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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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GAFFEY, EDWARD                          NY-20-T-120
GAFFEY, MARY JANE                       NY-20-U-1
GAFFEY, PATRICK                         NY-20-P-147
GAGE, DAVID H.                          NY-20-U-68
GAGE, HART C.                           NY-20-G-553
GAGE, JONATHAN M.                       NY-20-N-163
GAGE, LEVI                              NY-20-L-60
GAGE, SARAH D.                          NY-20-O-251
GAGE, WILLIAM D.                        NY-20-U-235
GALBRAITH, SAMUEL                       NY-20-R-33
GALE, MOSES                             NY-20-O-132
GALUP, ANNA H.                          NY-20-S-227
GAN, DANIEL                             NY-20-S-7
GAN, ELIZA E.                           NY-20-T-243
GANTLEY, CATHARINE                      NY-20-S-42
GANTLEY, DANIEL W.                      NY-20-K-415
GANTLEY, JULIA H.                       NY-20-S-163
GANTLEY, SEARS M. H.                    NY-20-R-39
GARDENIER, ANNETTE                      NY-20-S-62
GARDINER, ASA                           NY-20-M-47
GARDINER, LEWIS                         NY-20-H-45
GARDINER, WILKINSON                     NY-20-H-104
GARDNER, ABRAM                          NY-20-O-238
GARDNER, CALEB                          NY-20-J-362
GARDNER, HENRY                          NY-20-J-437
GARDNER, JOSHUA                         NY-20-I-270
GARDNER, SARAH J.                       NY-20-S-97
GARDNER, THOMAS C.                      NY-20-H-307
GARLING, FREDERICK                      NY-20-M-108
GARRA, JOHN F.                          NY-20-O-61
GARRET, EDWARD W.                       NY-20-M-51
GARRETT, EGBERT H.                      NY-20-Q-71
GARRETT, JACOB                          NY-20-J-295
GARRETT, JASPER H.                      NY-20-O-5
GARRETT, JOHN                           NY-20-A-1
GARRETT, JOHN                           NY-20-G-50
GARRETT, JOHN C.                        NY-20-O-121
GARRETT, LEONARD                        NY-20-G-321
GARRETT, LUCINA                         NY-20-P-278
GARRETT, MARY J.                        NY-20-O-243
GARRETT, MICHAEL                        NY-20-I-371
GARRETT, PETER R.                       NY-20-O-266
GARRETT, SIMEON                         NY-20-G-475
GARRISON, HENRY                         NY-20-U-267
GARRISON, IRA                           NY-20-O-171
GARRISON, JACOB L.                      NY-20-Q-125
GARRISON, LUCINDA                       NY-20-T-75
GARRISON, SARAH E.                      NY-20-S-200
GARVEY, KATIE                           NY-20-S-260
GASS, NICHOLAS                          NY-20-G-590
GAVITT, DANIEL L.                       NY-20-O-138
GAY, EDWARD F.                          NY-20-V-6
GAY, HARRIET R.                         NY-20-T-36
GAY, JOHN                               NY-20-M-283
GAY, MARIA                              NY-20-L-87
GAY, WILLIAM R.                         NY-20-X-130
GAYLORD, CATHARINE L.                   NY-20-R-74
GAYLORD, HENRY                          NY-20-Q-288
GAYLORD, J. FREELONG                    NY-20-V-78
GENTLEY, GEORGE C.                      NY-20-R-295
GEORGE, THOMAS                          NY-20-F-43
GERAGHTY, JOHN                          NY-20-Q-198
GERMAIN, ELIZA                          NY-20-I-549
GERMAN, ANNA                            NY-20-J-221
GERMAN, MARTHA E.                       NY-20-V-39
GERSTENBERG, EMIL                       NY-20-W-271
GIBSON, DAVID                           NY-20-N-155
GIBSON, MARGARET M.                     NY-20-X-331
GIDLEY, CARRIE A.                       NY-20-O-255
GIDNEY, JANE                            NY-20-G-576
GIDNEY, JOSHUA                          NY-20-D-17
GIESIN, CHRISTINA                       NY-20-Q-88
GIFFIN, FRANK                           NY-20-S-172
GIFFORD, JEROME B.                      NY-20-K-172
GILL, RICHARD                           NY-20-U-164
GILLESPIE, MICHAEL                      NY-20-O-99
GILLESPIE, WINNIE                       NY-20-R-71
GIVENS, CHARLES C.                      NY-20-M-30
GIVENS, HANNAH P.                       NY-20-M-213
GIVENS, SHELDON A.                      NY-20-L-53
GLENNON, OWEN                           NY-20-V-163
GOETCHIUS, JAMES B.                     NY-20-Q-41
GOETCHIUS, PETER                        NY-20-I-225
GOETSCHIUS, JACOB                       NY-20-C-310
GOETSCHIUS, JACOB                       NY-20-C-295
GOETSCHIUS, JOHN                        NY-20-G-63
GOFF, HENRY                             NY-20-R-270
GOFF, JEREMIAH                          NY-20-M-21
GOFF, JERUSHA                           NY-20-R-57
GOFF, NEWELL                            NY-20-S-71
GOLDEN, GEORGE                          NY-20-J-444
GOLDMAN, JACOB                          NY-20-O-106
GOLDSMITH, RACHEL M.                    NY-20-J-732
GOLDSMITH, SALLY                        NY-20-O-81
GOLTERMANN, JOHN J.                     NY-20-X-68
GOODE, ROSE ANN                         NY-20-W-40
GOODRICH, ADELAIDE I.                   NY-20-W-41
GOODRICH, LEROY L.                      NY-20-W-213
