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HABELT, HENRY                MANHEIM                       NY-22-28-337
HABICH, WILLIAM DAVID        MANHEIM                       NY-22-Z-3
HACKLEY, A. HUBBARD          FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-289
HACKLEY, JENNIE E.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-38-329
HADCOCK, JOSEPH              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-161
HADCOCK, LARRY N.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-U-23
HADCOCK, MATILDA             NEWPORT                       NY-22-Z-227
HADLEY, JOHN                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-P-65
HADLEY, MARY ANN             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-25-395
HADLEY, MARY E.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-559
HADLEY, MARY E.              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-32-433
HADLEY, SARAH                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Z-575
HADLEY, WILLIAM              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-X-7
HADLEY, WILLIAM              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-O-414
HAGAN, HARRIET MAY           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-41-358
HAGGERTY, ALONZO B.          WINFIELD                      NY-22-Z-495
HAGGERTY, CHARLES            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-V-243
HAGGERTY, SARAH R.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-313
HAGUES, THOMAS               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-41-301
HAIGHT, GEORGE H.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-73
HAIGHT, PERCY L.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-304
HAILE, AMOS                  FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-22
HAIN, EWALD                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-41-190
HAINES, JOSEPH C.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-219
HAKES, JAMES                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-56
HAKES, JOHN P.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-85
HALBET, BARBARA              MANHEIM                       NY-22-31-221
HALE, BOGARDUS               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-U-407
HALE, GEORGE J.              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-538
HALES, NATHAN                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-523
HALEY, ELLEN GAYNOR          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-343
HALEY, HANORA                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-369
HALL, ALEXANDER              STARK                         NY-22-W-275
HALL, ALEXANDER              HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-543
HALL, ALEXANDER              STARK                         NY-22-W-275
HALL, CLARK                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-545
HALL, EMELINE                SALISBURY                     NY-22-V-560
HALL, HELEN S.               OHIO                          NY-22-Y-389
HALL, HORACE V.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-209
HALL, JOHN                   STARK                         NY-22-32-289
HALL, JOHN R.                STARK                         NY-22-V-308
HALL, JULIET E.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-27-62
HALL, MARTIN B.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-411
HALL, MEWGO P.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-R-11
HALL, OLIVER                 NORWAY                        NY-22-D-171
HALL, PAMELIA A.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-439
HALL, REBECCA A.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-32-93
HALL, ROBERT                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-G-206
HALL, ROBERT C.              STARK                         NY-22-26-657
HALL, SUSAN                  STARK                         NY-22-29-709
HALL, WARREN                 OHIO                          NY-22-32-173
HALL, ZENAS A.               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Q-333
HALLADAY, JOSIAH             RUSSIA                        NY-22-E-78
HALLADAY, SERENA             RUSSIA                        NY-22-R-527
HALLER, JOHN                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-69
HALLIDAY, REUBEN             NEWPORT                       NY-22-25-139
HALLINAN, PETER              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-17
HALPIN, JAMES H.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-37
HALWIG, LOUIS L.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-40-389
HAMLIN, CHARLES W.           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-28-69
HAMM, PAUL                   OHIO                          NY-22-Z-311
HAMMOND, MARY                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-353
HANAUER, LOUIS S.            RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-513
HANE, JOSEPH                 OHIO                          NY-22-P-363
HANE, PETER H.               RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-37
HANER, JACOB J.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Q-97
HANER, JEREMIAH              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-421
HANEY, SELDEN                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-I-124
HANLEY, MAGGIE               HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-262
HANMORE, JOHN                WARREN                        NY-22-U-295
HANN, ADAM                   STARK                         NY-22-K-350
HANN, JACOB                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-D-117
HANNAHS, ABEL                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-H-490
HARD, WALTER H.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-583
HARD, WILLIAM SR.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-501
HARDENDORF, WILLIAM          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-97
HARDER, JACOB                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-D-233
HARDER, SANFORD L.           DANUBE                        NY-22-34-545
HARDIMAN, CHARLES            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Q-129
HARDING, ANN                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-29-689
HARDING, JAMES               RUSSIA                        NY-22-U-195
HARRAD, DAVID                DANUBE                        NY-22-34-33
HARRAD, JOHN                 DANUBE                        NY-22-O-210
HARRAD, WILLIAM              STARK                         NY-22-34-525
HARRINGTON, BENJAMIN         GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-R-251
HARRINGTON, BENJAMIN         WINFIELD                      NY-22-I-121
HARRINGTON, ELIZA            HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-361
HARRINGTON, HARRIET E.       COLUMBIA                      NY-22-U-215
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM H.       GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-125
HARRIS, ANN S.               RUSSIA                        NY-22-Y-45
HARRIS, CALEB                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-N-285
HARRIS, JOSIAH               NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-609
HARRIS, MARY                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-P-279
HARRIS, SARAH JAMES          NORWAY                        NY-22-27-389
HARRIS, THOMAS               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-X-535
HARRIS, WILLIAM H.           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-25-487
HARRISON, ELISHA             STEUBEN                       NY-22-A-13
HARRISON, ELIZA              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-V-548
HARRISON, HORACE L.          LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-32-329
HARRISON, JOSIAH             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-N-96
HARRISON, MARY H.            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-28-597
HARRISON, STEPHEN            WINFIELD                      NY-22-25-571
