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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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LACY, CURTIS R.                         NY-20-V-127
LACY, JOHN H.                           NY-20-R-38
LACY, LUCY A.                           NY-20-X-77
LADD, GEORGE W. B.                      NY-20-N-102
LADOUX, EMILY                           NY-20-O-101
LADOUX, MARK                            NY-20-L-181
LAKE, BATHSHEBA                         NY-20-J-213
LAKE, GODFREY M.                        NY-20-N-259
LAKE, JEMIMA                            NY-20-R-147
LAKE, REUBEN                            NY-20-J-276
LAKE, SILAS                             NY-20-U-71
LAKEMAN, ELISE                          NY-20-R-251
LAMENT, JOHN M.                         NY-20-H-156
LAMENT, SOLOMON                         NY-20-H-252
LAMIREAU, ABBOTT                        NY-20-U-22
LAMON, WILLIAM H.                       NY-20-M-278
LAMONT, WILBUR F.                       NY-20-V-102
LAMOREOUX, DANIEL                       NY-20-G-519
LAMPHERE, MARY L.                       NY-20-U-295
LAMPMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-20-K-75
LAMPMAN, ADELAIDE                       NY-20-T-9
LAMPMAN, EDWIN                          NY-20-P-482
LAMPMAN, EUGENIA H.                     NY-20-S-72
LAMPMAN, HERBERT B.                     NY-20-W-262
LAMPMAN, ISAAC                          NY-20-L-216
LAMPMAN, JAMES HAVILAND                 NY-20-W-90
LAMPMAN, LEONARD                        NY-20-J-37
LAMPMAN, LEWIS                          NY-20-W-252
LAMPMAN, MIRANDA JANE                   NY-20-W-71
LAMPMAN, RACHAEL ANN                    NY-20-O-205
LAMPMAN, STEPHEN                        NY-20-C-242
LAMPMAN, STEPHEN                        NY-20-B-272
LAMPMAN, WILLIAM E.                     NY-20-V-248
LANDS, KATE                             NY-20-R-238
LANE, AMOS                              NY-20-B-52
LANE, BARENT H.                         NY-20-W-6
LANE, CORNELIA A.                       NY-20-P-177
LANE, EDWARD                            NY-20-O-187
LANE, GILBERT                           NY-20-K-258
LANE, HENRY                             NY-20-V-199
LANE, JOHN S.                           NY-20-K-627
LANE, MAJOR L.                          NY-20-I-212
LANG, EMILIE                            NY-20-X-392
LANG, HENRY                             NY-20-V-299
LANGDON, JONATHAN T.                    NY-20-L-5
LANGENDYCK, CHRISTINA                   NY-20-S-136
LANGENDYCK, CHRISTINA M.                NY-20-U-172
LANGENDYCK, JANE E.                     NY-20-Q-293
LANGENDYCK, JOHN                        NY-20-G-285
LANGENDYKE, JOANNA                      NY-20-Q-237
LAPE, LEOPOLD                           NY-20-V-291
LARABEE, NELSON                         NY-20-O-89
LARAWAY, ISAAC                          NY-20-N-17
LARAWAY, JOHN                           NY-20-J-145
LARAWAY, MARIA                          NY-20-X-278
LARRAWAY, JOHN                          NY-20-B-122
LARRAWAY, MARTINUS                      NY-20-B-119
LARWAY, PETER                           NY-20-B-310
LASHER, HARRIET                         NY-20-W-176
LASHER, STELLA B.                       NY-20-W-200
LATHROP, RUFUS                          NY-20-I-67
LAUT, LAWRENCE L.                       NY-20-D-129
LAVENDER, SARAH R.                      NY-20-K-294
LAVERACK, JOHN                          NY-20-S-184
LAWRENCE, CATHERINE                     NY-20-R-4
LAWRENCE, MARY CAROLINE                 NY-20-U-85
LAWRENCE, ROSWELL                       NY-20-G-97
LAWRENCE, STANLEY                       NY-20-S-265
LAWTON, ABRAHAM                         NY-20-N-22
LAWTON, ELLEN                           NY-20-I-557
LAWTON, JOHN                            NY-20-G-168
LAYMAN, ABRAHAM                         NY-20-M-117
LAYMAN, CHARLES                         NY-20-V-226
LAYMAN, DEBORAH                         NY-20-O-145
LAYMAN, EDWARD V.                       NY-20-S-292
LAYMAN, HENRY A.                        NY-20-N-76
LEACH, JOHN                             NY-20-L-222