GOODSEL, JOHN                           NY-20-J-640
GOODWIN, ARNOLD                         NY-20-O-86
GOODWIN, CALVIN                         NY-20-W-145
GOODWIN, JAMES                          NY-20-J-637
GOODWIN, JOHN H.                        NY-20-W-107
GORDON, ANNA                            NY-20-U-6
GORTCHIUS, PETER MARTIN                 NY-20-O-98
GOSLEE, HENRY                           NY-20-J-323
GOSLEE, MELVIN W.                       NY-20-W-68
GOSLEE, WILLIAM                         NY-20-L-4
GOULD, MARGARET                         NY-20-N-5
GRAHAM, DELIA D.                        NY-20-S-21
GRAHAM, FLORA                           NY-20-R-125
GRAHAM, MARY A.                         NY-20-Q-171
GRAHAM, REBECCA M.                      NY-20-U-280
GRAHAM, WILLIAM N.                      NY-20-W-83
GRAMIS, JANE H.                         NY-20-R-62
GRANT, ALEXANDER J.                     NY-20-N-253
GRAY, BETSEY                            NY-20-G-228
GRAY, NORMAN H.                         NY-20-J-411
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NY-20-B-208
GREEN, AMBROSE                          NY-20-S-33
GREEN, CATHERINE A.                     NY-20-P-309
GREEN, EDWARD                           NY-20-G-566
GREEN, HENRY                            NY-20-C-331
GREEN, HENRY                            NY-20-J-405
GREEN, JOEL                             NY-20-L-61
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-20-H-330
GREEN, MURMUTH                          NY-20-G-242
GREEN, REUBEN W.                        NY-20-Q-266
GREEN, SAMUEL                           NY-20-K-724
GREEN, SUSANNA                          NY-20-L-62
GREENE, ALMOND W.                       NY-20-N-275
GREENE, ELIZABETH                       NY-20-J-523
GREENE, ESTHER P.                       NY-20-Q-77
GREENE, JACOB R.                        NY-20-J-123
GREENE, JAMES G.                        NY-20-H-398
GREENE, JOHN A.                         NY-20-M-58
GREENE, JOHN E.                         NY-20-U-293
GREENE, JOSEPH                          NY-20-L-228
GREENE, MARTHA                          NY-20-N-191
GREENE, NICHOLAS                        NY-20-G-338
GREENE, PHEBE                           NY-20-L-203
GREENE, PHILIP                          NY-20-M-181
GREENE, SARAH D.                        NY-20-N-188
GREENE, WILLIAM                         NY-20-M-38
GREENE, WILLIAM E.                      NY-20-U-91
GREENE, ZEBULON                         NY-20-F-504
GREGORY, CORNELIA J.                    NY-20-N-13
GREGORY, IRA                            NY-20-I-274
GREGORY, NANCY P.                       NY-20-U-225
GREY, MARGARET                          NY-20-N-142
GRIFFEN, GERSHOM                        NY-20-B-140
GRIFFIN, ABBA                           NY-20-J-5
GRIFFIN, ABIGAL K.                      NY-20-M-54
GRIFFIN, DAVID H.                       NY-20-W-116
GRIFFIN, FANNIE P.                      NY-20-V-272
GRIFFIN, FREDERICK C.                   NY-20-P-391
GRIFFIN, GEORGE                         NY-20-K-404
GRIFFIN, HARRIET                        NY-20-M-127
GRIFFIN, ISAAC                          NY-20-L-143
GRIFFIN, JOANNA                         NY-20-O-111
GRIFFIN, LEMAN                          NY-20-R-6
GRIFFIN, MARCUS                         NY-20-I-302
GRIFFIN, URIAH P.                       NY-20-R-59
GRINDROD, JOHN                          NY-20-L-12
GRISWOLD, JOHN A.                       NY-20-R-271
GROAT, J. WATSON                        NY-20-S-61
GROBEN, JOSEPHINE                       NY-20-Q-211
GROOM, JOSEPH                           NY-20-C-312
GROOM, JOSIAH W.                        NY-20-K-531
GROOM, PETER ***                        NY-20-F-427
GROOM, WILLIAM                          NY-20-B-111
GRUBB, MARY C.                          NY-20-M-228
GUILD, CATHARINE ANN                    NY-20-U-188
GUILEFUSS, ALFARETTA B.                 NY-20-W-294
GUILFUSS, CHARLES F.                    NY-20-V-183
GUNN, ENOS                              NY-20-N-124
GUNN, JANE E.                           NY-20-N-129
GURNEY, JACOB                           NY-20-H-474
GURNEY, JACOB B.                        NY-20-O-71
GURNEY, JACOB V.                        NY-20-N-133
HACK, ANNA MARY                         NY-20-V-214
HACK, LAWRENCE                          NY-20-O-47
HACKETT, JOHN                           NY-20-O-134
HADDEN, CONSTANT                        NY-20-M-143
HADDEN, SARAH A.                        NY-20-U-179
HAGADONE, THOMAS                        NY-20-W-44
HAGER, MARGARETHA                       NY-20-S-223
HAIGHT, ABRAHAM                         NY-20-A-117
HAIGHT, ALANSON (DR.)                   NY-20-V-89
HAIGHT, EBENEZER                        NY-20-I-547
HAIGHT, EMMOR K.                        NY-20-Q-31
HAIGHT, GERMAN                          NY-20-R-189
HAIGHT, JANE                            NY-20-C-325
HAIGHT, SAMUEL                          NY-20-K-6
HAINES, ADALINE B.                      NY-20-S-36
HAINES, CATHARINE                       4-107
HAINES, CATHARINE E.                    NY-20-R-142
HAINES, CHARLES W.                      NY-20-Q-154
HAINES, HELEN M.                        NY-20-W-8
