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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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VALENTE, JOHN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-29
VANALEN, CAROLINE            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-I-138
VANALLEN, CHARLOTTE C.       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-205
VANBERGEN, A.                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-473
VANBERGEN, HENRY             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-280
VANBERGEN, JANE              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-225
VANBERGEN, JOHN C.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-498
VANBERGEN, MARIA             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-182
VANBERGEN, MARTIN G.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-I-148
VANBERGEN, PETER A.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-86
VANBERGEN, PETER P.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-167
VANBERGEN, ROBERT H.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-210
VANBERGEN, SARAH C.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-197
VANBERGEN, WADDELL           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-300
VANBRAMER, HENRY             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-206
VANBRAMER, MARIA             CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-30
VANBUREN, NANCY              CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-77
VANBUSKIRK, EUGENE           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-169
VANDEBOGART, HOWARD          CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-244
VANDENBERCK, PETER           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-84
VANDENBERCK, WILHELMAS       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-189
VANDENBERGH, ISABELLE        COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-70
VANDENBERGH, PETER R.        COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-160
VANDENBERGH, RYCKERT         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-A-93
VANDENBERY, RICHARD          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-460
VANDENBURGH, ANN ELIZA       DURHAM                        NY-20-O-40
VANDENBURGH, EDWIN L.        COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-17
VANDENBURGH, HENRY           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-288
VANDENBURGH, LAVINA          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-206
VANDENBURGH, MAIA            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-677
VANDENBURGH, MATHIAS H.      COXSACKIE                     NY-20-F-528
VANDENBURGH, ROBERT          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-462
VANDENBURGH, ROBERT W.       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-69
VANDENBURGH, WARNER          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-240
VANDENBURGH, WILLIAM H.      COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-264
VANDERBILT, WILLIAM S.       GREENVILLE                    NY-20-X-202
VANDERHOEF, PHILIP H.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-452
VANDERHOEF, SARAH A.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-17
VANDERPOEL, ANDREW           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-59
VANDERPOEL, ANDREW J.        NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-77
VANDERPOEL, JANE             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-294
VANDERPOOL, ABBIE S.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-71
VANDERPOOL, ANDREW V. S.     NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-1
VANDERSEE, CATHERINE         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-C-288
VANDERZEE, ALBERT S.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-402
VANDERZEE, ANDREW A.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-C-292
VANDERZEE, ANTHONY           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-36
VANDERZEE, JOHN              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-582
VANDEUSEN, ANNA              LEEDS                         NY-20-K-761
VANDEUSEN, JAMES             CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-280
VANDEUSEN, JOHANNIS          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-A-97
VANDUZER, KATHERINE M.       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-128
VANDUZER, PETER              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-135
VANDYCK, ADELIA              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-X-372
VANDYCK, GEORGE A.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-210
VANDYCK, JOHN B.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-150
VANDYCK, LAVINIA             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-168
VANDYCK, LAVINIA             CAIRO                         NY-20-T-155
VANDYCK, LEONARD B.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-102
VANDYCK, LUCY ANN            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-21
VANDYCK, MARY FRANCES        NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-23
VANDYCK, STEPHEN             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-214
VANDYCK, STEPHEN H.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-140
VANDYKE, JANE                CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-39