LEACH, JOHN                             NY-20-W-105
LEACH, WINNIE                           NY-20-P-253
LEE, ANNA M.                            NY-20-V-216
LEE, CHARLES H.                         NY-20-U-54
LEE, NANCY                              NY-20-L-215
LEEPER, ANDREW                          NY-20-L-119
LEETE, WILLIAM E.                       NY-20-O-100
LEFFINGWELL, RUSSEL                     NY-20-G-87
LEGG, CORNELIUS H.                      NY-20-W-212
LEGG, MARY EMILY                        NY-20-U-281
LEHMANN, CHARLES G.                     NY-20-T-183
LEIGH, MELISSA                          NY-20-W-244
LEISK, HILAND                           NY-20-M-64
LEMON, LYSANDER                         NY-20-R-16
LENNON, JAMES                           NY-20-L-144
LENNON, JOHN                            NY-20-C-109
LENNON, JOHN C.                         NY-20-S-191
LENNON, JULIA W.                        NY-20-X-98
LENNON, WILLIAM S.                      NY-20-R-98
LENT, SARAH B.                          NY-20-O-223
LESHER, CATHARINE                       NY-20-C-85
LESTER, CATHARINE                       NY-20-I-537
LEWIS, AUGUSTUS A.                      NY-20-W-33
LEWIS, FRANCIS H.                       NY-20-X-197
LEWIS, HARRIET M.                       NY-20-N-109
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-20-M-107
LEWIS, JOHN                             NY-20-K-61
LEWIS, NABOTH                           NY-20-H-244
LEWIS, SILAS                            NY-20-F-68
LEWIS, TERESSSA S.                      NY-20-Q-193
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-20-H-20
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-20-O-297
LIDZ, MAX                               NY-20-X-112
LIKE, MARY F.                           NY-20-W-245
LILLIS, WILLIAM                         NY-20-Q-206
LIND, KATE                              NY-20-U-202
LINSEY, CHARLES                         NY-20-W-42
LINZEY, ANN JANETTE                     NY-20-O-262
LINZEY, JOHN R.                         NY-20-J-601
LISK, BENJAMIN C.                       NY-20-O-156
LISK, CHARLES                           NY-20-H-6
LISK, CHARLES JR.                       NY-20-D-291
LISK, DEBORAH                           NY-20-H-441
LISK, ELIZABETH                         NY-20-B-232
LISK, ISRAEL                            NY-20-O-201
LISK, JACOB                             NY-20-N-173
LISK, JAMES C.                          NY-20-D-7
LISK, MARIAH                            NY-20-R-233
LITCHFIELD, LEONARD E.                  NY-20-Q-159
LITTLE, ANNA                            NY-20-O-23
LITTLE, JOHN J.                         NY-20-Q-277
LOBDELL, HANNAH                         NY-20-I-391
LOCK, FERDINAND                         NY-20-S-183
LOCK, ISAAC                             NY-20-A-58
LOCKIE, JAMES                           NY-20-L-241
LOCKWOOD, NATHAN                        NY-20-F-416
LOCKWOOD, OLFORD                        NY-20-J-505
LOGAN, JOHN                             NY-20-O-123
LOHMAN, JOHN P.                         NY-20-N-32
LOHMANN, ELVIRA R.                      NY-20-S-126
LOHMANN, FANNIE N. (SMITH)              NY-20-T-457
LOHMANN, MAHALA                         NY-20-O-152
LONGENDYKE, ELIZABETH                   NY-20-J-263
LONGENDYKE, HENRY A.                    NY-20-M-226
LONGENDYKE, JOHN B.                     NY-20-V-3
LOOMIS, EPHRAIM S.                      NY-20-S-144
LOOMIS, MARILLA L.                      NY-20-Q-191
LOOMIS, WYLLYS                          NY-20-M-25
LORD, ALANSON                           NY-20-L-247
LORD, ANNA                              NY-20-K-175
LORD, ASA                               NY-20-M-227
LORD, ELIZABETH P.                      NY-20-S-84
LORENS, EVA                             NY-20-V-103
LORENZ, ADAM                            NY-20-U-163
LORTON, ELSIE M.                        NY-20-Q-244
LOSEE, CHARLES E.                       NY-20-Q-278
LOSEE, E. ANGELINE                      NY-20-R-5
LOSEE, HIRAM                            NY-20-C-410
LOSEE, HIRAM S.                         NY-20-N-260
LOSEE, JACOB                            NY-20-N-169
LOSEE, JOSEPH A.                        NY-20-V-169
