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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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ABEEL, ANTHONY               CATSKILL                      NY-20-F-104
ABEEL, CATHERINE             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-72
ABEEL, CHARLES C.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-158
ABEEL, DAVID                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-134
ABEEL, DAVID G.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-721
ABEEL, ELIZABETH             CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-138
ABEEL, GARRET                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-192
ABEEL, GARRET                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-201
ACKER, FANNY M.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-196
ACKERT, ANDREW               CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-108
ACKERT, CATHARINE            CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-233
ADAMS, EUDORA LYDIA          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-81
ADAMS, FRANCIS G.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-1
ADAMS, FREDERICK T.          GOXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-230
ADAMS, GEORGE                CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-12
ADAMS, HERMAN C.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-33
ADAMS, JAMES                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-262
ADAMS, JOHN                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-376
ADAMS, JOSEPH                DURHAM                        NY-20-C-289
ADAMS, JOSEPH                CAIRO                         NY-20-L-250
ADAMS, MARIA                 CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-9
ADAMS, REUBEN                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-145
ADAMS, STILLMAN              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-686
ADAMS, WALTER                CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-169
ADAMS, WILLIAM V. B.         COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-570
ADSIT, EDWIN E.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-142
ADSIT, HARRIET               CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-254
ADSIT, OBADIAH               CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-59
ADSIT, SARAH A.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-165
AHREET, MARY B.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-198
AHREET, SELAH B.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-194
AIRRAH, JOHN                 CAIRO                         NY-20-J-625
AKELEY, MATILDA A.           CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-268
AKINS, MARGARETT             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-196
ALBRIGHT, EDMUND S.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-T-116
ALCOTT, MARY R.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-191
ALDEN, ELIAB                 WINDHAM                       NY-20-G-164
ALDEN, ELIZA                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-79
ALDEN, JOHN S.               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-100
ALDREDGE, DENNISON H.        CAIRO                         NY-20-S-225
ALDRICH, LAURA L.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-245
ALGER, HIRAM                 DURHAM                        NY-20-R-164
ALGER, SAMUEL                DURHAM                        NY-20-O-274
ALLEN, AMELIA A.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-79
ALLEN, DARIUS                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-237
ALLEN, ELIZA J.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-255
ALLEN, ELIZABETH             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-S-195
ALLEN, JOSEPH                CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-47
ALLEN, MARTHA M.             CAIRO                         NY-20-U-219
ALLEN, MERCY                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-83
ALLEN, RACHEL                ATHENS                        NY-20-V-60
ALLEN, WILLIAM               ASHLAND                       NY-20-I-237
ALLERTON, EZRA               DURHAM                        NY-20-I-376
ALLERTON, MARCIA L.          HUNTER                        NY-20-J-41
ALLERTON, WILLIAM C.         GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-273
AMMERMAN, ISAAC              HUNTER                        NY-20-N-82
ANDERSON, CHARLES            CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-40
ANDOYE, FELIX                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-63
ANDREWS, AARON               CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-58
ANDREWS, EMMA D.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-O-207
ANDRUS, ELIAS                DURHAM                        NY-20-C-172
ANDRUS, LEVI                 JEWETT                        NY-20-U-256
ANGLE, AMY                   LEXINGTON                     NY-20-Q-174
ANGLE, CHRISTOPHER           LEXINGTON                     NY-20-N-19
ANGLE, ELIZABETH             LEXINGTON                     NY-20-R-18
ANGLE, PETER                 LEXINGTON                     NY-20-N-18
ANTHONY, ELIZA JANE          DURHAM                        NY-20-N-265
APPELL, EDWARD A.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-362
APPLETON, WILLIAM            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-87
ARMSTRONG, ABRAM V. B.       COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-122
ARMSTRONG, JOHN              HUNTER                        NY-20-J-408
ARMSTRONG, JOHN              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-413