VANGORDEN, FREDERICK M.      CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-24
VANGORDEN, JAMES H.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-529
VANGORDON, ELIZA J.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-192
VANHOESEN, CASPER            ATHENS                        NY-20-E-476
VANHOESEN, CASPER R.         ATHENS                        NY-20-M-254
VANHOESEN, CASPER S.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-X-480
VANHOESEN, ELIZABETH         ATHENS                        NY-20-L-150
VANHOESEN, ELSIE             ATHENS                        NY-20-K-600
VANHOESEN, FRANCIS J.        NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-128
VANHOESEN, ISAAC             ATHENS                        NY-20-M-83
VANHOESEN, ISAAC C.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-192
VANHOESEN, JACOB             ATHENS                        NY-20-B-326
VANHOESEN, JACOB             CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-24
VANHOESEN, JACOB             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-65
VANHOESEN, JOHN              ATHENS                        NY-20-L-123
VANHOESEN, JOHN C.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-171
VANHOESEN, JOHN CASPERSEN    *                             NY-20-A-30
VANHOESEN, JOHN N.           ATHENS                        NY-20-K-310
VANHOESEN, LEONARD           ATHENS                        NY-20-V-224
VANHOESEN, MARSHALL          CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-186
VANHOESEN, MARY E.           ATHENS                        NY-20-V-106
VANHOESEN, NICHOLAS          ATHENS                        NY-20-T-399
VANHOESEN, PHEBE             ATHENS                        NY-20-L-231
VANHOESEN, THOMAS            ATHENS                        NY-20-K-300
VANHOOSEN, JOHN              ASHLAND                       NY-20-L-113
VANHOUTON, LAURA A.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-223
VANLOAN, ALICE               ATHENS                        NY-20-X-494
VANLOAN, BRONK               ATHENS                        NY-20-R-151
VANLOAN, CASPER N.           ATHENS                        NY-20-L-16
VANLOAN, CATHARINE           ATHENS                        NY-20-N-42
VANLOAN, ELIZABETH           ATHENS                        NY-20-K-450
VANLOAN, ELIZABETH           ATHENS                        NY-20-V-207
VANLOAN, ELIZABETH BRANDOW   AHENS                         NY-20-U-147
VANLOAN, ELLA                ATHENS                        NY-20-V-80
VANLOAN, EUGENE              ATHENS                        NY-20-V-81
VANLOAN, GEORGE W.           ATHENS                        NY-20-O-155
VANLOAN, HENRY               ATHENS                        NY-20-K-477
VANLOAN, HENRY C.            ATHENS                        NY-20-U-296
VANLOAN, ISAAC               CATSKILL                      NY-20-F-195
VANLOAN, JACOB M.            ATHENS                        NY-20-N-37
VANLOAN, JANE                CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-113
VANLOAN, JOHN                ATHENS                        NY-20-H-384
VANLOAN, JOHN                ATHENS                        NY-20-N-103
VANLOAN, MARIA               ATHENS                        NY-20-U-41
VANLOAN, MATTHIAS            ATHENS                        NY-20-S-281
VANLOAN, REBECCA             ATHENS                        NY-20-N-273
VANLONE, JOHN                DURHAM                        NY-20-B-235
VANLOON, ALBERT A. ****      ATHENS                        NY-20-E-1
VANLOON, ALBERT JR.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-A-125
VANLOON, JOHN                WINDHAM                       NY-20-C-209
VANLOON, JOHN A.             ATHENS                        NY-20-C-178
VANLOON, NICHOLAS            ATHENS                        NY-20-B-400
VANLOON, NICHOLAS W.         ATHENS                        NY-20-B-223
VANLOON, STATES D.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-132
VANLOONE, JOHN P.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-47
VANNATTEN, PETER             ATHENS                        NY-20-L-75
VANODEN, PHILIP V.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-299
VANORDEN, BENJAMIN           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-D-47
VANORDEN, HARRIET C.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-290
VANORDEN, HENRY              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-202
VANORDEN, IGNATIUS           CATSKILL                      NY-20-A-100
VANORDEN, JACOB              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-249
VANORDEN, MARY E.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-202
VANORDEN, NANCY M.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-186
VANORDEN, PETER              DURHAM                        NY-20-M-53
VANORDEN, PHILIP V.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-249
VANORDEN, SAMUEL             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-94
VANORDEN, WESSEL T. B.       NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-T-392
VANORDEN, WESSEL T. B.       NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-87
VANORDEN, WESSEL T. B.       NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-25
VANORDEN, WILLIAM            GREAT IMBOGHT                 NY-20-AA-1
VANORDEN, WILLIAM H.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-65
VANSCHAACK, ARENT            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-78
VANSCHAACK, PETER G.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-275