LOSEE, RANSOM                           NY-20-Q-105
LOSEE, ROSWELL                          NY-20-M-287
LOSEE, SOLOMON                          NY-20-V-71
LOSEE, STEPHEN                          NY-20-H-26
LOSEE, STEPHEN A.                       NY-20-U-14
LOSEE, STEPHEN M.                       NY-20-M-88
LOSEE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-20-O-289
LOUGHMAN, KYRIAN                        NY-20-Q-217
LOUNSBURY, ALEXANDER                    NY-20-W-22
LOWERY, HANNAH                          NY-20-X-347
LOWN, PETER                             NY-20-M-150
LOWRY, WILLIAM                          NY-20-U-199
LUCAS, ADELAIDE MEADE                   NY-20-S-26
LUCAS, GEORGE H.                        NY-20-S-141
LUCK, MATTHIAS                          NY-20-N-53
LUDINGTON, TERTULLUS                    NY-20-B-391
LUENING, POLLY                          NY-20-U-161
LUMEREUX, ISAAC                         NY-20-B-55
LUNEY, ELIZABETH                        NY-20-R-225
LUSK, ADALINE                           NY-20-S-135
LUSK, ANNA L.                           NY-20-X-380
LUSK, ELIZABETH                         NY-20-L-90
LUSK, ELIZABETH C.                      NY-20-X-351
LUSK, ELIZABETH H.                      NY-20-R-209
LUSK, GILBERT                           NY-20-N-54
LUSK, URSULA                            NY-20-S-198
LUTZ, ANDREW                            NY-20-S-43
LYMAN, SIMON                            NY-20-C-287
LYNAM, THOMAS                           NY-20-Q-158
LYNAN, JAMES L.                         NY-20-M-27
LYNCH, ELLEN                            NY-20-U-29
LYNCH, JULIA                            NY-20-Q-91
LYNCH, RICHARD                          NY-20-N-175
LYNDE, MARY P.                          NY-20-T-49
LYNES, GEORGE                           NY-20-M-253
LYNES, HELEN F.                         NY-20-W-157
LYONS, ELIZABETH                        NY-20-W-119
LYONS, GEORGE H.                        NY-20-Q-37
MABEN, BUEL                             NY-20-N-216
MABEN, SIDNEY T.                        NY-20-R-63
MABEY, GEORGE H.                        NY-20-W-265
MABEY, HORACE                           NY-20-W-136
MABEY, LOZINA                           NY-20-M-239
MABIE, JOHN W.                          NY-20-V-19
MABIN, BENJAMIN                         NY-20-D-340
MACKEY, AMASA                           NY-20-L-134
MACKEY, CASPER                          NY-20-J-332
MACKEY, CHARLES W.                      NY-20-X-475
MACKEY, EBENEZER R.                     NY-20-Q-121
MACKEY, EBENEZER R.                     NY-20-Q-95
MACKEY, ELIZA S.                        NY-20-O-48
MACKEY, ELSIE R.                        NY-20-V-159
MACKEY, FLETCHER                        NY-20-W-132
MACKEY, FREMON                          NY-20-O-46
MACKEY, GEORGE                          NY-20-L-47
MACKEY, HANNAH                          NY-20-V-249
MACKEY, HELEN A.                        NY-20-T-143
MACKEY, MARY E.                         NY-20-R-248
MACKEY, NICHOLAS                        NY-20-S-73
MACKEY, WILLIAM                         NY-20-S-64
MACOMBER, EDMUND                        NY-20-F-302
MADIGAN, PATRICK                        NY-20-M-245
MAGEE, MARY JANE                        NY-20-U-223
MAGEE, PETER                            NY-20-R-109
MAGILTON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-20-U-154
MAGINIS, ALICE                          NY-20-M-173
MAGINNIS, PETER                         NY-20-J-290
MAJILTON, JAMES D.                      NY-20-W-101
MAKLEY, SARAH                           NY-20-V-140
MALCOLM, JOSEPH                         NY-20-T-379
MALLORY, MARY M.                        NY-20-O-161
MALONE, PATRICK                         NY-20-I-261
MANAHAN, PATRICK                        NY-20-W-192
MANDIGO, JEREMIAH                       NY-20-F-514
MANN, JOHN T.                           NY-20-O-63
MANNING, JOSHUA                         NY-20-E-389
MANSFIELD, MARIA A.                     NY-20-Q-224
MANZAR, DANIEL                          NY-20-I-503
MAPELSDEN, ANN                          NY-20-S-31
MAPLESDEN, MARY J.                      NY-20-X-173
