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PADDOCK, CHARLES M.                     NY-22-31-473
PADDOCK, EDGAR V.                       NY-22-38-333
PADDOCK, SAMUEL                         NY-22-U-399
PAGE, SAMUEL                            NY-22-25-27
PAGE, SAMUEL C.                         NY-22-B-416
PAINE, ANN E.                           NY-22-34-357
PAINE, CHESTER                          NY-22-I-131
PAINE, DEWITT C.                        NY-22-X-87
PAINE, MARTHA E.                        NY-22-35-162
PALMER, ADELAIDE E.                     NY-22-26-301
PALMER, BELA                            NY-22-Q-405
PALMER, BETHEL                          NY-22-M-142
PALMER, CHESTER W.                      NY-22-R-479
PALMER, CONRAD                          NY-22-A-70
PALMER, CORNELIUS                       NY-22-Z-307
PALMER, ELIAS                           NY-22-Z-439
PALMER, JOHN A.                         NY-22-P-95
PALMER, JOSEPH                          NY-22-34-277
PALMER, MARCUS A.                       NY-22-X-419
PALMER, MARY C.                         NY-22-29-201
PALMER, SAMUEL J.                       NY-22-M-287
PALMER, STUTELY                         NY-22-E-294
PALMER, VOSE                            NY-22-P-293
PALMER, WILLIAM                         NY-22-O-431
PARDEE, EBENEZER                        NY-22-I-526
PARDEE, LYDIA                           NY-22-P-203
PARKER, ARCHIBALD                       NY-22-W-255
PARKER, ARCHIBALD                       NY-22-E-242
PARKER, GEORGE                          NY-22-O-38
PARKER, SARAH                           NY-22-J-106
PARKES, EUGENIA                         NY-22-V-151
PARKHURST, MARY J.                      NY-22-P-333
PARKINSON, JOHN                         NY-22-29-589
PARKS, LOUISE F.                        NY-22-39-485
PARRY, EVAN                             NY-22-30-437
PARRY, SOPHRONIA                        NY-22-29-437
PASSAGE, GEORGE                         NY-22-I-567
PASSAGE, GEORGE E.                      NY-22-38-61
PATRICK, BRAITHWAITE                    NY-22-33-72
PATTRIDGE, LEWIS                        NY-22-A-53
PAUL, DOROTHEA                          NY-22-31-253
PAUL, JENNIE                            NY-22-30-25
PAUL, JOSHUA                            NY-22-O-404
PAUL, MARY M.                           NY-22-26-533
PAULY, HENRY                            NY-22-32-481
PAWLEY, MARY                            NY-22-37-301
PAYN, SETH                              NY-22-B-261
PAYNE, DANIEL W.                        NY-22-35-251
PAYNE, HELEN                            NY-22-41-91
PAYNE, LEWIS C.                         NY-22-K-93
PAYNE, RACHEL                           NY-22-Q-445
PEAK, ELIJAH                            NY-22-L-131
PEARCE, EZRA                            NY-22-D-384
PEARCE, JEREMIAH                        NY-22-F-72
PEARCE, OTIS                            NY-22-Q-621
PEARL, MYRON S.                         NY-22-Y-253
PEARL, PRICILLA E.                      NY-22-37-225
PECK, ISAAC                             NY-22-G-1
PECK, MARTHA                            NY-22-K-152
PECK, PHINEAS                           NY-22-B-185
PECK, SAMUEL                            NY-22-K-85
PECK, WILLIAM                           NY-22-28-453
PEIRCE, ACHSA                           NY-22-K-118
PELTON, BRACE                           NY-22-J-439
PELTON, EDMUND H.                       NY-22-Q-273
PENNEL, ABRAM                           NY-22-E-525
PENNEL, EBENEZER                        NY-22-E-106
PENNELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-J-56
PENNER, ALFRED                          NY-22-31-129
PENOYER, MARCUS L.                      NY-22-S-322
PENTTENGILL, JULIA B.                   NY-22-39-299
PEPPER, CHARLES J.                      NY-22-31-41
PERKES, EMILY                           NY-22-39-423
PERKINS, CORNELIA A.                    NY-22-31-333