VANSCHAICK, GOESEN           NTL                           NY-20-A-38
VANSCHAICK, GOESEN           GREAT IMBOGHT                 NY-20-B-1
VANSCOIT, EMMA               CAIRO                         NY-20-V-96
VANSICLEN, CATHERINE R.      CINCINNATUS                   NY-20-P-349
VANSLIKE, TUNIS              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-145
VANSLYCK, BALTUS             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-125
VANSLYCK, TUNIS P.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-H-3
VANSLYCKE, RICHARD           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-C-154
VANSLYKE, BALTUS J.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-19
VANSLYKE, CHARLOTTE A.       NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-X-213
VANSLYKE, EPHRAIM T.         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-P-397
VANSLYKE, LILEAS             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-W-131
VANSTEENBURGH, JOHN          ATHENS                        NY-20-N-94
VANSTEINBURGH, MARY JANE     ATHENS                        NY-20-T-288
VANTASSEL, ELIZABETH J.      DURHAM                        NY-20-T-292
VANTASSEL, ETHAN             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-45
VANTASSEL, ORRIN             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-142
VANTASSEL, REUBEN            DURHAM                        NY-20-S-19
VANTASSELL, ALANSON          DURHAM                        NY-20-V-220
VANTASSELL, GEORGE W. (DR.)  FREEHOLD                      NY-20-U-53
VANVALKENBAURGH, JOHN A.     LEXINTON                      NY-20-J-615
VANVALKENBURG, ISAAC         ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-23
VANVALKENBURGH, ABRAM T.     LEXINGTON                     NY-20-L-6
VANVALKENBURGH, ADELINE      LEXINGTON                     NY-20-V-66
VANVALKENBURGH, ALEXANDER    HALCOTT                       NY-20-S-151
VANVALKENBURGH, CYRUS        LEXINGTON                     NY-20-R-28
VANVALKENBURGH, DANIEL       HALCOTT                       NY-20-Q-80
VANVALKENBURGH, EGBERT E.    HALCOTT                       NY-20-Q-260
VANVALKENBURGH, GEORGE A.    LEXINGTON                     NY-20-S-24
VANVALKENBURGH, HARRIET A.   LEXINGTON                     NY-20-S-188
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN G.      JEWETT                        NY-20-L-245
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN P.      HALCOTT                       NY-20-O-69
VANVALKENBURGH, LEAH         ATHENS                        NY-20-N-195
VANVALKENBURGH, LORENZO      HALCOTT                       NY-20-W-45
VANVALKENBURGH, LUCAS        LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-79
VANVALKENBURGH, NELSON       LEXINGTON                     NY-20-L-17
VANVALKENBURGH, WESLEY G.    LEXINGTON                     NY-20-S-240
VANVECHTEN, ABRAHAM          CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-198
VANVECHTEN, ANNA MARIA       CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-146
VANVECHTEN, CATHARINE S.     CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-594
VANVECHTEN, LUKE K.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-87
VANVECHTEN, SARAH            CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-180
VANVLERDEN, PETER V.         DURHAM                        NY-20-K-548
VANVLIET, CHARLES            ATHENS                        NY-20-V-208
VANVLIET, J. LEVI            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-242
VANVOORHIHAS, CAROLINE       CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-26
VANWIE, CHARLES A.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-253
VANWIE, CLIMERAH H.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-140
VANWIE, MARGARET H.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-242
VANWOERT, HARMON             ATHENS                        NY-20-U-134
VANWOERT, HARMON             ATHENS                        NY-20-J-256
VANWOERT, ISAAC              ATHENS                        NY-20-B-315
VANWOERT, JACOB              ATHENS                        NY-20-G-457
VANWOEST, SAMUEL             ATHENS                        NY-20-K-787
VANWORMER, HENRY             DURHAM                        NY-20-I-353
VANZANDT, BENJAMIN           CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-172
VARICK, JULIA F.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-26
VEDDER, AARON                CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-267
VEDDER, AARON W.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-44
VEDDER, ABRAHAM              CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-495
VEDDER, ALEXANDER            CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-141
VEDDER, ALMIRA               CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-226
VEDDER, CATHARINE            CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-538
VEDDER, CHRISTINA            CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-418
VEDDER, GERTRUDE             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-96
VEDDER, HARMAN               CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-398
VEDDER, HENRY FIERO          CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-19
VEDDER, HENRY M.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-219
VEDDER, JACOB                CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-26
VEDDER, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-68