MARESCO, THERESCO V.                    NY-20-W-266
MARKLE, SARAH                           NY-20-Q-279
MARQUART, JEREMIAH                      NY-20-G-257
MARRIOTT, RUTH                          NY-20-C-407
MARSH, SAMUEL                           NY-20-Q-267
MARSHALL, DAVID                         NY-20-V-64
MARSHALL, DEBORAH                       NY-20-R-108
MARSHALL, MARION                        NY-20-W-128
MARSHALL, RUTH S.                       NY-20-R-152
MARSHALL, SMITH                         NY-20-Q-70
MARSILLY, MARTIN                        NY-20-R-179
MARTIN, ALIDA E.                        NY-20-W-236
MARTIN, ARTHUR N.                       NY-20-X-25
MARTIN, CATHARINE                       NY-20-Q-208
MARTIN, CATHERINE                       NY-20-V-99
MARTIN, FREDERICK                       NY-20-K-228
MARTIN, GEORGE M.                       NY-20-R-280
MARTIN, JACOB                           NY-20-F-275
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-20-U-139
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-20-M-215
MARTIN, JULIA A.                        NY-20-W-238
MARTIN, LYDIA B.                        NY-20-M-212
MARTIN, MARIETTE                        NY-20-R-172
MARTIN, MARY VICTORIA                   NY-20-R-223
MARTIN, PETER                           NY-20-O-288
MARTIN, PETER                           NY-20-O-217
MARTIN, PHILIP E.                       NY-20-T-473
MARTIN, RICHARD                         NY-20-N-1
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NY-20-V-32
MARTIN, SAMUEL R.                       NY-20-X-275
MARTIN, SARAH C.                        NY-20-S-49
MARTO, NICKLAS                          NY-20-A-107
MARVIN, WILLIAM                         NY-20-J-463
MASON, JANE                             NY-20-N-67
MASS, ELIHU                             NY-20-H-36
MASSINO, MAY                            NY-20-W-284
MATTHEWS, ANDREW                        NY-20-R-221
MATTHEWS, JARED                         NY-20-J-450
MATTHEWS, MARY E.                       NY-20-V-48
MATTICE, DAVID D.                       NY-20-O-18
MATTICE, ELIAS                          NY-20-W-102
MATTICE, JAMES D.                       NY-20-P-471
MATTICE, LAWRENCE                       NY-20-W-204
MATTICE, MANLY B.                       NY-20-Q-113
MATTICE, MARY E.                        NY-20-X-38
MATTON, CURTIS A.                       NY-20-M-134
MATTOON, AMASA                          NY-20-F-19
MATTOON, CURTIS                         NY-20-I-4
MATTOON, JULIA A.                       NY-20-R-23
MATTOON, RANSOM A.                      NY-20-R-159
MAUNTON, EDWARD H.                      NY-20-W-219
MAYBEE, SIMON V.                        NY-20-S-13
MAYES, WATSON                           NY-20-O-249
MAYO, ANN ELIZA                         NY-20-M-100
MAYO, WILLIAM                           NY-20-J-185
MCCABE, BENJAMIN                        NY-20-H-545
MCCABE, BRADLEY S.                      NY-20-U-224
MCCABE, CARRIE                          NY-20-X-385
MCCABE, EDWARD                          NY-20-X-388
MCCABE, HAMILTON J.                     NY-20-T-326
MCCABE, HUGH                            NY-20-R-75
MCCABE, MARY E.                         NY-20-S-107
MCCABE, MARY L.                         NY-20-V-15
MCCABE, STEPHEN                         NY-20-A-128
MCCARDELL, CHARLES ***                  NY-20-G-484
MCCARRICK, SILVESTER S.                 NY-20-M-256
MCCARTY, SARAH                          NY-20-G-407
MCCLEAN, ELNORA F.                      NY-20-Q-42
MCCONKEY, HARRY S.                      nY-20-T-123
MCCORMICK, CATHERINE ANN                NY-20-O-278
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         NY-20-O-250
MCCORMICK, LUKE                         NY-20-N-127
MCCOWAN, ELIZA                          NY-20-S-12
MCCOY, CATHERINE M.                     NY-20-P-300
MCDEVITT, DOMINICK                      NY-20-O-240
MCELROY, PATRICK                        NY-20-L-58
MCGEE, JOHN                             NY-20-W-11
MCGIFFERT, FRANK L.                     NY-20-U-73
MCGIFFORD, JOHN                         NY-20-L-124
MCGIFFORD, WILLIAM S.                   NY-20-J-494