HAINES, JEREMIAH                        NY-20-O-30
HAINES, SAMUEL                          NY-20-B-417
HAINES, SAMUEL W.                       NY-20-I-324
HALENBECK, JACOB N.                     NY-20-B-143
HALEY, AVID                             NY-20-R-126
HALL, AARON                             NY-20-C-472
HALL, CAROLINE B.                       NY-20-O-245
HALL, EEM                               NY-20-F-145
HALL, ELISHA L.                         NY-20-D-259
HALL, JOSEPH B.                         NY-20-L-194
HALL, MARGARET M.                       NY-20-S-117
HALL, OLIVE                             NY-20-M-295
HALLECK, THOMAS                         NY-20-F-386
HALLENBECK, ABRAHAM                     NY-20-C-361
HALLENBECK, ABRAM M.                    NY-20-P-290
HALLENBECK, ANNA                        NY-20-U-252
HALLENBECK, CALVIN                      NY-20-P-423
HALLENBECK, CAROLINE                    NY-20-W-159
HALLENBECK, CARROLL A.                  NY-20-U-17
HALLENBECK, CASPER J.                   NY-20-J-481
HALLENBECK, CASPER J.                   NY-20-N-161
HALLENBECK, CASPER M.                   NY-20-C-2
HALLENBECK, CASPER W.                   NY-20-O-42
HALLENBECK, CASPER W.                   NY-20-B-95
HALLENBECK, CASPER W.                   NY-20-B-99A
HALLENBECK, CATHARIEN                   NY-20-M-155
HALLENBECK, CATHARINE                   NY-20-J-647
HALLENBECK, CHARLOTTE                   NY-20-V-35
HALLENBECK, DERRICK                     NY-20-M-268
HALLENBECK, EMILY JANE                  NY-20-X-234
HALLENBECK, EMILY S.                    NY-20-U-200
HALLENBECK, EMMA A.                     NY-20-U-262
HALLENBECK, EZRA                        NY-20-S-237
HALLENBECK, FRANCIS J.                  NY-20-S-157
HALLENBECK, HENRY                       NY-20-R-52
HALLENBECK, HENRY                       NY-20-S-34
HALLENBECK, HORACE                      NY-20-V-276
HALLENBECK, ISAAC                       NY-20-C-384
HALLENBECK, ISAAC A.                    NY-20-C-164
HALLENBECK, ISAAC M.                    NY-20-G-252
HALLENBECK, JACOB                       NY-20-V-245
HALLENBECK, JACOB M.                    NY-20-G-516
HALLENBECK, JAMES                       NY-20-V-215
HALLENBECK, JAMES R.                    NY-20-N-280
HALLENBECK, JEHOIAKIM                   NY-20-I-361
HALLENBECK, JOHANNES                    NY-20-H-118
HALLENBECK, JOHN C.                     NY-20-D-25
HALLENBECK, JOHN H.                     NY-20-N-153
HALLENBECK, JOHN I.                     NY-20-R-15
HALLENBECK, JOSEPHINE                   NY-20-V-194
HALLENBECK, LEAH                        NY-20-M-180
HALLENBECK, MARGERY                     NY-20-H-83
HALLENBECK, MARIA                       NY-20-R-166
HALLENBECK, MARTIN F.                   NY-20-T-188
HALLENBECK, MARY                        NY-20-W-143
HALLENBECK, MARY C.                     NY-20-V-36
HALLENBECK, MATHIAS R.                  NY-20-G-21
HALLENBECK, RACHEL                      NY-20-N-187
HALLENBECK, REBECCA                     NY-20-L-77
HALLENBECK, RICHARD                     NY-20-J-519
HALLENBECK, ROBERT J.                   NY-20-I-208
HALLENBECK, SARAH                       NY-20-J-279
HALLENBECK, WILLIAM C.                  NY-20-I-185
HALLENBECK, WILLIAM J.                  NY-20-H-39
HALLENBEEK, PETER                       NY-20-B-304
HALLICUS, ALEXANDER                     NY-20-O-271
HALLOCK, AGNES S.                       NY-20-S-179
HALLOCK, ANN                            NY-20-Q-93
HALLOCK, ISAIAH                         NY-20-L-211
HALLOCK, JOSEPH                         NY-20-O-235
HALLOCK, LESTER H.                      NY-20-V-95
HALLOCK, MARIA                          NY-20-Q-25
HALLOCK, SUSAN P.                       NY-20-K-443
HALLSTED, EDGAR                         NY-20-R-105
HALLSTED, RUFUS R.                      NY-20-S-294
HALSTE, DAVID                           NY-20-G-327
HALSTEAD, ISREAL T.                     NY-20-R-167
HALSTEAD, JOSHUA P.                     NY-20-U-51
HALSTED, HENRY                          NY-20-H-486
HALSTED, SMITH T.                       NY-20-S-78
HAM, JOHN                               NY-20-N-100
HAM, JONAS                              NY-20-M-232
HAM, MARTIN                             NY-20-S-57
HAMBLER, MATTHEW                        NY-20-V-203
HAMILTON, AMY                           NY-20-S-250
HAMILTON, DAVID M.                      NY-20-P-62
HAMILTON, ERASTUS                       NY-20-I-133
HAMILTON, JAMES                         NY-20-J-659
HAMILTON, PATRICK                       NY-20-B-107
HAMILTON, ROSWELL                       NY-20-U-31
HAMILTON, SAMUEL                        NY-20-H-174
HAMILTON, WEALTHY                       NY-20-H-400
HAMLIN, AMOS                            NY-20-G-102
HAMMERICH, HENRY A.                     NY-20-U-263
HAMMOND, AMANDA                         NY-20-P-243
HANER, BARBARA                          NY-20-W-109
HANER, GEORGE                           NY-20-X-54
HANER, HENRY I.                         NY-20-W-148
HANER, SARAH L.                         NY-20-X-446
HANEY, ANN                              NY-20-N-75
HANEY, DAISY A.                         NY-20-W-295