ARMSTRONG, JOHN              DURHAM                        NY-20-O-72
ARMSTRONG, JOHN JR.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-187
ARMSTRONG, PHILIP            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-211
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT            DURHAM                        NY-20-L-128
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-713
ARNOLD, CHARLES W.           DURHAM                        NY-20-W-277
ARNOLD, GILBERT              DURHAM                        NY-20-N-12
ARNOLD, JOSEPH               DURHAM                        NY-20-C-78
ARNOLD, LEWIS                CAIRO                         NY-20-V-154
ARNOLD, RANSOM               DURHAM                        NY-20-O-180
ASHLEY, EMMA C.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-23
ASHLEY, HENRY                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-160
ASKERLY, ARABELLE            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-296
ATWATER, EMILY A.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-182
ATWATER, JOSHUA              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-167
ATWATER, MARY                JEWETT                        NY-20-L-214
ATWATER, MARY H.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-66
ATWATER, RUTH                HUNTER                        NY-20-R-190
ATWATER, SAMUEL W.           JEWETT                        NY-20-K-152
ATWATER, STEPHEN W.          LEXINGTON                     NY-20-K-155
ATWOOD, JOSEPH               WINDHAM                       NY-20-J-131
AUSTIN, ANGELINE             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-179
AUSTIN, CATHERINE H.         WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-28
AUSTIN, CHARLOTTE            DURHAM                        NY-20-K-663
AUSTIN, EDWARD               ATHENS                        NY-20-C-163
AUSTIN, ELIAS B.             DURHAM                        NY-20-L-168
AUSTIN, ELIZA                CAIRO                         NY-20-M-277
AUSTIN, ELIZA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-483
AUSTIN, H. LEROY             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-297
AUSTIN, HEZEKIAH ***         NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-545
AUSTIN, LYDIA J.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-128
AUSTIN, MARY                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-86
AUSTIN, MELINDA              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-9
AUSTIN, MOSES                DURHAM                        NY-20-G-587
AUSTIN, MOSES B.             WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-82
AUSTIN, ROBERT E.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-201
AUSTIN, SYLVESTER            WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-285
AVERY, DANIEL B.             JEWETT                        NY-20-J-364
AVERY, JOHN                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-298
AVERY, POLLY                 CAIRO                         NY-20-K-195
AVERY, WILLIAM               CAIRO                         NY-20-F-244
AVERY, WILLIAM               CAIRO                         NY-20-G-201
AVERY, WILLIAM W.            ASHLAND                       NY-20-S-94
AXTMAN, CLEMENS              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-128
AYERS, ANN                   HUNTER                        NY-20-R-201
AYERS, JAMES V. D.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-83
BABCOCK, GOULD E.            CAIRO                         NY-20-O-167
BACHELDER, ISAAC             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-388
BACKUS, CHARLES              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-158
BACKUS, FANNIE               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-109
BACKUS, FANNIE E.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-P-167
BACKUS, HARRIET              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-27
BACKUS, JACOB                ATHENS                        NY-20-U-157
BADEAU, JAMES A.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-31
BADEAU, JAMES H.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-205
BAGLEY, BENJAMIN C.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-99
BAGLEY, DANIEL               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-806
BAGLEY, FRANK B.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-67
BAGLEY, HARRISON             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-O-60
BAGLEY, JOHN                 DURHAM                        NY-20-C-347
BAGLEY, JOHN H.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-8
BAGLEY, LYDIA M. W.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-299
BAGLY, BERNARD               DURHAM                        NY-20-D-250
BAILEY, ALVAH                JEWETT                        NY-20-J-453
BAILEY, JEANETTE             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-222
BAILEY, LUTHER               JEWETT                        NY-20-O-282
BAIRD, FRANCIS               CATSKILL                      NY-20-P-375
BAIRD, FRANCIS               CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-73
BAIRD, HENRY M.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-207
BAKER, AARON                 DURHAM                        NY-20-O-208
BAKER, AMBROSE               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-189
BAKER, BENJAMIN              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-193
BAKER, GEORGE                DURHAM                        NY-20-V-30
BAKER, HANNAH                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-132
BAKER, HENRY                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-506
BAKER, JOSHUA                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-G-271