VEDDER, NELLIE V.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-21
VEDDER, PETER D.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-4
VENDENBURGH, JOHN J.         LEXINGTON                     NY-20-K-106
VENING, DAVID                CAIRO                         NY-20-F-162
VENUS, MARY E.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-238
VERMILYEA, ABEL              CAIRO                         NY-20-M-187
VERMILYEA, DAVID             CAIRO                         NY-20-K-223
VERMILYEA, DAVID H.          CAIRO                         NY-20-T-347
VERMILYEA, GILBERT           CAIRO                         NY-20-L-148
VERPLANCK, ISAAC             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-105
VICNENT, LYDIA               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-182
VINCENT, DANIEL              DURHAM                        NY-20-R-195
VINCENT, HUGH                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-273
VINCENT, JOSEPH              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-42
VINCENT, STANLEY             CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-202
VINCENT, SUSANNAH            DURHAM                        NY-20-G-264
VINING, DAVID                WINDHAM                       NY-20-V-281
VINING, PETER S.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-119
VINING, SARAH M.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-160
VINING, W. SCOTT             HUNTER                        NY-20-V-9
VOGT, HANNAH C.              CAIRO                         NY-20-S-159
VOOGD, HANNAH G.             ATHENS                        NY-20-A-141
VOOGD, JOHN G.               LEONENBURGH                   NY-20-AA-8
VOOGD, JOHN G.               LEONENBURGH                   NY-20-A-63
VOSBURGH, ABRAHAM            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-97
VOSBURGH, ADALINE            ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-18
VOSBURGH, EPHRAIM            ATHENS                        NY-20-R-267
VOSBURGH, MARY E.            ATHENS                        NY-20-W-293
VROOMAN, ABRAHAM             CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-106
WABBER, ELIZABETH            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-15
WAGGONER, EUNICE             ATHENS                        NY-20-W-237
WAGNER, DARIUS               DURHAM                        NY-20-R-129
WAGONER, AUGUSTA E.          HUDSON, COLUMBIA, NY          NY-20-T-294
WAIT, BRADFORD O.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-131
WAIT, LYMAN                  NTL                           NY-20-F-77
WAIT, SOPHIA B.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-267
WAKELEY, FRANCIS H.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-U-197
WAKELEY, RUSSEL              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-16
WAKELY, ABEL                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-101
WAKELY, PHEBE                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-189
WALDRON, MARIETTE            DURHAM                        NY-20-O-215
WALDRON, NEWMAN              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-128
WALKER, GEORGE K.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-366
WALKER, MARY E.              DURHAM                        NY-20-N-240
WALKER, WILLIAM              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-104
WALL, PATRICK                ATHENS                        NY-20-M-222
WALLACE, ANNA                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-300
WALSH, THOMAS P.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-100
WALTER, ANTON                CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-112
WALTERS, AMBROSE L.          CAIRO                         NY-20-V-252
WALTERS, EFFIE B.            CAIRO                         NY-20-U-60
WALTERS, FRANCIS G.          CAIRO                         NY-20-X-4
WALTHER, ISADORE A.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-20
WARDWELL, ELIZABETH          CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-253
WARDWELL, JOHN               CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-321
WARDWELL, WILLIAM S.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-206
WARING, JACOB                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-F-237
WARING, LARBUD BURRELL       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-A-14
WARNE, JOHN R.               ATHENS                        NY-20-L-111
WARNER, EDWARD D.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-6
WARNER, SETH                 CAIRO                         NY-20-G-268
WARNER, WILLIAM B.           ASHLAND                       NY-20-M-164
WARNER, WILLIAM J.           ATHENS                        NY-20-H-14
WARRINER, HULDAH M.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-R-161
WARWICK, CHARLOTTE A.        DURHAM                        NY-20-S-235
WARWICK, CHARLOTTE A.        DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-197
WATERHOUSE, SALLY            DURHAM                        NY-20-I-350
WATERMAN, CHRISTOPHER        ASHLAND                       NY-20-L-147
WATERMAN, CYNTHIA            ASHLAND                       NY-20-R-99
WATERS, JOSEPHINE E.         DURHAM                        NY-20-R-157
WATERS, SOPHIA               SAUGERTIES                    NY-20-V-107
WATSON, WHEELER              PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-G-311