HANEY, DANIEL                           NY-20-R-293
HANKINSON, HENRY W.                     NY-20-W-1
HANLY, MICHAEL                          NY-20-M-85
HARD, AMOS J.                           NY-20-I-199
HARDENBERGH, ISAAC                      NY-20-B-374
HARDENBERGH, ISAAC                      NY-20-D-88
HARDING, GEORGE                         NY-20-P-486
HARDING, GEORGE J.                      NY-20-T-469
HARDNG, ROBERT                          NY-20-N-290
HARDWICK, HARREIT T.                    NY-20-J-479
HARDWICK, JOHN                          NY-20-R-168
HARE, ABRAM                             NY-20-J-421
HARE, GEORGE M.                         NY-20-W-279
HARE, MARIE D.                          NY-20-R-284
HARE, REVILO L.                         NY-20-O-141
HARRING, DAVID D.                       NY-20-Q-202
HARRINGOTN, PERLINA                     NY-20-R-245
HARRIS, MAGDALEN E.                     NY-20-M-200
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          NY-20-M-185
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     NY-20-O-286
HART, FRANKLIN                          NY-20-O-39
HART, HORACE                            NY-20-M-190
HART, PETER                             NY-20-M-4
HARTSHORNE, SARAH R.                    NY-20-K-48
HARTT, SALOME                           NY-20-U-30
HARTWELL, FOSTER                        NY-20-J-763
HARVEY, LUCY ANN                        NY-20-T-373
HARVEY, SAMUEL                          NY-20-A-119
HARVEY, SUSAN                           NY-20-V-77
HATCH, HIRAM                            NY-20-H-133
HATCH, LUCY M.                          NY-20-H-203
HATCH, SARAH J.                         NY-20-Q-90
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN                      NY-20-F-215
HAVILAND, ELISHA B.                     NY-20-O-58
HAVILAND, ELLA B.                       NY-20-T-320
HAVILAND, JOHN L.                       NY-20-C-362
HAVILAND, WINFIELD SCOTT                NY-20-P-297
HAXTUN, BENJAMIN                        NY-20-D-38
HAY, MARTHA                             NY-20-N-293
HAY, SMITH                              NY-20-W-173
HAYES, ADDISON S.                       NY-20-S-134
HAYES, ANNA                             NY-20-R-241
HAYES, CURTIS                           NY-20-N-182
HAYES, HENRY                            NY-20-R-210
HAYES, JAMES                            NY-20-U-95
HAYES, LUTHER                           NY-20-Q-30
HAYES, SARAH                            NY-20-K-659
HAYES, WILLIAM H.                       NY-20-V-91
HAYNES, FRANK S.                        NY-20-T-305, 332
HAZARD, TIDDEMAN                        NY-20-B-160
HEAD, HARRIET                           NY-20-V-70
HEAD, LOVITT                            NY-20-L-107
HEBNER, EDWARD J.                       NY-20-U-149
HEERMANCE, ELEANOR C.                   NY-20-T-106
HEERMANN, WILLIAM V. B.                 NY-20-L-159
HEINICK, DEBORAH                        NY-20-L-218
HEINICK, GEORGE W.                      NY-20-V-93
HEISINGER, WILLIAM F.                   NY-20-U-290
HELD, RICHARD                           NY-20-C-128
HELLENBECK, PETER                       NY-20-U-162
HEMENWAY, DANIEL P.                     NY-20-N-234
HENAGHEN, JOHN                          NY-20-L-204
HENDERSON, GEORGE                       NY-20-L-21
HENDERSON, JOHN T.                      NY-20-U-16
HENDERSON, LUCINA                       NY-20-N-217
HENDERSON, SUSAN                        NY-20-W-73
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-20-S-247
HENDERSON, WILLIAM H.                   NY-20-V-134
HENDRICKSON, HENRY                      NY-20-I-230
HENDRIX, OBED                           NY-20-B-67
HENN, JOHN                              NY-20-H-24
HENSHAW, JOHN B.                        NY-20-H-323
HENSON, ELIZA                           NY-20-N-21
HENSON, JOHN                            NY-20-M-289
HENZY, HANNAH                           NY-20-R-206
HERBERT, SARAH A. F.                    NY-20-S-268
HERLTELL, BARBARA AMELIA                NY-20-J-302
HERLTELL, BARBARA AMELIA                NY-20-J-330
HERMANCE, ESTER J.                      NY-20-M-103
HEROLD, AUGUSTUS                        NY-20-O-128
HERR, HENRY G.                          NY-20-W-183
HERVEY, DELIVERANCE B.                  NY-20-K-255
HERVEY, HERMON                          NY-20-G-152
HICKOK, GIDEON                          NY-20-H-186
HICKOK, HORACE                          NY-20-G-472
HICKOK, LEWIS                           NY-20-J-706
HICKOK, LYDIA A.                        NY-20-N-126
HICKOK, MARILLA                         NY-20-L-149
HIDECKER, ANDREW                        NY-20-J-536
HIDECKER, CORNELIUS                     NY-20-V-254
HIEDELS, JOHN                           NY-20-W-60
HILL, AUGUSTUS                          NY-20-R-106
HILL, AUGUSTUS R.                       NY-20-N-252
HILL, FREDERICK                         NY-20-P-359
HILL, HELLEN S.                         NY-20-M-206
HILL, HILAND                            NY-20-K-730
HILL, LOUISA                            NY-20-R-249
HILL, MARGARETHA K.                     NY-20-S-119
HINE, BENJAMIN                          NY-20-F-227