BAKER, KINGSLEY              DURHAM                        NY-20-N-206
BAKER, LUMAN                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-105
BAKER, MARTHA                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-77
BAKER, SARAH                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-3
BAKER, WILLIAM               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-35
BALDWIN, ANN H.              HUNTER                        NY-20-P-182
BALDWIN, CAROLINE A.         CAIRO                         NY-20-J-691
BALDWIN, DAVID               DURHAM                        NY-20-F-324
BALDWIN, ELIZABETH           DURHAM                        NY-20-I-7
BALDWIN, EUNICE BRIGGS       JEWETT                        NY-20-J-342
BALDWIN, HEZEKIEL            DURHAM                        NY-20-C-269
BALDWIN, LEMUEL              DURHAM                        NY-20-K-216
BALDWIN, LILLIE S.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-X-440
BALDWIN, SAMANTHA            DURHAM                        NY-20-L-251
BALDWIN, SYLVSTER S.         CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-44
BALDWIN, WILLIAM             DURHAM                        NY-20-R-14
BALDWIN, WILLIAM H.          NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-X-463
BALLARD, BENJAMIN            HALCOTT                       NY-20-Q-72
BANKER, ADELE H.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-X-376
BANKS, EMMA P.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-218
BANKS, WILLIAM W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-275
BARBER, GEORGE               LEXINGTON                     NY-20-O-4
BARBER, ORANGE               ASHLAND                       NY-20-K-220
BARBER, WILLIAM              HUNTER                        NY-20-H-11
BARE, ROBERT                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-204
BARKER, ADELINE              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-190
BARKER, EZRA                 JEWETT                        NY-20-V-193
BARKER, HANNAH               CAIRO                         NY-20-H-480
BARKER, JAMES                DURHAM                        NY-20-B-356
BARKER, JOHN                 CAIRO                         NY-20-C-463
BARKER, RANSOM A.            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-150
BARKER, THOMAS E.            DURHAM                        NY-20-C-80
BARKLEY, ELIZABETH B.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-260
BARKLEY, JOHN                WINDHAM                       NY-20-M-198
BARLOW, ALANSON              ASHLAND                       NY-20-J-129
BARLOW, CATHARINE            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-162
BARLOW, JOHN                 WINDHAM                       NY-20-C-249
BARLOW, WALTER               DURHAM                        NY-20-I-113
BARNETT, CHRISTOPHER V.      COXSACKIE                     NY-20-P-52
BARNUM, EDRE                 LEXINGTON                     NY-20-J-542
BARRINGER, CONRAD            CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-46
BARRINGER, JACOB C.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-767
BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN J.         CAIRO                         NY-20-W-158
BARTOO, SILAS JR.            NTL                           NY-20-B-221
BASCOM, ELECTA M.            DURHAM                        NY-20-U-176
BASSETT, JOHN                CAIRO                         NY-20-B-262
BATCHELER, ISAAC             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-394
BATES, E. SEMANTHE           CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-274
BATES, GEORGE W.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-263
BATES, WILLIAM P.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-429
BATTERSON, MORRIS            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-490
BAUNACH, MARY                CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-13
BAYLEY, SAMUEL               WINDHAM                       NY-20-F-405
BEACH, ADDISON F.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-175
BEACH, AMBROSE               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-68
BEACH, CHARLES               CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-389
BEACH, CHARLES A.            JEWETT                        NY-20-V-74
BEACH, CHARLES A.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-132
BEACH, CHARLES L.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-296
BEACH, ELIAKIM               CAIRO                         NY-20-H-393
BEACH, ELIZABETH             DURHAM                        NY-20-M-80
BEACH, ERASTUS               CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-310
BEACH, FREDERICK T.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-165
BEACH, GEORGE H.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-243
BEACH, GILBERT               HUNTER                        NY-20-X-305
BEACH, ISAAC                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-80
BEACH, JOHN S.               JEWETT                        NY-20-O-15
BEACH, LAUREN                WINDHAM                       NY-20-L-219
BEACH, LINDSLEY              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-688
BEACH, MARY A.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-57
BEACH, MARY ELIZABETH        CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-124
BEACH, SAMUEL                DURHAM                        NY-20-J-228
BEAR, PETER H.               DURHAM                        NY-20-V-43
BEAR, SARAH                  DURHAM                        NY-20-L-46
BEARDSLEY, JOHN              ATHENS                        NY-20-S-249
BEARDSLEY, MARY ELIZA        ATHENS                        NY-20-R-64
BEASLEY, JACOB               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-192