MCGLASHAN, JOHN                         NY-20-M-63
MCGLASHAN, WILLIAM T.                   NY-20-W-301
MCGLASHEN, JOHN                         NY-20-R-232
MCGLASHEN, PHEBE J.                     NY-20-R-227
MCGREGOR, NANCY                         NY-20-M-72
MCKEAN, FREDERICK S.                    NY-20-O-38
MCKINLEY, ALEXANDER                     NY-20-P-132
MCKINNEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-20-H-216
MCLAIN, JANE                            NY-20-R-202
MCLANIS, PETER                          NY-20-W-220
MCLOUGHLIN, CATHERINE                   NY-20-Q-233
MCMENOMY, JAMES                         NY-20-M-7
MCNIEL, PATRICK                         NY-20-Q-27
MCNULTY, MARY E.                        NY-20-Q-190
MCQUEEN, WILLIAM                        NY-20-K-28
MCTAGUE, AGNES T.                       NY-20-R-222
MCWILLIAMS, CHARLES                     NY-20-O-35
MEAD, DAVID P.                          NY-20-L-125
MEAD, ELISHA                            NY-20-K-72
MEAD, EUNICE                            NY-20-M-259
MEAD, JOEL H.                           NY-20-V-255
MEAD, MOSES                             NY-20-I-339
MEAD, NATHAN P. H.                      NY-20-V-184
MEAD, SARAH G.                          NY-20-Q-169
MEAD, STEPHEN                           NY-20-M-112
MEAD, WILLIAM E.                        NY-20-Q-129
MEAD, WILLIAM R.                        NY-20-L-246
MEDDAUGH, ELLA                          NY-20-W-199
MEDDAUGH, GEORGE H.                     NY-20-V-153
MEEKER, ABRAM L.                        NY-20-S-246
MEEKER, ELECTA P.                       NY-20-U-272
MELIUS, FANNY M.                        NY-20-O-257
MELLEN, JOSEPHINE A.                    NY-20-W-100
MELLISH, GEORGE                         NY-20-O-165
MELLISH, MARY E.                        NY-20-R-31
MERRITT, AUGUSTA R.                     NY-20-W-174
MERRITT, SENECA                         NY-20-L-37
MERWIN, ALBERT H.                       NY-20-N-186
MERWIN, DENNIS                          NY-20-K-1
MERWIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-20-L-136
MERWIN, HARRIET                         NY-20-Q-110
MERWIN, LEVERETT                        NY-20-L-140
MESICK, ANNA                            NY-20-L-165
MEYER, CONRAD                           NY-20-S-204
MICKELJOHN, MARGARET                    NY-20-Q-20
MIKLANIS, PETER                         NY-20-W-220
MILDEBERGER, VASHTI F.                  NY-20-S-257
MILER, PETER                            NY-20-N-134
MILLARD, ELIZA M.                       NY-20-S-104
MILLARD, HARRIET N.                     NY-20-S-279
MILLARD, JAMES                          NY-20-K-319
MILLARD, SARAH                          NY-20-V-179
MILLER, ALVIN B.                        NY-20-J-593
MILLER, BARTON                          NY-20-W-38
MILLER, BENJAMIN O.                     NY-20-O-199
MILLER, C. AMANDA                       NY-20-R-131
MILLER, CAROLINE M.                     NY-20-S-243
MILLER, CATHARINE                       NY-20-T-69
MILLER, DANIEL                          NY-20-E-370
MILLER, DANIEL S.                       NY-20-Q-86
MILLER, ELISHA D.                       NY-20-M-109
MILLER, ELIZABETH PARKER                NY-20-W-139
MILLER, EMELINE S.                      NY-20-W-155
MILLER, ERNEST                          NY-20-X-260
MILLER, HANNAH                          NY-20-N-238
MILLER, HENRY J.                        NY-20-X-477
MILLER, HENRY S.                        NY-20-W-3
MILLER, ISAAC J.                        NY-20-U-214
MILLER, JESSE                           NY-20-J-748
MILLER, JOHN JACOB                      NY-20-T-227
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-20-H-542
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-20-B-254
MILLER, JONATHAN J.                     NY-20-J-694
MILLER, LUMAN                           NY-20-S-176
MILLER, MARGARET                        NY-20-L-104
MILLER, MARY                            NY-20-U-74
MILLER, MARY A.                         NY-20-N-15
MILLER, MARY A.                         NY-20-N-208
MILLER, MINERVA                         NY-20-V-101