HINE, LEWIS                             NY-20-H-320
HINE, SELDEN H.                         NY-20-U-216
HINMAN, DEWITT C.                       NY-20-O-214
HINMAN, HERMON H.                       NY-20-N-130
HINMAN, JOSIAH B.                       NY-20-I-110
HINMAN, WILLIAM C.                      NY-20-N-262
HINMAN, WILLIAM D.                      NY-20-V-114
HITCHCOCK, A. DWIGHT                    NY-20-W-270
HITCHCOCK, LEMUEL                       NY-20-J-152
HITCHCOCK, LUCIUS                       NY-20-K-25
HITCHCOCK, NELSON                       NY-20-S-131
HITCHCOCK, PEREZ                        NY-20-G-447
HITCHCOCK, PLATT O.                     NY-20-X-40
HITCHCOCK, SARAH R. B.                  NY-20-T-93
HITCHCOCK, SYLVESTER                    NY-20-J-644
HOAG, ABNER                             NY-20-C-220
HOAG, JOHN                              NY-20-W-281
HOAGLAND, GEORGE                        NY-20-U-8
HOAGLAND, JACOB C.                      NY-20-D-324
HOAGLAND, JESSE                         NY-20-L-99
HOAGLAND, MARY W.                       NY-20-S-216
HOAGLAND, ROSINA                        NY-20-L-151
HOAGLAND, RUHAMAH M.                    NY-20-Q-280
HOCK, SIMON                             NY-20-V-237
HOFF, MARY E.                           NY-20-V-204
HOFFMAN, ANDREW                         NY-20-O-24
HOFFMAN, CAROLINE                       NY-20-M-258
HOGABOOM, DEIDAMA                       NY-20-U-278
HOGAN, HELENA                           NY-20-S-92
HOGHTALING, GARRET                      NY-20-C-317
HOLAHAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-20-H-332
HOLCOMB, NORMAN V. B.                   NY-20-W-48
HOLCOMB, WILLIS L.                      NY-20-U-286
HOLDRIDGE, FLORENCE E.                  NY-20-R-261
HOLDRIDGE, MALANCHTON                   NY-20-N-166
HOLLENBECK, WILLIAM H.                  NY-20-T-79
HOLLEY, JOHN                            NY-20-J-76
HOLLISTER, HANNAH                       NY-20-G-573
HOLLISTER, ORSMAR                       NY-20-K-540
HOLLISTER, TIMOTHY                      NY-20-D-77
HOLLISTER, TIMOTHY J.                   NY-20-Q-253
HOLLISTER, WILLIAM H.                   NY-20-P-224
HOLLY, GEORGE                           NY-20-S-22
HOLMES, ALLEN T.                        NY-20-C-415
HOLMES, SIMEON                          NY-20-C-420
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         NY-20-R-45
HOLZMANN, ANNA MAIA                     NY-20-N-43
HOMMEL, WOLSEY D.                       NY-20-S-274
HOOSE, FRANK L.                         NY-20-V-84
HOOSE, MICHAEL                          NY-20-J-133
HOOSE, WILLIAM                          NY-20-K-132
HOPKINS, CALEB                          NY-20-H-239
HOPKINS, FREDERICK                      NY-20-M-152
HOPKINS, HENRY                          NY-20-L-153
HOPKINS, JANE VERNON                    NY-20-R-279
HOPKINS, JOSEPHINE                      NY-20-X-45
HOPKINS, KETURAH                        NY-20-M-176
HOPKINS, MEHITABLE                      NY-20-G-122
HOPKINS, RICHARD H.                     NY-20-X-105
HOPKINS, SARAH KETURAH                  NY-20-T-490
HOPKINS, SUSAN E.                       NY-20-N-10
HOPKINS, SYLVIA P.                      NY-20-V-149
HOPSON, OLIVER                          NY-20-V-164
HORMANN, JOHNF .                        NY-20-V-14
HORN, ANDREW                            NY-20-C-183
HORN, JACOB                             NY-20-C-279
HOROTN, MARCELLUS B.                    NY-20-W-202
HORSFORD, HELEN M.                      NY-20-W-31
HORSTMAN, EMMA LOUISA                   NY-20-P-112
HORTON, ALICE M.                        NY-20-V-177
HORTON, ALICE T.                        NY-20-T-280
HORTON, DAVID E.                        NY-20-W-298
HORTON, DAVID SR.                       NY-20-A-113
HORTON, ISAAC                           NY-20-U-126
HORTON, JOSEPH BRADLEY                  NY-20-S-298
HORTON, MARGARET                        NY-20-V-242
HORTON, REBECCA A.                      NY-20-S-137
HOSFORD, ALANSON                        NY-20-U-230
HOTALING, ANDREW P.                     NY-20-V-302
HOTALING, BENJAMIN                      NY-20-S-156
HOTALING, CAROLINE A.                   NY-20-U-270
HOTALING, DAVID V. P.                   NY-20-P-474
HOTALING, GARRET A.                     NY-20-M-35
HOTALING, JAMES A.                      NY-20-R-140
HOTALING, JOHN T.                       NY-20-N-243
HOTALING, MARIA                         NY-20-S-245
HOTALING, MARY ELIZABETH                NY-20-X-35
HOTALING, RACHEL ANN                    NY-20-L-89
HOTALING, THOMAS P.                     NY-20-M-68
HOTALING, VAN ALLEN                     NY-20-W-165
HOTCHKISS, DANIEL                       NY-20-L-51
HOTCHKISS, FRED G.                      NY-20-R-299
HOTCHKISS, JEMIMA                       NY-20-J-761
HOTCHKISS, MARY C.                      NY-20-N-197
HOTCHKISS, MILES                        NY-20-J-817
HOTCHKISS, OLIVE                        NY-20-G-481
HOTCHKISS, ROBERT                       NY-20-K-482
HOTCHKISS, TIMOTHY                      NY-20-L-166
HOTELING, PHILIP M.                     NY-20-S-25
HOUGH, HORATIO H.                       NY-20-K-776
HOUGH, STEWART M.                       NY-20-U-251
