V-516
DEXTER, LEVI                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-O-394
DEY, MATIDLA                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-405
DICKENS, CLARISSA L.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-677
DICKENS, LORENZO D.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-197
DICKENS, SARAH E.            NEWPORT                       NY-22-W-127
DICKER, WILLIAM              RUSSIA                        NY-22-U-143
DICKERMAN, ABEL C.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-363
DIEFENDORF, CATHARINE        DANUBE                        NY-22-Q-373
DIEFENDORF, DAVID            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-O-83
DIEFENDORF, EMORY J.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-173
DIEFENDORF, JACOB            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-27-439
DIEHL, JOHN                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-O-250
DIETZ, CHRISTINA             SALISBURY                     NY-22-37-465
DILLENBACH, MARY             DANUBE                        NY-22-T-243
DILLENBACK, JAOCB M.         DANUBE                        NY-22-P-387
DILLENBECK, LUCY             DANUBE                        NY-22-40-25
DINGLER, GOTTLIEB            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-613
DINGLER, JACOB F.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-471
DINGMAN, ALONZO C.           DANUBE                        NY-22-25-707
DINNEEN, JEREMIAH T.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-293
DINNEEN, JERRY               MANHEIM                       NY-22-S-574
DIX, CATHARINE E.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-267
DOCKEY, HENRY                MANHEIM                       NY-22-N-198
DOCKEY, JOHN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-355
DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK        HERKIMER                      NY-22-T-515
DOCKSTATER, MARIA J.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-394
DODGE, JOHN                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-E-34
DODGE, RUFUS                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-F-348
DODSON, JOHN                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-U-15
DOLING, CATHARINE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-508
DOLING, JOHN                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-299
DONAGHY, JANE                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-109
DONAHUE, CATHARINE           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Y-457
DONOHUE, MICHAEL             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-33-683
DONOVAN, CATHARINE           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-137
DONOVAN, CORNELIUS           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-21
DOOLITTLE, HARVEY W.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-J-359
DOOLITTLE, JOHN              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-D-380
DOOLITTLE, THOMPSON          LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-428
DORFLINGER, CATHERINE        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-545
DORFLINGER, ENOCH            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-409
DORITY, LUCY M.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-81
DORR, ADA M.                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-391
DORRELL, JOSEPH              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-28-41
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM H.        FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Z-223
DOUGLASS, ALLISON O.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-221
DOUGLASS, CORDELIA L.        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-497
DOWD, EDITH M.               WEBB                          NY-22-38-65
DOWD, JOHN                   FRANKFORT                     NY-22-S-378
DOWNEY, LIZZIE C.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-76
DOWNS, DORCAS                SCHUYLER                      NY-22-W-1
DOWNS, ISABELLA K.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-285
DOXLATER, ELIZABETH A.       HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-357
DOXTALER, JOHN N.            DANUBE                        NY-22-31-597
DOYLE, LUNA LEWIS            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-595
DOYLE, WILLIAM E.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-21
DRAPER, MARY ANN             HERKIMER                      NY-22-S-399
DRAPER, SAMUEL               HERKIMER                      NY-22-K-252
DRENNAN, ANN                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-585
DRESHER, KATIE               HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-417
DRESSER, BENJAMIN F.         NEWPORT                       NY-22-F-521
DRISCOLL, JOHN               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-253
DRUMMOND, MARIETT            MANHEIM                       NY-22-T-95
DRUMMOND, MARY H.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-149
DRURY, EBENEZER              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-B-151
DRUSE, SOPHRONIA P.          WARREN                        NY-22-32-277
DRYER, DOUGLAS               HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-1
DRYER, OLIVER                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-29
DUCKWORTH, JOHN              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-669
DUDDLESTON, JOHN N.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-557
DUDGEON, SARAH F.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-465
DUDLESTON, ADALINE           HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-537
DUESLER, JOHN                DANUBE                        NY-22-F-230
DUFFY, SABASTIAN             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-U-183
DUNBAR, CLARA M.             WEBB                          NY-22-40-193
DUNCKEL, PETER J.            MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-331
DUNCKEL, ROSE MAY            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-493
DUNHAM, MOSES                VERNON, ONEIDA, NY            NY-22-M-63
DUNN, ELIZA C.               NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-385
DUNN, HARRIET                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-131
DUNN, RICHARD                NEWPORT                       NY-22-Y-397
DUNN, RICHARD                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-393
DURKEE, MARY                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-481
DUTCHER, ALANSON             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-547
DUTCHER, FELIX               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-B-383
DUTTON, PUFFER               WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-342
DUTTON, WILLIAM M.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-97
DWYER, ANTHONY               MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-715
DYE, ABEL                    CEDARVILLE                    NY-22-U-379
DYGART, GEORGE               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-B-137
DYGERT, DANIEL               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-H-381
DYGERT, DANIEL               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-G-318
DYGERT, DENIS H.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-233
DYGERT, HENRY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-H-111
DYGERT, HENRY W.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-41-79
DYGERT, JAMES M.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-29-229
DYGERT, JOHN B.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-368
DYGERT, LOUISA               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-59
DYGERT, LUCINDA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-573
DYGERT, PETER                HERKIMER                      NY-22-M-253
DYGERT, RANDOLPH W.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-451
DYGERT, SARAH                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-V-556
DYGERT, SARAH E.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-26-61
DYGERT, WILLIAM P.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-D-225
DYGERT, WILLIAM W.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-I-58
DYKE, AMANDA                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-683
DYKE, RUFUS                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-543
DYKE, SYLVESTER              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Y-373

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