MILLER, NATHANIEL C.                    NY-20-M-264
MILLER, PETER SR.                       NY-20-F-293
MILLER, PHILIP                          NY-20-K-771
MILLER, RACHEL                          NY-20-Q-76
MILLER, ROBERT                          NY-20-G-67
MILLER, ROSCOE D.                       NY-20-W-138
MILLER, ROSELL                          NY-20-S-53
MILLER, TIMOTHY J.                      NY-20-L-72
MILLER, WILIAM N.                       NY-20-W-120
MILLETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-20-I-85
MILLS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN                NY-20-R-185
MITCHELL, ABIJAH                        NY-20-A-23
MITCHELL, AMY                           NY-20-M-57
MITCHELL, PAULINE                       NY-20-W-106
MOAK, BALTIS                            NY-20-K-188
MOAK, LEVI S.                           NY-20-S-203
MOESHER, GEORGE                         NY-20-D-194
MONROE, ELLEN                           NY-20-S-155
MONROE, WASHINGTON H.                   NY-20-O-153
MONTGOMERY, MARY                        NY-20-O-37
MOON, JAMES S.                          NY-20-U-156
MOON, LAVINNIA                          NY-20-R-180
MOORE, CHRISTIAN                        NY-20-P-69
MOORE, EDWARD P.                        NY-20-L-164
MOORE, ELIJAH                           NY-20-D-1
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        NY-20-L-13
MOORE, JOHN H.                          NY-20-V-260
MOORE, LUCRETIA                         NY-20-V-147
MOORE, MADISON                          NY-20-R-111
MOORE, MARGARET R.                      NY-20-N-135
MOORE, PHILIP                           NY-20-G-466
MOORE, SUSAN E.                         NY-20-P-494
MORE, ELIJAH                            NY-20-C-413
MORE, MARY A.                           NY-20-V-263
MORE, ROBERT                            NY-20-H-17
MORE, WATSON D.                         NY-20-Q-54
MOREHOUSE, ELIZA                        NY-20-S-219
MOREHOUSE, JOHN                         NY-20-U-120
MOREHOUSE, WILLIAM                      NY-20-K-675
MOREY, ANNA M.                          NY-20-W-81
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         NY-20-L-179
MORISON, DANIEL                         NY-20-C-138
MORRELL, MARTHA V. V.                   NY-20-N-85
MORRIS, PHEBE F.                        NY-20-O-115
MORRISON, ANNAH E.                      NY-20-R-273
MORRISON, CAROLINE K.                   NY-20-S-60
MORRISON, DANIEL                        NY-20-I-442
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       NY-20-O-55
MORRISON, WILLIAM O. N.                 NY-20-T-408
MORROW, CATHERINE MARRAH                NY-20-U-234
MORSE, BURTON G.                        NY-20-V-256
MORSE, DAVID B.                         NY-20-S-123
MORSS, BURTON G.                        NY-20-K-514
MOSEMAN, BIRDSELL                       NY-20-Q-75
MOSEMAN, CHLOE E.                       NY-20-R-66
MOSEMAN, MELISSA                        NY-20-N-170
MOSS, ELIHU                             NY-20-D-108
MOSS, JESSE                             NY-20-L-95
MOSS, REUBEN                            NY-20-U-160
MOTT, FREDERICK                         NY-20-X-116
MOTT, GEORGE C.                         NY-20-S-5
MOTT, JOSEPH                            NY-20-C-140
MOTT, LYDIA A.                          NY-20-Q-149
MOTT, SALMON J.                         NY-20-W-134
MOTT, WILLIAM D.                        NY-20-Q-199
MOWER, EMILY                            NY-20-W-217
MULBURY, EUGENE                         NY-20-W-280
MULLEN, BETSEY J.                       NY-20-O-162
MULLEN, DANIEL                          NY-20-L-161
MULLER, AUGUSTE FREDERIC                NY-20-T-267
MULLER, JOHN GOTTFRIED                  NY-20-W-16
MULLINEX, JOHN                          NY-20-L-234
MULLINS, THOMAS                         NY-20-J-765
MUNDON, MARGARET ANN                    NY-20-R-17
MUNGER, BELA                            NY-20-O-7
MUNGER, EDWARD                          NY-20-W-256
MUNN, ANSON F.                          NY-20-M-101
MUNN, ELEANOR                           NY-20-W-142
MUNROE, NATHAN                          NY-20-G-550