PERKINS, JAMES N.                       NY-22-38-157
PERKINS, JOSEPH                         NY-22-T-487
PERKINS, LYDIA M.                       NY-22-26-701
PERKINS, REBECCA R.                     NY-22-S-310
PERKINS, RUSSELL                        NY-22-S-466
PERRIGO, MARY D.                        NY-22-30-177
PERRIGO, VAN EPPS                       NY-22-41-466
PERRINE, ADOLPHUS                       NY-22-38-521
PERRY, CHARLES B.                       NY-22-41-199
PERRY, HANNAH                           NY-22-41-220
PERRY, HARRIET                          NY-22-25-375
PERRY, JANE C.                          NY-22-Q-289
PERRY, JANE V.                          NY-22-U-391
PERRY, LANEY E.                         NY-22-38-325
PERRY, LUCENA H.                        NY-22-32-345
PERRY, OLIVER H.                        NY-22-30-441
PERRY, SALLY ANN                        NY-22-X-75
PERRY, STUART                           NY-22-Y-429
PERRY, THOMAS                           NY-22-G-148
PETERS, JESSE                           NY-22-N-85
PETREE, CATHARINE                       NY-22-F-217
PETRI, DANIEL                           NY-22-A-16
PETRIE, ADAM                            NY-22-I-52
PETRIE, BENJAMIN M.                     NY-22-I-546
PETRIE, DAVID                           NY-22-P-67
PETRIE, DAVID                           NY-22-L-215
PETRIE, ELIZABETH                       NY-22-J-92
PETRIE, FREDERICK                       NY-22-I-207
PETRIE, GEORGE                          NY-22-F-439
PETRIE, JEROME                          NY-22-29-21
PETRIE, JOHN                            NY-22-D-200
PETRIE, JOHN C.                         NY-22-R-407
PETRIE, JOHN D.                         NY-22-G-292
PETRIE, JOHN M.                         NY-22-25-259
PETRIE, JONAS                           NY-22-Z-275
PETRIE, JOST M.                         NY-22-J-89
PETRIE, MARKES                          NY-22-B-89
PETRIE, MARY                            NY-22-Q-81
PETRIE, MARY HAZZARD                    NY-22-S-542
PETRIE, MOSES                           NY-22-S-18
PETRIE, NANCY                           NY-22-Z-11
PETRIE, PHEBE                           NY-22-25-35
PETRIE, RICHARD                         NY-22-I-246
PETRIE, RICHARD M.                      NY-22-J-97
PETRIE, ROBERT                          NY-22-Q-185
PETRIE, SABRA                           NY-22-P-98
PETRIE, SOLOMON                         NY-22-O-176
PETRIE, SUSAN                           NY-22-U-47
PETRIE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-22-34-581
PETROSE, CHARLES L.                     NY-22-40-285
PETRY, HENRY                            NY-22-J-1
PETTEN, HIRAM                           NY-22-T-143
PETTER, WALTER T.                       NY-22-29-613
PETTINGILL, CHARLES A.                  NY-22-39-235
PFAU, MARY                              NY-22-26-449
PHELPS, ANSON                           NY-22-G-239
PHELPS, JOHN                            NY-22-O-54
PHELPS, MARIA K.                        NY-22-39-9
PHILEO, DENNIS                          NY-22-F-47
PHILIPS, CLARISSA                       NY-22-T-467
PHILIPS, MARY JANE                      NY-22-V-235
PHILIPS, THOMAS                         NY-22-F-93
PHILIPS, WELCOME                        NY-22-U-255
PHILLIPS, MARGARET                      NY-22-34-221
PHILLIPS, MARIA                         NY-22-Z-339
PHILLIPS, MOLLY                         NY-22-B-536
PHILLIPS, SARAH A.                      NY-22-S-481
PHILLIPS, VARNUM                        NY-22-W-323
PHILLIPS, VARNUM O.                     NY-22-38-289
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       NY-22-25-459
PHILLIPS, ZEPHENIAH                     NY-22-B-345
PHINNEY, LOVENIA                        NY-22-U-147
PICKERT, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-22-37-17
PICKERT, CHRISTIAN                      NY-22-F-198
PICKERT, EMMA B.                        NY-22-41-184