HARROD, MARY A.              DANUBE                        NY-22-W-343
HART, HENRIETTA              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-249
HART, JERAMIAH               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-61
HARTER, AARON                HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-107
HARTER, ABIGAIL              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-263
HARTER, ABRAM                NEWPORT                       NY-22-L-599
HARTER, ADAM                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-F-331
HARTER, ADAM                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-320
HARTER, ANGIE K.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-9
HARTER, ANNA                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-303
HARTER, BENJAMIN             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-30-501
HARTER, CARL                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-38-133
HARTER, DAVID                HERKIMER                      NY-22-F-475
HARTER, ELIZABETH            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-T-155
HARTER, ELIZABETH B.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-25
HARTER, ELSIE                HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-443
HARTER, FREDERICK            HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-243
HARTER, GEORGE               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-285
HARTER, GEORGE               HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-163
HARTER, HARVEY E.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-9
HARTER, HENRY A.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-J-379
HARTER, ISAAC                HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-533
HARTER, JACOB                HERKIMER                      NY-22-E-284
HARTER, JACOB P.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-29-269
HARTER, JOHN                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-R-367
HARTER, JOHN                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-K-329
HARTER, LAWRENCE             WARREN                        NY-22-W-315
HARTER, LOUISA               HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-163
HARTER, MARGARET             HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-409
HARTER, MARINA               HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-268
HARTER, MARY ANN             HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-113
HARTER, MARY ANN             HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-561
HARTER, MARY ANN             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-291
HARTER, MICHAEL              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-O-220
HARTER, NICHOLAS             HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-303
HARTER, NORMAN J.            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-39-526
HARTER, PETER                HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-257
HARTER, PHILIP               HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-325
HARTER, PHILIP P.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-T-115
HARTER, SMITH C.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-565
HARTFORD, ANNIE D.           GERMAN FALLS                  NY-22-38-529
HARTFORD, WILLIAM            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-281
HARTMAN, DAVID               HERKIMER                      NY-22-X-123
HARTMAN, EBTSEY              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-49
HARTMAN, HARVEY              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-203
HARVEY, GEORGE H.            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-37-457
HARVEY, LEONARD              HAMPTON, WASHINGTON, NY       NY-22-P-458
HARVEY, ORA                  FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-163
HARVEY, ROBERT               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-F-537
HARWICK, CONRAD              STARK                         NY-22-M-276
HARWICK, DAVID               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-V-187
HARWICK, FELIX               RICHFIELD, OTSEGO, NY         NY-22-E-521
HARWICK, HARRIET H.          STARK                         NY-22-38-117
HARWICK, JACOB               STARKS                        NY-22-E-172
HARWICK, ORELIA              WARREN                        NY-22-29-393
HARWICK, ORION               WARREN                        NY-22-L-255
HARWICK, PHILIP              WARREN                        NY-22-Q-605
HARWOOD, JOHN                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-D-182
HARWOOD, NATHAN              WINFIELD                      NY-22-G-354
HASKELL, CLARISSA            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-338
HASKELL, DARIUS              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-181
HASKELL, HARRIET             NEWPORT                       NY-22-33-459
HASKINS, LEONARD G.          NEWPORT                       NY-22-41-364
HASKINS, MARIA PIERCE        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-502
HASKINS, NATHAN              MINDEN, MONTGOMERY, NY        NY-22-F-263
HASLEHURST, ALEXANDER W.     HERKIMER                      NY-22-31-305
HASLEHURST, IOLA BLANCHE     HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-445
HASSELKUSE, MARY A.          LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-28-5
HASSELKUSE, TAYLOR           LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Z-131
HASSETT, THOMAS J.           WINFIELD                      NY-22-41-229
HASTING, JOHN ADAM           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-X-191
HATFIELD, LYDIA              WINFIELD                      NY-22-W-431
HAUER, CATHARINE             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-431
HAUER, JEREMIAH L.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-T-519
HAUER, PHILIP                WARREN                        NY-22-T-531
HAUER, SARAH                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Y-401
HAUPT, ELIZABETH M.          DANUBE                        NY-22-T-463
HAUPT, LEWIS H.              DANUBE                        NY-22-R-543
HAVELING, SUSAN              NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-489
HAVILAND, MARY J.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-89
HAWKEDORN, HENRY             NTL                           NY-22-B-510
HAWKINS, CHRISTOPHER         NEWPORT                       NY-22-F-294
HAWKINS, CHRISTOPHER         RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-1
HAWKINS, FANNY               RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-113
HAWKINS, KEITH               NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-365
HAWKINS, LOUISA              HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-595
HAWKINS, RHODA               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-27-236
HAWKINS, SOPHIA              NEWPORT                       NY-22-Q-465
HAWKINS, STANDISH B.         NEWPORT                       NY-22-32-505
HAWKINS, STEPHEN H.          NEWPORT                       NY-22-M-1
HAWKINS, URIAH               NEWPORT                       NY-22-F-486
HAWKS, CLARISSA              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-591
HAWKS, EMILY                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-29-417
HAWKS, THOMAS                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-P-106
HAWN, DANIEL                 STARK                         NY-22-Y-437
HAWN, DAVID A.               STARK                         NY-22-T-435
HAWN, HENRY                  STARK                         NY-22-Z-279
HAWN, JOHN                   STARK                         NY-22-31-581
HAWN, SALLY                  STARK                         NY-22-Z-559
HAWN, SARAH                  STARK                         NY-22-26-649
HAWTHORN, JAMES              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-T-299
HAYDEN, AMANDA H.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-375
HAYES, CORNELIUS             ILION                         NY-22-39-515