HOUGHTALING, ANDREW B.                  NY-20-O-149
HOUGHTALING, ANDREW J.                  NY-20-T-39
HOUGHTALING, BARENT                     NY-20-I-39
HOUGHTALING, CAHRLOTTE                  NY-20-S-201
HOUGHTALING, CONRADT T.                 NY-20-D-11, 19
HOUGHTALING, GEORGE                     NY-20-Q-289
HOUGHTALING, HENRY                      NY-20-J-59
HOUGHTALING, ISAAC                      NY-20-N-131
HOUGHTALING, JAMES                      NY-20-K-585
HOUGHTALING, JAMES                      NY-20-S-32
HOUGHTALING, JOHN S.                    NY-20-M-210
HOUGHTALING, MARY ANN                   NY-20-P-394
HOUGHTALING, MARY J.                    NY-20-Q-85
HOWARD, ABRAM                           NY-20-W-56
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                        NY-20-K-55
HOWARD, CATHARINE L.                    NY-20-S-14
HOWARD, CHARLES R.                      NY-20-U-170
HOWARD, CHARLOTTA                       NY-20-V-79
HOWARD, GEORGE ALVAN                    NY-20-P-320
HOWARD, JONATHAN                        NY-20-C-371
HOWARD, MARY SPENCER                    NY-20-P-333
HOWARD, ORSON                           NY-20-O-264
HOWARD, SANFORD                         NY-20-M-142
HOWARD, WILSEY                          NY-20-V-8
HOWE, MARY                              NY-20-J-370
HOWELL, ANGELO                          NY-20-U-24
HOWELL, JOHN                            NY-20-B-216
HOWELL, MARY A.                         NY-20-U-121
HOWELL, WELLINGTON                      NY-20-R-48
HOWELL, WELLINGTON                      NY-20-Q-98
HOWELL, WILLIAM                         NY-20-O-290
HOWES, MARGARET A.                      NY-20-O-74
HOWK, RICHARD                           NY-20-M-120
HOWLAND, AMY                            NY-20-O-188
HOWLAND, CHARLES WARREN                 NY-20-S-187
HOWLAND, JANE                           NY-20-M-75
HOWLAND, JUSTUS                         NY-20-J-157
HOWLAND, MARY E.                        NY-20-O-14
HOWLAND, SARAH S.                       NY-20-L-43
HOWLAND, WATSON                         NY-20-L-139
HOY, DUKE                               NY-20-N-101
HOY, JOHN                               NY-20-W-99
HOYT, CAROLINE S.                       NY-20-M-41
HUBBARD, ABNER                          NY-20-M-175
HUBBARD BENJAMIN                        NY-20-H-284
HUBBARD, BENJAMIN                       NY-20-J-28
HUBBARD, BENJAMIN W.                    NY-20-O-66
HUBBARD, DENNIS H.                      NY-20-O-56
HUBBARD, ESTHER                         NY-20-C-75
HUBBARD, HIRAM                          NY-20-M-77
HUBBARD, IRA                            NY-20-U-37
HUBBARD, ISRAEL                         NY-20-G-621
HUBBARD, JABEZ                          NY-20-G-221
HUBBARD, JANE C.                        NY-20-R-89
HUBBARD, LAURA                          NY-20-N-34
HUBBARD, LYMAN H.                       NY-20-Q-136
HUBBEL, CATHERINE E. H.                 NY-20-T-209
HUBBEL, HARRIET THOMPSON                NY-20-T-101
HUBBEL, NATHAN                          NY-20-I-142
HUBBELL, MINOR                          NY-20-G-80
HUESTED, ISABELLA                       NY-20-U-142
HUGABOOM, JOHN                          NY-20-N-8
HUGGANS, JOSEPH                         NY-20-K-495
HUGGANS, OLIVE                          NY-20-P-386
HUGGANS, PRISCILLA                      NY-20-X-425
HUGGANS, WILLIAM                        NY-20-T-312
HUGHES, MARY ANN                        NY-20-R-42
HUGHES, SAMUEL                          NY-20-V-82
HULBERT, HELENA                         NY-20-X-319
HULBERT, JOHN H.                        NY-20-V-141
HULBERT, LESTER                         NY-20-U-241
HULBURT, FLETCHER S.                    NY-20-Q-51
HULL, ANSON P.                          NY-20-N-71
HULL, EUNICE H.                         NY-20-N-298
HULL, HARRIET                           NY-20-Q-213
HULL, IRENE A.                          NY-20-O-3
HULL, JOHN                              NY-20-O-59
HULL, LUMAN                             NY-20-J-442
HULL, LYMAN A.                          NY-20-L-162
HULL, RACHEL JANE                       NY-20-P-15
HUMPHREY, ELIHU JR.                     NY-20-G-231
HUMPHREY, IRA D.                        NY-20-O-168
HUMPHREY, MARY                          NY-20-M-170
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM B.                    NY-20-I-509
HUMPHRY, ATHOL                          NY-20-Q-73
HUMPHRY, ORLOFF M.                      NY-20-J-507
HUNGERFORD, JOHN W.                     NY-20-N-165
HUNT, IRA F.                            NY-20-W-63
HUNT, LORENZO                           NY-20-U-52
HUNT, LUCINA STEELE                     NY-20-P-468
HUNT, OLIVER                            NY-20-Q-58
HUNT, SARAH                             NY-20-C-118
HUNTER, AUGUSTUS W.                     NY-20-N-176
HUNTER, MARTHA T.                       NY-20-U-297
HUNTER, MARY E.                         NY-20-S-244
HUNTER, N. HERBERT                      NY-20-T-420
HUNTER, RACHEL A.                       NY-20-U-250
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NY-20-N-218
HUNTINGTON, CATHARINE                   NY-20-O-78