BEATTY, BENJAMIN F.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-88
BEATTY, HELEN M.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-T-29
BEATTY, WILLIAM              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-553
BECK, WILLIAM                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-580
BECKER, ALMIRA               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-K-743
BECKER, FREDERICK            CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-115
BECKER, GARRET               CAIRO                         NY-20-G-377
BECKER, HARMAN               CAIRO                         NY-20-C-35
BECKER, HENRY                WINDHAM                       NY-20-C-196
BECKER, JAMES                CATSILL                       NY-20-U-18
BECKER, MARY C.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-281
BECKER, NANCY                CAIRO                         NY-20-M-69
BECKWITH, WILLIAM C.         ATHENS                        NY-20-M-46
BECKWITH, ZANONI             CAIRO                         NY-20-S-287
BEDELL, ABRAM                ATHENS                        NY-20-O-127
BEDELL, ADAM                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-C-92
BEDELL, ANN                  COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-147
BEDELL, ANNA M.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-X-365
BEDELL, BERSINA              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-37
BEDELL, CHARLES T.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-266
BEDELL, DANIEL               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-I-42
BEDELL, ELLEN                ATHENS                        NY-20-P-281
BEDELL, JACOB G.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-88
BEDELL, JANE                 CAIRO                         NY-20-T-153
BEDELL, JANE                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-257
BEDELL, JEREMIAH             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-218
BEDELL, JOHN G.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-7
BEDELL, LEWIS                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-N-97
BEDELL, MARY                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-194
BEDELL, PRUDENCE             MEDWAY                        NY-20-W-80
BEDELL, SARAH W.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-248
BEDELL, WILLIAM              ATHENS                        NY-20-H-351
BEDELL, WILLIAM              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-W-274
BEEKMAN, ANN                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-717
BEELL, SILVESTER             NTL                           NY-20-B-86
BEERS, CORNELIUS             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-I-446
BEERS, DNAIEL G.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-260
BEHAN, JAMES                 HUNTER                        NY-20-O-120
BEHAN, SARAH                 HUNTER                        NY-20-R-26
BEHM, BERNHARD L.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-26
BEHM, GRACE A.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-221
BELL, ANDREW                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-233
BELL, ANNIE                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-234
BELL, CATHERINE              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-17
BELL, JANE                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-289
BELL, JONATHAN               WINDHAM                       NY-20-G-610
BELL, MARY                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-234
BELL, RHODA                  DURHAM                        NY-20-J-211
BELL, THOMAS                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-96
BELLAMY, JOEL                CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-332
BELLOWS, CLARISA             HALCOTT                       NY-20-S-210
BEMENT, BENJAMIN             CAIRO                         NY-20-F-129
BENDER, JOHN G.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-168
BENHAM, CASPARUS             CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-404
BENHAM, CORNELIUS K.         PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-K-589
BENJAMIN,  DANIEL            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-458
BENJAMIN, NATHAN             CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-163
BENJAMIN, RICHARD            DURHAM                        NY-20-G-295
BENNETT, DAVID               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-217
BENNETT, GEORGE G.           ATHENS                        NY-20-R-294
BENNETT, HARRIET             CAIRO                         NY-20-O-6
BENNETT, JOHN                ATHENS                        NY-20-H-225
BENNETT, MARGARET            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-55
BENNETT, WILLIAM             ATHENS                        NY-20-L-98
BENNETT, WILLIAM W.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-57
BENTON, CALEB                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-43
BERGNER, EMMA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-43
BESSAC, WILLIAM              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-H-51
BETTS, HANNAH                ATHENS                        NY-20-J-360
BETTS, JAMES HARVEY          CAIRO                         NY-20-J-312
BETTS, JUDSON A.             CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-231
BETTS, POLLY                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-92
BICKELMANN, CONRAD O.        TANNERSVILLE                  NY-20-V-229
BIDDELL, MARY A.             HUNTER                        NY-20-R-187
BIEBER, LEOPOLD              LAKEWOOD, OCEAN, NJ           NY-20-X-295