PICKERT, FRANK K.                       NY-22-38-377
PICKERT, GEORGE                         NY-22-34-81
PICKERT, JOHN                           NY-22-F-248
PICKERT, SAMUEL                         NY-22-L-353
PICKERT, WILLIAM                        NY-22-32-321
PIERCE, ALFORD D.                       NY-22-37-593
PIERCE, ELIAB                           NY-22-I-335
PIERCE, FRANCIS K.                      NY-22-31-261
PIERCE, JOANNA D.                       NY-22-28-213
PIERCE, LIDA                            NY-22-29-189
PIERCE, MARTHA A. MINOTT                NY-22-39-317
PIERCE, WALTER B.                       NY-22-38-413
PIERSON, ROBERT F.                      NY-22-P-252
PIKE, JANE                              NY-22-Z-619
PINCKNEY, DEXTER                        NY-22-Z-59
PINCKNEY, EZEKIEL W.                    NY-22-Q-73
PIPER, ABIGAIL                          NY-22-O-476
PIPER, ANDREW                           NY-22-S-166
PIPER, ANDREW                           NY-22-G-165
PIPER, GEORGE V.                        NY-22-W-507
PIPER, ISAAC                            NY-22-W-231
PIPER, ISAAC                            NY-22-N-259
PIPER, JAMES                            NY-22-M-374
PIPER, JOHN                             NY-22-V-163
PIPER, JOHN                             NY-22-B-205
PIPER, MARY                             NY-22-Q-633
PIPER, MARY CATHERINE                   NY-22-J-448
PIPER, SUSIE A.                         NY-22-31-417
PITCHER, JOHN A.                        NY-22-Z-155
PITCHER, MARY ANN                       NY-22-Z-367
PITMAN, GEORGE                          NY-22-J-147
PITT, DAVID                             NY-22-F-541
PLASTRIDGE, ALICE WOOD                  NY-22-40-1
PLATT, ALVOISA                          NY-22-27-105
PLATT, JOHN                             NY-22-25-55
PLUMB, LUTHER                           NY-22-T-147
PLUMB, MARY E.                          NY-22-29-13
POLISSE, LOUIS                          NY-22-31-365
POLLI, JAMES                            NY-22-26-465
POLLOCK, PHILANDER                      NY-22-31-337
POLLY, WILLIAM D.                       NY-22-I-484
POMEROY, JANE B.                        NY-22-40-149
POMEROY, S. BARRY                       NY-22-W-23
POOLER, JOSEPH                          NY-22-P-486
POOLER, JOSEPH                          NY-22-L-369
POOLER, NATHANIEL                       NY-22-O-393
POOT, PERMELIA                          NY-22-31-93
POPPER, FRANCIS                         NY-22-26-209
POPPLE, DANIEL                          NY-22-F-563
PORTER, AMANDA                          NY-22-X-255
PORTER, HENRY                           NY-22-V-448
PORTER, JAMES H.                        NY-22-W-3
PORTER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-22-N-305
PORTOR, CLARK                           NY-22-32-421
POST, DAN                               NY-22-J-68
POST, NANCY A.                          NY-22-29-549
POST, NATHANIEL                         NY-22-O-398
POTTER, CYRUS                           NY-22-F-560
POTTER, GEORGE                          NY-22-Q-337
POTTER, HARVEY                          NY-22-R-299
POTTER, HENRY                           NY-22-31-589
POTTER, ROBERT                          NY-22-U-179
POTTER, SARAH                           NY-22-L-149
POTTER, SARAH                           NY-22-G-335
POTTER, SOPHRONIA E.                    NY-22-26-225
POTTER, WILLIAM                         NY-22-B-153
POWELL, CLARA PIPER                     NY-22-38-57
POWELL, WILLIAM                         NY-22-M-5
POWERS, EDWARD A.                       NY-22-40-497
POWERS, HONORA                          NY-22-Q-305
POWERS, JAMES                           NY-22-25-351
POWERS, MARY                            NY-22-V-287
PRASCHER, HENRIETTA                     NY-22-37-57
PRATT, ABIEL                            NY-22-M-406
PRATT, JOB                              NY-22-J-136
PRATT, MARY                             NY-22-28-85