WATTS, MARIA V.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-229
WEBBER, BENJAMIN             CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-27
WEBBER, CHARLES E.           ATHENS                        NY-20-O-184
WEBBER, ELIZABETH            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-292
WEBBER, JANE A.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-279
WEBBER, JOHN M.              CAIRO                         NY-20-M-288
WEBBER, MARY ANN             CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-112
WEBBER, OLIVE RMITCHELL      CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-248
WEBBER, ROBERT               CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-204
WEBBER, WILLIAM              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-49
WEBSER, JAMES L.             CAIRO                         NY-20-S-199
WEBSTER, ANSEL               CAIRO                         NY-20-N-196
WEBSTER, CHARLES             CAIRO                         NY-20-O-287
WEBSTER, JAMES               CAIRO                         NY-20-H-121
WEBSTER, JONATHAN B.         CAIRO                         NY-20-U-58
WEBSTER, POLLY               CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-140
WEBSTER, RUSSEL              CAIRO                         NY-20-K-235
WEBSTER, SAMUEL              AIRE                          NY-20-A-131
WEBSTER, STEPHEN             CAIRO                         NY-20-N-7
WEED, FRANKLIN               PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-V-232
WEED, HERVEY                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-132
WEEKES, EBENEZER             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-D-61
WEEKS, AARON                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-532
WEEKS, ANDREW J.             CAIRO                         NY-20-W-130
WEEKS, ANGELINE              CAIRO                         NY-20-K-145
WEEKS, CLAIR G.              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-51
WEEKS, HENRY                 CAIRO                         NY-20-C-122
WEEKS, MILO                  CAIRO                         NY-20-W-223
WEEKS, SILAS                 CAIRO                         NY-20-J-319
WEEKS, SILAS E.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-35
WEEKS, TIMOTHY               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-174
WEIDMAN, MARY                DURHAM                        NY-20-L-56
WEIGHT, NELSON               CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-21
WEITLAUF, KONRAD             ATHENS                        NY-20-N-294
WEITLAUF, MARIA CATHARINE    ATHENS                        NY-20-U-113
WELCH, JENNIE MILLER         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-P-459
WELLS, ANN                   COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-370
WELLS, CATHARINE A.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-25
WELLS, JOHN O.               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-29
WELLS, LYDIA                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-H-48
WELLS, WILLIAM J.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-81
WELSH, PETER                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-18
WENTWORTH, BENJAMIN B.       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-X-43
WEST, ALBIN E.               WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-181
WEST, MILLARD H.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-R-264
WEST, SARAH A.               EAST JEWETT                   NY-20-V-266
WETMORE, CHARLES             CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-118
WETMORE, WILLIAM W.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-43
WETSELL, JACOB               CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-87
WETSELL, MARGARET (ARMSTRONG)  DURHAM                      NY-20-Q-17
WEY, BENJAMIN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-287
WEY, CAROLINE L.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-261
WEY, WILLIAM H.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-549
WHEAT, WILLIAM B.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-O-32
WHEELER, FRANCIS ARDEN       ATHENS                        NY-20-R-141
WHEELER, HIRAM               LEXINGTON                     NY-20-L-15
WHEELER, JAMES               CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-64
WHEELER, JOHN H.             ATHENS                        NY-20-O-110
WHEELER, JULIET G.           ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-120
WHEELER, JUSTUS              ATHENS                        NY-20-H-139
WHEELER, PHILIS              CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-140
WHISKEY, JOHN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-162A
WHISPELL, ISAAC              LEXINGTON                     NY-20-J-138
WHITAKE, AMANDA              CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-186
WHITAKER, PETER              CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-633
WHITBECK, CATHARINE H.       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-196
WHITBECK, JOHN B.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-205
WHITBECK, JOHN H.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-195
WHITBECK, MARIA C.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-254
WHITBECK, RICHARD T.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-266