BIGLOW, JOSEPH               CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-97
BILZ, FREDERICK E.           NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-118
BINS, JOSEPH JR.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-275
BISHOP, GEORGE E.            CAIRO                         NY-20-W-291
BISHOP, JOSIAH H.            CAIRO                         NY-20-N-70
BISHOP, LEANDER H.           CAIRO                         NY-20-V-246
BISHOP, MARIA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-528
BISHOP, MARY                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-V-144
BISHOP, NORTON               WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-37
BISHOP, WILLARD              WINDHAM                       NY-20-O-241
BLACKMAR, ADONIJAH           DURHAM                        NY-20-H-222
BLACKMAR, ELISHA             CAIRO                         NY-20-H-448
BLACKMAR, ELSIE              CAIRO                         NY-20-J-251
BLAKELY, ISAAC               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-B-193
BLAKESLEE, ABEL              WINDHAM                       NY-20-D-112
BLAKESLEE, CYNTHIA A.        ASHLAND                       NY-20-Q-67
BLAKESLEE, HARRIET C.        WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-171
BLAKESLEE, SYLVESTER         WINDHAM                       NY-20-D-123
BLAUVELT, JANE               DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-63
BLENIS, WILLIAM              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-36
BLINN, PHILO                 PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-I-285
BLOODGOOD, IDA B.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-65
BLOOM, ANNA M.               CATSKLL                       NY-20-U-283
BLOOM, ANTHONY               CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-229
BLOOM, DAVID                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-95
BLOOM, JACOB S.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-I-128
BLOOM, LYDIA MARIA           CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-245
BLOSSOM, EMILY J.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-229
BLUMBERG, JAMES D.           PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-Q-287
BOARDMAN, CALVIN E.          CAIRO                         NY-20-L-9
BOARDMAN, DEIDAMIA           CAIRO                         NY-20-O-231
BOGARDUS, CHARLES            CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-85
BOGARDUS, CHARLES H.         DURHAM                        NY-20-N-116
BOGARDUS, CORNELIUS          ATHENS                        NY-20-S-267
BOGARDUS, DAVID              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-T-255
BOGARDUS, GEORGE A.          ATHENS                        NY-20-W-287
BOGARDUS, HANNAH             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-93
BOGARDUS, HIRAM              CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-238
BOGARDUS, JACOB              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-190
BOGARDUS, JACOB E.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-8
BOGARDUS, JACOB H.           CAIRO                         NY-20-K-580
BOGARDUS, JACOB P.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-448
BOGARDUS, JOHN ***           CATSKILL                      NY-20-G-24
BOGARDUS, JULIA              CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-145
BOGARDUS, LANAH              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-17
BOGARDUS, LUCINDA            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-X-195
BOGARDUS, MARY ADELINE       CAIRO                         NY-20-W-66
BOGARDUS, NANNING            GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-151
BOGARDUS, PETE RD.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-121
BOGARDUS, PETER              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-263
BOGARDUS, PETER              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-F-266
BOGART, BARENT               ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-20-C-349
BOGARUS, EGBERT              CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-249
BOGGS, ELIZABETH P.          HAINES FALLS                  NY-20-X-217
BOMUS, MARION A.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-V-130
BONESTEEL, ALICE             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-108
BONESTEEL, JAMES P.          LEXINGTON                     NY-20-O-218
BONESTEELE, LURA             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-225
BONESTEL, GEORGE             CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-137
BONESTEL, JOHN               CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-517
BOOTH, DANIEL B.             DURHAM                        NY-20-L-126
BOOTH, EBENEZER              DURHAM                        NY-20-H-206
BOTSFOD, NATHAN              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-G-127
BOTSFORD, GIDEON             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-M-241
BOUGHTON, AVERY              HALCOTT                       NY-20-S-251
BOUGHTON, HOWARD L.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-231
BOUGHTON, JAMES              DURHAM                        NY-20-Q-35
BOUGHTON, MATTHEW            PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-G-509
BOURKE, OLIVER               CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-23
BOUTON, ALFRED               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-G-522
BOUTON, CHARLES F.           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-M-124
BOUTON, HENRY B.             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-I-26
BOUTON, JANE                 HALCOTT                       NY-20-X-433
BOUTON, JANE C.              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-256