PRATT, MARY M.                          NY-22-39-391
PRATT, PAUL                             NY-22-F-460
PRATT, WILLIAM R.                       NY-22-K-318
PREBLE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-22-34-309
PRESCOTT, FRANCES M.                    NY-22-40-581
PRESCOTT, OLIVER B.                     NY-22-V-231
PRESTON, VOLNEY                         NY-22-G-422
PRIEST, FRANCES LOUISE                  NY-22-33-82
PRIEST, JEMIMA                          NY-22-Y-257
PRIEST, ZENAS C.                        NY-22-S-131
PRIJOT, ALFRED                          NY-22-28-369
PRINGLE, AMASA                          NY-22-D-302
PRIOR, CAROLINE E.                      NY-22-37-137
PROSS, GEORGE A.                        NY-22-37-113
PROTHEROE, JOHN                         NY-22-B-532
PROTHEROE, MARY                         NY-22-F-511
PROWSE, WILIAM H.                       NY-22-31-441
PRUYN, FRANCIS H.                       NY-22-I-177
PRUYN, HARRIET                          NY-22-R-439
PRUYNE, PERSIS                          NY-22-X-459
PRYNE, PETER                            NY-22-28-485
PUGHE, ELIZA ANN                        NY-22-30-193
PULLMAN, ELIAS B.                       NY-22-Q-21
PULLMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-P-276
PULLMAN, JOHN                           NY-22-B-248
PURCHASE, CORIDAN                       NY-22-V-384
PURCHASE, MARY L.                       NY-22-29-633
PURCHASE, WALLACE                       NY-22-30-557
PUTMAN, ABIGAIL                         NY-22-Y-133
PUTMAN, GARRETT D.                      NY-22-O-301
PUTMAN, JAMES                           NY-22-25-455
PUTMAN, MARY E.                         NY-22-33-653
PUTNAM, AARON                           NY-22-M-438
PUTNAM, ALFRED                          NY-22-O-50
PUTNAM, JACOB                           NY-22-O-3
PUTNAM, LOUISA                          NY-22-32-525
PUTNAM, WILLIAM                         NY-22-S-315
QUACKENBUSH, EMILY E.                   NY-22-26-181
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN V.                    NY-22-27-588
QUACKENBUSH, LOUISE                     NY-22-40-29
QUACKINBUSH, JOHN A.                    NY-22-R-567
QUICK, WILLIAM                          NY-22-28-505
QUINN, ELLEN                            NY-22-X-235
QUINN, LOUISA JANE                      NY-22-28-609
QUIVETS, JOHN F.                        NY-22-H-122
QUIWITS, DAVID                          NY-22-O-36
QUWITS, CATHARINE                       NY-22-Q-625
RACE, VAN AMBER                         NY-22-37-381
RAEFLE, ADELINE S.                      NY-22-27-467
RAFFERTY, DANIEL                        NY-22-29-429
RAHFUS, JACOB                           NY-22-31-5
RAND, EBENEZER                          NY-22-I-499
RANDAL, CHARLES                         NY-22-B-201
RANDAL, SMITH                           NY-22-E-196
RANDALL, ANTHONY R.                     NY-22-O-259
RANDALL, IRA                            NY-22-I-66
RANDALL, RUFUS                          NY-22-D-86
RANDALLS, LUCY ANN                      NY-22-T-191
RANK, ADAM                              NY-22-P-209
RANKIN, ADDIE A.                        NY-22-41-7
RANKIN, LESTER                          NY-22-38-309
RANKIN, MARY                            NY-22-32-273
RANKIN, RICHARD                         NY-22-N-31
RANKINS, AMOS                           NY-22-Z-535
RANKINS, DANIEL                         NY-22-F-88
RANKINS, EDWARD                         NY-22-Q-141
RANKINS, EVE                            NY-22-P-336
RANKINS, JACOB                          NY-22-25-387
RANKINS, JOSIAH                         NY-22-S-208
RANKINS, MELCHERT                       NY-22-T-343
RANKINS, THOMAS                         NY-22-E-393
RANNEY, WARREN                          NY-22-39-289
RANSOM, ANNA                            NY-22-J-123
RANSOM, JARED                           NY-22-H-206