WHITBECK, WILLIAM            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-208
WHITCOMB, HENRY B.           CAIRO                         NY-20-W-147
WHITCOMB, ISRAEL             LEXINGTON                     NY-20-G-234
WHITE, ANTON                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-9
WHITE, BENJAMIN S.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-3
WHITE, BUEL                  WINDHAM                       NY-20-C-340
WHITE, CATHERINE E.          CAIRO                         NY-20-P-326
WHITE, CELIA A.              CAIRO                         NY-20-W-53
WHITE, ELIZA A.              ATHENS                        NY-20-K-755
WHITE, HANNAH CATHARINE      DURHAM                        NY-20-V-162
WHITE, HENRY                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-20-H-115
WHITE, JAMES                 CAIRO                         NY-20-H-368
WHITE, JOHN                  CASTSKILL                     NY-20-A-123
WHITE, JULIA L.              LEXINGTON                     NY-20-L-160
WHITE, LEWIS J.              DURHAM                        NY-20-S-154
WHITE, LULU F.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-357
WHITE, OLIVE RE.             CAIRO                         NY-20-W-46
WHITE, SOLON                 CAIRO                         NY-20-K-326
WHITFORD, DANIEL             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-31
WHITFORD, JOHN W.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-65
WHITFORD, JOSEPH             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-334
WHITING, DAVID               ATHENS                        NY-20-L-74
WHITING, TELAH C.            ATHENS                        NY-20-R-181
WHITMAN, LOUISA              PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-226
WHITMORE, COLLINS CARY       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-262
WHITMORE, COONRAD            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-52
WHITMORE, TIMOTHY P.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-48
WHITTAKER, HOWARD            CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-230
WHITTLESEY, HENRY            CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-271
WICKES, ELIZABETH H.         CAIRO                         NY-20-S-181
WICKES, LEWIS H.             CAIRO                         NY-20-L-100
WICKES, MARY                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-299
WICKES, SELAH                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-736
WICKS, ALBERT L.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-182
WIDDIS, ALEXANDER            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-286
WIERS, MARY ANN              ASHLAND                       NY-20-M-40
WIGHT, THOMAS H.             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-K-491
WILBER, DEBORAH              CAIRO                         NY-20-M-248
WILBER, GEORGE               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-596
WILBER, HENRY                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-I-55
WILBER, KINNER N.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-123
WILBER, MARTHA M.            CAIRO                         NY-20-M-249
WILBUR, ESTHER L.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-217
WILBUR, MILES R.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-97
WILBUR, ROBERT E.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-258
WILCOX, JEHIEL N.            LEXINGTON                     NY-20-I-359
WILCOX, JOHN H.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-49
WILCOX, JUDSON               CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-171
WILCOX, LAURA G.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-408
WILCOX, WATSON               CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-580
WILLARD, ANNIE E.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-230
WILLARD, ELIZABETH B.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-553
WILLARD, HERRACE             CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-372
WILLCOX, FRANCISE            DURHAM                        NY-20-B-319
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN F.        COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-43
WILLIAMS, CAROLINE           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-20
WILLIAMS, DAVID              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-229
WILLIAMS, GEORGE T.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-230
WILLIAMS, HENRY              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-82
WILLIAMS, JOHN C.            ATHENS                        NY-20-O-209
WILLIAMS, PETER O. (M.D.)    COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-26
WILLIAMS, SARAH              CAIRO                         NY-20-L-208
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             DURHAM                        NY-20-G-469
WILLIAMSON, MARY F.          HUNTER                        NY-20-T-166
WILLIS, AGNES R.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-327
WILLSEY, ELIZA M.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-T-382
WILLSEY, ISAAC L.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-139
WILLSON, HANNAH M.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-P-442
WILSEY, HENRY B.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-204
WILSON, ETHELBERT            CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-224