BOUTON, MARYETTE             PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-V-4
BOUTON, SARAH                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-40
BOWEN, ISAIAH                DURHAM                        NY-20-M-297
BOYD, EDWARD D.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-165
BOYD, GEORGE                 CAIRO                         NY-20-L-109
BOYD, JOHN                   GREENVILLE                    NY-20-H-236
BOYNTON, ARTHUR              BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-20-W-108
BRACE, ABEL                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-227
BRACE, BETSEY                CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-282
BRACE, ELIZABETH DOANE       CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-61
BRADBURY, MARTHA             ATHENS                        NY-20-I-453
BRADBURY, NAOMI              ATHENS                        NY-20-H-200
BRADBURY, PHEBE              ATHENS                        NY-20-E-406
BRADY, LUCY A.               CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-61
BRAINARD, LYDIA A.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-23
BRAINERD, CYRIL J.           WINDHAM                       NY-20-V-268
BRAND, THOMAS                DURHAM                        NY-20-M-48
BRANDON, AARON               CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-196
BRANDON, CALVIN              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-203
BRANDON, DAVID               ASHLAND                       NY-20-O-294
BRANDON, ELIZABETH A.        CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-11
BRANDON, ISAAC               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-P-1
BRANDON, JOHN                ATHENS                        NY-20-M-284
BRANDON, PETER G.            ATHENS                        NY-20-P-200
BRANDOW, ABRAHAM             CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-177
BRANDOW, ANSON W.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-251
BRANDOW, GARICHA             CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-31
BRANDOW, GEORGIANNA          CAIRO                         NY-20-U-155
BRANDOW, ISAIAH              CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-114
BRANDOW, JACOB               CAIRO                         NY-20-W-70
BRANDOW, JENNIE L.           ATHENS                        NY-20-V-41
BRANDOW, JOHN                ASHLAND                       NY-20-H-373
BRANDOW, JOHN                PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-I-288
BRANDOW, JOHN J.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-250
BRANDOW, LAMBERT             WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-62
BRANDOW, LUCAS E.            NTL                           NY-20-I-296
BRANDOW, MARY                CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-289
BRANDOW, NICHOLAS            PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-L-116
BRANDOW, PETER               CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-170
BRANDOW, PETER G.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-138
BRANDOW, PETER J.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-Q-146
BRANDOW, WHEELER             CATSKILL                      NY-20-X-65
BRANDOW, WILHELMUS           ASHLAND                       NY-20-H-255
BRANDOW, WILLIAM             JEWETT                        NY-20-S-186
BRANDOW, WILLIAM             ATHENS                        NY-20-H-303
BRANDT, JULIAETTA            CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-177
BRANDT, MARY J.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-254
BRANDT, NEWTON               CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-115
BRANSON, ELIZABETH C.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-285
BRANT, ELIZABETH M.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-N-69
BRANT, JOHN                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-259
BRAY, FREDERICK              JEWETT                        NY-20-N-151
BRAZIER, MARY                ATHENS                        NY-20-O-73
BREASTED, ANDREW             CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-238
BREASTED, JOHN               CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-500
BREASTED, PETER              CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-297
BREASTED, RACHAEL            CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-225
BRENNAN, BRIDGET             ATHENS                        NY-20-V-123
BREWER, CHARLES              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-O-291
BRIDGEN, WILLIAM             CAIRO                         NY-20-L-174
BRIGGS, BENJAMIN             ATHENS                        NY-20-I-29
BRIGGS, DARIUS               LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-22
BRIGGS, ELIAKIM              LEXINGTON                     NY-20-G-546
BRIGGS, EMMA                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-Q-242
BRIGGS, HARRIET E.           LEXINGTON                     NY-20-O-263
BRIGGS, HORACE B.            LEXINGTON                     NY-20-P-228
BRIGGS, MARINDA J.           ATHENS                        NY-20-V-150
BRISACK, HARRIET E.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-S-255
BRISACK, LEONARD V.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-U-193
BRISTOL, GEORGE HENRY        CATSKILL                      NY-20-U-124
BRITT, MARY                  CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-167
BRITT, PETER                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-D-101
BRITT, WILLIAM               CATSKILL                      NY-20-K-430
BROADHEAD, WILLIAM O.        DURHAM                        NY-20-P-171