HAYES, DANIEL                MANHEIM                       NY-22-L-154
HAYES, WILLIAM               WARREN                        NY-22-T-491
HAZLETON, AMY D.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-26-377
HAZLETON, SIDNEY             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Y-509
HEAD, HENRY B.               RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-245
HEAD, LYDIA B.               NEWPORT                       NY-22-R-55
HEATH, AI                    WARREN                        NY-22-30-717
HEATH, ERASTUS               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-25-583
HEATH, FREDERICK A.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-548
HEATH, HENRY                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-513
HEATH, HEZEKIAH              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-473
HEATH, JOHN H.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-160
HEATH, JOSEPH                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-47
HEATH, JOSEPH H.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-711
HEATH, LUCY H.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-61
HEATH, MARY D.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-349
HEILEHY, PATRICK S.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-167
HEINLEIN, MICHAEL J.         RUSSIA                        NY-22-38-341
HELLMACK, MARIANNA           HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-198
HELMER, CATHARINE            HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-396
HELMER, CATHARINE            WARREN                        NY-22-O-360
HELMER, CATHARINE            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-26-221
HELMER, CONRAD               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Q-557
HELMER, ELIZABETH            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-127
HELMER, ELIZABETH            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-107
HELMER, FANNY                WARREN                        NY-22-Q-53
HELMER, FREDERICK            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-465
HELMER, FREDERICK            NTL                           NY-22-B-520
HELMER, FREDRICK A.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-189
HELMER, HENRY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-409
HELMER, HENRY A.             WARREN                        NY-22-O-178
HELMER, JACOB                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-428
HELMER, LEONARD              MANHEIM                       NY-22-W-303
HELMER, LUTHER H.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-271
HELMER, NANCY                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-I-211
HELMER, NANCY N.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-31-229
HELMER, PETER C.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-K-191
HELMER, PHILIP               MANHEIM                       NY-22-28-733
HELMER, ROBERT               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-O-386
HELMER, SAMUEL               MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-627
HELMER, WILLIAM              HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-273
HELMER, WILLIAM N.           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-28-433
HEMPSTEAD, JEREMIAH          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-385
HEMSTREET, ELVIRA            RUSSIA                        NY-22-40-61
HEMSTREET, JOHN              NEWPORT                       NY-22-37-29
HEMSTREET, SARAH             RUSSIA                        NY-22-R-523
HENDERSON, DANIEL C.         NORWAY                        NY-22-L-314
HENDERSON, JOHN D.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-33
HENDRIX, ABIGAL              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-X-195
HENDRIX, ARAMINTA            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-425
HENDRIX, CATHARINE ELIZA     FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-O-160
HENDRIX, EUNICE              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-R-215
HENDRIX, JACOB               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-P-261
HENDRIX, JEROEM B.           FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-R-155
HENNINGS, DENNIS             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-190
HENSLER, FRANCIS JOSEPH      FRANKFORT                     NY-22-H-494
HERBERT, GRACE L.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-537
HERENDEEN, ELLEN             NEWPORT                       NY-22-V-63
HERENDEEN, JAMES             NEWPORT                       NY-22-K-29
HERFKENS, HENRY              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-29-125
HERKIMER, ALIDA              DANUBE                        NY-22-E-406
HERKIMER, JOHN               DANUBE                        NY-22-H-102
HERLEHY, ELLEN               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-183
HERMAN, HUBERT               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-381
HERPY, JOHN                  OHIO                          NY-22-V-3
HERRENSHAW, JAMES            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-377
HERTER, HENRY                WARREN                        NY-22-D-1
HERTER, LORENCE              HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-393
HERTHER, LORENTZ             HERKIMER                      NY-22-A-1
HERWICK, CONRAD              DANUBE                        NY-22-D-276
HESCOX, ALMA J.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-499
HESS, AUGUSTINUS             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-286
HESS, AUGUSTINUS             DANUBE                        NY-22-L-1
HESS, CATHERINE              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-565
HESS, CONRAD                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-H-184
HESS, DANIEL                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-477
HESS, DAVID C.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-H-151
HESS, FREDERICK              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-A-37
HESS, FREDERICK              RUSSIA                        NY-22-I-344
HESS, ISAAC                  DANUBE                        NY-22-25-411
HEUSTON, WILLIAM             STARK                         NY-22-G-97
HEWISON, CATHERINE M.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-69
HICKS, BENJAMIN              SPRINGFIELD, OTSEGO, NY       NY-22-E-398
HICKS, BENJAMIN              WARREN                        NY-22-F-107
HICKS, DELOS A.              WARREN                        NY-22-32-529
HICKS, ELIAS                 WARREN                        NY-22-W-35
HICKS, FLORENCE E.           HERKIMER                      NY-22-32-177
HICKS, GARADUS               RUSSIA                        NY-22-W-235
HICKS, GEORGE W.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-117
HICKS, ROBERT                SALISBURY                     NY-22-V-139
HICKS, THOMAS B.             WARREN                        NY-22-L-276
HIERHOLZER, ANNIE E.         ILION                         NY-22-37-329
HIGGINS, CATHERINE           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-197
HIGGINS, JOHN                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-143
HILDRETH, HERMAN             HERKIMER                      NY-22-S-555
HILDRETH, SHEALTIEL          SALISBURY                     NY-22-D-313
HILDRETH, THADDEUS           HERKIMER                      NY-22-O-350
HILLARD, JOHN                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-213
HILLS, GEORGE                HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-348
HILLS, NICHOLAS              HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-537
HILMER, CONRAD               HERKIMER                      NY-22-G-101
HILTON, JOHN                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-Z-451
HILTON, SARAH A.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-32-53
HILTS,                       SEE: KILTS
HILTS, GEORGE I.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-M-318