MUNSON, AUSTIN S.                       NY-20-O-284
MUNSON, HARRIET                         NY-20-V-213
MUNSON, JOHN                            NY-20-L-40
MURPHY, MICHAEL                         NY-20-Q-81
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NY-20-K-273
MURRIN, MARY                            NY-20-R-144
MURTA, JOHN                             NY-20-U-246
MUSIER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-20-H-129
MYER, CORNELIUS                         NY-20-C-144
MYER, ELIZABETH                         NY-20-M-279
MYER, LYSANDER                          NY-20-I-563
MYERS, ABRAM                            NY-20-N-6
MYERS, ANDREW P.                        NY-20-L-212
MYERS, CYRUS                            NY-20-L-186
MYERS, JACOB                            NY-20-H-365
MYERS, MARIA W.                         NY-20-T-109
MYERS, RACHEL E.                        NY-20-V-243
MYERS, REBECCA                          NY-20-N-31
MYERS, SARAH L.                         NY-20-V-16
MYES, MARTHA                            NY-20-R-135
MYGATT, ANJENETT                        NY-20-V-90
MYGATT, AUGUSTUS                        NY-20-M-208
MYGATT, CALVIN M.                       NY-20-R-143
MYGATT, ISSAAC                          NY-20-O-185
NEARING, ELLEN E.                       NY-20-O-133
NEARING, MARY L.                        NY-20-N-60
NEARING, SOPHIA                         NY-20-M-74
NELSON, ELI                             NY-20-Q-112
NELSON, HARRIE L.                       NY-20-N-146
NELSON, MARY                            NY-20-S-98
NELSON, ROBERT                          NY-20-J-633
NELSON, WILLIAM B.                      NY-20-S-282
NETTERVILLE, ELIZA                      NY-20-V-85
NETTERVILLE, JOHN                       NY-20-M-230
NEWBURY, BOLIVER                        NY-20-S-241
NEWBURY, FRANCES CLINTON                NY-20-S-102
NEWBURY, RUTH E.                        NY-20-Q-59
NEWCASTLE, GEORGE HENRY                 NY-20-U-124
NEWCOMB, AUSTIN                         NY-20-M-290
NEWCOMB, GEORGE A.                      NY-20-T-140
NEWCOMB, ISHAM                          NY-20-M-98
NEWCOMB, LAURA E.                       NY-20-N-180
NEWCOMB, LAVINNA W.                     NY-20-Q-243
NEWCOMB, MARGARET C.                    NY-20-S-130
NEWCOMB, RHODA BELLE                    NY-20-M-145
NEWELL, JOHN                            NY-20-B-42
NEWELL, JOHN                            NY-20-C-73
NEWELL, JOHN A.                         NY-20-S-106
NEWKERK, GERARDUS                       NY-20-A-55
NEWKIRK, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-20-X-402
NEWKIRK, JOHN E.                        NY-20-T-370
NEWKIRK, MARIA V. D.                    NY-20-S-214
NEWMAN, EMORY E.                        NY-20-S-2
NEWMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-20-L-180
NEWTON, FOWLER                          NY-20-L-2
NEWTON, IRETUS D.                       NY-20-Q-264
NEWTON, MINERVA L.                      NY-20-M-251
NEWTON, ORLANDO L.                      NY-20-Q-137
NEWTON, REBECCA A.                      NY-20-S-45
NICHOLS, GEORGE                         NY-20-V-258
NICHOLS, GEORGE S.                      NY-20-X-92
NICHOLS, S. CORNELIA                    NY-20-S-193
NICHOLS, SAMUEL H.                      NY-20-V-5
NICHOLSON, ENOCH C.                     NY-20-R-237
NICKLE, WILLIAM R.                      NY-20-V-223
NICOLL, CHARLES A.                      NY-20-V-267
NIELAND, HENRY C.                       NY-20-X-457
NILES, HENRY                            NY-20-S-6
NILES, LAVINA F.                        NY-20-U-94
NIVER, CORNELIUS                        NY-20-M-271
NOBLE, CLARA                            NY-20-I-160
NOBLE, ELIZABETH T.                     NY-20-J-282
NOBLE, EMMA JANE                        NY-20-U-191
NOBLE, WALKER                           NY-20-L-173
NODINE, BENJAMIN                        NY-20-M-36
NODINE, WILLIS                          NY-20-V-173
NONISH, RICHARD JOHN                    NY-20-Q-138
NORTH, FREDERICK                        NY-20-V-209
NORTH, LOUISA                           NY-20-S-232