BROADWATER, ARAMINTA M.      COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-228
BROCKETT, EDGAR              WINDHAM                       NY-20-T-352
BROCKETT, EDWIN              WINDHAM                       NY-20-X-8
BROCKETT, SALLY M.           JEWETT                        NY-20-Q-184
BROCKETT, THOMAS             JEWETT                        NY-20-J-758
BROGDON, THOMAS              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-B-50
BROLLEY, MARTHA E.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-114
BRONK, CATHARINE             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-595
BRONK, DANIEL                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-I-329
BRONK, EPHRAIM P.            NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-K-612
BRONK, HANNAH                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-220
BRONK, HENRY                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-372
BRONK, JAMES                 NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-L-187
BRONK, JAMES K.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-V-113
BRONK, JOHN B.               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-140
BRONK, LEONARD               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-66
BRONK, LEONARD               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-141
BRONK, LOUISA                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-168
BRONK, PETER E.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-J-339
BRONK, PETER J.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-M-166
BRONK, PHILIP P.             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-A-132
BRONK, RASETTOR              COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-38
BRONK, SAAH                  NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-R-292
BRONK, SARAH                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-184
BRONSON, BENONI              WINDHAM                       NY-20-Q-14
BRONSON, RANSOM              ASHLAND                       NY-20-L-38
BROOK, EPHRAIM               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-C-320
BROOKS, DANIEL               ATHENS                        NY-20-R-44
BROOKS, E. CHARLES           ATHENS                        NY-20-W-250
BROOKS, ELECTA               ATHENS                        NY-20-N-266
BROOKS, ISAAC NEWTON         ATHENS                        NY-20-J-225
BROOKS, JEREMIAH             ATHENS                        NY-20-O-189
BROOKS, JOHN                 HALCOTT                       NY-20-I-248
BROOKS, JOHN M.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-162
BROOKS, LAWRENCE W.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-T-97
BROOKS, MARGARET J. B.       CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-92
BROOKS, MARY J.              ATHENS                        NY-20-T-394
BROPHY, JOHN                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-119
BROWER, MAZEPPA T.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-7
BROWN, AMBROSE               ATHENS                        NY-20-U-236
BROWN, ELLA M.               DURHAM                        NY-20-V-121
BROWN, EMELINE               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-274
BROWN, HIRAM                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-R-146
BROWN, JAMES                 ATHENS                        NY-20-G-156
BROWN, JAMES                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-B-292
BROWN, JAMES A.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-E-619
BROWN, JOHN D.               ATHENS                        NY-20-R-176
BROWN, JOHN H.               NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-181
BROWN, JOSEPHINE             ATHENS                        NY-20-W-75
BROWN, LYDIA                 PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-Q-16
BROWN, MARGARET M.           CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-178
BROWN, MARY E.               GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-221
BROWN, MICHAEL               PRATTSVILLE                   NY-20-N-2
BROWN, RHODA                 CAIRO                         NY-20-C-55
BROWN, SAMUEL                HUNTER                        NY-20-U-231
BROWN, SARAH C.              CATSKILL                      NY-20-S-4
BROWN, STACY                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-G-442
BROWN, WILILAM T.            ATHENS                        NY-20-W-188
BROWN, WILLIAM H.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-V-212
BROWNELL, LUCY               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-O-258
BRUGER, PETER                PALENVILLE                    NY-20-K-391
BRUNDYDG, REUBEN             CAIRO                         NY-20-C-418
BRUSH, ELIZABETH T.          CAIRO                         NY-20-X-21
BRYANT, ADAH                 GREENVILLE                    NY-20-S-161
BRYANT, ALANSON F.           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-134
BUCKBEE, ELIZABETH G.        COXSACKIE                     NY-20-S-145
BUCKBEE, RICHARD F.          COXSACKIE                     NY-20-L-163
BUDD, UNDERHILL              GREENVILLE                    NY-20-C-377
BUDDEN, JOHN                 ATHENS                        NY-20-C-469
BULL, GEORGE M.              NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-O-43
BUMP, CLARISSA               ASHLAND                       NY-20-Q-270
BUMP, FRANKLIN E.            ASHLAND                       NY-20-U-158
BUMP, ROSWELL                WINDHAM                       NY-20-G-224
BUNKER, LYDIA J.             NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-X-74
BUNKER, SETH                 ATHENS                        NY-20-C-342