HILTS, HARRIET E.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-217
HILTS, JOHN I.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-76
HILTS, JOHN N.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-K-46
HILTS, KATHERINE             HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-37
HILTS, PETER C.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-185
HILTS, WILLIAM               HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-87
HINCHMAN, CHARLES            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-K-121
HINCHMAN, ROBERT             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-G-30
HINCHMAN, SARAH              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-267
HINCKLEY, GARDNER            RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-497
HINCKLEY, GARDNER            RUSSIA                        NY-22-G-154
HINCKLEY, SAMUEL             RUSSIA                        NY-22-Q-153
HINE, LEVET                  NORWAY                        NY-22-M-497
HINES, HEALY M.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-421
HINES, HOMER                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-605
HINES, MARSHALL              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-561
HITCHCOCK, ABBIE G.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-573
HITCHCOCK, ALBERT            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-368
HIZER, HENRY                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-Q-553
HOAR, SAMUEL                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-E-212
HOARD, GEORGE H.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-59
HOARD, JOHN                  FRANKFORT                     NY-22-E-64
HOARD, SAMUEL Z.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-R-87
HOARD, SUSAN T.              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-T-39
HODGE, AARON                 OHIO                          NY-22-40-561
HODGE, MARY J.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-32
HODGES, ALVIN                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-R-323
HOEFLER, ELIZABETH           ILION                         NY-22-39-435
HOEFLER, JOHN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-33-191
HOFFMAN, CHRISTINA           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-349
HOFFMAN, JANE                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-357
HOFFMAN, MAGDALENA           HERKIMER                      NY-22-K-248
HOFFMAN, MARGARET            HERKIMER                      NY-22-Y-481
HOFMANN, LEOPOLD E.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-141
HOKE, CORNELIA               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-345
HOKE, CORNELIUS              WARREN                        NY-22-R-387
HOKE, JOHN                   STARK                         NY-22-L-191
HOKE, JOHN                   DANUBE                        NY-22-C-19
HOKE, MELISSA                WARREN                        NY-22-41-442
HOLCOMB, ALBERN              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-F-342
HOLCOMB, MARGARET B.         NEWPORT                       NY-22-26-325
HOLCOMB, PHINEAS             WARREN                        NY-22-B-389
HOLDREDGE, CHARLES E.        FRANKFORT                     NY-22-P-238
HOLDRIDGE, ELON G.           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-37-217
HOLLAND, MARGARET            HERKIMER                      NY-22-U-531
HOLLENBECK, JACOB            STARK                         NY-22-Z-515
HOLLIDAY, CATHARINE          NEWPORT                       NY-22-30-133
HOLLIDAY, REUBEN M.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-U-455
HOLLISTER, ANSON             HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-6
HOLMAN, PETER                HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-368
HOLMES, ELIJAH               WINFIELD                      NY-22-K-107
HOLMES, ISAAC                WARREN                        NY-22-G-365
HOLMES, LOUISE W.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-195
HOLMES, LYDIA A.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-381
HOLMES, NANCY                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-493
HOLMES, ORANGE               WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-417
HOLMES, SARAH                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-M-490
HOLSHOWER, CHRISTIAN         SCHUYLER                      NY-22-T-195
HOOLEY, HELEN T.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-329
HOOVER, CATHERINE E.         HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-417
HOOVER, HENRY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-142
HOOVER, JACOB                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-H-316
HOOVER, JACOB                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-K-4
HOOVER, JOHN                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-Q-421
HOOVER, POLLY                MANHEIM                       NY-22-N-125
HOOVER, WILLIAM              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-J-164
HOPKINS, DEWEY               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Z-107
HOPKINS, ELISHA W.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-X-383
HOPKINSON, CATHARINE         COLUMBIA                      NY-22-V-460
HOPKINSON, JAMES             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-30-629
HOPKINSON, JAMES A.          WARREN                        NY-22-34-465
HOPKINSON, JOHN              WARREN                        NY-22-X-35
HOPKINSON, MARY              WARREN                        NY-22-27-544
HOPKINSON, WILLIAM           WARREN                        NY-22-25-639
HOPSON, CORNELIUS D.         SALISBURY                     NY-22-M-481
HOPSON, EDWIN R.             MANHEIM                       NY-22-26-729
HOPSON, JAMES                SALISBURY                     NY-22-O-92
HOPSON, JAMES 2ND            SALISBURY                     NY-22-L-372
HOPSON, VOLNEY               MANHEIM                       NY-22-30-65
HOPSON, WILLIAM A.           SALISBURY                     NY-22-M-234
HORAN, HENRY                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-53
HORROCKS, SARAH              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-77
HORROCKS, WILLIAM            HERKIMER                      NY-22-35-667
HORSLEY, WILLIAM             HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-489
HOSCH, JOHN F.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-U-387
HOSE, HENRY                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-E-311
HOSFORD, ADELINE             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-R-139
HOSFORD, SEWARD              CEDARVILLE                    NY-22-41-403
HOSFORD, TIRZAH              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-L-540
HOSFORD, WILLIAM             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-W-239
HOSFORD, WILLIAM             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-J-365
HOTALING, HATTIE M.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-506
HOTALING, REUBEN             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-329
HOTALING, THADDEUS C. S.     GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-137
HOTALING, W. HARVEY          MANHEIM                       NY-22-37-89
HOUGHTAILING, JOHN           NEWPORT                       NY-22-M-365
HOUGHTALING, JOHN            NEWPORT                       NY-22-P-173
HOUGHTON, BYRON K.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Y-25
HOUGHTON, CHARLES            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-N-292
HOUGHTON, EMMA G.            DOLGEVILLE                    NY-22-39-306
HOUGHTON, GUILFORD N.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-196
HOUGHTON, JENNIE E.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-157
HOUGHTON, JONATHAN G.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-K-232
HOUGHTON, SARAH K.           LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-117
HOUGHTON, WILLIAM B.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-S-51