WILSON, FRANCIS N.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-781
WILSON, GEORGE S.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-291
WILSON, MARIA                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-64
WINANS, LAVINA               CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-73
WINANS, LYDIA                DURHAM                        NY-20-R-130
WINANS, MILLS                CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-55
WINANS, SALLY                CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-183
WINANS, SARAH                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-202
WINANS, SARAH A.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-229
WINANS, WILLIAM E.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-251
WINCE, MARGARET              CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-255
WINCHELL, GEORG ER.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-W-239
WINCHELL, LYDIA E.           WINDHAM                       NY-20-N-178
WINEGAR, JAKOB               DURHAM                        NY-20-H-264
WINEGARD, PHILIP R.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-177
WINEHILL, SYLVESTER H.       JEWETT                        NY-20-Q-215
WINES, HARRIET F.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-217
WINFIELD, MARGARET A.        WINDHAM                       NY-20-P-421
WING, ELIZA N.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-444
WINKLER, FREDERICK           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-35
WINMA, JOHN                  CAIRO                         NY-20-F-174
WINN, JASON                  NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-300
WINN, JOHNSON                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-128
WINN, JOSEPH                 NTL                           NY-20-B-125
WINNE, BENJAMIN              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-172
WINNE, WILLIAM               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-254
WINNEY, JEREMIAH H.          ATHENS                        NY-20-M-118
WINST, JACOB                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-53
WINTER, HORACE N.            LEXINGTON                     NY-20-Q-165
WINTER, MOSES                JEWETT                        NY-20-L-170
WINTER, ROGERS               JEWETT                        NY-20-H-109
WINTER, SALLY                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-209
WINTERS, JOHN                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-130
WINTERS, MATHEW              HUNTER                        NY-20-F-482
WITBECK, RICHARD T.          CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-20-T-201
WITBECK, SINE                NTL                           NY-20-B-242
WIXSON, CHRISTINA M.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-26
WOLCOTT, AHIRA               ASHLAND                       NY-20-J-771
WOLCOTT, ANNA                ASHLAND                       NY-20-N-77
WOLCOTT, JOHN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-44
WOLF, FANNY                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-394
WOLF, GEORGE                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-230
WOLF, HENRY                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-337
WOLF, HENRY                  NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-536
WOLF, JOHN                   NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-290
WOLFE, ABIGAL E.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-42
WOLFE, CLARISSA              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-117
WOLFE, EMMA JANE             CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-207
WOLFE, EUGENE                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-109
WOLFE, HENRY J.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-186
WOLFE, JOHN H.               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-58
WOLFE, JOHN W.               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-246
WOLFE, LEWIS                 ATHENS                        NY-20-S-149
WOLFE, MARGARET              ATHENS                        NY-20-S-87
WOLFE, PETER                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-E-469
WOLFE, PHEBE A.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-U-65
WOLFE, REBECCA J.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-124
WOLFORD, JOHN                ATHENS                        NY-20-I-318
WOLL, CHARLES H.             ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-8
WOLVEN, AMOS G.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-222
WOLVEN, CATHARINE            CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-395
WOLVEN, MARY C.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-82
WOLVER, LANA                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-145
WOOD, ADELIA R.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-181
WOOD, CATHARINE              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-216
WOOD, DIANA                  DURHAM                        NY-20-O-270
WOOD, JAMES B.               CAIRO                         NY-20-M-270
WOOD, NOAH B.                CAIRO                         NY-20-S-29
WOOD, ORRIN A.               DURHAM                        NY-20-O-272
WOOD, SILAS                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-387