RANSOM, JONATHAN                        NY-22-B-512
RANSOM, LILLIAN V.                      NY-22-28-549
RANSOM, NANCY                           NY-22-26-577
RANSOM, SAMUEL                          NY-22-F-58
RANSOM, SAMUEL A.                       NY-22-P-319
RANSOM, SARAH                           NY-22-K-177
RANSOM, SIDNEY G.                       NY-22-34-189
RASBACH, B. FRANK                       NY-22-41-349
RASBACH, GEORGE O.                      NY-22-25-491
RASBACH, HORACE E.                      NY-22-29-361
RASBACH, JAMES I.                       NY-22-38-41
RASBACH, JOHN                           NY-22-E-60
RASBACH, MARCUS                         NY-22-41-370
RASBACH, MARGARET C.                    NY-22-25-91
RASBACH, MARGARET E.                    NY-22-37-413
RASBACH, NANCY M.                       NY-22-41-367
RASBACH, S. JANE                        NY-22-31-189
RASBACH, WILLIAM C.                     NY-22-41-298
RASBACK, CATHARINE                      NY-22-Z-287
RASBACK, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-Z-263
RATHBUN, JOHN                           NY-22-32-193
RATHBUN, SAMUEL                         NY-22-Z-171
RATHBUN, SAMUEL                         NY-22-G-396
RATHBUN, WILBUR                         NY-22-U-83
RATHBURN, GEORGE                        NY-22-26-109
RAWDON, MARGARET F.                     NY-22-29-653
RAWSOM, MERRIMAN M.                     NY-22-U-55
RAY, IRA                                NY-22-F-298
RAYNOR, ALANSON G.                      NY-22-O-479
RAYNOR, DAVID                           NY-22-M-120
RAYNOR, REUBEN M.                       NY-22-30-77
RAYNOR, SARAH                           NY-22-N-326
RAYNOR, SARAH L.                        NY-22-39-343
READ, HARRIETT                          NY-22-W-479
REAGAN, CATHERINE                       NY-22-30-137
REARDON, MARGARET                       NY-22-37-453
REDDY, MELISSA                          NY-22-37-73
REDDY, MICHAEL                          NY-22-X-279
REDFIELD, FRANK W.                      NY-22-40-573
REED, AMANDA H.                         NY-22-U-375
REED, ELIJAH                            NY-22-41-163
REED, ELIJAH                            NY-22-H-25
REED, ELIJAH                            NY-22-D-18
REED, ESTHER                            NY-22-U-87
REED, HARRY Z.                          NY-22-30-541
REED, HORACE                            NY-22-N-39
REED, JAMES                             NY-22-T-503
REED, PHEBE                             NY-22-U-351
REEGAN, JAMES                           NY-22-34-229
REES, PHILIP                            NY-22-M-499
REES, RICHARD                           NY-22-B-419
REESE, ADAM                             NY-22-B-103
REESE, JOHN B.                          NY-22-30-289
REESE, LOUISA                           NY-22-38-5
REESE, SARAH A.                         NY-22-38-553
REILLY, PETER                           NY-22-29-441
REILLY, THOMAS J.                       NY-22-40-433
REISoR, JOHN G.                         NY-22-U-547
REMA, PETER                             NY-22-G-371
REMINGTON, CAROLINE A.                  NY-22-33-284
REMINGTON, CATHERINE M.                 NY-22-30-185
REMINGTON, ELIPHALET                    NY-22-L-557
RENK, JOHN                              NY-22-37-549
REYNOLDS, ALANSON                       NY-22-R-43
REYNOLDS, GILES G.                      NY-22-X-59
REYNOLDS, HENRY B.                      NY-22-G-161
REYNOLDS, ISAAC                         NY-22-L-127
REYNOLDS, REUBEN                        NY-22-M-21
RHODES, ARTHUR E.                       NY-22-37-429
RHODES, ORRIS C.                        NY-22-29-217
RHODES, THOMAS T.                       NY-22-37-525
RHODES, WALTER                          NY-22-Y-285
RHODES, WILLIE H.                       NY-22-41-10
RIBOLIN, MARIA                          NY-22-Y-361
RICE, GEORGE                            NY-22-O-355