HOUPT, HENRY                 DANUBE                        NY-22-O-419
HOUSE, BETSEY                WARREN                        NY-22-O-402
HOUSE, CATHARINE             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-T-331
HOUSE, CONRAD                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-T-279
HOUSE, CONRAD N.             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-T-347
HOUSE, CORNELIUS             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-R-219
HOUSE, DAVID                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Z-523
HOUSE, DELOSS                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-37-65
HOUSE, GAYLORD               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-26-5
HOUSE, HENRY                 WARREN                        NY-22-O-28
HOUSE, HENRY J.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-29
HOUSE, JACOB                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-284
HOUSE, JEREMIAH              WARREN                        NY-22-28-269
HOUSE, JOHN                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-J-230
HOUSE, JOHN C.               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-25-149
HOUSE, LUCY D.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-233
HOUSE, MARY                  COLUMBIA                      NY-22-R-203
HOUSE, MARY ANN              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-L-534
HOUSE, MARY J.               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-41-550
HOUSE, NICHOLAS              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-P-340
HOUSE, NICHOLAS              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-E-71
HOUSE, REGINA                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-37-405
HOUSE, SARAH                 WARREN                        NY-22-38-473
HOUSE, SUSANNAH              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-T-535
HOWARD, WILLIAM (REV.)       HERKIMER                      NY-22-S-147
HOWARD, WILLIAM S.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-30-409
HOWE, CADY                   NEWPORT                       NY-22-J-182
HOWE, FENTON                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-28-437
HOWE, MILTON                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-38-545
HOWELL, D. W.                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-133
HOWLAND, ASA Y.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-Z-15
HOXIE, PAYN                  NEWPORT                       NY-22-M-315
HOXSIE, GEORGE T.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-30-585
HOYER, GEORGE                WARREN                        NY-22-R-551
HOYER, GEORGE FREDERICK      WARREN                        NY-22-B-449
HOYER, PETER                 WARREN                        NY-22-H-405
HOYT, MATTHEW LARUE          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-58
HUARTSON, MARGARET           DANUBE                        NY-22-V-388
HUBBARD, MERRICK             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-35-229
HUBBARD, SOLON               RUSSIA                        NY-22-T-351
HUBBELL, NATHANIEL           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-445
HUDDLESTON, ELISHA P. D.     FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-32-393
HUDSON, BARNHARDT            HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-305
HUDSON, DANIEL B.            LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-34-49
HUDSON, MARTHA O.            CEDARVILLE                    NY-22-41-35
HUGHES, AMELIA               HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-297
HUGHES, EZEKIEL H.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-345
HUGHES, HUGH J.              MOHAWK                        NY-22-41-124
HUGHES, HUMPHREY L.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-45
HUGHES, MARTHA A.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-37-369
HUGHES, ROXANNA              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Z-635
HULBERT, LUCY                WARREN                        NY-22-T-59
HULBURT, CALVIN              WARREN                        NY-22-T-55
HULBURT, GEORGE              WARREN                        NY-22-K-164
HULL, EMELINE N.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-V-239
HULSER, LOUISA               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-575
HUMANN, JACOB P.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-453
HUMPHREVILLE, DAVID          HERKIMER                      NY-22-O-384
HUMPHREY, EDWARD             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-341
HUMPHREY, JAY W.             COLUMBIA                      NY-22-32-169
HUMPHREY, MARTIN             NTL                           NY-22-B-501
HUMPHREY, NANCY BURRELL      LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-421
HUNGERFORD, DANIEL           FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-33
HUNT, DANIEL                 NTL                           NY-22-B-199
HUNT, JANE                   GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-79
HUNT, MARY                   FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-293
HUNT, MARY                   LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-353
HUNT, THEODORE E.            LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-249
HUNTING, WILLIAM M.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-30-673
HUNTLEY, EUGENE P.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-41-328
HUNTLEY, JAMES C.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-T-227
HUNTLEY, LESTER              WINFIELD                      NY-22-L-213
HUNTLEY, MARY JANETTE        FRANKFORT                     NY-22-38-45
HURD, AUGUSTUS W.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Q-353
HURD, ELLEN L.               NORWAY                        NY-22-38-145
HURD, O. FRED                NORWAY                        NY-22-31-381
HURLBERT, LAURA              WARREN                        NY-22-V-484
HURLBUT, ALICE A.            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-130
HURLBUT, HARRIET O.          NEWPORT                       NY-22-O-442
HURLEY, EDWARD               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-221
HUSTES, DAVID                WARREN                        NY-22-B-505
HUTCHINS, IVORY              SALISBURY                     NY-22-40-161
HUTCHINSON, JANE A.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-27-90
HUTTIG, CHARLES H.           ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-22-39-367
HUYCK, HIRAM E.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-40-325
HUYCK, MARIA                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Z-267
HUYCK, WILLIAM               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-197
HUYCK, WILLIAM               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-Y-229
HYDE, ALIA B.                DANUBE                        NY-22-29-241
HYDE, CHAUNCEY W.            WARREN                        NY-22-28-149
HYDE, MARY R.                WARREN                        NY-22-25-719
HYER, THOMAS                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-492
IBLE, EVE ANN                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-533
IETELE, JOHN                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-N-195
INGALLS, JOHN W.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-543
INGALLS, MARY A.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-557
INGERSOLL, JOHN              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-316
INGERSOLL, JOHN              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-J-139
INGERSOLL, JOHN D.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-W-155
INGERSOLL, JOHN P.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-28-393
INGHAM, CATHEIRNE M.         LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-113
INGHAM, CHARLE SB.           SCHUYLER                      NY-22-U-539
INGHAM, DAVID                MANHEIM                       NY-22-P-517
INGHAM, HAMILTON H.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-540