HURD, THADDEUS                          NY-20-C-116
HUSTED, JERIMIAH                        NY-20-U-211
HUTCHINGS, BYRON S.                     NY-20-U-42
HUTCHINSON, ELI                         NY-20-G-70
HYATT, PHEBE ANN                        NY-20-O-186
HYDE, ENOCH                             NY-20-F-467
HYDE, SALLY                             NY-20-I-18
HYLAN, DENNIS                           NY-20-N-199
INGALLS, CHARLES                        NY-20-W-249
INGALLS, JAMES                          NY-20-F-187
INGALLS, JOSEPH T.                      NY-20-S-101
INGERSOLL, JULIA H.                     NY-20-P-330
INGERSOLL, MARY E.                      NY-20-T-271
INGRAHAM, DANIEL                        NY-20-M-136
INGRAHAM, EMILY C.                      NY-20-V-104
INGRAHAM, LUCRETIA F.                   NY-20-P-380
INGRAHAM, RHODA S.                      NY-20-N-120
IRVINE, HENRY                           NY-20-C-32
IRVING, MARIA                           NY-20-V-175
IRWIN, CATHERINE                        NY-20-U-275
IRWIN, JOHN                             NY-20-N-73
IVES, DANIEL S.                         NY-20-U-292
IVES, MARY                              NY-20-K-42
IVES, SAMUEL                            NY-20-B-307
IVES, SEWARD S.                         NY-20-V-236
JACKSON, DAVID                          NY-20-Q-40
JACKSON, HARRIETT                       NY-20-O-172
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-20-O-183
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NY-20-Q-223
JAMES, ROBERT                           NY-20-G-332
JANSEN, RICHARD M.                      NY-20-Q-116
JAQUES, ADAMS                           NY-20-I-314
JENKINS, BENEDICT                       NY-20-Q-185
JENKINS, MARY                           NY-20-Q-32
JENNE, JOHN F.                          NY-20-K-485
JENNE, JULIA C.                         NY-20-K-469
JENNINGS, DANIEL D.                     NY-20-L-29
JENNINGS, EBENEZER                      NY-20-B-359
JENNINGS, ELEANOR                       NY-20-P-97
JENNINGS, GEORGIANA                     NY-20-S-167
JENNINGS, HENRY L.                      NY-20-K-702
JENNINGS, HYATT HOWARD                  NY-20-R-92
JENNINGS, JAMES                         NY-20-M-293
JENNINGS, JAMES M.                      NY-20-N-162
JENNINGS, MABEL MAUD                    NY-20-R-91
JENNINGS, ROZELLA                       NY-20-N-9
JENNINGS, W. IRVING                     NY-20-X-483
JERALDS, THOMAS W.                      NY-20-X-145
JEROME, JOHN                            NY-20-I-10
JEWELL, CALVIN H.                       NY-20-V-271
JEWELL, JAMES                           NY-20-N-115
JEWELL, JAMES                           NY-20-C-60
JOCKEL, CATHARINE                       NY-20-V-295
JOESBURY, BLANCHE                       NY-20-Q-269
JOHNSON, ANETHE                         NY-20-V-270
JOHNSON, BERI                           NY-20-O-131
JOHNSON, CHARLES S.                     NY-20-X-169
JOHNSON, COLLINS B.                     NY-20-J-728
JOHNSON, DANIEL                         NY-20-D-5
JOHNSON, DAVID                          NY-20-J-189
JOHNSON, HELLEN S.                      NY-20-Q-55
JOHNSON, MARGARET                       NY-20-V-274
JOHNSON, NORMAN C.                      NY-20-J-390
JOHNSON, RANSOM                         NY-20-G-316
JOHNSON, ROBERT B.                      NY-20-Q-175
JOHNSON, SAMUEL S.                      NY-20-S-82
JOHNSON, SYLVESTER                      NY-20-J-472
JOHNSON, TRUMAN                         NY-20-R-235
JOHNSON, WILLIAM L.                     NY-20-S-59
JOHNSTON, GERTRUDE                      NY-20-O-181
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-20-R-90
JOICE, MARY E.                          NY-20-S-256
JONES, ADDISON P.                       NY-20-T-194
JONES, AFFA JANE                        NY-20-S-192
JONES, AGNES N.                         NY-20-U-129
JONES, ANDREW P.                        NY-20-N-232
JONES, ELEANOR                          NY-20-O-51
JONES, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-20-S-264
JONES, JOHN                             NY-20-J-239
JONES, JOHN J.                          NY-20-L-145
JONES, MALITTA                          NY-20-V-285
JONES, MARY                             NY-20-L-70
JONES, MARY                             NY-20-N-204
JONES, MILTON                           NY-20-Q-123
JONES, SAMUEL                           NY-20-G-113
JONES, SARAH C.                         NY-20-O-198
JONES, SARAH R.                         NY-20-W-144
JONES, STEPHEN                          NY-20-M-42
JONES, STEVENS                          NY-20-H-176
JONES, TIMOTHY                          NY-20-L-34
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-20-Q-248
JONES, WILLIAM A.                       NY-20-W-50
JORDAN, CHARLES F.                      NY-20-W-259
JORDAN, JOHN                            NY-20-W-150
JOSEPH, ABRAHAM                         NY-20-W-64
JOSLIN, PALMER                          NY-20-P-258
JOY, ABRAM                              NY-20-N-121
JUDSON, JAMES                           NY-20-N-14
JUMP, CHRISTINA                         NY-20-Q-122
JUMP, IRA                               NY-20-W-126