RICE, INGHAM C.                         NY-22-33-1
RICE, LUNA A.                           NY-22-40-485
RICE, MARY JANE                         NY-22-34-537
RICE, MICHAEL                           NY-22-P-248
RICE, MOSES M.                          NY-22-H-356
RICE, RHOBIA                            NY-22-M-476
RICE, THOMAS A.                         NY-22-S-38
RICE, VIENNA C.                         NY-22-S-41
RICER, JOHN                             NY-22-Y-477
RICH, EDWARD F.                         NY-22-37-577
RICH, GEORGE J.                         NY-22-34-133
RICHARD, WILLIAM H.                     NY-22-39-558
RICHARDS, CATHERINE E.                  NY-22-27-336
RICHARDS, JOHN                          NY-22-O-245
RICHARDS, RANSOM                        NY-22-D-23
RICHARDS, SARAH                         NY-22-U-35
RICHARDS, SIDNEY D.                     NY-22-40-133
RICHARDS, TRUMAN                        NY-22-B-403
RICHARDSON, CLIFT W.                    NY-22-38-25
RICHARDSON, DUANE                       NY-22-N-142
RICHARDSON, DUANE M.                    NY-22-32-265
RICHARDSON, HARRIET D.                  NY-22-32-549
RICHARDSON, JANE E.                     NY-22-41-145
RICHARDSON, SARAH                       NY-22-28-669
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                      NY-22-29-301
RICHEY, JAMES W.                        NY-22-29-517
RICHEY, JANE                            NY-22-29-45
RICHEY, MORTIMER                        NY-22-30-529
RICHMOND, ALVAN                         NY-22-25-343
RICHMOND, ISAAC B.                      NY-22-Z-555
RICHMOND, SETH M.                       NY-22-26-33
RICKORD, HENRY                          NY-22-28-401
RIDER, EVELINE M.                       NY-22-O-204
RIDER, HOLMES                           NY-22-32-261
RIDER, J. DAVID                         NY-22-37-61
RIDER, MARY                             NY-22-T-139
RIDER, MATTHEW C.                       NY-22-30-265
RIDER, THERESSA D.                      NY-22-39-189
RIENDEAN, FRANCIS                       NY-22-29-521
RIGHTMYER, JOHN                         NY-22-F-407
RILEY, ALICE                            NY-22-O-90
RILEY, JAMES                            NY-22-P-56
RIMPH, GEORGE                           NY-22-D-136
RINGWOOD, BRIDGET                       NY-22-26-509
RIORDAN, PETER                          NY-22-X-151
RIORDEN, MARGARET B.                    NY-22-W-167
RIPER, MARY A.                          NY-22-34-397
RIPKA, CAROLINE                         NY-22-34-501
RISING, GEORGE                          NY-22-W-263
RISING, JAMES G.                        NY-22-28-449
RISING, MOSES                           NY-22-O-281
RISING, OLIVER                          NY-22-L-602
RISING, RICHARD R.                      NY-22-W-423
RITTER, FREDERICK                       NY-22-F-482
RITTER, HENRY                           NY-22-H-329
RIXFORD, HERBERT L.                     NY-22-35-242
ROBACK, HELEN                           NY-22-27-630
ROBACK, NANCY                           NY-22-30-161
ROBBINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-39-229
ROBBINS, WILLIAM JR.                    NY-22-B-32
ROBERTS, CORNELIA W.                    NY-22-39-138
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-37-153
ROBERTS, LEWIS                          NY-22-I-251
ROBERTS, SAMUEL                         NY-22-D-368
ROBINBSON, JANE A.                      NY-22-33-470
ROBINSON, DOUGLAS                       NY-22-S-487
ROBINSON, DOUGLAS                       NY-22-39-452
ROBINSON, FANNY MONROE                  NY-22-33-395
ROBINSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-22-41-193
ROBINSON, IDA M.                        NY-22-37-229
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NY-22-K-460
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NY-22-Y-533
ROBINSON, SETH                          NY-22-F-253
ROBLESKI, JACOB                         NY-22-37-485