INGHAM, HARVEY               OPPENHEIM, FULTON, NY         NY-22-S-44
INGHAM, HELEN C.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-40-213
INGHAM, HORACE G.            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-31-125
INGHAM, MARIA R.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-233
INGHAM, SILAS A.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-391
INGHAM, WILLARD A.           NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-277
INGHAM, WILLIAM              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Z-211
IRONS, ELIZABETH J.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-238
IRVING, ROBERT               JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-22-33-333
ISELMAN, JOHANNES            HERKIMER                      NY-22-E-67
ISEMAN, MOSES                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-T-475
ISERMAN, JACOB               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-D-33
ISHAM, EDWARD T.             CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-22-27-522
ISHAM, KATHERINE S.          CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-22-39-203
ISHAM, RALPH N.              CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-22-39-194
ITTIG, MICHAEL               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-B-99
IVES, ALVAH                  NORWAY                        NY-22-G-261
IVES, AMOS                   NORWAY                        NY-22-U-327
IVES, AMOS JR                NORWAY                        NY-22-F-85
IVES, CHAUNCEY               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Z-603
IVES, ELMER C.               NORWAY                        NY-22-38-281
IVES, EVA A.                 NORWAY                        NY-22-34-441
IVES, JASON S.               NORWAY                        NY-22-W-439
IVES, JOHN                   SALISBURY                     NY-22-Z-215
IVES, NANCY                  SALISBURY                     NY-22-25-439
IVES, ORIN                   SALISBURY                     NY-22-G-447
IVES, RUTHERN                SALISBURY                     NY-22-R-187
IVES, SARAH M.               SALISBURY                     NY-22-W-91
IVES, SIMEON                 NORWAY                        NY-22-M-397
IVES, TRUMAN                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-T-419
JACKSON, ALICE A.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-27-460
JACKSON, ANGELINE B.         NORWAY                        NY-22-30-1
JACKSON, ELIJAH              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-Q-453
JACKSON, JACOB               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-Q-237
JACKSON, JAMES               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-437
JACKSON, JAMES W.            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-28-569
JACKSON, SARAH               WARREN                        NY-22-U-523
JACOBSON, HARRIET            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-26-237
JACOBSON, HENRY              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-553
JACOBSON, MARIETTA M.        GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-89
JACOBSON, SAMUEL H.          WARREN                        NY-22-30-609
JAMES, HENRY                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-253
JAMES, WILLIAM               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-J-392
JARVIS, DAVID P.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-39-478
JARVIS, JAMES                RUSSIA                        NY-22-32-577
JARVIS, LUCIA M.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-40-529
JAWOROSKI, ANNA              HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-497
JEFFERS, MIRA L.             HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-324
JEFFERS, PETER               RUSSIA                        NY-22-26-437
JENKINS, JOHN                NEWPORT                       NY-22-I-573
JENNINGS, HENRY D.           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-377
JENNINGS, JESSE              SALISBURY                     NY-22-R-211
JENNINGS, THOMAS             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-35-106
JENNINGS, WILLIAM            MANHEIM                       NY-22-40-165
JENNINGS, WILLIAM C.         FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-M-328
JEPSON, JULIA E.             ILION                         NY-22-41-469
JOERISSEN, FREDERICK         ILION                         NY-22-41-148
JOHNSoN, SILAS F.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-T-439
JOHNSON, ALEXIS L.           SCHUYLER                      NY-22-32-361
JOHNSON, ALMIRA A.           SCHUYLER                      NY-22-25-419
JOHNSON, ANN                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-28-181
JOHNSON, BELCHER             SALISBURY                     NY-22-F-267
JOHNSON, CALVIN              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-F-583
JOHNSON, CATHARINE           GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-189
JOHNSON, CEPHAS              HERKIMER                      NY-22-P-236
JOHNSON, CHARLES             NORWAY                        NY-22-Q-65
JOHNSON, CHRISTINA           DANUBE                        NY-22-25-679
JOHNSON, DAVID               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-X-251
JOHNSON, FREDERICK O.        RUSSIA                        NY-22-37-49
JOHNSON, HORACE              RUSSIA                        NY-22-M-391
JOHNSON, IDA E.              ILION                         NY-22-39-41
JOHNSON, J. FREDERICK        LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-32-425
JOHNSON, JAMES D.            ILION                         NY-22-32-365
JOHNSON, JOSIAH              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-M-104
JOHNSON, LUTHER              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-G-112
JOHNSON, LYSANDER            SALISBURY                     NY-22-25-327
JOHNSON, MARY J. A.          HERKIMER                      NY-22-W-75
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS            NORWAY                        NY-22-E-114
JOHNSON, RUSSELL             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-L-72
JOHNSON, RUTH ANN            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-34-125
JOHNSON, SAMUEL              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-25-135
JOHNSON, SOPHIA              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Q-537
JOHNSON, STEPHEN B.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-X-179
JOHNSON, THOMAS              RUSSIA                        NY-22-I-565
JOHNSON, WILLIAM B.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-77
JONES, ANNA SHARP            HERKIMER                      NY-22-34-201
JONES, BETSEY                STARK                         NY-22-32-533
JONES, CARRIE M.             RUSSIA                        NY-22-40-533
JONES, CATHARINE             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-25-255
JONES, CATHARINE             DANUBE                        NY-22-Z-95
JONES, CHARLOTTE L.          GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-30-393
JONES, DAVID                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-X-131
JONES, DENISON S.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-38-189
JONES, FRANCIS               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-G-462
JONES, HATTIE A.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-41-325
JONES, HORACE                COLUMBIA                      NY-22-M-400
JONES, HUGH D.               NEWPORT                       NY-22-39-532
JONES, HUGH E.               WINFIELD                      NY-22-V-267
JONES, JOHN                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-209
JONES, JOHN W.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-577
JONES, LEWIS                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-V-51
JONES, LEWIS B.              HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-241
JONES, LILLIAN M.            GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-34-425