BUNKER, TIMOTHY              ATHENS                        NY-20-C-461
BUNKER, WILLIAM A.           GREENE POINT, KINGS, NY       NY-20-U-104
BUNT, CAROLINE               CAIRO                         NY-20-M-269
BUNT, LEONARD                CAIRO                         NY-20-M-18
BURGER, ANN A.               ATHENS                        NY-20-S-211
BURGER, DANIEL               HUNTER                        NY-20-I-520
BURGER, HERMAN S.            ATHENS                        NY-20-S-110
BURGER, JACOB                ATHENS                        NY-20-Q-164
BURGER, JEROME A.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-L-167
BURGER, PETER                HUNTER                        NY-20-I-514
BURGER, STEPHEN              CATSKILL                      NY-20-J-200
BURGER, STEPHEN              HUNTER                        NY-20-I-511
BURGESS, HANNAH              ATHENS                        NY-20-C-425
BURGESS, JANE B.             ATHENS                        NY-20-C-470
BURGESS, MARY                ATHENS                        NY-20-G-137
BURGESS, MARY A.             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-W-47
BURGET, JEREMIAH             CATSKILL                      NY-20-O-109
BURGETT, ELIZABETH A.        CATSKILL                      NY-20-W-169
BURGETT, EMMELINE            CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-192
BURHANS, CHARLES E.          WINDHAM                       NY-20-V-234
BURHANS, EMILY               CAIRO                         NY-20-Q-160
BURHANS, JOHN                CAIRO                         NY-20-U-39
BURHANS, JULIA ANN           CAIRO                         NY-20-N-235
BURKE, GEORGE                CATSKILL                      NY-20-C-239
BURLEY, CHARLES S.           ATHENS                        NY-20-S-1
BURNHAM, JOSEPH              WINDHAM                       NY-20-B-415
BURNS, GEORGIANNA            ATHENS                        NY-20-N-278
BURNS, NATHAN                NEW BALTIMORE                 NY-20-B-343
BURNS, WILLIAM               HUNTER                        NY-20-S-285
BURROUGHS, ANNIE             LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-70
BURROUGHS, BETSY             GREENVILLE                    NY-20-N-30
BURROUGHS, CHAUNCY           COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-48
BURROUGHS, JAMES F.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-L-157
BURROUGHS, JOSEPH L. ***     COXSACKIE                     NY-20-J-79
BURROUGHS, JULIA A.          GREENVILLE                    NY-20-Q-221
BURROUGHS, NATHAN            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-37
BURROUGHS, NATHAN            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-69
BURROUGHS, SARAH             CAIRO                         NY-20-I-583
BURROUGHS, WILLIAM           GREENVILLE                    NY-20-J-430
BURT, MOSES                  NTL                           NY-20-D-71
BUSH, HANNAH                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-277
BUSH, HENRY J.               CAIRO                         NY-20-B-12
BUSH, JANE                   CATSKILL                      NY-20-R-258
BUSH, JOSEPH                 CATSKILL                      NY-20-H-312
BUSHNELL, CORYDON            LEXINGTON                     NY-20-M-138
BUSHNELL, ELIJAH             LEXINGTON                     NY-20-H-466
BUSHNELL, ELIJAH P.          CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-11
BUSHNELL, GEORGE             COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-292
BUSHNELL, HETTIE A.          LEXINGTON                     NY-20-K-344
BUSHNELL, HORACE             CAIRO                         NY-20-M-275
BUSHNELL, IRETUS D.          LEXINGTON                     NY-20-H-316
BUSHNELL, LUCY A.            CATSKILL                      NY-20-M-201
BUSHNELL, PHILO              LEXINGTON                     NY-20-C-439
BUTLER, AARON                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-I-464
BUTLER, AARON                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-W-185
BUTLER, ABEL                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-222
BUTLER, ABEL                 COXSACKIE                     NY-20-I-14
BUTLER, CLARA                CATSKILL                      NY-20-Q-182
BUTLER, DAVID                LEXINGTON                     NY-20-H-276
BUTLER, EDWARD M.            HUNTER                        NY-20-Q-282
BUTLER, HANNAH               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-351
BUTLER, JAMES H.             HOBOKEN, HUDSON, NJ           NY-20-X-225
BUTLER, JOEL                 STUYVESANT FALLS              NY-20-V-174
BUTLER, JOHN                 DURHAM                        NY-20-B-69
BUTLER, JOSEPHINE A.         CAIRO                         NY-20-S-165
BUTLER, LILLA                GREENVILLE                    NY-20-R-82
BUTLER, OLIVER               COXSACKIE                     NY-20-N-194
BUTLER, RACHEL C.            COXSACKIE                     NY-20-U-285
BUTLER, RENSSELAER           LEXINGTON                     NY-20-W-182
BUTLER, SALLY                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-C-373
BUTLER, SARAH                COXSACKIE                     NY-20-K-198
BUTTS, HENRY                 JEWETT                        NY-20-K-360
BUTTS, ISAAC C.              DURHAM                        NY-20-T-113
BUTTS, MARGARET E.           DURHAM                        NY-20-W-234
BYINGTON, DENNIS             CAIRO                         NY-20-P-197
BYINGTON, SUSAN A.           CAIRO                         NY-20-W-227
BYRNE, CATHARINE             ATHENS                        NY-20-L-196
BYRNE, JAMES                 ATHENS                        NY-20-G-249
BYRNE, JOHN                  HUNTER                        NY-20-U-271

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