JUNE, WILLIAM                           NY-20-T-217
KAMM, CAROLINE                          NY-20-O-41
KAMMERER, FREDERICK                     NY-20-X-442
KAPMAN, FRADRICK                        NY-20-C-25
KARKER, SARAH                           NY-20-V-200
KATING, JAMES                           NY-20-L-108
KATT, JOHN                              NY-20-T-214
KEIRNS, EMMETT                          NY-20-V-296
KEITH, RACHEL                           NY-20-O-12
KELK, WILLIAM E.                        NY-20-J-286
KELLER, JACOB H.                        NY-20-D-282
KELLEY, ELIZA                           NY-20-R-199
KELLOGG, ALMEDAH                        NY-20-J-469
KELLOGG, ORLANDO                        NY-20-J-22
KELLOGG, RHODA                          NY-20-C-143
KELLY, DELIA M.                         NY-20-O-151
KELLY, KATIE                            NY-20-W-203
KELSEY, JOHN W.                         NY-20-S-189
KEMP, PETER                             NY-20-F-375
KENDALL, MARY H.                        NY-20-S-289
KENNA, WILLIAM                          NY-20-V-138
KENNEDY, CATHERINE                      NY-20-U-88
KENNEDY, CORNELIUS N.                   NY-20-Q-263
KENNEDY, ELIZABETH                      NY-20-S-139
KENNEDY, JOHN C.                        NY-20-Q-89
KENNEDY, MARGARET                       NY-20-U-180
KENNEDY, MARY C.                        NY-20-X-62
KENNEDY, MATTHEW E.                     NY-20-V-7
KENNEDY, THOMAS                         NY-20-L-114
KENT, ANNA                              NY-20-T-484
KENYON, PERRY S.                        NY-20-V-210
KERR, JOHN                              NY-20-L-1
KERR, JOSEPH                            NY-20-R-67
KEUFFEL, WILLIAM J. D.                  NY-20-T-356
KIDNEY, ELIZABETH FAINTER               NY-20-N-39
KIDNEY, ELIZABETH T.                    NY-20-N-160
KIERNAN, BERNARD F.                     NY-20-R-255
KIERNAN, CATHARINE                      NY-20-L-141
KILPATRICK, JENNETTE E.                 NY-20-V-181
KIMBALL, JAMES P.                       NY-20-R-278
KING, ABBY B.                           NY-20-R-191
KING, ADELAIDE                          NY-20-W-269
KING, ALATHEA                           NY-20-J-666
KING, ELIZABETH                         NY-20-P-210
KING, GEORG                             NY-20-Q-298
KING, JOSEPH S.                         NY-20-W-257
KING, LEVI                              NY-20-M-129
KING, LOUISA                            NY-20-V-18
KING, LOVISA                            NY-20-S-15
KING, LUCIA H.                          NY-20-P-162
KING, MARTHA F.                         NY-20-V-133
KING, MARY                              NY-20-S-96
KING, MARY J.                           NY-20-V-156
KING, RUFUS H.                          NY-20-O-159
KING, THOMPSON                          NY-20-Q-48
KING, WOODBRIDGE L.                     NY-20-T-43
KINGSLAND, SARAH J.                     NY-20-W-20
KINNICUTT, GEORGE                       NY-20-V-131
KIPP, CHARLES L.                        NY-20-U-301
KIPP, EFFIE (CASTLE) PARKS              NY-20-V-92
KIPP, LEVI F.                           NY-20-Q-219
KIPP, SALLY                             NY-20-H-471
KIRK, HENRY                             NY-20-O-95
KIRK, ROMAIN A.                         NY-20-S-147
KIRTKALDN, DORRANCE                     NY-20-F-121
KIRTLAND, ADELIA F.                     NY-20-R-65
KIRTLAND, DANIEL                        NY-20-C-30
KIRTLAND, HORACE B.                     NY-20-O-173
KIRTON, HESTER JANE                     NY-20-S-153
KITTLE, RACHEL J.                       NY-20-T-329
KITTRELL, EMMA E.                       NY-20-W-184
KLEINERT, ROSALIA                       NY-20-S-103
KLEVESAHL, PAUL                         NY-20-S-75
KLINE, CAROLINE                         NY-20-O-57
KNAP, JOSEPH M.                         NY-20-X-81
KNAPP, AMBROSE                          NY-20-R-163
KNAPP, EBENEZER                         NY-20-F-258
KNAPP, JAMES W.                         NY-20-R-112
KNIFFIN, JANE                           NY-20-M-265
KNIFFIN, MARGARET                       NY-20-R-76
KNIFFIN, MARY ROUSE                     NY-20-W-58
KNIFFIN, SYREMUS                        NY-20-Q-13
KNIGHT, CATHARINE M.                    NY-20-W-153
KNIGHT, MARY ELLEN                      NY-20-U-62
KNOLL, FRANK                            NY-20-X-33
KNOPP, DEBORAH                          NY-20-Q-214
KNOWLES, HANNAH                         NY-20-I-305
KNOWLS, ELEAZAR                         NY-20-B-173
KORTY, JAMES W.                         NY-20-N-247
KORTZ, DEBORAH                          NY-20-M-246
KORTZ, JAMES                            NY-20-I-574
KOUFFEL, WILLIAM J. D.                  NY-20-X-250
KRIEGER, EDWARD                         NY-20-P-448
KRIEGER, ELMER                          NY-20-X-207
KURAN, PETER                            NY-20-L-115
KURAU, CLARK                            NY-20-T-82
KURAU, MARY                             NY-20-S-129
KUREAU, LAURA C.                        NY-20-M-82
KUREAU, RUBY A.                         NY-20-N-288
KYES, JONATHAN                          NY-20-B-199

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