JONES, MARGARET              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-573
JONES, MARIA C.              NEWPORT                       NY-22-Z-551
JONES, MARVIN A.             DANUBE                        NY-22-41-334
JONES, MARY J.               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-38-225
JONES, MELINDA               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-28-377
JONES, MELISSA               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-575
JONES, NATHANIEL D.          RUSSIA                        NY-22-29-453
JONES, PHILIP                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-W-63
JONES, RICHARD               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-517
JONES, RICHARD               DANUBE                        NY-22-E-178
JONES, RICHARD               SCHUYLER                      NY-22-D-377
JONES, SARAH N.              RUSSIA                        NY-22-26-285
JONES, SMITH                 DANUBE                        NY-22-J-418
JONES, THOMAS G.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-T-339
JONES, THOMAS T.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-H-353
JONES, WILLIAM               DANUBE                        NY-22-L-125
JONES, WINSLOW               DANUBE                        NY-22-P-354
JORDAN, ABRAM                STARK                         NY-22-26-545
JOSLIN, ANDREW               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-F-532
JOSLIN, CHRISTOPHER          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-161
JOSLIN, GAYLORD              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-N-339
JOSLIN, HIRAM                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-U-187
JOSLIN, JOHN                 FRANKFORD                     NY-22-B-228
JOSLIN, ROBERT               FRANKFORT                     NY-22-C-73
JOSLIN, SANFORD              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-U-171
JOSLIN, SARAH A.             FRANKFORT                     NY-22-39-359
JOSLIN, SYLVESTER            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-C-1
JOSLYN, DELOSS R.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-30-533
JOSLYN, GEORGE N.            WINFIELD                      NY-22-39-396
JOSLYN, HENRY W.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-Z-203
JOUBIN, ELLA JANE            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-41-310
JOY, HENRY L.                GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-37-41
JOYCE, JAMES                 DANUBE                        NY-22-H-484
JUDD, ENOCH                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-L-5
KAMBEITZ, LOUISE             HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-293
KAMERER, EDWARD              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-121
KANALY, BRIDGET              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-83
KANE, HANNAH                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-25-659
KANE, LELAND L.              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-26-305
KANE, PHILIP                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-E-108
KANE, REUBEN                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-U-395
KAPLE, JACOB H.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-117
KAPP, ADOLF                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-37-437
KARL, ADAM                   HERKIMER                      NY-22-41-568
KAST, JOSEPH                 GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-31-69
KAST, THOMAS                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-U-227
KAST, WILLIAM                HERKIMER                      NY-22-U-323
KATHERN, ALMIRA              HERKIMER                      NY-22-L-194
KAY, CYRUS                   HERKIMER                      NY-22-28-233
KAY, MARGARET                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-Z-675
KAY, SARAH S.                HERKIMER                      NY-22-33-168
KAY, WILLIAM                 LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-N-243
KAYNER, MARTIN               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-38-205
KAYNOR, CATHERINE            COLUMBIA                      NY-22-38-401
KEACH, ROBINSON              RUSSIA                        NY-22-O-47
KEARNS, MARGARET             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-31-29
KECK, ANDREW                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-41-118
KEEFE, JAMES                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-39-280
KEEPLER, REGINA              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-T-211
KEISER, MARY H.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-41-562
KEITH, MATTHEW               WINFIELD                      NY-22-L-49
KEITH, STEPHEN               NEWPORT                       NY-22-L-301
KELLER, ABRAM                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-X-31
KELLER, ADAM                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-H-195
KELLER, AMOS                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-33-243
KELLER, FREDERICK            DANUBE                        NY-22-26-625
KELLER, GEORGE H.            MANHEIM                       NY-22-41-559
KELLER, HENRY J.             MANHEIM                       NY-22-F-315
KELLER, ISRAEL               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-137
KELLER, JACOB                STARK                         NY-22-F-529
KELLER, JACOB                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-F-574
KELLER, JACOB J.             MANHEIM                       NY-22-G-143
KELLER, JOHN                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-402
KELLER, MARY                 RUSSIA                        NY-22-38-213
KELLER, PETER                MANHEIM                       NY-22-T-87
KELLER, SOLOMON              FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-U-271
KELLEY, BRIDGET M.           NEWPORT                       NY-22-Y-545
KELLEY, JANE                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-87
KELLEY, PATRICK              MANHEIM                       NY-22-25-355
KELLEY, ROSA                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-123
KELLOGG, SOLOMON             PARIS                         NY-22-A-32
KELLY, ANNA                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-38-21
KELLY, ELLEN                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-213
KELLY, JAMES                 COLUMBIA                      NY-22-25-691
KELLY, JOHN                  LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-389
KELLY, JOHN                  RICHFIELD, OTSEGO, NY         NY-22-33-585
KELLY, KATE M.               STARK                         NY-22-32-253
KELLY, MARY J.               HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-345
KELLY, MICHAEL               WINFIELD                      NY-22-30-369
KELLY, THOMAS SR.            HERKIMER                      NY-22-39-324
KELLY, WILLIAM               STARK                         NY-22-O-1
KELMER, ISAAC                HERKIMER                      NY-22-Z-487
KELSEY, ALMA L.              NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-157
KELSEY, JOHN                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-E-299
KENADY, CAROLINE S.          NORWAY                        NY-22-T-231
KENDRICK, MILES              WINFIELD                      NY-22-26-365
KENEALY, MARY                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-32-65
KENNIE, SELAH H.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-V-428
KENYON, ALICE                FRANKFORT                     NY-22-40-337
KENYON, GEORGE A.            FRANKFORT                     NY-22-26-1
KENYON, JAMES P.             NEWPORT                       NY-22-29-373
KENYON, MARY E.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-39-550
KENYON, MAXON L.             LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-R-395
KENYON, SHEFFIELD            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-L-241