NORTH, LUCIUS                           NY-20-S-238
NORTHROP, MARIA THERESA                 NY-20-J-139
NORTHRUP, ZADOCK P.                     NY-20-M-133
NORTON, DANIEL                          NY-20-B-178
NORTON, LOIS                            NY-20-I-22
NOTT, MARY                              NY-20-O-22
OBERT, PAULINE                          NY-20-S-152
OBLENIS, DANIEL                         NY-20-J-190
OBRIEN, BARTHLOMEW J. (REV.)            NY-20-L-8
OBRIEN, HANNAH                          NY-20-O-118
OBRIEN, JOHN                            NY-20-I-118
OBRIEN, WILLIAM                         NY-20-N-119
OBRYON, CATHARINE                       NY-20-R-115
OCONNOR, BARNARD                        NY-20-J-735
OCONNOR, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-20-U-63
OCONNOR, HARRIET A.                     NY-20-U-166
OCONNOR, NELSON B.                      NY-20-U-178
ODELL, SENECA                           NY-20-N-106
ODRISCOL, EDWARD                        NY-20-N-113
OGRADY, ANN                             NY-20-T-289
OGRADY, MARTIN V.                       NY-20-V-176
OGRADY, PATRICK                         NY-20-T-172
OHARA, BARNARD                          NY-20-S-81
OHARA, JOHN                             NY-20-N-225
OHARA, LEVI                             NY-20-R-194
OHARA, PETER                            NY-20-H-453
OKEEFE, MARGARET                        NY-20-W-181
OKEEFE, MICHAEL                         NY-20-V-46
OLIVER, WILLIAM                         NY-20-R-22
OLMSTEAD, HENRY F.                      NY-20-S-18
OLMSTEAD, ICHABOD                       NY-20-W-177
OLMSTEAD, JOHN G.                       NY-20-Q-225
OLMSTED, EDGAR M.                       NY-20-X-266
OLMSTED, GEORGE W.                      NY-20-U-239
OLMSTED, JABEZ                          NY-20-J-317
OLMSTED, OWEN                           NY-20-H-22
OLMSTED, RUSSEL D.                      NY-20-U-111
OLMSTED, WILLIAM M.                     NY-20-M-237
OLNEY, JOHN                             NY-20-K-162
ONDERDONK, ABRAHAM                      NY-20-G-306
ONDERDONK, FREDERICK                    NY-20-M-221
ORMSBEE, SOLOMON                        NY-20-D-232
OSBORN, CURTIS                          NY-20-N-158
OSBORN, EBENEZER                        NY-20-G-618
OSBORN, ELBERT                          NY-20-W-180
OSBORN, SAMUEL                          NY-20-Q-161
OSBORN, SEBLE                           NY-20-K-251
OSBORN, VICTOR                          NY-20-J-380
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         NY-20-O-236
OSMER, JAMES                            NY-20-L-91
OSTERHOUDT, AGNES                       NY-20-V-56
OSTERHOUDT, CATHARINE H.                NY-20-U-206
OSTERHOUT, JOHN                         NY-20-G-544
OSTRANDER, JOHN                         NY-20-C-27
OTIS, FESSENDEN N.                      NY-20-P-414
OTIS, FRANCES C.                        NY-20-S-290
OTT, CHRISITAN                          NY-20-R-2
OTT, FRANCES                            NY-20-Q-107
OTT, HENRI                              NY-20-S-109
OVERBAGH, ANGELICA                      NY-20-J-219
OVERBAGH, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-20-Q-53
OVERBAGH, FREDERICK                     NY-20-J-12
OVERBAGH, HELEN GOODSELL                NY-20-V-146
OVERBAGH, HENRY D.                      NY-20-J-514
OVERBAGH, JAMES P.                      NY-20-O-219
OVERBAGH, JOHN A. ***                   NY-20-E-424
OVERBAUGH, ANDREW                       NY-20-T-494
OVERBAUGH, CHARLES L.                   NY-20-X-179
OVERBAUGH, FRANK                        NY-20-V-63
OVERBAUGH, JEREMIAH                     NY-20-Q-108
OVERBAUGH, JOHN E.                      NY-20-W-172
OVERBAUGH, MARY L.                      NY-20-V-160
OVERBAUGH, SARAH E.                     NY-20-N-92
OVERBOGH, WILLIAM T.                    NY-20-L-121
OVERBOUGH, JOHN HENRY                   NY-20-M-274
OVERBOUGH, SOLOMON                      NY-20-L-226
OVERPAOUGH, ABRAHAM                     NY-20-A-77
OWEN, FRANK                             NY-20-X-15
OWEN, JESSE C.                          NY-20-G-528

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