WOODARD, AMOS                DURHAM                        NY-20-P-427
WOODARD, ANNA                DURHAM                        NY-20-K-17
WOODARD, CHARLES W.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-T-403
WOODARD, JACOB               CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-52
WOODARD, JARED L.            DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-271
WOODARD, LUCY A.             DURHAM                        NY-20-R-183
WOODEN, WILLIAM T.           HUNTER                        NY-20-S-286
WOODFORD, ELIZABETH          DURHAM                        NY-20-N-80
WOODRUFF, ELISHA             CAIRO                         NY-20-B-186
WOODWORTH, ALANSON           JEWETT                        NY-20-O-226
WOODWORTH, HIRAM             JEWETT                        NY-20-I-299
WOODWORTH, LORAN E.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-287
WOODWORTH, LUCIUS A.         HUNTER                        NY-20-W-23
WOODWORTH, MAUD MABEL        CAIRO                         NY-20-R-88
WOOLCOTT, SOLOMON            WINDHAM                       NY-20-F-58
WOOLFORD, BENJAMIN           ATHENS                        NY-20-N-213
WOOLFORD, DAVID              CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-6
WOOLFORD, WILLIAM            WEST COXSACKIE                NY-20-V-225
WOOLSEY, FRANCIS SARAH       ATHENS                        NY-20-N-152
WOOLSEY, GEORGE              ATHENS                        NY-20-D-64
WOOLSEY, JANE                ATHENS                        NY-20-G-90
WOOLSEY, MARGARET P. H.      ATHENS                        NY-20-H-86
WOOSTER, CHARLOTTE A.        GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-210
WOOSTER, MELISSA A.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-260
WRIGHT, ABEL                 NEW LEBANON, COLUMBIA, NY     NY-20-D-166
WRIGHT, AMBROSE              DURHAM                        NY-20-H-150
WRIGHT, ANN E.               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-80
WRIGHT, ANSON B.             DURHAM                        NY-20-V-211
WRIGHT, ANSON P.             DURHAM                        NY-20-J-590
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH            DURHAM                        NY-20-I-383
WRIGHT, GEORGE               DURHAM                        NY-20-B-92
WRIGHT, HARRIET M.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-151
WRIGHT, JOHN HENRY           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-1
WRIGHT, JOSEPH               DURHAM                        NY-20-C-446
WRIGHT, MATTIE M.            DURHAM                        NY-20-W-24
WRIGHT, OLIVER               DURHAM                        NY-20-O-213
WRIGHT, OLNEY F.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-385
WRIGHT, PETER D.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-437
WRIGHT, SARAH                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-84
WRIGHT, SARAH JANE           DURHAM                        NY-20-P-455
WRIGHT, TEMPERANCE           DURHAM                        NY-20-J-272
WRIGHT, WILLIAM              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-D-179
WYKOFF, JOHN W.              PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-M-8
WYNEGARD, JAMES              DURHAM                        NY-20-G-402
WYNKOOP, ANNA J.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-57
WYNKOOP, HANNAH              CAIRO                         NY-20-N-157
WYNKOOP, HENRY               CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-258
WYNKOOP, MARY E.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-284
WYNKOOP, THEADORE H.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-45
WYNKOOP, TOBIAS              CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-517
YAGER, ALIDA C.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-189
YAGER, WILLIAM M.            HUNTER                        NY-20-V-37
YALE, CHARLES                LEXINGTON                     NY-20-Q-141
YEOMANS, DAVID               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-718
YEOMANS, DAVID W.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-I-336
YEOMANS, ELISHA B.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-55
YORK, JOHN H.                HUNTER                        NY-20-J-541
YOUMANS, AFTER               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-D-43
YOUMANS, ALBERT              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-25
YOUMANS, HERCULES            LEEDS                         NY-20-U-105
YOUMANS, JOSEPH              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-344
YOUMANS, LYDIA C.            DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-200
YOUMANS, MATTHEW             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-174
YOUMANS, NATHANIEL           CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-254
YOUNG, EUGENIE BROWN         PLATTE CLOVE                  NY-20-W-215
YOUNG, JOHN                  PLATT CLOVE                   NY-20-V-122
YOUNG, JOHN I.               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-412
YOUNG, OGDEN                 PLATTE CLOVE                  NY-20-W-216
YOUNG, WILLIAM               WINDHAM                       NY-20-H-78
YOUNGS, GEORGE               ATHENS                        NY-20-W-28
ZWEIGHAFT, SIMON             PHILADELPHIA, PA              NY-20-T-425

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