KENYON, VARNUM S.            FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-P-416
KEOUGH, TIMOTHY              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-26-393
KERR, RACHEL                 HERKIMER                      NY-22-25-175
KERR, ROBERT                 FRANKFORT                     NY-22-31-377
KERSHAW, ELIZABETH A.        STARK                         NY-22-Y-205
KERSHAW, ELIZABETH A.        STARK                         NY-22-Q-45
KERSHAW, JAMES B.            STARK                         NY-22-Z-63
KERSHAW, JOHN                HERKIMER                      NY-22-30-417
KERSHAW, SUSAN               HERKIMER                      NY-22-38-293
KETCHAM, ELIZA               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-P-389
KEYS, EBER                   RUSSIA                        NY-22-D-66
KEYSER, BARENT               MANHEIM                       NY-22-F-327
KEYSER, JACOB                MANHEIM                       NY-22-L-383
KEYSOR, PETER B.             MANHEIM                       NY-22-O-264
KIBBE, ELDAD                 SALISBURY                     NY-22-K-338
KIBBE, HARVEY P.             SALISBURY                     NY-22-26-425
KIBBE, WILLIAM H.            SALISBURY                     NY-22-29-293
KIBBIE, GEORGE H.            MANHEIM                       NY-22-34-297
KIBBIE, ISAAC S.             SALISBURY                     NY-22-O-458
KIBBS, DELOS L.              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-Y-469
KIETH, STEPHEN               NEWPORT                       NY-22-B-132
KILLEEN, MICHAEL             MANHEIM                       NY-22-29-357
KILLER, HENRY                HERKIMER                      NY-22-B-256
KILLIAN, VALENTINE           SALISBURY                     NY-22-29-221
KILTS,                       SEE: HILTS
KILTS, ADAM                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-D-206
KILTS, JOHN                  HERKIMER                      NY-22-C-79
KILTS, LEWIS                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-M-131
KILTS, MARY                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-M-127
KILTS, PETER                 FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-W-363
KILTS, PETER                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-D-14
KILTS, SUSAN                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-41
KILTS, WILLIAM               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-K-510
KING, AMY                    RUSSIA                        NY-22-Z-251
KING, ANGELINE               LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-V-19
KING, DAVID T.               SALISBURY                     NY-22-Y-245
KING, MALVINA A.             FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-37-417
KING, PERSIS                 WINFIELD                      NY-22-Y-597
KING, SOPHIA                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-283
KING, WILLIAM J.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-32-185
KINGSBURY, ROMALDA A.        LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-49
KINGSLEY, JAMES              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-35-127
KINGSLEY, JAMES              FRANKFORT                     NY-22-K-475
KINGSLEY, PHILIP J.          FRANKFORT                     NY-22-L-572
KINGSLY, AARON               MANHEIM                       NY-22-E-502
KINGSTON, SIDNEY D.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-417
KINNE, EMMA A.               GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-39-56
KINNE, THOMAS                LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-K-381
KINNER, GERSHAM S.           COLUMBIA                      NY-22-D-131
KINNEY, MARGARET             HERKIMER                      NY-22-26-597
KINNYON, PELEG               FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-27
KINTER, JOHN                 STARK                         NY-22-P-162
KINTER, RICHARD              STARK                         NY-22-K-168
KIRBY, RICHARD               HERKIMER                      NY-22-R-435
KIRBY, WILLIAM               HERKIMER                      NY-22-40-377
KLEIN, MARY                  GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-40-173
KLINE, MICHAEL H.            WEBB                          NY-22-32-157
KLING, ELLEN A.              GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-33-351
KLIPPLE, GEORGE              LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-V-67
KLOCK, ADAM                  MANHEIM                       NY-22-D-193
KLOCK, AUGUSTUS              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-40-249
KLOCK, BARBARA               DANUBE                        NY-22-29-93
KLOCK, BARBARY               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-348
KLOCK, BYRON A.              DANUBE                        NY-22-41-451
KLOCK, DANIEL                MANHEIM                       NY-22-T-375
KLOCK, DAVID                 DANUBE                        NY-22-W-551
KLOCK, ELIAS                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-25-671
KLOCK, ELIZABETH A.          LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-U-535
KLOCK, IRVING                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-45
KLOCK, LUCY ANN              SCHUYLER                      NY-22-31-209
KLOCK, MARGARET              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-27-166
KLOCK, MARGARET              DANUBE                        NY-22-30-277
KLOCK, MARY C.               LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-29-261
KLOCK, PETER                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-Q-225
KLOCK, PETER P.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-O-308
KLOCK, PHILIP                DANUBE                        NY-22-E-151
KLOCK, POLLY                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-39-80
KLOCK, REUBEN                DANUBE                        NY-22-28-73
KLOCK, SAREPTA               SALISBURY                     NY-22-N-60
KLOCK, SILAS                 LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-V-179
KLOCK, WILLIAM H.            SALISBURY                     NY-22-N-58
KNAPP, CYNTHIA E.            MOHAWK                        NY-22-K-276
KNAPP, ELIJAH                FAIRFIELD                     NY-22-B-481
KNAPP, HORACE H.             SCHUYLER                      NY-22-X-315
KNAPP, WILLIAM K.            SCHUYLER                      NY-22-M-446
KNEASKERN, JOHN B.           RUSSIA                        NY-22-X-375
KNIGHT, DANIEL               COLUMBIA                      NY-22-R-475
KNIGHT, HENRY G.             LITCHFIELD                    NY-22-S-504
KNIGHT, JOSEPH               NEWPORT                       NY-22-I-350
KNIGHT, JULIA A.             WINFIELD                      NY-22-W-419
KNIGHT, LEVI S.              WINFIELD                      NY-22-O-465
KNIGHT, LUCY                 NEWPORT                       NY-22-25-243
KNIGHT, SURVIAH              COLUMBIA                      NY-22-U-439
KNOUTS, JOHN JACOB           STARK                         NY-22-F-15
KOHLER, MARY M.              LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-34-477
KOHLER, PHILLIP              RUSSIA                        NY-22-X-55
KOHLHAMMER, ANTHONY          HERKIMER                      NY-22-D-350
KOSBOCH, JOHN                DANUBE                        NY-22-E-21
KOSBOTH, JOHN                DANUBE                        NY-22-D-323
KRICK, JOHN                  SCHUYLER                      NY-22-31-317
KRING, MARY                  SALISBURY                     NY-22-V-135
KRITLEY, ANNA B.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-38-301
KRITLEY, JOHN B.             GERMAN FLATTS                 NY-22-Z-567
KRUM, JARNETT                LITTLE FALLS                  NY-22-37-269
KRUM, WILLIAM H.             STARK                         NY-22-O-60
KYSER, JACOB                 MANHEIM                       NY-22-33-479
KYSOR, JOHN D.               MANHEIM                       NY-22-V-468

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