ROCHE, JANE                             NY-22-V-440
ROCHE, JOHN                             NY-22-Q-233
ROCHE, MARTIN N.                        NY-22-39-363
ROCK, NICHOLAS                          NY-22-39-431
ROCKWELL, DANIEL                        NY-22-B-107
RODEL, ERHARDT                          NY-22-26-257
ROEDEL, LUDWIG                          NY-22-31-321
ROGERS, CHRISTINA                       NY-22-28-293
ROGERS, JEREMIAH                        NY-22-X-271
ROGERS, JOHN                            NY-22-W-471
ROGERS, ROCELIA M.                      NY-22-N-156
ROGERS, RUFUS                           NY-22-F-187
ROGERS, RUHAMAH                         NY-22-W-503
ROOF, AARON                             NY-22-31-53
ROOF, ROMAYN                            NY-22-30-493
ROOT, GEORGE                            NY-22-T-555
ROOT, HUMPHREY G.                       NY-22-25-347
ROOT, OLIVE R.                          NY-22-Z-663
ROOT, ORRIS                             NY-22-L-360
ROOT, RULUFF                            NY-22-L-388
ROPP, NICHOLAS                          NY-22-31-57
RORT, ELIZABETH E.                      NY-22-27-381
ROSCOE, PETER                           NY-22-O-238
ROSCUP, BRIDGET                         NY-22-Z-683
ROSE, E. POMEROY                        NY-22-X-327
ROSE, ORION                             NY-22-H-20
ROSE, SETH                              NY-22-U-151
ROSE, STEPHEN                           NY-22-H-232
ROSECRANTS, ABRAM G.                    NY-22-Q-457
ROSECRANTZ, GEORGE                      NY-22-F-399
ROSS, ANSEL                             NY-22-R-419
ROSS, ASHER                             NY-22-E-270
ROSS, AUGUSTA N.                        NY-22-U-175
ROSS, DELEVAN G.                        NY-22-32-61
ROSS, JABEZ W.                          NY-22-Z-183
ROSS, SUSAN J.                          NY-22-32-49
ROUGEOT, FRANCIS N.                     NY-22-41-484
ROUND, GEORGE                           NY-22-J-84
ROUND, T. MORRIS                        NY-22-N-53
ROUNDS, REUBEN                          NY-22-Q-397
ROURKE, MARY                            NY-22-34-317
ROURKE, MARY C.                         NY-22-33-37
ROUSE, WILLIAM E.                       NY-22-38-269
ROWLAND, AMOS                           NY-22-K-326
ROWLAND, HENRY                          NY-22-B-463
ROWLAND, HENRY B.                       NY-22-30-341
ROWLAND, JOSEPH                         NY-22-Z-407
ROWLAND, MARY                           NY-22-31-509
ROWLAND, T. J.                          NY-22-30-613
ROWLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-22-34-509
ROWLETT, CORDELIA A.                    NY-22-Z-511
RUDD, AMANDA E.                         NY-22-40-473
RULAND, RICHARD                         NY-22-B-411
RULISON, HANNAH                         NY-22-O-134
RUNDELL, ELIZA                          NY-22-29-693
RUNDELL, OSCAR S.                       NY-22-29-413
RUNYAN, LYMAN W.                        NY-22-41-253
RUSHMER, JAMES                          NY-22-Y-145
RUSSELL, ALBERT N.                      NY-22-38-509
RUSSELL, ELISHA                         NY-22-C-55
RUSSELL, GEORGE M.                      NY-22-32-33
RUSSELL, JOHN                           NY-22-L-339
RUSSELL, JONATHAN                       NY-22-S-62
RUSSELL, MARY                           NY-22-40-97
RUSSELL, PARDON S.                      NY-22-27-282
RUST, ALONZO                            NY-22-26-693
RUST, NELSON                            NY-22-R-195
RUST, NORMAN                            NY-22-Z-571
RUST, WILLIAM P.                        NY-22-Z-399
RYAN, JOSEPH                            NY-22-X-355
RYAN, MARY A.                           NY-22-Y-433
RYAN, WILLIAM                           NY-22-39-517
RYAN, WILLIAM                           NY-22-32-225
RYCKMAN, NANCY                          NY-22-N-323

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